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It has been a busy time for our new Year 7 cohort as they started their first year at North Sydney Boys. We welcomed the Class of 2029 into the North Sydney Boys community and they quickly began to settle in, getting involved within sports, clubs, co-curricular activities and their academic coursework. Year 7’s journey started with our transition week activities where the boys were sorted into peer support groups and were introduced to everything that North Sydney Boys has to offer. After a few informative sessions on the school rules, the Falcon values and the development of social skills, the boys were equipped to know the importance of respect and having pride in their identity as North Sydney Boys students.

Our week two camp at Fitzroy Falls showed our boys’ resilience as they endeavoured through rain and cold to participate in activities varying from archery to the flying fox to a Corroboree conducted by local First Nations representatives. They were accompanied by their Year 10 peer support boys and I want to praise the get-up-and-go attitude of Year 7s in their willingness to try new things. One of our Year 10 peer support leaders, Dennis, described the excitement of camp, writing:

“Expanding and stepping out of our comfort zone is a recurring concept that these Optimum Experience camps stand by and I can most definitely say every one of the Year 7 students did so with a willing and positive attitude. With activities like the giant swing, high wires and team building exercises with classmates the boys just met, this camp most definitely pushed us all away from our daily routine.”


However, upon their return to school it was time to get back into that daily routine. Adjusting to the demands of a six period day, nine new subjects, different classrooms and teachers, can be a challenging process for a lot of new students. Year 7 met this challenge head on, exemplifying their commitment to their academic pursuits by being active participants in class discussions.

A continual priority of all Year 7 students is adjusting to the demands of high school and the expectations placed upon them as they develop into fine young adults. Part of this is taking responsibility and accountability for their own learning. This means arriving at classes prepared, organised and ready to learn as well as taking ownership over completion of homework and assessment tasks. Students who need help in meeting these requirements are encouraged to talk to their teachers, myself or our greater learning support team.

As part of their learning journey, Year 7s have undertaken several exciting activities including a workshop with the Poetry in Action team for English and the Snake Tails incursion with science. This sort of hands-on experiential learning is fundamental to see the real world impacts of the curriculum.

I would encourage all Year 7 students to be focused on developing a holistic approach to their schooling experience. This means being involved with sport, co-curricular and other activities and prioritising putting in maximum effort rather than just being focused on results. We have a wide array of sports opportunities at the school ranging from Wednesday grade sport, rec sport and falcon sport. As well as this, opportunities such as the swimming, athletics and cross-country carnivals have presented an opportunity for Year 7s to showcase their athletic prowess and their willingness to participate. I encourage all Year 7 students to get involved, not be afraid to fail, and to relish the sporting opportunities provided at North Sydney Boys.

Year 7s now have the opportunity to join clubs and societies. We have a wide range including but not limited to Cars Club, Chess Club, Debating, History Club, Anime Club and Robotics Club. These offer opportunities to develop passions and hobbies with like minded students and to form bonds and friendships which can last a lifetime. For students who are still finding their place and their friendship group, finding a specialised interest can be a great way to meet new people and to discover new passions.

Students’ wellbeing is always a priority. Our workshops which have focused on organisation skills, teaching explicit social skills, making friends and emotional resilience is important for our cohort in practising good manners and excellent social skills. Year 7 should be praised for their politeness and the way they are interacting with their peers and teachers. Practising respectful relationships is a fundamental part of not only being a North Sydney Boys student but also a broader citizen.

On their first day of this year I read aloud a quote from former Lt. General of the Australian Army, David Morrison. Morrison said, “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.” These are words that govern our approach as a year group, lifting each other up and to work cohesively to uphold the high standards of the Falcon Code. I am proud of the effort of Year 7s thus far and look forward to seeing them continue to learn, grow and mature.

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It has been another busy and exciting semester at North Sydney Boys High School, with the Year 8 boys hard at work bolstering their identities as intelligent, focused, respectable, and diligent young men. I am consistently impressed by their outstanding work ethic and the ways in which they embody the Falcon values.


