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Strategic Plan

2015 -2020

Dear Notre Dame Community, The 2010-2015 strategic plan’s focus was on tactical initiatives that would strengthen the school’s governance and financial position, while developing distinctive program. Mission accomplished! Over those five years, Notre Dame’s Board of Directors grew in number and influence and have made provisions for a board-designated endowment of seven million dollars. That endowment, along with a perpetual endowment of $1,850,000 assure the ongoing stability of the school. The strong organizational business operations of the school, as affirmed in the annual audit, have allowed for substantial program growth that includes an integrated theme of education for justice and leadership that weaves mission into every class and activity. The building of this 2015-2020 strategic plan took on a completely different and fresh focus. With strong operations and distinctive mission-aligned programs in place, the steering committee and various task forces were free to brainstorm about where Notre Dame San Jose would set its sights for the next five years. These new initiatives are both exciting and challenging for us. As we move forward with these initiatives, we are dedicated to advancing the campus master plan to meet program facility needs for the school today and for the future. Our progress is clear and impressive. We have you, our supporters, to thank. Thank you. Thank you for your generosity and loyalty and for helping us shape a strong future for Notre Dame San Jose. Ora et labora!

Mary Beth Riley

Vision Statement Notre Dame San Jose, a Catholic college-preparatory high school for young women since 1851 will be known as the women’s high school in Silicon Valley that educates for career success, global leadership, and socially-responsible entrepreneurship.

Strategic Initiatives Notre Dame’s vision is supported by the five initiatives comprising the 20152020 strategic plan. The strategic initiatives will serve as the guideposts for day-to-day operation, programs, facilities and resource development. Of the five strategic initiatives, Environment of Innovation and Catholic in the 21st Century serve in a critical thematic role threading across the three additional initiatives. Detailed descriptions for each strategic initiative are provided on the following pages.

Environment of Innovation Catholic in the 21st Century Leaders of Tomorrow Career & Life Success Lifelong Network


Environment of Innovation

Cultivate innovation throughout our institution in order to exemplify a collaborative, experiential and transformative learning community. Objective 1: Thinking & Structures Notre Dame will identify and provide professional development and learning opportunities that promote a collective paradigm shift around education and learning. Objective 2: Dialogue & Risk-taking Notre Dame will build an environment in which all students, faculty, staff and leadership actively participate in a culture of dialogue and risk-taking. Objective 3: Skills & Methodology Notre Dame will identify and develop the skill-set and competencies of innovators within each community member. Objective 4: Individual & Group Purpose Notre Dame will scaffold opportunities that foster individual purpose and shared endeavor throughout the program. Objective 5: Real World Learning & Problem Solving Notre Dame will leverage downtown partnerships and resources for expeditionary learning at all levels. Objective 6: Intellectual Diversity Notre Dame will cultivate the best qualities and talents of each student through a radically student-centered approach to teaching and learning.


Catholic in The st 21 Century

Witness joyfully and prophetically to the Gospel and our Catholic faith by listening contemplatively, praying boldly, and acting justly to reveal the face of the good Jesus in our fragmented world. Objective 1: Adult Formation in Mission Notre Dame will formalize and develop a program of adult formation in mission, focusing on faculty/staff, board, parents and alumnae. Objective 2: Student Formation in Mission Notre Dame will continue the integrated program of student formation (Education for Justice & Leadership) with further program development in experiential learning and advocacy, prayer and reflection, dialogue and discernment. Objective 3: Sacred Spaces & Prayer Opportunities Notre Dame will create sacred spaces on campus and establish more frequent opportunities for sacramental prayer for the community and individuals. Objective 4: Religious Growth & Diversity Notre Dame will provide support and resources to encourage the spiritual growth of the learning community and its diverse religious traditions. Objective 5: Partnerships Notre Dame will develop key partnerships with diocesan and community organizations for strategic program connections within the first four objectives.


Leaders of Tomorrow

Develop dynamic women leaders who are agents of positive change in their local and global communities. Objective 1: 21st Century Learning Skills Notre Dame will equip students with 21st Century Learning Skills: listening, communication, collaboration, adaptability and creativity. Objective 2: Global Perspective & Cultural Competency Notre Dame will empower students to effectively work with diverse populations in a variety of settings in order to build global perspective, cultural competency and cultural fluency. Objective 3: Models of Women in Leadership Notre Dame will engage students in experiential learning opportunities that provide models of women’s leadership, intentionally connecting students with mentors and role models that will develop their passion for becoming leaders of tomorrow across all sectors of society. Objective 4: Discover Passion & Personal Skills Notre Dame will enable students to discover their passion and intentionally develop skills and content in that area.


Career & Life Success

Empower young women to identify and nurture their individual gifts and talents as they explore opportunities for future career and life success. Objective 1: Skills Development Notre Dame will identify and articulate career and life skills necessary for long-term success and will develop program offferings that foster the growth of these skills in the young women of Notre Dame. Objective 2: Defined Pathway Notre Dame will help each student develop a career and personal life success pathway. Objective 3: Established Mentoring Program Notre Dame will provide opportunities for students to create meaningful mentoring relationships with alumnae and community partners in order to explore real-world environments and practice career and life skills. Objective 4: Real-life Career Experiences for Students Notre Dame will provide students with opportunities to engage in career experiences that develop skills, explore a variety of careers, engage with a wide range of mentors and interact with adults through internships and job shadowing.


Lifelong Network

Create a global network that supports the life-long growth of each Notre Dame woman. Objective 1: Culture of Philanthropy In order to develop lifelong partners, advocates and investors, Notre Dame will create the expectation and opportunities for giving back to support Notre Dame’s mission, both financially and in-kind. Objective 2: Consistent & Ongoing Communication Notre Dame will foster lifelong engagement with school faculty, students and fellow alumnae through consistent, ongoing and relevant communication and engagement opportunities that will enrich the lives of alumnae personally, professionally and spiritually. Objective 3: Service & Engagement Notre Dame will provide a variety of purposeful opportunities that are appealing to alumnae and continue their lifelong learning and encourage a lifelong relationship with Notre Dame and the Notre Dame community. Objective 4: Virtual Network in the Global Community Notre Dame will connect alumnae, regardless of geography, through a virtual network that will become a hub for continued innovation, communication, and action to stay involved with the school and with each other. Objective 5: Community Engagement Notre Dame will invite alumnae to engage with and strengthen the school with their expertise and financial support while sharing their gifts, talents and community connections with each other and current students.

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NDSJ16 Strategic Plan  

NDSJ16 Strategic Plan  

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