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Kubota Thunder Bay Has New Ownership!

INSIDE Worker mental health awareness training receives Ontario funding ENTER THE DEN IS BACK Ministry of Colleges and Universities providing Lakehead University with $1 million for upgrades North Superior Publishing


Thunder Bay Counselling & Children’s Centre Thunder Bay Announce Strategic Alliance

$1 Million from the Thunder Bay 50/50 will be going towards bringing cardiovascular surgery to Thunder Bay



$1 Million from the Thunder Bay 50/50 will be going towards bringing cardiovascular surgery to Thunder Bay The Thunder Bay 50/50 has been an extremely successful fundraiser for the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation since it started in early 2021. Over $9M in prizes has been awarded to over 50 Early Bird and Grand Prize draw winners, and millions of dollars in proceeds have gone towards purchasing equipment and making infrastructure upgrades at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. The Foundation will be allocating $1M in proceeds from the Thunder Bay 50/50 to the Our Hearts at Home campaign, which is bringing cardiovascular surgery to Thunder Bay. “February is Heart month, and what a perfect time to announce that $1M from the 2021 50/50 proceeds will be going to the Our Hearts at Home campaign,” says Glenn Craig, President and CEO of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation. “Northwestern Ontario has the highest rates of cardiovascular disease, amputation, and other cardiac- and vascular-related health issues, plus we’re the only major city in Ontario where you have to drive for more than a day to access cardiovascular surgery services – so for patients in this region, bringing these services here is really a matter of life or death.”

$1M from the Thunder Bay 50/50 proceeds will help bring the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre one step closer to establishing a full cardiovascular surgery program. A full cardiovascular surgery program care system to coordinate care. While many means that for most patients, they will be of the Foundation’s fundraising activities able to have their surgeries without having were put on hold during the pandemic, the to travel too far from home, and still success of the 50/50 draw has allowed us to receive the same level of care they would in give $1M towards the Our Hearts at Home a larger centre. In August 2021, the campaign. This will help fund a full cardiac province confirmed their commitment to the program here in Thunder Bay, which project, awarding $5.2 M to help fund the includes cardiovascular surgery, in addition planning and design of the program. to the existing services we already have, “I know how difficult it can be to travel like angioplasty and cardiology,” says outside the region for care. It’s difficult for Parker Jones, Chair, Board of Directors, the patients, their families, and the healthThunder Bay Regional Health Sciences

Foundation. “I think I can speak for the entire campaign cabinet, and for everyone in the community, when I say how incredibly grateful we are for this donation. This is bringing us one step closer to our fundraising goal and we are beyond thankful for our generous donors and 50/50 supporters who continue to help us reach our vision of full cardiovascular surgical services, closer to home,” says Paul Fitzpatrick, Chair, Our Hearts at Home Cabinet. “On behalf of our patients, our staff and the leadership team, I want to thank the people in our region for supporting their Foundation in such a huge way,” said Dr. Rhonda Crocker-Ellacott, President & Chief Executive Officer of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Science Centre and Chief Executive Officer of the Thunder Bay Regional Health Research Institute. “Thanks to Paul and the entire Foundation team, and the provincial government’s support, a full cardiovascular program here in Thunder Bay will mean even better service for patients closer to home." To learn more about the Our Hearts at Home Campaign, or to make a donation, visit healthsciencesfoundation.ca or call the Donation Centre at (807) 345-4673.

ENTER THE DEN IS BACK Enter the Den is a business plan competition for Thunder Bay students. It is a gentler version of the TV show format with practical and encouraging feedback provided to all semi-finalists and finalists. - The competition is back and with a new category to include students in Grades 7 & 8 along with grade 9-12 students. 3 prizes for each grade category (Gr 7 & 8

and Gr 9-12) 1st place $1000, 2nd place $500 & 3rd Place $250 The three cash prizes for each category will go to students with good business ideas that have been well researched, well presented, and well defended. Both written and verbal presentations will be required, and we expect that the students follow the format of a busi-

ness plan in developing their business idea. This contest offers encouragement and supports students along the way. Several resources and supports will be available to assist students moving forward in the competition. This includes tips on writing the business plan, marketing do's and don'ts, presentation skills and more. Students do not have to start a business - the goal of the competition is to teach students about what is involved in starting a business and to recognize that starting a business can be a career choice. For more information please contact: the Thunder Bay Ventures office Entrepreneurship Education A variety of careers involve aspects of businesses practices. Whether you are a doctor, mechanic or hairdresser, proper knowledge of business practices is key for success. Courses in business studies help prepare students for diverse areas of business as profes-

