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Harry Edwards: a Proud Ambassador for the

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Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013

Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013


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Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013





































Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013



Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013




Cover Story 10 Harry Edwards is a Proud

Ambassador for the Sydney Hills

Adrian Payne

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18 What is the Hills Shire Plan?

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Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013


editor’s letter

God Save the Queen… Let’s Be One People Again Dmitry Greku, M. Sc. - Editor and Publisher - GWP Magazines®

Her Majesty, in her 2013 Queen’s Speech touched on a topic which has for years been driven underground in public discussion. This topic received its ‘untouchable’ status due to massive efforts of the left-minded minority. People who seem to have enough time for demonstrations, confrontations with police, ’non-violent‘ battles for human rights and many other attempts to unbalance a strong and justifiable opinion among members of her Commonwealth of nations.

If you care to analyse what they show us on TV, it won’t escape your notice that we are a ’lucky country‘ indeed. We only hear about suicide bombings, and see awful video clips of corrupt governments killing their own people in tens of thousands. Then there are the stories about our ’role to set an example in the world‘ in more stupid attempts to save something or someone somewhere else and preferably using someone else’s money, usually, it’s at Australian tax payers’ expense. The Queen made a strong and unusually frank comment on illegal entry to The UK – of course she was talking about illegal immigrants. She, unlike many politicians seems willing to support the view that they are often the perpetrators of crime. They are the people who are not willing to assimilate. They are people who are not prepared to leave their extreme and inhumane beliefs behind, even when the UK gives them a chance for a better life with humane living conditions and human rights. She asked through new legislation, that her subjects support her initiative and inform appropriate government agencies about illegal activities, including the provision of accommodation and employment to those who have committed a crime by unlawfully entering her country, and are therefore there illegally.


Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013

Finally her government has an opportunity to ignore the ‘leftie rhetoric’ and demonstrate that it is backing individuals and families who want to work hard and go on to enjoy a better life. From now on her country, the UK, may have a chance to “attract people who will contribute, and deter those who will not”. Will our Australian Government consider similar bold polices and do something in the same direction? I’m not expecting much from a toxic Labor-Greens coalition. My hope lies with the new post-September government. It’s fashionable for modern politicians to talk about the future, which is always ‘brighter’, yet they persist in sending our money somewhere overseas where ‘less fortunate‘ people are in greater need than you, me or our neighbours. How do they justify a five billion dollar aid budget being sent to corrupt governments in countries where people hate us for our values and beliefs? Then they spend another $2 billion of our taxes to bring them here! Steady growth of government departments seems to add to better employment figures here in Australia. It may be that there’s a whole army of multicultural specialists looking busy, preparing more cultural ’diversity‘ festivals and ’progressive‘ immigration polices. I’m happy to pay tax, but I want my tax dollar to be spent here today on our schools, and hospitals and on Australian families who need extra attention and help. Let’s stop these multicultural activities which break people up into separate cultural groups. Multiculturalism seems to identify one person‘s difference from the other. By hanging out a tag declaring your multicultural ‘segment’ for others to see, it becomes a matter of whether you’re multicultural enough! If you’re not multicultural or critical of multiculture you’re simply called a racist that doesn’t like other people. This is not racism, it’s just that most

people have enough in their lives to take care of without running about preaching their love for all of mankind and their many and various cultures. What if someone committed a crime here, hating Australia, our laws and system of freedoms and doesn’t want to stand up before a judge when he is in court for his wrong doings? He wouldn’t be the first to justify his actions by using a special cultural defence! – instead, why not send him back where his behaviour and beliefs will be accepted by the rules of another country. They will probably chop his head off with all of their humanity and understanding! Let’s bring our own values back in full and become a united, strong and proud Australian People again. G

Letter to the Editor I’m a business owner on the Northern Beaches (my husband actually has cause to visit Wetherill Park frequently and picks your magazine up for me to read!). I just read your piece entitled ‘Licence to Live’ and wanted to send you a quick response. ….Congratulations! Someone finally saying something most people are thinking but don’t want to say/admit. When did we become the ‘poor bugger me’ country we are today? When my parents and I emigrated in the late ‘60s, they had to borrow money to pay the rent! And they had me in tow! They’ve built up a wonderful life for themselves through sheer hard, honest work and the undying belief in themselves. They’ve suffered (bankruptcy) and rallied over the decades – all without any handouts or funding! And supported many families along the way. I totally agree … we certainly don’t need to be regulated or funded – we just need to pull our sleeves up, think outside the square, and get on with things (a little red wine helps too). Yes, it’s difficult at the moment – in fact, in the 20+ years I’ve been doing business, I haven’t experienced anything so challenging, but isn’t it true … that which does not kill us makes us stronger! Well, I hope it’s true anyway! So…onwards and upwards – who knows, we might all learn a little something from here. Carole Johnston, CMC Music

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1300 889 132 Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013


Proudly Presented by

Harry Edwards is a Proud Ambassador for the

Sydney Hills 10

Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013

great Sydney Regions


bane Rd, 19

hip from Bris

wns Castle Hill To

Tram at Castle Hill, Terminus St, 1910

by Adrian Payne

The Hills Shire has a population of over one hundred and seventy-seven thousand people living and working on about four hundred square kilometres. If it were a city, it would rival the size of some of Australia’s capitals. And it’s growing fast! The Hills Shire Council claims that by 2031, The Hills Shire will grow by 100,000 people, 36,000 dwellings will be built and 47,000 additional jobs provided.

Castle Hill Pu

blic School

Situated some thirty kilometres north of the Sydney CBD, The Hills Shire is bounded by Hawkesbury City in the north, Hornsby Shire in the east, Parramatta City in the south and Blacktown City in the west.

Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013


Proudly Presented by

Darug Aborigines were the sole inhabitants of the area until the late 1700’s, and as European settlement began to prosper, in 1794 Hawkesbury Road (Old Windsor Road) was built between Toongabbie Government Farm and the Hawkesbury River. One of the earliest European developments was Bella Vista Farm. Located at Elizabeth Macarthur Drive, Bella Vista, was established in the late 1700s, the complex as it is preserved today, features a two storey homestead, Bunya Pine-lined driveway and various farm outbuildings set on a prominent hilltop. It provides a rare surviving link between the community today, the first European settlers and some of Australia’s earliest rural development. With the assistance of a grant from the State Government, conservation has begun to reinstate the verandahs and to put back an original-style slate roof on the homestead. The kitchen block is also to be restored. The main homestead and farm buildings are to be temporarily fenced while the conservation works are being undertaken, meantime, the rest of the property is open for public use. Baulkham Hills was the first area beyond Parramatta to be developed. From 1800 onwards the expert pioneering work of George Suttor and William Mobbs demonstrated a promising suitability of the ridges for the cultivation of citrus and stone fruit. Settler William Joyce received the first land grant in the area and by 1811 he was landlord of the Shire’s first inn which was located on the new Hawkesbury Road. Orcharding began to extended vigorously northwards to Dural, Glenorie and Wisemans Ferry. However, in the early 1920’s poultry-meat and egg production began to replace citrus and stone fruits as the main industries. By 1823 most of the land in the area had been surveyed, granted and developed into farms. 1826 saw the commencement of the construction of


Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013

(back row l-r) Clr Alan Haselden, Clr Peter Gangemi, Clr Yvonne Keane, Clr Mark Taylor, Clr Ryan Tracey, Clr Dr Je Lowe, Clr Mike Thomas, Clr Raymond Harty, (front row l-r) Clr Andrew Jeeries (Deputy Mayor) Clr Dr Michelle Byrne (Mayor), Clr Robyn Preston, Clr Tony Hay

the Great Northern Road from Castle Hill to Wiseman’s Ferry. The area became known as a holiday destination. Country retreats were built on the ridges, they

were a cool escape from hot Sydney summers. They became a feature of the area from the1880’s. This was a natural extension of the interest in tourism at the time and led to attractive properties being built in bushland or among the orchards.

great Sydney Regions

Norwest Business Park

These dwellings, were more frequently occupied and for longer periods than the better known holiday-homes at Mount Wilson. The settlement here, albeit mainly populated for the summer months, encouraged local philanthropy and the building of amenities such as the Burnside Homes, the Masonic Homes and St Paul’s Anglican Church at Castle Hill. In 1886 Castle Hill District Show began at Rogans Hill and flourished there for five years until the event was moved to Showground Road Castle Hill in 1891. Eleven years later in 1902, a tram line opened from Parramatta to Baulkham Hills with an extension to Castle Hill which opened in 1910. This prompted the subdivision of old rural estates next to the tram tracks, into residential blocks. A train service from Westmead to Castle Hill replaced the tram in 1923. It was extended to Rogans Hill the following year. However it lasted only nine years before it closed... mainly due to the advent of the internal combustion engine by then commonly used in trucks, cars and buses which needed a wider main road. By 1933 the population of the Hills Shire area had grown to 8,075, but it was the 1960’s that saw the beginning of the accelerated growth that is still happening there today. In 1978 Land in Victoria Avenue and Carrington Road, Castle Hill, was set aside for an industrial area now known as the Castle Hill Trading Zone. By then the population had risen to over seventy-five thousand. Probably the jewel in the crown of The Sydney Hills is Norwest Business Park – the region’s state-ofthe-art commercial hub. Norwest Business Park was established on a

thousand acres of land in Baulkham Hills where ‘Norbrik’, a brick and tile manufacturing plant operated from 1956 to 2002. In the 1980’s Norbrik investigated alternatave uses for the site and came up with the concept of a business park where people could work, live and enjoy their leisure time. The land was rezoned as ‘employment land’ in 1987 by Council and the State Government. In1992 the first stages of building Norwest Business Park began. Soon, large organisations like Australia Post, Cathay Pacific and the Hillsong Church saw the potential and moved in and the first residential development was built in the Bella Vista Village area. In 1998 Norwest Boulevard opened, linking Old Windsor Road to Windsor Road. Since then, the park has gone from strength to strength welcoming major retail and industrial businesses including Woolworths, Resmed, Virgin Gym, Bell Partners and many more. In 2008, Circa became a significant presence, adding the Norwest Private Hospital and the CircaRetail shopping centre. Also in 2008 The Council’s name was changed to ‘The Hills Shire Council’. The Council purchased a new building in Norwest Business Park last year, for its own future accommodation. They will relocate in 2014

The Hills Shire Council has committed to building an economy that is both diverse and resilient. To ensure the word gets around about the Sydney Hills and all it has to offer, they have come up with a new initiative, creating Sydney Hills Business ‘Ambassadors’. These are local business people who share a passion for the District and have brought their own businesses to the area. They are the people who will speak among their own business contacts elsewhere in Australia and overseas to help bring new enterprises to the Hills to further stimulate growth that remains strong despite the current world economic slow-down. One such Ambassador is Harry Edwards, Managing Director of Bell Partners Norwest. Their company heritage dates back to the early 1960’s. Under the leadership of CEO Anthony Bell, Bell Partners has become one of the fastest growing

Looking to the future, it is expected that Norwest Business Park will accommodate much of the commercial and jobs growth forecast in the State Government’s Metropolitan Plan for Sydney. In the words of The Hills Mayor Councillor Dr Michelle Byrne...”There is nowhere else quite like The Sydney Hills where an impressive lifestyle and excellent business opportunities blend seamlessly to cater for the work-life balance. Where else could you balance all your business and home life needs the way we can?”

Crowne Plaza Norwest and Atlas Building

Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013


Proudly Presented by and financial services firms in Australia. After ten years working with Anthony in the Sydney CBD and living in The Hills it was decided that Harry would start a branch of Bell Partners at Norwest Park. Harry had seen the trend of business growth in the area and CEO Anthony Bell agreed to invest there. Anthony says “At Bell Partners, while we continually evolve our practice, we value our history and reputation for client service, built over the best part of 50 years. As we move forward through 2013 and beyond, we continue to listen carefully to our key clients for what they want and what they need”. “This year we are evolving our model again, in terms of technology accessibility, and knowledge. Our core values remain constant, to meet the full expectations of our clients being serviced by the best people in the profession.”

Harry remembers that in the days he commuted to Sydney, he would spend up to an hour and a half travelling by car each way - five days a week. Today, now based at Norwest Park, he lives 20 minutes from work. On reflection he says... “the time I used to spend in the car amounted to a whole working day each week”. Living and working in The Hills certainly leads to a better quality of life, and that seems increasingly to be an ambition for those who spend so much time caught up in the commuter ‘rat race’. The fact that the Hills has grown so strongly without any significant public transport infrastructure is remarkable. Finally though, construction of the Northwest rail link from Chatswood that will connect to eight new stations in The Hills, is assured. The Hills Shire will finally be linked to Epping and Chatswood on the north shore and

The fact that Bell Partners are working in the Hills is indicative of the interest of more sophisticated business models in coming to the area. It wasn’t so many years ago that one-person tax-agent offices represented the extent of available financial services. Anything more meant a trip to ‘the big smoke!’

Fishing at Cattai

On the Ski-Biscuit


Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013

with interchange stations, to Sydney CBD, all points north including Newcastle and Brisbane, further West to the Blue Mountains, and South to Melbourne, South Australia and the far West. The eight stations will be linked to Chatswood by a new generation of single-deck trains. They are quicker because they will load more quickly and they are capable of faster acceleration following a stop. It is anticipated that trains will be just five minutes apart in peak hours and no more than fifteen minutes at other times. The new rail line is seen to be the key factor in The Hills Shire’s ability to draw new and vibrant businesses to the district. Each of the new stations reflects the concept of living and working in the Hills, as well as the need to get people into other parts of Sydney quickly and comfortably.

great Sydney Regions The Bella Vista district will become more attractive and viable as a commercial hub with the addition of the new station there. Increased commercial activity in the business park will attract business owners, professionals and qualified workers who will have a choice of detached houses, townhouses or apartments.

