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Paw Print “How the Bears make their mark”

February 2013

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The Black Market at the Green and White a&e editoR

Kylie Coppola s p o Rt s e d i to R It is no secret that high school is a place where students begin to experiment with drugs, and sources from Norwalk High agree that the spotlight is on marijuana as well as many prescription drugs. Many students at NHS are no stranger to the drug environment, in fact one in five high school students use prescription drugs recreationally according to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention. According to a survey given to the student body, it was obvious some students are not educated about what marijuana really does to you. When asked which sub-

stance contains more tar, 100% of students wrongly indicated tobacco over marijuana. Thirty-two out of seventy-three students have even witnessed a drug deal happen in school. A few people in particular at NHS have been the culprit themselves. “People just assume that I can get them anything they want whenever they want so I try to sometimes,” claimed a student who identifies themselves as a drug dealer. Through the survey. A few students have even attempted drug deals on school property. “If you have a bad feeling you just don’t go with it. One bad thing is all it takes for everything to go down.” says the student. The repercussions of one being caught dealing drugs in school are nothing to be taken lightly. Probable cause is the only thing allowing an administrator to search through one’s belongings. The main give away being the odor that usually would come from a student’s backpack or locker. There are many steps to be taken once

a student is caught with drugs on them, and there is a routine that is used every time. “We check them out, do some neurological testing and make sure that they are safe. Security brings them here to make sure that they are not in any danger to themselves from the drug,” said Mr. Corradino, one of the school’s nurses. “After the nurse they are brought by security to the house office where they decide if they did have possession, they will be suspended for ten days with either a superintendent hearing or expulsion,” explained Officer Sgritta. Another student at NHS reports what it was like after they had been caught in possession on school property. “They searched my bag, even my calculator. They took off my boots and patted me down and then asked for my locker number and went and searched my locker, too.” According to Sgritta, pot is not the only drug that the school has caught. The worst drug to date is prescription pain medication that someone was selling to students.

Photo Credit: Matt Brown

Erin K e l ly

Two students involved in a drug deal at NHS

“I caught a lot of people behind staples and five guys, it’s known as ‘the cut’,” said Sgritta. “If you don’t want to get caught do it outside of school. But they shouldn’t be doing it in general,” Sgritta stated. Dealing drugs in school is a matter that should not be taken lightly. Please go to the to take our survey.

Film Festival Brings out Directors in Students Media editoR January 23rd, 2013 was a day where the red carpet was rolled out in Norwalk High School. The 2013 Norwalk High School Winter Film Fest was a great day where movies were playing, the cameras were rolling, and many of the History in The Making documentary film class finally saw their hard work pay off. “I thought it was a success apart from the stress and aggression that everyone was feeling before. Everyone stepped up to the plate and did what they had to do,” explained Sergio Mandujano (‘14) the director of the film Coming Out and the Master of Ceremonies of the film fest. The film fest was held at the new Priority School Room and featured six documentary films made by the students of the “History in The Making” course that is taught by Social Studies teacher Mr.Seaburg. “What always stands out in the film fest is when the films are viewed by others, that they stand out and that the students take pride in what they did and take ownership,” explained Seaburg. Seaburg continued by explaining, “If you look at the films they showed, they were pretty deep topics, from cancer survivors, to bipolar disorder, and local heros.” The six films included Coming Out, a documentary film about people in the com-

munity coming out with their sexuality. Ilek-’tri-se-te, a documentary film about the world’s dependency on electricity. SIMMS, a documentary film about the true story of Travis Simms, a professional boxer who grew up in Norwalk. SneakerHead, a documentary film about some peoples addiction to sneakers. The Lucky One, a documentary film about cancer survivors in the community. A Thin Line, a documentary film about Bi-Polar disorder. Along with these six films, there were many more past student made films, PSAs, and commercials were shown at the film fest and many of them were made since the class’s inception. The film that received a lot of attention during the film fest was The Thin Line. The Thin Line was acclaimed by many of the students and staff who saw it and the crew of the film took home many awards such as the “Best Film” and “People’s Choice”. “I felt like I was finally rewarded for all the hard work I did. Even if things do not go the way you planned, it feels rewarding that you know you did your best,” said the editor of the film, Olena Khomyk (‘13). After winning the “Best Film”, the director of the film Vanessa Gaddy (‘13) explained, “It felt awesome, we put a lot of hard work and a lot of hours. It was very rewarding”. This year’s film fest was a huge success and a huge congratulations to Mr.Seaburg and the entire HITM class on a job well done.

Photo Credit: Matt Brown

M At t h e w B ro w n

Project Explore



a program called Highlight News. Nicole would like to replace announcements and wants to have them broadcasted on the Smart Boards. Nicole has already started being behind camera interviewing students and different events.





Nin a

Bla i

Em i

Olt a

youth program for field hockey in Norwalk. They want to share their love for the sport and teach younger girls what it is like ia Ktoutbe on a team. The im most rewarding experience for them was having over sixty girls sign up for their six-week clinic!




Robertso Nina and Efthimia are starting a

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Olta is writing a romance horror story with Sophia Kiriakidis. Olta chose to write this book with Sophia because she always wanted to write a book and saw this as a perfect opportunity to explore the path of a writer.


write a book for their project because they enjoy reading and they want to learn more about the writing process.

h lag


kembi Sh

Coon Alanna and Megan are co-writing a e book that contains three short stoO’Ca ries. They chose to l an





Alex is writing a theological book. .





oberts Emily and Blair are creating a PF Camp rR Scholarship. PF Camp is a summer camp run by the Norwalk Public School’s teachPresser ers. The scholarship is ly for a full tuition to camp for five weeks. The most rewarding part for Emily and Blair is knowing that the money they make is going to help give a child an amazing summer.

a Chass

Emma is translating “La Symphonie Pastorale” by Andre Gide. This book has never been translated into English so Emma thought it would be a good opportunity for English speakers to read this moving story.


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have a better reputation.




Ala n

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a Boy d Aj

n ou x


Ny-aja has decided to make her own jewelry. It makes her feel good when people ask her where she got her jewelry and she can respond saying that she made it herself.



Molly is organizing the Bear Fair where clubs and sports have booths and show what is special about NHS. Molly hopes that through her project NHS will

healthy eating and teen nutrition. They decided on this topic because Crystle, who is an athlete, was not aware of what to put into her la Joli r body in order to make sure she a was healthy and strong enough to perform and Marla, who is interested in nutrition, wants to pressure a career as a nutritionist.

Ma r

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Caroline is doing her project on pet care.

rackman St

ine Mar

hfi na ra

le yst Hi Crystle and Marla are doing their project on


Sarahfina is translating a book from French to English.


Maeva has decided to a ev study fish breeding. She has enjoyed working with and understanding the fish.



Dunsm Nicole is studying broadcast journalism with

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au m




Ana is researching the relationship between music and emotions. She plans on performing a concert to test the emotional effect music has on an audience. Ana decided to do Project Explore because her cousin did it and she thinks it will be a good opportunity for herself as well as the community.


Molly is organizing the Bear Fair where clubs and sports have booths and show what is special about NHS. Molly hopes that through her project NHS will have a better reputation.

H oll y d








Melissa is creating a documentary on Haiti.

y Ham o ll


Kaityln and Gaby are starting their own cupcake business. They are doing this because they love to bake and thought tlyn So it would be a ai fun experience. The most rewarding part of their project so far is receiving positive feedback from customers.


o lan




y Mez ab


a iss


o a D lan

Molly and Kat are starting an after school Best Buddies program that focuses on music.




Emma is learning different religions. Emma is studying a different religion each week and meets with different people including priests to learn about the religions.



Come see Mr. Karl or Mr. Seaburg to find out how you can create your own course of study your senior year.

Smana has decided to do her project on architecS era d ture. i na



yn he l D

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Katie, Maureen, and Ashelyn are studying sign language. Their most rewarding experience was when they went to The American School for the Deaf to see how they communicate.


The Paw Print February 2013

Heating? Not so Much Finals are Full Days

Photo Credit: Matt Brown


Christine Busardo R e p o rt e r Exams happen at the end of January every year - midterms for full year classes and final exams for half year classes. This year, students have to take two exams that are each two hours long and then will have to go to four other classes. High schools all around Connecticut including Wilton, Danbury and Darien still have the half day schedule for final exams and many students at Norwalk High are unsure as to why the schedule was changed. Principal Roberts said, “It was eliminated in the summer of 2011 for more instructional time.” N o r w a l k Public School’s Superintendent, Tony Daddona said, “Our past Final exam schedule superintendent thought it would be best to have students spend more time in class and saw a value for every opportunity to have students in a learning environment.” Many teachers at NHS disagree with this. Mr Foldeak stated, “Eliminating midterms may provide more contact between students and teachers, but at what cost? Teachers are now asked to give exams, and then continue to teach their

classes. There is no time allocated for grading these exams.” Students have to cram in a lot of studying for these final exams and feel as if the exams are all happening at once and it is hard to decently study for each of them. Many students who are now juniors and seniors miss the schedule where students took their two exams and then were able to go home. “Half days are so much better because we are able to go home and study for our exams the next day,” Julia Chiappetta (’13) said. Exams that are two hours long can really tire out students, especially having two in one day. Jennifer Faccenda (’14) said, “It’s hard to study for final exams on top of having homework to do from my classes that day.” Students who have graduated from Norwalk High preferred the half day schedule for the exams. Isiah Bell (’12) said, “It gave us more time to prepare for our other midterms. It also allowed us to focus on the midterms that day instead of both midterms and classes.” Both students and staff at Norwalk High prefer the half day schedule for final exams. How the school will deal with the final exams schedule next year is yet to be determined. Photo Credit: Matt Brown

