2020-2021 Annual Report for the Notre Dame Sisters

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A N N UA L R E P O R T J U LY 1 , 2 0 2 0 - J U N E 3 0 , 2 0 2 1



CONTENTS 3. Letter from Provincial President 4. Advancing the Mission


5. Financials 6. Community Ministry Updates 8. Individual Ministry Highlights 9. Updated Branding 10. Sisters and their Ministries 12. Year in Review

Sr. Margaret Hickey, Provincial President Sr. Joy Connealy Sr. Rita Ostry

13. Memorial Association 17. Supporters 19. Donor Spotlight 20. Ways to Give

MISSION We accept from God the call to reach out to people with unmet needs, to nurture in them a conviction of God’s love that they may recognize their own gifts in and through the limitations and pain. PAGE 2


LET TER FROM THE PRESIDENT This past year has brought with it changes to daily and working life that no one ever expected. We faced implementing distancing rules to keep our Sisters and the people we serve safe. We accepted the call to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters separated at the US/Mexico border and two of our Sisters volunteered with people who recently immigrated to the US in El Paso. We were called to investigate our own white privilege and our relationship to the people of color with whom we live and serve. This has been a year of learning and reflecting on our changing world. Many are suffering. Will our pain help us to reach out in compassion to the pain of our brothers and sisters of color, people who have been or continue to be abused, homeless, or disregarded? Will we let their pain touch us? Will we allow it to touch us into action? In the midst of the noise and challenges and key decisions of our lives, we are called to go into quiet and to pay attention to how God is speaking to us, and giving us the strength we need to respond justly and morally. We are women of faith, and we use our faith to inspire our action. We, as Notre Dame Sisters, have been able to accomplish so much as a group this year. When weather and COVID-19 restrictions permitted, each Thursday of last year there was at least one Notre Dame Sister standing on a corner of 72nd Street with other women religious and mothers holding signs to stand as a witness to the experiences mothers and children were facing at the border. We funded many women to independently rent an apartment after leaving a violent domestic partner. We continued to support our ministries focused on providing senior low-income housing and fighting human trafficking. We are grateful that through all of the tumult of 2020 and 2021 that our partners have stood with us. With great generosity in campaigns like Do Good Week and our Spring Appeal, we were able to purchase new technologies for our Sisters to keep in touch with each other, family and the global community, in addition to funding our important ministries. It is the actions not only of our Sisters, but also our partners, all of you, who change lives for the better. All our lives are changing in these unusual times, but we want to be able to reach those who need God’s warm embrace from all of us Sisters. Thank you for helping us do this! Blessings,

S R . M A R G A R E T H I C K E Y, N D Provincial President ANNUAL REPORT 2020-2021


Above: Sr. Stephanie Matcha thanks donors for supporting the Amazon Wish List. Top right: Sr. Veronica Jo Posekany gathers donated items to distribute to the Sisters. Bottom right: Sr. Cynthia Hruby thanks those who contributed to our Giving Days.

A D VA N C I N G T H E M I S S I O N Throughout the uncertainty during COVID-19 we weren’t sure how our supporters would respond. We were overwhelmed with prayers, financial support, and items for Sisters. RETAINING WALL At the

GIVING DAYS This was the


end of June, we asked for

first year without the Omaha

created a Wish List when it

something huge -- a new

Gives campaign. It was

became unsafe to go out to

retaining wall and accessibilty

replaced with Do Good Week

buy necessities. Friends and

improvements for where the

and Joy of Giving Day from

family were able to purchase

SIsters work, live, and enjoy the

the Omaha Archdiocese. We

items for the Sisters on Amazon

campus. The response has been

were grateful to raise $4,900 for

and have them sent right over.

overwhelming, and while we

the Sisters through these new

We received boxes of toilet

aren’t at our goal yet, we have

avenues and look forward to

paper, nutrition drinks, plus

been blessed by so many.

participating again in 2022!

larger items like a lift chair!



2020-2021 F I NA N C IA L S This past year has been a roller coaster for the Sisters and the entire world. We were blessed to reach $1.5 million in revenue between July 1, 2020 and June 20, 2021. The revenue comes from a variety of sources such as salaries from working Sisters who are employed and Social Security and retirement benefits of those that have retired, along with donations and charitable contributions from individuals and partnering organizations. Giving from donors remains strong as our individual salaries continue to decrease as we age. We focused on essentials during this year of uncertainty. Our top two expenses remain our medical/living expenses and our commitment to our ministries helping those in need.

