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February 25, 2011



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NISG to hold runoff election next week No student body president ticket receives majority vote in general elections JOHN ANDERSON Editorial Staff

The Northern Iowa Student Government announced that it will hold a runoff election for student body president and vice president next week after none of the tickets received more than 50 percent of the vote in Wednesday’s general elections. While Spencer Walrath and Ian Goldsmith received a plurality with 1,118 out

of the 2,256 votes cast, they were 11 votes short of the majority needed to win the election. They will run against Rhonda Greenway and Adam Beaves, who received 805 votes, in the runoff elections, which start at 6 a.m. Tuesday and go until 6 p.m. Wednesday on MyUNIverse. The candidates expressed excitement over the extra week of campaigning that will lead up to the runoff. “Let’s do this,” Goldsmith said. “I’m excited that we get another week to keep meeting

Spencer Walrath and Ian Goldsmith

1118 votes (49.56%)

Photos by CASSANDRA HAYNE/Northern Iowan

50 %

Career Fair connects students to opportunities TEHRENE FIRMAN Staff Writer

The McLeod Center was full of students exploring their career options as the University of Northern Iowa held its spring 2011 Career Fair on Monday, Feb. 21.

CEEE sponsors sustainability film series

with students, keep getting our name out there, and I guess we’ll see what happens.” “We still have some more work to do,” Beaves said. “We’re gonna keep pushing our message, we’re gonna keep talking to as many students as possible, getting our message out about career development, volunteerism on See ELECTIONS, page 2

Rhonda Greenway and Adam Beaves

805 votes (35.68%)

UNI professor discusses geo-tourism in China

Paul Kockler, a senior accounting major, already has an internship lined up, but that didn’t stop him from getting his foot in the door on a chance at acquiring more experience. See CAREER FAIR, page 2

I Spy at UNI


Students, faculty and community members gathered Monday evening at the University of Northern Iowa’s Center for Energy and Environmental Education to watch a documentary titled “Fresh.” The film, which was produced and directed by Ana Sofia Joanes, was part of the “Sustainability Film Series” sponsored by the CEEE. “Fresh” highlighted the impact the food industry has on our society through the way foods are made, grown and manufactured and the limited food choices consumers have. The film also discussed the negative impact the food industry has on the environment and the health See CEEE, page 3

ALAN WILKINS/Northern Iowan

John Groves, professor of earth science, shares with students, faculty and staff his discoveries of microfossils while exploring southeastern China.


ANNA SCHRECK/Northern Iowan

Do you know where this picture was taken? If so, e-mail us at with your answer. The winner’s name and the picture’s location will be featured in the next edition of the Northern Iowan. The winner from the Feb. 18 issue is Polina Bogomolova, a UNI senior, who correctly identified that the previous image was taken at the Center of Multicultural Education.

On Monday, Feb. 21, John Groves, University of Northern Iowa professor of earth science, presented a seminar about his geo-tourism in China. Groves had traveled to China on three different occasions. He stated that geological research is his job; he enjoys the international experience and being able to work with colleagues from around the world. According to Groves, in southeastern China in a providence called Guizhou,

there are natural outcroppings of older rock. By sampling rock sections for microfossils, geologists can tell exactly how old that particular spot is. The microfossils they look for are of a specific species that existed at a certain time. Determining this time will help them define the international geological timeline. “Currently there aren’t direct subcategories of the Carboniferous period, but the province of Guizhou allows them to look into See GEO-TOURISM, page 3



ELECTIONS continued from page 1

NICK MADDIX/Northern Iowan UNI students got to explore many career opportunities on Monday in the McLoed Center as employers came seeking candidates for jobs and internships.

CAREER FAIR continued from page 1

“I mostly came to the Career Fair for networking and future job opportunities,” said Kockler. “I looked over some of the companies I was interested in and got some background information. I definitely looked at CareerCAT as well.” “I’m here because one of my no-credit classes for Business Professional in Training requires that I come here,” said Molly Cuvelier, a junior management major. “I’m also looking for an internship, so I decided that this would be a good opportunity to come and find one.” The career fair also provides employers a chance to seek out students. Adam Olson, the Restoration Consultant Team Leader at Select Evergreen Construction, was one of

the many employers searching for students to fill company positions and internships at the career fair. “We’re looking for their experience and seeing if we can match up what they’re looking for and what we’re looking for,” said Olson. Olson provided a tip for students, remembering when he was a student going through the same process. “When you come here, don’t be afraid to talk,” said Olson. “That’s the biggest thing that I remember when I was on the other side of it all. I was pretty shy and didn’t really talk to a lot of people, and looking back I definitely would have.” Nearly 100 companies were present Monday, with opportunities ranging from law-enforcement to sales opportunities. If students missed this event, another career fair will be held in the fall.

campus – all the issues we’ve continued to talk about through this entire campaign, we have another week to do that.” Receiving only 253 votes, Dakotah Reed and Zach Simonson will not be on the ballot for the run-off election. “It’s definitely been exciting,” Reed said. “If nothing else, we’ve encouraged students to get involved in NISG; we’ve spread the word about it. People are going to become more involved and interested.” Reed, NISG’s current chief of staff, plans to continue his involvement in NISG next year by applying for an executive cabinet position, while Simonson intends to retain his position on the NISG Supreme Court. While the Reed-Simonson ticket has not discussed endorsing a campaign yet, current student body president Joel Anderson feels they have a strong ability to influence the outcome of the run-off election. “Dakotah and Zach are in a really powerful position right now,” he said. “If Dakotah and Zach support Spencer and all of Dakotah and Zach’s followers went to

