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This project was created in hopes of giving rising high school students insight into the different artistic activities in high school. High school can be overwhelming and intimidating with so many different opportunities and things to juggle. Beyond the journey you choose as an artist, we also stress maintaining mental health and giving students the resources to overcome obstacles they may face in this journey of exploration. In high school, people start discovering what things they value and what they would like to do. Between performing, writing, dancing, and drawing, everyone finds and reflects their identity in the art form they enjoy most. Take the time to enjoy the process and make mistakes! Enjoy the journey and we promise you will feel like you have traveled to space and beyond.


Sun: blood-orange sky (Page 4) Overview of planets: Pathway Page (Page 5) Mercury: Art Classes (Page 6) Venus: Publication (Page 10) Earth: Dance and Acting (Page 12) Moon: Writing (Page 14) Mars: Decorations (Page 16) Jupiter: Ensembles (Page 18) Saturn: Speech and Other Clubs (Page 20) Uranus: Mental Health (Page 22) Asteroid Belt: Mental health (Page 24) Neptune: Senior Page (Page 26) Staff Page: (Page 30) Letter to candles who burn down the dark: Poem to send you off (Page 31)


This song was written by Tara to inspire new students on their creative journey to discover themselves. The sun is new, as am I, reaching for the blood orange sky. All I know is my mind, and the peace I hold inside. People taking flight, I know it's not my time. I still have my worth to explore. With the ink bleed of my pen, my whole world starts to bend. There's infinity at my fingertips, my thoughts become permanent. With one picture, 1000 words, a conversation, the limit blurs.


As time prevails, I stroll along, singing my eternal song. The wind clears my mind, I’ve almost crossed the borderline. With the ink bleed of my pen, my whole world starts to bend. There's infinity at my fingertips, my thoughts become permanent. There’s so much to explore, the journey runs its course.



Visit Earth: Page 12



YES Is acting fun?

Do you want to dance and groove to the music? Are you interested in playing or already play an instrument?

Visit Jupiter: Page 18

Looking for your STEPs after high school and a career in the arts?

Visit Uranus (Mental Health): Page 22

Before you get ejected into space, why not try something new :) Feeling overwhelmed by high school and the options?


Do you enjoy performing?


Want to challenge and engage yourself in speeches?

Visit Saturn: Page 20

Not sure?

Would you like to express yourself through writing?

Visit the moon: Page 14 Visit Neptune (A guide to college): Page 26

Do you like drawing?

Visit mercury: page 6

Are you interested in design and collaboration?

Visit Venus: Page 10

High School is about trying new things and exploring what you like. Flip through some pages and see if anything piques your interest.


Greetings, you’ve arrived on Mercury- the planet closest to the sun! Here, you can discover courses and clubs to expand your skills in art and creativity. Intro To Art Class If you are interested in taking an art class, you must first complete this class: It is 1 semester and gives you an array of styles like drawing, painting, sculpture, and journaling, also incorporating art history, criticism, studio production, and master artworks. Now what? You can take a pathway into one of the following:

Drawing and Painting Drawing and Painting (1-4) develops techniques ranging from critical analysis to problemsolving with the use of color, expression, realism, and abstractionism. In years 3 and 4, students examine multimedia works and learn the historical and contemporary styles and periods.

Ceramics and Pottery Students (1-4) build hand and design techniques to create functional pottery. In year 2, students learn the Potter’s wheel, the formulation of glazes and kiln firing, and critiquing clay forms. After mastering the basics of ceramics, students begin to develop their personal artistic voice by researching and making project proposals; then they extend the study of aesthetic qualities of clay-making, and finally learn about the functions of ceramic forms.


Arts/Graphics This class is an introduction to graphic design elements, vocabulary, and techniques using creativity and computers as seen in posters, advertisements, editorial design, product, package design, logos, signs, etc. Students investigate the historical development of GD learning and learn advertising strategies, typographic personality, letterhead design, etc.

Visual Arts/Jewelry and Metalcrafts This course combines aesthetics, art criticism, power of fire, jewelry tools/materials, and art history with studio production to design and create jewelry. Year 2 explores jewelry techniques and processes as an expressive art form with advanced/refined techniques to experiment with mixed media and develop an artistic voice.

Photography Students learn about the history, cultural influences, composition, and design of photography, make pinhole cameras, and study the basics of exposing and processing by introducing the artistic standpoint of photography. Years 2+ use a 35 mm film camera and focus on personal meaning/expression.


