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Enrollment Guide 2019-2020 | FOR THE CLASS OF 2023

Welcome! We are proud and excited to welcome your family to the Notre Dame learning community! You have carefully discerned your options for the next step to high school. And, by now, you recognize the unique opportunities available at Notre Dame. We commit to developing young women who are life-long learners, spiritual seekers, community leaders and justice advocates. Welcome to the first all-girls school on the west coast; welcome to the Notre Dame tradition! To support your family in this transition, this guide provides you with access to the information you need to get from here to the first day of freshman year. Ora et labora,

Susana Garcia Vice Principal of Enrollment & Public Relations

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Parent Association


Parent Pledge Program


Academic Overview

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Math Placement


Modern Language Placement


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ND Reads Textbooks & Summer Reading

Student Life


Spring Musical


Freshman Welcome Day


Co-Curricular Information

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Student Health


Looking Ahead


Summer Programs

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Center for Women's Leadership


Freshman Orientation


Important Dates for 2019-20 | 02



2019 • Mar 28 Enrollment deadline • Online math placement test site (ALEKS) opens with email notification



2019 • Apr 1 Course scheduling appointments with counselors begin • Apr 5 Deadline to log in to ALEKS to activate account


• May 4 Freshman Wel (9:00am - Noon)

• Week of May 6 Notific math, science and la placement results

• Apr 14 Deadline for modern language and math placement test completion • Apr 15 Deadline to create FACTS account for tuition

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Susana Garcia

Kaitlyn Stauber '11



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2019 • July 8 Textbooks available online for purchase



lcome Day

• June 7 Final day for managing course conflics

• Aug 5 Deadline for athletics physicals for fall athletes

cation of anguage

• June 11 Summer programs begin

• Aug 23 Freshman Orientation

• June 14 Health and immunization forms due through Magnus Health

• Aug 26 First day of classes

• Parent gatherings hosted by members of the Notre Dame Parent Association (NDPA)

ol: ñ a p s E n e a d u y a Para Emily Peña-Bobst RECEPTIONIST

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As a Notre Dame school, we are committed to creating community among those with whom we work and serve. We welcome you to embrace our philosophy of philanthropy by becoming involved with the Notre Dame Parent Association (NDPA). We encourage you to partner in our vibrant mission by connecting, volunteering and supporting the programs and activities in our learning community. Giving time and talent supports our mission of educating young women for career success, global leadership and socially-responsible entrepreneurship. Parent volunteers offer unique skills and provide imporant resources to help sustain academic and co-curricular programs. In the process, parents build a support network and life-long friendships. High school years fly by! Don’t wait until your daughter’s senior year to connect with each other and us!

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Pledge Program

Notre Dame's Parent Pledge Program provides needed resources. Generous support from parents has allowed Notre Dame to offer exceptional value and has provided the resources needed to continue expanding programs that directly impact students. The Parent Pledge Program is a distinctive and critical fundraising program that cultivates a strong sense of community and helps maintain the socioeconomic diversity for which we are recognized. Notre Dame is a not-for-profit, independent school. Revenue consists of tuition and donations. All families make a four-year pledge to support Notre Dame with a gift that matches their financial capacity. This gift program is at the heart of our community and underpins the spirit of the Notre Dame mission. This community is what makes Notre Dame distinctive; this is why you and your daughter have chosen us.

I'm here to help! Beverley Dunn DIRECTOR OF PHILANTHROPY

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Parent support is critical to our ability to maintain and continue to expand the programs that make Notre Dame a diverse, thriving place for young women. To learn more, please visit: | 06

Academic Overview A rich and vibrant program of academic excellence awaits your daughter at Notre Dame. To deepen her classroom learning, your student will experience interdisciplinary grade-level field trips and walking field trips throughout our downtown neighborhood. Notre Dame operates on a full A/B block schedule, with classes typically starting at 8:00am and ending at 2:55pm. The schedule also allows for some early-release Fridays, some late starts to the academic day on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as shorter days preceding vacation breaks. The daily schedule will be available for download in August and updates provided through our weekly digital newsletter, ND News. Also distributed electronically, grade reports are sent following each of the six grading periods. Included with the grade mailings will be a letter from the principal and specific program information for freshman parents.

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! p l e h o t e r e h e r We’ Janice Tupaj-Farthing


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Elizabeth Milanovich MATH DEPARTMENT CHAIR

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Amy Battisti COUNSELOR

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Heather Valentine, LMFT COUNSELOR

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Counseling In April, your family will have the opportunity to meet with your daughter’s counselor to register for courses. The enrolled student, and at least one parent, should attend the counseling appointment. These appointments will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis and should last about 30 minutes. If you would like to view the course selections in advance, please visit: Each student is assigned a counselor that will stay with her over the four years of high school. Students have two scheduled appointments with their counselor each year and can also schedule additional meetings as needed. Counselors provide academic and personal support within our learning community and are an important first point of contact for parents with questions regarding their daughter's progress. As a community, we are committed to wellness and balance for all of our students.

