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SYDNEY - Issue 63 | March 2014

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Time for a National Civil Service Scheme Page 16

A Fresh Set of Eyes for All Types of Business Page 20

Social Media… Does it Work? Page 28

Jay Bacik and Healthy Harold

On the Front line of Health Education T o b e c o m e a c o n t r i b u t i n g w r i t e r i n B u s i n e s s R e s o u r c e & L i f e s t y l e c a ll 1 3 0 0 8 8 9 1 3 2 Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014



Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014

Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014


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John Watters Carla Mollica

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Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014




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Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014


CONTENTS 24 18 Cover Story 10 Jay Bacik and

Healthy Harold On the Front Line of Health Education Adrian Payne

Local Government


18 Growing The Sydney Hills

20 A Fresh Set of Eyes for All

The Hills Shire Council

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Every Business Can Profit from This Great New



Editor’s Letter

Business Chamber


Let’s Get Real... Dmitry Greku


16 Time for a National Civil

Service Scheme Charlie Lynn


Adrian Payne

Chambers Promote the Spirit of Co-operation Sabrina Ferguson

Types of Business John Yealland


School To Work

John Watters


Nights You Will Never


Elie Eid


Social Media… Does it


Carla Mollica

Society & Life


Innocent, Innocence, Innocents Angry Anderson

Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014


editor’s letter

Let’s Get Real...

Dmitry Greku, M. Sc. - Editor and Publisher - GWP Magazines® Today I received an SMS from the Save Our Sons Foundation with a link to a Facebook message from Julie McDonald. In just five hours(!) it collected more than 80,000 likes and about 20,000 comments. I’d like to reprint Julie’s this message here … she wrote:

“Today we are hearing about how Schapelle has spent 9 years 4 months and 2 days in prison, so I thought I would share this for a bit of perspective... 9 years, 8 months and 23 days ago Mitchell stopped walking, and by default lost his “freedom” too. The only difference, unlike the Corby case, we know with 100% certainty that Mitch did nothing wrong, nothing to deserve the sentence he has been given. So to the media, who are currently in negotiations deliberating how much this “story” is worth, I say take a moment and think of all the things that you could do with that money to help innocent children regain their ’freedom‘. You could buy mobility equipment, interactive technology, or fund respite carers so their parents can be mums and dads rather than nurses and therapists. A convicted drug trafficker is NOT a headline, it is not something to celebrate. But a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Neuroblastoma or any of the diseases that are robbing children of their ’freedom‘ or their lives... THAT would be something that was worthy of a front page billing in every publication and television station in town.”


Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014

Julie is a very kind, well educated (currently she is doing her PhD in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) and polite person as we can observe in her letter. In a very diplomatic manner, she has presented this case which I believe frustrates most of Australians (source: The opinion poll, by UMR Research Feb 2014). The problem is huge, it’s much deeper than it seems – it’s a twisted, poisoned and mutated mindset that has afflicted our population … and it’s a problem we need to fix. I remember some of the comments people were making in relation to this particular convicted criminal, before she was even convicted: “She is too beautiful to be in prison” or another masterpiece: “Howard must send helicopters with special forces to her rescue” and many more similar so-called solutions and suggestions. They probably watch too many Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone movies. Unfortunately, so much common sense and reasonable rules and principles have been lost in the last twenty years, they’ve been turned upside down and presented back to society as if they are genuine values! There is a great saying: “Throw enough mud at the wall, some of it will stick”. That’s how modern media works. I don’t remember the last time I saw a decent business person featured with their business success or realistic information presented honestly and professionally about the situation in areas like Mt Druitt or Macquarie Fields. If an honest presentation is made of it one day, I bet you will be deeply concerned about a nine year sentence in an Indonesian jail under the constant observation of several Australian PMs, Foreign Ministers and most of the Australian media. It will look like a walk in a park. When was the last time you saw some kind of action taken to improve a social environment in such areas of Sydney? I couldn’t imagine the life of a child in those families who have several generations unemployed, many drugged and

destroyed mentally and physically. Sydney is a world class city with whole regions living in conditions unimaginable even for so called third world countries. It’s just so easy to get fired up and verbalise an ’active‘ social stand on an issue regarding a convicted criminal. It’s a great feed for certain people’s egos when they let off steam enjoying themselves being high and mighty while discussing gaps and the underdeveloped state of the Indonesian judicial system. This opportunity also provides such people with a chance to imagine themselves as a lawyer or diplomat and as a great human being with a big heart. They can stay ‘active’ in their own eyes for years without actually doing anything. And mainstream media supports such behaviour by throwing more of these types of stories at the strongly opinionated section of the public who seem to talk more and do even less. Let’s get real and start thinking about those who live next door to us who are in need and sometimes in poverty, suffering disease and abuse. Let’s stop pretending and stop showing our unconditional love to all kinds of criminals, protesters and activists. How about some support to those whose life stories would make our hair curl! Let’s have a go at making our world a happy place by actually doing something about it. Have a great day. Take care of yourselves and your clients. G

e |

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1300 889 132 Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014


Proudly Presented by One of the 42 vans Mobile Learning Centres used by Life Education NSW to deliver the program to schools

Healthy Harold putting Michael Clarke’s cricketing tips into practice at Caringbah 2006

Jay Bacik and Healthy Harold

On the Front Line of Health Education by Adrian Payne

When he was at school, like most kids for one reason or another Jay was teased because his name was different. He soon worked out that if he learned to defend himself, the pressure from the bullies came off! He has remained strong, but with a passion to protect and help others, especially vulnerable children who need a defence mechanism to make good choices for a safe and healthy life. 10

Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014

His father was an American soldier, with a Czech background, who he says “came over here to kill some Japanese” ... his mother, an Irish immigrant girl was looking for an American serviceman... and found one! But the marriage only lasted three months. Jay and his mother continued to live in Townsville where he was born, but for most of his early life he was brought up by a wonderful Irish grandmother in Brisbane, his mother being absent from the house more often than not. They were quite poor he remembers, so he left school early to get a job. Having done so, he went back to school in the evenings to gain his matriculation. He became a Christian and decided that he wanted to be a minister, this was after having had no religion in his upbringing at all, yet he continued with his night-school studies and graduated with a

great australian People

Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014


Proudly Presented by degree in theology after four years and he was ordained into the Churches of Christ when he was twenty-three. He served in several ministries particularly in housing commission and urban areas and became part of the media world broadcasting on 2CH and 2GB in Sydney. He also served on the board of the Sydney City Mission now Mission Australia and was asked to head up the Sydney City Mission Foundation. At this time he was able to recruit the support of Bob Hawke, John Singleton and Alan Jones. These people were to be helpful in work that he would take on a bit further down the track. He still enjoys hosting the occasional session of talkback radio on 2GB…he says “I love talk-back radio, ordinary people who call in will often have a solution to a problem that the experts have missed … and it works!” he added “the great thing about talk-back radio is you can help people there and then right where they live”. Jay Bacik has three children, loves cricket, both Rugby games League and Union. His other ‘sporting love’ is politics which he takes pleasure in following on a daily basis and enjoys as a topic of conversation

‘dangerous’ as that might sometimes be. Another idea he thinks defines him is that he enjoys being an instrument of change. He isn’t one to face a problem and put up with it the way it is.

it was officially opened in 1979. Among its many features were ‘TAM’, the Transparent Anatomical Manikin (a life sized model of the female body) and Harold, an animated giraffe.

