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Happy New Year! We’d like to wish everyone a happy, peaceful and successful 2020. As so many people’s thoughts turn to health and fitness in January, we feature a few ideas to help get you started on that road! We also flag up some of the great educational opportunities in Leeds – from primary schools to universities and lifelong learning. And, Leeds Civic Trust presents FoRP with a Bronze award for its wonderful, new history boards.

You’ll also find news of the great programmes coming up at Opera North and Leeds Playhouse. Holocaust Memorial Day puts on a series of free events at Leeds Town Hall; Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network celebrates 20 years or welcoming people to Leeds; Slung Low are making a film; and Leeds Animation Workshop is among the highlights of the year included in the Hannah Directory. Now, we look forward to receiving all your news and notices for February 2020! Please get this to us by 6th January (14th January for advertising). We look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Carole, Jack and the team.

06 10 12 18 24 26 38 46 06 Holocaust Memorial Day An international commemoration, including a civic remembrance at Leeds Town Hall.

24 A Season of Pioneering Collaboration Leeds Playhouse showcases a theatre at the heart of its community.

10 Recycling Our Way to a Healthier Planet

26 Roundhay Park History Boards Win Top Award

The benefits of recycling – Zero Waste Leeds encourages us to do more.

A Bronze Snaith Award for FoRP

12 Expanding Your Horizons

Setting you on your path to a healthier 2020.

Tapping into Your Creative Side.

18 Slung Low Are Making a Film And are looking for 100 people to take part in it..

38 Get Fit, Stay Fit

46 Schools Prepare for Successful Year

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2020

Kyle Harvey kyle@northleedslife.co.uk

ADVERTISING Leeds is marking Holocaust Memorial Day 2020 with a series of free events, including a civic remembrance at Leeds Town Hall on Sunday 26th January at 2pm, which is open to all. Holocaust Memorial Day is an international commemoration of the six million Jewish men, women and children murdered in the Holocaust, as well as the millions of other people killed under Nazi persecution, and in subsequent genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur. 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest German Nazi concentration and death camp, and the 25th anniversary of the Genocide in Bosnia. Opened by the Lord Mayor of Leeds, this year’s civic remembrance includes a keynote speech by Dr James Smith, co-founder of the UK National Holocaust Centre and Chief Executive Officer of the Aegis Trust. There will be a reading of the seven statements of commitment with candle lighting and a traditional Hebrew mourning prayer sung by Rudi Leavor BEM, president of the Braford Synagogue. And, the Opera North Youth Chorus will perform a piece on this year’s theme, ‘Stand Together’.

Leeds Town Hall will also host a photographic exhibition entitled ‘We Were There: Holocaust Survivors in Leeds’, from 13th January – 29th February. This will focus on children and young people who survived Nazi persecution in the 1930s and 1940s, who came to Leeds as refugees or survivors and made new lives here. The exhibition presents personal photos of survivors and their families alongside survivors’ stories of discrimination, persecution, escape, hiding, ghettos, forced labour, concentration camps and liberation. (Images and content featured are courtesy of the Holocaust Survivors' Friendship Association.) There will be a free screening of the film ‘Schindler’s List’ on Monday 27th January, 7pm at Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton. Reserve your place via the Seven Arts café, or the Arts Development team at Leeds City Council 0113 378 7191 / arts@leeds.gov.uk

Jack Campbell info@northleedslife.co.uk

0113 274 8776

Rachael Stafford rachael@northleeds life.co.uk

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Photo courtesy of the Holocaust Survivor’s Friendship Association


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Life&Style They Lived In Leeds By Eveleigh Bradford SAMSON FOX (1838 – 1903) Inventor, Industrialist, Benefactor ‘From Mill-boy to Millionaire’ was the headline when Samson Fox died in 1903. The old cliché summed up his romantic, phenomenal rise to wealth and power. But there is more to his story: he was an inventor whose innovative ideas helped transform shipping and railways across the world; a speculator who was accused of swindling thousands of innocent investors; and a hugely generous benefactor locally and nationally.

He was indeed a mill boy, following his father at age nine into the textile mills of Kirkstall where the family had moved from Bradford. But he had other ambitions: fascinated by machinery and how things work, at fifteen he was apprenticed to a firm of iron founders and tool makers in Holbeck, quickly rose to be foreman and patented some innovative improvements in tool design. In 1862 he was chosen as their representative at the great six-month International Exhibition of Industry and Art in London: a great chance to explore the latest engineering ideas and technology. Back in Leeds he married, and with his brother set up a small tool-making firm at the Silver Cross works in Dewsbury Road, Hunslet. He travelled around, building up knowledge and making valuable contacts, particularly in Scotland and the Clyde shipyards – a preparation for his next daring step. In 1874 he borrowed money to buy 18 acres of land from the Castleton Lodge estate at Armley, strategically placed between the railway and the canal, and set up the Leeds Forge to make ‘Best Yorkshire Iron’ for engineering, particularly marine. He persuaded his Scottish contacts to invest. Over the next decade, among his numerous inventions, he patented two which brought him fame and fortune. The first (1877) was his ‘Corrugated Flue’, which enabled steam engines to work at higher pressure so ships

could go faster – the ‘greyhounds of the sea’. After rigorous trials his flue was adopted by the Navy and the great shipping lines, and production was licensed in Germany and the USA, on lucrative terms. Then, in the 1880s, he developed steel under-frames for railway wagons, lighter than before yet capable of supporting heavier loads. They sold worldwide, and in the USA Fox struck a smart deal with railway salesman ‘Diamond’ Jim Brady for manufacture in Illinois, in return for a hefty commission. By the 1890s the Forge was at full stretch, employing some 2000 men. The money rolled in for Samson Fox, along with honours and status. But his enthusiasm for exciting new ventures led him into tricky speculation when he invested heavily in ‘water gas’, floating a company which attracted thousands of small investors at vastly inflated prices, who lost their money when the bubble burst. He denied all accusations of a swindle, and in 1897 sued Jerome K. Jerome, owner of the paper ‘Today,’ for libel. Fox won, but got just a farthing in damages, while the paper went bankrupt. Any lingering shadow was dispelled by his well-publicised public donations.

Photo: copyright Leeds Libraries & Information Services, Leodis.

In 1885 he had moved to Harrogate with his wife Mary Ann and their remaining children – they had suffered the death of five of their nine children, so their life had had its tragedy. They lived in luxury at Grove House, with its ten live-in servants, grooms and gardeners. He patronised the arts, notably supporting the Croatian artist Vlacho Bukovac who painted many local and family portraits. He lavished money on numerous benefits for Harrogate people, including funding for the Royal Hall. Not surprisingly he was elected Mayor a record three times! His greatest gift was to the Royal College of Music in London, which desperately needed a new building. He offered £30,000, later increased to £45,000 (over 5 million now). When the foundation stone was laid in 1890, he was the guest of honour. All his family and the great and good from Leeds and Harrogate travelled down to witness the great event, and the Leeds Forge Brass Band played. He addressed the Prince of Wales and handed

him a trowel made from one of his famous flues. He got a deeply flattering royal vote of thanks. Surely a highlight in his life! His legacy lives on in the RCM‘s splendid building, where his bust stands in the entrance hall. He died very suddenly in 1903 in Walsall where he was planning to stand for election as MP. Although he had married again after Mary Ann’s death – his new wife 33 years younger – he was buried at Woodhouse near Mary Ann and their lost children. Big and burly, magnificently bearded, he was remembered as a bluff, warm, hearty man, equally at ease in a Harrogate mansion as in a cottage in Kirkstall, where his remarkable story had begun. Note: Samson Fox was an ancestor of the Fox acting dynasty.

Do you struggle getting in & out of the bath? Take control of your bathing experience with an easy access solution; designed & installed to help you: • Maintain independence at home • Create a safe & stylish solution • Enjoy peace of mind & freedom • Meet individual needs & requirements • Make daily life easier

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Waste&Enviroment Zero Carbon Headingley Chalks Up a Successful First Year

Recycling Our Way to a Healthier Planet The benefits of recycling are considerable. It conserves natural resources, saves energy, prevents pollution, reduces landfill waste and incineration and even creates jobs. Around 40% of household waste in Leeds is recycled, but that needs to increase to 50% by 2030 to reach the DEFRA-set target. There’s no doubt that legislation change and greater responsibility by manufacturers on packaging will help but we can all do our bit.

The inaugural meeting of Zero Carbon Headingley took place a little over a year ago. The idea came from members of Headingley Development Trust, supported by Zero Carbon Yorkshire, and the aim was to promote local action on tackling climate change. It was clear at that first meeting that the carbon emissions from road transport, along with the related issues of poor air quality and traffic congestion, were key concerns for residents and it has been the focus of much of the group’s activities ever since. In June, a demonstration was organised to mark Clean Air Day, highlighting the problems caused by road traffic, and this was joined by pupils from Shire Oak Primary. But, the key event of the year was the car-free street fair on North Lane marking ‘World Car Free Day’ in September. The fair included stalls from environmental groups, activities for children, live music and food, and was very well attended. The response to an event free from the noise and pollution of vehicles was overwhelmingly positive and the group hopes to have more car free events this year. Zero Carbon Headingley now has over 120 people on its mailing list, as well as 250 Twitter followers. The group is working with landlords and students to reduce carbon emissions in student rented housing and is also helping retail outlets to implement energy efficiency measures.

So, it was great to hear that in Leeds recycling just got a whole lot easier – now all pots, tubs, trays and cartons/tetra paks (apart from black or dark brown plastic) can be put in our green bins, including fruit juice cartons, yoghurt pots, ice-cream, butter, margarine tubs and clear plastic trays for meat, fruit and vegetables. It means that we now recycle all the most common plastics – types 1, 2, 4 and 5. Just remember to give it a wash first! It’s now easier to say which plastics we can’t put in our green bins - mainly polystyrene (6) and PVC (3). The Leeds Bin App tells you where most objects can be recycled, plus bin collection dates. Making the connection between the choices we make - what we do, buy and consume – and reducing the amount of waste we produce is a great starting point. In the words of Sir David Attenborough: “The best motto is not to waste things. Don’t waste electricity, don’t waste paper, don’t waste food. Live the way you want to live, but just don’t waste.”

“My motto is ‘act local, think global’”, said Matthew Hill, one of the group’s founders. “Whilst tackling the climate emergency needs action on a global scale, we can all do something to reduce our own carbon footprint, and campaign for action on a wider scale.”

Zero Waste Leeds is building a movement to help Leeds become a Zero Waste City by 2030. That means exploring how we can waste less and reuse and recycle more. We’re starting conversations, listening to and sharing people’s ideas, and testing new solutions. Recent projects include Leeds by Example and Plastic Pioneers. For more information, visit www.zerowasteleeds.org.uk


Zero Waste Leeds

Plastic Free NW Leeds Urges Reduction, Reuse & Recycling Single use plastic is polluting the planet. It’s a crisis that we hear about on a daily basis. We have produced such incredible amounts of plastic over the years that the planet is now drowning in it. More than 40% of plastic is used just once and a staggering 91% of plastic waste is not recycled and it can take up to 1,000 years to break down. If we don’t take action, it is predicted that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. We all need to consider the waste we are producing and the impact it is having on our environment. For years, much of our plastic rubbish has been shipped to countries like Malaysia, where it is not recycled as we thought. Luckily, local councils are now taking much more responsibility for what happens to our waste.

Plastic Free NW Leeds aims to bring the local community and businesses together. Its Facebook page contains information on where to purchase plastic free alternatives, who the plastic free supporting business are, and where you can bring tubs to be filled. Leeds is also lucky to have a number of refill stores. Plastic Free NW Leeds is working with businesses to reduce single use plastic and is in the process of nominating those working hard at reduction for SAS.org.uk plastic free awards. The main aim of Plastic Free NW Leeds is for lots of people to make small changes. Here are a few tips: • Bring your own bags to the grocery store.

• Use your own water bottle. Visit www. refill.org.uk to see where you can fill it • Use reusable cups instead of single use coffee cups • Say ‘no’ to plastic packaged products, particularly fruit and vegetables. • Swap wipes, which are full of plastic, for washable wipes • Have your milk delivered in glass bottles. • Try a refill store.

Expanding Your Horizons Tap into Your Creative Side.

T he Future is Digital for A-level Art History Students of art history can now study the subject from anywhere in the world, thanks to a new online course leading to the Pearson History of Art A-level. A hard-won campaign in 2016 to keep history of art on the A-level curriculum led to renewed interest in the subject, but large areas of the country still lack access to it. This innovative course arises from a partnership between the Association for Art History and the National Extension College, working with universities and schools.

