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Dear NYA Community,

Lisa and Peter Mertz

In the hallway outside my office hang the portraits of past NYA Headmasters. Each contributed wisdom, energy, determination and creativity. I am sure they also gave long nights of worry, moments of frustration and privately held doubts. We are here because of their perseverance and dedication. We might wonder if they thought of those yet to come, or were they too busy managing the challenges of the moment? Having shared that leadership seat, I can assure you that each worked diligently for the students they knew during their time here, but they also were inspired by their vision of what the school could become. “We drink from wells that others have dug.” I have thought of this phrase several times over my ten years as Headmaster of North Yarmouth Academy. The phrase is a bridge between the past and the future that connects us to each in a personal manner. It is a statement of gratitude, acknowledging the work of our antecedents. In realizing that we benefit from the work done by others before us, we are obligated and challenged to do the same for those who will come. We dig our wells today. They become our legacy tomorrow.

Personified in the Roman god Janus, it is our nature to look back and forward at the same time. Institutions do that as well. Now, as NYA looks forward with a sense of excitement and optimism to new leadership, it is appropriate to review the past to remind us of where we once were and how we arrived at this new stepping off place. The next Headmaster will inherit a school that was well led by caring, competent leaders over the years, sustained by incredibly talented teachers and staff, and guided by committed Trustees. We know we have created an exceptional place for young men and women to grow, learn and become better people. We can be certain that there will be good clear water in those wells to refresh and inspire a new vision for our future. I look forward to watching that path unfold. Sincerely,

Peter W. Mertz, Headmaster





Cover Photo: Fred Field

ON TO new adventUreS Photo: Fred Field

Imagine a premier college preparatory day school located in coastal Maine. The facilities are so out-of-date that students working with flammable materials in chemistry labs run the risk of electrocution if they need to use the emergency shower in an accident. Imagine sixth graders stuffed into one overheated classroom on the top floor of an old wooden building, sequestered away from the rest of the campus and their older counterparts. And then imagine the beauty of a gorgeous fall day in Maine - bright, happy kids competing on the soccer and field hockey fields and hanging out with their friends, delighted to engage a visiting Headmaster candidate in conversation. That’s exactly what Headmaster Peter Mertz and his wife Lisa encountered on their finalist visit to NYA in the fall of 2000. “I remember being on campus and watching a field hockey game and then heading to my car. There were four or five boys leaning on a car, just having fun with each other. I walked over, and we chatted awhile. I was so impressed with their ease of conversation with an adult they didn’t know, with their good questions and thoughtful responses to mine. I remember thinking, this is where my son would go to school and these boys would be his role models. That’s what sold me on NYA,” Mertz explained. Ross Markonish, English Department Chair at NYA, was a member of the search committee that ultimately selected Mertz to lead the Academy. “We were impressed with Peter’s open-mindedness and willingness to immerse himself fully in the search process, sure signs that he would act the same way as Headmaster,” said Markonish. “After all, this was a man who flew seven times (that’s 42,000 total miles!) from Washington to Maine for interviews. This was a man who lost his luggage prior to one of these interviews, resulting in a late night shopping spree at Bean’s.  This was a man who had one of his rental cars damaged by a late-night collision with a wayward deer in the parking lot of the Down-East Village Motel.  To survive all of these adventures and still keep coming back to NYA surely signifies either complete lunacy or absolute dedication on Peter’s part,” Markonish remarked in a speech delivered at Mertz’s installation as the new Headmaster.

After ten years at North Yarmouth Academy, Peter Mertz is stepping down at the end of the fiscal year in June 2011.

After ten years at North Yarmouth Academy, Mertz is stepping down in June 2011. During his tenure, he has had an extraordinary impact on all aspects of the NYA program. “Peter has led NYA through an unprecedented period of expansion and improvement. When he arrived, many of our facilities on campus were in need of serious maintenance and renovation, and there was also a need for additional facilities that would advance and strengthen the educational program at the Academy. During his tenure, he has made great strides in that regard. He has reached out to alumni and brought many of them back to support NYA, with many of them serving on the Board of Trustees. Our reputation as an academic institution of excellence has continued to grow under his leadership and the public recognition of the quality of our school is a tribute to his hard work, character and success,” said Richard Abbondanza, current president of the NYA Board of Trustees. Reflecting on Mertz’s tenure at NYA, Markonish said, “I think Peter’s greatest impact over the past 10 years has been the physical growth of the campus. The days that the Middle School and Science Center opened, I could see the palpable excitement emanating from him. Those new buildings are his legacy here.” Alanna Olivadoti, assistant to the Headmaster, echoed Markonish’s thoughts. “The improvements to the physical plant are without a doubt, the most tangible measure of the results of a concerted effort that Peter led while here at the Academy. It wasn’t always easy, but he navigated us through the tough times. Our campus is definitely a better place now than when he arrived,” she said.

“ I think Peter’s greatest impact over the past 10 years has been the physical growth of the campus. The days that the middle school and science center opened, I could see the palpable excitement emanating from him. Those new buildings are his legacy here.”

– Ross Markonish English Department Chair

Photo: Fred Field

pride in the way our whole community responded. I was brand new here, and I realized in those 24 hours that there couldn’t be a better place anywhere to weather the mental and emotional devastation that time evoked. I’ve never seen nor experienced the strength of a community pulling together like I did here,” he said.

Students were sad to hear the news that Mertz would be leaving NYA after this school year. “I will really miss him,” said sophomore Jen Brown. “He’s so engaging with the students and really approachable. He knows everybody’s name and when he talks with us, he makes us feel like equal members of the community. He respects our opinions,” she said. Eryn Dioli, another sophomore, said that she will miss his great sense of humor as well as his open door policy. “His door is always open to students. He’ll always find the time to sit and listen when someone needs help or advice. I will really miss him when he’s gone,” she said.

“The day we received the first million dollar gift for the Securing Their Future campaign is another top five memory for me,’ Mertz explained. “There were so many doubters back then as to whether we could ever raise that kind of money for NYA. Up until that moment, there were folks who were afraid that we’d get half way through the construction and leave blue tarps blowing from unfinished buildings. That gift created the confidence throughout the community that we could indeed raise the money, and that we HAD to go forward successfully. It really was a pivotal moment, not just for the campaign, but for the enduring future of the school.”

Although his legacy will undoubtedly include the opening of the Priscilla Savage Middle School and new Science Center, as well as the renovation of historic Russell Hall into its current use as a state-of-the-art foreign language center, and the new turf field, there are other memories that share equal importance for Mertz. “I think about the day after 9/11 and still feel such

PE TER Mertz Accomplishments timeline 2001




July 2001 Purchase of Vreeland property where the Science Center and Grizzy Quad are now located Summer 2002 Room 109 in Curtis Building renovated




February 2003 Ground breaking for Priscilla Savage Middle School Summer 2003 Room 203 in Curtis Building renovated/student lounge created September 2003 Asbestos eradicated from entire NYA campus September 2003 PRISCILLA SAVAGE MIDDLE SCHOOL OPEN! September 2003 Panther’s ReTail opens Summer 2004 Room 110 in Curtis Building renovated









January 2006 SCIENCE CENTER OPEN! Summer 2006 Lewis Field becomes a turf field Fall 2006 NYA awarded NEASC ten year accreditation





Summer 2007 Cooling system, floorboards and glass replaced in Travis Roy Arena Summer 2007 Academy Hall cupola restored March 2008 Russell Hall gutted, renovation work begins Summer 2008 Compressors replaced in Travis Roy Arena





January 2009 RUSSELL HALL REOPENS! June 2009 Varney property purchased June 2010 First athletes inducted into the Edgar F. White ’38 Athletic Hall of Fame Summer 2010 NYA named Best Private School in Maine by DownEast Magazine

Just as the relationships between students and teachers are the hallmarks of an NYA experience, the relationships that Mertz has forged with individual members of the community have been tantamount to his experiences at the Academy. “There are so many people I have met over the past decade who have given me great council, great friendship and wonderful opportunities to advance the mission of the school, but no one has made more of an impression on me than Frank Knight ‘25. He introduced me to the rich history of NYA and fostered my love for learning all that I could about the early days of the Academy. Through Frank, the history came alive for me,” said Mertz. “We also worked very closely together on the elm tree plantings on the campus. Frank’s living legacy at NYA will be the 22 or more elm trees we planted all over campus.” Mertz added, “Howard Small is another person who comes to mind. To a large extent, for many years Howard was an unrecognized benefactor to the school who provided many gifts to NYA, including the donation of the land bordering US Route 1 where the hockey arena, tennis courts and softball field were built. He passed away just a year ago, but we had a great relationship that grew from our mutual love of NYA.” Besides forming strong relationships with alumni, parents, faculty, staff and students, a Headmaster must also create a working bond with the members of the Board of Trustees. “I have had the privilege to work with several dedicated NYA Board Presidents, but Bruce Poliquin stands alone as unquestionably the best Board President of any school I’ve led,” said Mertz. “Bruce truly understood best Board practices and he insisted, no demanded, that Board members really abide by those standards. Working as intensely as we did together, we were able to accomplish some very important successes for NYA. I will always remember Bruce’s energy and commitment to making NYA an even better school.” When Mertz leaves the Academy, he will also take with him one of the greatest gifts he brought to NYA ten years ago—his wife Lisa. As the receptionist in the Middle School, Lisa has been jack-of-many-trades, always cheerful and welcoming to students, parents, teachers and visitors. “I always call her Mama Lisa,” said Lynne Werner, president of the NYA Parents’ Association, “because she has the pulse of the Middle School. She keeps all those children in tow with her fabulous sense of humor.” In addition to her duties in the Middle School, Lisa has also tutored many NYA students in Spanish, as well as running the Panther’s ReTail store “in her spare time.” She has been a member of the Auction Committee, serving as chair of the Publicity Committee and Fine Art Committee. Faculty, staff, students, trustees and parents all agree that Lisa will be a very hard act to follow. “She’s been a true gift to NYA, always going the extra mile, always generous with her talents and time. We will miss her so much,” said Marissa Markonish, Head of the Middle School. After ten years of leading NYA, Mertz made the difficult decision to leave the school after his contract ends in June 2011. He will assume the Head of School position at Hampton Roads Academy in Newport News, Virginia in July 2011. “My decision to leave NYA was based entirely on professional and personal reasons. I’m 57 years old and have the opportunity to move on to a career-culminating school where I can contribute 10 years or more of my professional experience and expertise. When we came to NYA, Lisa and I committed ourselves to coming for a minimum of seven years to ensure that our son Pete would attend and graduate from the Academy. He graduated from NYA in 2008 and is currently a junior at Williams College. Although I am very proud of all that I’ve accomplished here and will miss the wonderful community of NYA, now is the right time to move on to the next challenge and opportunity,” he said.

“ I knew I wanted to be Headmaster here because of the kids, and I wanted (our son) Pete to go to school here for the same reason.”