INCOME 20-21 $1,574,193

21% Retirement

19% Salaries

15% Legacy

EXPENSES 20-21 $1,359,560

23% Province Operations

27% Living & Medical

15% Advancement 45% Donations


34% Ministries



We are a group of 31 consecrated Sisters involved in a wide range of service ministries. Guiding our areas of service is our charism “to meet unmet needs.” This translates into work including supporting senior citizens, eliminating family violence, and our history of support for women and families.

Our Motherhouse in Florence has served many purposes and met many needs since it was purchased over a 100 years ago. It transformed again last year when we began a partnership with property managers DP Management and Kimball Management. While DP and Kimball will take over daily tasks related to the housing community, NDH will retain the service coordination aspects with our Life Enrichment Coordinator.



DP Management, a Midwestern leasing and

Kimball Management, Inc. is a small family-

property management company since 1958, was

owned business specializing in managing

a perfect fit for NDH because of its experience in

affordable housing projects for senior citizens.

senior living as well as the tax credit and Housing

President Richard Kimball has been managing

and Urban Development (HUD) status of the

and assisting in development of HUD-assisted

residents, based on tenant income.

senior housing since 1978. His son Jim and his wife Cathy now continue the work.

“Every interaction we’ve had with the people at Notre Dame Housing has made us all feel like we are

Kimball said he is proud to join the Notre

contributing to our community,” said Patty Downs,

Dame Housing team for a second time. As a

DP Director of Executive Operations. “From the staff

volunteer he assisted with the initial opening and

to the residents, the energy at NDH is a breath of

occupancy. He said his sentiment for the Notre

fresh air!”

Dame Sisters dates back to when his girlfriend graduated from Notre Dame Academy. That

girlfriend subsequently became his beloved wife PAGE 6 NOTRE DAME SISTERS for 67 years.


they are stripped

term “Safe Homes” when the COVID-19 pandemic

of pretty much

came to our community. No home was safe from

everything. They

the Coronavirus, but women in abusive households

don’t have the

were even less safe, often quarantining with their

skill set, a lot of


times, the financial literacy, the

Last year we served 93 women and 122 children

credit score, the

by providing $500 for the first month’s rent or

knowledge about

deposit, or $250 utilities for women who were ready

how to get into a place, or even the financial

to launch their lives after escaping a domestic

ability to be able to afford a deposit. So it’s really

violence situation.

like they’re starting from the beginning,” said Nyawour Paljor, a social worker with Catholic

Safe Homes addresses the need for a safe place


so that a woman can rebuild her home life and take steps to start her future and leave abuse in

Our “Keeping On” portion of Safe Homes provided

her past. The social workers we work with from

supportive phone calls, referrals for further services,

local agencies all agree that financial stability

and grocery gift cards to 153 women last year. This

after escaping domestic violence is the difference-

continues our relationship with these women. “The

maker between staying independent and going

Sisters took something so traumatic and turned it

back to an abuser.

into a stepping stone, an accomplishment I can actually be proud of,” said Kristi, a client who

“When someone’s leaving an abusive relationship,

continues in “Keeping On”.

UNFORTUNATELY, THE CRIME OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING DID NOT STOP during the Covid pandemic. However, the Coalition on Human Trafficking needed to stop doing trainings due to limited business in hotels/motels and, therefore, less staff on site. A number of hotels/motels closed down, even some permanently. When requested, training was done by Zoom. Recently, the trainers have begun to do face-to-face trainings. During this down-time, the Coalition updated the Hotel/Motel training which is now being piloted. In addition, the Coalition designed training modules for security personnel and corporations which eventually will be accessible on the website: https://notrafficking.org. The Coalition is very blessed to have received a generous donation of $50,000 from the Diabetes Education Center of the Midlands which is being used for sustainable training programs. ANNUAL REPORT 2020-2021


COMMUNIT Y MINISTRIES Our passions lead us into many needed areas. Here are some subjects we focus on: S I S T E R S S H O W E D S U P P O R T AT T H E B O R D E R when Sr. Rita Ostry and Sr. Mary Kay Meagher, Notre Dame Sisters, each took trips to El Paso, Texas this spring to support efforts in assisting new migrants to the US. St. Pius X parishioners Margaret and Tom Hoarty separately traveled to El Paso to volunteer. When they all returned, all four people had a conversation live on Facebook about what they saw, learned, and brought back with them. You can view an interview with Sr. Rita and Sr. Mary Kay and find resources and actions at notredamesisters.org/news.