Following a launch event at The Grammar School at Leeds, one of the project’s academic partners, registration for the course is now open. “I’m delighted to support the launch of the online version of the A-level in history of art”, said Griselda Pollock, Professor of Social and Critical Histories of Art at the University of Leeds. “The study of art history gives us the tools to analyse both images of the past and the image cultures we are making in the present and that are making us.” “Launching the online course with our partners in Leeds also represents our continued commitment to ensuring access to art history throughout the UK”, said Gregory Perry, Chief Executive of the Association for Art History. “The A-level has always been a cornerstone of our work to promote art history in schools. Our partnership with the National Extension College allows us to develop more opportunities to study art history anywhere, anytime.” Further information can be found at www.nec. ac.uk/a-level-history-of-art/

New Opportunities for Postgraduate Study at Leeds Arts Univ sity Following the introduction of three new masters’ degrees in 2019, Leeds Arts University is offering even more opportunities for creatives wishing to study at postgraduate level. Two new taught masters’ degrees, in Graphic Novel and Creature Design, will launch in 2020 for those who want to advance their skills in concept art. Co-ordinated by illustrator and concept artist Rosemary Chalmers, the MA in Creature Design will encourage students to develop their own creatures, inspired by existing animals, by exploring animal anatomy and environments. They will be encouraged to create believable creatures for the entertainment industry and beyond, including comic book and game design, as well as the possibility of working more scientifically to speculate about future evolution or life on other planets. MA Graphic Novel students will be encouraged to think about social, political, cultural, and ethical issues to design, and create and publish their own graphic novels for a wide

range of audiences. With opportunities to work both individually and collaboratively, students have the chance to make connections with industry professionals and develop the skills needed to gain employment in the comic book industry. These new courses join a growing portfolio of opportunities for postgraduate study at Leeds Arts University, including MAs in Curation Practices, Creative Practice, Graphic Design, Photography and Fine Art. Based in the new expansion to the Blenheim Walk site, students will have access to a dedicated research and reference library and a new postgraduate study suite. Visiting an open day is a great way to find out more. Places can be booked via www.leeds-art.ac.uk/opendays

The only specialist arts university in the North of England. We offer postgraduate, undergraduate and further education courses across a range of creative subjects delivered within an inspiring environment. Our range of postgraduate courses now includes Creative Practice, Creature Design, Curation Practices, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Graphic Novel and Photography. To find out more about our courses visit: www.leeds-art.ac.uk/study To book an open day visit: www.leeds-art.ac.uk/open-days


A Welcoming Centre for Lifelong Learning Swarthmore Education Centre is a wonderfully diverse centre where everyone interested in lifelong learning is welcomed. This year it is celebrating its 110th anniversary of education in Leeds and is looking forward to another successful year. It is holding Open Days on 2nd/ 3rd January, 10am – 4pm where you can meet staff, find out more about the courses, discuss options, and enrol for the new year term. It offers a wide range of leisure, health and wellbeing courses (including Yoga, Alexander Technique and Mindfulness), alongside maths, English and ICT skills,

Courses to tempt your creative side include jewellery, batik, quilting, pattern cutting, creative writing and drama; and IT courses cover all kinds of software – you can join as a beginner and end up designing your own website! And, there are language courses for all levels. Students at Swarthmore constantly enthuse about how learning there helps them to feel more confident, make friends and generally improve their sense of wellbeing. There is a great café that’s open to the public and an Ofsted inspected crèche, so that your children can play whilst you study. Swarthmore also has a range of courses for adults with learning difficulties or disabilities and extra staff are available to provide support. Supported courses include IT, painting and drawing, and pottery. There’s even a course that helps people to build their confidence at accessing local resources. Swarthmore also provides independent career advice and guidance to anyone, and you don’t have to be a student to use this service – just book an appointment at reception for help with your next step into training, study, higher education, or to help you prepare for an interview or develop your CV. For full details, visit www.swarthmore.org.uk. Courses start week commencing 6th January.

LEARNMORE DOMORE CREATEMORE @ @SWARTHMORE COURSES IN: Pottery Jewellery Stained Glass Life Drawing Sewing Languages

ESOL Maths English Computers Health & Wellbeing


Swarthmore Education Centre, 2-7 Woodhouse Square, Leeds LS3 1AD


0113 243 2210

NSCD Launches New Contemporary Urban Dance Course In its early years Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD), established in 1985 by pioneering dance educationist Nadine Senior, was a hub where local young people could flourish and realise their potential. The School now has an international reputation, attracting talented young people from all over the world to study dance at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. On graduating, students leave with the skills and tools to make it in the industry as dancers, choreographers and teachers. This year, the School is expanding its offer to include more diverse forms of dance with the launch of a new one-year course in Urban Dance. Starting in September 2020, the new Certificate of Higher Education in Contemporary Urban Dance will explore a wide range of styles with close connections to popular and youth culture, encompassing African/Caribbean Carnival dance, House, Vogue and Street/ Hip Hop. Working through social and cultural contexts, students will be able to examine the role of Urban dance in telling the stories of individuals, communities and regions.

The programme was developed in collaboration with leading dance professionals in the city, including Phoenix Dance Theatre’s Creative Director, Sharon Watson. “I am thrilled to have been able to contribute”, said Sharon. “I hope that by broadening the range of genres the school can offer, we will see an uptake of diverse, fresh new talent.” NSCD is currently accepting applications to all its courses for 2020. For details, please visit nscd.ac.uk/study

January – March 2020

Dance, redefined.

Tribe// Blackbox Barbara Mtijevic & Guiseppe Chico Nuria Sagarra VERVE ACE Dance and Music Uchenna Dance

A new season of genre-defying performances at Yorkshire’s largest dedicated dance house Northern School of Contemporary Dance, 98 Chapeltown Road, Leeds, LS7 4BH

Discover more




Pictured: 'The Marriage of Figaro' Photo: Guy Farrow

Opera North Lines Up Three New Treats Opera North’s upcoming programme kicks off with Kurt Weill’s ‘Street Scene’ on Saturday 18th January. It takes place on a stiflingly hot summer’s day in New York, with a family pushed to breaking point. Frank is angry at a world that’s changing too fast, his daughter longs for a better life away from the squalor of the city, and his wife Anna struggles with a terrible secret that could tear them all apart… As the heat builds, the tension erupts into violence and their lives are changed forever. Weill’s score is as diverse as the community he portrays, blending European operatic tradition with goldenage Broadway. Soaring arias and duets rub shoulders with jazz and jitterbug, and Puccini shakes hands with Gershwin. With numbers like ‘Lonely House’ and ‘Moon-faced, Starry-eyed’, it’s no wonder that it was awarded Best Original Score at the first Tony Awards in 1947. Giselle Allen and Robert Hayward lead the cast which includes many members from the Chorus of Opera North. It

is conducted by James Holmes and directed by Matthew Eberhardt. Hot on its heels is Mozart’s ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ (opening Saturday 1st February). Trouble clouds the horizon on Figaro’s wedding day. His master, Count Almaviva, plans to seduce his brideto-be. The heartbroken Countess is the object of pageboy infatuation and, to top it all, if Figaro cannot repay a debt to the housekeeper Marcellina, he’ll have to marry her instead! This is a joyous farce of mistaken identities and misunderstandings, bursting with invention and wit. Mozart’s sublime music bubbles along with comedic high spirits, conveying all the delight and pain of love and the agony and ecstasy of desire. Antony Hermus conducts a cast including Phillip Rhodes as Figaro, Fflur Wyn as Susanna, Quirijn de Lang as Count Almaviva and Máire Flavin as the Countess.

Then, opening on Saturday 15th February, it’s time for Benjamin Britten’s ‘The Turn of the Screw’. In a remote country house, a new governess fights to protect two children from menacing spirits. Are these apparitions real, or the product of her troubled imagination? What terrible evil occurred before her arrival? Benjamin Britten’s psychological thriller is based on a chilling ghost story by Henry James. The theme – innocence abused and corrupted – fascinated Britten, and he created music of disturbing beauty that winds the tension up to breaking point. Sarah Tynan makes her role debut in what is probably Britten’s most intriguing, complex soprano part. This gripping production is conducted by Leo McFall and directed by Alessandro Talevi in Madeleine Boyd’s 1920s-period designs.

Win20 N

Win20 North Leeds Life 240x167 v1 AW.indd 1

27/11/2019 13:33



Slung Low Are Making a Film & Looking for People to Take Part Slung Low theatre company is looking for 100 people from Leeds to appear in an exciting, short film written by the award-winning playwright James Phillips. ‘The Good Book’ is set in Holbeck in the near future. The country has been divided by political extremism and is bubbling on the edge of civil war. The film will feature a cast of over 100 people from Leeds and a handful of invited performers from outside the city. It will be designed by Olivier Award-Winning designer David Farley, and award-winning composer Heather Fenoughty will also be involved. Filming in Leeds will take place over two weekends 25th / 26th January and 1st /2nd February. Rehearsals will be on 18th /19th January and a couple of evenings during the week of 13th January. No previous acting experience is necessary, but you must be over 18, be able to commit their time, be on time and work hard. The rehearsal and filming schedule will be short and fast, but the experience and the opportunity promises to be very rewarding.

“The opportunity to make one of our large-scale pieces in Leeds is really exciting”, said Alan Lane, Artistic Director, Slung Low. “The combination of citizen performers and professional artists has been at the heart of all our major work and the chance to build this project here, in our home city, is thrilling. If you tell a story with the people of a place, set in that place, something potentially brilliant happens and we’re looking forward to welcoming the people of Leeds to make The Good Book with us.” The film will be made with film-maker Brett Chapman. Earlier this year Brett worked with the Slung Low on a short film about their move to their new home the Holbeck – ‘Standing in the Rain – Slung Low & The Holbeck’ featured in the Yorkshire Short Film Competition at the Leeds International Film Festival this year. Slung Low specialises in making epic productions in non-theatre spaces, often with large community performance companies at their heart. If you are interested, call 0113 226 0808, visit www.slunglow.org/shortfilm/, or drop into The Holbeck as soon as possible!

Local Wills & Probate Services Low cost wills. Fast, efficient assistance in the administration of a loved one’s estate.

Home visits available Free initial consultation Call today: 0113 399 6180

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Are you thinking about a new bathroom? Taking care of everything from design to installation we can help you: • Make your dream bath or shower room a reality • Provide a relaxing space to escape & unwind • Add value to an existing home • Modernise a tired design • Make a new property feel like your home

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Leeds Showroom: Partnership House, 6 Hales Road, Wortley, Leeds LS12 4PL Harrogate Showroom: Unit 1 & 2 Beech Avenue Business Park, Beech Avenue, Harrogate, HG2 8DS



Middleton Railway Shares Heritage Expertise with Taiwan

The UK is a leader in the preservation, restoration and management of railway heritage. Railway museums, heritage sites and preservation societies can be found all over the country, operated mainly through the work of nearly 20,000 volunteers. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, locomotives and rolling stock – both steam and diesel – were exported around the world, including to Taiwan. Now, Taiwan is embarking on a project to restore a huge railway workshop in Taipei and to convert it into a National Railway Museum. Recently, the Taipei Railway Workshop sent 30 of its staff to visit railway sites and museums around the UK to learn more about the restoration, technical operations and management of heritage railways and Middleton Railway, the world’s oldest railway, was on their itinerary. “We were delighted to welcome our Taiwanese guests to our site”, said Museum Manager Tony Cowling. “We hope that this will mark the beginning of on-going collaboration – we

all share a love of our railway past and the desire to see it protected and well managed for future generations. They were impressed with our facilities but were particularly surprised by the fact that we are all volunteers! Volunteering is unknown in Taiwan. They were amazed that Middleton Railway is entirely run by unpaid volunteers. According to the UK’s Heritage Railway Association, the UK and Ireland have in the region of 130 heritage railways with 450 stations spanning 550 miles. They bring huge economic benefits to the communities they serve – worth an estimated £250m to the leisure economy. About 8.6 million people travelled on heritage railways in 2017, while the collective revenue for HRA members was around £122 million.

Mark Sofilas Presents ‘A Few of My Favourite Places’ at The Atrium After a successful 25-year career in advertising, editorial and publishing work in Australia, Mark Sofilas decided to follow his heart and head down the fine art path. He and his family settled in Leeds 11 years ago and he hasn’t looked back. Yorkshire provided inspiration at every turn – from Dales to coast and into the Lake District. Following a number of successful solo and joint exhibitions over the years, he was encouraged to apply for the 2020 Atrium Gallery exhibition in the Bexley Wing at St. James's University Hospital and will be exhibiting there from 1st February to 30th April. The exhibition will cover the 26m x 5m gallery wall in this beautiful, light-filled atrium. To fill this impressive space, Mark has had to come up with a theme, 13 large paintings and the same number of giclee prints. “It was quite a daunting task”, said Mark, “but one that I relished. I settled on tried and trusted subjects, creating paintings of some my favourite locations in Yorkshire – hence the title ‘A Few of My Favourite Places’.”

What particularly appealed to Mark was the fact that 35% of all proceeds will be donated to Leeds Cancer Centre the fundraising arm of St. James's Institute of Oncology which provides specialist medical equipment, research and development, and patient ‘home comforts’ to 1,500 patients each day. Mark’s painting career has come a long way since arriving in the UK. It is a journey he loves being on and can’t see himself finding a more perfect way to spend his days. mark@marksofilasart.com http://marksofilasart.com/



Bill Brandt / Henry Moore Exhibition Comes to The Hepworth A new Bill Brandt / Henry Moore exhibition, exploring the parallel and intersecting paths of these two great artists of the 20th century, opens at The Hepworth Wakefield on Friday 7th February and runs until 31st May. The photographer Bill Brandt and the sculptor Henry Moore first met during the Second World War, when they both created images of civilians sheltering from the Blitz in the London Underground. This major exhibition brings together over 200 works highlighting the relationships between sculpture, photography, drawing and collage revealed through Brandt and Moore’s shared interests in the subjects and themes of labour, society, industry, the British landscape and the human body.

colour transparencies by Brandt, and Moore’s little-known photo collages.

Pictured: (Above) Bill Brandt,

Bill Brandt / Henry Moore is organised by the Yale Center for British Art in partnership with The Hepworth Wakefield and is accompanied by a major new book published by Yale University Press.

Henry Moore, 1948 (Below) Henry Mo0re's

Admission £8.25 (including voluntary 10% donation) / Free for members, Wakefield residents and under-16s

'Pit Boys at Pithead'


The exhibition includes Moore’s celebrated Reclining Figure sculptures and Brandt’s wellknown photographs of coal miners and their families in Durham and Yorkshire, rare original


The first exhibition to explore the parallel and intersecting paths of these two great artists of the 20th century.

