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t first, setting foot here can feel a bit like stepping back in time as you take in the narrow warren of streets, historic buildings, replicas and re-enactments. The heartbeat of the town is King’s Square, where local gatherings take place throughout the year. In the past, the Square was the scene of punishment; and the stocks and pillory is still on display. On any given day there’s a re-enactment



of a colonial-era punishment: The town gossip is dunked in the Ducking Stool. A far less grim sight is the full-scale replica of the Deliverance — the ship built by those who were on the Sea Venture that had shipwrecked on the island in 1609. Wood salvaged from the Sea Venture was used to build the Deliverance, which took much-needed aid to Virginia nine months after it wrecked on the island. The replica now sits across the bridge from King’s Square on Ordnance Island and gives an idea of what it would have been like to sail on 17th-century ship crammed with cargo. Those less inclined towards nautical history can

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to view the digital Town of St. George Guide, as well as a new Maps of Bermuda guide, to help you navigate the area, buy tickets for local tours, bus and ferry tickets and passes, and Bermudabranded merchandise.

explore the history of the UNESCO World Heritage Site at the World Heritage Centre near the ferry docks and Penno’s Wharf. The restored 19th-century warehouse features interactive exhibits, artwork and educational highlights regarding the discovery of Bermuda and the history of the island’s first capital. (The Town of St. George lost its status as capital to Hamilton in 1815.) Visitors can also stop by the Visitor Services Centre at 25 York Street to start planning their East End excursions. Check with the helpful staff, which provides insider knowledge about the town. Scan the QR code on the poster found inside the Visitor Services Centre

Historical Treasures The Town of St. George is one of the oldest continuously inhabited English settlements in the Western Hemisphere, and it’s obvious that despite its historical features, this is a working town with many proud residents. However, take a stroll through any of the peculiarly named streets — like Needle & Thread Alley, Featherbed Alley and Old Maid’s Lane — to discover examples of buildings dating as far back as the 1600s. Whilst many of the homes are inhabited, several have been restored by the Bermuda National Trust and can be explored to discover a hint of Bermuda’s past. One of the finest examples is St. Peter’s, Their Majesties Chappell, steps above the main thoroughfare, York Street. Whilst the inside of the church is a beautiful example of Bermudian architecture, featuring locally harvested cedar beams, it’s the graveyard out back that provides a fascinating (and disheartening) look into the sad reality of racial segregation in Bermuda. The historic churchyard was segregated, with a separate section for the burial of blacks — both free and enslaved. The graveyard is one of the key sites on Bermuda’s African Diaspora Heritage Trail.


Setting foot here can feel a bit like stepping back in time as you take in the narrow warren of streets, historic buildings, replicas and re-enactments. 4


Just up the hill from the town stands the Unfinished Church. It was intended to replace St. Peter’s, but due to a lack of funds and infighting amongst the parishioners, the church was never completed. A freak tornado that damaged the roof sealed the church’s fate in 1925. These days, it’s a picturesque architectural attraction and a popular place for weddings. Live Action A great way to explore St. George’s back roads and historical sites is by horseback. The view along the coastline is stunning, and the ride takes in many of the forts that are situated just outside the town, including Fort St. Catherine. For those less inclined to travelling by horse, hopping on a moped and winding through the town makes a great mode of transport. After exploring the many attractions, stop off at Tobacco Bay, the

perfect spot to look out for tropically coloured parrotfish whilst snorkelling in the calm bay protected by limestone rock formations. As you step away from the past and into the present, exploring the coastline around St. George’s is a must; and there are plenty of options, including going full throttle on a Jet Ski tour, discovering Bermuda’s coral reefs and marine life on a snorkelling excursion, or renting a kayak or stand-up paddleboard and gliding across the turquoise water. For those looking for something a little more relaxed, there are several rental boat options, including 23-foot pontoon boats, which can hold up to 13 people, or 13- and 16-feet Boston Whalers, perfect for families or couples. If you prefer to set sail with a captain at the helm, spending the day on a catamaran for a half- or full-day trip is also available.