E X PA N D YO U R H O R I Z O N S is an educational program for Sisters and the larger community to understand social justice. These lectures and discussions were moved online last year, and we were able to have more people participate than in the past. Sr. Cynthia Hruby, ND, organized experts on subject matter from local organizations. You can view the following programs on our Facebook page: “Why Palestine Matters”; “White Silence: Conversations Among Omaha Advocates and People of Faith”; “Choose Life, Choose Hope”; “Racism: Honest Talk. Effective Action”; and “Creating a Sustainable Environment”.

P R AY E R in these very challenging and difficult days is imperative. A pandemic caused so much turmoil, worry, pain and grief, one can feel quite overwhelmed. However, it is most evident that we need to rely on a power beyond ourselves - prayer. It is God’s powerful way of being present in the world. It is our daily ministry of lovingly caring for a world desperately in need of hope, healing and peace.

Follow the Sisters’ ongoing ministry work at notredamesisters.org/news and at Facebook.com/NotreDameSisters. PAGE 8


W E U P D AT E D O U R L O O K ! Every 20 years or so it is recommended to get a refreshed or new logo. This helps gain renewed attention and new supporters. While we want to have a more modern look, we are tied to our symbol, so we didn’t completely redesign it. HISTORY Forty years ago, when our community

SYMBOLISM The three elements— a cross

adopted the Notre Dame Sisters symbol, Sr.

for our Faith, the M for Mary for whom our

Margaret Proskovec, ND, was the artist who worked

Congregation is named, and wheat that

with a small committee of Sisters to design it over

represents the Eucharist and the initial vision

three years. Her original symbolism/vision remains.

of our foundress for a congregation that would endure through many difficulties and

In 1980, the symbol was presented to the General

persecutions—represent essential elements of

Chapter of the Notre Dame Congregation and

our vocation, history, and identity.

unanimously approved. Feel free to read more about Blessed Alix’s vision on our new website.



2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2 I N D I V I D UA L M I N I S T R I E S Typically, we take a group photo annually at our Provincial Gathering. Due to social distancing and the safety of our Sisters, we did not meet in 2020. Instead, please see our current personal work and ministries:

Sr. Marlene Bakken – volunteer finding resources for people who are homeless, Cedar Rapids, IA

Sr. Kathleen Cramer – retired; focuses on community and prayer ministry, Omaha, NE

Sr. Rosalee Burke – retired; community and prayer ministry, Omaha, NE

Sr. Irene Dvorak – retired; focuses on community and prayer ministry, Omaha, NE

Sr. Joy Connealy – Notre Dame Provincial councilor, Canonical Treasurer, and Mission and Campus Liaison to Notre Dame Housing, Omaha, NE

Sr. Josita Hanus – Notre Dame Advancement Office Assistant, Omaha NE—Prayer/Memorial Associations, Omaha, NE Sr. Ernestine Havlovic – librarian, also focuses on prayer and community ministry, Omaha, NE Sr. Margaret Hickey – Notre Dame Provincial President, Omaha, NE Sr. Mary Hlas – ARCH addictions chaplain, and part-time chaplain at Methodist Hospital; scheduler for priests at Notre Dame Housing Liturgies, Omaha, NE

Sr. Alma Janousek celebrates her 85th birthday.

Sr. Mary Jo Hrnchir – retired; focuses on community and prayer ministry, Omaha, NE


Sr. Cynthia Hruby – substitute teacher for Omaha Archdiocesan schools; and ESL teacher; team leader of Expand Your Horizon Program, a Notre Dame education outreach, Omaha, NE Sr. Corona Humpal – group leader of Kids Care Program at St. James Elementary School, also focuses on community ministry, Omaha, NE Sr. Alma Janousek – retired; focuses on her ministry of prayer and outreach, Omaha, NE Sr. Janice Ludvik – volunteer; focuses on community ministry, Omaha, NE Sr. Theresa Maly – retired, advocate for poor and social justice issues, Kansas City, MO Sr. Stephanie Matcha – retired, volunteer for many services in city, especially for those who are homeless, Omaha, NE NOTRE DAME SISTERS