7 Feb – 31 May 2020 Entry £8.25* Members, Wakefield residents and under 16s go free *includes a voluntary 10% donation

Book now

In partnership with

Supported by

hepworthwakefield.org Image: Bill Brandt, Coal-Miner’s Bath, Chester-le-Street, Durham, 1937. Gelatin silver print, Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York. © Bill Brandt / Bill Brandt Archive Ltd Registered charity no. 1138117

NLL-Brandt Moore v2.indd 1

03/12/2019 10:12



A Season of Pioneering Collaboration, Human Resilience & International Perspectives Leeds Playhouse Spring 2020 Season showcases a globally connected theatre at the heart of its community.

The annual Ramps on the Moon

Rosenblatt and Nobuhiro Nishikawa, dives

production is a new adaptation of

beneath the surface of family relationships

‘Oliver Twist’ (28Feb – 21Mar) by

across continents.

playwright Bryony Lavery, performed

“I am really proud of our Spring Season and the scale and ambition we are presenting”, said James Brining, Artistic Director. ”It showcases new writing as well as familiar texts brought to life in a fresh way. We are working with a thrilling range of artists to create work that both reflects the world we live in and our environment. As we head towards our 50th anniversary, we’re at the beginning of the next chapter for this brilliant theatre in this extraordinary city.” The season kicks off with ‘Night of The Living Dead ™ – Remix’, (24Jan -15 Feb) a stage shot-for-shot recreation of the iconic 1968 horror film. Directed by Andrew Quick and Pete Brooks, it is co-produced with ‘imitating the dog’, who are at the forefront of infusing technology and live action. David Greig’s ‘Dr Korczak’s Example’ (25Jan – 15Feb) is set in the Warsaw Ghetto and tells the story of the Polish educator and author who championed young people, leading to the creation of the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989.

by a company of D/deaf, disabled and

Leeds Playhouse has a long relationship with

non-disabled actors.

theatre company ‘tiata fahodzi’, working in partnership to develop both new work and

Leeds Playhouse’s work with people

artists. Here, ‘seeds’ (21-29Feb) a powerful new

living with dementia has led to the

play tells the story of two mothers united in

creation of a new play by Frances


Poet. ‘Maggie May’, (31Mar – 18Apr) is inspired by the Playhouse’s Creative

‘Say Yes to Tess’ (26Mar - 4Apr) is a true story



of activism, Yorkshire grit and learning to vote

developed through Leeds Playhouse’s

for yourself. This new musical, directed by Tess

Artistic Development programme,

Seddon with original songs by Harry Blake, is


supported by Furnace.

A new musical theatre adaptation

The Season also welcomes work by top touring

of one of the most successful

theatre makers, including Kneehigh‘s ‘Ubu!’

international films of all time

a ‘deliriously unhinged’ promenade musical

‘Monsoon Wedding’, (22June – 11July)

based on French writer Alfred Jarry’s early

directed by the film’s director Mira

20th Century masterpiece; Phoenix Dance

Nair, comes nearly 20 years after the

Theatre’s Black Waters; Gecko and Mind The

film introduced a worldwide audience

Gap join forces to explore spaces where we can

to Indian culture.

escape the world; ‘The Kite Runner’, based on


Khaled Hosseini’s novel, returns; and Northern The Playhouse joins forces with the

Broadsides present ‘Quality Street’, a story of

Kani Public Arts Center in Japan in

romance, deception and reinvention set in a

March for the world premiere of

bustling northern town.

‘Missing People’ (12 – 21Mar). This new play by Brad Birch, co-directed by Mark

For details of the complete programme, visit www.leedsplayhouse.org.uk

Leeds Playhouse in association with Ramps on the Moon A new play by Bryony Lavery Adapted from the novel by Charles Dickens

28 FEB – 21 MAR 0113 213 7700 leedsplayhouse.org.uk

All performances will feature the use of integrated creative sign language, audio description and captioning.

In association with

Sponsored by our Access Partner


FREE Consultation | FREE Quotations

All our blinds conform to new Child Safety Regulations.

Crescent Blinds www.crescent-blinds.co.uk 399a Otley Old Road, Cookridge, Leeds, LS16 7DF

Follow us on Twitter @CrescentBlinds for exclusive offers and news

Tel: 0113 261 9775


CommunityNews Volunteering as a Family When the Marie Curie North Leads Fundraising Group launched in 2016, Neena Punnu and her sons from Moortown started helping to organise events, including Christmas and Summer Fairs and Blooming Great Tea Parties. The family began volunteering for the charity in 2015, helping to manage tins in local shops and collecting at supermarkets during the Great Daffodil Appeal and at Christmas. A Project Support Officer for the Stronger Communities Team at Bradford Council, Neena, with help from Amaan (16), Zain (14) and Idress (13), is already gearing up for Marie Curie’s Great Daffodil Appeal 2020. “I’m keen for my sons to learn to give back and gain skills to nurture their confidence”, said Neena. “During the Great Daffodil Appeal they love talking to people about how the money is spent.

“Over the past four years we have watched our boys become more confident and caring. They have gained so many invaluable skills, such as communicating with people, working as part of a team and learning how to fundraise and run events. We are proud and happy that we can say as a family we have helped raise over £20,600 for Marie Curie.” Marie Curie is the UK’s leading charity for people living with a terminal illness and their families, helping them make the most of the time they have together by delivering expert care, emotional support, research and guidance. If you would like to volunteer for Marie Curie or get involved with the Great Daffodil Appeal, contact Faye Waters on 01904 755 260 / 07525 392983 or faye.waters@mariecurie. org.uk www.mariecurie.org.uk

Roundhay Park History Boards Win Top Award Leeds Civic Trust recently awarded Roundhay Park a Bronze award in its annual Snaith Awards for its first ever history boards. The awards are presented for projects completed by one of Leeds Civic Trust’s Affiliated Societies and recognise the work of communities across Leeds which boost understanding of the city’s natural environment. The Friends of Roundhay Park (FORP) worked with local historians to create a large picture-led timeline showing how people have enjoyed using Roundhay Park over the last 200 years. “By creating this timeline we have brought the park to life”, said Carol Haughton, FORP group secretary. “We hope that the Park will still be as beautiful in 100 years’ time and another century of facts can be added to our timeline. Thanks to Leeds Parks staff for their help in installing the boards.”

FORP has an extensive archive of images made up of photographs and images donated to the charity. “This was a fabulous resource for the timeline”, said Sara Dawson, its curator. “Any gaps we had were filled by Leeds Museums and Galleries, and the Yorkshire Post, who donated fantastic images from pop concerts in the eighties. We were able to source newspaper drawings from Leeds Museums and Galleries depicting when John Barran purchased the park for the people of Leeds. “Around 46,000 children visit the park every year, that’s potentially 46,000 children who leave the park with a deeper understanding of why we should protect and love Roundhay Park.”

The history boards are in the new Lakeside Playground opposite the Lakeside Cafe. They are also displayed in the gardens outside Tropical World. www.forp.org

Moortown Takes a Step in the Right Direction Moortown Living Streets Group, a volunteer group of Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking, formed in May 2018 with the aim of making Moortown better for pedestrians of all ages and abilities. It campaigns for pavements where families can walk side-by-side instead of squeezing past overgrown hedges, where wheelchair users and visually impaired can get around without having to navigate an obstacle course of wheelie bins and irresponsibly parked cars, and where elderly people can enjoy going out without the fear of crossing a busy road. In Its first year it has worked closely with Moortown Primary School to create a safer, less toxic environment for families travelling to school. Through raising awareness, setting up a ‘Park & Stride’ at a local supermarket and taking part in Living Streets’ daily travel tracker, the school has seen

an impressive 7% increase in walking rates and a noticeable reduction in school gate parking. In Moortown itself, the group’s response to the recent Connecting Leeds bus route consultation has secured a number of improvements for pedestrians. This will include ‘pedestrian priority’ across both the entrance and exit of the shopping parade parking, the installation of protective fencing on the north parade and a number of new planters at the kerb edge to enhance the area and prevent driving and parking on the pavement. For further information, and to register to receive updates, please visit www.livingstreets.org.uk/ moortown


£££ WE PAY CASH £££ For all unwanted or broken gold • Jewellery • Rings • Necklaces • Earrings • Bracelets • Sovereigns • Krugerrands ANY CONDITION IMMEDIATE CASH

QUEENSBURY JEWELLERS 336 Kirkstall Road, Leeds LS4 2DS *Opposite Vue Cinema Complex also at 6a Town Street, Horsforth LS18 4RJ



Sing Aphasia

Switch-on Leaves Street Lane Sparkling!


Launches in

The charity, Speak With IT, has launched a choir to help people with aphasia (speech-loss following stroke) and is looking for new members. The choir’s aim is for people with aphasia and their carers to have fun, meet new people and use singing to encourage speech production. The benefits of singing therapy for people with aphasia are well documented but singing also makes us feel good about ourselves and gives us an excuse to let it all out!! The choir rehearses every second Monday from 1 – 3pm at Tenants Hall, LS10 4HX

Roundhay’s festive lights switch-on brought the sparkle back to Street Lane for the second year running. Mary Christmas switched on the lights and entertained the crowd, with the help of Elsa and Woody. Hundreds of residents flocked to the parade to enjoy singing, mince pies, mulled wine and much festive cheer. And, the children were enchanted by the Disney characters (by Parties for my Princess). Businesses like La Petite, Haley and Clifford, Fanoosh, Philip Howard Books, Will & Bart’s, The Co-op, Setchfields Butchers and more stretched the length of the parade selling delicious treats and arts and crafts. Music was provided by female choir the Hummingbirds, Punjabi Roots Academy, Pete Stagg and Kristina Sohanpaul, plus the crowd got the chance to join in with a festive sing along.

“The event provides a fantastic opportunity for residents to come together and raise awareness of what our eclectic community has to offer”, said Sarah Dal Pozzo, RoRA’s chair and one of the organisers. “It’s more than a switch-on, it unites our community and highlights the array of fantastic businesses we have here.”

Travel expenses to and from the choir can be reimbursed for some participants. For further information, contact Hattie at hforeman@speakwithit.org or call 01924 888608.

RoRA raised £375 which will go towards running more events and initiatives that they hope will make a real difference to the community. For further information about RoRa, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, join their Facebook group, or visit www. rora.roundhay.org.uk. Information is also posted on the noticeboard on the Street Lane Parade. If you would like to get involved email roraroundhay@ gmail.com Sara Dawson


Cllr Dan Cohen Alwoodley

Happy New Year, and I hope you are enjoying a rest over the Festive Season. I often remark that being a local councillor is many things, an honour, incredibly fulfilling, and certainly very hectic. One thing it isn’t is glamourous! This was brought home to me last month when I had a meeting with the student council of Alwoodley Primary School. They asked to meet up with me to discuss what I do as a councillor, particularly, in this case, to discuss a real cause for concern for them – the issue of dog owners not picking up the poo from their pets.

They recognised that most dog owners acted responsibly, but were disgusted that anybody would think it was ok to let their dogs do their business – then leave it for other members of the public to step in. They told me all about the terrible things that can come from stepping in dog mess and we discussed what we might be able to do about it. They suggested that I could write about it in my monthly column and make one important request… When your dog does a poo – take it with you! There are many litter bins right across our ward and dog poo bags can go in all of these. A big thank you to the Alwoodley Primary Student Council, for being such great citizens of our community. As usual, on the first Monday of the month I attended our regular PACT meeting with the police at Treetops Community Centre (the next meeting is 6th January, 6.30pm to 7.30pm). Our Neighbourhood PC Manager asked that residents take special precautions to

we’re hiring!


One of the longest established community lifestyle magazines in Leeds. Very popular with readers and advertisers alike. Offering a generous basic + commission. Flexible hours. Friendly, relaxed working atmosphere.


An experienced media sales rep looking to make a significant part-time income. Happy to work telesales and in the field when required. Knowledge of North Leeds a must.

North Leeds

Connecting You To T he Community

Please email your C.V. to: info@northleedslife.co.uk

try to prevent burglaries, now winter is well and truly here. Check that patio doors and sheds are properly locked (it’s amazing how many are not fully secured after the Summer); don’t leave any valuables or presents in the car, especially not on display; and, use timers to turn on lights in the afternoon when it starts to get dark. All of these are good deterrents to help to prevent becoming a victim of burglary. Do please remember, for any and all local issues, Peter, Neil and myself are always here to help. Shadow Member for Leisure, Culture & Skills Tel - 07711 647 849 Daniel.Cohen@leeds.gov.uk



Home Garden

Garden Round Up With Tracy Foster

Winter weather, and festive feasting can give this season an indoor bias. My antidote is to have a list of fairly quick garden jobs that can be done to get a little fresh air and exercise without having to be out in the cold for too long. Protect your plants

A good mulch of leaves or

Take a walk around the garden and note any plants that may not be fully hardy and give them a little protection. A good mulch of leaves or compost applied around the crown will help to insulate some plants, whilst others may need a blanket of bubble wrap, hessian, horticultural fleece or similar material carefully tied around them. It’s worth protecting woody plants from snow damage too, by brushing off snow fall as it soon becomes heavy and can easily break your shrubs and trees.

compost applied

Cutting Back Seed Heads and Grasses

around the crown will help to insulate some plants

You may have left seed heads, grasses and perennials standing to enjoy their textures and offer some food and shelter to wildlife. If they continue to look good, they can be left in place for a little longer, but it is fine to chop them back

now, especially if they are damaged by heavy rain and snow.