June and August ʻ11 1 and 2


Friday, February 25, 2011

RUN-OFF ELECTION 6 a.m. Tue. - 6 p.m. Wed. MyUNIverse Spencer, then they’ve got it, and if they endorse Rhonda and Adam, they’ve got it.” Though he doesn’t plan on endorsing a candidate, Anderson intends to use his experience as student body president to publicly evaluate the feasibility of the candidates’ platforms before the election. Speaker of the Senate Kevin Shannon questioned whether voter turnout for the run-off election would mirror the 2,256 votes cast on Wednesday, which surpassed the voter turnout for the past two elections. “Unfortunately, I think that voting two weeks in a row would deter some voters, but I would hope that students would still be so excited about the campaigns and everything that they would vote next week,” Shannon said. Election Commissioner Gage Rewerts expects that more votes may be cast in the run-off election, estimating a turnout of approximately 3,000 voters. The last time a run-off election was held for student body president was in 2001, when frontrunners Adam Briddell and Kellie Greiner only received 36.49 percent of the 2,365 votes cast. Briddell and Greiner later won the run-off election, in which 2,471 votes were cast. Despite the fact that only 12 candidates were on the ballot for 38 open senate seats, only the University Apartments and Shull Hall


seats remain unfilled after a large number of write-in campaigns emerged over the past three weeks. The election commission spent mroe than four hours counting the ballots Wednesday night after the polls closed at, a daunting manual task made more complicated by the number of write-in candidates, many of whom received between one and six votes. “I honestly don’t think people realize just how much work goes into counting the ballots,” said Election Commissioner Gage Rewerts. “There’s a lot of people who think some kind of technological fairy waves her wand at ITS and we get everything, but we actually have to go and we have to key everything in from 83 separate ballot templates.” Rewerts expects the system to be streamlined next year when a bill reforming the senate to restructure and reduce the number of seats to 22, which the student body approved by a vote of 1,387 to 403 on Wednesday, goes into effect. With the current system, ballots need to be created for every possible combination of residence and college. The senate reform bill, which restructures senate seats to be based on college alone, will significantly reduce the number of ballots for the commission to go through. “I’m on record having reservations about how the system is going to work, but in regards to the elections it’s gonna streamline things,” Rewerts said of the bill. For a complete run-down of the election results, visit

Let’s Talk

March 6th from 6-8 pm in Sabin Hall



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Friday, February 25, 2011

CEEE continued from page 1

of the economy. Throughout the film, Joanes shows how farmers, environmental activists and consumers are changing the current food system through the way farmers grow their produce and raise their livestock. In the push for food producers to use methods that are sustainable for our planet, they are bringing awareness on sustainability, urban farming, the importance of buying local, consumers being able to know where their food comes from and the possibility of a sustainable future. Following the film, the audience heard from local farmers Tim Daley and Greg and Denise Hoffman. Daley, of New Hartford, Iowa, owns Daley’s Shamrock Acres, and the Hoffmans, of Waterloo, own Hoffman Produce Farm. Both


farmers shared their thoughts on the film and both agreed with what the film said about the current food system. “The film got to the heart of the matter. People are searching and wanting to know where their food comes from,” said Daley. “Get to know your farmers because food will eventually become expensive.” Hoffman expressed that he found the film “inspiring.” “My wife and I buy local and we see the benefits. Not just from eating but financially,” said Hoffman. Forest Hoff, a TESOL graduate student, came to see the film to “learn more about our food choices in Iowa.” He felt that the film appropriately addresses the need for a close-cycle system based on local food choices. The “Sustainability Film Series” started last fall and will continue next year, focusing on different topics that examine the issues of


The film got to the heart of the matter. People are searching and wanting to know where their food comes from. Get to know your farmers because food will eventually become expensive. Tim Daley owner of Daley’s Shamrock Acres

sustainability, the environment and wellness through various films and speakers. William Stigliani, senior policy advisor to the CEEE and professor of chemistry, expressed that the CEEE sponsored the film and

the film series because “agriculture is one of the major activities in addressing the importance of sustainability and is very important to the state of Iowa. “ “(Agriculture is) the means of development that takes care of needs without sacrificing future generations’ needs,” said Stigliani. According to Stigliani, “Fresh” is relevant because “right now the present food system uses tons of energy and promotes an unhealthy diet. The film stressed the importance of knowing where our food comes (from), supporting local farms, local businesses and how that positively impacts the local community.” “The vision for sustainable future is going to be through local products, food and energy,” said Stigliani.

Message from UNI police UNI Police urge both drivers and pedestrians to use caution while driving or walking in pedestrian walkways on and around campus. One out of every five people killed in traffic accidents is a pedestrian. Even though you are walking, not driving, a person is still subject to the same traffic laws as motorists. Under Iowa law, pedestrians have the right of way in marked crosswalks, and motorists should yield to the pedestrian when they are in the crosswalks. Drivers must yield to pedestrians at all times. Please use caution while driving on or around campus. GEO-TOURISM continued from page 1

such historical sites without massive quarrying,” said Groves. Groves and a small group of workers, including some local hired hands, went to these natural outcroppings to obtain several samples. Grove then sent them back to the United States to be analyzed and, upon his return, aided in the analytical research. His presentation included explaining the reasons for his research, some beautiful sights around Nanjing and the Tower Karsts and some of the culture he experienced along the way. “I think in regards to culture (of China) it was interesting. I’ve never been interested (in this) but the things he said were intriguing to me and provoked new thoughts,” said Elsie Luna, a sophomore majoring in psychology and sociology. Junior science education major Jordan Ray said, “ I definitely found it pretty interesting.”

Ready for a night out? enjoy gourmet pasta, seafood and steak. make it stylish make it montage!

(319) 268-7222

Downtown cf

UNI students only enjoy 1/2 price appetizers every night from 8 p.m. to close! Just show your student ID. For a limited time only.

