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Inventory Liquidation 20,000 Trees, Pine & Spruce, All Sizes Wholesale Pricing Bulk Orders April 5, 2012 - Vol. 9 - No. 14


40th Annual CKNL Trade Show Supplement

Volunteers leave Charlie Lake Fire Hall - Page 2

The Mile 0 Figure Skating Club hosted their annual year-end carnival last Saturday. Story and pictures on Page A8.

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Wind Energy Project gets environmental go-ahead By Jill Earl

Independent MLA’s visit the Peace - Page 4

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TUMBLER RIDGE- Environment Minister, Terry Lake, and Energy and Mines Minister, Rich Coleman, granted Finavera Wind Energy Inc. an Environmental Assessment Certificate for their proposed Tumbler Ridge Wind Energy Project last Thursday after considering a review led by B.C.’s Environmental Assessment Office. The certificate allows Finavera Wind Energy Inc. to proceed to apply for provincial licenses and leases and other necessary approvals for the proposed project that if approved will be located eight kilometers southwest of Tumbler Ridge. “This project has been under development since 2007 and the culmination of this environmental assessment process means we can now move forward towards construction on this project. This EAC marks the final step in a development process that has already secured a power purchase agreement, transmission interconnection, and site control. The next steps are to execute a turbine supply agreement, select a construction contractor, secure project financing, and begin construction,” said Jason Bak, Finavera Wind Energy Inc. CEO, in the press release. The proposed $125 million project would produce up to 49.6 megawatts of wind energy producing enough energy for 18,000 homes, and under a 2010 Electricity Purchasing Agreement from BC Hydro electricity delivery date to the BC Hydro

grid is Nov. this year. The project will include up to 33 wind turbine generators, upgrades to existing roads and roughly 19 kilometers of new access and connector roads. During the 10-12 month construction period the project is expected to create 75 person years of direct employment, about 120 full-time and part-time jobs. Once completed, the Wind Energy Project will create seven to eight permanent full-time jobs and no greenhouse gas emissions. The report from the Environmental Assessment Office does not expect any significant adverse effects from the project, as long as the 104 conditions listed in the Environmental Assessment Certificate are followed. The EAO will coordinate management efforts to ensure compliance with the certificate’s conditions. Some conditions that Finavera Wind Energy Inc. must comply with include: the creation of a Monitoring and Adaptive Management Plan for Birds and Bats that is to be overseen by a advisory committee that includes First Nation representation; the creation of environmental management and protection plans to be reviewed by First Nations and approved by the EAO prior to construction; the implementation of a third-party agreement between Finavera Wind Energy Inc. and a guide outfitter to lessen potential effects of the project; work with other tenure holders to minimize potential resource conflicts; and submit reports to the EAO about the status of compliance to certificate conditions.

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Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

Volunteers leave behind pagers after Charlie Lake Fire Hall’s over haul By Kyla Corpuz

CHARLIE LAKE – About 15 Charlie Lake volunteer fire fighters turned their pagers in, some even their uniform, on Apr. 1—and it was no joke. With a majority of the volunteers gone, the new fire chief Steve Munshaw said it may mean hiring additional fire fighters to be on a 24-hour standby, however these plans aren’t secured. As of Sunday, the only assurance Munshaw has is the support of the Fort St. John and Taylor fire department. Apr. 1 marked the turn over of the Charlie Lake Fire Department under the Peace River Regional District. It was also the first day in the hall for new fire chief, Steven Munshaw, who replaced Al Pinkerton. Munshaw stood in front of a group of volunteer fire fighters

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Kyla Corpuz photo Clockwise: A volunteer fire fighter turns in his uniformed shirt and pager; new Fire Chief Steve Munshaw tries to reason with unhappy volunteer fire fighters; Munshaw listens to the volunteers concerns; volunteers walking out of the fire chief’s office after turning in their pagers on Apr. 1 at the Charlie Lake Fire Hall.

after they filed into his office placing boxes of turned off pagers on his desk. He had one request: to be given a single chance to prove himself. “I ask you to just talk to me,” said Munshaw. But for the first twenty minutes the volunteers didn’t budge. “It’s not a chance for you, it’s nothing to do with you. You’re still not the decision guy, and that’s not going to change,” said one of the volunteers. The volunteers were putting their foot down in response to how the PRRD took control over the fire department. Having never met the new chief in charge, they felt their safety was at risk. “Majority of it is safety,” said James Edison, who has been a volunteer for the past year and a half. “We’re expected to go into fires and expected to listen to these chiefs and assistant chiefs. We don’t know if they’ve been into a fire … so the fact that we’re supposed to listen to them—it’s putting our lives at risk. It’s not acceptable.” Munshaw understood their concerns but said with his experience, he feels he meets the criteria of his title. “They have to see who I am. Am I able to be in this position?” said Munshaw after meeting with a number of disgruntled volunteers. “You can Google me and find out where I have been, I’m pretty sure I’m comfortable in this posi-

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tion, like them I don’t know them and they don’t know me. So it’s going to take step by step to learn each other out.” Munshaw is still the assistant fire chief in Kimberly, B.C., he has trained multiple fire fighters locally and abroad, like Qatar. Some of the fire fighters he trained now work for the Fort St. John Fire Department. In addition, he has a nine-year background with BC Ambulance and said he has experience in dealing with budgets. The volunteers also voiced their discontent about not being part of the hiring process and showed frustration that their former fire chief, Pinkerton, was not considered for the position, despite his years of holding the title. “We’ve been disrespected … we haven’t had a say in anything that’s been going on here,” said Edison. “Our chief who was qualified for years and years and years wasn’t even short listed, wasn’t even given the chance to apply for the position ... we don’t know who these guys are, we don’t know their training capability, we were supposed to be a part of the hiring, we weren’t. It comes down to our team is being ripped apart and it’s not fair.” However, Arthur Hadland director of Area C, which covers Charlie Lake, said otherwise. “There were two volunteers invited to be on the initial selection committee. If they weren’t there, then there’s nothing we can do about that,” said Hadland. He added that he wasn’t a part of the reason why Pinkerton wasn’t shortlisted but said Dawson Creek fire chief was part of the selection panel. “That to me is an objective overview of the applicants that was in place.” While Munshaw pleaded for one shot to prove himself—the volunteers echoed that they weren’t against him but the PRRD. “Even though you’re the chief, you’re a puppet, you don’t have the power to make the decision,” said one volunteer. “It doesn’t matter how much on board you are with us, you still don’t have any real say on what’s gonna go on.” Hadland rebutted that comment. “No, what we’ve done is hire personnel to undertake the function of this facility and perform the duties associated with control over fire in this area. We’re going to leave him to make the decisions over fire control.” Munshaw said he’s been given the budget, the amount of money that needs to be dealt with and a list of recommendations that came from the Dave Marshall report; that provided recommendations on the administration and operational review of the fire department. “I know where I can move from here, I’ve been given the (250) 785-7907

Phone Toll Free 1-888-830-9909

9604-112 Street, Fort St. John, BC

Story continued on Page A 17.

Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

Page A3

BC Lions teach local students to be more then a bystander By Jill Earl

spread the message in 40 schools. The Lions will also show a number of public service announcements about the cause during the football season. “Sometimes it’s a challenge, but really I learn more with every assembly, the subject is important to me, so it’s almost selfish, it’s very fulfilling to be able to share a message like this that effects all of us and to have a solid program and solid platform to stand behind, I’ve love it, and I hope that the cooperation and the funding can continue for years so other students across the province can get the same opportunities,” said Archibald, about his experience talking to students. After a general assemble, the players will talk to leadership students in the school and go over a number of hypothetical scenarios with them. The Lions look for input from the students and answer any of their questions. “We’ll get more feedback and it will be a lot more interactive and try to help them understand a little bit more about the bystander approach and it’ a lot of fun for us… we’re able to take feed back answer questions and interaction is really valuable to the whole program, with a big audience it’s hard to get that,” said Archibald. As the Encana Corporation is among the campaigns sponsors, the BC Lions made sure to bring their message to communities Encana is active in. “We were approached to see if we would help sponsor the BC Lions in this program, and we think it’s a very valuable program for all of B.C. and for everyone and we thought it would be great to bring it to some of the communities where we’re active in. So they were in Fort Nelson yesterday and they’re here today,” said Brian Lieverse, Community Relations Advisor for Encana. Lieverse says the message is important for students to hear, so as to change their behaviours and attitudes at a young age. “It’s important that everybody talks out about it, and a situation like this goes along way to help remove some of those stereotypes, and as they said in the past it’s been all women talking about it, so this is an opportunity to get the men out in front of the kids and them realizing that it’s not right, and them making some changes while they’re young. These are the kids that are mostly affected by it as well, so it’s important that we get that message out,” Lieverse said. Archibald said that the team wanted to get involved because they thought it was an important message and that the team may be able to impact students, especially young men. “Our ability to impact young men is huge, they watch us, they listen to us, and for us to be able to say to them things about any subject, it carries a lot of weight. They see our size, and our stature, and our position within society as like the mega male and to tell them it’s not ok to treat women this way…we hope we’ll get a listening ear and we can affect change, especially in young men,” said Archibald. Reid and Archibald encouraged the students to refer to parents, teachers, councilors, friends, and people that they trust if they Jill Earl photo need any help dealing with a situation. BC Lion Angus Reid visits Dawson Creek Secondary School- Central Campus, to “That’s what being a leader is, you keep talk about the Be More Than a Bystander campaign.

DAWSON CREEK- Students at Mountain Christian Secondary School and the Central Campus of Dawson Creek Secondary School were visited by two BC Lions last week. Players for the BC Lions Football Club Angus Reid and Ben Archibald brought their celebrity to the students, but the primary purpose of their visit was to introduce students to the Be More Than a Bystander campaign. The Be More Than a Bystander campaign aims to stop violence against women, taking a proactive approach by aiming the message at young teenagers. It educates teens and gives them ideas on how they can speak out against violence. Reid and Archibald gave some startling statistics about physical and sexual abuse including that one in three women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime, that each year in B.C there are over 60,000 physical or sexual assaults, and that only 12 percent of sexual assaults against women are reported to police. “It’s like helping them understand that things around them aren’t ok and that we can change things, and you don’t have to be some expert, you don’t have to know everything, you just have to speak up when you see something wrong happening,” said Archibald. The players talked about leadership and about challenges and options for action when students witness violence, experience violence, and over hear derogatory language. “Leadership takes hard decision making, accountability, and courage, it isn’t always easy…that’s a big challenge in our world to stand up against the grain and go against what people are saying because you know it’s the right thing to do…It’s not always easy to talk about leadership but it’s right,” said Reid in the presentation. The campaign is in its first year and with the help of sponsors, the campaign will see two more years. The initiative is guided by a group of experts, and participating BC Lions players are trained about the issue and they travel across the province to

looking for answers instead of blaming someone or giving yourself excuses, you keep going until you have an answer, cause you care about change, you care about making your life better, and that’s what we’re here to tell you to do, we’re not here to tell you the answers, we’re here to tell you that to be more than a bystander you need to go find some answers,” said Reid.


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Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

Independent MLAs raise red flags around resource sector BILL’S BOOKS & BARGAINS 10611-101 Ave.,


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By Kyla Corpuz

FORT ST. JOHN – Independent B.C. MLAs Bob Simpson and Vicky Huntington’s visit to the Peace allowed them to see the region’s natural resource face to face, resulting in questions and concerns they plan to bring to the provincial government’s attention. “I raised this issue in the legislature, [and] a number of organizations … stood with us on a call for a parliamentary committee to be struck,” said Simpson, Cariboo North MLA. “Not to do a moratorium or to strike the industry down, but to simply ask the question: do we have the right public policy, do we have the right frame work, not just for the industry as it is, but for the intended expansion of the industry.” The two MLAs addressed the concerns they had to media following their week-long visit. Huntington, Delta South MLA, said there was a disconnection between regulators and regulations. “As you speak to other people through the system, both professionals and residents, you find that there are significant gaps between what is being regulated and perhaps what ought to be regulated through a change of public policy,” she said. Huntington and Simpson spent a week identifying the gaps, which they planned to bring back and pressure the government to look at the public policy issues that need to be examined. Peace River North MLA Pat Pimm stands by OGC’s regulation and says public policy is in place. “We’ve got OGA [Oil and Gas Act] now,” said Pimm, the Act was created in 2010. “It addressed some issues that had to be addressed in the past,” such as landowners having a “few more” rights and a decrease in flaring. “As time moves forward, are we going to get all the issues dealt with? I don’t know if we’ll get all the issues dealt with, but certainly we have to keep working towards that goal and I think we’re doing a pretty good job of that.” One of the gaps Simpson and Hunting noted was around accumulative impact. “We’ve seen gaps in enforcement and compliance,” said Huntington. “One of the biggest issues is there is no policy surrounding accumulative impact assessment … There is no planning.” Simpson went on to say that residents such as those in Farmington deal with this issue. “What they live with is multiple pipelines, multiple roads, multiple wells, they experience the cumulative impacts that are all coming on stream at the same time.” But Pimm dismisses the idea that “there is no planning involved.” “I totally disagree with them on that point. There is tons of planning that happens,” said Pimm. He added the Ministry of Energy’s responsibility is to overlook development and make sure it is happening in way that is sustainable both to the environment and future of our province. In addition he said the OGC is a “world-renowned” regulator. “There are regulations that shows that you can only have one well pad for a certain amount of land. It differs a little bit from oil to gas … So I think there is some good planning that has happened over the years.” But Simpson made the argument that he’s not putting blame on the OGC, rather it’s lack of context around public policy. “I was pleased with the OGC in terms of their professionalism and movement that they’re making and I have to give them kudos. Those folks are taking their jobs seriously within the frame that they have,” said Simpson. “The question becomes is it the right regulatory framework because I think they’re doing the best that they can within that.” Fracing quickly became a topic of discussion. Simpson said the conversation around this practice should not be on groundwater contamination or direct pollution to the aquifer, because B.C. doesn’t shallow drill. “The debate in British Columbia is an accumulative impacts debate,” said Simpson. “It’s actually water usage [and] … as you grow this industry you are fracturing the shale beds everywhere … Do we have the right emergency management systems?” Pimm’s view of fracing is quite different from Simpson’s, as he believes groundwater is the issue and water usage is not necessarily of concern. The Sikanni Chief will flow 200 million cubic metres of water in highseason, said Pimm, and the OGC only allows a maximum of 15 per cent for permits and temporary licences. The total amount of licences for the Peace River Regional District and Northern Rockers would amount to 50 million cubic metres of water, however Pimm said only four million is being used. To make a comparison, in 2009, Fort St. John used three million cubic metres of water according to Pimm. Huntington and Simpson were in the Peace the week of Mar. 23.

Independent MLAs Bob Simpson and Vicky Huntington

Peace River North MLA Pat Pimm


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Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

Page A5

BC Hydro response to letter of March 29, 2012 Dear Editor: Contrary to what was suggested in a recent letter, BC Hydro gives great consideration to dam safety. Dams are constructed world-wide in all types of terrain and geological settings. Each site is unique and every dam is specifically designed for the particular site conditions to ensure appropriate safety is maintained. BC Hydro manages the safety of its hydro facilities through a comprehensive dam safety management system and surveillance program. The W.A.C. Bennett Dam, for example, has one of the most sophisticated surveillance programs of any dam in the world.

BC Hydro’s rigorous dam safety program is based on provincial regulations, guidelines published by the Canadian Dam Association, and international best practice. BC Hydro keeps the condition of the dams under constant review. In addition, external dam safety reviews are carried out for all BC Hydro dams on a regular basis. BC Hydro also leads the scientific community in reviews of, and updates to, the latest seismic and flood information for the province. For Site C, BC Hydro’s technical work has included thorough geotechnical investigations over a number of years, resulting in upgrades to the historic project

design. For example, in the upgraded design, the dam, generating station and spillway are reinforced with a large concrete buttress to improve foundation stability and enhance seismic protection. More information is available at sitec. Sincerely, Dave Conway Community Relations Manager, Site C BC Hydro

Where is my copy of the 2012 edition of the phone book ? Dear Editor: For the past few months I have been asking Telus and Yellow Pages YPG about the status of the local telephone phone books since I had not received the book at home or work. Have you received your telephone book? With each inquiry to Telus or Yellow Pages I was told the contracted distributor delivered all the books to the Peace area back in December. One person admitted there had been a small problem but that YPG was assured it had been corrected and all the books had been delivered. The following response is from an e-mail inquiry I made; “I am not sure why you did not receive the Yellow Pages book for Peace River as they should have been delivered in December. Please call our distribution Centre at 1-800-268-5637. Choose option#1 to report

an incident.” Thank You, Multimedia Services Representative Yellow Pages Group 4260 Still Creek Drive, Burnaby, BC, V5C 6C6 T 1-877-909-9356 F 1-877-514-3813 I called the 1 800 number and was again told all the books had been delivered back in December. Since I must have been missed she asked how many books I needed and what addresses I would like them sent to. She then arranged to have Canada Post parcel deliver them to me – received March 29 2012. How many businesses have not received the telephone book? Remember advertisers in the yellow pages PAY to have their ads in the book. Those advertising rates are based on the books being in all the homes and businesses in the area. If a business is paying anywhere from $50.00/month to upwards of $1000/month for a display ad and it is not reaching the market due to telephone

books not being distributed correctly – then it might be time to look at getting some refund or compensation for the lack of service. FYI – businesses now pay for having their information available on YPG internet site on top of these book rates in some cases anywhere from $65/ month to upwards of $400/month! So far not one person I have asked in Fort St John has received the telephone book. Have you? To some the telephone book may seem like an antiquated resource but to others it is still a necessary resource in their home or a backup resource at the office (especially when the power goes out.) With the help of a letter to the editor I am hoping that the general public will take the time to let Yellow Pages know what they think of their service (or lack thereof). Thank you Theresa Mucci-Rodgers, Fort St. John BC

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April 5, 2012

A Look at the Budget

By Alise Mills F i n a n c e Minister Jim Flaherty said the focus of his 2012 Budget was ‘long term prosperity for our country’, but after reading last Friday’s bylines, its apparent some Canadian commentators don’t see our country as anything more than competitive regions and disputes. The bylines of the next day’s newspapers brought cries of discontent from the usual suspects mostly and not surprisingly from Central Canada. My suspicion is that those cries come from fear and quite rightfully so. Budget 2012 was much more than a polite acknowledgment of the economic power British Columbia and Western Canada hold. It is clear that Canada’s economic health is now reliant on strong natural resource and manufacturing sectors here in British Columbia and throughout the West. This made me wonder...was Central Canada now only in name only? Just ‘central’ on a map to any observer? Ontario, who was once the economic and political engine of this country, had become a ‘have-not’. In recent years, Ontario has been plagued by too many grand political gestures and deals with special interest groups all paid for by Ontario taxpayers while the response has been a dog and pony show meant to look like accountability by its leadership. Most concerning for Ontario and albeit-is out of the hands of any Canadian leader-is a depressed U.S. economy who until recently was seen to be a front runner in the race to a double-dip recession. Generations of British Columbians could tell you stories from noon to night of how we watched as our economies stagnated while Ontario’s zoomed along. British Columbia frozen out and on the side lines. Sadly, this could be said was a direct result of having Federal Governments who were incapable of disconnecting from the election cycle- the pandering of Ontario & Quebec votes long enough to understand the untapped resources and economic strength of BC and its people. Divide and conquer was the old way of doing politics and business in this country and thankfully that time seems to have come to an end. There is no honour among gentleman (and women) in relishing in another man’s bad luck. So, it would be irresponsible for me to dance on Ontario’s rainy day and remiss in facts for me to not tip my hats to the economy that ‘floated’ BC for many years, but its worth noting the imbalance between the East and West is a political lesson very much ingrained in our souls and history. Budget 2012 is as much a political statement as a blue print to where Canada will go to maximize our economy. The Federal Government is placing its bet on Western Canada’s economy, with a hawkish eye on British Columbia and the many opportunities its resources and people hold. The 2012 federal budget should be welcomed news for all British Columbians. I can’t remember a time in my existence when a federal budget touched every region and sector in our province. From natural resources, to manufacturing, skilled labour, to research, innovation and technology, the 2012 budget hit the key economic questions facing our province. Our beleaguered forestry sector saw the Federal Government demonstrate a renewed support for the industry and its workers with a $105 million investment for market development and research. This hopefully will encourage broader investment and ‘outside the box’ discussion at the provincial and local levels. Shipbuilding--until recently an industry on life support--saw $5.2 billion in federal investment over 11 years to renew Canada’s Coast Guard fleet, $101 million over five years on a cash basis to restore and modernize Esquimalt’s Graving Dock and $27.3 million over two years to support divestiture of regional ports and continued support for federally owned ports. If that doesn’t float your boat, then look towards BC’s mining


Northeast NEWS

sector and the continuation of a temporary 15 per cent mineral exploration tax credit. The BC Mining Association states that this tax credit will help in expediting $140 billion in new investment to the sector. The Federal Government’s budget also promised a faster environmental review process. This illustrates the Federal Government’s understanding that British Columbia is limited by a very short window in maximizing our natural resources to maintain our competitive edge in the global markets. We are no longer the only suitors vying for the Asia Pacific and even if we were it would be negligent not to seek out new customers for our resources. We cannot be complacent. Ten, 20 or 30 years debating one proposal is simply ridiculous and sends a message to the world British Columbia is incapable of a reasonable and measured response in the development of our natural resources. We are in fact then not open for business. The changes to the environmental review process is good news for British Columbia. Those changes are not a direct aim at the opposition to Northern Gateway pipeline. Time doesn’t equate to sound environmental policy, time simply becomes a way for challengers to tie up the process. These changes serve both sides well. In fact, those changes include more money for the review process by funding consultants/advisers for First Nations, who are in the majority of those opposed to such projects like Northern Gateway. The budget also includes funding to support technology for better tanker and pipeline safety, while providing more research funding for technology which supports other environmental policies that protect our coastlines.

