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Fall 2011


North Central is a place that prepares its students to be globally influential. Current student, Sarah Blesener, making a difference in Haiti.

FROM CARLSON TO CAIRO Dick Brogden speaks at Partners for Progress.

LEAVING A LASTING LEGACY Dr. Carolyn Tennant retires after an amazing legacy of 28 years of service.




E ALL WANT TO find our place. Whether we prefer to blend in or stand out, we desire to do it in a setting where we feel a sense of belonging. Often we describe this process of finding our place as ‘discovering our calling’, but we must be careful not to confuse our calling with our location. Every single member of the Body of Christ is a gifted member of the Body who has a specific calling, and adds needed value to the body by using their gift. But while finding our place in the Body of Christ requires discovering our gifts and calling, our ‘place’ doesn’t refer first and foremost to a location - it refers to a function. Spiritual gifts are about what you do, not where you do it. If you are not doing the work associated with a missionary gift where you currently are, the problem is not the location! Travelling thousands of miles will not spontaneously create missionary gifting in you. It is when we exercise our gifts that God is able to move us and send us to the place where He feels our gift is needed. The gifts of the Spirit are given to us for the benefit of others, not ourselves. We are filled up specifically so that our gifts can flow out. The college years are unequivocally a formational time in the lives of students. While many students arrive at this stage with ideas about what they want to do, it is a rare student indeed who arrives already understanding who they are. And although in context, the North Central community plays an important role, there is no more essential part of the self-discovery process than understanding one’s place in context of the Body of Christ. In order to fulfill our institutional mission - and more importantly our function in the Body of Christ North Central must be a place where students can explore their gifts and calling and allow God to reveal to them who they are. If this process is taking place, we can be confident that our vision statement will increasingly become a reality: “North Central University will be recognized as a globally influential university that prepares exemplary Pentecostal leaders and ministers.” We are not preparing leaders because we are globally influential. Our influence is the result of decades of North Central students who, regardless of their eventual vocation, understand they are part of the Body - ministers with a function to perform - and who move in the gifts of the Spirit to fulfill that function. Our global impact is a result of what follows that obedience; as God finds the faithfully functioning members of the Body, and places them in strategic locations for the Kingdom around the world, or around the corner.

NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11

As you read the stories in this edition of our NCU Magazine, whether they take place here in Minneapolis or 10,000 miles away, I hope that as members of the North Central community you will continue to be influential by exercising YOUR gifts and fulfilling your function in the Body, no matter where you are.

Dr. Gordon Anderson is the sixth president of North Central University. 612.343.4741 •




NCUMagazine Fall 2011


NCU alumni at their best.


GLOBALLY INFLUENTIAL  10 Read about North Central’s global focus and how alumni and students are making a difference around the world.


Many opportunities to connect with North Central.



SIFE  20 North Central University’s SIFE team honored at Nationals & hosts Night to Unite. DISTINGUISHED EDUCATORS 

21 22

LEAVING A LASTING LEGACY  Dr. Carolyn Tennant retires from North Central after 28 years of service. THE NEW DEANS  24 North Central University is excited to announce the Deans of each College & Institute. CENTER FOR HOLY LANDS STUDIES 



REC & WELLNESS  27 Jake Smith and Molly Magstadt head up the new Rec & Wellness program at North Central.






ON THE COVER: Current student and featured photographer Sarah Blesener (‘12) with children from Haiti and the Philippines. 3

NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11

your life. our mission.


FROM THE VP’S CORNER (from the Band Box Diner)


N THE FALL OF 1991 I arrived at North Central University as a transfer student. That first week as I explored my new surroundings, I found my way over to the Band Box - a little neighborhood diner on the corner of 10th St. and 14th St. The breakfast that morning was amazing, and it felt good to step outside of the ‘’bubble” of my new college community and into the “real world” of the Elliot Park Neighborhood. Two decades later, both the Band Box and the Elliot Park Neighborhood have experienced significant changes. The Band Box was filmed for a scene in the movie, The Mighty Ducks, and has been renovated and expanded – and continues to serve patrons their award-winning hamburgers.  (I heartily recommend the tuna melt, as well.) Elliot Park has developed as well, becoming an increasingly multi-ethnic, multi-economic community of diverse values. When our current students participate in the community around campus, they interact with business leaders, a more organized neighborhood community, and a growing Somali community that has emerged through increased immigration. We value the community surrounding North Central University. In many ways, it’s a   laboratory for students; a place where they gain experiences that help shape them into leaders, prepared to be globally influential when they graduate and move on from North Central. Recently, our students partnered with the neighborhood association to host the Night to Unite – seizing an opportunity to intentionally connect to and serve our Elliot Park neighbors.  (See page 20 for more about Night to Unite.) No matter what vocation our students enter upon graduation, they will take what they learn at places like the Band Box all around the city with them, making an impact around the world as a result of their experiences in the community around North Central.