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The math department at Notre Dame places each student in the appropriate course level for her skills and promotes success for all students. After enrollment, each student will take a math placement test through ALEKS, an online assessment and learning portal. The results of this test, as well as current math grades and High School Placement Test results, will help determine which class the student will take during freshman year. Students will have two weeks to complete the online placement test and have the option to take it twice within that time frame. Information on how to access the test will be sent via email after the enrollment deadline. Each student will need to log in to ALEKS and activate her account by April 5, 2019. The ALEKS portal will close on April 14, 2019 at 5:00pm. View the YouTube tutorial here:




Notre Dame offers Spanish, French, Mandarin and American Sign Language as modern language options to meet the graduation requirement and promote global citizenship. If a student has already taken courses in Spanish, French or Mandarin, or has spoken one of them at home, there is an option to take an online placement test to be considered for a higher level of that language for freshman year. Students who indicate a desire to take the modern language challenge test during enrollment will receive specific information regarding access to the online placement tests for these three languages. Spanish, French and Mandarin are available to students during the school year and benefit students seeking three years of study or more. Additionally, Notre Dame offers American

Sign Language through our summer

View frequently asked questions here:

must first meet with their counselor.

programs. Students who wish to pursue ASL View frequently asked questions here: | 10

ND Reads Each year Notre Dame selects a book to read and discuss as a community of students, faculty, alumnae and friends. In addition to reading the book and discussing underlying themes across the integrated school program, students and the community meet the author during a campus visit in the fall. In the past twelve years, through this ND Reads program, our school community has touched on many topics. We have traveled to Africa to study the Rwandan genocide, journeyed with a young monk seal and learned about climate change from his perspective, explored how to stand in kinship with gang members, and memorialized the 60th anniversary of integrating schools in Little Rock, Arkansas, just to name a few. The 13th annual ND Reads book for the 2019-20 academic year will be announced in May!

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Textbooks &

Summer Reading Faculty members direct students to digital and hard copy resources to support their learning thoughout the year. Notre Dame partners with MBS Direct to provide an easy, one-stop option for purchasing the necessary textbooks for your daughter’s classes. Students may opt to purchase new or used books, to rent them or to access digital editions. Options for each textbook are determined by the publisher and are listed on the MBS virtual bookstore and on our website. Should you wish to purchase a book from a different source, it is important to make sure it has the identical ISBN number as the required book.

SUMMER READING FOR 2019 Listed below are the summer reading books for freshmen: • When the Emperor was Divine by Julie Otsuka • To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee The link to all information regarding textbooks, summer reading and supply lists can be found on the parent page of our website under Quick Links at This page will be updated in June to reflect information for 2019-20. | 12

Student Life Notre Dame's co-curricular programs and many clubs and organizations offer a rich variety of opportunities to get involved. Whether your daughter loves to swim the backstroke, build and design things, debate a topic, or help others develop their spirituality, Notre Dame has programs that offer ways to get to know classmates, develop leadership skills and have fun. The more than 30 unique clubs and organizations on campus meet during lunchtime, giving students with after school commitments opportunities to be involved and develop their individual interests. Students will learn more about clubs and how to join them at the club fair in September. At Freshman Welcome Day you will have the opportunity to learn more about Notre Dame's many offerings.

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! p l e h o t e r e h e We’r John Bracco


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Our students have been designing, building, sewing, painting, rigging, and practicing — we hope you'll join us for our spring musical Sing Down the Moon: Appalachian Wonder Tales. This year the drama department has been exploring the theme of "Why do we re-tell these stories?" In our spring musical, the audience will rediscover a series of familiar stories including The Three Pigs and Cinderella, but with a distinctly American twist. From the heart of the Appalachian mountains comes a series of folk tales celebrating America as a place where people from all different places come together to sing, dance and share stories! Along with her acceptance letter, each student in the Class of 2023 received a code for a free ticket to the musical! To redeem her ticket, your student can go to and enter her code. Parents who also wish to attend may purchase tickets in the same transaction. Sing Down The Moon: Appalachian Wonder Tales runs April 11-13, 2019.

