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Adult Undergraduate Programs A college degree is an essential access tool for the best jobs in today’s marketplace, but a degree is more than a piece of paper. Spending time and money on education should be an enriching experience—not just a means to an end. At University of Northwestern – St. Paul you will find dynamic adult undergraduate programs and people who are eager to help you succeed. Taking classes just one night a week, you can move toward your goals for your career, ministry or personal development. In every class you will learn essential, cuttingedge information needed for your field of study. Your professors make learning practical as you apply your new knowledge to work, home and church situations. Is your faith important to you? At Northwestern you will experience in-depth, relevant learning rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In every class you will find Christ at the center of your Northwestern education. Community life is a cornerstone of the Northwestern experience. Learning with your peers you’ll find opportunities to develop as friends and colleagues. As you invest in the lives of others you will enjoy relationships that last beyond your time in school. There is a call and purpose for every life. Your degree will prepare you to embrace the opportunities God lays before you. You’ll be equipped and ready to make an impact.


U N W S P . E D U / A D U L T- E D

A Heritage of Faith and Excellence Building your education on solid ground

University of Northwestern – St. Paul was founded as Northwestern Bible and Missionary Training School in 1902 by William Bell Riley in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A young evangelist named Billy Graham succeeded Riley as president, serving what was then known as Northwestern Schools for four years before answering his call to a lifetime evangelistic career. In 1972, Northwestern College moved to its current location in suburban St. Paul and more than four decades have seen a steady increase in enrollment, programs and scholarship. In 2013, a name change to University of Northwestern – St. Paul signals yet another exciting era in the Northwestern story as we expand our academic programs and reach out to an increasingly global audience. Throughout its 111-year history Northwestern has held an unwavering commitment to provide Christ-centered, biblically based education. Our position as a university and new name reflect who we are as an institution of higher learning, equipping Christ-centered learners and leaders to invest in others and impact the world.

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U N I V E R S I T Y O F N O R T H W E S T E R N – S T. PAU L

Preparing for Your Career and Calling Learning today, leading tomorrow

A complete education prepares you for all of life, not just a job. As you study and advance toward your degree you will be able to apply your knowledge and practice Christlike leadership. Shane, a graduate of our adult undergraduate program, said, “My writing, speaking and presentation skills have improved significantly as a result of this program. I’ve been offered two new jobs while in school!” Read how their Northwestern education has prepared our students and alumni at—click on Academic Excellence.


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Fresh Start, New Success Missing the mark in college the first time around, one student found his own attitude and the support of his professors were the ticket to new success. For Brandon, a 10-year Army Reservist who works a full-time civilian job in the Army, the one-night-a-week structure of Northwestern classes was a “huge benefit” for his needs. He also appreciated the chance for a fresh start in school. “My first run at school back when I was 19 didn’t work out so well,” Brandon admitted. “So my first class here I put in every single amount of effort I could to do well.” A nearly perfect score for that class showed him he was ready to succeed. With his military background, much of Brandon’s training has been technical. He now appreciates the variety of knowledge he’s gained and his professors’ perspectives on learning. “They just want you to comprehend the information and take something out of it,” he said. “It’s always very positive in class.” His Northwestern experience has helped Brandon gain valuable insight. “I’ve learned things that I haven’t necessarily expected to learn,” he said. “I love when I can apply it and actually teach other people.” He relates his studies directly to his job and was able to do a class project he will use for his next military deployment.


U N W S P . E D U / A D U L T- E D

U N I V E R S I T Y O F N O R T H W E S T E R N – S T. PAU L

Getting Real Experience is a great teacher

Through your studies you may learn as much from your peers in class as you do from your professors! Our instructors encourage students to share viewpoints from the rich diversity of their experiences. Add to that our faculty’s real-world expertise in their fields of study and you will find yourself armed with new knowledge and perspective that will set you apart in the workplace.

Areas of Study General Studies Associate of Arts

Ministries Bachelor of Science

Complete foundational general education coursework in English, speech, history, art, literature, mathematics and science, and elective courses in Bible to earn an associate’s degree and prepare for undergraduate studies.

Gain a foundation of knowledge for work in church and parachurch organizations or prepare for graduate study in theological or professional areas.

Finding the Time Tips from students

Northwestern adult undergraduate programs are convenient. Classes meet just one night a week so you can plan your schedule dependably around your education commitment. Here are some tips from our students for blending school with busy lives: 1.

Create a homework organizer to write assignments down. Write down what you need to do throughout the week.

2. Set up days when you can come to campus early to get things done. Try to have a schedule and stick to it. 3. Be willing to give things up for the short term. One student cut back on shopping; another gave up TV to find time to study. 4. Fit the “big rocks” in first. With thought and planning, you’ll find there is still room for the truly important things.