Nate Ruch Vice-President, University Relations and Enrollment 612.343.4741 •

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NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11

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Nate Ruch at the Band Box Diner.  Jeff Hathaway Photography


your life. our mission.





Jared Anderson (top) and Kari Jobe (bottom).

Fall Brings Nationally Known Worship Leaders to Chapel

START, an event that informs college-aged individuals of the changing landscape of church planting, held an event on the campus of North Central University, October 26-28, 2011. START is a three day campus event that exposes students and local pastors/leaders to the wide variety of church planters and church planting models. Guest speakers from across the nation led group sessions with NCU students and local church leaders, while also serving as the daily chapel speaker. START is sponsored by the Church Multiplication Network (CMN) and is hosted by an Assemblies of God college or university and partnered with local districts. The event recognizes that not all Christians are called to lead a church plant, but believes in introducing everyone to ways that they can get involved and perhaps come alongside those who have been called to plant a church. START special guests included Herbert Cooper (People’s Church), Leonard Sweet (author, speaker), Wilfredo de Jesus (New Life Covenant Church), Brad Davis (Desert Springs Church), Rob Ketterling (River Valley Church), Peter Haas (Substance Church), and Trinity Jordan (Elevation Church).

Other guest speakers included author and speaker Leonard Sweet (left) and Herbert Cooper (right) from People’s Church.


NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11

North Central University students were treated to a time of worship with recording artist Jared Anderson on Wednesday, October 12, 2011. Anderson, who is currently on the road for his “Hear us from Heaven: A campaign of Worship and Prayer” fall tour, took some time to stop by North Central for Chapel to lead worship. With standing room only, students filled the chapel with songs of praise as Anderson covered original songs and current hits including “Rescue” and “Amazed.” Anderson was also accompanied by one of North Central’s choirs under the direction of Dr. David Collins. Kari Jobe and her band led North Central University’s community in a powerful Chapel worship experience on Friday, September 23, 2011. Kari also shared an encouraging word that resonated with the student body. The Chapel service was part of North Central’s ENGAGE programming.

Pastor Rob Ketterling from River Valley Church.


River Valley Church Staff River Valley Church, Twin Cities, MN

NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11


River Valley Church is composed of four church campuses around the metro area of Minneapolis, MN. Its staff includes more than twenty-five former students and interns from North Central. Lead Pastor, Rob Ketterling, says, “We love North Central. Almost all of our church staff is from North Central and alums make up our entire music


staff at all of our campuses-we owe them a huge thank you for that. We love the type of student NCU is putting out; we even get our interns from there as well.  We also really love the relationship that they have with the local church and their leadership, direction and vision.  We are excited to see what God has planned for the future at NCU.” Jeff Hathaway Photography

MOVE 1. Rob Ketterling Lead Pastor 2. Becca Ketterling Ministry Director: Women 3. Alan Pastian - 1998 Family Ministries Pastor 4. Danette Perich - 2003 Administrative Assistant Lead Pastor 5. Brian Engl - 1998 Campus Pastor Minnetrista Campus 6. Tom Poch - 2002 Director of Video Ministry 7. Stephanie King - 2009 Children’s Presenter Savage Campus 8. Hannah Bechtel - 2004 Children’s Ministry Coordinator Savage Campus 9. Rachel Hirsh -2012 Children’s Ministry Assistant 10. Chris Bechtel - 2002 Campus Pastor Savage Campus 11. Caitlin Gilmartin - 2011 Marketing Coordinator

12. Davey Collins - 2011 Student Ministries Pastor Apple Valley Campus 13. Kirk Graham - Attended 2007-2010 Associate Worship Pastor 14. Shawn Roehl - 2006 Student Ministries Associate Pastor First Impressions Ministry Director 15. Dave Olson - 2009 Student Ministries Pastor Savage Campus 23 25





