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NOVEMBER 9, 2012








Obama, Kressig, Danielson, Braley, Rogers reelected The 2012 general election yielded wins for President Obama and local incumbents alike. At press time, the final numbers from Florida were unavailable and the Black Hawk County results had not yet been certified. Here are the numbers as they currently stand. Visit for more local election results.


UNI looks to pick up first back-to-back wins of 2012 season The Panthers hope to pick up where they left off last week when they routed WIU as they travel to South Dakota this weekend. < See PAGE 6

Barack Obama

Mitt Romney

Electoral College



Movie theater etiquette is dead

Popular Vote

Columnist Ruane laments that while going to the movies is a nostalgic, valued tradition for some, it seems to be a chance to catch up on Facebook or REM sleep for others. < See PAGE 6






U.S. House of Representatives District 1 Ben Lange (R) Bruce Braley (D)

37.19% 61.92%

State Senator District 30 Matt Reisetter (R) Jeff Danielson (D)

37.19% 61.92%

State Representative District 59 James R. Kenyon (R) Bob Kressig (D)

43.28% 56.6%

State Representative District 60 Walt Rogers (R) Bob Greenwood (D)

52.48% 47.45%

Data: Associated Press,


Students respond to controversial poster CODY GRIMES News Writer


The quarterback question Sawyer Kollmorgen has played well so far, but columnist Bemis remembers the three-man race for the QB position and wonders: who’s next? < See PAGE 6 PHILANTHROPY

Students bare it all for frigid Polar Bare Run Despite the chill and rain, several students peeled off their winter layers and donated clothes, then went for nice, refreshing jog Tuesday evening. < See PAGE 6


What did you think of the 2012 election? < See PAGE 2

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A poster with anti-LGBT statements recently caused a stir on the University of Northern Iowa campus. The poster, since removed, was originally hung in the Industrial Technology Center and was then shared repeatedly on social media sites. The poster, titled “Say No! To LGBT Center,” denounced the social progress of lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual students at UNI. The poster claimed there has been a “push for more acceptance and special treatment of LGBT groups” at UNI and argued such treatment is unwarranted. It specifically denounced the creation of a center for LGBT students. Currently, there is an LGBT Center Exploratory Committee within the Northern Iowa Student Government. In a Nov. 2 letter to the editor in the Northern Iowan, the committee shared their statement on the issue. “The misunderstandings evident in the flier ‘Say NO! To LGBT Center’ are the exact reason why we must continue the work of educating the campus community and fight for (an LGBT) center here at UNI,” they wrote. Randi Knipp, a junior at UNI, feels a center for LGBT students is warranted. “If lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual students

KARI BRAUMANN/Northern Iowan

While the option of opening an LGBT center is explored, the Purple Pen Room in Maucker Union (above) is the temporary office for UNI Proud, One Iowa and Transgenda. Their office used to be in Bartlett Hall.

were welcomed in the beginning, the center would not have been proposed and they would feel comfortable using the facilities already present on campus,” Knipp said. “I’m afraid the proposal of the center is a result of ignorance, cruelty and people who post such fliers.” The poster was not pub-

licly signed by its author, nor has it been publicly claimed by any recognized UNI campus group. “I think an individual wrote it, and I also think they are very ignorant and unprofessional,” said Stormy O’Brink, a junior at UNI and member of UNI Proud, the LGBT alliance group on campus.

“The individual failed to realize that Iowa State University and the University of Iowa have LGBT centers, and we don’t label those universities ‘LGBT schools.’” Krystal Robinson, a junior family services major, feels that by using Christian < See POSTER, page 2