(319) 266-2616

Features The University

Friday, February 25, 2011



Northern Iowa’s

Volume 107, Issue 39


student-produced newspaper since

Cedar Falls, Iowa




‘I Am Number Four’ and ‘Unknown’ bring action, mystery in the same weekend By EMILY HEYER

Film Critic

Last weekend saw the opening of two action films, “I Am Number Four,” a sci-fi flick slated for a franchise, and “Unknown,” a mystery action flick starring Liam Neeson. Although “Unknown” led the box office race, “I Am Number Four” was just as good. “I Am Number Four” stars Alex Pettyfer (Alex Rider) as an extraordinary teen running from his enemies. He is from a distant planet and is the fourth out of nine survivors, often called Four. After changing his identity, Four settles in Paradise, Ohio, as John Smith, where he meets Sarah (Diana Aragon, “Glee”) and Sam (Callan McAuliffe, “Flipped”) and discovers he is much more powerful than he thought. With the three of the nine remaining gifted Loriens gone, John is soon the focus of the search to kill all Loriens, led by the Mogadorians (who have some really great makeup effects going for them). The movie continues with John and Sarah falling in love and with the introduction of Number Six, (Teresa Palmer, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”), one pretty cool battle scene.


Liam Neeson as Dr. Martin Harris, Aidan Quinn as Martin B, and Sebastian Koch as Professor Bressler, star in Dark Castle Entertainment’s thriller “Unknown,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

The ending leaves off, as expected, for a sequel. The movie is pretty average as far as plot goes. Based off the book of the same

He said, she said: Relationship advice By ANTHONY MITCHELL and KATIE HUNT

He said: This is going to be a big challenge for your relationship because this is a huge test of the trust that you two share, and I can understand your concern. To come out rosy on the

with the second coming out this summer. It is a very typical scifi flick, and sometimes the names of aliens are hard to

Staff Writer

other side, you have to let her know that you trust her as she goes on this trip. You have concerns, sure, but you still trust her. If she knows that you do, she’ll be more apt to not make a poor choice while she is away on spring break. The only thing you can really do is sit down with her and make your concerns known. You know about the crazy hijinks that go down in places like this during spring break. Be sure to go over See RELATIONSHIPS, page 5

remember, but despite that it was very enjoyable. There are bits of humor and with John, See FILMS, page 6

Student brings branch of Her Campus magazine to UNI By MARKITA CURRIE

Relationship Columnists

Q: My girlfriend is going to Panama City Beach for spring break this year. I’m not going. I’ve heard how crazy it gets down there -- parties, drinking, naked people, hookups -- and I’m afraid she might be unfaithful or get hurt. I don’t want to tell her that she can’t go, I just want her to know that I want her to be careful. How can I talk to her about it without sounding controlling?

title by Pittacus Lore (the pen name of authors James Frey and Jobie Hughes), it is slated to be a six-book series (and possibly six-movie series),

On Feb. 8, Tehrene Firman, a junior public relations major, opened a web branch of Her Campus at the University of Northern Iowa. Her Campus is an online news magazine geared toward college women. The site includes articles, event listings, polls, pictures, forums and even personal accounts. Within the first week of opening the UNI branch, the site received more than 2,000 views. UNI is following Iowa State University and the University of Iowa in starting a branch -- making all three of the regent universities subscribers to Her Campus. “Her Campus provides college women with almost everything they need to know,” said Stephanie Kaplan, co-founder and CEO of Her Campus. “We have articles on style, love, health and career, among other topics. Her Campus is a one-stop-shop for everything college women need to know about for the various facets of their lives.  We give advice

on how to get an internship as well as on how to look cute for Saturday’s party.” Her Campus was created by Kaplan, Annie Wang and Windsor Hanger after making a similar project purely for Harvard. After a while, the three realized the potential of its rapid growth and advertisement requests, so they wanted to make it accessible to every college. They entered Harvard’s business plan competition and got Her Campus launched quickly. The magazine’s rapid growth and popularity also got them mentions in Seventeen magazine. They currently have more than 100 college branches and are expanding more and more every month. Their goal is to reach all colleges and universities, private and public. Her Campus is not just for girls. Anyone can subscribe and anyone can work for them. “We actually have three male writers here on campus,” said Firman. “We have a super good team that is very interested and very See HER CAMPUS, page 5



Friday, February 25, 2011



Panther Portraits: ‘On the Verge’

JUSTIN ALLEN/Northern Iowan

The Strayer-Wood Theatre is set to present “On the Verge,” the story of a trio of female Victorian-era explorers who embark on a journey that takes them into Terra Incognita, the last undiscovered, unexplored piece of the globe. Performances are Feb. 24-27 and March 3-6. For tickets, call the Strayer-Wood Theatre box office at 319-273-6381.

RELATIONSHIPS continued from page 4

these with her, but let her know that you trust her to make wise decisions. The tough thing about this is trying to say this gently without making her feel insecure or, worse yet, making her mad so that she ends up doing something just to spite you. One key thing to remember is don’t go about establishing rules or boundaries for her on this trip. Again, rules are just going to make her mad. If you can avoid telling her what she can and can’t do, I believe you will have a better chance at success. Other than that, there isn’t much else you can do besides be honest and open about what you are feeling. As long as you express yourself positively, the rest is up to her. She is responsible for the decisions she makes while she is away. Hopefully this will be a non-issue in the long run, and I sincerely hope that your girlfriend won’t make any decisions she’ll regret. Best of luck. She said: Ah, spring break — quite notorious for hookups and binge drinking. Personally, I’ve never been on an awesome spring break trip with friends, so I couldn’t tell you firsthand what they’re actually like. I’ve heard, however, that Panama City Beach is quite the hot spot. In all seriousness, your concern is understandable. I really do admire the fact that you trust her enough to make her own decisions. It’s normal in a relationship to

worry about things such as cheating. But just because a girl is thrown into a party scene doesn’t mean she’ll automatically run and find a hot guy (or girl) to hook up with. I guess that’s where really knowing her comes into play. If you’re curious about how to approach the situation without coming on too strong or seeming like an overprotective parent, the solution is simple: tell her that you’re concerned with her safety first. She’ll probably say something along the lines of “I can take care of myself,” but she really will appreciate you looking out for her. Remind her to be cautious of where she is, what she’s drinking, etc. You can also slip in something about how she shouldn’t run off with a guy or participate in any wet t-shirt contests. Do not under any circumstances accuse her of planning on doing these things. Don’t suggest that she has it in her head that she’s going to get into all sorts of trouble or be irresponsible. She’ll think you’ve got your mind made up that she’s a bad person or, for lack of a better word, a tramp. And we don’t want that. Instead, just remind her of what seems to go on during spring break. Let her know that you trust her, just not always the people around her. Maybe you guys can set up some sort of system where you call each other once during the day -- something to keep your minds on each other. You have every right to tell her how you feel. Just remember to not be accusing

or controlling. Talk about it casually. Keep things light. Don’t sit her down and lecture her, because I guarantee that’s the last thing she wants. Make a joke about all the stupid things that people are going to do while on spring break — be able to laugh about it with her, and remember why you’re dating her in the first place. You must trust her at least a little bit to be in a relationship with her… have a little faith and understand that she’s with you, no one else.

