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Viva La Vegan: Norwich I’m sure you’ve all heard that Norwich is the Vegan capital of all city’s in the UK. We have more vegan restaurants, more vegan choices and more vegans than any other city in the UK – along with vegan vendors, producers and makers. We even have a Vegan Tofu factory – Vegan donut maker and Vegan exercise gurus.

As a chef back in the old days a vegetarian would have practically nothing to choose from on the menu, we’d get an order in the kitchen and we would make an omelette or mac n cheese, they basically got whatever the chefs made for them, It sounds crazy now but that’s how it was – it must have been infuriating and all most impossible to enjoy a meal out. I remember the first order for a vegan meal coming in to the kitchen – everyone was on panic alert and everything the guys mentioned contained dairy – eventfully I was given the task to make a vegetable stir fry – not inspirational and certainly not exciting. And of course, they didn’t stand a chance when it came to dessert – (an apple or a banana !!!) It was around that time, working in a hotel in Suffolk that I became a vegetarian for the summer, after someone brought in a pair of rabbits for the chef he’d hunted that morning, they sat in the store room looking at me very sad every time I went in the fridge for some demi glaze and I turned - until something on a stick lured me back to the carnivore side after a very tricky summer in the late 80’s it was ni-on-impossible to eat out as a veggie – and I basically lived on microwaved jacket potatoes and fried onions, I remember having sprouts with it one day. There was little knowledge and I definitely lacked inspiration, especially with an empty fridge and only a sack of spuds and onions in the cupboard. Not impressed – I’m not surprised – Luckily as a chef I developed skills to make scrumptious vegetarian and vegan food and luckily times changed and the choices became much better – there is not one restaurant that doesn’t have Vegetarian & Vegan choices on the menu. I tend to go vegan mid-week so I can keep on top of my dieting, creating all sorts out of my veggie box. Mainly stuffed vegetables – I love a stuffed squash with fruity spicy quinoa and a good dollop of aoli on top or chilli jam.

Norwich is overwhelmed with veggie and vegan goodness 7

Here is a few The Gatherers – vegetarian Mediterranean style restaurant and cocktail bar. Muspole Street Erpingham House – plant based restaurant on Tombland The Tipsy Vegan – Vegan restaurant with cocktails. 70 St Benedicts Street. Falafel and Friends – Vegetarian & Vegan street food on Norwich Market Kinda Kafa – Casual Café and charity. 23 Castle Mall. Loving Hut – Vegan take away mainly, 28 Castle Market Moorish Falafel Bar – Delicious eat in or mainly take away falafel wraps and burgers. 17 Lower Goat Lane Namaste Indian - offering south Indian vegetarian food. 2a Opie Street. Plus, their Sister restaurant Namaste Village on Queens Road. Tofurei – A vegan paradise, café, tofu producers, great bakers and deli selling cheese and more. 10 St Greggory’s Alley

From top Left: Vegan Sausage Roll from The Painted Barn,//Sals lokma vegan chocolate donuts // xo veggie cabbage dish (minus the kombu flakes)) // Moya bubble tea . 8

Vegan Garlic Aoli This is so tasty and even better the next day when the garlic flavour develops – I’ve made it with cashew nut milk, but I’m sure it would work with other variations too. I like the mix with both oils but one blend is fine too -

100ml Cashew nut milk 1 plump clove garlic - peeled 150ml cold pressed rape seed oil (or virgin olive oil) 150ml sunflower oil (or vegetable) pinch salt and pepper to taste

*** You’ll need a jug and a hand blender.

Place the milk and garlic in the jug – whizz to blend the garlic in to the milk. Slowly in a fine stream pour in the oil (approximately 2 tablespoons at a time, but slowly) – while whizzing, DON’T stop whizzing, whizz and pour! Take a few seconds break in-between pouring – but still whizzing! Whizz until all the oil is blended in to the mix, it will emulsify together and slightly thicken. Season to taste and you can optionally add in a tablespoon of freshly chopped herbs – I like flat parsley. Your done - - -

The tip to this is blend / whizz all the time – add the oil in slowly or the mix wont emulsify it will just stay thin, oily and may even separate. Have confidence the mix looks thin for a while but when you get to the last 1/3 oil it starts to thicken.

