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As I sit down to write this it, is November 30th and I am reflective on how quickly this year, 2013, seems to have passed. We are into the last month, and what a year 2013 turned out to be. Personally it was an abundant year. Good friends, health, family, and many joyful memories stored for years to come. Oh sure, there were moments that were perhaps not so grand, yet they seem to have faded into the background and I am left with the sense of how abundant this year was. It could be that I am an eternal optimist and am forever seeing the bright side and cheering for the underdog. It suits me, and those moments that are less than grand do get the proper attention they need to be resolved and healed in the moment but they do not have to linger and be carried forward, dulling many more moments that can be filled with hope and joy. I came across a quote this week - “What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more” - Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It fit with how I have been feeling this year. I have been actively avoiding the build up of commercialized festive cheer and have been blown away by how many seem to be catching that bug. Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole festiveness this time of year brings. I actively seek knowledge on traditions that are not inherent to my culture. The history behind this time of year is amazing. For as far back as history is recorded there has been a celebration during December. The magic

contained within this month alone no matter what religious background you come from holds so much power it opens even the most closed hearts. There is a sense of hope that comes with December. Hope for those who will see family after months away from them, hope that the new year coming will be better than the one just experienced, hope for some quiet time in a busy schedule, hope that the beauty that falls upon the earth at this time of year will bring peace. All of this hope does not come from a store. It comes from our hearts and does mean a little bit more. As we open our hearts to the coming month, grab all the magic your heart can store. Send good cheer out to all and it will come back to you 10 fold. For this is the time of year to embrace the joy, merriment, laughter and love that not only friends and family share, but strangers we meet in passing as well. Hope makes all things possible—it comes without ribbon, packages or bows—it lives in your heart and can be dispensed free of charge on any unsuspecting stranger, friend or even yourself when moments are less than grand. Hope, Love, and Faith are all in season right now for the price of being open to receive. Stock up and enjoy this wondrous month! Merry Christmas, Blessed Solstice, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Joyous Advent, Merry St. Lucia Day, Feliz Navidad!

Namaste’ Marlene

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Marlene Cobb

The title of this article came to me by way of a commercial currently running on TV. The person who vocalizes the phrase does so in a flat tone. No “YOU DID IT!!!!!” more like “you did it”, it is rather annoying but it does capture one’s attention. Early this morning it kept looping in my mind. I finally connected the dots and realized that we all have in fact “done it”. We have survived 2012, well almost; there are a few weeks left. From the fanfare of what 12, 21, 2012 would bring us to what actually transpired we have collectively made it past what was touted to be the end of the world into a full “bring it on” 2013. It has not been easy for some; others have breezed through the year. There have been so many things to take in this past year. Deaths, tragedies, and weird weather that has wreaked havoc. And yet, if you are

reading this, you have survived! Time to give yourself a pat on the back! You have cleared, cried, yelled, stumbled, picked yourself up, had success, failed, laughed, loved, hugged, said goodbye, and said hello to new friends. You have worked to support yourself, both in the physical sense of earning a dollar, and in the sense of achieving personal peace. We have stood up for better standards for all inhabitants on earth. We have said no to GMO’s and yes to better health care. Australia battled the worst wild fire season in most people’s memories. Floods raged around the planet, causing mass destruction in their wake. Tornadoes and typhoons also left a wide wake that took many lives, and homes and left chaos in their steed. A pope stepped down, and in his place the papal committee elected a pope who defies the norm of what has come before him. There were more bombings, suicidal and other, than I cared to count, with just as many deaths due to


them; one would have been too many! The earth shifted, and as a result earthquakes happened more frequently, and in areas that have been quiet for many years. There were victories and upsets that surprised those who follow sports throughout the year. Humanitarians were honored for their relentless work to make the world a better place. Others were vilified for the horrific deeds they forced on others. Globally many things took place. Closer to home, things probably happened in your community that rocked your world. If you are like me, the year had its share of ups and downs. Yet in each up or down, I stayed the course of working through it and felt exhilarated by joy or relieve when it was past. For all of those experiences I give thanks for the opportunities they brought. I give thanks that “I did it” and have lived to share the experiences with others. If you have recorded the history of your year, I am sure you have had many things take place as well. Some would not have been pleasant. They might have helped you grow stronger, or weaker. Yet as we close the year, you did survive them. Others events that took place this year probably brought you great joy, they filled the memory bank and will be taken out at some later date. Perhaps you have said “why me” more often than you have said “yeah me” this past year. You might wish that you were done with this life or that you are ready to be done with it. That you are still here stands testament that you have work to do yet. Your greatness has not expired. Who knows what the next year or years are bringing. So no matter what has come your way this past year, celebrate the fact that you survived! That no matter what life flung at you, you were able to rise above it and persevere. You have taken the lumps of coal,

along with the lumps of sugar, and made the best of what you were given. It does not matter if you think that more equality should have happened during 2013, the fact remains, change started. It might be slower than you would like, it might not look like you expected it to, but it is happening, personally, locally, and globally. What matters is that collectively we have been a part of this shift and change. A part of history in the making, by demanding different standards for ourselves and others, we are effecting the change we see happening. It will not happen overnight, and to expect that some magic edifice was going to come along and change it instantly, was a dream. No, the work is ours to do and so we will continue for as many years as it takes. No matter how hard it might seem some days, we will keep driving forward and years from now we will look back and say “WE did it!!” Celebrations will happen around the world. Cups will be raised and life will continue. All in all, 2013 was a good year. As the year winds down, raise a glass at some point, and salute yourself. You did it, you made history, you were loved, you loved, had moments of great joy, peace, and harmony and also moments of great sorrow, loss, and fear. Through it all, you had the tools to see you through, and that my friend, is enough. You are enough. Celebrate your wonderful year and the awesomeness that is you!!


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Information - what is a PMTA?

Personalized Music Therapy of the Archangels For quite some time now Nourish has been running an ad for PMTA. What exactly is PMTA? PMTA is an acronym for Personalized Musical Therapy of Archangels. From this we can assume that it will be personal to the person who requests one, it will have music or be musical, as it has therapy in the name it will help us to overcome something, and lastly of Archangels must mean that angels or more importantly Archangels are involved.

angels, spirit helpers (essentially your soul) with Peter being the conduit that channels the music so it can be recorded.

Once this PMTA has been recorded just for you, Peter sends it via postal service and it arrives in your postal box in about a week. The cd contains an introduction which prepares you to receive the energies contained within by raising your vibration so you are ready to receive the healPeter has been offering PMTA’s for 6 years now and over ing on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritu200 people from around the world have benefited from ally. After this brief interlude the music composed just for these wonderful energy treatments. Peter becomes a your energy vibration begins. The music is very beautiful channel for the Archangels and composes each piece speand before you know it you are enwrapped in the sense of cific for you. It is like having a personal message from the unconditional love. The music is working at a cellular levArchangels delivered to you in the form of a CD. How can el to help re-code and increase the vibration of your DNA, it possibly be specific to you? This is the question that as well as help to clear out blockages that may have been some of you are asking I am sure, but each of us sends out in place for many lifetimes. You might feel things shifting an energy vibration that is unique to us. No one else has in your body, or you might just feel very relaxed. A brief our energy pattern and this is what Peter taps into. And conclusion to integrate the vibration so that it continues to while you might say that you are not in the room with Pe- work its magic long after the cd is over comes next along ter, how can he possibly feel or tap into your energy vibra- with a short channel from Archangel Raphael. At that tion? The imprint of your energy is left upon every point the cd is finished and in my experience I was so rethought you have and every action you take. Sending an laxed I just allowed the wonderful blissful feeling to wash email requesting a PMTA has your energy printed all over over me for a while before getting up and continuing on it and this is the first contact to ensure the composition is with my day. Every time you listen to the cd it is like refor you. After that it is a matter of connecting with the ceiving an energy healing treatment, like Reiki. The more Archangels who are able to tap into your frequency. It is a you listen to your PMTA the better you will feel, not just soul to soul meeting with the Archangels and your guides, in one area of your life but in all areas.


A PMTA is a wonderful experience that leaves you feeling like you are completely supported and embraced by wonderful love energy from beyond. The angels really do come through Peter and he is truly a blessing to all here on earth for sharing his gift with us. I think that is the most precious part of this experience, that instead of keeping the Archangels to himself, he is sharing their healing through a wondrous harmonious symphony. His

gift is unique, his energy clear, making him the perfect healer to help you on your personal journey. Now that you understand a little bit about the process of how a PMTA comes together, let’s look at how one goes about getting one of these wonderful personal messages. First you would connect with Peter’s website which is once there you will see a list of 63 therapy options,


*For the next 3* ( what blocks the )


Nutrition / Weight


Communion with your angels



Anger / Frustration

Communion with your divine spark




Communion with your spirit Immune system guides


Arthritis / Osteoarthritis

Cystic fibrosis


Past lives ( clearing of )


Digestive system


Pressure ( Low or high )






Eyes /Ears / Nose / Throat / Teeth

Letting go ( the Flow )

Respiratory system


Fear /Anxiety / Insecurity / Anguish







Blood circulation


Love / Compassion / Faith ( what blocks )


Burnout / Depression


Low energy


Cardiovascular system






Lymphatic system








Nervous system

Yin Yang ( balancing )

This is a big list! Often clients are able to discern which one they want and go for it right away. Other times the client is not sure. When this happens, clients have often emailed Peter, and between the two of them, they get the list down to 4 and from there, the one that will best benefit the client. Peter will never choose the one for you, as it is best if you determine which one is the one you want. You are more involved in your healing this way and that is the way it should be. At this point I would like to insert that you still need to consult with your regular doctor for all treatment pertaining to your illness or distress. I am a firm believer that alternative, traditional healing, and modern medicine works hand in hand, in fact they complement each other and should be used in combination. As an alternative healer I know the power of healing that occurs with alternative treatments but when I have used them along

with traditional procedures and modern medicine I have seen greater and quicker results. After you have decided on your PMTA and you have received your copy you will be able to connect with Peter via email should you have any questions. If there is a need Peter is also available for a phone consultation but usually the cd and the healing message contained within are integrated so well at your cell level there is no need for this. Reach out to Peter and feel free to ask questions. Peter has graciously offered that if you order a PMTA during the month of December (December 1 -31) and mention that you saw this article he will take $10 off your PMTA. This is a marvelous opportunity to start the New Year off with a personal healing.



