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“ Beware originality. In women fashion originality can lead to Carnival — Coco Chanel “ V15/N35 culture couture affair with carnival 2022/23 CARIBBEAN YACHTING REGATTA SEASON KICKS OFF WITH NEW WORLD RECORD!


These one-of-a-kind chandelier earrings—like beams of light fanning out from the sun are truly fantastic in their flared form. Aura-set fancy yellow cushion-cut diamonds, elongated shafts of diamond light, set against black rhodium plated gold, sit atop rays of anodised titanium in sun-drenched shades. These meticulously crafted earrings, in a setting of a total of 186 diamonds, are ethically sourced and individually chosen for their Fire, Life, and Brilliance.

50 ST.
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The Sea Turtle Collection is not just any pen collection — this David Oscarson is the 33rd in the series of Limited Edition Writing Instruments; it is a salt water companion to the Koi Collection released in 2017.

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Prissilla Zamboni Tejada Patty Hughes Juan Villar Dawn Davis Dmytro Usatiuk Vladimir Markovic Richard Crookes and Lyn G Jegher Valentina Rvigimba Rosaly Escueta Chapeyama Taylor Noel Richard Crookes Cindy-G Lucas

CONTRIBUTORS: Laura Tanna, Lisa Howie, Prissilla Zamboni Tejada, Black Pony Gallery, Atlantic World Art Fair, Etienne Boyer, Krika Chia, Diana Bonelli, Elena Costantino

COVER FEATURING: Nicaragua Designer: Erick Bendaña, Model: Erika Chia

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We sometimes never really appreciate the contribution Caregivers make to our lives, reducing the pressures of family and pet care. There is no more telling time than when we travel on business or vacation, and we have responsibilities in our homes and extended families that will continue to need to be nurtured and cared for while we are away. It is here the importance of Caregivers are most valued and help us have a focussed more hassle-free work trip and enjoyable vacation.

As Editor-in-Chief, I travel extensively and know firsthand how reassuring it is to have a trusted Caregiver in charge when away, and am sure many JamaquePARADIS readers can relate to this need.

So to our Caregivers, whom we entrust our dearest and most beloved with while away from home, please join me in a chorus of Thank Yous, especially in this Season as we set off on vacations to tropical isles in the Caribbean and beyond.

With best wishes,

Caregivers come in many forms. They take care of our family members both the young and elderly, and of course our pets.
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I love to go home and see my children waiting for me in their pajamas to eat an ice cream together while we watch a movie. Being a mother makes me very happy. I think it is important as an example for them to follow, that they see both parents working.


A life with a dizzying pace that shuttles between Miami and Spain, to reconcile work and family commitments, but which brings her much satisfaction. Born in Cordoba, this incredible Spanish beauty took her first steps in fashion around the age of 19; a career that has led her to tread the international catwalks such as NYFW and Haute Couture in Paris.

Her overwhelming charm not only managed to bewitch the singer Luis Fonsi, her husband since 2014, but also to convert her into the muse of great designers such as Juana Martin, Dolce & Gabbana, Custo Barcelona, Giannina Azar, and Julien McDonald. For years she also worked as a presenter. She is currently a full-time model, and she is also a proud mother and wife. Dynamic and enterprising, she has become one of the most acclaimed figures of the international shows and also in demand for her sweet and kind soul. | JP

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Collecting Together



Whether considering your first, or looking to buy your twentieth watch, we invite you this season to explore our exceptional selection of the finest watches. When it comes to investing in personal collectables few brands offer seasonal and young luxury collectors more value than these brands — you can’t go wrong with any of these iconic timepieces. Here’s an inspired collection that should be on any collector’s wish list.

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The manta ray programme is led by Conservation International’s world-renowned coral reef ecologist and marine conservationist Dr. Mark Erdmann. This initiative will contribute to the “ Panerai Ocean Conservation Initiative” mission developed in partnership with IOC-UNESCO in the framework of the ocean literacy programme of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. The “Panerai Ocean Conservation Initiative” is a worldwide educational campaign among 100 universities in the world to enlighten students on how a luxury brand, like Panerai, can be a force for good for the planet thanks to its serious commitment towards sustainability and to educate thousands of students on the importance of the ocean.

The project convincingly shows that safeguarding ocean wildlife isn’t a zero-sum game. Instead, protecting the manta supports a healthy ecosystem, including the people who are part of it. —

“ “

Swiss watchmaking Panerai — a global high-end watch brand rooted in Italian know -how and design excellence. The leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, announce a partnership with the environmental nonprofit organisation, Conservation International, to support marine species research and all things gaming and to enhance ocean literacy by supporting a cause in the field of ocean preservation.

The partnership will focus on satellite tagging manta rays to gather data — including temperature, depth, and location – which, when paired with known hazards and other information, can be used to inform conservation management of the animals and their habitat.

“The objective of ocean preservation is an indispensable consideration in all that we do, in the manufacture and beyond. Our partnership with Razer and Conservation International is no exception, and it demonstrates our 360-degree approach to improving the marine environment.

“Sustainability has become an important part of everything we do, weaving throughout our entire ecosystem.“ says Patricia Liu, Chief of Staff at Razer. “With the incredible support of our passionate community, we’ve already achieved some great milestones, like saving a million trees in partnership with CI. Now that we have joined forces with Panerai, we are dedicating our efforts towards ocean conservation and are happy to be partnering with CI once again, this time in support of their manta tagging programme.”

In December 2022 Panerai unveiled a limited-edition series of iconic watches bearing Razers’ signature aesthetics and made with recycled materials. |

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Photo by Conservation International/MV Erdmann

Bespoke Flying Spur Hybrid

By ‘The Surgeon’ Revealed During Art Basel Miami

On the heels of a partnership on bespoke limited edition Bentley sneakers, this oneoff Flying Spur Hybrid specified by ‘The Surgeon’ celebrates shared values of design and craft at the highest level.

TIFFANY & CO Opens At the Mall Of San Juan, Puerto Rico

Aunique, bespoke and distinctive Flying Spur Hybrid, curated by Los Angeles based ‘The Surgeon’, has been unveiled by Bentley at the brand’s pinnacle evening event during Art Basel Miami. The exquisite car follows the launch of a limited-edition line of Bentley-inspired sneakers, by the leading force of the customized shoe industry, Dominic Ciambrone – also known as The Surgeon. | | thesurgeoncom

The Caribbean’s premier Mall Destination offering shoppers and food lovers the ultimate shopping and dining experience announces the reopening of Tiffany & Co store. For more than 175 years, Tiffany & Co. has been synonymous with luxury and style. Few American companies have such an illustrious history. It begins with a founder’s vision of beauty that was brought to life through unassailable standards of excellence. As awards and accolades accrued, Mr. Tiffany led his company’s growth from a New York City legend to a jeweller of international renown. Visit our Mall of San Juan location today. | |

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Editor’s PICK

Biljana Tipsarević: Serbian fashion Designer founded her brand in 2013. Since then “Creating the magic which every woman should feel.” Her brand represents the synergy of elegance, sophistication and eternal style that delivers via a wide range of products empowering any woman who wears them. Each one of Bilijana’s collections are designed to deliver extraordinary luxury pieces to the contemporary woman, making them look stunning for any occasion. | JP

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This season’s fashion highlights the beautiful silhouette, the craftsmanship, and the careful selection of (2023) spring/ summer shows.

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Your favourite whiskey now imbued with the taste of the Caribbean

Rum is often finished in sherry and port casks, and we now are seeing the life of these casks extended (after ageing rums) to be used in finishing whiskies to enhance their profile to include full tropical flavours of lush, exotic tastes that can only be captured from this sunshine paradise, the Caribbean.

Ageing rum in used Bourbon casks has been active since the 19th century, and only now, in the 21st century, have the Alcohol Spirits re-united, by employing these same used rum casks to now age or bring to maturation, some of the premium whiskies — including bourbon and scotch — to complete the ageing of these spirits giving them smooth tropical notes and flavours. What started as an ambitious experiment over a decade ago has now become mainstream as notable global distilleries have expanded their portfolios and presented

these diverse, special edition “Caribbean flavoured” whiskeys — even wines — to a very receptive customer base.

They say that all things get better with age, and nothing demonstrates that more than in the world of distilled spirits which include whiskies, including bourbon and scotch, rums, gins, as well as tequila.

How are these spirits stored? They are stored in casks, which vary in size as well as material, and method. Raw clear spirits are stored in barrels for a

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The American Friends of Jamaica Celebrate Their 40th Anniversary

You should have seen the joy on the children’s faces when they received computers for the first time at schools in Jamaica which had none. Funding for such projects takes place through the American Friends of Jamaica’s (AFJ) annual discretionary grants, with money raised primarily from the public at two galas each year.

(L-R front) Howard Johnson, Manuela Goren, former Director; Directors Amb. Brenda LaGrange Johnson, President, Wendy Hart, Dr. Laura Tanna, Amb. Sue Cobb, Monica Ladd, (back) Barron Channer; James Cada

jamaqueparadis com 23 Vol.15/No33 | 2022 AFJ
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In September, the AFJ celebrated its 40th anniversary in New York City with its best gala ever at the Plaza Hotel by honouring Cedella Marley with its 2022 International Humanitarian Award. As the first-born child of Reggae legends Rita and Bob Marley, singer, author, fashion designer, CEO, and foundation director, Cedella has oversight of Marley Holdings managing the rights to use Bob Marley’s name, likeness and all other rights relating to Marley interests. She does this all with such aplomb and vision that not only did the Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, show up in support but the Jamaican Minister of Health & Wellness, Dr. Christopher Tufton, attended along with a host of well-wishers, including current US Ambassador to Jamaica Nick Perry who attended the NY gala back in 2007 when he was a NY Assemblyman!