Recipe by Zena Leech-Calton © www.lovenorwichfood.co.uk Instagram @love_norwich_food U Tube – Dyslexic Chef – please subscribe :)





Darth Vader and Norfolk by Chris Sadler If you’re familiar with the Star Wars film franchise you’ll be familiar with the series’ arch villain, Darth Vader. A charismatic and imposing presence in black mask and cape, his deep rumbling voice and sinister rasping breaths reeking with sophisticated menace. He was - and is - the ultimate movie baddie. But would it surprise you to know he was born in Norfolk, the nicest of counties? It’s true. Darth Vader was born in Norfolk. Let me explain…. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… (well, 1977, to be precise) film director George Lucas kicked off the franchise by releasing ‘Star Wars: Episode Four - A New Hope’. Following the good-versus-evil space-adventures of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo and pals, it was met with universal public acclaim and was soon followed by two sequels; ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and ‘Return of the Jedi’, creating the original Star Wars trilogy. The dominant character in all three films was the ultimate movie heel, His Royal Nastiness himself, the breathlessly malevolent Darth Vader. It was an extraordinary part requiring immense presence and gravitas from the actor chosen to play it. Oddly, the character on screen was created from a composite of three different actors; one played his physical presence, another his voice, and another his face. And, believe it or not, one of those three was born in Norfolk, in the small market town of Holt. The question is… who?

There are three options… Option 1: James Earl Jones

Hugely respected, versatile, and multiple award-winning, Jones is an American actor with a career stretching back to the early 1960s.

He was cast to voice the Darth Vader character as his deeply sonorous voice epitomised perfectly the imperious tones required for the role.

His other film and TV credits include; Dr Strangelove, The Hunt for Red October, The Lion King, The Simpsons, and The Big Bang Theory.

Option 2: Dave Prowse MBE

Previously most famous for playing the Green Cross Code Man in UK television’s 1970s road safety campaign, Prowse was cast as the ‘body’ of Darth Vader. His bodybuilder background and formidable height of 6’ 5” deemed ideal for Vader’s intimidating physical presence.

Among Prowse’s other film and TV appearances were; Up Pompeii, A Clockwork Orange, Doctor Who, and The Two Ronnies. 13

Option 3: Sebastian Shaw

Shaw’s stage and screen career went back to the 1930s. As one of British theatre’s most respected performers, he fitted George Lucas’s bill when cast in 'Return of the Jedi'. In it, Shaw played an ailing Anakin Skywalker (nee Darth Vader) who was unmasked both literally and figuratively when shockingly revealed to be the father of another key character in the movie. A short but pivotal scene. Shaw’s other screen work included; Julius Caesar, Rumpole of the Bailey, Reilly: Ace of Spies, and Casualty.

So, which of these three screen legends do you think played Darth Vader, ol’ partner? Well, my beauty, I’ll tell yer…

Of course, it was our man Sebastian Shaw, erstwhile of Holt. Perhaps not a familiar name, so let’s find out a little bit about him...

Sebastian Lewis Shaw was born in 1905 in Holt, Norfolk. Both parents were teachers at Greshams. His father was music master and also organist at Holt Parish Church. Fond of drama at Greshams, Sebastian later earned a scholarship to RADA and his acting career began in earnest. He went on to appear on the stage in the West End and on Broadway and appeared in dozens of TV and film productions, his career interrupted only by the Second World War and a brief stint in the Royal Air Force. He later joined the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford enjoying considerable success for many years. But surprisingly perhaps - certainly to Shaw - it was his brush with George Lucas that would give him immortality. Although his scenes as Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader only took a few days to film, it was a pivotal role to the plot and iconically memorable. At the time Shaw played down his involvement when asked, famously replying,’ I don’t know, dear boy; I think it’s something to do with science-fiction...’ Shaw died in 1994 in Brighton and was awarded the privilege of a memorial service at St Paul’s in Covent Garden (the ‘Actor’s Church’). He had a long and fascinating career and left us all a lasting legacy with his most famous performance. Darth Vader from Tatooine. Thanks and rest in peace, Sebastian Shaw from Holt.



Uniting "HER" Forces to Support Women to Build Better Businesses and Brighter Futures

HER Business Revolution and NatWest Bank have teamed up to bring funded training to Female Small Business Owners in East Anglia and the Midlands areas of the UK.