Viburnum bodnantense ‘Dawn’,


Winter Sweet

A new year could bring a new look to your garden. Now that all the leaves have fallen and plants have been tidied up, you will be able to see the shapes in your garden clearly and it will be easier to measure the part of the garden that you are going to change. Whether you are making changes to just one flower bed, or redesigning your whole plot, measuring the area and doing a plan drawing will enable you to get the layout and the quantities right and will save you money in the long run. Enjoying the Garden

It always surprises me that so many plants flower in January, often with small delicate flowers that produce wonderful scent. If you have some of these in your garden, consider picking a few sprigs and bringing them indoors to enjoy. Snowdrops, Christmas Box, Viburnum bodnantense ‘Dawn’, Winter Sweet and Witch Hazel are all wonderful for a scented arrangement in a small jar especially when mixed with some evergreen foliage from a shrub such as Pittosporum, Heavenly Bamboo or Rosemary to add texture and colour. www.tracyfostergardendesign.co.uk

and Witch Hazel are all wonderful for a scented arrangement.

Photo: Ben Andrew

The Jay is a member of the crow family but, unlike its mostly black and white cousins, it is a lovely medley of muted hues. It has a slightly pinkish pale brown body, a small pale streaked crest on its head that can be raised in display or alarm, and a black ‘moustache’ below its bill. There is a light blue panel at the top of its wing covered with a mosaic of fine black lines, as well as white patches on the wings and a bright white rump, which shows clearly when the bird is flying away.

rspb-images. com

It is mostly a secretive woodland bird, more often identified by its screeching call than seen. In Autumn, Jays may range more widely in search of new sources of food, especially acorns, and at this time they may visit parks and gardens with mature trees. Jays eat acorns all year round thanks to their habit of hiding (or ‘caching’) them and recovering them later. Mostly they bury and cover the acorns, but they have been known to hide them in crevices in trees. They will also eat other nuts, fruits, insects, other birds’ eggs and even small mammals. The population of Jays in urban areas has risen in recent years, and it is thought this is due to their persecution by gamekeepers in the countryside, as they are seen as a threat to the eggs of gamebirds.

S &J Shoes

Men’s & Women’s Footwear UP TO

50% OFF

Leeds RSPB Group



Open Mon - Sat 9.00 - 5.30pm Sun 11.00 - 3.00pm 51 Street Lane, Leeds LS8 1AP 0113 266 1667

Balcony Level, Leeds Corn Exchange 07967 750588 www.simchagallery.co.uk Follow simcha gallery on Facebook & Instagram

Live Music Listings January 2020 The Icicle Works Fri 3 Jan, 7.30pm Brudenell Social Club. £18.70. Part of Liverpool's early 80’s 'neo-psychedelia' wave.

singer & member of Van Morrison Band. Common Holly Mon 20 Jan, 8pm at Headrow House. £7.70. Putting unpredictable compositional elements into a singersongwriter/folk framework, packaged in textured, eclectic electro-acoustic production.

The Petty Heartbreakers Thurs 9 Jan, 9pm at Duck & Drake, Leeds. Tom Petty classics played by top Tom Petty tribute band.

Krept & Konan Tues 21 Jan, 6pm at Leeds University Union. £30.55. Dynamic duo & masters of metaphor who have been killing the underground & attracting a huge fanbase with upload after upload of freestyling fun.

World Service Project Fri 10 Jan, 7pm at Hyde Park Book Club. £5.50/£7.50. Edgy & experimental jazz, funk and improvisation with a smile.

Daughters of Swords Wed 22 Jan, 7.30pm at Hyde Park Book Club. £9.35. A new project from Alexandra Sauser-Monnig of Mountain Man.

Jazz @ HEART: Toby Brazier Band Sat 11 Jan, 8pm at Headingley HEART. £6 - £10. Leedsbased trumpeter

LeBrock Thurs 23 Jan, 7.30pm at Hede Park Book Club. £8.80. Uniquely compelling artists combining 80’s melodic rock riffs with shimmering synthwave melodies & heartfelt vocal delivery.

New Year Jazz Jam Sun 5 Jan, 1.30 – 4pm at Inkwell, Potternewton Ln. £5/£7.

Emily Brown Quintet Sun 12 Jan, 1.30pm at Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton. £5 - £10. Talented jazz singer, delightful persona & rare instinct of knowing just when to ‘let the dogs’ loose. The Mowglis Tues 14 Jan, 7.30pm at The Wardrobe. £13.20. California-based band sliding from indie pop to country & a host of genres in between with roots in the music of Neil Young, The Byrds, The Beach Boys & Fleetwood Mac. Sofia Wolfson Thurs 16 Jan, 7.30pm at Oporto Bar. £7.70. Los Angeles singer/ songwriter. Musical influences range from Joni Mitchell to Blake Mills, The Band to Fiona Apple. Biscuit Head & the Biscuit Badgers Fri 17 Jan, 7.30pm at Brudenell Social Club. £5.50. Quirky comic songs in the style of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. Ukuleles, pianos, tubas, French horns & fun! Jah Wobble & the Invaders of the Heart Sat 18 Jan, 7pm at Brudenell Social Club. £19.25. Providing continued creativity & invention. A fantastic journey through dub, world, ambient & avant-rock music. Teena Lyle Quintet Sun 19 Jan, 1.30pm at Inkwell, Potternewton Ln. £5/£9. Vibes soloist, percussionist, keyboard player,

Giuda Thurs 23 Jan, 8pm at Brudenell Social Club. £11. Italian 5-piece whose sound & lyrics have the vitality, urgency & spontaneity of the very essence of rock n’ roll! John Craigie Fri 24 Jan, 7.30pm at Brudenell Social Club. £9.90. Californian whose passion is connecting with people through shared experiences, stories & song. Simply Dylan Fri 24 Jan, 7pm at City Varieties. £25 - £30.91. An exceptional project that will delight Dylan fans & ignite a new wave of passion for one of the world's most prodigious songwriters. Roman Flügel Fri 24 Jan, 11pm at Headrow House. £13.75. One of the biggest names on the German electronic music scene.

Martyn Joseph Sat 25 Jan, 8pm at Otley Courthouse. Charismatic singer/ songwriter. One of the most powerful voices on the acoustic circuit. Voted 'Best Male Artist' in the 2004 BBC Welsh Music Awards. Gary Boyle Quartet Sun 26 Jan, 1.30pm at Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton. £5 - £10. Funky jazz-rock mixed with bebop from Jazz Fusion guitar legend & ex Isotope The Felice Brothers Mon 27 Jan, 8pm at Brudenell Social Club. £19.80. Their distinct brand of song writing & the lawless sound they've forged, has earned them comparisons to Woodie Guthrie, Neil Young, Walt Whitman, Bob Dylan & James Brown. Support: Carson McHone. Rachel Laven Tues 28 Jan, 8pm at HEART Headingley. £3/£5. New Folk Award winning songwriter performs a blend of Texas Folk & Americana. Milk Carton Kids Tues 28 Jan at City Varieties. A major force in the American folk tradition, blending ethereal harmonies & intricate musicianship with a powerful brand of contemporary songcraft. Hibou Thurs 30 Jan, 7.30pm at Hyde Park Book Club. £8.80. Seattle-based singer/ songwriter Peter Michel has toured extensively with Craft Spells & has received critical acclaim for his Hibou project. Man of Moon Thurs 30 Jan, 7.30pm at Oporto Bar. £11. 2-piece alternative project from Edinburgh, inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley & Polica. Kevin Devine Fri 31 Jan, 7.30pm at The Wardrobe. £11. New Yorker Kevin’s music is simple, poppy & sweet. A mix between Beck, Adam Green & Ben Kweller.

RiffFest 2 Sat 25 Jan, from 3pm at Belgrave Music Hall. £16.50. Featuring Strange Bones, Brooders, Calva Louise, Crows &99% Cobra.

Wasuremono Fri 31 Jan, 7.30pm at Hyde Park Book Club. £7.70. Pop outfit from Bradford-on-Avon likened to Nick Cave, Slowdive & Arcade Fire, with beautiful melancholic lyrics.

This Feeling – Big in 2020 Sat 25 Jan, 7.30pm at Brudenell Social Club. £7.70. Featuring The Mysterines, Andrew Cushin, Serotones, & The Feens.

Wire Fri 31 Jan, 7.30pm at Brudenell Social Club. £19.25. The undisputed originators of experimental postrock. They delight & disturb in equal measure!

Troy Autopoint – One of Leeds Most Trusted Service Centres Vance Johnson was just 19 when he established Troy Autopoint on North Street in 1965. Since then, his small, auto spares accessory shop has built an enviable reputation, becoming one of Leeds’ most trusted service centres and tyre specialists.

the people that make the business. My team is my number one asset. All the senior staff have between 15 and 30 years’ motor industry experience, so I know our customers are in excellent hands. »

Today, Troy Autopoint has two thriving, fully-equipped car service centres in Harehills and Halton, servicing 25,000 vehicles a year, and is one of the region’s leading suppliers of quality, affordable tyres. It has also been awarded the West Yorkshire Trading Standards Excellent Customer Service Award ten years running!

The Latest Electronic Systems

A Proud Family Business Vance’s reputation for good value, and an honest, upfront approach have meant that his customers have returned year after year. Over the 55 years he has been in business Vance’s ethos remains the same. Still a family business, it relies on that personal touch, and is always happy to talk you through your repair and costings. “I’m proud the business has stayed in the family but, frankly, the whole staff feels like family now”, said Vance. « It’s

With nearly 10% of cars on the road being hybrid, and with all vehicles set to become electric by 2040, many of us will have bought our last petrol car. Troy is equipped to service and repair all makes of hybrid vehicle. Free Winter Health Check

Vance regularly invests in training courses to keep up with all the latest electronic systems and diagnostic equipment, ensuring that staff can detect and resolve almost any electronic fault. Regular servicing is vital to avoid the stress of breakdown, maintain efficiency in performance and fuel consumption, and prevent excessive wear on vital parts. Troy Autopoint offers a comprehensive maintenance package that will save you money and keep your car on the road for longer. A properly maintained car is less likely to give you a shock when the MOT is due and a full service history can significantly enhance your car’s second hand value. If you’ve recently bought a new vehicle, you can save up to 40% on main dealer prices at Troy without compromising on quality or affecting your warranty.

The team will look at the 28 most crucial areas of your vehicle, including the battery, coolant, braking and tyres, to make sure you don’t get stuck out in the cold. From as little as £34, there is a fast, efficient MOT testing service with no obligation quotes for any repairs that may be required, and small jobs can often be performed while you wait. Keeping you on the Road With more than 500 tyres on the shelf ready to fit, Troy aims to keep you on the road with minimum delay at an affordable price. As well as big names, its range of budget tyres is very popular. As long-lasting as premium brands, and often made in the same factory, customers are finding that they are a reliable alternative, without the hefty price tag. “It’s unusual now for people to stay in the same career all their lives, but for me there’s never been anything else I’d consider doing”, says Vance. “I’ve given over 50 years of my life to this business and, while it’s been hard work, I wouldn’t change a thing.”



1 2 3 4

SERVICING TO MANUFACTURER’S SPECIFICATION (Including new vehicles warranties maintained)




(all makes, all sizes available)

5 6 7 8



(just £30 with voucher)


(latest diagnostic equipment available)





£89 including Oil & Filter!

9 10




S 65

Cheapest Leeds tyres! PROBABLY THE






% 0 4 E V A S UP TO

sts ervicing co s r le a e d on main

Driving down motoring costs for over 55 years!

£10 O F F YOUR NEXT SERVICE! On production of this voucher. Offer valid until 31st December 2021.



MOT TEST On production of this voucher. Including Re-test (if repaired on our premises). Offer valid until 31st December 2021.




EXPERIENCE COUNTS! Each member of our staff has between 20 and 35 years industry experience bringing all the skills and technical knowledge required to look after you and your car.



174 HAREHILLS LANE,LEEDS LS8 5JP TEL: 0113 240 4141


180/182 SELBY ROAD, HALTON LS15 0QL TEL: 0113 260 8464 or 0113 264 5826




Sound&Vision Film Review By Samuel Payne


"Sooner or later, everybody put here has a date when he's going to go. That's just the way it is..."

Martin Scorsese's long-awaited mob epic has landed across Netflix and cinemas after dwelling in development hell for almost a decade. The final product, clocking in at over three-anda-half hours, is a mature and measured experience that’s well worth the wait and endurance. The crime biography was initially kicked around studios by Robert De Niro after discovering Charles Brandt's 2004 book 'I Heard You Paint Houses', which exposes the inside story of Frank Sheeran, an Italian Irishman turned mafia hitman. Working for the Bufalino crime family, Sheeran’s hits included the alleged slaying of Sixties’ political figure Jimmy Hoffa. Their close relationship, and the politician’s controversial disappearance, is the central study of the film — all set against a glorious backdrop of mid-century Philadelphia with period pop soundtrack to match. Arguably the biggest draw to the film is its all-star cast, marking Scorsese’s first partnership with Al Pacino in the slightly comedic role of Hoffa. De Niro is reliably charismatic and even likeable as Sheeran, and his gentle interplay with Pacino feels like two old school friends coming together. The film also reunites a powerhouse of the genre’s most memorable faces, including Harvey Keitel in a small yet significant role. Most notably, Joe Pesci has been prised out of retirement to hand over a scene-stealing turn as mob leader Bufalino. It’s less volatile than previous performances, yet satisfyingly intense in its understated delivery. Much fanfare has surrounded the cast’s digital de-aging effects to revisit an age range of 30 to 80 years. At best, the results are subtle tweaks and seem most effective on De Niro and Pesci. However, they don’t ever feel like agile men in their forties: the facial enhancements may iron out wrinkles, freckles and puffiness, but there’s no hiding the tell-tale posture

and movements of men creeping into old age, with grizzled voices to match. Fortunately the effect is mostly low-key and doesn’t overwhelm the performance, save for De Niro’s iceblue contact lenses which lend him an other-worldly quality. Scorsese’s direction negotiates the unhurried running time with lingering cinematography to drink up the sights and sounds of the era. It’s a vintage lover’s landscape of Americana detail, but is by no means as self-indulgent as Tarantino’s excursions into the midcentury. Cars, clothes, music and archive clips evoke the era as an authentic backdrop, however it’s primarily the characters and their cat-and-mouse rivalries that dominate the frame. Like all good gangster movies, there are stretches where very little happens — punctuated by moments of nail-biting tension or furious violence. If there’s one thing Scorsese excels at, it’s cutting together extended episodes of men flippantly chatting around a table; 'The Irishman' showcases this skill, especially when Pesci inevitably takes offense at an arbitrary remark and slowly escalates into an explosive exchange. This, like many anxious moments in the film, is what sets it apart from contemporary contenders: it has the experience and courage to draw out the drama and let its characters exist in the moment. Thanks to financing from Netflix, 'The Irishman' is available as both a cinematic release and a domestic streaming option. As one of the longestduration mainstream movies in decades,

the bone-crunching running time perhaps gives you good reason to opt for the Netflix experience in the comfort of your own home. Either way, this film is a must-see experience, and perhaps one of the last opportunities to witness an all-star ensemble in what may be regarded one of the finest mob movies of the decade.