For example, the area around the Cudgegong Road station at the far-eastern end of the line will play an important role as a local village centre providing for the daily needs of residents and workers. Higher density housing has been suggested around the station with low density dwellings replacing rural-style residences in other nearby areas. Improved pedestrian, cycle and roadway connections will be made with the new station and substantial open spaces will provide recreation spaces and wildlife habitat.

The Castle Hill station will serve the major centre for Sydney’s North West. Castle Hill is likely to increase its shopping options as a major retailing hub. The growing number of commercial offices anticipated will increase residential density near the station. A major transport hub will develop around the train station and the bus interchange in Arthur Whiting Park.

With the first tunnelling machines to be in the ground next year, the rail link is a major infrastructure project for New South Wales. But it’s the growth of business activity and therefore jobs and population around the corridor that will bring to the Hills the quality of services that it will soon need, in order to support a strong and vibrant new community that began its current growth ‘spurt’ way back in the 1960’s. G

According to the Department of Infrastructure and Planning, the area surrounding the new stations is predicted to provide 27,400 new homes and 49,500 new jobs by 2036. A corridor strategy will guide development to ensure sustainable, well-connected communities, close to jobs, transport and facilities.

The Pines

Wisemans Ferry

Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013



No Bang from Julia’s Defence Budget The Hon. Charlie Lynn - Member of the Legislative Council

Thousands of young Australians lost their lives during the Pacific War because gutless Australian politicians failed to accept their primary responsibility of ensuring our army, navy and air force men and women were properly trained and equipped for war. They tugged their forelocks and grovelled to the mother country in the hope that Britain would protect us.

The fall of Singapore on 15 February 1942 resulted in the loss of an entire Australian Division of more than 15,000 men and saw our political chooks come home to roost. Our most eminent military historian, Professor David Horner, described the political run-down of our armed forces after World War I as being either naively optimistic or ‘bordering on treason’. The Gillard Labor Government has recently gone one better and reduced our Defence spending to less than it was in the lead-up to World War II. To add insult to injury they have converted our once proud Royal Australian Navy into a water taxi service for illegal immigrants. They have destroyed the integrity of our national borders and effectively disarmed the nation. Our most recent Defence White Paper might win Julia some plaudits from her old socialist comrades but otherwise it will be regarded as a sick betrayal of our national defence responsibilities. Our conventional Collins class submarines are obsolete. We are lucky to have one in the water out of the 12 we have at any one time. The navy cannot even provide enough crews to man, woman and gay them! The subs have never worked properly, even when they were new, and now we are saddled with them for the next 25 years as a result of Julia’s White Paper. They might as well put oars, rowlocks and slingshots on them. Labor has postponed our commitment to the F35 Stealth Bombers and opted for what will be a horrendously expensive short term compromise which will result in our air force having to maintain


Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013

two different types of complex jet fighters. It is a lose-lose situation that we can ill-afford but Julia will probably be enjoying a comfortable retirement somewhere in Moscow by the time this transpires. We are now Uncle Sam’s lapdog in the Pacific. We have no independent capability of projecting ourselves in the region without American support. Even then, if China says ‘boo’ our political leaders will have to change their diapers, surrender their pop-guns and declare another national sorry day for even thinking about it.

in national and regional disaster relief. They are also trained, equipped and motivated to defend our national interest when required – either alone or as part of an allied coalition. A viable Defence Force generates jobs in research, information technology, production, maintenance and logistics. It develops character amongst those who serve and provides them with the skills and expertise to add value to society. Exchange programs with our Melanesian neighbours offer great opportunity for us to better understand and respect each other.

The Gillard Labor Government has recently gone one better and reduced our Defence spending to less than it was in the lead-up to World War II. To add insult to injury they have converted our once proud Royal Australian Navy into a water taxi service for illegal immigrants. Australia paid the highest per-capita price for defending freedom and democracy in World War I with more than 60,000 killed in action. This earned Prime Minister Billy Hughes a seat at the table in the League of Nations immediately after the war. Today Julia would be lucky to get a poddy-stool in the waiting room.

On a higher strategic level our only security option is with the United States. But to earn their respect we have to increase our defence spending to around 2.5% or more of GDP. This is still modest in relation to the United States which spends around 4% and China which is estimated at 16%.

Our defence budget has now been reduced to its lowest level since Federation. The Rudd-Gillard Labor Governments have not only compromised our territorial integrity by downgrading our once proud navy into maitre d’ service for illegal immigrants and our Army as a probational constable for our region. As a result we will have to mortgage our sovereignty to the United States if we want protection just as we did with Britain in the 1930s.

Almost 4000 young Australians buried at Bomana War Cemetery would have noted the irony of Julia’s recent visit. One can only guess how many would have lived fulfilling lives if their political leaders had not failed them in the lead-up to the war with Japan. We can only wonder how many more will have to pay a similar price sometime in the future because of the current neglect of our Defence forces by the Rudd-Gillard Government.

Rather than being a bridge between America and China in the inevitable power-play in the Pacific the Gillard Government has relegated us to being little more than a regional doormat.

For more topics and to contact Charlie Lynn, please visit

Proud nations have a proud Defence Force. Fit and disciplined young warriors showcase the nation on ceremonial occasions and provide a ready-reserve of human and material resources


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Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013


LOCAL Government

What is the Hills Shire Plan? The Hills Shire Plan is blueprint for what will happen with roads, footpaths, parks and community services for the next four years. The new plan explains how Council’s budget will be spent with funding for new projects, revitalisation of existing community assets and improved community connectivity.

Community Buildings Just some of the community buildings receiving attention in the first year are: • Balcombe Heights Estate, Baulkham Hills $639,400 • Forgotten Valley Preschool, Wisemans Ferry $90,000 • Beaumont Hills Community Centre $110,000 • Wisemans Ferry Park $100,000 • Ted Horwood Reserve, Baulkham Hills, $57,000 • Castle Glen Community Centre, Castle Hill $58,000 • Coolong Reserve, Castle Hill $95,000

Importantly, Council has made sure the human and financial resources are in place to deliver the plan. The first year’s budget outlines a $182.7 million spend for residents, and projects a budget surplus of $248,000.

Community connectivity boost Community events are a highlight of the new plan. Community festivals, pop-up markets, Australia Day and Christmas celebrations will receive a boost. Additional activities are planned through the year, particularly on Castle Hill main street.

