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There’s a lot going on in the world right now. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m older, and care more about these issues, or because there’s so much information thrown at me all the time that it’s unavoidable, but it’s overwhelming and it’s impossible to escape it. When I was a kid I didn’t know what was happening in the street next to mine, never mind what was happening everywhere in the world. I used to have the mindset of ‘ignorance is bliss’; and all I cared about was skateboarding, so that was the only media I consumed. I’m a bit older now but I kind of want to go back to that time. The time when skateboarding was an escape from school, your parents, or just a fun thing to do. You didn’t even watch the news back then and you had no idea what the hell was going on. My biggest problem would be If John Menzies had sold all three copies of that month’s R.A.D., and if they had, how would I get my skateboarding fix? If this magazine takes your mind off of things, for even a little while, I’ll be happy. Graham Tait

Cover: Myles Rushforth - FS Nosegrind Photographer : Graham Tait

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George Horler

Photography by Graham Tait Interview by Kieron Forbes


Okay, so since your acting career has taken off, when do you plan

The main reason I moved to Edinburgh was for university.

to retire?

I’d been coming to Edinburgh years before, having been to Bristo Square a few times. I’d spent a lot of my life staying

Haha! Yeah, I’ve done some work as an extra.

with grandparents in Perth and great-aunt in Dundee. I’ve got a lot of family history in Edinburgh, my mum did some

How did that come about?

growing up here. My mum and dad starting dating here and got married here too.

My girlfriend Annabel and I went along to a casting day we heard about. They take your picture and your measurements

So a lot of sentimental feelings towards Edinburgh?

for costumes, just in case they cast you in the next Game of Thrones and you need to wear a corset. I got an email fairly

Definitely, yeah. I always had it in mind when it came to

quickly about being a passer by in a film called

picking a university/degree. I actually got rejected on my first

‘Stegosaurus’, so turned up for a 4am start had some

application so waited a year just to try again.

breakfast coffee etc. and then had to fill in forms and at the top it read ‘Trainspotting 2’.

What did you end up doing instead then?

Woah. You had no idea then?

I got a job as a chef in the local pub, just solidly working to make money so I could go away travelling. I started off as

No idea, no.

a KP prepping veg, washing pots and cleaning floors. Then moved up to pastry, eventually it was just me for parts of

So you had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, can you actually

the day on my own running the kitchen. Essentially I ended

talk about it?

up being a sous chef. After about six months of that I had enough money to head to Perth, Australia where I worked at

Yeah, no phones or photos. All of that. But people knew it

a radio station.

was happening. It was in the news, but maybe I should have read the small print? I basically just had to walk up and down

Bit of a swift career change then.

Princes Street as a passerby for the famous running scene. So Spud and Renton were sprinting past me over and over

Ha! Yeah, I got to read the news a couple of times and made

again. I had to walk up and down the street for like four or five

some jingles; got to pick songs too.

hours from about 5am as folk passed by on their way to work or home from a night out. It was the weirdest day because I

How long were you there for?

ended up doing 14 hours finishing at 6pm. Around two months. I was just by myself with my skateboard, Considering you’re not a local I don’t think you could have ended

which was rad because I got the chance to meet a bunch of

up in a more Scottish film. Growing up in Warwickshire, how did

local kids. I hired a bike and would cycle around checking out

you find yourself in Edinburgh?

as many skateparks as I could.

Perth definitely seems cool since its cut off from the rest of Australia. Totally there were a lot of young kids that were like skateboard/scooter gangs and kind of just did both. Sort of your classic Aussie shirtless kids. I would hang out at that bowl in Victoria park. After Perth did you head back home? No, I spent a week in Sydney before getting on a plane to Fiji to volunteer and teach kids. I showed up there and led a class of 30 ten-year-old kids from like the day I got there, straight away thrown in, like “Here’s your teacher!” I was leading them in prayers and Fijian folklore, maths, history and science. Obviously you were accepted into Edinburgh your second time round and having been here and knowing the city. I take it Bristo square was your first port of call? Yeah I remember moving up and heading along to the square straight away. A few people were there but the first person to come up to me and say hello was Kerr (McLachlan). The first Scottish skater you meet was Kerr? Haha! Yeah! He was nice and I remember thinking, “Is this what everyone’s like? Are they going to come up to me and introduce themselves?” Because you know I was nervous being from England, but it was never a problem. Did Bristo then become the go-to? In halls I met Neil Scott and he introduced himself and suggested going skating there, so after that it was. Noseslide

