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Northgate News #NorthgateTogether

Face to Face - Year 10 & Year 12

Welcome! Welcome to the special ‘lockdown’ version of the Northgate News. We hope this edition finds you well. Miss Breeze and Miss Theobald have done a fantastic job of collating the outstanding achievements of the Northgate and Dereham Sixth Form College community during these last 4 months; a huge thank you to them for putting the paper together. We hope you enjoy reading it. We have both been extremely proud of you all during this difficult time. You have kept up with your academic studies far more than your contemporaries nationally. You have raised money for charity, recognising and helping those less fortunate than you. You have kept busy and purposeful. Those that were able to have embraced the ‘face-to-face‘ support - both Year 10 and Year 12 students have been full of praise for the support and learning they’ve achieved. In short, the Northgate 5 Rs: Respect; Responsibility; Readiness; Reflectiveness; and perhaps most of all - Resilience; have been much more than a ‘sound bite’ or a poster in the Hall. You have lived them (with the odd ‘pyjama day’ on the Xbox or Netflix, which is also fine!). Parents: you too have been absolutely brilliant. We recognise and appreciate the ‘juggling’ you’ve had to do. The support you have given us, and the positive messages, have sustained us during the uncertainty of these last few months. Your support was paramount to keeping up the learning ethic and expectations of our pupils and all staff are very appreciative. Staff have also risen to the challenge of ‘blended learning’ and we would like to thank them too for consistently going ‘above and beyond’. So, what will the new school year bring? Firstly, we’re really looking forward to having you back and welcoming our new Year 7s. Northgate is much too quiet without you all! We’re currently working on a number of plans to ensure that we can safely accommodate you all in September. We will write again, before the end of term, to ensure these plans are shared with you in greater detail.

The Government allowed some students back into school from 15th June and we were thrilled to see so many of our students taking the opportunity. Over this period of time we have delivered 560 lessons to approximately 180 students across Year 10 and Year 12. During the face to face time, students spent time with subject teachers and had the opportunity to discuss work which they have been completing while working from home. The students who attended were very positive about the experience, saying: "It has been very helpful to have the opportunity to speak to my teachers face to face and ask questions." "It is a bit strange but it is good to be back in the school environment." "I missed having the opportunity to see teachers so it has been nice to see them and be able to see some of my friends from a safe distance." We are looking forward to welcoming back our current students and our new Year 7’s in September. .

Year 11 and Year 13 will get their examination results on the usual ‘results days’: 20th August for Year 11 and 13th August for Year 13. Year 10 will have their GCSE English Literature results emailed to them (results go to pupils rather than parents) so please don’t forget to check on 20th August. Year 11 - your promised ‘Prom’ will take place in November/December as a joint ‘Christmas Ball’ and GCSE awards ceremony - more on that shortly! Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a lovely summer holiday. Hope you all get to sit in the sun with friends and family. We look forward to welcoming you all back in September.

Mrs Z Galley & Dr D Hone Heads of Northgate High School, Dereham Sixth Form College and DESA

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Hands of Hope

Mrs Mottley, Head of Design, said the idea of the Northgate Hands of Hope came about when she realised that we were not able to have an exhibition of actual artwork in the school foyer last term due to the lockdown. She wanted our school community to be able to contribute to the efforts and show support to our heroes in a creative way. The project is a virtual high five to all that are helping fight the virus, from those who are self isolating to those helping keep order, those keeping the country fed and to the heroes on the front line. It mirrored what we did with the hand themed ‘Heart of Dereham’ Guinness world record attempt at the Dereham Carnival back in 2018. Mrs Mottley said, ‘I am very proud of how our school cares and supports the community and I was confident they would rise to the challenge. I was overwhelmed by the results and the creative process of all who took part. There was an amazing response by pupils, staff and families. We now have a virtual exhibition that we can be very proud of too.’ We received approximately 275 different hands created in all sorts of mediums, however it is not too late to add to the virtual gallery or take a look on Northgate’s social media pages at the amazing artwork. #NorthgateHandsofHope


Competitions Show my Homework

Merit Celebrations

During the last few months students have had to cope with working in a very different way to how they ordinarily would. Show my Homework has become every student’s friend with weekly tasks, quizzes and longer projects all set on the platform. Miss Brooks, who heads up SMHW at Northgate has shared some impressive figures:

At Northgate we have a hugely popular rewards system based on teachers awarding merits which students can cash in for a whole range of rewards. Certificates, badges and trophies are also awarded for varying numbers of merits. On the Friday before lockdown, there was a real buzz with close to 5500 merits being cashed in for rewards. Working from home has not impacted the amazing quality of work students have been producing and as a result a huge number of merits have been awarded. Miss Theobald, who runs the rewards system loves her facts and figures so here’s a few:

98% of pupils have logged into Show my Homework (some have accessed it via the school website rather than logging in) Close to 2800 tasks and quizzes have been set by teachers Just over 40 tasks are being set by teachers every day

2790 merits were awarded to Year 7-10 students for excellent spring screening 10340 merits have been awarded during lockdown 147 students have earned their 100 merit certificate and badge this year 26 students have earned their 150 merit certificate and trophy 49177 merits have been awarded this academic year

We have been running a weekly SMHW usage competition and shared the results across our social media pages. Particular mention goes to 7AGR (6 time winners), 8AG (4 time winners), 9CSU and 9VE (3 time winners) and 10KT (9 time winners)! A huge well done to all students for their resilience and hard work during lockdown. Please be aware that tasks set during lockdown will remain on students’ Show my Homework accounts therefore, they can go back to them at any point.

A huge congratulations to Milo M, Year 8, who has not only earned his 200 merit certificate and badge, but also his 250 plaque. This was a target he set himself at the beginning of the year so well done for such a fantastic achievement! Well done also to Poppi S, Year 7, who has earned her 200 merit certificate and badge! Congratulations go to the following students who gained their 150 merit trophy and certificate: Poppi S, Joschka M, Welly T, Nathan H, Hugo H, Thomas G, Owen A, Amelie C, Drew L, Abigail P, Isaac P (Year 7), Emma D, Phoebe D, Alyssa H, Milo M, Zach T, Aimee S, Katie S, Dexter S (Year 8), Fred T, Lewis B, Ryan D-S, Olivia C (Year 9), Jimmy C, Hannah C, Ronni H (Year 10). We look forward to being able to award all the certificates, badges and trophies on our return to school as well as students having the opportunity to spend all of the merits they have earned. Students in Years 7 to 10, feel free to take a look at the rewards catalogue on our website to see what you might spend your merits on: http://www.northgate.norfolk.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/RewardsCatalogue.pdf

House Merit Competition Well done to all those who have contributed to the House merit competition over the course of the year. The winners this year have held the lead all the way through starting right back in September. Congratulations to the winners, Hawking. We are sure Mrs Sutcliffe is proud of each and every one of you! The final results are as follows:

House Competition This years’ house competition got off to a great start. There were competitions in a number of subject areas including a quiz in Science, French badges challenge, Number Day in Maths and the BBC Radio 2 500 words contest in English. On top of this the usual sporting house matches were well contested and included matches in football, netball, dodgeball and bench ball. Fortunately we were able to fit in the annual swimming gala before going into lockdown. House tokens awarded by staff to students who represent Northgate’s values and have acted as good Northgate citizens outside of the classroom, have contributed a large number of points to the competition. Points from Mr Oldfield’s weekly quiz and merits have also been included. Many of you may have enjoyed taking part in the quiz which over the last few months has appeared on our Facebook page. The PE department has been setting weekly challenges where students can not only work on cardiovascular fitness, coordination, agility, muscular strength and more, but they’ve been able to gain points for their house team. A big thank you to Mr Llewellyn who coordinates the house competition, to the Heads of House and to all staff and students who have got involved over the year. We can now reveal the winners for 2019-20 are HOLMES!