– Peter Mertz

The Parents’ Association members meet monthly, and at these meetings, members update Peter on the status of grants, discuss issues that parents have noticed, and prepare for upcoming fundraising events.

parents UNITE The Parents’ Association gets behind the faculty, staff, and kids.

“One thing that always humbles me, Peter (Mertz) has always said that NYA could not exist without the Parents’ Association.”

– Lynne Werner

A very happy six year old was munching on a chocolate chip cookie outside the NYA gymnasium recently while he waited for his older sister to finish playing her middle school field hockey game. He delighted the crowd around him by pointing to one of the “snack shack” volunteers and claiming “she was waaaaay nicer than HIS mother because she gave him the cookie even though he was a little short on change!” That boy and his cookie are just one example of the many ways the NYA Parents’ Association volunteers influence the positive atmosphere of the Academy. “The good work that the Parents’ Association does for NYA touches our students’ lives every single day,” said Headmaster Peter Mertz. “The countless hours of volunteer service they provide has a huge impact on the whole campus—from the grounds to the classrooms and everywhere in between.” The Parents’ Association provides constant support for the faculty, staff and students both through their presence as volunteers and their fundraising efforts. Parent volunteers are involved in all aspects of the school, whether it’s managing and staffing the Snack Shack and Panther’s ReTail or helping with Grandparents’ Day or driving

students to community service work. They also raise funds through a variety of activities that are awarded through a grants program to faculty and staff. In recent years the grants have provided the light blocking curtains in Safford Center, new pans for the steel drum band, six Mimio boards used in classrooms, flip video and digital cameras and many other classroom enhancements. Over the past ten years, the Parents’ Association has worked closely with Mertz and welcomed his involvement. Long time NYA parent and former Parents’ Association president Janet Bowne said that Mertz “felt the Parents’ Association was an extension of his reach into the community, using it as a conduit from the parents directly into his office.” That connection manifests itself in many ways, including the monthly Parents’ Association meetings with the Head as well as the monthly Headmaster Roundtable meetings where all parents can come to ask Mertz questions and talk about topics that range from student parking to dress code to curriculum. “Peter has a great appreciation for the work the Parents’ Association does. One thing that always humbles me, Peter has always said that NYA could not exist without the Parents’ Association,” said Lynne Werner, current president of the group. “We will miss his energy and positive attitude as well as the guidance and leadership he has provided. The parents of NYA are very thankful for all that he has done here,” she said.

Wendy Briggs, Janet Bowne, Pat Wellenbach, and Kathy Slack


Maura and Beth Perry


REACH OUT “What we accomplished on this day will really help others in a very meaningful way.”

– Lynn Sullivan

When Patty Bright, mother of Acacia (’16) and Wesley (’14) from Freeport, discovered how much community service NYA students were participating in, she was amazed. Not only because of the considerable amount of service being done but because it was being done so quietly. “I knew about some of the bigger projects students worked on around the holidays, etc., but I had no idea there was so much going on,” she said. Partnering with Upper School history teacher Lynn Sullivan, a school-wide community service day, one in which the NYA community could celebrate service together, was launched. With the full support of the administration behind them, Bright and Sullivan, with the help of parent Stephanie Miskell and several other faculty members, created and organized Project: Reach Out.

On an overcast Thursday in late May, wearing bright orange tee shirts, more than 235 students and 53 faculty, staff and parent volunteers did community service for Project: Reach Out. The NYA community worked over 1,100 hours at fifteen organizations in Yarmouth, Freeport, Durham, Brunswick, Auburn, Lewiston, Windham, North Yarmouth, Poland, Falmouth and Portland. The types of work included gardening at libraries and community centers, planting grass in an environmentally sensitive area, clearing trails for a state park and a town conservation commission and trust, pulling stumps and planting gardens for a therapeutic riding center, creating a vegetable garden at a group home for the developmentally disabled, yard work for elderly and physically challenged individuals, and painting a barn at a community farm. At the end of the day, all participants gathered back at NYA for a barbeque and chance to recount their experiences. “This is a really great opportunity for our students, faculty and staff to give back to the community. What we accomplished on this day will really help others in a very meaningful way,” said Sullivan. “When we regrouped after the first event in May, we knew immediately that we should expand it to two days a year—one in the spring and one in the fall,” Sullivan explained. The two, along with other faculty and parent volunteers, began planning at once for the second day, which happened on October 20, 2010. “The logistics are tricky because we have to get a lot of students to a lot of different locations and then back to campus, but with our parent volunteer force, and the NYA faculty and staff, we had no problem making it work,” said Bright.


Jordan Haskell Boys Varsity Ice Hockey Captain: Brandon Barrett ’10 Coaches Award: Brandon Barrett ’10 MVP: Jordan Haskell ’11 Girls VARSITY Ice Hockey Coaches Award: Lianna Hachborn ’10 MVP: Courtney Dumont ’10 NEPSAC DII All-Star Team: Ashley Salerno ’10 NEPSAC DII Player of the Year: Courtney Dumont ’10 NEPSAC DII Quarterfinalists

Emily McKinnon

Ashley Salerno

Brandon Barrett

Tom Gildersleeve

Lianna Hachborn

Courtney Dumont

Boys Swimming and Diving MVP: Nico Kaminow ’11 South Southwestern Championship - 10th place finish Girls Swimming and Diving MVP: Rachel Clegg ’10 South Southwestern Championship - 5th place finish Class B State Championship – 5th place finish SMSL All-Conference: Rachel Clegg ’10 – 100 Breaststroke; Emily McKinnon ’13 – 200 free, 500 free

2009 -2010 Nico Kaminow

Rachel Clegg


Abbie McIvor

Cam Regan

Henry Sterling

Boys Varsity Basketball MVP: Andrew Esancy ’11 WMC All-Conference Second Team: Andrew Esancy ’11 Girls Varsity Basketball MVP: Blair Haggett ’11 WMC All-Conference First Team: Blair Haggett ’11 WMC All-Conference Second Team: Jaime Rogers ’10 Jaime Rogers

Blair Haggett

Boys Indoor Track and Field MVP: Henry Sterling ’10 Class C State Championship – 10th place Class C State Champion – 2 mile: Henry Sterling ’10 WMC First Team All-Conference: Henry Sterling ’10 – 1 mile, 2 mile Girls Indoor Track and Field MVP: Hannah Bewsey ’10 and Maeve Stier ’10 Class C State Championship -14th Place Class C State Runner-up – 1 mile: Hannah Twombly ’11 Class C State Runner-up – High Jump: Hannah Bewsey ’10 WMC Second Team All-Conference: Hannah Bewsey ’10

Andrew Esancy

Hannah Bewsey


Coed Nordic Skiing MVP: Cam Regan ’12 WMC All-Conference Selections: Abbie McIvor ’10 and Cam Regan ’12


Courtney Dumont

Boys Varsity Lacrosse MVP: Taylor Norton ’10 WMC First-Team All-Conference: Brandon Barrett ’10 WMC All-Conference Honorable Mention: Taylor Norton ’10 WMC Class B Regional Runner-Up Girls Varsity Lacrosse MVP: Courtney Dumont ‘10 Portland Press Herald Player of the Week: Lilly Wellenbach ’11 WMC First-Team All-Conference: Courtney Dumont ’10, Lilly Wellenbach ’11, Hayley Bright ’10, Ashley Salerno ’10 WMC All-Conference Honorable Mention: Frances Leslie ’11 WMC Class B Regional Champions WMC Class B State Champions

Thu-Trang Ho


Hayley Bright

Burke Paxton

Lilly Wellenbach

Brandon Barrett

Phillip Champoux

Taylor Norton

Boys Varsity Tennis Coaches Award: Chris Whiting ’10 MVP: Burke Paxton ’13 Girls Varsity Tennis MVP: Thu-Trang Ho ’10 WMC All-Conference: Thu-Trang Ho ’10 WMC All-Conference Honorable Mention: Emily Mitchell ’10 WMC Class C Regional Champions WMC Class C State Champions

Emily Mitchell

Chris Whiting

Girls Varsity Tennis

Maeve Stier

Girls Varsity Lacrosse

Hannah Bewsey

Boys Varsity Baseball MVP: Dean Darien ’10 WMC First-Team All-Conference: Christopher LeBlanc ’10, Alan Brown ’11, Jordan Haskell ’11,, Dean Darien ’10 WMC Second-Team All-Conference: William Strabley ’10, Sam Hutchinson ’10 WMC Co-Player of the Year: Dean Darien ’10 WMC Class C Regional Semi-finalist

Girls Outdoor Track & Field MVP: Hannah Bewsey ’10 WMC Class C State Meet – 9th Place WMC First Team All-Conference: Hannah Bewsey ’10– High Jump WMC Second Team All-Conference: Maeve Stier ’10 – High Jump Hannah Bewsey ’10 – 300 Meter Hurdles; Maeve Stier ’10 – Long Jump Ali O’Reilly ’10 – Discus, Hilary Gibson ’10 – Pole Vault

Forecaster NYA athlete of the year Courtney Dumont and Henry Sterling

Dean Darien

Jordan Haskell

Toey LeBlanc


Boys Outdoor Track & Field MVP: Henry Sterling ’10 WMC Class C State Meet – 3rd Place WMC First Team All-Conference: Henry Sterling ’10 – 3200 Meter Run WMC Second Team All-Conference: Cam Regan ’12 -3200 Meter Run; Asad Dahia ’12, Mohamed Dahia ’11, Henry Sterling ’10, Nick Kolkin ’11 – 4x400 Meter Relay; Mohamed Dahia ’11 – 300 Meter Hurdles New England All-Conference Selection: Henry Sterling ‘10


May 1 2

Come Sail Away Auction This year’s annual auction saw Travis Roy Arena transformed into a seaside retreat with everything from a gangplank at the entrance to spinnaker sails hanging from the ceiling and painted mermaids frolicking on the boards (plus a real mermaid!). We surpassed our goal and grossed $107,000 from both the live event and the online auction. It was a great evening! Thank you to everyone who participated from the many, many volunteers who worked hard to make the event possible to the nearly 300 people who attended the auction and bid on items. Check our website for the Spring 2011 date!







1. Travis Roy Arena 2. Nautical flip flops 3. Chief Development Officer/mermaid Kate Putnam 4. Volunteers – Kimberly Beasley, Ann Kolkin, Lynne Eldridge and Lisa Kelsey 5. Mike and Heidi McKenney 6. NYA steel drum band 7. Auction décor by Middle School art teacher Tim McMahon ’93

June 6 Inaugural Induction of the Edgar F. White ’38 Athletic Hall of Fame The morning of Commencement 2010 was a special day for NYA alumni and friends who gathered in Safford Center for the Induction of the first class of the Edgar F. White ’38 Athletic Hall of Fame. Inductees included: Edgar F. White ’38, Lester Wile ’39 (deceased), the 1974 NYA football team, Coach Robert Hawkes, Jon Thompson ’99, and Krista Lindquist ’99.