Ha! That’s crazy. I don’t think you could have met two more separate characters, both incredibly good guys but very different. Exactly. The first time we go skating he introduces me to Miles [Kondracki] who immediately asks for my phone number and tells me he’ll let me know when he’s going skating. I can remember thinking, “What is this!?” Like it wasn’t what I expected at all. What did you come up here to study? I did my degree in English Language and to be honest it felt like more school. Dragging myself over deadlines and just not really going to lectures. I didn’t know what I wanted to do and I thought a degree would help. What did happen, when I was in first year, is I got back into making music. I’ve been playing guitar since I was seven, but had put it down around leaving school. What was it that sparked you playing again? On my first day I met my friend Chris [Corrall] who was also into making music. Independently I started writing songs again and then we ended up living together. We ended up starting a band called Dagger Alif. We didn’t actually have a name for ages until Chris came home one day and suggested it. Where does that come from? It was because Chris was studying Arabic. It’s the accent on the letter ‘A’ that looks like a dagger.


Pole Jam

You guys started putting music out quite quickly, right?

I guess a lot of people have either an older brother or friend that switches them on to music, like, “Listen to this, don’t listen to that”

Yeah, we could play drums in our flat. We actually stayed

type thing. Is it fair to say from a young age your dad was that guy?

there for three years because of that. So we set up studios in our bedrooms and just made music all the time. Waking up

Yeah! It was totally natural like when we washed up the

and playing music ‘til it got dark, just that on repeat for years.

dishes my dad would put records on and that would be our

We started gigging in Edinburgh and Glasgow and played a

education. There was always music playing in the house. It

bunch of shows.

seemed natural that I would want to sing and play an instrument so I reckon my parents were stoked.

How did you start playing guitar? Music took you to London after your degree? Same time I got into skating. I was listening to a lot of punk music. Music and skateboarding went hand in hand and it

I managed to wangle some work experience with a mixing

really appealed to me so it made sense to ask for a guitar

engineer Craig Silvey [The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arcade Fire, The

when I asked for a skateboard for Christmas.

National] who is kind of a big deal. I was really lucky to be there with him actually. I got to sit in on the recording of an

Were your parents on board with both interests then?

Arcade Fire album which was pretty surreal. Once I finished my degree I got on a internship with a studio management

Yeah for sure, with music especially. We are a musical family.

company Miloco as an assistant engineer.

My brother Ali plays drums and we were always going to be rock stars from day one.

That sounds like a big deal.

Did you have a band together?

At first I had to do really menial stuff like make loads of cups of tea, dust equipment and I can remember thinking, “This

Yeah we’ve had a few. One was called The Downfall, we

sucks”. I then started to get put on recording sessions as an

used to do covers. We did Stairway To Heaven at school at

assistant. I was working with smaller bands, but my

a random music talent afternoon. My brother, myself and our

second session was Cheryl Cole at The Church in Crouch

friend Alex who played bass. We’d play a lot of Thin Lizzy

Hill. I worked with Planet Funk who had that famous song

or like Smoke On The Water and my dad would bust in and

Chase The Sun, which just seemed funny. All this stuff was

sing along.

going on and I was working at some really famous studios, which was awesome but I still just wasn’t that into it.

A lot of influence from your dad then? Yeah, we used to ask him what songs to learn, like Emerald by Thin Lizzy or Long Train Runnin’ by The Doobie Brothers. A lot of The Eagles and as a result they ended up being one of my favourite bands. We were always down for the harmonies and melodies. Had a big influence on me and my bro.

BS Tailslide

I remember talking to you from time to time and it sounded rough,

That’s part of seeing behind the curtain I suppose.

were these people hard to deal with? Exactly. I realised I didn’t want to work in pop music, I wanted I was working 14 hour sessions six days a week and then

to be in a band and I wanted to record my own music and

nothing for a week straight. I was living in Coventry,

be more of an actual artist. So I start thinking about where

commuting on the train, sleeping on friends’ floors to do 12

I could rent in Edinburgh, to get me back to Scotland. I just

to 14 hour days. I just realised that I didn’t want to be an

kind of left, it came to a point where I damaged a

assistant for five years before I get to engineer my own

microphone, an expensive one that belonged to the owner of

sessions. Don’t get me wrong, I was really lucky to be there, I

the company I worked for. I didn’t do that much to apologise

eventually got to work with Craig Silvey again and had a lot of

because I was just over it. In a way it felt stupid to back away

responsibility and pressure. So much so that I would sleep at

from a great opportunity but I knew it was not what I wanted

the studio. It was unbelievable to be around all that

to do and I didn’t want to be in London.