Jay tells the story of Ted Noffs who founded the Life Education organisation. Ted’s King’s Cross Wayside Chapel was for years a refuge for the homeless and destitute, and for other lost souls of Sydney streets in the late 1960’s and 70’s. One morning before illicit drug-taking was a public issue, Ted collected nineteen hypodermic syringes from the street outside the refuge. He bundled them up and went to Premier Neville Wran’s office in Macquarie street and said, laying the plastic bag on his desk, “Mr Premier ... we have a problem!”

Ted was keen to build more centres and make the program available to more and more children. In an inspirational moment, an elderly lady in Murwillumbah said she could see the difficulty that country people would have accessing the program, and suggested they should take it around in a ‘caravan’.

With a vast array of supporters, including the Reverend Bill Crews, Ted Noffs set about renovating the upper room above The Wayside Chapel, which was about the size of a standard schoolroom. It was transformed into a modern purpose-built learning facility. This was the first Life Education Centre;

Ted began developing the concept of a mobile classroom that could go from school to school. With the help of his friend, Dick Smith, and Variety, the Children’s Charity, the first mobile Life Education Centre was built in 1982. Momentum was building quickly. Support to build more mobile centres started to flow as Ted promoted the idea in local community groups around the country, in particular; church groups, P&Cs, Rotary, Lions and other service clubs. Everyone seemed to want to know about and support this

eyne Beach

St y 2013 at North Sand Shuffle 5 Ma ft So e th at s ot th other masc hy lifestyle.!) ve been his healt Healthy Harold wi ot race - must ha sc ma e th n wo (Harold


Business Business Resource Resource & & Lifestyle Lifestyle || Issue Issue 63 63 || March March 2014 2014

Kellie Sloan, LE Ambassador at NSW Parliame nt House May 2013 with He althy Harold and the Hon Alan Cadman

great australian People new and innovative approach to the seemingly intractable problem of drug abuse. In 1987 Ted suffered a massive stroke that left him partly paralysed and sometimes in a coma, this condition lasted for the next 8 years. Finally on the 6th of April 1995 Ted Noffs quietly passed away. Jay had been working at a University in the US, and on his return he was offered the position of CEO of the Life Education project and has so far added his own thirteen years of service to help it grow.

Healthy Harold starting the race at the annual Pub2Pub fundraiser at Dee Why 25/8/2013

Bill Crews and carol Sevitt with students in classroom circa 1979

Good health underpins the wellbeing of all Australians. We know that an individual’s knowledge, attitude and beliefs influence their present and future health. The likelihood of someone being motivated to adopt good-health behaviours rather than bad ones is in part due to the level of knowledge, the attitudes and skills which the person has about ‘health risks’.

Healthy Harold and Angela Egan teaching in the Mobile Learning Centre 2013

Students using the new technology in the Mobile Learning centre

Healthy Harold, Michael Clarke at Caringbah 2006

One of the 42 vans Mobile Learning Centres used by Life Education NSW to deliver the program to schools Business Business Resource Resource && Lifestyle Lifestyle || Issue Issue 63 63 || March March 2014 2014


Proudly Presented by The organisation has the support of many politicians both in the NSW state parliament and in the Federal arena. There are seventy ‘ambassadors’ in the state parliament alone, who support Life Education. Funding is always an issue. Some money is made available by the NSW government and there are some corporate sponsors. The parents whose children attend the programme pay a fee of ten dollars. This of course includes the value of the project material given to the teachers for continuing education that takes place long after the van has rolled out of the playground. And there are private supporters who regularly donate money recognising the work that is being done for future generations.

Rev ted Noffs with students and early Harold circa 1979

There have always been members of both sides of politics on the Life Education board. The organisation is non-political, but the need for government support means elected members can often be helpful in guiding its forward progress. The board includes The Hon Alan Cadman

Hazel Hawke at launch of Northern Rivers mobile learning centre circa 1980

Princess Diana, prince Charles, Jill Pearman (David Noffs)

What has emerged over the last 30 years is a better understanding of long term health risks associated with bad health behaviours. Chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes these days account for most of the disease burden in Australia. These diseases not only result in death and incapacity, they are also a massive economic burden on the community and the health system. Many chronic diseases can be avoided by modifying behaviours such as smoking, alcohol misuse and the use of illicit drugs as well as poor diet, physical inactivity and excess weight. Life Education knows that major changes in the way we behave as individuals, as families, as communities and as a population are needed


Business Resource Resource && Lifestyle Lifestyle || Issue Issue 63 63 || March March 2014 2014 Business

if we are to improve the long term health of our population. Initiatives to educate and empower individuals, enabling them to make the healthiest choices they can, are a critical part of the ‘wholeof-community’ preventive approach for future generations. It was clear to Ted Noffs that this was a long-term problem and it needed a longsighted solution. He realised that the progressive education of young, receptive minds was the only way to defeat poor health attitudes. Life Education is now the largest non-government provider of drug and health education to children and young people, Australia wide. They have a vision of all Australians enjoying life free from the effects of drug misuse.

Jay Bacik CEO with then Prime Minister Bob Hawke a former NSW Federal Liberal Member of Parliament, Labor Senator Ursula Stephens has recently joined the board. Retail motor industry businessman Bill Buckle, Dr Julian de Meyrick, former Dean of students at Macquarie University, Lawyer Tim James and Councillor Ken Keith who is the Mayor of Parkes. Neville Parsons a Credit Union CEO, and Victor Tagg a veteran of several not-for-profit boardrooms. With CEO Jay Bacik, their joint mission is to empower young children to make the best choices for a safe life, through effective drug and health education programs.

great australian People The question is often asked “is the Life Education program better than what the government provides”? ... Life Education wouldn’t claim that it’s better, they just take a different approach that complements and supports the government programme, and they work very closely with individual teachers and schools to ensure that a highly effective outcome for the children is achieved. Children learn in three ways; by reading, from what they hear, and what they experience. Life Education helps children learn by providing real life situations they can experience. They touch and feel relevant objects like plastic body-parts, they role-play anti-bullying strategies and modern technology installed in the vans makes their learning experience unforgettable. The Life Education Program takes a holistic interactive approach in supporting schools. Life educators visit schools prior to the arrival of the mobile learning centre, to ensure their programs

learning experience with Healthy Harold, he went home and ‘had a go’ at his parents about their smoking! Of course Jay explained when they rang to complain that the program doesn’t encourage children to berate their parents, but added “they are pretty bright and might act on a thought like ‘what happens if it’s my Mum and Dad’! A similar story was reported when a child explained what he had heard in the ‘Healthy Harold’ van that day. The children had learned that smoking could lead to people becoming sick, and they may die. Explaining this to his Dad (former MP Tony Windsor) the child broke down in a flood of tears and rushed to hug his Dad’s legs saying “I don’t want you to die daddy”... That Dad reported next day that he finally had the motivation to give it up! And he did. Furthermore Tony Windsor became an enthusiastic advocate for Life Education. Recent statistics published in the Commonwealth National Drug Strategy 2010 Household Survey