A recent NSW Treasury Corporation report rated The Hills Shire Council as one of three New South Wales Councils currently in a strong financial position. The report also found Council is likely to remain financially sustainable into the future by looking at a range of factors, including financial strength, service and infrastructure requirements and community needs. Council is proud of its financial record in recent years, and remains debt-free. This plan maintains the financial prudency and discipline necessary to ensure Council remains in a strong position. What will be delivered? Revitalising roads Local roads will receive attention – with new or restorative work. Traffic lights are planned for the Glenhaven Road/Old Northern Road intersection towards the end of the four-year delivery program (Council is currently seeking a funding contribution from the Roads and Maritime Services to bring the project forward). In the first year, just some of the roads receiving attention: • Annangrove Road, Annangrove $216,000 • President Road, Kellyville $250,000 • Kyle Avenue, Glenhaven $150,000 • Old Castle Hill Road, Castle Hill $590,000 • Tracey Ave, Carlingford $120,000 • Boundary Road, Maraylya $318,000 • Kenthurst Road, Dural $300,000 • North Rocks Road, North Rocks $300,000 • Parsonage Road, Castle Hill $340,000 • Wrights Road, Kellyville $200,000 Footpath focus Council’s footpath strategy proposes to build new footpaths and repair existing ones. The Hills Shire Plan shows where each new footpath will be built, in which year construction will take place and


Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013

provides the same detail for existing footpaths. In the 2013/14, just some of the new footpaths to be built are: • Kerrs Road, Castle Hill $110,000 • Bettington Road, Oatlands $155,000 • Ampitheatre Cct, Baulkham Hills $187,000 • Evans Road, Glenhaven $153,000 • Ridgecrop Drive, Castle Hill $280,000 • Munroe St, Baulkham Hills $153,000 Bridging the gap More than $3 million will be spent on replacing ageing timber bridges on Pitt Town Road and Mud Island Road. Play in the park Some of the playground, parks, community facilities and tennis courts getting embellishments in the first year include: • North Rocks Park tennis courts, North Rocks $105,000 • Conie Ave Reserve, Baulkham Hills $161,000 • Roy Dudley Reserve, Kellyville $70,000 • Bernie Mullane Reserve playing fields, Kellyville $45,000 Looking after our assets The new four-year plan continues to address Council’s infrastructure backlog program, reducing the backlog from $52 million in 11/12, to $31 million in 12/13 and a projected $18 million in 13/14 and continuing to reduce this over the term of the plan.

Planning for the future Research will be carried out investigating ways to balance population growth and maintain quality of life. Just some of these include: • Opportunities to improve amenity in Dural and Round Corner. • Investigating the cultural and performing arts needs of The Shire. • Understanding how land adjacent to Caddies Creek might be used for additional playing fields. • Sydney Hills Leisure Precinct - future uses for the Showground will be explored, maintaining its use and ensuring flexibility as a family leisure precinct. • Revitalising the Baulkham Hills Town Centre - a plan will be developed in consultation with the community. • Commuter car parking - a Shire-wide car parking strategy will be developed. G

For a complete list of projects over all four years, take a look at The Hills Shire Plan on Council’s website Are you looking for information that could help you grow your business? Call Council’s Economic Development team today on 9762 1108 for a confidential business visit.

is youR busiNess

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Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013


Business Advice

DIY or Use a Specialist - Self Managed Superannuation Advice Adam Goldstien, Wealth Adviser - Skeggs Goldstien

As one of my very good Italian clients once said to me in his deepest Italian accent, “Adamo you canta winna soccer game without reserves” (he actually said football but I don’t want to confuse you). This is also true when it comes to obtaining advice on the establishment, implementation and ongoing review and management of a Self Managed Superannuation Fund.

We have been advising on Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) since 1998 and over that time we have seen a rapid rise in the popularity and use of SMSF’s by Australian investors. We find that they generally commence a SMSF for a number of reasons with the main three being control, flexibility and in some cases cost. In recent times, the strategy of borrowing money inside a SMSF to purchase investments has grown rapidly but this strategy comes with additional risks that one must seek to understand. So in this article we are sharing with you a case study of a client who has undertaken this strategy to achieve the flexibility and control outlined above, plus achieve a comfortable retirement. **This case study is also printed in “The Strategic Super Investor” magazine as a series of articles over the coming 12 months. Billy and Michelle Billy, aged 40, has been employed by Woodside Petroleum since leaving university. At the time of joining he became part of an attractive definedbenefit super scheme. However, he has recently left Woodside and moved to Sydney with his wife and children to be closer to their family. Upon ceasing employment with Woodside Petroleum his super was paid out and rolled over into an accumulation account with a balance of $500,000. Billy has now set up his own miningengineering consulting business and operates out of rented premises which he one day plans to purchase. The premises are worth about $600,000 with lease payments of $40,000 p.a. indexed to CPI. He is able to meet his current lifestyle needs


Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013

and between he and his wife plan to make super contributions of $20,000 p.a. into super. They have a balanced risk profile, understand the importance of diversification but dislike international shares, and are happy to borrow if needed to achieve their goals. They would like to draw an income of $120,000 p.a. in today’s value at age 60 until age 85. Research After undertaking a retirement analysis it was determined that the fund balance in 20 years’ time is required to be $3,000,000 to fund Billy and Michelle’s objectives. This is based on details provided in the case study plus the following assumptions: • inflation rate of 3% p.a. • investment return of 6% p.a. from the portfolio • capital growth on commercial property of 1% p.a. and rental income of $40,000 p.a. indexed at 2% p.a. • interest rate on borrowings of 8% p.a. Investment strategy development All SMSF Trustees are required to devise an investment strategy for the fund. The purpose of the investment Strategy is to record the investment objectives and strategy formulated by the trustees in relation to the investment of assets of the fund to achieve the retirement objectives of its members. The main investment objective being:

Strategic recommendations Establish the ‘Achy Breaky Heart Super Fund’ with a corporate trustee, directors and members being Billy and Michelle. Rollover the $500,000 super benefit from Billy’s existing fund into the super fund. In accordance with Billy’s objective to purchase the commercial property for $600,000, we recommend borrowing within the super fund using an LVR of 50%, that being $300,000 of capital and $300,000 of borrowed funds. To facilitate the purchase of the commercial property, a ‘bare trust’ is to be established to own the property. The loan on the property will be repaid over time using the rental income from the property. This leaves $200,000 which can be invested to achieve Billy’s other goal of diversification while avoiding international shares as noted in the investment strategy. Of this amount, $40,000 will be invested in cash-based investments, $80,000 in direct fixed-interest funds and $80,000 in a combination of direct shares and long/short strategies benchmarked to the ASX200.

To accumulate sufficient assets to fund the retirement objectives of the members in 20 years’ time on an income of $120,000 p.a. in today’s dollars until age 85.

Implementation At this final stage of engagement a team of appropriate specialists will be required to implement the plan. This includes an SMSF Specialist Adviser ‘SSA’ to ensure it is implemented and reviewed, Investment specialists for share and fixed interest investments, Risk specialists for death/TPD and disability insurance, General insurance brokers for property insurance, Accountants for Corporate Trustee and tax/GST registration and lawyers for deed amendments and upgrades.