Sr. Mary Kay Meagher – Social Justice Coordinator, volunteer with Ixim, teacher for English as Second Language at Learning Center, and with refugees, with OTOC, Omaha, NE Sr. Mary Frances Michalec – Pastoral Minister at St. Ludmila in Cedar Rapids, IA Sr. Marie Alice Ostry – home companion for elderly through Seniors Helping Seniors Program and advocate for Safe Homes program, Omaha, NE Sr. Rita Ostry – NDS Leadership Team; volunteer with people who are homeless, Omaha, NE Sr. Joan Polak – liaison to Honduras, focuses on community and prayer ministry, Omaha NE Sr. Patricia Posekany – retired; focuses on community and prayer ministry, Omaha, NE Sr. Veronica Jo Posekany – healthcare coordinator for NDS, Omaha, NE Sr. Margaret Proskovec – adjunct professor of art at University

of Nebraska at Kearney; also focuses on freelance workshops on justice issues and art restoration of statues; continues her jail ministry and Legacy Card ministry, Kearney, NE Sr. Joyce Ann Rezac – volunteer instructor for English as a Second Language, Loveland, CO Sr. Anita Rolenc – NDS archivist, sacristan, organist, and community ministry, Omaha, NE Sr. Karen Rolenc – retired; focuses on prayer and community ministry, Omaha, NE

Sr. Dorothy Rolf – spiritual director and NDS Associate co-director, Omaha, NE Sr. Carol Tlach – senior outreach coordinator at St. Mary’s Parish, Walsenburg, CO Sr. Celeste Wobeter – hospice chaplain, Omaha; chair of Education Committee of Trafficking Coalition, Omaha, NE Sr. Mary Ann Zimmer – retired; prayer and community ministry, Omaha, NE

ANNUAL REPORT 2020-2021 2019 was the last time Sisters were able PAGE to 11 gather for a group photo due to COVID-19.


J U LY 1 2 0 2 0 - J U N E 3 0 , 2 0 2 1 P OI N SE T T IA S A L E

R A I S I N G F U N D S F O R O U R S A F E H O M E S M I N I S T RY is

always a priority, and due to COVID-19 challenges, we tried a new event - selling poinsettias during the holiday season! We were able to raise $5,900 and spread some Christmas cheer!

V I R T UA L P R AY E R S E RV I C E T H O S E I N O U R M E M O R I A L A S S O C I AT I O N were honored

at our virtual Memorial Prayer Service in lieu of an in-person Mass. We pray for hundreds of people each week. You can still watch the service on the Notre Dame Sisters’ Facebook videos page.

C O V I D - 1 9 VA C C I N AT I O N S VA C C I N AT I N G T H E S I S T E R S A N D R E S I D E N T S was a top priority as soon as the vaccine made it to Omaha. Methodist nurses came to campus and administered the vaccine. All Sisters and 90% of all residents were vaccinated from COVID-19 at that time.

C E L E B R AT I O N O F S P I R I T M O R E T H A N $ 1 4 0 , 0 0 0 was raised in one night! We were incredibly grateful to all who participated in the online event including Omaha’s Most Rev. Archbishop George Lucas, our Mother Qualberta Award winners (see p. 19), the sponsors and gift donors, and the Sisters who made or arranged gifts for the silent auction.

V I R T UA L A LU M N A E R E U N I O N W E H A D A G R E AT T I M E with our alumnae at our online reunion, which is available to view on Facebook and Youtube. The Class of 1970 celebrated its 50th anniversary year. We visited with Sisters and Alumnae and even played some NDA trivia! PAGE 12


N O T R E D A M E S I S T E R S P R AY F O R . . . The purpose of the Notre Dame Memorial Association is to provide an opportunity to honor, in a significant way, a loved one who has passed away. Below is a list of those enrolled: Abels, Terrance G. “Terry” Abrahamson, Helen F. Adams, Alice M. Adamy, Carroll Aerts, Frank L. Al-Khafaji, Joyce Patrick All deceased Notre Dame Sisters All the Sisters who influenced my life Alsager, Rick Andersen, Leona R. Anderson, Dwayne D. Anderson, Robert Anderson, Rose Marie Osterlink Andrlik, Helen R. Arauza, Gregory A. Armstrong, Mary Ann Arnold, JoAnn A. Ashe family members Atkins Jr., John R. Augustin, Winard Axelson, Kenneth E. “Ken” Bachmann, Rita C. Bacon, Ronald G. Baldwin Sr., Donald E. Baldwin, Byron O. Balik, Jane Balvin Sr., Joseph “Joe” Barela, Gale L. Barta Jr., Frank J. “Bud” Barta, Norbert Barta, Rita M. Barta, Shirley M. Bartek, Rev. William C. Bartosh, Ann C. Bartunek, Celestine “Sally” M. Bass, Betty J. Bauer, Josephine F. Baughman, Patricia L. Baum, Loreta Povilatis Baye, Kathryn “Kay” Beacom, Michael T. Beck, Lois M. Beck, Ruth Beerman, Donna Lee Behrens, Gordyne L. Beins, Thomas L. Bell, Darwin J. Bena, Stephen R. “Steve” Benak, Henrietta J. Bender, Dennis M. Benjamin, JoAnn Ponec