Education, “good facilities appear to be an important precondition for student learning, provided that other conditions are present that support a B u s i n e s s M a nag e r strong academic program in the school.” “Absolutely, right now it is okay but at Not only do students need a weather report times it is incredibly cold and at others it is to get to school, they now need a forecaster incredibly hot. It can make a difference in a for the inside. student’s ability to focus,” said Mr. Hariton. In one room, one may feel the burn When asked when this problem while in the next they may should be addressed he stated, need to layer up, the heating “Immediately, it should be top at Norwalk High fluctuates priority, 5 years ago the school depending on location. was renovated along with the Students are complaining heating system, but it seems like about the heating at the school. this problem is even worse now.” They are confused on what to When asked about what wear to school because one day happens after the temperatures may seem fit for tank tops while start varying Jenna Gentile the next may require a winter (’14) said, “The class starts coat. Thermostat used complaining.” Her advice was,   Principal Roberts stated, in all of NHS “Put the heat on in the winter “No, I never heard students and the AC on in the summer.” complain about it. I heard some   With the temperatures differing, teachers complain. I was not made aware depending on the location of the classroom, until yesterday [January 23rd], when I student’s focus can be negatively affected. got a list of the rooms where there was a “If they walk into their class and they feel problem.” that way, students should be telling teachers To see if the thermostats in the or if they are in the cafeteria or gym they rooms were accurate an experiment was should tell an adult in the building, telling conducted where an outside thermostat other students really doesn’t do anything,” was brought in to determine the room’s said Principal Roberts. actual temperature. The results concluded   Now that the problem is being that every thermostat in the school read addressed, the students and teachers of 76 degrees, however three rooms that Norwalk High School may no longer need were tested measured in between 69 to 70 degrees. When put directly to the heating, an indoor weatherman. it measured 67 degrees. Another classroom and staircase was measured at 62 degrees. “It is either Antarctica or Africa, there is no in between,” said Amanda Miller (’14). According to the Department of

Lillianna Byington


The New Buzzer Secures Norwalk High School

have been circulating about students having to wear their IDs in the building. At this time, due to budgets, it does not seem like

The new buzzer at the front door of NHS

Photo Credit: Matt Brown

Mr. Roberts is trying to find someone to pay for security for after school hours to make sure the buzzer is monitored. Otherwise, students who are apart of after R e p o rt e r school activities cannot get inside the building. Over the past month, schools around the Along with the new security country have been taking school safety technology, there will be an addition of much more seriously following the Sandy cameras. “We are putting in new cameras Hook tragedy. Recently, Norwalk High in some of the stairwells where there arenít School has installed a buzzer system to any cameras,” said Roberts. make sure authority can monitor who As in place before, the consequence comes into the building.  for students propping open doors so that  The new buzzer system takes effect at they can easily enter and exit the school is 7:30AM and the doors are locked from then in-school suspension.  Security guards will on.  “We were the only school not to have also be avidly checking the cameras to see one in Norwalk,” Principal Roberts said.  who the culprits are. After 3:00PM when administers leave, Over the past couple of weeks, rumors there is no one to monitor the buzzer.

Haley Doran

an immediate action, but in the near feature it will be a requirement. “Right now I

donít have the money to pay for students’ lanyards but I will be asking them to wear them because part of the issue is knowing who is in the building, and being able to identify students who aren’t part of our community.” These rumors have lead to much discussion around school. Senior, Taylor Plunkett stated, “I think itís okay to present your ID to security when you first walk into the building but I donít feel comfortable with random students at school being able to call me by name if I don’t know them.” Overall, the changes that are being made at Norwalk High School are positive towards making sure all students are safe in the building throughout the day.

National Mentoring Month

January has been recognized across the nation as National Mentoring Month, a campaign to raise awareness of mentoring in its various forms and recruit individuals to mentor. The two divisions of the Agency’s Mentoring program include Project Friendship, which provides children with adult mentors, and Jr. Project Friendship, which provides children with high school mentors.

Family & Children’s Agency has offered community-based mentoring through its Youth Development department for nearly forty years.

For more information about mentoring at Family & Children’s Agency or to learn how to get involved, please contact Jennifer Barahona, Director of Youth Development, at (203) 523-5784 or email



The Paw Print February 2013

BuildOn Changes the World Through Service Karen Cuellar R e p o rt e r

first but we are currently studying the language we will be using in Sereer. There will also be translators in the village with us. We will help build a school as soon as we get there,” explained Cora. Neelam Patel’s advice for this year’s Trek Team is, “even if you get discouraged or frustrated, keep moving along because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Think about the impact your work will have on the people there. You are promoting education.” This year’s Trek Team hopes to have a remarkable experience the way Neelam and the rest of the Trek Team last year did. They said, “What we hope to gain from this experience is a better understanding of how the culture is and how they live. It is also giving us a direct influence on what BuildOn’s main goal is.”

why they aren’t strict with me, making our relationship close,” explained Jacob Alexander (’15) There are indeed different parents. One student’s lifestyle may vary differently than another’s. “My parents are conservative. They’re tougher on me because I’m a lot more outgoing then my older sister and I always ask to go out. I guess they’re just really conservative because they both come from really protective families,” explained Paulina Mandujano (’16) With different parenting styles, there is something that makes us all wonder why parents act the way they do. This cause could lead up to how their own parents raised them when they were

younger. One parent’s opinion put this statement into a great perspective,

Members of BuildOn helping out.

Photo credit: Samantha Northrop

BuildOn believes the youth can change the world. Their mission statement is, “We are not a charity, we are breaking the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education.” Here at Norwalk High school BuildOn’s after school program encourages students to contribute in community service such as feeding the homeless, cleaning the environment and volunteering at senior homes. BuildOns Trek team then selects students to travel to some of the poorest countries on the planet to build schools. “The process before Trek includes an application, an essay, and an Interview. The BuildOn staff then chooses two students from each school, by their experience

with other people, personality, volunteering hours, and uniqueness. They must get shots, malaria medicine, and signed papers by parents, doctors, and the department of state,” said Neelam Patel (‘14) who went to Malawi, Africa summer of 2012 with the Trek Team. Neelam had a remarkable experience living in Malawi. “I accomplished building a school for the kids. I learned the most important thing no matter how far apart we are in the world, we are still connected. Also that money isn’t happiness, it is the loving family and environment you are surrounded in.” This year BuildOns Trek Team will be building a school in Senegal. The fortunate students who are going for two weeks are Cora Spurr (‘14) and David Langrin (‘15) “The trip will be a total of 13 days in February. We will stay in the village of Sereer with a host family in their homes, which are huts. Communication will be tough at

Sometimes, Parents Just Don’t Understand J o r da n Arena

The discussion of parents being too strict or not strict enough has been discussed for quite a while. With such a controversial topic, it leaves room for strong opinions toward one side or the other. All parents are different. Different lifestyles, parenting styles, opinions towards a certain situation; they are the ones who have the last call for many kids, and they are also the ones who may not have the biggest impact on the things they do. “Considering the fact that my parents have a lot of trust in me because I am honest with them, I don’t have to lie, which is

Photo Credit: Lucas Keogh

R e p o rt e r

like as well. There are rules we have like basic rules, but I’m not real hard on them,” stated Mary Squicciarino, a parent of NHS students. Parenting techniques vary by the person. Some may not agree with others way of parenting, but at the end of the day it is their call on how they bring up their kids. With some parents, being honest with them gets someone a long way; with others following their basic rules is how that trust or bond with them is kept. In the end, parents are parents, strict or not that is who they are and no one can change it, all that can be done is to stay on their good side, and hope it works.

A strict father disciplines his daughter.

“My parents weren’t really hard on me, and believed that kids should be kids, which is how I have brought my kids up

Girl Scouts Lend a Helping Hand to Newtown Jeanette H a m i lt o n R e p o rt e r The Sandy Hook tragedy has left the families of twenty children in mourning. Half of those families share their pain with the Girl Scouts of America. Eight of the girls killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting were Daisy Girl Scouts, and two of the boys were members of Girl Scout families. As condolences to the community, and to honor their lives, the Girl Scouts of Connecticut are presenting paper trefoils to the Newtown Service Unit with messages from their fellow Girl Scouts. The trefoil is the Girl Scout emblem. It resembles a plant with three leaves, which represent the three parts of the Girl Scout Promise, and a pointed stem. Every Girl

Scout not only in Connecticut, but across the country as well, was given the chance to cut out a trefoil and write a supportive message on it. “We have already received hundreds – from all over the c o u n t r y. We are expecting to receive many more!” said Tiff a n y V e n tura, the C o m munications and PR Manager for Girl Scouts of CT. Sara Restrepo (’13), an Ambassador

Norwalk Science Travelers are journeying to Iceland with EF Educational Tours in August of 2014! The tour lasts six days and includes locations such as: -Geysir geothermal hot springs -Gullfoss Waterfalls -Thorsmork Glacier Valley on a glacier hike -a relaxing day at the Blue Lagoon Hot Springs

Girl Scout in Troop 50668, quoted the Girl Scout Law on her trefoil by writing, “Be a sister to every Girl Scout.” The project was inspired by the voices of Girl Scouts across the country. When they asked how they could help the families of their sister Scouts who were lost, Girl Scouts of CT gave them a way to immortalize the memo r y of the Scouts. “It’s a nice thing to do for the fami-

ICELAND MEETING: Thursday, February 28 at 2:20pm in Room 307A

Check out the Norwalk Science Travelers Galapagos 2009 tour on Youtube! watch?v=WLI4thrYC7k

lies of Sandy Hook. It’s important to remember who they were and that they were one of ours,” commented Brooke Bennett (’13), who is also an Ambassador in Troop 50668. The Girl Scouts of CT also began the Sandy Hook Girl Scout Campership Fund. The money donated to the fund will be used to send girls who might not have had the opportunity to Girl Scout summer camp to learn about and do the activities that interest them, such as cooking, performing, or sports, among many other activities. “We welcome any and all trefoil art from anybody who wishes to do so. We are also very grateful to anyone who considers donating to our campership fund,” added Ventura. Anyone who wishes to participate in these ways can find more information at


The Paw Print February 2013

Gun Violence Leads to a National Discussion Nicole Dunsmore Editor



out to supporters, Congressman Jim Himes White House document that elaborates agreed, “I recognize the constitutional right on the President’s plan states, “The case to bear arms and I believe that individuals for prohibiting high-capacity magazines has been proven are entitled over and over; to the Obama becomes emotional over the Sandy Hook tragedy. the shooters at safe and Virginia Tech, responsible Tucson, Aurora, use of appropriate Oak Creek, and weapons. Newtown all Neither used magazines sportsmen, holding more nor those than 10 rounds.” Another interested in selfe s s e n t i a l protection step involves need 30 implementing background r o u n d checks for all magazines or rapid-fire weaponry. These weapons gun sales in order to prevent dangerous have one purpose, and that is for rapid individuals from getting their hands on firearms. The National Instant Criminal killing.” Therefore, a crucial step is banning Background Check System has helped these potent assault weapons and limiting keep more than 1.5 million guns out of the ammunition magazines to ten rounds. The wrong hands for the last fourteen years.