sional careers but also provides practical use that students can use in everyday life regardless of their career. Students learn about different business operations and practices but also learn more about personal skill which includes management, interpersonal skills, and career development. Learning about business allows students to be introduced to a wide range of different opportunities. Introducing them to several businesses will allow them to choose the one best suited to their personal interests and traits. Benefits of Entrepreneurship Students will be able to: · realize the importance of invention, creativity, imagination, collaboration, and innovation in entrepreneurship · demonstrate an understanding of income and spending challenges facing individuals and businesses · demonstrate an understanding of sound management practices in business · demonstrate an understanding of the importance and role of marketing in business · demonstrate an understanding of the importance and role of accounting in business · analyze the importance of planning for the success of an organization · demonstrate an understanding of appropriate planning tools and techniques in a variety of situations · determine, organize, and manage the information and sources of information needed for the successful start-up of their venture · determine the financial requirements and sources of financing for their venture · analyze the challenges and opportunities of the start-up phase of a business life cycle · identify and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities in their community to select one well suited to their interests and capabilities · generate ideas that match their selected entrepreneurial opportunity and assess the idea that is most appropriate for a new venture · prepare for other future career options · build public speaking skill and self confidence · build crucial life skills for future employment · anticipate and identify problems that may arise · come up with creative solutions to problems


Publisher’s Note Scott Sumner Money is very important in this world, for the lifestyle it can help you achieve. Almost all our dreams involve having the finances to make things happen. Here is a summary of action steps you can take to make your command of money much better. 1. Review your financial position, both assets and liabilities, and create a balance sheet indicating your net worth. 2. List all revenues and expenses to create an income statement, and indicate your net savings potential per month.


A Financial Action Plan Summary you can achieve. Factors to consider are the availability, income generation and security of your investment portfolio 5. Review your monthly expenses to create an awareness of how your money is spent in order to ensure that it is exactly where you want it to go. Search for ways to save money, spending less on your purchases. Set a budget. 6. Analyze your financial affairs on an ongoing basis, even monthly at the start, quarterly from thereon. Track your progress.

3. Set financial goals for major purchases, and savings for future expenses, such as the education for your family and retirement years.

7. Find out about current changes in the economy that affect you,search for their services, but their advice is important in helping you arrive at the best financial program for you. Also remember their fees are a tax deduction.

4. Review your current investments and assets to ensure that they are the best that

8. Set yourself on a course to become a

financial expert. If you are interested in the stock market, find out more about it by enrolling in a course or by reading books. Likewise, if you are interested in real estate as an investment, start by getting a good understanding of the market. 9. By spending time on your financial future, you are definitely going to improve your lifestyle. 10. Remember, you must start somewhere and only you can do it. The main point I hope you gain from this is that any financial planning is better than no planning at all. For many of you, what you will do now represents the first serious review of financial affairs that you have ever undertaken. The process itself has helped you understand what it is you intend to do from a financial perspective over the course of your lifetime. The earlier you start, the better. It is much easier if you start when you're twenty then when you're sixty-five,

but in my opinion, it's never too late. The important thing is to continue your efforts throughout your life.What you will have accomplished is to have a clear, concise balance sheet that shows exactly your net worth. By detailing your short term cash, long term cash, short term assets, real estate, everything that pertains to your present financial situation, you have seen your financial worth on paper. No one else will do this for you. Your finances require work and planning to achieve positive results. The person that does this will undoubtedly achieve a much better lifestyle than those who don't. Also it will give you a tremendous sense of satisfaction that you have accomplished your financial future to the best of your ability. Good Luck! www.scottsumner.com

Worker mental health awareness training receives Ontario funding Workplace Safety North training and resources helping forestry and mine workers This month, the province announced $1.7 million funding for the development and delivery of Workplace Safety North mental health training and resources for mining and forestry workers in northern Ontario. Both mining and forestry were deemed essential services, and have been operating throughout the pandemic. Many worksite locations are remote work camps or in northern Ontario region, where access to medical care is more difficult than in southern Ontario. “Based on the effects of the pandemic on mental health in the workplace and at home, workplace mental health has moved to the forefront of Ontario workplace safety,” says Paul Andre, President and CEO of Workplace Safety North (WSN). “People are dealing with prolonged anxiety, depression, isolation, and need information and reinforcement on healthy ways

to cope. “In response to growing demand, WSN has assembled a team of four Psychological Health and Safety Advisors, accredited with the Canadian Mental Health Association, who are available to consult with clients and help create psychologically safe and healthy workplaces.

so that workers can ask for the help and support they need. This is especially important in the mining and forestry sectors, where mental health and psychological concerns are starting to be addressed. The program includes a research partnership with the Centre for Research for Occupational Safety and Health based out

harassment. QUICK FACTS • As an independent nonfor-profit, Workplace Safety North is one of four sector-based health and safety associations in Ontario. WSN supplies specialized occupational health and safety services such as health and safety certification programs and on-site audits to mining and forest product industries. • There are currently 23,900 full-time workers in the Ontario mining sector and 57,400 full-time workers in the Ontario forestry, paper, printing, and converting sector.