“Major Gen. Donald Dawson, U.S.A.F., Ret., C. D. (Hon) was a co-founder of the AFJ with Anne Sabo and shortly thereafter agreed to serve as President. Don had no commercial interest in Jamaica, but the General stepped right up and served for years. When AFJ passed US $1 MILLION in donations, he called all the donors ‘members of the million heirs club’ such was his positive leadership. He later said to me ‘Now it is time for you to step in to replace me as President’, so I did his bidding.

MOpposite page: (T: L-R) US Ambassador Glen Holden

(B: L-R) AFJ 40th anniversay: Skip Marley; New York, Mayor Eric Adams; Rohan Marley; 2022 Honouree, Cedella Marley; Wendy Hart

This page: (L-R) Amb. Johnson; David Hitt; former Director Michele Rollins

“I first worked with AFJ when it was primarily raising funds to work on projects in the area of Kingston that (former Jamaican Prime Minister) Eddie Seaga represented. Upon becoming president of the AFJ in 1990 I felt that we should define the structure and requirements of both AFJ and the charities that AFJ would support, such as that they were beneficial to specific needs, they had a Board of Directors and keeping Minutes, they held a charitable tax status, they were open to inspection and transparent. With these things in order, we made a strong effort to raise money. We started the fund-raising Hummingbird Gala in NY, then later in 2005 the Gala in Florida. I worked as President for 17 years, then elected fresh leadership, but I remain on the Board working to raise money to this day.”

jamaqueparadis com 27 V ol.15/No35
Former US Ambassador to Jamaica Glen Holden remembers:
“ Those honoured by the AFJ because their lives or work have benefitted Jamaica are even more distinguished.

Director Barron Channer, part of AFJ’s fresh leadership in the diaspora of South Florida, spearheaded that first Peacock Soiree in Miami in 2005 which is less formal than the New York Gala but is still a great fundraiser. Traditionally the AFJ kept administrative costs low by assisting existing organisations with reputable boards in Jamaica which could accomplish more with increased funding. By their 25th anniversary in 2007 when the AFJ honoured Chris Blackwell O.J. and (former Jamaican) Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller ON was guest of honour, the AFJ had given more than US $10 million to over 50 responsible organisations in Jamaica including educational institutions from Bull Savannah Primary to UWI scholarships and the National Gallery of Jamaica, from numerous medical enterprises like Foundation for International Self-Help (FISH), Jamaica Society for the Blind and to economic development projects, including St. Patrick’s Development Foundation, Trench Town Development Association, and the list goes on.

Jamaican-born Executive Director Keisha Phipps, recommended by Executive Director Lacy Wright who had assisted the AFJ while he was Amb. Holden’s Deputy Chief of Mission, worked with Ambassador Sue Cobb when she became President and then Donette Chambers took on the role of Executive Director. Amb. Cobb continues the story: “After my service as United States Ambassador to Jamaica (2001-2005), I returned to my home in Miami and was subsequently appointed as Secretary of State of Florida, which has a large Jamaica Diaspora. With these two

public service experiences, I had a relatively good understanding of Jamaica’s needs and the importance of creative, focused support from Americans to build bridges in the areas of health, education, and economic development. When elected President of the AFJ in 2007, I could not resist the opportunity to help build the strength of this well-run philanthropic enterprise. It was a personally rewarding fiveyear period during which I would like to think that we at AFJ made a significant difference to a number of worthwhile charitable entities in Jamaica. I have very much enjoyed helping with the work of AFJ for over 20 years.”

US Ambassador to Jamaica (2005-2009) Brenda LaGrange Johnson from New York, elected AFJ President in November 2012, with the assistance of New Yorkbased Jamaican Caron Chung as Executive Director since 2010, together continued the philanthropic work with great flair. Programme Analyst Frances Fulton came on board in 2012 to personally visit grantee sites and report more

closely on the use of donor grants. She remembers: “When I started the AFJ disbursed between 10 and 20 grants each year. Ten years later 60 grants were given out so far this year, so the organisation has grown tremendously. Some of the projects that I’ve found most engaging were programmes creating opportunities for youths, enriching their lives, especially in communities experiencing poverty and violence. We worked with the Early Childhood Commission as well as many of the early learning institutions, both in rural and urban inner-city areas. Alpha school of music has developed through AFJ funding and the Irie Foundation. Creative Language-Based Learning has grown from a summer class for 30 teachers in English and Math to a programme now endorsed by the Ministry of Education and is used in schools all over the island. Teachers and parents have seen dramatic results by using skills and techniques learned in this programme.” More recently the AFJ partnered with the Private

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AFJ Executive Director Caron Chung with school girls at grant site.

Honourees include Edward Seaga, Ronald Reagan, Harry Belafonte, Robert Nesta Marley, Ralph Lauren, Michael Lee-Chin, Oliver Clarke, Msgr. Richard Albert, Father Ho Lung, Denis O’Brien, Kenneth Benjamin, Usain Bolt

whose contributions to Montego Bay led him to be known especially for his involvement in the creation of the Montego Bay Freeport, President of Air Jamaica and the Hart Group which has aided numerous educational, sporting and civic associations. It is little wonder that in 2015 his daughter Wendy Hart continued the family tradition by becoming President of the AFJ. She and Caron Chung have made a dynamic duo these past seven years.

ers: Becky Stockhausen, writers: Manuela Goren and more. The list of current directors, including war veteran James Cada, may be viewed online at

Sector Organieation of Jamaica and the Council of Social Services to collect donations for COVID-19 response materials and assist at vaccination sites.

While the galas served to raise much of the funding for grants, the COVID pandemic shut those down for almost two years which led to increased emphasis on online activities which Executive Director Caron Chung and her team in New York handled brilliantly while still nurturing contacts with those who wish to help Jamaica.

At the 2007 gala in Miami Tony Hart was honoured with the Individual Humanitarian Award as a seventh generation Jamaican

Since the AFJ was first conceived in 1981 by a handful of Jamaicans and Americans who loved Jamaica and wanted to see it prosper, the entity was incorporated on April 5, 1982 as a not-forprofit organisation in New York state, freeing it from state sales taxes and on May 13, the IRS ruled the AFJ a 501 (c) (3) non-profit so contributions are exempt from federal taxes too, which makes it a great way to help Jamaica while also benefitting those who pay US taxes. The by-laws adopted at the first meeting on April 21, 1983 gave as the organisation’s purpose “To provide financial contributions and gifts-in-kind to educational, health, cultural and welfare institutions located in Jamaica, W.I. for the purpose of bettering the lives of the Jamaican people.”

And bettering lives is what the AFJ has done by raising almost US$20 MILLION since its inception. With a board of American citizens starting with U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica Loren E. Lawrence as Chair and including every U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica since who has wished to be part of the AFJ, the list of competent directors has included diplomats: Lacy Wright, hoteliers: Michele Rollins, Chamber of Commerce lead-

Those honoured because their work has benefitted Jamaica may also be seen online, including Edward Seaga, Ronald Reagan, Harry Belafonte, Robert Nesta Marley, Ralph Lauren, Michael Lee-Chin, Oliver Clarke, Msgr. Richard Albert, Father Ho Lung, Denis O’Brien, Kenneth Benjamin, Usain Bolt and the list continues because there are so many friends of Jamaica. The galas honouring them provide an opportunity for others to aid Jamaica while enjoying dinner and an evening of great musical entertainment.

US Tax deductible donations to the AFJ may be made to the general fund or as donor designated gifts. AFJ board member Pat Falkenburg and her husband Ed for their anniversary hosted friends and said “no gifts” but let them know they could contribute to the AFJ and raised a substantial sum to buy computers for schools. Another impressive donation was by AFJ Director Sydney Engels and his wife Sylvia for the creation of MoBay Hope Medical Diagnostic Centre and more recently we saw the donation by Beverley Nichols for the Chapelton Hospital renovation and new Beverley Nichols hospital wing.

Vacationing in Jamaica and want to do something for its people? Consult You or your business can assist with a tax-deductible donation by choosing a project described there, by contributing to the general fund for grant requests, or by designating a project of your own to support. Rest assured that your contribution will be well spent. | JP

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Delphine Gardère Owner, CEO of Rhum Barbancourt

Leading The Iconic Haitian Brand Into The Future.

flexible duration of time with the objective of “smoothing” out the bitter edges of the raw alcohol, whilst infusing a specific taste and aromatic essences from the components of the wooden cask.

The use of casks for storage began in early Greek and Roman times when the storage of wine was initially done in clay pots but was soon replaced with the versatility of wood.

Whiskey and rum are clear spirits when they are originally “casked”. As time passes these clear spirits assume a pigmentation, or colour from the wood and depending on the nature of the spirit (how it was distilled), the duration of time, the external environment (climate) as well as movement and type of wood and modifications (burning to produce charcoal), the spectrum of colour and taste ranges from light, shallow flavour to darker, deeper characters.

casks, which are charred on the inside. This charring imparts a stronger colour change to the original clear liquid and the maturation time as well as the environment and temperature can transition the rum from light bodied amber to deeper, darker, robust flavoured rum.

In February 2018, Barbancourt was elected best Caribbean distillery by the American daily USA Today, before nine other competitors in the region.