Who are HER Business Revolution? HER Business Revolution offer training, coaching, events and networking to passionate and ambitious Female Entrepreneurs and Women in Business to empower them to build bigger, better and more profitable businesses. They started as one small local networking group, and since launching back in 2015, have grown to become one of the most successful and supportive women’s business networks; offering fresh and innovative networking, training, wellbeing and empowerment events – both globally and online. They have various ways that supports Female Business Owners most popular being through their Award-Winning Superwomen Membership Club and HER Business Elite Academy - and as they have recently become a Regional Partner with NatWest Bank, meaning they can offer fully funded places on their academy programme (with a 97% success rate in women at least doubling their business income) to start ups in East Anglia and the Midlands from September 2020. Serena Fordham, Founder and Chief Superwoman at HER Business Revolution said "We are delighted to have teamed up with NatWest to be able to train and support so many more UK Female owned small businesses, especially at a time where they are struggling much more due to the harsh impacts of Covid-19... ...At the moment it's so important for us to deliver this programme to encourage women to work smarter, not to give up on their business goals and life's dreams, and maximise their earning potential from their business, so they don't need to rely on government income support and other social interventions." 16

What's the Purpose and Mission? NatWest intends to narrow the UK business gender gap by supporting the set-up of new female-led businesses in the UK by enabling women to test their business ideas. NatWest is enabling women to access donations or rewards-based funding through Crowdfunder’s platform, as well as providing the opportunity for women to benefit from wrap around support often needed to successfully start up in business e.g. coaching, networks, events and other start-up initiatives. Andy Gray, Business Growth Enabler at NatWest, said: “We are delighted to support HER Business Revolution as they continue to deliver services to support female-led businesses across East Anglia and the Midlands. As a bank we are committed to supporting enterprise and championing the potential of new businesses in our communities, and Serena and the team at HER Business Revolution is a fantastic example of this in action.”

What Exactly is the HER Business Elite Academy? The HER Business Elite Academy is a 12-week intensive training and coaching programme for Female Entrepreneurs who are ready to change things, upscale, sell more and earn the income they desire – to live the life they deserve. The programme consists of 12 areas of focus all based around business, mindset and wellbeing training. Each week offers a different focus of business coaching, training and support, and is innovative as focuses on the individual needs of the woman and her business, rather than just the business alone.

What's the Funding and How do I Apply? To qualify for this funding to become part of the next intake starting on 7th December 2020 you must:

1) Be based in the Midlands or East Anglia areas of the UK

2) Be a start up/new business, have an idea you want to create a business in, or an exciting business with less than £1,000 turnover

3) Not have been supported by HER Business Revolution within the past 3 months

If this sounds like you, just apply for one of the limited funded places via the 3 steps at the bottom of the page at:


Please note, if you don't meet this funding criteria but would like to be supported by HER Business Revolution, or need to contact them to find out more, just visit www.herbusinessrevolution.biz

@herbusinessrevolution @andygbusiness @natwestbusiness



The Garage launches NEW Introduction to the Creative Industries programme

The Garage is excited to announce the launch of a new training programme for 18-25 year olds which will introduce learners to the wide variety of work and roles that exist within the creative Industries and support them to take their next steps into training or work. Over the course of 12 weeks, learners will take part in training sessions which explore the range of skills needed in different areas of the sector. Throughout the programme there will be “industry expert” talks where leaners will listen to and meet local professionals who have creative careers, gaining an insight into the path they have taken and the skills needed for the work that they do. During the programme learners will visit creative organisations to get a feel for the workplace and the jobs people do within the local sector. Each learner will also be allocated a mentor for the duration of the programme, who they will meet weekly for individual, bespoke advice and guidance. Carrie Mansfield, The Garage’s Executive Producer, said: “We are incredibly pleased to receive this grant from the European Social Fund and Norfolk County Council to deliver this programme for young adults. Now more than ever it is vital we train and encourage people to develop their creativity, confidence and entrepreneurial skills. “This programme will help learners to understand how they can make something happen, how they can plan and deliver projects and what skills they need to help them succeed. It will also help learners identify interesting creative careers paths that are accessible and achievable “Like most sectors the creative industries have been affected by Covid-19, but in many ways it is thriving people are still making music, designing, writing, dancing, playing, singing, sewing, filming, recording, painting, sculpting, drawing, creating. There is a huge appetite for games and entertainment. We need to help people to become really good at creative thinking and use creative approaches not only in this sector, but also to overcome the challenges we face.”