HER CAMPUS continued from page 4

talented; they’ve put in a lot of work. “It gives anyone interested in journalism a chance to

write, whether they are interested in textiles and fashion or politics,” she added. For more information on the UNI branch of Her Campus, visit

is freaky fast your thing? give jimmy john’s a ring! Shane K. - Haslett, MI CEDAR FALLS 2016 COLLEGE ST. ~ 319.266.9977 WATERLOO 1515 E. SAN MARNAN DR. ~ 319.233.4800

AMERICA’S FAVorite sandwich delivery guys! ©2011 jimmy john’s franchise, llc all rights reserved.


FILMS continued from page 4

was very enjoyable. There are bits of humor and with John, Sarah and an adorable dog, bits of cuteness too. Alex Pettyfer does a good job playing the teen superhero, working well with the special effects used throughout the film. The other actors also do a good job, but that’s really all that can be said. Perhaps the coolest part of the film is the special effects. With light streaming out of his hands and telekinesis, John spends much of the movie doing things that look really awesome. When Number Six comes along, we see additional special effects involving lots of fire and guns. With all the things going bang, it is very possible to go overboard, but this movie balances the special effects well. “Unknown,” on the other hand, is a very real movie. Neeson is Dr. Martin Harris, a botanist. After waking up from a four-day hospital stay in Berlin, he tries to figure out why another man has stolen his identity. Bits of memories flash in and out, most notably an intimate shower scene with his wife Elizabeth, (January Jones, “Mad Men”). He finds the cab driver he was in the acci-

FEATURES dent with, Gina (Diane Kruger, “National Treasure”), and begins to piece together his life and get his identity back. Of course, the best part of this movie is Neeson. He is naturally the focus of the entire film and does an amazing job. The story is good, and if one can suspend disbelief enough to think a botanist can hold his own in an international car chase then it works very well. The ending is somewhat of a surprise, although the character development at the end is kind of shady – very sudden and with questionable motives. These are very minor issues in the long run, however. Although Neeson and his costars give good performances, Neeson’s other action-thriller, “Taken,” is much better, keeping the pace viewers want. Both movies have action and plot, but for enjoyability, “I Am Number Four” takes first place in this race even if it didn’t at the box office. Perhaps the reason for this is “I Am Number Four” does not have a great movie like “Taken” to compare with. If given the choice, I would rent “Taken” over viewing “Unknown” and just Google the ending of the latter. Or maybe just see “I Am Number Four” instead.



Friday, February 25, 2011

By Annemarie Brethauer Across 1 Rigged support 5 Curve of a cabriole leg 9 Sheet of stamps 13 “So that’s how it’s going to be” 14 Anago and unagi 15 An amulet may ward it off, purportedly 16 Move from Crystal to Caesar’s? 19 Danish poker star Gus 20 Curling surface 21 Texter’s “Heavens!” 23 Oscar night figure 24 Small, vocal bird 26 __ market 27 Cliff, Carlos and Derrek of baseball 28 Antelope of questionable virtue? 30 Mag wheels? 31 Pound output 32 Has a powerful desire (for) 33 “Another regulation, sorry to say”? 36 Gait between walk and canter 39 Wine Train valley 40, e.g.: Abbr. 43 Greengrocer’s grab bags? 46 Hole maker 47 Mongol sovereign 48 Trap, in a way 49 “Cheers” waitress 50 Sixth rock from the sun: Abbr. 51 Rye go-with 52 Repartee 53 1997 Kevin Spacey film, and a hint to this puzzle’s theme 57 Lowdown 58 “Exodus” novelist 59 Compass __ 60 Riding 61 Took off


62 Dot and Flik, in “A Bug’s Life” Down 1 “Glee” star Lea __ 2 Embarrassed 3 Medium settings 4 Time indicators of a sort 5 Gung-ho 6 Rebirth prefix 7 “The Silmarillion” being 8 Uses binoculars, say 9 Athlete dubbed “O Rei do Futebol” 10 Gardner of “Mayerling” 11 French president Sarkozy 12 Gold or silver 17 “Hmm ...” 18 Embarrassing marks 22 Roams 24 Troubles 25 Jennifer Crusie’s genre 26 Obstacle for Santa? 28 Mauna __ 29 2004 Anne Hathaway title role 31 Responded in court 33 King of comedy 34 Shed tool 35 Adds to 36 Sets a price 37 Jackson dubbed “Queen of Gospel” 38 Sticking out 40 Helping 41 In any case 42 River to Boston Harbor 44 Seven-time N.L. batting champ Musial 45 Two or three bags of groceries, say 46 Transforming syllable 49 Lockup 51 Stud alternative 52 As good as it gets 54 Corp. exec 55 Fury 56 “What’s the __?”

Answers to Crossword. Don’t look!



Friday, February 25, 2011



The Allen College Health Science Program gives you career options. RADIOGRAPHER with an Associate of Science in Radiography As a radiographer, you will use your knowledge of science, human anatomy and physiology to create medical images.

NUCLEAR MEDICINE TECHNOLOGIST with a Bachelor of Health Sciences Certificate or Degree As a nuclear medicine technologist, you will apply the art and skill of diagnostic evaluation and therapeutics through the safe and effective use of radionuclides.