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POSTER continued from page 1

rhetoric, the author of the poster associates Christians with an opinion they may not necessarily have. “Being a Christian and a heterosexual ally, I feel that such hate speech continues to give a bad name to (those) belonging to either group, and I find this incredibly saddening as both should foster the love and acceptance of all,” Robinson said. “It was not long ago that such hate would be voiced so openly about one’s skin color, and I think that this is just another manifestation of unnecessary hate from people who lack the capability of expressing empathy and are arrogant in their privilege.” A number of student groups on campus have openly voiced opposition to the content of the poster. The UNI Freethinkers and Inquirers, Northern Iowa Democrats, UNI Proud, One Iowa at UNI and the UNI Feminist Action league all co-authored a press release that was initially published on Facebook. The press release read as follows: “This hate language, this fear mongering, this bigotry towards those whom are different — none of this is representative of UNI, and it does not belong at this school.” Junior Sarah Kuhn also had a strong reaction to the poster. “I was angry that because I’m a heterosexual at UNI, (and) someone was trying to lump me into their personal hate,” Kuhn said. “I am an ally and proud to be one.”

Business Assistant









On-Campus Circulation


Off-Campus Circulation

Compiled by LINH TA/News Writer

I was a little disappointed Mitt Romney didn’t win. I would’ve liked to see him win, but I do believe Barack Obama will do a good job and I’m excited to see what the next four years will bring.

Andrea Thoene


I honestly thought it was going to be a lot closer. I thought I was going to have to stay up later to see who won. But it didn’t surprise me that Obama won the states he did.

Andrew Scherf Senior political science major

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” ”

I’m hoping Obama can actually get a good hold on the economy. But unfortunately, the house did not change ... I’m hoping (Obama) can actually enact his policies.

John Chiles Graduate student, music

Rachel Osweiler


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ANALYSIS OF 2012 ELECTION University Book and Supply 10:30-11:30 a.m. Panelists will share their perspectives on the 2012 elections.


It went about how I expected it. I think the way Obama dealt with Hurricane Sandy helped him in the end and gave him a push that he needed.

Junior pre-nursing major

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I just hope there can be changes. I hope that (Obama) can follow through on some of the things he’s hoping to instate like Obamacare, and hopefully he can focus now more on the issues instead of the election.

Junior psychology major

Close to UNI

Sophomore communication major

Haylee Taylor



what do you think about the election results?

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FILM DOCUMENTARY: “SONS OF JACOB SYNAGOGUE” GBPAC 4 p.m. “Sons of Jacob Synagogue” is an hour-long documentary that explores the histories and experiences of the Jewish community in Waterloo, from the early immigrants to present day.


NOVEMBER 9, 2012







Movie theater etiquette is dead BLAKE RUANE

You can finally breathe a sigh of a relief. It’s over. Election Day has come and gone. Birds are chirping again, the sun is shining and all is well with the world. We survived. Give yourself a pat on the back. But now that we’ve got that whole presidential fiasco sorted out, we can focus on the issues that really matter. And make no mistake, America is under attack. You just don’t know it. We are under siege by a group of sick, twisted individuals who look, walk and talk like us, but do not behave like well-mannered, respectable human beings. And they’re hitting us where it hurts the most: the movie theater. These uncivilized people walk into a movie theater and act like it’s their living room – pulling their cell phones out to text every five minutes, carrying on conversations with their cronies and generally showing no regard for the sacred moviegoing experience of the people around them. These people make me sick. I’ve talked about a number of different things in this column over the past couple months. I’ve discussed college, politics, athletics, careers and civil rights, and those are all well and good, but what I’m really passionate about are movies. I know

that, for some of you, movies may seem trivial compared to those other topics, but I’m going to have to disagree with you on that one. Movies do matter, whether you want to admit it or not. Otherwise we wouldn’t waste our time and hard-earned money going to see them.

... I just can’t help but long for the days when going to the movie theater was a special occasion, not just a way to kill a few hours and supplant boredom.