Bergman, Elizabeth C. Bianchi, Marian A. Bibow, Viola M. Birkel, Evelyn L. Blake, Christopher A. Blum, George D. Blyton, Jerald “Jerry” Bode, Mark J. Bodner, Ryan M. Boege, Allan H. Boettcher, Mary Jolene Bogard, Paul A. Bogatz, David Lee Bogner, Thomas M. Bohaty, Anthony W. Bolam, Judith L Cisar Bornhoft, Lois Jean Bouc, Dennis R. Bouckhuyt, Gary P. Bouges, Pauline M. Brabec, Carolyn Brabec, Ervin J. & Agnes Brabec, Jeff Brady, William J. Braunger, Bartholomew “Bart” Braxmeyer, Eunice M. Brecka, Anton N. Bredemeyer, Elizabeth Ann Brennan, Gregory M. Breunig, Richard Brewer, Carole Briardy, Paul K. Broderick, James P. Broderick, Margaret Ann Brown, D. J. Brune, Leonard J. Bruner, John C. Bruner, Marvene T. Bruss, Willis Bryan, Bernice C. Buchholz, Melva Buckley, Barbara Buechel, Doris Buglewicz, George & Blanche Burian, Judith N. Buse, Dennis Buse, John A. Bushon, Margaret Buttles, James T. Byrd, Michael Byrne, Gerald J. Byrne, Rev. Bernard M. Cahoj, Henry E.

Cahow, Patricia Ann Calabaro, Salvatore Callahan, Harvey W. Callahan, Patricia Lee Camenzind, Arthur R. Campbell Jr., John L. Carl, Dorothy T. Carney, Marvin L. Carr, Joseph F. Carvlin, JoAnn S. Cavaness O. Carm, Sr. Dorothy Cejka, Frances Centarri, Frank T. Cermak, Ruth H. Cernik, Raymond R. Cernk, Elsie Mae Chamberlain, James E. Charvat Sr., Frank J. Chermok, Irene J. Cherney, Edmond F. Chlupacek, Mary Jo Stanek Chmelka, Rosalyn M. Christensen, Margaret Christofferson, George Churchman, John P. Cidlik, Raymond Irvin Cieloha, Patricia Cihal, Adeline Cihal, Elizabeth M. “Beth” Clark, Emily J. “Emy” Clark, Jeffrey A. Clarstrom, Rose Marie Vocu Claussen OSM, Sr. Carol Clifford, John “Mark” Cochran, Evelyn M. Codr, Mary Lou Cole, Sandra Fay Coleman, Thomas J. Coniglio, Shirley A. Conley, Betty Jean Connealy, Donald F. Cooper, Brian Coufal, Theodore A. “Ted” Coughlin, Michael J. Coulton, Bernadine M. Cox, Dr. Charles Marvin Coyne, Jerome J. Craig, Edward Craig, Merlin F. Craig, Rosalie A. Crook, Holly Jean Crosby, Charlotte Cunningham, Patricia F. Cuny OSF, Sr. Genevieve


Curto Jr., Nicholas A. Daeges, Michael E. D’Agosto, Ruth Anne Dameron, Thomas C. Danigole, USAF (Ret), Col Simon A. Davis OSB, Rev. Augustine Davis, Joseph “Joe” Dawson, Gerald P. “Jerry” Deceased Sisters of St. Adalberts Derby, Katherine T. Derpinghaus, Raymond Derr, Jeffrey Dervin, Kathleen A. DeVeney, John F. Devereux RSM, Sr. Mary Ellen Digilio, Deacon John J. Dippell, Clarke E. Dismukes, Robert K. Divis, Arnold J. Divis, Darlene M. Divis, Ernest W. Divis, Leona Kobza Dix, Robert Dodge, Sylvia E. Dolezal, Donald D. Dolezal, Duane H. Dolphin, Kimberly J. Dossett, Nicole Dostal, Irma J. Doty, Roy C. Doukas, Terry A. Dowd, John D. Downey OSU, Sr. Dorothy Drahota, Duane Drahozal, Carol Jean Driml, Robert W. “Bob” Duda, Josephine M. Dulac, Bertrand H .“Bert” Dvorak, William J. Edmonds, Lucille C. Edney, Dr. James A. Edwards, James H. Edwards, Janet A. Edwards, Jeanne Egan, Jack & Fran Egr, Bernadette A. Egr, Donald L. Ekler RSM, Sr. Sharon Elftmann Jr., Col USAF (Ret) John W. Elgert, Esther Elias ND, Sr. Christine Elston, Dr. James H. “Jim”