equipment and talent but I was just not really feeling it. If you’re going to pursue a creative lifestyle sometimes decisions No one really tells you when you start working how hard dragging

may seem reckless.

yourself out of bed and travelling to work is. I knew it was right, I wanted my own studio and equipment Especially when you’ve got to be on the go for 12 hours, lots

and to be able to make my own decisions. I didn’t want to

of making tea and running around. I’d taught myself how to

be working on pop shit. So I bought a tape machine and a

use all this stuff and I just felt a bit useless. Honestly I started

mixing desk and saved money to move back to Edinburgh.

spending my time on my laptop looking for equipment,

I set up a recording studio so I could start working on some

looking for spaces to rent to start my own thing. I knew that

new projects. I now am making music under the name Holy

it was only temporary.


I guess a lot of it was having to fake being in awe of artists as well,

I’ve asked others this before but what do you think the difference

was there any room to be honest with people or where you

is between London and Edinburgh’s skate scenes?

realising that it was bullshit? Skating in London is great. So many spots, parks and Yeah, for sure. There is this thing in the music world, even

people. I didn’t like getting on the train though; I would try to

if you want to be in a band and do well, and I’ve heard this

explore. I never really made the most of it. Whereas in

from friends in the same position too - you have to be into

Edinburgh I can get stuck in and find new spots.

everything. You have to love everyone. I was told, “Don’t give your opinion unless you’re asked”, but you think, “how much

Is that because you feel part of the scene here?

of my opinion can I actually give?” There was a lot of keeping your mouth shut. Ultimately these artists and bands are

That’s it. I think that I prefer a smaller city where you know

getting paid to do what they do and who I am to say it sucks?

lots of people and you are part of something. It’s nice to know

But at the same time it sucks! So much of it was shit.

everyone when you go skate. It’s a nice place with nice people.

You are one of very few people I know that cares about their body and what’s going in it. I try to live vegetarian. I’m not the best, I ate a burger last night. But I won’t buy and cook meat ever. Its so lame and cheesy but I love animals and want to hang out with animals; it makes me sad for them to die when I can just eat veggies. You hear about older skaters changing their diets and lifestyles, are you finding that you need to do that? I have a bad back and I’m constantly trying to do things to fix it. I’ve had a bunch of operations, I get kind of desperate sometimes because I don’t want to lose skating. So I’ll try anything to make it better. That’s what it comes down to though, you don’t want to think about a time when you can’t skate. Yeah, when you think about in the present you may be stressing on a trick but ultimately it comes back to why you started skateboarding. For the escape, the fun, the challenge or whatever. Or being able to go to a new place and immediately make friends. Do you think that there’s a curse surrounding having big pop? When I was growing up skating, all my friends were into learning all flippy tricks. I just liked jumping off things, over things and just liked doing ollies. It’s just how I enjoy skating. I like jumping things. It’s skateboarding in its purest form.

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Myles Rushforth

Photography by Graham Tait Interview by Mark Baines

OK, firstly, you’re from Barnsley. What happens in Barnsley these days other than the pro-Brexit majority voting? I couldn’t even tell you, I’m only really in Barnsley when I’m working or sat at home. There’s a Facebook page called ‘We Are Barnsley’; I’ll go on there and find a headline to show you what kind of things happen... OK, so two days ago, “A Barnsley school teacher who attacked two nightclub bouncers while she was high on cocaine has been banned from teaching”. So just that kind of stuff, but I’m pretty sure crazy things like that happen in most towns and cities though. Cookie, who was around in the ‘90s and sadly passed away, was from Barnsley too, right? Yeah, he was from Barnsley. I never met him because I was too young, but he was fairly well known and seemed to get lots of coverage which is cool. You’ve made a few scene videos over the years as well, right? How many have you done and what made you pick up a camera? I’ve made two in total. It’s the classic scenario really, I sprained my ankle and at the time everyone was really on it, so I decided to buy a camera and start filming what was going on. I’ve always liked full length videos, even though they are considered kind of dead. Everyone was filming so much that there was enough footage each time for full lengths. There’s a little skate store in Barnsley too right, a real mom and pop family store? Yeah ‘Avit’ has been around for around 13 years now. Its owned by a guy called Paul and his mum Carol. Carol runs the shop now as Paul’s busy with other commitments, and they’re both ace. Joby helps out in the shop too. We are all one big family which is rad. FS Bluntslide Transfer