House Reports Heads of House

Lockdown in the ELF

A big thank you to the Heads of House for drumming up support in the House competitions throughout the year, and in particular to Miss Moore, Head of Holmes and Mr Malin, Head of Rowling who are sadly leaving us. However don’t fear, we have two new Heads of House joining the team - Mr Fair in Rowling and Mrs Simms in Holmes. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to remind you of the House team vision statements from September - have the teams risen to the challenge? Rowling: With the help of the House Captains, I hope to help Rowling better the amazing result of last year’s second place finish. There are a wide variety of House events throughout the year that anyone and everyone can get involved in, where myself and the rest of Rowling will be there cheering you on! I would love to see as many people as possible take part throughout the year, with the intention of contributing to Rowling’s points and being part of a community. Taking part, learning something new, working as a team and leadership – these are all opportunities open to you as Rowling house members. You will always remember Rowling house, but what will Rowling remember you for? Let’s take part, create memories and make things happen. Holmes: Dame Kelly Holmes in an Olympic champion who did not have an easy path to success. She worked for twenty years to achieve her gold medals despite many challenges and failures along the way. Since retiring, she has undertaken charity opportunities and has spoken out to raise awareness about mental health issues. I am proud to be the leader of Holmes house and endeavour to bring organisation, positivity, energy and the relentless ambition to win the house cup each year! My primary goal is to increase participation in the house system, so in Holmes we need plenty of team players. I expect all who have the privilege to wear a Holmes badge to be dedicated, reliable, energetic and willing to get stuck in with all manner of competitions.

During lockdown a number of animal sanctuaries, wildlife centres and zoos have been impacted by the challenging times of the pandemic and COVID-19. This has not stopped those people in the industry doing the best they can to care for their animals, plants and small holdings they look after daily. The same has to be said for Mr MacDonald and the External Learning Facility (ELF), with daily visits throughout lockdown, caring for the needs of the animals and maintaining the area. This has been challenging in itself with the extreme heat in the earlier weeks. It has certainly been a different few months as normally a garden entry for the Royal Norfolk Show would be alongside the multiple entries of budding horticulture enthusiasts. After two successful years at the show with a silver medal and a gold medal, for the Dementia garden, everything is on hold until 2021. Gardening has been a popular activity during the pandemic supporting those vulnerable people suffering with mental health. The ELF is a fantastic open space and the gates will be open to our new intake in September, to welcome them to Northgate and to meet the animals in their home.

Attenborough: As a House we intend to reflect the awe-inspiring role model we have in Sir David Attenborough. Like him, we are dedicated to being a part of a community that is: ‘important’, ‘valuable and [full of] amazement’. We are the young people who are passionate about the opportunities we have, the lessons that we learn and the future we are creating! As Head of house, I am honoured to represent such a courageous and inspiring group of pupils! Hawking: Our motto is: overcome challenges to succeed. I have seen some excellent examples of this over the last year. Hawking members have continued to display their enthusiasm and commitment and I have been impressed by the way certain students have really stepped up to the plate and shown fantastic examples of leadership and facilitated successes. I want to encourage this approach and enable Hawking to be defined by the key values of inclusion, open-mindedness, dependability and perseverance. ‘The past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities’ Stephen Hawking. Everything is possible Hawking, therefore think big.

Mr Malin

Mr Fair

Miss Moore

Mrs Simms

Miss Lyons

Mrs Sutcliffe

Challenges and Opportunities on Social Media Throughout lockdown, Miss Lynn has done an amazing job keeping our social media pages up to date. Students have been given the chance to take part in a whole host of competitions and other opportunities such as virtual tours. Puzzles and quizzes have been included along with links to websites to support further learning. This has included the UEA’s Lockdown Diaries, Shakespeare activities to celebrate his birthday, Speakers for Schools virtual talks, Poem in your pocket, magical activities for Harry Potter enthusiasts from the Wizarding World, virtual tours of famous British landmarks by Country Living, live Maths talks, creative writing competitions, weekly PE challenges, creative challenges from the National Theatre and much more!


Online Safety Thinkuknow is an education programme from the National Crime Agency’s CEOP Command, aimed at keeping children and young people safe by providing education about sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. Thinkuknow aims to ensure that everyone has access to this practical information – children, young people, their parents and carers and the professionals who work with them. These links provide information on a few of the issues Thinkuknow addresses, but their full range can be found at https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/ . Parents guide to tiktok https://parentinfo.org/article/tiktok-what-parents-need-toknow?utm_source=Thinkuknow&utm_campaign=d422803b43 TUK_ONLINE_SAFETY_AT_HOME_16_06_20&utm_medium=e mail&utm_term=0_0b54505554-d422803b43-55331609 How to talk to your kids about online safety https://youtu.be/nQ7TYRYoF4M Guide to image sharing https://youtu.be/9hk1NywSNas Home activity packs for 11-13s https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/Support-tools/homeactivity-worksheets/1113s/?utm_source=Thinkuknow&utm_campaign=d422803b43TUK_ONLINE_SAFETY_AT_HOME_16_06_20&utm_medium=e mail&utm_term=0_0b54505554-d422803b43-55331609 Home activity packs for 14+s https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/Support-tools/homeactivity-worksheets/14plus/?utm_source=Thinkuknow&utm_campaign=d422803b43 TUK_ONLINE_SAFETY_AT_HOME_16_06_20&utm_medium=e mail&utm_term=0_0b54505554-d422803b43-55331609

Subject News – Maths and MFL MEI’s Calculator Crunch Daily Challenges

Maths Easter Challenges

Over 9 days in June, MEI launched their ‘Calculator Crunch Challenge’. This was aimed at Year 6 and 7 students to investigate how using a calculator can help solve various number problems. We posted the daily challenges on our social media pages and were pleased with the response from students. We had some fantastic entries including some from Year 6s who are due to start Northgate in September (Sam D, Elliot S, Evelyn W, Shannon B and Phoebe F) as well as a number of our own Year 7s including Nathan H, who completed every challenge, and Josh D, Owen A, Tylor P, Abigail P, Poppi S and Callie G who all completed at least 4 of the challenges! Take a look at one of the challenges below, the rest can be found on our social media pages.

There have been lots of activities going on in the Maths department during lockdown. Firstly, there were some optional Easter challenges set including a mini murder mystery, a hot cross buns puzzle and Easter coordinates pictures. We were impressed by the number of students that entered and how many successfully completed the challenges. Maths Easter egg hunt - Dawson D, Year 7 Hot Cross Benny puzzle - Isaac P, Year 7 Easter murder mystery - Nathan H, Year 7 Easter coordinates - Jess D, Year 9, Holly H, Year 9 and Owen A, Year 7

Mathswatch The Maths department has been incredibly impressed by the huge amount of work, time and effort, Year 7 to 10 students have been putting into their weekly Mathswatch assignments. A good number of students (far too many to mention) have managed to score 100% on all of their assignments during lockdown which is amazing!

UKMT Junior Maths Challenge On 30th June, 50 of our Year 7 and 8 mathematicians had the unique opportunity to take part in the UKMT’s Junior Maths Challenge, however due to the circumstances, this was completed online for the first time. The challenge encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems. Welly, who took part said, ‘I found the Maths Challenge fun and exciting because it was a new way that I have entered a competition. I loved being given the opportunity to take part in a competition as new and intriguing as this one.’ Students didn’t have to wait long for the results to arrive. Big congratulations to the following who will all receive certificates: Gold: Joschka M (Best in Year 7 + Best in School), Jude S-M (Best in Year 8), Charlie B Silver: Welly T, Amy J (Year 7) Bronze: Aleksandra C, Nathan H, Oliver P, Blake B (Year 7), Bonnie C, Pip E, Milo M, Lennon W (Year 8)

4817 logins since lockdown 19886 assignment questions have been completed 652 practice questions have been completed Pupils have spent 1450 hours on Mathswatch 1327 videos have been watched Mathswatch will still be available over the summer.

