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Aspects of interior design


here are various aspects of interior design. This could be from an architectural or design point of view, right through to home de´cor. There is a close relationship between architectural design and interior design and they must be conducive for the best possible outcome to be achieved.

Architectural Design

The architectural design of interiors is the starting point for interior design. If you are building a new home, then you would work with your architectural designer to have the best possible design for your home, which will complement

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what you wish to achieve on an interior design basis. Architectural design is challenged even further with the emerging global trend for the design and construction of smaller, more compact homes. This is where your architectural designer will be able to assist and show you various plans/ idea’s, which can assist in implementing key angles and lines, effective use of space and the section you are building on. Ensure you are happy with every aspect of the plan before signing on the dotted line. Making alterations during or after the build can be costly and something you really need to avoid from the very beginning. Your architect is experienced

in this aspect and will work with you to achieve the balance you desire.

Interior De´cor Design

The architectural design of your home as stated above, will be the starting point for your interior de´cor design. Your home will be shaped to complement the interior design look, you wish to achieve. Once your home has been built, you can start dressing and adding the finishing touches to your home. Sharp angles and lines, lend itself to a modern, contemporary interior with stark furnishings and key statement points. While softer angles and lines, will give the feeling of warmth, luxury and intimacy — where you can play more with the interior de´cor, such as giving the vintage, shabby chic or luxurious, romantic look. Whatever your style — the choices are endless! An interior designer will be able to provide you the best advice you have ever received. An interior designer will help you to decorate your home with flair and offer advice on key elements, you may have never considered. They can turn your home from a decorating disaster into your dream home. It is those finishing touches that make all the difference. Provide your interior designer with a starting point, therefore provide photos of your interior, have them come and visit, provide samples of what you had in mind — therefore photo’s, pictures from magazines, colour samples, etc…. This will assist in providing an insight into what you like. Then let your interior designer do their magic! Be open- minded as your interior design comes to life!

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