And going back to when you started skating, how did that come

I remember watching your last video and it felt like the part you had

about? It’s obviously not a skate mecca like some parts of the U.K.

in there was a step up, for sure. It seemed like you left Sore and got on Descent and stepped it up a gear. I enjoyed the part in Fresh

Because in the late ‘90s/early 2000s Barnsley had a really

Eggs and Coke, the music was bang on.

good scene. I’d see Wayne Rataj and Scott Hardy and all those guys skating Carpet World on a Sunday, and that’s all I

You actually watched it? Ha, rad. Thanks, that’s probably my

wanted to do. They brought a video out called Brain Damage

favourite part. Yeah that part/video was at a time when I’d

just as I’d started. Along with Blueprint’s WFTW, they were

finally figured out how I wanted to skate. When riding for Sore

my first two videos I had and I’d watch them back to back.

I’d only just started getting into filming, shooting photos, and

You had a clip in Brain Damage too you camera whore. I’d

travelling to skate. I had very minimal tricks at the time so I

fast forward your part in WFTW obviously haha!

was influenced a lot by the East Coast toned-down side of skateboarding. When I left Sore everyone local had slowed

Lame! Haha! So you would just head out and film with your mates,

down with skateboarding and I was in the middle of

that kind of thing?

filming Fresh Eggs, so I just had some time to skate skateparks more and learn tricks and figure out what I liked. Skateparks

Yeah. Me, Birdy, Zak and occasionally Eamon would be out

were strictly banned for about two years at one point. I think

nearly every night and every weekend. Rob Salmon used to

I became more open minded too as I left that funny age of

come over from Hull and bring the Hull crew one weekend

confusion. I’d started paying attention and appreciating the

then we would go to Hull the next weekend. That set up was

skateboarding I found kinda ‘uncool’ before. So in that part I

ace, Rob and those guys are great. Rob is how I got into

tried to do more actual tricks on better spots rather than just

filming and shooting photographs, he made me realise how

ollie fast and ride down a road and do the odd wallie because

satisfying it is to get tricks on footage or a photo. How to get

that’s what I told myself was cool. When in actual fact from

a bit more out of going skating on a weekend.

personal experience skating like that is just a cover up for not being very good! Haha! There’s a lot of toned-down stuff out there now. Some of it’s cool, but I get the impression people are over the dumbed down easy shit as much as they are the video game type skating. I guess it’s a funny time right now, but good skating is good skating regardless of what you’re doing and where you’re doing it. Yeah, we are in a grey area for sure, but that’s good because you can more or less do whatever you want and there will be a clique you will fall into. There’s a lot of diversity, I can watch Tiago Lemos then watch the complete opposite like Sean Pablo and they both make me want to go out and skate the exact same amount.


You had a Descent part come out not too long ago. I felt like you skated some hard spots in that. Maybe people don’t realise how tough some of them are because they don’t have a reference point for them, as no one else really skates them. Did you search out a lot of those spots in there? There’s a few gems scattered around Barnsley. I found them by mainly just driving places. A lot of them are generally just South Yorkshire but there are some gems in Barnsley. For example the last trick was a rail I found whilst driving to my girlfriend Amy’s Grandma’s. Then I went back with you to look for it and it took hours to find it. You’re probably right, it’s so easy to reference point a spot you see people skate in nearly every single video because you’ve seen other tricks done there. But no ones going on a filming mission to a council estate in Scunthorpe on a -5 winter day. Haha! Yeah, it’s like people want to see new spots but actually unless they’ve seen spots before they don’t know how difficult a spot might be. So now you’ve been filming for this Story thing with some of the other guys, and then you have a Descent promo Chris wants you all to work on. True, I don’t think most skateboarders know what they want to see any more, so they just digest whatever’s the easiest. I’ve just finished filming a couple of minutes for the Story promo and now I’m going to try film for a Descent promo that we’ve been discussing. Everybody seems keen to work on one so hopefully it will happen.

