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Volunteer handbook

Run Norwich 2017

Why be a Run Norwich volunteer? Volunteers are the most important resource to Run Norwich. Without volunteers, Run Norwich would not be possible! The ability of people to work willingly together for the betterment of their community and themselves is a valuable resource to Run Norwich and we believe that volunteers make the event day an all-round success!

Four reasons why volunteering is important (and awesome!):


A sense of accomplishment Volunteering isn’t one of the easiest or most glamorous jobs, but it is one of the most beneficial and uplifting. Think of it like this: volunteering is done on a person’s own accord. It’s taking some time out of your day and helping others. Volunteer work makes us feel good. It builds self-confidence and lifts the spirits. Basically, you get out of it what you put into it.


It brings people together No matter the age, building relationships with people is crucial. Not only does the volunteer work you do show who you are as a person, but it reflects many positive character traits that potential employers and admissions officers want to see. Volunteering allows you to meet a wide variety of people from all sorts of walks of life.


Giving back & helping others People like to support community resources that they use themselves or that benefit people they care about.


You make a difference



counts! Run Norwich Volunteer handbook | 3

What is Run Norwich? Run Norwich is a 10-kilometre road race held in the City Centre of Norwich. The event is organised by Norwich City Community Sports Foundation (CSF) alongside a Race Operations Board.

One of our key aims is to support local causes in addition to the Community Sports Foundation. This year our chosen charity partners are: SERV Norfolk, Norwich & Central Norfolk MIND and Big C. We work closely with the charities and we encourage runners to fundraise in various ways to increase awareness of their chosen charity.

Following a hugely successful two years, this will be the third year that we are hosting Run Norwich, where a potential 6000 runners take to the city centre streets and pass some of Norwich’s most iconic landmarks.

Run Norwich participant numbers:

Run Norwich Race Operations Board:

3200 runners in 2015

4200 runners in 2016


estimated 2017

The race will return this year on Sunday 6th August 2017 with a start time of 9:30am. Our course has been designed to create a unique experience in Norwich for runners and spectators, with music and entertainment at the start and along the route. The race is for runners of all abilities, so whatever the level of running experience, we welcome everyone’s entry.

4 | Run Norwich Volunteer handbook

Run Norwich has been made possible thanks to the partnership work of our race operations board, including these key organisations: •

Norwich City Community Sports Foundation

The Forum

Norwich City Football Club

Norwich City Council

Norwich Business Improvement District

Run Norwich Joint Operations Centre (JOC): On race day the race is controlled by the JOC which is positioned at the Start/Finish of Run Norwich. This is controlled by the Course Director who works in the JOC with the following services: •

Run Norwich

Safety Officer

Police Service

Ambulance & Medical Service

Fire Service

Security & Traffic Management

What can

What can

expect from

expect from





We want to make sure you enjoy your role and make the most out of it!

To have a great day involved in a large-scale community event!

• Always treat you with respect, consideration and appreciation.

• Act in a way that doesn’t discriminate against, or exclude, anyone.

• Give you information about the training and support available to help you carry out your role.

• Provide as much notice as possible if you are unable to fulfil your volunteering commitment, or if you no longer wish to be involved.

• Ensure you have a clear idea of your responsibilities.

• If you don’t fully understand your role and responsibilities, please ask for guidance. • To arrive on time and be ready for a day full of activities.

Run Norwich Volunteer handbook | 5

6 | Run Norwich Volunteer handbook

Introduction & training Every role will have a section head responsible for your role on event day.

What will be provided to you on event day:

Run Norwich goody bag

A packed lunch for the day, consisting of a sandwich, snack and 500ml of water

A Run Norwich volunteer T-shirt

You will be notified of who this manager is closer to the time so that if you have any questions leading up to event day you are more than welcome to ask.

You will receive training prior to the event on your role and we will make sure you are comfortable with your role on the day. •

Training dates will be released as far in advance as possible and will be grouped for the relevant volunteers and their roles. You will need to attend at least one training session to fully commit yourself to volunteering on event day.

Guideline for the day: •

There will be a volunteer check in and information station located on Bethel street at the Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form.

This is where you will check in prior to the race for race briefing and check out after the race for a race debrief.

This is of extreme importance to ensure that the Joint Operations Centre is aware of all volunteers’ positioning at the event.

Programme for the day: You will be requested to assist for six hours on the day from 7am onwards.

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Volunteer roles & responsibilities Communications, general, hazard & crosing point marshals

Baggage team

Role: As a marshal, you will be placed somewhere along the route of the race.

Role: Before the race, all runners will have a designated colour coded trailer in which to drop off their belongings, whilst they are running the race. Your role will be to make sure all runners have a safe place to leave valuables and have a smooth drop off/pick up before and after the race.