AP Art History (So... history, but art edition) Introduces students to technological innovations and the significance of art and architecture from the prehistoric world to the present times. The course covers topics from photography, ceramics, sculpture, fiber arts, etc.

AP Studio Art Classes Students submit a portfolio of work for evaluation in May.

AP Drawing AP 2D Art and Design Students use different drawings, paintings, and media to submit their portfolio of original work and digital images, which can consist of photography, digital art, drawing, painting, graphic design, and collage.

AP 3D Art and Design Students use different drawings, paintings, and media to submit their portfolio of original works and digital images, which consist of clay, paper, plaster, wire, stone, wood, cloth, metal, plastic, and mixed media. NOTE 1: a lot of people get kind of confused about the differences between 2D and Drawing; they’re very similar and have a lot of overlaps, but generally, 2D is more focused on pattern/design, Drawing focuses more on textures/mark making. 3D focuses on tangible, 3D forms of art. NOTE 2: The ‘AP exam’ at the end of the year is a portfolio, not a written test.


Students use different drawings, paintings, and media to submit original work and digital images.

Are you interested in animation?

Advanced Animation, Game & APP Design Prerequisite: Intro to Digital Media, Principles & Concepts of Animation. Students apply aesthetic/technical aspects of animation of characters. Students learn about sound integration and animation; lipsyncing, voice overs, and synchronization.

Are you interested in participating in art activities outside of school? Many students attend different art studios to have additional experience in art, but here are some clubs you can also join if you are interested in art.

Webtoons Club This is a club for students interested in art, especially in publishing manga or webtoons. This club promotes working on art individually as well as group activities through a storyline.

The National Art Honor Society NAHS brings art education to the attention of the community and aids members in attaining the highest standards in art scholarship, character, and service.

Jewels 4 Jewels Jewels 4 Jewels is a club in which students make and sell jewelry. The profits from the sales are donated to various charities in need.

Northview Bujo (Bullet Journaling) Club The Bujo Club focuses on expressing creativity through modern calligraphy and doodles while also improving organization/planning skills through bullet journals.




Welcome to Planet Earth, the place inhabited by us humans. Discover the wonders of moving your body and expression through acting, artforms unique to our species! Acting 1 This class is for students who are interested in acting and theater and acts as an introductory and build-up class for advanced drama.

Advanced Drama This class is for students who show interest in theater and want to collaborate to create a production and strengthen skills in ensemble, play analysis, movement, and voice.

Thespian Honor Society The International Thespian Society is a division of the Educational Theatre Association. This Honor Society recognizes student achievement and leadership in theatre. Troupe 6577 (Northview’s Thespian Troupe) participates in the GA Thespian Conference, organizes advocacy and service events, and provides student leaders for all the shows that Northview Theatre produces

Improv Club Improv Club is a fun after-school club that allows members to play creative live theater games. Improv is open to everyone and participation is completely optional providing an opportunity to play games with friends. Members notice an improvement in public speaking, communication, and confidence.

Tech Theater This class provides students with an opportunity to build sets for advanced drama as well as to work with the sound systems and lights to aid in the technical aspects of working in theater. Students learn skills in managing theater productions from set design to backstage tasks to managing lights and sound.


Earth: Haven and Ac

n for Dance cting

Quake This dance group and club is a reminder of the exceptional diversity that Northview holds. They highlight the level of talent the students of Northview High School have, and they participate in International Night, Betacon, and other talent shows. The Quake club members focus on hip-hop, choreographing original dance routines for competitions. The team has been very successful in winning local competitions and contributing to success for the Beta club at the state and national level. In addition to those activities, they hope to participate in other schools' International Nights.

Team Naach and Naatya Team Naatya is a group of individuals who are dedicated to testing rhythm and melody to the fullest extent. They focus on classical Indian dance forms including bharatanatyam, kuchipudi, and more. They represent unique parts of India and its culture through dance. The Naatya club creates innovative dance routines that push the limits of imagination and creativity. Team Naach is an Indian fusion dance team that focuses on modern and folk styles, such as Bollywood and Garba. They choreograph and coordinate a dance performance through regular meetings for NHS’s annual International Night.

K-pop Dance Club K-pop Dance Club is a club that gives students opportunities to learn Korean pop choreographies and express their love for K-pop and dance all while bonding with a group of people who also share the same interests. K-pop Dance Club, also formerly known as “Reflex,” their stage name, participates in events and shows every year, showcasing a variety of dance cover performances.