However, loopholes are allowing too many people to slip through the cracks; the system must be strengthened. President Obama also plans to add 1,000 school resource officers and counselors to schools with the purpose of threats being detected and crises averted before they occur, as well as to provide mental health services to all students who need help. Congress and the President are truly dedicated to stopping gun violence and increasing the safety of the country. “I assure you that we are committed to crafting a solution to the problem of gun violence. For that reason, I have been diligently working with my colleagues in the House through the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force of which I am a member,” explained Himes. “We won’t be able to stop every violent act, but if there is even one thing that we can do to prevent any of these events, we have a deep obligation, all of us, to try,” expressed President Obama.

“It’s hard finding a job if you’ve never worked anywhere before because their looking for people who have some experience,” explained Timmy Hoyt (14’) on his difficulties in trying to find work. In a “Time” magazine article by Stephen Gandel it stated, “With fewer jobs to go around, older workers are settling for jobs that used to go to teens. Baby boomers, hurt by recent stock-market downturns, are hanging around longer. From 2000 to 2007, for instance, the number of 55-to-64-yearolds working in the retail industry rose by 553,000. At the same time, the number of

“Yeah I’ve thought about finding a job a lot, I think it would be great! Being able to earn my own money would make it a lot easier to save up for some things that may be expensive,” Daniel Squicciarino (15’). He continued to state, “My parents aren’t too pushy but they do comment once in a while about wanting me to use my own money when I go out, instead of theirs.” Finding a job can be challenging, but in some teens cases it just takes a little push or eagerness to get them to try to attempt to hunt some more.

Photo Credit:

Gun violence has been an issue in the United States for many years, but after the recent tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, actions are finally being instituted in an attempt to end this avoidable violence. President Obama has created a plan to better protect children and communities from mass shootings. The dominant steps are to close background check loopholes to keep guns out of dangerous hands, to ban military-style assault weapons and highcapacity magazines, to make schools safer, and to increase access to mental health services. The Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms and the President believes that most gun owners use their guns lawfully and safely. In a letter sent


Job Competition for Teenagers Highest in CT J o r da n Arena R e p o rt e r Teens today are serious about getting a job. With more expenses needed to be paid and parents unwilling to pull out any extra cash, jobs are now a necessity. With today’s challenges, which include unemployment, more jobs are needed from the adult population and fewer jobs are open and willing to teens.

teens who were able to snag jobs at stores fell 419,000, from nearly 2 million.” Some teens get lucky and do find themselves getting a job even with the tough circumstances of unemployment still being an issue. “At the moment I’m attempting to get a job tutoring and the process isn’t very difficult but I’m also not very far,” stated Olivia DiMarco on her job experiences. Teens do in fact take the job-hunting seriously. Some may feel that getting a job would be very beneficial to them and their parents as well.

Lewis schooL of Driving Full service driving school offering classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction Serving the community since 1970

Gill & Gill

Full Driving Program (includes 2-hour parent class and 8-hour safe driving course)

8-hour Safe Driving Course (includes 2-hour parent class)

Individual Driving Hours Motor Vehicle License Testing at our Office We pride ourselves on our quality education, flexible scheduling and genuine care for the safety and success of each student.

LeWIS SCHOOL OF DrIVIng, InC. 28 Cross Street New Canaan, CT 06840 (203) 972-0242 (203) 972-7537



The Paw Print February 2013

Tarantino Unchained and Unstoppable Lucas Keogh News Editor

Photo Credit:

After years of waiting and anticipation, director Quentin Tarantino’s newest work Django Unchained definitely did not disappoint. Tarantino has been impressing audiences around the world with his films since 1992, with the release of his first movie, Reservoir Dogs. The film was unique through its use of dialogue, editing, and a blend of genres never normally seen before in major films. Since then, Tarantino has become one of the most influential directors of all time, solidifying his name in history through films like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and Inglourious Basterds. Django Unchained is a Western

about Django (Jamie Foxx), a freed slave, who teams up with a bounty hunter named Dr. King Schultz (Christoph Waltz) to rescue his wife from brutal plantation owner, Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio). Throughout the film, Django and Schultz work together to collect bounties on criminals and eventually end up at Candie’s estate, dubbed Candyland, to buy Django’s wife and set her free. However, the plan does not go exactly as expected. Tarantino is not the kind of director who puts out the occasional bad film. Just about every movie he has made is considered a classic, or even a masterpiece by the people who have seen them. Django certainly does not lack this quality. The film is interesting in the way that it combines a deep dramatic storyline with grindhouse-esque

violence. Scenes with well written and thought out dialogue can immediately switch to intense shootouts within seconds. The soundtrack of the movie is also extremely unique. The songs vary from classic Western movie compositions to mashups of Tupac Shakur and James Brown. Even though the latter may seem out of

place in a movie taking place over 150 years ago, it somehow fits just right and blends perfectly. Fans of classic cinema, witty dialogue, or even bloody gunfights in movies can all find something to enjoy with this film. Quentin Tarantino has proven once again, through Django, that he is a master director in almost any genre.

Throwback Shows Fit for All Ages M i k ay l a Beckwith Opinion Editor Apart from being a popular children and teens television network, Nickelodeon has reached out through the also popular nighttime broadcast “Nick@Night”. This branch of the network has appealed to older crowds for years and brings back the classic sitcoms for the new generations to enjoy. “Nick@Night” introduces sitcoms and comedy TV shows from the 90’s and the 21st century, adding a little look to the past for younger viewers. Some of the common shows aired are Friends (1994), George Lopez (2002), Malcolm in the Middle (2001), Everybody Hates Chris

(2005), The Nanny (1993), and many others. Experiencing the culture of a time before 2013 is very educational for children growing up. They see the differences in daily life from only a few years ago, allowing them to still live in the time. The Nanny, for instance, features a young father that works in the Broadway Producing business. Whenever they show a scene from one of the plays, everyone is dressed up in suits and gowns to see the play. Now when you go to see a Broadway

play, the attire is much more casual. The attitude was just different from today’s society. Another one of the older shows, Friends, has some common influential aspects as well. Wikipedia says that the character Joey’s catch phrase “How you doin?” has been adapted into everyday conversation among teenagers. The show also had a reputation for discussing topics new and untouched by society’s standard shows. The show itself was controversial to the 90’s culture.

To go even deeper than the 90’s, these shows are only mimicking the shows of past decades. I Love Lucy (1951), Three’s Company (1977), and Rosanne (1988) are all similar to the more recent The Nanny, Friends, and Malcolm in the Middle respectively. So what the current “Nick@ Night” is to the younger generation are even older shows to our older peers and us. The cycle of shows copying each other is never ending and the lessons and influence these shows have on us are infinite. When children are not watching the cartoons and TV series of the daytime Nickelodeon, they can indulge in a more mature and cultural set of sitcoms from the past and present. “Nick@Night” brings the past back to treat the new generations.

Take an Inside Look at The Newsroom Editor in Chief Much more than the news is covered on the HBO television series, The Newsroom. Created by Aaron Sorkin, whose past works include The West Wing, The Social Network, and Moneyball, the show contains fast-paced scenes full of dialogue that cover drama in the newsroom as well as significant issues in the world, as a real news program would.

Nicole Dunsmore

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The audience watches as a news alert develops into a story and the reporters at “Atlantis Cable News” scramble to find sources and hastily create a segment for the show. The show covers actual past events, taking place in 2010. One major event the news show covers is the death of Osama bin Laden, in which the head of ACN news division, Charlie Skinner, played by Sam Waterston, is told by an anonymous source what the White House plans to announce that night. The news team rushes to unearth the whole story in order to be the first news show to reveal the intriguing news. Having anonymous and off the record sources always presents a roadblock for the journalists; they know the truth but have no way to report it without official evidence. One reporter, Sloan Sabbith, played by Olivia Munn, divulges off the record information on the air. She was overcome by her desire to expose the truth about the reactor level of a nuclear plant in Japan, deciding the safety of the Japanese people came first. In the newsroom, the focal relationship involves Will McAvoy, the anchorman, and MacKenzie McHale, the executive producer of “News Night”. Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer portray these

intelligent, intriguing, and conflicted characters very successfully. The verbose dialogue written by Sorkin presents a challenge to the actors, which they willingly take on. Daniels explained in Vanity Fair, “The trick with Aaron, which I think makes this the ultimate challenge, is that you have to learn a Broadway play every week. We’re not walking around the corner holding a gun, going, ‘Look out!’ We’re coming around the corner and doing Sorkin, and that’s a whole other thing. And it’s Sorkin at 90 miles an hour, because there’s a musicality, there’s a rhythm to him.” John Gallagher Jr., who plays the character of Jim on the show, stated in Filler Magazine, “Aaron Sorkin is brilliant at capturing the bigger picture of politics and worldwide news events, and placing them as the backdrop to the smaller picture of personal events in the lives of his characters. Every episode deals with a real news story from the past two years, and usually the way the audience is invited into those stories is through whatever is happening to the newsroom staff at that moment.” The acclaimed series is scheduled to air its second season in June 2013. Until then, the first season of The Newsroom is available on HBO GO.

