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Video Zombies invade the UNI campus

Majors in Minutes helps students explore opportunities Page 3


UNI receives $10 million donation to support Imagine the Impact campaign MARKITA CURRIE

Staff Writer

The University of Northern Iowa has received its largest gift ever from a UNI graduate. Mark Oman (B.A. ’76) and his wife, Jill (B.A. ’85), pledged $10 million for student scholarships to UNI’s Imagine the Impact campaign. Mark Oman is the cochair of the campaign and senior executive vice president of Wells Fargo and Company. The donation was announced over Homecoming weekend, and the Omans hope it will encourage fellow alumni and friends to donate to the Imagine the Impact campaign as well. “UNI will always be a special place for my wife and me. It gave us an outstanding education in busi-

ness and the liberal arts, preparing us for successful and satisfying careers. We hope our gift will enable future students to enjoy the same educational advantages that we found at UNI,” said Mark Oman. “UNI will always be a special place to my wife and me. If gave us an outstanding education in the business and liberal arts, preparing us for successful and satisfying careers.” Mark Oman UNI Graduate

The campaign is designed to obtain funding for student scholarships, See DONATION, page 2


Mark and JIll Oman, both graduates of UNI, have pledged $10 million to the UNI Foundation. The donation will be used to support the Imagine the Impact campaign.

DOR begins RA recruitment SARAH KELZER Staff Writer

The University of Northern Iowa Department of Residence will be selecting students who wish to be Resident Assistants for the 2011-2012 school year. RAs receive free room and board and are paid a salary of $1,200. Students can apply online between Nov. 8 and Jan. 15. By no means is this free money; being an RA can

require a lot of work. “RAs are required to attend training and inservices, implement the Residence Education Mission, participate in weekly staff meetings, participate in the selection of new Resident Assistants, assist in the opening and closing procedures at each break by returning early before the halls open and staying late, after the halls close, etc.,” said Adrienne Appler, Bartlett Hall

Residence Life Coordinator. “RAs also need to attend training workshops before fall and spring semester, as well as during the spring semester for the following year (if returning to the position).” More than 200 applications are received each year, and the selection process begins with a few minimum requirements. RAs must be full-time students, with a minimum 2.5 See RA RECRUITMENT, page 2

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ANNA SCHRECK/Northern Iowan

Kate Schofield and April Czarnetzki, both RAs in Campbell Hall, work on a bulletin board in the residence hall.



DONATION continued from page 1

undergraduate research and quality faculty as well as guest artists, study abroad programs and fellowships. So far Imagine the Impact has created 206 new scholarships and 154 different types of funds for students and faculty. The Imagine the Impact campaign started in 2005 and is scheduled to end at the end of 2013. It was made to fulfill President Benjamin Allen’s vision of

making UNI a leader in undergraduate education and in solving Pre-K through 12 issues, and enhancing the cultural and economic development of Iowa. This is the largest campaign in UNI’s history, with a goal of $150 million. So far, $109 million has been raised. “We encourage all of our alumni to embrace Mark and Jill Oman’s challenge by supporting the Imagine the Impact campaign,” said Bill Calhoun, president of the UNI Foundation.

PUBLIC NOTICE OF STORM WATER DISCHARGE Hy-Vee, Inc. plans to submit a Notice of Intent to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to be covered under the NPDES General Permit General Permit No. 2 “Storm Water Discharge Associated with Industrial Activity for Construction Activities” (select the appropriate general permit - No. 1 “Storm Water Discharge Associated with Industrial Activity”, General Permit No. 2 “Storm Water Discharge Associated with Industrial Activity for Construction Activities, or General Permit No. 3 “Storm Water Discharge Associated With Industrial Activity From Asphalt Plants, Concrete Batch Plants, Rock Crushing Plants, And Construction Sand And Gravel Facilities”) The storm water discharge will be from construction of grocery store and parking lot located in SE 1/4, Section 33, Township 89 North, Range 13 West, Black Hawk County (1/4 section, section, township, range, county) Storm water will be discharged from 1 point source(s) and will be discharged to the following streams: Unnamed tributary to Black Hawk Creek Comments may be submitted to the Storm Water Discharge Coordinator, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division, 502 E. 9th Street, Des Moines, IA 50319-0034. The public may review the Notice of Intent from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at the above address after it has been received by the department.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