The asset allocation of the fund is summarised in the table below.

Armed now with a full bench of reserves it is time to kick some goals. G

Asset Classes – Defensive Asset Sub-Classes

Range %

Benchmark %




Australian Fixed Interest



International Fixed Interest



Growth Asset Sub-Classes

Australian Shares



International Shares



Direct Property



Listed Property






At Skeggs Goldstien we have two SSA Accredited Advisers who can assist with your SMSF needs. Skeggs Goldstien Associates p | 1300 753 447 e | w |

skeggs golds ien


DIRECTION LEADERSHIP ACCOUNTABILITY SPECIALIST SERVICES OFFERED BY OUR TEAM INCLUDE Business Succession Planning Business Valuations Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Advice Accounting and Taxation Financial Planning and Wealth Management Commercial and Home Loans Accredited by

Financial Planning

Skeggs Goldstien Associates Pty Ltd Authorised Representatives of AMP Financial Planning Pty Limited ABN 208 051 327 AFS Licence No. 232706 (“AMPFP”) Accounting and taxation services are provided by Skeggs Goldstien Accounting. AMP Financial Planning is not responsible for the provision of these services.

Tel 1300 753 447 Email Web Bella Vista Chatswood Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013


Business Advice

Leadership – It Starts Within Elly Beck, Practice Manager - The HR Department

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”John C. Maxwell

Leadership is the ability to motivate others to achieve. As a business owner you know your business inside out, you have technical expertise and have invested great time and money in getting to where your business is at today but are you comfortable in the role of leading others? Do you grapple with the concept of leadership? Are you leading or managing? If given the choice would your employees follow your leadership? There are different levels of leadership: Positional – people follow because they have to through the delegations established within their job role. Relational – others follow you beyond your positional authority because they want to. You build relationships which others value. Building successful relationships is an essential step in developing your leadership skills. If you can’t succeed at this level then it is unlikely you will progress any further or have influence outside of your organisation. Production – others follow you because of the results you are starting to achieve. People sense your success and want to be part of it. People development – people follow because of what you are doing for them. Your investment in others results in organisational growth and loyalty. Respect – others follow you because of who you are and what you have achieved. You have empowered others to achieve and this is noticed on a wider scale. When talking about leadership we often think in terms of leading others but leadership begins within. In order to succeed you first of all need to have self-leadership. This is about having your personal house in order before you can model these qualities for others. Self-leadership is about being comfortable and secure in who you are. The keys to leading yourself are:


Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013

• knowing your core values and not compromising them • being comfortable and secure within yourself • not taking yourself too seriously • keeping fit, having friends, hobbies, interests • respecting yourself –acknowledging your value • honestly accepting your strengths and weaknesses • recognising your passion or purpose and how you can add value to others • prioritising

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” - Peter Drucker Once you understand personal leadership you can think about leading others. Good leaders rise above the functional or management side of the role and start empowering those around them. Good leaders look beyond the functions of each role, genuinely respect their employees and foster a people centred approach to guide their people. The keys to leading others within your business are: • realising that you set the tone for the organisation by modelling the values, energy and enthusiasm • involving people in decisions - people take ownership of projects they are part of creating • using positive examples and stories to reinforce what is making a difference to your business • being involved, listening and ensuring your employees feel included • empowering others to manage their roles but staying in touch with what is happening at all levels of the business giving you an overall perspective of what is important • moving forward in small achievable steps without losing sight of the big picture • maintaining the vision and using that vision to motivate others Many people are threatened if others around them keep learning and progressing. Good leaders encourage others to develop and succeed. Make your business a training ground for good leaders. Not only will this have a positive impact on your people and hence your business but people outside of your business will recognise

the qualities within your team and respect your leadership.

“A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.” - Arnold H. Glasow When you are considering if it is worthwhile to invest in developing your people the risk is not that good people will leave but rather that bad people will stay. Encouraging learning and success within your team allows everyone to progress. The keys to developing others are: • building relationships that develop trust and self-belief • encouraging questions from all levels of the team • sharing your skills and knowledge with others – as you grow so do they • encouraging initiative and confidence - even if it means people make mistakes • taking deliberate decisions to instil a culture of leadership and learning across your business. Effective leadership is not accidental, it takes commitment and consistency at both a personal level and business level. Good leaders want to value add to those around them for the right reasons not for personal glory. G If you would like to learn more about leadership and how it can benefit your business call The HR Department 02 8850 6124. One of our experienced consultants would be happy to assist. The HR Department p | 02 8850 6124 e | w |

You can focus on your core business HR SUPPORT AND ADVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST

· HR Framework · HR Helpline · HR Consultants · HR Education

BENEFITS: access to skills and expertise when you need it

cost effective

The HR Department was born out of the realisation that there are thousands of small to medium business without dedicated human resources professionals to help. Statements kept arising which made it clear businesses needed help. “I spend so much time on staff problems I don’t seem to have any time for my own work” “I go home every day feeling like I’ll never catch up” “I need to reduce my costs but I can’t see how” “ I want to go back to my core business”

The answer was not to put on a permanent staff member for many reasons · fear of increasing risks in employing permanent staff · not getting the broad experience needed in the budget you can afford to employ a permanent employee


It helps: save money improve process limit exposure to risk access high level expertise ensure compliance with employment legislation

P: 02 8850 7124 The HR Department | Suite 515 | 2-8 Brookhollow Ave | Baulkham Hills | NSW 2153 Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013



Driving Productivity Through Culture Change – when technical skill is not enough Whitney Rousham - TAFE NSW - Western Sydney Institute (WSI)

So two weeks ago along with John Yealland, a TAFE NSW - Western Sydney Institute colleague of mine, I attended a conference in Cairns. Not such a terrible hardship although the blue sky and balmy tropical weather was not to be seen as we arrived hard up on the tail end of a cyclone affecting the far northeast of Australia. So think grey skies and warm rain with most of the crocodiles eaten by the sharks.

The topic of the Conference was Supply Chain Management. Fascinating stuff. I learnt a lot of good things, for example did you know that last year Australians’ spent $12.8b online. This is only about 6% of traditional retailing but represents a growth in online purchasing of about 23%. Of course if you purchase stuff on line you also expect to get this same stuff delivered to your door, or your workplace, or factory, or to your customer. And this means picking product, collecting goods, packaging, parcelling, packing and distributing by truck, rail or air. In other words this means Supply Chain. It is incongruous but true that online purchasing results in greater need for a more effective means of delivery of product to market. See, Supply Chain again. Now the Conference I attended was populated with people from many well-known Australian and New Zealand companies all of whom knew lots more about supply chain management than me. We had a fascinating key note presentation from the Managing Director of Supply Chain at Fonterra. Fonterra is New Zealand’s largest market cap company and exports dried milk product all over the world. Given that they distribute out of Auckland situated in the very bottom right hand corner of the planet he is a man who understands a lot about the challenges of supply chain management. So why did my mate John and I attend the conference. Well we were asked to run a workshop on education and training. This is something that TAFE knows very well and both John and I could tell a good tale or two. Our workshop focussed on driving productivity through culture change – how to improve your company’s bottom line when


Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013

improving the technical skill of your workforce is not enough to bring the improvements you are hoping for.