SONOGRAPHER with a Bachelor of Health Sciences Certificate or Degree A diagnostic medical sonographer provides patient services by using sonographic equipment to provide physicians with important diagnostic information.



with a Bachelor of Health Sciences Degree As a medical laboratory scientist you will perform tests that analyze blood, urine, tissue or other specimens.





1990 Heath Street Waterloo, Iowa 50703

Contact Allen College at


319.226.2000 or for more information on these programs.

ams. AMC 24682 Healthcare future ad.indd 3

2/21/11 12:57 PM

Opinion The University

Friday, February 25, 2011 letter to the editor

Northern Iowa’s

Volume 107, Issue 39


student-produced newspaper since

Cedar Falls, Iowa




from the editorial staff

The Northern Iowan’s influence on the election This letter has nothing to do with who I wanted to win the NISG presidential election, but rather the biased coverage of the Northern Iowan. The media has a great amount of influence on the government; some even call them the “fourth branch of government.” This amount of power demands responsibility, which the Northern Iowan, as the university’s ONLY source of election news, didn’t show. Look at their “Get to know the candidates” article from Feb. 3, 2011. The article profiles the candidates for the NISG presidential election and not so subtly favors one ticket over the other two. We will call the favorite duo the “Favorites” and the other candidates simply the “Others.” When the Favorites get profiled, one is described as “veteran NISG senator,” “in NISG for the long haul,” “starting as a freshman...” and so on. But one of the Others who had been a Senator since they were a freshman is described as just an “NISG senator.” Why not a veteran too? Another one of the Others had only been a senator for one semester and their experience was described as “limited.” However, one of the Favorites who had one semester of experience, got this: “...a newcomer to the NISG scene ... he joined last semester ... But don’t let this newcomer fool you. Despite having a resume lacking NISG experience, he is a strong addition to the ticket.” Not biased, right? Sadly, there is more. Apparently it’s a crime that two of the candidates recently added lots of friends on Facebook, while the Favorites already had more than 1,000 Facebook friends before the election. The Northern Iowan went on to publish three articles in the editorial section for the Favorites, and only one article for the other two tickets combined. As the main source for campus news, I expected fair and responsible coverage. That didn’t happen this election. Mitch Kolf Public administration major



A response to ‘The Northern Iowan’s influence on the election’

We would like to thank Mitch Kolf for sharing his concerns about the Northern Iowan’s coverage of the recent elections for student body president and vice president. While we try our best to provide fair and balanced news coverage of issues important to the student body, we recognize that we are not perfect and welcome all questions, comments, suggestions and concerns from our readers to ensure that we are providing students with the best coverage possible. That said, we respectfully disagree with Kolf ’s evaluation of our elections coverage. Judging from his comments and the quotations mentioned in his letter, Kolf feels that we have shown bias in our coverage toward Spencer Walrath and Ian Goldsmith over the other two tickets. He bases his argument on a Feb. 3 article titled “Get to know the candidates” and a number of letters to the editor that were published throughout the month. In his letter Kolf argues that we show bias for our “Favorites” by calling Walrath a “veteran NISG senator” while vice presidential candidate Adam Beaves, who was first involved in NISG his freshman year, was not given the “veteran” title. We feel that this does not reflect bias, but merely reality. While Beaves has had a lot of experience in NISG, he has not served on senate as long as Walrath, who has served on senate longer than all but the speaker of the senate, Kevin Shannon. Given this fact, we feel that the title of “veteran” does not reflect bias but rather Walrath’s involvement. Likewise, Kolf took issue with the statement that Ian Goldsmith “is a strong addition to the ticket.” We feel that he misinterpreted this statement: it did not reflect Goldsmith’s strength or lack thereof as a vice president, but was rather an analysis of the benefit he would bring the ticket during campaigning. This is because, as the article mentions, Goldsmith’s involvement and popularity on campus, as evidenced by his high Facebook friend count prior to the election, provides the ticket with a large number of potential supporters that could help them get elected. Moreover, Kolf implied that we were talking down

the other candidates for adding Facebook friends. On the contrary, the article never passes judgment on Facebook friend additions but merely mentions that candidates added or did not add large amounts of Facebook friends, which again was done to analyze their pre-campaign popularity as an indicator of how the elections may turn out, not as any form of endorsement. Indeed, of Rhonda Greenway’s Facebook friend additions, the writers of the article said that “her outreach on Facebook will be fairly strong.” Finally, Kolf mentions that three letters to the editor endorsing Spencer and Ian were published in the Opinion section while only one was published endorsing Greenway and Beaves, with no letters endorsing Dakotah Reed and Zach Simonson. However, those four letters were the only ones we received: while we would have liked to have more letters endorsing the other candidates, this did not happen, despite the fact that every letter was accompanied by a message encouraging readers to write a letter to the editor. We felt it was important to publish every letter endorsing a candidate in the elections; unfortunately, supporters of two of the tickets apparently did not think it important to write those letters. This imbalance was the result. We understand that there are a lot of strong feelings that fly around during elections, and accusing the newspaper of bias or of influencing an election is by no means uncommon at this time. Despite these accusations, we feel that we have not demonstrated bias toward any candidate, and if we have we can assure you that it was not intentional. We recognize the immense importance of having an informed student body choose their own representation, and feel that our newspaper does and should only influence them to become informed and to vote for whom they feel will best represent their interests. If you feel that we are failing to provide fair, accurate and balanced reporting, please do not hesitate to share your voice so that we may address your concerns and continue to improve.

This editorial reflects the position of the Northern Iowan’s editorial staff: John Anderson, Leah Jeffries, Brad Eilers, Cassie Tegeler, Anna Schreck and Kari Braumann. All other articles and illustrations represent the views of their authors.

