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Ruth Quayle & Deborah Allwright

For Charlie – R. Q. For Finn – D. A.

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Ruth Quayle & Deborah Allwright

On an ordinary day way back in history, like 4 or 5 or 19 weeks ago, Sidney Green and his dog, Jemima, were just playing, when . . .



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The letter said:

reen, G y e n d D ear Si ng just o l o o t spent e v a h become u o t Yo e It’s tim . g report n i e s y a e l pla P pirate. r e p o r a p tely. a i d e m im to me rtily, a e h s r You

Captain e p Shipsha

“Being a proper pirate sounds like fun,” Sidney Green told Jemima. “But first we need to compete in a Very Important Race.” So he wrote a quick note back to Captain Shipshape:

“I’ll come in a minute.”





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zipped around corne rs , They zoome

da lon g


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50 m

, iles per hour

S I H N I F by

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a W at e Gr e th jumped over

They had a

rip-roaring time.