This semester, we launched our Falcon Workshops, focusing on building positive relationships, independence, and self-motivation. It is crucial for our students to learn effective communication and positive conflict resolution with their peers, fostering stronger connections and understanding. The workshops equip students with resilience strategies to overcome challenges, creating a supportive network where they uplift and empower one another. Additionally, by exploring self-motivation and independence, students develop a sense of self-reliance, paving the way for greater personal achievement.



This term, the Year 8 boys have been busy not only in the classroom but also in their sporting endeavors. I am proud to share some of their success stories with you in this edition of the bulletin.

Cross Country, Swimming & Athletics Carnival

This semester, the Year 8 cohort participated in the School Cross Country as well as the annual Swimming and Athletics Carnival, competing in various events such as long jump, shot put, javelin, and more! I was delighted to see the determination displayed by the Year 8 boys. A special congratulations to Jay Shi for taking first place in the 13 years Cross Country and to Will Raphael for placing second in the 14 years category. Additionally, I would like to wish Alexander Song the best of luck in the State Swimming Carnival.


To ensure their continued success, it is vital that students use technology appropriately and in moderation. NSBHS enforces a strict technology policy within the school grounds, and we also have zero tolerance for individuals who engage in cyberbullying and other problematic online behaviors at home. I would like to remind all students, especially those aspiring to be selected as an SRC member or Peer Support leader in the future, that we hold you to a very high standard. Inappropriate use of technology, along with infractions such as being out of uniform, lack of punctuality, and misbehavior in the classroom, playground, or during sports, may compromise your chances of success. Please hold yourselves to the same standards and conduct yourselves in a positive and respectful manner at all times!

Finally, Year 8 students are always welcome to speak to myself or Mr Renford, Assistant Year Adviser, if they encounter any challenges. The school aims to support the wellbeing of our students and we understand that adolescence may be a challenging time so we offer our support to ensure students grow and learn in a safe environment. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your son’s progress.

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Once again, North Sydney Boys High School has witnessed a bustling and exhilarating term, with the Year 9 students fervently crafting their personas as bright, driven, esteemed, and diligent young men. Their exemplary work ethic and embodiment of the Falcon values never cease to amaze me. Despite only being Term 2, the amount of incredible stories that I can share with the broader community is phenomenal.

Geography Competition

Year 9 recently hosted Tim Parker, an expert in the high-speed rail industry, for their Business Proposal Geography Assessment Task. We extend our sincere thanks to Tim Parker for generously dedicating his time to provide our NSB students with an authentic problem-solving experience. Congratulations to the winning team: Hoyt Sun, Jeremy Chen, Lucas Ding, Eason Huang, Goldman Peng, and Tim Lin. Their presentation was meticulously detailed, thoroughly considered, and delivered with finesse and style. Tim Lin graciously shared some insights into their experience and the valuable lessons learned:


“This journey has taught us invaluable lessons about the significance of teamwork, the need for meticulous research, and the impact of effective communication.

Reflecting on our experience, Hoyt Sun shared, “It was quite enjoyable, the experience. After some retrospective analysis, I realized that it is not the length of the journey from Melbourne to Sydney that is significant, but rather our tendency to choose slower paths. The route laid by the High-Speed Railway Authority is not slow; we simply fail to utilize the swiftest path given.” He further added, “We are defined by our frequent journeys. Excellence in transit, then, is not found in a single trip, but in consistently anatomizing routes from Sydney to Melbourne.

Overall, this opportunity allowed us to deepen our understanding of high-speed rail systems and sharpen our skills in collaboration and public speaking. We learned how to tackle challenges head-on, manage our time efficiently, and adapt our strategies to different situations. The project also provided us with insights into the practical aspects of business proposals, from cost analysis to environmental considerations. The invaluable feedback we received provided us with a better perspective on our strengths and areas for improvement. Winning this competition was a testament to our hard work and dedication, and it was a deeply rewarding experience for all of us. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity and proud of the knowledge and skills we gained through this journey.” - Tim Lin


This term has been very busy in the realm of sports for the Year 9 cohort. Notably, there have been terrific results in the CHS State swimming carnival, Sydney Knockout Squash and the Cross Country.