1. Display of NYA sports memorabilia 2. Steven Hubbard ’75 member of the 1974 football team and his family 3. Jaye Wile Sewell, Florence Wile Hodsdon, and Richard Wile ’61 family of honoree Lester Wile ’39 4. Elinor Jones ’54, honoree Bob Hawkes, and daughter Diantha Grant 5. Richard Wile ’51 and Peter Mertz 6. Lynn Sullivan and Krista Lindquist ’99 7. Jon Thompson ’99

July 31 2

9th Annual Steve Morris Golf Tournament In its ninth year, the Steve Morris Golf Tournament continues to be a great event for alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends of NYA. It was a perfect day for golf, and players and volunteers all had a great time for a great cause. Proceeds from this event support the Steve Morris Scholar Program, and over $10,000 was netted this year.




5 1. Volunteers and Staff Jim Briggs, Bruce Myers, Alan Brown ’11, Lisa Robbins, Kate Putnam and Peter Gerrity ’05 2. Eric Blakeman ’90 and Jay Flower ’94 3. Peter Mertz and Austin Ainge 4. Mike Dutton, Jeff Dutton, Andy Barlow, and Don Day 5. Colin Geiger ’07, Nic Lolar ’07, James Sterling ’07 and Chris Curran ’04

October 2 Induction of the Second Class of Inductees into the Edgar F. White ’38 Athletic Hall of Fame On Homecoming morning NYA is alive with activity, and this year we added a special event – the Edgar F. White ’38 Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony and brunch. This class of inductees included: Allen Bornheimer ’60, Eric Weinrich ’85, Eric Blakeman ’90, Holly Briggs Cathcart ’00, and Steve “Mo” Morris (deceased). Family and friends came to this very special brunch in Safford Center to honor our second class of inductees.







1. Honoree Eric Blakeman ’90, Charlie Hudson, honoree Eric Weinrich ’85 2. Cindy Morris and her daughters Stacy, Stephanie and Emily, family of honoree Steve “Mo” Morris 3. Peter Mertz and honoree Allen Bornheimer ’60 4. Sandra Weinrich and Molly Blakeman 5. Jim Briggs and Cindy Morris 6. Eric Blakeman ’90 and children Abby and Noah Blakeman

October 1 2

Grandparents’ Day Although the weather threatened to be dicey, Grandparents’ Day had a record number of attendees. Almost 200 grandparents were on campus to experience NYA life with their grandchildren. Our guests were treated to a musical performance, senior speeches, class with their grandchildren and a luncheon. This is one of our favorite events, and everyone had a wonderful time.







1. Robert Field ’12 and grandparents Carolyn and Ed Field 2. Eileen Leighton and grandson Rudy Guliani ’12 3. Elise LeBihan ’15 and grandmother Anita Choate 4. Dr. and Mrs. David Adams with grandchildren Michael ’17 and Muriel ’15 Adams 5. Matt Hawkins and his aunt Margaret Flynn 6. Aiden Snell ’18, grandmother Sharon Snell, Jonny Snell ’16, and grandparents Rhoda and John Demchak 7. Jack Kostelnik ’17, Claudette Amoroso and grandson Chris Amoroso ’17

October 1 & 2 Homecoming Weekend Homecoming events for alumni began on Friday, October 1 with the second annual Old Port Night event. Intern Peter Gerrity ’05 led a group of alums to various establishments in Portland’s Old Port. Participants were given Old Port Night t-shirts complete with a map of the route. On Saturday afternoon, alumni gathered in the Priscilla Savage Middle School Community Room to reminisce about NYA and share ideas with the staff about the upcoming bicentennial celebration.





1. Frances Parisi, Bob Chamberlain ’50 and Janice Crouse Chamberlain ’55 2. James and Dorothy ’50 Haywood 3. Beatrice Dennison Alexander ’50 and Bill Holway ’49 4. Group photo


The Annual Fund’s success spea ks well for North Yarmouth Aca demy, certainly. But, even mor I am moved by the incredible gen e, erosity of spirit that I observe ever y day at NYA. People give of themselves through their time, effort, wisdom, and energy, volu nteering on behalf of the school. We could not be the wonderful school that we are without this support. The list of volunteers is seemingly endless, from peo ple who lend a hand in mailing s, study hall proctors, gardenin transporting student volunteers, g, class parents, team parents, cafe teria help, office help, vaccinat students for H1N1, and raising ing money and school spirit through the Auction, Craft Fair, Wreath Sale and Clam Festival. Let us also not forget the volunteer Boa rd of Trustees. Yet, even with this listing I have only scratched the surface. So, thank you everyon e. So many schools speak of thei r sense of community. NYA live s it. Since the first day I walked campus, I have always been prou on d to be associated with this plac e and the wonderful people who make it all that it is. Now, mor e than ever. Thank you. Sincerely,

Peter W. Mertz, Headmaster

The 2009-10 Annual Report is published by the Development Office and lists gifts received between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010. Every effort has been made to ensure that these lists are accurate and complete. If your name was omitted inadvertently or it appears incorrectly, please accept our



Faculty and Staff Participation Board of Trustee Participation

2013 Class Participation Agent: Lynne Roche



2010 Class Participation Agent: MaryEllen FitzGerald

2014 Class Participation Agents: Eva Frank and David Warren




2011 Class Participation Agent: Rob Fast

2015 Class Participation Agents: Amy Ford and Susan Sato

Annual Fund Total: $277,396 Auction Total: $107,603



apologies and contact the Development Office at

2012 Class Participation Agents: Laurie Hasty and Mike Rayder

2016 Class Participation Agents: Deb Deatrick and Stephanie Miskell


Thank you, once again, for you r generous support for who we are, what we do and how we do For that, really, is what you are it. saying when you give to this grea t school. Our faculty and staff know it and show it by 100% of them giving to the Annual Fun d for the second straight year. community displays their supp Our ort through the very high numbers of donors in a time of sustaine economic challenges for us all. d It is remarkable that we surpasse d our ambitious goal in spite of that we are facing. I am pleased all and deeply gratified by the leve l of generosity that we have seen from you.

NYA Annual Report of Donors

Dear NYA Community:


LEADERSHIP CIRCLE DONORS The Academy Circle ($10,000+) Anonymous (2) Brian Noyes Bruce Poliquin Michael and Priscilla Savage The Russell Circle ($5,000-$9,999) Allen M. Bornheimer ’60 * Richard E. Dyke Bruce and Anne Myers David Osborne W. Tom and Bonnie Sawyer Mrs. Marjorie Twombly John and Sally Walters The Faculty Circle ($3,000-$4,999) Margaret Fast Kristin Fletcher George and Dolinda Gibson Nelson and Elizabeth Mead Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Smith in honor of Max ’14 and Claire ’16 Maurer The 1814 Circle ($1,814-$2,999) Cameron and Patricia Bright David and Lynne Champoux Francis I.G. Coleman John and Julia Fay Jay ’94 and Julie Flower * David and Heidi Fitz Mark L. Lickus and Stephanie Miskell Dan and Hope Mahoney Lincoln ’75 and Kim Merrill * Robert Stier and MaryEllen FitzGerald The Headmaster’s Circle ($1,000-$1,813) Richard and Deborah Abbondanza Garrett and Janet Bowne Josh and Susan Burns James Cabot ’98 * Michael Caron and Julia Bjorn John and Ronni-Jo Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Houghton Carr

Craig and Kristin Coleman Marc Daniels and Lynne Eldridge Mark and Pattie Fasold Mike and Betsy Fear David W.H. Fenderson ’81 and Anne Louise Goulet * G. David and Margaret Fenderson Whit and Amy Ford David and Lisa Harrison Charles Hildreth Frank A. Knight ’25 * Gregg Lipton and Sarah Crisp David and Cynthia Maxsimic Richard and Carolyn McGoldrick Peter W. and Lisa Mertz Mrs. Judith Miskell in honor of Susannah Lickus ’16 Peter and Lynn E. Noyes Christopher and Nancy Pierce Dirk and Ann Poole John B. ’57 and Norma Pride ’58 * John and Sarah Quirk in honor of Johnny Quirk ’15 Leo and Lynne Roche in honor of NYA Teachers Keith ’84 and Tracey Russell * Andrew T. ’88 and Julie Savage * Savage Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John Scully Seacoast Radiology in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Theodore ’60 and Sharon Libby Sharp ’61 * Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Tabell/The Tabell Family Foundation in honor of Margaret ’07 and Sarah ’12 Jordan Dana ’80 and Elizabeth Twombly * David and Diana Warren

The Curtis Circle ($500-$999) John Bueche and Sarah Kelly in honor of Max Bueche ’15 David Burkey and Linda Zembsch Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Clock, Jr. in honor of Bailey Clock ’13 Todd and Cynthia Doolan Francesca Eastman and Edward Goodstein Robert Fast Christopher and Jane Flower Halsey and Eva Frank Jose and Diana Garcia Jim and Mary Gribbel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hyndman Rufus H. Jones III ’62* Leonard Kaminow & Maria Mazzora Seth and Anne Kolkin Eric and Tammy Lane Richard and Alexandra Maurer Peter Milliken Robert and Julia Moss Thomas and Elisabeth Murray, Jr. Greg Paxton and Lynne Werner Peter Pulkkinen ’88 * Takahiro and Susan Sato James B. Savage ’90 and Jenn McLean * David D. Selleck ’54 * James Sterling James and Kimberly Storey The Black and Orange Circle ($250-$499) Diana Morse Allen ’53 * Robert L. Appleby ’50 * James Arsenault and Lisa Holley Richard M. Baston ’46 * John B. Branson ’65 * Donald and Monique Caron R. Brian Clarke ’80 * Richard and Sarah Claytor Patrick and Joyce T. Coughlan Robert L. Crane ’65 * Christopher and Jeanne Crocker Jennifer Lane Crosby ’85 * Garry W. Croudis ’55 * Rodger and Becky Cuthbert Denis Dancoes and Sheila Donahue Peter Del Bianco and Ellen Hoffman James and Jean Detert Mr. Harold Duvall III Cory Fasold ’96 * Joseph Faulstich ’76 * Margaret Fenderson ’84 * Mr. and Mrs. Ed Field Philip Gleason and Mary Schendel Benson Gray and Laurie Hasty Alan and Cynthia Harmatz Thomas and Laurie Hyndman Robert and Roberta Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jordan, Sr. John M. Kauffmann