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For the Last Time, XOXO, Gossip Girl Lillianna Byington B u s i n e s s M a nag e r

secrets exposed by Gossip Girl and continuously despising and hunting her, when they find out who it is they are suddenly okay with it. Two weddings, a child, and forever happiness brings this infamous series to a close, but is that really what the viewer wanted? Chuck and Blair romantically tie the knot and consummate their love by

showing that they have a son in the future. Serena and Dan, the elite and the Brooklyn, the on and off couple, finally get married. Nate will soon run for the mayor of NYC, so it seems as if everyone got their happy ending. While the captivated audience knows that this is far from their reality, it allows viewers to become involved in these dramatic extreme ideas where they can escape their real life problems to see the gossip caused issues in the lives of Manhattan’s finest. After six seasons of scandals, heartbreak, fights, and so on, the ending is none the less the non-existent storybook fairytale ending. The story behind this group of Manhattan elites has come to a close and so will the drama in this fictitious world of our scandalous weekly pleasure. As the future closes, the Gossip Girl voice returns to remind us that while this gossip has ended ‘there will always be an outsider trying to get in.’ As the audience then heard for the very last time, “xoxo, Gossip Girl.”

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The scandalous Gossip Girl series came to a close and the mastermind behind it all was finally revealed. One of the most dramatic and scandalous CW programs ended its six seasons on December 17th at 9 pm. The main actors who have made careers out of this dramatic program, Leighton Meester, Blake Lively, Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley, and more, will never read another script for the series that made so many swoon. Whether viewers fell in love with a character or enjoyed escaping their days with a weekly dosage of gossiping drama, this show has become infamous for its numerous proud viewers and devoted fans. For those not in with the gossip, the show is about a group of Manhattan’s young elites with

all of their secrets leaked by the Gossip Girl blog. But in this final episode the girl behind all the gossip and power was revealed as a boy, she was lonely boy. However, this shocking revelation of Dan Humphrey as the girl with all the gossip had an unexpected reaction. The whole group had spent every episode with their

Colfer’s New Craft VH1’s Kid Stars R e p o rt e r

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Media Editor From November 28th to December 2nd, VH1 released the “100 Greatest Kid Stars” from over the last two decades. During my youth, I saw most of these child stars on the big and small screen. Whether it was a talented kid actress who I had a crush on or it was a super cool kid actor who I wanted to be, each one of those kids actors made their mark in Hollywood. Some child actors have made it big and are creating a legacy in Hollywood, some are still trying to make a comeback and return to the glory where they once were, and some are not making it any more and have chose new paths in their lives. All of the numbers next to the child actors or performers is their rank on the list. Some kid stars that caught my eye was the beautiful Jennifer Love Hewitt from Kids Incorporated (53), Who didn’t want to be the cool kid in school like Mark Paul Gosslear, also known as Zack Morris (30), from Saved By The Bell? I also wanted the chance to be Ben Savage from Boy Meets World (33) and Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement (7) for a day. Some of my first crushes were from female child actresses who were on TV and film and I always just wanted to hang out for a day with

them such as Hillary Duff from Lizzie McGuire (29), Emma Watson from the Harry Potter series (49), and Melissa Joan Hart from Sabrina the Teenage Witch (14) Some of my personal favorite kid stars that I wanted to be when I was a kid include the boy genius and great actor that was Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle (21). The legendary and talented Justin Timberlake from ‘N Sync (37), and the guys from my favorite show as a kid were Kenan Thompson (39) and Kel Mitchel (40) from the legendary show Kenan & Kel. Every since I was a young lad, I always loved to watch TV and movies with my friends, family, or myself. It is so surreal to see what most of the kids actors grown up to be. Everyone has to grow up at some point in his or her lives and it is great to see that many of these kid actors have achieved great success. Some of my favorite memories when I was a kid were when I would watch these TV shows or movies and look up to these child actors and performers. Some of these child actors are still making their mark and they are good idols in the world. Some of them unfortunately made the wrong decisions and create a bad vibe for themselves. Wherever they are or whatever they do, these child actors and performers are remembered for one thing or another and that is entertaining all audiences that last a lifetime. Photo Credit:

The star of the Emmy award winning Fox television series Glee, Chris Colfer, has not only proved to be a remarkable actor but also a capable screenwriter as well. Struck By Lightning is an original movie written by Chris Colfer that also features notable comedians such as Angela Kinsley, Rebel Wilson, and Sarah Hyland. The Tribeca film is about a high school student named Carson Phillips who is the president of a failed writers club and an ignored school newspaper. C a r s o n Phillips is someone who does not care much for his peers and often mocks them about how little intelligence they have compared to him. His hatred for his fellow students and the fact that he has a neglectful mother (Allison Janney) is what motivates and drives Carson’s desire to escape. He wants out of the small California town called “Clover” so that he can eventually fulfill his dream of becoming the editor of the New Yorker magazine.

M At t h e w B ro w n

Samantha N o rt h ro p

Frustrated that his future of becoming a world-renowned journalist and getting accepted to Northwestern University are in jeopardy, he blackmails his classmates into submitting an original piece of writing to create a literary magazine. Most high school comedies choose to go in an obvious direction, which is to make fun of the cliques and relationships of the student body. This particular flick chooses to go in a surprisingly serious direction. It focuses on the work and emotional investments that go into high school. It also talks about fears that are constantly hanging over a teenager’s head such as “What if my dreams don’t come true?” or “What if I never leave my small hometown?” Despite the grim themes like depression, death, and divorce, what makes this comedy so great is it is able to maintain such a lighthearted tone. The movie sends a message that small town life does not have to make a person’s life small and although everyone has the desire to fly away from his or her nests, not everyone is destined to do so. This is such a breath fresh of air amongst all the other high school films that do not take the teen audience seriously.



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DJ Einstein makes MC =Entertainment 2

“A huge part of my life is music, being across the airways is one of my biggest dreams,” explained Einestman.

M At t h e w B ro w n Media Editor

Nicholas Einestman (’12) is not the everyday freshman college student at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire. By day he is a communications, and film/media student. By night, he lives his passion for radio and is known as “DJ Einstein”. Einestman works at WCPR 91.7 at Plymouth, a student-run radio station. At the radio station, Einestman is the indie and alternative genre director at the station. Einestmen hosts his own show on the station known as “The Lame Brain Show”. During the first semester of the school year, “The Lame Brain Show” aired every Thursday from 11pm to 1am. During this upcoming school year, the show will air on Mondays from 5 pm to 7pm.

Einestman has been inspired to be a DJ his whole life. During “The Lame Brain Show” Einestmen has been known for playing all genres of music including rap and punk. Einestman’s favorite

Diggin’ Deleo Karen Cuellar R e p o rt e r Fame, fortune and talent. The great man of rock and roll Dean Deleo has it all. With his astonishing guitar skill set he is living a rock star’s dream lifestyle.  Throughout his life, Brad Whitford has been his biggest influence. Dean has been in three major label bands, produced major albums and toured with huge artist. His appearance on the scene began in early 90’s when his first band the Stone Temple Pilots got signed to Atlantic Records in the spring of ‘92. The group dominated the decade

from start to finish with over 17 million album copies of their 5 albums sold in the U.S. 15 singles topping the Billboard charts, a Grammy Award for “Best Hard Rock Performance” and several other American Music Awards. With the help of Dean their second album “Purple” ranked #73 on the guitar worlds 100 Greatest Guitar Albums of all-time. Two other great bands Dean started were Talk Show and Army of Anyone. Throughout the years he toured with Aerosmith, the Foo Fighters, Alanis Morissette and backed up Steven Tyler at least once. Stone Temple Pilots was then reformed and toured from 2010 to 2011. Unfortunately, this year they broke up again. Dean Deleo is now at his home in LA with his family.

bands to play include Brand New, Saves the Day, and Motor Cycle Industry. Einestman has stated that his inspirations in radio include Dr. Hunter S. Thompson who was a writer in the 60’s. “I like the way he took our society, when he wasn’t under the influence, I like how he viewed everything,” stated Einestmen. Einestmen has also said that another influence on him was the infamous street artist “Banksy”. When regarding to what people should look forward to when they listen to his show Einestmen stated,“I would say don’t come in the show that you think you will love it immediately. It is definitely a learning experience. Just keep an open mind when you listen.” WCPR plans to have an online broadcast by mid-late February. To catch DJ Einstein’s work or learn about more of his work, feel free to go to

What’s on your iPod? EDITOR EDITION

Matt Brown: Belief - John Mayer

Lucas Keogh: Slow Jamz - Kanye West

Kylie Coppola: C’mon - Ke$ha

Nicole Dunsmore: Thrift Shop - Macklemore

Lillianna Byington: Ho Hey - The Lumineers

Haley Doran: Home - Phillip Phillips

Mikayla Beckwith: Heart Skipped a Beat - The XX Erin Kelly: Flightless Bird, American Mouth Iron and Wine


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FEAT Valentine’s Day is the fourth biggest holiday of the year for confectionery purchases (after Halloween, Easter and Christmas).