RA RECRUITMENT continued from page 1

cumulative GPA that must be maintained. To apply, students must have lived in the residence halls for at least one semester (either at UNI or another college). Applicants must also complete a recommendation form and an essay that is no more than three pages. The essay asks questions such as “how you would define a community?” and “what is your definition of diversity?” The DOR seeks other qualities that don’t always show up on paper. RAs deal with situations that are not always ideal and they usually have to make decisions about conflicts that fall into a grey area. For this reason the DOR searches for not only self-motivation, academic excellence and writing skills, but also the ability to deal with conflict, positive attitudes, creative thinking and the ability to be a team player. One of the most important qualities of an RA is the ability to adapt to change. “It’s an experience that I’ll always remember after I graduate. There are a lot


of life skills that I don’t know where else I would have learned them,” said Cassandra Hayne, a thirdyear RA in Campbell Hall. Both Hayne and Eggert enjoy seeing how the residents grow as people throughout the course of the year. “It’s fun providing students with opportunities to take part in and fun activities that build relationships,” said Joanna Eggert, an RA in Campbell Hall. “I’ve made really great, lasting friendships with both my fellow RAs and my residents,” said Hayne.

“It’s an experience that I’ll always remember after I graduate. There are a lot of skills that I don’t know where else I would have learned them.” Cassandra Hayne Campbell Hall RA

Think you have what it takes to be an RA? Applications are available on the DOR’s website and are due Jan. 15, 2011 at 5 p.m.

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The University of Northern Iowa’s student-produced newspaper since 1892


Friday, October 29, 2010


Volume 107, Issue 18


Cedar Falls, Iowa



Majors in Minutes helps students explore opportunities By MAGGIE DONOVAN Staff Writer

On Tuesday, University of Northern Iowa students gathered in the Maucker Union Ballroom to learn more about majors and career options during the third annual Majors in Minutes. Majors in Minutes is a “speed-dating” type of event where freshmen, undecided students or students thinking about changing majors are given the opportunity to learn about several different majors (58 to be exact) that may interest them. Students attending the event were given five minutes to visit with junior or senior students from the variety of majors represented on Tuesday evening. This was strictly a student-to-student event, meaning that students attending were able to discuss majors and get their questions answered in a low-pressure, conversational manner with another UNI student. “It’s less intimidating for students to talk to other students,” said Emily Powers, a senior TESOL and Spanish


UNI freshmen, undecided students and students thinking about changing their majors spoke with UNI juniors and seniors during Majors in Minutes Tuesday to learn more about prospective majors.

teaching major who was talking to students about the TESOL major. “And (students are) more at ease talking to another student because they’ve been there before. I think that it’s a good opportunity for students to think about what’s going to make them happy without having to walk all around campus.

Instead, they gather us all into one big room and they give students a good hour and a half to get to every single table.” Students chose what major they wanted to learn more about and sat down to hear about the junior or senior student’s perspective on the major and what it offers, and

then the student answered any questions the younger students had. Questions about internships and careers buzzed around the room as interested students jotted down notes and listened closely. Once music started playing, the students were on to their next prospective major interest.

Kaitlin Bruder, a freshman math major, shared her experience of this year’s event. “I thought Majors in Minutes was good to hear from a variety of different majors that I was interested in. I feel like I’m more informed about more majors now,” she said. Kyia Conway, an undecided freshman, said, “I enjoyed that there is a lot of flexibility in what you can pick to go learn more about.” Even though Conway is undecided at the moment about her major, she believes that Majors in Minutes will ultimately benefit her. “I think if I sit down and just go over what everyone said, it will help me a lot more than if I hadn’t gone,” she said. This is the third year Majors in Minutes has been offered at UNI. According to Angie Tudor, a UNI academic advisor, the number of students who attend has steadily increased each year. Attendance reached 81 the first year, 204 the second year and 284 this year.

Mariachi Club hosts Fiesta Celebration ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ scarier than the first By EMILY HEYER

Film Critic

Courtesy Photo

The UNI Mariachi Club hosted a Fiesta Celebration Monday to celebrate Hispanic heritage.