Welcome to the Moon! If you’re interested in writing, you’ve found the right place. Here, you’ll discover the many courses and clubs that NHS provides so that you can improve your literary and writing skills!

Writing Classes Contemporary Lit - Film Study This course is 1 semester, covering the modern topics/themes that appear in multimedia formats. Students watch films and evaluate techniques directors use to create meaning in film. With film studios now in Atlanta, this class has become a popular elective for possible future careers in film creation.

Writer’s Workshop The Writer’s Workshop is also 1 semester, where students explore different genres of writing and study different writers and their writing styles. This class focuses on creative prose and poetry and can aid in activities like language arts, SAT, ACT, writing competitions, and more.


Writing Clubs Creative Writing Club Northview Creative Writing Club provides a fun and stress-free environment for students to express themselves. In our creative writing sessions, students are encouraged to share/collaborate with their peers and explore various genres such as poetry, script, flash fiction, and journalism. For our academic sessions, students receive assistance from volunteers on SAT Reading/Writing/Essay, class essays, college application essays, and other forms of academic writing.

National English Honors Society Open to juniors and seniors, the mission and the purpose of the organization is to confer distinction upon students for high achievement in English language and literature courses, to encourage interest in the English language arts, to promote exemplary character, and to serve society by fostering literacy.


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Literary Magazine Staff

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JUPITER: ENSEMBLES Hi, you’ve landed on Jupiter, the red planet with 79 moons! Explore the art of instrumentation and ensembles to be a part of the NHS music community. AP Music Theory “Students learn to recognize, understand, describe, and produce the basic elements and processes of performed and notated music including sightsinging, identifying melodic patterns, harmonic progressions, intervals, chords, and practicing diction. Course content extends from the fundamentals of pitch, rhythm, timbre, and expression to concepts of harmonic function, phrase relationships, and tonicization” (from College Board).

Chamber Music Society Northview Chamber Music Society is a volunteer club that focuses on bringing music to the Johns Creek community through musical talent and performance. They perform regularly at retirement homes and hospitals as a means of community service.

Marching Band A marching band is a group of instrumental musicians who perform while marching, often for entertainment or competition. Instrumentation typically includes brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. Tasks include learning choreography while playing music. Most performances take place at Varsity football games during halftime shows and pep rallies.



The award-winning Northview Colorguard accompanies the marching band in the fall with all performances. This visible group provides visual effects for the band's pregame and halftime performances. The performances consist of dance and flag choreography as well as do dance in the stands.

Chorus Concert Choir; Cicilian (All Women's Choir-the second highest group); Camerada Advanced Chorale (top choir). The top two groups require an audition for participation.

Band Percussion Ensemble; Intermediate Band I, II, III, IV – Symphonic Winds; Advanced Band I, II, III, IV – Chamber Winds; Mastery Band I, II, III, IV– Chamber Ensemble. The Chamber Ensemble is the highest group. Auditions are required for participation in all of the above courses.

Orchestra The ensemble choices are as follows: Intermediate Orchestra I, II, III, IV - Concert Orchestra, String Orchestra; Advanced Orchestra I, II, III, IV - Philharmonia Orchestra; Mastery Orchestra I, II, III, IV - Chamber Orchestra Auditions are required for participation in all of the above courses.

Concerts In any ensemble, there is a concertmaster, who leads the orchestra, as well as principal section leaders. Chair placements will also be held in class to determine the placements of the musicians. There is a concert every semester, and for winter concerts orchestra sometimes rehearses and plays with the band to create a fuller symphonic orchestra. All work together as an ensemble to find musicality and blend and balance. This includes focusing on tone, intonation, rhythm, and the different styles of the music, exploring what the composer wants.

Outside Ensembles Outside of the school ensemble, there are Allstate events and Fulton County Honor Ensembles which are exclusive groups students have to audition for. There are also orchestras outside of school including Emory Symphony Youth Orchestra and Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra that act as symphonic groups. These orchestras rehearse weekly and provide students with opportunities to work with professional musicians in workshops and masterclasses.


SATURN Welcome to Saturn, where the beautiful rings come from chunks of ice and carbonaceous dust. You can make your impact on others through the rhetoric of speech and other clubs that explore creativity implicitly through business, healthcare, and volunteering.

