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written by Ai Do

unicef + march of dimes > thirst project

written by Karen Vong

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officer messages Dustin Dong, Webmaster I would like to appreciate all of the members for coming out to our meetings and events in order to accomplish a similar goal of providing support for our community. Not only does this unite our community , but it provides you a purpose in life.Â

Editor, John Garcia I hope you are waking up refreshed and ready to conquer the day. Thank you for always inspiring me to do my best. You go beyond your limits to help me achieve mine. I hope this message brings that very smile to your face and sets the tone for a beautiful day filled with happiness.

Subject message



District Editor

Vivian Thai

What qualities makes you suited for your position? The qualities that I think make me suited for my position are creativity and organizational skills. I have to keep up with spreadsheets and point systems in order to effectively grade assignments. Creativity helps me create my own newsletter, the Tex-O-Key!Â

Find the Keys!

There are several keys camouflaged about in this newsletter. First 2 participants to submit the correct amount to Remind or earns an hour. (you get two chances.) 04

Member of the Month Angela congrats to


Not m any m ember s wou volunt ld eer du ring th e sum espec mer, ially w hen it’ s an o utdoo event. r Angel a Lian thong dedica had ted he r time during summe the r to le nd a h elping those hand t in nee o d. Fro m the starte time s d to vo he luntee r with Key Cl she ha ub, s show n that she w make ants to an imp act in her co mmun I am g ity. ratefu l to ha ve her as a memb er of K ey Clu b.

- Quyen Tran, President


july recap. Too Hot to Handle - 13th

Too Hot to Handle was a fun marathon to volunteer at. There were many runners competing. We handed runners water and nuun, which replenished them after they put in a lot of work. Elma Sheikh, Historian

Trusted World - 19th Trusted world is an independent resource warehouse and they sort things from food, clothing, and other items. We were tasked with putting food in a box with the correct label. We were able to package over 140 boxes in an efficient and timely manner. John Garcia, Editor

Car Wash - 21st This month, we held a car wash to raise money, and it was a huge success! Not only did we reach our goal, but we exceeded it by a big margin! A lot of members attended, and we all worked together to reach our goal! Muhammad Basil, 2nd Vice President


Events in August


8 9 25 25

Raider Rush Orientation

volunteers will be assigned

Time: 2 p.m.Â

roles for raider

Location: North

rush and learn

Garland High School

the plan

Raider Rush

volunteers will

Time: 2 p.m.Â

tour incoming

Location: North

freshmen around

Garland High School

the school

Trusted World

pack food and

Time: 10 a.m. -2 p.m.

sort clothing for

Location: 613 Easy St.

those in need

Hunger Buster

package lunch

Time: 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

bags for children

Location: 3116 Sylvan

in need


Car Wash

raise money for

Time: 12 - 4 p.m.


Location: Sonic

projects and

(on N. Garland Ave.)

District Convention


Written by Ai Do

Why Join Key Club? As a part of Key

not least, we make sure

Club, the club introduced to

everyone is enjoying and

me a variety of things that I

involved while doing their

have never encountered,

service. As a whole, when

develop life skills, and

we’re volunteering, we face

expand my vision of the

a variety of unexpected

world I live in. Therefore,

things, and we go through

manywant to be a part of

them together. As time

this organization, because

pass, we experience

we’re like a family, do a lot

different kinds of emotions

of community service, and

such as joy, sadness,

have a lot of fun.

excitement, and others as

To me, Key Club is

we volunteer at different

like my second family. We

events together. No matter

care for each other, give

what we go through, in the

support, make sure everyone

end, we’re always together

is safe while

as a family.


volunteering, and last but

Throughout the year, the club offers a lot of community service opportunities. Through these events, I met many different people from each event and interacted with them. As a result, I learn a lot of things and see it in a different point of view, it expands my vision and thinking of the world I live in. When volunteering, not only did I meet new people, but I also improved my communication skills as I interacted with them about many different topics. Joining Key Club, I developed some soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, flexibility, positivity and selfconfidence. Besides those skills, I also develop character building, caring, and inclusiveness as I volunteer more.

When volunteering, we not only help others, but we also enjoy the happiness of volunteering. We do a variety of community service from cleaning your local parks to cheering people at marathons. Through these events, you’ll see things in a different point of view and value them as memories you’ll never forget as people taking out their time to volunteer. Joining the organization, it’ll change your thoughts and view of the world around you. All in all, Key Club is an organization that others want to join because as we’re like a family, we care and look out for each other. We do a variety of volunteer work, and through volunteering, you’ll experience a lot of fun. Lastly, the club will surprise you with unexpected things, and you’ll learn from them as experience.

09 09


UNICEF works to protect children and their rights, ensuring protection for children suffering from war, poverty, disabilities, exploitation, and violence. UNICEF also advocates for the equal rights of women and girls and are working to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals, which are set to attain a sustainable future and leave no one behind.

March of Dimes strives to prevent birth defects and infant deaths by conducting research on infant health. They are committed to preventing premature births and have launched campaigns to promote the importance of prenatal care.


March of Dimes


Summertime Madness Writtrn by Karen Vong

Summer is the time when everyone has fun days, late nights and spends time with the people they love. As a club, it means it's much harder to do many things due to the circumstances of summer. The officers of North Garland Key Club had decided to have meetings every month in order to find solutions to these problems. In order for the club to work, the first thing is to get the officers together to have a plan. Once our officers got together it was only a matter of minutes and multiple debates on what should be done. After settling down a bit, we had a set plan to make sure that we would hold a car wash in order to not only help out our community, but also have an event set up for the members of Key Club - side note: it was also a great way to earn money through donations and a fantastic time to bond with one another. During this planning


we (the officers) decided to hold a car wash every -

month in the summer. With the help of our amazing members who decided to come out we had a great amount of help and an awesome turnout. The officers not only had one event planned, but another called “Trusted World� where we needed an officer to be in charge of the event. Again, it is summer and officers have families and a life too, shocking right? So that was another problem, we needed to find an officer who was able to show up and make sure things were running smoothly at the event. As a team working together, the officers found ways in order for our members to still have this event. Even though we found ways to accommodate to our problems, it is impossible to have a physical meeting every week in order to figure everything out. In order for us to really get things done we had online meetings to make sure that everyone knew what was going on, make improvements, and also find events! Yes, even though it is summer there are things that need to be done, right this second at least one of the officers are working on something that will allow our members to participate and earn hours. Summer is a time whenthe days are longer, which means there are more opportunities to help our community with our friends, and our officers are here to help if there is any needed!

13 11

Cont Conta


President Quyen Tran

Vice President Daryca Sok



2nd Vice President Muhammad Basil basilacco

Public Relation Ai Do aido102816

Secretary Judy Pham

Secretary Kirby Villafuerte



Treasurer Yousef Hassen

Master of Hours Crystal Nguyen



act Us act Us Webmaster Dustin Dong Flamingbanana21

Webmaster Assistant Karen Vong karenhvong

Historian Elma Sheikh xoxoelmaoxox

Editor John Garcia johngarc34206

Editor Asistant Ivy Nguyen ivklan000

Advisor Joel Blakley jrblakle

LTG Katherine Bui ltg2s@

Region 9 Advisor Connor Rubrecht region9@


District Board.


Govenor Ashna Patel governor

Secretary Kareenna Patel secretary

Editor Vivian Thai editor

Convention Liason Dillion Grisham

Technology Producer Lacey Thomas techassistant

Treasurer Katherine Chao treasurer

follow us ! @ngkeyclub @nghs_kc North Garland HS Key Club

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

— Confucius 17

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