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VOL. 33, NO. 1

HALL OF FAMER Edgar F. White Athletic Hall of Fame











Dear NYA Community,



















Academics, Athletics and the Arts. These are the three pillars upon which North Yarmouth Academy has built its reputation over the years. Recent Chronicles have celebrated the broad and excellent academic program and all of the wonderful artistic opportunities that we have long afforded our students. However, as one of the most consistent aspects of our school, year in and year out for as long as any living alumni can remember, our athletic program has been a symbol of North Yarmouth Academy’s success and a source of pride for our students. Perhaps we have come to take athletic success for granted at NYA. The simple fact that the majority of each recent graduating class has played on at least one State Championship Team while at NYA is a tribute to the quality of the program and the commitment our school has to the values, skills and character that athletics develops. It takes just a short walk down the hallway from Curtis to the gymnasium to attest to the tradition of athletic achievement at NYA. Trophies and championship plaques line the walls. If you delved deeper into the closets and storerooms around the Academy you would find further testament that this heritage extends year after year into our school’s past. We need to bring out these mementos of our past and celebrate the stories of our achievements, not only to honor those teams and individuals who wore the orange and black, but also to inspire and challenge the students of today. I am pleased that we are initiating two connected endeavors to accomplish just those things. Through the generosity of Edgar F. White, NYA class of 1938, we are establishing the Edgar F. White Hall of Fame. The Hall will recognize the athletic tradition of North Yarmouth Academy, honor our championship teams and highlight the achievements of individual athletes, teams and coaches notable for athletic success and for upholding the ideals and values of North Yarmouth Academy. When our new gymnasium is completed, the Edgar F. White Hall of Fame will be a centerpiece of the new building. Already being billed as “the Wall of Intimidation” by the architects, visitors to the gymnasium will be greeted by a massive display of the championship trophies, banners and memorabilia from close to 200 years of athletic achievement. The selection criteria and process for inclusion in our Hall of Fame are explained elsewhere in The Chronicle, but the key to our success will be in the nomination process from classmates in the reunion years. Annually we will hold an induction ceremony for the new members of the Edgar F. White Hall of Fame and their family, friends and classmates. I look forward to hosting the first ceremony this spring and starting a recognition that fittingly honors those who have distinguished themselves and NYA over the years. Sincerely,

Cover photo: Sam Fear ‘09



Peter W. Mertz Headmaster


FAMER Edgar F. White’S experiences through athletics at NYA and fondness for those memories prompted him to provide the school with a generous gift to found the NYA Edgar F. White Athletic Hall of Fame.

This spring, we will be inducting the inaugural class of the North Yarmouth Academy Edgar F. White Athletic Hall of Fame. Edgar F. White graduated from NYA in 1938 and was a member of the 1938 State Championship baseball team, winners of the first state championship in baseball ever held in Maine. His experiences through athletics at NYA and fondness for those memories prompted him to provide the school with a generous gift to found the Edgar F. White Athletic Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame will be located in the new gymnasium and will recognize exemplary athletes, teams, coaches, administrators, and supporters of NYA athletics. Scheduled to be built adjoining Travis Roy Arena, the gymnasium is part of a comprehensive campus master plan. The White Hall of Fame has been designed to recognize the accomplishments of stellar athletes who once competed for NYA, while also connecting alumni with current students. Those inducted will not only have been remarkable athletes, but will also personify sportsmanship, character, teamwork, and integrity. When Edgar F. White graduated from NYA, he left with the experience of playing for a winning team. Despite being a veteran of World War II, a professional photographer, and eventually a successful businessman, some of White’s greatest life lessons were learned from his State Championship baseball team. His fondest memories of NYA are through athletics, as with many alumni.

North Yarmouth Academy has always been proud of its athletic accomplishments and for good reason. NYA not only provides an excellent environment for students to learn and grow academically and artistically, but for a school of its size, NYA has had amazing athletic success. From the fall of 2002 to the spring of 2009, NYA teams have earned 27

The Edgar F. White ’38 Hall of Fame will be the focal point of the new gymnasium foyer.

Headmaster Peter Mertz explained, “The Edgar F. White Hall of Fame will allow the school to reach out to alumni, something we should have been doing already.” Mertz added that for many alumni, athletics are their fondest or most vivid memories of their time at NYA. Mertz said, “The Edgar F. White Hall of Fame will create a connection between present students and alumni, something we don’t currently have. It will give current students a connection to the legacy of NYA athletics and school history. It will also inspire students, showing them that someday they might be honored in the Athletic Hall of Fame.” The Athletic Hall of Fame will become a very noticeable part of NYA athletics, and alumni will be involved with nominations. The Edgar F. White Hall of Fame will be located in the foyer of the new gym, making it a focal point of the new facility. Mertz envisions that “ten years from now, the Edgar F. White Hall of Fame will be a respected tradition and will grow in significance.” NYA Boys’ Baseball Team – Cumberland County Conference Champions 1938 team State Championships and 17 individual State Championships, averaging more than six State Championships a year! However, do current students

remember the Girl’s Field Hockey 1984 MAISAD Championship; The first Class A State Championship won by the 1985 Boy’s Ice Hockey team; or the Girls Tennis team’s undefeated season in 2000, when they finished the season 21-0 record and won their second consecutive State Championship? Even the recent 2001 Boy’s Lacrosse State Championship win over Cape Elizabeth (a team that hadn’t lost the State Championship in over a decade) is relatively unknown by today’s students except for the “2001” on the Boy’s Lacrosse banner hanging in the gym. The Edgar F. White Athletic Hall of Fame will bridge this gap, giving individual student athletes, teams, coaches, and others who have contributed to NYA athletics the recognition they deserve. It will highlight the best of the best in NYA athletics, reminding the community of the significance of these exceptional teams and players.

Nomination forms will be accepted continuously, with one round of selections each year. During the selection process, the Edgar F. White Hall of Fame Committee will have reviewed the nomination forms and any other information gleaned from yearbooks, scorebooks, newspapers and other sources. Nominees will typically be inducted on their reunion year. This year’s inductees will be from classes ending in 4 and 9. For the first five years, the committee will induct five members per year, and in the following years, three to four new members will be selected. Once selections have been made public, new members of the Edgar F. White Hall of Fame will be asked to attend an induction ceremony to celebrate their athletic careers and be recognized by the NYA community. Members of the community and beyond are encouraged to send in nomination forms (see below). The Edgar F. White Hall Of Fame is slated to become an important part of NYA athletics providing recognition for NYA’s top athletes, the teams they helped forge, coaches who led those teams to victory, and administrators and friends who have supported NYA athletics through the years.

Name of Nominee:

Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form The purpose of the North Yarmouth Academy Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize a team, player, coach, administrator, or friend of the school whose participation in NYA athletics has been exceedingly impressive, while bringing distinction and pride to the Academy. Candidates’ careers should emphasize the ideals of sportsmanship, character, teamwork, and integrity. The Hall of Fame also serves to connect alumni athletes from years past to current student athletes. Individual athletes and teams must have graduated at least 10 years ago, while coaches must have had a career at the school spanning at least 5 years, and administrators and fans have no time requirement. Nominees both living and deceased will be considered based on their athletic achievement and demonstration of sportsmanship, character, teamwork, and integrity throughout their careers.



Class Year at NYA (if applicable): Honors / Awards Won: Sports Played or Coached: Why should this person be considered for induction into the North Yarmouth Academy Athletic Hall of Fame?

Feel free to attach a separate sheet or sheets, being sure to include contact information.

Person making Nomination: Class Year at NYA (if applicable): Address: City:


Zip Code:

Home Phone:


Many NYA alumni continue their athletic pursuits long after graduation. Some continue on with their favorite sport and others try something new. Tara Merrill #33 kicks off for the Maine Rebels.

Tara Merrill ‘04 Tara Merrill played soccer, track and basketball while at NYA. What’s she doing now (besides finishing her degree at USM)? She’s a member of the Maine Rebels, an Independent Women’s Football League team. She was recruited for the team last January and has since fallen in love with the sport. “I scored two touchdowns in my first game,” she said. Tara plays on both offence and defense in a variety of positions. She enjoys tight end most. “You make a lot of runs, then you get that one pass, and you’re gone. I love it,” she said. The season runs April through June, with games every Saturday. Tara was a soccer goalie at NYA (her team defeated Houlton in the state championship her senior year), so she was not completely new to wearing pads, but getting tackled was something new. “Learning the ins and outs of the sport was the most challenging part,” she said. “It is so much different than any other sport I’ve played because you wear pads and a helmet and people hit you!” She ends up with a lot of bruises and tends to wear long sleeved shirts to avoid having to explain them. Playing three sports at NYA definitely helped her with football. “My coaches at NYA were very dedicated and all of them stressed ‘practice like you play,’ and football is all about practicing how you play.”

Ben Hunter ’86, Pat Newell ’98, Chris Bixby ’03, Eric Molander ’00 and Chris Ladner ’89 It’s true! Old hockey players never die, they just strap on the pads, call a few buddies and begin again. At least that’s what happens in New York City when a diverse group of NYA alums get together twice a week at the Chelsea Piers to continue their hockey adventures. Ben Hunter ’86, Pat Newell ’98, Chris Bixby ’03, Eric Molander ’00 and Chris Ladner ’89 have all played together at one time or another in the Chelsea Piers league. “It’s a loose consortium of NYA alums and other players,” said Hunter, who is the oldest alum of the group. “There are no try-outs, it’s pretty much a self-selection process.” Newell adds that NYA hockey players just somehow find each other when they move to the city.

Newell said that the NYC hockey games generally start at 10 p.m. or 11:30 p.m., last an hour and a half, and end with some social time with the team. Those are long days for guys also working full time, but the time management skills they learned years ago at NYA still serve them well. “At NYA, you learn to get things done efficiently with such a heavy academic load and athletic requirement. Since the work ethic in New York City falls into the impressive-insane range, I found it to be old hat. It also instills a sense of discipline to a busy lifestyle; it may seem trivial, but despite a long day, I have no problem convincing myself to get up a little earlier or stay up a little later to exercise,” he said. Although attending and graduating from NYA in various decades, the hockey bond of playing for the Panthers remains a strong connection among the teammates. “We all came from the same place—our experiences may have been a little different, but we’re still connected through the school,” Hunter explained. Although one of the older alums to still be playing, his younger counterparts say his competitive spirit has not diminished one iota. “I still take a prideful approach to the game. We take our games as seriously as we can for a bunch of older guys,” Hunter said. It’s obvious that there is a lot of respect and affection between these players who began their hockey days at NYA. Although they might disagree about whether it’s the competition or the social aspects of the league that appeal to them the most, all agree that being part of a team is still the most fun. “It’s the comraderie of the team—being there for your teammates that’s still the most important aspect of the game. Playing a great game with your team and then sharing a few beers and a lot of laughs after the game is still the greatest thing,” Hunter said.



STUDENT PROFILES Courtney Dumont ‘10

Emily Claytor ’13, Mallory Ianno ’13, and Ben Claytor ’13 sailed in the Monhegan Race this past summer.

Kayla Rose ‘14 Before she moved to Maine last year, Kayla Rose had never played field hockey, lacrosse or ice hockey—the sports she plays at NYA. “I was a figure skater,” she said. Although she finds time for some figure skating, “my school sports are my priority now,” she said. Kayla’s favorite sport is ice hockey, and she is a captain this year. “We didn’t have a goalie for lacrosse last year, so I volunteered. Playing offense in other sports helps me as a goalie because I can anticipate some of the ways the other team may try to trick me with their shots,” she said. Her teammates consider her to be a natural leader, always supportive and fun. She has earned a swing spot on the upper school junior varsity and varsity ice hockey squads. Kayla is definitely an athlete to watch at NYA!