S H N n o s e l p u o C y a D s ’ e n i t n e l a V

Teens Move Away from the Idea of Love thisValentine’s Day N at h a l i a Ramirez R e p o Rt e R

February 14th is meant to be a day of love. The smell of flowers and the taste of chocolate define Valentine’s Day. Sadly this special day has been unappreciated throughout the years and the word love has become nothing but four letters. Teacher Ms. Hermina of intermediate algebra said, “Times have changed. Since the late 60’s, it has not been old fashion. The gentleman no longer tries to win over the girl. There is no such thing as romance anymore.” However, for many people these things have faded away and the true meaning of love and romance is very

hard to find. It seems as if many guys have forgotten how to be a gentleman and many ladies have no idea of what a gentleman should be and look like. Valentine’s Day is not just a day for couples, it is a day that you can enjoy with anyone and everyone, so there is no doubt that this special day is not what it used to be. Kaitlinn Arredonde (’15) mentioned, “This generation is not sensible and sweet and innocence has long been gone.” She also said, “I am not looking forward to this day since I do not have a boyfriend, but I know that I will enjoy being around my friends and loved ones.” Maxx Brown (’14) said, a “People no longer care about the little things that really matter,” and he mentioned, “I am looking forward to this day so I

What is your opinion of couples in high school?

“Some are disgusting.” -Patrick McInerney (‘16)

“They are cute.” -Griffen Weiss (‘16)

can eat chocolate.” True love is unconditional and should have no price, which means that we should not wait a whole year for one day to come in order to show people how much we love, respect and appreciate them. If more people would start doing that, the new generation would not be to blame for ruining the beautiful meaning of love. “It is a different generation, and guys no longer take girls seriously and they see them as objects and they have forgotten that love should be something memorable and special,” said Alex Lorenzana (’14). Even though Valentine’s Day is not like it used to be, love is a feeling that will never go away, so the hope of a real Valentine’s Day is not yet lost.

Heard in

“Get in the way, don’t wanna see people make out.” -Matt Parlanti (‘15)

“It is cute.” -Annette Mahon (‘14)


Ove flowe 15% o selv


The Paw Print February 2013

73% of American men y flowers on Valentine’s Day! er 90% of Valentine’s Day ers are purchased by men. of U.S. women send themves flowers on Valentine’s Day.

More than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate will be sold for Valentine’s Day. A survey conducted by the Chocolate Manufacturers Association revealed that 50 percent of women will likely give a gift of chocolate to a guy for Valentine’s Day.


Danny Porrelli (’13) and Erin Montaine (’13)

Jessica Jaramillo (‘13) and Kevin Morales (‘14)

Sarah Hooper (‘14) and Javaughn Henry (‘14)

Jeanette Hamilton (‘13) and Alec Judkins (’13)

the Halls

“A real common thing.” -Tajah Dash (‘14)

What is your opinion of couples in high school?

“They get in the way at school, but shouldn’t be frowned upon.” -Lisa Conlin (‘14)

“It can get really obnoxious.” -Lucas Keogh (‘13)

“They don’t last.” -Taylor Perna (‘13)



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Norwalk High After Snowstorm Nemo

email to give us your input on NHS parking lot condition

The Stressful Wait for College Acceptances Filling out applications a n d a t t e m p t i n g Editor in Chief to represent your best self to admissions officers seemed like the most demanding part of the college application process. However, waiting for responses from the schools proved to be even more taxing. As the response date draws closer, the anxiety grows more intense. Every time an email pops up with the word “admissions”, students’ hearts plummet into their

stomachs. The emails usually reveal nothing, except for the occasional frustrating messages that inform a student they are missing certain documents. Now the worry has elevated and students think that the school will reject them since their incomplete application implies that they do not care enough. Overall, the emails that cause the most apprehension are those that release the exact date and time of when the school will post their decision. For the next twenty-four hours, the student is filled with an incurable nauseating feeling and can focus on nothing else but the clock. It is hard for seniors to fathom that their future

potentially lies in one letter, one email, even one word: “Congratulations!” The time has come when everything that students have worked for truly matters and they must simply wait and hope that they have accomplished enough. As easily as stress consumes students’ minds it is as easily washed away; an acceptance letter brings a whole wave of new emotions, the biggest one being relief. Students finally recognize that they have done enough and a promising future awaits them. With their futures in place and their burden having disappeared, the senioritis kicks in.

Senior Superlatives are a classic part of any News Editor high school’s yearbook, but at Norwalk High School, they’re just another popularity concert. Since the superlative nomination sheets were released, many people rallied and campaigned to be chosen for dif-

ferent titles. Some students got a lot of people to promise to vote for them for superlatives such as best dressed, best hair, or best couple that never was. However, to the shock of many, these superlatives did not come out as planned. Many people were snubbed of their rightful title over people who had more connections than others. Some superlatives, which seemed to have predictable outcomes, ended up having controversial winners and debatable results. It is no question that this is the largest conspiracy and scandal to happen on NHS grounds. In the forty years of

this building’s existence, such a tale of corruption has never been told before. There is no telling how deep the rabbit hole goes. This controversy, reminiscent of the Watergate scandal in the 70s, has apparently gone on for years, according to multiple teachers and alumni of NHS. Many people hold the theory that the very students who count the votes are the kingpins behind this conspiracy. So the question stands: why has it not been stopped? There is not a single person in Norwalk who knows the answer.

Nicole Dunsmore

Superlatives: Most Likely to be Disappointing Lucas Keogh


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Science & Math Cannot Take Over Education Editor



The subjects that students excel in vary by person, but with a range of courses from English to Social Studies to Math, a student can find an area that they enjoy and thrive in. However, the STEM Education Coalition seems to have a much more limited idea. STEM education centers around science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The Coalition plans to implement these programs into all levels of education. “The central mission of the STEM Education Coalition is to inform federal and state policymakers on the critical role that STEM education plays in U.S. competitiveness and future economic prosperity and to advocate for policies that will improve STEM education at every level,” states the STEM Education Coalition

website, The STEM Coalition supports federal investments in the attempt to inspire younger generations to pursue careers in STEM fields. For students that succeed in these specific areas, they should by all means be encouraged to enhance their knowledge and search for a job in those fields. But math and science are not always a student’s strong suits, and STEM programs may produce the exact opposite effect; students who struggle in these areas will ultimately become discouraged. As a student whose success in school lies in the subject areas of English and Social Studies, an education without a focus on these topics seems inconceivable, dense, and outlandish. STEM programs seem to only be concerned with the fields of technology and engineering, in order to “prepare more students for the best jobs of the future that will keep the U.S. innovative, secure and

Photo Credit:

Nicole Dunsmore

competitive,” according to their website. Crucial jobs exist that require knowledge besides mathematics. These occupations will be left unfilled if the necessary courses are not taught in school. A future generation may offer a countless number of engineers, but lack the proper comprehension of writing to cultivate journalists and authors, or be deficient in the ability to run the country due to a vague understanding of politics. The STEM Education Coalition’s list of General Principles maintains that “STEM education is closely linked with our nation’s economic prosperity in the modern global

economy; strong STEM skills are a central element of a well-rounded education and essential to effective citizenship.” Throughout my years of education, my efforts have been placed on Social Studies and English courses; in my higher education, my plan is to expand my knowledge of Journalism and Communications. Since science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are not vital elements of my education, the STEM Coalition believes that I am not a valuable citizen. This illogical statement resembles the irrationality of the STEM Education Coalition itself.

As opposed to going to elementary school at 9:20 AM, we now have to been seated in class by 7:30 AM. When students are tired in school, they R e p o rt e r are not able to work to their full potential. The biggest heartbreak in every high school This means grades could significantly drop studentís life happens every morning while which then looks bad when applying to leaving his or her bed after what seems like college.    On the other hand, elementary an hour of sleep.  The real problem is that school students are always energetic and most students are so overwhelmed with have a full night of rest because they do assignments that it is almost impossible to not have responsibilities.  According to a study by James F. get a decent night of sleep and be in school Pagel, MD, of the University of Colorado ready to focus by 7:30 AM. School of Medicine, lacking of sleep can Unfortunately for us, saying that we negatively influence how well a student could not wait to grow up when we were does during school. “While a series of younger was one of the biggest mistakes. 

previously-conducted studies all found that adolescents reporting inadequate sleep, irregular sleep patterns, and/or poor sleep quality do not perform as well in school as students without sleep complaints, this study provides additional evidence indicating that sleep disturbances occur at high frequencies in adolescents and significantly affect daytime performance, as measured by GPA.” High school is one of the most important times in a personís life and ultimately sets up what the future will hold. It does not make sense that elementary school students who go to sleep early, are up and enthusiastic in the morning, and

who have a stress free life go to school much later. If there was a chance to trade the time school starts between the Norwalk Public Schoolís high schools and elementary schools, it would be very beneficial for the high school students academically. Although some high school students might see this possible solution as an opportunity to stay up later on school nights, this is still a good start to help make sure more students get a little more sleep.

it on their own. Whether teenagers want to admit it or not, while doing homework some begin to read the first question, get frustrated after

about a minute, and pull out their phones or get on the computer and Google the

question. Being guilty of doing it myself, still not feeling an ounce of shame, this era as a whole should be ashamed of their reliance on Google. Instead of taking the time to actually sit there and use the thing inbetween the ears, people love so much (aka their brain), people rely on the Internet as a source to think. According to an article by April Dembosky of the Financial Times, “The

ability to search and find information via a few keystrokes on Google, for example, is affecting our memory.” It continued to state that, “We are less good at remembering information, but we have become better at knowing where and how to find it. We have outsourced our memory to the internet.” The Internet as a whole has led to good and bad outcomes. Yes, the Internet is a faster way to stay updated 24/7 with society, but it has also made society dumber. If by chance the power did go out, everyone would be lost, and would not know how to proceed, Relying on things too often may end up turning into a habit that will be hard to break away from.