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Pomegranate Royale

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2 oz (57 g) bottled pomegranate juice 1 tsp (5 mL) pomegranate seeds 4 oz (113 g) cava or dry sparkling wine Pour pomegranate juice into champagne flute; sprinkle with pomegranate seeds. Top with cava

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Gwen Randall-Young

“The evolutionary challenge is not to dispense with ego completely, for we cannot, but rather to let soul take the lead. “

As we evolve into the next stage in human evolution, we strive to align more with our souls – to develop understanding, acceptance and compassion. Ideally, we aim to transcend polarity. It can be difficult then, for soulful individuals to find themselves in situations where they must stand up for what they believe, perhaps confront, maybe even ‘do battle.’ Perhaps we find ourselves party to a litigation, or see something so wrong that we must become involved. How can we ‘fight’ with integrity, when we do not even want to fight in the first place? How can we remain in integrity, when faced with people or situations that are completely without integrity? Such situations are incredible challenges along our growth path, for they will trigger ego to jump in and say: “To heck with all that soul stuff you have been practicing, 10

this calls for something different!” Almost without thinking we can be drawn into anger, polarity, and defensiveness, taking a strongly adversarial stance. It does not feel good in our body, and we become annoyed with the person or situation for ‘ruining’ all that good ‘higher self’ stuff we were developing. Deep down, we are annoyed at ourselves because we see we still have some of those ego qualities we so want to move away from and that we perhaps still judge others for. (Of course we would never admit that, because we ‘don’t judge’.) Nonetheless, there we are with ego-egg all over our faces. We have just encountered another ‘teachable moment’, courtesy of the universe.

In enlightened moments we will also realize it is the egos of others that create difficulty, and they are only out of integrity because their egos are holding their souls hostage. That is a situation worthy of our compassion. So we hold our heads high, speak our truth loudly and clearly, do what we have to do with as much integrity as we can, bless the souls of all sentient beings, and then go home and have a good night’s sleep. That is the best way, even if we have to get up the next day and go out and do it all again.

We will continue to have these experiences until we understand, at the core of our being, that no matter what is happening, it is not about the other side. As long as we think in terms of ‘other side’ we are cocreating polarity. It is about us ourselves. What alternative is there, particularly if we are in litigation, or fighting for a cause? Here is the key: we do not create anything worthwhile when we fight against anyone or anything. Instead what we must do is to align with truth. We are not against bad, evil or corruption – we are for honesty, integrity, disclosure, truth, and justice. We may bring forth information that is damaging, but it is not for the purpose of creating harm, exacting revenge, or gaining the upper hand. It is for the purpose of bringing into the light that which is of darkness. If we see, through the eyes of our soul, that the Earth, another person, or we ourselves are being harmed, we do not need to hand the file over to ego. That just adds more heavy energy to an already overburdened world. The evolutionary challenge is not to dispense with ego completely, for we cannot, but rather to let soul take the lead. Indeed, some softer, more soulful types may well need a push from ego to get out there and take a stand! When we are aligned with our own souls, and with truth, we do not take things personally, nor do we attack others personally. When our efforts are directed to alignment with truth, and not against anyone or anything, the process is not emotionally draining. This is because we are not attached to any particular outcome. We know that we cannot control others, and often do not have control over outcomes.

Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning Psychotherapist. For permission to reprint this article, or to obtain books or cds, visit


Linda Adsetts

Another year has flown by and the days have passed in a blur. I don’t know where the time has gone. I reflect on my life and the meaning I have given it. Am I where I want to be? Is this who I want to be? The answer is no. But, life is an evolution and an unfolding. When I think I have hit one milestone, something else teases me further up the path. Truthfully the energies have supported huge emotional growth for me and most of the work I have accomplished has been an inner job. My outer life reflects some of it but I feel like there is something just ahead that is percolating and waiting to be birthed. I am clear on how I want to feel. Joyous. It is plain and simply all I want to be and feel. As I move through life I want to feel joy more often than not.


The energies that have been in fluxing onto our planet have been encouraging us in not so subtle ways to step up into being that; who we truly be. It is time. We have dawdled, we have dragged our feet and despite all of that we have still made progress. But, now you are ready for something more. Now your desires are being answered. They are not new desires. They have been in place for decades and some for hundreds of years and those desires have laid an energetic template that will be built upon. Old templates are falling away. They must in order for the new to be birthed. Whether it is personal, communal or global, everything is changing. Look around you and see the chaos, the wonderful chaos that is perfection in our eyes. Some of the templates will crumble easily with a sigh of relief and some will kick and scream a little as they transform into something else. You have wanted more. You have wanted more peace and abundance for everyone. You have wanted it for yourself too. You have wanted to see love made manifest. Look around you and see it. It is there if you but look a little harder.

So, dear ones, our magnificent beings of light and love, trust in the processes that are unfolding. There is much that is coming down the track for you that you will celebrate with joyous abandon. Some of you might even say; “I knew it!” and you did. Some of you are parenting and grand parenting whether by blood or friendship the young ones who hold the information that you have been calling forth. The wise ones among you will nod your heads and encourage their playfulness, their single mindness, their knowing that they have some answers. You will support all of it by your being-whether you know it or not-they are looking for you.

Am I where I want to be? Is this who I want to be?

We have said before that there is more joy than sadness on your planet and more abundance than lack. It is in the process of becoming more apparent as the ones who are not locked in boxes of old thinking, are quickly coming up with new and advanced ideas, some of them so simple that you will wonder why it wasn’t found before. The time was not opportune for them. There were not enough of you ready to embrace simple and ease and joy. Now there are.

People, leaders, are in place and coming into places of influence that will support a new way of being and consequently of doing. Each event that causes you to cry out with despair is merely asking you to see the love that is inherent in the process, your process. We are supporting it but we do not direct it. That is yours to do. Your desires have been directing and will always direct the energies that are creating planet earth. In truth, our truth we know all will be well. Life is very transient on planet earth. There are many opportunities to explore in your brief time, this time around, to explore. There will be other lives to live and most of you will choose planet earth as your playground once again. Those that have been on her before will get first dibbs on the next go around. That dear ones is a blessing, whether you believe it or not.

We smile as we hear some of you say never again! Those are usually the ones that are the most eager to sail forth once more. You have things to do. You have experience, you have desires that have yet to be birthed and there are too many of them for one lifetime.

Your lives look bright from our perspective and our only wish for you is that you see what we see and when you do, the only tears that you will shed, will be tears of joy. Hang in there and understand that all is well and feel the truth, our truth, that we love each of you more than you could ever know. Even the ones who you think don’t have “it”, have “it”. There has to be contrast in order for change

to occur. You might want to write a few letters of appreciation to them for being the contrast. Without them life on planet earth would stagnate. Truly it would. It is a grand and glorious weaving of energies that are expanding upon your planet, expanding your planet, your universe and the universes. Play well, dear ones and try to remember to see yourselves as we see you. Don’t be so hard yourself and on others as this grand unfolding is birthed. One day we will meet again, off planet and you will say to us remember when you said and we will reply-yes, we do and we have always loved you. And we do. Go For The Joy Linda And The Group Connect with Linda on or Facebook page # !/ GoForTheJoy



You have to find what sparks a light in you so that you in your own way can illuminate the world. Oprah Winfrey


Vera Enshaw

I would like to thank each and every one of you who have travelled along with me on this journey towards being peace. It has been a fascinating year for me, a year of delving into the issues that I have worked with for a long time. I don’t think I have been alone. What has been really interesting is the way that the topic lingered at the front of my mind, so that I was able to really explore my journey to peace by examining that within me which is not peace. And now it is the end of the year. We have worked hard for 11 months, searching within to find those places where we are not at peace with ourselves. Finding them and healing them. If you were like me, just when I thought I had it, something else came along to show me that there was yet another level that needed to be explored and cleared. I have been faced with my prejudices about weight and body image, shown where I avoid and where I jump in too quickly, looked at my hopes that were also my fears and vice versa.

I have been challenged in my relationships with people in my life, from close personal relationships to more casual work relationships, and all the levels in between. Honesty, anger, love, joy, compassion, allowing….and all the time becoming more and more aware of what it is in relationship that keeps me from being peace, from knowing peace. Every month brought new challenges that were based on the article I had written. I am always fascinated that we bring ourselves the exact circumstances we need in order to facilitate the growth we say we want. Not always impressed, but definitely fascinated! So I want to know—where are you now? What have you discovered about yourself? Are you closer to peace than before? I can answer that for you. If you have been reading the articles, doing the exercises, expanding your awareness of yourself then you are closer to being peace. It is not necessarily an easy journey. I am sure that you have struggled with accepting yourself as you


I am always fascinated that we bring ourselves the exact circumstances we need in order to facilitate the growth we say we want. Not always impressed, but definitely fascinated!