BS Feeblegrind

Do you get to see any of the dudes on the team much? I know you were pretty tight with Will Creswick. No, not really, everyone kind of has their own things going on. I see Will from time to time which is always ace, I love hanging out and skating with Will. I also see Chris Mann and Paget every blue moon, but I haven’t skated with them properly in a good couple of years. I would like to, but again everyone has their own things going on. I’m going to try and organise some missions with everyone and be the filmer as I’ve got a car and camera. Chris Pulman seems motivated with the brand, he does a lot of his home-made stuff which is cool. Not seen you in your skate carrier yet though. Yeah, Chris definitely has a strong vision of how he wants his brand to look and I think that shows in the product. You not feeling the board carriers? I’d have one but I don’t ride a bicycle enough. I’m feeling them, it all looks like quality shit. Just couldn’t imagine you rocking one! I’m going to try and blag one for filming your part, haha! How did it all come about with Descent anyway? We mentioned earlier you were on Sore for a while before switching over. Well, I’ve always been a fan of Chris and I’ve followed Descent since it started. After I left Sore I didn’t hit anyone up for a new board sponsor out of sheer lack of confidence/self belief. Even though I was a fan of Descent I felt it was too out of my league, but Chris messaged me out of the blue asking if I wanted to try some boards and I was so stoked. I think maybe Chris [Mann] showed him some footage and put a good word in? I’ve been close friends with Chris [Mann] since we were about 13 so I’m guessing that’s it. 360 Flip

It’s usually who you know not what you know. Did Chris get you hooked up with some Etnies too or was that someone else? Yeah, always. That was actually Ben Rowles who me and Chris have also been friends with since we were young. Ben’s always been an incredible skater and he’s been on Etnies for a while now, so he showed my Descent part to Gez at Etnies and he hit me up asking if I wanted some shoes on a flow kind of thing which I was stoked on. I know you work so it’s not like you’re trying to make a living from skating. Where do you work at right now? I work at Barnsley hospital, shifting case notes around and putting dead people on a spreadsheet. So you pretty much skate outside of work a couple times a week? Yeah, I skate Monday evenings, usually at Flash Lane Skatepark in Rotherham and then skate on a Thursday evening, we usually try do a street mission on a Thursday night then get pizza. And what else do you get up to? You always seem to be at gigs or bowling. Yeah, bowling is fun. I play guitar and enjoy writing tunes in my room, but that’s where they stay. I enjoy going to gigs; I’m off to see Richard Hawley next month which will be rad. I’m quite boring really, but that’s how I like it, haha! Hawley is sick, a miserable sod but he’s amazing. I’ve heard that off a few people, hopefully I’ll never meet him. That might ruin his music for me.

BS Smithgrind

Who’s on your playlist right now?

That’s true. But have you ever been fussed about hitting up Barcelona for example or any of those kind of hot spot places skat-

Morrissey is my go to, there’s a Moz song for every occasion

ers flock to?

in life. Haha! I’ve been listening to a band called the Softies quite a bit on my way to work. The Last Shadow Puppets,

I’ve never actually been on a skate trip abroad, if I’m going

Mazzy Star... Fleeting Joys are a recent find. Richard Hawley.

abroad it’s to sit in the sea and do nothing. I’ve been to

I go through phases with music but once I’m a fan of a band

Barcelona as a tourist and looked at the spots as I’ve walked

I’m pretty much a fan forever.

by and that’s enough for me. I’ve never enjoyed skating with large groups of people either, I always find it really

Oh yeah, you’re a big Mozza fan. Isn’t he meant to be a bit of a dick

disorganised and frustrating, and when a skate trip abroad


seems to happen it’s always about 12 guys. Maybe a smaller place abroad with a small bunch of guys would be more

Haha! Yeah, he can be, but I think its more his sense of

feasible for my ideal skate trip abroad, and make it half

humour that throws people off. His lyrics say more about him

holiday half skateboarding kind of thing. Or maybe I should

than his interviews do; I can listen to his lyrics and be in

just be less anti social …

hysterics. Too much Mozza! But I get you. It can be a nightmare when there’s What have you been watching lately that gets you hyped to go

a big crew and no one knows what they want to do, before you


know it, the days done. Besides, why do you need Barca when there’s Hull!

I’ve watched a lot of Chad Tim Tim recently, Brad Cromer is a go to, Daryl Angel, AVE, I’ve been watching a lot of Evan


Smith too. You were saying the other day there was talk of you going to China Let’s chat about some places you’ve travelled to. I kind of feel like

with your girlfriend Amy?

you’re happy within a 60 miles circle of Barnsley, not that that’s a bad thing at all, there’s so much to skate in this part of the country.

Well she’s working there for a month at the moment through her work, they asked her if she wanted to work there for a

Yeah, I’m pretty content being in the North, I know a lot of the

year and they’d sort me out with a job too, but I gave it a

spots so I find it easier to be productive up here. Although

miss. Their average work pattern is a six day week. Didn’t

saying that, we’ve just done a trip to Edinburgh to finish this

you tell me you saw a skinned dog in a butchers window

interview, talk about culture vultures!

when you where there too? No thanks.