Independent work is the best option, as students can learn that the one person they can always depend on should be themselves. Susan Cain author of the book Quiet stated on her blog when asked what she thought of group work, “Having to work in so large and close a huddle would make life not worth learning. And it takes a lot to get me to say that, since learning is pretty much my favorite activity.” Most teachers are unable to determine whether or not the project was done by one person in the group or if the entire group participated. Therefore collective group grades are usually distributed, even though not everyone may have equally participated. They may say that two heads are better than one, but if one gets

stuck doing all the work and both get credit, then they are better off independent. Many believe that group work is valued because the assignment gets done faster and students learn to communicate. However, these important skills are not being acquired when the heavy lifting ends up being done by only some of the group. Plus, by high school, either you have acquired social skills or not. It is hard to change someone’s communication skills especially in their rebellious teen years. Although some students work well together, overall excessive group work is teaching students that it is okay to be lazy and ride the coattails of those they can depend on to do the work. In college, your professors will not say

that you can work in a group to write your essay or to take the few tests that you are given. While the work world may require team work under certain circumstances, people in the work world are aware that a team project is not equivalent to time to slack off. The objective of high school is to prepare its students for the future, but with continuous assignments in groups, our students are not learning to pull their own weight but to depend on others to pick up their slack.

Different Start Times can Help the Sleepless Haley Doran

Why Use our Brains When we have Google? J o r da n Arena R e p o rt e r

Photo Credit: Nicole Dunsmore

As a teenager, my daily source for information is of course, not my brain, but Google. There is this compulsion that people feel for not thinking on their own anymore, but to take the easy way out and storm to the Internet. Since the Internet is free at hand 24/7 for anyone, their answers are just a couple types away. Lately as technology has become more advanced, many have felt the need to search everything that they could possibly question, without attempting to think about

Group Work is Destroying our Independence Lillianna Byington B u s i n e s s M a nag e r Students tend to get excited when they hear that the teacher has assigned a group project, but the problem is that students are not learning the importance of depending on themselves. These group projects are certainly unfair, as someone always gets stuck with a slacker and ends up doing all the work themselves. Or someone always ends up with the overachiever who does it all themselves and they become dependent on others for their work.



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Kylie Coppola S p o rt s E d i to r

At the beginning of this school year, many new policies were reinforced. The hallway pass policy, open end, and even entering the school now is more regulated. The one huge policy that always existed, but was never truly enforced up to par (according to the teachers anyway), was the cell phone policy. As of this year, our new school principal Reginald Roberts established a reputation of frequently taking away cell phones. This took the student body a while to adjust to since it was not reinforced in the past. From a student’s point of view, most students take it as a challenge accepted.

Photo Credit: Nicole Dunsmore

Kylie using her cell phone in study hall.

This policy has not motivated students to keep their phones away; instead, it made students develop different techniques as to getting away with using their phones. There are little differences between the cell phone policy last year and this year though. The same rules apply, but now in today’s generation, students will do anything in order to keep their phones in their possession. Last year there was no problem with the way the cell phone policy was handled.. Personally, I think it is the student’s choice as to whether or not they use their phone in class. As long as they are aware their cell phone usage will negatively affect their grade, why should our administrators and mind molders be concerned about it? If the student is being disruptive with the device than it would be appropriate for it to result in confiscation. Otherwise, students should be allowed to peacefully use their cellular device as of the past years. Since that would be highly unlikely to happen, there are certain elements that should be considered with the new no nonsense phone policy. Allowing students to use their cellphones during lunch or study hall would make them less likely to risk using them during class. This would make the day go by faster for students, instead of feeling like a six hour detention. It is a work in progress policy that would not do harm to the school and how it runs if it were to be tweaked a little bit. The school would benefit as a result since there would be both less drama in the classroom and less complaining- a win/win situation!

The Mail that Decides the Future of a Student Christina Deblasi R e p o rt e r The mailbox seems as if it is the one place that holds the response to a senior’s future, makes them more impatient each day as it leaves them empty handed, and their mind races as they approach it thinking of all the possibilities it may hold. The college application process is one of the most exciting yet stressful times for high school seniors. Seniors are anxious to find out the admission decisions of their top choice colleges. When the news finally arrives in the mail, it is well known that acceptance letters are typically large, thick envelopes, while rejection letters are small and thin. The New York Times released the 2012 college admissions statistics in an attempt to reveal to curious students and parents how a “seemingly qualified candidate” could be denied to their top choice colleges. For example, the University of Southern California released that in 2012 they received 46,030 applications, while more than 36,400 applications were denied. Most Ivy League schools have acceptance rates lower than eight percent. Cassidy Curnyn (’13) reflected upon receiving her first acceptance letter, “I felt a sense of relief and accomplishment when I received my first acceptance letter. I finally felt like my hard work in high school was worth something. A big weight was lifted

off of my shoulders after endless months of the college application process. It is finally over and I can look forward to starting a new chapter in my life.” Daniela DeJesus (’13) stated, “I screamed on the phone when I received my first acceptance letter. The college called me and I was in pure shock. My first thought was; I am going to college!” Many seniors get their heart set on a certain college that they feel is the only college that will allow them to succeed in the future. Whether students are accepted or rejected, students will make the best of their college experience and education because the end result will be the same no matter what school they attend.

Photo Credit: Matt Brown

The Cell Phone Policy We Determine the Seems to be Ineffective School’s Appearance

Garbage left on the floor at Norwalk High School.

Jeanette H a m i lt o n R e p o rt e r Norwalk High School students need to take better care of their surroundings. The school is in bad condition, but it would improve if students would simply respect it. The stairwells might be the biggest problem in this situation. Food and water are so commonly thrown down the stairwell during the lunch period that students often avoid the inside railing by instinct. Chocolate milk frequents the C-House stairwell, while one B-House stairwell has been toting an egg on the 3rd floor wall for weeks. Water is also commonly poured down the stairwells, but at least water does not leave a sticky mess. Still, it can be a hazard if someone slips and falls. The gum may not even be worth mentioning. It is stuck on the walls, stuck under chairs and desks, and spit out onto the floor with such prevalence that it is

hardly noticeable by one’s senior year. In addition to the edible items, students litter the Norwalk High floors with garbage. Food wrappers and scraps of paper can be found in almost every classroom, left behind by teenagers who evidently could not locate the garbage can. Such papers can also be found in the hallway; these papers, however, are more often than not posters that have been ripped down for no reason. While they are intended to provide information to students who need it, they end up being trampled by the masses. In addition to the posters, students recently ripped down an Ally Chain (chain made of strips of paper in various colors with uplifting messages) that the GayStraight Alliance put up in A-House. After several weeks, only one lonely strip of paper remained on the wall. Students of NHS must learn to respect their surroundings. They must use the proper waste receptacles for their garbage, and stop creating more out of posters. If they can do this, the school will be cleaner, and most likely smell better, making it more pleasant to attend.

The More is Not the Merrier in Classes Samantha N o rt h ro p R e p o rt e r The reason students are not participating in class may not be due to the fact they are too tired from watching Youtube videos all night, but because the class may be too large. Norwalk High could offer a higher quality education if they can keep class sizes fewer than twenty people. A majority of my class was absent one day because of a field trip. Immediately I noticed the positive effect the absences had. Students were more engaged into the lesson than when the entire class was present. People were also more comfortable to ask questions and voice their opinions. Large classes are simply more intimidating. With more people comes along more pressure to stand out, to participate, and connect with the teacher. These three ingredients are vital to being successful in a class so better understanding of the material can be established and the teacher will recognize the effort the student puts into the class. The best way a student can absorb information from a lesson is to not only ask and answer questions but to build a

conversation with the teacher. If a student feels unable to grab a teacher’s attention, they cannot be expected to do well. Recent studies performed by researchers apart of Parents Across America suggest that increasing a class size to 45 students had a negative impact on the amount of critical thinking required in a business classes and the quality of presentations. There are also benefits to smaller class sizes for teachers as well. One of the most common complaints students have towards their teachers is about receiving their work back late. With fewer students in a class, teachers do not have to spend as much time grading papers. They would also have more time to individually help students. It would be easier for a teacher to compile a list of lessons and activities that match up to all of the students’ interests. It is understood that in college there will be classes known as “lecture halls” that will be attended by hundreds of students. Norwalk High School does not necessarily need to worry about encouraging their students to get used to learning around a lot of people. According to college students, the key to mastering a lecture hall is good listening skills. If students are used to paying attention because of the affects of smaller classes, they will already be prepared.

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False Fandom at NHS The Future Starts Now up, but when there is word that MSG Varsity will be attending, the conversations change. Instead of asking each other if they are going, students discuss the seating Opinion Editor arrangements on the bleachers or what they think will be the performance of the Bear Students pack the stands and fill the Pack. bleachers every year for the various sporting It must be the hype of having MSG events our school has to offer. Sadly, the Varsity present or maybe the hope that loyalty of the fans is proven unstable when students will have their 5 seconds of fame, sports teams that do not draw a crowd get but appearing at a sporting event because one bigger than ever with the addition of of MSG Varsity is not the right thing to do. the MSG Varsity cameras. Not only is it pointless considering that As many high schools across the tri- the time the program spends to record the state area participate in sporting events, crowd is minimal, it is also disrespectful they have all had a taste of MSG Varsity. for the players. Featuring high schools and colleges on their False fandom is not a crime, but it televised network, the program should be. Appearing at MSG Varsity highlights sports along with featured events, whatever the reason Look at me! academic competitions, may be, but not the rest of the games newsrooms, and various are not in the good spirits of the other student oriented events. school. The truth is that some teams at Norwalk High attract a larger audience than others, but when the name MSG Varsity presents itself, these crowds grow larger and invite more fans. But are they actually fans? When walking in the hallways, students rave about the game of the evening or the game coming

M i k ay l a Beckwith

William Angione R e p o rt e r

Photo Credit: Sharon Cadden

It is impossible to predict the future no matter how hard you try. Just when you think you know it, everything gets turned upside down and things change. That does not mean we should not try. Today people are too caught up on the here and now to imagine what the future could be like. Some ideas of what could be in the next century seem to be too ambitious to be possible. For instance, it is estimated by 2113 people will be fluent in every language, supercomputers will be the size of pencil tips, people will have the ability to hold their breath underwater for hours, the way food is grown will change completely, and astronauts will travel to the edge of the solar system and far beyond in the time it would take to get to mars and back. Today all of this sounds like science fiction, but forty years ago when computers took up entire walls, so did the idea of iPhones. Right now scientist are developing the platform and building blocks for these new ideas to be possible in our generation. Google is racing to perfect instant translating. IBM is redesigning how computer chips work. They are designing nanoparticles infused into liquid instead of computer chips. This means computers will be smaller, will not need wires and be faster.