Discover Your Joy in Movement A new ‘fitness’ book is hitting bookshops in January. Where other fitness books focus on crafting the perfect six pack, The Pocket Cheerleader – Your Badass Guide to Getting Moving by ‘Bangs’ CareyCampbell is all about stripping it back to basics and simply finding the joy in movement so you stay motivated to keep doing it. It’s a reassuring friend, a high five, a nudge when you don’t want to train. We asked her for her top tips on finding the joy in movement. Get Fit, Stay Fit 3.  Go easy on yourself You say it every year. It’s the New Year’s Resolution that probably elicits the most eye rolls. You’ll get fit, you’ll say. You’ll join the gym and be the finest physical specimen you can imagine, you’ll say. But by mid-February, life’s gotten in the way and that fancy new gym membership card is already gathering dust on your dresser. But not this year! This year, you really can stick to your fitness goals. It’s all about just making some tweaks to your mindset. 1.  Don’t watch the scale Don’t make your goals weight loss or image related. Instead, try to switch the focus to learning what your body can do and seeing how you can improve those skills. Perhaps you start the year not being able to do a push up, but by March, you can bang out 10 in a row. Boom! Now we’re making progress! 2.  All types of movement count Hate the gym? Cool, that doesn’t mean exercise isn’t for you. It comes in all forms. As long as you’re moving, that’s all that counts. Go to that dance class, have a kick about with your kids in the park, take the dog for an extra-long walk. These things are all exercise, sneakily disguised as fun.

Not sticking to your scheduled workout for a day doesn’t mean you’ve buggered the whole thing up and should jack it all in. You’re allowed to have an off day. Be gentle with yourself. Tomorrow’s a new day. Try again then. 4.  Get a workout buddy Grab a friend and make it social. Friendship, encouragement and a builtin cheerleader - plus it makes it harder to cancel a workout when you know you’ll be letting your friend down. 5.  Make it fun! Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment or a chore. The thought of it shouldn’t make you wince. Find an activity you enjoy doing, because while exercise does all sorts of wonderful things for the body, smiling your way through it does great things for the soul. The Pocket Cheerleader – Your Badass Guide to Getting Moving will be available through Waterstones, Blackwells, Amazon and most good book shops.

Get Set Leeds! If you have good intentions of getting active for 2020, but life is already getting in the way, you’re not alone! Over the past six months, the Get Set Leeds team has chatted to hundreds of people about getting active. From swimming to gardening, Pokemon Go to parkrun, Leeds folk are doing all sorts, and they want to do more. But they also know it’s not always easy to be active every day. Get Set Leeds is a partnership involving Active Leeds, Public Health, Leeds Beckett University and Sport Leeds, who came together to ask one big question - how can we make Leeds a more active city? This question has now been discussed by more than 1,600 people through face-toface conversations, and 2,300 more via

an online survey – and some key issues are emerging. One big theme is information – knowing what’s out there and how to access it. Seeing the right activity, in the right place, at the right time for you. Other issues include juggling family and work responsibilities, feeling unsafe to exercise outdoors, difficulty with accessing opportunities because of transport or cost issues, and the impact of health conditions or disabilities. To tackle these issues, we need to make changes - together.

To get things going, the team is looking for Movers&Shakers – people who feel passionate about the benefits of being active but understand the barriers. If you’re keen to turn a resolution into a reality, this could be the way forward for the New Year. Find out more about becoming a Mover&Shaker at www.getsetleeds.co.uk. If that’s not for you, check out the ‘Get Active’ section of the site or search ‘Active Leeds’ for ideas on how to move more in 2020. Sally Hall, Advanced Health Improvement Specialist, Leeds City Council

Make your kitchen the heart of your home Taking care of everything from design to installation we can help you: • Create a versatile and luxury concept • Utilise space to offer a practical design • Meet the functional needs of the whole family • Provide an aspirational area to host and entertain

Book your free design appointment & quote: Online: www.morekitchen.co.uk

Visit our Leeds Showroom for Inspiration and Advice::

Call: 0113 201 5030

Partnership House, 6 Hales Road, Wortley, Leeds, LS12 4PL

Email: info@morekitchen.co.uk

Facebook: More Kitchens



Ballet with Abigail Branches Out Abigail Jones graduated in dance from Roehampton University and studied at the Royal Academy of Dance, where she completed her Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies. Her classes, held in Adel on Wednesday afternoons, are all about discovering the joy of movement. In 2020, Abigail is launching her Dance for Dementia programme ‘Remember when we danced’, alongside Ballet with Abigail, for people living with dementia, their family and friends. “I recently participated in a number of ‘Dance for Dementia’ workshops and I was amazed by the effect that dancing had on the participants and the joy that it bought them. This is something I am hugely excited about.

“Ballet can have such a positive impact on both physical and mental wellbeing”, she said. “I am passionate about providing a fun and creative space for those living with dementia, giving everyone involved a space to express themselves in a caring and friendly space filled with joy and laughter.” One participant commented: “Learning ballet has been such a positive experience so far. It’s not just improving posture and balance but has also given me confidence to move beyond my comfort zone and try new things.”


Good Health Centre, Street Lane, Leeds, LS8 2AL www.outrunanxiety.co.uk

Hypnotherapy – a Relaxing and Enjoyable Experience June Lund is a fully qualified, insured, DBS checked Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. Her approach is caring and professional. If you have issues that are preventing you from getting the most out of your life, contact her for a preliminary chat to find out how she can help you. Your first session would be a 50-minute Consultation (see special offer in ad) where June would gather relevant information, including what you would like to achieve from Hypnotherapy. And, she would explain how Hypnotherapy works in relation to our brain functions. Included in this session is a relaxation CD or download for you to keep and use at home. If you feel comfortable working with June, then further sessions can be booked. The number of sessions required varies with each case and this would be reviewed at each session.

Dance for wellbeing and enjoyment! Specialist Over 50’s ballet classes. Wednesdays 1:30 – 2:30pm

Dance for Dementia ‘Remember when we danced’ Wednesdays 11:00 – 12:00 noon Classes held at Adel and Ireland Wood Community Centre.

www.balletwithabigail.co.uk info@balletwithabigail.co.uk 07860 319885

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy does not dwell in the past. It concentrates on the present and moving forward, enabling and supporting you to find positive solutions to your problems through a combination of talking therapy and hypnosis. Hypnosis is very normal – you could liken it to daydreaming. It replicates the stage of sleep patterns known as Rapid Eye Movement (REM). You are aware of everything around you and can choose to stop at any time. It is very relaxing and enjoyable. Clients tend to look forward to sessions as they are very upbeat and refreshing. It is always recommended that if you have any medical issues, you should also contact your GP.



Initial 50-minute consultation - £20. Quote North Leeds Life

Hypnotherapy can help with: Improving sleep patterns Relieving stress / anxiety Low self esteem / confidence Phobias Anger & depression Smoking & weight issues Bereavement Tel: 07941 069 966 Email: info@junelundhypnotherapy.co.uk www.junelundhypnotherapy.co.uk Based in Alwoodley, LS17



Wear Red or Swim for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund

Wear Red Day returns for its sixth year on Friday 7th February 2020 and the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund is inviting schools, businesses and individuals all over the region to take part and help to raise money for the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit. Last year over 80 schools took part and raised a magnificent £37,000 pounds. The money goes to help children like Michael, now six, who was born with Pulmonary Atresia and had open heart surgery at just four days old, again nine months later and most recently in November 2018. Congenital heart defects are often lifelong conditions, and your donations help to support children like Michael and their families on their journeys. To take part in Wear Red Day and receive your free fundraising pack, please visit: www.chsf.org.uk/wearred-day The Big Swim Challenge The CHSF’s Big Swim Challenge is new this year and

involves swimming the width of the English Channel in the comfort of your local pool! You can take on this challenge on your own or as a team. It is achievable for all ages and fitness levels and will run from 13th January – 6th April. Just complete the distance in this time and raise a minimum of £150 in sponsorship. Sign up for The CHSF BigSwim for £5 at www. chsf.org.uk/bigswim and receive your BigSwim fundraising pack full of tools to help you raise vital funds to support hearts for life. CHSF provides life-saving medical equipment for the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit, parent accommodation for families, and vital ward resources. It also funds staff training, scientific research and new clinical roles. It is wholly funded by donations and helps over 22,500 babies, children and adults living with congenital heart disease each year.

BigSwim SWIM the length of the ENGLISH CHANNEL

in your local pool!

Sign up today and receive your BigSwim fundraising pack full of tools to help you raise vital funds to support hearts for life!

Sign up now


Find out more about this event, CHSF or other ways you can get involved...


0113 831 4810

Registered charity 1148359


Friday 7th February

It’s easy to join in. Simply register for your free fundraising pack at


#WearRedDay Wear RED for congenital heart disease

Registered charity number 1148359



Run, Swim or Dance for St Gemma’s!

St Gemma’s Hospice has plenty of ways for you to get involved and get fit, whilst raising vital funds for the hospice in Moortown. If your next challenge is to take up running, they have places available in all the big local runs this year, including Leeds Half Marathon, Great North Run, and Yorkshire Marathon. Plus they’ve got a special promotion running in January. If swimming is more your thing, sign up for their Swim the Channel challenge. Don’t worry, you don’t have to brave the English Channel! You can do this in your local swimming pool over 12 weeks starting in April.

Bark in the Park, St Gemma’s annual sponsored dog walk returns on 22nd February at Temple Newsam. And, if you fancy something completely different, the hospice is also offering your very own ‘Strictly’ experience! Sign up to Strictly St Gemma’s dance competition where, after six lessons with professional dance tutors from DSL you’ll get to perform your routine in front of a panel of judges and live audience at the Carriageworks Theatre. “We have loads of different ways to get involved”, said Pete Watson, Senior Events Fundraiser. “Whether running, swimming, walking or dancing, you can support a fantastic local charity.” For further information on all events, visit events.st-gemma.co.uk

Eddie Jones Puts Leeds Juniors Through Their Paces! England Rugby head coach Eddie Jones recently visited The Grammar School at Leeds (GSAL) to talk about his new autobiography ‘Eddie Jones: My Life and Rugby’. He also found time to put 60 junior players through their paces during a training session on the new 3G pitch at GSAL, which is used extensively by community football and rugby clubs, including West Park, Leodiensians and Roundhegians, as well as the school. Later Eddie was in conversation with Ian Ritchie (Leeds Grammar School alumnus) about his autobiography, hosted at GSAL for Ilkley Literature Festival. Their discussion ranged from his childhood in Sydney, his teaching career, the highs and lows of playing and coaching rugby, the support of his family, and his reflections on the Rugby World Cup in Japan. “It was fantastic, the country put on a great show”, he said. “They’re not that much into sport so for rugby to take off was unbelievable, and the home team was brilliant.”

Christmas Tree Collections Save yourself the hassle of disposing of your Christmas tree this year and let St GemmaĘźs Hospice collect it in return for a donation!

7 - 11 Jan 202

WeĘźre collecting in: LS6, LS7, LS8, LS14, LS15, LS16, LS17, LS18, LS28


Kindly supported by:

Swim the Channel Pool Challenge

Swim 21 miles in 12 weeks or less

1st April - 24th June 2020

Take on the challenge in your local swimming pool

events.st-gemma.co.uk 0113 218 5196 mariaw@st-gemma.co.uk Registered Charity Number 1015941

North Leeds Schools Prepare for Anoth Successful Year Education standards are still on the up in Leeds, with most schools and Sixth Forms reporting excellent A Levels and GCSE results. Primary schools too are making their mark. Look out for Open Days in the New Year to get a taste of what each school offers.

A Strong Tradition of Academic Success Roundhay Sixth Form is the largest school Sixth Form in Leeds and its strong tradition of academic success consistently matches the top 25% of schools nationally. The latest Department for Education School’s Performance Tables reveal that the progress of A level students in 2018 was in significantly above the national average. “We have outstanding A-level teaching in quality surroundings, but we are determined not to stand still”, said Head Teacher Matthew Partington. “We will continue to invest in our Sixth Form and the whole school to ensure that our children, across primary and secondar, are getting the inspirational teaching they deserve, together with huge opportunities outside of the classroom.” In addition to national programmes such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award and trips abroad – most recently to Geneva, Berlin and Morocco – Roundhay School offers a variety of activities in school, including Peer Mentoring and Charity Fundraising.

It welcomes applications to its Sixth Form from both existing students and those new to the area. Every year over 100 students from other schools across the city join Roundhay Sixth Form. Applications should be made directly through sixthform@ roundhayschool.com up to 31st January 2020. There will be an Open Morning on Wednesday 15th January where you will be able to speak to department representatives about the courses on offer etc. For further information, contact 0113 393 1225 or sixthform@ roundhayschool.com

Renowned for Exceptional Standards of Education

Richmond House boasts extensive facilities, including ten acres of sports fields, an Outdoor Learning area with an outdoor classroom, and a large private car park. It also has a brand new Nursery and Reception building, designed to create the optimal learning environment for the youngest pupils.