“Last year, workplace mental health resources were in the top ten health and safety resources accessed on workplacesafetynorth.ca, including a link to free workplace mental health videos viewed more than 500 times by Ontario employers and workers,” notes Andre. Funding for Workplace Safety North’s three-year project is being used to develop and deliver in-person and online training programs for mining and forestry operations, including an online portal where workers and employers can access mental health tools and resources 24-7, as well as free resources and awareness sessions for small businesses. These services help reduce the stigma associated with mental health challenges

of Laurentian University in Sudbury, which will be tracking statistical data to determine the effectiveness of the training and resources. To date, from October to December 2021, WSN delivered six training sessions to total of 928 participants. Survey results indicate 95.7 per cent of training participants said their knowledge and awareness increased, and 96.7 per cent said they changed their practice or behaviour as a result of receiving services. The program builds on the government’s work to protect workers from workplace injuries and illness through the five-year Prevention Works strategy. The strategy aims to help workplaces comply with and exceed workplace health and safety laws and standards to keep workers safe, focusing on occupational illnesses, employee mental health, workplace violence, and

• Between 2014 -2018 Workplace Safety North conducted risk assessments with the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development on logging and mining operations in Ontario. It showed that the top mental health risks recognized by employers, workers and workshop participants are stress, lack of focus/distraction and workers under the influence of drugs or alcohol.



To Improve Your Health, Ask, “Why is the Why?” problems. Pain, inflammation, dizziness, nausea, high blood pressure, heart burn or achy joints. These are not diseases unto themselves, but rather symptoms or signs of some underlying health problem. So, should you take or do things merely to block out these signs and symptoms? That would be like putting a piece of masking tape over the red or amber light on your car dashboard that tells you that you have motor trouble or that you are low in gas. It sounds ludicrous to do that to your car does it not? Yet a lot of what we take as health care does exactly that. There are two very different but important paradigms of health care. One is the reductionist model. This tries to separate every aspect of your health in to parts and compartments. It works well for emergency or crisis situations like traumas, heart attacks, and strokes. However, it is not as effective at treating chronic diseases or optimizing health. The other paradigm is the holistic approach. This methodology focuses on improving the health of the whole person and sees each system and part interconnected to each other. I wouldn’t recommend this approach if you where bleeding out from a huge gash in your leg or needed a defibrillator. But there is so much more to health than crisis intervention. A holistic health paradigm looks to the why, the root cause of your health

As an example let us use headaches. There are many different types of headaches. Some last minutes while others last days. Some cause severe stabbing pain while others are mild dull and achy. There can be many different reasons for headaches, from very serious to quite trivial. However, I guarantee you that headaches are never due to a lack of pain medication in your body. Finding the root cause of your headaches rather than masking the symptoms is a much better approach. Ask yourself “Why”. A pinched or irritated spinal nerve in the neck often leads to a headache. The appropriate therapy for this cause could be chiropractic care. If your headaches were due to chronic muscle tension then a massage therapist might be the answer. Perhaps your eyes are the cause, then the optometrist would be best. If grinding your teeth is the cause, then visit the dentist. However, you then need to take it a

step further. Ask yourself “why is the why”. For example, why do I have a pinched nerve in my neck, or chronic muscle tension? Is it because you sleep on your stomach, poor ergonomics at work? Why do I grind my teeth? Is it a physical, mental or emotional reason? Acid reflux is another health problem experienced by many middle aged and older people. It can be due to chemical and hormonal imbalances as well as physical and biomechanical reasons which include taking anti-inflammatory drugs, smoking, diets high in sugar and fat, caffeine, emotional/mental stress, overeating, excessive weight gain, shallow breathing. Should we not make efforts to change these lifestyle factors first before resorting to drugs? To extend my masking tape analogy even further, only using medication to control acid reflux would be like turning the radio on loud in the car to drown out the noise of the engine troubles you have because you ignored the initial warning light by covering it up with masking tape. Wouldn’t you want to know why all of this is happening? Quitting smoking, losing weight, and eating a better diet are obvious lifestyle changes but they are not always easy to alter. One thing that we can more easily alter is our breathing patterns. Modern day society has us all in a perpetual state of fight or flight. Our adrenaline is usually running higher for longer peri-

ods of time then is healthy for us. As a result, breathing patterns change and you don’t even know it. Your diaphragm is a large dome shaped muscle located under the lungs but over top of the stomach. It is our breathing muscle. Over time, short shallow quick breathing patterns tend to restrict or tighten the diaphragm. This in time puts extra pressure and squeezes on the stomach. Therefore, by practicing better breathing patterns and /or seeing a health practitioner knowledgeable in techniques to relax the diaphragm may be a better solution for the symptom of acid reflux. Obtaining optimal health is not an event it is a way of life. This is a hard sell in modern time. Everything we watch and hear on popular media comes to us in fast action clips and snippets of information. Our attention span is becoming smaller and smaller while our desire for instant results and gratification becomes stronger. If you want longer lasting results always consider, why is the why.