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Welcome Day

On Saturday, May 4, 2019, the Class of 2023 will gather for the first time as an entire class on Notre Dame’s campus to celebrate and prepare for the next steps to high school. Please arrive on campus between 8:309:00am for registration in Sunflower Plaza. You will receive an email prior to the event with more information. The day’s events, which conclude at noon, include: • A welcome assembly for the Class of 2023 • An informational session with a faculty member to discuss summer reading and how to set up Notre Dame accounts (for grades, health forms and email) • Co-curricular program workshops

Co-Curricular Information

Students who actively participate in co-curricular programs experience the self-confidence of growing skills in their area of interest and connect more quickly with other students to develop meaningful relationships. We believe the type of learning that happens through programs in athletics, campus ministry, robotics, speech and debate, student leadership, and visual and performing arts has tremendous value to students during their high school experience and life-long impact beyond graduation. As such, ours is not an extra-curricular program but rather a co-curricular program where learning and skill-development happens

• Brunch and socializing with the members of the Notre Dame Parent Association

alongside classroom learning.

• The option to learn more about parent engagement and philanthropy

families with the information they need for

• A blessing of the Class of 2023 led by the student leaders in campus ministry

and connected. Families should attend 1-2

Each student should wear the “I ♥ ND” t-shirt she received during the course registration appointment with her counselor.

the area(s) of most significant interest for

At Freshman Welcome Day, we will provide students to start the year already engaged co-curricular program sessions that reflect each student.

This is an event that students and parents still talk about in their senior year. We look forward to seeing you! | 16

Tuition FACTS is an online service through which Notre Dame manages tuition payments and tuition assistance. After enrolling and paying the nonrefundable $500 tuition deposit, incoming families need to create a FACTS account through which tuition and Parent Pledge Program payments are managed. The link to create a family’s FACTS account is sent by email after enrollment. The deadline to create the FACTS account is April 15, 2019. We maintain a commitment to keeping costs as low as possible and to supporting families in affording a Notre Dame education. Tuition assistance, which is allocated according to level of need, is important to maintaining the community for which Notre Dame is recognized. Approximately 24% of our students receive some financial assistance.

I'm here to help! Jill Miller ACCOUNTING MANAGER

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Student Health Notre Dame collects and manages student health information digitally through Magnus Health to provide ease of sharing information between parents and the adults who care for their children. In order to facilitate the needed review and verification of student information, parents are asked to complete all healthrelated forms through Magnus Health by June 14, 2019. These forms include: • health information • emergency forms • immunizaton If the student intends to participate in athletics, an updated physical is required. Students trying out for fall sports must complete the athletic portion (including an updated physical) through Magnus Health by Monday, August 5, 2019. All forms must be completed before the first day of school. Magnus Health is accessed through the PowerSchool parent portal. At Freshman Welcome Day, parents will be provided with the login information to set up their PowerSchool account at Notre Dame. Once the academic year begins, parents

IMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTS Students entering high school need to have received a minimum of: • Four doses of Polio vaccine with at least one being given after their 2nd birthday • Five doses of DTP, DT or Td • One dose of Tdap (Pertussis Booster) [DTaP or DTP also meet the requirement] given on or after the 7th birthday [10th birthday recommended] - MANDATORY effective 2011-12 school year • One dose of Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR), separately or combined, given on or after the 1st birthday • Three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine given at any age • Varicella - one dose or physiciandocumented varicella disease history • Results of TB (mantoux) skin test* * Notre Dame High School requests that incoming students have a current TB (mantoux) skin test or TB risk assessment, however, this is at the discretion of your personal physician and is not a requirement. If you reside outside of Santa Clara County, it is required that a TB test be completed within six months of your daughter entering high school. Students cannot attend classes without a complete and updated immunization record and completed Magnus Health forms.

! We’re here to help Gail Tifft

will be able to view their daughter’s


grades, assignments and attendance

ext 2102 |

through PowerSchool.


ext 2183 | | 18

LookingAhead Summer provides a time for families to prepare for the start of the academic year in August and integrate into the Notre Dame community. For parents, summer provides the opportunity to connect with other parents by attending a conversation with the Notre Dame Parent Association and staff. These social gatherings are hosted by current parents and provide an opportunity to meet other Notre Dame families, ask questions and be introduced to members of the staff. Parents will receive more information in April. During the summer months, once in July and again in August, you will receive a postal mailing from Notre Dame that will include additional information for the 2019-20 academic year. All information will also be posted on the parent page of our website at As the school year begins, our weekly digital newsletter, ND News, and the website will be your primary sources of information. In combination, they will help keep you informed about all campus activities. The following pages describe some key information for students including the benefits of summer school, the process for getting uniforms and some important dates for the 2019-20 academic school year.