Vivid red, blue and yellow blended together in a brilliant stream of fabric as girls danced at the “Fiesta Celebration” that was held in the Maucker Union Ballroom on Monday. Sitting at a frontand-center table, Astrella “Shaggy” Tanguma, the president of Amigos del Mariachi,

watched the performance, enchanted by the colors and display of tradition. When asked what it all meant to her, her eyes shined and her face split into a smile. “These kinds of events make you happy; that’s what they’re for … the cheerfulness, we feel it’s very important in life to have fun,” she said. The University of

Northern Iowa Mariachi Club brings cultural events to campus and the surrounding community, having performed at St. Stephen the Witness Catholic Church, the National Cattle Congress Fair and Culture Fest in Waterloo. Putting on these events reminds Tanguma of her home in the South, where See MARIACHI, page 4

One of the seemingly scariest movies of last year was “Paranormal Activity.” With its haunted house and creepy demons, it became a phenomenon. This year’s “Paranormal Activity 2” will have almost the same effect. This prequel/ sequel revolves around Kristi (Sprague Grayden, “24”) and Daniel (Brian Boland) and their newborn son, Hunter. After a burglary, they set up in-home security cameras, much like those of the original movie, and crazy things start to happen. What’s most interesting about this couple is their relatives, namely Kristi’s sister, Katie. Yes, that Katie. This film has an interesting tie with the first film. If you have not seen the first, the second one’s plot will make little sense. With more development in the storyline, the pace is sometimes slow, but the big moments are even bigger. Unlike the first movie, in the second movie there are even some of these freaky moments

during the daytime. Even more intense is the addition of the baby (gasp!) and the dog (double gasp!) that are thrust into the middle of all the horror. If you have seen the first movie (which you should do before seeing this one) you’ll know (spoiler alert) that things do not end well for Katie. At the end of this movie, it flashes back to the end of the first and adds a little twist that will be sure to give you the chills.

With more development in the storyline, the pace is sometimes slow, but the big moments are even bigger.

With Halloween this Sunday, this is a great movie to get you scared and ready. While different in its writer, director and budget (the original film had a budget of $11,000), the feel is the same, and if the first one creeped you out, the second one should too.



speak Spanish. I’m not very talented in music. I just like continued from page 3 learning.” Tanguma shares the same Hispanic culture thrives. “I’m from Texas, and all outlook. “It doesn’t have to be a the schools in Texas have mariachis,” she said. “I want- white tradition or a Hispanic ed to bring Texas here … we tradition, it’s about amistas have tons of mariachis on — friendship. You don’t have every campus (down there), to be born into that culture.” Tanguma wants students and the community supports the mariachi. At home, we to realize the benefits and get 5,000 to 6,000 people, importance of this club. “If we could do this where easily,” she said. UNI’s Mariachi group is a lot of students could see, I small — consisting of only would be the happiest pereight members. Members son,” she said. “All these stuhail from different cultures dents are missing out on this and possess different talents. great stuff.” Tanguma wishes for the Currently, the Mariachi Club consists of African, community to “acknowledge Mexican and Bangladeshi stu- our culture, and make us part of the university. Sometimes, dents. “It’s open for anybody,” I don’t feel like we are.” The Mariachi Club’s next said Brenda Espinosa, a senior Spanish and family ser- event is Day of the Dead, vices major and former vice which takes place the day president of UNI’s Mariachi after Halloween, and will be Club. “We don’t discriminate. celebrated with a procession You don’t have to be talented on Nov. 1. ni_nse_mtg_ni_nse_mtg 10/7/10 11:57 AM Page 1 in music; you don’t have to



himself again. Two or three short responses after he says things about himself could lead to him getting the hint. If not, do what I mentioned earlier and jokingly bring it to his attention.

By ANTHONY MITCHELL and KATIE HUNT Relationship Columnists

Q: So I met this guy at work and we talk all the time. The only problem is that he only seems to want to talk about himself. I do try to add my own input into the conversation, but he keeps bringing every conversation back to himself. I thought he liked me, considering he always wants to talk to me, but now I wonder if he is just too stuck on himself to invite anyone else into his life right now. Should I give up on him? He said: Self-absorbed or sometimes unintentionally inwardly focused people are dicey to deal with. There are always two sides of the coin in this situation. Either he really does like you and is just stuck on himself as a topic, or since you are

Where will YOU go?