Dick Smith Rev ted Noffs at construction of Colyton centre 1987

Jay Bacik CEO with Alan Jones 2GB Channel 9 function

Prime Minister John Howard with CEO Jay Bacik

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell and Jay Bacik @ Colyton Centre 2011, NSW Government announces increased funding for Life Ed NSW

support and complement the school curriculum and any changes that are needed are made to meet the individual circumstances of the school.

indicates some very good results in terms of the decline of the abuse of drugs. Smoking rates are down, overall marijuana use is the lowest it has been in the last 13 years and heroin use has dropped; although there are some places in Australia where illicit drug use is at dangerous levels. “Alcohol consumption has remained relatively unchanged but the way in which our young people are drinking is very much a concern” says Jay. “The Australian image of ‘boozing to excess’ and ‘binge drinking’ still needs to be addressed”. The increase in the use of illicit drugs among young people in recreational settings is also a major concern. “However, these issues cannot be addressed through education alone. Poor role-modelling by parents, key community figures and careless media reporting are among the issues we still need to tackle”.

Not only does the program provide a fun, interactive learning experience for children but it also supports teachers by providing comprehensive support material that is used long after Healthy Harold drives out of the playground. Teachers are best placed to provide drug education as part of an ongoing school program, but they need to be supported in this central role. Research shows that resourcing and supporting teachers is critical to effectively implement drug education. It’s estimated that through a Life Education program a minimum of 15 hours of face-to-face education and interaction is provided for each child each year. Life Education is a registered charity, independent of both government and religion and they are operating in all States and Territories, working with and through school Principals. In 2010 they visited 3,200 schools nationally, each of them self-selected to partner with Life Education and together they made the program available to 610,000 students. Since 1979, over 4 million students have participated. Jay has had a number of calls from parents over the years, but early in his time as CEO he received a couple that he won’t forget. Following a child’s

Today Life Education is the largest nongovernment provider of drug and health education to children and young people, their families and communities Australia wide. Life Education is operating in all States and Territories and since its inception in 1979, over 4 million children and young people across Australia have benefited from the ‘good choices’ message. In New South Wales alone there are forty-one vans and fifty educators, the programme connects with 300,000 children every year. Today the reach of life education extends beyond

Australia. The program is well established in New Zealand, Hong Kong and the UK as well as the United States, Barbados, Cyprus, Finland, Hungary, Thailand, Ireland, Papua New Guinea and Macau. Life Education empowers children to make safer and healthier choices through education. Each morning Jay Bacik reminds himself that “today we will save the lives of another three children”. G

L-r CEO Jay Bacik, (then) opposition leader The Tony Abbott, the Hon Alan Cadman Chairman Life Education NSW at Federal MP’s Ambassadors Induction Canberra 2010

Business Resource Resource && Lifestyle Lifestyle || Issue Issue 63 63 || March March 2014 2014 Business



Time for a National Civil Service Scheme The Hon. Charlie Lynn - Member of the Legislative Council

More than a decade before invasive social media introduced a new level of nothingness into our lives the Australian newspaper published an article titled ‘Youth and the Challenge of Change’.

“Nothing prepared us for the depth of the children’s fear of the future, their despair,’ the authors wrote. “The cultural decay of Western societies is evident from an array of social trends - the increase in youth suicide; the high, and perhaps still increasing, incidence of serious drug and alcohol abuse; the sharp rise in crime rates in recent decades; the increasing incidence of mental illness such as depression; the emergence of mass personal obsessions, such as dieting among adolescent girls; the widespread pessimism, cynicism, confusion, social alienation and sense of insecurity and powerlessness revealed by surveys. “When a culture fails to imbue people’s lives with a sense of worth and meaning then they must attempt to find these qualities as individuals. It is a task that many find extremely difficult, even impossible. People want to know what is expected of them; they need to have something to believe in. This absence of belief in much beyond ourselves, and the subsequent lack of faith in ourselves are undermining our resilience, our capacity to cope with the more personal difficulties and hardships of everyday life. “It may be, then, that the greatest wrong we are doing to our children is not the fractured families or the scarcity of jobs (damaging though these are), but the creation of a culture that gives them nothing beyond themselves to believe in, and no cause for help or optimism.” The report generated heated agreement amongst responsible parents throughout the nation. But rather than heed the message the level of despair amongst many of those born into our progressive libertarian society continues to degenerate. Respect for self and society is a failed concept amongst the growing ranks of our disenfranchised underclass. Drive-by shootings, cyber bullying,


Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014

trolls, mind altering drugs, body altering steroids and the emergence of a random ‘king-hit’ culture are symptoms of their alienation from our traditional values. The old adage that ‘crime doesn’t pay’ no longer rings true to those who witness criminals on disability support pensions driving luxury sports cars and convicted drug smugglers being paid millions for their stories.

of hope for the disadvantaged. One such avenue is a voluntary national civil service scheme designed to break the cycle of despair, restore personal pride and contribute to nation building. The induction phase of the scheme would be conducted in rural training camps and be based on old fashioned army

There are no behavioural boundaries in these enclaves and no hope for social order until we re-empower our traditional social custodians and provide avenues of hope for the disadvantaged. Much of the cause of our social decay is rooted in innocuous constructs such as Standing Committees on Social Issues in the NSW Legislative Council and the Australian Senate. Over the past two decades these committees have been carefully stacked with ‘social progressives’ from the left of both political parties who combine with Green extremists to command a majority. Whilst public hearings allow those with vested interests to express their views the final report on contentious social issues is a lineby-line battle between the conservative minority and the progressive majority of these committees behind closed doors. Once tabled in the Parliament these reports become the catalyst for social change that has devalued the traditional family unit and disempowered the two most important influences in a child’s development i.e. parents and teachers. They have also led to the gelding of our law enforcement agencies, our justice systems and our corrective service institutions. Personal responsibility has been sacrificed on the altar of individual ‘rights’. As a result the underclass is now virtually untouchable and the dysfunctional environments they inhabit continue to sink further into the social morass of drug addiction, alcohol abuse, domestic violence and crime. There are no behavioural boundaries in these enclaves and no hope for social order until we re-empower our traditional social custodians and provide avenues

discipline (zero tolerance for drugs, insubordination, etc), team sport, physical endurance, remote area First Aid, bush skills and Australian history. The next phase would include skill training for a civil service of their choice – rural fire services, emergency services, national parks, Red Cross, surf lifesaving, coastal protection, etc. Graduates would then work in their chosen field for a period of 12 months, wear a distinctive uniform and be paid a rate equivalent to an army Private. After completion of their service they would receive a Diploma of Civil Service, a National Civil Service Medal and be permitted to march with their peer groups on ANZAC Day. They would also qualify for assistance if they chose to enrol in TAFE or University courses to continue their personal development. Our political leaders should not be deterred by the cost of such a scheme because the social cost of not providing avenues of hope for our disadvantaged underclass will be far higher. G For more topics and to contact Charlie Lynn, please visit