Henry Sterling ‘10 Henry Sterling is the current school record holder in the mile and the 800 meters. “My best event is the mile, but I also run the 800 and 6

Top left: Kayla Rose ’14 Top right: Henry Sterling ‘10 Bottom left: Courtney Dumont ‘10 Bottom right: Maisie Silverman ‘14

the 2 mile,” he said. His fastest mile? A very quick 4:17. “I played soccer and lacrosse in middle school, but I always wanted to try running,” Sterling said. “There is a great sense of accomplishment that comes from finishing a race well,” he said. Running also appeals to him because of both the individual aspect and also contributing to the team. “Individually, if you succeed, you help your team. But running together as part of a team is great because we all push each other to go faster and longer. Running track is the best blend of individual achievement and teamwork,” he said. Henry has been varsity captain of the indoor and outdoor track teams for the past three years and was named the Western Maine Conference Most Outstanding Runner in 2009. He has led both teams to state championships in the past two years. An early acceptance candidate at Dartmouth College, Sterling will continue his running career in college and perhaps beyond.


Courtney Dumont has been the leading scorer in soccer, hockey and lacrosse at NYA. Ice Hockey is her favorite sport and what she’d like to play in college. Her most memorable moments at NYA have come through soccer, however. “In the 07-08 soccer season, nobody expected us to be good—we were rebuilding. We had the perfect mind-set for a team: we never worried about who we were playing, we just played our hardest—even in practice. It was the perfect lesson in team dynamics. Playing Waynflete in the final, and winning, was the epitome of the season,” she said. That game capped back-to-back state championships for the girls soccer program at NYA. Playing a competitive sport each season and doing well in the classroom is enough of a challenge for any NYA student, but Dumont commutes an hour and a half from her home to school. “It’s just really important to get my homework done during the day,” she said. As for her college plans, Courtney said, “NYA makes you a really well-rounded person. I feel like I could fit in a lot of places. It makes it really hard to pick.” Wherever she chooses, one thing is certain—they will be lucky to have her.

Maisie Silverman ‘14 NYA eighth grader Maisie Silverman is ranked number 1 in her age division (14 and under) in Maine Jr. Tennis and is one of the top 20 players at that level in New England. She plays at Maine Pines in Brunswick, where she trains an average of 15 hours per week. Besides tennis, Maisie is a stand-out on the middle school soccer and track teams.



3 Triathletes on the Middle School Faculty Middle School Head and Science teacher Paul Errickson, Science teacher Danielle Barschdorf and Dean of Students and Math and Science teacher Nate Smith all have something in common – they are all triathletes. Paul has competed in 15 triathlons over the past five years, Danielle has competed in six and Nate has done two. Paul got started when he lived on St. Croix, swimming with his wife then biking to work and soon training for races. Danielle was drawn to the challenge of competing in three sports, and Nate was a competitive swimmer and soccer player, and successful ankle treatments enabled him to run distances, and as a mountain biker, he was able to transition to road biking. Paul has been able to incorporate his triathlon experiences into his Human Biology class. “We may discuss carbon-fiber bike frames as we study carbon chemistry or we may discuss nutrition and/or how to train muscles. I pull from those experiences a lot,” he said. Danielle used triathlons as a way to help her math students learn proportions. Danielle’s favorite race is the Lobsterman in Freeport. “I love the scenery,” she said. “On the bike portion, it is nice to ride through farmland and on Maine’s coast. I really wanted to stop at one of the farm stands my first time!” Paul’s favorites are the two Half Ironman races that he has done because they were so challenging (1.9 km swim, 90 km bike, 21.1 km run). Nate enjoyed his first triathlon (the Lobsterman September 15) so he did the Mainiac Triathlon September 26 where he placed first in his age group – Paul was right behind him finishing second.

Top Left: Danielle Barschdorf Right: Nate Smith Bottom Left: Paul Errickson and Nate Smith

Charlie Hudson Upper School History Teacher and Boy’s Varsity Tennis Coach since 1978 (as well as former NYA Ice Hockey 1978-2002 and Cross Country Coach 1978 – 2006) Each July and August, Charlie Hudson can be found on board a sailboat racing in Southwest Harbor. Charlie and his father, Reggie, raced together from the mid 1970’s until about 3 years ago (Reggie is 91 years old). Charlie’s father is one of the founding members of the Southwest Harbor Fleet, and Charlie has literally been sailing all his life. Competitive sailing experience has ranged from small boat one-design racing in the waters off Mt. Desert Island to offshore ocean racing both locally and in the Gulf of Maine Ocean Racing Circuit to major international races such as the Halifax Race (sailing from Marblehead, MA to Halifax, Nova Scotia) and the Bermuda Race (sailing from Newport, RI to Bermuda). A constant throughout has been racing in the one-design Bullseye Class. Charlie and his father placed 1st in the 22nd Bullseye Nationals (the national

championships) in 1983. During their years together as a team, they won the annual summer series over a dozen times. Since his father has gone to shore, Charlie’s daughter Reed ’05 has stepped in to form a new family team winning their first summer series in 2006.

Charlie Hudson and daughter Reed ‘05



ACHIE Boys Varsity Lacrosse Class B Eastern Maine Regional Runner-Up First Team Western Maine Conference AllStar: Brandon Barrett ’10 Second Team Western Maine Conference All-Star: Gus Wellin ’10

Girls Varsity Lacrosse Class B Eastern Maine State Runner-Up Western Maine Conference First Team AllStar: Lucy Gerrity ’09, Courtney Dumont ’10 Western Maine Conference Second Team All-Star: Rachel Darby ’09, Abigail Moss ’09, Bugsy Clemetson ’09, Lilly Wellenbach ’11 Western Maine Conference All-Star Honorable Mention: Nicole Fuller ’09 MCLA Senior All-Star Game: Lucy Gerrity ’09, Rachel Darby ’09 Maine Sunday Telegram/Portland Press Herald MVP: Courtney Dumont ’10 Boys Varsity Tennis Coaches Award: Simon Hebert ’09 MVP: Chris Meixell ’09 Girls Varsity Tennis Class “C” State Champions Western Maine Conference Honorable Mention: Eliza Gercke ’09 Western Maine Conference Champions Western Maine Conference First Team AllStar: Thu-Trang Ho ’10 Western Maine Conference Second Team All-Star: Anna Jaeger ’11 Boys Varsity Baseball Coaches Award: Peter Hyndman ’09 Coaches Award: Joe Warren ’09 MVP: Jordan Haskell ’11

Boys Outdoor Track & Field Class C State Championship (4th year in a row) First Team Western Maine Conference All-Star: Sam Fear ’09, Henry Sterling ’10 MAISAD Champions, Henry Sterling ’10 Boys MVP State Champion in 800m: Henry Sterling ’10 State Champion in 1600m: Henry Sterling ’10 State Champion in 3200m: Henry Sterling ’10 State Champion in High Jump: Sam Fear ’09 State Champion in Javelin: Sam Fear ’09 State Runner up in Shot Put: Sam Fear ’09 New School Records: 1600m and 3200m: Henry Sterling ’10 High Jump: Sam Fear ’09 110m High Hurdles: Steven Lentine ’09 New England Qualifiers: Henry Sterling ’10, Sam Fear ’09

Girls Outdoor Track & Field MAISAD Champions Second Team Western Maine Conference AllStar: Ali O’Reilly ’10 Western Maine Conference All-Star Honorable Mention: Hilary Gibson ’10 Western Maine Conference Meet: Team finished 6th and set a new school record Class C State Championship: 3rd place team finish; Girls 4x100 team of Hilary Gibson ’10, Hannah Bewsey ’10, Danielle Walton ’09, and Alison Carpenter ’09 were state runners up. State Champion in the High Jump: Maeve Stier ’10 State Runner-up in the High Jump: Hannah Bewsey ’10 State Runner-up in the 400m: Alison Carpenter ’09 State Runner-up in the Shot Put: Ali O’Reilly ’10 New School Records: Pole Vault: Hilary Gibson ’10 New England Qualifiers: Maeve Stier ’10, Alison Carpenter ’09, Hannah Bewsey ’10

Top left: Alison Carpenter ’09


Middle Photo: Chris Meixell ’09

Bottom Photo: Bugsy Clemetson ’09





Top Left: Sam Fear ’09 Middle: NYA Girls Tennis State Champs Middle: Boys Track and Field State Champs Bottom: Bugsy Clemetson ’09, Lucy Gerrity ’09, Kalley Hansel ’10, and Nicole Fuller ’10

Top Right: Matt Ward ’09, Brandon Barrett ’10

Bottom Right: Anna Jaeger ’11

EXCELLEN Boys Cross Country State Class C Team 3rd Place Senior Scholar Athletes: Ethan Allred ’10, Phillip Champoux ’10

Girls Cross Country State Class C Team Runners-Up Senior Scholar Athletes: Devon Gamble ’10, Hilary Gibson ’10, Becca McKelvy ’10, and Maeve Stier ‘10 Field Hockey Overall Record of 17-1 State Class C Team Runners-Up Class C Player of the Year: Lianna Hachborn ’10 District 2 First Team: Kylie Dalbec ’12, Lianna Hachborn ’10, Frances Leslie ’11 District 2 Second Team: Jaime Rogers ’10, Ashley Salerno ’10 All-State Team: Lianna Hachborn ’10

Lilly Wellenbach ’11

Lauren Nawfel ’11

Golf Overall Record of 11-1 Class C 3rd Place Finish State Class C Individual Champion: Tim Millett ’11 State Class C Individual Qualifier: Toey LeBlanc ’10 Boy’s Varsity Soccer State Class C Team 3rd Place Class C First Team: Henry Sterling ’10, Matt Michaud ’12, Ryan Rousseau ’12 All Academic Team: Sam Nye ’10, Sam Hutchinson ’10, Henry Sterling ’10, Will Strabley ’10

Henry Sterling ’10

Matt Michaud ’12

Girl’s Varsity Soccer Overall Record of 11-3-1 Class C First Team: Courtney Dumont ’10, Emily Mitchell ’10, Lauren Nawfel ’11, Lilly Wellenbach ’11 WMC All-Academic Team: Katie Lentine ’10, Emily Mitchell ’10 Girl’s Volleyball Two regular season victories against Class A Schools WMC All-Star Second Team: Hannah Bewsey ’10, Thu-Trang Ho ’10 10

Mohamed Dahia ’11 and Ryan Rousseau ’12


Courtney Dumont ’10

Emily Mitchell ’10



Toey LeBlanc ’10, Tim Millett ’11 and Coach Mike Dutton

Maeve Stier ’10

Lianna Hachborn ’10

Devon Gamble ’10

Phillip Champoux ’10

Frances Leslie ’11

Hannah Bewsey ’10 and Thu-Trang Ho ’10



Students Charlie Gerrity, Poppy Doolan, Ruth Gray, Julia Thompson, Moira LaChance, Chelsea Muller, and Hillary Detert join Bud Flaherty and Peter Naiden.

Over 125 people gathered in Safford Center to say good-bye to Peter Naiden, beloved NYA science teacher. Current and former students, parents, faculty and staff attended the event. Jim Briggs spoke about Peter and a slideshow was presented. The Peter Naiden Prize was established and introduced at



Peter Naiden Luncheon

Awards Day on June 3.

august Golf Tournament STEVE MORRIS

TOP LEFT: Chad Wittman ’98 and Pat Newell ‘98 Top right: Fenna Robbins ‘07 and Ali Tocci ‘08 LOWER LEFT: Dottie and Richard Cooper Bottom Right: Rick and Deb Abbondanza and Pete and Carol Kozloski



The Annual Steve Morris Golf Tournament was held at Toddy Brook Golf Course in North Yarmouth. Eighty golfers played 19 holes raising over $14,000 for the Steve Morris Scholar Program. We had perfect weather (in an otherwise rainy summer!), and it was a great time!