Learn more! Tues, Nov 2 @ 3:30 pm, Maucker Union Presidential Room


DECEMBER 20 JANUARY 4 Art Appreciation - ART101 Diversity in America - SOC205 Environmental Science - ENV115 Fundamentals of Oral Communication - SPC101 Introduction to Psychology - PSY111 Introduction to Sociology - SOC110 Music Appreciation - MUS100 Personal Wellness - PEH110 Social Problems - SOC115 U.S. History to 1877 - HIS151

Friday, October 29, 2010

He said, she said: Relationship advice

Pay UNI tuition and attend one of 179 schools in the U.S. and Canada

Course Title/Catalog #


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3 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 3 3

Visit for specific dates and times. Students can now register for December Minimesters.

Classes held in Black Hawk Hall on Hawkeye’s Main Campus 1501 East Orange Road, Waterloo, Iowa For More Information or to Register


talking back to him, he is using you as an outlet to inflate his own ego. Do your best to key in on what exactly he is saying about himself. If he is jokingly boosting himself, it could just be mere flirtation about himself to get you interested and he may just be taking it a smidge too far. As far as giving up on him, don’t be too quick to terminate it. He may indeed like you but may not have much going on besides himself -- or maybe he finds talking about himself an easier way to find common ground as opposed to picking a general topic. Who knows, there is a slew of possibilities. The point is, give him the benefit of the doubt, at least for now. Keep doing your best to shift topics to either you or something general or anything for that matter. If you can get him off his self-interested kick, you can see where things will go from there. If he is still constantly going on about himself, see if you can jokingly bring attention to his self-absorption. Putting it in that sense may help him realize how much he is talking about himself, and while he may not show any signs of change in front of you, he may behave differently next time you see him. If all else fails, give short responses that could in no way lead to him going on about


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Sunday, Oct. 31 8:30 at the Hub

Free Keg of Beer at 9:00

She said: The fact of the matter is, and I say this with confidence because I’m surrounded by talkers, some people are obsessed with talking about themselves. Which is not always necessarily a bad thing seeing as it’s good to get things off your chest. I will admit, however, that it can be quite annoying when you can never seem to get a word in — especially when you’re just acquainting yourself with someone. If he’s talking to you all the time, he’s definitely interested in something about you. It might be that he sees potential in a great friendship or relationship, or maybe he’s attracted to you because you listen to him blab. Don’t ask yourself if you should give up on the two of you becoming closer, but rather ask yourself if you’re willing to potentially be in a relationship with someone who only talks about himself. If this is the case, let’s look at both the cost and benefit: Cost: You’ll unfortunately not be able to get a word in much, but be optimistic. His ways could change and you may find him lending you an ear eventually. Benefit: He will definitely be open about his feelings. To read the rest of this article, visit us online at

The University of Northern Iowa’s student-produced newspaper since 1892


Friday, October 29, 2010


Volume 107, Issue 18


Cedar Falls, Iowa

Ghost hunting, pseudoscience and skepticism

Halloween 2010


I have a confession: I am a recovering believer in the supernatural. In the past, I’ve been prone to believing in and actively looking for ghosts and spirits. I used to peruse books on Bigfoot and the Bermuda triangle without really questioning whether their existence was even slightly plausible. I would stay up late watching shows about UFOs and wishing I was on a boat searching for the Loch Ness monster. And as someone who has now shed those beliefs, one of my greatest annoyances is that I cannot seem to convince everyone else to do the same. I understand theappeal though. As a former paranormal addict, I was all set to embark on an exciting career as a paranormal investigator – a scientist really, just trying to convince a jaded world that ghost hunting is a legitimate science and a respectable profession. Thankfully my love of real science, and my hard turn towards a systematic rejection of any beliefs that were not supported by evidence, shook me of these nonsensical ideas. For those of you who still might cling to supernatural, paranormal or extra-worldly beliefs – consider this an intervention. Specifically, I want to look at belief in ghosts. Cable television is heavily saturated these days with reality shows tracking the exploits of various bands of paranormal investigators. You’ve probably heard of the Syfy show “Ghost Hunters”