Business Administration Bachelor of Science Gain skills and knowledge needed for analytical problemsolving and key business decisions as you learn to integrate business concepts and Christian principles with business operations. Business Management Bachelor of Science Develop business skills in problem solving, communication, management techniques, team building, and developing and implementing business strategies in public, private or nonprofit organizations. Christian Counseling Bachelor of Science Explore a biblical and theoretical foundation for ministry that includes applying biblical principles to people’s problems in churches and parachurch settings. A Certificate in Christian Counseling is also available.

Communication Studies Bachelor of Science Develop skills in speaking, writing and public relations through a program of study that emphasizes business ethics and integrity. Psychology Bachelor of Science Learn theoretical and applied understanding of psychological principles to prepare for graduate study in psychology, entry-level positions in the helping professions, or careers requiring a psychology background.

Individual Courses, Learning Plans Take individual courses for personal enrichment or to begin your path toward a degree. We can also help you create a customized learning plan to utilize previous courses and experiences to chart the fastest path toward your degree.

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Academic Excellence Your coursework will be challenging and engaging. Our faculty includes experts who have written books, published papers or presented their work nationally or abroad— with expertise that comes from extensive study and real-world experience. The term “academic excellence” holds even deeper meaning at Northwestern because it is rooted in our desire to bring glory to God. z You will learn from professors committed to their field of study and the application of information to relevant situations in your life and career. z You’ll gain knowledge and understanding to set you apart in your career. z Your education is practical. Students are encouraged to tailor their assignments to actual projects or problems they face. Learn more about our faculty and students’ commitment to excellence at—click on Academic Excellence.


U N W S P . E D U / A D U L T- E D

U N I V E R S I T Y O F N O R T H W E S T E R N – S T. PAU L

Christian Community Students invest in one another as they work on projects and spend time together in class. Balancing full-time work, families and careers is something students have in common. You’ll find support for making your education work.

z As a student you’ll have opportunities to attend plays and concerts, take in athletic events or hear guest lecturers such as Lee Strobel or Jon Acuff (pictured at right). z Students regularly express appreciation that most classes begin with a time of prayer or devotions. z You will build the foundation for a lifelong network of professional peers who share job and ministry opportunities with one another. Read how Christian community makes a difference for our students at—click on Christian Community.


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Student Support You will find support every step of the way on the road to your degree. z Student Academic Services provides assistance with academic advising, course selection, choice of degree and more. z The ALPHA Center offers tutoring and assistance with writing. z The Disabilities Office for Support Services (DOSS) will work with students in need of additional support for classroom and program success. z The Berntsen Library staff is available for help with research and resources. z We work with military and veteran students to access all available benefits—including a 15 percent discount on tuition. Check out resources available to you at—click on Student Support.


U N W S P . E D U / A D U L T- E D

U N I V E R S I T Y O F N O R T H W E S T E R N – S T. PAU L

Career Advancement Northwestern’s Center for Calling & Career (CCC) provides expert help to explore your calling, learn about internships, future jobs, advanced study opportunities and more. Evening hours are available by appointment. z Access assessments through the CCC to help you understand your natural gifts, abilities and aptitudes. z Connect to Northwestern networks in companies, churches, nonprofits and ministries around the country or around the world. z Move forward in your current job or toward a new career path with the leadership skills and knowledge you gain through your studies. Learn more at— click on Career Advancement.


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Visit Us A visit to Northwestern can help you make a decision that’s right for you.

Make Your Move Toward Your Degree Apply today at or request an application from your admission counselor at 651-631-5200.

Connect with your admission counselor, who will serve as your personal guide and go-to person to answer questions and coach you through the application process. Come to an Information Night and visit with faculty and students to learn about programs, financial aid, enrollment and more. Schedule a visit or connect with the counselor for your area of interest at—click Contact Us.

Tuition and Financial Aid Explore available options to pay for your education with the help of our financial aid team. Many employers offer tuition assistance programs for higher education expenses; check with your company’s human resources department to see if yours is one of them. Learn more online or contact Financial Aid about tuition and the financial aid process. Online Phone 651-631-5105 | 888-362-8715 E-mail

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U N W S P . E D U / A D U L T- E D

U N I V E R S I T Y O F N O R T H W E S T E R N – S T. PAU L

Adult Undergraduate Admission Criteria 1. Evidence of a new birth in Jesus Christ. 2. Willingness to abide by the conduct expectations as outlined in the “Declaration of Christian Community.” ( 3. Likelihood of academic success at Northwestern. 4. Three years of post-high school work/life experience.

6. Submission of application and required essay(s). 7. Submission of official high school transcripts verifying diploma completion or GED certficate. 8. Submission of transcripts from all postsecondary institutions at which the applicant previously registered whether or not transferable credits were earned.

5. Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00.

University of Northwestern – St. Paul is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (, 312-263-0456).

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Learn. Lead. Invest. Impact

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