Paul and Elizabeth Kelsey in honor of Ian Ramsey Kevin Kendall James B. and Bonnie Klein Erec Koch and Joaniko Kohchi in honor of Nicole ’06 and Antonia ’10 Koch Zachary Kolkin ’01 * Rich ’64 and Laura Lindquist * Gary MacDonald and Kimberly Beasley in honor of Toph MacDonald ’06 and Madeleine Beasley ’10 William and Susan Martens Jeffrey McKinnon Roger and Margot Milliken Kenneth Moller Mrs. Alan Moyler in honor of Hayley ’10 and Emily ’13 McKinnon Peter and Brunilda Muller Mr. and Mrs. John Nolan William ’01 and Stephanie Brown Noyes ’01 * NYA Parents’ Association Drew ’89 and Alexa Oestreicher * Daniel and Jane O’Halloran in honor of Charlie O’Halloran ’16 Daniel and Elizabeth Perry Andrew and Laurie Pietkiewicz Johnny and Janelle Powers Kate and Jeff Putnam Michael and Martha Rayder Doug and Jessie Reighley Field Rider and Susan Percy Curt and Nina Scribner Lenny and Susan Sharon Robert and Susan Sharp Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Smith II Theodore and Lynn Stam Mrs. Christine Stiassni-Gerli Mr. and Mrs. David Suhr James and Elizabeth Taylor Hall and Deborah Thompson Thomas and Patricia Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Ulmer, Jr. in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Caroline Olmstead Wallach ’95 * Mr. and Mrs. Stephen White Jean T. Wilkinson David ’80 and Laurie Male Winslow ’82 * Melanie Talbot Wintle ’81 * James E. Winton ’66 * Dr. Kevin Zitnay ’79 * The Panther Circle ($249 and under) A-Mobile Maintenance Thomas Bradley Abbott ’08 * Jennifer Ackerman David and Deborah Adams Helene Adams Julie Pelan Agar ’97 Alisa Young Andrews ’99 Mr. John B. Andrews ’64 in honor of Bill Graves

Anonymous Philip and Meredith Anson Eric and Amy Austin Ross and JoAnne Babcock Mildred Petersen Barker ’39 Danielle Fisher Barschdorf Dr. William S. Bartlett, Jr. ‘71 Mrs. Jane Baserga Craig and Lori Beauregard in honor of Nick Beauregard ’13 Robert B. Beith III ’63 Kristi and Scott Belesca Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bennett William and Michelle Bennett Ellen Benson ’90 Andrew Bertocci and Jeanette Barnard Kathryn L. Biberstein in honor of Joseph Biberstein ’15 Warren and Pat Bickerton in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder David, Lori and Taylor Bierwagen in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Robert ’58 and Judith Bishop ’62 Chris Bixby ’03 Kenneth and Beverly Bixby Eric Blakeman ’90 Garrett Bowne ’09 The Bowne Family in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Rene and Yvonne Braun James and Trudy Briggs Walter and Wendy Briggs Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Broaddus Timothy Brook ’90 Judith A. Brooks ’58 Gleynn E. Brooks, Jr. ’50 Michael and Barbara Brown Mrs. Nancy Brown in honor of Daniel ’06, Luke ’07, Sam ’10 and Adam ’12 Nye Brown Chiropractic Center Bruce B. Brown, Jr. ’66 Alec Browne ’96 Colin Bumby ’00 Tom Burt Jamie E. Langley Campbell ’94 Susan Macdonald Campbell ’52 Casco Bay Ford Earl Cash ’54 in memory of Priscilla M. Cash ’54 Holly Briggs Cathcart ’00 Robert ’50 and Janice Crouse Chamberlain ’55 Alex Champoux ’07 David and Lynne Champoux in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Mrs. Joan Champoux and Mr. Bob Burt in memory of Constance Manfras Philip Champoux ’10 in memory of Juli Chicoine Merrill Barker Chapin ’61 in honor of Frank Knight ’25 and in memory of David Larson ’61, Merle Worth ’61 and Howard Small


in memory of Addison (Buster) Smith ’35 Downeast Energy and Building Supply John Drisko Bruce Drouin and Janet Hansen William and Alana Dugan ’62 Paul and Jill Dugas Mr. and Mrs. Chris Dumaine Tom and Sandi Dunham Mary Lombard Dunn ’45 Mike, Marsha and Toby Dutton Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Duvall in honor of the NYA 8th grade class David Echeverria Elderboys Basketball David and Elaine Elliott Paul and Lolly Errickson Mr. and Mrs. James Ertner Heidi Esancy David Estabrook Marjorie Seabury Estabrook ’47 Elizabeth Estey Donald and Cynthia Falvey Barbara and Brian Farrell Michelle Farrell Mary Farsaci Brett Fasold ’99 Colleen Fasold ’03 Charlie Fear ’05 Federated Investors Management Co. in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Matt Feehan Jackie Sinnett Felber ’01 Mary Beth and Michael Feldman in memory of Philip Markonish Donna Maxell Felker ’60 in memory of Janet Phipps Clarke ’60 Alan H. Fertig ’70 Rosemary Arsenault Fetter ’54 in memory of Elizabeth Arsenault Niemczycki ’54 Fred Field and Karen Dobbyn Charles and Nancy Fischman Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ford II

Preston H. Hoffman ’73 Todd Holbrook Karin Hoppenbrouwers Brittany Hosmer ’03 James and Suzanne Howard Sandra Batchelor Hudon ’59 in memory of Catherine B. Forbes ’58 Charles and Mary Hudson Glenyce Brooks Hughes ’50 F. Alan Hull and Susan Kepes Mrs. Martha J. Hull in memory of Mr. Pierce S. Hull Kent Hulst Mrs. Agnes Hungerford in memory of Richard J. Hungerford Andre J. Hungerford Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hutchinson in honor of Ben ’01, Abby ’03 and Sam ’10 Hutchinson Russell and Deborah Hutchinson Brittany Hyde ’00 Gracie Hyndman ’07 Peter Hyndman ’09 in honor of the Chicoine Family Michael and Kelly Ianno Mark Isaacson and Karen Herold Lois E. Fogg Jackson ’44 Hector and Nancy Jaeger Francis and Mary Jeton Doug and Tara Johnson Elinor Richards Jones ’54 Jacquelyn Jones Judith Scott Jones ’57 Mr. and Mrs. Nick Kakavis in memory of Dana Vamvakias ’89 Steve and Jennie Kapcio in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Robert and Peggy Keach John Whitney Kelly ’75 Tucker Kelton ’03 Mrs. Bernice Kendall in honor of Evan Kendall ’12 Kathryn Kendall in honor of Evan Kendall ’12 Timothy W. Kendrick ’92 Khoa Khuong Dan King Dr. and Mrs. James Kinsley in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kiriluk in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Richard and Carri Kivela Alex Kloza Burton Matthew Knapp ’91 Richard L. ’60 and Joyce Fowler Knight ’59 Marvin and Caryl Kolkin in honor of Zach ’01 and Nick ’11 Kolkin Mrs. Shirley Koshliek Nora and John Krainis Gary and Heather Labbe Barbara Lambert Thomas E. LaMountain ’71 in memory of Timothy LaMountain Paul and Brenda Landry Alan and Robin Lapoint in honor of Danielle Barschdorf and Karen Messick

NYA Annual Report of Donors

William Chapman and Holly Mitchell Douglas and Jennifer Chene Ronald and Juli ∞ Chicoine Dennis and Judith Childers Christina Cinelli ’97 Peter and Gail Cinelli Gordon and Karen Clarke in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder David and Michelle Godbout Clock in honor of Bailey Clock ’13 Todd and Lorena Coffin in honor of Alex Coffin ’12 Robert B. Colby ’69 Mr. Arthur Collins James Connors ’05 in honor of Bud Flaherty Johanna Coale Coyle ’97 John A. Cullati ’71 Cumberland County YMCA in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Ted ’62 and Laurie Curtis Morgan Cuthbert ’94 David and Sandi Daigle David and Karen Daigler William Dalbec and Janet Alexander Bill Dame Julius and Charlene Damion Bruce and Heather Davis in honor of CJ Davis ’12 and Nathan Norton ’14 Mrs. Mary Ann Davis Sandra Norton Davis ’82 Daniel H. Day ’54 Daniel and Kathleen Dearing Ann Deming P. Frederick DeNapoli ’70 Mr. H.W. Detert in honor of Hillary Detert ’12 Mr. Albert J. DiCarlo ’66 Craig and Sherilyn Dietrich Paul and Kathleen Dioli Peter and Megan Dion Ms. Lillian Dolloff in memory of Geraldine Coffin Brown ’34 Ruth Smith Douglass ’36

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Fox Valarie Fox ’55 Mr. and Mrs. William Frothingham Ian and Lisa Gamble Zachery Garcia ’07 Michael and Cynthia Gengras Peter Gerrity ’05 Jim Giberson ’06 Kristan Burns Gibson Cass and Beatrice Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gildersleeve in honor of Thomas Gildersleeve ’10 Philip H. Gleason ’08 Mrs. Nathan Glickman in honor of Maisie Silverman ’14 Jeffrey Good ’93 Leo and Eileen Gould in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Heidi Grant Victoria Grass William W. Graves Samuel Gray ’09 Kat Gribbell ’06 * Ted and Susie Gribbell Mr. and Mrs. D. Andrew Grimes David Griswold ’03 Robert Gross Norene E. Grover ’51 in honor of Judith P. Pride ’59 David and Mary Guiseley Dr. and Mrs. Ken Guiseley Ethel MacNeil Gwyer ’40 Regina Hackleman Parker and Laurie Hadlock Mrs. W.K. Hadlock Philip and Andrea Hagaman in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder William and Susan Hager Ellen Whittemore Haley ’44 Lydia Hall ’04 John W. Hamilton ’78 Robert and Rebecca Hamilton Tanya Hamilton ’99 Tina Hanley Robert G. Hanscome ’53 Burnett M. Hansen ’81 Evan ’72 and Debra Hansen Joseph and Pamela Hanson Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Harding Dana and Carol Harris Mrs. Elaine Harris Susan Hasty Robert Hawkes Craig and Eileen Hawkins Andrew M. Hayes ’91 Nelson and Alberta Decker Haynes ’54 Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Haynes Michael T. and Bridget Healy Joe and Heather Hearn Bob and Ross Henderson Jay and Elizabeth Henderson Merton Henry Roger and Charlotte Hewson Ann T. Hoadley in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Colonel Dennis K. Hodsdon, Ret. ’56

Fayne Lappas Conrad and Susan Lautenbacher in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Nazaire G. LeBlanc ’61 Roger and Debra Ledoux Peter Lee and Lynne Seeley Sidney A. Leighton ’60 Kristin Good LeRoy ’97 Seaver and Anne Leslie Baker and Rosemary Lewis in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Elmer and Judy Libby Mr. and Mrs. Greg Lickus Gail and Joseph Lillard Richard ’54 and Lois Rogers Lippincott ’55 in honor of Frank Knight ’25 Donald ’80 and Tracy Littlefield James and Faith Logan Sean Lynch ’06 Richard A. MacLeod ’62 Paul J. Maggiore ’69