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Plenty of Kickbacks St. George’s offers plenty of opportunity for those that want to unwind. Whether walking along the many wharfs that stretch along the harbour watching the boats bob along or sitting amongst the beautifully kept greenery of Somers’ Garden featuring an Instagram-worthy Bermuda moongate, St. George’s sleepiness is perfect for those looking to slow down. If you’re looking for more guided mindfulness, there is yoga on offer overlooking the harbour. Take a stroll through the maze-like alleys and you’ll find Bermuda’s locally made perfume, situated amongst rose gardens in a historic 18th-century property. Of course, if beach time beckons, take a trip to nearby St. David’s, where the waves lap gently against the soft white sands of Clearwater and Turtle Bay. After some fun in the sun, head to Tobacco Bay Beach Club for drinks and a true local vibe. Continued on page 9



nown as the oldest continuously inhabited English settlement in the Western Hemisphere, the Town of St. George has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its charming architecture and cultural treasures, this historic gem boasts many sights worth visiting.



•4 00th Anniversary Monument • Alexandra Battery • Barber’s Alley • Bermuda National Trust Museum • Bermudian Heritage Museum • Bob Burns Park • Bridge House (BNT) • Buckingham (BNT) • Building Bay • Deliverance Replica • Fort St. Catherine & Museum

• Gates Fort • The Globe Hotel (BNT) • King’s Square • Mitchell House (Historical Society) • Old Rectory • Pilot Darrell’s House • Reeve Court (BNT) • Segregated St. Peter’s • Sir George Somers Monument • Somers Garden

•T he St. George’s Foundation • St. Peter’s, Their Majesties Chappell • State House • Stewart Hall • Stocks, Pillory and Whipping Post • Town Hall • Tucker House (BNT) • Unfinished Church • Whitehall • World Heritage Centre

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ADVERTISERS Bermuda Rental Car Ltd.


Saltwater Jewellery Designs


Churchill’s Ltd.


Seaglass Studio




Temptations Café & Coffee Bar




Tobacco Bay Beach Club

North of F1

Globe Hotel, The (BNT)


Town of St. George Central Bus Stops


Just Breathe Yoga


Town of St. George Ferry Stop at Hunter’s Wharf


K.S. WaterSports (Adventure Tours, Rentals & Charters)


Town of St. George Visitor Services Centre


Lili Bermuda Perfumery, The


Tucker House (BNT)




Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio


Oleander Cycles


White Horse Pub & Restaurant


Robertson’s Drug Store Ltd.


Wong’s Golden Dragon Restaurant






he Town of St. George may seem like a sleepy town, but during the height of American Revolutionary War, the town found itself at the centre of the Patriots revolt against Britain and their fight for independence. During the early years of the war, the island, being a part of the British empire, was suffering from America’s embargo with the colonies,



as the isolated island relied on imports from the East Coast. Prominent Bermudian merchant Colonel Henry Tucker travelled to Philadelphia in the hopes of opening up trade routes. Although he offered Benjamin Franklin the island’s main export, salt, it was gunpowder that Franklin had his mind on; and Tucker was happy to go along with the plot. On the evening of August 14, 1775, those sympathisers to the rebellion, including Tucker, rolled 100 barrels of gunpowder from a lightly guarded magazine down to Tobacco Bay. They were loaded onto Bermuda-made skiffs and rowed out to two waiting American sloops, the Lady Catherine and Packet. By the time the plot was discovered the following morning, and a customs ship was sent out to stop them, the ships were already sailing off weighed down with thousands of pounds of gunpowder to their destinations — Charleston and Philadelphia.

The Hall of History mural by Graham Foster/National Museum of Bermuda

 By the time the plot was discovered, the ships were already sailing off weighed down with thousands of pounds of gunpowder.

Whether it’s sea glass or fine gem jewellery, Bermuda artisan printed scarves or bespoke scented perfumes, there are many options for taking home a piece of the island.