The programme starts in January 2021. The commitment is approximately 10 hours per week. There are no fees for leaners to take part, if needed support with travel costs can be arranged. Adam Yaxley, The Garage’s Inclusion Manager, said: “This programme is about helping people make the next step on their journey, to help them identify the training they need to move forward or to give them the confidence to enter the creative workforce. Sometimes we lack the knowledge of what is out there and if we do not know it’s there, we don’t know how to get to it. Sometimes all it takes is that one bit of advice or guidance to set us on the next path.” The programme is funded by The European Social Fund and granted by Norfolk County Council. It is for people aged 18-25 years old who are not currently in education/training and who are unemployed or economically inactive and live in Norfolk or Suffolk. They must also have permission to live in the UK and to work in an EU Country.

If you or someone you know is interested in taking part in this programme please email info@thegarage.org.uk or call The Garage on 01603 283382, leaving your name and number so an interview can be arranged. Please quote Introduction to Creative Industries programme.

For more information about the programme please visit www.thegarage.org.uk







Secret of Mana Composer, Hiroki Kikuta, and Pixel Artist of The Textorcist, Misbug, Join the Team of

Tinkertown Multiplayer Sandbox Game to Arrive in Style on Steam Early Access Soon!

2 November 2020, Cologne – Games publisher Headup is delighted to announce that Hiroki Kikuta, renowned composer of Secret of Mana and Soukaigi has joined the production of Tinkertown, Headup’s first in-house production, along with the pixel artist Giuseppe Longo (aka Misbug), a creator behind Gunbrick Reloaded and The Escapists 2.

This will be the second time Headup has worked with Misburg, who has already caused a stir for his incredible work on the pixel art for The Textorcist in 2018.

Hiroki Kikuta will contribute two tracks that are exclusively created for Tinkertown. Check out a sample here. “When the team of Tinkertown approached me with their request to contribute to the game, I was quickly sold on the idea", commented Hiroki Kikuta, “it’s a cheerful

take on 16-Bit RPG classics, transported into the modern sandbox genre. My soundtrack is designed to enhance this experience, lifting up the spirits of any adventurers setting foot into the lovely world of Tinkertown."


Tinkertown is a drop-in multiplayer game where players build, craft and explore a procedurally generated, open world, and discover dungeons filled with enemies, bosses and epic loot.

The loot can be combined with countless resources and blueprints to craft as tools, armour, and weapons as well as furniture, workshops and machines to build settlements that can eventually turn into an impressive city. Players explore the world through different biomes such as mystical forests, vast deserts, chilling ice tundras and mountains with glowing rivers of lava, all depicted with handmade pixel graphics. Offering different experiences to all players, based on the choice of weapons and armour, they can play as a rogue, warrior, mage, or anyone they wish to be. It is crucial to choose carefully from the onset, as many enemies lurk in the world, and powerful bosses await in the dungeons.


Tinkertown will launch on Steam Early Access in 2020 with the release date to be announced soon. The project Tinkertown is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infra-

structure as part of the federal government's computer games funding program with a total of â‚Ź153,669.


About Tinkertown: Come to Tinkertown - A refreshing new Multiplayer Sandbox Experience! Grab your shovel, your pickaxe, and your sword and enter the realms of Tinkertown. A magical place awaits filled with loot, danger, and creativity. Build your own village - from small shacks to impressive castles and townships. Gather resources as you explore this procedurally generated world either by yourself or with friends! Need some extra challenge? While the surface world is mostly peaceful, only the most courageous explorers will enter the sinister dungeons scattered around the world, and defeat the horrors that live within. Epic loot awaits those who dare to face the underworld. Features: ▪ Explore beautiful landscapes such as mystical forests, great deserts, steaming lava mountains, and more. ▪ Craft new equipment and become a rogue, a warrior, or wizard - or create a new loadout and invent your own play-style. ▪ Gather resources and discover new things to build. ▪ Build your own habitat - by yourself, or online with up to three friends. ▪ Descent into combat driven dungeons and battle large underworld bosses.



JR’s online events: - Takeaway Roast dinner. Promoted as Safe, Santisted, and Scrumptious, This fabulous service from JR Catering and Events has been getting great reviews from customers on FaceBook this month although we did attempt to try the service unfortunately their delivery service doesn’t cover our area apparently: We’re in Morriston. Nevertheless we have been actively following the Facebook conversation and think this should be of interest to many readers, the service covers Swansea and you can order via their website, which should tell you whether it’s available in your area as part of the ordering process. There is also a collection service along with the options of dinning at Swansea’s iconic attraction: Brangwyn Hall and even a orderable Christmas Diner option. Main courses include: a choice of Roast beef, Mushroom Wellington, Roast Pork, or Roast Turkey dinner with the option to include a dessert options from: Key Lime Pie, Bread and Butter Pudding, or chocolate brownie. Main courses are priced at £9.00 and Desserts are priced at £4.00. The deposit for booking your Christmas dinner is £10.00 Please see website for details: https://www.jr-events.co.uk/brangwynhallcarvery