Speech-Related Activities Mock Trial Mock Trial is a team-based competition that simulates a real trial. As witnesses and attorneys, students prepare and present an argument while advocating for sides of a case. Students employ and build upon the skills of public speaking, acting, advocacy, and persuasion. Cases involve creative problemsolving skills as members act out a mock trial.

Speech and Debate Speech and Debate is a competitive academic team offering the resources and connections to compete in speech and debate tournaments locally, nationally, and internationally. Offered divisions include but are not limited to Lincoln Douglas, Policy, Public Forum, Original Oratory, Humorous Interpretation, etc. They also offer novice, junior varsity, and varsity levels of competition based on the student experience.

Ted-Ed Club TED-Ed is a club that fosters constructing ideas worth sharing and involves creative writing as well as learning effective oration for public speaking events. It follows the Ted-ed videos seen often online and takes inspiration from them.

Model UN is a popular activity for those interested in learning more about how the UN operates. Hundreds of thousands of students worldwide take part every year at all educational levels. Many of today’s leaders in law, government, business, and the arts – including at the UN itself – participated in Model UN as students. Crisis Committees include creative problem solving as well as acting out scenarios mimicking United Nations activities.



Model UN


HOSA They are dedicated to providing our members with healthcare education, opportunities, and community service events to deepen member interest in the world of medicine. Through community outreach, volunteer opportunities, conferences, and competitions, HOSA's sole mission is to empower the next generation of healthcare professionals to chase the careers of their dreams. Members utilize photography, design, creative problem solving, and art skills to compete at the State Leadership Conference.



The mission of FBLA is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development workshops. Students use business as well as website design at events at the State Leadership Conference.



Beta Club is a club promoting, recognizing, and honoring academic and creative achievement, as well as promoting character, leadership, and service. The club is a service-based organization and members have to complete service hours as part of their contributions to the club. At the annual State and National BetaCon festivals, students showcase the school through their skills in the arts, creative writing, and academics.


Coping with Emotions Welcome to Uranus, the "sideways planet," that is the planet that rotates on its side. Life can turn you on its side sometimes as well; it takes knowing some strategies to cope effectively with these obstacles. High School strikes a new journey that is full of wondrous experiments and opportunities. At times, it can be overwhelming and chaotic and this isn't always necessarily an easy road. Between academic responsibilities and making time for yourself, it is easy to get lost in a sea of activities.

Under the academic pressure and school demands, it is common for high schoolers to develop burnout.

What does burnout look like?

It means feeling mentally and physically drained and exhausted of any energy, diminishing your motivation or interest in regular activities. It also feels like you may be drowning in responsibilities and there's You may find yourself feeling: no hope at the end of the tunnel. hopelessness, frustration, confusion, anger, Signs of burnout: sadness, happiness, and/or loneliness. Headaches and muscle tension These are all normal and completely valid Trouble with sleep patterns emotions to feel, and often our first Feeling overwhelmed or cynical response is to either ignore or dismiss Feeling frustrated, irritated, and these emotions. unfulfilled Processing these emotions takes A sense of apathy time. Sitting down and talking Feeling depleted after work about these emotions helps to Losing your temper relieve yourself from the stress you may have.


Seeking help from Counselors

What does seeking help look like?

If you are having trouble keeping up with school, talk to someone. Counselors are there to help you set goals and plans to keep on track. There usually is a form you can fill out for an appointment with your counselor. Walk-ins also apply to counselors if you really need to see How to ask teachers for help? one. Talk to a parent or teacher that you trust and tell them how you’re currently feeling. Mental health is ALWAYS first: tests, quizzes, and other If you’re considering suicide, self-harm, having intrusive things that can be rescheduled. thoughts, or really need someone to talk to, hotlines are What if a friend is struggling with a condition or always open. just general life problems? i. loveisrespect: 1-866-331-9474 (Domestic Abuse) 1. Let them know you are concerned: Do you want to talk ii. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273about it? I’m concerned for you… What can I do to help 8255 (24/7) you? iii. The Trevor Project: 866-488-7386 (24/7) (Focused 2. Listen to them without judgment or conclusions, be on suicide prevention among the LGBTQIA+ there for them, and remind them that there will be a community. time that things get better iv. National Eating Disorder Association: 1-800-9313. Take the time out of your schedule to hang out and 2237 check with them: Let’s go to a café together. Why don’t v. HELPLINE Georgia for Substance Abuse: 1-800we go and try aerial silks? 338-6745 4. If your concern grows and your friend is really vi. Self Harm Hotline: 1-800-366-8288 struggling, reach out to a counselor or an adult you trust. If you need a text line: Text HOME to 741741 (Crisis Line)