Dexter’s French Writing Success A big congratulations to Dexter S, Year 8, who was awarded runner up in the Oxford University Medieval and Modern Languages Flash Story Competition. The competition said that they received almost five hundred entries this year and the standard was exceptionally high.

Northgate Triumphs in Languages Competition Mr Everett, Head of Modern Foreign Languages, has shared some recent successes of Northgate students in the Education Perfect World Language Championships. Students earned 39 567 points, spending 171 hours learning languages. Northgate came 1st in England for French for similar sized schools, 5th for French in England of the 35 schools who entered. Of the students who entered from Northgate, 1 gained an Elite Award (10 000 points), 1 gained Emerald (5000 points), 1 gained Gold (3000 points), 6 gained Bronze (1 000 points) and 7 gained Credit Awards (500 points). A big well done to all who got involved and improved their language skills. Certificates will be awarded to students on our return to school.

Dexter wrote his story about a girl in the future where people are not allowed outside because of a pandemic however the girl felt locked in and left her house to go for a run at night. A teenage boy discovers her as he was hacking into government satellites but didn't turn her in as he would get into even more trouble than she would. So instead he writes her an email telling her to stop. Dexter said: ‘My inspiration for this was the fact that we are in a pandemic at the moment. Winners of this competition in previous years also provided inspiration. Mr Everett, Head of Modern Foreign Languages, said, ‘This was an example of a cultural French activity that I posted on Show My Homework every day over the Easter holidays to keep pupils busy and happy, I had other reports back from pupils doing things like following a video in French to bake a cake!’ Pupils have also achieved Pupils have also achieved good scores on the leaderboards for uTalk and for languagenut, with one pupil aiming to get to the top of the World leaderboard (he's working on it).

Languages goes Virtual

Flat Stanley's make their way to Montbeliard

Mr Everett was due to give a talk in Manchester for the Association for Language Learning national conference, showcasing teaching and learning at Northgate. Because of lockdown he delivered the talk by distance learning, and it has now been viewed over 1000 times by language teachers on YouTube. Oscar King (Year 8) has been gaming online with a French boy and they are communicating in each others language. Oscar says that he is learning french from this and is now up to 190th in the world on a website called 'Languagenut'. Great job Oscar!


Year 8, Mr Everett has received the good news that your Flat Stanleys and letters have finally arrived at our French partner school in Montbeliard, France. We are looking forward to hopefully receiving some letters in return soon!

Subject News – Science, RE and History RE

Science Mr Brett, Head of Science, has received some excellent work during lockdown with students taking part in experiments at home and recording the results, as well as undertaking research projects on various topics.

In Year 7, students have been considering the core questions “Why is Sikhism the way it is?” and “What does it mean for God to become human?” Joschka and Isma did particularly superb pieces of work. In Year 8, students have been considering the core questions “Why is Islam the way it is?” and “How do denominations link Christians together?” Alyssa and Emma submitted excellent pieces of work.

Congratulations to all students that have sent in work but a particular mention goes to the following for their dedication to Science:

In Year 9, students have investigated philosophical concepts in both Christianity and Islam, and asking the core question “How do Muslims express their faith in Allah?” Maddie and Connor did brilliantly on this topic. In Year 10, students continued to build their knowledge, understanding and evaluation skills in Ethics and Society, looking into the specification units of Marriage and the Family, and Living the Christian Life. Clara and Megan produced assessments of the highest quality, showing that even through the difficult time they are making excellent progress toward their target grades.

Year 7: Thomas G, Nathan H, Luke S, Charlie T, Lily W. Year 8: Emma D, Milo M, Dexter S, Zach T, Lennon W. Year 9: Olivia C, Josh F, Maddison F, Dylan G, Ryan D-S. Year 10: Clara A, Noah K, Abigaelle N, Lauren T.

In Year 12, Philosophy students have been unpacking questions such as “Is it ever right to end another person’s life?”, “How do you know what is the right thing to do?”, “In what circumstances should someone disobey your government?”, “When is it right to ‘blow the whistle’ on your employer?” and “Can you defend the existence of God by using logic and reason?” We’ve argued about the ideas of Deitrich Bonhoeffer, John Calvin, Alvin Plantinga, Richard Dawkins and Jeremy Benthham. Leah and James were amongst those who sparkled.

Citizenship In Year 7, students considered the issues and risks in involved in smoking, as well as looking into the core principles of financial awareness and establishing a route to potential career decisions. Megan and Tom sent in exceptional work. In Year 8, students have explored the topics of financial awareness and career decisions. They have also considered the issues relating to rights and responsibilities, and how their decisions impact those around them. Zach and Emillie did particularly superb pieces of work. In Year 9, students considered the issues and risks involved in illegal drugs, as well as building on their knowledge and understanding of financial awareness. They have also analysed and evaluated the role of the media in reporting current events. Sarah and Owen worked really well on this topic.

History Shout Outs! The quality of much of the work completed has been very good, but we have been especially impressed with the following students: Year 7: Danielle M, Nathan H, Skyelar H, Abigail P and Charlie T for their work on the slave trade. Bryce B and Elias K for their excellent work on the Renaissance. Emilie W, Welly T, Connie E, Tabitha D, Isaac, Ava H and Joshua for excellent work. Year 8: Lennon W for the quality of his work on the trenches and his strong focus on the First World War in general. Milo M for the quality of his work on the First World War and his consistently strong test scores. Aimee S, Emma D, Alyssa H, Thomas E and Emillie C for excellent work all round. Year 9: Jake S for his work on life in Nazi Germany. Jasmine F, Chloe A and Rhys T for their work on Nazi discrimination and persecution Isaac R, Dylan G, Fred T, Poppy B and Ryan D-S for excellent work. Year 10: Lauren T, Hayden L, Maisie T, Evan W, Megan B, Rebecca A, Ronni H, Joel S, Clara A, TJ G, Jen B, Hannah C and Brad B-S for consistently excellent work for their GCSE course.

History We have been really pleased with so much of the work students have done in history since the start of the lockdown. Year 7 have focused on the Renaissance and then the history of slavery and the slave trade, and developed a particular focus on linking this history with contemporary issues like the Black Lives Matter movement. Year 8 have been studying the First World War and its immediate aftermath, looking at the effect or The Treaty of Versailles and the effects of reparations on Germany.

Pupils in year 9 have been completing work on Weimar and Nazi Germany, with a particular focus on life in Nazi Germany and the history of the Holocaust.

Finally, Year 10 historians have continued their GCSE studies on the American West and Medicine in Britain.


Subject News – Visual Arts Art and Design The Art and Design department have been inundated with fantastic art work, graphics and photography work. Special shoutouts go to Maddison P (leaf multi-media work) and Jasmine F (screaming portrait and tree painting). Prisha B (Year 9) completed two lovely hand designs for the High Five to our Heroes and Oscar D (Year 8) applied his architecture theme to support the key workers by creating a Lego sculpture. The following Year 10s have produced some outstanding work for their GCSE portfolios: Shona G, Beth R and Paris J (Fine Art), and Rhianna W and Hannah C (Photography). Phoebe D in Year 8, used her Gaudi research to decorate her bedroom. The geometric pattern was painted in blues. She said, ‘As we cannot do school work with our towers me and my parents thought of something to do. We thought of Antoni Gaudi and decided to do a mosaic art work on my bedroom wall inspired by his work. Year 7 were asked to research different materials and design products using their knowledge as part of their DT work. A few students took this a step further and had a go at making their designs. Well done to Lily-May who created a felted version of a guitar and to Jack W who made his own headphone stand! In Graphics, Year 9 & 10 students have been working on their typographic skills. Particular success comes from Ronni (Year 10), and Antony and Shane (Year 9) who have been looking at new ways to present words and letters.