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Students can spend their days getting to know future classmates while familiarizing themselves with the Notre Dame campus this summer. Students can choose from academic courses, enrichment courses and skill-based camps. Notre Dame offers engaging and educational summer programs for boys and girls entering grades six to twelve. You can view all available courses and camps online at: High School Study Skills camp: June 11 - July 3, 2019 Three week programs: June 11 - June 28, 2019 Six week programs: June 11 - July 19, 2019

I'm here to help! Michelle McGovern DIRECTOR OF SUMMER PROGRAMS

ext 2114 |

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Uniform The uniform is an identifier of membership in the Notre Dame community. By putting on the logo each day, our students join with generations of women who have been part of the Notre Dame tradition. To be prepared for the first day of school, each student should purchase her uniform from Merry Mart over the summer. When purchasing the uniform, students should be aware of the options that are considered part of the formal uniform and the informal uniform. Information about the school uniform, including a visual guide of options, can be found on our website: Shop in-store: 33 Washington St, Santa Clara, CA 95050 Order online: Used uniform sale on campus: Friday, May 31, 2019 9:00am - Noon in the Student Life Center

Formal Uniform Select at least one from each category. White logo shirt: • • • •

Interlock short sleeve polo Interlock long sleeve polo Oxford short sleeve Oxford long sleeve

Grey bottoms: • Box pleat skirt • Plain front dress pants Sweater: • Sleeveless sweater vest in navy or maroon • Long sleeve v-neck in navy or maroon • Long sleeve button front cardigan sweater in navy or maroon • Long sleeve tradition crewneck sweatshirt in navy or maroon

Informal Uniform Shirt: • Polo shirt (short sleeve, long sleeve) in white, maroon or navy • Oxford shirt (short sleeve or long sleeve) Bottoms: • • • • •

Box pleat skirt Grey plain-front dress pants Navy chino pants Navy chino shorts Navy logo sweatpants

Logo outer layer: • • • • •

Any school sweater (see formal options) Grey hoodie pullover Navy zip-front sweatshirt Navy fleece jacket Navy blazer | 22

Center for

Women's Leadership Young women walk through our doors every day with unique hopes, ambitions and dreams. At Notre Dame, they grow as leaders, flourish as students and develop as advocates. We’re excited to share a glimpse inside the Center for Women’s Leadership, the first new building in our campus master plan: • The Women of Impact gallery will provide a strong testament to the importance of women’s leadership in our world. • Four functional lab spaces expand our Technology, Engineering and Design program, distinctive in the nation, and provide project-based learning spaces. • Nine flexible classroom spaces better support our existing curriculum and allow for future program growth that ensures the imprint of a Notre Dame education. • The Center for Career & Life Success provides dedicated space for our unique career and life preparation program, charting a leadership path for students. • A prayer and meditation room offers students a place for prayer, meditation, reflection and small group dialogue, providing an opportunity for students to connect with their personal spiritual core.

23 | | 24



Save the date! FRIDAY, AUGUST 23RD

At Freshman Orientation, students will meet one another and their teachers, orient themselves to campus resources and learn more about the culture of Notre Dame. • Students will need to bring a combination lock for their locker. • Students should bring textbooks, along with any other locker decorations, in a sturdy bag. • Students should dress in appropriate and comfortable free dress. NOTE: Students do not need to bring their devices for orientation as all tech training will happen during the first days of classes. Students may bring their smart phones.

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Important Dates

for 2019 - 2020

Freshman Orientation Friday, August 23, 2019 First Day of School

Monday, August 26, 2019

School Holiday: Labor Day

Monday, September 2, 2019

Back to School Night

Thursday, September 12, 2019

No Classes: Staff Development Day

Friday, September 13, 2019

Standardized Testing Day (9th – 11th grades)

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Open House Saturday, October 19, 2019 School Holiday Monday, October 21, 2019 No Classes: Staff Development Day

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Eighth Grade Day (No classes: 9th, 11th, 12th grades) Monday, November 11, 2019 Thanksgiving Holiday Wed., Nov. 27 – Fri., Nov. 29, 2019 Christmas Vacation Fri., Dec. 20 – Fri., Jan 3, 2020 School Resumes Monday, January 6, 2020 School Holiday: Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday, January 20, 2020

First Day of Second Semester

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

School Holiday: President’s Day

Monday, February 17, 2020

No Classes: Staff Development Day

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Spring Holiday

Monday, March 23, 2020

Easter Vacation Fri., Apr. 10 – Fri., Apr. 17, 2020 School Resumes Monday, April 20, 2020 School Holiday: Memorial Day

Monday, May 25, 2020

Last Day of School

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Baccalaureate Mass Thursday, June 4, 2020 Graduation Saturday, June 6, 2020

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Notre Dame High School Class of 2023 Enrollment Guide  

This guide provides all the information students and parents of Notre Dame High School's incoming Class of 2023 will need to be ready for th...

Notre Dame High School Class of 2023 Enrollment Guide  

This guide provides all the information students and parents of Notre Dame High School's incoming Class of 2023 will need to be ready for th...