Contact Vera at for more information.

are while at the same time embracing the possibility of a different world. A world that is peace. Do yourself a favour. Sit down with a pen and paper, your laptop, tablet—whatever device works for you. Sit where you can see the stars, if that’s possible. If not, sit where you can feel the stars. On your paper write down what you feel is keeping you from peace. It may be one thing, it may be many. Don’t judge yourself….just do the list. As you ponder, as you write, as you search— look out at those stars. Feel the stars. We have been gazing on them for as long as we have had consciousness— and maybe before. They are. You are. Think about this, feel it if you can….there is space between those stars. There is space between you and those stars. Space between you and me. Space between the atoms that make up the being that is you. That space is love. Love is. Love heals. You are love. You may struggle with that awareness, you may argue that truth, but it is truth. You are love. When you have finished your list, look at each

item on it.. Ask yourself the question: How would love deal with this? Then change it up a little bit: How will love deal with this? Peace is a choice. Peace is action. Peace and love are interchangeable. I believe that the people who are currently occupying this planet will choose peace. I believe….I know...that we are choosing it now, every day. Every one of us that chooses to breathe deeply and count to 10 in order to give ourselves the space to be peace in any situation—every single one of us that recognizes a thought that is not peace and chooses to shift that thought to one that is peace—every one of us who is working to know peace is shifting the vibration higher and higher. When you choose peace you give someone else permission to choose peace. When you are peace you show others the way to be peace. One at a time we will raise the vibration to a level where peace just… Until next month…...Namastè


Marilyn Dyke

How important do you think the imagination is? How often have you found yourself saying “Oh, it’s just my imagination”? How often have we questioned a child, “Is this just your imagination or is it real?” In today’s world the imagination is something that isn’t valued or taken very seriously. We discount its importance in our lives and we encourage our children to downplay this part of themselves in order to become a valued and functioning member of society. After all this conditioning we then turn around and complain because we can’t connect with our guidance, find an answer to a puzzling question, or find a cure! In today’s world the so called conscious

mind is valued and seen as the only valid avenue to perceive reality with. Occasionally I will have a client come for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy who is so entrenched in the left brain/ logical thinking that they have difficulty allowing their imagination free reign. When I took my training with Dolores Cannon I remember her instruction clearly in this situation. We always begin our QHHT sessions with the past life. There’s good reason for this, it’s because past life information only requires a very light trance state or slightly lower level of consciousness than our conscious or waking state. I always say past life information is “Just under the surface”. As we explore together the past life the client gradually relaxes and drops to deeper and deeper levels of 18

consciousness. So it is rare to have someone who is not able to experience a past life, but it does sometimes happen. Dolores’ instruction in this situation is simple and to the point. She says if they don’t experience anything then tell them to make it up. Huh? Well I can tell you this didn’t sit well with me until I fully understood the reasoning behind this. You see what she wants is for the person to engage their imagination because she knows when we are using our imagination we have engaged the right brain and the right brain is our ticket to information and healing. Once this right brain connection has been made it’s not long before they aren’t making it up anymore and we can often go straight to the Higher Self for answers to their questions. When I took my training in Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Dolores stressed the importance of the imagination. Anyone who has watched her You Tubes has heard her say that she doesn’t want to talk to the conscious/left brain because it doesn’t have any answers, she says it’s the stupidest part of our brain! She wants to speak with our divine self, our higher self our right brain because this part of us knows everything about us, has access to a vast bank of Universal knowledge and if appropriate to the person’s plan can heal just about anything emotionally and physically. But access to this part of us during a session can only happen through the imagination-right brain. How many times have you sat in meditation analyzing that grocery list, ignoring the subtle hints, ideas and yes even visualizations because you thought it was just your imagination. Tell me how many creative, money making or insightful ideas have you come up with by analyzing that grocery list of things to do? Probably zero. If you had paid attention to those fleeting ideas, you know the ones that you quickly shove aside as just your imagination, you might have had a more interesting and productive meditation. You may have uncovered some deep truths about yourself or found answers to questions that have always eluded your conscious mind.

When I’m working with someone I want them to tell me what ever comes up first without thinking it over. I want that crazy fantastical thought or word that just popped in out of nowhere, or that visualization that was so far out in left field you nearly cast it aside as just your imagination……..JUST YOUR IMAGINATION! When I’m working with someone I do not want the carefully analyzed and polished answer. I do not want to hear something that has come through their left brain-conscious mind, it can’t help, it can’t give them the answers they’re looking for. Last spring during one of Dolores’ Level Two Quantum Healing Hypnosis classes she asked two practitioners to get up on the stage and role play. One would play the practitioner and the other would play the client. Easy enough, they were seasoned practitioners and they knew how to make up questions and answers, after all it’s just the imagination right? The practitioner who played the client needed to create a past life, anything would do, just make it up and then the practitioner playing the practitioner would ask relevant questions. The practitioner who was playing the client was barely into her “made up life” when she was shocked to find that very soon after she started “making it up” it started to unfold before her and she wasn’t making any of it up anymore, it was there, she couldn’t ignore it. This beautify illustrates how easily the imagination is engaged. We are so conditioned to oversee our words that for some it is nearly impossible to allow our minds to flow un-checked. I say almost, but not entirely. Some may struggle at first, but most are able to ignore that conscious mind enough to crack open the door to the imagination a little and that’s all it needs. Once primed it will flow effortlessly and once it’s flowing magical things happen and we trust it.

Marilyn Dyke is an active, practicing Dedicated Practitioner trained in Dolores Cannon' s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy© Level two since 2009 . She is a teaching Reiki Master ( Usui) . When she isn’t teaching or seeing clients she messes about in the garden producing herbal creams, salves, tinctures, teas etc. It is Marilyn' s pleasure and purpose in this life to help support your q uest for balance, peace and physical well being!


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Phil Nielsen Manaz -Mardal—Freya Goddess of Sexual Romance This is a story of a young fisherman who had the misfortune of living in a small village where the men outnumbered the women, ten to one. The competition for a mate was too much for a poor man like himself, who could barely eke out a living from the ocean, despite his purity of heart. Because he worked at sea, he always prayed before setting out in the morning. This morning, he also added a prayer to Mardal-Freya that he would find a wife soon. As a token of his heartfelt sacrifice to the goddess of love, he took his prized amethyst and tossed it into the sea. He had no sooner done so, than a powerful current seized his skiff in which he rode. Holding on in terror, he wondered if he had offended the gods in some way, and no matter what he tried, his little boat ignored all his commands and headed out to open sea. His homeland disappeared over the horizon but the weather was strangely pleasant and the sea calm, and by late afternoon an island came into view. The fisherman’s boat continued its progress at high speed toward the unknown shore. The closer he came, the clearer he could make out what appeared to be an agitated crowd on the beach. Soon, he could

hear urgent shouting but he could not understand them. Now there was another call, this one a nearby cry for help. The little boat made straight for someone splashing in distress, and the fisherman managed to reach over the side and pull the floundering swimmer aboard before they drowned. He was astonished to see it was a young woman of exceptional beauty, in spite of her wild appearance and exhaustion. Overcoming his astonishment, he quickly wrapped her in a blanket, gave her a sip of mead to warm her, and dried her long golden hair with his shirt. The skiff, still in the grip of the powerful current, shot straight to shore, beaching itself amid a throng of rejoicing ladies-in-waiting—for this was no ordinary girl he had plucked from the water, she was a princess who had ventured out too far while enjoying a swim. Her father, the king, was overjoyed to have his daughter back safe and sound and offered the fisherman anything he wanted, to show his gratitude. That was, of course, the hand of his daughter, who in turn, loved him more for the kind heart she knew he had, than the fact he had rescued her. The fisherman was made a prince of the realm, and he married the princess. Many years 22

later, when he had ascended to the throne, he was known as the Fisher King, who played the role of a virtuous ruler in numerous stories told long after about the quest for the Holy Grail, which was said to have resided at one time in his castle. All of this had come about through the powerful current Mardal-Freya used to answer his prayer for love. As testimony to her widespread veneration and its longevity, the goddess Freya had many names and titles. The earliest of these, and therefore the one most appropriately representing her rune in the Elder Futhark, was Mardal, for marr, the sea, whose natural abundance she personified. Whether on land or water, she blessed the love affairs of men and women. Together with her twin brother, Freyr, she ensured human fertility in terms of erotic love and social accord. Appropriately, her rune deals with humankind, Midgard, and the human society. Hers is perhaps the closest relationship between the gods and humanity, because she gave her followers a mystery cult known as Sejdr (pronounced “sayther”). This was an early form of tantric yoga involving altered states of consciousness through sex magic, the technique of ecstasy used to achieve spiritual illumination and union with the god power. Sejdr means “heating” or “boiling” with sensual fervor and is related to “shamanism” which is itself derived from the Vedic sram, “to heat oneself to practice austerities.” The term’s deep antiquity is revealed in its Sanskrit cognate, siddhi, for “the miraculous powers developed by the practice of yoga,” which originated in the Caucasian homelands of the Indo-Aryan race more than five thousand years ago. Sejdr’s mortal representative was a voelva, less a priestess drilled in the performance of ritual than a seeress naturally gifted in psychic power.

Mardal-Freya’s rune, is now known as Mannaz, mankind. Mardal-Freya’s interest in the love life of men and women, together with her gift of Sejdr, exemplifies her rune. On a general level, it means human interaction and interdependence, aid or cooperation. Its energy inflects society, brotherhood, sisterhood, idealism, teamwork, civilized behavior, shared experience, social order, mutual support, collaboration, reciprocity, unanimity, and harmony. In short, this rune deals with relationships, both social and personal. When concerned with affairs of the heart, it is the rune of passion, desire, and sensual fulfillment. The magic it emanates is the mystery of love. According to Kunz, her gemstone, amethyst “has a sobering effect…upon those over-excited by the love-passion.” Reversed, Mardal-Freya’s rune means we can expect no help from others; a definite lack of cooperation. Indifference and conspiracies surround our endeavors. Possibly more than one opponent threatens us. Opposition here is in the form of a group or alliance in common cause against us. Our personal relationships are seriously undermined, perhaps by our own selfishness. We have fallen into a lifestyle contrary to our inner truths, or we may be thrust into an environment or relationship that is not in alignment with our concept of living the authentic life.