James DiGiuseppe is a local chiropractor with a busy family and wellness practice. For more health information or to contact Dr. DiGiuseppe visit: www.portarthurchiropractic.com

Ministry of Colleges and Universities providing Lakehead University with $1 million for upgrades Ontario’s Ministry of Colleges and Universities is providing $1 million to Lakehead University for upgrades to its Wi-Fi, audiovisual and technology equipment in Orillia and Thunder Bay, resulting in a $2 million benefit to students in Engineering and the Sciences. Lakehead and the University’s Student Tech Fee Committee contributed $500,000 each, and Crestron, an audiovisual automation and controls manufacturer, added a $60,000 rebate for further enhancements. This funding will allow Lakehead Thunder Bay to upgrade aging instructional technology in approximately 35 rooms, within the Advanced Technology Academic Centre (ATAC), the Ryan building, and the CJ Sanders Fieldhouse – and add Wi-Fi to the Centennial building.

Engineering, Science and Environmental Studies, and Business. At Lakehead Orillia, the University will update audiovisual and conferencing equipment across roughly 15 instructional spaces – including 11 classrooms in Simcoe Hall and four in Heritage Place, benefiting students in all of Lakehead Orillia’s programs. “The Lakehead University Student Union appreciates the Ministry of Colleges and Universities supporting our students with this funding,” said Lahama Naeem, LUSU President. “Technology and Wi-Fi are essential tools

These upgrades will benefit students in the faculties of Health Sciences,

Lakehead Thunder Bay: This funding will allow Lakehead Thunder Bay to upgrade aging instructional technology in approximately 35 rooms, within the Advanced Technology Academic Centre (pictured), the Ryan building, and the CJ Sanders Fieldhouse – and add Wi-Fi to the Centennial building.

for student learning and advancement in

Lakehead Orillia: This funding will allow Lakehead to update audiovisual and conferencing equipment across roughly 15 instructional spaces at Lakehead Orillia. today's day and age. We are certain that 9,700 full-time equivalent students and these upgrades will have a lasting impact over 2,000 faculty and staff at two camon students and their experience at puses in Orillia and Thunder Bay, Lakehead University,” she added. Ontario. Lakehead has 10 faculties, including Business Administration, Lakehead began this project in September Education, Engineering, Graduate 2021, with an estimated completion date Studies, Health & Behavioural Sciences, of later this year. Law, Natural Resources Management, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, “Thank you, Minister Jill Dunlop, for Science & Environmental Studies, and selecting Lakehead University as a recipi- Social Sciences & Humanities. Lakehead ent of this important funding,” said Dr. University’s achievements have been recMoira McPherson, Lakehead’s President ognized nationally and internationally, and Vice-Chancellor. including being ranked, once again, among Canada’s Top 10 primarily under“The Ministry of Colleges and graduate universities in Maclean’s 2021 Universities’ investment significantly University Rankings; as well as included increases the enhancements to be made to in the top half of Times Higher Lakehead’s collaborative, immersive Education's 2022 World Universities course delivery technology that will Rankings for the third consecutive year, improve access to remote learning tools and in the top 100 of 1,115 universities and opportunities for students at our cam- from around the world in THE's 2021 puses in Orillia and Thunder Bay.” Impact Rankings (which assesses institutions against the United Nations’ 17 Lakehead University is a fully compreSustainable Development Goals). Visit hensive university with approximately www.lakeheadu.ca.



Greenstone Mine Site Progressing Well What's coming next: Greenstone Mine will be conducting scheduled blasts within the Project Area and within the Highway 11 Realignment Area. Blasting will occur on a regular

basis during the construction and operations phases of the Project.

Excavation for the foundation of the future permanent Effluent Water Treatment Plant (EWTP) site continues in preparation for concrete work scheduled to take place at the end of February. The future permanent EWTP will treat all surface water prior to discharge into Kenogamisis Lake.

‘No Trespassing’ signs within the Barton Bay Trail area due to work activities being undertaken for the construction of the MacLeod High Tailings (MHT) seepage collection system have been installed for everyone’s safety as this work continues. Earthworks in the Kenogamisis Pit located North of Highway 11 behind Between Bridges Inn continues with loading and hauling of pit run material to the future Process Plant Site (PPS) area and the future Site Access Road. The future Reagent Building is well underway with the overhead doors installed and the installation of shelving nearing completion. Excavation and stripping of the future PPS footprint continues. Hauling of material within the Site Access Road is nearing completion with the installation of culverts and capping work well underway. Steel installation for the future Sewage Treatment Plant foundation is nearing completion. Form work for the foundation of the future permanent Effluent Treatment Plant is underway in preparation for concrete

work. On-going hauling of material from the S4 Aggregate Pit to the future Tailings Management Facility (TMF) area continues. Construction of sedimentation ponds for water management and excavation and backfilling work for con-

struction of the Goldfield Creek Diversion dyke and channel continues. Tree clearing activities within the Lahtis Road area in preparation for the construction of the TMF continues. Communications Tower mounting of tower communications equipment continues. Drilling and blasting within the future Highway 11 Realignment will continue from west to east, as excavation work and placement of materials will continue towards Michael Power Boulevard. Construction of the East and West ramps for the Michael Power Boulevard crossing are nearing completion. Drilling and blasting within the future MTO Patrol Yard continues. Temporary Power Line work is underway within the future PPS area. The Tree Clearing, Earthworks within the Kenogamisis Pit, S4 Aggregate Pits and the TMF Quarry, the installation of

power lines, the drill and blast program and road construction involve the use of heavy equipment such as zoom booms, cranes, drills, excavators, skidders, wood chippers, bulldozers, tri-axle haul trucks, articulated trucks and loaders. For health and safety reasons, we wish to caution the general public to limit non-essential traffic within the Hardrock Road and the