‘Because I want to...’ “Because I want to” is an excuse people use when something they want is not prohibited, EMILY O’LOUGHLIN but is not necessarily good for them. If wants or desires are pursued to excess they cause harm. I believe the pursuit of sex outside of marriage, or at least outside of a strong relationship, is one of them. I recently posted a complaint via Facebook status about a “Sex Fun Facts” bulletin board in Lawther Hall. It implicitly advocates sex through appeals to vanity. Eight facts promote sex as a means of looking better and feeling better about yourself

through sex. That status sparked a brief discussion about sex. One of the comments posed the question I paraphrase here: if a person is not causing harm, has full consent, is honest and caring and, perhaps equally importantly, a person wants sex just for sex, why shouldn’t the person engage in sexual activity? I strongly disagree with this stance toward casual sex, which is defined as “sexual relations not involving a love relationship, especially brief encounters or an encounter on one occasion” by Dictionary. com. Just because a person can have sex does not mean they should, even if both partners have a clear understanding of the circumstances of their relations., an interna-


A bulletin board in Lawther Hall lists physical benefits of sexual intercourse.

tional AIDS and HIV charity, points out on their “casual sex” page that “(n)o matter how much we analyse the reasons why though, if you were to ask most people they would simply say that casual sex is attractive simply because it can be a bit of enjoyment.” You want a bit of a pleasure, so instead of going to watch a scary movie or a party with friends, you decide to have sex? Honestly, I can

think of a host of other enjoyable activities that lack the potential of STDs or pregnancy. Risking future plans for a few moments of enjoyment that will pass is not the brightest idea in the world, no matter what kind of protection you use. The excuse of wanting sex just for sex is akin to the argument of a glutton who, despite being well-fed and not at all hungry chooses to eat

just to eat. As C.S. Lewis put it in his book “Mere Christianity,” “Starving men may think much about food, but so do gluttons; the gorged, as well as the famished, like titillations.” He referred to sexual excess as another form of gluttony, using the analogy of a glutton of food to illustrate the extent to which the See CASUAL SEX, page 9



Friday, February 25, 2011



Can you be too old to drive? NICK KROB


It seems that in our current society, as has been the case for many generations, the elderly are resistant to many things. Aside from the stereotypical setin-their-ways attitude associated with the afternoon Denny’s population, the elderly have a strong resistance to being told what to do. Fearing a loss of control and dignity, it appears the eldery population views any outsiders trying to dictate their lives (i.e. children) as insulting and disrespectful. Don’t expect Grandpa or Grandma to go to a nursing home without a fight. Yet this humorous characteristic is not without serious consequences. Thankfully my grandma was logical enough to realize it on her own, but for many elderly people, the idea of losing their driving privileges is intolerable. This refusal to acknowledge a growing problem is being felt by thousands of victims of car-related fatalities and injuries resulting from the inability of many elders to operate a motor vehicle safely. With the entire baby boomer generation quickly approaching AARP status, the questions regarding age restrictions on driving are more important than ever. It has been found that older

drivers, namely those over the caused by the elderly jump from age of 65, are at a dispropor- 13 to 25 percent or more. tionately high risk of being One must be careful, howevinvolved in traffic accidents. er, not to see an old person drivA National Highway Traffic ing down the interstate going 45 Safety Administration study mph and cry out for a change in found that senior citilegislation. Particular cases and zens alone accounted exemplified stories do little to for 5 percent of all address the issue a t people injured in hand. traffic accidents, 13 percent of all traffic fatalities and 18 percent of all pedestrian fatalities. When considering senior citizens comprised only 7 percent of the population at the time of the study, such numbers are disproportionately high. The study also found that along with teenLAURIE MCADAM/The Modesto Bee/MCT Campus age drivers, senior citizens had the highest accident rate While seeing a video of an per mile driven. Despite hav- elderly driver causing a four-car ing parallel accident occurrenc- pile up on a freeway by drives as teens, people age 75 and ing in the wrong direction is older are the most likely to have enough to get you upset, such fatality-related crashes, with the examples are not necessarily the likelihood quadrupling beyond norm. Much like not all colthe age of 85. Averaging three lege kids text while driving or fatal car crashes a day in this drive drunk, not all elderly are country, the elderly present an incapable of operating a car issue that must be addressed. safely. Yet as is evidenced by the With an expected 73-percent numerous age restrictions of increase of individuals age 85 young drivers based off of staand older by 2030, analysts pre- tistics and empirical reasoning, dict to also see fatal crashes people should be prevented from

acting in a manner that could harm society. Unfortunately, the elderly are those who need to be prevented from doing so. Statistical evidence shows that both new teen drivers (age 14-18) and elderly drivers (age 65 and above) are equally dangerous behind the wheel. With such evidence existing, many restrictions are placed on the former of the two: teens. Minimum age requirements, driver’s education, learner’s permits, school permits, harsher penalties and quicker license restrictions are examples of the many ways in which we try to make teenage drivers safer. And few would argue they are not for good reason. With such accepted restrictions on such a dangerous driving demographic, why is it we refuse to do the same with an equally dangerous demographic? There are many traceable reasonings as to why the elderly are involved in such a high proportion of accidents. With age comes decreased reaction time, changes in depth perception, vision problems, hearing problems and decreased ability to focus among a myriad of other health and medical issues. Some states, such as California, have tried to address these issues by mandating more numerous driving tests for the elderly, but even such well-intentioned measures have failed in that they are only required after having two accidents within a year. Even states such as Pennsylvania that have physician reporting laws, which require a doctor

to report disabilities that may reduce a patient’s capability to drive safely, are failing because few doctors want to risk the relationship with their patient. Perhaps the reason nothing has been done is due to the AARP. Fighting any campaigns that could potentially limit the driving rights of the elderly, the AARP claims the elderly are being discriminated against on the basis of age. Reluctantly using an argument tossed around by half-brained Republicans trying to outlaw gay marriage, I must ask, is there even a right there to begin with? And even if there is, we have seen that some rights start with age. Can they not, then, end with age as well? If it is accepted that a 13-year-old has no right to drive, then is it not too radical to say an 81-year-old can’t drive? I have the upmost respect for the elderly and believe they are entitled to the same rights as everyone else. Yet with as many physical problems as the elderly have, at some point it is in everyone’s best interest for them to forfeit their rights. While I believe in equal rights for everyone, I don’t know of anyone who would argue a blind person should be able to drive. I feel the same way about someone who is halfway there. By implementing strict and frequent testing nondiscriminately on the elderly, those still fit to drive would have the independence to do so, and those unfit to safely operate a car wouldn’t be allowed to do so. It is far from ideal, but with the current state of many of the drivers sputtering down the road, it’s the only logical option.