Mental Health: Reaching Goals Goal Setting High School is a time of development and discovering one’s identity. Obviously, this includes making mistakes. Not everything works out exactly how you expect it to, but it is important to set realistic goals about what you want to accomplish (long-term goals and smaller goals with them). Make lots of mistakes! Failure does not equal the end of the world. You’re learning about the world around you. Take Chances! Involve yourself in the community. Make schedules and plans for what activities you are taking part in, and make space for self-care as well as hanging out with friends and family. Find balance in your schedule. You can only do three things: Accept the situation, leave the situation, or change the situation. Make a plan and stick with it, and if it doesn’t work out, leave the situation. Don't wait for the last minute to do things; you will regret it!


Tips for productivity Find a space in which you can focus. Find a stimulus and link it with something that you know to be study mode ie. every time you study turn on the lamp or sit at your desk. Make sure music is not a distraction. Find a buddy to study with. Turn off distractions like your phone. Set a time limit, working for 25 minutes, then take a break for 10 minutes, and then work again for a set time. Set realistic goals about what you want to accomplish in a study session. Take breaks. Don’t overwhelm yourself with how much you need to complete: it’s one thing at a time, one step at a time.

Maintaining Mental Health Ways to Sustain Mental Health Exercise regularly and consistently; find a support group or system to work out with cuz, serotonin is good. GO OUTSIDE! Let the sun and nature embrace you :)

Take the time to explore different hobbies. Eat healthily, make food with your family at home, and take out time for it! Get some sleep bro. Set an alarm to remind yourself to sleep and take away technology an hour before. (8-9 hrs) Drink lots of water! Read a book, draw, or do nothing: take the time to relax for yourself: immerse yourself in creativity. Take a break from social media.

Here are some exercises for gratitude and meditation Write down three things you are grateful for. Visualize: take the time to think about where you want to be and how to get there. Breathe: search online for some calming breathing exercises. Prioritize hanging out with your friends and family. Take the time out of your schedule and don’t flake. Forming relationships is super important.

What to do if you have toxic friends? If you feel like someone is acting in an unkind manipulative fashion, then confront them about it directly. If you still feel like they don’t acknowledge their actions, you may have to end the relationship. Remember, THERE ARE PLENTY FISH IN SEA--go swim. Stand up to bullies and don't be scared to get help from an adult you trust.


You’ve finally made it to Neptune! Fun fact- Neptune has the strongest winds and is known as the “Last of Gas Giants”. On this planet you will discover your next steps after high school as you make you final journal to college, choosing specifically an art path. What’s the right college for you?

*ABOUT SO-CALLED SAFE SCHOOLS: Question yourself: If you really have your eyes set on a 1. What are your top 3 interests that you'd college, it can take up a lot of time like to pursue as a career? and requires a responsible and mature 1. Where do you want to live for at least 4 years? Do approach. Don't give up before you you prefer a city area or rural area? How about the get there. population size of the college? REACH FOR WHAT YOU TRULY 2. What kind of college life are you looking for (a WANT, AND GIVE IT A SHOT. strong studying environment/ strong liberal arts However, having a backup plan can program/ strong stem field) ? make you feel safe, so you may 3. What art programs does the school have consider applying for safe colleges that peek your interest? 1. Can your GPA/SAT/ACT/resume get you into those during the regular decision. Perhaps colleges? Look at the average statistics for the college. concentrate on applying for dream 2. Tuition: Find out the range that you/your family can schools during the early action or early decision. afford and whether scholarships or loans may be something you have to consider.


How to Apply to Art Programs at Colleges 1. Use College Board (basic information, 4. Recommendation letter: essays, letters of recommendation, and ask the teachers not other questions for particular colleges). only through Naviance, 2. Use Naviance (request transcripts but personally as well. and ask for recommendation letters; Recommendation letters are very it will also give you overall information important, so make sure that you make on colleges you want to go to). your choice wisely and that you have a Naviance is the main college good relationship with the teacher. If you application tool for NHS. were involved in a college summer 1. Use the college website to submit program, a recommendation letter from a portfolio (normally, if your school uses professor in the college could be useful. a particular site to submit portfolios or 5. Don't wait till the last months to start the more information, there will be a link process. Start early (the summer before on College Board. However, some senior year is good as many teachers write colleges operate differently, so their rec letters over the summer). If you determine what your college of interest are hoping for an art college, start even requires. Sometimes you even have to earlier. The whole process is quite long contact the school directly. and tiring, so give yourself enough time!