For her deification of life’s highest, most wonderful impulse, the Christians condemned Mardal-Freya as a lascivious witch. But long before, and ever since, Friday was named after her, even though Dark Age religious zealots declared the day unlucky as it belonged to the despised goddess and the Crucifixion happened on a Friday as well. Her place in the Norse zodiac begins on the first day of spring, March 21 and runs through April 20. Known as Bilskirnir, or Lightning, it parallels Aries. Her color red, symbolic of passion, is similarly appropriate.

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Rev. Hope

In olden times sacrifices were made at the altar a practice which is still continued. Helen Rowland Altars are very private places for our spirits to speak, and be heard. They can be dedicated for spe-

Wherever an altar is found, there civilization exists. Joseph de Maistre

For hundreds of years, until only recently, every house had a chapel or prayer room, where the family worshiped and prayed. Now most Western families don’t even pray together so there is no longer a need for a holy dwelling place. In most countries though, family altars are still

cific purposes, or be gen-

very much a central part of the family life. I believe that

eral for all around deity

if we create a place for God/dess to dwell in our homes,

worship. They can also be “working” altars, where ele-

God/dess would play a more central role in our own lives.

ments and energy combine to create magic. What they all have in common is that they reflect what is going on

There is not a flat surface in my house that I have not

for us, as well as what we want.

turned into an altar. Even the top of my fridge holds an altar to the Kitchen Goddesses; complete with cook

Since the beginning of our evolution to sentient beings,

books, Kitchen Witch, a wooden spoon and a few other

our ancestors understood the importance of altars. This

items. I don’t necessarily look at a space and think to

was a sanctified (made sacred) place where they com-

myself, “This space needs an altar”. It’s just that I might

muned with deities; offering gratitude, seeking guidance,

put a plant there, and dress it up with a crystal, and be-

and celebrating blessings and life passage events, all in

fore I know it I have included The Four Elements, and a

the presence of their God/dess who was also present at

particular energy vibration is now present.

the altar.

Along with our Family Altar, where we honor our ancestors and say our nightly prayer for peace and good


health, we have personal prayer altars in our bedroom, I have a community prayer altar in the temple room, and there are altars on the bathroom counters. I also have a business prosperity altar, with five shelves of tools and sacred items to assist me in my work. Then I have my “working altar”; where I craft and cast spells, which are just prayers put into action, as well as various other altars through-out the house. I keep it covered between spells, and refresh and charge it before casting the next one. I learned early in my spiritual discoveries, that the psyche is a very powerful motivator, and is both a receiver and transmitter. When we build an altar we are tapping into our psyche to physically manifest something that we are asking for, and the altar we create represents that. And, we are also telling our psyche that we have initiated change, what that intended change is, and to expect results. For instance; if I were to build an altar to find a new job, I think about the job I wanted (at least the qualities of it, if not the specifics) and allow my psyche to lead me to the altar items that best represent what I am asking for. You might think that this was intuition; however the psyche is the human (ego and spirit combined) shadow-self that which is hidden and is only made known when it shows itself. Intuition is wisdom, that which is known but cannot be seen due to distrust and distraction. So, when building an altar the psyche comes out to be expressed. It is your psyche that says place roses instead of daisies; intuition may tell you where to place them. Psyche tells you to place pictures of your ancestors; intuition tells you not to call in Uncle Joe, even though you don’t know why. Altars allow us to focus our intension, gather the energy, and send it forth. Altars allow us a place to be our sacred spiritual selves; to commune with ancestors, our spiritual allies, and our deities. Altars, tell our psyche, that we have entered sacred space, and we are moving from ego to spirit. Altars keep Spirit in our focus, reminding us that we are more than what occurs in our mundane daily living. If you do not have an altar in your home, you may want to re-consider. We often wonder what we could do to enrich our spiritual lives, to enhance our connection to the Divine. Making an altar an integral part of your home will elevate your sense of well-being more than you can imagine. This one step in the direction of your spirit could possibly be the impetus for positive change for your whole life. And, that’s worth dusting off a shelf or two. For more information about building altars please visit my blog at In Her Love and Spirit ~ Rev. Hope

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Gail Siler, PhD

As I sit here musing over my morning tea, Butterfly Woman’s voice popped in suggesting we revisit the topic of personal energy management. And with that she began downloading images in my mind and words to go with them. So let’s take another look at Personal Energy Management. We are a marvelous bag of energy. My bag is a bit weathered and dented, but bless that bag, it carries me around from one adventure to another. And dented or not, within that physical essence called Gail exists it’s even more wondrous driver: Source energy, the Force, All that is, Goddess, Allah, Buddha, whatever one’s personal name for it. (I favor using Einstein’s “zero space.” ) However you wish to call it, we are an amalgam of a unique energy held together by our physical bodies. Let’s say our bodies are our vehicle, our car that drives us through our lives and gets us from one adventure to another. Better still our vehicles are what keep us from floating off in ecstatic bubbles of light back to where we came from. Not that it isn’t amazing and wonderful to do that, but it’s important to come back to our vehicles after a wee walkabout because that’s why we are here… adventure forth in physical domains creating challenges and experiencing our personalized responses to these challenges.

Each one of us, we are unique vehicles, but we are also unique bits of zero space (God particles, some call it) combined and entwined into these vehicles we call our bodies. Let’s talk about the inner space part of us that lives within our unique body. Our Inner Space : Personalized Energy Light Bulbs The basic principle of personal energy management is to keep the lights on in our wondrous vehicle: keep us alive: moving, functioning and maximum-ly well. (High level wellness) Let’s look at the range of personal energy management from toddler to elder. (Note please that I am not using this example as a form of ageism but to show how on average we use our energy throughout our lives.) So let’s look at the inner space of a toddler. She doesn’t walk, she runs everywhere, she goes, and goes and goes like the energizer bunny, giggly, bubbly and filled with life. That’s it exactly, she’s filled with the life force (our zero particles or god space energy we just talked about.) Her eyes are sparkly and alert, her face reflecting her joyfulness and inquisitiveness. If we could see her inner


energy we’d find it flowing like a tap fully open and energy joyously flowing through her. Now let’s look at someone who’s been around the sun a good sixty cycles. (Please note we’re looking at averages here.) He or she doesn’t run from place to place, but walks, maybe sedately even a little stiffly from car to house or through a shopping mall. She isn’t singing or zigzagging or even noticing the environment around her. She may be heading for a coffee shop where she is meeting her friend. Focused movement from point A to point B. More structured than the toddler who skipped from tree to flower to ladybug in her joyful explorations. Perhaps she and her friend are sharing complaints about their illnesses, or shaking their heads discouragingly at the latest news of who done what to whom (person or country). You can see the sadness reflected across their faces, in the angle of their heads, shoulders as the weight of the world seems to pull them down. Let’s move into their vehicles now and have a look at the energy from the inside out. As they share the sadness or discouragement you can also see how their energy has moved down and decreased in frequency. With our toddler the tap is fully open and we see her filled with a jumble of spirals of the brightest colors of the rainbow. When we look inside the elders sitting in the coffee shop, we see their energy moves more slowly, the colors are less vibrant and even dull, and we see patches of really dark ‘blobs’ that seem to be like rocks, sitting in the middle of their energy, blocking or even closing off the flow like a river that’s been dammed up to barely a trickle of water moving through it. The exuberance of the toddler and the solidity of the elders are examples of how we manage our energies. Are we open to the flow of life, are we actively allowing it to flow through and around us, or are we squeezing in on it, reigning in and controlling it as a means to ‘act your age’ as we were taught. Or maybe we have had sad, shocking and hurtful experiences that have encouraged us to close down our energy flow and think that by doing that we are protecting ourselves. What we are talking about is personal energy management. There is no reason that the elder isn’t dancing in circles and singing to the oldies (or newbies for that matter). There is no reason for the flow of their energy space to be barely trickling through their body vehicle. But we’ve bought into some beliefs, and we haven’t understood just what personal energy management is. We also haven’t understood that we buy into beliefs, and therefore we make them real. Being grown up means we don’t skip through the shopping mall on the way to the coffeeshop. It means we behave, we show up on time and don’t dawdle looking at the windows, we act right. Who determined right? Well, that in itself is another story.