The federal budget doesn’t just hit the ‘go’ button on expansion of these sectors, it offers a path to get there. Political and corporate leadership cannot accomplish this without one main component--the skilled worker. Labour shortages are a concern which has been at the forefront of meetings between Western Canadian Premiers who see this as one of the biggest impediments to reaching our full potential. BC simply doesn’t have enough skilled workers to see us through and immigration is a tool to help us address this need. Budget 2012 takes a solid step in addressing this shortage through the refunding of up to $130 million to federal skilled workers who applied to come to Canada before 2008. This will work two ways to benefit Canada and British Columbia: it will rid the backlog of roughly 300,000 new applicants and ensure skilled newcomers actually meet current labour market needs. There’s not doubt British Columbia is the beneficiary of this budget. The 2012 budget has the right blend of optimism and balance. Through key initiatives the budget shows the federal government has listened to British Columbia and responded through measured policy. Through good governance and wellbalanced economic and environmental policy; funding and resources for First Nations; we will be able to broaden engagement and ensure the entire country can and will benefit from British Columbia and we will be happy to take that leadership on. (Finally) Alise Mills is a political commentator who appears regularly on CKNW, CFAX and CTV. She is a public affairs consultant based in BC. • 9909-100 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC V1J 1Y4 • Phone toll free 1-877-787-7030 • Phone: 250-787-7030 • Fax: 250-787-7090 Email: • • • • 1509B Alaska Avenue, Dawson Creek, V1G 1Z9 • Phone: 250-782-7060 • Fax: 250-782-7066 •

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SOLD eddY bauer editioN, aC, Pw, Ps, Pm, Pl, heated seats, Nav, STK# #IR4260 sYNC, leather



4x4, aC, Pw, Ps, Pm, Pl, heated seats, sYNC, leather


CrewCab, diesel, tow Pkg, sYNC, Cd


STK# IR7067

2011 Ford eXpLorer LimiTed

2004 vW jeTTa WaGon dieseL



STK# J16548

aC, Pw, Ps, Pm, Pl, heated seats, leather, Nav, sYNC



STK# JR0442

Nav, leather, sYNC, mooNroof, heated seats STK# JR2756

2010 Ford FoCus ses

2008 Ford esCape XLT

2009 Ford F-350 LariaT dieseL



SOLD aC, Pw, Pm, Pl, Cd PlaYer, tilt, Cruise, mooN roof STK# J87556



4x4, aC, Pw, Ps, Pm, Pl, heated seats, Nav, sYNC, leather, mooN roof


NOW $ STK#JR7415

2011 Ford eXpLorer LimiTed

2011 jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

4x4, aC, Ps, Pm, Pl, heated seats, tilt, Cruise, leather


NOW $ STK# JR2800

2011 Ford eXpLorer XLT 4X4 v6

a/C, Pw, Pl



STK# JR3681

Pw, Pl, aC



STK# JR3178

2009 Ford F-150 XTr XLT

2010 ChevroLeT siLverado 1500

4x4, aC, Pw, Ps, Pm, Pl, tilt, Cruise, STK# I52464 30,000 kms, v6



4x4, aC, Pw, Ps, Pm, Pl, heated seats, Cd, Nav, sYNC, leather

2008 ToyoTa TaComa


NOW $ STK# JR4311

aC, Pw, Ps, Pm, Pl, heated seats, sYNC


NOW $ STK# JR0860

2011 Ford FLeX LimiTed 4X4

2011 Ford esCape 4X4 LimiTed

lt, Pw, Pl, Cd, 62,000 km’s



STK# J17185

Chrome wheels, Cd PlaYer, Pl, Pw



STK# JR3472

2011 Ford e-350 xlt van

Ac, pw, ps, pm, pl, sync, 2 in stock Stock #JR5708


aC, Pw, Ps, Pm, Pl, heated seats, sYNC, leather STK# I68044


werNer rau


JustiN butts



karl weiss

NOW $35,995

NathaN giebelhaus


*Price plus tax. Credit on approval discounts & rebates have been paid to price shown. DL#5247

1-866-282-8330 • • 11104 Alaska Road, Fort St. John

JohN ewoNus sales maNager


aC, Pw, Ps, Pm, Pl, Nav sYstem, sYNC, tilt, Cruise, STK# JR0463 mooN roof leather

4x4, aC, Pw, Ps, Pm, Pl, tilt, Cruise, box liNer STK# I91966

Feature of the Week:


Celebrating 50 Years in Fort St. John!


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April 5, 2012

Northeast NEWS

Page A8

Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

Local skaters salute to the city of sin By Jill Earl

DAWSON CREEK- The ice at Memorial Arena was transformed last Saturday into the glittery party city of Las Vegas, NV thanks to the approximately 160 skaters of the Mile 0 Figure Skating Club and countless volunteers. ‘Welcome to Vegas’ was the theme of this year’s annual skating carnival. The carnival showcased skaters’ talents, and is used each year to end the skating season. “This is the way that we end our season, so as of March 31 the regular skating season is concluded, and we end our season every year with a carnival that showcases all of our skills,” said Kim Hughes-Brinsky, Publicity for the Mile 0 Figure Skating Club. Skaters have been working for a month learning their routines, and club executives have been working for much longer doing the legwork of the show like preparing costumes and props. “It is a great family event, sometimes we need to have those different platforms where you can bring our whole family and this is definitely one of them, great music, and amazing cos-

Jill Earl photo

This skater channels Michael Jackson in a performance to ‘Beat It.’

tumes. It’s Vegas so there’s lots of glitz and glam and lots of colour, and there’s a strong dedication to have some really good props, and every year we do a really good job of making the arena look pretty different, so it is a really fun event for all ages for sure,” Hughes-Brinsky said. The carnival is just one of many fundraisers the club hosts each year, they also fundraise by selling Purdy’s chocolates, selling Rotary’s Mega Lottery tickets, collect bottles, and they have sold Gold Canyon candles in the past. This year parents of skaters worked with Ovations, the catering company at the Encana Events Centre, selling food and drink in the concessions; the club received a portion of what they sold. “It’s really the only one that we do that’s on the backs of parents, whereas all of the other fundraisers we definitely pull our skaters in cause it’s their commitment, but this is one where parents are driving it,” Hughes-Brinsky said. Fundraising generally goes towards ice fees, but sometimes the club will host special fundraisers to help their synchronized skating teams travel to competitions. The money raised at their year-end carnival was for ice fees, the club’s single biggest expense, as figure skaters can been seen at the rink every day of the week. “The primary one is our ice fees, to pay the City of Dawson Creek for ice fees…When we think about our expenses are number one expense is ice, no question…even though we’re Jill Earl photo non-profit of course we still pay the youth rate for ice, and so In keeping with the theme of songs about Las Vegas, this skater performs to Katy Perry’s ‘Waking up in Vegas.’ we use a lot of ice,” said Hughes-Brinsky. The club has been in the community for decades and is ran through a volunteer Board of Directors. They teach skaters of all ages and skill level, from little CanSkate learners to senior level skaters.

Jill Earl photo

These skaters dressed as card dealers know when to hold them, fold them, and skate away.

Jill Earl photo

Skating to ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ may seem off topic, but a stage performance of The Lion King was brought to Vegas.

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Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

Page A9

the opportunities for assistance is more available, such as services by the Child Development Centre. CDC assists children with different forms of disability and their families before they enter the school district. Michael Lewis, president of Autism Society of BC and Autism Society of Canada, agrees.

Continued on Page A19.


Pots and Planters Table Top Fountains Lighted Indoor & Outdoor Trees

Many More Unique Items *REMEMBER *

“Our son couldn’t tell you he was any different because in our world, he isn’t” - Suzanne Bueckert, mother of an autistic son

Spring Preperation of your Pond is Essential

Your One Stop Pond Shop 9937 17th Street, Dawson Creek Phone: 250-719-0765

Kyla Corpuz photo

Suzanne Bueckert sits with her six-year-old son Adrian, who was diagnosed with autism at age three, as he reads her a training pamphlet.

Understanding autism A look into one family’s experience with a disorder that continues to grow without a clear explanation

time we didn’t know what his problem was.” This seems to be the case of many parents, whose child is autistic, and who aren’t aware of the signs of autism. To raise the profile of this diagnosis, Fort St. John city council proclaimed April 2012, Autism Awareness Month. “People need to be aware of what autism is about,” said Suzanne. “It’s not a bad thing to get your kid assessed and labeled with autism because you can get more help.” She added it’s best to get them diagnosed before six because

Pet Photo of the Week My little dog Lady

Email your pet’s photo to editor@

By Kyla Corpuz

FORT ST. JOHN – When Suzanne and Brad Bueckert took their two-and-a-half-year-old son, Adrian, to the grocery store to get a jug of milk, temper tantrums flared, and it wasn’t just a case of the ‘terrible twos’. “He beat you up and lost it,” said Suzanne. It got to the point where they decided to keep him at home instead of risking a screaming fit in public. Finally, they put the blame on themselves. “Me and Brad were like, we’re bad parents.” The day came when Suzanne’s brother-in-law encouraged them to get him assessed; and at the age of three, Adrian was diagnosed with autism. “He needs to know what’s going on in his day and now we got it worked out. Not everyday needs to be the same. But at that

for a chance to win a special prize from the North Peace Veterinary Clinic 1 pet will be chosen each week and will be featured in the Northeast News. Each pet chosen will be entered into a draw for a monthly prize supplied by the

North Peace Veterinary Clinic





MSL® N215205 Great way to invest in your future and keep your payments affordable. These new 16x76 modular homes situated on their own lots offer you 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, vaulted ceilings, warm decor throughout, pantries and much, much more. This particular home does offer the buyer a drywall upgrade and custom paint throughout the home.





MSL® N216280

Immaculate 4 bedroom /2 bath features an open floor plan, spacious rooms, vaulted ceilings, natural gas fireplace in the living room as well as air conditioning for those summer nights. Yard is fully fenced and landscaped with back alley access. Call today to set up your viewing.




MSL® N215720

Recently renovated 2 bedroom home in Shady Acres features new kitchen cabinets, laminate flooring and open concept with much, much more. Includes: fridge, stove , washer and dryer. Immediate occupancy available.


MSL® N215882

Don’t miss your opportunity to own one of these 3 bedroom/2 bath homes in a brand new subdivision located within walking distance to both an elementary school and senior high school. Each home features vaulted ceilings, walk-in closet and full ensuite off the master bedroom, warm decor throughout and much more.

Page A10

Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

Annual pancake breakfast leaves stomachs, donations full

relies on volunteers to serve the breakfast, wash dishes, and tion for some that support it every year. By Jill Earl “Everybody looks forward to it, they want to help in some DAWSON CREEK- Last Saturday marked the kick off to the clean tables. “We like to see dignitaries because it’s exposure for them and way and we just need to announce when the breakfast is and Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, with their 27th Anfor us and the Cancer Society, and they love doing it,” said 18- everybody wants to come,” said Pardowski. nual Pancake Breakfast at the Co-op mall. This year the Relay for Life is being held at the Walter Wright The breakfast served from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. included pancakes, year Canadian Cancer Society volunteer, Delores Pardowski. Local representatives, MLA and Minister of Transportation Pioneer Village on June 9, the theme this year is ‘celebrating the scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage, oranges, coffee, and tea. The Co-op donated food, and all the money raised is a and Infrastructure Blair Lekstrom, Coun. Cheryl Shuman, Coun. years of the pioneers.’ Last year’s relay raised over $96,000, and Duncan Malkinson, and Coun. Shaely Wilbur were present to money raised supports cancer research. donation to Relay for Life. Marie Scheck, a Canadian Cancer Society volunteer, was the serve food and clear dishes. Lekstrom has been a volunteer with the relay coordinator for three years until she stepped down last year. Scheck says that the pancake breakfast has become a tradi- Society since he was on Dawson Creek City tion in the community and that the fundraiser usually brings in Council and tries to make it to their events when his busy schedules allows. approximately $3,000. “Any time that I can be of assistance, I “It’s a good fundraiser, it’s a good way to kick off the start of the relay too because the teams get up and moving and register- make every effort to do that...I’ve been coming and that. We have 15 teams registered now, which is more ing down and participating at this function for I don’t know how many years, it goes back to then we usually have,” Scheck said. The Co-op started the breakfast 27 years ago when one of when I was on council, and cancer touches all their board members, Joyce Armstrong, who was also the Daw- of us, it’s certainly touched my family, I lost son Creek Unit President for the Canadian Cancer Society, was my dad when I was a young boy and anything diagnosed with cancer. The Co-op hosted the breakfast in sup- we can do to certainly bring awareness and the work that the Canadian Cancer Society does port of Armstrong and has been doing it ever since. “I think it’s just out of the good will of doing it because it’s on our behalf,” said Lekstrom. Jill Earl photo The breakfor a good cause and there’s a lot of MLA for Peace Region South and Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, fast has bepeople in this town with cancer and Blair Lekstrom, and Counc. Cheryl Shuman worked hard serving to a long line of come a tradi- hungry patrons and Canadian Cancer Society Supporters. they’re behind it and they look forward to it every year. We have people making donations of eight dollars or more with their left over change, just throwing it in and saying put it towards Canadian Cancer Society, so it’s not just the breakfast it’s actual support for the Cancer Society,” said Co-op cafeteria Manager, Sharon Hahn, on why the Co-op has continued the breakfast. Jill Earl photo Other then two kitchen staff, a cashier, and a manager, the breakfast Audrey Elsenheimer was on double duty last Saturday, in charge of cooking both scrambled eggs and pancakes. Jill Earl photo

Delores Pardowski, Coun. Cheryl Shuman, and Marilyn Forester take a moment from serving customers to pose for a photo op.

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Page 8 February 17, 2011 Northeast NEWS

FEEDBACK Cash Store ordered to refund clients

basement. Fenced for horses, barn, dugout, garden area, green house, lots of room for your toys. New roof in 2008, new insulation, Northeast NEWS new windows, newer April front5, patio. Includes 2012 Page A11 2 stoves, 2a fridges, dishwasher, freezer, wash“There’s rate cap ofDr. $23 on a loan, and the fees that we 12848 Hilltop er/dryer. MLS#N204426 charge for the cards, or that, Direct Cash charges for the cards



has nothing to do with the loan,” said Thompson. “They’re a Consumer Protection BC alleges that Cash Store has been separate service that a customer may purchase—if they like— By Kyla Corpuz Editor: staff, and has been able to recruit experienced leaders in many departments. The customers more than the legal cap amount of $23 on when they get a loan. But they purchase those from the bank; FORT ST. JOHN – Customers whoThe usepast cashfive cards andpurchased a half years charging in the Peace Country as President and CEO of leadership team members are exceptional and I have been proud to work with them. $100-loans, and while Cash Store disagrees, CPBC has ordered they don’t purchase them from us.” at Cash Store or Instaloans may beNorthern getting some extra money in Further, the clarity of the College's vision is attracting experienced professionals Lights College have been very fulfilling. them to refund their customers the over-paid amount. their pocket. Thompson said this argument waswhere used itduring their reconto an organization that "knows is going". The potential I noted for NLC when I decided to apply for this position is who want to contribute “Payday loan consumers cannot be charged extra for cash sideration when CPBC originally filed the compliance order in It also has beenCozy gratifying to collaborate on Dual Credit programming with local evolving and becoming a reality. The addition country home on 4.95 acres in Charlie cards, that is the law,” said Manjit Bains, vice president of cor2010. industry, and other post-secondary partners of the Centre of Excellence for Clean Energy School Districts, November Lake area. Aboriginal This 2180 sq agencies ft home features 3 porate relations, Consumer Protection BC in a press release. up, and has a Peace 1 bedroom mortALL However, CPBC their ground that fortunate Cash Store Opportunities. Thestands Region is very to continhave a Technologies in Dawson Creek, combined with through Northernbedrooms Peace River gage helper suite with separate entrance in “This decision sends a clear message to the industry and to con- ues to make unlawful charges and has ordered them to refund basement. Fenced for horses, barn, dugout, group of exceptional leaders committed to expanding the scope of this program the Jim Kassen Industry Training Centre/ Oil SHAREHOLDERS Seed Co-op Ltd. sumers that consumers must never have to pay more than $23 for garden area, green house, room for customers within 90lots days and 120 dayseducational to provideinitiative. proof of the word on roof the benefits ofofinsulation, this innovative and Gas Centre of Excellence in Fort St. John, and to spreadingall your toys. New in 2008, new every $100 borrowed.” new windows,by newer patio.for Includes 2 these leaders bring to the impressed the front passion learning allows Northern Lights College to fulfil its brand I have been veryreimbursement. stoves, 2 fridges, dishwasher, freezer, washHowever, senior vice president of Cash Store Michael ThompWhile Thompson said Cash Store stick to solutions their guns, table, but also for their continuing commitment to finding forthey the as B.C.'s Energy College™. er/dryer. MLS#N204426willlearning son said cash cards are sold through a third party, Direct Cash have yet to decide if they will bring the matter to the Supreme youth of the region. NLC is committed to providing the skilled Bank and are made available at Cash Store or Instaloans. Britishsupport Columbia an appeal. “I can’t reallypoliticians, comment Over the years,Court I haveofreceived andfor encouragement from local workers for these expanding industrial sectors “We pointed out to Consumer Protection BC that we do not in on what our next steps might be until we have had an opportuthe former and supporting the economic development of including: Senator Richard Neufeld, Wonowon Rd Minister of Energy, Mines and February 23, 2011 • 1:30pm fact issue cash cards,” said Thompson. “Cash cards for custom- nity to19273 review the whole thing.”of Parliament for Prince GeorgePetroleum Resources; Jay Hill, former Member the region. Given the scope of the industrial REDUCED ers can be purchased through our branches, are sold to them by The investigation was launched a result the industry Rycroft Community Hall MLA for Peace Riveras South andof former Ministerwas of expansion in our region, a major part of my Peace River; Blair Lekstrom, DC Bank—which is not affiliated or connected to our company formally regulated in B.C. in 2009. “This dispute relates to new 5208 - 47th Avenue Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources; and Pat Pimm, MLA for Peace River role at the College was to build capacity in any way.” Rycroft, AB TOH 3A0 ruleslike thattocame into placethe at that time.” municipal and regional acknowledge exceptional through partnerships post-secondary Thompson said thewith feesother charged by DC BankNorth. rangeAnd fromI wouldThompson Agenda: believes this issue will itselfand outCouncils, over timeand as Mayors institutions and industry, and to ensure that leadership provided by the Chiefs and Band Councils, sort 1) To receive the financial statements of the Association for the financial $9.95 to $17.99. he said the company views it as a “legitimate technical dispute.”