CHS State Swimming Championships

Two students represented our school at the CHS state swimming carnival. Firstly, a big congratulations to Albert Wang for his 6th placement in the 100m breaststroke. Additionally, we applaud Lucas Ding for his 11th place in the 100m backstroke. Both Albert’s and Lucas’s accomplishments showcase their unwavering commitment and dedication to athletics. It’s truly inspiring to witness the remarkable achievements of our students in sports. On behalf of the entire school community, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to both of you for your outstanding efforts in achieving this remarkable feat.

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Sydney Knockout Squash

At the Sydney Knockout Squash tournament, Sean Sehu and Hugo Woon demonstrated remarkable prowess on the court. They clinched second place in their matches, propelling them to the next stage of the competition. Sean’s and Hugo’s exceptional displays underscore their commitment and skill in the game of squash. Kudos to both Sean and Hugo for their stellar accomplishments, and may they carry this momentum forward in the ensuing rounds of the tournament.

Cross Country

In the cross country event, our athletes showcased remarkable determination and skill, earning commendable placements. Edson Jia claimed the top spot in the 14s category, demonstrating exceptional speed and endurance. Following closely behind, Lucas Zhou secured an impressive eighth place in the same category, showcasing his tenacity and perseverance. Moving on to the 15s category, Albert Wang emerged victorious, clinching first place with a stellar performance. Yisen Pan also displayed outstanding athleticism, finishing in a commendable second place in the 15s category. These results highlight the dedication and talent of our cross country runners, and we applaud them for their exemplary achievements on the track.

World’s Greatest Shave

In a remarkable display of camaraderie and compassion, Johnson Tang, Thomas Zhang, Sinuo Yue, Rhys Sung, Jayden Woo, and Ethan Cai from our school community recently participated in the World’s Greatest Shave event. With selfless determination, these young men courageously shaved their heads to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation, an organisation dedicated to supporting patients and families affected by blood cancer. Their act of solidarity, supported by their peers, teachers, and families, resulted in a remarkable donation of $2600 towards this noble cause. Through their inspiring actions, they embody the values of empathy and altruism that define our school community, showcasing the power of collective effort in creating positive change.


Wellbeing Workshop

In the first term, our boys had the privilege of participating in a wellbeing workshop with a focus on empathy, perfectly aligned with our Graduate Profile program’s emphasis on Social Awareness. This workshop, skillfully organized and supported by Will De Lima and Georgina Willma, offered students a profound exploration of understanding and empathy. Through a series of interactive activities and discussions, they delved into the intricate nuances of empathy by examining the thoughts, feelings, and perspectives of various characters in scenario-based situations. The workshop underscored the significance of respecting and appreciating the diverse viewpoints of others, while also encouraging students to express their own thoughts and emotions. This enlightening experience undoubtedly enhanced our boys’ social awareness and interpersonal skills.

I eagerly anticipate the remainder of the year, brimming with remarkable tales and achievements from our cohort.

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Falcon Bulletin


Welcome to 2024! As always, I sincerely hope that the students enjoyed their well-deserved summer holidays and felt motivated to begin the new school year. It is also my pleasure to welcome two new students to our cohort, Aizen Tam and Jackson Yun; it is always lovely to see some new faces, and I am confident that they have both managed to make new friendships and immerse themselves within the culture of NSB.

At the beginning of Term 1, the Year 10 students involved in the Peer Support program joined the new Year 7 cohort on their school camp at Fitzroy Falls. This was a bit of a throwback for them, and an opportunity to reflect on how far they’ve come. There were no reports of homesickness, no one stumbling under the weight of a 30kg suitcase, and no hesitation to participate in activities; a far cry from their camp experience three years ago! The Peer Support leaders were incredibly supportive of their Year 7 mentees, and the camp instructors and supervising teachers were impressed at the rapport they were able to build with the younger boys and the maturity with which they conducted themselves. Since then, the Year 10’s have been hosting regular Peer Support sessions with the Year 7’s, designed to provide them with social and academic guidance and ease their transition into high school. As Year Advisor, I am so proud of the leadership skills they have demonstrated!