This is a key role that exists to ensure the safety of all runners and spectators in the direct surroundings of Run Norwich.

There are five colour coded trailers that will be situated in the following areas:

The best thing about this role is – you get to encourage and support all 6000 runners throughout the route!

Bethel Street - Black and Blue Trailers

All Communications Marshals will receive a radio to receive information from the Joint Operations Centre. All General/Hazard/Crossing Point Marshals will be able to see a Communications Marshals on the route who can communicate any message in case of emergency with you.

Responsibility: To make sure the route is a safe and secure environment for all runners. You will work alongside the qualified race stewards and traffic stewards to make sure that all incidents are reported and resolved immediately to create an enjoyable experience for runners and spectators. If there are any concerns raised during the race, you will be the first to receive the communication on the route from the Joint Operations Centre at the Start/Finish of Run Norwich. In return, you will also be responsible for communicating all issues that occur in your surrounding areas on the route to the Joint Operations Centre effectively and efficiently.

8| Run Norwich Volunteer handbook

Chapelfield Gardens - Green, Yellow and Pink Trailers

Responsibility: Each bag that is handed in to the baggage trailer must have a colour coded race number tag attached. This number will be the storage position of the bag in the baggage trailer. Once the runners have finished the race, they will bring their race number to the baggage trailer, this will allow them to collect their bag. NO NUMBER – NO BAG will be handed out. You will be expected to man the baggage trailer or assist in any way to make sure that all runners collect their bags before the end of the event.

Water station Role: HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE! You will have the privilege of keeping all the runners en route hydrated and smiling!

Responsibility: You will be required to distribute water efficiently to all runners in need of some H20. You will be positioned at one of the water stations for the duration of the race. As the runners arrive at the station you will work together as a team to fill cups of water, distribute them to the runners without causing a backup of runners and make sure that all cups are thrown into the designated bins once the runners have finished using them. This is a fast-paced, active environment, filled with lots of energy and excitement as you fuel the runners to complete the race!

Finish Line assistance Role: At the finish line the runners will be exhausted, but extremely excited to receive their well-deserved medal and goody bag!

Responsibility: With an expected 6,000 runners, this becomes a very important role to make sure each runner receives their medal and goody bag before exiting the finish area. You will need to ensure the runners continue to move through this area to avoid back up on the finish line.

Entry & starting pen control stewards Role: Each Start Pen is colour coded and directly relates to the corresponding colour on the runner’s number. These groups will be divided by marshals holding rope up and red and white barriers. The order for the Pen access is as follows and will start three minutes apart: 1st Group: 2nd Group: 3rd Group: 4th Group: 5th Group:


If runners want to run with a friend they can demote to a later starting group, but cannot promote to an earlier start position.

Responsibility: You will make sure that only runners with the correct colour are admitted to each Start Pen and to ensure runners do not separate barriers to enter the pens. Once the race starts you will need to remove the barriers as the rope marshals move slowly forward on instruction from the start manager. You will be supported by security personnel to know when to move your runners towards the start line in a calm and controlled manner. You are part of the wonderful start atmosphere and are key to a smooth and successful starting of the race!

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Race route 2017 A147




wh fria



ale gd Ma



sS t



ck fr




ate opg




t nS

St Giles St




d Tomblan

Ch Gardapelfie ens ld

Royal Arcade

Riverside Rd

el St

Gentleman’s Walk



St Peters St




Prince of Wales

t nS



tre St









Castle Mea d





s Ro





7 8



gS t



Red Lion St


Theatre St



St. Ste p











gS t

Key Start/Finish

Race Village


Kilometre Marker


1. City Hall

4. Assembly House

7. The Castle

10. The Great Hospital

2. The Guildhall

5. Catholic Cathedral

8. Norwich City Football Club

11. Norwich Cathedral

3. The Forum

6. Surrey House

9. Dragon Hall

12. St. James Mill

10 | Run Norwich Volunteer handbook

Ro a






Chapelfield Gardens


Carro w Ro




Finally... are you with us? The strength of this event is built on the partnerships between volunteers and staff, working together in the community to create a wonderful day for all. If you do join us on event day, we would like to thank you in advance for assisting to make this day a success. Without people such as you volunteering to assist us, an event like this would not be possible. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

To confirm your availability please contact us on: Community Sports Foundation | Run Norwich Volunteering

@ 01603 761122

Run Norwich Volunteer handbook | 11


01603 761122

Run Norwich



Run Norwich 2017 | Volunteer handbook  

An overview of the various jobs, roles and perks available to volunteers at this year's Run Norwich 10k.

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