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‘ Welcome to the Business Club’ The public sector is experiencing a transformational shift, the likes of which have not been seen for a generation. The need for innovation has never been greater, really getting underneath the new needs of customers to refocus your business around intelligence led services is now a business imperative. This is forcing organisations to rethink their business models, organisational purpose and operational values. We need to look beyond our own sector and seek to learn from the national and international companies who are world class in their outlook and delivery. The Northern Housing Consortium is aware of the support needs of its Members and in particular supporting them through these challenging times. Old funding models are no longer appropriate and the sector needs to find new sources of income by thinking differently about the way the business is run.

This support involves helping Members move ‘beyond the silos’ of their current environment to become more commercially aware and more entrepreneurial in the way they run their business. Using our experiences and connections within the public and private sector we have launched our first ‘Business Club’ specifically designed to support your business move into the new space where housing finds itself. Identify how to grow, develop, expand and grab new opportunities from some of the most innovative businesses and people around.

‘ What’s in it for my business? Focussing on what is the very best in business with fresh ideas, social innovation and commercial practice the ‘Business Club’ will be a revelation for the way you see and do business in the future. The club will offer: • Hands on insight and real world examples of successful businesses in action • No bull! Just world class businesses and leaders who know what it takes to become successful and then get better! • Understanding the new value set emerging for socially responsible, but commercially aware business • Building a better understanding of what your new business model needs to look like • Connecting new businesses with strong Corporate Social Responsibility • An opportunity to think differently and gain a new vision of how the world is changing

The ‘Business Club’ will concentrate on six key areas of business and personal development: • 2020 Leadership – what are the expectations for tomorrow’s leaders? • Driving change in challenging times - insight into what really works • Employee engagement and motivation – the best in values and business ethics • The bottom line - commercial insight and staying ahead of the competition • Innovation and entrepreneurial cultures • Making it real – bringing it all back into your business

The club will deliver its objectives through a mixture of: • Business study visits • ‘Unplugged’ business leader interviews • Knowledge transfer sessions • Business insight portfolio Business Club Members will also work through the programme in smaller groups focussing on key areas of the business value chain to produce their own insight portfolio containing: • A personal record of reflections and lessons from the programme • A development plan to take back to use in their business • A publication of fresh business thinking and thought leadership to share with the sector on business transformation.

This will be a challenging, but truly rare opportunity, to explore close up new businesses and meet new leaders in a way which will inspire and transform the way you will do business in the future.

‘ The Programme’ Starting from summer 2012, the programme will be combination one day business study visits linked by knowledge transfer sessions designed to support taking the learning back into the business. The programme combines one day sessions and a two day residential to showcase successful business across the North. Business class visits include: • BBC Media City, Salford • John Lewis, Trafford Centre • Greggs UK, Newcastle • Bombay Stores – the UKs largest Asian department store • Marriott Hotels UK • Nissan UK • Plus other inspiring, successful businesses from the social enterprise/ investment, and technology worlds to be announced.

In addition there will be ‘unplugged leaders’ days with contributions being lined up with from: • Jonathan Straight, Chief Executive and Founder Straight UK • Andrew Merrick, Finance Director, • Wayne Hemingway, Founder Hemingway design and Vintage festival • Saleem Kader, Managing Director, Bombay Stores • Jon Davies, Founder and leading social media thinker • Gerry Sutcliffe MP , former government minister • Ken Brook-Chrispin, Chairman and Chief Executive, Seabrook Crisps • Reebok UK • Plus other business leaders to be announced. Please note not all speakers and businesses are yet confirmed and this line up is subject to change without notice

‘ Who should attend?’ This programme is for those who want to think differently, experience new social and business innovators and learn from some of the best businesses around. It is for those who want to create a more motivated, enterprising and entrepreneurial spirit within their organisation and people. It is not for the faint hearted and you will work hard!! It is particularly designed for Chief Executives, Directors, and those who the business wants to invest in, those destined for the top and those who want to stay there!.

‘ Commitment’ Please note only 20 places are available on each full programme and there will be 2 programmes running in parallel with each other but with different business study visits once they are gone that is it. All we ask is that you be prepared to be open minded, challenged and willing to participate with other attendees to share experiences and provide feedback for the wider benefit of the sector and NHC Membership on lessons learned.

‘ Please Read’ Business study visits – This is important so please read! Numbers are very limited for each study visit to ensure Business Club Members gain maximum benefit from the experience. We are planning that each Business club group gets to attend at least three study visits. We will be working to ensure that each group has the right mix of skills and experience based on your business and personal objectives you tell us about. To give us an indication of your preferred interests please rank the planned business visits on this booking form. Rank them with A for a first choice and B for second choice Please note whilst we will attempt to ensure you can attend your first choice of businesses this may not always be possible, however we will endeavour to make sure you get a balanced mix. Don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get all you ask for we have carefully chosen the businesses we are going to explore and they will all have something very interesting and exciting to offer!

Business Leaders unplugged Each intake of the business club will include two sessions with at least three leaders in each session.

Knowledge transfer sessions Seeing and hearing all the great business examples will be fantastic, however the NHC wants to ensure everything you learn can be turned into a practical action plan (Business Insight Portfolio) that can be used to transform you and your business. Business Club Members will need to ensure they can attend these sessions which will form part of the business leaders unplugged days where possible.

Dates and locations At the time of writing some dates are still being agreed, the full programme is planned to run from early July until the end of December 2012. Due to the nature of people and businesses involved, this may change, however we will endeavour to give as much notice as possible. We have endeavoured to get a spread across our three regions of the NE, NW and Y&H however, due to some early start times, visiting the right businesses will involve some travel and potential overnight stays.

‘ The Cost’

‘ Booking Form’ Name Job Title

Full programme Study visits and Unplugged Leaders £2,000 + VAT for NHC Members £2,500+ VAT for Non-Members. Some bursary places may be available. Please contact Ian Wright for details on how to apply ian.wright@northern-consortium. ‘Unplugged leaders’ only £395 + VAT per session Unplugged sessions will consist of a minimum of 3 business speakers and programme details will be advertised separately, but please register your booking now. A limited number of places will be available for those who cannot commit to the full programme.

Organisation Address Telephone Number Email address What organisational objectives do you want to support by attending the Business Club? 1

What personal objectives do you want to develop by attending the Business Club? 1





Please rank in order of preference the business study visits you would like to attend: A for first choice (max 4) B for second choice (max 4)

Greggs BBC Media City John Lewis Bombay Stores Marriott Hotels Nissan UK Seabrook Crisps Reebok UK

Full programme: £2,000 + VAT (NHC Member)

□ £2,500 + VAT (Non Member) □

‘Unplugged Leaders’ only £395 + VAT per session

(Please tick as appropriate) I agree by signing up to the Business Club: To support the programme facilitators and colleagues with the development and contribution to the business insight portfolio; To ensure that any sensitive information gained during the programme does not enter the public domain Signed.................................................................. Date....................................................

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