16 17

20 19


3 6



1 4


12 2

11 10

7 8


16. Steve Nylin - 2007 Student Ministries Pastor Faribault Campus 17. Angie Lang - 2007 Lifegroups Coordinator 18. Tim Lang - 2008 Creative Arts Pastor 19. Weston Bradshaw Attended ‘06-’07 & ‘09-’10 Music Intern 20. Nick Kallies - 2010 Video Production Assistant 21. Charles Lane Norman Attended 2003-2006 Creative Arts Coordinator 22. Ryan Williams - 2007 Lead Worship Pastor 23. Mark Kenney - 1998 Campus Pastor Faribault Campus 24. Connor Ketterling Current Student - PSEO Intern 25. Brandon Wenzel - 2011 Youth Pastor Minnetrista Campus

NCU ALUMNI PARADE River Valley Church helping fund North Central’s Fine Arts Endowment

• 3

You Are // I Am Former students of NCU have collaborated on River Valley Church’s brand new worship album, “You are // I Am.” Featuring Ryan Williams, Kirk Graham, Charles Lane Norman and more! Now available on iTunes.

• • • 4

1. Apple Valley 2. Faribault 3. Minnetrista 4. Savage




NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11

River Valley Church is a key contributor to North Central’s Fine Arts Endowment as part of the W.O.V.E.N. (With One Voice Energizing Neighborhoods) program. This unique mentorship program pairs a North Central student with an inner-city child to teach them piano, guitar, drums or vocals while building their confidence and providing for positive role models.  River Valley Church’s $100,000 commitment will ensure the continued success of this vital community outreach program for North Central.

River Valley Church Campus Locations


Dick & Jennifer Brogden Assemblies of God Missionaries



MOVE Left - Dick and Jennifer Brogden on the steps of the Billy Graham Center Museum on the campus of Wheaton College in Illinois. Jeff Hathaway Photography


RASS. THE THICK, GREEN carpet that covers much of the United States. Now that Dick Brogden (1992) and his family have returned to the U.S. from 15 years of missionary service in Sudan, that’s one of the harder things for him to adjust to seeing everyday. “It’s so beautiful and covers almost everything here. It’s wonderful but hard to get used to. In the Sudan, it’s more brown without trees or grass to speak of, the beauty there is really the people themselves.” Born in Kenya to pioneering missionary parents, Dick has been on the African continent serving God for most of his life. Along with his wife Jennifer (1993) and their two boys Luke (12) and Zack (11), Dick is currently home itinerating after serving unreached people groups in North Africa for nearly two decades. Dick and Jen hit the ground running shortly after graduating from North Central. Both felt a calling specifically to unreached people groups and to Africa in particular. They founded the Live|Dead Challenge in response to the simple question of, “Where does the church not exist, and what are we going to do about it.” Planting teams and churches among unreached people groups is at the heart of the Live Dead Initiative. The unique name was born from the idea that to truly live for Jesus, we must die to ourselves. Brogden references John 12:24, “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.” (NIV) and 1 Corinthians 15:31 where Paul says, “I die everyday…” “If we are going to reach Somalis, Pashtun Afghans and Arabs in Saudi Arabia; and if we are going to go into Syria and Libya and all of these places that we really need to be, it’s going to be costly and difficult. We will have to live dead so that Jesus can be glorified among these unreached people groups” Brogden says.

Dick and Jennifer with their two sons, Luke and Zack.

After years of the church only sending ordained ministers into the mission field, Brogden feels that now the type of missionary we need today isn’t necessarily a pastor, it’s an engineer, a doctor, an educator, a musician, an artist…it’s someone who has a viable marketplace skill so they can get access to the unreached people groups. “That’s not to say that we don’t need pastors per se, both are needed because when people begin to get saved, they have questions and need pastoral guidance at that point. But the bottom line is that if someone doesn’t have a “real-life” skill, they are not likely to gain access (long-term) into a difficult Muslim country” Brogden says. Brogden feels that North Central can continue to impact the world on a global scale by graduating people who are exceptional in their particular fields. He says, “Then they have a skill that gains them credibility in these restricted-access countries. Out of that credibility, it gives them favor; it gives them an ongoing presence (empowered by the Holy Spirit), which leads to evangelism, discipleship, starting house churches, etc. Without that credibility, they can’t get to base one.” Dick Brogden is the 2011 Partner’s for Progress guest speaker.

Left - Dick Brogden ministering in Africa.


NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11

LIVE DEAD: Planting Churches Among Unreached Peoples Through Teams “The Holy Spirit is speaking to his Church, reminding us of the passion that he has never relinquished — the passion to be glorified by every tribe, tongue, people and nation. We committed to taking the church where it does not exist; to making Christ known to people groups who don’t have an opportunity to know him.” -

After taking Spring 2011 off to travel Asia and serve as a volunteer, 4th year student Sarah Blesener is back to work on her degree in Youth Development (International Development emphasis). Originally an Intercultural Studies major, Blesener is making plans for graduate studies in photo journalism, and hopes to use her photography to tell the stories of the people in need she encounters around the world. Sarah’s travels already include the Dominican Republic, Rwanda, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and extensive time in Haiti. In this feature highlighting the global impact of North Central, we are pleased to be able to share with you some of Sarah’s outstanding photography from her travels.

10 GLOBALLY INFLUENTIAL North Central University will be recognized as a globally influential university that prepares exemplary

GLOBALLY INFLUENTIAL THE halls of North Central University are

in many ways less than extraordinary. While the historical significance of the buildings can certainly be observed, to walk down the corridors, it would be nearly impossible to imagine the significance of the events, lectures, passionate discussions, and heartfelt prayers that have taken place in the otherwise ordinary rooms behind otherwise ordinary doors. But for more than 80 years, what has taken place in these halls has undoubtedly led to extraordinary things, birthed in the hearts of students and carried from here to make a difference as servant-hearted leaders in countless locations around the country - and around world! This fall, North Central is celebrating the impact our alumni have made around the world with a campaign to renovate our dorm faclities for the benefit of the next generation of world changers.

Haiti.  Sarah Blesener Photography

Pentecostal leaders and ministers.



From a small dorm room to a global influence. Read about North Central’s global focus and how alumni and students are making a difference around the world.


here is such an advantage to learning and growing within a community like North Central rather than learning online or in isolation, says Dick Brogden, the featured speaker at this year’s Partners for Progress Banquet, which is raising money for dorm renovation projects. “When you are in community and having your rough edges sanded off, you have access to mentors and peer correction and all of that funnels into your experiences in class and in Chapel. All of this helps a student have the foundation to bear the weight that the Lord will later put on them.” Brogden continues, “C.S. Lewis said, ‘Our bodies and souls are so closely connected that they catch each other’s diseases.’ If there are things that we can do to accommodate students physically and practically, it does have a spiritual connection.” “As we look at developing the school and fostering an

environment where young men and women can connect with each other and with Jesus, that makes toilets, showers, beds and radiators all the more important. Obviously you spend more time in your residence hall than in classes over your four years. You may not change the world in your four years at NCU but you have the character refining, discipline building, not only spiritual (learning to pray, learning to wait on the Lord, learning how to give, etc.) but also your physical discipline as well (taking care of your body and your own wellness).” During his time at NCU, Brogden became a resident advisor in Carlson Hall to impact other lives, to be a mentor. “I wanted to help young men love Jesus,” he says. “From the relationships with other resident advisors, the camaraderie, early morning prayer, Carlson Hall was instrumental in developing me into the person I am today.”

Dick Brogden with his wife Jennifer. Dick was a Resident Advisor in Carlson Hall.  Jeff Hathaway Photography

12 GLOBALLY INFLUENTIAL North Central University will be recognized as a globally influential university that prepares exemplary


An international focus has always been a key influence in the North Central experience. The over-arching mission of fulfilling the great commission by building and serving the Body of Christ around the world has been a constant since our foundation as North Central Bible Institute. Today, the institution’s vision statement opens with the goal to be “recognized as a globally influential university that prepares exemplary Pentecostal leaders and ministers.” The curricular emphasis on making a global impact now continues to move forward under the College of Missions, offering Missions-minded students expanded academic preparation in the areas of languages, intercultural studies, and international development. This global perspective touches the entire North Central community, as a regular emphasis in Chapel – often as Alumni now serving on other continents share their story and passion about the practical and spiritual needs they encountered in the field. The short term missions trip – for some time an opportunity limited to students in specific academic programs or classes – has also become an opportunity open to the entire community. Since 2004, this has been formalized in a program called ninedays, which provides opportunities for students not only to participate, but also to lead missions teams to various places around the world over spring break each year. Left - Sarah Blesener in Port-auPrince, Haiti in 2009. After the destruction of the earthquake in 2010, Sarah has volunteered her time in relief efforts and has worked extensively with the organization Healing Haiti.

Pentecostal leaders and ministers.



North Central is proud to have Alumni involved in missionary work around the world, and we’re always excited to receive updates from them about their work. Here are just a few:



The Dahlagers serve as advisors to the Costa Rican National Youth Network with the Assemblies of God, as well as participating in CELAD Juvenil, which coordinates youth ministry in 14 countries. During their 20122016 they plan to work with postgraduate education across Latin America. Jon graduated from North Central in 1991.