Richmond House School is an excellent rated independent school for children aged 3 – 11 in North Leeds. It offers a warm, nurturing, family environment where everyone knows each other, and small class sizes (maximum 18), along with specialist teaching from Nursery to Year 6 in Music, PE, Languages and Outdoor Learning. Above all, Richmond House believes its children are happy and enjoy school.

The school’s next Open Doors event is on Friday 7th February, 9:30 – 11am. If you are looking for a Nursery or Reception place for your child in the area, do go along and see it in action.

The school recognises that all pupils have different strengths and characteristics and the small class sizes allow teachers to identify and build on individual talents. Renowned for exceptional standards of education, the school received the top grade of ‘excellent’ across the board in the most recent full ISI inspection, and consistently achieves outstanding 11+ examination results.


Nurture, Learn, Develop, Grow… It is never too soon to start their learning journey.

Progress of our students matches the top 25% nationally.


Old Park Road, Leeds, LS8 1ND 0113 3931225 | sixthform@roundhayschool.com




Open Doors





Next recruitment event Wednesday 15 th January 3.30-5.30pm in the Clephan Hall






Friday 7th February, 9:30 – 11:00am An independent preparatory school for children aged 3-11 Richmond House School, 170 Otley Road, Leeds, LS16 5LG 0113 275 2670



Set T hem on the Right Path - T he Moorlands Way The beginning of a child’s educational journey is an important time and should ensure that they approach their future school years with enthusiasm, joy and a real love of learning. Step into the recently refurbished Nursery at Moorlands School and you will be greeted by engaged and happy children, making the most of the wellequipped, bright and spacious facilities, guided by qualified and experienced staff. The Nursery at Moorlands is very much part of the main school. All Nursery children enjoy activities with ‘Buddies’ from the older years and are individually known throughout the school. Early Years pupils, like their older peers, are offered a breadth of opportunity – exploring the outdoors in ‘Forest School’; swimming

in the onsite pool; music, drama and French sessions - all wrapped up in quality pastoral care. Moorlands prides itself on offering a truly rounded education, with a focus on developing the whole child. Moorlanders also participate in educational and fun activities about mental health, have their own EcoCommittee and Student Voice and participate in a range of charity fundraising events throughout the year. It is no wonder that so many parents are choosing the Moorlands Way for their children. With Nursery now almost full, only a limited number of Reception places remain for September 2020. You can book a visit via www.moorlands-school.co.uk

T he Grammar School at Leeds is Top of the Class!

with more than half of all A-level results returning A* or A grades.

The Sunday Times’ Parent Power Schools Guide recently named The Grammar School at Leeds (GSAL) The Sunday Times North Independent Secondary School of the Year. The Guide identifies the highest achieving 2,000 schools in the UK, based on recent examination results and from these selects regional schools of the year in the state and independent sectors. “The Grammar School at Leeds is a thriving, dynamic place of learning”, said Alastair McCall, Parent Power editor. “Its examination results this year were excellent

“High levels of success at GCSE, where 70% of all results were A*/A or graded 9-7, is a tribute to the strength of the school’s diamond model of teaching. Boys and girls are taught separately from 11 to 16 within an otherwise co-educational school environment. “Facilities are excellent, and achievement is recognised across all walks of school life, not just in the examination halls. This is an outstanding school that serves the children of Leeds and the surrounding area well, offering myriad opportunities to succeed, learn and acquire skills that will benefit them throughout life.” Sue Woodroofe, GSAL Principal, said: “I have the privilege of working with people of all ages, every day, who show passion, vision and ambition to aim high and commit themselves to be the very best that they can be, rooted in an unerring sense of decency, kindness and courtesy. “This is wonderful news - just when I think I could not be more proud of this school, I find that I am!”

D t m c w

I a

Be Inspired Leading independent education for boys and girls aged 3-18 yrs • Unique diamond model offering all through education

• Outstanding co-curricular provision

• Excellent exam results

• Accessible, semi-rural location in North Leeds

• Extensive purpose-built facilities



• Transport service to many areas

0113 228 5121 | admissions@gsal.org.uk


Does your child have asthma and house dust mite allergy? The Leeds General Infirmary and ALK are running a study

Doctors in Leeds are testing a 'house dust mite tablet' which could help children with their asthma.

We wish to invite you and your child to take part If your child has asthma, is house dust mite allergic and aged between 5 and 17 years old, please get in touch! For more information please contact the research team: Tel: 0113 3922185 Email: cspencer@nhs.net Follow us: Leeds Paed Research@LTHTPaedRes

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CommunityNotices ACTIVE

University of Leeds Staff Walking Club

Alwoodley Walkabout Group Long & short walks, midweek & weekends, some evenings. Details: John jhn.wtsn@gmail. com

Walks of varying lengths (5 – 14 miles) every weekend. Everyone welcome. Details: David Shaw 285 7480 / d.c.shaw@ leeds.ac.uk

Scottish Dancing Classes held at various Chapel Allerton Badminton Club Wed, 8 – 9pm at Scott Hall Leisure Centre. Sociable club. All abilities welcome. No annual membership fee. Details: James on 07809 776367, chapelabadminton.co.uk

Chapel Allerton Snooker & Social Club 19 Town St. LS7 4NB. Four competition class snooker tables, food nights, live music events, games & competitions all year. Social membership from £5 pa. Details: 345 1107, www.thecaclub.webs. com or Facebook

times & locations across North West Leeds. Beginners welcome. First class free. Details: www.rscdsleeds.org.uk

Tai Chi for Health Mon & Wed 7pm at Chapel Allerton Primary School LS7 3PD; Tues: Qigong 12pm & Tai Chi 1.15pm at Stainbeck Community Hall, Stainbeck Ln LS7 2EA; Thurs Tai Chi 11.30am Willows Community Hall, Fink Hill, LS18 5DY. Details: instructor@leedstaichiacademy. org

Wheels 4 Fun Disability Cycling Group Leeds City Ladies Football Team Is Recruiting New Players Based at Adel Sports Assoc. training is on Thursday nights & games on a Sunday. Details: Brian Wilks 07587143430, bcwilks11@ gmail.com

Leeds Petanque Club plays Sun from 11am (all year) & Tues from 6pm (Apr – Oct) at Richmond House School sports ground, Glen Rd, Far Headingley. New & experienced members welcomes (they can lend you boules to get started). Details: leedspetanque.wordpress.com

meets Sat, 11am – 1pm at Meanwood Valley Urban farm for advice, support & social cycling for adults with a physical disability. Tandems, tricycles & other bikes available. Volunteers needed to help with various roles. Details: trishcunnison@ gmail.com, 01845 522942/ 07585 950650, www.wheels4funleeds.wordpress.com

ARTS & CRAFTS Leeds Marquetry Group meets most Wed, 7 – 9pm at the Polish Catholic Centre, Newton Hill Rd, Chapel Allerton, LS7 4JE. Friendly group with over 60 members makes marquetry pictures & decorated applied pieces. Programme of activities, competitions & demonstrations. Details: Steve 01943 600111, secretary.leedsmarquetry@gmail. com, www.leedsmarquetry.org.uk

Stainbeck Art Club meets 2nd & 4th Tues, 2 – 4pm at Methodist Centre, Town St. Chapel Allerton. All abilities welcome. Visitors £4. Details: Pam 268 4734, www. stainbeckarts.co.uk

GROUPS/CLUBS Air Yorkshire Aviation Society meets monthly, 2.30pm in the Media Centre at Leeds/Bradford Airport. Details: alan. sinfield@airyorkshire.org.uk/, www. airyorkshire.org.uk/ Chapel Allerton In Bloom was created with the aim of improving green spaces in the area. Volunteer run, it has already created a number of improvements, incl a community orchard & vegetable beds. New members welcome. Details: Chapelallertoninbloom@gmail.com

DIG - a drama improvisation group, meets Tues 10.45am - 12.45pm at Seven Arts, Chapel Allerton. No experience necessary. £7 per session. Details: Ron Wiener 266 7722





Tarmac • Block Paving • Resin Driveways A full Landscaping service available CALL FOR FREE SURVEYS & QUOTATIONS

EST 1990

daleswaypaving.com • Tel: 01943 468358

EST 1990

Feed Leeds Food Growers Network

North Leeds History Group meets

Lunchtime Chamber Music at The

Potting Shed Drinks every 3rd Thurs. Venue varies from month to month. All welcome. Details: feedleeds.org

Mon, 1 – 3pm at Alwoodley Community Association, The Avenue, LS 17. An informal & friendly group with regular speaker covering varied topics with a historical theme. £3 incl. refreshments. Details: Thelma 225 6405

Venue (College of Music, LS2 7PD) 8 Jan: Sophie Kauer (cello)/ Alison Rhind (piano) - Shostakovich’s Cello Sonata; 15 Jan: Jonian-Ilias Kadesha (violin)/ Filippo Gorini (piano) - Enescu, Beethoven, Skalkottas, Brahms; 22 Jan: Corinna Boylan (cello)/ Andrew Quartermain (piano) - Beethoven, Debussy, & Chopin; 29 Jan: Sebastian Müller (violin), Gerardo Gramajo (viola) & Thomas Collingwood (cello) - Schubert & Mozart. Free. Details: 378 6600, leedsconcertseason.co.uk

Friends of Gipton Wood meet 10am last Sat of month, & some Sunday afternoons. Join them for a fun & interesting hour including wildflowers, birds, toadstools, tree recognition & archaeology. Details: Chris 266 7569 & Facebook Friends of Roundhay Park organises regular volunteer working parties to help with maintenance of this beautiful park on 2nd Sat & 4th Thurs each month. Members can enjoy a variety of outdoor work & meet new friends. Details: secretary@forp.org, www.forp.org

Gledhow Valley Conservation Area Group is looking for new supporters & committee members to help realise projects to protect & enhance the Conservation Area. Community involvement & activities to raise awareness of the historic foundations of the area. Details: gvcag@yahoo.co.uk

Leeds Horticultural Society meets 6 times a year, 8pm St Chad’s Centre, Far Headingley. Membership £10/ couple £15. Details: Pat 225 0030, Viv 267 3880

Rotary Club of Roundhay meets Mon, 7.30pm (ex bank holidays) at Sand Moor Golf Club, Alwoodley Ln., LS17 7DJ. If you’d like to make new friends & contribute to changing lives in the community by engaging with the world’s largest voluntary charity, contact our Secretary. Details: 266 6203, www. roundhayrotaryclub.co.uk

Roundhay Probus Club meets 2nd Mon, 10am at Roundhay Parochial Hall, Fitzroy Dr, LS8 4HA. Includes speakers on a wide variety of subjects, coffee & chat, bowls & snooker sections. New members welcome.

Shadwell Bridge Club Friendly little club runs a bridge session every Fri from 7pm, usually in Shadwell Village Hall. New members welcome. Go along as a guest, £2.50 per player, for a few sessions. Host available, so players can come along without a partner. Details: secretary@ shadwellbridgeclub, shadwellbridgeclub. com

One Voice Choirs are setting up groups in the city centre, Headingley & Chapel Allerton. Run in a fun, laid back & supportive atmosphere they are for everyone who loves to sing. No previous singing experience necessary, nor do you need to be able to read music. Everyone welcome. Details: laura@onevoicechoirs. com, www.facebook/onevoicechoirs

Roundhay Music offers instrumental, vocal, ensemble, aural & theory tuition for any age, standard & style. Advice on instrument hire & purchase available. All tutors are interviewed & DBS checked. In-school tuition available. Regular free concerts for performance training. Details: 269 7754, enquiries@ roundhaymusic.org, www.roundhaymusic. org

Leeds Lions Club meets 2nd Mon (ex bank holidays), 7.30pm at the Holiday Inn Express, Cavendish St (off Kirkstall Rd) LS3 1LY. Make new friends & support the community by joining the largest voluntary service organisation in the world. Details: Peter 266 3324

Shadwell Horticultural Society meets 2nd Thurs, 7.30pm in Methodist Church, Main St. LS17 8JF for interesting talks on gardening topics. Details; Teresa 268 8231

Leeds Transport Historical Society meets

Friendly, evening exercise classes with qualified instructors. Details: 07487 565070, www.wharfedalecardiacclub.org. uk, wghcardiacclub@gmail.com

Mon 13 Jan, 7pm at Leeds Postal Sports Association Club, off Beecroft St, Kirkstall, LS5 3AS. Mel Reuben & Tony Wilson will present a variety of transport films. £1.

Wharfedale General Hospital Cardiac Club For former cardiac patients.