On the Wellbeing front, in Term 1 students participated in an incursion run by the external provider Consent Labs. They ran a workshop on ‘Positive Masculinity’, which focused on helping students to understand the complex nature of masculinity in modern society. This saw the students separated into groups and working one-on-one with the facilitator to share ideas and engage in thoughtful and productive discussions about dismantling stereotypes and how to become a positive male role model. This term, we will be running a workshop dedicated to providing students with strategies to promote a ‘growth mindset’ and enhance resilience and social and emotional wellbeing. While we always endeavour to tailor these workshops to the immediate needs of students and any areas of concern that emerge, it is important for students to remember that they can seek support with academic stress or emotional wellbeing at any time. They can use the QR codes posted around the school and on the digital noticeboard or self-refer to myself or other members of the Wellbeing team.

In Week 4 of Term 1, the Year 10’s attended the Leadership, Enrichment and Activities Program (LEAP) day, where they had the opportunity to learn about and join different clubs and committees across the school. It was fantastic to see so many boys from our cohort helping run the stalls! This year there was a range of new clubs to choose from, including Fitness Club, Philosophy Club, Aviation Club, Photography Club and Car Club. These can be joined at any time, and I strongly encourage students to get involved in some extracurriculars as it is a great way to interact with people from other year groups, de-stress, and cultivate new hobbies and interests!

In Week 6 of Term 1, students participated in the annual Swimming Carnival, held this year at Auburn Aquatic Centre. Every individual who swam on the day and earned points for their house is to be congratulated, but a special commendation must go to Yi Long Cho and Liam Celinski, our respective Age Champion and Runner-up. Additionally, in Week 1 of this term (and against all odds, given the dire state of the weather) we held the Cross Country Carnival over the road at St Leonards Park. Congratulations to Jack Li who was Age Champion, and Benjamin Boutkaska who was Runner-up!

In other news, we have recently had a team place 2nd in their regional round of the 2024 Ethics Olympiad, which means they will now proceed to an international round, competing against teams from USA, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand and a few other countries. The team consists of Liam Celinski, Anthony Fang, Nishok Muthu, Harkrish Nanwa and Mark P’ng. What an impressive achievement!

After the last few matches concluded for those involved in Summer Grade Sport, the Winter season for Wednesday afternoon sport officially started on 29 February. There has been a recent change to the travel arrangements for sport, with teachers now walking students to nearby venues or accompanying them on hire buses for away games. This will hopefully make the entire process more seamless and ensure that students arrive on time! A reminder that when students are out in public, they are wearing their uniforms and thus representing the school, so they should be adhering to the Falcon Code and conducting themselves in a respectful manner at all times.

I look forward to the remainder of Term 2, and eagerly await news of other things that our Year 10’s have participated in and accomplished (both in school and beyond)!

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The beginning of 2024 has been a dynamic period for our Year 11 cohort at North Sydney Boys. We warmly welcomed twelve new students to our school community: Aditya Bangalore, Jay Chen, Herschel Gopiinaath, Ryan Kim, Adit Malish, Maanav Sahni, Michael Shim, Ziming Tian, James Wei, Kevin Xia, Daniel Yang and Jiutian Zhang. These newcomers have embraced their introduction to life at NSB with enthusiasm and dedication. A big thank you goes to the twelve Year 11 buddies who generously volunteered to support these students in transitioning to our school.

In the initial weeks of the term, students have been adjusting to the rigours of senior school academics. Establishing positive study habits, including prioritising healthy eating, sufficient sleep, and regular exercise, is crucial for their success in navigating their challenging new subjects. Encouragement is given for students to form study groups, facilitating the sharing of knowledge and resources among peers.