Tips on Essays Personal College Essays: Basically all good colleges and some art schools require this type of essay. It is a moment for colleges to get to know you beyond your academic record. Be real, be different; they want to hear stories. The word count is limited, so try to focus on the part that you want them to know. Writing about a moment of growth or an epiphany moment where you have come to a deeper understanding of yourself can be a good essay. You don't need to have done something great with your life. Just be yourself. There are a lot of good essays out there you can search, so read several before you begin writing.


Some more tips... 1. Express a desire to be part of this college community. 2. Show them that you have taken time to learn about this college (a particular program, major, campus...). 3. Experience a summer program if you can. You often do projects with professors teaching the courses which will look great in your application.

Possible Art School Scholarships Merit Based You are evaluated on how impressive your portfolio is. FAFSA FASFA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Here, you can access grants, scholarships, and loans. You can apply through their website every October. The deadline for each college is different.

Doodle for Google The Doodle for Google contest is free entry and allows students to submit a doodle incorporating the Google logo. The National Winner receives a $30,000 scholarship with their artwork displayed on the Google homepage. Scholastic Awards In the Scholastic Awards, students in grades 7-12 can submit artwork or writing. The 15 national winners receive up to $10,000 in scholarships. HOPE and Zell Miller States have programs like the Hope Scholarship or Zell Miller. HOPE assists in tuition fees. You must meet Hope’s citizen requirements and meet a minimum 3.0 GPA. Zell Miller provides full tuition scholarship to those who meet the Hope Scholarship requirements with 3.7 GPA and a 1200 score on the SAT and/or a 26 composite score on the ACT. More scholarship opportunities become available during your college years.


Thank you

The Muse is a literary magazine publication class at Northview High School that spends time exploring creativity, typically through a magazine drawing artists and writers together into one space. This year, the literary magazine decided to embark on the journey to create a manual and space that would educate and inform students in a creative way about what options they have available these special years in High School. We sincerely hope that there is something on any one of these pages that will have enlightened your perspective of the various artistic activities in high school and that you've enjoyed this speedy trip through our space world. A special thanks to Ms. Pope for her edits and encouragement through the project, and Sarah and Joy, our Editors-in-Chief for their input and support. Design Credit: Tara Alexander: 4, 18-19, 20-21 Lindsey Yi: 1, 6-9, 10-11, 14-15, 16-17, 26-29 Diane Zhao: 1-3, 5, 12-13, 22-25, 30-31, 32 Edits made by Lindsey Yi and Diane Zhao on all pages


Letter to Candles who Burn Down the Dark Dear Candles, The world is loud— It’s hard to hear voices in its crowded Streets that are never dark, Where there is no shut down, no time out, no darting Away from the rush and the speed and the drive And the greed. So I say to my candles who burn down the dark, Quiet the world down Soften the bright lights And with your creations Heal us, peace feel us, truth keep us vulnerable and open and optimistic and hopeful. Loud voices deafen us, frighten us, boom terrifyingly within us: “You must be a scientist, a politician, a technician, a thing-fiction Own stocks, get tiktokked, be mock-media-killers And be killed like everyone else.” Be empty, dark siphons who silently cry.

My candles who burn down the dark Shut this noise down Be groundbreakers, those change makers; be problem solvers, those calm resolvers, And with your color palettes and your color words Silence the empty, dark nothings (Us)—silently crying. Restore our melody, magic, moonlit romantic. And grow your light and Burn it bright Light that darkness, slow the rush, silence the loud cacophony That kills us. Quiet whisperers With your art and your poetry and your prose and your music And your gifts-Be loud, so loud, so quietly, refreshingly, beautifully loud See your creations, know your creations, believe your creations— You are candles who burn down the dark. Love, Candlelighter


Profile for Northview Literary Magazine

Journey of the Creative Soul  

This manual was created for rising High School students to unlock their creative potential in Northview High School's activities-- from club...

Journey of the Creative Soul  

This manual was created for rising High School students to unlock their creative potential in Northview High School's activities-- from club...


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