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Fortaleza, the capital city of the State of Cearรก, has been decades one of the most popular destinations for tourists. With an easy grid pattern, the city has a combination of su urban beaches, busy nightlife, delicious restaurants, rich Brazilian culture and very friendly people.


Là NA ROÇA Awarded several times as the best regional restaurant, was inspired in a twelfth century hacienda. Decorated in a rustic style with wood. It has a selfservice specialized in northeastern dishes. It is a bit far from Fortaleza (25 km). Municipio de Aquiraz 200 PAXS Average price per person: $ (up to $ 20,00)

COLHER DE PAU This is one of the best places on a street lined with good-value, medium-range restaurants, recommended for individuals, not for groups. It’s consistently voted the best in town for regional cuisine. Some of the regional dishes are: carne de sol, vatapá de Peixe, Frango à cabidela, baião de dois, feijão green paçoca, moqueca arraia, cake and picadinho macaxeira Cearense. Orla Marítima 600 PAXS Average price per person: $$ (from $ 21,00 to $ 35,00)

ALPENDRE DA VILA Good service, satisfying meal, pleasant environment with ample space. A familiar place with garden with a wide menu selection. Some suggestions are lobster with shrimp sauce, and braised veal with butter. However, the location is inconvenient as it is far from the Orla MarĂ­tima. Vila UniĂŁo 800PAXS Average price per person: $$ (from $ 21,00 to $ 35,00)


SANTA GRELHA Opened six years ago, is one of the 10 best restaurants in Fortaleza. It won several awards in Veja magazine as "Best Meat". The new Santa Graelha is comparable to the best restaurants of the most cosmopolitan cities. It serves grilled meats (over 30 cuts) and tasty food in a comfortable and rustic place. It has three airconditioned rooms and is well located. Aldeota 123 PAXS Average price per person: $$ (from $ 21,00 to $ 35,00)

SAL E BRASA This restaurant is considered one of the best steakhouses in Fortaleza. House with excellent variety of meats (over 30 types). Besides meat, the service offers a buffet of hot dishes, salads, sushi, seafood and paella. There is also a buffet with freshly prepared pasta. Meireles 400 PAXS Average price per person: $$$ (from $ 33,00 to $ 45,00)

SPETTUS It is a good steak house inside a medieval building. Located in a nice open mall, next to Iguatemi shopping. Trained professionals cook to order over 22 cuts of beef imported from Argentina and Uruguay. The buffet is rich in salads, cheeses cold, oriental food and various choices of hot dishes and garnishes. Edson Queiroz 300 PAXS Average price per person: $ (up to $ 20,00)

BOI NEGRO Refined steakhouse founded 20 years ago, with good quality and tasteful food. Specialized in more than 30 types of meat served in rodizio system. Also includes a buffet with sushi and sashimi, marinated salmon, salads and other dishes such as shrimp, paella freshly prepared…Wide variety of domestic and imported wines. Meireles 300 PAXS Average price per person: $$$ (from $ 33,00 to $ 45,00)

CABAĂ‘A DEL PRIMO Excellent meat. Argentinian or Uruguayan style steakhouse, with all kinds of grilled meats served in special cuts of high quality. Well decorated, pleasant and well located (inside the open mall Jardins). Recommended for small groups (up to 30 people). Aldeota 84 PAXS Average price per person: $$$ (from $ 33,00 to $ 45,00)

MURANO GRILL Excellent restaurant. This cozy and sophisticated restaurant is ideal to appreciate the tastiest cuts of meat, such as beef sausage, one of the successes of the house, according to the chef Luiz Gonzaga. The facilities are new, and is located within the shopping Patio Dom Luis. Aldeota 130 PAXS Average price per person: $$$ (from $ 33,00 to $ 45,00)

DALLAS GRILL Dallas Complex comprises a steakhouse restaurant, a brewery, a pizzeria, a sushi bar and a specific space for events such as forums and celebrations. Dallas Grill offers steaks served in rodizio system (accompanied by a buffet of hot and cold dishes) and a la carte menu consisting of grilled meats, fish, seafood and pasta. Meireles 350 PAXS Average price per person: $$ (from $ 21,00 to $ 35,00)


COCO BAMBU FRUTOS DE MAR One of the best restaurants in the city and not only among those specialized in seafood. This chic restaurant is rated as the best restaurant among 200 according to TrypAdvisor review. It has a terrace to enjoy the beautiful view, varied and tasty food and excellent customer service. Meireles 600 PAXS Average price per person: $$$ (from $ 33,00 to $ 45,00)

CEMOARA This is a renowned seafood restaurant. Recommended for individuals, more than groups. It boasts some of the best seafood dishes in the city, but still has reasonable prices for what you get. The fish in mussel sauce is highly recommended. Meireles 80 PAXS Average price per person: $$$ (from $ 33,00 to $ 45,00)

VOJNILĂ” Great atmosphere and food. This sailor-style restaurant was rated the best seafood restaurant in Fortaleza in 2008 and 2009. The spaghetti with lobsters and the whole fish are stunning. See more information at: Varjota 150 PAXS Average price per person: $$$$ (from $ 45,00 to $ 60,00)