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The Getting Is Good Shopping in St. George’s is distinguished by the variety of unique Bermuda products available from local artisans that have set up shop in the town. Whether it’s sea glass or fine gem jewellery, Bermuda artisan printed scarves or bespoke scented perfumes, there are many options for taking home a piece of the island. Delicious baked goods, beauty products, cigars, as well as the eponymous Bermuda shorts, can all be found in St. George’s shops. Great Taste For such a small town, the Town of St. George features a variety of places to stop and grab a bite to eat. Whether you’re looking to pick up sandwiches and snacks to fuel up for a beach picnic or you want to relax and enjoy the comings and goings of the boats on the waterside with a glass of wine, there are a variety of options from cafés, sandwich shops, bakeries, bars and restaurants. Culinary creations await, with restaurants offering inventive menus featuring Bermudianinspired cuisine; you can also just go with quick standbys and order Chinese food or pizza. Getting to St. George’s St. George’s is easily accessible by minibus, taxi, scooter or electric car. You will find Bermuda Rental Car Ltd. and Twizy charging stations in the town. You may also take advantage of Bermuda’s excellent public transportation and head out to St. George’s by bus or ferry. Sea Express Ferry offers a seasonal Orange Route that operates from April to November to St. George’s from Hamilton, via Dockyard (295-4506; To take the iconic pink Bermuda Breeze bus ride from Hamilton to St. George’s, choose routes 1, 3, 10 or 11. Or you can take the bus from Dockyard, via Hamilton, to St. George’s (295-3851; Pick up a Transportation Pass, which is good for unlimited rides on the bus and ferry system. Passes cost $19 for one day, $31.50 for two days, $44 for three days, $48.50 for four days and $62 for seven days, with discounted rates for children ages 5 to 16. Children under 5 ride for free. For more information on transportation, please visit the St George’s Visitor Services Centre, located at 25 York Street, or call 297-0556.


Nicest (& only) pharmacy in St. George’s

St. George’s Drug (& Gift & Snack & Beach) Store Open 8-7, Sun 2-6. Call 297-1828


With so much to fill your itinerary, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for here in St. George’s. Here are our top picks for what to see and do. ACTIVITIES ANA LUNA CATAMARAN Grotto Bay Beach Resort 11 Blue Hole Hill, Bailey’s Bay Tel: 504-3780 Website:

“Adventures in Paradise” sums up the Ana Luna Catamaran experience. Built in France, Ana Luna is an ideal blend of stunning good looks along with strength and well-thought-out functionality. At 45 feet



in length, she can accommodate up to 40 guests for private functions and group cruises. By night, Ana Luna sleeps eight guests in private cabins with en-suite bathrooms. Ana Luna Catamaran has become very well known for signature groups cruises. Please surf for extensive info with click to book reservations. Cruises include Champagne Sunset Cruise; Sail, Snorkel and Swim and Glow-Worms Safari. New for the 2020 season are several sunset dinner cruises in both semi-formal and casual settings. Ana Luna is a long-time fixture at the beautiful Grotto Bay Resort on the east end of the island. Weekend sailings are from Hamilton, with weekly sailings between the two locations. The Ana Luna team is very proud to feature two of Bermuda’s most likeable crewmembers, Neitra Dill and Terry Mahoney. They never stop helping guests find their bliss, and their smiles belong to their warm Bermudian personalities (and most of their stories are true)!

JUST BREATHE YOGA 32 Water St. Tel: 707-5001 Website:

This beautiful boutique studio is filled with love and inspiration. Located in a historic building with exposed cedar beams, this studio offers a beautiful view of the harbour. The Just Breathe space is dedicated to healing and nourishment of the body, mind and soul. You can expect an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, no extra fees to use yoga mats, and cosy classes with 12 students or less. Because of their smaller class sizes, you will receive much more personalised attention from their experienced teachers. Bonus: After class, head downstairs by the water and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea from their Just Breathe coffee van. Visitors of all levels are welcome.

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K.S. WATERSPORTS (ADVENTURE TOURS, RENTALS & CHARTERS) On the Waterfront of The White Horse Restaurant & Pub 8 King’s Square Tel: 441-297-4155 E-mail: Website:

Get ready to have the time of your life with K.S. WaterSports, Bermuda’s No. 1 watersports company for fun and adventure, and awarded the TripAdvisor “Certificate Of Excellence” 5 years in a row plus the “Hall Of Fame” Award. They offer Jet Ski rentals and tours, Boston Whaler and pontoon boat rentals, kayaks, paddleboards, snorkeling tours and private boat charters out of St. George’s and the east end. THE LILI BERMUDA PERFUMERY Stewart Hall, 5 Queen St. Tel: 293-0627 / 800-527-8213 Website:

Image courtesy of Confections

The historic charm of St. George’s is epitomised at The Lili Bermuda Perfumery. Since 1928, artists in the sense of smell have created masterful scents here that capture the essence of Bermuda. Today, Stewart Hall houses a history room, a retail store and the fragrance-making studio of master perfumer Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone, where occasionally she hosts intimate perfume-making workshops. Come for a free tour to experience it all and leave with your very own Lili Bermuda fragrance and toiletries. Open Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in summer, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the winter. Also stop by their Lili Bermuda retail store at 67 Front Street in Hamilton. OLEANDER CYCLES AND BERMUDA RENTAL CAR LTD. 26 York St. Tel: 297-0478 Website: Website:

It’s fun to rent a scooter or a two-seater car at Oleander Cycles and Bermuda Rental Car in St. George’s. They offer quality scooters and cars at competitive rates. The new addition to their fleet — compact cars featuring A/C, Bluetooth

stereo and electric windows — means that you can now travel around Bermuda in style and comfort. The company provides instructions and a practice area. Their St. George’s location is open seven days a week. TOBACCO BAY BEACH CLUB 1 Coot Pond Rd. Tel: 297-2756

Rated the No. 1 snorkelling spot in Bermuda, and voted the Best Tourism Attraction multiple times, Tobacco Bay is a gem in the east. This award-winning beach boasts tranquil turquoise waters,

stunning limestone rock formations, incredible reefs that house a wide variety of sea life, and fantastic amenities and rentals. With a full-service bar and kitchen, you won’t have to move all day as you soak up the sun and get your fill of delicious food and tropical beverages. Tobacco Bay is the perfect local beach bar in which to lay back and experience a true local vibe. The facility itself has free Wi-Fi, bathrooms, showers, beach rentals, local friendly staff, an outdoor pool table, live entertainment and an open deck to enjoy. Open seven days a week, Salsa Sundays and Friday night happy hour.





xquisite luxury and relaxation await at The St. Regis Bermuda Resort, located in the historic Town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The St. Regis Bermuda Resort, which opened in 2021, boasts OBMI-designed architecture that blends timeless elements with avant-garde Bermudian design and cultural influences from the surrounding area. It sits



majestically on the beautiful sands of St. Catherine’s Beach, which shares its name with the historic stone fort neighbouring the resort. “Bermuda has long served as an exclusive destination for the global luminaries, making it the ideal location to debut a glamorous new St. Regis resort. Much like the island, St. Regis is steeped in rich

history, offering a storied past and exciting future,” says George Fleck, vice president and global brand leader for St. Regis Hotels & Resorts. Unwind in one of the resort’s 120 guest rooms, including 21 suites, each featuring a private balcony with stunning ocean views, vistas of Fort St. Catherine or the lush gardens surrounding the grounds. For those looking for the true comfort of home, the resort also features an ultra-luxury residential development offering twoand three-bedroom residences. A visit to The St. Regis Bermuda Resort combines adventure, history, culture and nature. Guests can spend their days exploring the historic Town of St. George, diving amid the island’s more than 400 shipwrecks, walking through The Crystal Caves, swimming in the pink-sand beaches or enjoying a round of golf at the resort’s 18-hole Five Forts Golf course overlooking the ocean and named after the five forts that surround it. For some R&R, retreat to a private cabana or lounge in the sun at the adults-only or family pool, both overlooking spectacular turquoise ocean waters. Don’t forget to pamper yourself at The St. Regis Spa, where you can experience a host of luxe services, including unique personalised treatments, and enjoy access to the plunge pool and steam room. Come mealtime, savour the light and fresh cuisine at Lina, serving recipes brought to life by local produce. For a heartier meal, head to BLT Steak NY to indulge in the finest cuts of beef, enticing appetizers and mouth-watering desserts and sample the upscale drink menu in a modern, contemporary setting. After dinner, make your way to The St. Regis Bar and ask for their signature cocktail, The Gates Bay Mary — a twist on The Bloody Mary, seasoned and infused with herbs and spices from the island. True to its brand, guests can expect the five-star treatment flawlessly delivered by signature St. Regis Butler service, making it truly a first-class experience.

Image courtesy of The St. Regis Bermuda Resort


SHOPPING CHURCHILL’S LTD. 27 York St. Tel: 297-1650

When visiting the Town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, don’t miss the aptly named Churchill’s for your wines, spirits and cigars. With the only walk-in humidor on the island, this is the place to stop for your Cuban cigars, fine wines, cold beer and sodas. Winston Churchill said, “I am easily satisfied with the very best,” and now you can be, too. They offer the finest selection of cigars, featuring the newly formed Bermuda Cigar Co. line of cigars as well as Cubans, fine wines — over 250 references — and gifts such as cigar cases and cutters, lighters, glasses, decanters and wine openers. Hours of operation are Monday through Sunday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Kelly Diel creates one of a kind jewellery and ornaments from seaglass found on the local beaches.