NLC president bids farewell

19273 Wonowon Rd


Annual General Meeting



funding provided by the government supports Regional District Boards. I was impressed by the quality of leadership demonstrated for you Instaloan by members of the oil and gas and renewable energy industries.AsThank to all the breadth and depth of needed programming. and Cash Store cosare Northern looking forCollege a quieter life style, work with Lights on joint planning that I knew Northern Lights College was a "classy" for being willingIftoyou 10287 98 St 9807 96 St tumers, Thompson institution when the first person to welcome benefits the region. this acreage is for you! Located just outside thatsupported his cliIf you are looking for recruited a quieter life Taylor, BC Board of Governors mestyle, tonew make changes and me Taylor, to myBC The College’sWonowon, 2007 4assures bdrm moduthis acreage is for you! Located like just outside entele of shouldn’t be Wonowon, 2007 like new 4 bdrm modubecame uncomfortable. I was very appreciative this support new job was me when the changes lar home overdeck,8 acres. Huge deck, $299,000 lar home on just on over 8just acres.$549,900 Huge worried. original andlandscaped succeeding Boards provided progressive the former and pleased that the circular drive, Board beautifully yard, circular drive, beautifully landscaped yard, “...any services partially fenced, well water, busparticularly route to FSJ proud that innovation. I am we continued to President, Jim direction and encouraged schools or local. Call Terri to view today! partially fenced, well water, for bus route FSJ that ourofcustomers 3 bedroom, like new! 1350Kassen. sq. ft. Detached 4 bedroom executive home, sq. ft. education double the fundamental mandate of4600 providing quality lifeto in the He focus on MLS#N202490 purchase from our schools or golf local. Callby Terri tofor view today! garage. &were it is responsive on the course. andgarage that we to requests industry new programming. committed 25 region,car branches, allapplied these Together we will find a solution. MLS#N202490 I am looking forward to the innovative initiatives and opportunities for years to NLC is a growing community with 5334 Peaceview Rd, Taylor, BCand Taylor charges are adWe understand what you’re going through. technologies that are in the planning stages. Through provided research in clean energyPaulovich an assortment of recreational ac- Terri equately disclosed Remax Action Realty $329,000 with provincial, national and international leaders in this evolving me with firm partnerships tivitiesa including golf, curling, skat250-785-5520 office them of …itsAt this For your FREE confidential consultation, industry,hiking, Northern College is poised to demonstrate thetostrength vision. foundation 250-261-1644 direct ing, swimming, camping, & Lights point I don’t think I will beand cheering on awhich toA new new gym. library doc- from afar as these plans become operational. there is anything CALL My husband very special people build. tor’s office are also new additions. Gordon and I made friends with a number offor Debt troubles? them to warmth, be conin the north and we will miss you. We were treated to the unique brand of T h e Taylor is worth a second look! or visit our website at cerned about at all.“ Remax Action Realty spirit we now associate with northern British Columbia. institution is enthusiasm and innovative 3 bedroom, with an addition, There are two locaA Time fondHome farewellEach to you and our sincere thank you for your many kindnesses. fortunate to in 1st 250-785-5520 Trustees in Bankruptcy & Proposal Administrators officeall independently ownedoffice and operated. Terri specializes tions in Fort St. John 1508 sq ft, just under 25 acres D.Services! Jean Valgardson, Dawson Creek direct have capable Suite 2, 10611 – 102nd Street Fort St. John 250-261-1644 1-888-785-5520 Buyers and Relocation and Dawson Creek. GOVERNMENT LICENCED TRUSTEES with a view! 110 –1628 Dickson Avenue Kelowna (Resident Office) faculty and

year end. 2) To elect Directors of the Association. 3) To appoint an auditor of the Association. 4) To transact such other business, if any, as may properly come before the meeting.




Terri Paulovich



Each office independently owned and operated.

Edith Schmidt

#12 Forest Lawn Mobile Home Park Fort St John

cell: 250-263-3030


9619 88th Street

Many new updates! Spacious 1987 14’ wide 2 bdrm mobile home in popular Forest Lawn mobile home park! New windows,new kitchen cabinets,new bathroom, new laminate and tile, all new trim inside and out, new paint, new 10x16 deck, 5 min from city in country like setting! Inc fridge,stove,bi dw & shed.

$79,900 MLS# N204924 Scan Me with Your Smart Phone to visit Selling Fort St. John since 1996 ‘It Begins with Trust’

Fabulous spacious home,1600 sq ft on main, full concrete basement, 24’X24’ garage. NO HST. birch Hardwood in livingrm, 3 bed, tiled lg entry,kitchen, 2 bath. Open concept, kitchen has pantry, lg island/eating bar. 12’X16’ deck, gas for BBQ. Masterbdrm has WI closet, ensuite with dual sinks, lg WI shower with dual shower heads. Instant hot water system, security system. Great neighbourhood.



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6 mth closed

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n/a n/a n/a n/a

60 4.60 4. 45 4.45 4.

55 6.55 6. n/a n/a

75 2.75 2. 74 2.54 2.

20 4.20 4. 74 2.20 3.

75 4.75 4. 79 2.50 3.

24 4.24 4. 99 2.60 3.

59 4.59 4. 29 3.65 3.

60 6.60 6. 89 3.85 4.

70 6.70 6. 99 3.00 5.

00 4.85 2. 30 6.30 6.

45 4.45 4. 45 4.45 4.

00 4.85 2. 30 6.30 6.

80 2.35 3. 20 3.35 3.

79 2.60 3. 55 3.60 3.

15 3.15 4. 95 3.15 4.

49 3.94 3. 64 4.94 4.

94 3.14 4. 44 5.19 5.

99 3.45 6. 35 6.35 6.

40 5.50 6. 75 6.50 6.

6. 6.30 6.45 6.50 6.50 4.50

2. 3.50 3.30 2.89 2.64 2.95

3. 3.85 3.65 3.89 4.05 3.25

3. 4.35 4.20 3.99 4.35 3.50

4. 4.79 5.24 4.39 5.14 3.50

n/a n/a 6.45 6.45 6.45 6.45 n/a

n/a n/a 4.55 4.55 4.55 4.55 n/a

09 n/a n/a n/a 3.75 n/a 45 64 15 29

3.29 4.19 5.19 5.59 3.99 4.39 3.75

3.89 5.00 6.35 6.50 5.99 6.60 4.75

4.39 5.59 6.75 6.60 n/a n/a 5.00

Note: Rates provided for information purposes. Ratesshould should verified by Financial Institutions. Note:are Rates are provided for information purposes. Rates be be verified by Financial Institutions.

Melanie Boyd Century 21 Energy Realty

(250) 262-8294

Office: 250-785-8051

(250) 262-8294

Page A12

Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

Dawson Creek Literacy Now: Being prepared for the future

By Michele Mobley ~ Literacy Outreach Coordinator Most of us have heard that the first five years can be a child’s most important in terms of emotional, social, cognitive and physical development. Make sure that the children close to you are ready for the challenges of school by spending quality time with them. Encourage children to play, use their imaginations and explore the world around them! Just 15 minutes a day reading together not only gives

children a sense of security, but also gives them hundreds or even thousands of hours of pre-reading experience by the time they enter grade one. Engage children in conversations about their day to day activities. Not only does it help children develop language and vocabulary skills, but it also allows them to feel like an important, contributing member in the household. There are an endless number of educational videos and games for young children, but remember that

technology is not a substitute for face to face interaction. Get down on the floor and play, or create stories and crafts from your imaginations. Having fun and building a confident, inquisitive child is a great start to being a successful student! Michele Mobley is a Literacy Outreach Coordinator for Dawson Creek. She can be reached at literacy.dc@gmail. com or join their Facebook group “Dawson Creek Literacy Now”.















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When performed with regularly scheduled maintenance, the Works could save you up to $350 in fuel a year◊




“I take my Ford to t Ford-tra Ford-trained ained because technicians beca ause they y know what my vehicle e needs.”

Trust the experts who know your Ford best: Ford-Trained Technicians. For more details and offers, see your Service Advisor or visit All offers expire April 30, 2012. Offers may be cancelled at any time without notice. See Service Advisor for complete details. Applicable taxes and provincial levies not included. Dealer may sell for less. Only available at participating locations. ‡Applies to single rear wheel vehicles only. Diesel models not eligible. *Up to 5 litres of oil. Disposal fees may be extra. Does not apply to diesel engines. ◊Based on a Ford Fusion V6 automatic that has a fuel consumption rating of 10L/100 km in combined city/highway driving (properly tuned), a one-year driving distance of 24,000 km and $1.02 per litre for gasoline. Improved fuel efficiency and emission reduction levels depend on model, year and condition of vehicle. †† In order to receive a local competitor’s advertised price: (i) tires must be purchased and installed at your participating Ford Dealer; (ii) customer must present the competitor’s actual local advertisement (containing the lower price) which must have been printed within 30 days of the sale; and (iii) the tires being purchased must be the same brand, sidewall, speed and load ratings as shown in the competitive advertisement. Offer only available at participating Ford dealerships. This offer is valid on the cost of the tire only and does not include labour costs, valve stems, mounting, balancing, disposal, and taxes. Offer does not apply to advertised prices outside of Canada, in eBay advertisements, by tire wholesalers and online tire retailers, or closeout, special order, discontinued and clearance/liquidation offers. Limited time offer. Offer may be cancelled or changed at any time without prior notice. See your Service Advisor for details. ‡‡Rebate offers are manufacturer’s mail-in rebates. Rebates available on select General Tire (credit card gift card), Continental (credit card gift card), Goodyear, Pirelli, Yokohama, Bridgestone (credit card gift card), Firestone (credit card gift card), and Michelin tires. Offers are valid on qualifying sets of four tires, purchased and installed at participating locations during the respective promotion periods for each tire brand. Offer is valid on the cost of the tire(s) only and does not include labour costs, valve stems, mounting, balancing, disposal, and taxes. Amount of rebates, start dates and expiration dates vary depending on tire manufacturer. It is the responsibility of the customer to submit the required claim forms and proof of purchase to the relevant tire manufacturer with sufficient postage by the required deadline for that rebate offer. See your Service Advisor for complete details and claim forms. †Available on most brands at participating locations only. Limited time offer. Price reductions vary: $7.00 on 12”-14” rims, $10.00 on 15” and 16” rims, $12.50 on 17” rims, $15.00 on 18”-20” rims, $20.00 on 21” rims, $25.00 on 22” and up rims. See Dealer for full details. ▲Ford Protection Plan is only available for non-commercial cars and light trucks. If an eligible Ford, Motorcraft® or Ford-approved part fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, wear out or rust through, it will be replaced at no charge as long as the original purchaser of the part owns the vehicle on which the part was installed. Labour is covered for the first 12 months or 20,000 km (whichever occurs first) after the date of installation. Emergency brake pads are not eligible under this plan. See Service Advisor for complete details and limitations. **Excludes emergency brake pads or shoes. Machining or replacement of rotors and drums available at additional cost. ©2012 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved.

DOCKET # PNB-AMM-A-25617-3 Rev1







Presented by:

April 13, 14, 15 2012

CKNL trade show

40th annual

CKNL Trade Show Spectra Energy Presents


Inside: Booth numbers & Map of areas, stories, photos & More!

Friday, April 13 5pm-10pm Saturday, April 14 10 am-9pm Sunday, April 15 11am-5pm

Admission Adults - $700 Seniors & Youth - $500

(Youth 9-18 • Seniors Over 65)

Family of 4 $20 Children 8 & under accompanied by ADULT free

all paid admissions get a chance at a major door prize

Page B2

Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

Your in-town Golf Course Purchase Your 2012 Membership at the Fort St. John Trade Show at Booth #79

and Your name will go into our draw for a chance to win a R11 Taylor Made Driver, Putters, Golf Bags, Shirts and Hats. For first time members we are offering a; Spouse free membership, at the trade show only, a savings of over $400.00. Sweet deal.

Returning senior members Trade show special, Receive a $70.00 club house credit. (first paying adult member)

Returning adult members Trade show special, Receive a $100.00 club house credit. (first paying adult member)

Public welcome 3 flat screen tv’s, concession and lounge, a great spot to meet your friends for lunch. You can sit out in the sunshine on our glassed in deck and enjoy the view.

We are just a short walk from the City walking trail if you need a quick break when you’re out for a walk Full service facility, with power cars, rental clubs, practice putting green, chipping green and practice area, beautiful bent grass putting greens. Fully stocked pro shop with equipment for all levels of players. Very low prices on entry level sets just right for beginner and intermediate players. We carry shoes, clothing, hats, and clubs at all prices and have a friendly knowledgeable staff. Family Friendly, junior players welcome, parent child tournament held each summer. One of the top Junior programs in the province, running through the summer holidays.

Men’s league and open ladies night held each week. Best Prices for Golfing in the Area. Second Nine is still just $10.00.

Drive north on 86th street and you will come to our door.

Call us at 250-785-9995

or visit us online at

Welcome to the show:


Where have forty years the biggest trade show ever. gone? It seems like it was just We have close to 300 exhibits, yesterday when we got started. attractions, displays, and activiBut then, when I think back to ties. Most of all the space on that first CKNL Fort St John the two levels of the Pomeroy Trade Show I was 28 years old. Sport Centre is being used. A Today, at 68 years of age, I refitting way to call it a day. alize the clock and the calendar After forty years of involvedon`t lie and my involvement ment, I am passing on the baton with the trade shows all those to Christina Hogarth, a bright 40 years is coming to an end. and capable individual who As I look back, I feel a sense been assisting me these Show Manager has of accomplishment. But I past two years, and who has fully realize it wasn`t just me been involved with the Trade Gene Daniel who made the trade show hapShow in one capacity or anpen. Actually, a good portion other for the past nine years. of this supplement is devoted to the people who Christina is a former sales manager with Asare the backbone of the show over these past 4 tral Media and still works three days a week as decades. It has always been a team effort, al- a sales executive in order to spend more time ways revolving around the personnel at CKNL with her family. She will take on the manageRadio which eventually became the Bear FM ment role going forward. and other individuals in the community. Christina and I will be circulating throughout I have been involved with the trade show the weekend at the Trade Show and we hope since its inception. As manager of CKNL in you will like what we have put together for you 1973, we started the trade show in the ball- this year.More booth exhibits than ever before, room of the Alexander Mackenzie Inn now the a spectacular Safari Jeff Human Nature Exhibit Stonebridge hotel. We had about 30 exhibi- made possible by Spectra Energy, and lots of tors and about a thousand people came out for other attractions and activities, and numerous the weekend show. We thought at the time, door prizes all chronicled in this supplement it just doesn`t get any better than that. How put out by the Northeast News. could it possibly get any bigger. But bigger it As this is my last year of management, I want did get. We moved the following year to the to close by thanking the dozens and dozens of North Peace Rec Centre, and then outgrew that people who have helped put this show on over building, and left for the Curling Rink and the the years. Many of them are acknowledged in Kids Arena, and worked that configuration for this supplement. I want to thank the hundreds a good number of years before also bringing in if not thousands of exhibitors who booked the North Peace Rec Centre again, to make for a space with us over the past 40 years of shows. three building show plus outdoor space. It con- And needless to say, I want to thank the thoutinued that way until 2010 when the massive sands if not tens of thousands who have come Pomeroy Sport Centre opened, and we moved to see the show since its inception 40 years ago. everything under one roof. And that’s the way I sincerely hope you will keep on coming. it stands today, forty years later, with definitely This year marks the anniversary of an event that has happened 40 consecutive years in our town. Not only remarkable is the longevity of the CKNL Trade Show but also the growth. From a 30 exhibitor show in 1973 to over 250 exhibitors today it is an event which brings the community out of hiding at the end of every winter and one at which you can’t walk 5 steps without seeing a familiar face. I am very excited at the prospect of being at the helm of this wonderful event that Gene has built. My family and I have been in Fort St John for 9 years and have come to love the community. The trade show is a tradition in town and one that I am proud to have been a part of for these past 9 years. Gene has done a remarkable job with the show and I am looking forward to continuing his tradition for many more years to come!

Associate Producer

Christina Hogarth

Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

Page B3

40th Annual CKNL Trade Show

Main Floor

       

   

   

















































 





































 



 
























    

















 


 

 






   


 

 




2nd Floor

    

    


    


 

 

 


 


 

 

 

 

 

 

  

 

  

 NORTHERN SPLATTER SHOOTING GALLERY/ LASER TAG 

 

  


 

 




 


 


  




            

                  



 


 

 


    

      

     

    







     

         

        

Food Court

F-1 - A&W • F-2 - Westfood Co-op • F-3 - Peace Country Meats • F-4 - Nick’s Nuts • F-5 - Yummy’s Donuts

Major Door Prizes!

Draws Take Place at 4:30 PM on Sunday April 15th At the Sun FM / Bear FM Booth on the 2nd Floor of the Pomeroy Sport Centre

A 7 Night Vacation aboard a Cruise Craft 60 Foot 15 Sleeper Houseboat on Shuswap Lakes. More Than $5000 Value

A $500 Gift Certificate from Apollo Avenue Sunglasses & Watches

2 sweetheart packages: Jacuzzi Suite for two, Includes Wine, chocolates, flowers and Buffet Breakfast

For Youth (9 to 18 Only)

Six JD Fitzgeralds gift certificates

WIN a 64GB iPod Touch - Valued at $400

3 executive room for two plus complimentary breakfast

Page B4

Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

40th Annual CKNL Trade Show Vendor


5 Star Training Program 111 A&W Restaurant F-1 A-1 Marketing 105 A-1 Orthotics 105 A Buyers Choice Home Inspections 13 Accent Dental 22 Adventure Aviation Inc 33 Alaska Avenue Dental Clinic 222 Alaska Highway Art 110 All West Glass 235 Alpine Glass 129 ALS Environmental 257 Apex Creation Trading Ltd 19,20 Apollo Avenue Sunglasses and Watches 215 Anthony Swan MGT 213 Arbonne International 278 Arctic Spas 123 Around The Block 144 Astral Media (Draw Barrels) 268 & 269 Bank of Montreal P Bargains Galore 59 BC Hydro 281+282 BC Oil and Gas Commission 308 BC Senior Games Society Zone 12 7 BC Timber Sales 77 Beck Enterprises 126 Blind Bay Resort 219 Bodo Peace Region 143 Bonnie’s Accessories 133 Branch Corner Supply 224 Bra’s for Cancer 221 Bruce Martin and Associates 206 Budget Blinds 275 C.S.T. Consultants Inc 28 C&V Trailer Sales 101+102 Cal-Gas Inc 210 Camp Sagitowa 119 Canadian Cancer Society 233 Canadian Elite Carpet Cleaning 307 Canwest Group Benefits Inc 262+261 CC Enterprise 250-252 Central Emporium 141+142 Century 21 Realty- Kevin Pearson 40 Chealsea’s Hair Studio and Spa 146 Christian Life School 46 Clean Cuts/ Rada Cutlery 72 CIBC 246 Cisternas Gloria K City of Fort St John 108 Conservative Party of Canada 204 Costco 70+71 Cradling Hands Duala Services N Crafty Folks 249 Creative Iron Wrold and Design Ltd 66+67 Custom Creations 239 D.R. Jackle Construction & Stoneworks O Dakshas Gourmet Spices 25 Dandelions & Mudpies A


Booth Numbers Booth#

Deesta Hair Design Ltd 140 District of Taylor 106 District of Tumbler Ridge 258 Double R Repairs 309+310 Eco-Web Ecological Consulting 237 Epicure Selections- Kimberly Janzen 272 Epicure Selections- Nadine Kam 51 Emerge Design 264 Employment Connections 220 Energetic Concrete 120 Energetic Roller Derby Association 241 Enform 256 Enviro Home Inc 113 Exova 254 Eye Candy Beauty and Honey Bees 23+24 Factory Direct Deerskin Glove Outlet 121 Fairway Divorce Solutions E Family Friendly Community 240 Family Image Photography 82 Fantasy Gift Land 200-202 Fifth Avenue Collection 84 Fisher King Charters 65 First On-Site Cleaning 37 Focus Corporation 232 Fort St John Associtation for Community Living 230 Fort St John Oilfield Christian Fellowship H Fort St John Co-Op 283+284 Fort St John Curling Club 266 Fort St John Hospital Auxilary 35 Fort St John Links Golf Course 79 Fort St John Public Library 303 Fort St John Sunrise Rotary 64A+B Freedom 55 Financial 225 Galaxy Broadband Communications 247 Gas Liquids Engeneering 255 Global Wealth Trade 78 Gold Canyon Candles 26 Goodness of Garlic 21 Gorcomb Industries D Gramma’s Attic 45 Graph-X 131+132 Great North Creations/Aurora Dawn Photography 105+130A Guideons 15 Hair Bin 42 Hans on Mechanical Services Ltd 53 Harley Davidson of Prince George 124 Help for Hormones with Maxx Alive J Holmes Radiator FUN ZONE Hotsy Cleaning Systems 69 Independent Plumbing and Heating Supplies 267 Investors Group 60 It Works! F Juice Plust 205 Kid’s Music CD’s 32 Knowledge First Financial 83



Lakepoint Golf and Country Club 245 LB Contracting 103 Lesser Slave Lake Regional Tourism 236 Lia Sophia R Lily Silk Art 10 Linwood Homes Ltd 229 Lobanow Contracting Ltd 222A Lynn Photots 253 Lynette Forest Photography 12 Mannaware Cookware 130 Masterpiece Framing / Charnwood Creations 244 McElhanney Land Surveys Ltd 107 MC Rehabilitation and Wellness 49+49 Mediskin 263 Michaud Toys 62+63 Micky’s Minis OUTSIDE Mighty Peace Tourism 279 Millenuim Marketing Inc 136+137 Miller Concrete and Design 52 Molly Maid 280 Music Nation Direct Ltd 259+260 Nagel Notions and Promotions 114 Natures Best Landscape Products 57+58 Nick’s Nuts F-4 Nikken 85 North East Native Advancing Society 243 North Peace Justice Society 248 North Peace Pregnancy Care Center C North Peace Savings & Credit Union 276+277 North Peace Search and Rescue 75 Northern Auto Electric Ltd 125 Northern Environmental Action Team 207,208,209 Nothern Health 301 Nothern Lights College 6 Northern Outdoor Energy Systems Ltd 104 Northern Rockies Lodge 18 Northern Therapeutics 122 Norwex Enviro Products 5 Ocean Sales 11,17,44,100,117,118,135 Ocean Star Charters 27 Organo Gold 29 Overhead Door 138 Pacesetter Enterprises 16 Paragon Performance Training 302 Paramount Safe Work Systems 226 Party Lite Gifts Ltd G Passion Parties 30 Pats Auto Bumper to Bumper 148 Peace Country Duct Cleaning 306 Peace Country Meats F-3 Peace Country Toyota 149+150 Peace Valley Environmental Association 73 Pictures by Jaime 54+55 Plasti-Flab 74



Prarie Coast Equpiment 115+116 Pride Magnets 231 Princess House Canada 223 Proargi-9 Q Quality Inn Northern Grand 9 Rainbow Holdings Canada Ltd 36 RCMP Recruting L Recylce- It Resource Recovery 38+39 Renapur Holdings Canada Ltd 274 Rentco Equipment 127+128 Roxanne’s Interior Design 68 Ruff 2 Riches M Rustico Log Structures & Rhino Tuff Industrial 139 Sanjel Corporation 147 SCA Blueberry Ministry Center & Bible Camp FUN ZONE Scentsy 14 Scrumage Girls 305 Serenity Spa 47 Signature Homestyles I Silverstone Heating and Construction 304 St John Ambulance 81 Stella & Dot Independant Stylist 4 Student Works Painting 273 Superior Propane 76 Sunrise Radio 61 Swiss Style Nuts 43 Systems by Trail 227+228 Teck Coal 238 Temptations 1+2 Teryl’s Icecream 86 Terrace Sport Fishing Adventure 300 Thelma’s Goodies 3 The Kings Valley Christian Camp 203 The Original Basket Boutique B The Pillow Nook 8 The Scottish Shoppe 112 The Show Sports Memorabelia 212 Titanuim Exclusive Cookware 216 Today’s Techniques 211 Trail Blazin Power 151-154 Trophy Cup Ltd 222B Twin Anchors Houseboat 270 UA Piping Industry Collage of BC 41 Ultimate Relaxation 234 Under the Yoga Tree 265 Unforgetable Memories 145 Vertical Building Solutions 80 Versa Frame Inc 242 Watkins 64 Wee Piggies and Paws (Organo) 56 Weigert Enterprises Ltd 109 Westfood Co-op F-2 Winton Global Homes 34 Woodland Timbr Mart 134 Youth Bowling/ Fort St John 5 Pin Association 31 Yummy Donuts F-5

Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

Page B5

A Look Back at 40 Years of Trade Show History

A SPECIAL SALUTE A great number of people have been involved in helping put the Trade Show on over the past four decades. One person who clearly stands out, is Paul Hawkes. For the first 32 years of the trade show, Paul was involved in every one of them. His involvement and his contribution are legendary. He worked at CKNL, and he took the same passion he had for radio and put it toward the show. He worked side by side with Gene Daniel and the other radio station managers who worked the show doing everything from selling booth Paul Hawkes space, to helping in the setup of the show, and working in the accounting room. On his retirement from the Trade Show, Paul was honoured with a special presentation for his long service and dedication to the show. Unfortunately, Paul passed away in December 2010 but his contributions for those first 32 years will never be forgotten.