Nano-technology will make it possible to breath underwater for hours on one breath. Robotic red blood cells are being designed that could hold two hundred times the amount of oxygen as natural blood cells. All you will need to explore the Great Barrier Reef is board shorts and goggles. At the opening of the 20th century, there were one billion people on earth. In one hundred years that number has jumped up to seven billion people. The U.S. government has estimated that by 2050 there will be nine billion people on this planet. If history has shown us anything it is that overpopulation leads to famine. To avoid this problem we just have to rethink food. Scientist are developing single celled organisms that, if developed, will reduce the size of crops. If it works, all the world’s food can be grown in an area half the size of Connecticut. NASA’s use of fossil fuels is not only slow but dangerous due to the use of nuclear generators. To better the program’s functionality, NASA is now going to propel their ships. Not only is this safer, but it would only take decades to reach the closest star outside our solar system. This ship would also have no need to be refueled. The challenges we face today are unlike any faced before us. The risks are greater and so are the rewards. People should not regard ideas like this as science fiction because it could be a part of our life in the decades to come.

The Solution to Guns & Obesity is Here Jeanette H a m i lt o n R e p o rt e r

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250 Westport Avenue Norwalk, CT 06851 Phone: (203) 956-7103 Offer valid only with coupon Fax: (203) 956-7104 Cannot be duplicated. Valid until 06/1/13

Many different solutions to the issue of gun violence in the United States have been proposed as of late. However, the best plan has yet to be put on the table. Some people insist that they need semi-automatic or automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines for them. If those people want military-grade weaponry, they should be enlisted in the military. Each person who wants one of these guns, which only serve the purpose of killing, will get one, along with targets at which to shoot it. They will also be taught how to safely and accurately use the weapon, as well as how to correctly care for it. Their training will not stop at shooting a gun, though. These people will go through rigorous physical and emotional training to be able to fight on the front lines. Considering 35.7% of adults are obese (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and 47% of adults report owning a gun (Gallup Politics) in the United States, chances are that 41.4% of American adults are obese gun owners, which means that the physical training they undergo should also help with America’s obesity problem. Gun owners will also learn discipline, responsibility, and leadership skills from joining the military. They will be able to show their patriotism by serving their country and protecting its citizens’ freedoms and rights, including their own favorite. Speaking of the second amendment, the Constitution does say that the people have the right to keep and bear arms, but

the people to whom it refers are members of “a well-regulated militia.” This militia is made up of any able-bodied citizen who can protect his country when it is under attack. Thusly, there is no better way to exercise one’s second amendment rights than to do so on a battlefield. Furthermore, having more people who want to wield guns and serve their country will give those who have been bravely doing so for years the chance to return home and to be with their families. The men and women who have risked their lives for others deserve a chance to be with their loved ones and relax somewhere safe.

No Average Joe needs a militaryg r a d e weapon designed specifically for killing. However, if he truly desires one, he should have the right to use one, and he should do something good with it as well.


A Taste of Heaven M At t h e w B ro w n Media Editor

Photo Credit: Matt Brown

Allow me to tell you about a new and a great place to hangout, eat delicious and amazing food, and just a place where you can have a good time. Romanacci is the place to be and if you go there once, your life will be changed forever. Romanacci is a place of fine “Italian Eats and Treats” and the food there will make you feel like you are in Italy or heaven. Once you eat there you may think that Rachel Ray or Bobby Flay are in the kitchen. The amazing food there includes incredible handmade pastas that you may order to go. There is an out of this world wide-selection of breads that you may have. The pizza at Romanacci may very well be one of the greatest foods I have

ever had. The pizza there is the definition of amazing. Another great thing about Romanacci is that it is a great place to hangout. You can take your family, your good friend, your best friend, your girlfriend, or anyone else that you want to spend time with. The people who work there are some of the nicest and coolest people you will ever meet and the service there is extraordinary. This is truly one of the best places you will ever go to. If I had to rate this between one and ten where one would be the worst and ten would be the best, it would receive a 100. Romanacci can be found in the County Mall at 250 Westport Ave. You go there once and your life will be changed forever.

NHS Needs Etiquette Christina Deblasi R e p o rt e r As a student approaches the front door of Norwalk High School, a student in front of them kindly forgets to hold the door open, they are pushed and shoved as they walk through the congested hallways, and in the cafeteria they are disgusted as their friend talks to them with their mouth full. According to the New York Times, teachers and school administrators, in various cities throughout the nation, have come to the realization that students lack manners; therefore they will revise their curriculum in order to include mandatory etiquette courses. According to the Los Angeles Times, Beverly Hills school officials are convinced that “good manners breed success in life”, and so they were one of the first school districts to add etiquette to the school curriculum. Their goal is to teach students simple life lessons such as how to make a phone call, what fork to use, and even how to tip and address a waiter. Teachers at Norwalk High School also feel strongly about students who lack manners. Teachers are commonly addressed as “Yo Ms./Mr.” and frequently

interrupted in class and asked “Can I go to the bathroom?” Italian teacher Mrs. Lopreiato stated, “It is absolutely important that students know proper behavior in certain settings. I think etiquette classes would give students the opportunity to reflect upon themselves and understand what they are doing wrong so they can learn how to correct it.” When asked if NHS students would benefit from etiquette classes, Ashley Rodriguez (’13) stated, “Honestly, yes, walking through A House is very chaotic and sad because people do not know how to act, they need some serious etiquette lessons.” Brandon Scicchitano (’13) agreed, “The way some students act at our school is a disgrace. The students that don’t know how to act give the rest of Norwalk High a bad reputation.” It is pathetic and a shame that manners are no longer common sense. It should be second nature to know that it is polite to shake hands when introducing oneself or simply looking someone in the eyes when having a conversation. Instead people greet one another without their cell phone leaving their hand, and texting has become the equivalence of a conversation. Students at NHS would benefit from etiquette courses because etiquette is truly an important life lesson that makes a lasting impression.

Super Bowl Statistics Day After Super Bowl: -7 million people called in sick -those that went to work spent 30 minutes discussing the game Food and Drinks: -Americans ate 1.23 billion chicken wings -28 million pounds of potato chips consumed -53.5 million pounds of avocados consumed -consumed 50 million cases of beer -Pizza Hut alone sold 2 million pizzas

Commericals: $3.8 million on average for 30-second spots

Halftime Show: -Beyonce’s performance was one of the most watched segments of the NFL Championship -104 million viewers

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Let us Pee in Peace Jessica P o s a da G u e s t R e p o rt e r

on a given floor. Furthermore, the unlocked bathrooms are vile. The girl’s bathroom is littered with feminine products, the floors are coated with grime and the air is acrid. Blame students for their own filth, but when 750 girls confine to a single restroom NHS violates code and bathrooms become cesspools. Section 19-13-42 states, “Toilet facilities, including toilet room and fixtures, shall be kept clean and in good repair, and free of objectionable odors.” Connecticut recently passed “Ally’s law” also known as the Restroom Access Act. Ally Bain, who has Crohns disease, helped pass legislation, which requires businesses to give restroom access to people with medical conditions. It is a sad fact while Connecticut boasts progressive reforms, NHS students do not have reliable access to bathrooms. Filthy bathrooms break code and infringe on the educational process. Let us pee in peace.

Not to get sentimental about toilets but the first floor E house bathroom is pristine. A clean bathroom at NHS holds myth status, an unlocked bathroom even more so. Except for the first weeks of my senior year, the fabled first floor E house restroom remains locked. NHS violates Connecticut Plumbing and Health codes. According to Connecticut Plumbing Code Table 403.1, educational facilities must have one toilet for every fifty people. With an enrollment of 1,500 students, thirty toilets must be open. The only reliable open bathroom on second floor D house bathroom holds six stalls. Under Connecticut Health Code 19-13-B106 “Toilet and handwashing facilities accessible to the public Photo Credit: Matt Brown and separated for each sex, shall be provided at new or extensively renovated public buildings, places of public assembly…” NHS students do not have regular access to restrooms. Regardless of the fact most bathrooms are locked, NHS’s Science Wing lacks a bathroom entirely. Handicapped students especially face difficulties One of the few open bathrooms at Norwalk High. whenever all bathrooms are locked

Reality TV has Value Samantha N o rt h ro p R e p o rt e r Reality television has gotten a really bad reputation but perhaps it is not as poisonous as the public wants people to think. Some of the most controversial topics nowadays are about reality TV and how it glorifies immoral behavior. Comedy shows such as Chelsea Lately and The Soup criticize and ridicule them. Time Magazine says that they Photo Credit: epicjunc have a huge impact on a young teen’s self image. However, even shows where getting drunk and partying is the main focus have something valuable to offer. Celebrity Rehab, True Life, and Jersey Shore reveal the dark effects of drugs and alcohol to the public. They also are blamed of encouraging recklessness. It is easy for teens to misinterpret the situations. But the people on these shows who are addicted to these drugs so miserable inside. It is validation for teens that taking drugs is certainly not the answer to have fun and enjoy life. When documentary shows such as Teen Mom or The Bad Girl’s Club expose unprotected sex, it is considered immoral. But when The Secret Life of The American Teenager or Gossip Girl display it, it is considered brilliant storytelling. Photo Credit:


This is the biggest flaw in the criticism of reality television. All types of shows whether they are reality, sitcom, drama, soap opera, etc, are showing the same things. Reality TV should not be the only genre to take the blame for altering the younger public’s minds. Controversy is not the only thing reality television has to offer though. Rupaul’s Drag Race has become the most eye opening reality show a person could watch. It is a show about groups of men who do drag for living. They take on various challenges in order to win a cash prize and the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar. It has opened so many people’s minds about not only the gay community but also the lifestyle of drag itself. Shows like the X-Factor and American Idol have also been inspiring people to pursue their dreams. It has given artists like Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia Barrino, and Carrie Underwood the massive success they have today. It has also helped the artists who do not win the show by getting their names out there. Reality television is valuable. It gives people a way to dream. They allow viewers to imagine that it is possible to come from nothing and become something. Before people start petitions to ban shows, remember somebody out there may feel connected to someone on the show. At the end of the day, hopes and dreams are all a person has.