Jeremy Rush ‘92, Paul Noone, Matt Noone ‘92 and John Lendzion


Evening Under The Stars


Each year a committee of dedicated parent volunteers works hard to organize a gala fundraising auction in support of financial aid at NYA. This year’s Evening Under the Stars was no exception. Over 300 people attended the event raising over $108,000 gross for NYA. The online auction, in its second year, continued to gain momentum. Mark your calendar for next year’s auction May 1, 2010 and look online and in the mail for information about online bidding. BELOW: Bidding was fast and furious during the live auction.

Lynne Roche, Faith Logan, Headmaster Peter Mertz and Eva Frank all enjoyed the black and white dress code.


Clam Festival NYA raised a lot of money and visibility this year at Clam Festival – one of the few beautiful weekends this summer. The Parents’ Association ran their traditional snack booths where parent volunteers sold popcorn, drinks, cookies and more to raise funds. Students worked parking cars in the NYA lots and the maintenance staff worked round the clock to keep things running smoothly. NYA staffers manned the alumni tent and handed out NYA balloons to all who stopped by. NYA Parents’ Association booths ready for action the day before Clam Festival weekend.



Brian Clark ‘80, James Spilsbury ‘06. Eric Gilbert ‘97, Beck Erhard ‘00, Brad Myers ‘00. Steve Lawrence ‘03, Sean Lynch ‘06, Nick Lolar ‘07, Dan Dearing ‘06, James Hansel ‘06, Cam Smith ‘09, Tim Hardy ‘77, Bruce Myers, Drew Myers ‘98, Charlie Stetson ‘05, Peter Gerrity ‘05, Buddy Reed ‘10


Winter sports day moved from December to the Saturday after Thanksgiving and included soccer on the turf field. About 20 alums played soccer on a blustery day followed by lunch in Safford then hockey in the arena. We hope to schedule this fun event for Thanksgiving weekend again next year.



Grandparents’ Day had a record turnout and beautiful weather. Grandparents were treated to musical performances and senior speeches, and they attended a class with their grandchildren followed by lunch with Headmaster Peter Mertz.


Homecoming Homecoming weekend began for young alums with the Alumni Pub Crawl Friday night. Peter Gerrity ’05 led alums wearing Pub Crawl T-shirts through Portland’s Old Port. This first-time event was a lot of fun, and we hope to do it again next year. On Saturday, classes in years ending in 9 and 4 gathered in the Middle School Community Room for lunch followed by a homecoming cocktail party.

Top Left: Peter Fitz ’05, Josh Kelton ’06, Laura Hubbell ’05, Assistant AD Ellissa Popoff and Nate Isaacson ’06 at the Pub Crawl. Top Right: Nate Bartels ’89 and his wife Tracey. Bottom: Reunion 2009 group photo

Thank Thank YouYou You Dear NYA Friends, Looking back on the past fiscal year, two thoughts come to mind: Thank goodness the worst of the tumultuous economic downturn seems to be stabilizing, and thank goodness for the kindness and generosity of so many people who hold NYA so close to their hearts. For many of us, the year presented many challenges as we worked hard to balance the needs of our families, our jobs and our communities with the new economic realities. But it was also a year of great accomplishments and much good news—thank you all for helping insure that NYA continues to be a thriving and growing institution.

We did not succeed in achieving the financial goal we had set for ourselves for the Annual Fund, but what we did do was astounding given the economic climate. While the size of the average gift was substantially smaller in 2008-09, the number of gifts we received from parents, alumni, grandparents, friends, businesses and everyone else rose by nearly thirty percent! Along with those many gifts came fond recollections of times spent at NYA and many notes of encouragement to keep up the good work of educating well-rounded and exceptional students. I am extraordinarily humbled by the outpouring of good wishes and support we received. I am also extremely excited to note that for the first time in many years, we had 100% participation in the Annual Fund from faculty and staff. That they give so much of themselves year round to our programs and kids is evident, but by going even further, by supporting the school financially as well, is a great testament to their dedication and resolve to keep NYA positioned as an exceptionally strong independent school. The following pages contain the 2008-09 Annual Report of Donors. Thank you for your continued support and generosity as we embark on another year at North Yarmouth Academy. Sincerely,


LEADERSHIP CIRCLE DONORS The Academy Circle ($10,000+) Anonymous (2) Stephen and Peg Griswold John M. Kauffmann David Osborne Bruce Poliquin Michael and Priscilla Savage The Russell Circle ($5,000-$9,999) Jeff and Gail Dyke Mrs. Marjorie Twombly The Faculty Circle ($3,000-$4,999) Allen M. Bornheimer ’60 * Robert and Margaret Fast Bruce and Anne Myers Myers Foundation Peter and Deirdre Quesada Leo and Lynne Roche in honor of NYA Teachers

The 1814 Circle ($1,814-$2,999) Gerald and Karen Anderson James and Trudy Briggs Josh and Susan Burns John and Ronni-Jo Carpenter David and Lynne Champoux Clark Associates Insurance Mrs. Sylvia Elowitch John and Julia Fay Kristin Fletcher and Craig Sipe George D. and Dolinda Gibson Dan and Hope Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. Richard H.M. Maidman and The Maidman Family in honor of Beatrice Maidman ’09 Nelson and Elizabeth Mead Lincoln ’75 and Kim Merrill * Brian Noyes Peter and Lynn E. Noyes Robert Stier and MaryEllen FitzGerald John and Sally Walters

The 2008-09 Annual Report is published by the Development Office and lists gifts received between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009. Every effort has been made to ensure that these lists are accurate and complete. If your name was omitted inadvertently, or it appears incorrectly, please accept our apologies and

Peter W. Mertz

contact the Development Office at (207)846-2380. CHRONICLE


Thank Thank You You The Headmaster’s Circle($1,000-$1,813) Richard and Debra Abbondanza Ms. Helen Allison Garrett and Janet Bowne Cameron and Patricia Bright James Cabot ’98 * Michael Caron and Julia Bjorn Mr. and Mrs. Houghton Carr Francis I.G. Coleman Marc Daniels and Lynne Eldridge Todd and Cynthia Doolan Richard E. Dyke Richard Engel and Barbara Chilmonczyk Mrs. Lucretia Evans Mark and Pattie Fasold David Fenderson ’81 and Anne Louise Goulet * G. David and Margaret Fenderson Halsey and Eva Frank David and Lisa Harrison Michael Hildreth ’87 * John and Hilary Isacke Frank A. Knight ’25 * Matthew Kuhn ’97* Mrs. Fayne Lappas Richard and Carolyn McGoldrick Peter W. and Lisa Mertz Mr. David L. Mitchell ’67 in honor of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Mitchell * Robert and Julia Moss Thomas and Elisabeth Murray Mr. and Mrs. Walter Norton Mr. and Mrs. Jack O’Brien Christopher and Nancy Pierce Prime Time Parents John and Sarah Quirk in honor of Johnny Quirk ’15 Jay and Michele Rose Andrew T. ’88 and Julie Savage* Mr. and Mrs. John Scully in honor of Poppy ’12 and George ’15 Doolan Theodore ’60 and Sharon Libby Sharp ’61*

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Tabell/The Tabell Family Foundation in honor of Margaret ’07 and Sarah ’12 Jordan Dana ’80 and Elizabeth Twombly * David and Diana Warren

GIVING CIRCLES The Curtis Circle ($500- $999) Scott and Lauren Bolduc Mrs. Frances G. Bowne III j Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Clock, Jr. Craig and Kristin Coleman Paul and Jill Dugas Leslie Evans Mike and Betsy Fear David and Heidi Fitz Jay Flower ’94 * Jose and Diana Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Hitschler Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hyndman Mr. and Mrs. Philip Koch Jacques and Melissa Laverdiere William and Susan Martens David and Cynthia Maxsimic NYA Students Richard Olson and Kris Sahonchik Greg Paxton and Lynne Werner Takahiro and Susan Sato Peter and Ann Sheldon Howard Small j Thomas and Patricia Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Charles D.Whittier Dr. Christopher M. Zitnay ’82 * The Black and Orange Circle ($250-$499) Diana Morse Allen ’53 * Mark and Deb Anthoine Robert L. Appleby ’50 * James Arsenault and Lisa Holley Charles A. Bartlett, Jr. ’49 * Richard M. Baston ’46 * Craig and Lori Beauregard Robert and Jacquelyn Cawley Patrick C. Coughlan Robert L. Crane ’65 * Jennifer Lane Crosby ’85 *

Garry W. Croudis ’55 * Rodger and Becky Cuthbert Mrs. Mary Ann Davis Peter Del Bianco and Ellen Hoffman James and Jean Detert Downeast Energy and Building Supply Michael and Kathleen Edwards Elderboys Basketball Joseph Faulstich ’76 * Mr. and Mrs. Ed Field in honor of Robert Field ’12 Christopher and Jane Flower George and Cornelia Ford Dr. and Mrs. Richard Fox Carl Gercke and Catherine Field Philip Gleason and Mary Schendel Ted and Susie Gribbell Ryan Charles Guptill ’93 * Craig and Judith Haggett in honor of Blair Haggett ’11 Garry W. Hallee ’79 * Joseph and Pamela Hanson F. Dale Hudson ’64 * Russell and Deborah Hutchinson Thomas and Laurie Hyndman in honor of Peter Hyndman’09 Rufus H. Jones III ’62 * Robert and Roberta Jordan Paul and Elizabeth Kelsey Tucker Kelton ’03 * Kevin Kendall James and Bonnie Klein Daniel and Deborah Landry Bradley Manter and Rebecca Darling Jeffrey McKinnon Laura Hayes McPeake ’91 * Roger and Margot Milliken NYA Parents Association Now You’re Cooking Annalee Pease Andrew and Laurie Pietkiewicz Dirk and Ann Poole Kate and Jeff Putnam Michael and Martha Rayder Doug and Jessie Reighley Field Rider and Susan Percy Keith ’84 and Tracey Russell *

Mr. and Mrs. Alden H. Sawyer, Jr. Thomas Schwarm and Maureen Keegan Curt and Nina Scribner Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Smith II Rick and Amy Snyder John and Barbara Staples Mrs. Christine Stiassni-Gerli Mr. and Mrs. David Suhr Hall and Deborah Thompson Maria Gove Tringale ’81 in honor of Donald and Missy Gove * Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. Sarah A. Verville Jeffrey Ward and Margaret Broaddus James E. Winton ’66 * David and Kimberly Znamierowski The Panther Circle ($249 and under) Catherine Abbondanza ’04 Thomas Bradley Abbott ’08 * David and Deborah Adams William B. Adams ’58 Daniel S. and Lori Alexander ’86 Neelam Alexander ’04 Eric and Amy Austin Mr. and Mrs. Russell Austin Ross and JoAnne Babcock Nancy Barker Rhonda Barker Danielle Fisher Barschdorf Dr. William S. Bartlett, Jr. ’71 Mrs. Jane Baserga Kristi and Scott Belesca Harriet Ordway Belz ’39 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bennett in honor of Ian Bennett ’15 Peter and Sandy Bennett William and Michelle Bennett Andrew Bertocci and Jeanette Barnard Betsy’s Hair Salon and Spa Kathryn Biberstein Chris Bixby ’03 Kenneth and Beverly Bixby Eric Blakeman ’90 Mr. David Bohn Lois Mansfield Bowie ’60 in honor of Gerald Bowie ’58