Another person who spent many years helping at the Trade Show was Arlene Goodkey. Arlene, who looked after the administration for CKNL worked the Trade Show in the accounting end from 1973 until 1999. In her quiet efficient way, she made sure everything balanced out working long hours to make sure the job was done and done properly. And from the broadcasting end, and even helping out at the door from time to time, is another familiar face, who is still involved. Joe Stevens joined CKNL Radio in 1983, and has been at every trade show since working the live radio broadcasts and pitching in wherever help is needed. A special salute and thank you to these veterans. Joe Stevens

Arlene Goodkey

Page B6

Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

Twin Anchors is back at the 40th Annual Trade Show

Last year`s show stopper is back‌only with a bigger houseboat. This year, Twin Anchors Houseboats is displaying their 60 foot Cruise Craft II outdoors in front of the Pomeroy Sports Centre. This houseboat is almost twice as big as the houseboat on display last year. It has all the amenities you would ever want, and it is the very same style boat that someone at the trade show will be lucky enough to vacation on if his or her name is drawn on Sunday, April 15th at the close of the show. Twin Anchors has once again made available as the major door prize, seven nights aboard this luxurious Cruise Craft II‌a 15 sleeper houseboat on the Shuswap Lakes. The winner can vacation any time except long weekends between May l and October 31/12. The houseboat has a fully equipped galley, 3 staterooms, 2 bathrooms, a residential range, 2 refrigerators, dishwasher, microwave, clothes dryer, home entertainment system that has CD stereo, TV and

DVD, VHF communication, propane, propane BBQ, fireplace, hot tub and bridge deck command centre. Anyone 19 and over who purchases an admission, gets a chance to win this major door prized with a value of over $5000.00. It will be drawn at 4:30 PM on April 15th at the Draw Barrel site, at the Astral Media Booth on the 2nd level of the Pomeroy Sports Centre. The public is cordially invited to walk through the cruiser, and also visit with Twin Anchors at their booth location right next to Astral Media-Sun FM and the Bear, 2nd level.

Stage North back to help out

Back again, helping keep the Food Court area clean, is the team from Stage North. This non profit society group, worked the food court last year doing a masterful job in making sure the tables were kept clean, the garbage was removed and the area stayed inviting for the patrons. For their help, the Stage North Theatre Society is given an honorarium and that helps the Society for their Theatre Summer School in Fort St John scheduled for July 30 to August 11/12. The next Stage north production is “Hockey Mom, Hockey Dadâ€? by Michael Melski and directed by Dallas Ashdown at the NPCC April 26, 27 and 28. The final show of the season is “Death and the Maidenâ€? by Ariel Dorfman and directed by Rob Laventure on May 3, 4 and 5. Tickets are now available online at or at the NPCC box office. Founded in 1977, Stage North was first developed through Northern Lights College by Theatre instructor Brian Paisley. The organization is dedicated to providing quality local theatre for the community, educational theatre workshops for all ages and introductory experiences in acting and learning opportunities in backstage theatre techniques for youths. New members are always welcome‌no experience necessary. Check out

Fort St. John’s Exclusive Designer Sunglass and Watch Store



Come See Us at     This Years            40th Annual      Trade  Show 











  9422 100th St.   DKNY Fort St. John B.C.    





Come See Us at the













! !   


Fort St. John Trade Show

250-785-9099 • 250-787-1544

9422 100th Street, Fort St. John B.C.

Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

The Best Booth Awards at last year’s CKNL Trade Show In the past 39 years, there have been many excellent booth displays. …exhibits showing lots of creativity and originality. As a matter of fact, three business firms have won special meritorious awards for their consistent outstanding displays. They are Trail Blazin` Power, Roxanne`s Interiors, and Systems by Trail. Last year, the top three booth awards went to the following. Rustico Log Homes/ Nature`s Best Landscape Products had a spectacular display featuring a structure built of logs by the Rustico folks and exceptional landscaping by Nature`s Best who painstakingly worked many hours to create a booth that wowed the judges and public alike. These

Page B7

two firms are back again this year. Rustico log Homes is in booth 139 and Natures Best Landscape Products is in booths 57 and 58. The Lido Theatre and Deere John hooked up last year and presented a dazzling display that spoke volumes of what they do. An added bonus was Deere John performing from time to time last year at the booth to the delight of country music fans. Sunrise Radio completed the top three displays last year with effective use of yellow balloons and other eye catching material that effectively stated who they are. Sunrise Radio will be back again this year in booth number 61. Who will be the top three award winners this year? Come to the show and find out.

Bra’s for Cancer will be at the Trade Show

Stop by Booth #221 with Your Old Bra’s to Donate for this Cause! For more information email Lehmann at Bras can be sent to Box 105 Tumbler Ridge B.C., V0C 2W0

Page B8

Northeast NEWS

March 29, 2012

Hoop dancer to visit the 40th Annual CKNL Trade Show Amanda Syryda from Grande Prairie is a hoop dancer and instructor supreme and you`ll see her demonstrate her hooping and teaching folks how to hoop, in the Family Fun Zone area of the 2nd level. Amanda is a self taught hoop dancer who started hooping just three years ago, but has mastered this art to the point she can do dazzling demonstrations as well as teach others how to hoop. In 2010, Amanda started teaching classes and workshops in Grande Prairie and continues to be in demand for high profile events like the Arctic Winter Games and Festival of Trees in Grande Prairie and the North Country Fair. She has now expanded her performances into Edmonton and now Fort St. John, at the 40th Annual CKNL Trade Show. Amanda`s performance times are April 13th at 7 and 8 PM, April 14th at Noon, 1 PM, 2 PM, 3 PM, 4 PM, 5 PM, 6 PM and 7 PM. And on April 15th at noon, 1 PM, and 2 PM.



2-yeAr lImIteD WArrAnt y

4.49% APr fInAnCInG AVAIlABle At


for 36 montHS†

otHer fInAnCInG oPtIonS AVAIlABle

6-montH BrP lImIteD WArrAnty PluS 18-montH B.e.S.t. eXtenDeD SerVICe ContrACt

Hurry! lImIteD-tIme offer

the ride says it all

Looking to get a new do? Come see the crew at Chelsea’s Hair Studio and Spa to help Feel like a new you

9117 96A Street, Fort St. John 250-785-2255

Hours: Tue - Sat 10:00 - 6:00 p.m. Wed & Thur 10:00 - 8:30 p.m.

24 Hour Service

We’re the Total Door Specialists • Commercial • Residential • Agricultural • Overhead Doors & Electric Operators • Gate Operators • Garage Doors 10516 Alaska Road, Fort St. John, BC Phone: 250-785-6675 Dealer Imprint Goes Here

Dawson Creek: 250-782-6685

Stop In & See Us at The Fort St. John Trade Show Booths 151-154 ©2012 Bombardier recreational Products Inc. (BrP). All rights reserved. ®, ™ and the BrP logo are trademarks of BrP or its affiliates. offers valid in Canada only from march 23, 2012 to June 14, 2012. eligible units are all new and unused 2011 and 2012 Can-Am Commander side-by-side vehicles. the conditions may vary from province to province and these offers are subject to termination or change at any time without notice. ◊ 2-Year Limited Warranty: the buyer of an eligible unit will receive the 6-month BrP limited Warranty plus an 18-month B.e.S.t. extended service contract subject to a $50 deductible on each repair. See your participating BrP Can-Am dealer for all details and to receive a copy of the BrP limited Warranty and B.e.S.t. contract. † Financing Option: Subject to credit approval by the participating financial institution. for example, a financing loan in the amount of $10,000, financed at 4.49% APr, equals $297.42 per month for 36 months with $0 down payment. the cost of borrowing is $707.12 for a total obligation of $10,707.12. license, insurance, registration, freight and preparation, options, applicable fees, duties, levies and taxes are extra. Dealer may sell for less. While quantities last. Some models depicted may include optional equipment. read the BrP side-by-side (SxS) vehicle operator’s Guide and watch the safety DVD before driving. for your safety: wear a helmet, eye protection and other protective gear. fasten lateral net and seat belt at all times. Always remember that riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. SxS vehicles are for off-road riding only: never ride on paved surfaces or public roads. operator must be at least 16 years old. Passenger must be at least 12 years old and able to hold handgrips and plant feet on the floor while seated against the backrest. Always ride safely and avoid excessive speeds. ride responsively. 9100160

Sales Service Installation Largest Inventory in the Peace

Office Hours: 8 am - 5 pm Monday to Friday Service Hours: 24 Hours a Day - 7 Days a Week 8215 93 Street, Fort St. John BC

250-787-0216 Fax: 250-787-0236

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CAMP SAGITAWA CLIMBING WALL A familiar sight at the CKNL Trade Shows over the past few years has been the 20 foot rock climbing wall that Camp Sagitawa brings in. Since it stands high and proud, it really is an impressive display, and is used non stop by people of all ages who like to try their hand at climbing the wall. What a view of the show from the top of the wall. The Camp Sagitawa Climbing Wall is located in booth 119 on the first level. BLUEBERRY MINISTRY INFLATABLE SLIDE Another attraction that stands out is the 12 foot high Blueberry Ministry Slide on the 2nd level in the family fun zone. This slide has thrilled many youngsters for years at the trade show. George Loney, director of the SCA Blueberry ministry and Bible Camp says last year some one thousand youngsters used the slide. He`s looking forward to another good turnout this year. IN THE ZONE PARTY RENTALS Justin Elliott of In the Zone Party Rentals from Grande Prairie always brings in some of the most amazing bouncers and inflatables, and really out did himself last year when he brought in Laser Tag. What a hit that was. The 16 hundred square feet of play area was constantly busy with young and old alike and the good news is that he`s bringing it back again. His contingent of play things will keep families busy for hours. See it all inb the Family Fun Zone, 2nd level.

Serving the Peace Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John,Tumbler Ridge, and Surrounding Areas


Bulk Propane Sales & Service

INDIRECT - FIRED “MODEL 800” Specifications Output* Blower* Fuel Efficiency Fuel Consumption** Inlet Duct Size Outlet Duct Size Electrical*** Optional Dimensions Approx. Weight Preset Duct Temp Limit Preset Upper Limit Preset Lower Limit

800,000 BTU/ Hr 11,000 CFM @ 1/2”SP NG & LPG or Oil 82% NG 85% LPG 800 CU. Ft NG/hr Max @ 5 - 100 PSI (typical 600 CU. Ft NG/hr) 8.8 Gal LPG/hr Max (typical 24 Litres LPG/hr) 5.8 Gal Oil/hr Max (typical 18 Litres Oil/hr) 2 X 24” 2 X 24” 40 Amp Breaker, 230 V single phase 30 Amp Breaker, 208 V 3 phase 53”W X 72” L X 90”H. 1,800 lbs (820 KGs) Adjustable to 175 F (80 C) 240 F (115 C) 200 F (93 C)

We Supply BBQ Parts Auto Propane Conversion Parts

• Bulk Propane • Tank Rentals

BLUEBERRY MINISTRY * Measured at the end of Hot Air Duct ** Consumption will decrease as return air temperature rises and burner is cycled off. INFLATABLE SLIDE Max consumption figures bases on continuous firing, followed by (typical operating values).


***Single phase starting current typically 120 Amps, continuous running 23 Amps.

Lifting Eyes

Saurus Heater Rentals

24” DUCT

NEW MacKay’s Homemade Ice cream Over 28 Flavours

Efficient, Indirect Fired Construction Ducted Heater

Most are Gluten Free DIFFUSER 24” t0 3 X 12”

Homemade Fresh Lemonade Cotton Candy • Slushies Screamers Assorted Candy and Nuts Pop • Water

Call Us for Details!


DUCT 25’ X 24”


Come see us at booth #210 at the CKNL Trade Show







Come See Us at The Food Court Also See us at the Dawson Creek and Fort Nelson Trade Shows

10807 91 Ave Fort St. John 250-785-3290



Serving the Peace - Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John,Tumbler Ridge, and Surrounding Areas

Come see us at the Trade Shows

65Vic Turner Road Dawson Creek 250-782-6789

Toll Free 877-574-2855

Fort St John April 13, 14, 15 Dawson Creek April 20, 21, 22 Foosball, Poker Supplies Bubble Hockey, Massage Chairs

9424-100 St., Fort St. John 250.785.3006

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Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

Come Share The Wealth $5 is All It Takes! Co-op Memberships on Sale

Come see Cooper the Bear

Spectra Energy

Presents Safari Jeff`s Human Nature Exhibit

This exhibit will be an extraordinary adventure in learning and is guaranteed to be a real crowd pleaser. Thanks to Spectre Energy, Trade Show organizers are able to bring in “Safari Jeff`s Human Nature Exhibit. It is an educational and interactive exhibit for the whole family to discover. There is an array of fascinating sights and activities for all ages to enjoy again and again. Within the exhibit there`s the “Bone Zone” which is a fully interactive dinosaur bone dig table. There`s a colouring station offering different activities to exploring visitors artistic side. And there are numerous displays of insects and reptiles punctuated by special performance by Wrangler Elisa who will bring out an assortment of live reptiles at certain times of the day. The brilliant informative displays and activity stations are open throughout the entire trade show. The special performances with the live reptiles take place as follows:

at Booth #283 & #284

Come See Us Upst airs at the For t St. John Trade Show and Enter to win one of our Door Prizes!

Friday, April 13th 7 PM Saturday, April 14th 11 AM, 2 PM, and 4 PM Sunday, April 15th 1 PM and 3 PM

The 40th Annual CKNL Trade Show April 13, 14, 15 Pomeroy Spor t Cent re Prizes Not Exactly as Shown

Spectre Energy`s “Safari Jeff`s Human Nature Exhibit” is located on the 2nd level of the Pomeroy Sports Centre.


Join us at Booth #266 For: • Wii Curling • Autographed Olympic Gold Winning Broom

Plus Come Talk to us about Next Season & Let Us Know Any Suggestions for another Successful Year

Having a Special Event? Weddings, Christmas Parties, Meetings & More! Check out our rental space and catering that is available throughout the year! 250-785-2037

40th Annual CKNL Trade Show

Friday, April 13th 7 PM Saturday, April 14th 11 AM, 2 PM, and 4 PM Sunday, April 15th 1 PM and 3 PM

Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

Page B11

Rainbow the Clown is set to make her return to Trade Show Rainbow is no stranger to the CKNL Trade Shows. She`s made numerous appearances over the years, and delights her audiences with her clowning antics and great facepainting abilities. Rainbow considers herself a family friendly entertainer. She began her career in 1992 and has taken training at the Medicine Hat College Clown Camp to hone her skills and has also taken course in Edmonton, Calgary and Penticton from trainers who are world renowned professional clowns. It has now reached the point, where Rainbow is teaching clown workshops to adults and children. In Rainbow`s words “I really focus on my character and think of how my character would think and react to given situations or comic opportunities.” She says, “its an awesome thrill to see a child light up when they see Rainbow the Clown”. Rainbow has been serving the peace Region and beyond for more than twenty years.

Rainbow will be on hand April 14th and 15th, in the Family Fun Zone on the 2nd level and will have special facepainting times: April 14th from 12 to 2 PM, and again from 3 to 5 PM. And on April 15th from 11 AM to 12:30 PM, and again from 1 PM to 2:30 PM.


Check out Northern Splatter’s Shooting Gallery on the 2nd floor brand new to the Show this year! It’s just 5 dollars to enter the shooting gallery where you can test out the latest Paintball Guns AND be entered to win the Complete Players Pack, including Gun, Tank, Hopper, Mask and Paint, valued at 400 dollars! Everything you need to play paintball!

HD Series model shown.












Thicker cutting decks - 17% Thicker cutting blades - 10% Ball bearing wheels

SPRING POWER EVENT * Available exclusively at your participating independent professional Husqvarna dealer.

10516 Alaska Road, Fort St. John, BC Phone: 250-785-6675 Dawson Creek: 250-782-6685

See us in Booths 101 & 102 at the Fort St. John Trade Show

Stop In & See Us at The Fort St. John Trade Show Booths 151-154

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April 5, 2012

Northeast NEWS

Than�Back Yo� For� S�. Joh� A Look at 40 Years for makin� our Gran� Openin� hug� succes�. History of Trade� Show A Special thanks to:

• Benson Stymeist for your help • Buck 3 Eighty for the music • Bethany Comer for Photography

• Kim Burton for the cake • Karen Bahm, K&W Cafe for Catering • Sun FM

Congratulations to all of our lucky winners! Love Team Deesta

is now

Check us out for great Christmas Gift Ideas!

Come Meet our team Dee, Krista, Ceejay & Presleih at the trade show and Put Your name in for giveaways and samples

Five Minute Make-Up applications • Hand Massagers Demonstrations with the rusk Heat Freak Flat iron

An exciting new retail great people. EntEr to win atbrand. thESametradE Show Same great service. With a truly Canadian feel.

When it’s TRU, it’s real. delta touch Watch for our new TRU flier starting or September 12, 2011 10020 - 93 Avenue Broil King Chef FortPorta St. John, BC BBQ 250-785-6679


Your Choice


18 V 3/8” Drill

0-600 RPM. Keyless chuck. 22 speed reversing, with electric clutch settings, variable brake. LED worklight. Includes 3-5 hour charger, 2 NiCad batteries, 2 double ended screwdriver bits, 6 drill bits, eight 1” screwdriver bits, magnetic bit holder, 4 sockets and socket holder.


Compare at



71⁄4” Circular Saw

11 amp, 4200 RPM. 2 7⁄16” max 19⁄16” max cutting depth at 45°.cutting depth at 90°, wood and plastic. Soft grip. EasyCan be used to cut no disassembly required. Includescarbon brush changes, 24 tooth tungsten carbide tipped 71⁄4” blade, hex wrench and rip fence.



Introducing Value priced tools for everyday household jobs.

TRU pricing

Duracell Value Pack Batteries



897 Your Choice

R.V. Antifreeze

Good to -50°C. 3.78 litres. For plastic pipes.


TRU Hardware Reusable Bag! To the first 200 customers!


AA 16 Pack



AAA 12 Pack


For All Pipes

041-6206 (Not shown.)

We believe that in order to build a community, you start with building relationships. We welcome you to TRU Hardware, where you will find what you need, when you need it a wide selection of quality products, with the same great people in the store.