Founded in 1862 by Dupré Barbancourt, from Charente, the rum today bears his name. Today Rhum Barbancourt — the oldest and the most iconic rum — brand is being led by fifth generational Delphine Nathalie Gardère.

Delphine is the second woman in her family to attain the head position in the company’s history. Rhum Barbancourt is the oldest rum company in Haiti. Delphine was born in Haiti in the 1980s, but during the embargo moved to Jamaica with her mother in the 1990s where she learned English.

Rum is a spirit derived from the products of sugar cane, specifically sugar cane juice, sugar cane syrup, and molasses. This rum production was initiated in the 17th century on Caribbean slave plantations.

Whiskey (Whisky) is a spirit made from grains, which include wheat, barley, rye and corn. The production of whiskey began in the 17th century and originated in the Irish Monasteries.

Whiskey is usually aged in new or charred oak barrels and the oak preferred is white oak as it is with bourbon barrels which are Whiskey barrels

Rums are aged in used whiskey (whisky) and bourbon casks (note that bourbon is a type of whiskey) and also in new oak

Though backgrounds of both spirits (rum and whiskey) differ in their production, global distribution channels have played influential roles in the political history of the world. These historic spirits have grown and flourished over the centuries originally enjoying an almost one-sided kinship with rum once being aged in Bourbon casks but trends are changing. Now we are seeing leading global whiskey brands from the Americas, United Kingdom, India, Japan, and Taiwan expanding their inventory to include rum-cask finished whiskies being offered to the international market.

The convergence of these independent, yet related spirits has blended all cultures and backgrounds. As global tastes find commonality, we may imbibe of this completed spirit, and taste the simple complexity of these products of humble, isolated beginnings to the refinement and sophistication of today’s modern blend of spirits. | JP

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Delphine Gardère, Owner, CEO of Rhum Barbancourt


Hoyo De Pelempito: The near 32-kilometer and a 20-miles long drive from sea level up to the observatory at Hoyo de Pelempito’s park in an area called Aceitillar, located a cool 1,300 meters (4,265 feet) high is an attraction in itself, and unique to the Caribbean region. The vegetation will surprise you as it morphs from desert plants to pine trees, and into a cloud forest.

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Cayo Arena: Cayo Arena, also known as Cayo Paraíso located on the northwestern shores offering exceptional diving for beginner levels, starting at five metres (16 feet). This area boasts some of the most abundant marine life in the DR — schools of tropical fish can easily be seen in these shallow turquoise waters, corals and sponges that surround the caye, where octopuses, crabs, schools of surgeonfish, sergeant majors, damselfish, angelfish, and yellowtail snappers all swim around your feet. Photos courtesy of the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, ITALY OPT

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Quisqueya, La Reyna del Caribe

Surrounded by the beautiful Caribbean Sea, Quisqueya, affectionately referred to as “Mother of all Lands” by Dominican people and better known as the Dominican Republic, extends its territory between neighbouring Haiti, Cuba, and Puerto Rico. Chosen in 1492 by Christopher Columbus as the main port for his settlement, it was the first civilisation of the New World and a strategic focus of the Spanish crown for research expeditions and conquests. The country in fact has various historical records including the first dirt road, ‘La Calle de Las Damas’ (Street of the Ladies) and the first cathedral of the Americas (The Cathedral of Santa María la Menor), both located in the capital Santo Domingo, the original colonial city.

Dominican Republic is mainly known for its coasts and beaches, but of all the Caribbean nations, it is the one that boasts the most diversified topography. In fact, it has a vast fauna and flora thanks to the richness of the soil and the temperatures that allow the growth of unique species of plants, flowers, and tropical fruits. These stunning landscapes contribute to making it a popular destination for eco-tourism and adventure activities as well, thanks to the wonderful national parks, mountain ranges, caves, rivers, and beaches.

Photographs courtesy of the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic , ITALY OPT

jamaqueparadis com 35 V ol.15/No35

Primada De América Cathedral: The Cathedral of Santo Domingo, better known as Primada de América Cathedral, was declared in 1546 the first cathedral of the New World by Pope Paul III, at the request of Emperor Charles. It is the first and oldest cathedral in the Americas, begun in 1504 and completed in 1550.

Alcázar Colón, Santo Domingo: Completed around 1512, this Gothic and Renaissance style palace was once the home of Diego Columbus, son of Christopher Columbus, and his wife María de Toledo, niece of King Ferdinand of Spain. One of the most popular museums in the Colonial City.

Bayahíbe: Bayahíbe packs a solid punch in nightlife, from sunset beachfront bars to a pulsating dance scene on the weekend. A handful of beachfront bars are popular spots for happy hour.

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Smile And Friendliness

Taino, European, African, Jewish and Japanese minorities, Afro-Caribbean ethnicity recognised by UNESCO — contribute to the immense cultural wealth of the country. These different communities make the identity of the Dominican people unique, not being definable by specific aesthetic canons but united by the courteous, hospitable, and social spirit that has made it known throughout the world. For the Dominican people, cordiality and service are fundamental values: life must be shared and lived fully.

Rhythm And Dance

This joyful spirit is also accompanied by a passion for music and dance. We cannot talk about this country without mentioning these artistic expressions so dear and loved by every single Dominican.

The rhythms, sounds, and instruments have their roots in West Africa, Spain, and other European countries that over time have contributed to the birth and development of various musical genres, two of which are intangible and oral heritage recognised by UNESCO: Merengue and the folk music, ‘los congos de Villa Mella’.

Another genre of immense popularity is Bachata, which spread in the 90s and made popular all over the world by the artiste Romeo Santos, lead vocalist of the bachata group Aventura.

Colours, Costumes, Masks And Characters

Music accompanies the Dominican people in their daily lives, on a social level but also in one of the most important folk expressions for Dominican culture — Carnival. The Dominican Carnival dates back to the early 1500s, where they disguised themselves as Moors and Christians.

The current Dominican carnival is one of the festivals where Dominican people from every age group and region flock to the streets of their cities to participate in the parades with family and friends. Each town is represented by a character dressed in a mask of incredible craftsmanship, which contains the history and culture of the place. In fact, it should be emphasised that each character represented has a profound meaning that is told by every little detail of the costume.

One of the oldest and most picturesque carnivals in this country, is celebrated in the city of La Vega, in the north where families prepare elaborate masks throughout the year and compete for top awards and recognition. The main carnival character of this city is called “Diablo Cojuelo”, the reinterpretation of how the first inhabitants, the Taino people, saw the Spanish conquerors as devils dressed in colourful clothes covered with mirrors carrying a rounded whip (vejiga) which they used to punish and enslave them.

During the month of February various performances take place throughout the country that culminate in a

jamaqueparadis com 37 V ol.15/No35
The rhythms, sounds, and instruments have their roots in West Africa, Spain, and other European countries that over time have contributed to the birth and development of various musical genres.
“ “

(T): 27 Chacos of Damajagua Waterfalls: Puerto Plata’s crown jewel attraction, offers a day of hiking through thick forest, crossing footbridges and passing numerous flora before eventually reaching a rocky hilltop where you’ll begin making your way down by jumping or sliding down a series of waterfalls–helmets and safety gear on–as you slide down water-cushioned chutes or jump into deep turquoise pools.

(B): Ballena Jorobada Samaná: The Sanctuary of the Humpback Whales in Samana is one of the most beautiful excursions in the Dominican Republic, the beautiful Samana Bay and the Silver Bank. Located on the Northwest of the country, every year, between December And March, about 2,000 humpback whales come to reproduce in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Río Chavón: This winding body of water meets the sea on the Altos de Chavón village side, all the way to the Casa de Campo Marina. Speedboat, kayak and canoe excursions are available year round.

jamaqueparadis com 39 V ol.15/No35

La Piazzetta, Casa De Campo: Overlooking Altos de Chavón, La Piazzetta is Casa de Campo‘s first restaurant. The space, originally decorated by Oscar de la Renta, is the perfect venue for a family meal. La Piazzetta offers a seasonally evolving selection of Italian classics as well as Italian-inspired signature dishes.

Vol.15/No35 40 jamaqueparadis . com
Eden Rock at Cap Cana is the island’s only Relais & Chateaux property. Tortuga Bay: Dominican Republic’s Premier AAA 5 Diamond Awarded hotel with room details designed by the late Oscar de la Renta. Photo courtesy of Tortuga Bay Villas and Resort.

“ “

magnificent parade, in the Colonial City on the 27th of the month, the day of the Dominican liberation.

Art That Flows Through Veins

In local crafts you can still find elements that are linked to indigenous and/or African culture, from processing to the use of colours and representations. The most beautiful works are exhibited in museums all over the world. Considered the most emblematic pieces of craftsmanship are the faceless dolls. Usually made of ceramic and elaborately dressed, the absence of facial features symbolises the fact that Dominicans do not identify with a single ethnic group among those that make up their varied cultural landscape, but embrace them all.

Larimar, the Dominican national stone, and amber, are the stones that are used by artisans in the production of beauty accessories.

Dominican Republic boasts one of the most prestigious art academies in Latin America, Altos de Chavòn, located in the city of La Romana, from which many exponents of the fashion world have passed through. Giannina Azar is just one of those internationally recognised couture designers whose collections have graced the wardrobes of many celebrities.

Colours, Flavours, Scents And Spices

This page (T): Panteón De La Patria; Towering over Calle Las Damas, the neoclassical façade of the National Pantheon—its tip marked with an engraved Dominican national shield and a trio of bells— boasts an interior that is just as impressive. Guarded daily by a presidential honour guard, this former 18th-century Jesuit church became the country’s national mausoleum in 1956.