The Grams met at NCU (then North Central Bible College), and have served as missionaries to Argentina since 1979. They have seen a dynamic response to the gospel. Rocky serves as the director of the Instituto Biblico Rio de la Plata in Buenos Aires. Outside their work at the school, Rocky is president of the National Christian Education Department.







The Gruetzmachers have served as missionaries with the A/G for over 19 years. For the past six years they have worked to develop a stronger system for church planting and church health in Mexico and other countries in Latin America. They have now taken the new challenge of reaching the growing Hispanic populations in the second largest Spanish speaking country, the U.S.A.

The Zarns are currently itinerating in the US after spending 4 years in Stockholm, Sweden, where they are working to reaching young adults and college students. As the first A/G World Missionaries to go to Sweden, the Zarns planted Stockholm Life Church with a vision to reach not only Swedish nationals but also the international population of Stockholm as well.

14 GLOBALLY INFLUENTIAL North Central University will be recognized as a globally influential university that prepares exemplary

Healing Haiti serves orphanages and the elderly in Port-au-Prince with water delivery.  Sarah Blesener Photography

FINDING ONE’S PLACE While the practical and academic emphasis of North Central on cultivating a global worldview is certainly key, however the primary element that prepares a North Central student to make a difference is even more foundational. Simply put, North Central is a place where students can investigate their gifts and calling – and in the process, discover the function they were designed to carry out within the Body of Christ. As students learn to identify and become proficient in the area of their gifts, God is able to place them in situations where those gifts are most impactful – wherever that may be. In the words of Dr. Gordon Anderson, “Every single member of the Body of Christ is a gifted member of the Body Pentecostal leaders and ministers.

who has a specific calling, and adds needed value to the body by using their gift. But while finding our place in the Body of Christ requires discovering our gifts and calling, our ‘place’ doesn’t refer first and foremost to a location - it refers to a function.” (Read ‘From the President’ on page two for more from Dr. Anderson regarding this principle.)

THE DORMITORY & SPIRITUAL FORMATION To describe a dorm room as a laboratory might at first conjure up thoughts of the science experiment-like qualities of unwashed laundry and old pizza – or the social experiment of near strangers becoming roommates and the drama that may ensue. While the backdrop is certainly colorful, the relationships

forged in the residential community have unequaled potential to become an iron-sharpening-iron influence. A pizza becomes a catalyst for far more than a lesson in gastronomic cause and effect when it provides context for conversation – a conversation that may be the first external sounding board for a student processing their call, or wrestling with how to apply the revelations of the day. High points and memorable moments for students at North Central often revolve around a moment or message in Chapel that is forever burned in the memory as a moment of revelation. Such moments represent a point where the course of their life was altered in some way, as God revealed something about their calling, gifting, and purpose. These moments of revelation may 15

take place in a Chapel service or classroom, but they are tested, take root, and develop practically in the day to day reality of living in community. The practical jokes recounted with pride (or pain, depending on the role the storyteller played) may make a memorable story, but more than an isolated memory, they reflect significant relationships... relationships that create a working model of the community that is the Body of Christ. This community is the laboratory – an opportunity to lead and follow, to discuss and develop practical theology, and to discover by experience the gifts in which God has caused a student to excel. This is the extraordinary power of an otherwise ordinary dormitory: The opportunity to discover who you are in the Body of Christ. That discovery is the beginning of a process by which true influence becomes possible – a process that can and does reach around the world.

JOIN THE CONVERSATION We’ve take just a few pages to reflect on North Central’s commitment to raising up leaders with a global worldview, and now we’d love to hear from you. Here are just a few ways you can add your voice to the conversation: 1. Dorm renovation projects are the focus of this year’s fundraising efforts at North Central’s annual Partners for Progress Banquet. Whether you are able to attend the event or not, we invite you to invest in the experience of current and future North Central students preparing to serve around the world. 2. Connect with others who have lived in the same Residence Hall where you spent your NCU days by logging on to and creating a profile, or updating your profile with your dorm information. Right - Children in Haiti. Sarah Blesener Photography

16 GLOBALLY INFLUENTIAL North Central University will be recognized as a globally influential university that prepares exemplary



$1,000,000 GOAL To donate to the residence hall renovation, visit All gifts are tax deductible.

Pentecostal leaders and ministers.