Subject News – English and Drama English We are proud of everyone that has completed their set English tasks but wanted to give a special mention to students that have consistently worked hard and those that have sent exceptional work. Well done! Year 7 Nathan H, Skyelar H, Danielle M, Jack W, Dawson D, Jack B, Tabitha D, Samuel T, Jacob D, Megan S, Alex S, Poppi S, Charlie T, Owen A, Welly T, Joschka M, Ewan T, Robert C, Bertie S, Toby H, Bryn M, Oliver P, Hugo H, Izzy W, Thomas G, Elias K, Tylor L & Ola C. Year 8 Kai C, Mason Y, Alyssa H, Oscar K, Emma D, Emillie C, Oscar D, Kieran L, Zach T, Ashton T, Phoebe D, Tahlia H, Aimee S & Ryan S. Year 9 Lucy W, Dylan G, Rikki E, Maddison F, Ryan D-S, Olivia C, Sarah S, Prisha B, Josh F, Jasmine F & Poppy B. Year 10 Clara A, Jimmy C, Lauren T, Layla B, Natasha H, Bethany R, Evan W, Alfie E, Megan B, Ebony P, Abigaelle N, Laura M, Abbie D, Hannah W, Natalia W & Beth H.

Blessing By Jacob

The sun on my face Me and my friends just starting another race The spinning, shining spokes on my wheel Up in the air And my friend shouting ‘That’s not fair!’ The sound of well-oiled cranks Like a Ferris wheel And me gulping thirstily as I drink This could be the start of my best summer!

Drama What we love most about Drama is the practical exploration and activities, the theory lessons often happen after the students have had a chance to explore and develop skills on a particular topic by taking part in workshops and creating original performance material. However, during lockdown we have had to change the way Drama is delivered. Our students have adapted well to the roles of designers and playwrights and we are amazed by the creativity and quality of work received. A huge congratulations to every student that worked on their Drama projects throughout lockdown. The following students have been nominated by their teacher for creating and sharing exceptional work. Well done! Year 7 Amelie C, Drew L, Nathan H, Alice G, Joschka M, Olivia P, Poppi S, Luke S. Year 8 Emma C, Emma D, Alyssa H. Year 9 Ryan D-S, Rikki E, Maddison F, May H, Paige R, Lexi R, Ryan W. Year 10 Hannah C, TJ G, Ebony P, Kamila P, Dylan R, Brad B-S, Lauren T, Mia T.


Subject News – Geography, Music and Dance Music


Miss Brooks has been sent lots of examples of great Music work. In particular a number of students have worked on creating a playlist for a virtual art gallery. Year 7 have been working on improving their skills in notation. Year 8 have been using the Focus on Sound app to study tone colour, instrumentation and ensemble. Year 9 have been using Focus on Sound to learn about different voice types and genres of music that appear in the GCSE Music course. Year 10 have continued to delve deeper into their areas of listening for GCSE, and practising for their performances next year.

Dr Barrett shared with us some of the successful work he has received during lockdown in Geography. Year 12 Geography students have completed 85 hours of work on Seneca Learning.

Year 7 Louie & Mya - Modelling Project

A huge ‘Well Done’ to everyone for the effort and time they have put into their work! An excellent start to GCSE Geography by Jess, Year 9. Congratulations goes to Elizabeth R-W (Year 9). Miss Brooks said, ‘Elizabeth was delighted when I told her that she got 85/100 for her grade 4 music theory exam which is a Merit!’

Excellent work on London by Megan, Year 10.

Well done to Miss Brooks who passed her Google Educator Exam Level 1, by completing online lessons and a 3 hour example. She is hoping to pass level 2 by September.

Geography Shout Outs! A huge well done to all students but in particular these students mentioned below who sent in exceptional work to be proud of! Year 7 Ola C, Mya D, Lottie L, Louie P, Isaac P, Megan S, Alex S, Lily W. Year 8 Theo B, Kai C, Emma D, Phoebe D, Tom E, Milo M, Lennon W. Year 9 Ashley B, Ellie C, Lacey C, Jessica N, Fred T. Year 10 Megan B, Hayden L, Natalia W, Amelia Z.

Dance Miss Breeze, Head of Dance and Drama has received lots of creative work from her Year 10 Dancers as well as some interesting work from Year 9 students who began their GCSE studies during lockdown. A special mention to Amelia Z (Year 10) for her fantastic effort in all of the set projects and Ruby (Year 10) for her creativity.


Student Leadership Dereham Sixth Form College - Senate Elections At the end of June, Year 12s, Northgate and Sixth Form staff had the opportunity to vote for the next President of the College Senate. The Senate allows students to have a say on how their Sixth Form is run, as well as the events that take place there and the external work that the College partakes in. The Senate is divided into four committees: Welfare, Teaching and Learning, Community, Charities. With each committee focused on a certain area of the College, students are guaranteed to be represented. The Senate consists of many hard-wording, dedicated people who are tireless in ensuring that students at Dereham Sixth Form College are happy and content and are led by a student-elected President and Vice-President. There were five very strong candidates whose manifestos were presented to students and staff in a blind vote. In a close-run contest, David N-T was voted President. In his manifesto, amongst other points he said, ‘The College Senate takes an immense role in the development and change that happens at Sixth Form. With it, students have the means to get their thoughts out there and with every student being different, the college surely shapes itself to the desires of the pupils. The College Senate allows for a fluent flowing bridge of ideas to find itself in the teacher’s consideration of future alterations to the Sixth Form. For this to happen efficiently, the Senate must march onward to continue its duties with a confident leader at the front, driving forward with an urge for change. This is where I believe I can help. To lead is not just to speak for and to others, but more importantly to listen. Events of this year have left us in a place of unease and clouded conversations, where the best place for us to get back on track is in the support of each other.’ David put forward a number of points for consideration if he was to be elected including, ‘I admire the Sixth Form’s presence and support with the community around it and wish to continue and improve on this by hosting and helping out at local events. This will act as an advertisement for the Sixth Form, provide students who volunteer with skills and work which they can put towards their future and most importantly improve the community which we are situated in.’ After his win, David commented, ‘It is a great honour to have been elected as President of the Sixth Form Senate and I am very eager to start in the role right away. Last year I was Head Boy at Northgate High School and if there is anything I learnt from that, it is that leading is not just about how good you are, it is equally about having a highly driven and confident team. This is why I am looking forward to recruiting college students into the Senate and establishing a strong group to support the development at college. In summary, my main goals towards the improvements of the college are to provide a calmer, friendlier and more relaxed workplace for the students to allow them to accomplish their goals and desires. It is vital that we find a balance in comfort and efficiency so that everyone has an enjoyable time at DSFC.’ ‘I aim to get work well underway so that upon return to college in September, we are ready to hit the ground running. I am looking forward to seeing some new faces at the college next year!’

Thank You to Team 2020!

Prefects 2020-2021 During lockdown, it has given us great pleasure to be able to appoint the new Prefect team for 2020-21. It was a very enjoyable process reading about what Northgate meant to you and how you wanted to support other students and help them the way you have been helped throughout the years. The names of the new prefects are below and we are now in the process of interviewing for the Head Boy and Girl posts. The closing date for this was Monday 6th July at 4pm. We will announce the successful students shortly. Norbert A, Clara A, Megan B, Emma B, Layla B, Jen B, Ruby B, Tee-Jay C, Reuben C, Jimmy C, Hannah C, Noah E, Kiera E, Hermarnie F-P, Shona G, Natasha H, Jack H, Gabriel H, Beth H, Ronni H, Paris J, Noah K, Kaitlen L, Hayden L, Laura M, Abigaelle N, Kamila P, Dylan R, Bethany R, Barney S, Leah S, Lauren T, Maisie T, Lauren T, Natalia W, Rhianna W, Lauren W, Molly W, Kacie W & Amelia Z.

A massive thank you to our current Head Boy, Head Girls, Deputy Heads and Prefect Team. You have all worked tirelessly to promote our school values and represent our students at various events throughout the year. Best of luck for your bright futures!