We all go for different reasons. Some go to be challenged, others to be entertained and even to laugh or cry. More than anything, we go to escape. For two hours, we can step out of our lives and into another world and be captivated by the story on the screen. Call me old-fashioned, but I tend to view going to the movie theater as an experience. The smell of buttered popcorn in the air, the torturous exercise of trying to pick the perfect seat, that moment when the lights begin to dim as the show starts – all

things that I just can’t do without. Sure, you have to practically take out a loan to pay for the ticket and concessions, but it’s all worth it.. Movies can brighten your day, make you contemplate and consider important questions about yourself and force you to confront your deepest emotions. Movies are a form of art and, like any other art form, the possibilities of what can be done are endless and unimaginable. Yet few members of modern audiences seem to appreciate the power of film. We go to the theater, but we forget to check the real world at the door. Instead, we bring it in with us. We check our phones, we talk to our friends and we sometimes even take naps. The action on the screen is little more than background noise to us. I might sound like a grumpy old codger getting bent out of shape over a bunch of meddling teens, but I just can’t help but long for the days when going to the movie theater was a special occasion, not just a way to kill a few hours and supplant boredom. But the problem isn’t just limited to what goes on in the theater. Most of us are making poor decisions at the box office, before we even have a chance to decide what size of popcorn we want. We are putting down cash for less than standard fare like “Battleship,” “Paranormal Activity 4” and “Madea’s Witness Protection,” and

not thinking twice about what we’re contributing to. And I don’t want to hear that you think Hollywood is running out of ideas. They’re not. We’re just giving them the wrong ones. We are inundated with sequels, remakes and reboots because that is what sells. We pay to see garbage, so the studios are naturally going to fund more garbage. The film industry has lost a lot of its luster over the years, and the blame falls to us. There are good, quality films out there that can’t even get a nationwide theatrical release because it doesn’t appeal to your casual moviegoer, who no doubt finds comfort in one of the brainless action orgies that Michael Bay puts out every couple years or the artificial sentimentality of the latest Nicholas Sparks romcom. We are paying to see dumb movies and we are acting dumb when we sit down to watch them. Some of you will dismiss me as a pretentious movie snob and say that there is nothing wrong with seeing “Transformers 3” three times in theaters. You’re right; there is nothing wrong with that. I just wish you’d give something more original and challenging a chance. Just once. You might be surprised. And stop kicking the seat of the person in front of you. It’s rude. Blake Ruane is a senior in English from Cedar Falls, Iowa.

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caitie peterson campus life editor

november 9, 2012




UNI students brave the cold for Polar Bare Run JON HAUSLER

Staff Writer

On Tuesday night, Nov. 6, the University of Northern Iowa’s sixth annual philanthropic Polar Bare Run, Walk or Roll took place outside the Alumni House, despite chilling weather. The event was put on by Connecting Alumni to Students and the Alumni Association. “Even with the rain and cold, we still had a great turnout of runners for this year’s event,” Connie Hansen, the assistant director of outreach and engagement for the Office of Alumni Relations, said.

The one-mile run consisted of participants donating their winter clothing to the Salvation Army and running in the cold without their snow gear. The event began with check-in at 9 p.m. and the run started at 9:30 p.m. “We may have been down in runners due to the elections, but the amount of clothing donated was awesome,” Hansen said. “The final count for clothing items was between 375 and 400 items.” Rachel Smithart, a junior communication studies and sociology major, attended and helped out with the event as a CATS member. “This year, local area busi-

nesses sponsored our event through the donation of gift cards or certificates that were raffled to runners, walkers and rollers who brought gently used articles of clothing,” said Smithart. “Local businesses also donated food items for the runners, walkers and rollers upon completion of the race.” Students who registered early received a free t-shirt at the event. “As a member of a student organization on campus, I can see firsthand how the donations and support of UNI students can positively effect our community that gives so much to us,” Smithart said.

page 4

volume 109, issue 22

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Pin Happy! Pinterest Column

Amanda Merritt

Have you ever gone “Pin Happy” on Pinterest? Whether you are an avid pinner or have never been on Pinterest, anyone can create the craft for this week! Here is a step-by-step instructional guide on how to make cute, crafty coasters. You can make these coasters as a gift for someone special or just for fun! Step 1: Trace a circle on the corkboard using a cup or a similar item. Step 2: Cut out the corkboard.