by now. It focuses on a team of “paranormal researchers” who go to a location where people have reported paranormal activity, and covers in detail that team’s use of expensive technology in attempting to catch that paranormal activity on camera or in audio. They provide the thrill of reality, but retain that fantastical promise of witnessing something otherworldly, assuming you squint hard enough at grainy video footage. Here is the problem with what they are doing: it’s not science. There’s not a single shred of evidence to suggest that ghosts exist, or that they can be identified by cold spots. Why are ghosts cold? Why do they never seem to show up in visible light, but infrared cameras always find them? Why can you never hear them speaking, but finding them in garbled audio (what they call electronic voice phenomenon or EVP) is absurdly common? The answer is that it’s easier to find whatever you’re looking for in distorted or unclear video and sound. This is a profession that thrives on false positives. The important thing is that there is literally no reason to believe that ghosts can be identified by cold spots, or magnetism, or any of those things. It’s a total fabrication that is not based on any scientific evidence. Of course, many “ghost hunters” would tell you that when they find cold spots they are gathering “evidence” to prove that ghosts exist, but that’s one of the most pernicious and corrupting things about the paranormal: it sets the threshold for “evidence” so low that it becomes nearly

meaningless. If I call a ham sandwich evidence of fairies, am I using evidence in the scientific sense? Absolutely not. That “evidence” is not backed up by observable facts, and has no explanatory power when it comes to the phenomenon in question. Paranormal investigators also tout their skepticism when beginning an investigation, but that too is a sham. They will try to disprove some claims, maybe finding a draft to explain a banging window, and that’s a good thing, but their skepticism is quickly revealed to be superficial. One vase falling from a shelf, and suddenly you have “hard evidence” of a ghost. That’s quite the logical leap, and a clear abandonment of the intense skepticism and scrutiny that characterize real science. There is a lot more that could be said, but hopefully you can see some of the reasons that these beliefs are so ridiculous once you take a step back and examine them with a critical eye. The important thing to take from this is that beliefs should be based in evidence. They should mesh with our understanding of the world, as opposed to contradicting everything that science has already taught us. Beliefs should also be exposed to significant criticism before we accept them. Taking things at face value leads to the acceptance of absurd claims, which is clearly demonstrated by the popularity of “paranormal investigators.” Put simply, there is more beauty and elegance in truth than in any superstition, and taking a stand against irrational beliefs is the first step in showing others that beauty.

Tongue-tied by political correctness KEVIN HOWARD

Maggie Kuhn, a social activist, once said, “Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.” Speaking one’s mind is something that is becoming harder and harder to do as we strive for political correct-

ness in this country. A recent example of this happened just over a week ago when National Public Radio fired their onair commentator and senior news analyst of 10 years, Juan Williams. Williams, who is also known for his regular appearances on Fox News’ “O’Reilly Factor,” is “a lifelong, passionate liberal,” according to an article in Washington Times by Terrence Scanlon. He is known for several accomplish-

ments such as his analyses of the civil rights movement in the United States. Williams was fired for statements made during a discussion regarding the dilemma between fighting jihadists and fearing non-extremist Muslims. According to Williams, he was fired because he allegedly made a bigoted statement and crossed the line. Williams’s main quote in question is “I mean, look, Bill,



From the editorial staff

In one ear, out the other

We’ve heard it all before. Exercising improves your mood, combats chronic diseases, helps you manage your weight, boosts your energy level and promotes better sleep. But a new series of research studies may cause the ears of many students to perk up. A 2010 study done by the American College of Sports Medicine at Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan called “Hit the Treadmill, Not Just the Books, to Boost Grades” found that 266 undergraduate college students who participated in vigorous activity daily had GPAs, on average, 0.4 points higher on the 0 to 4 grade point scale than students who did not exercise. A number of factors that would influence a grade point average were controlled, including gender, study time, participation in college sports and even the area of study. Other studies have corroborated this finding. A study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, “The Association between Study Time, Grade Point Average and Physical Activity Participation in College Students” in 2009 found that the more hours a student spends studying, the more likely he or she are to exercise. In comparing students who study less than an hour daily, the students who studied three or more hours daily were nearly four times more likely to participate in vigorous exercise and nearly three times more likely to participate in a moderate physical activity. Students with GPAs of 3.5 or higher were approximately three times more likely to engage in vigorous physical activities than students with GPAs under 3.0. Finding the time to exercise in between studies, a busy social life, work and other hobbies proves to be the challenge for a student. However, the Wellness and Recreation Center offers such a multitude of ways to exercise that the excuse, “There’s nothing for me,” voids itself completely. The college years offer more than jam-packed class, work and social schedules. This may also be the prime time for access to all a college has to offer. The WRC offers a fitness area complete with a variety of cardio equipment: Magnum weight training equipment, treadmills, elliptical machines, recumbent bikes, steppers and rowing machines. A free weight room, basketball courts, a jogging track, racquetball/wally ball courts, a climbing wall, competitive and leisure pool, and aerobics/dance studios are all waiting for you. Personal training programs are also available at the WRC, in which participants may work one-on-one with a personal trainer and gain individual direction for his or her individualized health goals. Strength training, aerobic and anaerobic training, sport-specific training, back care, accountability and motivation are all specialty personal training programs the WRC offers. Take advantage of these resources. And if you cannot find time, well, swap out half an hour on Facebook for half an hour of climbing the rock wall or whichever physical activity floats your boat. Though the research calls for future studies, the findings stir up thinking. Coincidence or causation? Hit the gym and decide for yourself. This editorial reflects the position of the Northern Iowan’s editorial staff: John Anderson, Leah Jeffries, Brad Eilers, Cassie Tegeler, Anna Schreck and Kari Braumann. All other articles and illustrations represent the views of their authors.