Emanuel, Wayne & Maria Emmons, Bernard L. “Red” Erceg, Charlene Tegeler Erger, Georgiana Helen “Ginger” Erger, Mary E. Ernst, Ruth S. Erusha, Rita Marie Fabian, David J. Fagan, Dr. Michael Faires Sr., Joel F. Fakata, Steven D. Falck, Paul E. Faltys, Ronald A. Fanciullo, Mildred M. “Millie” Fandel, Michael J. Farris, Jim Felion, John Felner Jr., MSgt. (Ret) Frank F. Ferdig, Robert J. “Bob” Fergin, Withold Ferguson, Jean L. Fiala, Mike & Evelyn Fiala, Paul J. Ficenec, Anthony D. “Tony” Fiedler, Christine R. Field, Alberta Jean Finney, Deacon John F. “Jack” Fischer, Arwanna “Arnie” Fishburn, Carolyn C. Fitzgerald, Anne Fitzgerald, Edward W. Fitzgerald, Florence L. Fletcher Jr., Fred A. Foral, Mary Ann Foster, Dolores V. Fouts, Matthew Fox, Ben Frahm, Patricia M. Franco, Salvatore W. “Sam” Franson, Jace Joseph Franzluebbers, Charles B. Franzluebbers, Kenneth J. Free, Rosemary Freihofer, Fred J. Freissner, M. Janet Frenzer, Mary Veronica “Nonnie” Friend, Genevieve A. Friesen, Levi Frodyman, Leonard R. Furlong, Msgr Thomas D. Furlow, Otis Glen Galata, Mary R. Galvin, Jerimiah P. Galvin, LaVerne H. Gargett, Frederick F. Garrett,Vera Garvey DDS, Jeffrey T. Gass, John F. Gassmann RSM, Sr. Mary Miguel Gaston, Maria Luisa Gau, Deacon Jerome

“Jerry” Gearhart, Amelia J. Gehrki, Joseph Geiger, Sarah Gelhaus, Michelle Gentry, Phyllis L. Gillespie, James E. Gleason, Kevin Paul Gleason, Theresa Glenn M.D., Gerard E. Goeser, Leo Gondring, John A. Gonzalez, Gilbert X. Goracke, Ronald J. Gordon M.D., John L. “Jack” Goroczkowski, Madonna M. Grace, Margaret M. Green, Dennis C. Green, Irma B. Griffin, Mary Grohmann, Cleopha M. Grosserode, Steve Gruntorad, Eldon L. Gunia, Patricia A. Gutchewsky, Richard P. Haas, Frank W. Hagemann, Jerry L. Haguewood, Trudy Halsey, Dorothy Mae Hamann, Leta M. Hamel. Lorraine M. Hamersky, Miroslav M. “Joe” Hamil, Lorraine Hanna, James C. Hanus, Dorothy Ann Hanus, Leo A. & Kristine A. Hanzelka, Valerian J. Harders-Seymour, Betty J. Harm, Jeannene Harrington Jr., John Joseph Harrington, Donna L. Harrington, Gerald M “Jay” Harrington, Leo Roger Harrington, Mary Alice Harrison, Harold C. Harry, Margaret C. Hart, Anita M. Harvey, Mary Jane Hascall, Marilyn Polacek Hauber, Joseph & Hattie Havel, JoAnn Suda Havlovic Family members Havlovic SDS, Br. Edward Hays, Richard H. Headley, Thomas P. Heathcote, Andrew Heble ND, Sr. Phyllis Marie Heble, Anthony W. Heble, Patsy E. Heers, Terry G. Heffern, Joanne Heftie, Tabitha Rose Hegemann, Delvin G. Heinson, Ann M. Hemenway, Joseph J.