Charles and Susan McLaughlin Jack and Elaine McMahon Timothy ’93 and Jill McMahon George R. Merrill ’49 Ingrid Merrill Karen Messick William and Nancy Millam Jeffrey Milburn and Janice Baserga Todd I. Miller ’61 David L. Mitchell ’67 in honor of Jack and Harriet Mitchell John and Harriet Mitchell Joseph R. Mitchell ’53 in memory of Harry W. Mitchell ’54 Rick and Debby Molander Ashley Spicer Moody ’02 Wayne and Lauren Moody Marcel and Barri Lynn Moreau Lois Grant Morrill ’49 Samuel Moss ’04 in honor of Julie Moss Michael and Karen Nawfel

Timothy and Barbara Mahoney Henry R. Mashie in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Stephen Malcom and Martha Barrett Mr. and Mrs. William Malcom Laurie Drinkwater Maldari ’78 Natasha Malinski ’98 Bradley Manter and Rebecca Darling Scott R. Marchildon Ross and Marissa Markonish Andrea Gove Martin ’85 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Martin Mrs. Ralf Martin Fred and Cynthia Masi David Matson Patia Maule ’99 Christopher Mazzurco Kelly McCormack ’03 Lisa McGlinn Meghan E. McGoldrick ’01 Andrew and Carrie McIntosh Alan McKelvy and Katherine Davis Leslie E.J. Badham McKinley ’89 Hilary Moyler McKinnon

Sunil Nayak ’90 Michael and Pamela Nee James and Mary Nicholas Ian Nichols ’09 * Randall and Mary Nichols Elizabeth Arsenault Niemczycki ’52 Allen and Margaret Northup Edward D. and Ann Noyes John and Cynthia Nye in memory of Sally Frohring C. David and Patsy O’Brien Heidi and Michael O’Connor Jill O’Connor Briana O’Hare ’99 Mimi Olins Bob and Alanna Olivadoti Mr. and Mrs. Andre Ouellette Thomas Paiement and Maret Hensick Charles and Julia Paige Pan Fried Steel Drum Band Lisa A. Parker ’77 Albion L. Payson ’54 Mrs. Ruth Pease Calvin R. Pelley ’46

∞ Denotes deceased | * Member of the Alumni Leadership Circle

D. Roderick Pendleton ’84 Margaret Perkins Mrs. Doreen Peterson Kevin M. Peterson ’89 Erik Piasio ’02 Alexander Pilitsis ’08 Dimitrios Pilitsis ’06 Ellissa Popoff Alysa Curtis Porter ’97 Richard ∞ and Dianne Post Robert and Carol Potter Joseph and Karen Puccia in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Stephen D. Purrington ’70 Phebe Royer Quattrucci ’81 Ian Ramsey Jeffrey and Holly Randall Mr. and Mrs. Allan Ray Brooke Rayder ’07 Dr. ∞ and Mrs. Michael Rayder J. Leo and Joan Rayhill in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Jonathan and Susanne Reder Marion Knight Reed ’39 Susan Reed and Robert Cave David and Michelle Reese Mrs. Mary Regan in honor of Cam Regan ’12 Michael and Deborah Regan in honor of Cam Regan ’12 Arthur R. Rice ’53 John A. and Lisa Robbins David E. Robinson ’54 Donald and Amy Robinson Samuel Robinson II Mr. and Mrs. John Rogers Michael and Cynthia Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Warren Rogers in honor of Jaime Rogers ’10 Michele Rose Edmund and Margot Russell Richard D. Samuelson ’66 Mr. and Mrs. Alden H. Sawyer, Jr. Charles L. Sawyer Robert and Wendy Scammon Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schmeelk Anne Thompson Schutz ’88 Thomas Schwarm and Maureen Keegan Kevin Scully Mr. Campbell Searle Abbie Sewall Justin Sharaf Peter and Dianne Shepley in honor of Peter Naiden Christian and Margaret Stiassni Sieracki Katherine Sillin Peter Sillin Lee and Margaret Silverman Peter and Lauren Silverson Walter Peter Sisson, Jr. ’64 Alberta Skovran in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Katharine Slack in memory of Juli Chicoine Mrs. Dorothy Ann Small ’54

in memory of Haven “Ted” Jordan Austin Smith and Amy Cohan Nathan Smith Deborah Snite and Richard Steele Rick and Amy Snyder Dr. and Mrs. George Soufleris in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Richard and Shirley Speidel in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder George and Maria Stalcup in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder John and Barbara Staples Mr. and Mrs. William Stiles George L. Stone ’41 Patty Fava Storms ’78 Brian Stornelli ’01 Eric and Wendy Suehrstedt Lynn Sullivan Ben and Holly Susla Ernest T. Swanson ’64 Robert ’73 and Karen Swenson Maciej and Kattarzyna Tasarz Joel Thompson ’90 Tom Moulton Paving and Construction Jeffrey Townes ’93 Maria Gove Tringale ’81 Alison Truesdale Mrs. Virginia Truesdale in honor of Matthew Truesdale ’15 Linda Vaillancourt Theodore Vaughan ’67 Shirley E. Thurber Verrill ’44 in memory of Lt. Kenneth E. Thurber ’36 Catherine Myers Vilburn ’54 Scott Vile and Deborah Deatrick Christopher and Elizabeth Waaler JoaKim and Penelope Wahlstrom Michael and Dena Walker Courtney B. Walsh ’03 Jeffrey Ward and Margaret Broaddus Dr. Robert Ward in honor of Nate Ward-Chene ’12

Lydia Ward-Gray Leslie Seymour Wears ’63 David and Susan Webbert Peter B. Webster Eric ’85 and Tracy Weinrich Mr. Richard Weiss Patricia Wellenbach Gustav Wellin ’10 Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wells Milton H. Welt ’33 Blain and Lisa Whitis Samuel and Florence Plummer Whittemore ’52 Wight’s Sporting Goods Gilbert M. and Cynthia Wilcox Florence B. Wile-Hodsdon ’39 Sharlene and LaForest Willey George R., Jr. ’61 and Diana Wing Carl ’49 and Priscilla Whittemore Winslow ’49 John and Gladys Wright Joshua Wright ’00 Dr. and Mrs. Hong Yoon in memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Jacqlyn Young ’99 Jonathan and Susan Young Walter ’47 and Patricia Zimont ’53 in memory of Jean Asher Staples ’53 Elizabeth Zuckerman ’08 *

Matching Gift Companies: Home Depot Pepsico Foundation Thrivent Financial for Lutherans UBS Unum

GIVING THE GIFT OF TIME North Yarmouth Academy could not possibly accomplish all that it does without the countless hours contributed by dedicated volunteers. The Academy is extremely fortunate to have committed alumni, trustees, parents and friends who volunteer their time and boundless energy to help enrich the NYA experience for each student and the Academy at large. Thank you for your incredible support.

Class of 1925 Frank A.Knight * Class of 1933 Milton H. Welt Class of 1936 Ruth Smith Douglass Class of 1939 Mildred Petersen Barker Marion Knight Reed Florence B. Wile-Hodsdon Class of 1940 Ethel MacNeil Gwyer Class of 1941 George L. Stone Class of 1944 Ellen Whittemore Haley Lois E. Fogg Jackson Shirley Thurber Verrill Class of 1945 Mary Lombard Dunn Class of 1946 Richard M. Baston * Calvin R. Pelley

Class of 1949 George R. Merrill Lois Grant Morrill Carl and Priscilla Whittemore Winslow Class of 1950 Robert L. Appleby * Gleynn E. Brooks Robert Chamberlain Glenyce Brooks Hughes Class of 1951 Norene E. Grover Class of 1952 Susan Macdonald Campbell Elizabeth Arsenault Niemczycki Samuel and Florence Plummer Whittemore Class of 1953 Diana Morse Allen * Robert G. Hanscome Joseph R. Mitchell Arthur R. Rice Patricia Zimont

Class of 1955 Janice Crouse Chamberlain Garry W. Croudis * Valarie Fox Lois Rogers Lippincott Class of 1956 Colonel Dennis K. Hodsdon, Ret. Class of 1957 Judith Scott Jones John B. Pride * Class of 1958 Robert Bishop Judith A. Brooks Norma Pride *

Class of 1965 John B. Branson * Robert L. Crane *

Class of 1982 Sandra Norton Davis Laurie Male Winslow *

Class of 1966 Bruce B. Brown, Jr. Albert J. DiCarlo Richard D. Samuelson James E. Winton *

Class of 1984 Margaret Fenderson * D. Roderick Pendleton Keith Russell *

Class of 1967 David L. Mitchell Theodore Vaughan

Class of 1985 Jennifer Lane Crosby * Andrea Gove Martin Eric Weinrich

Class of 1969 Robert B. Colby Paul J. Maggiore Class of 1970 P. Frederick DeNapoli Alan H. Fertig Stephen D. Purrington Class of 1971 Dr. William S. Bartlett, Jr. John A. Cullati Thomas E. LaMountain Class of 1972 Evan Hansen

Class of 1959 Sandra Batchelor Hudon Joyce Fowler Knight

Class of 1973 Preston H. Hoffman Robert Swenson

Class of 1960 Allen M. Bornheimer * Donna Maxell Felker Richard L. Knight Sidney A. Leighton Theodore Sharp *

Class of 1975 John Whitney Kelly Lincoln Merrill *

Class of 1961 Nazaire G. LeBlanc Todd I. Miller Sharon Libby Sharp * George R. Wing, Jr.