The good news is, if we are energy or god particles in a physical vehicle called our body, we have the ability to create what we want. We can move that energy back up to full throttle, to a more fully open position and allow it to flow joyously through our systems. Look at the eldens who wear brilliant colors, sport purple or green hair and nails, and actually have little time to sit and talk about their illnesses, and in point of fact, move so much they don’t even have illnesses…they are too busy moving with the flow of their energy focusing it on their personal projects and goals. We can also clean out the greyness and muted colors of that energy, and remove the energy blocks and globs that are parked there like rocks. There are simple ways to do this, and we will talk about this in another article. The even ‘gooder’ news is that as a society we are now actually qualified to switch our energy on full speed ahead. Not only are we qualified and fully licensed, as it were, we are being asked to realize and awaken to our ability to do this. We are each an energy light bulb, some of us are 25 watts and some are 250 watts, and most of us are in between. We can move up our energy wattage at any time simply by being willing to feel, to see ourselves and others and to understand that we ARE quite miraculously energy in our physical body bag. We aren’t just being invited to switch UP our wattage/ energy frequency flow but we are also in the process of doing on the inside what we are doing in real on the outside: We’re changing the type of light bulbs we use. We are switching to more energy efficient forms of running our energy through our bodies. Wow, isn’t that a wonderful and exciting challenge! Next time you are near a playground watch the children and then ask yourself how you are doing with your own personal energy management. Do your eyes sparkle, are you excited to get up in the morning and chase after your daily adventures? Do you own dancing shoes, take belly dancing classes, teach em? Are you doing what you love doing or are you working your way through a long list of ‘OMG I have to do this today before I can relax’? We will talk more about various aspects of personal energy management. For now let’s start with the quickest ways to open up and get your energy flowing more fully and enthusiastically. One way is to laugh! Yup, giggle, do a full belly laugh, even if you pee your pants -which is even a good sign- because you are releasing toxins as you laugh! Watch silly movies, comedy channel, or take a walk outdoors in nature and feel the joy of the birdsong as they flit about twittering in their joyful voices. Talk to a cloud face you see in the sky, sit by a waterfall or the waves….boy can that move your energy and clear out the stagnant residue of energy.


Gail Siler, PhD

Learn to vacuum your energy routinely. Meditation, singing, staying away from needy energy drainers, being with people who make you feel energised. Another great way to vacuum and tune your energy is music. The energy of music works directly on your own inner energy. Find music that makes your heart soar. There are even musicians who create music especially to help you clear out and boost up your personal energy. Peter Clerin is one person. Just listen to this YouTube and feel how your energy lightens up: We put gas in our cars routinely to keep them running. We should be doing the same thing with our own vehicles to keep ourselves running at our highest level of wellness. Body illnesses are the same as running out of gas for your car. So take care of your personal energy system. Remember, it’s your own personal vehicle for getting your unique energy around on it’s adventures. Until next time, keep your energy light and happy and watch what happens in your daily life. Feel free to contact me with ideas or questions on energy management that you’d like me to explore more on this topic of personal energy management.

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Transformation is not a future event. It is a present activity. Jillian Michaels


Anitoxidant protection at the cellular level Anti-Cancer Benefits May prevent tumors from growing rapidly or starting in the first place

Anti-Aging properties

Benefits cardiovascular system

Optimizes balance of bacteria in the digestive tract

Anti-inflammatory benefits lower the risk of periodontal disease


High in antioxidants Vitamin C & Fiber

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Improves the immune system

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Conscious Communication

The next time someone starts yelling at you and/or saying things that are triggering intense emotions within you, use a technique called S.O.D.A. This is a basic practical tool for conscious communication.

S – stop and take a deep breathe. O – observe the situation without judgement.


serve your thoughts.

D – detach from the other person’s negative energy. Maybe they had a bad day. Does this really have anything to do with you or is it really about them?

A – awaken to your mind, body and soul.

How are

you feeling? Honour them. Look around you. Are you in any grave danger right now? If not, then relax and listen to the other person with 100% focus and compassion. Give them the gift of listening. Recognize your courage and

celebrate your success for being in control in the moment…release …breathe. Everyone has a human need to feel secure especially when they’re expressing how they feel. Listen to others empathetically. They may be a poor communicator or they may not have had a good role model growing up. Perhaps open and transparent communication was not encouraged in their household. Don’t blame the other person. Have compassion. When someone is yelling at you, let them vent and then ask them what they need from you in this moment. How can you help? Listen. Repeat back what you heard them say. Don’t take it personally. Look underneath to where it’s all coming from. What’s happening for them right now? Removing yourself from their negativity sepaLisa Schell


rates you from the issue and leaves it with them to deal with. Realize that it’s not about you but about them, their journey, their lessons, their need to break free. Take yourself out of the equation to release anger and feel a deeper sense of inner peace. Another great technique for conscious communication is consistent meditation so you can master your thoughts giving you space between them for growth. Meditation gives you the opportunity to train your mind on how to respond rather than to react. Meditation is like mental boot camp taking your brain to the gym. 10 minutes automatic writing after your meditation is highly recommended. Put pen to paper, don’t stop, and don’t think too much about what you’re writing. You will gain insight and wisdom about how to resolve the conflict. For those who are willing to have a discussion in your household, make a list of 10 commitments and post them on the fridge so everyone can see and so communication can happen when the iron is cold not hot. This creates guidelines in households for communication which works for both children and adults. You need to be in the right space for conscious conversation so there may be certain issues you need to put in the “parking lot” for now in order to move forward with the rest of the conversation. Perhaps you’re too tired or they’re too tired to deal with conflict at this time. Make an appointment to deal with whatever is in the “parking lot” at a later time. Active listening is another practical tool to use. Show your commitment to a breakthrough by dealing with conflict thru intervention.

If the other person is resisting positive transformation, suggest to them that they write you a letter or you write them a letter rather than talking which could lead to rage. This is the case most often with troubled teens. Communication is a process of awakening from childhood programming. Most of it was received by age of 7. 95% is coming from your subconscious programs and only 5% from the conscious state. For those areas of your life that work easy, it’s because you have programs that support that. Any areas of your life that you have to work really hard at, are because you

have programs in your subconscious mind, derived before age 7, which are limiting you. These are the areas you need to heal and release through deep exploration into past beliefs that your parents instilled in you growing up. Affirm: “I live beyond the limits of my parents. I create my own universe. Conflicts are opportunities to learn, heal and grow.” All great relationships are created and nurtured by conscious people. If you respond to others from the subconscious, your past programming is harming your relationship. As a child, you recorded all the belief systems and values of your parents and as an adult you play it out. The nice thing is that when you start to identify this within yourself, you become more awakened to conscious response rather than reaction.

“The next time you look at a lamp, see the light and not the shade.”

Learn to love yourself and stop being so critical of yourself. Really work on your self-esteem by rerecording past traumatic events and false beliefs. It’s the movie of your new life and you’re the lead star! You’ll start to notice positive shifts both within yourself and the relationships you keep. I offer one-on-one and group coaching sessions in person, over the phone, via Skype and e-Coaching. Step into your power today by pre-registering on my website for 4 sessions at $200…a $70 savings!

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Poems by Margie Kivel

Bring it to the table share it all around just bring it to the table listen to the sound. harmonies are weaving, hear the voices climbing, others hold the tones for ground work never ending. feel the vortex building,

energy is lifting broken dreams are mended. hold it in your temple, sing their notes rejoicing, hold the love created, wo-man song ascending

Margie Kivel


Blue skies backdrop tree lined ridges, overlook supine mother earth. Quilts of snow crossed hatched by ski lines, animal tracks bearing testimony to life. White-capped roof pokes through snow mounds, thin stream of chimney smoke – messages from those within. A sudden flash of color from naked branch – bluebird flies against the odds.

Good omen! Mother heart beats

we are, we have survived!

Margie Kivel


Month at a Glance Sunday







1 (evening voc) Advent Sunday Speak from the heart – no matter how difficult that might feel

2 New Moon

3 (evening voc)


Watch your temper. Use you words wisely

6 Surprise a friend with a “coffee break”

7 (all day voc)

Surprise might be on its way ;-)

5 Overly optimistic? Sometimes that is not a bad thing. Breath work

8 Keep your inside voice … inside

9 What you want and need to do might not be on the same page … compromise

10 Unexpected anger or feelings hurt, use your words instead

11 Don’t give more than you can afford – in time or money

12 (morning voc) Sometimes the demands from loved ones can feel overwhelming – embrace it!

13 It is a beautiful day in the energetic neighborhood – tap-in

15 Great day to get stuff done around the house – or head out for gift shopping

16 Bite your tongue – keep It to yourself (especially if it’s about the party ;-)

17 Full Moon (early voc)


19 (evening voc)

22 (early voc)

23 Everything you have been working towards just might turnout … just right!

24 (late voc) Christmas Eve

20 Do a spontaneous act of kindness today – make sure you have food vouchers with you 27 (early voc)

30 (voc all day) Caught up in emotions of the final days of the year? Use this to your advantage …

31 Expect the unexpected … especially through words … be sure you mean what you say

Center often

Check your emotions do they have merit? Talk it out 29 (morning voc) Change starts with yourself

Watch your temper

Make your to -do list and check it twice

Feel Good Be Good

Embrace it – it will make you stronger

Do Good

... very nice evening for Santa to make his toy run J

25 Christmas It is in the eye of the beholder

26 Kwanzaa & Boxing Day Overly optimistic ? Center your -self

Go ahead tell how you feel take care that you are not coming from insecurities

All work and no play – make Jack and Jill seem to serious “Holiday Season” 14 (evening voc) step-up … Don’t want to go to that work event? It could be important to show… 21 Venus is moving Retrograde, you may feel the heaviness of this 28 A good day to get together and share what is going on in the lives of those around you. Even if it is difficult.

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Mars, watch squares, conjunctions and oppositions –3rd, 10th, 17th, 25th …Use Caution! Be careful of temper tantrums and accidents! RED LIGHT Saturn conjunctions, squares and oppositions –1st, 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th …You may feel that life is hard work. STEP UP and MEET THE CHALLENGE! Jupiter Squares and Oppositions –5th, 11th, 26th … Don’t lose sight of your budget, over-indulging or over-committing, watch that others do not take advantage Venus squares and oppositions – 12th, 19th, 27th … Heartache/domestic and security challenges. LOVE and EMBRACE LIFE anyway! Mercury squares and oppositions- 8th, 16th, 25th, 29th, 31st …Think before you speak, CHOOSE YOUR WORDS WISELY! Double Whammy Days – 25th … take care – take short meditative breaks – remember to breathe. CAUTION – VOC (Void of Course) 1st (5:30pm to 10:30pm); 3rd (8pm to 11pm); 7th (all day); 10th (10:40pm); 12th (7:30am to 12:40pm); 14th (6:54pm to 10:41pm); 17th (1:30am to 10:15am), 19th (8:30pm to 11pm); 22nd (5:25am to 11:30am); 24th (8pm to 10:15pm); 27th (3am to 6am); 29th (6am to 9:30am); 30th (all day until 10am 31st) (times are rounded) Watch your impulse purchases and try not to make any long term commitments on these days. Favorite Meditation or relaxed days – 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, 13th, 15th, 18th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd, 30th

Mars moves to Libra on the 7th where he feels a little stifled … but is hoping to bring his actions into balance creating a softer more peaceful warrior.