John B. Branson ’65 George Briggs ’99 Katherine Briggs ’05 Walter and Wendy Briggs Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Broaddus in honor of Matthew ’09 and Alex ’10 Ward Mrs. Judith A. Brooks ’58 Gleynn E. Brooks, Jr. ’50 Michael and Barbara Brown Mrs. Nancy Brown in honor of Daniel ’06, Luke ’07, Sam ’10 and Adam ’12 Nye Scott and Susan Brown Stephanie Brown ’01 Bruce B. Brown, Jr. ’66 Robert and Kathryn Brustlin John Bueche and Sarah Kelly Colin Bumby ’00 Brenda Call J. Frisbee and Susan MacDonald Campbell ’52 Donald and Monique Caron Casco Bay Ford Earl Cash ’54 Holly Briggs Cathcart ’00 Central Florida Community College Robert ’50 and Janice Crouse Chamberlain ’55 Alex Champoux ’07 Joan Champoux and Robert Burt Merrill Barker Chapin ’61 Douglas and Jennifer Chene Dennis and Judith Childers Christina Cinelli ’97 Peter and Gail Cinelli Class of 1958 Brannon and Sarah Claytor Muriel Ayer Cleaves ’52 Charles Clemetson Philip P. Clifford ’71 David and Michelle Godbout Clock in honor of Bailey Clock ’13 Robert B. Colby ’69 Mr. Arthur Collins James Connors ’05 * Alice Cormier Johanna Coale Coyle ’97 Ross Cudlitz ’74 John A. Cullati ’71 Ted ’62 and Laurie Curtis

NYA 2009 2009 NYA ANNUAL REPORT REPORT ANNUAL OF DONORS DONORS OF Morgan Cuthbert ’94 David and Sandi Daigle Bill and Linda ñ Dame Denis Dancoes and Sheila Donahue Randy and Corinn Darby Sandra Norton Davis ’82 Daniel H. Day ’54 Daniel and Kathleen Dearing Ann Deming Craig and Sherilyn Dietrich Lisa Dillon Paul and Kathleen Dioli Peter and Megan Dion Ms. Lillian M. Dolloff Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Doolan Ruth Smith Douglass ’36 John Drisko Bruce Drouin and Janet Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Chris Dumaine Sean T. Dundon Emily Dunn Mary Lombard Dunn ’45 Diane Hern Durkee ’58 Mike and Marsha Dutton Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Duvall in honor of the 7th Grade Class David Echeverria David and Elaine Elliott in honor of Edward Elliott ’13 Ann Woodworth Ellis ’78 Charles and Ann Emerson Beck Erhard ’00 Paul and Lolly Errickson Marjorie Seabury Estabrook ’47 Richard T. Ewell ’91 Jeanethe Falvey ’03 Barbara and Brian Farrell Mary Farsaci Brett Fasold ’99 Colleen Fasold ’03 Cory Fasold ’96 Matt Feehan Jackie Sinnett Felber ’01 Mary Beth and Michael Feldman Donna Maxell Felker ’60 Rosemary Arsenault Fetter ’54 Fred Field and Karen Dobbyn Mary Etta Fisher Valarie Fox ’55

Craig and Carol Freshley in honor of Matthew Truesdale ’15 Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Frohring Mr. and Mrs. William Frothingham Mr. and Mrs. W.M. Gardiner Michael and Cynthia Gengras Heather Graul Geoghan ’98 Marian Curtis George ’95 Kristan Burns Gibson Mr. Bruce Gillies, Sr. Farrah Giroux Philip Gleason ’08 Melissa Glenn Mrs. Nathan Glickman in honor of Maisie Silverman ’14 GoodSearch Heidi and Michael Grant Victoria Grass William W. Graves Benson Gray and Laurie Hasty Jim and Mary Gribbel Griffin Gribbell ’03 Kat Gribbell ’06 * Mr. and Mrs. D. Andrew Grimes in honor of Lucy ’09 and Charlie ’12 Gerrity Robert Gross Norene E. Grover ’51 David and Mary Guiseley Mr. and Mrs. Ken Guiseley Mary Rand Hacker ’46 Regina Hackleman Mrs. Barbara Hadlock Parker and Laurie Hadlock William and Susan Hager Mike Hale Ellen Whittemore Haley ’44 Mary F. Hall Hamblin ’40 John W. Hamilton ’78 Tanya Hamilton ’99 Joyce Hamner Tina Hanley Robert G. Hanscome ’53 Burnett M. Hansen ’81 Evan ’72 and Debra Hansen Alan and Cynthia Harmatz Carol and Dana Harris Mrs. Elaine Harris William Hart ’68 Susan Hasty John Hauptfleisch ’98 Robert and Rebecca Hawkes

Craig and Eileen Hawkins Andrew M. Hayes ’91 Alberta Decker Haynes ’54 Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Haynes Michael T. and Bridget Healy Joe and Heather Hearn Bob and Ross Henderson Jay and Elizabeth Henderson Gaius and Amy Hennin in honor of Clayton Hennin ’15 Merton Henry Roger and Charlotte Hewson Nathan Hintze G. Harold ’71 and Carrie Hirsch Colonel Dennis K. Hodsdon, Ret. ’56 Todd Holbrook Karin Hoppenbrouwers Elizabeth Curtis Horowicz ’93 Charles and Mary Hudson Glenyce Brooks Hughes ’50 Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Hull Kent Hulst Mrs. Agnes Hungerford Andre J. Hungerford Brittany Hyde ’00 Michael and Kelly Ianno Mark Isaacson and Karen Herold Lois E. Fogg Jackson ’44 Mr. Robert H. Jackson Francis and Mary Jeton Doug and Tara Johnson Tim Johnson Elinor Richards Jones ’54 Jacquelyn Jones Stanley B. and Judith Scott Jones ’57 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jordan, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Kakavis Donald and Maryann Mitchell Katzman ’67 in honor of Saul J. Katzman Brenda G. Kaulback ’61 in honor of Arthur Hansen Mrs. Bernice Kendall in honor of Evan Kendall ’12 Kathryn Kendall Timothy W. Kendrick ’92 Khoa Khuong Kenwood J. ’47 and JoAn Kimball ’48

Dan King Richard and Carri Kivela Karina Klinisova Alex Kloza Burton Matthew Knapp ’91 Erec Koch and Joaniko Kochi in honor of Nicole’06 and Antonia’10 Koch Marvin and Caryl Kolkin in honor of Zach ’01 and Nick ’11 Kolkin Seth and Anne Kolkin Zachary Kolkin ’01 Mrs. Shirley Koshliek Nora and John Krainis Mike and Moira Lachance Barbara Lambert Thomas E. LaMountain ’71 Michael ’08 and Toey ’10 LeBlanc Mr. Nazaire G. LeBlanc ’61 Peter Lee and Lynne Seeley Sidney A. Leighton ’60 Paul and Mary Lentine Mrs. Joan Leslie Seaver and Anne Leslie Raelene Lewis Elmer and Jeannette Libby Richard ’54 and Lois Rogers Lippincott ’55 in honor of Frank Knight ’25 Howard and Kathleen Lowell Sean Lynch ’06 Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Macdonald Philip and Lorraine Macpherson Laurie Drinkwater Maldari ’78 Natasha Malinski ’98 Darcie Burnell Manning Scott R. Marchildon Ross and Marissa Markonish Alex Marks ’93 Andrea Gove Martin ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Martin Mrs. Ralf Martin Virginia Flower Marvin ’92 Fred and Cynthia Masi David Matson Debra Matson Elizabeth Singer Maule Patia Maule ’99 Christopher Mazzurco Mark G. McCarthy ’79 Lisa McGlinn

Meghan E. McGoldrick ’01 Jesse McIntire ’99 Andrew and Carrie McIntosh Hilary Moyler McKinnon Jack and Elaine McMahon Timothy ’93 and Jill McMahon Stephen and Charlotte McPherson Dan and Belinda Merrill George R. Merrill ’49 Desiree Pullen Merritt ’85 Pete Mertz ’08 Karen Messick William and Patricia Michaud William and Nancy Milam Jeffrey Milburn and Janice Baserga Peter Milliken John and Harriet Mitchell Stephen and Anne Mitchell Eric Molander ’00 Rick and Debby Molander Wayne and Lauren Moody Marcel and Barri Lynn Moreau Lois Grant Morrill ’49 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morrison Stephen Morse and Carolyn Charnley Roland S. Moxcey ’35 Mrs. Alan Moyler Peter and Brunilda Muller Peter and Susan Naiden Sunil Nayak ’90 Stephen Neill and Theresa Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Newman James and Mary Nicholas Randall and Mary Nichols Mrs. Rita Nichols Elizabeth Arsenault Niemczycki ’52 Debora Hirschberg Noone Edward D. and Ann Noyes William Noyes ’01 John and Cynthia Nye Heidi and Michael O’Connor Jill O’Connor Mimi Olins Alanna and Bob Olivadoti Charles and Julia Paige Frances K. Parisi ’52 James and Janora Parker Lisa A. Parker ’77 Mrs. Ruth Pease


Class Participation


Class Participation


Class Participation


Class Participation

201 3

Class Participation

50% 32% 43% 45% 53% Agents: Janet Bowne, Laurie Hyndman, David Warren

Agent: Kris Gibson

Agent: Margaret and Rob Fast

Agent: Cindy Doolan

Agent: Lynne Roche

D. Roderick Pendleton ’84 Edwin P. Pendleton ’85 Margaret Perkins Mrs. Doreen Peterson Erik Piasio ’02 Alexander Pilitsis ’08 Allison Pilitsis in honor of Taki ’06 and Alex ’08 Pilitsis Dimitrios Pilitsis ’06 Heather Oakes Popadak ’81 Alysa Curtis Porter ’97 Richard and Dianne Post Robert and Carol Potter Renee Prescott Barbara Parks Proctor ’47 Stephen D. Purington ’70 Phebe Royer Quattrucci ’81 Alan L. Ramsdell II ’81 Ian Ramsey Jeffrey and Holly Randall Mr. and Mrs. Allan Ray Brooke Rayder ’07 Dr. and Mrs. Michael Rayder Marion Knight Reed ’39 Robert Cave and Susan Reed David and Michelle Reese Elizabeth Scribner Repetto ’88 Drs. Peter and Trudi Riesenberg in honor of Madison Spigel ’13 John A. and Lisa Robbins David E. Robinson ’54 Samuel Robinson II Mr. and Mrs. Warren Rogers Michael and Roberta Salerno Richard D. Samuelson ’66 Robert and Wendy Scammon Romaine Schlaack Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schmeelk Anne Thompson Schutz ’88 Helen Payson Seager ’54 David D. Selleck ’54 Abbie Sewall Justin Sharaf Robert and Susan Sharp Peter and Dianne Shepley Michael and Mary Siepert Christian and Margaret Stiassni Sieracki in honor of Margaret Perkins Peter and Katherine Sillin Lee and Margaret Silverman Peter and Lauren Silverson

Elizabeth Simonds Katharine Slack Elizabeth Smith Nathan and Jessica Smith Olin Smith and Katherine Arno Mr. and Mrs. Bob Soucy Theodore and Lynn Stam Elizabeth Sterling James Sterling Mr. and Mrs. William Stiles Lynn Sullivan Ben and Holly Susla in honor of Jake Susla ’12 Ernest T. Swanson ’64 Robert ’73 and Karen Swenson Target-Take Charge of Education Maciej and Kattarzyna Tasarz Kelly Taylor Matthew and Martha Ann Taylor Joel Thompson ’90 David R. Thurston ’82 Jeffrey Townes ’93 Alison Truesdale Mrs. Virginia Truesdale in honor of Matthew Truesdale ’15 Dr. Ann Tuddenham Linda Vaillancourt Theodore Vaughan ’67 Shirley E. Thurber Verrill ’44 Mrs. Catherine Myers Vilburn ’54 Kenneth Wadness ’75 Franklin M. and Missie Walker Michael and Dena Walker Caroline Olmstead Wallach ’95 Courtney B. Walsh ’03 Dr. Robert Ward in honor of Nate Ward-Chene ’12 Leslie Seymour Wears ’63 David and Susan Webbert Mr. Peter B. Webster Brad and Tina Weeks Mr. Richard Weiss Patricia Wellenbach Nicholas Wellin ’05 Milton H. Welt ’33 in honor of 1933 Classmates Jonas and Kate Werner Mr. and Mrs. Stephen White in honor of Ian Ramsey James and Cecily Whiting Samuel and Florence Plummer Whittemore ’52