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1300 BARTER Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014


LOCAL Government

Growing The Sydney Hills The one thing you can be sure of is change in the Sydney Hills. The changes are being driven by growth as more people choose to call The Hills home, and construction of the North West Rail gets underway.

Economic growth The Sydney Hills has emerged as a regional leader in professional, scientific and technical services, according to recent regional economic modelling figures by Compelling Economics. The industry sector – ‘professional, scientific and technical services’ - includes researchers, architects, engineers, lawyers, accountants, information technology professionals and advertising agents, and similar occupations. This is the main type of company that calls Norwest Business Park home.

including India, Britain, South Africa, Malaysia, China, France and Myanmar.

The sector is approaching $1 billion in value to the local economy – making up around 25 per cent of the entire Greater Western Sydney professional, scientific and technical services sector.

Housing growth The construction of the North West Rail Link is already bringing changes to housing options in the Sydney Hills.

Overall, The Sydney Hills is contributing $7.5 billion to the value of the Australian economy – up from $7.1 billion 12 months ago.

A planning proposal - to build an apartment style complex at Samantha Riley Drive adjacent to the future Kellyville Station - is just one concept being considered that will see more homes grow up around transport links.

The four major sectors in the Sydney Hills are: • Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services • Finance and Insurance • Professional, Scientific and Technical services • Retail Trade These sectors remained the strongest compared to last year’s figure. Tourism growth The contribution of tourism to the local economy remains strong. In December 2012, tourism was worth just over $300 million to the Sydney Hills economy, and this grew by around $50 million to January 2014. While visiting, tourists spent their money mostly in the retail, accommodation, food services and arts and recreation sectors of the economy. Population growth The number of people living in the Sydney Hills topped 181,000 as the new year arrived – up from around 176,000 at around the same time last year. At Council’s 2014 Australia Day Citizenship ceremony, 125 people became Australian citizens living in the Hills – originating from countries


Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014

More apartments have also been approved for Norwest, within walking distance to the business park, shops, Norwest Lake and the future station. The North West Rail Link Corridor Strategy has also earmarked land for high density purposes over an area reaching from Samantha Riley Drive to Memorial Avenue. The land around Celebration Drive could also see changes in density and possibly an extension of the business park – placing more apartment style homes near the future Bella Vista Station. For more information about the North West Rail Link Corridor Strategy, visit www.planning.nsw. How does Council manage this growth? The delivery of the North West Rail Link will equip The Sydney Hills with a valuable transport asset creating choice for residents. It will also bring more people to live and work in the region, and they will be looking for homes, schools and access to services. Council’s role in managing growth will be to ensure

good decisions are made that will encourage the best use of the land around the new stations, while ensuring existing suburbs maintain the singlehome character that makes the region desirable to many. Council will continue to work with the State Government to inform the community about the progress and impacts of the North West Rail Link, and to find the right balance of adding new homes and preserving existing character. It is a priority of Council that higher density living must have an emphasis on good design and provide a great quality of life for those who choose to live near the new transport hubs. G Are you North West Rail Ready? Would you like to discuss how the North West Rail could impact your business? Contact the Economic Development team on 9762 1108 for a free confidential business visit. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or visit Council’s website for more information.

The Hills Shire Council p | 02 9762 1108 e | w |

Looking for a new office location?

Norwest Business Park is thriving with the arrival of the North west rail — get on board and beat the rush. Smart investors are starting to realise that Norwest Business Park presents a significant investment opportunity with the construction of the North west rail.

• Strategically located to serve over 200,000 businesses across western Sydney • Australia’s prestigious and award - winning Business Park • Close to gyms, cafes, quality homes and schools serving the needs of valued employees

A Norwest Business Park address will add prestige to your brand and allow you to take advantage of the growth.


Photo: Norwest Lake located in the centre of Norwest Business Park

the charts below show the expected employment and dwellings growth within 800m of the new Bella Vista and Norwest Stations in Norwest Business Park.












Single Detached












Bulky Goods




3-6 Storey Apartment








7-12 Storey Apartment




total jobs







total dwellings

Source: North west rail Link Corridor Strategy

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A Fresh Set of Eyes for All Types of Business John Yealland - Enterprise Improvement Specialist, TAFE NSW – Western Sydney Institute

So effective is the human mind at focussing on specific tasks, that it can completely ignore unexpected visual stimuli. The Smithsonian Institution has studied ‘inattentional blindness’ for over a decade. In the Smithsonian Magazine, Daniel Simons explains that the brain has strong ‘cloaking’ powers. “We consciously see only a small subset of our visual world, and when our attention is focused on one thing, we fail to notice other, unexpected things around us—including those we might want to see.” This inattentional blindness is a phenomenon where people can miss things that are in their field of perception because they are focussed on other issues.  There are a number of video clips on the internet where you can see demonstrations of its effect. Simply use your favourite search engine and search for the phrase “Awareness Test”.   From my experience in providing solutions to businesses, this is something that can easily happen as we go about our work.   Modern organisations are often time-poor and need to come up with solutions to problems in a fast and efficient manner. This is where the Enterprise Improvement Services of TAFE NSW Western Sydney Institute can help to cut through any inattentional blindness in your business. There are times where our consultants can assist as the ‘fresh set of eyes’ to highlight opportunities for improvement that you may not be aware of.    Inattentional blindness even affects experts who are exposed to the same situations on a daily basis. Studies have shown that the level of expertise of the people performing the tasks can impact the ability to pick up on things around them. By being so familiar with a situation, people can become oblivious to other factors that others can see and therefore can miss opportunities to improve systems and processes.   TAFE WSI is a solutions provider that is able to match its resources to the needs of the client organisation. The advantage of this to organisations is that they can access the support they often need, even when they don’t have the


Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014

time to go searching for the right person to assist them. Our business consultants are the people to contact to discuss your business needs. They can then liaise with our technical experts on your behalf to develop ways to address your need. This could be a single contact or even a team of people if your need crosses multiple functions.

needed to develop a training plan and get if off the ground until the organisation was in a position to manage the process themselves. This allowed the current management team to continue to focus on the daily needs of the business while at the same time being confident that the future development was being attended to and aligned to the organisation’s objectives.