Mercury moves to Sagittarius on the 4th & then on to Capricorn on the 24th From overly optimistic to serious stuff…Mercury is the energy of communication. An antenna both receiving and transmitting. Uranus moves direct on the 17th ….Uranus has been retrograde (on an inner spiral) since July 18. As an outer planets collective in nature we all feel the effects. Uranus helps us to work outside the box; and can be full of unpredictable events; Uranus propels us into leading edge technology and entrepreneurial innovativeness.

Sun moves into Capricorn on the 21st … Happy Solar Return (Birthday) to all you Capricorns out there. Allow the Sun to infuse you with health and vitality to take you through the next 12 months.

Winter Solstice on the 21st – tying up loose ends … finding comfort in friends and family as we move through the darkest (shortest day) day

of the year (in our hemisphere). Use this time to find gratitude as you recognize how much you miss the light – and in doing so make the dynamic changes required to embrace the light as it grows in the days to come.

Solar cycles … New and Full Moons – it is important to step outdoors and connect to our sky, both at night dusk - dawn and during the day sunrise - sunset. When we do this we inherently connect to our genetic/collective habits and patterns of our multi-dimensional bodies. Tracking the conditions of our solar and lunar patterns provides insight on the regeneration of our whole being. By tracking this information you awaken to consciousness of patterns and habits that lie deeply within you. This can be easier said than done of course but each time you awaken you get closer to experiencing yourself as a participating co-creator in your life. New Moon on December 2nd at 10 degrees Sagittarius The New Moon energy is focused on change evoking a strong need to walk your talk. A new vision is created when you trust that you can tap into your inner wisdom. This vision will naturally be expressed as you utilize your own luck and opportunities. This New Moon provides the backdrop for finding solutions to long desired goals. Think outside the box, be ready to go to extremes in finding solutions to goals that you have not been able to conquer and manifest. The Full Moon on December 17th at 25 degrees Gemini As you move toward the Full Moon … Logical solutions should now begin to surface allowing you to express or live out your new goal (s). You will need to dig down and work on changing the actual pattern in your life in order to create staying power. This can only be done when you swing the pendulum back to center to create dynamic action coming from a balanced place.

As you move into the New Year it is important to know your accomplishments of the Past … feel gratitude for the bounty of the Present & be clear in your vision of the Future. Don’t lose sight of the big picture but details are an important process. Make sure you smaller goals align with your larger goals. 37

Combine your Sun (ego/identity/core), Moon (emotions/ Patterns/Habits) and Ascendant (projecting the identity outward) by reading each sign and combining them into one fabulous guide for the month. Aries (March 21-April 20) New goal setting opportunities are on the 10th and 11th You may find yourself yearning for adventure as you move into the holiday season – perhaps a last minute trip somewhere exotic is something you can throw into your schedule (even if it is to a local exotic spa for the weekend). What is brought to light: It is time to bring a spark back into a relationship that seems to have gotten mundane and predictable? Benefits: Not only will a little bit of romantic adventure bring a spark back into your relationship – it will also bring vitality back into your physical body. Taurus Horoscope (April 21-May 21) Confirm your new goals on the 12th and 13th It is time to take a leap of faith, relationships that you think are restricting, controlling or manipulative can work if everyone is willing to communicate what their long term goals are. In order to do that – you need to be clear and honest about how you actually feel. What is brought to light: Your long term goals can only be met if you connect to them emotionally and share these with the people around you in order to receive support. Be open as you embrace what needs to be added to your daily habitual routines in order to achieve these goals. Benefits: Connecting to and achieving a greater understanding of how your long term goals bring you closer to achieving your life purpose is possible. This in turn solidifies and anchors your connection to the collective. Gemini Horoscope (May 23-June 20) Confirm your new goals on 15th and 16th Clearly defined goals and aspirations are a must. You will need to pay close attention to habits and patterns (good and not so good) within your close relationships. These relationships act like a mirror allowing you to both see and embrace your shadow self. Dynamic changes in your hopes, dreams may be required – dig deep, and get ready to leap into the unknown. What is brought into the light … Opportunity to awaken to renewed success in personal relationships, along with gaining a greater understanding of your shadow-self.

Benefits : Through dynamic creative change hopes and

dreams are on their way to being realized. Cancer Horoscope (June 21-July 20) Confirm your new goals on the 17th (Full Moon) and 18th Growth & wisdom as you project your holographic body, what the world sees as a whole picture. Are you truly reflecting the core of who you are? Clearly defining health goals in writing including detailed creatively “structured” solutions are significant to achieving them. You may need to look through a new lens, like a kaleidoscope, keep making small adjustments until the external picture reflects your inner beauty and overall health needs. What is brought to light: New dynamic health – you will need to continue to bring your habits and patterns to the surface. This will help you to shed light on the root cause – not allowing you to be your own hidden enemy.

Benefits: Long lasting health and fitness goals are achievable Leo Horoscope (July 21-Aug. 22) Confirm your new goals on the 20th and 21st Creativity and having a little fun are featured this month. If you have been hyper-focused on career or other people’s needs, then it is time to take a “break”. Add some fun and laughter into your life, do something new or expand on a current passion. What is brought to light: You may find by adding a little creative spice in the mix to a current or new found hobby, foundations may pour directly into achieving your hopes and dreams. Benefits: A new and higher perspective on life may emerge to light your path. Virgo Horoscope (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Confirm your new goals on the 22nd and 23rd Focus on family and clan or genetic traits that you are holding on to. Looking into your past will help you heal and understand your present/future. Are you deeply rooted? Or getting thrown around with every breeze that passes by. What is brought to light: Create patterns and habits that will enable you to exceed your aspirations, hopes and dreams. By creating deep roots and using the strengths and gifts from your clan/foundations you can conquer all obstacles. Benefits: Long term goals could finally become within reach


Libra Horoscope (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Confirm your new goals on the 25th and 26th Resolve any writing and/or communicating blocks and challenges by journaling daily. If you are struggling with any decisions going for walks in the park or nature with pen in hand might just help you work out any choices you need to make. What is bought to the light: Patterns and habits can be developed to help you action real and lasting balance – decision making becomes clear and easy as you are able to tap into your inner wisdom. Benefits: Relationships flourish and what seemed to be lost … found Scorpio Horoscope (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Confirm your new goals on the 27th and 28th If you are struggling to take action toward meeting your everyday needs, or It feels like you are physically being blocked or restricted – pay attention to only what you can control (yourself) … set solid realistic goals toward fulfilling your needs What is brought to light: Inject a new philosophy into your everyday habits that will ensure you successfully meet and exceed fulfillment of your sense of security and love. Benefits: Don’t be afraid to open yourself to receiving as much as you give. The universe works on a reciprocal motion. Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov. 22-Dec. 20) Confirm your new goals on the 2nd (New Moon) 29th and 30th It is time to revamp who you are projecting to the world- does it really match who you are? This month is a reminder that you attract where you are at … do you like who you have been receiving and/or projecting out for the world to see? If not then make the necessary changes to enhance or re-vamp you and your lifestyle. What is brought to light: Make the investment … you are worth it! … If life is getting you down … then get down on it … (dancing that is) you are meant to be the life of the party

plation or how about reading a book for pleasure. As Pluto moves through your sign you feel the pull to transform on a very deep core level –the only way to handle this is to just let it flow. What is brought to light: Give yourself credit for the incredible feats of change you have accomplished (knowing there is more yet to come). Benefits: You start see the beneficial changes not only deep within your own psyche but in your “clan” (family) from how much healing work you have done. Aquarius Horoscope (Jan. 21-Feb. 18) Confirm your new goals on the 6th Ambition, freedom, confidence and personal strength bode well for you this month. You can tie this into your career by getting out to all events and social activities possible, making a show is extremely important for movement forward, take lots of business cards and hand them out to everyone you meet. What is brought to light: Your gift of understanding people’s wants and needs on a very fundamental level. Benefits: Amp up your ability to communicate what unique qualities and talents you have to offer … don’t underestimate the power of persuasion. Pisces Horoscope (Feb. 18-March 20) Confirm your new goals on the 8th and 9th Any vices that you may have been using over the last few months/years need to be let go. The clearer you are the more solid you become in your own knowing (core) along with access to an incredible depth of wisdom. What is brought to light: The higher you reach up – the more rooted you need to be otherwise the tree just might topple over ;-) Benefits: increase in security of self ... knowing and being confident about who you are and how you fit in to the big and small picture.

Benefits: Seeing who you are as reflected in your partnerships and liking what you see ;-) Capricorn Horoscope (Dec. 21-Jan. 20) Confirm your new goals on the 31st and 4th It is ok to allow yourself time alone time whether that is in quiet contem-

For more information 39

Earth Crystals

All crystals have beneficial properties but each astrological sign has crystals that are said to support those born under that sign. Often one crystal will show up under more than one sign yet offers something totally different. Just as there are many aspects to each astrological sign, each crystal has many aspects that vibrate with different aspects of our body, mind and soul and what works for one person is not necessarily true for the next. Start to collect the crystals associated with your sign and keep them in a small bag you can carry in your pocket. Not all the crystals associated with your sign will resonate with you, as always keep the list for your sign handy and carry around those that do. If a stone does not resonate with you now, still find one that you are attracted to, down the road you might find you are drawn to that one crystal.