UNITE Jeff Deyo leading worship with One Accord during the first day of Chapel of the 2011 Fall Semester. Photo by Joshua Olson

Help a Student Connect With Us


NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11

F ALL THE WAYS high school students tell us they became interested in attending North Central, by far the most influential is an interaction with one of our alumni. Whether that student happens to be a relative, a family friend, or simply someone who stands out at church or in your community, why not tell them about North Central? If you know a student who believes their calling is in one of the programs North Central offers, the dates in green on these pages are for them and you’re invited to come along with them and see the exciting developments happening around the campus!

There are many ways to explore North Central University. To find a listing of these options, go to: northcentral. edu/visit. If you are unable to visit in person, visit our virtual college booth at (registration required).




Preview Day

Songs of the Season


Come celebrate Christmas at North Central University featuring the music of John Rutter and inspiring Gospel music to celebrate the birth of our Savior. With special guests, One Accord and KC Gospel Orchestra.


Fall Production of Godspell Based on the book by Michael Tebelak with music by Stephen Schwartz, “Godspell” is a fun, modern day retelling of the Gospel according to Matthew, becoming one of the longest running off-Broadway musicals.


December 2 & 3 @ 7:30pm December 4 @ 3pm


November 10 - 12 & 17-19 @ 7pm November 12 & 20 @ 3pm

Alumni Reception



Preview Day - Fine Arts

Fall Graduation

your life. our mission. January


Welcome Days

“The Week”




Final Preview Day before the end of the semester.




Classes Begin

A/G Basketball Tournament North Central hosts the annual A/G Basketball Tournament with Valley Forge, Central Bible College, Trinity Bible College, and Northland International. An alumni basketball event will also be held.


Preview Day - Athletics


Preview Day

New student orientation for the Spring 2012 semester.



NCU students spend their spring break on short-term missions trips.


Spring Production North Central University’s annual celebration “The Week” is a homecomingstyle school spirit event that is facilitated and produced by the North Central Student Association. The Week includes daily activities and themes and home basketball games.


Brought to you by the College of Fine Arts. March 23-25 & 30 - April 1

MN District Council Plan to stop by campus when you’re in town!


Baseball Reunion Revisit with old friends and teammates at the NCU Rams Baseball Reunion.




Preview Day

College Days

Take advantage of at least one of these “Preview Day” opportunities in February!

Preview Day

A two-day high-energy event where you’ll encounter NCU, God, and your future! Don’t miss this opportunity to stay on campus and really see what life is like at NCU!





Softball Reunion

Alumni are welcome to attend the annual “Battle of the Floors.”

Revisit with old friends and teammates at the NCU Rams Softball Reunion.



Commencement Join us as we honor the graduating class of 2012.


NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11

Battle of the Floors

The beginning of Commencement activities for the class of 2012.


(from L to R) Rachel Moe, Mitch Chamberlin, Jamie Welsh, Kevin Van Slyke, and Erica Hanson (Not Pictured: John Merritte Jones)

North Central SIFE Team Honored at Nationals

NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11

North Central University’s Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team followed their second straight Regional Championship this spring by placing first runner up in League 1 at the SIFE National Exposition on May 11, 2011. The NCU SIFE team also appeared on WCCO (CBS) morning news program, ‘This Morning,’ on May 12, 2011. The team was recognized during the telecast that briefly featured students from several teams who participated in the National Expo, which was held in Minneapolis. The North Central team presented community projects accomplished during the academic year, including: Project S.O.S., Elliot Park Night to Unite, NCU Green, Operation Lunch and InterviewME. Project success is measured on objectives such as the number of individuals influenced and financial impact. NCU SIFE focused on influencing both the campus and the neighborhood community that has been home to North Central University for over 80 years.

This year North Central University and NCU SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise), in partnership with several local organizations facilitated an event titled “Elliot Park Neighborhood Night to Unite” on September 13, 2011. Night to Unite was a free celebration event for the residents, businesses, organizations, and students who spent time cleaning and/or beautifying the area around their home or place of operation. The gathering included fun activities for Elliot Park residents including games, face painting, free food, fantastic music, hundreds of prizes, and special guests.

Bill Tibbetts, associate professor of Business Administration at NCU, is the team’s faculty advisor. “SIFE provides our students with the opportunity to partner their classroom education with Biblical principles of service to our community,” said Tibbetts. “Participation in SIFE also provides our students with a competitive advantage when applying for internships and jobs in the marketplace. NCU has one of the most well respected SIFE programs in Minnesota.”