Temporary Effluent Water Treatment area and to follow and obey posted signs across the Project area. The safety of employees, contractors and the general public is paramount with the construction of the Greenstone Mine.



Kubota Thunder Bay Has New Ownership! BY SCOTT A. SUMNER

Thunder Bay BUSINESS There is new ownership of a long time Thunder Bay business. Randy Neufeld and Cole Christian have acquired Kubota Thunder Bay, completing the transaction at the end of November, 2021. “The previous owners of Kubota Thunder Bay, Cristin and Ian Parker had the business for around 21 years, and they grew it to what you see now. They were my customers at my previous job and when they moved to this new location we got together and decided I was going to come on board and help them take the business to the next level,” said Randy Neufeld, General Manager, Kubota Thunder Bay. “ Things went well and shortly after that we hired Cole Christian. Cole and I started taking over the running of the business the last 3 or 4 years.” The business used to be located on Powley Street and previously Cumberland Street. Kubota has been in Canada over 40 years now. “ We both had been in the business for quite a few years and helped grow it and see it continuing to go that way. Cristin and Ian had done their two decades in the business and were looking to retire so it worked out well for all parties involved.” said Cole Christian, Controller, Kubota

Cole Christian and Randy Neufeld owners of Kubota Thunder Bay, display and showcase it better. As well it offers a better customer experience,”said Cole. “ We recently have leased an addi-

include all Kubota products, Land Pride, HLA Attachments, Horst, Farm King, Walco, BaumaLight,Wallenstein Equipment wood chippers, Husqvarna chainsaws, Stihl products including lawnmowers, Ariens snowblowers and DR walk behind products. They operate in the Industrial, Commercial and Residential markets. “Kubota is our main supplier and we sell

Thunder Bay. Cole took accounting at Lakehead University and then worked for Enterprise Canada managing a couple locations for them. He started at Kubota Thunder Bay as an Admin Assistant and gradually took on more responsibility. Kubota Thunder Bay have been at the 635 Hewitson St. location for about 7 years this May. The new location building is 7000 square feet in size on just over an acre of land. “ It did give us the opportunity to grow with better visibility and offer more room to grow. We could put more product on

ic we have managed to stay on the right side of it. With the pandemic people have stayed at home more which has benefited us as they have done home projects. It had been alright for us,”said Randy. “This is a fun industry for us to be in. You are dealing with a good group of mature, well established customers. Also the customers that we have here are very loyal.We try to make it a positive shop-

tional 1/2 acre near the expressway from our neighbour which allows us to bring in more product and support future growth.” Kubota Thunder Bay currently have a staff of 15 including two part timers. There are also job ads up now for new positions. The business has two parts personal, a service writer, three mechanics with a fourth coming, two sales staff, a janitor/ handyman, delivery driver and they want to add an admin position as well. There is also Randy and Cole. Kubota Thunder Bay sell a variety of products from several suppliers. These

their entire product line anything from small lawn tractors to big farm tractors and the full line of construction products as well.”said Randy. “During the last few years of the pandem-

ping experience for them.” said Randy.




Kubota Thunder Bay Has New Ownership! Continued “The lead times have gotten a lot longer to get product. We stay on top of the ordering so we do have a supply of product coming

Thunder Bay and closeby area but they have sold products say to Sandy Lake or Wawa.

All the Canadian Kubota stores are independently owned with about 150 across Canada.

“We supply many mines in the area which

“My goal growing up was always to be an entrepreneur and I enjoy it, the drive of it is fun. You carve your own path. We are involved in many industries whether it is mining, construction, farming and residential so you talk to many people.” said Randy Neufeld, age 50. “ I have always aspired to be an entrepre-

in and are at the point now where we are starting to catch up with the orders we put in last year. We should be able to get everybody what they need.You have to be proactive, not reactive with ordering now.” said Randy. Kubota Thunder Bay serves the market area from Marathon to Dryden more or less. Most of their business is in the

have kept going through the pandemic so that has been positive for us. Also we deal with many of the Northern Communities as well which is good.”said Cole. Kubota is a Japanese company with main manufacturing done in Japan as well as Europe and the US depending on the product line.

neur and it is nice to be in the drivers seat. In the future we are definitely looking to expand and keep our positive growth going. One day we hope to acquire more property and grow the Kubota and other short lines in Thunder Bay.” said Cole Christian, age 35. “ The economy of

Thunder Bay is on a positive upswing I believe with mining and some other industry so we are going to be in good shape. We see the nuclear storage project and other businesses expanding in NW Ontario, so I see positive things coming in the next 10 to 15 years with new investment. Thunder Bay is also a good place to raise a family.” “Cole and I have worked together for 5 years now so knew what we were getting into with our partnership. It was a long

process acquiring the business, but we worked well with the previous owners so it was just a natural transition. It wasn’t a big shock to our vendors when we started to take over. It made sense.” said Randy.