(C): Playa Cabarete; The Caribbean’s hub for windsurfing, kiteboarding, and laser sailing, Playa Cabarete–also known as “Kite Beach” on the western side–is where you can learn and practice wind water sports all year round. International kitesurfing championships are hosted here during the year, and guesthouses and hotels stand along the beach with modern condos available for rent.

(B): Cigar Capital Of The World; the cigar capital of the world, with the largest production of smokes at the many factories. The largest handmade cigar factory in the world, Tabacalera García sits a short drive from La Romana’s city centre, and offers visitors a solid glimpse of the DR’s impressive premium cigar making process. In February every year, the ProCigar Festival is held.

The contribution of the present ethnic diversity makes Dominican gastronomy very rich and varied — get ready for a real culinary adventure.

The soil of this country is very rich which allows the cultivation of various tubers of African origin which have become the basis for every typical dish in every home. Among the main ones is the banana, which is used in savoury and sweet dishes: cooked and prepared as a main course or as a side dish is “los tres golpes” (mashed plantain accompanied by salami, eggs, and fried cheese); “la bandera” (white rice, beans, fried plantains and meat); and the ‘Sancocho’ (meat stew with various vegetables and greens).

The basis of all these dishes is the love with which they are prepared. For this country, food is about sharing. It is completely normal to help a visitor or a neighbour and share a plate of food.

The Dominican Republic is a land of enchantment, which celebrates its culture with the fast pace of the merengue, framed by breathtaking landscapes that welcome you home with a smile. | JP

A special thanks to the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, and ITALY OPT team. DR has much to offer for your luxury travel:, or https://www.

The basis of all these dishes is the love with which they are prepared. For this country, food is about sharing.
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Affluent travellers Finding Unique Experiences Across The Caribbean.

This year’s CHTA 40th Caribbean Travel Forum, San Juan, Puerto Rico, was a stellar success as attendees gathered in person for the first time in two years.

The 40th edition of Marketplace attracted more than 700 delegates, with representation from 25 buyer countries, from Latvia to Poland, and Mexico to India.

This year, the inaugural Caribbean Travel Forum focused on the business of tourism in the region. The CHTA shared critical data from strategic partner, Forward Keys, on the outlook for travel and tourism in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean region is the fastest region in the world to have recovered from the pandemic in

terms of its tourism performance. We have shifted from recovery to growth mode, and affluent travellers are driving that growth.

As of September 14, 2022, the top five islands that have seen a year-over-year increase in affluent travellers in Q3, are Curaçao, with 120 percent; Bonaire, 110 percent; Guadeloupe, 92 percent; Martinique, 84 percent; and the Dominican Republic, 83 percent compared to 2019 levels. Premium seats have also increased significantly in Q3, up from 27% over the same period in 2019.

The top five origin markets for these travellers are Argentina, Brazil, Netherlands, France, and the U.S.

This is due to the increase in direct flights to some of these destinations. The Dominican Republic, for example, has had a 40 percent increase in direct flights compared to 2019. This data is an excellent indicator of what is to come for the region as we look to the future.

According to CHTA President, Nicola Madden-Greig, “There is a strong indication that this trend will continue in Q4 and into Q1 2023. Affluent travellers are finding unique experiences across the Caribbean bolstered by (our) diverse culture, rich gastronomy, and magnificent topography.”

Caribbean Travel Marketplace, Photos by the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association
Vol. 1 5/No35 42 jamaqueparadis . com THE BEST IN LIFESTYLE, DESIGN, NEWS, CULTURE, AND MUST HAVES Editor’s DIARY
(L-R) Karen Whitt, Chair, Caribbean Travel Marketplace and Regional Vice President, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association; Nicola Madden-Greig, OD, President, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association; Brad Dean, CEO, Discover Puerto Rico; Vanessa Ledesma, Acting CEO & Director General, Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association



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“ “

Paradiso Del Mar features an incredible 24,000 square feet of living space with fully loaded private penthouse nestled on the pinnacle third floor where you are can enjoy unparalleled 360-degree views from a rooftop deck so grand it would typically be reserved for a small boutique hotel.

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Something from an Ian Fleming novel — lush private gardens are the cue to a grand entrance. This villa sitting on almost one acre of prime real estate in the upscale neighbourhood of Turtle Tail and Royal Palm island on the Southside of Providenciales overlooking the pink sands and turquoise waters of Grape Bay. Paradiso Del Mar also boasts 119 linear feet of pristine beachfront and is surrounded by beautiful palms and a host of tropical landscape that opens up to an electric blue playground where you can enjoy your days sunning at the water’s edge, relaxing on one of the shaded Cabanas or enjoying a massage in the custom two-person massage Cabana. The villa provides you with privacy yet remains accessible to everything the island has to offer.

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Originally designed and constructed between 1939-1941 for Carbon Petroleum Dubbs (an innovator of the ‘cracking’ process through which crude oil is refined), Chelston was conveyed to the Government of The United States of America in 1964. !

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Photos by JP Rouja/LookBermuda and Dan Forer

AAn impressive 14-acre Bermuda beachfront estate — carefully orchestrated three-year renovation by a world-class team of international architects, builders, and craftsmen. The result is a private family compound of the finest calibre. In addition to the 10,000 square foot main house, accommodation includes three, three-bedroom guest cottages; a two-bedroom staff cottage, as well as a poolhouse, and a charming beach pavilion. Gated entry, a 75- by 40- foot, zero-edge pool, a croquet lawn, acres of rolling lawns for myriad recreational pursuits, and the pink sands of Grape Bay Beach are among the many amenities. Chelston now stands among the most significant estates in the world, accessible to everything the island has to offer. |

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Overwater Spa Treatment Bungalow Photo courtesy of the Half Moon Resort and Hotel.


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The Fern Tree Spa awaits to pamper guests Photo courtesy of the Half Moon Resort and Hotel.

Long the grand dame of Montego Bay, the Half Moon has reimagined its offerings with the addition of — an elegant modern presentation of gracious living in grand Caribbean homes of bygone days.

The Eclipse @ HALF MOON

Having been pampered in previous visits at Half Moon’s Founders Cove and Villas, I was keen to experience The Eclipse and share my love for the resort with my fiancé. With its elevated level of service, the resort was awarded Four Stars in 2022 by Forbes Travel Guide, and the accolade of being declared “The highest-rated resort in Jamaica”!

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Greeted with a tropical fruit punch and island rhythms from their in-house band in the background.

“ “

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(T) Sugar Mill Restaurant for fine dining

(B) Lester’s Bar for your favourite cocktails

Photos courtesy of the Half Moon Resort and Hotel.

With a new entrance built along a palm tree-lined cobblestone driveway, guests begin their immersion into

a garden setting of fragrant flowering shrubs, fountains, and a towering old growth tree — parting the driveway — whose branches evoke welcoming arms to the porte cochere of the “great house” where bellmen wait to greet us.

Elevated experiences welcome guests

Stepping out of my airport-to-hotel transfer, onto the entrance veranda with its open airy design, my senses were engaged. I was greeted with a tropical fruit punch and island rhythms from their in-house band in the backgound. The intricate wooden louvred architecture, and exhilarating smell of the sea breeze enveloped me in a warm ‘hug’ as it blew off the ocean into the expansive great house reception area.

Our suite had soothing pastel and blue-green colours throughout that lulled us into a sense of calm and well-being, with nooks in the bathroom and bedroom offering seclusion to curl up with our favourite book. Opening on to a private veranda, the lapping waves of the sea were a few steps away and lounge chairs offered a perfect respite to begin our time away as we planned our future together.

That evening we headed to the Delmare Restaurant, newly added to the property, featuring seafood with Italian influences on the white sandy beach of The Eclipse. Chef Claudio, who leads the culinary team, created for us a tasting menu, starting off on the outdoor terrace with zesty appetisers, then we moved indoors for a fine dining experience paired with wines against the backdrop of local artwork adorning the walls.

After dinner, in the glow of a full silvery moon above, we strolled over to Lester’s Bar at The Eclipse great house for digestifs from the hotel’s signature Worthy Park Rums. Live jazz music filled the evening air with positive vibes and lots of energy to laugh and dance the night away, in keeping with the theme of the large Junkanoo painting on the wall depicting bands of masqueraders in town squares during the island’s festive year-end celebrations of ole’.

the soul, spirit, body, and mind

Sleeping in late the next morning we ordered room service, dining on our veranda with its sweeping views of manicured lawns and the ocean while soaking up the

“ jamaqueparadis com 57 V ol.15/No35
Opening on to a private veranda, the lapping waves of the sea were a few steps away and lounge chairs offered a perfect respite to begin our time away as we planned our future together.


As one of the most iconic resort destinations in the Caribbean, Half Moon offers unique resort experiences, acres of tropical gardens, activites, offsite adventures, and local gems and collectibles.


AMUSE BOUCHE: Clam salad, arugula pesto and Peruvian quinoa APPETISER 1: Jerk Spanish octopus, josper oven plantain, salsa verde APPETISER 2: Stew peas, prosciutto di Parma and Jamaican spiny lobster, pickle cactus PASTA 1: Agnolotti with pesto trapanese (roasted almonds-garlic-basil-tomato-pecorino cheese). PASTA 2: Cocoa pappardelle pasta, green asparagus and Jamaican crayfish. MAIN COURSE: Black angus tenderloin, burn leeks and gold dust. DESSERT: Cassata Semifreddo (Pistachios, Dried Fruit, Duo Of Apricot and Pistachio Sauce, Almond Nougat).