North Central Faculty Continue to Distinguish Themselves Dr. Margo Lloyd (far left), Education Professor at North Central University, received the 2011 Distinguished Educator Award from the A/G Higher Education Alliance. Dr. Lloyd joins (L-R) Larry Bach, Dr. Carolyn Tennant, and Dr. Glen Menzies as the fourth North Central faculty to receive this honor.

Margo Lloyd serves at this university.” The Distinguished Educator Award was established for the purpose of recognizing those professors who have distinguished themselves in the A/G Fellowship by consistent excellence in teaching and have made an outstanding contribution and lifetime commitment to Christian higher education in the Assemblies of God. Every two years the General Council selects an award winner from among nineteen Christian higher education institutions that are part of the Assemblies of God. "We at North Central are very proud of Dr. Margo Lloyd and the honor she has received in being selected as the 2011 Distinguished Educator for the Assemblies of God," said Dr. Gordon Anderson, President of North Central. "It is truly wonderful for our faculty to be honored in this way and for the university to be recognized for our commitment to academic excellence. Congratulations and well done!" Dr. Lloyd has spent her adult life in the field of education. The first half was spent working in the elementary schools of St. Paul, where she taught nearly every grade level. Dr. Lloyd

Dr. Lloyd is a remarkably effective instructor; a true friend to her colleagues; a mentor to her students; and a strong support to the administration.

has spent the longest portion of her career as an educator at North Central University. During her years at NCU, Dr. Lloyd has taught numerous courses in North Central's School of Education and chaired the department between 2002 - 2009. Dr. Lloyd’s research interests include studies of African American male students in third through fifth grades (a time when many lose interest in school), the causes of the achievement gap, and the residual effects of high stakes testing. In addition to teaching, Dr. Lloyd has been afforded the opportunity to travel to England, Israel, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Kenya, East Africa, and China in a variety of capacities for the university. 21

NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11

North Central University is proud to announce that Professor Dr. Margo Lloyd received the 2011 Distinguished Educator Award at the Assembly of God General Council in Phoenix, AZ on August 3, 2011. Dr. Lloyd’s selection for the honor marks the fourth consecutive General Council that a North Central University faculty member has been selected for this award. She follows Larry Bach, Dean of the College of Fine Arts; Dr. Carolyn Tennant, English Professor, and Dr. Glen Menzies, Dean of the Institute for Biblical & Theological Studies. “I know I speak for the entire North Central community when I say we are extremely proud of Dr. Margo Lloyd," said Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Thomas Burkman. "She truly represents what the Distinguished Educators Award seeks to identify – a person set apart because of excellence. Dr. Lloyd is a remarkably effective instructor; a true friend to her colleagues; a mentor to her students; and a strong support to the administration. Her service to this institution, the church, and to the community sets an example for us all. NCU is a much better institution because Dr.

Leaving a lasting


After twenty-eight years of service at North Central University, Dr. Carolyn Tennant leaves behind a legacy of excellence - and some big shoes to fill. BY DESIRÉE LIBENGOOD


Dr. Carolyn Tennant (L) with Desirée Libengood (R).  Jeff Hathaway Photography

en years ago, when I first arrived at North Central—a wide-eyed freshman from Indiana—I never imagined I would become an English teacher. In fact, I decided to take all my English classes in the first three semesters just to get them out of the way. During my second semester, one of my professors wrote a question on the bottom of my essay: “Why aren’t you an English major?”  With that simple question, Dr. Carolyn Tennant began to mentor me, gently leading by asking questions that would help me discover my talents and God’s direction. Little did either of us know that ten years later I would fill her position when she retired.  Time and again, people say to me, “Desirée, those are significant shoes to fill.” Trust me, I know.  Looking at the work she has accomplished, the idea of filling Dr. Tennant’s shoes is both daunting and inspiring.  Her


leadership, mentorship, and ministry have abounded at NCU and around the world, and her wisdom will continue to reverberate in the voices of the many that she has influenced from the pulpit and classrooms at NCU to the pulpits and classrooms of Ireland, England, Turkey, Argentina, and across our own country. As an ordained minister, Dr. Tennant has contributed to the Assemblies of God through service on committees such as the Alliance Board for Christian Higher Education, the National Women in Ministry Task Force, and the AG Resolutions Committee. Dr. T, as her students lovingly call her, has left her mark in the classroom teaching more than literature in courses like C.S. Lewis and the Inklings where students discover Lewis as a great author and, perhaps more importantly, as a great apologist for the faith.  In the Celi Dé Seminar, students study works of Celtic fantasy while also exploring Celtic faith, which inevitably fosters their spiritual development.  And in