1 pin

Homemade Coasters Materials:

• Corkboard (can be found at Target, Hobby Lobby, etc.)

Step 3: Use the cut-out corkboard to trace a circle on the fabric.

• Hot glue gun and glue sticks • Fabric • Marker • Scissors

Step 4: Cut out the fabric.

Step 5: Put hot glue on the corkboard. Step 6: Center fabric on the corkboard. Step 7: Let it dry and make as many as you want! Tip: In step 5, if you hot glue the fabric instead of the cork, it’s more difficult to place it straight onto the cork.

campuslife | friday, november 9, 2012


DAVID POPE/Style Columnist


page 5


December 17 - January 2

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STYLE & BEAUTY We’ve put it off for as long as possible, but it is time again to put away the shorts and flip-flops. This fall, we need to focus on how we can avoid hypothermia as the Iowa winter approaches. Some tips to stay warm while looking hot: • Long underwear: It’s not just for grandparents anymore! Look, it may seem strange, but unless you have a hot date that you know you’ll undress for, no one is going to see these suckers anyway. The piercing wind on UNI’s campus can cut through simple denim, so buy a few pairs of these for those particularly nasty days. • Sock-it-to-ya!: Thick knit socks in a variety of different colors aren’t just practical, they’re posh. Pair them peaking out from the top of leather boots on top of skinny jeans for a now-classic hipster look. • Leg warmers: Keep the neon spandex in the ‘80s and invest in some sweater-knit leg warmers to spice up your skinnies. • Shimmy into some skinnies: Flowy/baggy pants let in the blustery winter winds! More fitted cuts will keep the

warmth in (and create more flattering shapes, too). • Be a layer cake: Layering different pieces adds visual interest anyway, but now you have creative license to go crazy with the layering without overheating! A good layer cake could be a solid tank top, a flannel button-up shirt, a knit vest and a chunky sweater on top! • Gurl please, accessories!: Your head, neck and hands need some special protection from the cold. Thick gloves, scarves and hats in muted plaids, brown or gray go well with most fall jackets and sweaters. Hats with ear-flaps are nearly essential on this campus. I know, I know. But I have faith that you can rock it. • Play with proportions: Oversized ugly sweaters on top (such as those you can find at any Goodwill store) with a tee and tank underneath and a pair of skinny jeans, leg warmers and fall boots is a perfect toasty outfit once you add the knit scarf, gloves and hat! Stay warm, look hot and have fun!

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NOVEMBER 9, 2012









(3-6, 2-4 MVFC)


UNI looks to win back-to-back games for first time this season WHEN: 12 P.M.





Senior running back Carlos Anderson (1) and the UNI Panthers will square off with the South Dakota Coyotes Saturday at noon in Vermillion, S.D.


12 p.m.



Sports Editor

BRANDON BAKER/Northern Iowan Archives

(1-8, 0-6 MVFC)

The University of Northern Iowa football team, coming off of a dominating 40-0 victory over Western Illinois University last weekend, is traveling to Vermillion, S.D., to square off with the last-place University of South Dakota Coyotes Saturday at noon. With a victory on Saturday, the Panthers (3-6, 2-4 MVFC) would win back-to-back games for the first time this season. The Coyotes (1-8, 0-6 MVFC) are looking to win their first Missouri Valley Football Conference game of the season. While USD is winless in conference play, three of their six MVFC losses have been by five points or less. “South Dakota is very good offensively, they’ve got a very good plan. Their quarter-

back is an excellent athlete and their defense is aggressive,” said UNI head football coach Mark Farley. “It appears, on film, that they are more of a high-paced, fast-tempo team both offensively and defensively.” If the Panthers can limit Coyote sophomore dual-threat quarterback Josh Vander Maten and win the turnover battle, they should be able to come away with their second straight MVFC road victory. “This will be our last (road trip) as a group. There are some things we can accomplish on this (road trip) and we’ve got our sights on some things that we can still attain, individually and as a team,” said Farley. UNI is 24-17-1 all-time against USD. The last time the Coyotes defeated the Panthers was 1981. UNI won the previous meeting between the two schools 19-14 in 2010.