Impala Canada and Confederation College Partner to Build Skilled Trades Capacity in the North Impala Canada and Confederation College announced that, together, they will work towards building a pipeline of skilled trades talent in Northwestern Ontario through a

$120,000 investment by Impala Canada. This investment forms the foundation of a unique partnership between the two organizations that will support the College and its students at several points in the post-

Next Issue:

Thunder Bay Business Main Topic: Transportation Ad Copy Deadline March25,2022 Contact Sylvia @807-629-7599 www.thunderbaybusiness.ca

secondary journey: from the recruitment of bright, young talent to tuition support and on-the-job training. “Confederation College plays an important role in Northwestern Ontario, educating and preparing individuals for rewarding careers in the skilled trades,” said Tim Hill, CEO, Impala Canada. “A career in a skilled trade provides a solid future, one where students discover their potential and their ability to contribute to the communities they call home. We look forward to partnering with Confederation College to support training pathways for students to help sustain employment and education in the region.” For the next three academic years, the $120,000 from Impala Canada will enable the College to recruit broadly for its Skilled Trades program as well as remove any unexpected financial barriers that might prevent a student from graduating. The investment will also enable students to visit Impala Canada’s Lac des Iles mine site to understand the opportunities mining presents and will provide apprenticeship and coop opportunities for Confederation College’s Skilled Trades students. “Supported by Impala Canada’s generous investment, I am excited that Confederation College will be able to intensify its recruitment efforts that seek to attract both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students who may be interested in skilled trades,” said Kathleen Lynch, President of Confederation College. “This partnership will provide opportunities to those who may have not have otherwise been able to pursue their aspirations, while also contributing to the economies that drive northwest Ontario.”



WHAT’S IN A NAME? © 2022 Brian Babcock In Ontario, any person or corporation carrying on business under any name

Legal Matters

This makes sense. It should be easy for others to know who they are doing business with. A person carrying on business without registering their business name, or without keeping their registration information up to date, is not permitted to sue in Ontario without “leave of the court”, that is, an order granted by a judge.

other than their own name is required to resister that business name under the Business Names Act.

That order is only granted if the court is satisfied that:

In addition to registration, you are required to use both the registered business name and your own real name (or corporate name) on all contracts, invoices, negotiable instruments (remember cheques?), and orders for goods or services.

(a) the failure to register was inadvertent; (b) there is no evidence that the public has been deceived or misled; and (c) at the time of the application to the court, the person is not in contravention of the Act or the regulations

So the first thing you need to do if you failed to register is to fix that problem. Then you should start to use the name properly on invoices, etc., to further show compliance. Failure to fix the name problem promptly might cause you additional grief because you are not allowed to take further steps in your action, and thus, your clock on dismissal for delay runs against you, and might run out. The best way to avoid this particular problem is to keep your business name registrations current and use those names together with your legal name as required. The corporate law section at Weilers Law is set up to assist you with these needs. The cost is much less than the price of fixing non-compliance later.

If you are acting under a business name, the litigation lawyers at Weilers Law have the necessary knowledge and expertise to help you avoid the pitfalls of the Business Names Act, and can work seamlessly with the corporate section on any required compliance steps. If you are sued by someone not complying with the Act, we will offer sound advice on the consequences and steps that you should take. What’s in a name? More than just your good reputation. Using the wrong name may be expensive.

Don’t Put That In Writing Mini quiz reveals what your texts, posts, and emails really say about you In today’s workplace employees spend less time talking and more time emailing, texting, and engaging on social media. Ever consider how those messages are perceived by your customers, coworkers, and even by your employer? To ensure your electronic image reflects your best self, take this mini quiz. 1. There’s a big difference in what you officially write at work, vs comments you post online on your own time. a) True b) False Ans: b). While theoretically there may be some anonymity in what you post “privately,” in reality your online presence makes no distinction between your personal and professional image. Virtually anyone can find out what you are supporting, denouncing, or commenting about online. Assume any comment you make about anyone will be read by that person, and possibly by others including your employer and customer. Any image or comment you post that comes across as mean spirited, inappropriate, or biased will hurt your reputation. Think twice before you hit send or post; both at work and at home. 2. Your email subject line most often: a) Consists of a generic topic ie Anderson account or file 958303 b) Includes an action or a call to action ie Anderson account – yes they received the shipment Better answer is b). Actions get noticed and calls to action get faster replies. The easier you make it for others to quickly get what you want or what you’re providing (by simply viewing your subject line), the more they’ll consider you to be efficient and easy to work with. 3. Your email signature line includes: a) Your full name, title, and contact info including physical work address. b) A generic title only ie “ABC company support service.” c) There is no signature line when you email from your phone. Best answer is a) Remember to include your full name and business contact info (even from your phone). The more anonymous you are, the more it appears to cus-