He went on to explain that:

• leaders drive values

Why am I telling you this story? Because our workshop was rated by conference delegates as being the best workshop of the whole conference. It was the most positively reviewed by attendees. Clearly it touched on something more than building better supply chain systems can manage alone.

• values drive behaviour

We (well John) asked our workshop audience to consider the mission, vision and values statements of their company. Who knows them off by heart? Does it matter? Even if you cannot recite them, do you understand the principles underpinning your company’s objectives and beliefs. This touched a nerve. Most people know what their company stands for even if they cannot repeat every word of the Mission and Vision statements but do you live your business life by them? How can you translate these down into the very fabric of your workforce and will it improve productivity?

Lay these ideas over the top of your organisation. What is the fit like?

John talked about productivity. He had a sound proposition that productivity is a result of motivation and motivation thrives in a good enterprise climate. Climate is a measure of the enterprise culture at a point in time.

Culture is the • “Philosophy that guides an organisation’s policy to employees and customers” • “The way things are done around here” So to improve productivity it is important to focus on improving your business culture. He described how some super-leaders focus frantically on the way things are done around here, micromanaging on every individual KPI – and eventually they burnout trying to keep on top of everything happening at the workplace.

• behaviour drives culture • culture drives performance.

So to improve productivity how can you improve our company’s climate/culture? As a leader by driving and displaying your organisation’s values and by driving education programs to your workers which enable them to understand and translate these values into the way they function in their workplace environment, how they interact with each other and with management and how they interact with customers. If your whole work team understands the business and is supportive of it, workplace culture improves which in turn improves motivation, which in turn allows people to become more productive workers. By the way, the weather came out and the sky Unfortunately both John aeroplane travelling home

did improve, the sun turned brilliant blue. and I were on the when that happened.


TAFE NSW - Western Sydney Institute can help your organisation implement workforce learning and education programs to drive culture change through your organisation. Please call the magnificent Amy on 02 9208 9421 to find out how.

TAFE NSW - Western Sydney Institute (WSI) p | 02 9208 9421 e | w |

It’s like giving your career a

caffeine hit! We offer short courses in areas such as: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Business Services Information Technology Hospitality & Tourism Building & Construction Arts, Design & Media OH&S Training & Education Hairdressing Beauty & Massage Fitness Trades Animal Care

131 870

Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013



Uniformity or Difference: What is Best for a Team? Stephen Frost, Managing Director – BREED Inc

As human beings it is natural and comfortable doing things we know with people who are similar to us. Be it based around sport, religion or ethnic background we naturally gravitate to people who have similar likes and beliefs.

People who migrate to a new country tend to establish their home where others from a similar background have already settled. Many years ago whilst in London I automatically sought out Earls Court as this is where a lot of Aussies could be found. I found comfort in getting information of “home” - news, politics, and sport. But was this best for me as a new comer to the UK? Was I hanging on to my past in lieu of settling in and learning from my new environment? The same can be said for the workforce. When recruiting your team do you appoint people similar to yourself and the rest of your team or someone that is “different”? It is not uncommon to go into an organisation and see only white Anglo-Saxons or people of one cultural background behind the counter, desks or in the workshop. Everyone has their strengths and it is likely that their strength could compliment yours or the strength of your team, particularly if they are “different”. As an electrician it could be an advantage to be seven foot tall (213 cm), you could change light globes without using a ladder. But what about getting into a roof or under a floor when it may be better to be five foot tall (152 cm). Both have their advantage, their unique selling point or USP. We can learn and leverage from a diverse team, we should identify and use individual USPs to their strength and our organisation’s advantage. People with a disability may not be able to do everything in an organisation, but then again who can or has the time to do everything. The USP of a person with a disability may be that what they can do they do at 100%, with pride and loyalty to the organisation. People from diverse backgrounds bring a wealth of life skills to an organisation, often the advantage of being multi-lingual and the ability to use their cultural and religious backgrounds to develop your team which could result in improved work methods, new product lines and an expanded customer base.


Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013

How many times have you been in a discussion about the “attitude” of young people in the work place, “they are not like we were when we were their age?” Well people “our age” are getting older and moving out of the workplace. Having a diversity of age in the workplace, and acceptance that we are “different”, allows an aging to workforce to learn from the incoming generation and the incoming generation to learn the history of how and

attainment and transition through school to further education and / or work, contact your local Partnership Broker.

When recruiting your team do you appoint people similar to yourself and the rest of your team or someone that is “different”? It is not uncommon to go into an organisation and see only white Anglo-Saxons or people of one cultural background behind the counter, desks or in the workshop. why things are done the way they are but with their fresh minds and awareness of technology, identify opportunities for an organisation to adapt for the future. It was recently pointed out to me by a younger generation employer, that the use of social media whilst on the job is not dissimilar to frequent smoking breaks of a not too distant accepted workplace practice.

For more information on Partnership Brokers, please contact your local office listed below.


Diversity in the workplace can also be achieved by hosting and providing inspirational work experience opportunities for students from schools, TAFE, university or employment agencies. You could very well find that person becoming an invaluable permanent addition to your team. G

Stephen Frost is the Managing Director of BREED. BREED works across the Education, Employment and Economic Development sectors including managing the School Business Community Partnership Broker initiative of the Federal Government and the NSW Work Placement program. If you would like assistance to work with your local youth to improve their educational

Blacktown p | 9853 3200

Parramatta p | 9633 7100



Penrith p | 4725 0310

Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013



There is Always Another Way, a Better Way, Your Way! Angelo Lambropoulos - Director, ScanMe Realty

Personally, I wouldn’t pay for upfront marketing when selling my house, I wouldn’t want unqualified buyers entering my home, I wouldn’t accept ’market forces‘ as an excuse to justify poor results and I certainly wouldn’t like being lied to, especially when I’m trying to realise the true value of my major asset, the family home.