Lapis Lazuli— enables sagittius to realize aspirations and share their plans with others. Can help them to find a partner to share their love with and who will accompany them on life’s adventures. Chalcedony— helps Sagittarius to look inward toward essentials. Protects them from rest-

lessness and makes them more reliable. Obsidian—Helps Sagittarius in pursuing their goals on their self discovery journey. Protects from doubts, negative influences. Helps with overcoming emotional blockages to restore natural optimism.

Spinel—Deep blue spinel fosters perseverance and endurance in times of crisis. Especially for those Sagittarians who become easily distracted.. Aventurine—This stone enhances all of Sagittarius’s positive qualities.

Herkimer Diamond— Promotes clear thinking and self-esteem. It stands for openness and free expression of ideas. It gives Sagittarians strength for new adventures.

Ziron—Blue zircon in particular helps you rebound from loss. Remedies mental imbalances while promoting clear understanding.

Sodalite—This stone gives Sagittarius the strength to defend their point of view and remain true to themselves. It helps with concentration and guides them to higher levels of understanding.

Other important stones for Sagittarius are:

Dumortierite— Helps Sagittarius relate to others with tolerance. It also is helpful in allowing sag’s to recognize their limitations and learn to rise above them. Apatite— Helps Sagittarius combat lack of motivation and intolerance. For this sign it is a powerful antidote to grief, and negative emotions. It helps Sagittarians regain their good nature, equilibrium, and releases inhibitions.

Topaz – The almost transparent blue topaz is a true companion for Sagittarius on all their travels. It will help them find their way through the wilderness and give them courage and strength to persevere. Moonstone – Moonstone will awaken new depths of creativity and imagination in Sagittarius. It will give them greater endurance and protect them from impulsiveness and selfdoubt. Its powers come from its deep connection with the earth. Moonstone promotes even-temperedness and inner peace. Amethyst – Amethyst encourages Sagittarius to trust their instincts. It will give them the spiritual power to recognize life’s meaningfulness after they have been knocked down and begin to doubt their core values.

Then they will be able to once again hear their inner voice calling them to a higher purpose. Opal – Opal is the lucky charm of Sagittarius. Its many colors mirror the endless variety of life. Opal guides Sagittarius to a deeper understanding of the many facets of the spiritual realm. Rose Quartz – With rose quartz, Sagittarius will find the tenderness and love their mercurial personality sometimes lacks. Under its influence Sagittarius will feel more secure and content, especially when faced with the anxieties that accompany charting a new course. Tourmaline – Tourmaline helps Sagittarius better direct their energies and talents. It provides them with the material support to embark on new undertakings. But it also reminds them that inner well-being is the true source of happiness. Sagittarius needs to work on their own development to maintain their good spirits: money, status, and social acceptance are not the only things that count.

Information - Soul Coaching Program

Give yourself the gift of self - You deserve it! Sign up NOW!!

soul-coaching For more info please connect with Kelly at


Soul Coaching速 is a 28 day program created by author/teacher Denise Linn as an in-depth way to de-clutter the intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of your life. This world renowned program is comprised of daily, carefully designed practical lessons which provide the tools you need to create more peace, harmony and alignment in your life. Clear away blockages so you can truly begin to uncover your authentic self and hear the messages of your soul. By utilizing the elemental energies of air/intellectual, water/emotions, fire/spirit, and earth/physical; this program allows you (in as little as 10-15 minutes per day) to connect with your spiritual source and find deeper meaning, purpose plus add ceremony and sacredness to your everyday life while facing fears, clearing blockages and addressing non-serving beliefs or patterns. Through 100+ pages of practical lessons, 28 daily guided audio meditations, 28 powerful affirmations, creative projects ideas for healing and/or manifesting, soul journeys (and more) you are encouraged to truthfully explore your life, challenge your negative beliefs, face your fears, become even more motivated and inspired leaving you feeling morebalanced, whole and focused like never before! Learn to live more in the now and have clarity to pursue the life of your dreams. Each week we connect via conference call (number will be supplied) and stay connected through the week via e-mails, Facebook, and my website's special members only area.

Participants find that once they have committed themselves to the program, their life begins to unfold in positive ways! If you are feeling drawn to the program, trust that it is your time to invest in your self and this magical journey to your soul. *Align you inner spiritual life with your outer life. *Connect with the wisdom of your soul. *Transform intellectual, physical & emotional clutter into sacred space for mind, body & spirit.

*Evolve in to the person your soul is calling you to BE. 5 Consecutive WEDNESDAYS begining JANUARY 1, 2014

All you require is access to a phone, or Skype - a nice quiet space and time to yourself (sounds heavenly already!) on Wednesdays or listen to the recorded call afterwards at your convenience, your computer and internet access for the printable lessons, downloadable meditations and affirmations which you can revisit time and time again. *If you cannot make the session live, it will be recorded for you to enjoy at your convenience. Participating on Facebook is a bonus!



Hello Dear Ones, It is good to be with you again. Is it not hard to believe your year is almost over and you are heading into the winter season? There have been many changes for all of you this year. Some of you have done well with them and some of you have been challenged with the changes that have occurred. However, we want you to know you have all managed with ease and grace that has made these changes go smoothly and well. At this time we want to emphasize that grounding and centering are still very important with all the world and environmental chaos and calamities. This effects you, the earth and all it’s inhabitants equally not just those directly affected because we are all one global family. Send healing, love and strength to your brothers and sisters, the earth and all living creatures and to everything and everyone. This is how you can help and assist. As well of course sending financial and material aid if you can. On a personal level as we have said grounding and centering at this time is also important as it was in the beginning of the year with the fast moving pace and so it is now. Grounding and centering will help you navigate these times... As well as keep you centered in your heart where you can make heart based decisions and from deep within your core know who you really are and what you need, your families need, the world needs and “All of Creation� too. This is where the power of love resides in the center of your being and your heart. With Love, grounding and centeredness The Angels

Michelle Hayes 44


Marlene Cobb

This month we are listening to “Angelic Hierarchy”

Peter Clérin who Nourish has featured a couple of times is a unique individual spreading light and love in Quebec and beyond. I say beyond as he has traveled with his music and also has it readily available on iTunes and at Amazon. This month I would like to focus on Peter’s music, Spiritual Vibration Music. In Peter’s own words (from his website

“The Archangel Gabriel, who takes charge of Creation, helps me compose a Celestial music. I am also accompanied by the Archangel Raphaël for the healing of the physical, emotional and mental bodies. With these two Archangels, this music, which comes from the other side, can help you raise the vibration of your soul. May peace be with you!” Peace definitely is what comes over you as you listen to his music. Peter has 3 new cd’s out Angel Hierarchy, Universal Laws, and Soul Families. Bringing his total to 13 cd’s, which are all beautifully composed pieces with a different flare. Whether you want music to meditate with, for your healing practice or just to kick back and relax you will want to check them out. Each cd listed has a sampling of each song so you can have a brief listen before purchasing. (Find the list here cdpageeng.htm)

The song titles Angel Hierarchy are; Seraphims, Cherubims, Trones, Dominations, Powers, Vertues, Principalities, Archangels, Angels, and Humans. Peter’s description on his website for this cd is as follows: “This music will put you in contact with the

invisible. It will bring you wisdom and will. It will free you of karma and help you understand certain life events that are more difficult to live. It will make you more aware and freer and help you choose the right way and happiness by awakening you to spirituality. This CD will have you reborn as an inhabitant of Earth while being aware of your own divinity.” I was ready to connect with the Archangels and the first track I chose was Cherubims – I felt like I was being called “come, come with us… discover the wisdom we have to share with you, open and be ready to receive” After listening to the other two I went back to this selection and they were still calling out to me but this time they asked me to join in a game of hide and seek. Next I was guided to Vertues – with vertues I felt like I was being aligned from my center, my solar plexus. Starting there and working out in both directions at the same time from my solar plexus 46

down through my feet and from my solar plexus up out the top of my head. I was left feeling lighter, even in those brief 42 seconds. For my last selection I decided to listen to the Powers track. As I listened to this piece angels stepped forward and formed a circle around me. In turn I looked at each and as I looked to the next one the previous one turned so their back was to me. As I looked at the last one I was given the message…

“We have your back, we can see all that is, was and will be and we are here with you.” As music is subjective in the fact that everyone experiences it differently I asked a couple friends to listen to 3 songs that they intuitively felt guided towards. Here are their impressions I listened to the sample songs and my favourites are the Cherubims, Archangels and Angels. They made me feel light as air as if I were being raised out of my chair and flying towards the heavens. I really like sounds of nature so the birds chirping in the Cherubims song was very soothing and relaxing. I felt very angelic and pure. LS Seraphim - it was like being in the center of an opening lotus - each flower stamen opened one at a time - divisions and openings/ beginnings and breath. Trones - it felt as though I were in a temple, but not on this planet - black/ or dark marble floor with thin white veins interspersed throughout, round space with circular colonade - as though I were in an open air dome, but there was no roof. I could feel sheets of my self flaking away, like mica. Archangels - I was surrounded by archangels - mollified, lifted up - we all swirled together and moved upward like a mountain peak pointing up through the clouds. I felt totally at peace, loved and cherished. MK 1. Archangels: it makes me feel like I’m home, like I'm safe. This one was my just felt right to me. 2. Humans: it is majestic and brings me courage. I see the earth in her magnificence twirling in the sky. It's empowering.