tomers that you are hiding behind a veil of bureaucracy, and that you are avoiding taking responsibility. Conversely, by volunteering your full name and contact info, you demonstrate that you are comfortable being held accountable. Your stature is instantly elevated. 4. You provide written info in this order: a) Sequentially – beginning with background info, then providing the conclusion or call to action. b) Start with your main conclusion or call to action up front, then providing additional background, if needed. Better answer is b). Get to the point. If you haven’t corresponded recently then it’s fine to start with hope you are well. Then get to the gist of what you’re trying to say. The background stuff if needed can come later. Short emails get read while long email get scanned and forgotten. Keep in mind when you’re communicating up the chain of command that senior managers rarely need or want all the background. When they ask for the temperature outside, they don’t want to know how to make a thermometer. 5. When communicating with customers you tend to: a) Stick to providing facts about your products or services. b) Provide products and service facts and how they benefit the customer. The better answer is b). While in question #4 we stressed the importance of short messages, we don’t want customers to be short changed. To create extra perceived value simply add the words, “So that…” For example, rather than, “We’ll deliver it,” instead write, “We’ll deliver it so that it saves you a trip.” 6. When giving someone bad news you: a) Send a text, email, or letter so you don’t have to deal with their reaction. b) Pick up the phone and talk to them, or at least leave a voice mail. c) Go in person and talk to them. Best answer is c) go in person, followed by

b) phone them and follow-up in writing. Giving bad news in writing practically guarantees the recipient will want more information. If they don’t receive that additional info instantly, they’re more likely to either reply with a rant or opt to no longer deal with you, and instead escalate the matter further up the chain of command. You save zero time by writing bad news communiques. The written part should only be a confirmation of what you’ve discussed. Bottom Line – Increasingly our interactions with customers, colleagues, and even with family members are taking the form of text on a screen. The sheer volume can

lead to sloppiness and slipups that result in misinterpretation, hard feelings and even lawsuits. Keep in mind your written messages are permanent records. Since it’s your reputation that’s at stake, take a few moments to decide if you should post. Then use these tips to enhance what you post. Jeff Mowatt is a customer service strategist, Hall of Fame speaker, and bestselling author. For more tips, training tools or to inquire about engaging Jeff for your team visit www.JeffMowatt.com



Thunder Bay Counselling & Children’s Centre Thunder Bay Announce Strategic Alliance Two community-based organizations formalize long-standing partnership Thunder Bay Counselling and Children’s Centre Thunder Bay are pleased to announce they have entered into a formal Strategic Alliance, designed to enhance their capacity to serve children, youth, adults, and families in the District of Thunder Bay and area. With increasingly complex community service needs, the Alliance aims to increase efficiencies and maximize resources to deliver the best possible services to clients. It is a progressive and highly transformative approach for the community services sector. Says Nancy Chamberlain, Executive Director, Thunder Bay Counselling; “The formalization of our long-standing partnership is the next logical step in the evolu-

tion of our working relationship. Our organizations share a common goal to improve the quality of life for individuals and families in Thunder Bay and area, and this model will allow us to be more effective in responding and meeting community needs.” The new Strategic Alliance brings together decades of professional experience and clinical expertise to help support the unique health and wellbeing challenges facing people and communities. As an Alliance, the organizations offer a wide range of health, mental health, development, social and support services to people throughout their lifespan. The collaboration will also create new opportunities for sharing knowledge, best practices, and service resources. Says Diane Walker, CEO of Children’s Centre Thunder Bay; “Working together,

we can better address gaps in the system, improve access, remove barriers, and pro-

vide the best possible service experiences. It’s about being efficient and innovative through service integration and shared leadership to realize improved community outcomes.” The Strategic Alliance is not a merger and instead, leverages the unique strengths and assets of each organization to enhance their collective reach and impact. As part of the Alliance, both Thunder Bay Counselling and Children’s Centre Thunder Bay will keep their independence, while agreeing to a new level of governance and operational cooperation. Thunder Bay Counselling and Children’s Centre Thunder Bay share a longstanding history of working individually and collectively to support children, youth, adults, and families in Thunder Bay and region. One of their most successful joint initiatives has been the Walk-In Counselling Clinic, which is now in its 15th year of service. “This is an exciting and important alliance for Thunder Bay Counselling in 2022,” says Renée Monsma, Chair of Thunder Bay Counselling Board of Directors. “We believe that clients, staff and the Board will greatly benefit from the collaborations to come, and our joint strengths puts us in a better position to tackle today’s community health and wellbeing issues well into the future.” “The purpose of the Strategic Alliance is to engage in continuous quality improvements at the governance, managerial, administrative, and service levels,” says Tara Gauld, Chair of Children’s Centre Thunder Bay Board of Directors. “There are so many important issues of mutual interest to our organizations, and through this Alliance we can find ways to affect community change together. The new Alliance will have longevity to continue to enhance services the organizations provide well into the future, as they strive toward a shared mission and to achieve a broad continuum of integrated services.