16 Water Street St. Georges 441 2974819 Kelly Diel creates one of a kind jewellery and ornaments from seaglass found on the local beaches.

8 York Street, Lower Shop St. George’s 735-7181

CONFECTIONS Bridge House 1 Bridge St. Tel: 505-DIE4 (3434) Website: Facebook: @confectionsbda Instagram: @confectionsbda

Confections is a licensed Bermudian boutique bakery passionately dedicated to the simple beauty and nostalgia of the traditional Bermuda sugar cookie. Their recipe has been tried, tested and painstakingly perfected for well over 20 years, thereby ensuring that each cookie has a seamless and delectable blend of airy lightness, a respectable crunch and just enough sweet persuasion to keep you coming back for more. Experience their exquisite Bermuda Pink Sand Sugar Cookie, inspired by the beautiful beaches and baked fresh in Bermuda. Want to take the “beach” home with you to share with family and friends? Grab their hand-crafted Bermuda Pink Sand Sprinkles and make your own Bermudaful treats at home. They’re perfect for cookies, cupcakes and ice cream. Order your gourmet treats online, arrange for delivery to your hotel or pick them up at their new home in the Bridge House in St. George’s — a Bermuda National Trust gem of a property which is 400 years old. Just behind the King’s Square (Town Hall) in St George’s, Bridge House and Confections are two experiences not to be missed during your visit.

32 Water Street, St. Georges • 441-707-5001

FRANGIPANI 13 Water St. Tel: 297-1357 E-mail:

At Frangipani’s lively St. George’s store, you can find an eclectic range of beautiful and elegant clothing like cheerful batik sundresses, shoes and sandals, bags, jewellery and gifts to take home. Their store sells a lovely range in women’s clothes in cotton, rayon and jersey. Whether you’re stepping off a cruise or relaxing at a resort, be sure to take the time to visit their store if you are looking for something special and unique to take home.

For the best selection of Cuban Cigars • Fine Wines Spirits • Gifts CHURCHILL’S LTD 27 York St., St. George’s Tel: 297-1650

CHURCHILL’S CIGAR CABANA Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys Tel: 297-1650




ast year marked the 400th anniversary of Bermuda’s first parliament, one of the oldest known legislatures. The official commemoration took place on November 6, 2020. The first general assembly took place at the church in St. George’s,



now St. Peter’s, Their Majesties Chappell, as the State House was not ready for occupancy at the time. St. George’s was the capital of the island before it was replaced by Hamilton in 1815. But in August 1620, the then-incumbent Governor Nathaniel Butler summoned a General Assembly to convene at the church. At the time, he said: “We come not hither for ourselves only and to serve our own turns or any man’s in particular, but to serve and regard the public… We are therefore to riddle ourselves from all bases desire of gain. We are to despise all private interests, thus fare at least, as to cause them to give place to the general.” This Assembly was the forerunner of Bermuda’s current House of Assembly. Two male representatives from each “Tribe,” now called Parishes, were chosen to work with the Governor and his Council to discuss local problems, administer justice and formulate legislation. Once these issues were agreed upon, they were forwarded onto England for approval, until 1684, when Bermuda took direct administrative control of the island’s affairs.

J. Kevin Foltz

 The first general assembly took place at the church in St. George’s, now St. Peter’s, Their Majesties Chappell, as the State House was not ready for occupancy at the time.

Steve Simonsen/Saltwater Jewellery Designs

MERCH. Stiles House 1 King’s Square Tel: 703-4500 Website:

An independent boutique established as a concept store and showroom, Merch. is located on the ground floor of Stiles House, a listed building in the centre of the historic Town of St George. With a focus on brands that value quality, sustainability and ethical production, and drawing on a growing network of local and international artisans and designers, Merch. carries a range of thoughtfully curated pieces, including clothing, accessories, jewellery, gift and resort items. Browse in the store or shop online and have your purchases delivered to your hotel or guesthouse. They also ship internationally. Opening hours may vary, so please check their website for the most up-to-date information.