one. As we grow, we are taught that just because we want to do something does not mean that we should. Part of growing up is acknowledging responsibility for your actions and learning the difference between the things you can do, the things you should do and the things you will do. As adults, we ought to know the difference and make our choices accordingly. A closing remark from AVERT: “Casual sex can be risky, to not only a person’s physical health but to their mental health also. People who have casual sex need to take these things into account when making decisions regarding their sex lives and personal health.”

continued from page 8

sexual appetite has been corrupted. The want of a thing and the habit of immediately fulfilling that desire reflects the society in which we live. We have ready access to the things we want, and the means to get them, through credit if we like. All sorts of advertisements tell us to want things we do not need without allowing time to consider any greater consequences of our actions. They simply demand that you surrender to impulse, much as those who engage in casual sex surrender to their sexual impulse. The “I want to” response is an immature and childish

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Sports The University

Friday, February 25, 2011



Northern Iowa’s

Volume 107, Issue 39


student-produced newspaper since

Cedar Falls, Iowa

Senior Night sorrow

UNI loses a hear tbr eaker to Indiana State, 76-74

TIM GETTING/Northern Iowan

UNI senior point guard Kwadzo Ahelegbe (No. 11) scored 15 points against Indiana State Tuesday night, but was just 3-for-12 shooting the ball from the floor.



Sports Editor

Seniors Kwadzo Ahelegbe, Kerwin Dunham and Lucas O’Rear made their final appearance in the McLeod Center Tuesday night as the University of Northern Iowa men’s basketball team hosted the Indiana State University Sycamores for Senior Night. UNI’s three seniors have helped lead the Panthers to 108 total wins throughout the course of their careers. However, Tuesday night’s game was not meant to be victory No. 109, as the Panthers were matched shot-for-shot by the Sycamores in a 76-74 defeat. “This was a heck of a team win,” said ISU head coach Greg Lansing. “We have been talking all along about getting better every day in practice and trying to make a run here at the end of the year.” The 40-minute back-andforth affair featured eight lead changes, and the largest lead for either team was nine points. “I think we have been playing better basketball in the last three games,” said UNI head coach Ben Jacobson. “In the last two games we have made a couple mistakes that if we don’t make we have a great chance to win both of those games.”









3PT% 40.7%














The Sycamores (16-13, 11-6 MVC) jumped out to an early 17-10 lead at the 11:17 mark after they knocked down back-to-back three-pointers. However, the Panthers (19-11, 10-7 MVC) would slowly chip away at the lead and eventually took a brief two-point lead at 28-26 with 3:23 remaining in the first half. ISU would respond with a 6-2 run to take a 32-30 lead into the locker room. The Panthers remained within striking distance of the Sycamores for most of the second half, even taking a brief one-point lead at 35-34 with 17:41 remaining in the game; however, they would not regain the lead after that point. UNI had a shot to win the game at the end of regulation, but sophomore guard Anthony James’ halfcourt shot was off the mark, making the final score 76-74 in favor of the visitors. UNI has allowed 70 points or

more in six straight games, something the program hasn’t done since the 200203 season. ISU shot 48.9 percent (23-for-47) from the floor for the game while shooting 47.8 percent (11-for-23) from beyond the arc. The Sycamores shot 73.1 percent (19-for-26) from the free throw line, but were a stellar 90 percent (18-for-20) in the second half. UNI shot 41.5 percent (22-for-53) from the floor for the game while shooting 40.7 percent (11-for-27) from three-point range. The Panthers shot 79.2 percent (19-for-24) from the charity strip. UNI had four players reach double figures. James led the way with 18 points. Joining James in double figures were junior guard Johnny Moran (17), Ahelegbe (15) and sophomore forward Jake Koch (11). Dunham chipped in with a season-high eight points off the bench. Not only has this senior class helped lead UNI to 108 victories throughout their stellar four-year careers, they have also helped lead the Panthers to two regular season Missouri Valley Conference titles, two MVC Tournament titles, two berths in the NCAA Tournament and a Sweet 16 appearance. See BASKETBALL, page 11




Ahelegbe named MVC Player of the Week NI NEWS SERVICE overall) in leading UNI to an

For the third time this season, University of Northern Iowa senior point guard Kwadzo Ahelegbe (Oakdale, Minn.) has been named the Missouri Valley Conference’s Player of the Week. Ahelegbe averaged 25 points, five assists, 4.5 rebounds and shot 52.2 percent from the floor in NI NEWS SERVICE a pair of games vs. Bradley University and George Mason University. In the two games, Ahelegbe shot 7-of-14 (50 percent) from three-point land and 19-of22 (86.4 percent) from the free throw line. Ahelegbe scored 22 second-half points (24

80-70 road win over Bradley. He buried 5-of-8 shots from the floor against the Braves, sank 11-of-12 free throws, grabbed six rebounds and handed out six assists in the win. Against George Mason, Ahelegbe tied a season-high with 26 points and set a career-high with four made three-pointers. Ahelegbe was credited with four assists and no turnovers in 34 minutes of action against the Patriots. It marks the fifth time in Ahelegbe’s career and third time this season that he has been named the MVC player of the week. He was honored twice during the 2009-10 season. Ahelegbe and the Panthers (19-11 overall, 10-7 MVC) will travel to Omaha, Neb., Saturday to take on the Creighton University Bluejays. Tip-off is set for 1 p.m.