Hey Wales: New s update! Wales has spent half the month in lockdown, which has seen some businesses temporarily close, while others moved to a takeaway only service, and though it is a short lockdown ending on Monday 9 November 2020. One thing is for sure the effect on businesses small or large has been as uneven as the distribution of the virus itself. While we wait for the welsh first minister to announce the guidelines for hospitality in Wales, many businesses still offer delivery services from Cardiff’s Let Them Eat Cake to Gregg’s. It’s been a strange month, with lockdowns and enough rain to consider building a boat, we mourned at the announcement from The Smokehaus, to temporarily close their restaurants, I had my first doughnut burger in the Swansea based restaurant in Wind Street, was amazing, their other restaurant was in Cardiff located on Mary Ann Street, and was always bustling with music and customers whenever you walked past. We look forward to your return and wish you well in the meantime. This month also saw the massively successful Cardiff Animation Festival 2020, play out online, as well as MCM and NYCC Metaverse Comic Con for which all the videos are online on their YouTube Channel. This Pandemic has seen businesses having to reassess and adapt their services, and as usual Wales had excelled at this, Cardiff Metropolitan University has just launched the videos for its Humanities based courses, and HER Business Revolution Wales hosted their first online networking event. Cardiff based Dan Mitchell launched his podcast on Apple Ten Stories High. Congratulations To The Other Room Theatre on winning Best Production award (Transferred from outside London for their Violence Series from London Pub Theatre Awards. I would say this is a time more than ever to be proud of our Welsh Theatre Community as they continue to entertain us and excel in their field, but I am always proud of Welsh Theatre and to be honest it is the reason, I do what I do and I can’t wait to you all again soon.

Finally, this month also saw The Ponty Poet aka Dee Dickens, and Joe Fish Thomas The poet launch a new press: Llais Newydd (New Voice) which specialises in debut collections from poets from marginalised groups. Both excellent poets. We are sure their press will be hugely successful. Have a wonderful month all, Much Love Wales x

Links: Llais Newydd Press: Twitter - @LlaisNewydd Ten Stories High: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/ten-stories-high-with-dan-mitchell/ id1538037708 Cardiff Met University: https://www.cardiffmet.ac.uk/education/Pages/Department-ofHumanities.aspx Cardiff Animation Festival: https://www.cardiffanimation.com/ Metaverse YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/32e0tWp



Family Tragedy - A true Norfolk ghost story by Chris Sadler. My partner, Debs, and I like to explore interesting places. One gloomy Sunday afternoon we discovered down a spooky north Norfolk track a ruined church in a churchyard overgrown with trees. The only sound to hear was the crows cawing as they wheeled overhead. In the surrounding graveyard, we were drawn to ivy-crowned headstone sadly detailing an awful family tragedy The unenviable story of a husband and wife who lost six children to scarlet fever in the same week.

The six children were aged between eleven-years-old and eight months.

Although barely one hundred and fifty years ago, the sadness is the disease could easily be cured nowadays with a simple course of antibiotics. What that family must have been through doesn't bear thinking about. Weighed with melancholy at the tragedy we continued to explore the tragic site. We took a few photos of the old church ruin, its windowless and roofless state tangled and twisted with trees and vines. A sad place, leaden, yet atmospheric.

When we got home and downloaded the photos, to our shock we spotted a solitary figure, a lady in old-fashioned bonnet and dress

clutching a sorry bundle to her chest, standing inside the church...

My partner and I instantly shared a look and were hit by an immediate extreme sadness. Could it have been the tragic mother cradling her youngest in a happier time?

We will never know.

We can only hope the family has found peace in the next world and are now at rest. 35


Profile for norwich-nights-magazine

Norwich Nights Issue 9 November 2020  

This Months issue includes Viva La Vegan - Zena's been checking out Norwich Vegan food offerings, Darth Vader and Norfolk by Chris Sadler di...

Norwich Nights Issue 9 November 2020  

This Months issue includes Viva La Vegan - Zena's been checking out Norwich Vegan food offerings, Darth Vader and Norfolk by Chris Sadler di...