The Strategic Alliance has been endorsed by each organization’s respective Board of Directors and is effective February 16, 2022.




Great Outdoors Several years ago I was able to go on an amazing snowmobile adventure in Quebec. Now that Covid is sort of improving in our world I hope to travel again soon! At this time of the year the thoughts of many people are about traveling somewhere warm to escape winter. I guess I’m exactly opposite as the colder weather and snowmobiling are high on my list! Quebec is my favourite destination anytime of the year but the wintertime offers some fantastic snowmobiling opportunities and this year my travels would be to the Quebec Maritime region. My trip began with a flight to Toronto, then Montreal and Mont Joli. A unique experience on these flights was when Air Canada placed a Boeing 777- 400passenger jet on the Toronto to Montreal route, a 45-minute flight. The 777 is a plane you usually see flying to Europe but an earlier cancelled flight meant they had to play catch up with passengers. It was a fun experience! After landing in Mont Joli in a Dash 100, we

drove to Rimouski. The Quebec Maritime region is composed of the 5 eastern regions in Quebec. The main economy here is fishing and research on fish species. Sydney Crosby played hockey here in the Quebec Major Junior League called Oceanic. “ You will start your snowmobile trip here in Rimouski with your guide, Steve Gaudreau who loves to ride. It is then on to

Saint Gabrielle and to Matane to Matane Motorsports. Then take the ferry from Matane to Godbout and ride the south shore to Bai Comeau and then Forestville for an overnight. The last days ride is to Sacre Coeur and then on to Quebec City by car.” said Suzie Loiselle, Media Relations Officer for the Quebec Maritime region. A very unique part of this trip for me as a

snowmobiler would be crossing the St Lawrence River by ferry with your snowmobile. This is only ferry where you can take your snowmobile on the ship along with other cars and trucks including transport trucks.

Our day began with an early start to board the ferry, M/V Camille-Marcoux at 7:30am. People take the ferry for work to save time in their travels. You can save over 500 kilometers by not traveling back to Quebec City to reach the other side of the St. Lawrence. The ferry goes twice a day in the winter and three times in summer. The route to go to GodBout is 55 km and Bai Comeau 61km. The water at the crossing is very deep, up to 1000 feet. The water is saltwater with a change at Lac St Jean to a salt and clear water combo. “ We see many grain ships coming by on the north part of our route. The water tide here can be 11 feet. We get up to 600 people on board in summer time and during the winter we get 200 to 300 people. There have been snowmobiles on board each day. We even break ice with this ship.,” said Mathew Harrison, Stewart. After driving our snowmobile off the ship it was directly on a 250 km ride to Forestville. Today the weather was

warmer but near blizzard conditions made for some difficulty seeing. My guide on this trip was Steve Gaudreau who was born near Quebec City and ran his own rental company in Quebec Eastern until recently. He sold to Matane Motorsports recently because it was 7 day a week job and Steve wanted to spend more time with his family. He still loves snowmobiling and continues to do some guiding. Steve is also a test pilot for a Quebec snowmobile web site and this year is riding a 2014 Arctic Cat XF 7000. In this area of Quebec you can begin the snowmobile season at the end of October and ride until early May. You can bring your own snowmobile or rent one there and have a guide. If it is your first time it is good to have a guide according to Steve. Snowmobiles rent for $200 to $250 per day and a guide will cost $ 300 per day but a riding group can split the guide cost. Our final day of riding was bitterly cold again with winds of up to 70 km. However when you are well dressed the riding is fun especially with a few stops along the trails to

warm up with hot chocolate! We arrived at a very unique property called Centre de vancance Fere 5 Etoiles that means a 5 star farm in English. The farm is sitting on 700 acres and offers different types of cabins and many activities to enjoy. “ We have an orphaned animal centre where we take animals and give them a second chance. There are nearly 40 species here including moose, fox, cougars, wolf, deer and bison. All of the animals were in trouble and orphaned or taken from zoos in the US which were closing.” said Dereck Blouin Perry, Outdoor Sports Guide. The property is adjacent to the Saguenay Fjord, some 300 meters deep in places. The lowest water depth is salty and very cold while higher up is mild and freshwater. You can see whales from here. My snowmobile adventure had come to an end and it was off to Quebec City by car for the return flights home. This part of the world is absolutely beautiful and can be experienced in the winter especially well by snowmobile. For further information visit www.quebecmaritime.ca



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