Ryan’s Rants

What is privacy?

Courtesy Photo/MCT CAMPUS

Last week Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers was arrested for drunk driving and resisting arrest.

By RYAN FRIEDERICH ask the police officer, “Do you Sports Columnist

This past week Miguel Cabrera reminded everyone that sports figures are not invincible. In case you have forgotten about Michael Vick, Tiger Woods or Ben Roethlisberger, you know that more and more athletics has turned into a better version of the Maury Povich show. Cabrera was arrested before the beginning of spring training for drunk driving and resisting arrest; he also had the audacity to

know who I am?” This latest black eye for the sporting world had me thinking of the age-old sports debate: do people really care about athlete’s personal lives? Absolutely we do. If you are like me, you live and breathe sports. Every morning I wake up to “SportsCenter,” I drive to work listening to AM sports talk radio, and I fall asleep watching more ESPN. I waste half my day reading Twitter updates about what See RANT, page 11



Friday, February 25, 2011

RANT continued from page 10

Chad Ochocinco is watching on TV, what Pete Carroll is listening to on his iPod and how many Twinkies John Daly has shoved down his throat before his tee-off. The lives of famous athletes have fueled the professional sports industry since Babe Ruth’s time. When Tiger Woods smashed his vehicle into a tree, the world stopped and nearly everyone tried to assume what was happening in his personal affairs. The part that gets me is when people feel they have the right to say whether an athlete should be suspended, banned or removed from a team. We all know Michael Vick made some terrible choices, but who’s to say that he shouldn’t be able to return to his profession? In a perfect world, there would be a TMZ channel for professional athletes


only. We could look into their personal lives, watch them 24/7 and creep on their wives and children as well. Doesn’t it seem like we are getting to the point where we are overdoing it? We are placing ourselves in places where we are unwanted, but we have no problem ignoring that fact. We need to get back to a place where we loved sports for the competition and not for the drama behind the scenes. I have to cut my article off short because I just heard there might be new developments in Rex Ryan’s wife’s foot fetish story. Until next time, Go Panthers!

Do you have an opinion on this article? Express your thoughts online at:

Power play pushes Black Hawks past the Buccaneers By DUSTIN WOODY Sports Writer

The Waterloo Black Hawks’ two goals in Des Moines Tuesday night were enough to propel them past the Des Moines Buccaneers by a score of 2-1. Waterloo’s Tyler Zepeda and Blake Thompson assisted Max Edson’s first power play tally at 3:06 of the first period. Des Moines’ Blake Doerring had taken a two-minute tripping minor penalty at 2:59 to set up the score. Jamie Hill scored from Jacob MacDonald and Mike Montagna just 1:12 into the second period, after Buccaneers’ Dajon Mingo and goalie Michael Shibrowski were both in the penalty box for the Buccaneers. Shibrowski’s penalty was a two-minute minor for roughing 18 seconds into the period, and Mingo’s was another tripping call 59 seconds in. “It’s a step, and we’ve got to keep making steps. We can’t sit on it, we can’t pat ourselves on the back, we’ve just got to move forward.” P.K. O’Handley Waterloo Black Hawks head coach

Des Moines attempted to rally when Mingo and Dan DeSalvo assisted Austin Coldwell’s power play goal at 11:59 in the second, but Waterloo was able to hold

on for the win. MacDonald was in the penalty box serving a hooking twominute minor from 10:23 when Coldwell scored. Shibrowski had 34 saves out of 36 Black Hawks’ shots, and Waterloo’s goalie C.J. Motte stopped 31 of Des Moines’ 32 shots in the win. Waterloo improved to 15-19-7 (37 points) on the season with the win, jumping past Youngstown (16-24-4, 36 points) for sixth place in the United States Hockey League Easter n Conference standings. The regular season continues through the second week in April, so there is still plenty of time for Waterloo to move up or down in the standings. Waterloo head coach P.K. O’Handley feels there is still room for improvement for the team, but he is happy with the way the team has been playing lately. “I like the way we’re playing, as hard as we’re playing. We have trouble scoring goals five-on-five, but that’s going to be an issue until the end,” said O’Handley. “C.J. (Motte) played well. It’s a step, and we’ve got to keep making steps. We can’t sit on it, we can’t pat ourselves on the back, we’ve just got to move forward.” Waterloo returns home to Young Arena Friday night for a matchup against the Omaha Lancers before going on a six-game road stretch.


TIM GETTING/Northern Iowan

Sophomore guard Anthony James (No. 52) scored a team-high 18 points against Indiana State Tuesday night. James has led UNI in scoring on 12 different occasions this season.



continued from page 10


“It means a lot (to sweep the defending MVC champions) because I have so much respect for (UNI),” said Lansing. “We all pulled for (UNI) last year in their run through the (NCAA Tournament). We want to get to where they have been.” While Senior Night didn’t go as scripted for the three Panther seniors, there are still many great memories that these three seniors will leave the McLeod Center with. “It has been great. The fans, the community and the people I have met

Greg McDermott RECORD: 17-13 (9-8 MVC)

LEADING SCORERS: Doug McDermott -- 14.4 ppg Antoine Young -- 13.7 ppg Greg Echenique -- 10.4 ppg

LEADING REBOUNDERS: Doug McDermott -- 8.0 rpg Greg Echenique -- 5.7 rpg Kenny Lawson Jr. -- 5.6 rpg OFFENSE: 67.8 ppg (3rd MVC) DEFENSE: 64.2 ppg (5th MVC)

While the Panthers don’t play another regular season home game, there is still one road game remaining before the team heads to St. Louis for the MVC Tournament and a shot at the automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. UNI will travel to Omaha, Neb., Saturday to face off with conference-rival Creighton University with fourth place in the MVC on the line. The game will air on MVC TV at 1 p.m.

throughout my years here, that’s some of the emotion that has been going through me for this past week,” said Ahelegbe. “It’s just tough to lose on a night like this.”

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