Class of 1977 Lisa A. Parker

Class of 1962 Judith Bishop Ted Curtis William and Alana Dugan Rufus H. Jones III * Richard A. MacLeod Class of 1963 Robert B. Beith III Leslie Seymour Wears Class of 1964 John B. Andrews N. Rich Lindquist * Walter Peter Sisson, Jr. Ernest T. Swanson

Class of 1976 Joseph Faulstich *

Class of 1978 John W. Hamilton Laurie Drinkwater Maldari Patty Fava Storms Class of 1979 Dr. Kevin Zitnay * Class of 1980 R. Brian Clarke * Donald Littlefield Dana Twombly* David Winslow * Class of 1981 David W.H. Fenderson * Burnett M. Hansen Phebe Royer Quattrucci Maria Gove Tringale Melanie Talbot Wintle *

Class of 1988 Peter Pulkkinen * Andrew T. Savage * Anne Thompson Schutz Class of 1989 Leslie E.J. Badham McKinley Drew Oestreicher * Kevin M. Peterson Class of 1990 Ellen Benson Eric Blakeman Timoth Brook Sunil Nayak James B. Savage * Joel Thompson Class of 1991 Andrew M. Hayes Burton Matthew Knapp Class of 1992 Timothy W. Kendrick Class of 1993 Jeffrey Good Timothy McMahon Jeffrey Townes Class of 1994 Jamie E. Langley Campbell Morgan Cuthbert Jay Flower * Class of 1995 Caroline Olmstead Wallach * Class of 1996 Alec Browne Cory Fasold * Class of 1997 Julie Pelan Agar Christina Cinelli Johanna Coale Coyle Kristin Good LeRoy Alysa Curtis Porter

NYA Annual Report of Donors

Class of 1947 Marjorie Seabury Estabrook Walter Zimont

Class of 1954 Earl Cash Daniel H. Day Rosemary Arsenault Fetter Alberta Decker Haynes Elinor Richards Jones Richard Lippincott Albion L. Payson David E. Robinson David D. Selleck * Dorothy Ann Small Catherine Myers Vilburn


Alumni Donors by Class Year:

Class of 1998 James Cabot * Natasha Malinski

Class of 2004 Lydia Hall Samuel Moss

Class of 1999 Alisa Young Andrews Brett Fasold Tanya Hamilton Patia Maule Briana O’Hare Jacqlyn Young

Class of 2005 James Connors Charlie Fear Peter Gerrity

Class of 2000 Colin Bumby Holly Briggs Cathcart Brittany Hyde Joshua Wright Class of 2001 Jackie Sinnett Felber Zachary Kolkin * Meghan McGoldrick William and Stephanie Brown Noyes * Brian Stornelli Class of 2002 Ashley Spicer Moody Erik Piasio Class of 2003 Chris Bixby Colleen Fasold David Griswold Brittany Hosmer Tucker Kelton Kelly McCormack Courtney B. Walsh

Class of 2006 Jim Giberson Kat Gribbell Sean Lynch Dimitrios Pilitsis Class of 2007 Alex Champoux Zachery Garcia Gracie Hyndman Brooke Rayder Class of 2008 Thomas Bradley Abbott * Philip H. Gleason Alexander Pilitsis Elizabeth Zuckerman Class of 2009 Garrett Bowne Samuel Gray Peter Hyndman Ian Nichols Class of 2010 Philip Champoux Gustav Wellin

DONORS OF GIFT-IN-KIND Garrett and Janet Bowne Walter and Wendy Briggs Birgit Brookes Paul and Lolly Errickson Barbara and Brian Farrell Whit and Amy Ford Parker and Laurie Hadlock

John M. Kauffmann Anthony and Barbara Miller William Shain Theodore ’60 and Sharon Libby Sharp ’61 Elise Straus-Bowers


Gifts were made in memory of a number of our friends who have passed away. A special thank you to these donors: In memory of Geraldine Coffin Brown ’34 Ms. Lillian M. Dolloff

In memory of Constance Manfras Mrs. Joan Champoux

In memory of Priscilla M. Cash ’54 Earl Cash ’54

In memory of Philip Markonish Mary Beth and Michael Feldman

In memory of Juli Chicoine Phillip Champoux ’10 Katharine Slack

In memory of Harry W. Mitchell ’54 Joseph R. Mitchell ’53

In memory of Janet Phipps Clarke ’60 Donna Maxell Felker ’60 In memory of Catherine B. Forbes ’58 Sandra Batchelor Hudon ’59 In memory of Sally Frohring John and Cynthia Nye

DONORS TO THE NEXT200 CAMPAIGN North Yarmouth Academy is very grateful to the following donors of new gifts to the Next200 Campaign between 7/1/2009-6/30/2010.

Keith and Tracey Russell Howard Small ∞ Mrs. Marjorie Twombly John M. Kauffmann

In memory of Mr. Pierce S. Hull Mrs. Martha J. Hull In memory of Richard J. Hungerford Mrs. Agnes Hungerford In memory of Haven “Ted” Jordan Mrs. Dorothy Ann Small In memory of Timothy LaMountain Thomas E. LaMountain

In memory of Elizabeth Arsenault Niemczycki ’54 Rosemary Arsenault Fetter ’54 In memory of Dr. Michael Rayder Warren and Pat Bickerton David, Lori and Taylor Bierwagen Garrett and Janet Bowne David and Lynne Champoux Gordon and Karen Clarke Cumberland County YMCA Federated Investors Management Co. Leo and Eileen Gould Philip and Andrea Hagaman Ann T. Hoadley Steve and Jennie Kapcio Dr. and Mrs. James Kinsley Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kiriluk Conrad and Susan Lautenbacher Baker and Rosemary Lewis Henry R. Mahshie Joseph and Karen Puccia J. Leo and Joan Rayhill

Seacoast Radiology Alberta Skovran Dr. and Mrs. George Soufleris Richard and Shirley Speidel George and Maria Stalcup Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Ulmer, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Hong Yoon In memory of Addison (Buster) Smith ’35 Ruth Smith Douglass ’36 In memory of Jean Asher Staples ’53 Walter ’47 and Patricia Zimont ’53 In memory of Lt. Kenneth E. Thurber ’36 Shirley E. Thurber Verrill ’44 In memory of Dana Vamvakias ’89 Mr. and Mrs. Nick Kakavis

Rick Abbondanza Acapello Salon & Spa Adorable Reusable Bags Akari Hair Care & Day Spa Andrews Hockey Growth Programs Anonymous Antonia’s Atlantic Sportswear AV Technik, LLC

Susan and Lewis Cabot Cahill Tire, Inc. Chris Caler Captain George McEvoy Caravan Beads Carol Walsh Designs Carrabassett Valley Jewelry Casco Bay Eye Care Casco Bay Ford Casco Bay Soap Co. Cathy Heinz Designs Chebeague Island Boat Yard Chebeague Island Inn Alexander Champoux Chilton Furniture Churchill Catered Events Clay Play Clayton’s Coastal Hardware Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens Coastal Maine Popcorn Co.

Paul Dalbec Debby’s Photos Delorme Bonnie Dickey Meghan Donahue Down East Village DR Coffins Garage, Inc. Charles Drew John Drisko Dusty’s Toys The Dyke Family East Coast Yacht Sales Edgecomb Potters/Chris Hilton Eighth Grade Class Parents David Elliott Enerjoy Estabrook’s Paul Errickson Evelyn King Jewelry Falmouth Flowers Family Ice Center David Fenderson & AnneLouise Goulet Beth L. Ferriero Fred Field Festive Fish Sarah Filliter Finer Pointes Dance Shop Finest Hearth and Home Barbara Ritchie Fixaris Fogg Lighting Foreside Antiques Forget-Me-Nots Freeport Beads Freeport Ski & Bike Funky Chicks Galeyrie Gallery Framing Charlie and Theresa Gendron Lisa Gent Peter Gerrity Gerrity Family Goff’s Hardware Sara Scollay Gorstein Anne-Louise Goulet Ken Graslie Laurie Hasty & Benson Gray

Ruth Gray Laura Green Grill 233 Joy Guliani Parker and Laurie Hadlock Halcyon Yarn Norm Hall Hallett Sails William Hallett Hampton Inn Freeport Hancock Gourmet Lobster Hancock Lumber Handy Boat Hannaford Happy Cats Dr. & Mrs. Alan & Cynthia Harmatz Karen Hellen Maret Hensick Hilton Garden Inn Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART) Jennifer Hubbell Hudson Family Hyndman Family (courtesy of Bad Robot Productions) Laurie Hyndman In the Clover Alice Ingraham Island Treasures Julie’s/Yolanda Wong Just Framing Kabyco, Inc. Nancy Kahler Keurig Inc Key Bank Jon & Cindy Knowles Jon Kolkin Heather Labbe Lamey Wellehan Fayne Lappas Lexus Nails Sarah Elizabeth Look Lovell Designs Lucinda’s Day Spa Pamela MacQuarrie Mad Horse Theater Magnolia Maine Audubon Maine Bank & Trust Maine Running Company Maine State Ballet Mainely Hair Alexandra Maurer Marissa Markonish John & Kristen Martin Margareta McDonald George McEvoy

Tim McMahon Steve McPherson Meredith’s Stationary & Gifts Peter Mertz Harlan & Kim Michaud Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake Robert Miller Milo in Maine Mister Bagel Heidi Morin Morningstar Marble & Granite Susan Naber/Custom Built Certified Personal Training National Distributors Mike & Karen Nawfel Bette Neville NikLin Designs Northern NE Passenger Rail Authority Norway Savings Bank Now You’re Cooking! Mary Noyes NYA Board of Trustees NYA Dole House Staff NYA Family NYA Senior Staff NYA Travis Roy Ice Arena Alanna Olivadoti Olivia’s Journee OA Centers for Orthopaedics/Dr. Thomas Murray Keith Oehmig One Stop Party Shoppe Nancy O’Rourke Pace Driving School Papa Gepetto’s Paper Moon Jewelry Park Row Interiors Patchwork Woo Pat’s Pizza Pea Pod Fashion Accessories Penobscot Bay Porch Swings Pitter Patter Pleasant River Soap Co Portland Volvo Primp Salon Printmail of Maine Kate Putnam Holly & Jeff Randall Martha & Michael Rayder Deborah Regan Mary D. Regan Jay Reighley Residential Mortgage Services Inc. Jack Riddle Rock Paper Scissors Rosemont Market Mitch & Janet Rousseau Royal Bean/Jim Meek Royal River Books Kim Russell

NYA Annual Report of Donors

Back Street Bistro Backyard & Beyond, Inc./ Downeast Concepts Joanne Balcom Barn Door Cafe Bartley’s Driving School Bath Savings Bank Leslie Beattie Sandy and Peter Bennett William & Janis Bennett Beth’s Beaded Creations Betsy’s Hair, Face & Body Retreat Rob and Ann Billings Sandy Birkett Julia Bjorn Black Cherry Provisions Boston Hair Boston Red Sox Allen Bornheimer Bowdoin College Carl Boudreau Janet & Garrett Bowne Kim Bridgham Briggs Advertising Jim Briggs Cheryl Brown Susan and Josh Burns Bruce’s Burritos Brunswick House of Pizza Bubba’s Hair Salon Buffy’s Boutique

Cynthia Gray Cobb Coca Cola/Oakley Jones Color Me Mine Cork and Barrel Couleur Collection Scott Crawford Creative Hardwood Floors Creative Pisces Cricket’s Corner Shoppe Crown Plaza Boston North Shore Meghen Curci Cylemania



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A GIFT THAT ALWAYS FITS Give a gift in honor of someone’s birthday, graduation or in memory of a loved one. Do you have an NYA teacher who made a difference in your life? Make a donation in their honor. NYA will send an acknowledgement of your gift to that specific person, friend or family member. Unless otherwise specified, these gifts will benefit the NYA Annual Fund and be recognized in our Annual Donor Listing. Please call the Development Office at (207)846-2380 for more information.

INTO THE WOODS February’s drama production 2

was James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim’s delightfully complex fractured fairy tale “Into the Woods.” What begins as a lively irreverent fantasy in the style of “The Princess Bride” becomes a moving lesson about community responsibility and the stories we tell our children.