- Tennis & Squash on flood lit courts

- Couples massage at the Fern Tree Spa

- Riding horses from the Equestrian Centre on land and in the ocean

- Playing golf at the Robert Trent Jones, Snr. 18hole par-72 championship course

- Yoga and Pilates in overwater bungalows

- Wedding and honeymoon packages

- Sailing, snorkelling, and scuba diving


- Hiking in the misty Blue Mountains, home to world famous Jamaican coffee.

- Dining at Stush in the Bush Zionist Vegetarian Organic Farm

- Duty free shopping world famous jewellery and watch brands at Main Street Jamaica Shoppes.

- Craft Market shopping for creative pieces designed by local artisans.

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sunshine. We then headed over to the on-property Equestrian Centre for a Couples Positive Empowerment Session with the lead horse trainer at the stables. Together we learnt the art of using body language to communicate with our assigned horse in a series of un-mounted exercises to strengthen bonds of mutual respect, cooperation, and harmony, to win the confidence of the horse to follow our lead without reins or bridles.

Appetites now open after a morning of ‘horsing around’ we hopped on a golf cart to have lunch at North Pointe — a new restaurant at The Eclipse — located by a swimming pool, steps away from the sea, with a bar and grill offering light island fare. As we dined on our aptly named surf ‘n’ turf, we saw families splashing away in the pool playing games. But it was the lapping waves of the sea just beyond the pool that piqued our interest to explore the nautical treasures of the shoreline.

After taking a refreshing nap in our suite, we slipped into our swimwear, with masks and snorkels in hand, to discover the marine life in the warm clear blue waters. Schools of inquisitive fish darted playfully by us, colourful starfish dotted the seafloor like gemstones, corals on the reef sported elegant shapes as if they were contortionists in a circus act, and sea fans seemed to wave to us as we swam by. Slumping into lounge chairs under a sun umbrella, we ordered rum and cokes with tasty bites, then dozed in and out of snoozing, as we watched behind our sun shades the fiery red sun say goodbye to yet another day in paradise as it slipped into the sea with horizon lit up in a amber hue.

In the evening we dressed up to treat ourselves to fine dining at the Sugar Mill Restaurant next to the golf course of the Resort. The restaurant has won several awards and is considered by locals to be the very best dining experience in all of Montego Bay. With an authentic great house theme,

water wheel, cut stone walls, wooden beams, and stung pepper lights overhead, we immersed ourselves into old world charm of dining etiquette and graces. Our table was prepared with crisp linens, crystal stemware, silver cutlery, bone china plates, and a menu presented to us to match the exquisite setting. Our dining experience opened with duck breast and crayfish bisque, then we ordered a bottle of Château Cheval Blanc (1997) to accompany our main meal of Sea Bass and Lobster, closing the evening with Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Crème brûlée, and digestif of Appleton Estate 50 Year Old Rum.

Restoring our senses

As the illuminating moonlight gave way to the rays of the morning sunshine we joined a yoga session in an overwater cabana with expansive views of the rolling waves of the sea below. In the fresh morning air we practised controlled breathing techniques to bring calm and peace to our inner selves, as we meditated and stretched to open our hearts to healing and forgiveness in a ritual of renewal and reawakening of our senses.

Today we booked a full day in the spa with a selection of treatments and relaxation therapies. Starting with a light breakfast at the Ital Café with cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices, our romantic spa journey commenced with a coconut oil infused couple’s massage, followed by a soothing soak in a coconut milk-filled tub nestled in a secluded garden.

Ordering from the in-room dining menu we ate lunch on the veranda

Opposite page (T) Paying golf at Half Moon.

(B) Enjoying a quiet beach walk at Half Moon. This page Great House Aerial, Eclipse at Half Moon. Photos courtesy of the Half Moon Resort and Hotel.

of the spa, then had a nap in the relaxation room. Our afternoon spa therapy consisted of facial, mani and pedicures, followed by a leisurely swim in the spa pool. Fully pampered by a day of yoga and spa activities, we returned to our suite to lounge as we caught up on social media postings sending out pics and clips to our loved ones back home.

From holidays to anniversaries

On this our final evening, we walked in the moonlight to the Sunrise beach Barbeque, a family event with an endless buffet selection and live entertainment — limbo dancing, fire eaters, crab racing — popular with the children, and local dance groups treating us to the latest island moves to Jamaican genre music - reggae, ska, mento, and dub.

As we enjoyed the evening of fun and laughter over a tasty meal, we turned to each other and smiled. We both knew we would return to the Half Moon to celebrate our honeymoon, and have many anniversaries here. This will be our special place to rekindle our love for each other as we start our family, grow in our professions, and build lasting friendships over the years. | JP

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Vol.15/No35 60 jamaqueparadis com ST. SOME WHERE ISLA HOLBOX off Mexico’s Caribbean coast imbues with Bohemian charm.
of St. Somewhere and Holbox
Photographs courtesy
Quintana Roo Tourism Board
JOURNEYS | JP jamaqueparadis com 61 Vol. 1 5/No35
St. Somewhere reception area.

This page: St. Somewhere poolside area.

(R-T) Couples enjoying the views from their St. Somewhere suite.

(R-B) Impressive views from your St. Somewhere suite.

Vol.15/No35 62 jamaqueparadis com

Arriving at the ever popular Cancun airport with jostling crowds outside the terminal, I located my driver and headed on a near 3 hour journey by car and ferry to a quiet Bohemian escape long under the radar, but now gaining popularity with its new and modern luxury accommodations. Passing through Mayan villages in lush tropical foliage, with sidewalk cafes and colourful handcrafted artisanal items, we arrived at the waterfront town of Chiquilá, in Quinta Roo where we hopped on the Holbox Ferry for a 30 minute transfer to Isla Holbox. At the terminal we were greeted with golf carts as the main mode of transportation as there are no passenger cars on the island, no stop lights, no honking horns, no traffic, just island chill!

Isla Holbox — home to 2,000 — is a walkable near flat nature reserve island that is 1 mile wide by 26 miles long. Its downtown is filled with vibrant bars, restaurants, shops, tour operators, and colourful wall murals. Passing rustic abodes on unpaved roads, we headed to our chic luxe hotel located at Punta Coco on a calm beach near a bioluminescent bay.

Pulling up to the entrance of Margaritaville St. Somewhere by Karisma, we were welcomed by the General Manager to a glam laid back bohemian lifestyle, offering sophisticated accommodations and gourmet menus to meet the needs of worldly travellers whose comfort is paramount in their travel to island outposts around the world.

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jamaqueparadis com 63 Vol. 1 5/No35
Chill at local beach bars while embracing the local culture
“ “


Vol.15/No35 64 jamaqueparadis com
shops line the streets of downtown Isla Holbox.

With just 39 suites, decorated in soothing neutral tones and a splash of tropical colours, St. Somewhere’s airy towers offer superlative views of the abundant green landscape and emerald colour of the sea, for miles on end. The steps from my suite led me directly into the main pool and in a few laps I was at the swim up bar enjoying a tequila infused margarita.

An early dinner would see me head to the Sandbar Restaurant serving Pan-American cuisine featuring zesty ceviche, fresh seafood and entrees all prepared to perfection in the hotel’s tastemaker Josper oven, paired with Mezcal — a drink made from the agave plant with its smoky taste — a feature of Mayan cuisine along with citrus, habanero peppers, and annatto. From this open air restaurant the amber sunset hues brought home the isolated beauty of this island, part of an archipelago known for its birdlife habitat, sandbanks, and mangroves that have helped to keep the isle free of Sargassum seaweed and preserving its sweeping sandy shoreline.

After dinner I joined a walking tour on the beach to discover bioluminescent plankton-filled shallow waters off the shoreline. Wading and splashing about to illuminate the waters around me, I marvelled at the magical glow outlining my body in a neon

jamaqueparadis com 65 Vol. 1 5/No35

(T) It’s best to discover the charm of Isla Holbox by bicycle.

(C) Downtown Isla Holbox eateries offer lots of tasty seafood.

(B) A night out at bars in downtown Isla Holbox brings out the passion.

Vol.15/No35 66 jamaqueparadis com

blue. Here under clear starry skies and the silvery glow of the moonlight with no light pollution, and the chirps of critters and soft call of nesting birds, the experience felt peaceful and calming, at one with nature in this nighttime adventure tour in paradise.

As dawn broke, a blush hue peeked in from the sides of my drapes. On opening my sliding doors leading to the pool, I was greeted by an amazing cotton candy pink sunrise emblazoned in the skies, as if a landmark gateway to an amusement park filled with activities, beckoning to me to start my morning early as it promised to be a day packed with memorable adventures. Taking my cue from mother nature, I ordered room service with the rays from the sunrise flooding my room in a brilliant glow, and enjoyed a hearty start to the day. I was then ready to take the three island boat tour — Yalahau Lagoon, Isla Pasión (Passion Island), and Isla Pájaros (Bird Island) — with picnic basket in tow and sunscreen in hand.

From the dock, our captain took us on a 15 minute boat trip to Yalahau, a nature

reserve isle surrounded by thick mangroves, and home to a deep crystal clear bluegreen water lagoon considered by the Maya to be a sacred fountain of youth with healing properties. Popping on life jackets we jumped into the chilly waters, which after a few laps felt comfortable in the calm waters fed by an underwater spring that we could see bubbling up from a source below. Rejuvenated (and dropping a few years), we set off to explore the surroundings, starting with climbing the stairs to the lookout tower to view the wetlands surrounding the lagoon. On our departure, we passed a bar with brightly coloured hammocks we could lounge in — a must if you’re on the island for lunch to laze away the afternoon with a siesta snooze.