Hendricks, Fred W. Heng, Virginia I. Hengen, Julie Henkelman, Daniel J. Hensley Jr., Harold E. “Gene” Herold ND, Sr. Elaine Hickey, Liliam Lujan Hickey, Philip & Martha Higgins, Jeffrey P. Higgins, Michael L. Hightower, Katherine A. Hiler, Monica Jean Hilger, Norman F. Hill, Charles E. Hill, Gloria A. Hill, Joan Murphy Hiller, Linda Grosz Hines, Charles E. Hlavik ND, Sr. Carmela Hlavik ND, Sr. Clementine Hoffman Jr., Robert W. Hofmann, Blanche Z. Holstein, Sarah Jane Holt, Deborah F. Homes, Orville Gene Honomichl, Georgia Mae Hopkins, Ronald J. Hoppe, Robert G. Horkan, Mary Ann Horne, Rita Novak Hotovec, Paul A. Hotovy, Frederick G. Hotovy, Roger J. Hottovy, Teresa A. Hough, Helen M. Hough, Meraldeen “Mert” Howard, Thomas C. Hrnchir, Robert J. Huerta, Guadalupe A. Hult, Earl B. Humlicek, Jerald Humlicek, Jim Humlicek, Leonard & Helen Hunke, Marlyn Hunt, Twyla R. Hurley, Armida L. Hustak Sr., Edwin J. Ira, Jacqueline Mathews Iversen, Genevieve L. Iversen, William P. Iverson, Vern L. Jackson, Ethel Jackson, Mary A. Jacobsen, Shirley A. Jacoby, Gloria M. Jakub, Rudolph A. Jamison, Karen Janak, Elaine Pekarek Janecek, Twila Ann Janicek, Joan M. Janousek, Charles F. Jarzynka, Dorothy V. Jaster, Darwin E. Jeffries, Richard P. Jelinek, Robert


Jelinek, Rosemarie Jelinek, Virjean E. “Jean” Jensen, Rachel Kelly Jindra, Kathryn A. Jindra, Leonard E. Johns, Richard F. Johnsgard, Paul A. Johnson, Gerald D. Johnson, Lynn Johnson, Peggy Rentscller Johnson, Shirley Ann Johnston, Bernard “Keith” Johnston, George P. Jones, Gregg Jordan, Mary Margaret Jorgensen, Kim E. Joyce OSM, Sr. M. Esther Judt, Jerry P. Kaduthodil, Alexander A. Kampschneider, Robert W. Kanter, James R. Karpisek Sr., James E. Kavan, Bernard J. Kavan, Ethel M. Kazimour, James R. Kearney, Loretta Keating, Joan Keck Jr., William C. Keitges, William Kellner, Philip J. Kellogg, Donna Faye Kelly, Evelyn “Joan” Kempf, Theresa R. Kessler, Maureen Bodnar Kidder, Terri J. Kimball, Patricia Murphy Kimberling, Katherine M. “Katie” Kimminau, Vernon H. Kiolbasa, Kathleen Joyce Kirby Jr., William A. Kirchner, Lee Ann Kirchofer, Adam A. Kirschbaum, Donald E. Kitchner, LeAnn P. Kleffner, John H. Klinkel, Wade Knott, Lawrence E. Kobza, Elono C. “Lonnie” Kobza, Wilma Cockson Koch, Ronald A. Kolars, Viola Koley Jr., Joseph P. Koliha, Delores M. Kopecky ND, Sr. Monica Koranda, Roland K. Korbachn, Geraldelene Kostka, James E. “Jim Kotera, Katherine A. “Katie” Kotlarz, Evelyn L. Kouba, Stephen A. Kowal, Richard C. Kowalski, Theodore L. “Ted” Kozlik, Michael D. Krabbenhoft, Glenn J.