Question marks still surround UNI quarterback position heading into next season

Nov. 10 Women’s BBall vs. UW-Green Bay 2:30 p.m. Nov. 14 Men’s BBall vs. Toledo

7 p.m.

Nov. 15 Women’s BBall vs. South Dakota

12 p.m.

Nov. 17 Men’s BBall vs. North Dakota

1 p.m.

Nov. 17 Football vs. Missouri State

4 p.m.

Nov. 17 Volleyball vs. Bradley

7 p.m.

Dec. 1

Men’s BBall vs. UW-Milwaukee

7 p.m.

Dec. 4

Women’s BBall vs. Chicago State

7 p.m.

Dec. 5

Men’s BBall vs. Northern Colorado

7 p.m.

Dec. 8

Wrestling (UNI Open)

Dec. 8

Women’s BB vs. South Dakota State 2 p.m.

All Day

Dec. 17 Women’s BBall vs. Iowa State

7 p.m.

Dec. 22 Men’s BBall vs. St. Mary’s

2 p.m.

ERIC CLAUSEN/Northern Iowan

UNI redshirt freshman quarterback Sawyer Kollmorgen has thrown for 2,037 yards and 18 touchdowns through nine games this season.

JAKE BEMIS Sports Columnist

While most football seasons are coming to a close, it feels like the University of Northern Iowa’s football season ended weeks ago. The Panthers have not been in playoff contention for nearly a month, and some people are already starting to look forward to what the future may

have in store. One of those people is me. Ever since the team seemed to be ruled out of any postseason play, I have wondered what changes we may see between this year and next year. The biggest question that sticks out in my mind is about the future of the quarterback position. Redshirt freshman Sawyer Kollmorgen has looked ter-

rific this season, especially for a first-year starter, but let’s not forget how he got the spot during preseason. There was a three-man race for the starting position which included Jared Lanpher, Stephen Kaiser and Kollmorgen. This is not to say Kollmorgen didn’t earn the spot, because he did, but other < See QUARTERBACK, page 7




now leasing


Photo courtesy of Aubrey Symons and UNI Athletics Communications

Jared Lanpher (14) started one game at quarterback for the Panthers in 2011 in place of an injured Tirrell Rennie.

QUARTERBACK continued from page 6

definitely had to play into coach Mark Farley’s decision. Lanpher was injured with a hernia that needed surgery, which caused the redshirt sophomore to miss an extended period of practice time. Lanpher was the only one of the three competing quarterbacks to have any starting experience,. He started for the injured Tirrell Rennie last season. The other competitor, Stephen Kaiser, is a transfer from Southern Methodist University. Coming out of high school, Kaiser was ranked as the No. 17 quarterback in the nation according to Scouts Inc. If not for his late transfer and short time to learn the offense, Kaiser could have very well been running the offense this season for the Panthers. So what happens next season when we go through the same motions, but with a new twist? This time, a

more-experienced Kaiser and a healthy Lanpher will be competing along with Kollmorgen for the starting spot. While it has been a great year for the Panther offense, I think that once next year starts, the slate has to once again be wiped clean. You cannot hand out a starting spot to someone without a fair competition. These three guys all need an equal chance of playing next season. It’s what Farley did this year, and should keep doing as long as he has this type of depth at the quarterback position. Although they say having lots of talent in one position is a blessing in disguise, sometimes that blessing is wearing a very scary mask. Of course I like to see the talent the Panthers have at quarterback, but once again Farley will be faced with probably the biggest question of the offseason: Who will be UNI’s starting quarterback for the 2013-2014 season?

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The Nov. 9, 2012 issue of the Northern Iowan, the University of Northern Iowa's independent, student-produced newspaper since 1892.


The Nov. 9, 2012 issue of the Northern Iowan, the University of Northern Iowa's independent, student-produced newspaper since 1892.