This inattentional blindness is a phenomenon where people can miss things that are in their field of perception because they are focussed on other issues. A recent example of where our ‘fresh set of eyes’ has been effective was at a local metal fabrication business. One of our welding specialists toured the facility. Even though the people in this business weld every day of the week, our specialist was able to very quickly pinpoint a couple of issues with the operators’ technique. These issues were quickly rectified, providing immediate benefits to the enterprise through the reduction in the number of product rejects.   Another example was where we were able to identify a problem associated with paperwork that was regularly being misplaced, causing many people to have to drop what they were doing and go searching until the documents were found. The ‘fresh set of eyes’ was able to help the company come up with a solution that took just minutes to implement and saved hours of valuable staff time every month.   In a larger scale example, an organisation was growing rapidly and knew that it needed assistance with getting control of its training activities if it was going to avoid future problems. Without the resources of an internal training co-ordinator who had the necessary skills and experience, the company realised that it needed help.   TAFE WSI was able to provide a training solution that would provide the business with the expertise

Solutions such as these are saving time, saving money and reducing stress in businesses of all size and type. TAFE WSI has experts in almost every aspect of business. Our Enterprise Improvement Services unit is helping people realise the versatility of TAFE WSI by providing advice and services in a wide range of areas.   There are thousands of experts that can be drawn on to provide solutions. We can assist with everything from conducting diagnostics on overall business performance through to the provision of specialist technical advice.   Imagine having access to thousands of fresh eyes to be able to help you improve your business. G

TAFE NSW - Western Sydney Institute (WSI) p | 02 9208 9313 e |    w |

Uniqueness: because one size just doesn’t ďŹ t all!

We can shape our training programs to suit the needs of your business. We understand that your business needs a tailored approach to workplace training and broader business solutions. We can evaluate the unique needs of your business and customise the right blend of training and solutions for you. Scan the QR code to see how WSI has partnered with O-I Glass to customise a training program for their workforce.

For more information (02) 9208 9421

(Download your free QR code reader from the app store) ... or manually type into your internet browser

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School To Work John Watters, Executive Officer – AusSIP

If you take a snap poll of parents with school-aged children, the most fundamental outcome every parent want for their child is to make their transition from school to work as smoothly and as quickly as possible. Whether this transition takes the university, technical, apprenticeship or open employment route, all parents want their children to make connections between theory and practice. The greatest advantage of an education for me is that it can increase social mobility through expanding aspirations and opportunities. A great education is in the eye of the beholder; it can revolve around high academic marks, sporting achievements, cultural immersions or a combination of all. Nonetheless, at some point in time, parents and taxpayers all want children to transition from school to work. In previous articles I have raised the concept of NEET people. These are usually young people who are not in education, employment and training. Whilst the NEET figures for young people are currently increasing to figures beyond 26% and Western Sydney figures suggesting pockets exceeding 35%, there are other more disturbing but hidden trends. The expansion of mining has brought great opportunities to many people across various industries and communities. It has also brought a false sense of reality for many young people. The media often presents a picture of an ongoing skills shortage and the need for employers to pay in excess of minimum wages to attract talent. Whilst this is largely true, many industry bodies will explain that the skills shortage is not always based upon applicants, but the skill sets of the applicants. The consequence has been to look for talent globally. We have numerous skill shortage areas across industries and across the country whilst at the same time we have an ever-growing NEET figure and record temporary working visas. This position is unsustainable for Australia. In a global workforce, talent will simply follow the employment tide and those who remain behind will have had little exposure to industry and talent development. The school to work transition starts early and in


Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014

ongoing. It is the ability to help young people explore job and career possibilities whilst at the same time contextualising this in an education framework. This is not a theory or class-based activity. It cannot be simulated in a protected environment. Students must be given exposure and experience and most importantly support regardless of what age, background or perspective.

and networks and build from the greater social capital. School to work is a national challenge. It is in everyone’s best interests that every person make their transition from school to work as smoothly and quickly as possible regardless of age. Sitting idle only increases long-term unemployment rates

We have numerous skill shortage areas across industries and across the country whilst at the same time we have an ever-growing NEET figure and record temporary working visas Overall, schools are not measured against transition outcomes. It is very rare to find a school that presents transition outcomes, instead focusing on Band 6 rates and ATARs. Whilst many will boast about the number of students studying at higher institutions, these figures are rubbery at best. Judging a school on how many people enter higher education is akin to counting chickens before they hatch. Well documented reports consistently indicate that about a third of all students leave higher education either before or at the end of the first year. Apprenticeship completion rates are also lack-luster. Schools have been criticised in such an open way in the past five-years without much thought to the possible implications. Whilst transition rates could be improved significantly, the only way to make real and lasting change, is to alter the key performance measures. If parents and society are fixated on achieving the highest academic results, then if you were a principal, why wouldn’t you follow what the customer wants? I have a grave fear that much of the increased investments in education spending will be directed to meeting short-term goals with dire long-term consequences. Many schools have already reduced time allowances for career advisers to nothing more than allows them to open and sort mail. While the bulk of the work for career advisers has to focus on students with the greatest needs, every child needs to make their transition from school to work. Furthermore, schools often rely on outside specialist assistance to form connections

in the future which are more difficult to break. A call to action is needed as the NEET figure continues to climb. G AusSIP working in Alliance with BREED and Penrith SIP can assist in finding opportunities for businesses to positively engage with young people and help build a more productive workforce.

For more information on Partnership Brokers, please contact your local office listed below.


Blacktown p | 9853 3200

Parramatta p | 9633 7100



Penrith p | 4725 0310

Hills Business Expo

Parramatta Business Expo

21st May 2014 | Castle Hill RSL

11th June 2014 | Parramatta RSL

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Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014


new product

Every business can profit from this great new idea... Every-so-often someone thinks outside the square and something brand new is born!

Usually ‘new release’ products are simply a development of an older model, a different shaped radiator grill, a slimmer case, a brighter screen. We have discovered a really new business product that is beginning to take off ... big time! - world-wide. It’s being marketed in over 20 countries so far - and it’s Australian! It’s all about branding and getting your business name, products and services noticed more effectively. Business Consultant and inventor, Armando Camacho, saw the need for better portable signage that doesn’t look cheap, offers better exposure, is well engineered, light, portable and affordable for small business and corporate customers. He spent some years working on an idea he has built into a business-product range, that he is justly proud of and has carefully patented world-wide.