ROBERTSON’S DRUG STORE 24 York St. Tel: 297-1828 Pharmacy: 297-1736 Facebook:

At the heart of St George’s is Robertson’s Drug Store, where the townsfolk have congregated for generations. This is the shop that has that special something they, and you, won’t find anywhere else. There are the usual medicines and prescriptions, drinks, snacks, toys, beach games and gear, plus sun creams and toiletries; but it’s the gifts, from Bermuda, Europe, the U.S. and beyond, that Robertson’s is famous for. That, and their friendly staff, make it your one-stop shop at the start of your discovery of St. George’s. SALTWATER JEWELLERY DESIGNS 8 Water St. Tel: 519-9906 Website:

Saltwater Jewellery Designs is an elegant boutique specialising in one-of-a-kind hand-crafted jewellery that’s deeply alluring to the eye. The pieces feature brilliant colours that were inspired by the beauty of Bermuda’s turquoise waters, its coral-pink shores and the other bold, bright hues you’ll see around the island. Designers Kelli and Rose Thompson create the jewellery using Bermuda sea glass, Bermuda pink sand, semiprecious stones, Venetian glass and freshwater pearls. SEAGLASS STUDIO 8 York St., Lower Shop Tel: 735-7181 Website:

Visit beachcomber Kelly Diel in her new studio, which is just across the street from her old location and only eight steps off Water Street. She has a treasure trove of unique, hand-crafted gifts in the heart of St. George’s. Seaglass Studio is where


Bermuda 2022/23


P. O. Box HM 3357 City of Hamilton, HM PX, Bermuda Tel: 303-482-2571

Official Town of St. George Guide of the Bermuda Hotel Association

Cover photo by Gavin Howarth


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V I S I T B E R M U D A N O W. C O M

J. Kevin Foltz/Wahoo's Bistro & Patio


Kelly creates one-of-a-kind jewellery from sea glass found on the local beaches. You can see the rarest colours of sea glass in orange, red and yellow. She also uses driftwood, sea pottery and other sea debris to create decorative signs, mirrors and ornamental sculptures. Visit Kelly at her studio, where you can find that special unique gift to take home. FOOD AND BEVERAGE TEMPTATIONS CAFÉ & COFFEE BAR 18 Wellington St. Tel: 297-1368 Instagram: @temptationscafebda

Temptations Café & Coffee Bar is a lovely sandwich shop which offers its customers a chance to experience a quaint slice of Bermuda. Whether you stop in for a piping hot beverage, an egg and bacon breakfast bagel, delicious home-made soup with a hearty sandwich made to order or a sweet treat, you are welcomed like you’re at home. Eat in or take out, Temptations is affordably priced and open for breakfast and lunch.

Delicious baked goods, beauty products, cigars, as well as the eponymous Bermuda shorts, can all be found in St. George’s shops. Delicious breakfast bagels, pancakes, eggs, freshly made sandwiches & wraps, signature soups, pastries, desserts and specialty coffees @temptationscafebda

WAHOO’S BISTRO & PATIO 36 Water St. Tel: 297-1307 Website:

Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio is centrally located in the heart of St. George’s and boasts panoramic views of the harbour. It offers a wide range of menu choices guaranteed to satisfy any picky eater, from the famous locally caught fish items — including wahoo nuggets, rockfish Picasso and, of course, the award-winning fish chowder — to the delicious schnitzel sandwich and ever-changing pasta special. Bring your family for a nice relaxing meal or come for a romantic dinner overlooking the moonlit harbour. WHITE HORSE PUB & RESTAURANT 8 King’s Square Tel: 297-1838

Rated No. 1 for a fun, local culinary experience and award winners for the top three employers of Bermuda in 2021/2022. This award-winning waterside restaurant continues to be the centre of attention on the island. With authentic local dishes, fun and creative cocktails, amazing ambience and spectacular water views plus live entertainment and theme nights, it’s the place to be. Their friendly staff strive to make everyone’s dining experience just that: an “Experience to remember.” Open seven days a week. Enjoy their Sunday Brunch and late nights with Bermuda’s best DJ.

#18 Wellington Street, St. George’s, GE02, Bermuda 297-1368 // Take-out available

36 Water Street St. Georges, GE 05 Bermuda Phone 297-1307

WONG’S GOLDEN DRAGON RESTAURANT 13 York St. Tel: 297-0408 Website:

Wong’s Golden Dragon Restaurant offers the most captivating, highquality Chinese takeout food in the Town of St. George. The distinguished chef, Chunlee Wong, serves a fusion of Szechuan, Thai, Malaysian and Cantonese-style food, providing a rich pageant of the foremost seafood, meat and vegetarian meals. Check out their lunch and seasonal specials and their party-to-go menu. Open Monday through Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.



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