What Will UBecome? We Have a Few Suggestions. With more than 125 innovative programs, the University of Bridgeport makes it easier for you to become the person you want to be. If you’re interested in engineering, UB offers the largest program in Connecticut. Our Health Science Division is the leader in integrated health science education. For your creative side, UB’s fashion merchandising program and the Shintaro Akatsu School of Design programs in graphic, industrial and interior design provide students with an award-winning learning experience. And if business is your passion, no other private university in Connecticut can prepare you for the global economy like UB. Experience UB’s state-of-the-art learning facilities, industry experienced faculty, and careerfocused curriculum delivered in a small-class setting. Take the first step to a rewarding career and becoming the person you always wanted to be at the University of Bridgeport.

Call us today at 1.800.EXCEL.UB or visit for more information.
































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Crystle Hill: Running on the Track to Success Haley Doran R e p o Rt e R Crystle Hill, a senior at Norwalk High School, is currently a double threat both on the track and in the classroom. Crystle, the Girls Indoor Track Team captain, has thirteen metals, twelve ribbons, as a sophomore was named Best in Track 2011, awarded MIP 2011and 2012 and All Area 2011and 2012. During the indoor season, Crystle runs the 50-meter dash, 300-meter and sometimes a relay. She runs the 100-meter, 200-meter, and 400-meter and participates in the long jump during

the outdoor season. Crystle’s goals for indoor track this season are to become the FCIAC and State Champion as well as place in New Englandís. Her goals for the outdoor season are to break the 400-meter record and make it to New England’s. On January 5, 2013, Crystle broke the 50-meter dash school record which now stands as 6.88 seconds. Aside from Crystle’s constant dedication, desire to do nothing better than her best, and natural talent, Crystle owes much of her success to her mother. “She taught me how to be honest, open, understanding and strong. She is my role model. I hope when I grow up I am half the woman she is. I owe all my success on and

off the field to my mom.” The biggest question is where Crystle ís running future will lead her. Academically, she plans to major in secondary education. She would like to start as a math teacher and later become a guidance counselor. Crystle has decided that she wants to run in college but would like to keep her potential schools a secret. “My family doesn’t even know what’s going on with my college plans. I love everyone who supports me but too many people want to give me their opinions and this is a

Samantha N o rt h ro p R e p o Rt e R The girls of Norwalk High School’s track team are gaining the momentum to success. “Everyone’s working their hardest to get faster,” said the enthusiastic runner, Tori Dugan (’14). In his eighth year coaching track, Coach Patrick Moffett prepares the sprinters along side coach Carlos who works with distance runners. Although it is called “indoor track” sprinters prepare for meets by working out two to three times a week outside. “Practices have been getting harder

since the season is almost over,” said Alejandra Diaz (’14). Every day the girls push themselves harder and harder until one day, they too can set a record. Just like Crystle Hill who broke Marle Brown’s 2005 record in the 50m dash on Saturday January 12ths meet at Staples Field House. “On the sprints side, sophomore Tamia Taylor has been the biggest improvement,” said Coach Moffett. Tamia Taylor ran her personal best at Wilton in the 55m hurdles, 55m dashes, and the 300m. She has also qualified for the FCIAC, State Championships, and she also ran the fourth fastest time in school history for the hurdles at a meet that took place at Yale University. Commemoration must go to senior captain Crystle Hill for excellent leadership

Boys, Run! Photo Credit: Crystle Hill

Girls Track Sprints on

choice I want to make on my own.” Norwalk High School wishes the best for Crystle Hill and her future endeavors.

Crystle Hill and Tamia Taylor at FCIACs.

and junior distance runner Claire Turner for qualifying for States. “I was really happy with my performance, it was my best season for me,” said Claire Turner (’14). Turner won the 1000m and 600m. “It should be an exciting championship season,” commented Moffett.

M At t h e w B ro w n Media editoR

The Norwalk High School Boys Indoor Track team really earned their strides and had a season that most of them will never forget. Distance runner Christian Bonebrake (‘14) explained, “It (the season) has gone pretty well with sophomores and freshmen showing a bright future. It is nice to see them come in and take the stage, I am looking forward to FCIAC’s and states.” Another fellow distance runner, Jeremy Falcone (’13) stated, “We have a strong group of seniors leading the pack and lots of young guys as well.” “As far as the sprinters go, we are a smaller group this year and that had me down. Even if it is a smaller group, I am very proud of what they did,” explained Coach Moffett. On Saturday, January 12th, the boys combined with the girls had a total of forty-four events where a runner posted their season’s best times and record. Many of the boys did so well they were able to qualify for this year’s FCIAC and State meets such as Hopeton Chambers (’14), Evan Adams (‘15), Edwin Rosales (’13) and Corey Barrett (’14). “We had fewer runners than in past years, but no lack of talent,” explained Distance Captain Ian McGrath (’13). A toast to the great season of this year’s Indoor Boys Track team.

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Hockey Team trying to Boys Dunk & Dribble Lucas Make a Comeback Keogh Karen Cuellar R e p o Rt e R With a win of seven to three against Fitch/ East Lyme/Ledyard, the Norwalk/McMahon boys Hockey team started of the season so hot everyone was surprised they didn’t melt the ice. Despite the loss of a few key players who graduated such as Mike McRoy (‘12), Rocco Bochetta (‘12), and Nick Hulbert (‘12) the team still has great players. Like starting left wing Ryan Suchland who is leading with three goals and one assist. Starting right defenseman team captain Anthony Arena (‘13) with two goals and two assists and Co-Captain Alex Farris (‘13) with three assists. Anthony Arena (‘13) said, “They’re

Co-Captain Anthony Arena expects “to work as hard as we can against the better teams and win games against teams of the same caliber as us.”

news editoR

With an explosive season on track, the Boys Basketball team at Norwalk High does not fail to impress. The team, led by Coach Thomas Keyes, currently has a record of 11-5, and many factors have been crucial to that success. “We definitely have good team chemistry, and we stress defense every day,” said Coach Keyes on their keys to success, “The kids are listening to what we’re stressing and are doing a good job of playing together as a team.” Another factor that helps them succeed is their ability to let everybody shine by not relying on one player to carry the team.

“We definitely have good team chemistry, and we stress defense every day.” ~Coach Keyes

Photp Credit: Lucas Keogh

Good luck to all the Winter Sports teams from the Paw Print!

all great guys on and off the ice so to be their captain is a great privilege. It’s something I’ve wanted to do even before I got to Norwalk High.” The season so far has been a challenging one as they have won one game out of six. These are outcomes of having new players who haven’t played with each other before and playing against bigger teams. Arena (’13) said his biggest expectation for the rest of the season is “to work as hard as we can against the better teams and win games against teams of the same caliber as us.” Even though the scores have not been high the season is still young for the boys hockey team. They have thirteen games left last one being on February 28th. We wish them all the best of luck.

“We know how each other plays. We’re such an unselfish team,” stated co-captain Saeed Soulemane (’13), who added, “It doesn’t matter who scores.” “We pay attention in practice, and we work hard in and out of school. We’re family,” mentioned co-captain Jabari Dear (’13). Everyone on the team has also helped make this season even better than expected. The team is already better than last year’s team which had a record of 10-11. “We’re doing better than I thought we were,” explained Roy Kane (’15), who added, “And I thought we were going to be good.” The team has only one more game left in their schedule against Stamford at NHS on 2/18. After that, FCIACs are just around the corner. Here’s to wishing the team a great finish to the season.

Saeed Soulemane (‘13) dunks the ball during practice

Lady Bears Remain Positive this Season

now that that’s over we have a good shot at winning a couple more games. Our team has improved tremendously considering we start three freshmen and two seniors,” R e p o Rt e R said Captain Emma Oyomba (’13). One thing the team has been working on This season the Lady Bears are taking the is becoming physically stronger. Oyomba basketball court by storm. stated, “A lot of the girls on the team are Due to many of the varsity players’ tiny and we play in such a competitive graduating league with last year, the some very team now big and has many physically younger strong girls. players. We do try “ T h i s and go to the season, there weight room is a lot more a couple of teaching times a week and we need but if we patience,” could assert said Mr. ourselves F u l l e r, on the the girls’ court more basketball it would coach. definitely So far, help us.” the season’s Alex Whalen runs down the court in a game vs. Brien McMahon Overall, record is the team has three wins improved and eight immensely losses. The team only needs five more and the season is looking positive for the wins to make FCIACs. “We had a very Lady Bears. tough schedule the first half of the year and

Haley Doran

Happy Valentine’s Day! ica S. To: Jess Boy he From: T go to u Will yo e? ing w/ m spring fl

Lov e The , Paw Pri n Sta t ff

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To: Cristina Contreras From: George Alston Thank you for walking into my life, I Love You <3

Will you be my Valentine?

To: Alyssa From: Nick tty You look pre

tte To: Jeane c le From: A it w h all I love you rt of my hea

STAFF To: NHS nt e Paw Pri From: Th ay! D s e lentin a V y p p a H

ANNON To: NOTSH OLLY From: NOTM lets Vio Roses r Red H e, r Blu i.

To: Steven Grimm From: Tyler Brown Love you Schteeeeve

Photo Credit: Lillianna Byington,,


To: Jen Pohl l’ Isola : From Lindsey Del I Love you BFFs

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