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Graduate and Degree Completion Programs


I was first exposed to North Park students as a nurse at Northwest Hospital in Arlington Heights. I can honestly say it was their knowledge and willingness to learn that opened the door for me to want to pursue an advanced degree here. North Park gives a strong foundation to all its students, and gives them the tools to succeed in any field of nursing.



North Park University Graduate Programs Step toward a bolder future. North Park University’s graduate programs offer the perfect mix of expertise, experience, flexibility, and personal attention to help you get exactly where you want to be. Whatever your passion—and wherever you imagine your career path taking you next—North Park University will help turn your dream into reality. We know this is more than a degree. It’s a greater pursuit.

Lenny DeGuzman, ‘19, SNHS

North Park University Graduate and Degree Completion Programs SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND NONPROFIT MANAGEMENT If you want to lead, you need the right education. At NPU’s School of Business and Nonprofit Management (SBNM), our experienced faculty, industry-driven programs, and ethical focus will equip you to excel in any leadership career—and our well-earned reputation for innovative teaching, practical application, and transformational values will prepare you to lead for the rest of your life.

DEGREE OPPORTUNITIES Master of Business Administration Prepare to advance into leadership roles by developing your management skills and building a toolkit of practical knowledge in core areas like finance, strategy, marketing, and more. You will graduate as an effective, ethical manager ready to lead any business or business unit to greater success.

Master of Nonprofit Administration Gain best-practice knowledge in fundraising and stewardship, strategy development, ethical leadership, and more—all the tools you will need to serve any organization at the mid-toexecutive level.

Master of Organizational Leadership Engage with our innovative curriculum and learn best practices that apply to both the business and nonprofit sectors, including relationshipbuilding, strategic decision-making, and change leadership.

Master of Higher Education Administration Combine key principles of management with core tenants of higher education, all within a nonprofit framework. Learn to manage teams, connect with students, develop curriculum, build enrollment, and help your institution navigate challenging situations with foresight and wisdom.

Master of Human Resources Management Build an organizational and legal knowledge base as you learn how to develop a high-performing team in any work environment. Graduate with the practical skills you will need to manage conflict, improve communication, grow an effective staff, and measure performance.

SBNM Certificates Conflict Management Economics Finance Fundraising Management Healthcare Management Higher Education Administration Human Resource Management Leadership Marketing Management Nonprofit Finance Nonprofit Governance Nonprofit Management Operations Management Organizational Development Accounting Church Administration Graduate certificate programs are designed for degree- and non-degree-seeking students who want to sharpen their skills and build knowledge in a specific topic area in a short, cost-effective way. Courses taken as part of a certificate program may be applied to any of SBNM’s graduate degrees, and many may be completed entirely online. For a full list of the career-building certificates, visit

SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Throughout the program, I have worked with teachers and students who share their expertise in things as simple as asking for a raise or promotion. I have become familiar with different employers simply though the faculty and students, making valuable connections that hopefully will lead to a career in the for-profit realm.


The world of education is rapidly changing. To teach effectively, you need to do more than just keep up. At NPU’s School of Education, our experienced faculty, hands-on approach, and focus on ethical leadership will equip you to take the next step in your career and stay one step ahead of the curve. We will prepare you to transform communities, impact students, and serve a diverse society as a creative, dedicated, and compassionate education professional.


The highly respected educational leadership coordinator at my last job got her master’s degree at North Park, making it one of the top options on my list. The networks and relationships I have built through my cohort colleagues, professors and advisers make me confident I’ll find a position after graduation that will be a good fit for me.


Master of Arts in Educational Leadership Learn practical education-focused administrative and executive-level skills from our experienced faculty—including instructional leadership, teacher assessment, team building, and community relations.

Master of Arts in Education Expand your knowledge of teaching practice and educational theory through meaningful coursework tailored to you—including teacher leadership, social management, and more.

Master of Arts in Literacy, Language, and Culture Prepare to succeed in diverse learning communities and advance your career with an ESL/ELL endorsement that matches your goals.

Endorsements and Approvals Expand and develop your career as a professional educator by building your expertise in a specific area. See available endorsement programs at


Master of Music in Vocal Performance Take the next important step in your career as a classical singer. Grow your talent and ability through advanced training, and pursue success as you emerge into the profession—from opera companies to the teaching studio to professional choirs.