Prefects are the role models of school. They must be well presented, hard working, helpful, conscientious, punctual and always look to go the extra mile in whatever challenge is in front of them. As part of their role they will be organising and running lunchtime clubs in school. They will be in charge of "The Mindfulness Room" - a quiet area to relax, focus, read or work; "Minecraft Club" - IT4 Minecraft education edition, "The Games Room" - board, card and any other form of game; "Computer Gaming" - Wii and Playstation game tournaments and finally "Film Club" - weekly film shown over the course of lunchtimes. They will also be representing your voice on the school council, playing a part in promoting the school through extra curricular activities and being around school to help with any issues or concerns, as well as being present at Parents Evenings and Open Evening. Congratulations to the 2020-21 Prefect team! Mr Darlow


Head of Year Awards Although it is not possible to hold our celebrations assembly this term, our staff are very keen to celebrate the success of our students this academic year. Congratulations to all students nominated! Awards have focussed on our core values:

Respect Responsibility Readiness Reflectiveness Resilience In my experience, times of adversity often bring out the very best in people of all ages, from all walks of life. It is our reaction to adversity, not the adversity itself, that determines how we develop as people and there are always choices to be made. The easy option to take is to give up and not try. Anyone can do that. It's the easiest thing in the world to do. The tougher option is to meet challenges head on, show some grit and make the best of a given situation. I am proud to say that students of our school, from all Year Groups have been doing just that since lockdown began back in March. I am extremely proud to have received nominations for outstanding effort and quality of work for the majority of Year 7 during this period and I have numerous examples of students living each of our school values on a daily basis. I am proud of each and every student in Year 7, but I have singled out the following students for consistently going the extra mile, which has been recognised by the teaching staff: Respect: Nathan H, Poppy L, Welly T. Responsibility: Amelie C, Tabitha D, Isaac P. Mr Beasley, Head of Year 7

Readiness: Blake B, Joschka M. Reflectiveness: Dakota F, Thomas G, Ewan T. Resilience: Louie C, Abigail P. Well done and thank you for your fantastic efforts.

As Head of Year, I am immensely proud of the efforts of all of the students in the year group and particularly so in these challenging times. The following students are shining examples of a readiness to adapt to the current circumstances we find ourselves in and have shown great responsibility for their own learning. I am very proud of their consistent efforts to maintain and indeed expand on their knowledge. Well done to you all. I look forward to seeing you and being able to congratulate you in person in the autumn. Respect: Emma C. Responsibility: Oscar D, Phoebe D, Alyssa H. Readiness: Emilie C, Kieran L, Zach T. Reflectiveness: Lennon W, Emma D. Resilience: Milo M, Brett N, Thomas E, Jude S-M.

Mrs Anders, Head of Year 8

The lockdown has been a really difficult time for Year 10. Having to continue preparing for their GCSE exams without seeing their teachers every day - as well, at the beginning, as being unsure about what would happen with their English Literature exams - is no mean feat! So many members of Year 10 have risen to the challenge fantastically and worked incredibly well. I am very proud of them all and look forward to seeing them all properly on our return.

I would like to say a huge well done to the whole of Year 9 for how well they have coped with what has been an unprecedented, unsettling and at times plain scary time in history. You have done yourselves proud. The stories of the amazing things you have done in your communities has made us smile and lifted all of our spirits. You have also coped with the online/remote schooling well and in particular, I would like to congratulate the following students for their consistent and excellent work they have produced throughout lockdown. Mr Guy, Head of Year 10

Mr Lea, Head of Year 9

The following students have been nominated by staff for having particularly stood out in their commitment while the school has been closed: -

Respect: Fred T. Responsibility: Ryan D-S, Fred T, Olivia C, Poppy B, Maddison P.

Respect: Emma B, Vinnie R, Rebecca A.

Readiness: Rikki E, Poppy B, Jasmine F. Responsibility: Megan B, Jimmy C, Noah K, Abigaelle N.

Reflectiveness: Jessica D. Resilience: Dylan G, Jack W, Jay C.

Readiness: Evan W, TJ G, Joel S.

Special mention to Maddison F, Sarah S and Jack W who were nominated for all 5Rs.

Reflectiveness: Clara A, Laura M, Ronni H. Resilience: Mia T, James G, Lauren T.

Shout outs go to the following for great work - Holly H, Lucy W, Tia W, Connor M, Shane H, Rhys T & Paige R.


Transition Welcoming New Year 7s to Northgate

Accelerated Reader A big well done to everyone who has continued reading and quizzing on Accelerated Reader during lockdown.

Hello Year 6 (soon to be Year 7!), I hope that you have all enjoyed your last weeks in Year 6, whether you have been back in school or learning at home. I have been busy speaking to your teachers and finding out all about you. I have also enjoyed reading the 'All About Me' forms which you are all sending back: what a talented, interesting year group we will be! Your new teachers are all looking forward to seeing the results of your Summer Projects; remember, some are compulsory and some are optional. Do keep checking the school website for updates throughout the coming weeks.

Year 7 and 8, you have completed more than 200 quizzes and read over 2,500,000 words. That makes the total words read for the 2019-20 academic year 16,247,493. What a great achievement! The classes who have read the most words are: 7Asp and 8Val, and the classes who have taken the most quizzes are: 7Int and 8Asp. Students can still take quizzes throughout the summer holiday by following this link:

Myself, your Form Tutors and all of the staff are looking forward to meeting you in September for the start of a great year of learning and achievements to come.


Top Quizzers: Year 7: Jessica R, Oliver W and Jocelyn F. Year 8: Chad L, Charlie B and Pita K.

Mrs Graves

Most Words Read: Year 7: Joschka M, Poppi S and Blake B. Year 8: Alyssa H, Emma D and Ayko A.

House Competition for Our New Year 7s Now you know which House your child will belong to, we are running a competition to win a ÂŁ20 Amazon voucher.

Learning Hub

All your child needs to do is to produce a poster about their House figurehead (Attenborough, Hawking, Holmes or Rowling).

We have recently sent out a Learning Hub survey to gather information from students about what we can do to improve the space and make it a useful and inviting place to spend time. A big thank you to those who have already taken the time to fill it out, if you haven't already done so the link was emailed out to students via the weekly Part PowerPoint and can also be accessed from the post on our Facebook page.

The poster should include pictures, information and a famous quote or phrase from the figurehead. Most importantly, the poster should show what your child is looking forward to most about being in that House. It could be achieving lots of merits, being a House Captain, representing the House in different competitions – the possibilities are endless!

We have some new fiction book additions to our collection. They will all be available for students to borrow in September. The new books range from realistic fiction, such as Holly Bourne's Spinster Club trilogy, to sport biographies such as the Ultimate Football Heroes books.

New Year 7 Information Pack Students joining us in September, look out for the post as we have sent you a new information pack which includes your Northgate House!

Also in this pack is your first chance to take part in a House competition and an All About Me activity sheet to complete as well.

The majority of the information included in this pack has also been uploaded to the transition area of our school website: https://www.northgate.norfolk.sch.uk/year-6-transition/

If you do not receive this information or have any further questions please contact the school by email - office@northgate.norfolk.sch.uk


Dereham Sixth Form College Sixth Form Students Shortlisted in Prestigious Art and Photography Competitions We are very proud to tell you about Megan and Emilly who have both been shortlisted in prestigious art and photography competitions organised by NUA (Norwich University of the Arts). Norfolk Art and Design Competition 2020 Megan M, one of our current Year 13s, was one of 36 students who made the final shortlist of this year’s Norfolk Art and Design Competition. This annual competition showcases ‘creative student talent from sixth form and colleges in Norfolk’ (NUA, 2020). Megan says that the inspiration for her piece came from cyber futurism, “but I still wanted to create a piece that meant something so I titled it ‘GRWM’ (Get Ready With Me – a popular video format on social media about getting ready for the day) as a take on how people put on a different face in public to how they really are. It felt amazing to be shortlisted and I never thought my entry would get that far.” Megan is planning to continue studying art at NUA after her time at DSFC.