Truly Canadian




Bathroom Tissue

16 Double Rolls


Sale Starts Today and Ends


on all EasyCare, WeatherAll Paint & Woodsman Stain

3.78 Litre Cans

Saturday, September 17,



Independent Plumbing & Heating Supplies 10020 - 93 Avenue, Fort St. John, BC

Deesta Hair Design

9912 101st avenue, Fort st. John BC Call to make your appointment with any of our hair designers at 250-263-9963


An exciting new retail brand. Same great people. Same great service. With a truly Canadian feel.

Menu IteMs When it’s TRU, it’s real.

Watch for our new TRU flier starting September 12, 2011 10020 - 93 Avenue Fort St. John, BC 250-785-6679

Congratulations Gene on 40 Years of Great Service!


Come See us at Booth #267 nowFort St. John trade Show atisthe

Buy 3 or More items at 20% and enter to Win our surprise giveaway ~ Valued at $1,000!

Come See the Great Root Bear!



• Whistle Dogs • Hot Dogs • Ice Cream Cones • Milk shakes • Pop / Water • Root Beer Floats 3997 Your Choice


18 V 3/8” Drill

0-600 RPM. Keyless chuck. 22 speed reversing, with electric clutch settings, variable brake. LED worklight. Includes 3-5 hour charger, 2 NiCad batteries, 2 double ended screwdriver bits, 6 drill bits, eight 1” screwdriver bits, magnetic bit holder, 4 sockets and socket holder.


Compare at



71⁄4” Circular Saw

11 amp, 4200 RPM. 2 7⁄16” max 19⁄16” max cutting depth at 45°.cutting depth at 90°, wood and plastic. Soft grip. EasyCan be used to cut no disassembly required. Includescarbon brush changes, 24 tooth tungsten carbide tipped 71⁄4” blade, hex wrench and rip fence.




Value priced tools for everyday household jobs.

TRU pricing

Duracell Value Pack Batteries



897 Your Choice

R.V. Antifreeze

Good to -50°C. 3.78 litres. For plastic pipes.


TRU Hardware Reusable Bag! To the first 200 customers!


AA 16 Pack



AAA 12 Pack


For All Pipes

041-6206 (Not shown.)

We believe that in order to build a community, you start with building relationships. We welcome you to TRU Hardware, where you will find what you need, when you need it a wide selection of quality products, with the same great people in the store.

Truly Canadian




Bathroom Tissue

16 Double Rolls


Sale Starts Today and Ends


on all EasyCare, WeatherAll Paint & Woodsman Stain

3.78 Litre Cans

Saturday, September 17,



Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

Page B13

40 Years in Fort St. John - Thank You to All The Staff,

Jack Ryder - Central Displays Show Contractors

Donnie Levac & Nyomi Foster Accounting Personnel

Sheldon White - Central Displays Show Contractors

Andrea Brooks - Registration

Jeanette Johston & Family - Box Office Personnel

40th Annual CKNL Trade Show

Cynthia & Mark Lanovaz - Box Office Personnel

Laurie, Ann & John Mast - Registration & Logistics

Stop in and See Us at the Fort St. John Trade Show at Booth #127 & 128

Page B14

Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

and the People Behind the Scenes of the Trade Show

Mary Daniel - Registration

Molly Stark - Registration Desk

Astral Media Management - Shaun Briltz - Brand Director, Amy Atkins - Sales Manager and Terry Sheperd - General Manager

A special recognition of the people who make Cheryl Desbigarre & Emile Desbigarre - Door Attendants the show possible. The pictures on pages B13 & B14 are the people who make the show possible. They are the people behind the scenes. In many cases, these people have been involved for the past decade Your Favorite Mouth-Watering Treat is Waiting for You... or more. Thank you to them and everyone who has been a part of the suc2 Machines to Serve you Faster cess of the CKNL Trade Show as we We’re in the Same Place as Last Year INSIDE - 2nd Level enter into the 40th Year of this amazing show here in Fort St. John Follow your Nose! See you there ~ Gene Sheryl Jackubowski, Claude Renaude, Roger Ness - Parking Attendants. Missing from Photo is Tina Tompkins


Cheryl Hodges, 780-897-0834 from Grande Prairie, Ab - email Monica Taylor, 780-354-3168 from Beaverlodge, Ab - email

“Chemical-free cleaning and personal care.”

Do you sing, dance, play an instrument, play in a band, juggle, do standup comedy, tell stories, lead cheers, major in gymnastics?

It is YOUR time to SHINE!

Like us on Facebook

1-866-755-FAIR (3247)

Crafty Folks Ent. See us at Booth #249 at the Trade Show

For All Your Crafts & Fine Arts 10501-99 St, Taylor B.C. 250-789-3720 • Open Tues - Sat 10am-5pm

Enter the First annual “New Stars of the Peace” competition. First level auditions begin April 28 in Grande Prairie with weekly eliminations. Final 8 Gala Showdown May 26th. Fee is only $20.00 per person or $100 for group. GREAT PRIZES!


Call 780-897-9200 today or get your registration kit on-line at Click “Other Events”.

Present this coupon at Booth #16

to receive your FREE Pedometer with our Test Walk. Must be 18 years or Over to Receive FREE Pedometer.

Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

Page B15

Noteable Notes about the 40th Annual CKNL Trade Show

ON SITE ATM AT THE TRADE SHOW One of the most requested items at last year`s trade show was “Is there an ATM on site?” Unfortunately there was not. However this year, 2011 Trade Show organizers are happy to report they took note and have responded with an on-site ATM on the first level of the Pomeroy Sport Centre. Exact location will be highlited with signage and will be readily accessible. ON SITE SECURITY Security is taken seriously at the Trade Show. That’s why Trade Show organizers always hire Code 3 Security. For the last seven years, this professional security firm has provided top notch service not only during the show hours but overnight in the building security. Their work is invaluable and many thanks go out for their exemplary service over the years. PARK PROPERLY AND RESPONSIBLY The city of Fort St John has gone to great lengths to maximize the amount of parking stalls that are available at the park-

ing lots in the front and the back of the Pomeroy Sport Centre be posted and this area will be monitored and vehicles will be including a good number of specially marked handicapped towed. Also, please have consideration for the neighbours of spaces. Along with space by the Kids Arena, and on both sides the Pomeroy Sport Centre and avoid parking in their lots. of the north Peace Arena, there is space for a thousand or so vehicles. But even with all that parking, at the height of the trade show there can be congestion. That is why Trade ® Show organizers suggest takFROM ing public transit which goes right by and stops right at the Pomeroy Sport Centre. Of course it goes without LIMITED TIME ONLY saying, DO NOT PARK on the roadway around the Pomeroy Sport Centre. This is a fire FS 38 Gas Trimmer lane and no parking signs will 27.2 cc / 0.65 kW NOW ONLY 4.1 kg / 9.0 lb




Peace Country Toyota Invites One and All To Their Unveiling of Their R-tech

Come and See us at the FSJ Tradeshow First. Too many options to list. Must be Seen! 1 of a Kind Toyota Tundra XXX Truck! % $



Eleifl, varpe lleius pelle tesque, iaculisl, ulis hasug hasu gaend elit. Maur is arcu velit, iamlisvel, varius pell ent esque, iac ulis ha sugsau ihsia hsis arcu


BG 55 Gas Blower

MS 170 Gas Chain Saw 30.1 cc / 1.3 kW 3.9 kg / 8.6 lb

27.2 cc / 0.7 kW 4.1 kg / 9.0 lb






MSRP $219.95


MSRP $189.95






MSRP $249.95 with 16" bar



It’s Toyota’s biggest event of the year. On now with big offers.







• Tis arcu velit hqosnx jsjs jxx smalds lwiai • Yys ysbslsls cjcjs sjucv sxud busss ususd • Wds askcaid sdkd ccjshcsovod iduc osw















Stop In & See Us at The Fort St. John Trade Show Booths 151-154 MONTH



MONTH • Tis arcu velit hqosnx jsjs jxx smalds lwiai • Yys ysbslsls cjcjs sjucv sxud busss ususd • Wds askcaid sdkd ccjshcsovod iduc osw

• Tis arcu velit hqosnx jsjs jxx smalds lwiai • Yys ysbslsls cjcjs sjucv sxud busss ususd • Wds askcaid sdkd ccjshcsovod iduc osw

• Tis arcu velit hqosnx jsjs jxx smalds lwiai • Yys ysbslsls cjcjs sjucv sxud busss ususd • Wds askcaid sdkd ccjshcsovod iduc osw

See your local801-118 Toyota dealer today. ave


10516 Alaska Road, Fort St. John, BC Phone: 250-785-6675 Dawson Creek: 250-782-6685

*Based on R.L. Polk Canada, Inc. Canadian Vehicle In Operation data as of July 1, 2008, for model years 1989-2008. Actual longevity of any vehicle will vary based upon operating conditions. Vullam quam, vel eugiamcommy num voloborer sectet la acillaorem veliquat. Tie dolore facil dunt ut ilismod oloreet numsandre conullutem ing el ea faciduisl duis numsan ullandre conummo dignibh exer autate consecte dolor adit augait nostoborer sectet la acillaorem veliquat. Tie dolore facil dunt ut ilismod oloreet numsandre conullutem ing el ea faciduisl duis numsan ullandre conummo dignibh exer autaolor adionsequat. Con utat. Dui enit il utpat. Os amcommod tisl dolore autate consecte dolor adit augait nostoborer sectet la acillaorem veliquat. Tie dolore facil dunt ut ilismod oloreet numsandre conullutem ing el ea faciduisl duis numsan ullandre conummo dignibh exer autaolor adionsequat. Con utat. Dui enit il utpat. Os amcommod tisl dolore eu facidunt lan volorti ncinisi. Urem alsandre conull riusto euisi ex exero enim quissim iril inissectem vulla faciliqui blam, si.

Dawson creek, B.c.

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April 5, 2012

Northeast NEWS

Build your career with Sanjel - Canada’s largest privately-owned global oilfield services company providing advanced solutions and purpose-built proprietary equipment to our clients. Sanjel is committed to empowering our employees to be innovators and proactively provide a safe working environment.


Sanjel has current openings for Driver / Operators, Supervisors and Coordinators in ALL of our Districts across Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia! Class 1 & 3 drivers with a mechanical aptitude and a keen interest in the Oilfield Services industry are encouraged to apply. What’s in it for you?? Rotations that fit your lifestyle, competitive salaries and benefits, training and development opportunities and a focus on career advancement. Email your resume and current drivers abstract to or call our Careers Hotline at 1.800.9SANJEL to speak with a recruiter today.

Acidizing  Cementing  Coiled Tubing  Fracturing  Nitrogen

Canada  USA  International

Pressure Washers


Industry Leader 2011/2012


Visit us at booth #69 to see our Spring Specials! Valid March 1 - April 30, 2012









Shown with optional hose reel

Model 555SS 2.2 GPM @ 1300 PSI

List $3,395.00 (Less) - ($ 500.00) Total - $2,895.00

GRANDE PRAIRIE 9641 - 116 Street Call: 800-320-8848

Model 795SS 3.5 GPM @ 2000 PSI

List $5,495.00 (Less) - ($ 500.00) Total - $4,995.00

EDMONTON 16712 - 118 Ave. Call: 800-328-1555

Model 1075SSE 3.8 GPM @ 3500 PSI

List $7,595.00 (Less) - ($ 500.00) Total - $7,095.00

RED DEER 8, 7419 - 50th (Gaetz) Ave. Call: 877-468-7973

CALGARY 3700 - 60 Ave. SE Call: 800-717-8101

Model 1065SSE 3.5 GPM @ 3000 PSI

List $7,350.00 (Less) - ($ 700.00) Total - $6,650.00

LETHBRIDGE Bay 1, 4002 - 9 Ave N Call: 877-303-3394

Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

Enforcement may grow like weeds By Jill Earl

DAWSON CREEK - Last week the Peace River Regional District hosted an Agricultural Weed Day at the Walter Wright Pioneer Village for agricultural producers to hear the latest in invasive and noxious weeds. Attendees heard from speakers like Ian Heap, who gave recommendations for weed resistance in agricultural settings; Julie Robinson, who discussed standards in weed free forage and seed certification; and Elaine Armagost, who spoke about how weed problems will be addressed by a new weed control program. Dave Ralph also spoke at the information session, Ralph is employed with the B.C. Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resources and discussed the Weed Control Act of B.C. and possible changes to regulations within. Ralph said that most of the changes that will be considered involve just updating and modernizing municipal government abilities in regards to enforcement. “The regulations are going to be up dated, we don’t have a specific number of changes there will be quite a few changes made, we’re really going to be updating them and a good term would be modernizing the regulations with respect to abilities of enforcement,” Ralph said, adding that the last time the Act was

updated was last summer when the province added 18 new invasive plant species to the provincial noxious weed list. Under the B.C. Weed Control Act, landowners are responsible to control noxious weeds, if a district approves the Act, then that district can appoint weed control inspectors and enforce control. The Act allows the district to give notice to a landowner to control their weeds, if the landowner doesn’t abide by the request, then the district is able to go onto the property and control the weeds themselves. The district then can issue an invoice to the landowner for the cost of controlling their weeds, and if the invoice is not paid, the amount can be added onto the property owner’s taxes. Ralph says that with the possible new enforcement regulations, districts will be able to enforce of a larger number of weed species. “Some of the initial input right now, that I’m hearing is that they’d like to see enforcement powers strengthened within the weed control regulations, give them more options for more enforcement of control of specific weed species,” Ralph said. Before the regulations are changed, the Ministry will distribute the regulations to municipalities and districts for their review and comments.

Tax tips that add up

Page A13

Jill Earl photo

Mayor Mike Bernier says ‘Hello’ to Liam John Hiebert, Dawson Creek’s New Year’s Baby and mother Jennifer Ominayak at the Hospital Foundation’s 12th annual Cradle Call. 2011 babies who purchased “Precious Footprints” gathered last Thursday to collect their footprint and to reveal the pairing footprint adorning the walls of the hospital’s lobby. Money raised from the sale of the “Precious Footprints,” benefit the Dawson Creek and District Hospital Foundation.


 Children’s art tax credit – up to $500 per child against eligible By Investors Group Financial Services Inc. fees for arts programs. This year, add UP your tax savings by using these tips.  Children’s fitness credit – up to $500 per child against eligible Basics  You are never too young or have too little income -- always fees for a physical activity program. file a tax return, which can trigger eligible benefits and credits  Credit for children born in 1994 or later -- $2,131 per child. such as the GST/HST credit and Canada Child Tax Benefit, get  Childcare – claim babysitting/other childcare expenses that back tax withheld at source, add to RRSP contribution room, allow you or your spouse to work or take a training course. Must or prove that a student has no income if applying for federal/ be claimed by lower-earning spouse.  Adoption expenses – claim up to $11,128 for an adoption fiprovincial loans and bursaries. nalized in 2011. Credit can Ibe split between adoptive parents.  Basic personal tax credit – raised to $10,527. am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional and a nancial consultant with Investors Group. I am a “born and raised local girl” who understands the economies of  Spouse/equivalent to spouse and/or eligible dependent credit Students St. John. I have over 20 years experience in the nancial industry, with an extensive and textbook costs, and – for an eligible partner and/or dependent with a net income of  Claim eligible tuition fees,Forteducation banking background. interest on student loans – the supporting parent or grandparent Your nancial future is very important! less than $10,527. Everyone could benet from a nancial plan and from working with a nancial advisor, all or a portion of the tuition,  Caregiver credit – up to $4,282 for care of an infirm or elderly of a student may be able to claim Contributed photo I help clients build and manage their wealth throughout all their life stages. education and textbook amounts whento helping transferred totheir you to agoals & provide I am committed people meet nancial them exceptional The 28th Annual Dawson Creek Rotary TV Auction held Mar. relative in your home. personalized service. I work with clients who want a long term relationship with an 25, raised anadvisor estimated $90,000 to be utilized for community Investors maximum of $5,000.  Disability credit – transfer unused portion to a supporting rela- Group who has their best interests at heart. projects. Local businesses donated approximately $161,000 of insert Congratulates Other tax-trimmersphoto A nancial plan goes beyond investment choices. Whether you want a new perspective tive. goods services here your existing portfolio, discuss your retirement options, minimize taxesand or assess your and cash donations totaled $11,100. contribution for 2011me –for deductible  Medical expenses credit – generate the largest credit by com-  Company pension plan on insurance needs, come and seeGroup a freeCongratulates no obligation consultation to discuss and Investors determine a nancial strategy customized to suit your needs and current situation. bining expenses on the return of a lower earning spouse and/ within limits. Investors Investors Group is one of the  Public transit credit – claim the costs of monthly passes/elecor by choosing the most advantageous 12-month period forphone> un- Group <Primary largest financial services companies Denean Arntson, CFP <email address> insert in the country. For over 80 years, tronic payment cards. claimed expenses ending in the current taxation year.Congratulates photo Investors Group has been a pioneer Financial Consultant here March 19, 2012.  Charitable donation credit – maximize by combining in providing personalized financial <RD Name>,donaRegional Director at our <Location> office, is pleased insert Denean Arntson, CFP 9319 - 100 Avenue planning solutions. Today, we congratulate <Full Name>, <Title> in attaining their Certified File by the deadline to avoid penalties and sureConsultant your photo tions on one tax return or carrying forward to achievetoFinancial higher tax Financial manage over $52 billion in mutual Planner designation from the Financial Planners Denean Arntson, CFP make here Fort St. John, BC V1J 1X8 fund assets for nearly a million Council. calculations are correct soFinancial you don’t inadvertently overpay. rate for contributions over $200. Claim previouslyStandards unclaimed Consultant Canadians. Investors Group is one of the Ph: 250-785-4312 Fax: 250-785-2344 Be sure your expense claims valid and don’t overlook Investors Group Financial Services Inc. largest financial services companies #233, are 10704 97 Ave. donations for a five-year period. <Primary phone> <email address> Email: Fort St. John, BC V1J 6L7 newer credits like the Child Arts, Home Renovation and #233 10704 97 Avenue Boomers, etc. in the country. For over 80 years, Greywest Office Building 250-785-4312 Fax: 250-785-2344 RRSPS INVESTMENTS • INSURANCE Investors Congratulates Investors •Group has been a pioneer First Time Home Buyers’ Ph: credits. Scott L. Moffatt, Regional Director for <Location> Northern BC,  Age credit – for those over 65 with a net income below Group Fort St. John, BC <RD Name>, Regional Director at our office, Email: isispleased Arntson, Financial in providing personalized financial V1J 6L7 pleasedtotocongratulate congratulateDenean <Full Name>, <Title> in • RESPS • MORTGAGES A professional advisor can help you get the max in tax sav$76,541. Transfer unused portion to supporting spouse. Consultant, CFP in attaining her Certified Financial PlanPh:Denean 250 4312 attaining their Certified Financial Planner designation insert RRSPS •ner INVESTMENTS • INSURANCE • 785 MORTGAGES Arntson, CFP planning solutions. Today, we Designation from the Financial Planners Standards• RESPS TM Trademark owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations. from theDenean Financial Planners Council. Trademark owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary MortgageEmail: products are offeredConsultant through I.G. Investment  Pension income credit – claim up to $2,000. Transfer unused ings. Council. is based outStandards of our Fortphoto St.corporations. John office. Financial manage over $52 billion in mutual insert hereto lend money in all jurisdictions in Canada. Clients with mortgage Mortgage products are offered through I.G. Investment Management Ltd., Investors Group Management Ltd., Investors Group Trust Co. Ltd. is a trust company licensed photo Throughout Canada, the CFP Planning designation is recognized inquiries will be referred to an Investors Investors Group Mortgage Specialist. Insurance products and services distributed through I.G. Insurance This column, written and published by Group Financial fund for nearly portion to eligible spouse. here Trust Co. Ltd.assets is a trust company licenseda tomillion lend money in all jurisdictions in Canada. Clients Throughout the CFP designation isCompany. recogas license a mark ofCanada, quality and professional integrity. To gain Services Inc. Insurance sponsored by The Great-West Life Assurance nized as a mark of quality and professional integrity. To Canadians. with mortgage inquiries will be referred to an Investors Group Mortgage Planning Specialthis designation, <Fullis Name>, <Title> achieved a high only and not a solicitation  Pension income splitting – may be advantageous to allocate Services Inc. presents general information gain this designation, Denean achieved a high level of ist. Insurance products and services distributed through I.G. Insurance Services Inc. Insurance level of specialized knowledge in financial, insurance specialized knowledge in financial, insurance and tax to buy or sell any investments. <Primary phone> and tax planning, the bestclient possible Group Financial ServicesCompany. Inc. half of your qualifying pension to a lower-earning spouse. licenseInvestors sponsored by The Great-West Life Assurance planning, designed designed to ensure to theensure best possible <Primary phone> <Toll free> client service is provided. service is provided. <email address> #233 Investors Group Financial Services Inc. <email 10704 address>97 Avenue Children <RD Name>, Regional Director at our <Location> office, is pleased to congratulate <Full Name>, <Title> in attaining their Certified Financial Planner designation from the Financial Planners Standards Council.

Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

Investors Group Congratulates

Trademarks owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations.


<Primary phone> <Toll free> <email address> <Address 1> <Address 2> <Address 3> <Address 4> <Address 5> <Address 6>

Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

Trademarks owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations.


<RD Name>, Regional Director at our <Location> office, is pleased to congratulate <Full Name>, <Title> in attaining their Certified Financial Planner designation from the Financial Planners Standards Council.


Throughout Canada, the CFP designation is recognized as a mark of quality and professional integrity. To gain this designation, <Full Name>, <Title> achieved a high level of specialized knowledge in financial, insurance and tax planning, designed to ensure the best possible client service is provided.

Investors Group Congratulates Insurance products and services distributed through I.G. Insurance Services Inc. (in Quebec, a financial services firm). TMTrademarks owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations.

Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

<RD Name>, Regional Director at our <Location> office, is pleased to congratulate <Full Name>, <Title> in attaining their Certified Financial Planner designation from the Financial Planners Standards Council. Throughout Canada, the CFP designation is recognized as a mark of quality and professional integrity. To gain this designation, <Full Name>, <Title> achieved a high level of specialized knowledge in financial, insurance and tax planning, designed to ensure the best possible client service is provided.

insert photo here

Scott L. Moffatt, Regional Director for <Location> Northern BC, <RD Name>, Regional Director at our office, isispleased Arntson, Financial pleasedtotocongratulate congratulateDenean <Full Name>, <Title> in Consultant, CFP in attaining her Certified Financial Planattaining their Certified Financial Planner designation ner Designation from the Financial Planners Standards from theDenean Financial Planners Council. is based outStandards of our FortCouncil. St. John office. Throughout Canada, the CFP designation is recognized Throughout the CFP designation is recogas a mark ofCanada, quality and professional integrity. To gain nized as a mark of quality and professional integrity. To this designation, <Full Name>, <Title> achieved a high gain this designation, Denean achieved a high level of level of specialized knowledge in financial, specialized knowledge in financial, insuranceinsurance and tax and tax planning, the bestclient possible planning, designed designed to ensure to theensure best possible client service is provided. service is provided.

Insurance products and services distributed through I.G. Insurance Services Inc. (in Quebec, a financial services firm). TMTrademarks owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations.

250-787-5220 Office

Come See Rhonda!

<Primary phone> <email address>

1# Sales Lady

250-793-7056 Cell

Investors Group Financial Services Inc.

Insurance products and services distributed through I.G. Insurance Services Inc. (in Quebec, a financial services firm). TMTrademarks owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations.

<Address 1>Office Building Greywest <Address 2> Fort St. John, BC <Address 3> <Address V1J 6L7 4> <Address 5> Ph: 250 6> 785 4312 <Address Email:

Business For Sale

Own A Gift Basket Franchise

Established Clientele, Home based Make Your Own Hours Owner Moving, Serious Inquiries Only Phone 250-785-0900 Investors Group Financial Services Inc. email Website

Insurance products and services distributed through I.G. Insurance Services Inc. (in Quebec, a financial services firm). TMTrademarks owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations.

Fort City Chrysler




Open 7 days a week

24 HR SeRViCe

263-4348 GARRY’S CeLL

787-9755 FAX


Monday - Wednesday 10:00am-7:00pm

Now Open til 9pm Thursday - Saturday,

Thursday - Saturday 10:00am-9:00pm, Sunday 12:00-5:00pm

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April 5, 2012

Lone Wolf Golf Club

The Hair Bin now has openings for Men’s and Ladies Stylists.

Requires - Outside Maintenance Workers - Clubhouse Restaurant Staff - Clubhouse Pro Shop Staff

Call 250-787-1552 or contact Lorraine

Now Hiring All Positions

To apply or find our more, please visit us online at: 9007 - 96A St. Fort St. John, BC

RUSS WAGAR GAS & OILFIELD MAINTENANCE LTD. Requires a full time crew truck foreman for work at local gas plant / field in Arras area. Field maintenance experience, along with Industry Standard Tickets, and clean Drivers Abstract are required. MUST BE DRUG FREE. Must be able to work independently, have good work ethics, recognize and apply safe work habits at all times. Please contact Russ Wager at 250-784-5565 Email Resumes to:

Full time and Part time available. Very busy salon.

10442-100th Street 250-787-1552

Apply in person with resume to the Pro Shop

(250) 261-5544


Northeast NEWS

Fort St. John Links Golf Course is now accepting applications for full and part time cooks.

(250) 789-3711 Taylor, B.C.

For the golfing season, May until October. Flexible hours available.

Progressive Ground Disturbance

For more information call: 250-785-9995. Fort St John Links Golf Course 62 Princess Cres., Fort St John B.C. V1J 2R6 email:

in the Ft. St. John, BC area. EXPERIENCED LINE This representative should have a good knowledge of LOCATOR Northern BC, line locating& andAREA the ability to REP look after

Fort Motors requires iMMediately

Progressive Ground Disturbance Company is seeking an Company seeking an EXPERIENCED LINE is LOCATOR & AREA REP

dayJohn, operations. in the day Ft.toSt. BC area.

Company will provide training, competitive wages and great benefitsThis in a drug free environment with opportunities representative should havetoatravel. Must be reliable, motivated and have valid driver’s license. good knowledge of Northern BC, line A benefit program is offered which includes medical, locating and abilityinsurance. to look after dental, life the and disability

day to day operations.

When submitting resumes please refer to Competition # LFNBC-02-07 will provide training, andCompany email to or Fax Resume (403)793-2811 competitive wagesto:and great benefits

Automotive Technician

relocation assitance, Benefits, excellent Wages

Apply to Derek Clark, Service Manager at or Fax 250-785-6621

in a drug free environment with

For any additional information regarding the company, opportunities to travel. Must be please see our website at:

Posting Circular: Job-1574 Stopping the Violence Counselor Chetwynd Job 1574 Choices for Women Program Position Title: Stopping the Violence Counselor – Chetwynd Job Responsibilities: The Stopping the Violence Counselor: Is responsible for the provision of individual and group counselling services to women who have experienced recent or historical violence or abuse. Ensures that the delivery of service fits with the philosophy and standards of the organization and meets provincial standards. Hours of Work: 17.5 Hours per week – Flexible to meet program needs Rate of Pay: As per the Collective Agreement Closing Date: April 13, 2012 Submit Resumes To: Lori Brooks, Human Resource Coordinator P.O. Box 713 (10110 – 13th Street) Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4H7 Fax: (250) 782 4167 E-mail:

reliable, motivated and have valid driver’s license. A benefit program is Great Opportunity for medical, a offeredAwhich includes dental, life and disability insurance.

1-877-544-5104 • • 11104 Alaska Road, Fort St. John

Lot Attendant

We aresubmitting looking to add a Lotresumes Attendant to ourplease team. When This is a great opportunity to join our well refer to Competition established shop. If# youLFNBC-02-07 are: and email to and responsible •Dependable •Able to work quickly and efficiently

Excellent people. Awesome Benefits. Great Wages. Have you ever thought about a job with Local Government? Would you like to be part of an incredible team? Check out the following job opportunities currently available with the City of Fort St. John:

A team player with common sense or F•ax Resume to: (403)793-2811

We lookinginformation for you! For are any additional

If you are looking for a rewarding career with great benefitssee and regarding the company, please remuneration plan and feel you can offer excellence in your profession then our website at: send your resume with references to:

Doug Peters You may also fax your resume to 250.782.1790

Student Visitor Information Counsellor – Full Time – Auxiliary – Term: April 30, 2012 to August 31, 2012 - Posting 2012-21. Position closes 4:00 p.m., Tuesday, April 10, 2012

For job details go to Interested candidates should forward a complete resume prior to 4:00 pm on the closing date to: Human Resources Assistant, City of Fort St. John 10631 - 100th Street, Fort St. John, BC. V1J 3Z5 PHONE: (250) 787-8150 FAX: (250) 787-8181 Email:

• Please include Competition # 1574 with resume • This position is open to female applicants only • Only short-listed applicants will be contacted • This position is a union position For more information please visit our Career Opportunity section at We look forward to hearing from you!


We thank all applicants, however, only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Northeast NEWS


For REnt

Office for Rent Office space for rent on ground floor in the Professional Building 1200 103 Ave Dawson Creek. Call 250-219-1434 (TFN) For Sale Jandel Homes. Volume buy, huge savings. Limited time only, will deliver in Spring. 1.877.504.5005 (TFN) Crane Mats - Crane Mats - Hardwood Wedges, Pipeline Blocking, call 604-462-7517 (TFN) Vacation Spots The Northern Rockies Lodge in Muncho Lake Provincial Park is open year- round 1-800-6635269 (04/05) FOR SALE AVON: www. hanaback REGAL: Email



We have warm places to call home this winter! Sterling Management Services Ltd. has for rent

Bach, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Townhouses & Duplexes

Fort St. John Call our office 250-785-2829 or Visit


Wood Furniture 100% Solid wood and rustic furniture. Log home renovations and sealants. call Lisa in FSJ 250.263.7765 or Doug in Hudson’s Hope Call 250.783.9156 (yrly) HELP WANTED Peace River Building Products is looking for a full-time sales clerk. Wage starting at $15-$17/hr. Construction experience is an asset. Bring resume to 9511 - 85th ave. (04/05) FOR RENT Room in large quiet house $350 per month Includes utilities & use of kitchen Hi-speed internet access possible #250-789-3551 Home Evaluation FREE Quick OVER-THENET Home Evaluation www. (04/19) For Sale 2006 Modular Home in Taylor Fenced Lot, Storage Shed, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths Clean Asking $189,900 Call 250-787-2237 (04/19)

For Sale Northeast British Columbia

Credit, Dreamcatcher Sad Bad Credit

Li-Car business& Li-Car Li-Car Management Group professional

Management Group Now taking applications for Group 1, 2 and 3Management bedroom units. Now taking applications for applications for 2 andProfessional 3 bedroom units. or Now one of1, taking our Site managers! 2 and 3 bedroom Alpine- Bruce1,250-785-1852 • Bona Vistaunits, - Natasha 250-787-1075 woodwork Contact office for •more or oneour of our Professional Siteinformation! managers! SandalwoodBob 250-262-2011 HillcrestGlen 250-261-4216 Phone - Office AlpineBruce 250-785-1852 • Bona Vista - Natasha 250-787-1075 DriftwoodBob 250-262-2011 •250-785-2662 Melsher• New construction Email: SandalwoodBob 250-262-2011 Hillcrest- Glen 250-261-4216 MaplewoodBob • Graham-

Fisher Log Works

• Refinishing DriftwoodBob250-262-2011 250-262-2011•Ambassador• Melsher- Sandra 250-261-6516 KillarneyBob • Chinking Staining Northeast British Columbia MaplewoodBob|Green 250-262-2011 • GrahamGlen- Bob 250-262-2011 • Stairs and Railings • Gazebos KillarneyBob 250-262-2011 •Ambassador- Sandra 250-261-6516 Andrew Blaney Justin McKnight |Green GlenBob 250-262-2011 Email: 250-785-1490 250-785-8221

business& professional

No Problem Apply today!! Drive Today!! APPLY ONLINE

0” Down! construction service

Extreme Venture


• Masonary • Framing • Decks • Roofing • Ceramic Tile • Slate • Granite • Siding • Concrete Parging • Fence • Construction Service

No Charge DELIVERY BC & Ab. Coquitlam Chrysler DL#7557

Fort St. John, BC

Accounting & Taxes

Fisher Log WorksScott Madeline

Madeline Scott

• Masonary • Framing • Decks • New construction • Roofing • Ceramic Tile • Refinishing • Slate • Granite • Siding • Chinking Staining • Concrete Parging • Fence • Stairs and Railings • Gazebos • Construction Service Andrew Blaney Justin McKnight John (250) 263-4858 250-785-1490 250-785-8221 Business, Farming and personal Bookkeeping Fort St. John, BC

Bookkeeping & Income IncomeTax Tax Bookkeeping & Northeast British Columbia

Locksmith Automotive Chipped Transponder Keys Available

business& professional 250-785-6409 CLASSIFIEDS For Sale

Space For leaSe

advertise in


Help Wanted

Automotive Chipped Transponder Keys Available


Northeast NEWS

9708-108 St Fortbusiness St John the

advertising wrought iron directory?

PART-TIME MERCHANDISER Glass - 250-787-8888 Plaza. 100 Winner St / 101 Ave. in Powerhouse 2009 People’s Choice Award Retail 10267 West Bypass, Fort Fort St. John, BC Call 250- Services has an opening Ph: 250-263-0886 31-9600 93rd Ave, Totem Mall John, BC . (TFN) 263-1244 (08/18) 9708-108 St Fort St John Fx:St.250-785-1585 Fort St. John, BC for a merchandiser to serHelp Wanted For Sale vice our clients in Fort St. Deesta is looking for Glass an For Sale: 2007 Ford F150 wrought glass John & Dawson iron Creek, experienced Davidson Edition BC for part-time week2009 People’shairstylist. Choice Award WinnerHarley◉ Windshields Home of the ten minute 4x4. Deep Amethyst exteday hours between 9:00 SIGNS • FIRERINGS ◉ Custom Showers color. Phone: 250-263- rior color, black leather in- AM – 5:00 PM. Excellent RAILINGS • GATES ◉ Flooring 9963 (TFN) terior. Comes with LineX opportunity for additional In Home Consultations ◉ Windows and doors Help Wanted*Free boxliner, after market headDozer and excavator lights and taillights, satel- work for an existing rep phone: (250) 787.7030 or anyone working part *Free In Home operators required forConsultations Brenda Piper• Sales Lisa MacElheren Fax 250.787.7090 toll free: 1.877.787.7030 lite radio, power moonroof, time. Retail /merchandisa busy Alberta Oilfield Kristine Budac 6 disc CD Changer., 22” Advertising Sales Dawson Creek, B.C. 9909-100th avenue PHONE: 250.789.9157 Construction Company. ing experience preferred. tires. For more information, CELL: 250.261.5917 fort st john, bc V1J 1Y4 We require operators that Must provide own trans9708-108 St Fort St John EMAIL: 9708-108 St Fortplease St Johncall 250 219 0423. are experienced and prefportation & internet. INQUIRIES erence will be given to SERIOUS Email: sukhi@poweroperators that have con- ONLY PLEASE!! (TFN) Fax: structed oilfield roads and For Sale 1-866-847-0068. (08/25) Locksmith drilling locations.You will Accounting & Taxes

Get your message SIGNS • FIRERINGS call 250-785-640 9 Fisher Log Works home. ◉ Windshields ◉ Custom Showers ◉ Flooring

• New construction • Refinishing ◉ Windows and doors • Chinking Staining • Stairs and Railings • Gazebos Andrew Blaney Justin McKnight 250-785-8221 250-785-1490

50-785-640 9 50-785-640 22 9




Phone: 250-782-7060PHONE: 250.789.9157 Call 250-787-7030 CELL: 250.261.5917 EMAIL:

IT’S A gIrl accounting & taxes Kodi alexandria locksmith Short pieces of pipe 7” to For Sale



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a PUBLIC HEARING will be held in the DISTRICT OF HU NOTICE IS CHAMBERS, HEREBY GIVEN that Drive, a PUBLIC HEARING will24, 2011, at 7: HOPE COUNCIL 9904 Dudley on MONDAY, October allow public to make verbal or written representationHOPE to Council with respect to the follo be the held in the DISTRICT OF HUDSON’S COUNCIL Proposed Development Variance. CHAMBERS, 9904 Dudley Drive, on Tuesday April 10, 2012 A) at

7:00 p.m. to allow the public toPERMIT make verbal or written repi) “DEVELOPMENT VARIANCE APPLICATION” resentation to Council with respect to the following proposed The intent of this proposed development variance permit is to amend the outsid ZONING AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 809, 2012.

setback requirements for the exterior parcel line along Fredette Avenue righ from 3 meters to 1.5 meters for

The District of Hudson’s Hope is proposing to amend Zoning 19 Township 81 Range 24 West Bylaw No. •750Lotby2 Block2 adding Section Secondary Suites under Permitted PRDP 1679 Uses.

of the 6 th

This would make the setback of the exterior parcel line the same as the setbac

for an interior line. Suites be added as a permitted use It is proposed thatparcel Secondary in the following Residential Zones (where “Duplex” is currently a permitted use):

1. 2. 3. 4.

Low Density Residential – R1 Low Density Residential– R1A Medium Density Residential – R2 Suburban Residential – R3

SECONDARY SUITE means a self-contained, accessory dwelling unit located within a principle single-detached dwelling or in an accessory building on the same parcel as a single-detached dwelling. A secondary suite has its own separate cooking, sleeping and bathing facilities. It has direct access to the outside without passing through any part of the principal unit. A secondary suite does not include a duplex.

A copy of the proposed development variance documents may be inspected or obtained fro District of Hudson’s Hope Municipal Office, located at 9904 Dudley Drive, Monday to Friday copyofof8:30 theam proposed be 2011. inspected or obtained theAhours and 4:30documents pm, Octobermay 11 -24,

from the District of Hudson’s Hope Municipal Office, located at 9904 Dudley Drive, Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 p.m. THE DISTRICT OF HUDSON’S HOPE THE DISTRICT OF HUDSON’S HOPE



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a PUBLIC HEARING will be held in the DISTRICT OF HU HOPE COUNCIL CHAMBERS, 9904 Dudley Drive, on MONDAY, October 24, 2011, at 7: NOTICE HEREBY GIVEN that a Development allow the publicIS to make verbal or written representation to CouncilVariance with respect to the follo Proposed PermitDevelopment application Variance. will be discussed at the DISTRICT OF HUD-


on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. to allow the public to make Thewritten intent ofrepresentation this proposed development permit istoto the amend the outsid verbal or to Councilvariance with respect setback requirements for the exterior parcel line along Fredette Avenue righ following proposed VARIANCE PERMIT. from 3 metersDEVELOPMENT to 1.5 meters for

want to

advertise in

Owner: • Lot 2 Block2 Section 19 Township 81 Range 24 West Yellowhead Road and1679 Bridge is the owner of the subject property PRDP at 11603 Ross Street.

of the 6 th

the business

This would make the setback of the exterior parcel line the same as the setbac


Complete Income Tax Service Accounting now offered

Business, Farming and personal Bookkeeping Large Inventory of Stock Prime Retail / Office Space glass woodwork Glass Accounting offered Windows and Doors. Peacenowfor Lease in the Central


Development Variance Permit

John (250) 263-4858

Accounting & Taxes accounting & taxes Extreme Venture locksmith


Business Opportunity Heading Need Extra Income? Operate a Mini-Office Outlet from home computer. http://



Ph: 250-263-0886 Page250-263-0886 24 August 18, 2011 Scott Ph: Madeline 31-9600 31-960093rd 93rdAve, Ave,Totem TotemMall Mall Fx: 250-785-1585 Fort Bookkeeping & Income Tax Fx: 250-785-1585 FortSt. St.John, John,BC BC

For Sale Limited time only – no GST on manufactured homes. Toll free 877.504.5005.

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Email: construction service woodwork

Accounting & Taxes accounting & taxes

April 5, 2012

for an interior parcel line. Subject Property: Block C of the NE ¼ , Section 19, Tp 81, R 25, W6M


Application: The owner is requesting a variance from the `Subdivision Bylaw No. 293` provision 11.1 to not install a connection to the community sewage system as there will be no onsite bathroom/ washroom facility required or proposed on site and .


Before making its decision, the Council will hear from all persons who have an interest in this matter. Written briefs may be submitted to the municipal office on or before the date and time of the meeting or verbal presentations may be made to the Council during the meeting.


Persons wishing to view the draft Development Variance Permit or requesting additional information may contact the municipal office from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday

A copy of the proposed development variance documents may be inspected or obtained fro District of Hudson’s Hope Municipal Office, located at 9904 Dudley Drive, Monday to Friday A copy of the proposed documents may be inspected or the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, October 11 -24, 2011.

obtained from the District of Hudson’s Hope Municipal Office, located at 9904 Dudley Drive, Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 p.m.

want to

advertise in

Page A16

April 5, 2012

Massage For your aches or pains try Thai massage, Deep tissue massage, Reflexology Call Anja or Leo at 250-787-9441 Guaranteed Results For Sale Land 4 Sale By Owner 600 Acres pastured land in Groundbirch 500 acres cultivated, fenced & X fenced.\ surface water in all pastures, corrals, all weather access Contact Oddens Ranch 250-780-2320 (05/03) Cleaning Service Quality Service Cleaning Honest, Reliable,Respectful and Bondable,. References available For Appointment call Anja in Fort St. John at 250-787-9441 For Sale Large pails of honey $3.00 per lb. Well Cured Tamarack Furniture Wood Tamarack Corral Rails 2 - 24 feet long Call 250-843-9987

Novelty Bills Books & Bargains We buy your Antiques, collectibles, Adult magazines, Books and coins. Open 12pm to We Can’t Do it Alone 7:00 pm cares Monfor to Sat The BC SPCA thousands of orphaned, abandoned and abused phone 250-785-2660 animals each year. Volunteers are urgently needed to care for animals and assist with SPCA events. If you can help, please contact your local shelter today.