I’m not a bigot. You know the kind of books I’ve written about the civil rights movement in this country. But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.” From what I can tell, it would seem like Juan Williams was fired for “getting nervous.”

I think the hugely negative reaction NPR has received for their actions against Juan Williams is incredibly appropriate. Americans are interested in why Williams was fired, as over 4 million people watched an edition of the “O’Reilly Factor” following Williams’s firing, which featured Williams responding to the incident. Read the rest of this article on our website:

The University of Northern Iowa’s student-produced newspaper since 1892


Friday, October 29, 2010


Volume 107, Issue 18


Cedar Falls, Iowa


Panthers travel to Ice Castle to face traditionally tough opponent UNI will face Youngstown State Saturday at noon


Panthers picked to finish third in MVC

Courtesy Photo/NI NEWS SERVICE

The Panthers were picked to finish third in the Missouri Valley Conference for the upcoming men’s basketball season. Kwadzo Ahelegbe is the Panthers’ leading returning scorer after averaging 10.6 points per game last season.



The Panthers will try to maintain their half-game lead in the Missouri Valley Conference with a victory over the Penguins on Saturday. UNI head coach Mark Farley is 9-0 against Youngstown State in his coaching career.

By TIM GETTING Sports Writer

The University of Northern Iowa Panthers could consider their chances of defeating the Youngstown State University Penguins Saturday to be pretty great. The Panthers, ranked No. 19

nationally and sitting atop the Missouri Valley Football Conference standings, face a YSU squad that is dead last in the conference and has not beaten UNI since 2000. However, UNI head coach Mark Farley does not see it that way. “There’s strength in their

name,” Farley said. “I always envision that strength (when I think about YSU), a traditionally strong program.” Starting at noon Saturday, the Panthers will face the Penguins at what some consider one of the toughest venues to play at in

the Football Championship Subdivision. Arnold D. Stambaugh Stadium, better known as the “Ice Castle,” has housed Youngstown State football since 1982. Over those 29 seasons, about 4 out of every See FOOTBALL, page 7

Panther Profile

Ahelegbe hopes to duplicate last season’s success By DRU JORGENSEN

Sports Columnist

It is safe to say that the University of Northern Iowa basketball team had a pretty successful season last year. However, it is time to start looking at the 201011 Panthers. A question to be asked is how this year’s Panthers can stay hungry and motivated to compete after such a great 2009-10 campaign. Senior point guard Kwazdo Ahelegbe has an answer for that question. “Because that stuff is relevant to us. We know how (much) hard work it takes to get to that point. It’s fresh in our minds, the success we had. We want to try and duplicate that,” said Ahelegbe. Ahelegbe is hoping to lead the Panthers to a third

straight Missouri Valley Conference title. The Panthers were picked third in the MVC’s preseason poll. Wichita State and Missouri State were picked to finish first and second, respectively. When asked who the toughest teams in the conference are this year, the senior from Oakdale, Minn., had only one answer. “The toughest team is the Northern Iowa Panthers,” said Ahelegbe. Being the toughest team in the conference may bring some high standards for the Panthers. “Same expectations we...