Master of Arts in Teaching Complete your master’s degree and become a licensed teacher in the State of Illinois. Choose one or more of five licensure options and gain the specific skills and knowledge you need to pass exams and become an exceptional educator.

Teacher Licensure Designed for students with bachelor’s degrees recognized by the State of Illinois who wish to become licensed to teach without learning an additional degree. See licensure options for both programs at

SCHOOL OF MUSIC, ART, AND THEATRE Pursue a music career in our uniquely nurturing environment. Discover the careershaping impact of meaningful faculty artist and student collaboration—and the limitless performance opportunities offered by a city filled with world-class musicians. With an emphasis on practice, performance, and passion, you will be inspired and equipped to achieve success in your music career.

DEGREE OPPORTUNITIES Master of Music in Collaborative/ Piano (Vocal Coaching) Through advanced coursework, pedagogical instruction, practical experience, and performance opportunities, you will train to coach and collaborate with singers in a wide range of classical styles.

SCHOOL OF NURSING AND HEALTH SCIENCES Collaborative. Skillful. Passionate. Ethical. Knowledgeable. In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, these qualities will stand the test of time—and they guide everything we do. At NPU’s School of Nursing and Health Sciences (SNHS), you will be equipped to excel as an ethical, compassionate, patient-centered healthcare professional for the rest of your nursing career.

DEGREE OPPORTUNITIES RN-to-BSN Degree Completion As healthcare regulations change, hospital systems increasingly require nurses to hold bachelor’s degrees and even seek graduate-level education. Not only will earning your bachelor’s degree in nursing increase your knowledge and skills as a nurse so you can provide the best patient care possible, it will also provide you the job security you desire and prepare you for future opportunities and degrees.

Master of Science in Nursing or Post-Master’s Certificate: AGNP As an adult-gerontology primary care nurse practitioner (AGNP), you will be qualified to provide primary care to a range of adults from the healthy, community-living population to those in need of palliative and end-of-life care.

in criminal justice theory methods, policy, programming, technology, and practice as you prepare for a leadership position.

Digital Marketing From social media management to digital strategy to SEO optimization, gain the advanced skills, techniques, and best practices you’ll need to keep any organization on the cutting edge of the new media landscape.

Location Intelligence Graduate with the latest, most advanced knowledge in the use of geographic information systems (GIS) as a tool for solving spatial problems.


You are ready to take the next step in your education and your career. We are here to make sure you take the right one. With our compassionate faculty, adaptable programs, and focus on experiential learning, North Park’s School of Professional Studies (SPS) will empower you to complete your bachelor’s degree and change the course of your life.

Master of Science in Nursing or Post-Master’s Certificate: FNP Gain the knowledge and advanced practice experience you will need to become a family nurse practitioner (FNP) prepared to offer primary care to individuals of all ages.

Master of Science in Nursing: Leadership Management By earning a master of science in nursing degree with your concentration in leadership and management, you will build on your direct care and team experience to develop skills in communication, human resource management, strategic assessment, quality improvement, budgeting, safety, risk management, and more.

Doctor of Nursing Practice Build on your current master’s degree in nursing by developing organization and systems leadership skills, generating new knowledge through practice innovation, and improving health outcomes through application and translation of evidence into practice. Launch: Fall 2018

I appreciated that North Park is a Christian university offering academic excellence and professors who inspire you to want to be your best. In fact, they help you realize that your best is even better than you ever dreamed.


Learn to manage resources, solve complex organizational challenges, analyze and develop effective budget strategies, and inspire the volunteers and stakeholders who will help your organization thrive.

Organizational Management and Leadership Gain knowledge and skills to effectively lead people, departments, and organizations as you build strong fundamentals in management with a focus on leadership development and effectiveness.

Business Administration Develop comprehensive skills and prepare for management positions in corporate, nonprofit, and government organizations.

Counseling Psychology Grow the right skills and knowledge base to advance your career or prepare for graduate work in counseling, social work, or a related field.


Nonprofit Management

Criminal Justice Gain knowledge about the causes, consequences, and solutions to problems of crime, violence, delinquency, and trouble in a learning atmosphere with a distinctive focus on Peaceology. Learn and further develop effective management techniques and apply the latest


Build foundational knowledge in counseling theory, acquire an understanding of legal and ethical responsibilities, and master assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of clients. Upon program completion, you will be ready to apply for the National Counselor Examination as required for Illinois licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor.


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Graduate and Degree Completion Programs  
Graduate and Degree Completion Programs  

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