24 24

Armando, CEO of SignRISE International has set up three product ranges... The first ‘WonderSign Events’ which offers a series of point of sale units. The second is ‘WonderSIGN Expo’ offering combinations of display units that are innovative, to say the least. The third is ‘SignRise Car Media’ A very clever vehicle signage concept that day or night, puts a message above head-height anywhere in town or country that a business wants to reach.

that head for the slopes in the winter. But at the touch of a button the top half of the pod can be raised exposing a four-sided six square-meter fabric banner. At night, the touch of another button illuminates the banner from inside. The unit is waterproof, so it can be used in the rain. It has advantages over the whole vehicle being ‘signwrapped’. It’s a less expensive option. It can be used on different vehicles, the vehicle itself isn’t marked and the message is easily changed. Not to mention that the banner can be lowered when taking grandma off to church on Sunday morning. (See the vicar about a sale another day!)

The ‘SignRise Car Media’ pod is easily fastened onto a standard roof-rack (that suits the vehicle). In its closed state it looks a bit like those ski pods

When it’s necessary to change the message, simply email ‘SignRise’ in Sydney with some new artwork and they’ll print a new banner; when it

Business Business Resource Resource && Lifestyle Lifestyle || Issue Issue 63 63 || March March 2014 2014

comes back in the post, it can be fitted in about ten minutes. Armando mentioned the example of a Real Estate business that has their generic banner on most of the year, but chooses to have a Christmas greeting atop their cars in December. Come January the Christmas banner is rolled up and stored until next year. Each new banner can be supplied for around four hundred dollars. He quotes an extension of an old idea using trailers and static roadside signage, where a car with a ‘SignRise’ roof media can be parked in a busy-traffic area near a back street where there’s a great little restaurant. It can carry a menu sample and a map showing the restaurant’s location. The message is on four panels and can be seen from all sides.

‘SignRise’ also offers campaign packages using their own vehicles. These can be driven in convoy or off in different directions to give high exposure for a set period.

Armando called to mind another great use of their products by a high-tech mobile barista van business, working at outside events... on sports arenas and showgrounds.

business will pay off handsomely. Recently SignRise International were invited to receive a Highly Commended Award at the Sydney 2013 Engineering Excellence Awards.

The ‘WonderSign’ side of the business has at its heart the clever self-supporting three-dimensional shape that comes to the site folded up in a ‘canvas’ bag. Using a cylindrical example to illustrate the concept; two discs are wound apart by a single expanding, vertical centre-pole with a threaded mechanism which brings the fabric sides taught, providing a strong, rigid, drum-tight structure by just hand-tightening. The unit can be weighted from inside to add stability and lighting kits can also be placed inside to illuminate the cylinder at night, showing off the design printed on the fabric.

Parked in the midst of a milling throng of people out for the day and looking for a great cappuccino, the operator has a ‘Best Coffee’ ‘SignRise’ roof media banner on the top of his van so people can see his ‘offer’ above the heads of the crowd. He has some cup-shaped ‘WonderSign’ tables around his van with his business colours printed on the fabric sides; and when he has space, he has a colourful branded WondaSIGN umbrella or two, to provide shade.

The award was presented for the ‘WondaSign’ 360° Events & Promotions range and for the ‘SignRise’ Pop Up Car-Roof Unit. Representing the business, CEO Armando accompanied by his wife Conny were applauded for the strength of their designs which offer excellence in promotion, yet simplicity of use. Recognised highlights of the successful designs included the quality of the products, ease of installation, their multi-purpose functions like stability, durability and backlighting, the use of lightweight materials and their flexibility of usage.

The photographs show what a wide variety of different shapes, sizes and profiles can be provided. The now-old-fashioned roll-up banner was ok with its back to the wall, but a tall cylinder from ‘WonderSign’, projects the message from a full three-sixty degrees, and can be seen in low-light conditions using its own internal backlighting system. The well-known ‘tear-drop flags’, can be supported by a cylindrical weighted unit, and at night an additional lighting kit can also illuminate the message on the flying banner as it draws attention while waving about in the evening breeze.

He now finds that people don’t just get their coffee and drift off, rather they use their mobile ‘phone to bring friends to gather where there’s a table to stand around, great coffee to drink and some shade to enjoy a chat during a break in the proceedings. He sells so much more coffee! At the end of the day, it all folds up and easily packs into the van. We think that all the effort that Armando and his colleagues have put into developing the

They have a factory in Sydney servicing most Australian customers and a joint venture with a larger facility in South Africa that has the capacity to produce product and services for Europe, US and other world-wide markets. Yes, incredibly, they are working on a JV to sell into China. G SignRISE International Pty Ltd. P | 1300 361 970

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25 15 25

Nights you will never f orget Elie Eid - Founder of Save Our Sons

To prove his point to the kids who are suffering with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), to those who may, in the future, be born with it… to prove to the world that “Impossible is an excuse”, Elie Eid continues to use every second of everyday trying to do what the world may consider the impossible. Find a Cure for DMD. Save Our Sons, established back in 2008 through the need to help Elie’s son and all other boys with DMD – is growing at a rapid pace. Along with their loyal ambassadors, sponsors and supporters, and a team of scientists and professors, Save Our Sons hopes to raise $1,000,000 this year. Much needed funding to see through the clinical trials (right here in Australia) with the ultimate goal to find a cure and stop DMD in it’s tracks. To do this, over the years, Save Our Sons has held star studded fundraisers and campaigns. This year is no different. 2014 is set to be one of the biggest years in Save Our Sons History. Save Our Sons first event of the year took place on Saturday the 22nd February. A poker event titled ‘PLAY FOR A CURE’ and sponsored by APL saw almost 400 keen poker players take to the tables to win a seat at the WSOP APAC Main event in Melbourne. In doing so, this group of amazing supporters managed to raise just over $50,000 in one night – A small but important


Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014

step towards the goal of $1,000,000 for the year. Save Our Sons has an amazing line up of events for the year. As past experience has proven,

these events will sell out quickly. So save the dates and register your interest. Get behind a VERY worthwhile cause, and have a lot of fun doing so!

Save Our Sons Friday, 28th March 2014 – Casino Royale Melbourne Matthew Flinders Hotel Melbourne. A night full of poker, blackjack, roulette and big wheels with a few of Melbourne’s finest stars thrown in for good measure.

June 2014 – Casino Royal Sydney (date & venue to be confirmed)

A star studded line up awaits you for a glamorous night out in Sydney. With everything the finest casinos have to offer with the Save Our Sons magic completing the final touches. July School Holidays (date & venue to be confirmed) – Family Fun Day A fun day out for mums, dads and kiddies alike.

September 2014 – Laugh for a Cure Comedy Night (date & venue to be confirmed)

You will be left in stitches before the night is through. Some of Australia’s best comedic talent take to the stage for a night of laughter and awareness.

Tuesday, 4th November 2014 – Melbourne Cup Luncheon The Ivy Bar Sydney Put on your best attire... Save Our Sons is going to the races in one of Sydney’s most popular hot spots.