In Week 2, Year 11 joined the Class of 2023 celebration assembly, allowing them to establish their goals for their final years. In Week 4, the SRC organised the Senior Games Night in collaboration with North Sydney Girls High School, offering students a valuable opportunity for social interaction. Additionally, students were handed their 2024 Assessment Schedules. I encourage you to review this document with your son to gain insight into the upcoming assessments and the guidelines regarding Misadventure Forms.

The North Shore High Schools’ Music Spectacular was held at the NSBHS Hall this year on 8 March and our incredibly talented students have progressed to the finals at Killara High School! In Week 5, Year 11 participated in a Falcon Workshop on Study Skills, Teamwork and Social Cohesion. The program promoted the formation of study groups, teamwork, collaboration and peer support. The workshop broke down misconceptions regarding rank protectionism, ATAR moderation and scaling, and supported effective study skills. This program was used with great success by our 2023 cohort.

Week 6 commenced with our annual Swimming Carnival, where our House Captains demonstrated exemplary leadership. Ocean Armstrong and Brendan Boomla (Harvey), Karthikeyan Kumaran and Andy Ji (Hinder), Rishi Mayur and Param Shah (Smith), and Alan Tran and Vincent Widjaya (Williams) admirably led their houses, inspiring junior students to participate with pride and sportsmanship.

Throughout the term, Year 11 students have embraced various leadership opportunities, such as organising and participating in the Leadership and Extracurricular Activities Program (LEAP) Club Day on 23 February, which allowed students to submit an expression of interest in signing up for the various clubs that are both teacher and student run within our school. This initiative highlights the school’s commitment to developing our students’ leadership and citizenship capabilities. Year 11s participation in a range of clubs has set a positive example for their junior peers.

Finally, please ensure if your son appears to have any academic or well-being concerns contact me, the Wellbeing team or our Assistant Year Advisor, Ms. Kurath.

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Year 12 students are focused and committed to achieving their best. There was a lot of excitement upon returning to school and receiving their Senior Jackets - a rite of passage that will keep them warm over the winter months.

We saw an enthusiastic participation from Year 12 in the School Cross Country Carnival. Congratulations to Jaiden Hugh, Daniel Zhang and Timothy Chau for coming first, second and third respectively in the 18s age group. Also, congratulations to Anthony Ivanov who came third in the 17s age group. I was delighted to see Year 12 students displaying good sportsmanship and engaging in physical activities.

Our Senior Leadership Council (SLC) hosted the Prefect Afternoon Tea in the hall on Tuesday of Week 2 (7 May). Prefects from other schools attended the event. I would like to praise our SLC students for organsing a wonderful event and for upholding the Falcon Code at all times.


The voluntary Year 12 Interviews have been conducted the past week to check the progress of our students. Mr Pillay (deputy principal), Mr Miller (careers advisor), Ms Willma (Head of Wellbeing) and I want to ensure students have a positive mindset in preparation for the Assessment Block at the end of Term 2. We discuss career options and the general wellbeing of the students in these interviews. I am glad to see that students take responsibility and ownership of their learning and want to perform at their personal best by engaging in productive discussions about their progress and future aspirations.

Year 12 students enjoyed their last Athletics Carnival on Friday 17 May. I look forward to seeing our Year 12 competitors in a variety of field and track events.

The major item scheduled on the school calendar is the Trial Examination Assessment Block in Week 9 and Week 10 this term. In order to assist students in preparing for their assessment tasks, the wellbeing team has organised a Wellbeing Workshop for our students on Friday of Week 6 on stress management and managing anxiety. Parents are encouraged to book a meeting and speak to your son’s teachers during the parent-teacher meeting via Microsoft Team on Tuesday 21 May (Week 4). An email has been sent to parents. This will be a good opportunity to understand your son’s progress and allow you to further assist your child at home.

And lastly, please note that applications for universities have opened. Students and parents can visit the University Admissions Centre’s website https://www.uac.edu.au/keydates for more information.

I look forward to continuing to support your son in his final year of school.

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