3. Powers: quiet, calming, positive inspiring and I feel safe. I can tell that they all should be played together to make the whole....and by the melody figure that's what he does. I'd love to hear it all together. His music is definitely inspired, his soul energy is calm and clear. GS

Angelic Hierarchy

Seraphims: Dazzling powers. They pass on to us the will and the wisdom stemming from their brilliance. Cherubims: Victory and providential benefits. Feeling of enjoyment and happiness and a joy of life. Trones: Releases karmic cycles. They help us understand some difficult ordeals we have to go through. Dominations: Make us more aware and free, they help us to choose the good and the happiness by awakening us to spirituality. Powers: They remind us of the universal laws and grant us grace and forgiveness. Vertues: By their influences, we shall distinguish ourselves by our nobility of soul and our energy. Divine love... Choir light.. Principalities: By their influences, we shall have a sensitive and generous soul. They give inspiration to the undecided.. Archangels: Light warriors who keep peace. They have an interplanetary authority, working with the ascended masters and overseeing the angels. Angels: Essences who help us and lead us to our spiritual evolution. Humans: Reborn as inhabitants of Earth… Those who become aware of their divinity and who had embraced their shadow. Next month we will check out Universal Laws. In the meantime check out Peter’s wonderful cd’s for yourself. Click on the icons below to purchase:


Connect with Peter on


Essential Oils– Vera Enshaw

Marigolds are not something people often smell—we generally look at them in the flower garden and admire their full, round shape and bright colour. There are culinary bravehearts that put the flowers in salads or use them as garnish, and some people actually eat them! I have nibbled on occasion—but I couldn’t tell you what it tasted like, beyond a memory of slight sweetness. I do love marigolds, though, and as soon as Young Living made Aztec Marigold essential oil available I got some. At a Young Living training session I attended, Gary Young spoke of the incredible effect that the smell of therapeutic grade essential oils has on the olfactory system. We tend to open a bottle and just smell—and our systems go “Whoa! Take that stuff outta here! Too strong!” And it is—very strong. According to Gary there is a better and more gentle way to introduce oils to our system: hold the closed bottle at the level of your navel. Open it and slowly bring it up to the level of your nose. By the time it gets there, your body and the oil will be well acquainted! Tagetes Erecta is an oil that needs to be introduced slowly. The aroma is very intense—a little bit will go a very long way. I was very surprised by the scent, going back to it again and again to see if I could find which aspect was really drawing me. Green. That is what draws me to this oil—the scent is green. A soft, rich though I am in a garden and reach down to a marigold, hold the stem and head in my hand and gently squeeze—then bring my hand to my nose….This is a must-have oil! Tagetes erecta is a multi-faceted oil. It has traditionally been used in purification ceremonies-I can think of a number of situations where it could be really beneficial: cleansing a space before use as a meeting, teaching or healing area, during a healing


sion aromatically to assist someone clearing out old energies and emotions, prior to and during meditation to help with reaching the highest space possible. I am looking forward to using it during a Reiki treatment. I have a feeling it is going to be a powerful helper. The oil can be used topically, but it is one of those oils that can cause extreme sun sensitivity so it should not be used neat where the sun can reach. Dilute and use sparingly! Having said that—have fun with it, too. Combine it with other oils to make your own sweet blend, or mix with other oils and a carrier oil for a lovely massage oil. Put in Epsom salts, place in a decorative jar and give as gifts! This is the season of giving. Use all of your oils—and your imagination—to create wonderful and inexpensive gifts that will be appreciated by all of the people you care about! For more information on Young Living Essential oils and blends, please contact me by email at or go to the YL website:

Please remember to use only 3rd party certified therapeutic grade essential oils.


Contact Vera at for more information.


Rune of the Month

Joy, Hope, Harmony, Perfection

The rune I was given for December is, appropriately enough, Wunjo.

to fruition; you may be going through a difficult or crisis time at present.

Wunjo means joy and when upright in a cast, it will always represent joy and happiness coming into your life. It is an excellent omen in a runecast, especially in the result position, where it indicates the positive outcome of whatever is troubling you at the time. The shift that was due has arrived, the Wheel of Karma has turned in your favor, and you are about to see the fruition of your work.

The runes in the cast should indicate the problem areas. Paired with Raidho or Ehwaz, the travel runes, it can show an unsafe or unsuccessful journey and possible delays.

In combination with other runes it indicates success in whatever areas they rule. With travel runes such as Raidho or Ehwaz, it can show a fortunate and pleasing journey; with message runes such as Ansuz, it can mean the receipt of good news, with love runes, it can indicate deep affection and lasting emotional happiness. Wunjo can also represent joy in one’s work, especially when it is artistic or creative in nature. This rune often appears in readings for artists or craftspersons, along with Kenaz and shows that this creative element is very important to their personal happiness and wellbeing. The meaning of Wunjo in reverse is exactly the opposite of its meaning when upright. Things are slow in coming

If the question relates to one’s job, it shows dissatisfaction, either with your job itself, or your performance in it. In matters of love, Wunjo shows a disappointment or a delay of some type in a relationship at present and the intensity of that will be determined by the accompanying runes. In all instances, when Wunjo is reversed, caution is advised, possibly even putting off an important decision until a more auspicious time. This rune can also indicate trouble caused by a third party, so be especially watchful of delays and doubledealings on the part of opponents or associates.

Contact Phil at for more information.



Power Animal

Photo by Phil Nielsen There was no need to ask what the power animal was this month since the pictures my friend took speak for themselves.. After connecting to the water and grounding to the earth where she was my friend took amazing shoots of the chickadees landing on another friend.. Those pictures were named the bird whisperer…

So as chickadee lands on all of us energetically and in our hearts they speak…

“Joy and cheerfulness flow through us as is evident in the pictures take of us flittering about one of our human friends. It is important for our human friends to ground right now to all the elements. However , more important to ground to both water and earth in this present time. The earthing/grounding is important for the security and safety to stay in the present moment as you are

being knocked about by planetary forces. The grounding to water is important for it is your life force as your physical bodies are mostly water this helps you stay in the flow of life, your emotions and your spiritual lives all very important for the present changes happening within you ,around you, the earth and humanity itself. The pictures are a reminder to remember moments of joy. cheerfulness and love as these too will ground you in these times of challenges and chaos as the vibrational level continues to raise within you and your world the very fabric of Creation vibrates with joy and love !!!! You are doing well my human friends we are proud of you!! “ Yours in joy and cheerfulness The Chickadee’s

Michelle Hayes


Photo by Phil Nielsen

Let Joy and Cheerfulness flow through you


Message from the Angels

The messages each month come to me in different forms. This month the angels choose to send me the message on the wind and I mean that literally. Today the wind is blowing, gusting and clearing out the energy that has accumulated over the past few days. I was enjoying this wind when I heard the word “Faith� float gently by me on one of the gusts. The following is what came for all of us;

Faith is a strong word dear one. It can mean many things but we would like to speak to you about faith in yourself. Do you have faith that you are capable to achieve your desires? How many times during this past year did you have faith that all was well and you were exactly where you needed to be? How many times during the past year did you place your faith outside of yourself? It does not matter what is happening around you, you ultimately are the one you need to have faith in. Instead of friends, coworkers, family, the angels, the weather, or world conditions, your faith has to be totally on yourself first. The others mentioned are to be a support system that helps remind you when you are not confident or need to have your faith buoyed. The mentioned are not the reason that you are in any given place at any given time, you are there because that is what you wanted to experience or it is what you created. To not have faith when you are in the thick of things that you can overcome or succeed is devaluing yourself. You are remarkable and totally worthy of your faith. Watch the wind see how it picks up the leaves and other debris and places it somewhere else. See how it can take a leaf and spiral it upwards then carry it a few feet from where it was. Only to come along again and swirl it right back to where it was. You see, the leaf is not you, the wind is blowing around you, yet you are still in one spot. You have not been taken up in a spiral and placed somewhere else. You are firmly planted. At times it might feel like you are being swirled around and this is when your faith is being tested and needs to be its strongest. Yes, tested.

If you place your faith in others, you are giving it away, you are giving up your responsibility in the situation. Like the wind it will swirl around and accomplish nothing. Accomplish nothing because where you have placed your faith does not own the result and therefore does not own the outcome. When you have faith in yourself for achieving or overcoming what is happening or about to happen in your life, you are in control and much stronger. You are firmly planted and not likely to swirl around. Even if you did nothing you would still be in control of your future, your dreams, your goals and all outcomes for you are firmly planted. To look to others or place blame is to say to your soul that you are not capable of handling the situation, that you are not strong enough, smart enough, worthy enough, or any of the other enoughs that you can conceive. It was faith that brought you to this place in your life, no matter what is currently going on. It does not matter if your faith was fueled by fear or by love; at the end of the day your faith was so strong it allowed you to experience this situation. You are a powerful being and no one can take that away from you without your permission. As 2013 draws to a close look back and see where you placed your faith over the year. Change is happening on earth and as a light-worker your job continues. 2014 requires your unwavering faith to achieve all that will be asked of you. Asked of you; not your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, the earth, the seasons, nature patterns, world leaders, or the angels, but you. The others mentioned will be asked for themselves. Do you have your faith in place? Are you ready? We are positive that you are, and that you have so much faith in yourself that 2014 will be an excellent year. Remember your faith in your fears or passions are what direct your life. Live a little less fearfully and place your faith in your passions, your love, and in yourself‌ you marvelous being, you!!

DECEMBER 2013 54

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” Confucius


Photo by Phil Nielsen

Profile for Nourish Publication

December 2013 issue 29  

Thought inspiring, inspirational and encouraging articles.

December 2013 issue 29  

Thought inspiring, inspirational and encouraging articles.