1. Rachel Matson ’12, Chelsea Muller ’12, Maggie Meixell ’12, and Jae Jeon ’12 2. Matthew Truesdale ’15, and cow – Jacob Scammon ’13 and Jonas Damion ’14 3. Elliot Daniels ’11 and Becca McKelvy ’10 4. Jenny Sharp ’11 5. Louisa Mahoney ’15 6. Jessica Powers ‘12



Our bicentennial class has entered the Upper School! In just four short years, NYA will celebrate it’s 200th anniversary. We are in the process of formulating plans for a year-long celebration that will culminate on Commencement Weekend 2014. Please send us your ideas and suggestions for what our bicentennial year might include—activities, Academy history, special events, athletic contests, etc. Send your suggestions to Kate Putnam, North Yarmouth Academy, 148 Main St., Yarmouth, ME 04096 or email her at Let us know if you would like to be part of the planning committee for this very special year of celebration. CHRONICLE 23

welcome OUR new

faculty &staff Left to right: Whit Ford, Upper School Math substitute; Holly Parker, Upper School English; Shannon Gallagher, Fifth Grade; Ashley Moody ‘02, School Nurse. Not pictured: Wendy Yale, Kitchen

“After 20 years in corporate America, it’s nice to be where my heart belongs in academia.”

– Kim Bridgham

Kim Bridgham Chief Financial Officer

Marissa Markonish Head of the Middle School

Kim arrived at NYA in July after 15 years with Hannaford Bros. Company and its Belgian parent company. Prior to joining Hannaford, she spent seven years with Peat Marwick, a public accounting firm. Kim has lived in Maine all but the 2 ½ years she and her family were in Belgium.  She has a B.S. in business from the University of Maine and a M.S. in Public Policy from USM’s Muskie Institute.  Although the bulk of her career has been working in the for-profit sector, she has always had a calling to academia - both of her parents were educators.   Kim currently resides in Scarborough with her sons, Wyatt (13) and Liam (9).  When not attending one of the boys’ sporting events, she enjoys remaining physically fit, participating in road races and most recently a sprint triathlon.  Skiing, boating and traveling are their favorite family activities. 

Marissa has been teaching Latin in both Middle and Upper School at NYA since 1995. She graduated with a BA in Classics from Wesleyan University and spent a semester in Rome at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies. She went on to earn an MAT in Latin and Classical Humanities from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where middle school teaching was a major focus of her graduate studies. She spent a year teaching Latin on the island of Maui before settling down in Maine.

Kim enjoys looking out of her office window each day and watching the NYA students travel from class to class—seeing them grow intellectually and physically into young adults with great potential.

Marissa has a great interest in linguistics and has taught an Etymologies course for 7th-9th graders with the Center for Talented Youth for many summers. She is also passionate about travel, leading two NYA student trips to Italy and Greece, coordinating summer home-stays in Maine for students from Spain, and traveling with her family as often as she can. Marissa lives in Raymond with her husband Ross, Chair of the English Department at NYA; their two children, Alex and Luke; and their cat, Vanilla. In her “off time,” Marissa loves spending time with her immediate and extended family, taking day trips, and reading mysteries.

Kim Bridgham

Marissa Markonish


Marissa is thrilled to take on her new role as Head of the Middle School and to teach Latin 1A and 1B once again. Marissa finds great pleasure in the complexity of the Latin language and loves sharing the intricate puzzle of Latin with her students. It is her goal as a teacher to teach students how to think and to challenge them to push themselves to the next level. Marissa is also passionate about introducing students to service to others through activities such as NYA’s MakeA-Wish committee.

welcome OUR new

5th grade



1. Jordan Ackerman, Owen Curnin, teacher Shannon Gallagher, and Jack Sillin 2. Kyle Bennett 3. Youssef Ayad, Lea Webster and Aiden Snell

fifth graders have a physical education class four times a week and have a fine arts period each day where they have instrumental band instruction, chorus, introduction to theatre, and studio art.


“I really like being with the kids in my class and our teacher is great. My favorite part is that we get to have lunch in the cafeteria.”

– Riley Lonsdale ’18

“Awesome!” That’s the word used by parents, students, administrators and teachers when asked to describe the new fifth grade program at NYA. “I know it’s only been a few months,” said fifth grade teacher Shannon Gallagher, “but we have become fully integrated into the life of the school. Even though we’re a contained classroom, there are lots of times during the day when we are engaging with the whole school community. It’s crazy busy—but it’s fabulous!” “Adding a fifth grade was a natural extension of our academic program. We realized that with other programs ending in the fourth grade, parents were reluctant to move their children twice in two years to enroll them in our sixth grade. We were losing the opportunity to enroll these families,” said Headmaster Peter Mertz. Planning for the new class spanned a full year of curriculum development, with every academic department investigating opportunities to integrate the fifth graders into all aspects of the program. “We study all the traditional subjects like math, social studies, science and English but with a more experiential approach. “We take lots of field trips to enrich our studies,” said Gallagher. In place of competitive sports, the

“It’s really cool,” said fifth grader Riley Lonsdale. “I really like being with the kids in my class and our teacher is great. My favorite part is that we get to have lunch in the cafeteria,” he said. Echoing that response, classmate Jack Sillin explained that the whole class feels very special being the first fifth graders at NYA. “It’s really fun because everything we do, it’s the first fifth grade everything,” he said. If there were worries about having younger children on campus, they have been put to rest. “We are very cognizant and respectful of their developmental needs, and these students have become a part of the NYA family in a very ageappropriate manner,” said Mertz. “They join the whole school at Monday morning meetings and senior speeches, took part in Homecoming festivities, and will be a great addition to the Halloween parade,” he said. The fifth graders also feel fully accepted into the life of the school. “I don’t think any of us feel intimidated because we’re the youngest,” said Sillin. “Right now, we tend to move around together like a big knot, but I think as the year goes on, we’ll just expand the knot till it gets bigger and we get to know more of the older kids,” he said. Laurie Hyndman, Director of Admission, has also been impressed with the addition of the fifth graders to the campus. “These guys are so eager to learn and are so enthusiastic about being at NYA. Every one of them has volunteered to become an ambassador in the Admission Office! They can’t wait to tell everyone who visits how wonderful it is around here,” she said. CHRONICLE



Headmaster Peter Mertz dedicated January 15, 2010 as the day for NYA to commemorate “Herbie,” Yarmouth’s historic giant elm tree, and Frank Knight ’25, NYA’s oldest living alumnus and Herbie’s caretaker for the past half century.


JAN 15

Photo: Paul Cunningham/The Forecaster

1936 Ruth Smith Douglass wrote: “Life is Good” keep busy, enjoying family, friends and trips!” As Yarmouth’s tree warden beginning in the mid-1950s, Frank tackled the unenviable task of trying to protect the town’s elm trees from the ravages of Dutch Elm Disease. While saving all the elms proved to be impossible, Frank was able to nurture Herbie (believed to have been planted as early as 1775) through at least a dozen episodes with the disease, extending the tree’s useful life well into the 21st century. Despite Frank’s heroic ministrations, Herbie’s condition worsened dramatically in recent years and had to be cut down. To honor “Herbie” as well as Frank Knight’s determined efforts to keep the tree alive and thriving, NYA students and faculty were encouraged to dress casually, wearing the color green, and donate to the “Herbie Project,” a local fundraising effort to care for and plant more trees in the Yarmouth landscape. About a decade ago, Frank Knight personally oversaw the acquisition and planting of about 20 Liberty Elms (a disease resistant variety) throughout the NYA campus.


1940 Ethel MacNeil Gwyer writes, “Sold my house on Spring St. in Yarmouth, ME. Now live in St. Petersburg, FL. Married for 3rd time - sister Alice [MacNeil Sawyer] ‘46 lives in Mapleton, ME. Brother John ’48 lives in northern Florida. Don’t know how many of my class are living. Graduated from Farmington - taught 4 years.”

1941 George L. Stone writes, “I was always proud to be an alumnus of NYA. It must have been for the French studies I took that France awarded me the “Croix de Guerre avec Etoile de Bronze” in WWII while serving with General Patton.”

1958 Judith (Judi) A. Brooks wrote “retired and still living in Tucson, Arizona. Traveling quite a bit.”

1959 Sandra Batchelor Hudon writes, “my sister Cathy (Batchelor Forbes ’58) passed away in September of 2008, two months after she attended her 50th NYA reunion. She was very excited to ride in the Clam Festival parade and to socialize with her classmates. She was a very courageous, positive person even though she had several health issues. I know she is missed by all who knew her.”

class notes 1952



Matt Knapp and his wife Gretchen welcomed Sebastian Knapp in August. They live in Redmond, Washington. (He is planning a reunion for next year!) Ben Thomas’ book Code Breaker, a young-adult adventure yarn that is set in Maine (Yarmouth and Freeport), was published recently. Thomas has also written three books on whitewater canoe paddling on Maine rivers. He is a master Maine Guide and airline pilot who lives in Winthrop, ME.

1975 John Whitney Kelly writes: “currently serving in Kuwait with Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron 2.”

1982 Chris Zitnay writes, “Just moved to the southern shore of New Jersey. Enjoying a new job on the ocean. Many visitors this summer. Hope to make it to NYA in October.”

1985 Wellman (Ralph) Brewer Retired from the Army as a Master Sergeant on January 31, 2010 after 22+ plus years. Working as a computer scientist in the Army Research Laboratory, Vehicle Technology Directorate in Autonomous Unmanned Systems. I am excited to continue the work in unmanned ground vehicles as the field of robotics is fascinating.

1994 Travis Roy was honored at the Charles River Center’s 15th Annual Building a Dream benefit gala with the Sam Gerson Humanitarian Award for the work he does with the Travis Roy Foundation as well as the inspiration he provides to countless others.

1997 Matt Greason, who most recently served as an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator for Trinity College’s NCAA Division III men’s ice hockey team, was named an assistant coach for the U.S. National Under-17 Team.

1998 Erin (McCarthy) Donahue ‘98 writes: “My husband Kevin and I welcomed our daughter, Katherine Parker Donahue, on April 28, 2010. Kevin is finishing his third year as a radiology resident at Boston Medical Center, and I am currently on leave from teaching third grade in Wilmington, Massachusetts. We are enjoying a few weeks at home together and we are loving every minute of being new parents!”

Katherine Parker Donahue

Matt Knapp ‘91 and his wife Gretchen welcomed Sebastian Knapp in August. Katherine Parker Donahue was born on April 28, 2010 to Erin (McCarthy) Donahue ‘98 and her husband Kevin.

Weddings/Engagements Alison Martin Morse ‘03 and Louis Joseph (Joe) Lobert III were married on February 27, 2010 in Charleston, SC. Amy Stone ’00 married Sean Costigan in October 2010. Richie Pierce ’01 married Caitlin Woo on July 17 in Andover, MA. Drew Myers ‘98 married Kierstan Burtz this June in Newport, RI. Brad Myers ‘00 married Christie Shea in August at the Samoset Inn in Rockland, Maine.