For many years now, Real Estate Agents’ involvement has often left the unsuspecting consumer angry and frustrated. It’s actually quite fascinating to see that technology, information and marketing methods have evolved, yet there is no direct correlation between client satisfaction and real estate marketing. The following points have been put together to provide you with further knowledge and information about selling real estate. I sincerely hope you find them both useful and insightful. • According to the Roy Morgan Image of Professions Survey 2012, real estate agents were ranked among the least trusted professionals in Australia. Let it be known, this has been a persistent trend over the course of the past 30 years. In order to best protect yourself, it’s imperative you ask something like the following question when interviewing an agent; “Will you please honour your professional reputation by signing an ‘agents service guarantee’, not just a standard real estate agency agreement?” Consumers, this is the ‘ace up your sleeve’, this is the key to separating the good from the bad. Be very weary of the agents that try to word around such a fair compromise. Be strong and stay firm, there are plenty more agents around! • Recent statistics clearly show that 50% of buyers don’t even bother looking at a property that has no price guide. They are simply turned off because they feel as though they will be wasting their time with the agent as they wouldn’t know where they stood at the beginning of the negotiation process. Now here are another couple of questions to ask the agent, “What would you offer for a property that has a ‘Just Listed’ (no price) tag on it? Why would you consider this house over the competition? How can you


Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013

conduct an ethical negotiation process with no price point?” In my opinion, it’s nothing other than sheer unprofessionalism and incompetence. How would you go about it if you were thinking to buy a house with no price indicator?

buyer database, great marketing campaigns, great recognition within the community and a great pricing strategy… I can open my own house, what am I paying you for?” I’ve never known a professional sales person to sit and wait

For many years now, Real Estate Agents’ involvement has often left the unsuspecting consumer angry and frustrated. It’s actually quite fascinating to see that technology, information and marketing methods have evolved, yet there is no direct correlation between client satisfaction and real estate marketing. • 92% of buyers use the internet as a primary source for researching property. So my question raised by this fact would be, “Why do consumers have to pay for upfront marketing fees?” Well, my answer is simple; agents want to promote themselves at your expense. If they truly care about you, ask them to pay for the marketing. If they are so confident they will be able to sell your property, the expense will be more than compensated on payment of the agent’s lucrative selling fee once your property has successfully sold. You shouldn’t have to pay up-front for no result down the track. Here is some food for thought. Would you attend a fancy restaurant in which you have paid a huge sum of money upfront only to find out that you didn’t qualify for a meal, I can assure you that wouldn’t be a great customer experience either. How would you feel? Annoyed? Frustrated? Angry? … Refund? Give this analogy long hard consideration before selling your property with an agent. • Do ’open-houses’ consistently create buyer competition in order to achieve the highest possible sale price for your property? … No! A professional agent will devote his/her time and effort to those seriously interested in purchasing your property. Ask the open-house agent, “What about the buyer database you were telling me about? I’m confused, I thought you had a great

for a result; I’ve always known that a real professional will pro-actively use their skill and knowledge to create a great result! This will come as a shock to the Real Estate system. I strongly urge you attend some open-houses and see how you are treated as a potential buyer. Then ask yourself, is this how you want your house to be sold? If you are ever unsure or uncertain, make sure you seek independent financial and legal advice. There may just be alternative, perhaps better ways to sell your home! Stay safe and enjoy ‘happy days’ in the real estate market! G

ScanMe Realty Pty Ltd p | 02 9653 9200 e |

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Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013


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Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013


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Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013

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Business Advice

Online Advertising and Google AdSense Explained by Daniel Moisyeyev – GWP Media

You may have come across Google AdWords and Google Analytics, but have you heard of Google AdSense? Google AdSense is a system that enables you to place paid advertisements on your website and receive additional revenue in your business. It’s easiest to understand if you just think of it as the AdWords system reversed in your favour.

History of Online Advertising Online advertising received a bit of a bad rap back during the earlier days of the world wide web. At a point, it was all the rage (similar to the way social media marketing is perceived at the moment) that was caused by hype and false expectations. The end result was that genuine websites were cluttered with far too many banner ads and users quickly learned to block them out. Those stereotypical horizontal and vertical banner advertisements were the main culprit. The days of being bombarded with endless banner, popup and Macromedia* Flash advertisements are long behind us. Professional web designers have learned how to elegantly place banner ads without irritating and driving away visitors. Flash and popup advertisements have fallen out of favour. Much nicer and more elegant formats of banner advertisements have also been developed. Square banner advertisements became more popular and are generally better received by end users. Modern square banner advertisements also allow for inclusion of a more effective and better presented message. Online Banner advertising evolved from a failed experiment to a mainstream advertising tool. What is Google AdSense? Google AdSense was developed as a way to link advertisers and publishers. It is not necessary to hard sell your online advertising space - you just need to focus on developing a website with sufficient traffic and content quality.

automatically matched up to the content found on your website.

Can I make a living off Online Banner Advertising?

What kind of websites are suitable for banner advertising?

The business model behind a website that extracts revenue from advertisers is commonly called digital publishing.

Not every website advertisements.





The best kind of websites are news, information and resource portals - where there is a potential for high traffic as well as presence of a large amounts of high quality content. A standalone corporate website will not benefit from banner advertisements. Since the Google AdSense system matches your website content to most relevant advertisements, you will effectively end up advertising your competitors on your own company website. Banner advertising can be effective on Blogs, however careful ad placement must be ensured in order to preserve the usability of the site and maintain the reader base. How does the Google AdSense system work? The Google AdSense system allows you to create a list of specific banner and text advertisement styles that can be added to your site by inserting provided code.

There is a truism in this business model. The effect described below is near impossible to register for the observers, but becomes a very depressing fact for the players in the game. Obtaining a measurable amount of visitors on your website requires a certain number of hours spent on preparing content, publishing and website maintenance. The revenue from advertisements that are placed on your website will never come remotely close to paying off the hours invested. “The fact is, that the revenue from online banner advertising alone will never be enough to sustain a business.” This same reasoning is the reason for the struggle of large media companies to maintain online news portals. The cost involved in running a website delivering quality news and content far exceeds the any revenue generated from online advertising. Banner advertising systems are a tool for supplemental income in your business. G

It is very easy to deter visitors by placing an excessive amount of ads. Your web designer can help you select the best spots on your website for this purpose. Every time a visitor clicks on a banner displayed on your website, a payment is added into your account. How much money can I expect to make? The payment per click will vary greatly - from one cent to over one dollar per click. The algorithm that determines this uses a lot of factors, including but not limited to: • Country of origin • The niche and content of your website • The volume and type of advertisers that are targeting your niche

If your business needs help with online banner advertising, web design & development, SEO, online shopping carts or bank transaction systems, please do not hesitate to contact GWP Media.

GWP Media p | 1300 889 132 e | w |

Advertisers have already made their selections in terms of target audience on their end and are

Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013



World Class Castle Hill Country Club Since its birth in 1950 Castle Hill Country Club has become one of Sydney’s leading private golf clubs and is ranked 82 among the top 100 golf courses in Australia.

Boasting a world class par-72 championship golf course, Castle Hill Country Club is nestled among 167 acres of open fairways and picturesque bushland with modern clubhouse amenities. Bunyah Pines and convict cut sandstone feature on the course and driving range. As a past host of major events including the Australian PGA Championship and Canon Challenge, the Castle Hill Country Club’s modern clubhouse, coupled with the renowned golf course ensures it’s a number one choice for social and corporate golf in Sydney and one of the premier venues in Australia. Castle Hill Country Club will play host to the historical NSW Open Golf Championships this year from 18-24 November 2013. The tournament will precede the Australian Open to be played at Royal Sydney Golf Club.


spectacular setting at Castle Hill with free entry,” Ellis said.