We then departed for Isla Pájaros, a protected area for more than 100 species of birds that include flamingoes, spoonbills, pelicans, frigates, and herons. Access to the island is restricted and we stayed well offshore while looking on with binoculars at the birds, many of them feeding in the shallow water and others circling overhead. Here we paused to listen to a symphony of their honks, shrills, grunting, guttural drumming, and squawks. Lost in a moment of time in the Isle of Birds, we felt as if on a National Geographic expedition where the magic and beauty of nature abound in this sanctuary for wildlife.

As the afternoon clouds

rolled in and a light wind gusted up over the waves, we headed to the uninhabited Isla Pasión with its picture perfect setting in turquoise waters. With white sandy beaches, and low tides you can literally walk endlessly in ankle deep water exploring the marine life and nature’s bounty. This is as close as you can get to being lost in time and place in paradise where you can lose yourself in thought as you are immersed in the calm and beauty of this very special place. Sunburnt but energised from our day’s adventures, we headed back to ‘camp’ at our chic-luxe abode at St. Somewhere to relax and get ready for an evening of fine dining. Dinner that evening was at the hotel’s Harbour House offering delectable cuisine from its wood-fired oven, specialising in Yucatan Peninsula cuisine. I chose Cochinita pibil, a traditional barbeque pork recipe flavoured with bitter oranges and achiote, offering a distinct Mayan flavour enhanced by sides of refried beans, tortillas, habaneros, and pickled onions delighting the senses.

Tomorrow we will rent bicycles and ride into town to shop for memorabilia and souvenirs at brightly coloured shops and artisanal craft vendors. We’ll then chill at local beach bars while embracing the local culture, trying as many new things as we can to enrich our experience to take away a bit of island authentic bohemian lifestyle this little bit of paradise has to offer to all who visit her shores. | JP

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Vol. 1 5/No35 68 jamaqueparadis com

Curtis Santiago, Visions of Touba 1, 2021, mixed media diorama in reclaimed jewellery box. Presented by Suzie Wong in the Atlantic World Art Fair 2022. Santiago is the first artist selected for the Fountainhead Arts residency programme in partnership with Atlantic World Art Fair.

Investment is a complicated subject and investing in art can be even more so, as many claim to have no knowledge of the subject.

jamaqueparadis com 69 Vol. 1 5/No35
Vol. 1 5/No35 70 jamaqueparadis com

Data can assist. noted in 2018 that “Over the past 18 years, the leading index for the 100 most important artists in the market reflects an annual price appreciation rate of 8.9%, while the S&P 500 returned 3.4% in the same time frame.” That’s an exciting statistic considering savings accounts often sit flat at 2%.

What does it take to parlay along with the art dealers who are selling the “100 most important artists”?

When does the market determine that visual art talent from obscure locations, such as our Caribbean mid-Atlantic archipelago, have value?

How do we, as art dealers and, in my case, also an art fair owner, encourage investors to seek out talent that has yet to reach blue chip acclaim?

Reaping the Rewards

Before addressing the significant artistic talent in the region, let me share meaningful comments on a few Island contexts. In the May 2021 edition of this magazine, successful businessman Michael

Opposite page (T) Celebrating the Launch of the Cayman Art Week 2021: (L-R) Susan A. Olde, OBE, Cayman Art Week Patron; Jackie Doak, Director at Dart Enterprises Ltd and Provenance Properties; Hon. Andre Ebanks, Minister for Financial Services, Commerce, Investment and Social Development; Sue Nickason of Provenance Properties; Colin Lumsden, Manager for George Town Revitalization Initiative; Natalie Urquhart, Founder/ Creative Director of Cayman Art Week.

Opposite page (B) L-R: Former Prime Minister of Jamaica Bruce Golding, opened Jamaica Making Exhibition in London to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence in 2022 Theresa Roberts. Jamaican bornLondon resident, entrepreneur and philanthropist whose art collection is on display at Jamaica Making Exhibition Basil Watson, Jamaican sculptor honoured with Jamaica’s Order of Distinction, Commander Class, in 2016, in recognition of his artistic accomplishments.

Lee-Chin provided a rationale for his interest in investing in Jamaica, “Wealth is created by investing in regions that are transitioning from inefficiency to efficiency.”

This was echoed by Jamaican Sen. Aubyn Hill, International Banker, CEO Economic Growth Council in the Office of the Prime Minister, “Jamaica, according to Bloomberg, had the best performing stock exchange in the world in 2018 and over the last 5 years. Local investors are reaping the rewards and now foreign investors are finally taking a look at our companies and our markets.”

While I write this Bermuda is hosting The International Tech Summit which, according to the event’s homepage, “brings together leaders, regulators, and innovators from around the world to explore the latest breakthroughs in digital assets and blockchain technology.”

Sponsor to the event, Walkers, stated that the Tech Summit situates Bermuda “striking the balance between facilitating innovation while maintaining its world-class regulatory and legislative regime.”

jamaqueparadis com 71 Vol. 1 5/No35
Likely the word “art” is not the first to come to mind when thinking about the Caribbean mid-Atlantic. But it should. The art market in the region is right on the edge of transitioning from emergent to highly sought after. It is this transition — the getting in early— that makes this moment such an exciting time for art collectors.
Wealth is created by investing in regions that are transitioning from inefficiency to efficiency.
“ “
Vol. 1 5/No35 72 jamaqueparadis com

Certain Island jurisdictions are presenting stable economies into which investors should be casting their eye if they haven’t already. My cause is to stretch the view out of the office window and into the museums, galleries, and alternative spaces that are elevating the discourse on contemporary art from the region.

Museums play an important role in establishing value by telling well-considered narratives using well-considered, well-executed artistic expressions. With no disrespect to street art, which we know has taken the market by flame, when we enter the museum, we have a certain expectation. Innovative, studied curators spend years developing beautiful stories that help global audiences to appreciate the

Opposite page Yermine Richardson, The Sun, 2022, mixed media on canvas. Presented by Gallery OCA in the Atlantic World Art Fair 2022.


Dede Brown, Floating Head IV, 2022, image transfer, paint, ink, beads on copper. Presented by Black Pony Gallery in the Atlantic World Art Fair 2022.


José Azor, Night Owls, 2013-2016, limited edition C-print on archival paper. Presented by Galerie Monnin in the Atlantic World Art Fair 2022.

complex historical and modern existences of our Island people.

Starting continental— because often that is where and how global trust is procured— I’m thinking of Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) curator Julie Crooks’ exhibition Fragments of Epic Memory which presented “more than 200 photographs from the AGO’s Montgomery Collection of Caribbean Photographs alongside paintings, sculpture, and video works by modern and contemporary Caribbean artists that show how the region’s histories are constantly revisited and reimagined through artistic production over time.” No small feat. Thirty-six artists were featured, most living, a few working in edgy forms like digital art.

London’s Tate Modern wowed crowds recently with

jamaqueparadis com 73 Vol. 1 5/No35
Contemporary Caribbean artists show how the region’s histories are constantly revisited and reimagined through artistic production over time. “

its first ever Caribbean focused exhibition Life Between Islands, which “celebrated how people from the Caribbean have forged new communities and identities in post-war Britain – and in doing so have transformed what British culture and society looks like today.” Featuring over 40 artists, the exhibition presented “visionary paintings to documentary photography, fashion, film and sculpture.”

The first exhibition of wholly Jamaican art, celebrating the Island’s 60th Anniversary of Independence, was displayed at The Victoria Gallery and Museum, at the University of Liverpool. Jamaica Making : The Theresa Roberts Art Collection featured more than 30 artworks from the extensive collection of the Jamaican born entrepreneur and philanthropist Theresa Roberts. “The artworks in this exhibition show a Jamaica beyond the tourist idyll and included paintings, sculptures and mixed-media pieces.”

Soon to open at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago is Forecast Form: Art in the Caribbean Diaspora, 1990s to Today, which, as the title suggests, uses “the weather’s constant movement as a metaphor and explores the limitless transformation of art practices of the Caribbean diaspora, from abstraction, to portraiture, to landscape.” That show will be traveling to Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art.

Taking it to the next level is the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) whose collection of Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora contemporary art is quickly becoming encyclopaedic. PAMM’s

dedication to the region is championed by its Caribbean Cultural Institute, “ a curatorial and research platform that promotes the art of the Caribbean and its diasporas through scholarship, exhibitions, fellowships, public programmes, and collection development.”

Art Intelligence

Contemporary Island museums are of course committed to giving space and scope for local talent to experiment and flourish. Island-based biennial exhibitions draw from the risk-taking nature of the world showcase in Venice, which in 2022 pays close attention to art makers of African descent and women and serves as another important resource for research. Bermuda, Cuba, Cayman, The Bahamas, Haiti (until most recently), Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic all present provocative contemporary art biennials and triennials in the spirit of the Italian trailblazer.

We can look to the art graduate programmes in the

region as another source of art intelligence. The National Art School of Cuba, the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts in Jamaica, and The University of the West Indies Department of Creative and Festival Arts, to name a few, have nurtured the talents of emerging artists for generations.

These museums, schools and more, push us closer to the gallery space where we can take our research and understanding of art from the Caribbean mid-Atlantic region and reflect on our investment.

We can meet with professionals with decades of experience, such as those I work with to create the Atlantic World Art Fair and have informed conversations to gain perspective on the arc of artists’ careers.