Beyond the Frame Photography Competition Emilly H, also Year 13, entered into NUA’s Beyond the Frame Photography Competition. For this competition, renowned photographers Julia Fullerton-Batten, Fay Doyle and Kane Layland joined NUA to look for ‘the finest photography by creative students currently in Secondary (age 11+) or Further Education (e.g. school, sixth form or college, but not degree level) on the theme Through My Eyes.’ (NUA, 2020). Emilly was inspired by the “expression of different emotions. The picture was focused on vulnerability. The vulnerability of being completely exposed to the light. The white fabric is a metaphorical protective wall that all humans build up to shield themselves. It also has connotations of anxiety and hope because of the orange light shining through the fabric.” Mrs Wright (DSFC Teacher of Art) has praised their achievements: “Megan’s undeniable talent in the arts has won her a worthy place in this competition. We are very proud of her achievements. We are also absolutely delighted for Emilly to have an image shortlisted into this competition. The standard of photography was very high and her image is worthy of a spot. Well done both of you!”

Kasey Records Online Music Therapy Video for Care Home

Year 12s use lockdown time to work on EPQS

Kasey, one of our Year 13s, has recorded a music therapy video that has been shared across care homes in the region. Kasey is one of over twenty DSFC students who joined the YOPEY Dementia Befriender Scheme run by Tony Gearing MBE to befriend the elderly living in York House care home in Dereham. He said, “We teach the young people to see the person and not the condition and to persevere with their new friendships even when communication is difficult. The partnership between Dereham Sixth Form College and York House is another step in what I hope will become a well trodden path between schools and care homes in the East of England.” York House’s manager, Dawn Butler, has praised our students saying they show “much compassion and a very caring nature.”

Many Dereham Sixth Form students have been using their time during lockdown to work on their Extended Project A level qualifications alongside keeping up to date with their subject studies. The EPQ is an additional qualification, worth half an A-level, which involves choosing a topic, carrying out research and creating either a 5000 word report or a ‘product’ and a 1000 word report. It also involves delivering a small 10-15 minute presentation about the topic.

Kasey (who has been studying BTEC Music alongside her EPQ and A-Level qualifications in Psychology, Biology and Health and Social Care) was due to visit York House to run a music therapy session with the residents but, due to the lockdown, this had to be cancelled. “After writing my EPQ on music therapy, I started to see music’s effect on people everywhere – especially at York House where they were playing The Beatles through the speakers when I first visited.” Tony noticed her interest and asked if she would like to deliver a music therapy session at the care home. Kasey explains that “the original session would have been 30 minutes long and it had a lot of group games and a lot of interaction. I like the idea of a small group working together to create the music that they loved.” Despite the cancellation, Kasey was not discouraged, however, and decided to adapt her original plan to video. “I knew that these people were going to be isolated with limited contact with their families or other visitors in a scary and uncertain time and I just hoped that somehow, if they could see this video, it would show them that people were still thinking about them and miss them and want to be there for them in any way they can. I think music therapy is so crucial – especially for the older generation, at a time in which loneliness is so prominent – because it can build such a strong connection in a small amount of time. Creative therapies allow the therapist and individual to build on a common interest and most of the connection comes from the joy both parties feel when partaking in such activities.” Tony was highly impressed with Kasey’s video. “Most of us are followers in life, but Kasey has shown her initiative and independence by making this entertaining video.” In fact, Tony was so impressed, he gained her permission to share it with 50 care homes across the region along with a letter written by Kasey. One of these was Primrose Croft Care Home in Cambridge where two residents, Mary P. and Mary W. particularly enjoyed the session. They wrote back to Kasey thanking her for the video and letter: “You certainly do have a passion for music, which shows and you play and sing beautifully.” [Both Marys also have musical backgrounds.] “Thank you for spending time doing your music video, we will be able to watch it again and get better at the songs. Keep safe, from the two Marys.”



Over 60 students are currently undertaking the EPQ. There is such diversity in the topics being researched and they range from philosophy to pathogens, gaming to garden structures, horse riding to homelessness, dentistry to the death penalty, media to music and rewilding to the Royal Marines. Students are certainly getting the chance to develop skills in project planning, decision making, independent research skills, record keeping, evaluating and presenting, which no doubt will be invaluable for most university courses and jobs. Students are supported during the process by their tutors. Last year’s Year 12s achieved some fantastic results for their EPQs, 78% of entrants achieved A*-C grades with just over half of the students (56%) being awarded a B or higher. Well done to all working on their EPQs, we are sure the Year 12 tutors are looking forward to reading through the final reports once these are complete and listening to the presentations.

Dereham Sixth Form College Winners announced for Norfolk’s largest creative writing competition for young people The winners of the 2020 Young Norfolk Writing Competition, Norfolk’s largest annual creative writing competition for young people aged 11 – 18, have been announced. The annual competition, which celebrates creative writing in all its forms, is a partnership between the National Centre for Writing (NCW) and Young Norfolk Arts (YNA). It received a record number of entries in 2020 with over 500 young people in the region submitting their freshest, boldest work. Hannah Garrard, Learning and Participation Programme Manager, NCW said: ‘The fact that young people in Norfolk have been writing so creatively and eloquently throughout these difficult past months is a testament to their strength of character and resilience. Never has access to writing, reading and books felt more important for this generation of creatives. Giving young people a platform to express themselves is what the YNWC is all about and it's been an honour to read their work this year.’ There were seven winners of the competition, including Kasey Challenger from Dereham Sixth Form College. A further 12 young writers received commendation from the judges. The competition is supported by Norfolk County Council and Arts Council England and focuses on engaging young people to become more involved with the arts while celebrating the writing talent in the region. Entries could take the form of stories, lyrics, narrative for games, graphic stories, poems, spoken word, scripts, podcasts, plays, articles, journalism or essays. Robert Rickard, 14 – 19 Advisor for Norfolk County Council, said: ‘The competition is a great collaborative initiative that we are delighted to support each year. Across the UK, writing talent remains hidden among many thousands of young people. We are proud to help many of our young writers express and develop their ability.’ For the first time, the 2020 Young Norfolk Laureateship will be awarded to three young people: Mathilda A, Kasey C and Ryan T-F. Over the next 12 months they will work as a collective, receiving creative and professional development opportunities from NCW and working towards an original collaboration to be performed next year. In celebration of the 2020 Young Norfolk Writing Competition and the breadth of young creative talent developing across the county, a special showcase event was hosted on 3rd July on YouTube by Young Norfolk Arts Festival. The event featured readings from the winning and highly commended writers and a performance from local musician Jess Morgan. For further information on the Young Norfolk Writing Competition, visit nationalcentreforwriting.org.uk/ynwc/

'The Brazen Bull Part 1' Here is an extract of Kasey’s winning piece in the Young Norfolk Writing Competition: In Ancient Greece it is alleged that on its pedestal stands, A gleaming, brass bull operated by an evil tyrant‘s hands. An innocent hollowed out life-sized bull yet no one mentions how pleasant the statue looks on its golden pedestal. The whole town looks so different though, come nightfall, When life is finally breathed into the dreaded brazen bull. A fire is lit underneath and the bull burns red with fury and torment. A man looks to his wife and son while he’s thrown into the bull over the rent. Through the thoughtfully positioned pipes and whistles, The sounds of the screams are translated to mimic the sounds of a living bull.

Helping Others We are particularly proud of our students who have stepped up during the pandemic and shown kindness and support for their community. Willow’s story is a fantastic example of this. ‘Halfway through lockdown I became aware of a family friend who had been furloughed and desperately needed to get back to work. However, as she was unable to find childcare and is a single parent, returning to employment seemed unlikely. As a child of a single parent, I understood how important it was for her to return to work. Therefore, I offered to look after her 8year-old son, Monday-Friday. Every day is different; I teach him a range of subjects from History to Maths, and it has provided me with a valuable experience and a new understanding of how hard it is to engage a child in learning, and how much of a skill it is to teach in a way which is constructive.’ Thank you Willow for helping others.