Conveniently located close to Norwest Business Park, the M7 and M2 major motorways and less than a 30 minute easy drive from the CBD, the Castle Hill Country Club provides ample parking for members and their guests and is within walking distance to luxury accommodation. The course commands some of the most spectacular holes and views guaranteeing that no matter the competency of golfer, a challenging and memorable experience will be had.

“The Club is also keen to involve local businesses in a sponsorship capacity,” Ellis added.

Castle Hill Country Club general manager, Melissa Ellis said, “The Club is focused on building the next generation of golfers with the Jack Newton Junior Golf ‘Tyro Program’ and also its new ‘Ladies Try Golf’ for beginners. Ladies with no golf experience can come along, enjoy morning tea, meet other lady members and have a lesson in a non-intimidating environment.”

The first class hospitality completes the club. The Castle Hill Country Club’s beautifully appointed clubhouse and function rooms with stunning views of the golf course, combined with awardwinning chefs, provides a perfect atmosphere and relaxing backdrop for some of the best breakfast, lunch, dinner or cocktail menus you will find at any premium golf venue in Sydney.

“The NSW Open Golf Championships will be an exciting showcase event for the Hills district, not only will international and national golfers be competing but the Club will also be creating a ‘lifestyle village’ with Jack Newton Junior Golf practice nets, gourmet food offerings, three on course cafes and kids entertainment. So the entire family can come along and enjoy the

Castle Hill Country Club also offers extensive practice facilities including a driving range, chipping green and practice bunker, all within close proximity to the clubhouse.

Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013

Castle Hill Country Club is one of the few clubs in Sydney with a fleet of 74 motorised golf carts and can accommodate corporate groups from as few as four up to 280 golfers. Products range from a simple golf only package to a full field morning or lunchtime shotgun start in motorised carts with lunch or dinner to follow.

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Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013

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Society & Life

Law and Order Angry Anderson

Law and Order is the subject for today. This week myself and seventeen others started a course, each Thursday for four weeks, called CAPP, Community Awareness of Policing Program. We will learn what it is like to be a Police Officer, if it’s at all possible that you can learn this in virtually four days! Each day we will experience different aspects of policing and what it takes to function as a member of our Police Force. We will take part in a series of ‘briefings’ that are typical of what our police face each and every day. We will be taken through scenarios based on real events that highlight just what it is that these people face every day.

Our first briefing was with the Marine Area Command. Some of us took command of a practice search and rescue operation based on a previous real search and rescue event. We had to work with information provided and co-ordinate the search and rescue experience. On the whole we did ok but we learnt just how hard it is making life and death decisions with ever changing circumstances. Our situation involved an overturned yacht with possible survivors and weather conditions worsening as the hours ticked by. Interestingly enough, later in that day as we were visiting the Public Riot and Order Squad, we were given news that the very team we had worked with that morning were now engaged in a search and rescue operation trying to locate two people who had fallen over board from a holiday cruise ship in Australian waters. I have long been aware of the amazing job that our police force does. I have been fortunate enough to have been asked over the years, to participate in a number of initiatives started by local or state police forces. I have also participated as an ambassador in National schemes associated with youth, anti drug awareness programs and initiatives trying to address the growing number of teenage runaways, the homeless and suicides. All these programs were conceived, implemented and driven by our police force.


Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013

Recently I spent a week with members of the local police from St. Mary’s district, in cooperation with members of the Army, in a very successful program called ‘Boot Camp’. Boot Camp involves a group of committed young constables and some very experienced Army personnel striving to make a difference in the lives of a group of dysfunctional teenagers. These kids were from the local area and were ‘known’ to the police. The members running this initiative were there because they cared. Sadly we have all witnessed the changing attitude towards our police by some members of the public. We have seen the erosion of public respect and the esteem with which they were previously held. We have seen the interference of politics into the everyday job of policing and the gradual but insidious decline in their numbers and budgets. We have seen police stations close down when at the same time we are told that police presence is vital to keeping law and order in the local community. A fact of life is that as we grow in population, we must maintain the services that we rely on to serve us, the public, in the ways that we need. We will need more police with better, modern equipment to keep pace with the community at large but most importantly we need them to be ahead of the bad guys. My old enemy, ‘political correctness’ has, I believe, gone a long way towards eroding the effectiveness of our police force, hamstringing them in a variety of ways. This is best demonstrated in the way certain sections of the community treat our police officers while they are exercising their duty. Their duty, which they take very seriously, is to protect us, the public, from harm, Whether it be from crime related to our own irresponsible behaviour, from others breaking the law or situations where innocent members of the public are placed in harms way.

justice they hide behind all manner of excuses to avoid punishment. They cry poverty or a lousy upbringing or religious consideration or diminished responsibility due to drugs or alcohol. Our courts often override the evidence presented by police and grant them light sentences thus sending the message that it’s ok to break the law as long as you have a ‘good reason’ to do so. I am so sick of people who set out to flout the law and then bleat the loudest about bad treatment at the hands of the police when things don’t go their way. I will always support the right to protest but save me from the ‘professional protesters’ who seem to turn up to every protest. Most of them, I suspect, are not working a job giving them all the free time they need to attend any protest that happens along. Gandhi proved that peaceful non confrontational protest gets the best results because you don’t lose the support of the general public. As any old protester will tell you, if you don’t have the support of John and Betty you are just a radical with little or no real support which is why so many of them turn to violence. Light sentencing means that the policing that brought these criminals to justice is rendered as of no value. It follows that this appears to the general public that our police force doesn’t matter and therefore that we, the law abiders, also don’t matter. We have a chance to turn some of this around at the next Federal election. The real rot that we must rid ourselves from, can and should start with the election but what we can and must do is adopt a mind set that says we have had enough and we will not tolerate it anymore. We will no longer support what we know is a bad idea.

We have all seen the shameful way members of our police have been treated by some members of the public with assaults, shocking verbal abuse and complete disregard for the officers themselves and the obvious disregard for the laws of the land.

I, personally, have had a gut full of the disrespect shown to the men and women of our police force, I’ve had a gut full of ill mannered, badly behaved radical whatevers using members of our police force as punching bags and recipients of foul language. I’ve had a gut full and I’m going to do whatever I can to turn this rotten situation around. I’m going to be part of the solution not part of the problem.

These scumbags often seem to be immune from prosecution. When they are brought to

Until next time, go peacefully into the world. Go with your God. I remain your friend, Angry. G

Gary “Angry”


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Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013



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Business Resource & Lifestyle | Issue 55 | June 2013






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Business Resource & Lifestyle Magazine Issue #55  

Business Resource & Lifestyle Magazine Issue #55

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