Nancy Hyde Wilbur ’45 Gilbert M. and Cynthia Wilcox Florence Wile-Hodsdon ’39 Jean T. Wilkinson Sharlene and LaForest Willey Stephanie Wood Joshua Wright ’00 Madeline Yale ’94 in honor of Abbie Sewall Jacqlyn Young ’99 Jonathan and Susan Young Elizabeth Zuckerman ’08 *

Class of 1945 Mary Lombard Dunn Nancy Hyde Wilbur

Muriel Ayer Cleaves Elizabeth Arsenault Niemczycki Frances K. Parisi Samuel and Florence Plummer Whittemore Class of 1953 Diana Morse Allen * Robert G. Hanscome

Denotes deceased * Member of the Alumni Leadership Circle j

Matching Gift Companies: Altria Group, Inc. The Shelter Institute Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Unum Alumni Donors by class year Class of 1925 Frank Knight * Class of 1933 Milton H. Welt Class of 1935 Roland S. Moxcey

Class of 1946 Richard M. Baston * Mary Rand Hacker Class of 1947 Marjorie Seabury Estabrook Kenwood Kimball Barbara Parks Proctor Class of 1948 JoAn Kimball

A Gift That Always Fits Give a gift in honor of someone’s birthday, graduation or in memory of a loved one. Do you have an NYA teacher who made a difference in your life? Make a donation in their honor. NYA will send an acknowledgement of your gift to that specific person, friend or family member. Unless otherwise specified, these gifts will benefit the NYA Annual Fund and be recognized in our Annual Donor Listing. Please call the Development Office at (207)846-2380 x9303 for more information.

Class of 1936 Ruth Smith Douglass Class of 1939 Harriet Ordway Belz Marion Knight Reed Florence Wile-Hodsdon Class of 1940 Mary F. Hall Hamblin Class of 1944 Ellen Whittemore Haley Lois Fogg Jackson Shirley E. Thurber Verrill

Class of 1954 Earl Cash Daniel H. Day Rosemary Arsenault Fetter Alberta Decker Haynes Elinor Richards Jones

Class of 1949 Charles A. Bartlett, Jr. * George R. Merrill Lois Grant Morrill Class of 1950 Robert L. Appleby * Gleynn E. Brooks, Jr. Robert Chamberlain Glenyce Brooks Hughes Class of 1951 Norene E. Grover Class of 1952 Susan MacDonald Campbell

Richard Lippincott David E. Robinson Helen Payson Seager David D. Selleck Catherine Myers Vilburn Class of 1955 Janice Crouse Chamberlain Garry W. Croudis * Valarie Fox Lois Rogers Lippincott Class of 1956 Colonel Dennis K. Hodsdon, Ret.


Class Participation



Class Participation

55% 87% Agents: Michele and John Rose

Agents: Amy Ford and Susan Sato

Class of 1957 Judith Scott Jones

Class of 1971 Dr. William S. Bartlett, Jr. Philip P. Clifford John A. Cullati G. Harold Hirsch Thomas E. LaMountain

Class of 1958 William B. Adams Judith A. Brooks Diane Hern Durkee Class of 1960 Allen M. Bornheimer * Lois Mansfield Bowie Donna Maxell Felker Sidney Leighton Theodore Sharp * Class of 1961 Merrill Barker Chapin Brenda Kaulback Nazaire LeBlanc Sharon Libby Sharp * Class of 1962 Ted Curtis Rufus H. Jones III * Class of 1963 Leslie Seymour Wears

Class of 1972 Evan M. Hansen Class of 1973 Robert Swenson Class of 1974 Ross Cudlitz Class of 1975 Lincoln Merrill * Kenneth Wadness Class of 1976 Joseph Faulstich * Class of 1977 Lisa A. Parker

Class of 1964 F. Dale Hudson * Ernest T. Swanson

Class of 1978 Ann Woodworth Ellis John W. Hamilton Laurie Drinkwater Maldari

Class of 1965 John B. Branson Robert L. Crane *

Class of 1979 Garry W. Hallee * Mark G. McCarthy

Class of 1966 Bruce B. Brown, Jr. Richard D. Samuelson James E. Winton *

Class of 1980 Dana Twombly *

Class of 1967 Donald Katzman David L. Mitchell * Theodore Vaughan Class of 1968 William Hart Class of 1969 Robert B. Colby Class of 1970 Stephen D. Purington

Class of 1981 David Fenderson * Burnett M. Hansen Heather Oakes Popadak Phebe Royer Quattrucci Alan L. Ramsdell II Maria Gove Tringale * Class of 1982 Sandra Norton Davis David R. Thurston Dr. Christopher M. Zitnay * Class of 1984 D. Roderick Pendleton Keith Russell *

Class of 1985 Jennifer Lane Crosby * Andrea Gove Martin Desiree Pullen Merritt Edwin P. Pendleton Class of 1986 Daniel S. Alexander Class of 1987 Michael Hildreth * Class of 1988 Elizabeth Scribner Repetto Andrew T. Savage * Anne Thompson Schutz Class of 1990 Eric Blakeman Sunil Nayak Joel Thompson Class of 1991 Richard T. Ewell Andrew M. Hayes Burton Matthew Knapp Laura Hayes McPeake * Class of 1992 Timothy W. Kendrick Virginia Flower Marvin Class of 1993 Ryan Charles Guptill * Elizabeth Curtis Horowicz Alex Marks Timothy McMahon Jeffrey Townes Class of 1994 Morgan Cuthbert Jay Flower * Madeline Yale Class of 1995 Marian Curtis George Caroline Olmstead Wallach Class of 1996 Cory Fasold Class of 1997 Christina Cinelli


FACULTY & STAFF PARTICIPATION Johanna Coale Coyle Matthew Kuhn * Alysa Curtis Porter

Class of 1998 James Cabot * Heather Graul Geoghan John Hauptfleisch Natasha Malinski Class of 1999 George Briggs Brett Fasold Tanya Hamilton Patia Maule Jesse McIntire Jacqlyn Young Class of 2000 Colin Bumby Holly Briggs Cathcart Beck Erhard Brittany Hyde Eric Molander Joshua Wright Class of 2001 Stephanie Brown Jackie Sinnett Felber Zachary Kolkin Meghan McGoldrick William Noyes Class of 2002 Erik Piasio Class of 2003 Chris Bixby Jeanethe Falvey Colleen Fasold Griffin Gribbell

Tucker Kelton * Courtney B. Walsh Class of 2004 Catherine Abbondanza Neelam Alexander Class of 2005 Katherine Briggs James Connors * Nicholas Wellin Class of 2006 Kat Gribbell Sean Lynch Dimitrios Pilitsis Class of 2007 Alex Champoux Brooke Rayder Class of 2008 Thomas Bradley Abbott * Philip Gleason Michael LeBlanc Pete Mertz Alex Pilitsis Elizabeth Zuckerman *

$ 261,821 Annual Fund Total $ 87,000 Auction Total Donors of Gifts-in-Kind: Cameron and Patricia Bright Mr. and Mrs. Houghton Carr Mr. Arthur Collins Seth and Anne Kolkin Peter W. and Lisa Mertz Ted and Mary Gene Myer Rich Paige Nathan Smith Peter and Barbara Vickery Donors to the Next200 Campaign:

Anonymous (2) Richard and Debra Abbondanza Allen M. Bornheimer ’60

John and Ronni-Jo Carpenter David Family Foundation Bruce Drouin and Janet Hansen David W.H. Fenderson ’81 and Anne Goulet G. David and Margaret Fenderson Benson Gray and Laurie Hasty Lee and Linda Griswold Michael F. Mastronardi Thomas and Renee Newman Brian Noyes Peter and Deirdre Quesada Keith ’84 and Tracy Russell Michael and Priscilla B. Savage Theodore ’60 and Sharon Libby Sharp ’61

Mrs. Marjorie Twombly David and Diana Warren Mr. Edgar F. White ’38

Giving the Gift of Time North Yarmouth Academy could not possibly accomplish all that it does without the countless hours contributed by dedicated volunteers. The Academy is extremely fortunate to have committed alumni, trustees, parents and friends who volunteer their time and boundless energy to help enrich the NYA experience for each student and the Academy at large. Thank you for your incredible support.

Memorial Gifts

Gifts were made in memory or recognition of a number of our friends who have passed away. A special thank you to these donors: In memory of Walter (Jerry) Allison, Jr.

In memory of Dick Hodsdon ’33 Florence Wile-Hodsdon ’39

In memory of Lynne Lappas Mrs. Fayne Lappas

In memory of Charles A. Bartlett, Sr. Charles A. Bartlett, Jr. ’49

In memory of Richard J. Hungerford Mrs. Agnes Hungerford

In memory of David Larson ’61 Merrill Barker Chapin ’61

In memory of Warren Blackwell ’43 Harriet Ordway Belz ’39

In memory of Ann Whittemore Jakins ’46 Nancy Barker Mr. David Bohn Robert and Kathryn Brustlin

In memory of Steve Morris Elizabeth Scribner Repetto ’88

Ms. Helen Allison

In memory of Gerald Bowie ’58 Mrs. Lois Mansfield Bowie ’60

In memory of Janet Phipps Clarke ’60 Donna Maxell Felker ’60

Central Florida Community College/Friends of Susan Murphy Alice Cormier Mary Etta Fisher Mary Rand Hacker ’46 Joyce Hamner Lois E. Fogg Jackson ’44 Tim Johnson Raelene Lewis Philip and Lorraine Macpherson James and Janora Parker Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. Nancy Hyde Wilbur ’45

In memory of Mary Loveitt Clifford ’41 Philip P. Clifford ’71

In memory of Roslyn K. Katzman Donald and Maryann Mitchell Katzman ’67

In memory of Geraldine Coffin Brown ’34 Lillian M. Dolloff In memory of Winnie Burnham Peter and Dianne Shepley In memory of Priscilla M. Cash ’54 Earl Cash ’54 Richard ’54 and Lois Rogers Lippincott ’55

In memory of Pat Ordway ’44 Harriet Ordway Belz ’39 In memory of Robert Ordway ’42 Harriet Ordway Belz ’39 In memory of Addison Wendall (Buster) Smith ’35 Ruth Smith Douglass ’36 In memory of 2nd Lt. Kenneth E. Thurber Shirley E. Thurber Verrill ’44 In memory of Dana Vamvakias ’89 Mr. and Mrs. Nick Kakavis In memory of Lester Wile ’39 Florence Wile-Hodsdon ’39 In memory of Merle Worth ’61 Merrill Barker Chapin ’61

NYA 2009 ANNUAL REPORT OF DONORS Auction Donors: Catherine Abbondanza Rick and Deb Abbondanza Ace Hardware Ames Farm Center Diane Aromando Atlantic Sportswear AV Technik, LLC Azula Back Street Bistro Backyard and Beyond, Inc./ Downeast Concepts Bead Creations by Bette Beadin’ Path Bob Beith Belle Epoch Design William and Janis Bennett Beth’s Beaded Creations Betsy’s Hair, Face and Body Retreat Billings Insurance Manager, Inc. Sandra Birkett Bohemian Coffee House Books Etc. Michael and Monica Bordick Boston Hair Boston Red Sox Allen Bornheimer ’60 Bowdoin College Brackett Funeral Home/Chris Ladner ’89 Jim Briggs Brown Goldsmiths Barb Brown Cheryl Brown David Burkey and Linda Zembsch Bruce’s Burritos Bubba’s Hair Salon Becky Bucci Susan and Josh Burns Susan and Lewis Cabot Casco Bay Soap Company Carol Walsh Crafts David and Lynne Champoux Chilton Furniture Churchill Catered Events Betina Clark Clay Play Clayton’s Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Cynthia Gray Cobb Coca-Cola/Oakley Jones