Kickflip BS Tailslide

Well dog is considered a delicacy out there, special occasions type thing. I wouldn’t eat it but I remember some of the other guys I was with being down. Like who? I remember Shier being down for it and probably Magee too. So Amy is out there now and you’ve just been to Scotland and got hurt again, second time in a month which sucks. Yeah, I’ve injured myself a second time for this interview. I bruised my coccyx doing the backside 50-50 in Huddersfield whilst warming up like an idiot which sent me out for four weeks. And now I’ve bruised my scrotal sack by doing a ‘one more’ switch front noseslide in Edinburgh for Graham. I’ll be fine again next week though, there’s no long term serious injuries which is good and they are all easily avoidable in future. The old ‘one more’. Graham worked you pretty hard for this then? Yeah about that, three or so photos a day is hard. Graham’s lens had broke too so his flashes weren’t being consistent. That’s probably why I injured myself both times because of how many photos we were shooting in such a short period of time. I’m currently at work with a heat pack under my trousers on my crotch. My lunchbox has never looked as full, I keep proudly standing with my hands on my hips. Saying that though I worked him as hard as he worked me, haha! You did a good job of being project manager too.

Switch FS Noseslide

Yeah, that’s good going for a short period of time. Injuries aside it was mostly good times. Plenty of Wu bants. Please explain Wu bants. Yeah, the injuries don’t even matter, we had a great time. Haha! Wu bants! Well, you play that Wu Tang song where at the start they are having really aggressive banter with each other so any time anybody takes the ‘banter’ too far now we just use the excuse of ‘oh its just Wu bants’. You hate hip hop though which is upsetting, I never feel like I can have it on in the car. Haha! Yeah. Well I don’t hate all hip hop. There was one guy you put on who didn’t seem angry at anything and had a good backing band that made good beats, I cant remember his name though. That was A Tribe Called Quest, Q-Tip was the dude you were feeling. You should get their albums, you’ll be into them all. I’m going to list a couple of things and you need to choose which you prefer. Liam or Noel? Noel, even though he said what he said about skateboarders, that’s just Noel’s sense of humour which I like, antagonistic pessimist. I loved that he slated skaters, it was so funny seeing people pipe up. Even better was Nev’s tre flip outside Note. Morrissey or The Smiths? Moz, his sound is heavier on a lot of his solo work and I feel his lyrics are less held back. BS Wallride

Hip hop or house music?

Kemp or Regan (in a fight)?

Hip hop. I cant even view house music as music. I find it

Mark Kemp in an internet fight, Paul Regan in a fist fight. I

bland, monotonous, and the least bit musical what so ever.

mean Regan has won a belt that basically means he is the

Do the people who make house music class themselves as

hardest lad in England.

musicians? VX or HD? Leeds or Sheffield? HD. VX was amazing when it was played through a 4:3 TV If you asked me three years ago I would have said Leeds

via a DVD but on the internet I personally think it looks poor.

every time because I was there so much. I prefer Leeds for

I prefer using HD cameras too for the pure simplicity. I don’t

hanging out, and the Leeds crew have great Wu bants. But

miss tapes getting lodged in, heads needing cleaning, sifting

since me and Amy got together and I’ve started hanging out

through tapes capturing the footage onto your computer, fire

with you I now really like Sheffield for the spots and it feels

wire cables, only being able to watch it back once on the

more like being at home. I’d say I prefer Sheffield for its spots

camera in fear the quality might deteriorate, changing tapes,

and the vintage shops, and I prefer Leeds for hanging out

all that jazz. What a pain in the arse.

and visiting Welcome and getting a pizza slice from Belgraves. There’s no definitive answer really! Haha!

Meat or Tofu?

Lame. I did put you on the spot there though.

It’s got to be tofu with me being a vegetable-arian.

In or Out?

Beer or grape soda?

In, I’m in the 26% or however many, haha! ‘We Are Barnsley’

Grape soda, and it’s so hard to find. I don’t believe anyone

headline four days ago, “Police have released an image of a

that says they enjoy the taste of beer.

man they would like to speak to after alleged racial abuse at a Barnsley match.” The funniest part is “speak to”, hate crime

X-Factor or the other one?

must not be taken as serious here. I think they are both absolute tripe. But the X-Factory for the entertainment side of things, I really enjoyed the season Matt Cardle was on though.

BS 50-50

Windbreakers coming soon.

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North Skateboard Magazine Issue 12  

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