Saturday, 6th December 2014 – A Night Before Christmas Gala Dinner Luna Park Sydney A night you do not want to miss! Hosted by Alan Jones and a line up of Australia’s A Listers. The Save Our Sons Gala Dinner is a night you will never forget. It’s at these events you can expect to rub shoulders with celebrity ambassadors such as Ada Nicodemou, Lynne McGranger, Triple M’s Grill Team, Jonesy and Amanda, Jeff Fenech, Angry Anderson, Sam Burgess, Billy “The Kid” Dib just to name a few. With other high profile names (such as Alan Jones & Ray Hadley) also giving their support you’re bound to have a great night whilst supporting a worthwhile cause. Be warned though; with all the glitz and glamour also come high emotions. You will see first hand what Save Our Sons is trying to accomplish, and how devastating DMD truly is. But with your help we can make a difference. For more event information and/or to register your interest, please contact: • Bass – 0400 004 312 (email: • Rita – 0405 466 866 (email: Monetary donations are also welcome and can be deposited via the Save Our Sons website: There you can also read up on DMD, the Save our Sons team, Ambassadors, Sponsors and other fundraising opportunities such as 5s for Lives.

See you at the Event! Official Sponsors of 2014


Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014



Social Media… Does it Work? Carla Mollica, Writer - The Web Content Specialist

Could social media be wasting your precious time and money and offering very little benefit to your company? Social media advocates (ie marketers who offer social media services) will say it is an untapped source of sales and say no business owner can afford not to promote their business via social media. But the return on investment (ROI) may be too small to warrant the time, effort, and cost. Yes, cost because even if you do all the posting and updating yourself (instead of paying someone) your time comes at a price.

Bodies’ ad campaign backfired and damaged their brand’s image and shredded any goodwill with customers. The crime? Aussie Bodies’ protein bar ad campaign equated self esteem with a bikini-ready body with the slogan

That social media is free, is just a myth. Some business people claim they use social media to promote their business because they believe it is free. In fact, there could be a negative return on investment by the time you tally up the costs: time to set up social media accounts, develop a social media strategy, implement the strategy across platforms and over time, invest your time to participate daily, and/or pay someone else to post if you don’t have the time or expertise. Major banks are questioning the wisdom of investing in something with negative returns and reviewing their marketing mix.

“self esteem - powered by protein”. Offended Twitter and FaceBook users were extremely vocal in their disapproval and mounted a petition to force the removal of the campaign. Aussie Bodies withdrew the campaign but the damage was done, customers were put off by the blooper.

Businesses are coming to realise that tallying up likes and follows does little to increase their customer’s spend or convert new customers. In fact, General Motors withdrew paid ads on FaceBook upon advice that its marketing budget would yield better returns allocated elsewhere. Social media is starting to look like a costly experiment. I say experiment because even the experts don’t know if it works because the tools to measure social media success are in their infancy. Social media is great for is getting your message out there if you use it as a broadcast channel. But you will be spruiking in a space that is saturated with your competitors. Even if you rise above your competitors noise to stand out you can not be sure your target customers are even using social media. Beware, even if your target is active on social media, the immediacy of social media can be a blessing or a curse. Recently, Aussie


Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014

I should also point out that the statistic for improved sales could be biased because the study was carried out by the Content Marketing Institute (CMO). So, perhaps they didn’t disclose how much the sales increased because it was not

Businesses are coming to realise that tallying up likes and follows does little to increase their customer’s spend or convert new customers. In fact, General Motors withdrew paid ads on FaceBook upon advice that its marketing budget would yield better returns allocated elsewhere.

Beyond being careful not to draw the ire of current and prospective customers, you must understand that customers being active on social media is something completely separate from buying from your company. Buying is done on your business’ website, not via social media. Therefore, marketers asserting that social media is essential for all businesses may, at best, be overstating the importance of social media. And at worst be lining their own pockets by selling services that are not yielding the purported benefits for your company’s bottom line. One study declares that there are improved sales for companies that have used social media for 3 years. Three years! That is a long lead time. That study only says there is an increase in sales. It does not say how much the increase was, just that sales went up. Keep in mind that marketing companies consider 1% to be a good conversion rate for a website. That means one of every onehundred site visitors may take things to the next step and enquire, call, email or buy. If that is considered a success by marketers might their measures of social media similarly have the bar set just as low? They did not publish the figures so we can only speculate.

by very much. What we do know is that people are participating on social media in ever greater numbers daily. Participating online takes little effort to like or retweet. People do it because it is easy, one click. What is not so clear, is knowing if engaging via social media brings changes to buyers behaviour. A follow may not lead to a purchase, or even an enquiry. Getting back to the idea of 1% conversion, why on earth are business owners accepting these return rates. In traditional marketing avenues, 1% would be considered abysmal. Is social media teaching us to not just accept mediocre but to pursue it using time and money already stretched to the maximum? The social media landscape changes daily. There is still much work to be done before social media efforts seem worth it in the boardroom and for stakeholders. For the moment it is prudent to participate both in social media channels as well as traditional distribution channels (like print media, printed publications, and promotional materials). G

The Web Content Specialist p | 0438 313 518 e | w |

Your flyers personally delivered to every Office Reception Desk in Norwest Business Park and Macquarie Business Park + Lane Cove West

Norwest Business Park $480 + GST per run ($450 + GST per additional flyer) GWP MEDIA速

Macquarie Business Park + Lane Cove West $480 + GST per run

($450 + GST per additional flyer) Please contact Daniel

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Business Chamber

Chambers Promote the Spirit of Co-operation Sabrina Ferguson, Executive Officer - Ryde Business Forum

It’s a competitive world out there, not just for businesses competing in the same market, but for business and networking associations offering services to help business owners grow their networks. There are so many options to choose from – as a business owner, which association or associations do you join? As the executive officer of Ryde Business Forum, Ryde’s biggest Chamber of Commerce, of course I’m going to suggest you join us, or your local Chamber. Chambers of Commerce offer more than simply networking and referrals. We are your conduit to lobbying all three levels of government, whether it’s a very localised issue such as a hazardous footpath outside your premises, or wider issues such as proposed changes to IR laws. Ryde Business Forum and the local Chambers under our umbrella – Armenian, Eastwood, Gladesville, Ryde Macquarie Park and West Ryde – are Chamber Alliance members of the NSW Business Chamber, and this gives us a much louder voice to lobby the NSW government. But there’s more! Through this Alliance we can offer our members a special rate at NSW Business Chamber events, and in return we offer any member of a local Chamber also in the Alliance a special rate at our events. We want our members to meet people from other Chambers and widen their network of contacts, and by taking advantage of these special rates new people regularly attend our popular Business After Hours networking and our Business @ Breakfast and Business @ Lunch events.