Colleen’s Creations: Lampwork Glass Beaded Jewelry Couleur Collection Creative Pisces Custom Built Personal Training CycleMania Carol Daigle Marc Daniels and Lynne Eldridge Day’s Jewelers d. cole jewelers Nina DeGraff Delorme Craig and Sherilyn Dietrich Doggie Safe N Dry Coat Dominos Pizza Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Doolan Down East Village DR Coffins Garage, Inc. Sharon Duffield Jayne Dwyer Dyke Family Earthly Treasures East End Massage Edgecomb Potters/Chris Hilton Carolyn Edwards David and Elaine Elliott Enerjoy Health/Fitness Estabrook’s Evelyn King Jewelry Ewe and Me Exchange Street Gallery Fabu Salon & Spa Family Ice Center Fat Boy Drive- In David Fenderson ’81 & Anne Goulet Fred Field Finer Pointes Dance Shop Flora Home Chris and Jane Flower Fore Street Restaurant Foreside Antiques Forget-Me-Nots Fran O’Leary’s Soccer Camps Freeport Comfort Suites Freeport Tack Company Gallery Framing Charlie and Theresa Gendron Lisa Gent Christine Gerli Glass Reflections Goff’s Hardware Benson Gray and Laurie Hasty

Linda Greenlaw Mary Gribbell Steve and Peg Griswold Gritty McDuff’s Joy Guliani Laurie Hadlock Halcyon Yarn Haley’s Tire & Service Center Norm Hall Hannaford Hansel’s Orchard Christina Heldenbrand Hennin Family Maret Hensick Michael W. Hildreth ’87 Hopkinson and Abbondanza Nina Houghton Sue and Jim Howard In the Clover Intrikate Designs James Arsenault & Company 410-4 Company @ Joseph’s JuJu Designs Just Framing

John and Kristen Martin Cindy and Fred Masi Cindy Maxsimic Margareta McDonald Jack McMahon Linc Merrill and family Peter and Lisa Mertz Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake Minnott’s Flowers MJ’s Grille and Tavern Bob and Julie Moss Mr. Bagel Muddy Rudder Restaurant Bruce Myers Nappi Distributors Julia Nichols Nik Lin Designs Matt Noone ‘92 NYA Board of Trustees NYA Travis Roy Ice Arena Mary Noyes One Stop Party Shoppe Orthopaedic Associates

Lamey Wellehan Deborah Landry John Landry Ian and Leslie Leishman Michael Leonard Joan Leslie Seaver Leslie Julia Littlefield Longacre Expeditions Lovell Designs Lucinda’s Day Spa

Pace Driving School Papa Gepetto’s Workshop Park Row Interiors Nanc Parker Patchwork Woo Pat’s Pizza Pedro O’Hara’s Peggy’s Hallmark Mary Phipps Picture Framer Play It Again Sports Polar Bear Lacrosse Camp Bruce Poliquin Port City Life Portland Fiber Gallery and Weaving Studio Carol Potter PrintMail of Maine Provisions Kate Putnam

Kimberly and Gary MacDonald Magnolia’s Main Sweets Maine Audubon Maine Distilleries Maine Original Creations Maine Paint Service Maine Roasters Coffee Maine Running Company Mainely Hair Josh and Becky Marvil

Rabelais Martha and Michael Rayder Dr. and Mrs. Michael Rayder Reed Family REFURBISH interior redesign Mary D. Regan Jay Reighley Richard’s Restaurant Kathleen Roche Priscilla Robichaud Rosemont Market

Kabyco, Inc. Holly Karolkowski Paul and Lisa Kelsey Jon and Cindy Knowles Matt Kuhn ‘97 Barry and Karyn Kurland

Elizabeth Rosen Russell Family Tracey Russell Sam’s Italian Foods Richard Sanford Sashay’s Scarlet Begonias Anne Thompson Schutz ‘88 Seacoast United Senior Class Susie and Bob Sharp Theodore ’60 and Sharon Libby Sharp ’61 Christine Sharpazian Shearbrooke Farm Shelby Woo Accessories Sherman’s Books and Stationery Shipyard Brewery Chris Sieracki Claudette Simms Russell Simms Skillins Greenhouses Slocum Chiropractic Kim Spencer Stages – Performing Arts Academy Stampin’ Up/Carolyn Susi Stamp the Yard, LLC Starbucks Starlight Cafe Start to Finish Margot Stiassni-Sieracki Sugarloaf Alpacas of Maine Ben Susla Talus Corp. Thai Garden The Barn Door Cafe The Belted Cow The Cheese Iron The Endless Spa The Old Goat Pub Trina’s Country Crafts Majorie Twombly Walmart David and Diana Warren Pam and Pater Wellin Lynne Werner Jean Wilkinson Watson & Worthley Whole Foods Market Wicked Whoopies Wild Oats Bakery & Cafe William Hallett Women’s Fitness Studio & Spa Sue Worthing Wyler’s

Thank Thank You You Yankee Lanes Yarmouth Veterinary Center Yosaku Restaurant Young’s Furniture Jacqlyn Young

ZaZ and Moe Funware for Home and Family 6th Grade Class 7th Grade Class 8th Grade Class 9th Grade Class 10th Grade Class 11th Grade Class 12th Grade Class Auction Corporate Sponsors: Bangor Savings Bank Bennett Engineering Bow Street Market d. cole jewelers Hopkinson and Abbondanza LEDA – Leslie Evans Design and Advertising Moore Painting Newfab Patriot Insurance Company Pierce Atwood Scott Simons Architects The Sheridan Corporation Windward Petroleum Donors to Arena Sponsorships: Atlantic Sportswear Bangor Savings Bank Coca Cola of Southern Maine Connectivity Point Design and Installation, LLC Cunningham Security System Dirigo Holdings Downeast Energy and Building Supply Hannaford Supermarkets Patriot Insurance Company Midcoast Paving Oakhurst Dairy Plastic and Hand Surgical Associates Port City Life VIP Parts Tires and Service Wright Ryan Construction Donors to 2008 Steve Morris Golf Tournament: 1985 NYA Ice Hockey Champions (Ben Hunter ’86) 1986 NYA Baseball Champions (Ben Hunter ’86) All Star Sports Bar John and Becky Allyn AMVETS Post #2 Robert W. Boyd

Clayton Anderson Anderson Farms Antonia’s Pizzeria Atlantic Sportswear, Inc. Back Street Bistro Bangor Savings Bank Landon Bathe Dave Beckelman Pearson Curriculum Group Tom Kane BEU Big Dave’s Market Bill’s of Yarmouth Eric Blakeman ‘90 Blakeman/Mavor Group of Smith Barney Jonathan Blanchard ‘98 Jeff Bly Tom Bourdon Matt Bowden Tim Bowen Christopher Ladner ‘89/Brackett Funeral Home Chuck Brakeley Branch Co. Bridgton Highlands Country Club James and Trudy Briggs Stephen F. Broberg ‘85/ Clearwaters Flyfishing David Brooks ‘84 Stuart F. Brown ‘91 Bruce’s Burritos J. Duncan Bryant ‘70/ Buck’s Naked BBQ John Burdick/J.D. Burdick and Associates Dave Burton Scott Callaghan Timothy P. Carolan ‘63 Robert Carrier Casco Bay Ford Amy Chamberlain Julia and Matt Chin Angus Christie Dale Hudson/Clark Associates Insurance Clayton’s Oakley Jones/Coca Cola of Northern New England Bob Colby Daniel P. Connolly Conundrum Bert Cook Dick Cooper Dorothy Mansfield Cooper ‘59 Robert A. Corey Al Corrow Ross Cudlitz ‘74 Edward F. Curran ‘77 Donald Curtis ‘71 Kevin Curty CyberCopy Dan Daggett

Randy and Corinn Darby George Delorme Delorme Map Store Downeast Energy & Building Supply Jason Doyle Will Doyle Willie Doyle John Drisko Mike Dutton Beck Erhard ‘00 Estabrook’s John Flaherty Jay Flower ‘94/Smith Barney Fox Ridge Golf Club Freeport Country Club Freeport Nursing & Rehab Center James Garrett ‘98 Colin Geiger ‘07 Charles and Theresa Gendron Chris Gessman Scott D. Gibson ‘72 Brian Gilbert/Brian Gilbert Associates Eric and Jamie Gilbert ‘97 Goddard Insurance Agency Goff’s of Yarmouth, Inc. Matt Greason ‘97 John E. and Rebecca T. Greene Jay Griffin Gritty McDuff’s/Jon Soule ’81 Keith Grover Jeff Putnam/Guardian Life Insurance Company of James H. Hall John R. Hall Bruce and Ruthanne Hamlin Evan ‘72 and Debra Hansen/ Preti Flaherty Timothy E. Hardy ‘77 Bill Kelly Harris Golf Shop Tim Hassett Highland Lake Resort Tom Hinton F. Dale Hudson ‘64 Kent Hulst Michael ’76 and Hilary Innis Carl Johnsen ‘96 Bob Jones Richard Jordan Sue Joyce Steve Lavallee Ken Lawrence Nicholas Lolar ‘07 Lori and Rick Snow Maine Indoor Karting Maine Roasters Coffee Deb Bowdoin Mainely Custard Nathan Major ‘08

Anthony and Alicia Cady Malette ‘96 Bruce Martin David L. McClees/Talus Corp. Kate Merrill ‘09 Lincoln ‘75 and Kim Merrill Lisa and Peter W. Mertz Timothy Millett ‘11 William N. Ladd III Mingo Springs Golf Club Terry Moore Peter P. Sowles Morong Falmouth Jonathan Morris Robert and Julia Moss Eric Moynihan Scott Moynihan ‘90/Dead River Company Tom Schwarz Muddy Rudder Restaurant Melanie Munsey Bradford Myers ‘00 Erik Nadeau Patrick M. Newell ‘98 Matthew H. Noone ‘92 Paul H. Noone Northeast Radon, Inc. Kent Willette Michael Fear/Now You’re Cooking NYA Anonymous Friends NYA Athletic Department NYA 2008 Chamber Golf Team Arthur J. O’Connor ‘77 O’Naturals Old Men’s Hoops Old World Gourmet Deli and Wine Shop Trevor Olivadoti ‘93 Bob Olsen David R. Orne Leon A. Ouimet ‘77 Gary Palman Jack Kyle/Pat’s Pizza of Yarmouth Patriot Insurance Pearson Curriculum Group Pedro O’Hara’s Alan and Elizabeth Peoples/ Homesellers Jay Perrotta Poland Spring Resort Brian Petrovek/Portland Pirates Richard and Dianne Post Kevin and Ellen Potter Kate Putnam James Richards Kerri Roberts Romeo’s Pizza Royal River Grillhouse Jeremy M. Rush ‘92 John Schwartz Leslie Hunter

Sebasco Harbor Resort Dave Sergot Randall Simonse and Family Eric Moynihan Skillful Home Recreation James A. Skillings, Jr. ‘84 Phil Slocum Lee Smith SONS of AMVETS Post #2 Dave Pollard Spring Meadows Golf Club at Cole Farms James Sterling ‘07 Jack Stiles ‘58/Jameson Tavern Mark Strong Jerry Stuart Sue Stull/Yarmouth Payroll Plus, Inc. Cheryl Fullerton Sugarloaf/USA Christopher B. Swan ‘83 The Swan Agency Brad Jerome The Bethel Inn and Country Club Steve and Margie Jamison The Country Club Inn Elaine Godsoe The Golf Learning Center D. William Thomas ‘84/Thomas Brokerage Tim and Nancy Thompson Richard Tibbetts Toddy Brook Golf Course Bob Treworgy ‘96 Val Halla Golf Club Michael and Dena Walker Reid Walker ‘08 Donnie Walsh Scott Warner Ben Waterhouse ‘95 Geri McElroy / Paul Richmond Wawenock Golf Club Eric Weinrich ‘85 Jason Weinrich ‘90 David Williams ‘96 Chad Wittman ‘98 Brian D. Wood Sharon L. Bowler Tom Wood Dora Levesque Yarmouth Flower Company