MUSIC Leeds RSPB Group meets Wed 15 Jan, 7.30pm at Friends Meeting House, 188 Woodhouse Ln, LS2 9DX for an illustrated talk on ‘The Kruger National Park’ by David Tolliday. Sat 25 Jan: coach trip to Teesmouth & RSPB Saltholme dep 8.10am Roundhay, 8.30am Leeds. Details & to book: rspbleeds@googlemail.com, 07722 120 540

Alwoodley Singers Choir meets Wed, 6.15 – 7.45pm at Cornerhouse Club, Moortown. Repertoire includes pop, folk & musical theatre. Details: 07855 059 990

Roundhay Singers Community Choir run by composer Jon Hughes meets Thurs 7.30 – 9.30pm at St Andrew’s, Shaftesbury Ave Roundhay. Singing beautiful music from around the world. Anyone can join in – no singing experience necessary as all music is taught by ear. Details: https:// roundhaysingers.com

Sing Meanwood! Every Sunday in term time 7 – 9pm at Holy Trinity Community Hall, Meanwood. Just come along & sing in a friendly (non-audition) choir! Traditional & contemporary songs (a capella). Details: info@singmeanwood. org.uk

Sinfonia of Leeds Sat 25 Jan, 7.30pm at St Edmund’s Church, Lidgett Park Rd, Roundhay LS8 1JN. Beethoven: Symphony No.8; Shostakovich: Symphony No.1 Conductor: Anthony Kraus. Tickets: 376 0318/ sinfoniaofleeds. eventbrite or on door

SPIRITUAL Eckhart Tolle Stillness Group Meets


Mon, 7.30 - 9.30pm Friends Meeting House, 136 Street Lane, Roundhay. Share Eckhart’s teachings on DVD & experience stillness with like-minded people. £5. Details: 07884 332644 www. peacenowhere.com

Chapel Allerton Town St Lunch Club

Meanwood Valley Baptist Church

Tues 12.15 – 1.45pm in the Methodist Centre. Hot Meal £4.50 friendship & chat. Transport can be provided. Volunteers welcome. Details: Vivienne & Paul 268 2513, Jenny & David 266 1502, paul_chaplin@hotmail.com

Service for All Ages 2nd Sun. 11am at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm. Family friendly, sometimes MESSY, crafts, stories, songs, games & quizzes or just enjoy being together.

Meditation at Kirkstall Abbey Wed 10.15 Care Connect Thurs, 1.30 – 3.30pm, Lidgett Lane Community Centre, LS17 6QP. Friendly group with gentle exercises, various entertainments, guest speakers, musicians, games etc. £3. Details: 887 3597, leedsyorkhub@ royalvoluntaryservice.org.uk

Chair Yoga Tues, 10.30 – 11.30am at Quaker Meeting House, 136 Street Ln. Gentle chair-based yoga, aimed at older people & suitable for all. £4. Details: Lea 07440 060137 Dance On Wed, 10.45 – 11.45am at The Reginald Centre, Chapeltown. New series of dance classes for older adults. A fun way to meet new friends, move to music & have a laugh! £3 per session (first session free). Details: Ella or Adie 243 9867

Healthy Happy Lives & Singing Mon 11am – 12.30pm at Inkwell, Potternewton Ln. LS7 3LW. Gentle exercise, singing & entertainment, £3. Details: RVS 887 3595, chapelallertonhhl@royalvoluntaryservice. org.uk Healthy Happy Lives Community Café Fri 10am – 12pm at Meanwood Community Centre, LS7 2QU. Gentle exercise, sandwiches, hot drinks & bingo. Small charge. Details: RVS 887 3596, meanwoodhhl@royalvoluntaryservice. org.uk

– 11.15am in Kirkstall Abbey Education Room (Visitors’ Centre). Free. Details: 275 7727, leeds@uk.brahmakumaris.org, www. brahmakumaris.uk/events

Meditation Classes: Mon (from 6 Jan): 11am – 12.15pm (£6)/ Tues (from 7 Jan) 7.30 – 9pm (£6) at Ratnasambhava Kadampa Buddhist Centre, 22 Wetherby Rd, Oakwood, LS8 2QD Details: 265 2118, www.meditationinleeds.org

Leeds Tinnitus Support Group meets Fri 17 Jan, 1.30pm in the Convention Room, Leeds Church Institute. The group provides mutual support, empathy & encouragement for those experiencing tinnitus, their supporters & carers. If you plan to attend (friend/partner welcome) please let them know. Details: 07307 875851, leedstinnitus@gmail.com, www. tinnitus.org/leeds-tinnitus-support-group

Tea Cosy+ Memory Café 1st Wed of each month, 11am - 1.30pm at Brackenwood Community Association, The Highwood Building, Brackenwood Dr (off Lidgett Lane) for those living with dementia. Sing-along, light lunch of homemade sandwiches & cakes & support for carers. £2.50. Details: Susie 266 6476 TALKS A Time for Change Sun 12 Jan, 10.30am – 1.30pm (£15). 1/2 Day Course – learn powerful methods for bringing about authentic changes & be inspired to work towards realistic, meaningful goals. Details & to book: 265 2118, www. meditationinleeds.org/courses-events/ half-day-courses/

SUPPORT Leeds Migraine & Headache Support Group A friendly, supportive online group for people living with migraine & headache conditions in Leeds. Search ‘Leeds Migraine & Headache Support Group’ on Facebook or contact Fiona King on 07709 353 167

Leeds Healing Centre Fri 12 – 2.30pm at HEART, Bennett Rd. Headingley. Healing by professional team of volunteers to aid relaxation & promote wellbeing. No appointment necessary £5. www. leedshealingcentre.org or 07985 121 810. Roundhay Healing Centre: Thurs 7 – 8.30pm at Friend’s Meeting House, Street Ln. Details: 07949 972 690

Leeds Samaritans Confidential, nonjudgmental support 24 hours for those experiencing distress or despair. They listen for as long as you need. Details: 245 6789 or 116 123, www.samaritans.org/ branches/samaritans-leeds

Café Économique Monthly talks on first Tues, 7.30pm at Seven Arts, 31A Harrogate Rd, Chapel Allerton. 7 Jan: ‘Equality of Opportunities’ - a talk by David Ward. Happy Mind, Healthy Life Sun 26 Jan, 10.30am – 4.30pm. Guided day retreat (£25, incl veg lunch). The key to a happy life is a calm and healthy mind, free from negativity. An opportunity to discover simple methods for healing our minds, leading to improved health & happiness. Details: 265 2118, http:// meditationinleeds.org/courses-events/ retreats/

Leeds Geological Association meets Thurs 30 Jan, 7.15pm in the Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre, Michael Sadler Building, Leeds University, for a lecture by Roger Connell, Hull University on ‘A New Glacial Chronology for East Yorkshire’. Visitors welcome. Details: www.leedsga.org

The Leeds Library & Thoresby Society Wed 15 Jan, 1 - 2pm Book Launch: Libraries in Leeds, a Historical Survery 1152 - c1939. Free talk incl refreshments. Booking essential. Details: thoresby.org. uk

The Arts Society Leeds meets 3rd Wed at Castle Grove Hall, Headingley LS6 4BP. Expert lectures, study days, visits, lunches, bar. Visitors welcome, £7. Details: membership@theartssocietyleeds.org, theartssocietyleeds.org, Facebook.



Alwoodley WI meets 3rd Wed, 7.30pm

Heart Stars Join British Heart Foundation 7/8 Feb for its weekend

at St Barnabas Church Hall (off The Vine). Learn, chat, laugh, make friends & help the community. Aged 18-180 – you are more than welcome. £37.50 a year or come as a guest for £4. Details: Facebook/ Alwoodley WI

Leeds Ladies Coffee Morning 10.30am at Church Institute, New Market St. Details: Joan 225 1166 Roundhay WI meets 2nd Thurs, 7pm

National Trust Tuesday Talks, 10am at St. Chad’s Parish Centre, Far Headingley. Tues 14 Jan: ‘Meet the butler’ with Chris Cade. All welcome. Adm. £4 (£3 members)

University of Leeds Ladies’ Club

Yorkshire Archaeological & Historical Society (Family History Section), Sat

Meets monthly. All women with strong affiliation to the University welcome. Details: The Secretary 261 4564

at St Edmund’s Church Hall, Lidgett Park Rd, LS8 1JN. 9 Jan: ‘Preserve Your Memories – Charting the 60s’

fundraising blockbuster in Tesco stores. Raise funds & put the spotlight on research. We need cash collecting, bucket brandishing stars to make this special weekend a smash-hit! Sign up to give 2 hours as a volunteer collector at bhf.org. uk/heartstars

Oakwood Cinema Monthly screenings 7pm at Roundhay Parochial Hall, 5 Fitzroy Dr. LS8 4AB.

St Vincent’s Spring Ball Sat 14 March 2020 at Leeds Crowne Plaza Hotel. A glamorous evening of fun & fundraising. Tickets £50pp/ £500 a table. Details: 248 4126, Jessica.Holland@stvincents-svp. org.uk

11 Jan, 11am at Swarthmore Education Centre, Woodhouse Sq. LS3 1AD – a lecture entitled ‘ Titus Salt & Saltaire’ by Stuart Hartley, one of the Three Talkateers. Visitors welcome.


Room at the Top is now ranked number one out of all 470 UK loft companies on Freeindex.co.uk for value for money, professionalism and quality.

Add a bedroom, bathroom, office or just somewhere to relax All work done by our dedicated teams, no subcontractors We take care of everything from drawings to decorating – so you don’t have to Hundreds of conversions completed all over Leeds

• • • •

We had a 2 bedroom and bathroom loft conversion built and we love it! We would highly recommend Room at the Top and would definitely use them again Adam & Ruth Tempest


For a free, no obligation quote, call Jon Colman on 07950 627 883 or 0113 266 0032 or visit www.roomatthetop.biz AT THE T OM OP RO


ROOM AT THE TOP Loft Conversion Specialist





HB Architectural Services Ltd



Kitchens • Bathrooms • Joinery Established 1980

• House extensions & renovations • Loft & Garage conversions • New House Builds / Masterplanning • Planning Permission • Building Regulations Call for a free quote!

Hannah Bishop: 07792 305 719 Hannah@hbarchitectural.co.uk



Specialist Bathrooms • Fully Fitted Kitchens Purpose Made Joinery • Interior Construction Kitchens:

All makes of kitchens supplied Full kitchen facelifts available Full tiling service Wood floors Granite Corian work surfaces Electrical/plumbing Internal building alterations




Mobility bathrooms Wet rooms Full tiling services Internal building alterations

www.leedsinteriors.co.uk Email: info@leedsinteriors.co.uk Mob: 07801 225 299


L N Supporting artists in the UK.

Kindly supported by The Garden Room at The MANSION

“One of the most successful free magazines in the city.” ✳✳✳✳✳ Swarthmore Education Centre

Professional & reliable service with competitive prices Extensions • Driveways • Decking Composite Decking • Roofing Plumbing & Heating (Gas Safety registered)

Kitchens & Bathrooms Complete building service

07802 170 733 / 0113 318 8051 Jamesm73@hotmail.co.uk www.jamesconstruction.site


T: 07968 131866 @theenglishartco #ArtRoundhayPark www.theenglishartco.co.uk/art-roundhay-park/






Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners

Carpetsclean clean&&dry dryinin1-2 1-2hours hours •• Carpet • Upholstery clean & dry in 3-4 hours • No harmful chemicals or sicky stickyresidues residues •• Local Local family family firm firm -– est. est. over over 25 20 years years •• Leather clean & shiny 1000s ofupholstery satisfied customers • WE GUARANTEE OUR WORK • WE GUARANTEE OUR WORK

CLEAN CARE 0800 97 007 53

Over 30 years experience Quality service Associated property maintenance Coving & dado rails fitted Free estimates Horsforth based Phone: 0113 258 6143 Mob: 07921 000 151



Specialists in exterior & interior decorating

P a i n t i n g & D e c o r a t i n g T: 0113 257 3875 • M: 07894 247 931 W: www.richardsonpaintinganddecorating.co.uk E: richardsondecorating@gmail.com

Call Tim for a free quote:

m: 07806 466 953 t: 0113 345 6767 e: tim@TJBdecorators.com DRUM TUITION



All styles and ages considered.

è Great discounts on Christmas vouchers è Give the gift of music this Christmas


CALL ROB For details call: Tel: 0113 2716 875 Mob: 07814 977 553 rw.decorating@live.co.uk

Chapel Chapel Allerton Allerton Paint and Paint and Decor Decor

07958 493670

Professional function band also available.

Find us on Twitter

Internal Preparation & Decoration Internal Decoration – 15 Years Experience Internal Preparation & Decoration • •• •

Stripping Walls • Painting • Finishing Stripping Walls Painting • Finishing Preparation / Filling •• Wallpapering Woodwork Preparation / Filling • Wallpapering Woodwork For free quotes, a friendly service and a quality finish, For free quotes,call a friendly and a quality finish, Davidservice Middleton call David Middleton

Tel: 0113 295 5163 or Mob: 07905 308 842 Tel: 0113 295 or Mob: 07905 308 842 Email:5163 dviddle@ntlworld.com Email:dviddlem55@gmail.com dviddle@ntlworld.com Email:






We provide: Electrical survey & report on installation N.I.C.E.I.C. electrical inspection & test Electrical installations commercial & domestic Fire alarm installation & maintenance Emergency lighting – installation & maintenance Part P. testing & documentation Portable Appliance Testing (P.A.T.) Full/part rewires – additional sockets Replacement consumer units

• Full / Partial rewires • Consumer unit upgrades • Extra sockets and lighting

• Lighting upgrades • Intruder alarm systems • Fault finding

M: 07990 513 052 E: gwilliamselectrical@outlook.com Over 20 years experience. Based in Roundhay, serving all of Leeds.


UPVC Cleaning Services (Leeds) Exteriors Brought Back To Life

No job too large or too small FREE no obligation quotes Our work guaranteed for 5 years

Maintenance and Cleaning of:

Please telephone for FREE advice

b efo r e

• Gutters • Fascias • Soffits • Patios and Conservatories • Brick Work and Render • Driveways and Walkways • UPVC Windows and Doors • Moss Removal • CCTV Roof and Gutter Surveys

Tel/Fax: 0113 268 2556 Mob: 07885 242055 Email: davidgunby.elec@gmail.com 36 Highwood Avenue, Moortown, Leeds LS17 6ES

Domestic & Commercial • New Builds - Rewires - Extensions

af te r

For Free Quotations call: 07564 683 694 Email: guttersleeds@gmail.com

• Extra Sockets • Fused Board Update • Extra Lighting


• Security Lights • Cooker Circuits

& Showers

Inspections & Testing - Landlord Certificates - Fault Finding - PAT testing

Call Paul on 07841 411718 Email:

paul.seymourelectrical@gmail.com Qualified Electrician - Part P Registered NAPIT Registered - Full Public Liability Insurance All Works Guaranteed


Expert fitter of carpet, underlay, vinyl & LVT Generations of experience & an eye for perfection Includes removal and disposal of old flooring Hundreds of happy & loyal customers

Call Joe on 07983 307805

modaflooring@gmail.com modaflooring www.modaflooring.co.uk Covering the North Leeds area

FURNITURE REMOVALS Upholstery, Repairs & French Polishing

0113 267 5483 Abbey Upholstery, 7 Carr Bridge Ave, Cookridge, Leeds, LS16 7JZ Reupholstery specialists. Parker Knoll, Cintique, Ercol, Bridgecraft and all other good quality furniture.