Help Wanted

Northeast NEWS


P A R T - T I M E MERCHANDISER Powerhouse Services




opening for a merchandiser to service our clients in Fort St. John & Dawson Creek, BC for parttime weekday hours between 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Excellent

Posting Circular: Job-1571 Reconnect Worker Dawson Creek

opportunity for additional work for an existing rep or anyone working part time. Retail /merchandising experience preferred. Must



transportation & internet. Email: sukhi@ powerhousepromo. Fax:


847-0068. \ (yrly)

Services Picture boxes

shipping and


Peace Country Toyota

is looking for a Product Advisor experience is an asset, but not a requirement. This person must be a self starter, high energy and enjoy selling the BEST VEHICLE ON THE PLANET! Apply in person to Doug Peters, General Sales Manager.

frames MasterPeace Framing 9422 - 100st Fort St. John B.C

• Please include Competition # 1571 with resume • This position is open to female and male applicants • Only short-listed applicants will be contacted • This position is a union position

250-785-9099 Farm for Sale Farm For Sale Three House

Bedroom and


15x24 On 160 Acres 3947 Baldonnel Road Call 250-788-9531

Job 1571 Reconnect Program Position Title: Reconnect Worker – Temporary contract until end of August 2012 Job Responsibilities: The Reconnect Worker will: Provide Advocacy, a cohesive counselling service and support services to youth currently living on the street or at risk to begin living on the street. Provide advocacy, a cohesive counselling service and support services to the families of these youth. Try to reconnect these children and youth to their families or to the social services systems. Try to reconnect these children and youth to their community and society through enabling them to choose healthier and safer lifestyles. Develop and maintain solid relationships with the community of street youth as well as with appropriate resources and agencies. Hours of Work: 28 Hours per week – Flexible to meet program needs Rate of Pay: As per the Collective Agreement Closing Date: April 13, 2012 Submit Resumes To: Lori Brooks, Human Resource Coordinator P.O. Box 713 (10110 – 13th Street) Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4H7 Fax: (250) 782 4167 E-mail:

We thank all applicants, however, only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

We Can’t Do it Alone

For more information please visit our Career Opportunity section at We look forward to hearing from you!

It’s the experience of a lifetime! Our store in Dawson Creek requires a…

The BC SPCA cares for thousands of orphaned, abandoned and abused animals each year.

Front Store Manager As a member of our team, you will enjoy...

• opportunities for growth • competitive wages • staff discounts

We Can’t Do it Alone

The BC SPCA cares for thousands of orphaned, abandoned and abused animals each year. Volunteers are

Volunteers are urgently needed to care for animals and assist with SPCA events. If you can help, please contact your local shelter today.

Please apply by e-mail to:

• a variety of shifts • a great working environment • comprehensive benefits

Shoppers Drug Mart ®/Pharmaprix® boasts over 1,200 stores from coast to coast and is growing. With our commitment to customer and community service and our drive to excel, we are one of Canada’s most prominent retailers.

Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

Page A17

Fire fighter volunteers Story continued from Page A2.

opportunity to manage the department,” said Munshaw. “The Regional District has given me support to do this and run this hall.” Munshaw reasoned with some of the volunteers and a handful of them sat down in his office to talk. After about four hours of conversation between the volunteers and Munshaw, pagers were still left behind on his desk, but their consideration to come back and speak with him was satisfactory enough for the new fire chief. “I did what’s right for them, by talking to them,” said Munshaw. “They’ll bend over and put their lives at risk for the community—and they said they’ll come back and talk to me. That’s all I’ve ever asked: is give me that one chance.” While approximately 15 volunteers left behind their pagers, one is back on board after a two-year hiatus with the Charlie Lake fire department. “This is a volunteer based department, it’s not a paid staff hall,” said Dennis Zinck, Fort St. John resident. “I want to come back because I had an opportunity to. As a volunteer you’re here to support the community, it’s not who’s chief or not chief.” Zinck volunteered in Charlie Lake for six years and prior to that said he volunteered in Fort TDEA-11201 RAV4 Newspaper 03_RAV_RAV4_5001_AB 8.52 inches x 150he agates Kyla Corpuz photo St. John for five. Pagers strewn across fire chief Steve Munshaw’s desk. Last February the Charlie Lake/Grandhaven Fire Protection Society asked the PRRD to take control of the Charlie Lake Fire Department. “It was very clear, there was a meeting a year ago, the committee wanted us to undertake the function,” said Hadland. “And then the society actually appeared as a delegation in front of the board, and asked it be undertaken by the board.” However during that time the Society started to feel left out of the planning process TM ... perfect for less-than-perfect Prairie weather and accused the Board of not adequately supporting them. + ... perfect for powering past cattle trucks As a result, on Feb. 24, the Society asked the PRRD to + ... perfect for boldly going where no plow has gone before reconsider their decision so they could continue to mantain ... perfect for calling in sick on the way to the lake their services. But the request * was denied. ... perfect for Prairie roads that never end Hadland went on to say that + part of the over haul had to do ... perfect for taking your in-laws back to the airport with the budget. “The Regional District col... perfect for getting your groove on while on your way to Flin Flon lects the money, so we have ... perfect for temperatures the rest of Canada doesn’t understand a duty to ensure the public’s money is well spent, and that + ... perfect for frozen fingers on February mornings was part of the issue.” The budget had increased ... perfect for finding your way down long winding roads “astronomically” over the 3 last ten years, according to ... perfect for bringing everything you need when you don’t feel like roughing it Hadland. He said the prob+ lem became that the structure ... perfect for spotting unsuspecting tumbleweeds of the Society didn’t make it + possible for the community to ... perfect for getting your Vitamin D have input in the budget. + ... perfect for making the rest of your body jealous “The society was exclusive, not inclusive,” said Hadland. ++ ... perfect for affording everything the Prairies have to offer “In order to be a member of the society you had to be a fire-person, that meant the only people who had a say in the budget were people in the society. It was a closed society.” This notion didn’t sit too well with one of the volunteers. “I’ve been donating my time, and we have no support from the community … they don’t have the decency to back us up. To call us a secret society, when they’re invited in this hall everyday of the week, and they’re destroying the whole fundamental of our team.” Hadland added he was disappointed to see the volunteers turn in their pagers but viewed the direction of the PRRD as a “positive step forward”. Munshaw has yet to comAvailable on select models only. Vehicle price for 2012 RAV4 2WD 4-cylinder automatic model (ZF4DVP AA) based on MSRP of $24,865 and includes a maximum of $1,994 for freight and delivery, block heater charge, air conditioning & tire tax. Excludes license, insurance, PPSA, registration fees and all other taxes and levies. Price may change without notice. Dealer may sell for plete his time in Kimberly, he less. Please see your Prairie Toyota Dealer for details. Fuel efficiency estimates determined using approved Government of Canada test methods. Actual results may vary. starts on May 1, Assistant Fire Chief Stuart Larson will be in charge.

2012 RAV4

Standard Star Safety System 269hp 3.5 Litre V6 Engine On-Demand 4WD Standard Bluetooth Handsfree Capability 8.3 Litre/100km Combined Fuel Economy 7-Passenger Seating Standard Steering Wheel Audio Controls Heavy-Duty Starting System Push Button Start Electric Power Steering 73.2 ft of Cargo Space Back-up Camera Power Moonroof Heated Seats Starting from $26,859

The Prairies




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April 5, 2012

Northeast NEWS

Members of the Exploring Art Group gather to celebrate their exhibits opening.

Jill Earl photo

Local group explores art in latest exhibit at D.C. gallery By Jill Earl

DAWSON CREEK - The Art Gallery’s latest exhibit features the work of approximately 20 women a part of a unique group that was founded 27 years ago. The Exploring Art Group has simply titled their exhibit ‘Exploring Art,’ for the variety in their show. The group celebrated the opening Tuesday, Mar. 27. The group meets every Wednesday in the Bin Top studio at the D.C Art Gallery. The works showcased are pieces that they started producing since September. At each meeting the group chooses a word to inspire a painting or art piece that each artist is to complete for the next meeting. “So you’ll have a word and then we’ll work on that word for next week… So you’ll have scenery or something like that and everybody will come in with a painting—or it’s open to anything— that’s why it’s called Exploring Art because it went from strictly acrylic to open to everything. So we’ve got water painting, acrylic, oil, some people draw, we’ve done paper mache, collages, all different things,” said Louise   Switzer, member and spokesFacial  aesthetics   Facial  aesthetics   Isabel   Leeuwner   person for Exploring Art Medical  Botox   Isabel   Lthe eeuwner   Medical  Botox   [Your   T itle]   Group. Cosmetic  Botox   [Your   Title]   Cosmetic   Botox   The group doesn’t have a Fillers     [Your   E -­‐Mail]   Fillers   teacher, but they critic each new Laser   [Your   E -­‐Mail]   [Web   Address]   piece at their weekly meetings. Laser     Book  online  at   [Web  Address]     Many members, who currently Book   online  at     [Street   Address]   are all women, will teach their     [City],   or  email   [State]   special to other members. [Street   Askills ddress]   [Postal   Code]   or   email   [City],   [State]   what we do now “Basically Code]   Phone 250-787-0010 is[Postal   there’s quite a few women in this group that are very talented 11116 100th Avenue, Fort St. John, BC women, and everybody helps Isabel  Leeuwner  

Isabel Leeuwner  

Isabel [Your   itle]   gLTeeuwner   ir n als iE-­‐Mail]   [Your   Tcitle]   Sp[Your   e p Address]   S[Web   [Your  E-­‐Mail]   [Web  Address]  

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[Street Address]   Available [City],   [State]  June 1 to July 28 [Postal    Code]   3 nights at the Outpost Cabin 

[Your Title]  

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[Street Address]   T:  [Your   [City],   State]  Hotel Package  Phone]   Includes Special 3 [Night F:  $1195/ [Your  Fax]   [Postal  Code]   pers.

Flight from Muncho Lake

Isabel Leeuwner  

Isabel Leeuwner  

[Your Title]  

[Your Title]  

Party of 6 $990/ pers.

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3 Night Hotel Accommodation Package [Your E-­‐Mail]   With any pre[Web   Address]   pre-booked Flightseeing Tour [Your   Title]  

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3 nights $195/pers./dbl

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T: [Your  Phone]   F:  [Your  Fax]  

T: [Your  Phone]   F:  [Your  Fax]  

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T: [Your  Phone]   F:  [Your  Fax]  

Nahanni National Park—Virginia Falls [Street Address]   T:  [Your  Phone]   [City],  [State]   Thursdays through Sundays in June: F:  [Your  Fax]   [Postal  Code]  

Isabel LFlight eeuwner    with landing at Virginia Falls

[Street Address]   [City],  [State]   [Postal  Code]  

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Includes Special 3 Night Hotel Package

Isabel Leeuwner   Please visit us at: [Your   Title]   [Street   Address]   Alaska Hwy, Mile 462, Muncho Lake, BC [City],  [State]   [Postal   Code]   [Your   E-­‐Mail]  

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Isabel Leeuwner  

Ph: 1-800-663-5269

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[City], [State]   [Postal   Code]   [Your   E-­‐Mail]  

[Web Address]  

everybody else. So if you have a problem, bring it up at critic and the rest try to help and solve it,” Switzer said. The Exploring Art Group started as an art class for seniors called, Time Out For Seniors, and was formed by Edna McPhail 27 years ago. “When she started it, it went on for eight or nine years and then they started having younger women interested in coming into it and eventually they changed it to be called Exploring Art so that it is opened to everybody,” Switzer said. Interest in art for many members started at a young age, and being involved in the group was an opportunity to re-explore that passion. “My daughter and my niece they encouraged me to start because they kind of knew I liked art work, and so I just started back in 2002 and became involved in the group and Edna McPhail was the teacher and I really liked her and the group, so I just stuck with it,” said member Kay Hartnell. “As a teenager I took art in school, I liked painting, but when you get married you get away from it and I guess about 15 years ago I guess, my mother and I started painting. It was Time Out For Seniors at that time and I wasn’t a senior but anybody could come,” said member Carla Hauber. The show is an annual event for the group, as is donating some of their pieces to the Art Gallery’s annual art auction and fall fundraiser. This year the group expects to move into their new home at O’Brian’s School. With the help of the City, the Dawson Creek Art Gallery and School District 59, the group will be renting out a room in O’Brian’s to accommodate all members. “We’ve had a problem here last September, we’ve noticed that we’ve been losing more of the [Your  Phone]   senior T:   artists, but even some of the other artists that wanted to come that have disabilities, that F:  [Your   Fax]   Phone]   [Your   can’t do theT:   stairs. As you know when you park in the parking lot everything is uphill from then F:   Your  Fstuff ax]   and to try to go all the way from the bottom to the Bin Top, it’s all up on…for them to [pack and once you get to the ramp at the top, you still have to do two sets of stairs to the top,” Switzer said. Switzer said the move would also be able to accommodate those with physical disabilities and those in wheel chairs who want to explore art. “It’s very much needed, and I think our group is going to expand quite a bit, cause we’ll have a lot of the older people who can’t come here anymore and I think we’re going to have a lot of younger people coming in which will be great,” said Hauber. The groups’ 159 pieces can be seen at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery until Apr. 21.

You want to Claim What? T: [Your  Phone]   F:  [Your  Fax]  

T: [Your  Phone]  

By H&R Block

It is tax timeF: and is the time of year where people are willing to try just about anything to [Your  itFax]   legally reduce their tax bill. So before you collect your receipts and start preparing your tax return, here are a few deductions other taxpayers have tried to claim. Some were successful while others weren’t. Though pets are considered by many to be members of the family, they are not dependants. Even if you give them people names, your dog or cat cannot be a tax deduction. The only exception is if they work for you. A farmer was allowed to claim cat and dog food because the pets were outdoors and kept the wildlife away from their blueberries. The tax courts do not always side with taxpayers on medical expenses. You cannot claim the cost ofT:  trips Las Vegas and Arizona even if your dermatologist recommended trips to warmer [Your  to Phone]   climates F:   to[Your   helpFax]   treat your psoriasis. Over the counter medications are another claim that will be denied. The Canada Revenue Agency does not consider these eligible under medical expenses even if a doctor recommends the medication. T:  [Your  Phone]   Many people incur expenses directly related to their job but unfortunately, most of these cannot F:  [Your  Fax]   be claimed against employment income. For the professional football player who threw balls into the stands, the cost was an expense he had to pay himself. For the serviceman required to get a haircut every two weeks, it was still considered a personal expense. For many claims, the decision can involve the expectation of profit. If you find a small treasure while snorkeling, you probably don’t need to worry about reporting it. However, sunken treasure is not considered a non-taxable receipt when the venture is clearly a business. If you experience gambling losses while in Las Vegas, you cannot claim them on your tax return if you are pathological gambler with no reasonable expectation of profit. T:  [Your  Phone]   And ifF:  you are [Your   Fax]  thinking of arguing that the tax act is simply too difficult to understand, it has already been tried. One taxpayer argued that the Income Tax Act is “not susceptible of discernment by the average occupant of this land” – basically the average Canadian couldn’t expect to understand the document. The tax court ruled this is not a valid defense against the charge of failing to T:  [Your   Phone]   file income tax returns. [Your   But it never F:   hurts toFax]   ask – the tax court can rule in favour of that interesting claim. Just don’t be surprised if the answer is no. A tax professional at H&R Block can talk about other credits and deductions that may affect you. Call 250 785 7549. This article provides only an overview of the regulations in force at the date of publication, and no action should be taken without consulting the detailed legislation or seeking professional advice. Therefore no responsibility for loss occasioned by any person acting or refraining from action as a result of the material T:  [Your  Phone]   contained in this bulletin can be accepted by H&R Block Canada, Inc. F:  [Your  Fax]  

Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

Page A19


Continued from Page A9.

“The statistical data is quite clear that the earlier you intervene the better the potential outcome,” said Lewis during a phone interview. Suzanne said following her son’s diagnosis, the support from the CDC was a huge help. “We put him in the CDC when he turned three and they’re the ones that really gave me everything,” she added, “Without the CDC we would have had nothing.” Part of the support system at the CDC is Butterfly Families. “It is a parent to parent support group,” said Susan Cross from the CDC. While it’s offered to all parents and caregivers of children with special needs or learning difficulties, majority of the families who attend have an autistic child. Early signs of autism can vary. “One of the key things to look at in children under two, is how they are responding to their name,” said Deborah Pugh, executive director of ACT-Autism Community Training. “Are they engaged with the adults in their environment? … A lot of people think in terms of are they talking? Are they communicating? You can communicate in many ways.” She added it’s not always how many words of vocabulary they have rather it’s if they’re paying attention to what’s going on around them and engaging with parents and other adults and children. Before Adrian was diagnosed, Suzanne noticed her son’s behavior was different. He never looked at her or husband in the eye. “Adrian was always a quiet, never-clingy child,” said Suzanne. “But I never knew what autism was. Looking back now, I would have seen more … I thought him not looking at us—there was something wrong with his eyes, not being able to see. I didn’t know why he didn’t look at us.” Now at the age of six, Adrian makes complete eye contact with his parents and sometimes, even with strangers. Every autistic child is different. “It’s a spectrum disorder. Autism affects each one of these people differently,” said Lewis. “They can be profoundly affected—non verbal, self injurious—right through to they can be highfunctioning autistic, who quite often their deficit is around social skills—how they interact with people. They could be very bright but they don’t interact with their peers … because they can be fairly focused in their interest. It’s a very broad range.” In Adrian’s case he recognizes right from wrong and views “ situations in black and white. “A lot of times, autistic children will not know from right and wrong,” said Brad, Adrian’s dad. When they took Adrian to get assessed in Prince George the doctor was tipping his chair, knowing that this was dangerous, Adrian got up and “chewed the guy up.” “He [the doctor] couldn’t really understand,” said Brad. “And I said ‘set your chair down on all fours.’ He set it down; Adrian Michael Lewis, Autism looked at him and said, ‘Thank you.’” Intervention Society of Canada While many view autism as incurable there are opportunities

Kyla Corpuz photo

Adrian, 6, carries one of his pet rabbits. Suzanne said having animals around the house is a sort of therapy of her son.

for intervention, which means stepping in and training them how to use their words and be part of everyday routines. This requires the help of professionals and parents/caregivers. Suzanne views autism as a “life-long” disability while Lewis believes it is “definitely” treatable. Lewis has an autistic son. “I think it’s fair to say that every child will benefit from intervention but it will differ from child to child,” said Lewis. “Some people will progress to the point where they lose the diagnosis, some people won’t, but they will all benefit [from intervention].” Suzanne has seen progress in her son because of ongoing interventions. “Our son couldn’t tell you he was any different because in our world, he isn’t. They need to be shown how to behave and be normal.”

Story continued on Page A21.