Mission: North Yarmouth Academy is an independent, college preparatory, coeducational day school serving students in grades fifth through twelve. The school offers a structured program that sets clear standards and high expectations in an environment that emphasizes values of mutual respect, trust and community. North Yarmouth Academy is dedicated to fostering integrity, character and intellect in young adults. The North Yarmouth Academy program encourages students to develop: • PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS BASED ON SOUND ANALYTICAL AND CREATIVE THOUGHT • SOPHISTICATION IN WRITING, SPEAKING AND ARTISTIC EXPRESSION • APPRECIATION FOR THE IMPORTANCE OF ATHLETIC ACTIVITY, TEAMWORK AND COOPERATION • SELF-CONFIDENCE AND SELF-RESPECT THROUGH A BREADTH OF EXPERIENCES THAT EXTEND BEYOND THE CLASSROOM • CONCERN FOR THE LARGER COMMUNITY AND AN APPRECIATION FOR THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT • DESIRE TO CONTINUE THE PROCESS OF LIFE-LONG LEARNING

NYA Welcomes New Staff Laurie Hyndman began as Director of Admission in September. Laurie was owner and publisher of the award-winning Port City Life magazine and is the parent of two NYA graduates, Gracie ’07 and Peter ‘09. She went to Vanderbilt University and has an extensive marketing, sales and communications background. Peter Gerrity ’05 came back to NYA to work this year as an intern. He is helping out in the Science Department, teaching and assisting with Environmental Science and other classes. Peter also assists in the Alumni and Development Office and coaches boys’ ice hockey and lacrosse. Peter graduated from Hamilton College last spring. Ellissa Popoff began in the summer as Assistant Athletic Director and Student Ambassador Advisor. She is also the girls’ ice hockey coach. Ellissa has a BA from Williams College where she played varsity ice hockey and a MA from Connecticut College. Ingrid Merrill joins the faculty as NYA’s English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher and coordinator. She assists NYA’s international students in their academic subjects and helps them to integrate socially. Ingrid has a B.A. in French and a Master of Science in Literacy Education from the University of Southern Maine.

Peter Gerrity ’05, Ellissa Popoff, Ingrid Merrill and Laurie Hyndman



MARRIED Congratulations to these NYA Alumni and their spouses. Holly Briggs ’00 married Jason Cathcart in September 2008 Alison Clark ’98 married Steven Norman in Portland, OR on May 9, 2009 Julia Friedrichs ‘04 married Delcie Bean in July 2009

1933 Milton Welt writes: “Wife Barbara and I

David D. Selleck writes: “Enjoying

are still ok in our mid-90’s. I’m still actively engaged in my art career as a member artist in the 820 Main Gallery in Harwich Port, MA. God has blessed us both with good health, loving family and lots of friends. Credit NYA for a good start!”

retirement in the Mid-Coast area of Maine – hiking, square dancing, music festival and looking forward to our 50th anniversary in 2010.”

1940 Mary Hall Hamblin asks about

members of her class and would love to hear from her classmates.

1956 Colonel Dennis Hodsdon writes,

“Birded Point Barrow, Alaska---top of the world. Polar bears and Ivory Gulls -- try it, you’ll like it!”


Priscilla (Pat) Whittemore

Christina Perkins ‘89 married John P. McAnuff August 1, 2009 Courtney Anson ’98 and Jamie Garrett ’98 were married on August 2, 2009 at Courtney’s parents’ home in Scarborough

Winslow writes that she and Carl

are both retired, they have a son (attorney in Ft. Myers, FL) and two grandchildren. NYA Class of 1949 had their 60th Reunion on June 19 at Toddy Brook Golf Course. “It was wonderful reminiscing about our high school days at NYA.”

Hugh Robbins ’99 and Carrie MathersSuter were married on September 5, 2009 in Brookline, MA Will Noyes ‘01 and Stephanie Brown

In attendance were Ann Merrill Brown, Marge Dunn Chamberlain, Sylvia Richardson, Lois Grant Morrill, Ellen Hay Holway, Fred Morton, Charles Bartlett, Carlene Doughty York, and Carl and Pat Whittemore Winslow.

’01 were married on October 3, 2009 1952 Muriel Ayer Cleaves writes: “Still stay

ENGAGED Drew Myers ‘98 is engaged to Kiersten

in touch with the Class of ‘52. Usually get some of the girls together to go out to eat but could not do it in ‘08. Hopefully this year!”

Burtz of Dallas, Texas. The wedding is scheduled for June 2010 in Newport, RI Bradford Myers ‘00 will be married to Christy Shea of Brookline, MA in August 2010 at the Samoset Inn in Rockland, Maine


Elizabeth Arsenault Niemczycki

writes: “I am currently in a senior complex in sunny Sarasota, FL. Hi to all my old classmates and friends.” 1954 Rosemary Arsenault Fetter’s sister

Betty reports “Rosemary is still enjoying friends and music and art in Bradenton, FL (where they make Sunshine and Tropicana orange juice – delicious!!!)”

1955 Helen Payson Seager lives in

Hingham, MA and conducts a Chapel Chorale of 35 seniors (median age: 81). “They are pretty good! The use of grammar in this section of Massachusetts is appalling. I suggest that our classmates thank our lucky stars for our grammar teaching at NYA.” 1959 Patricia Barker Clockedile: writes

that she and Sterlin (’57) are retired and living in their lakefront home in Maine most of the year and spend winter months in a retirement park in Florida in a 38’ motor coach. “Our daughter lives in Tucson, AZ giving us an excuse to travel in that direction, and our son, daughter-in-

class notes law and grandchild live in central Maine encouraging us to stay in Maine for much of the year. We both enjoy good health and love seeing old friends.” Rodney Bowie writes that he has

retired from supervisor of ships and is a grandfather of four. He has been married to Etta for 46 years and has three children Daniel, Michael and Andrew. He has a doctorate degree. Sandra Batchelor Hudon writes

that she graduated from Farmington State Teacher’s College in 1963, earned a Master’s Degree from Central Connecticut State University in 1983, and taught for 25 years. She is married to Armand J. Hudon. They have a daughter, Kristen, and son, Craig and four grandchildren. She and Armand have skied all over the country and have hiked many sections of

the Appalachian Trail and in Austria, Italy and Germany. “I enjoyed my years at NYA VERY MUCH, especially my senior year with Mr. Mitchell as Headmaster. I am SO SORRY that I missed the class reunion! We were on a hiking trip in Yosemite.” (editor’s note - her update was written on Yosemite Lodge stationery!)

Bill Dugan writes that he and wife Alana



Rufus Jones writes: “I’m heavily

are “both doing well in FL. Travel USA for 4 summertime months every year. Also been to China, Spain, Galapagos, Mexico. Retirement is fun. Getting lots of exercise and reading a lot. I’m playing tennis 4x/ week and NYA-Yarmouth visitors always welcome.”

Sean Hayes reports that he is retired from

involved w/local chapter of AARP and write its monthly newsletter. Belong to a writers group too. Spend lots of time working with my church on various mission projects. And enjoy some volunteer work for Historic Speedwell, an historic complex where among other things, the telegraph was invented.”

the Miami-Dade County Police Department and living with his wife Thelma in Doral, Florida. It was great to see Sean at the reunion.

Tim McMahon ’93, Ben Alexander ’93 (behind), Matt Noone ’92, Joel Chretien ’91.

Ben Alexander ’93, Joanna York Barth ’93, Tim McMahon ’93

1971 G. Harold “Butch” Hirsch invites

you to check out his website – www.

Impromptu Class of 1993 NYA reunion … and guests from other classes Dec 2008

Will Noyes and Stephanie Brown Wedding Oct 2009 Kneeling, left to right: Sam Reiche, Brent Noyes ‘03, (far right) Kelsey Wilcox ‘02, Chris Weimer ‘01 Middle row: Erin O’Hare ‘02, Lily Weber, William Noyes ‘01, Stephanie Brown Noyes ‘01, Ashley Dunham ‘01 Back row: Laura Noyes ‘05, Peter Fitz ‘05, Elise Knowles ‘03, Nicola Flowerdew ‘01, Betsey Reiche ‘01, Garrett Brown ‘05, Nathan Brown ‘97, George Reiche ‘07, Jan Fermaniak, Tony Quesada, Brian Stornelli ‘01, Meghan McGoldrick ‘01, Brett Gallagher ‘01, Brad Hilton ‘01

©2009 Tsukroff Photography, LLC




1973 Bob Swenson wrote: “A few NYA

We Remember These NYA Alumni and Friends

alumni gathered for the wedding of our daughter Hillary. Hillary and Russ were married at a quaint church on Falmouth Harbor and then had the reception at the Coonamessett Inn. Left back: Preston Hoffman ’73, Bill LaCapa , Jeff Harris, Christopher Littell ’73: Left front: Bob Swenson, Karen Swenson, Judy LaCapa.

Richard Storer ’41 February 17, 2009

Ray E. Smith, Jr. ’41 March 12, 2009

Katharine Roberts ’44 June 28, 2009

Herb Hammond (coach and athletic director 1963-66) July 23, 2009

Mary Louise Dugas Tibbetts ’43



Ross Cudlitz reports that he is “still alive

Jeffrey Good writes that he and his

and kicking.”

wife Catherine live in Kennebunk, ME and just celebrated daughter Caroline’s first birthday. He works for Novartis Phamaceuticals Corporartion as New England Hospital Specialist and Catherine is Marketing Manager for Wright Express.

March 4, 2009

Donald Smith II ’39 March 9 2009

Charles D. Marston ’37 April 6, 2009


Nunzio Parisi ’41

Nyasha Pfukwa is living in Winthrop,

August 23, 2009

Gerald J. DeRoche ‘41 October 2, 2009

Howard Small


April 15th, 2009

Judy Sawyer Lake is living in Vermont,

Richard. L. Small, Jr. ‘64

the proprietor of Lake’s Lampshades Shop in Pawlet Village. She’s recently completed her first book project and hopes you’ll all take a look at The Lampshade Lady’s Guide to Lighting Up Your Life.

October 10, 2009

Robert E. Lowe Sr., October 25, 2009

Cecelia Liberty Austin October 31, 2009

Earl H. Wells ’50 November 9, 2009

Phyllis Irene Barbour Winchenbach ’46 November 19, 2009

Thomas F. Kinnelly III ’61 November 20, 2009

Harry Warren Mitchell ’54 December 3, 2009

Charles D. Marston ’37 unknown

Clarice Bucknam Owens ’36 unknown

Phyllis Grant Smith ’39 26


Bruce Needham is now the grandfather

of three--ages 6, 3 and 1. “Lots of fun for us.” He is still driving a truck and loves getting around Florida. 1984 Meg Fenderson writes: It’s nice to

meet NYA buddies on Facebook and catch up. Life is great. I enjoy my work, and I’m particularly proud of my niece Maddy who is beginning her 3rd year at NYA as an 8th grader. 1988 Ross Cutler is living in Rowayton, CT

with his wife, Devon, and working in NYC. He is a Managing Director with Serin Capital, a boutique investment bank.

MA, and working as the Development Coordinator for the Germaine Lawrence School. She reports that she is enjoying Boston as well as her work in Development.