Duke of Edinburgh- Gold Award

Student Work Showcase @ DSFC

The Gold Duke of Edinburgh candidates have completed their sections except for the COVID-19 cancelled expeditions, and they have until they are twenty-five to complete the Award. Most will be leaving us to complete this at university or with us next year. Indeed the expeditions, although arduous, are quick to log and sign off. Although on one level this has been a disappointing end to two years of dedication to the cause, as their Training Expedition showed, all the candidates are competent navigators, generously steeped in campcraft and are empathic and supportive team players. They will be issued with a Certificate of Achievement by the DofE Charity for all their hard work in signing off the Physical, Skill and Volunteering sections. These resourceful and adventurous young people should remember that The Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award will be theirs soon after the world slots into a new normal.


Northgate Community Farewell! We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following staff who are leaving us this year: Mrs Meigh, Miss Lock, Ms Nunn, Miss Chapman, Mr Malin, Miss Moore, Mrs Mangler, Miss Brown, Miss Stenner and Mrs Hull. Wishing you every success in the future and lots of happiness!

Mrs Agent Designs Flag for NNUH NNUH asked for people to make flags to celebrate the diversity in nurses and midwives on 12th May. Mrs Agent was given the Welsh flag as her project. ‘I recycled a white blouse by making it into a 12" x 18" flag, and used fabric crayons and fabric pens.’ www.facebook.com/NNUH.nhs/

Band From The Staffroom Mr Oldfield: "In the weeks before lockdown Mr Lea, Mr Jones and myself had chatted about the fun that could be had in getting a staff band together for an End Of Term celebration for the students giving them something to laugh at and sing-along to. Then lockdown occurred and our thoughts went elsewhere for a while. A little into lockdown, one of my lads showed me the BBC Live Lounge version of Foo Fighters' "Times Like These", and I was hit hard by the poignancy of the lyrics and the power of, at this time, so many faces on the screen. The song seemed to capture something of the moment, in the same way that Lennon's 'Imagine' did so half a century ago. It was a fairly natural leap to contact Mr Lea and Mr Jones proposing we give something similar a go and, if it works out, send it to the staff at Northgate as one of my daily 'Thoughts for the Day'. Maybe a little thing we could do to bring a bit of cheer to our colleagues at this time. So we recorded, emailed, re-recorded, emailed again, edited and got it to the place where we hoped it might work. We never imagined the response from Northgate Staff would be so positive - thank you - and a few of them suggested we send it to students, parents and carers. Next thing we knew it had over 1200 views on YouTube. We might not be as outrageously talented as Dave Grohl, Dua Lipa and Rag'N'Bone Man, but if it connected with the wider Northgate Community and made them smile at what was a really difficult point in time, we're pleased we could do our bit!”

Miss Brooks, Head of Music, is taking part in this! The project gathers musicians from all over the world in a unique, huge orchestra. One thousand people will record a video from their home, playing the Magic Flute Overture.

https://vimeo.com/421122809 It's times like these you learn to live again It's times like these you give and give again It's times like these you learn to love again It's times like these time and time again

Miss Mather has walked 500 miles since the beginning of Lockdown. That’s Dereham to Torquay and back! WELL DONE MISS MATHER!

Northgate and Dereham Sixth Form Love Reading! At Northgate and Dereham Sixth Form we are passionate about the power of reading. During this strange time books can transport us and lift our spirits. Mrs Kaufmann-Ward, Head of English, and Miss Lynn, Learning Hub Coordinator, put together an amazing video which shows you both the wonder of the written word and also what our staff (and some of their pets!) have been reading to transport themselves. You can find the video here: https://youtu.be/X-izNmHUBhc Some of the pictures from the video are included below.

Learning during Lockdown Learning doesn’t just stop when you leave school, college or university, particularly for teachers. Throughout lockdown staff have been completing virtual CPD (continued professional development), courses, webinars and more. There have been some amazing conferences and courses put out for free so staff have been making the most of these whilst continuing to set remote learning. Mr Carter and Miss Theobald attended the virtual MathsConf23 - a whole day of Maths for teachers with sessions on solving mathematical word problems, conceptualising maths, misconceptions with angles, topics in depth, the etymology of the words of mathematics and much more.


Latest News VE Day

STEM Did you know that STEM Clubs Week took place from 22nd - 26th June? Northgate's STEM club have had some incredible achievements this academic year including being named national winners of the Subsea STEM robot competition.

Whilst we could not come together as a school to celebrate VE Day, we were once again proud of the efforts our students went to make sure this day was remembered.

Some of our team are even carrying on this hard work while at home and are involved the MiniMu glove project. Ashton, Dexter, Nathan and Owen have been building the gloves, writing a diary, and recording a video diary of their successes in order to find a new use of the glove. STEM Learning have put together a schedule of challenges, talks and activities for students interested in the STEM field. Some of the activities might inspire you to get involved in our Northgate STEM team when we are able to return to clubs.

A special mention to Jack W for his part in celebrating the event.

You can find out more information about the STEM Learning resources here: https://www.stem.org.uk/news-and-vie…/…/stem-clubs-week-2020

Students take on Lexia Challenge As well as working on their remote learning during lockdown, a number of students have taken on some extra Lexia challenges set by Mrs Agent. They logged on, gained time and completed units of work throughout April, May and June. Well done for the effort and determination shown. Merits and post cards have been awarded to:

Red Cross First Aid Programme Thirty Northgate pupils showed an interest in learning some first aid skills during lockdown, as an optional and additional piece of learning. Well done to the following pupils who have demonstrated lots of evidence of working towards the British Red Cross programme to become a First Aid Champion. Certificates of learning will be awarded in due course.

Year 7: Lincoln J, Demi O’C, Dawson D, Robert C, Jocelyn C, Macey D, Maria K. Year 8: Charlotte C, Keegan P.

Year 7: Matthew F, Dawson D, Joshua D, Owen A, Nathan H, Hermione C. Year 8: Ashton T. Year 9: Joshua F, Ashdon B, Jack W, Holly H, Hayley M, Fred T. Year 10: Megan B, Kamilla P, Bethany R, Hannah C, Ebony P. Year 11: Saima N, Reanna D-S.

Year 9: Jack W, Ashdon B, Jessica K, Kyle J, Kaid R. Year 10: Tee-Jay C, Alisha P, Luke B.

Brilliant Club Success We were incredibly proud of some of our Year 9s who, despite lockdown, continued to work on their Brilliant Club scholars programme and achieved some excellent results. The Brilliant Club is run in partnership with the University of Cambridge and University of East Anglia, with students in Year 9 having the opportunity to tour the campuses and to work on a PhD project with a tutor. The students worked hard on their extra-curricular projects, where they were studying the genre of fear and how writers can evoke fear responses in their readers, writing a thesis at the end of the project. Unfortunately, lockdown came before the end of the course but the following students continued to work on their projects and submitted their theses, achieving superb results. 1st - Connor H. 2.1 - Lewis B. 2.2 - Dylan G, Prisha B, Rikki E and Maddison F.