New member presentation at RBF’s February 2014 Business After Hours. l-r: Michael Robinson (Macquarie Training Business College), Hugh Lee (Ryde Lunar New Year committee), Cr Roy Maggio (Mayor of Ryde), Steve Hipsley (ECT Connect), Warren McGrath (Regus Management), Lydia Scuglia (President, RBF), Chris Nash (Alldry Carpet Cleaning), Vanya Stace (Stace & Co), Ruth Chambers (Intouch Marketing), John Alexander MP (Member for Bennelong), June Heinrich (Principal, Macquarie Community College)

E-Commerce for SMEs - 9 April RBF in conjunction with member eCorner is delighted to present a power-packed half day workshop to show SME owners how to make the most of being online. If your business doesn’t sell products or services online because you are unsure of the cost and difficulty of maintaining such a presence, this workshop is for you. This half-day workshop presented by John Debrincat of eCorner is designed as a comprehensive introduction to practical ecommerce for small to medium sized business owners.

Being part of a Chamber is all about working together, and drawing on the combined strength of local Chambers and the NSW Business Chamber we can provide access to a comprehensive range of educational and guest speaker events.

The workshop will examine case studies and offer practical guidance on making an online store work successfully for your business.

Talk to your own local Chamber and get involved – local Chambers are dynamic and forward-thinking, and they exist primarily to assist people like you.

We are offering this workshop at the special price of $125 for members, $140 for local Chamber and Alliance members, and $150 for non-members. Usually you’d be paying in excess of $500 to attend this workshop.

Two special events As well as our monthly Business After Hours and Boardroom Breakfast events, we have two mustattend events for you over the next few months.

Registration is open now at our website www.

Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014

Business @ Lunch with special guest John McGrath - 28 May The dynamo behind the McGrath Estate Agents brand is our guest speaker at our first Business @ Lunch for 2014. John McGrath started his real estate business in his garage in 1989, and has grown it to be one of the most successful and fast-growing real estate companies in Australasia, selling more than $6 billion in residential sales last year. John will provide you with his insights and experiences on what it takes to grow your business exponentially in the short-term by adopting a few critical habits and skills. Success is there for the taking – learn the methods employed by a very successful man! Head to to book your place – or a corporate table – at this special luncheon. RBF Members attend for $65 per head, members of local Chambers in Ryde or the NSWBC Chamber Alliance may attend for $75, non-members $85. G For more information on our events and the benefits of membership contact Marcella Letteri in our office on 9952 8498.





































Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014


Society & Life

Innocent, Innocence, Innocents Angry Anderson

The dictionary defines innocent like this: from moral wrong, sinless, not guilty (of a crime), free from responsibility for an event yet suffering its consequences (innocent bystanders). Simple; gutless; naive; harmless, (from the Latin) innocent, ‘not hurting’.

So who protects the ‘innocents’, whose job is it to protect them?.. Yes, ours of course!.. It is our responsibility! Yours and mine! The news, in recent times, has been awash with examples of how innocents are suffering. From the victims of the ‘coward’s’ punch to the headlines today telling the tragic story of a child bride. All around us the innocents are suffering and the question needs to be asked why? Is it because we are not aware? Is it because we are powerless to do anything about it? Is it because we don’t care? Is it because it doesn’t really matter what happens to them? Or is it because we have come to accept the situation as just part of the price we must pay for living in the modern age?


general population of their host nation, as much trouble, aggravation and disruption as they possibly can. All the while some of their number are plotting acts of terrorism against us. I wrote recently of the problem facing us over the return to Australia of those radicals who have gone to Syria to fight on the side of the so-called ‘freedom fighters’. These people are not the gloriously romantic figures of the freedom fighters of old depicted in literature; the reality is that they are cold-hearted, cold-blooded butchers of the worst kind. But are we aware of the pain and terror inflicted by these vermin on the innocent moderates of their own kind, that is say other (moderate) Muslims, their own brothers and sisters? It has come to my notice in recent years, that these thugs have been and are intimidating, persecuting and punishing members of their own community, that is to say other Muslim people. …Standing over them and exploiting them in the most violent manner, even unto death.

growing problem faced by our moderate Muslims at the hands of the radical fundamentalists. I might take this opportunity to address the biased and unbalanced reporting of the conflict in Syria. I have been informed by Syrian people here in Australia that our media is only giving one side of the sad story and the plight of the moderates and Christians in Syria is largely misrepresented. This is the result of falling into line with the so called NATO or American view. It would seem that here in Australia both sides of our government have chosen to follow like sheep. The Syrian Muslim moderates and Christian Syrian populations here at home in Australia, are being stood over, threatened, bombed and shot at. Their churches and mosques are being threatened and there have been reports of holy places being fire bombed as well as houses and businesses!.. Yes, right here in Australia!.. And we once thought that ‘it couldn’t happen here’. That age of innocence has sadly passed… forever. We are now under constant threat from within.

None of the above makes any sense, none of these suggestions hold water simply because they are all wrong! We do care and it does matter. And No! We will not accept that it is a price we are willing to pay.

I have been reminded of my experience on the ‘Go back to where you came from’ Program. There we discovered that the moderates who were legitimate refugees were being hunted to death in their own country by other extremist Muslims. Their only crime was that they were not extreme or fundamental enough. These moderates were being out-priced in their efforts to come to Australia, albeit, by boat, by economic refugees who could pay more for the passage. Let’s never forget that the boat arrivals are the product of trafficking in human beings, it’s akin to the slave trade. Sadly it still exists today.

However we have allowed the slaughter of innocence itself. It is arguable though, that we could have stopped that from happening, it maybe just one of those things in life that has to happen, so that other things can happen as a result - but I digress…sorry!

Elements within the Greens and the loony-left would have us believe that somehow the people smugglers are doing humanitarian work… nothing could be further from the truth. They trade in human misery solely for profit, no other reason. There are no ‘Schindlers’ in their company.

We are no longer blind to the growing problem of the cultural clash between the general population in Australia and the truly negative and disruptive elements within our Islamic community. Very few of us are unaware of the festering sore that’s erupting from the disgraceful behaviour perpetrated by a growing number of so called Muslims. They seem intent on causing us, the

Moderate Muslims are being persecuted in the most violent way right here in our country, the same country they chose for refuge. They came here to escape the very element that now persecutes them here in Australia.

Depending on mail response I may write more on this subject later, but for now…

My recent association with those within the Syrian community has again alerted me to the

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Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014

The radicals are for now, dictating to us… the majority. That situation will prevail until the day we say enough is enough and begin to take back control of our own country. What is happening here at home is just a repeat of what is already happening in other parts of the world. This mix, this recipe for disaster, has not worked in any other country in the world, what makes anyone here in Australia believe that it will work here. It is our responsibility to protect the innocents. All this could have been avoided had there been a well thought out and implemented immigration policy that took well meaning advice when offered.

Go with your God, find your peace and your truth. I remain your friend, Angry Anderson. G

Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 63 | March 2014


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Business Resource & Lifestyle Magazine Issue #63 - March 2014  
Business Resource & Lifestyle Magazine Issue #63 - March 2014  

Business Resource & Lifestyle Magazine Issue #63 - March 2014