1998 Bruce Myers reports that Lt. Andrew Myers recently returned from a tour in Iraq. After his June wedding (see Weddings & Engagements), he and Kiersten will live in Yokosuka, Japan where Drew will be weapons officer on the USS McCain, a destroyer built in Bath, Maine. Sue Barnett graduated from veterinary

school in May and will spend a year as an intern at New England Equine Medical and Surgical Center in Dover, NH. “It’s great to be back close to home, and I’ve been able to stay in touch (or get back in touch with) several NYAers including Erin McCarthy, Heather Graul, and my former advisor, Bill Giles. I’m planning to apply for residency in equine internal medicine, so the next few years are still up in the air. I just saw Gus Poole ‘96 on ‘Bang For Your Buck’ on HGtv as one of the contractors!”

Hugh Robbins and Carrie Mathers-Suter on their wedding day.

Parker Noelle Anderson born on December 17, 2008 to Jeff and Sally Kenway Anderson ‘00



Jesse McIntire writes: “I’m working

Lizzie Anson writes: “I was back at

for Transocean offshore of Houston, TX as Chief Mechanic on the drill ship Discoverer Spirit in the Gulf of Mexico. I’m 2/3 done with an online MBA through U. of Phoenix, while my wife Dara expects to complete a master’s in public administration through U. Maine next spring. Orianna turns 4 in August and is a handful. I recently submitted an application for a Chief Engineer license upgrade.”

NYA January-June teaching 6th grade science and coaching middle school girls’ lacrosse. It was wonderful to be back! The “new” middle school – at least new to many of us – is beautiful. This summer I worked at Maine College of Art in Portland, and I began medical school in August. My sister, Courtney ’98, and James Garrett ’98, were engaged in December, and they had a summer wedding at my parents’ home in Scarborough. Both Hayley ’02 and Caroline ’08 are doing wonderfully as well!”

Jacqlyn Young writes “My idyllic year

of pseudo-leisure is up, and I’m back to work teaching eighth grade. Jordan is in daycare three days a week, and enjoying two days of Daddy-care whilst I slave away during the work week. I had great fun catching up with people at the reunion, and at Nathanna’s house afterwards. Hope to see even more people at the next one!” Rheanna Sinnett is an IA [Individual

Augmentee] in Guantanamo Bay. In August, she finished her first tour – 4 years at the squadron (HSL-48) in Jacksonville, FL flying the SH-60B Seahawk helicopter. In March, she will go to the Pentagon to work on the Joint Chief’s Staff. “I’m looking forward to living in DC and being close to all my extended family in Maryland. Should be an exciting and interesting tour. I’m sure I’ll be looking forward to getting back in the helo . . .” Tanya Hamilton writes “I am in

my second year of a Family Medicine Residency in Seattle, Washington. I am loving my job, my new city and all the Pacific Northwest has to offer.”

Gabriel Robert born on March 28, 2009 to Jason and Hannah Jones

GP LeBourdais writes: “After my

teaching fellowship ends this year at Williams, I’ll be going to Switzerland where I have been awarded a Fulbright to research the intersection of alps, art and climate change. I’m totally stoked.  Following that, I’ll give up the chill clarity of the mountains for the focused sun of California, where I’ll pursue a fully-funded doctorate in art history at Stanford.” Sally Kenway Anderson writes:

“I am back in Maine now, and the little bambino was born Dec. 17th, 6lbs. 2oz. her name is Parker Noelle Anderson, and she is pretty stinkin cute.” 

Bud Flaherty and Grandson Shane

Longley ’99 Jack Duncan born on July 13, 2009 to Karen Mathieu and Matt Noone ’92

Josh Wright writes that he is stationed

in Ballston Spa, NY as an instructor at the naval nuclear power training unit. He and wife Sara had their first child in July and are looking forward to the adventure of parenthood. Evelyn Sprague Wright born on July 18, 2009 to Sara and Joshua Wright ’00



Is your class having a reunion next year (any class ending in a 0 or 5)? Whether it has been 5 years, 20 years or 50 years, the Alumni Relations Office will help you make the most of your reunion year.

been in Seattle since graduation

If you’re interested in getting your class together and helping to plan an event or helping to contact your classmates for a gathering - please contact the Alumni Relations office at 207-846-2380 or email Kristi Belesca at kbelesca@ We’ve found that the best reunions are the ones that alumni help organize!

Thatcher Shultz writes, “I’ve from Dickinson in ’06, looking to relocate to Santa Barbara in the near future.” Thatcher’s car, that he completely rebuilt, was featured in the October 2009 issue of Performance VW Magazine.

Rebecca Friedrichs writes, “I returned

from the Peace Corps in Togo, West Africa at the beginning of July, just in time to be maid of honor in my sister’s wedding (Julia Friedrichs, ‘04). I am currently living with my partner Frank in Arlington, VA and pursuing my MA of International Affairs in Conflict Resolution at The George Washington University Elliott School. Anyone in DC from 2000, feel free to drop me an email!” Holly Briggs writes: “I married Jason

Cathcart last September, and we are living outside of Tucson, Arizona. I am currently taking summer classes to fulfill prerequisites to apply to Physician Assistant programs. I am HOPING to get in to more than one so that we’ll have a bit of choice as to where we may be able to move so that I can start school sometime in 2010- I’m hoping for the Northeast!!” Bruce Myers reports that Bradford Myers is a financial advisor with Ameriprise in Boston and will be married to


Christy Shea of Brookline, MA this August at the Samoset Inn in Rockland, Maine. The couple will reside in Boston. 2001 Rheanna Sinnett ’99 writes that her sister Jackie Felber is currently deployed to her squadron’s (HSC-28) permanently detached station in Naples, Italy flying SH-60S [Seahawk helicopter]. After returning from Italy, she will be in Norfolk, VA until she and her husband, Mike, are up for orders. “My parents and I are planning on going to visit her in the spring.” 2002 Carrie Fuller tells us she has been living

in Portland and working in the Education Dept. at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute for the last year and a half. This summer, she moved to Cambridge, MA to get her Master’s in Education from Lesley University. Emily Griffin is living in Boothbay

Harbor and working as an Advertising Media Planner/Buyer for Blitz Media of Needham, Massachusetts.

clas s n o t e s 2003 Brittany Hosmer was recently qualified

as a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) of the U.S. Green Building Council. A LEED AP is recognized as an expert in the field of sustainable design. (Editor’s Note: Brit was the Class of 2009 graduation speaker on June 7 at NYA.) Geoffrey Kendall was pictured in the

Maine Sunday Telegram in August 2009 in an advertisement for Maine Medical Center welcoming the Tufts University School of Medicine class of 2013 to Maine. 2004 Meredith Segal started a new job as

a Disabilities Specialist for a non-profit in Boston. Lydia Hall writes, “After four great years,

including time spent studying abroad in Barcelona and doing volunteer work in Brazil, I graduated cum laude from Tufts with a degree in art history. I moved to Washington DC and have been loving it--highlights include attending an official inaugural ball, as well as working with a program for at-risk children from one of D.C.’s poorest neighborhoods. I’m currently working as a legislative assistant in the government relations practice of a large law firm, visiting Capitol Hill a lot and tracking bills for clients. The world of lobbying is fascinating and really fulfilling, and I’m trying to learn as much as I can, while also contemplating law school. Things are definitely busy!” Roberta Dennison writes that she is

working at Children’s Hospital in Boston, MA as a research assistant and is applying to medical schools. She is still active with sports playing on a soccer, lax and softball league and is beginning to take up long distance running. Her first attempt was the Clam Festival Race.

2005 Peter Gerrity is interning at NYA this

year, helping out in the Science Department teaching Environmental Science and assisting with other classes. He is also helping in the Development and Alumni office as well as coaching ice hockey and lacrosse. 2006 Taki Pilitsis (from Brunswick Times

Record, April 9, 2009) was named to the Dean’s List at Babson College in Wellesley, MA for the fall 2008 semester. Sean Lynch will graduate in May from

Stonehill College. He spent last semester in Budapest, Hungary. 2007 Gracie Hyndman is a student at

Bowdoin College, but this semester is studying in Grenoble, France. ”It is a bit different than Kenya, although my host family does have chickens (and ducks), so that’s comforting! I caught up with Siobhan in Montpelier where she is spending the whole year. This past summer, I spent two months in Kenya with the help of Bowdoin’s Preston Public Interest Career Fund. I interned for SOTENI, an organization dedicated to curbing the spread and effects of HIV/AIDS in Africa, especially among children. I spent time in Nairobi, as well as traveling to different villages to work on various projects. I’ve been blogging occasionally at myviewfromafar.blogspot. com.” 2009 Peter Hyndman writes in August, “I just graduated three freakin’ months ago… and will be very disappointed if that does not make the class notes.” (editor’s note: we aim to please) Editor’s Note: Because of space constraints, some notes had to be shortened.

NYA BOARD OF TRUSTEES 2009-10 Richard D. Abbondanza, President David J. Champoux, Vice President Diana S. Garcia, Vice President Theodore Sharp ’60, Secretary Field Rider, Treasurer Allen Bornheimer ‘60 John L. Carpenter Margaret Fast David Fenderson ‘81 MaryEllen FitzGerald Jay Flower ‘94 Charles P. Gendron Margaret Griswold Laurie Hasty Michael T. Healy Cindy Maxsimic Betsy Mead Lincoln Merrill ‘75 Brian Noyes Lynn E. Noyes Charles A. “Drew” Oestreicher ’89 Tracey L. Russell Priscilla B. Savage David Warren Jean Wilkinson

HONORARY TRUSTEES Mary Anderson Stephen Anderson Mark Fasold Christopher Flower Margot Milliken C. David O’Brien Christopher Pierce Michael Savage Curtis Scribner John Staples Anita Stickney

Peter W. Mertz, Headmaster

DEVELOPMENT OFFICE STAFF Kate Putnam Chief Development Officer

Tara Johnson Assistant Director of Development Kristi Belesca Director of Community Development and Communications Peter Gerrity ‘05 Development and Alumni Relations Intern Jim Briggs


Brian Beard, CIP Photography NYA STAFF



CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2009 Katie Avery

University of Massachusetts - Amherst

Alexis Kroot

Northeastern University

Calum Barnes

Bentley University

Steven Lentine

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Haley Bennett

Harvard University

Beatrice Maidman

University of Rochester

Garrett Bowne

Lake Forest College

Harley Martin

University of Maine at Orono

Alison Carpenter

Connecticut College

Cayla Marvil

Middlebury College

Cal Chicoine

Ithaca College

Chris Meixell

Rhodes College

Victor Churchill

Boston College

Kate Merrill

Mount Holyoke College

Bugsy Clemetson

Wellesley College

Charlotte Michaud

Davidson College

Norwood Cohan-Smith Trinity College (CT)

Abigail Moss

St. Lawrence University

Rachel Darby

Scripps College

Ian Nichols

Hamilton College

Chris Edwards

Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Hallie Powers

University of New Hampshire

Sam Fear

Wheaton College

Alec Robinov

Lawrence University

Nicole Fuller

St. Anselm College

Kate Sharp

McGill University

Andrew Gendron

PG Year

Evan Siepert

United States Merchant Marine Academy

Eliza Gercke

Vassar College

Cam Smith

Junior Hockey

Lucy Gerrity

Colby College

Ashleigh Taylor

High Point University

Sam Gray

Harvey Mudd College

Adrianna Twombly

Colby College

Simon Hebert

Syracuse University

Claire Verville

Vanderbilt University

Caroline Howes

Duke University

Danielle Walton

Maryland Institute College of Art

Peter Hyndman

Drexel University

Matt Ward

Wittenberg University

Miles Isacke

Bates College

Joe Warren

Northeastern University

Sarah Kaminow

Coastal Carolina University

Kyle Williams

Junior Hockey

Hillary Keach

Colby College

Marley Witham

Goucher College

These students will be attending the colleges above as of May 2009



Photo: Pat Lawton



non-profit org. u.S. postage

Paid Permit #477 portland, mE

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