IN MEMORIUM We Remember These NYA Alumni and Friends Raymond Andrew Dewey, ‘63 December 19, 2008 Tom Kimball ‘70 April 2009 A. Tucker Dolge ’66 October 9, 2009 John T. (Tom) Gorman, Jr. February 10, 2010 Daniel Andre Noel ‘60 February 14, 2010 Marshall R. Turner ’48 March 1, 2010 Ernest “Ernie” J. DeRoche March 23, 2010 Charlotte Maxine (Douglass) Cote ‘39 April 5, 2010 Elizabeth (Betty) Arsenault Niemxzycki ’52 April 9, 2010 Arline James Wilkinson ‘36 May 6, 2010 Electa Ann Knapp Morris ’47 May 8, 2010 Patricia Davison Rogers ’62 May 14, 2010 Evelyn Curit Hamilton ‘34 May 29, 2010 Madelyn M. Mortimer June 14, 2010 Warren R. Dwyer (Former Trustee) January 16, 2010 Mary Greenlaw Griskivich ’39 June 28, 2010 Haven “Ted” Jordan ’54 June 26, 2010 Arthur C. Hanson American history and government teacher at NYA for 41 years September 5, 2010 Richard Post NYA CFO for eighteen years who retired this June October 6, 2010

2000 Amy Stone writes, “I ended my third year at Boston University School of Medicine and the plan is to eventually continue on to a residency in Emergency Medicine.” She is living outside Boston with her new husband, Sean Costigan, whom she married in Maine on October 9th.” Joshua Wright writes, “In my second year as an instructor at the Navy’s Nuclear Power Training Unit in Ballston Spa, NY. My wife, Sara, and I celebrated our daughter Evelyn’s first birthday in July.”

2001 Richie Pierce married Caitlin Woo on July 17, 2010. He is a Bowdoin graduate and is employed as a Senior Associate for SAC Capital Advisors in Stamford, CT.

2003 Sam Crocker writes, “I have just graduated from the London School of Economics with a MSc in Public Policy and Administration. I am still happily living in London where I am working as an internet marketing consultant at Distilled ( In addition to the full time gig, I have been working (and unfortunately, am still working) on launching an ethically sourced fashion label. You can feel free to keep track of my progress ( blog) and would love to hear from any old classmates coming through London.”

Lizzie Crockett writes, “I am currently in my first year in Physician’s Assistant school at Shenandoah University in Virginia. While I miss Maine, I am loving living in the greater DC area and studying medicine. If there are any alumni in the area, let me know! “ Brent Noyes writes, “NEWS: I just finished my first year of law school this spring in Vermont. I am in classes all summer working on a masters degree in environmental law and policy, and will attend a public lands management seminar in Missoula, Montana in August, which will include overnight backpacking and lectures in the wilderness. I plan on specializing in fisheries regulation and sustainable aquaculture development. I live in the woods of Vermont with my four year old weimaraner. Any fly fishing alumni in the White River area, drop me a line, and we’ll hit the rivers.” Cindy Falvey, mother of Jeanethe wrote, “Jeanethe is happy and very busy working in Boston and DC with the E.P.A. – oil cleanup. She graduated in 2007 from Bates with Dept. Award Political Science and is using it well.”

Stevie Lawrence writes: “Having a good summer, enjoying the Maine coast out on Andy Pease’s ’02 boat every chance I get. After college, I lived in Boston, working for a small advertising company, assistant managing a night club (next to Fenway), and coaching girls hockey. I moved up to Maine a year ago to get my Real Estate Appraisal License and now currently working for a Real Estate

class notes Appraisal firm in Scarborough (DAS). Along with that, I helped Coach Hulst and Peter Gerrity ’05 with NYA’s hockey team as an assistant coach. I plan on being the assistant for Cape Elizabeth next year and continue my Appraising career and education classes. Excited to see some alumni at Brad Myers ’00 wedding in August and congrats to all alumni marriages. I left my girlfriend down in Boston (joke.... she is a kindergarten teacher and not many jobs up here). No engagement soon to come.” Alison Martin Morse ‘03 earned her undergraduate degree in Art History and Marketing from Wheaton College in Norton, MA and works as an Acquisitions Manager for Advantage Media Group in Charleston, SC. She married Louis Joseph (Joe) Lobert III in February.

2004 Krista Rogers was selected to enter the Maine Conservation Corps’ 2010 Trail Training Academy and will conduct conservation projects throughout Maine. She will also be certified as a Wilderness First Responder. (per Brunswick Times Record, March 18, 2010)

2006 Allison Pilitsis mother of Taki writes: “Taki graduated from Babson in May. He is doing an internship with C.B. Richard Ellis Commercial Real Estate in Boston. He has had his MA realtor’s license for two years and hopes to work in real estate development.”

Erec and Joaniko Koch wrote that, “Nicole graduated from Mount Holyoke College in May 2010 and will begin work as a research assistant at Mass General Hospital this summer. “

2007 Katie Knight writes, “I am currently studying at the University of Haifa in Israel in their Undergraduate Honors Peace and Conflict program, which includes both Arabic and Hebrew, and will return to Maine for the summer at the end of June. When I return to Boston University in the fall, I will have one more year of study before completing a major in International Relations and a minor in Muslim Societies. Who knows where I’ll be headed then!” Molly Jordan, who plays lacrosse at Haverford College in Pennsylvania, earned the Centennial Conference Academic Honor Roll (from May 19, 2010 Philly

2009 Kyle Williams is playing junior hockey for the Northern Junior Cyclones and was selected to the Atlantic Junior Hockey League North Division’s All-Star team for the 2010 All-Star game. He was one of eight defensemen selected. It was also announced that he has committed to Division 1 Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA for the 2010-2011 season. Peter Hyndman is at Drexel University and writes, “I always love returning to the Academy and always feel welcome back.” Davit Kantola competed in the World Lacrosse Championships for his country, Finland.

Editor’s Note: Because of space constraints, some notes had to be shortened.


Kayte Demont writes, “I’m wrapping up my second season on the swim team at Gettysburg College. Hoping to go for another conference win! Loving my sorority, Chi Omega, and enjoying being in the all women’s a cappella group called Upscale. I also wanted to pass on this photo from a summer tea party at my house. Allison Pilitsis mother of Alex writes: “Alex is doing a spring semester at USM and hopes to transfer to Bentley for the fall semester.”

(from left to right): Laura Gribbell, Olivia O’Reilly, Kayte Demont, Lizzie Zuckerman, Alex Noyes, Annie Znamierowski, Emma Hinkens, Marion Leslie, Helen Poliquin

Mission: North Yarmouth Academy is an independent, college preparatory, coeducational day school serving students in grades five through twelve. The school offers a structured program that sets clear standards and high expectations in an environment that emphasizes values of mutual respect, trust and community. North Yarmouth Academy is dedicated to fostering integrity, character and intellect in young adults. The North Yarmouth Academy program encourages students to develop: • PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS BASED ON SOUND ANALYTICAL AND CREATIVE THOUGHT • SOPHISTICATION IN WRITING, SPEAKING AND ARTISTIC EXPRESSION • APPRECIATION FOR THE IMPORTANCE OF ATHLETIC ACTIVITY, TEAMWORK AND COOPERATION • SELF-CONFIDENCE AND SELF-RESPECT THROUGH A BREADTH OF EXPERIENCES THAT EXTEND BEYOND THE CLASSROOM • CONCERN FOR THE LARGER COMMUNITY AND AN APPRECIATION FOR THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT • DESIRE TO CONTINUE THE PROCESS OF LIFE-LONG LEARNING


2010-2011 Trustees

Kate Putnam Chief Development Officer

Richard D. Abbondanza, President Lincoln Merrill ‘75, Past President David J. Champoux, Vice President Allen M. Bornheimer ‘60, Vice President Diana S. Garcia, Treasurer Theodore Sharp ‘60, Secretary

Tara Johnson Assistant Director of Development Kristi Belesca Director of Community Development and Communications Peter Gerrity ‘05 Development and Alumni Relations Intern Jim Briggs Photo Credits: Brian Beard, Creative Images Photography Fred Field NYA Staff



FA L L 2 0 1 0

John L. Carpenter Margaret A. Fast David W.H. Fenderson ‘81 MaryEllen FitzGerald Jay Flower ‘94 Charles P. Gendron Laurie Hasty Michael T. Healy Cindy B. Maxsimic Betsy Mead Brian Noyes Lynn E. Noyes Michael L. Rayder Tracey L. Russell Priscilla B. Savage David Warren Jean Wilkinson

Honorary Trustees Mary Anderson Stephen Anderson Mark Fasold Christopher Flower Margot Milliken C. David O’Brien Chris Pierce Michael Savage Curtis Scribner John Staples Anita Stickney

NYA CLASS OF 2010 Front row:

Row 2:

Alex Ward Goucher College | WeiWei Cheng Dickinson College | Maddie Beasley Santa Clara University Thu-Trang Ho Bowdoin College | Katie Lentine Roanoke College | Lianna Hachborn Roanoke College Phillip Champoux Colby College | Brandon Barrett Sewanee - The University of the South Jimmy Zhou Worcester Polytechnic Institute | Taylor Norton Lynchburg College Henry Sterling Dartmouth College | Becca McKelvy Oberlin College | Ashley Salerno Amherst College Courtney Dumont Connecticut College | Devon Gamble Grinnell College | Kalley Hansel Gettysburg College Emily Mitchell Bowdoin College | Hilary Gibson Bates College | William Strabley PG year - Loomis Chaffee School Ben Morse Rochester Institute of Technology

Row 3

Ali O’Reilly Gettysburg College | Hayley Bright Wheaton College (MA) | Hannah Bewsey Claremont McKenna College Rachel Clegg Union College | Christine Reighley Hobart & William Smith Colleges | Katie Paige Hobart & William Smith Colleges | Abbie McIvor St. Lawrence University | Douglas Goldstein University of Texas - Austin | Jon Powers Wake Forest University | Hayley McKinnon Sewanee - University of the South | Dean Darien University of Maine - Orono

Row 4

Kelsey Pietklewicz California University of Pennsylvania | Turner Kelsey Bowdoin College | Julia Damion Williams College Chris Whiting Hamilton College | Maeve Stier Mount Holyoke College | Jaime Rogers Dickinson College Trey Milam Hamilton College | Patrick Wappler University of King’s College - Canada | Andrew McClees Drexel University | Sam Hutchinson Lehigh University

Row 5

Sam Nye Clark University | Ethan Allred Goucher College | Ian Steinbach Emerson College | Sam Kurland Williams College | John Finegan Suffolk University | Conrad Birkett Endicott College | Jay Garnett University of Oregon Toey LeBlanc Wagner College | Charlie Daigle University of Maine - Orono | Tom Gildersleeve Junior Hockey

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