From a small dining chair repair to a full suite re-upholstery. Sentimental items welcome.

+Replacement Foam Cushions Service

Buying new furniture? Moving house / downsizing?

Reupholstery and French Polishing Specialists.

Parker Knoll, Cintique, Ercol, Bridgecraft, Vale, G-Plan, MultiYork and all other good quality furniture.

From a small dining chair repair to a full suite re-upholstery. Sentimental items welcome.

Call LMFS, the charity that puts your unwanted furniture to good use‌ LMFS has been helping people in need since 1986. Call 0113 2739727 to arrange a collection Examples of local work we did recently. To see more go to our website: www.abbeyupholstery.co.uk | info@abbeyupholstery.co.uk



J M Tree Services LTD Chapel Allerton


Sofa & carpet cleaning

(Not leather)


Tel: 0113 274 8776


All trees professionally felled, pruned, thinned or shaped Conifer trees reduced

Hardwood fire logs for sale We are fully insured and qualified for all aspects of tree work Call James or John Mudd for a free quotation

0113 2694847 / 07729 673354 j-m-services.co.uk

ELMWOOD Tree & Garden Services

RW Landscape

Our small family firm provides a full range of services including:

Garden Design, Construction and Maintenance

Fencing, groundworks, patios & turfing Maintenance free gardens Trees felled, trimmed, shaped or pruned Hedges reduced or removed Gutters cleaned, drives jet washed

A dedicated landscape team based in North Leeds providing a reliable service at a competitive rate.

Call now for a free quotation


FOR AN EFFICIENT, SAFE & CLEAN SERVICE RING NOW: FREEPHONE: 0800 474 8519 / DIRECT 07769631142 24 hour emergency call-out available

Services we offer include:

N.S. Whitaker Tree & Paving Services

Tree Felling & Pruning Specialists Plus: Landscaping Fencing Turfing Driveways & Patios Over 20 years experience Fully insured & qualified Honest, reliable & recommended FREE, no obligation quotes. Tel: 07774 983 006 / 0113 2611 856 email: donna@nswhitaker.com www.nswhitakertreesurgeon.co.uk


“Our sales therefore increased quite significantly so it has really worked.” ✳✳✳✳✳ St. Gemma’s Hospice

Paving • Fencing • Turfing • Planting Garden Design • Garden Maintenance Grass Cutting • Hedge Cutting Winter Garden Tidy • Garden Clearance

M: 07507 339 339 L: 0113 240 6970

E: richard@rwlandscape.co.uk W: www.rwlandscape.co.uk HANDYMAN

Mr Gray’s Handyman Service The local solution to all your property maintenance and repair needs. All work guaranteed and fully insured. Whatever the job consider it done

Tel: 0113 2688641 / 07542 247 887 Email: handymanleeds@live.co.uk www.handymanleeds.org.uk


Clean and Care

Care & Support For Independent Living General support for cooking, cleaning & shopping Reminders for medication Accompanied visits to GPs or clinics Assisting you to remain independent in your own home Flexible approach – we work with you to suit your needs

Call us today: 07999 153 818 Email: clean.and.care321@gmail.com


SS Joinery, Plumbing & Building Services Ltd For a high quality, reliable & professional service in all aspects of home, maintenance, renovations & building work.




Doors & Windows (wood & PVCu) Kitchens

Fitted furniture

Staircases & skirting Extensions

Phone: Mob 07813 768047 Tel: 01904 700855 • Over 25 Years Experience • City & Guilds Tradesmen • FREE Estimates & Advice All work carried out from planning to completion LOCKSMITH


Loft conversions

& all other joinery

07976 361 738 smurphyjoinery@virginmedia.com Old Barn Close, Alwoodley

J. Waite Joinery & Building • Loft conversions • Extensions • Kitchens • Windows & doors • Gutters, fascias & soffits

Domestic & commercial work undertaken For a free quote or advice call John:

0113 217 1940 07751 845 167 or visit my website at:


L N “You can’t beat North Leeds Life for quality, readership and content.” ✳✳✳✳✳ Leeds Grand Theatre





kitchen & wardrobe replacement doors & units


LOFTLADDERS4LESS loft storage solutions, loft ladders & packages


Low maintenance shower panels




Dozens of designs | Customise your own Local company with expert advice UK Worktops Just 100 yards from Waitrose, Meanwood

0113 230 6038 OPEN



FREEPHONE 0800 043 0403

Mon-Thurs 9.00-5.00 Friday 9.00 – 12.00 Saturday by appointment

MOBILE 07742 673 892

Providence House, Authorpe Road, Meanwood LS6 4JB

www.ukworktopsyorkshire.co.uk OVEN CLEANING



OAKWOOD AND ROUNDHAY • Maths, English & Science tuition • National Curriculum focused for all ages and abilities • Personalised learning that fits your child • Your child builds confidence and succeeds CALL NOW FOR A FREE ASSESSME NT

0113 289 2985 07946 854408 TAKE ON LEARNING AND WIN

roundhay@firstclasslearning.co.uk www.firstclasslearning.co.uk/leeds-roundhay


Natural Stone

Floor Cleaning

Floors Deep Cleaned & Re-Sealed Travatine • Limestone • Slate • Terracotta All Natural Stone Showers Refurbished & New Silicone Free Quotations 07939 667 440 | Nigel.stoker@btinternet.com Recommended by LAPICIDA Customers


Leeds Local Plumbing Experts For all general plumbing including: • Bathroom installation incl. tiling • Leaks, bursts, repairs & maintenance • No call out fee • Fixed price quotes Fully qualified & insured local plumber

Call Alex 07730 560 422 enquiries@nortonplumbing.co.uk www.nortonplumbing.co.uk PLASTERERS

bathroom & kitchen repairs...

Plastering & Painting

All areas of Leeds covered Fast friendly service · Clean tidy work For a free no obligation quote

Phone 07530 593563 www.moortownplastering.co.uk

...smaller jobs welcome

roundhay plumbing

0113 2934385

07733 245372

5 the drive roundhay leeds LS8 1J F



The Boiler Specialists INSTALLATION – SERVICE – REPAIR Tel: 0113 268 8570 Mob: 07792 710 887 info@heatwiseplumbing.com


E: Kayesplumbing@yahoo.co.uk

Tel: 07958 383 049‬


Bob Kettlewell

Plumbing Services Independent family business Commercial and Domestic All aspects of plumbing, heating & gas work undertaken P. Kettlewell - gas safe engineer Central Heating Systems flushed and cleaned

Please ring to discuss - free, no obligation quotes

Tel: 0113 279 0256 Mob: 07948 406 391


www.rennservices.co.uk • New Roofs • Chimney Repairs • Slating/Tiling • Roof Repairs • New Fascias & Soffits • Replacement Gutters • GRP Fibre Glass Roofing

07421 767 486

info@rennservices.co.uk web rennservices.co.uk 541260

Jonathan Maneely Gas & Plumbing THE COMPLETE PLUMBING, HEATING & GAS SERVICE • Qualified to install, repair and service cookers, fires, gas boilers, range cookers, water heaters & unvented cylinders. • Co2 Combi analysis, gas meters and all gas pipe work included • Combi repair and central heating power flushing specialist • All plumbing work including bathroom suites etc • Gas safety certificates for both landlords & home owners • Over 20 years experience

Heavy Duty Rainwater Gutters & Pipes ROOFLINE FASCIA BOARDS Repairs, Renewals & Cleaning ALL SIZES, STYLES & COLOURS TO SUIT ALL TYPES OF PROPERTY

JET WASHING POWER CLEANING DRIVES, PATHS, ROOFS & PATIOS ETC Moss Removal & Prevention Semi-retired Gentleman Contractor Over 40 Years Experience FREE ADVICE, SURVEYS & QUOTATIONS

NO VAT TO PAY David Ian Fisher Est. 1963

Leeds 0113 275 9532


Tel: 07887 604 774 E-mail: jonathanmaneely@hotmail.co.uk ROOFERS

G. HORNE (roofing contractor) LTD Free no obligation quotes

Domestic re-roofs and repairs, built up felt roofing, gutters, fascia’s and soffits, Velux windows fitted, chimney pointing and lead-work.

Over 30 years experience

10 year insurance backed guarantee for re-roofs Tel- 0113 240 3515/Mobile 07918 692017 Email - g.horneroofing@hotmail.com www.ghorneroofing.co.uk

Quick Service Line (David) 07966 476 663 If you text me your details I will call you


“We are very pleased with the response we have had from your magazines.” ✳✳✳✳✳ GKD Landscaping


R. & D. Sheridan

Roofing Contractors • • • • •

Re-roofs & repairs Gutters, fascias and soffits All flat roofing Insurance work Pointing

FREE honest quotations All work guaranteed Over 30 years experience Tel/Fax: 0113 278 3472 Mobile: 07747 110582 Email: rsheridan1234@aol.com SECURITY


ff O th % on 25his m


Established Police Family Background Rate: £15.00 Per Hour 30 minute patrol of your property, 5 days a week (Mon-Fri) for £37.50 per week. Includes drawing curtains and feeding pets if requested

Please contact T. Midgley

0113 267 2845 / 07874 847 123

Windows Fitted FromFrom £200 £200 Windows Fitted Doors Fitted From £450 Doors Fitted From £450 Windows Fitted From £200 High Grade uPVC, Timber and Aluminium Windows, Doors, Fascias, Sofits & Gutters DoorsConservatories, Fitted From £450


Oakwood Travel Ltd Est. over 25 years

Your Complete Travel Solution Holidays worldwide including the UK Ticket agents for National Rail, National Express, Theatre and IATA Airtickets Independent agents offering customer service & choice T: 0113 240 0419 • E: oakwoodtravel@btopenworld.com 480 Roundhay Road, Leeds LS8 2HU

High Grade uPVC, Timber Grade uPVC, Timber and Aluminium Windows, and Aluminium Windows, •High NO DEPOSIT, FREE Doors, Conservatories, Fascias, SoffitsSURVEY & Gutters Doors, Conservatories, 10 Soffits & Gutters NO DEPOSIT, FREE • •Payment OnSURVEY Completion Fascias, • Payment On Completion 10 YEAR INS YEAR •A A Rated Windows UR Rated Windows • SecureDEPOSIT, By Design ••NO FREE SURVEY BAC ANCE No Pushy Salesmen • ••Secure G No MiddlemenBy Design U • Payment On Completion ARANKED 10 YEAR TEE Pushy Salesmen Cookridge Windows INSURANCE ••ANo Rated Windows 0113 226 8089 25% Off • No Middlemen BACKED • Secure Design 07805By 495071 GUARANTEE www.cookridgewindowsleeds.co.uk • No Pushy Salesmen www.cookridgewindowsleeds.co.uk Cookridge 19 Eaton Hill, Leeds, LS16 6SE Windows • No Middlemen INSURANCE BACKED GUARANTEE

in June

0113 226 8089 07805 495071

Cookridge Windows www.cookridgewindowsleeds.co.uk cookridgesales@gmail.com

0113 226 8089 07805 495071

25% Off in June

www.cookridgewindowsleeds.co.uk 19 Eaton Hill, Leeds, LS16 6SE

North Leeds

Connecting You To T he Community

0113 274 8776 | info@northleedslife.co.uk | northleedslife.co.uk



GET A HALF PRICE HAIRCUT FOR JUST £17.50 WHEN YOU BOOK THIS MONTH “Really pleased with my haircut; definitely one of the best I’ve ever had! 10/10 Would recommend.”

Tabitha, Leeds Rated 4.8 out of 5 on Treatwell.co.uk




123A Vicar Lane, Leeds LS1 6PJ

0113 234 1130

A ru ex da by

An Independent husband and wife run business with over 35 years experience offering you our support day or night and personally supervised by Phillip and Thea Thomason.

• 24hr Service • Private Chapels of Rest • Qualified Funeral Directors and Embalmers • Memorials / Headstones • Funeral Prepayment Plans • International Repatriation • Green / Woodland Funerals • Also Horse Drawn / Motorcycle Hearse

137 Easterly Road, Oakwood, Leeds LS8 2RY

120A-122 Crossgates Road, Leeds LS15 7NL

0113 248 2899

0113 264 1405

email: phillip@thomasonsfunerals.co.uk



TM © 1986 CMOL



2 1 S T


Huffington Post

THU 23 JULY – SAT 15 AUGUST 2020 0844 848 2700 | leedsgrandtheatre.com Calls cost 7p per minute + your phone company’s access charge

Profile for North Leeds Life

North Leeds Life Magazine. January 2020. LS7, LS8, LS17 Edition.  

Hello and welcome to our January 2020 edition of North Leeds Life for LS7 LS8 & LS17. As always we are bringing you all the latest news, eve...

North Leeds Life Magazine. January 2020. LS7, LS8, LS17 Edition.  

Hello and welcome to our January 2020 edition of North Leeds Life for LS7 LS8 & LS17. As always we are bringing you all the latest news, eve...


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