Krajicek, Doris Jean Kramme, Roberta Jean “Bertie” Krantz, Stephen E. Kratochvil, Donna Mae Kratoska, Mary B. Kreigshauser, William A. Kreikemeier, Joseph J. Krejci, Louise Kriskey, John Krivanec ND, Sr. Qualberta Kroenke, Justina G. Krohn, Robert F. Kros, Eugene T. “Gene” Kroupa, Ralph E. Kuba, Seth M. Kubat, George J. Kubat, Judith K. Kubesh ND, Sr. Mary Beth Kubesh, Lorraine A. Kubesh, Louis S. Kucera, Edwin L. Kuhfahl, Mary Bernadine “Bernie” Kula, Lorraine J. Kuncl, Charles Kuncl, Nicholas D. Kush, Dorothy Marie Kuta, Yvonne A. Kyler, Breena N. Labenz, Eugene “Gene” LaFever, Diane R. Lamberty M.D., Larry R. Lammers, Alice M. Lancaster, Karen Jo Langenegger, Geraldine P. “Jeri” Langhorst, Ruby L. Lanik, Virginia A. Lara, Felix J. Lawson, Peter A. Leach, Marilyn Leander Sr., Waldo S. “Wally” Lech, Taylor LeClair, Steven D. Leddy, William A. “Bill” Ledger, Larry R. Leeper, Claire M. Leitner, Mary K. Leonovicz, John E. Letak, Josephine Leuck, Constance L. Levitt, Leonard E. “Len” Lewis, Lois Rae Lewis, Margie Liliedahl, Robert L. “Bob” Lincoln, Dode Lincoln, Dorothy Marie Lind, Henry S. “Hank” Lindrud, Meredith L. Liska, Donald M. Loe, Moo Lozier, Allan Ludi, Cecilia A. “Addie” Luedtke, Gerald E.

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We Notre Dame Sisters wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to you, our donors, for your contributions during the past fiscal year. Every gift we receive is important. The names printed in this year’s annual report reflect our top donors and in-kind gifts. This list includes top monetary gifts given July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021. We have made every attempt to publish a complete list of donors. We sincerely apologize if your name was inadvertently omitted or printed incorrectly.

NDS Leadership team PAGE 18


S TA R S U P P O R T E R Dick and Julie Bea Pierson (Wolff) were awarded our Mother Qualberta Service Award this year. In honor of our American Foundress, we established an award in her name. Each year we nominate someone who possesses the following qualities: witness to faith in God and love for people, service to others, a pioneering spirit, partnership with the Sisters, and excellence in teaching others. “Both Dick and Julie Bea Pierson are an incredible example of citizens, parishioners, parents, you name it,” said Sr. Margaret Hickey, Notre Dame Sisters Provincial President. Dick and Julie Bea Pierson received this award for their 50+ years of actively supporting their community together. From their active role in St. John’s Parish in Valley, to sponsoring students on the Winnebago Reservation, or Micah House in Dick’s hometown of Council Bluffs, and so much more, the Piersons have touched so many parts of the Omaha Metro. “These are two people that won’t toot their own horn, so on behalf of the St. John’s community, we want to congratulate them on receiving this service award, which is well deserved,” said Fr. Lloyd Gnirk, Pastor of St. John’s Parish. Both Dick and Julie Bea will tell you how proud they are of their three sons: Greg, Eric, Matt, and their daughter in-law: Katy, and of course their grandchildren: Nora and Luke. “They clearly love and trust each other. Seeing the challenges they faced in business, with family, with friends, they figured out how to stay together and make a good life for themselves and their kids. They are inspiring,” said Matt Pierson, their son.

kolaches with them when Dick and Julie Bea went out of town. “Julie found a unique way for her boys to have a close relationship with the Notre Dame Sisters growing up, just like she did,” Sr. Margaret said. Dick spent the majority of his career in the trucking industry. When he retired from trucking companies he founded in 1988, Eagle Enterprises and Eagle Logistics, Dick is now able to spend his time serving his parish community, restoring classic cars, and spending time with his three sons and two grandchildren. Control and ownership of Eagle Enterprises was taken over by Matt Pierson, and Eagle Logistics was taken over by Eric Pierson. Through their lives, God has been at the center. Dick will tell you that his religious upbringing took him to tent revivals and several Christian denominations. Julie Bea, raised Catholic, also had a strong relationship with God. When they were engaged, it became clear they wanted to share the same religion.

“He taught me about Christianity and I taught him Julie Bea grew up knowing the Notre Dame Sisters, about Catholicism. Being a convert has been a as she was distantly related to more than one real advantage,” Julie Bea said. “I remember him Sister, and attended Holy Name School in Omaha. saying, ‘There are many things we are going to It’s no surprise, then, that Julie reached out when fight about in this marriage but religion will not be she needed a babysitter for her three boys, and one of them,’ And we have never have.” developed a lifelong relationship with Sr. Loretta ANNUAL REPORT 2020-2021 PAGE 19 Polak, who stayed with the boys and made







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