TIA NAIR Local restaurant specialized in seafood, located in avenida beira mar, in front of the beach of Iracema. Rustic and simple environment, well known by its excellent seafood and impeccable service. Playa de Iracema 500 PAXS Precio medio por persona: $$$$ (from $ 45,00 to $ 60,00)


L'Ă” RESTAURANTE Menu designed by Chef Marie Anne Bauer, this restaurant has two rooms and a garden. It organizes many events at night. L'Ă” restaurant also is promoting local art, devoting a permanent space to appreciate visual art. It is considered one of the best contemporary restaurants in Fortaleza. Praia de Iracema 250 PAXS Average price per person: $$$ (from $ 33,00 to $ 45,00)

FASHION GOURMET It is an exquisite self-service created by the chef Camilla House. The restaurant has beautiful surroundings. It is nice and elegant, with three environments: 1) Largest environment 2) Outdoor environment 3) Intimate and reserved environment The quality of both food and service is impeccable. Surprising variety of hot dishes and desserts, highlighting the risotto and cod. Aldeota 190 PAXS Average price per person: $ (up to $ 20,00)


CANTINA DI NAPOLI Considered the best Italian restaurant in Fortaleza according to Veja “Food and Drink� review. Grilled food also outstands. The atmosphere is refined and the restaurant has good service. Meireles 170 PAXS Average price per person: $$ (from $ 21,00 to $ 35,00)

VIGNOLI This cozy Italian restaurant decorated with many antiques, is ideal for those looking for an intimate and comfortable place. It is considered the best pizzeria in Fortaleza since 2004 according to the magazine Veja. The pizza is wonderful and the antipasti, fillings and desserts too. The service is excellent. Miereles 260 PAXS Average price per person: $ (up to $ 20,00)


SOHO The best Japanese cuisine in Cearรก. Refined and elegant, with contemporary architecture, is located in one of the most charming streets of the city. Soho offers unique dishes created by the chef Elcio Nagano. A place of good food and friendly atmosphere. Meireles 175 PAXS Average price per person: $$$ (from $ 33,00 to $ 45,00)


FAUSTINO Local and traditional restaurant with the renowned chef Faustino. The restaurant received two stars by Quatro Rodas. Apart from offering great northeastern food, the restaurant serves delicious Cantinho do Faustino steaks and seafood. It has two spacious and air conditioned rooms. Only recommended for individuals. Papicu 150 PAXS Average price per person: $$ (from $ 21,00 to $ 35,00)

COCO BAMBU This huge restaurant has a wide offer but all excellent. The 14-page menu covers pizza, tapioca, crepes, sushi and regional food.The atmosphere is quiet and cozy, decorated with floral motifs. Meireles 700 PAXS Average price per person: $$ (from $ 21,00 to $ 35,00)

MUCURIPE GRILL Located in the Gran Marquise Hotel, this restaurant is ideal for lunch and breakfast and is specialized in salads and grills. It also has an assortment of pasta and rice. On Saturdays serves the best feijoada of the city. For 8 consecutive years it has been selected by the jury of Food and Drink Veja. It has a friendly environment with a large terrace, and the design illustrates cearenses themes and artists. Mucuripe 190 PAXS Average price per person: $$ (from $ 21,00 to $ 35,00)

MORANGA Intimate atmosphere in a bucolic Rua Praia de Iracema. The restaurant is elegant and charming. It has its own personality, with vintage dĂŠcor, antique mirrors and crystal chandeliers. Only recommended for individuals. Praia de Iracema 50 PAXS Average price per person: $$$ (from $ 33,00 to $ 45,00)


CROCOBEACH It is a beach resort with swimming pool, shops, beauty salon, etc ... There are comedy shows every Tuesday an Thursday night. It has dishes with delicious recipes to satisfy two people: lobster, crab, shrimp, fish with rice. Praia do Futuro 2000 PAXS Average price per person: $$$$ (from $ 45,00 to $ 60,00)

VELAS CUMBUCO Beach complex with lockers, umbrellas and beach chairs, pool, restaurant, bars, restrooms, showers with fresh water, optional service massage and optional tours in jangadas (traditional fishing boat). Food a la carte, specialized.

Cumbuco, 32 Km from Fortaleza 2000 PAXS Average price per person: $$$$ (from $ 45,00 to $ 60,00)

MANZARI Located in front of the beach, it has facilities and equiment for groups with: lockers, showers with fresh water, beach seats and tents, restaurant and bars. Food a la carte, based on fish and seafood. Lagoinha 500 PAXS Average price per person: $$$$ (from $ 45,00 to $ 60,00)

Please, for further information contact with North Side: Estrada da Gávea, n.712 / Grupo 407 São Conrado – Rio de Janeiro - RJ. Cep: 22610-010. Contatos (Reservas): Marcos Xavier Tel: (021) 3216-7200 FAX: (021) 3322-7737 e-mail :

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