Even though not all students were able to submit their final projects, they all learned a lot during the project and we will be having a graduation celebration event as soon as we are able. Prisha said of her experience, ‘All together there were twelve of us on the Brilliant Club programme. We had a chance to visit Cambridge University and we got a taste of university-style teaching. Each school had a tutor, and in order to write our final essay we had to learn briefly what our tutor was researching. What I really enjoyed was the fact that it was quite different to school work and school in general, I felt very grown up. As a group we had six tutorials that would help us achieve our goal. Unfortunately, before we could hand in our essays we went into lockdown, but that didn’t stop some of us! By the end of April, we had received our results and I earned a 2.2 which is ‘performing to an excellent standard at GCSE’. I was really proud when I got my results, all the effort I had put in finally paid off.’ Lewis commented, ‘Our tutor, Guy Webster, taught us twelve horror genre essentials, and came to Northgate three times. We studied movies, poems and stories such as ‘Don’t Read This Poem’, ‘Blood Meridian’ and ‘The Fly’, as well as authors and directors. We had to complete some homework assignments which allowed us to start a mock essay which had to be developed. I managed to complete my essay which was about a disease pandemic and received a 2.1 which was above an excellent GCSE standard and working at a good A-level standard. I was super proud when I received the grade and it has given me the motivation to continue education beyond sixth form and go to university when I am older.’


Latest News Bertie - Philharmonic Orchestra

Message from ex-student Chris Rankin We received a message of encouragement for our students from former Northgate student, Chris Rankin. Some of you may know him better as Percy Weasley from the Harry Potter Films. A huge thank you to Chris for taking the time to do this!

When we went into lockdown my usual trumpet teacher in King’s Lynn couldn't teach me anymore because he needed to shield so my mum got me a new teacher. He lives down in London and plays for a famous orchestra called the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. We have our lessons over Zoom and they are really good. He sends me the music over email and my mum prints it off. We started to play the Rocky theme tune which is quite easy, sort of. This is probably my second most favourite thing to do in lockdown after computer time.

Ewan has been awarded TWO Blue Peter Badges Ewan T in Year 7 has been awarded two Blue Peter badges during lockdown. A silver badge for his art work and a Music badge (designed by Ed Sheeran) for practising his drums. Congratulations Ewan!

Ruby’s Cambodia Fundraising BTEC Performing Arts Learner of the Year 2020

Ruby B, Year 10, will be heading to Cambodia in July 2021 with a small group from Northgate High School. During the visit they will be staying at a number of different locations, trekking for four days through the Phnom Kulen mountain range visiting a bat cave, elephant pond and ancient temples. As part of the visit they will be supporting with a local projects, such a school, hospitals, water sources.

Winner: Lexie F School/College: Dereham Sixth Form College Nominator: Miss Brooks Lexie has always loved performing! Over two years she has broadened her knowledge of the world of music. The variety of units have allowed Lexie to use and develop as an all round musician. Lexie takes every opportunity to share her love of singing: It was a great pleasure to hear her at a local pub entertaining a huge number of people with a range of songs. She has performed in musicals, Christmas fayres in freezing weather, and at school and college showcases. She works diligently, without fuss and balances all this with her other A levels. She strives to be the best she can gaining her Grade 8 singing (RSL) during the course. She was involved in putting on an evening of music in the social centre near college to raise money for the college prom. A worthy recipient of a nomination.

Chanelle raises money for the Norfolk and Norwich Hospitals Charity Chanelle R (Year 9) did a charity head shave on 24th May this year to raise money for the NHS. She managed to raise £1160 and she also donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust, which is a charity that makes wigs for children who are undergoing cancer treatment. She got the idea after watching some videos on YouTube about children who were dealing with serious illnesses and this got her thinking. She felt like she wanted to do something to help the NHS, particularly given what health workers and patients are having to cope with at the moment. She absolutely smashed her target of £500! On the day itself, she said she felt really nervous in the morning, but once she had had it done, she was surprised that she felt alright, and actually she felt elated and really good. What an amazing and selfless act, well done Chanelle!


Ruby says, ‘I have no doubt this will be one of the most AMAZING experiences ever and 2021 can’t come quick enough!’ Ruby has been very inventive with her fundraising for the trip even creating some chocolate themed Father’s day letters which were a huge hit! We look forward to hearing all about the adventure.

Welly’s dedication pays off A couple of weeks ago, Welly T (Year 7) went back to football training and after the training session there was an award ceremony. She said, ‘I got awarded coaches’ player of the season for my dedication, effort and positive attitude. I have also been told that I will be number one goalkeeper for my under 13 team.’ Amazing Welly, great job!

Latest News BTEC Health and Social Learner of the Year 2020

BTEC Sport Learner of the Year 2020

Winner: Jessica P College: Dereham Sixth Form College Nominator: Mrs Allen

Runner Up: Charlie D College: Dereham Sixth Form Nominator: Mr Parke Charlie is part of the Dereham Education and Soccer Academy, a partnership between Dereham Sixth Form College and Dereham Town FC. He achieve D*D*D* on his BTEC extended diploma in sport. As part of the course Charlie volunteered to do coaching sessions with a charity called Personal Best Soccer. Charlie captained the Norfolk County Football Team to the national cup final, as well as leading Dereham U19s to a historic national league title. Charlie also was selected to play for England schoolboys as well as winning Young Player of the Season for Dereham Town men’s team.

Jess is a highly committed student, who is determined to make the very best of her time at sixth from to enable her to understand how people 'work', and to go forward and make a positive difference to the lives of other human beings. She works at a care home and takes an active interest in news and current affairs relating to health and social care, and, as a student, takes a keen interest in all aspects of the course. Jess is a delightful young lady who's desire to be the very best she can be, and to help others around her, deserves to be recognised.

Northgate Promotes World Environment Day 5th June was World Environment Day. At Northgate we are passionate about doing what we can to protect the environment, so much so that our efforts were recognised with two awards this year – the Norfolk and Norwich Eco Awards and Streetspace’s Eco Champions Award. We are incredibly proud of our achievements but it is really a group effort. Everyone can do their bit, whether it’s remembering to recycle their pens and crisp packets at school, putting litter in the bins or bringing in their own reusable bottle. Take a moment today to think about what small steps you can take to help the environment further - it might be reducing your plastic use, buying more locally sourced food, going on a litter pick or something else. Together we can all make a difference!

Good Luck, Class of 2020!


Sports News DESA Students represent England Charlie D and Ethan W were rewarded for their hard work run of good form by both being selected for the U17 England Schools squad.

PE at Home While the country tuned in to Joe Wicks on YouTube, we were set challenges by Mr Llewellyn and the PE department from staying fit and healthy to learning a new skill - the PE department also became avatars!

Charlie and Ethan travelled to The Netherlands with the squad in February, participating in two wins for the team. As well as playing for England, they have also been key members of the Norfolk U17 squad, and are both heading to university in the USA in September to take up sports scholarships. Well done for such a successful year!

DESA win the league DESA continued their strong record of league success in recent seasons. They finished top of the ECFA Cat1 league (South East). They were due to take part in the final-eight playoffs for the national championship in March, but these were cancelled due to lockdown. Hopefully they will be there again next year!

PE Shout Outs! Well done to all the following students who have shown high levels of dedication and commitment to their learning: Year 7: Abigail P, Tylor P, Dawson D, Danielle M, Joschka M, Luke S, Nathan H, Owen A, Ola C.

Term Dates 2020-2021 Term 1 7th September - 18th December Half term – 22nd October - 30th October

Year 8: Milo M, Alyssa H, Lennon W. Year 9: Tommy G, Tia W. Year 10: Jimmy C, Megan B, Ronni H, Lauren T, Amelia Z, Natasha H, Beth R, Megan B, Ebony P, Hannah W, Holly W.

Term 2 4th January - 26th March Half term - 15th February - 19th February Term 3 12th April - 21st July Half term - 31st May - 4th June

Northgate High School is a part of Unity Education Trust which is a charitable company limited by guarantee (Company No. 10591822) registered in England and Wales at Crown Road, Dereham, Norfolk NR20 4AG Chief Executive Officer: Mr Glyn Hambling, B. Ed. (Hons), M.Sc., N.P.Q.H

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Northgate News Lockdown Edition 2020  

A celebration of work and achievements of Northgate and Dereham Sixth Form students during Lockdown.

Northgate News Lockdown Edition 2020  

A celebration of work and achievements of Northgate and Dereham Sixth Form students during Lockdown.


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