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If you want to learn about making a difference, enroll in the DENVER URBAN SEMESTER (DUS), offered through Northwestern College of Iowa. Your DUS classroom will be in downtown Denver, at the intersection of vulnerable populations and the nonprofit organizations that serve them. You’ll live in community with other college students while you take classes and intern among marginalized people in urban America.


Nestled at the base of the Colorado Rockies, Denver is known as the Mile High City because of its elevation above sea level. More than 2.8 million people live in the Denver metro area, which is host to 7 professional sports teams, museums, concerts, amusement parks and a zoo.


Northwestern College’s DUS partner is Mile High Ministries, founded in 1988 by 10 churches. Mile High Ministries partners with more than 30 nonprofit organizations in Denver focused on mobilizing neighborhoods, equipping leaders and empowering the poor.



Service-learning and community development are the focus of the Denver Urban Semester (DUS), which provides experience with careers in nonprofits. Students spend 24 to 40 hours per week at an internship, take 1 to 3 classes, and live in community in the city.


DUS internships offer social work, communication, cross-cultural, mission, Spanish, and pre-law experience at nonprofits that serve Denver’s vulnerable urban populations, including: n Single mothers or pregnant teens n Victims of domestic violence n People who are unemployed n People who are homeless n At-risk teens and children n Recovering addicts n Refugees Education majors can also complete their student-teaching requirements in the DUS.

COURSES All courses are accredited by Northwestern College of Iowa and taught from a Christian perspective by faculty in the Denver area who meet NWC’s standards for academic rigor and spiritual integrity. DUS classes include:

Race and Ethnicity in American Society Intercultural Communication n Global Urbanization n Incarnational Spirituality n Cross-cultural/Streams of Faith Practicum n



During your semester in the Mile High City, you’ll live in downtown Denver with other college students from around the U.S. You’ll build community with your urban neighbors and each other as you explore a Christian response to those who are poor and disenfranchised.


The DUS site director is Greg Fuchs of Mile High Ministries. Fuchs has a master’s degree from Denver Seminary and has worked as a chaplain, youth pastor, Young Life director and vocational coach.

Apply for a mile-high experience

Northwestern’s Denver Urban Semester is available to students at any college or university who have completed two semesters of college work and achieved a minimum GPA of 2.5. For more information, contact the Northwestern College Global Education Center: ● 712-707-7055


The Denver Urban Semester costs the same as a semester at Northwestern College of Iowa and includes: n 12 to 15 credits (includes 6 to 8 internship credits) n Housing and meals n Program travel and events

Check with your institution’s financial aid office to see if financial aid can apply toward your off-campus semester. For current Northwestern tuition rates, visit:


The application deadline for the Denver Urban Semester is Feb. 10 of the academic year before you plan to participate. Apply online by becoming a guest student at NWC:

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