Some people will progress to the point where they lose the diagnosis, some people won’t”

Vold, Jones & Vold Auction Co. Ltd. Jones‘MILE & VoldZERO Auction Co. Ltd. DAWSON CREEK Vold, AUCTION CITY’

DAWSON ‘MILE ZERO CITY’ 301-116th Ave.CREEK DawsonAUCTION Creek, British Columbia Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don 301-116th Ave. Dawson Creek, British Columbia Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622

Dawson Creek Office: 250-782-3766 VJV Main Office: 403-783-5561 Cattle Sales, Don

Fessler: 250-719-5561 Fax: 250-782-6622 MARKET REpORT MARCH 29, 2012 CATTLE REPORT SLAUGHTER CATTLE On Thursday, March 29, 2012 900 head of cattle went through our ring SLAUGHTER CATTLE D1 - D2 Cows 76.50-70.00

395 head ofD3 cattle went through the ring of Dawson Creek Action on July 8, 2010 - D4 Cows 60.00-65.00 SALES EVERY THURSDAY! Holstein Cows N/A D1 - D2 Cows 53.00-56.00 Heiferettes 83.00-85.00 D3 - D4 Cows 48.00-53.00 Bologna Bulls 75.00-88.00 Holstein Cows 50.00-53.00 Feeder Bulls 80.00-85.00 Heiferettes 55.00-65.00 Good Bred Cows N/A Bologna Bulls 62.00-72.50 Good Bred Heifers N/A Feeder Bulls 65.00-70.00 Milk Cows N/A Good Bred Cows None Cow/ Calf Pairs (younger) N/A Good Bred Heifers None Cow/ Calf Pairs (older) N/A

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Protect your investment! Don’t miss out! Weather is unpredictable! Don’t forget about the low cost “Basket” coverage option available to grain and oilseed producers. Be sure to contact your local Production Insurance office for more details! Abbotsford 1-888-221-7141 Kamloops 1-888-823-3355 Dawson Creek 1-877-772-2200 Kelowna 1-888-332-3352 Fort St. John 1-888-822-1345 Oliver 1-888-812-8811

Application Deadlines ` APRIL 30 Grain, Silage Corn and Forage Spring Plantings

It’s a sound business decision to manage your risk. For more info visit:

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Northeast NEWS

April 5, 2012

UPCOMING Dawson Creek • Dawson Creek Toastmasters meets every Thursday at 7pm at Farmer’s Advocacy Office 1032 103 Ave (Front door on 11 st.) Contact Heather at 250-784-5700 or 780-353-3050. • 29th April 2012 Women all around the world will be walking on this day to recognize the Associated Country Women of the World which is the largest International organization for the wellbeing of rural women and homemakers. Come and join local Members of the Women’s Institute at 2 p.m. starting at the Senior Citizens Hall Car Park in Dawson Creek , to walk along the Dawson Creek Trail to commemorate being a part of this World Wide Walk and to bring awareness to this worthy organization. • Tuesday 24th April at 1.30pm. BC Securities Commission will be presenting. Have you been offered an investment opportunity that sounds too good to be true? It probably is come and find out more about how to protect yourself from investment fraud. Workshop open to everyone but space is limited. Fort St. John • Gradfest 2012 needs volunteers- npssgradfest@gmail. com • British Home Child Memory Quilt Exhibit - Between 1869 and 1948, 100 000 British Home Children were sent to Canada by church groups, orphanages, and workhouses to work on farms or as domestic help. These groups thought that poor and abandoned children would have a better life in Canada than on the street and in the workhouses of Britain. Many thrived in Canada but others suffered abuse, poor working conditions, and loneliness. 2010 was designated as the Year of the British Home Child. Three quilts were made in Canada with squares submitted by descendents of these British Home Children. This quilt comes to us from Alberta and was lovingly put together by Hazel Perrier, a descendent of British Home Children. It depicts the experiences of these children across the country. On display until the end of August at the Fort St. John North Peace Museum, 9323 – 100th Street. Open Monday to Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information call 250-787-0430. • PVEA ‘70’s Dance/Silent Auction April 20, 2012 7:30 p.m. - midnight Tickets: $20.00 Contact: Danielle 250-7858510 TWO Robert Batemen prints as well as various local artists. Location: FSJ Royal Canadian Legion • Campfire Cowboys are back at the Fort St John Legion Hall Saturday, April 28,2012 Doors open @ 6 pm Music Starts @ 7 pm $10.00 Donation at the door, snacks will be served. ONGOING Fort St. John • The Fort St. John Public Library is offering Free Computer Skills Training Sessions. These are one-on-one, one hour sessions, where you can learn at your own pace. You can learn what you are interested in learning and how you want to learn it. Areas covered can include, but are not limited to, basic computer skills, using the internet, office skills, email and social networking. Call the Fort St. John Public Library at 250-785-3731 to register or find out more. • Ft. St. John Parkinson’s Support Group Parkinson Society British Columbia People living with Parkinson’s disease, caregivers and family members are warmly invited to the Ft. St. John Parkinson’s Support Group. Join others in your community to share information and resources, coping strategies, ideas for living well with PD, good humour, social support and more. Last Wednesday of the month at 11:00 am McDonald’s Restaurant 10920 Alaska Road North Ft. St. John, BC Note: there is no meeting in December For more information please contact: Sarah at 250 785 7348 • The Fort St. John Literacy Society offers free one-toone tutoring for people who want to improve their reading, writing or math skills. We also offer free English as a Second Language classes and one-to-tutoring for people learning English. Contact 250-785-2110 or for more information. • S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Northern B.C. Newcomers Integration Service Centre is a non-profit organization in Fort St. John. Our Settlement Program provides information, orientation, assessment, referral and service linking, educational workshops and short term adaptation counselling to immigrants. The program also offers assistance with form completion, correspondence between clients and service

providers, navigating immigration processes including sponsorship applications, obtaining permanent residence cards and applying for citizenship. Bridging services are provided to a variety of community and government service agencies and organizations. Service is available in English and Spanish. The Settlement Program is located at: #211 10142101st Ave (Execuplace building). From 8:30-4:30 p.m. Phone # 250-785-5323 Ext 22. • ROTARY PLAY CENTRE SCHEDULE AT THE CDC, 10417 – 106 Ave., Fort St. John. Tel. (250) 785-3200. Mon. 9:00 to 12:00, Tues. 12:30 to 3:30 Gym Time 2-2:30, Wed. 9:00 to 12:00, Thurs. 9:00 to 12:00 Gym Time 10:30-11, Fri. 12:30 to 2:30 Gym Time 2-2:30. Outdoor Play - We’ll be taking advantage of nice weather-please come prepared. Schedule may change slightly due to holidays and special events. • StrongStart is a free drop-in learning program for children aged 0 – 5 and their parent/caregiver. A qualified Early Childhood educator is on-site. Duncan Cran StrongStart 8130 89 Avenue (250) 787-0417. Monday 8:30 – 11:30, Tuesday 12:30 – 3:00, library 1:00 – 1:30, Wednesday 8:30 – 11:30, Thursday 8:30 – 11:30, Friday 8:30 – 11:30, gym 8:45 – 9:45. Robert Ogilvie StrongStart 9907 86 Street (250) 785-3704. Monday 12:30 – 3:00, library time, Tuesday 8:30 – 11:30, Wednesday 8:30 – 11:30, Thursday 12:30 – 3:00, gym time, Friday 8:30 – 11:30, (alternating Fridays 12:30 – 3:00). Hudson’s Hope StrongStart 10441 Holland Street (250) 7839994. Mon/Wed/Friday 9:00 – 12:00, Tuesday/Thursday 1:30 – 4:30, gym time. StrongStart Outreach, Charlie Lake Elementary, Mondays 9:00 – 11:30 Mile 52 Alaska Hwy (250) 785-2025. Taylor Elementary, Mondays, 1:00 – 3:30 9808 Birch Avenue E (250) 789-3323. Prespatou Elementary, Tuesdays 9:30 – 12:30 22113 Triad Rd (250) 785-2025. Clearview Elementary, Thursdays 9:00 – 12:00 223 Rd (250) 781-3333. • Words on Wheels Bus - Traveling lending library and on-board stories, songs and interactive play. Parent resources available. Wednesdays and Fridays, September – June. See web-site for current stops. • Toastmasters International Club of Fort St. John meets from 7 - 8:30 p.m. every Thursday evening at Northern Lights College, Room 105. Learn valuable communication & leadership skills.  Contact Claire Seidler at 250-787-9697 or Gayle Wagner at 250-785-3991 for more information. • Rocky Mountain Rangers Army Cadets meet at 6:30 PM each Wednesday night at the Royal Canadian Legion on 102nd and 105 Ave. If you are between 12 and 18 years old please drop in or call us at 250-787-5323. • Alcoholics Anonymous - If you think you might have a problem with drinking, come to an AA meeting. Call for times and places or someone to talk to (250) 785-8866. • Fort St. John Multiple Sclerosis support group. If you or anyone you know has MS and have any questions or just need to talk, please call Susie at (250) 785-2381 or Sandi at (250) 787-2652. • A Youth Relapse Prevention Group may be held weekly, in the afternoons at Mental Health and Addiction Services, #300 - 9900 – 100 Ave. For more information call Chris or Shaun at (250) 262-5269. • “Butterfly Families – Families Supporting Families” is open to all caregivers of children and youth with Special Needs. We meet the third Wednesday of every month at the Child Development Centre from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., 10408 105 Avenue. Does your child have learning, behavior or other complex special needs? Would you like to connect with other caregivers? Child minding available but please call ahead a few days before the meeting. Call (250) 785-3200 for more information. • Pregnancy tests, pregnancy options, peer-counselling and support are available at the North Peace Pregnancy Care Centre. New location at #208 10139 100 Street (above TD Bank). Drop in hours Monday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Tuesday from noon to 4 p.m. or to make an appointment call our 24 hour hotline at (250) 262-1280. All services are free and completely confidential. • Are you tired of the crime? Then do the time. Join the Fort St. John Citizens Patrol. Donate a minimum of five hours per month. For information, call (250) 262-4530. • Pan African Caribbean Association welcomes the community to join our group to promote community awareness of culture, music and cuisine. Phone Donald at

(250) 785-0815 for more information. • New Totem Archery hold their indoor shoots at the Fort St. John Co-op Mall every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. and every Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m. • Come out and join us for an afternoon of play, crafts, a healthy snack, circle time and an opportunity to borrow books from the Devereaux School Library. This is a chance to meet other people from your community and introduce your children to a school setting. We meet from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. every other Wednesday beginning Oct. 20th. This program is geared for three to four year-olds but siblings are welcome to come with their parents. Call Patti (250) 8437813 for more information. • Join us for fun, fun, fun at the artSpace! ArtSpace classes are here again at the North Peace Cultural Centre with wonderful programming for all ages! Don’t miss out! Register today for preschool, Mommy and Me, afterschool and adult classes! Check out the great selection of activities at, or pick up a brochure at the North Peace Cultural Centre. Call (250) 785-1992 for more information or to register. Fort Nelson • The Community Market is held at the Westend Campground every Saturday except on long weekends. For more info or a vendor package please contact Jaylene Arnold at (250) 774-2541 or Audrey Reynolds (250) 774-6574. Pouce Coupe • Youth Drop-In at Pouce Coupe Community Church Annex (the old Pouce library). Saturday nights 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Ages 13 to 17. Chetwynd • Alcoholics Anonymous meets Tuesday and Friday at 8 p.m. at the Public Library, 5012 46 Street. If you think you might have a problem with drinking, come to an AA meeting. Call for times and places or someone to talk to, phone 7889658 or 788-1100 Tumbler Ridge • Alcoholics Anonymous - meeting Thursday. 8 p.m. 115 Commercial Park (Baptist Church). If you think you might have a problem with drinking, come to an AA meeting. Call for times and places or someone to talk to. Phone 242-4018. • Tuesdays: TR Seniors (55+) Drop-In – Floor curling, carpet bowling, card & board games, coffee & cookies. Community Centre Room 5 from 1-4 pm. Small drop-in fee. • Tumbler Ridge’s self-employed women will receive six months of free personal business monitoring beginning this October at no charge. If you are a self-employed woman in their first three years of operation, or partially operate a business, contact Sara Cooper at the Women’s Enterprise Centre at 1-800-643-7014 ext. 104 or Mila Lansdowne by e-mail at or (250) 242-3389. Registration is required. Taylor • Civil Air Search and Rescue (CASARA) meetings every second Tuesday at the Taylor Fire Hall at 7 p.m. For information call Bob at 250-789-9152 or 250-787-5802. Dawson Creek • The Visually Impaired Support Group meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 12 noon at First Baptist Church, 1400 113 Ave. Each month we have a guest speaker and we share lunch. (cost by donation). Anyone who is visually impaired or who cares about someone with vision difficulties is welcome to attend. For further information please call Kathy 782-7539 orMargaret 782-3221. • If you know how to visit with a friend, you already have the skills required to be a CASI Friendly Visitor volunteer! There are seniors in Dawson Creek right now who would like to have a friend come and visit them and perhaps take them to doctor’s appointments or shopping. Can you spare an hour or two a week to visit a senior? Call CASI (Community Action for Seniors’ Independence) today. 250-782-1138 ext. 228, email or visit the website at www.casidc. org. • Alcoholics Anonymous - meets Mon., Tues., Fri., & Sat., 8 p.m. at Peace River Health Unit. Wed. 8 p.m. Hospital Education Room. All meetings are open. • Mile 0 Al-Anon meets 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. every Thursday evening at the Health Unit, Dawson Creek. • Mile 0 Quilt Guild meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 p.m., Studio 10 at KPAC. Come join us for sewing, fun and friendship. Contact Gloria at 250 786 5597.

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Kyla Corpuz photo

Adrian and his older sister Norissa, 11. Norissa hopes a sibiling support group starts in Fort St. John for other children like her who have siblings with a disorder to be ale to connect with each other.

April 5, 2012

vention programs, this is in addition to the $18,300 in per pupil funding for special education services provided through school boards. Lewis and Pugh both agree that funding for early intervention is beneficial to both the government and society in the long run. “Well-funded early intervention can actually bring down the cost of the tax payer,” said Pugh. “If you intervene and these children make substantial progress in a position where they can work and support themselves and live on their own, there are no costs in the future associated with them,” said Lewis. “However, if you don’t intervene and don’t have money to intervene, these children will be a financial burden to our social services for the rest of their lives.” To learn more about autism, ACT-Autism Community Training provides information on their website: and over the phone: 1-866-939-5188. The Child Development Centre can be reached at: 250785-3200. DL#5247

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For Suzanne and Brad that means putting him in public situations like enrolling him in soccer. As the rate of autistic children climb the cause is not definite. “In terms of what causes autism, the general scientific perception right now is that there is a genetic predisposition to autism,” said Lewis. He added environmental figures could also be a contributing factor. Autism is a neurological disorder. Based on the number of children receiving ASD programs in B.C.—statistics from 2010/2011 show one in 110 children will be autistic, according to the Ministry of Children and Family Development’s records. Since Adrian’s diagnosis, three years ago, that number has been slashed in half. “When we got Adrian assessed it was one in 220,” said Suzanne. “There is no definitive explanation for the full increase in prevalence of ASD,” wrote Shae Greenfield, Ministry of Children and Family Development’s media relation manager in an email. “However, research suggests that improved diagnostics, enhanced awareness and an increased parental age are all contributing factors.” Raising awareness On Apr. 14 between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., three to four parents from Butterfly Families will be at the Totem Mall to spread information and answer questions from parents and the general public on what autism is. “You know what, our society needs to know what our children are about and know that they’re no different than any other child,” said Suzanne. “They’re the same, they just have more learning curves than your everyday child.” Adrian receives aid at school and sees a speech pathologist once a week. In addition to the Autism Awareness kiosk there will be a sibling support group sign-up. This group will allow children, with siblings of a disorder, to connect with one another. Suzanne and Brad have an 11-year-old daughter who hopes this group will take off. “She’d just like other kids to be there and have other kids who understand,” said Suzanne. Brad and Suzanne have three children, Norissa, 11, Adrian, 6 and Kelsey, 4. While rates of autism have increased because of awareness—it seems this diagnosis has yet to be conditionally recognized by the federal government. Treatment for autism isn’t cheap “For several years I had an intervention program,” said Lewis. “The cost was about $40,000 to $50,000 and the provincial government provided about $20,000.” The funding for autistic treatment comes from the Ministry of Children and Family Development—it is not covered under the B.C. Medical Service Plan. A picture Lewis isn’t too pleased about. He added conversations with the Ministry of Health on why autistic treatment isn’t covered by MSP are usually replied with: “We don’t have money.” However, Pugh, ACT-Autism Community Training executive director and former journalist said this is an issue that has to be challenged federally. “It is a federal legislation, in order for autism intervention to be covered under the Medical Services Plan that has to be changed at the federal level,” she added, “It would be great if we could have the laws changed federally but it’s not really … Ministry of Health that can deal with the issue.” Whether treatment is paid through MSP or Ministry of Children and Family Development, Pugh said the issue is that autism intervention is very expensive. “$22,000 is a very good start but it’s not sufficient,” said Pugh regarding the amount of money provided to families with autistic children under six. Once they reach school age, funding drops to $6,000 a year to assist with out-of-school inter-

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April 5, 2012

Northeast NEWS

D.C. Art Gallery auction will see new artistic direction By Jill Earl

Western, nice classy gala affair,” said Melissa Holoboff, D.C. Art Gallery Curator. Sixty pieces of art work that were donated mostly by Art Society members are up for auction, along with a silent auction running throughout the night of donated hand made pieces and five gift baskets sponsored by local businesses. Along with the opportunity to walk away with great art pieces, attendees also have the opportunity to win two roundtrip tickets to Vancouver along with a two-night accommodation while in Vancouver and two tickets to the Vancouver Art Gallery- all donated. A donated Lia Sophia necklace is also up to be won. The Gala Affair is a fundraiser for the Art Gallery, each year it must raise 90 per cent of their operating costs; they rely on their fall fundraiser, grants, commission of sales at the Art Gallery gift We have trained tax professionals who shop, and donations to raise that money. cancosts, prepare even the most complex “It goes towards our art operating specific examples is our children’s programming, it returns. No matter how complicated keeps it so that we only charge a nominal fee as opposed to what it would really cost if we had no money behind us. It also allowsyour us to situation, do community there’s a group that wants we involvement can provideifyou We have trained tax professionals who can prepare even us to have a colouring table at their event, we usually happily do that or we sometimes organize with: the most complex returns. No matter how complicated your independent little art showings for artists, things like that,” Holoboff said. n tax planning strategies situation, we can provide you with: In hosting the dinner/auction the Art Gallery has had a helping hand from numerous sponsors in n audit the community. The Pomeroy Group becameassistance a gold member sponsor by donating $1,500 to their n tax planning strategies n audit assistance operating funds. Andrew Ho and Alana Bridges are donating their musical talents as entertainment n complex return preparation including n complex return preparation including the areas of: for the evening, Weaver Brothers Auction has donated their services and the Toyota Dealership the areas of: has sponsored wine for all the tables. n small business n trust & estate n rental n small business n rental “These could be a huge cost, that could almost break the bank, but we’ve had some really great n U.S. n corporate n U.S. n corporate community donations come forward,” Holoboff said. n trust & estate Last year their auction raised $20,490.30, and this year they are hoping to reach $30,000. Tickets to the Apr. 13th event will be sold until they fill up the maximum 150 spots. “We’re trying to keep it 10067 100 Avenue Address classy, and that’s a new thing City Fort St John for us, cause we usually have little games, and things like Phone Number 250 785 7549 that, but we thought nope, let’s | 800-HRBLOCK just try it this year so people can just come, enjoy the evening.” said Holoboff. ©2011 H&R Block Canada, Inc. “Maybe buy a piece of art or two, be entertained by the live music and will be able to go 4.25" x 4.25" | 800-HRBLOCK home…We just encourage that Jill Earl photo anyone that hasn’t attended an Blake of Inc. Valhalla, Alta. practices before the ©2011 H&RBarclay Block Canada, art auction to try it out, it looks Sportsmen’s Archery competition last weekend in Dawson to be a lot of fun.” Creek.

DAWSON CREEK- Regular attendees of the Art Gallery’s annual art auction will see some changes this year, from a themed event to a classy gala affair. In the past, the art auction has entertained themes like Mardi Gras, an Evening in Paris and a Rock and Roll 50s/60s theme. “In the past it was a smaller scale, less formal affair. It usually had a theme to it ... There was always a theme before and now we’ve just switched formats, went to the banquet room in the Best



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April 5, 2012

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Prestige Gifts & Trophies renovate with some assitance

By Jen Bourke - NEAT DAWSON CREEK – Sharon and Dale Sexsmith owners of Prestige Gifts & Trophies Ltd. in Dawson Creek took on a huge project when they decided to purchase and renovate the old legion building, which was built in the sixties and one of the first engineered buildings in the area. The Sexsmiths saw it as an investment opportunity and began their renovations in 2008. “We basically had to start all over.” says Dale. They tore down walls, put in new insulation, worked on the roof and upgraded the furnace and duct work. New walls and stair cases were put in to turn the building into a retail outlet and the lighting was all upgraded. In order to attract businesses to rent a space in their building, the Sexsmiths choose the most up-to-date and energy efficient options for their renovations. “It’s probably about as efficient as a building can get.” The building is home to five businesses including Prestige Gifts & Trophies Ltd. and there are two more spaces available for businesses looking to rent. The upgrades are most noticeable in the Health Food Centre, where the open ceiling design shows off the new insulation and efficient T-5 lighting. Sharon mentioned that they receive a lot of positive feedback from their customers, especially the members of the community who remember how the legion looked before the renovations, about how bright and open the building looks inside and out. The Sexsmiths applied for the BC Hydro incentives which covered a portion of the cost of the project. It was still a big investment, but the incentives made a big difference. The majority of the renovations were complete by October of 2009 and Prestige Gifts & Trophies Ltd. was the first to move into the “new” building. According to Dale, the challenging part was choosing the most cost effective upgrades and selecting technology and equipment which gave the highest incentives and the largest energy savings. “I’d like to see an easier way to get information so that we can all be informed.” said Dale. Since Dale completed his upgrades in 2008, the LiveSmart BC: Small Business program has joined the market to provide free energy assessments and advice from Business Energy Advisors to help businesses make informed choices about energy efficiency improvements. There are Business Energy Advisors working in the district that can be reached at the Northern Environmental Action Team office (250-785-6328). Sharon and Dale are more than happy with how the building looks now and can be proud of the fact that they are one of our local business owners who are leading in sustainability. The work Sharon and Dale did to renovate the old Dawson Creek Legion building into an up-to-date energy efficient new one is a great example of how we can reduce our emis11C164A 11PA343A sions, become carbon neutral, and conserve energy. If you 2006 CHRYSLER 2005 are looking to upgrade your business and would like more SEBRING TOURING CHRYSLER SX 2.0 information on how you can reduce your energy costs, receive a free LiveSmart Small Business Energy Assessment --------------- WAS ----------------------------- WAS --------------and receive incentives for making upgrades, call NEAT at 250-785-6328 or email

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The renovated inside of Prestige Gifts.

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April 5, 2012

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