Gaël Monnin, an expert in Haitian art, is the third-generation gallery owner of Galerie Monnin, recently moved to Miami. Susanne Fredricks started Suzy Wong Presents, an online entity, following decades of regional collecting experience and she is a Board Director at the National Gallery of Jamaica,

Vol. 1 5/No35 74 jamaqueparadis . com

Opposite page: John Lie A Fo, The Eagle, oil on canvas, 2020. Presented by Readytex Art Gallery in The Atlantic World Art Fair 2021

(L) Amanda Coulson and Lauren Perez, co-founders of TERN Gallery, at The Armory Show 2022, New York, where they presented artists (L-R) Leasho Johnson and Tessa Whitehead.

(R) Susanne Fredricks of Suzie Wong Presents, second left, at Art Basel, Miami December 2021, with (L-R) April Bey, artist; Nyugen Smith, artist; Melissa Hunter Davis, Founder and Editor, Sugarcane magazine; Maria Elena Ortiz, Curator, Modern Art Museum of Forth Worth, Texas.

serving as Exhibitions Chair.

Amanda Coulson, who drove the Volta art fair while juggling the post of CEO at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, has recently co-founded Tern Gallery and is receiving global recognition at top-tier art fairs, such as Untitled, Miami and The Armory Show, New York. Cayman Art Week, an alternative art market and community programme, was spearheaded by Natalie Urquhart, who is concurrently Executive Director of the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands and CEO, Cayman National Cultural Foundation.

Alternative spaces are also reaching global attention and artist-in-residence programmes are transforming artists’ lives. For example, Alice Yard, co-led by Trinidadian artist-curator Chris Cozier was recently featured in Documenta fifteen, in Kassel, Germany. While Caribbean Linked and Fountainhead Arts, for example, continue to provide critically necessary residence opportunities for our artists to evolve.

Truth is, there are too many museum exhibitions to review, too many projects to explore in depth, and too many galleries to introduce properly here.

Safe to say, the Atlantic World Art Fair presents an amuse-bouche of the contemporary visual art talents developing in the Caribbean region. And the recorded programme of critical commentary, panel discussions and artist talks, from each iteration of the Fair, is part of a swiftly expanding global conversation.

Like the savoury bite that stimulates the senses, let this article encourage you to join us at the grand feast of contemporary Caribbean visual art expression. Find us online, on island, on land. We welcome your interest and questions.

To keep track of what is happening where, be sure to follow Kimberley Demagny’s Caribeart for the full agenda of art events in the Caribbean mid-Atlantic.

Buy Caribbean Art. It’s good for you. And it’s a wise investment. | JP


Lisa Howie is a curator, consultant and cultural entrepreneur. In 2019 she launched Black Pony Gallery on the Artsy platform, featuring contemporary artists from the Caribbean and mid-Atlantic. In 2021 she spearheaded the Atlantic World Art Fair on Artsy, featuring galleries, curatorial agencies and alternative projects dedicated to contemporary visual art from the region and its diaspora. Concurrently, she is the Director of Learning & Engagement at the National Museum of Bermuda and Board Director with the Centennial Bermuda Foundation. Ms. Howie is the former Executive Director (20092017) and Director of Education & Programming (2006-2009) of Bermuda National Gallery.

jamaqueparadis . com 75 Vol. 1 5/No35
Lisa Howie, Founding Director of Black Pony Gallery & Atlantic World Art Fair
YACH TING CARIB BEAN Vol. 1 5/No35 76 jamaqueparadis com LA ROUTE DU RHUM — The Legendary Solo Transatlantic Race. The 2022/23 Caribbean Yachting Season kicks off in Guadeloupe with a new world record!
2022 Winner Charles Caudrelier.
jamaqueparadis com 77 Vol. 1 5/No35
Photo by Eloi Stichelbaut-PolaRYSE/GITANA S.A.

12th edition of the ‘Route du Rhum — Destination Guadeloupe’, the biggest transatlantic sailing race in the world, started off from the historic port of Saint Malo, France on 9 November, 2022 at 1400 hours local time.

Arecord number of 138 skippers, including 9 from the Caribbean, 7 women, and other international sailors representing 14 different nationalities, set sail towards Pointe-a Pitre in Guadeloupe, the French West Indies, in exceptional weather conditions with a 15-20 knot Westerly wind, slight seas, and brilliant sunshine. Indeed a magical moment for this historic edition of Route du Rhum, touched by nature and the ‘beautiful waters’ - the island’s original Amerindian name KARUKERA - beckons to all who sail around this tropical archipelago.

In fact, for the first time in the history of the Route du Rhum, the organisers were forced to delay the departure by 72 hours due to a huge storm hitting the coast of Brittany, France. Winds of around 40 knots and gusts of more than 50 knots, accompanied by a very strong swell raised by tropical storm Martin, with hollow breaking waves of 7 metres high, left no alternative.

La Route du Rhum history… and winners

Established in 1978, the event takes place every four years and is the leading transatlantic single-handed race in the world. It is open to a variety of monohull and multihull sailing boats, split up into six classes and categories, including some of the fastest trimarans on earth. Skippers sail alone, crossing the Atlantic to Guadeloupe, a distance of 3,532 nautical miles over a period of up to one month.

The last record set by Francis Joyon (Idec Sport) in 2018 (of 7 days 14 hours and 21 minutes) was shattered by another Frenchman, Charles Caudrelier, who crossed the finish line at the bay of Pointe-à-Pitre at 5:02 a.m. local time on 16 November 2022 clocking in a new world record just 6 days, 19 hours, 47 minutes, and 25 seconds. Caudrelier was the favourite at the helm of the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild, the first boat entirely designed to fly over the water thanks to foils, launched in 2017 and considered the most accomplished Ultim (maxi-trimaran 32 m long and 23 m wide) in the fleet.

Caudrelier achieved the perfect race from the start in Saint-Malo, taking the lead from the first few miles. “The race was exhausting, but I managed to find my pace. I was so eager to win this race. I’ve been dreaming about it since I was a kid and I never got to do it. It was a huge frustration until now,” said Caudrelier after crossing the finish line. He was delighted to add this prestigious title of the legendary solo transatlantic race to his impressive list of trophies which includes 3 Transat Jacques Vabre and 2 Volvo Ocean Races.

The winner in the Ocean Fifty fleet, Erwan Le Roux, sailed his trimaran Koesio across the finish line on Sunday morning, 20 November at 6:50 a.m. local time, narrowly beating Quentin Vlamynck (Arkema) after a nail-biting head to head over the final

Vol. 1 5/No35 78 jamaqueparadis . com
“The race was exhausting, but I managed to find my pace. I was so eager to win this race. I’ve been dreaming about it since I was a kid”
“ “
jamaqueparadis . com 79 Vol. 1 5/No35
2022 Winner Charles Caudrelier.Photo by Eloi Stich Charles Caudrelier - basks in the glory of the new world record he set — 6 days, 19 hours, 47 minutes, and 25 seconds elbaut-PolaRYSE/GITANA S.A.

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE CULTURAL PROGRAMME: For the 12th edition of the Route du Rhum, special art exhibitions have been organised around Guadeloupe. In the city of Le Gosier, the Marines’ exhibition presents the works of two artists — Bertrand Rouby, based in Marie-Galante, and Frédéric Longoria, originally from Saint-Malo. The exhibition focuses on an ocean theme, a perfect metaphor symbolising the race during which the skippers are subject to the unpredictability of the natural elements. For further information about the ‘Route du Rhum — Destination Guadeloupe 2022’, visit

miles around the west of Basse Terre, Guadeloupe.

Less than 24 hours later, the winner in the IMOCA category, Thomas Ruyant, crossed the finish line on 21 November at 2:51 a.m. local time.

Visitors revel in the cultural acti–vities across the Guadeloupean archipelago

While the skippers have their own adventure at sea, spectators, family, friends, and visitors to Guadeloupe are able to explore the Route du Rhum Villages. Attractions include the Mémorial ACTe, Guadeloupe’s contemporary museum offering historical exhibits on the Caribbean slave trade and the island’s indigenous people. For unique creole cuisine and shopping experiences, Marina Bas-du-Fort, the island’s European infrastructure with excellent facilities, offers an outstanding selection of restaurants, cafes, bars, and boutiques. And, for special activities and events visitors can explore the historic Capital Basse Terre, the second largest city in Guadeloupe. Waterfalls, mountains, hot water springs, and rivers await to be discovered by the adventurous traveller.

Visitors can also island-hop across Basse Terre, Grande Terre, Marie Galante, La Désirade, and Les Saintes, the 5 islands that make up the French ‘butterfly’ archipelago of Guadeloupe. With cultural programmes and live entertainment organised by local authorities, travellers and explorers alike will fall in love with the “Pearl of the French Caribbean”. | JP

Vol. 1 5/No35 80 jamaqueparadis com
Victory for Charles Caudrelier aboard the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild Ultim 32/23 - La Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe 2022 © E.Stichelbaut polaRYSE GITANA Charles Caudrelier (L) awarded the 2022 La Route du Rhum trophy © Pilpre Arnaud


2 – 5/ 2023

Sail Away In ST. MAARTEN

There is one major sailing event on St. Maarten,the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta, an accessible activity to all who are visiting the island. Depending on your skill (and thrill) level, your expectations and budget, there are lots of options to enjoy the turquoise waters surrounding the island and explore St. Maarten’s beautiful coastline.

jamaqueparadis com 81 Vol. 1 5/No35

St. Maarten Heineken Regatta is the foremost sailing event of the region and the biggest warm water regatta in the world, and the island stands proud of having it. It is one of the most lively weeks on island —a series of events and shows you need to experience at least once — and then, like so many do, come back every year”

The St. Maarten Heineken Regatta is an annual sailing event taking place the first full weekend in March. This year the 43rd edition will be celebrated from March 2 – 5, 2023. The event combines world-class racing with splendid onshore entertainment, also known as “Serious Fun!”. Whereas many people race their own boats (lucky them), there is also a good number of people who charter boats in order to participate. All the fun and none of the worry! Race charters are becoming more popular and are a perfect means to tick off this bucket-list experience.