Continue reading this article online at:

The University of Northern Iowa Panthers were picked to finish third in the Missouri Valley Conference preseason poll in voting by the league’s coaches, sports information directors and media. The Panthers received three first-place votes and 289 points in the poll. Wichita State is the preseason favorite with 33 first-place votes and 382 total points. Missouri State garnered one first-place vote and 313 total points. Senior point guard Kwadzo Ahelegbe was one of the five members named to the preseason all-Missouri Valley Conference team. Ahelegbe is the Panthers’ leading returning scorer at 10.6 points per game. Ahelegbe is joined on the preseason team by Creighton’s Kenny Lawson Jr., Bradley’s Sam Maniscalco, Wichita State’s Toure’ Murry and Missouri State’s Kyle Weems. Lawson Jr. was also tabbed the league’s preseason player of the year. MVC pre-season poll 1. Wichita State (33)... 382 2. Missouri State (1)... 313 3. Northern Iowa (3)... 289 4. Creighton ... 282 5. Bradley (2)... 264 6. Illinois State ... 165 7. Indiana State ... 136 8. Drake ... 121 9. Southern Illinois ... 120 10. Evansville ... 73

SCOTT KINTZEL/Northern Iowan

Kwadzo Ahelegbe looks to lead the Panthers to similar success this year that they had a season ago. Ahelegbe is one of two returning starters for the Panthers.

*First place votes in parenthesis. **Total points received listed after that.



Friday, October 29, 2010

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5 teams who have entered the stadium have left with a loss. The stadium structure itself reaches the tallest point in Youngstown, Ohio, and seats 20,630, the largest seating capacity in the conference. “I always envision that strength (when I think about YSU), a traditionally strong program.” Mark Farley UNI head football coach

The Ice Castle was the former home to college football coaching royalty, Jim Tressel. Tressel led the Penguins to four Division I-AA National Championships in the 1990s, compiling a 135-572 record in his 15 seasons. In January 2001, Tressel accepted the job as head coach at Ohio State University. It took him just two seasons to guide the Buckeyes to their first Division I National Championship since 1968. Ohio State posted a perfect 14-0 record during that 2002 season. “I’ve been around this division for a while and remember Coach Tressel


and what they did during those years. I just have a very high regard for Youngstown,” said Farley. YSU head coach Eric Wolford is in his first season with the Penguins. Although his credentials have a ways to go to amount to that of Tressel, Wolford has been around many successful football programs. Before accepting the position at Youngstown State, Wolford was an assistant coach under Steve Spurrier at the University of South Carolina, Ron Zook at the University of Illinois and Mike Stoops at the University of Arizona. During his stint in the Football Bowl Subdivision, Wolford acquired a reputation as one of college football’s best recruiters. named him a top-20 national recruiter in 2008. “I’ve been around this division for a while and remember Coach Tressel and what they did during those years. I just have a very high regard for Youngstown.” Mark Farley

UNI head football coach

Wolford’s Penguins defeated Southern Illinois

University in their conference opener but have gone on a four-game losing streak and find themselves in last place in the MVFC since then. Despite the losses, Farley still considers this year’s Youngstown State squad to be dangerous. “Honestly, I never look at the standings. I look at the team. I look at the environment,” he said. “From top to bottom, I don’t really think (the standings) matter. Just look at the scores.” The scoring difference during YSU’s four-game skid averages out to less than seven points. Three of those four losses occurred during away games. UNI has only one home game remaining on their regular season schedule after their 42-14 Homecoming victory over

PAGE 7 Illinois State University last Saturday. “From top to bottom, I don’t really think (the standings) matter. Just look at the scores.” Mark Farley UNI head football coach

Quarterback Tirrell Rennie led UNI’s offense to its most productive performance of the season as he contributed to five of the Panthers’ six touchdowns. Four of those scores came from the ground as Rennie set careerhigh marks, including 153 yards rushing. His efforts earned him the honor of being named the The Sports Network/Fathead. com FCS National Player of the Week.

Although a weekly performance that is deemed the nation’s best is a notable feat, what may be even more remarkable is how UNI has turned a once-haunting statistic on its head. Coming into their fourth game of the season, UNI had the nation’s eleventhworst turnover margin at -1.33 turnovers per game. Currently in conference games, however, the Panthers have the MVFC’s best turnover margin at .75 turnovers per game. Saturday’s match will not be televised in the Cedar Valley, but fans can tune in to The Panther Sports Network (1540 KXEL in Cedar Falls) to hear Gary Rima call the contest. Kickoff is at noon Central time.

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The Halloween edition of the Northern Iowan, printed Oct. 29, 2010.

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