If you aren’t a sailor, this can still be your new favorite event, as many people flock to the island to be part of the bustling energy that is generated the weeks surrounding the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta. Lots of people book their tickets on the spectating boats early as they can’t wait to watch the hundred (and then some) boats racing around the island. Being out on the water watching the starts is the ultimate way to enjoy this event. Unless of course you are a big music lover, then you would also thoroughly enjoy the activities organised at the Regatta Village at Port de Plaisance, where all the best of St. Maarten comes together: ice cold drinks, food and music. There is so much going on, it’s best to review to get all your information.

What if March is not a good time for you to visit St. Maarten, or perhaps you like sailing, but a big event like the Regatta is a bit overwhelming? Let’s go over some other options for you to get out on the water, feel the breeze in your hair, the salty sea spray on your face, and witness beautiful St. Maarten from water. Trust us, it’s a whole other experience that is hard to beat!

For keen sailors, racers or even those that never set foot on a boat, you can have a brilliant time on the 12 Metre experience, where you get to race former America’s Cup boats as actively as you please (they need someone to mind the bar, so that could be you!).

Big budget item, but it’s a vacation on its own, is to charter a boat for a week and cruise the waters at your own pace. Discover quiet and gorgeous bays, like Happy Bay, Grand Case, Tintemarre, and Pinel, or even visit the surrounding islands like St. Barts and Anguilla. You can charter through Sunsail, or look into private options. If you are on a limited budget, you can always consider picking one of many day sailing charters that bring you this joy for a fraction of the price of a full week charter. Take your pick from sailing catamarans, monohulls, fast racing, or comfortably cruising boats. Whatever you choose, that smile will be plastered on your face for a while, even after you go back home to rain or snow.

Becoming more popular are vacations where you work on a skill, a well-known one being scuba diving. St. Maarten is a fantastic place to learn how to sail, or to further develop your sailing skills. You can book sailing lessons in dinghies, which are smaller sailboats like lasers and double handed boats, at the Sint Maarten Yacht Club, or if your focus is on bigger keelboats and internationally recognized certification, the Maritime School of the West Indies offers you great options.

Whatever you choose to do, you won’t be disappointed by spending your time on the waters around St. Maarten. The tradewinds offer fantastic sailing conditions and let’s not forget the average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. When is the last time you tried something new? Maybe now is the time to make it happen and enjoy an unforgettable sailing experience! | JP

Vol. 1 5/No35 82 jamaqueparadis . com
“ “
Vol.15/No35 84 jamaqueparadis com
Diana Bonelli




The brand’s fantasy and romance have gained its designer the title of Prince of designs in Central America making him one of Latin America’s most prominent designers. Erick Bendaña brought the majesty of the Nicaraguan rainforests to the Arabian shores. In a couture collection marked by meticulously placed flora and feather applique, as well as upbeat red carpet looks emblazoned with indigenous spirited motifs and his “Arte Pop” prints, his “Celestial” collection infused the catwalk with a sense of escapism. The collection culminated in a show-stopping couture ensemble in the shape of a heavenly bird awash in Celestial hues, and an affair with Carnival Couture. Hollywood celebrities and former Miss Universe Berenice Quezada have been dressed by ERICK BENDAÑA.

jamaqueparadis com 85 V ol.15/No35

Erick Bendaña presents his latest Haute Couture Celestial women collection at Arab Fashion Week AW/22-23. His collection is a presentation of romanticism, magic and fanciful. Handmade embroideries and hand-embroidered beads in fine crystals, tulle, and lace dress with feathers.

Vol.15/No35 86 jamaqueparadis com
PHOTO Atlantis Studios MODELS Erika Chia | Diana Bonelli | Elena Costantino, Cecilia Roldan
jamaqueparadis com 87 V ol.15/No35
Elena Costantino
Vol.15/No35 88 jamaqueparadis com
Erika Chia
jamaqueparadis com 89 V ol.15/No35
Cecilia Roldan
Vol.15/No35 90 jamaqueparadis com
Elena Costantino
jamaqueparadis com 91 V ol.15/No35
Diana Bonelli Erika Chia
Vol.15/No35 92 jamaqueparadis com
Elena Costantino
jamaqueparadis com 93 V ol.15/No35



2022/23 Caribbean Yachting Season in Guadeloupe FWI kicks off with a new world record of 6 days 19h 47m 25s, set on November 16, 2022, by skipper Charles Caudrelier. Here are the party highlights from across the “Butterfly Island” archipelago.

Vol.15/No35 94 jamaqueparadis com



Connecting Haitian women worldwide, the HLN gather for Haitian Ladies Weekend, in Washington DC to reconnect with each other, their culture, restore, and rejuvenate themselves. The importance of the gathering is paramount and accentuated in light of the difficulty in our beloved Haiti.


Stocking JamaquePARADIS in their rooms, spas, and lounges.


Four Seasons Resort & Residences Belmond Cap Juluca


Jumby Bay Island, an Oetker Collection of Masterpiece Hotels Tamarind Hills


The Ritz-Carlton Spa Private Jet Terminal


The Ocean Club, A Four Seasons Resort The Rosewood, Bahamar


Cobblers Cove, Relais & Chateaux

Port St. Charles Villas & Marina

Port Ferdinand Luxury Residences The Fairmont Royal Pavilion Crane Resort BERMUDA

Rosewood Bermuda Roseden, Relais & Chateaux

BONAIRE Harbour Village Resort


Rosewood Little Dix Bay CAYMAN ISLANDS

The Ritz Carlton, Spa The Westin Resort Spa Kimpton Seafire Spa


Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski, La Habana


Baoase Luxury Resort Airport VIP Lounge

DOMINICA (The Commonwealth of) Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski


Eden Roc at Cap Cana, Relais & Chateaux

Tortuga Bay Punta Cana Resort & Club Casa de Campo Resort & Villas


Calivgny Island

Mount Cinnamon Resort and Beach Club

Airport VIP Lounge


Hôtel La Toubana Villas Chez Flo


Round Hill Hotel & Villas

Half Moon Hotel & Villas

The Cliff Hotel Negril Island Outpost Properties — Golden Eye | Strawberry Hill The Caves


Le Cap Est Lagoon Resort & Spa La Suite Villas


Rosewood Mayakoba, Cancún Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa, Cancún


Four Seasons Resort

Montpelier Plantation Inn


St. Regis Bahia Resort

Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Dorado Beach Spa

The Plantation Residences, Dorado Beach Airport VIP Lounge


Queen’s Garden Resort, Hampshire Hotel


Le Guanahani Hotel Le Toiny, Relais & Chateaux


The Old Gin House Golden Rock Dive & Nature Resort


The Park Hyatt

Kittitian Hill Belle Mont Farm, Boutique Hotel Airport Private Jet Terminal


Cap Maison Luxury Boutique Hotel Sugar Beach, A Vice Roy Resort

ST. MARTIN Belmond La Samanna


Mandarin Oriental Pink Sands Club, Canaoun Island

Petit St.Vincent Private Island


The Villas at Stonehaven


The Palms The Shore Club


Ritz-Carlton Destination Club Residences

For details on how your property can be included on this list, please contact

From (L - R): Phara Georges Rodrigue, Nathalie Félix-Charleston, Marchonie Auguste Derosier, Kysseline Jean-Mary Cherestal, Sandra Sanchez-Emmanuel, Dominique Charleston, Diane Laviolette Steering committee members and Wyclef: Nadine Duplessy Kearns, Thamar Harrigan, Ariel Dominique, Wyclef Jean, Rachel Pierre, Phara Georges Rodrigue, Nashley Harrigan Congresswoman Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick and Former Prime Minister of Haiti Michèle Duvivier Pierre-Louis
jamaqueparadis . com 95 V ol.15/No35
Grammy Award Winning Wyclef Jean

I enjoy long walks on the beach, was the 6th Grade Geography bee champ, and oh yeah, I LOVE WATCHES!


Senior Client Advisor at WatchBox, C’Quon Gottlieb was born on a 32 square mile slice of paradise called St.Thomas, US Virgin Islands. He recalled growing up on the Caribbean Island with the highest concentration of jewellery stores per capita in the US (Over 300 stores within a 1-mile radius). It’s no wonder that he has the addiction to horology. He learned to work with some of the best Watch Specialists and Experts in the industry, honing his skills and fostering a passion for the difference between a watch and a Time-

piece and what goes into these mechanical works of engineering and artistry.

In his six years working with happy clients, he worked in the Virgin Islands, managed timepieces in southeast Alaska, and served clients all over the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. “Timepieces have taken me on a journey I never imagined, from the Virgin Islands to working at WatchBox in Dubai. He bounces between the US and the Caribbean, going wherever clients need him to be, making people and wrists happy all over the map.

Vol.15/No35 96 jamaqueparadis com
“ “
Photo: WatchBox
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