▶ Dr. Carolyn

Tennant speaking in chapel for the last time as a faculty member. Watch this at tennant.

classes like Revivals, students are encouraged to see how God has worked in and through his people to do the miraculous. As the Vice President of Academic Affairs from 1998 to 2002, Dr. Tennant led a season of significant growth and progress for academics at NCU. It was her desire to make the curriculum more flexible so that students could take courses that were relevant to their future needs. Dr. T also desired to see students enter into ministry around the world and worked with faculty to make the curriculum more global, contemporary, and poised for the future. She also helped establish the Urban Ministries major through a half million dollar grant she wrote for Pew Charitable Trust.  Everyone who has been around NCU for a few decades knows that no other person has done more for guiding North Central’s exceptional accreditation record than Dr. Tennant.  Her background in education and her service as a consultant-evaluator and member on specialized committees with the Higher Learning Commission have provided NCU with a level of expertise that rivals other universities. Many have been directly impacted by Dr. Tennant’s work as minister, professor, and Vice President of Academic Affairs, and many have been influenced by her innovations without ever realizing it. Students participate in events developed by Dr. T and her teams while in her roles as Vice President of Student Life and Vice President of Institutional Life and Innovation. Events like Battle of the Floors, Community Outreach Day, Fall Retreat, and Praise Gathering were all created under Dr. T’s leadership. These events mark seminal moments—relational and spiritual—in so many of our lives. As for this former student trying to fill these very effective shoes, I am deeply grateful for the life of ministry and teaching Dr. Tennant has led. I know I speak for many when I say, Carolyn, though you will be leaving, you will never completely be gone from NCU. Although your job will be filled in the English department, nobody will fill your shoes. Nobody can. And truthfully, the mark of your success is that nobody needs to fill your shoes—your legacy will continue to walk in support of this university and the many lives that are forever changed because you allowed God to use you.

Career Accomplishments PROFESSOR, ENGLISH North Central University, 2002-present V.P., ACADEMIC AFFAIRS North Central University, 1998-2002 V.P., INSTITUTIONAL LIFE AND INNOVATION North Central University, 1991-1998 V.P., STUDENT LIFE North Central University, 1983-1991 PASTORAL STAFF: ADMINISTRATOR Christian Life Center, Dayton, OH, 1981-1983 DIRECTOR: INSTITUTE FOR COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT Aurora, CO, 1979-1983

Published Works CO-AUTHOR A Faithful Past, A Shining Future - NCU Press, 2006. COLUMNIST From the Heart - A/G WIM website. CONTRIBUTING WRITER - A/G Women in Ministry newsletter and website. - Transforming the City: Reframing Education for Urban Ministries - published by Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2002. - Java & Justice - Minneapolis: NCU Press, 2006. EDITOR In Awe in Argentina - by A/G missionary Rocky Grams, 2006. WRITER - Front Line: A Daily Devotional Guide for Christian Leaders - NCU Press, 2004. - St. Patrick - three-act drama. - Rediscovering the Pioneering Spirit published in Enrichment magazine, A/G: Springfield, MO Vol. 8, No. 2, spring, 2001. - The Beauty of Stretch Marks - on the A/G website, September, 2006. - Chapter on Urban Curriculum included in a book by Dr. Eldin Villafae for an Hispanic audience, 2000. - A book on Celtic Spirituality and another on narrative preaching. - Toronto Blessing? Decide for Yourself - paper that circulated widely in the U.S. and overseas.

Desirée Libengood is a graduate of North Central University and is currently an Assistant Professor, English


Left: Larry Bach, Dean of the College of Fine Arts; Right: Dr. Dan Nelson, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences Photography by Joshua Olson




After the formation of four Colleges and an Institute, a process to select Deans began. North Central University is excited to announce the Deans of each College & Institute.

Larry Bach - College of Fine Arts Larry Bach, in his thirtieth year at North Central University, currently serves as the Artistic Director for the University. Under his vision and leadership, the Fine Arts department has grown from 30 to 200 students. Bach conducts the Chorale, the University’s premier choir, and teaches conducting classes. The Chorale has completed 15 overseas tours; performed multiple times for the American Choral Association and has performed at Carnegie Hall. He is also a former recipient of the Assemblies of God Delta Alpha Distinguished Educator Award.


Dr. Daniel Nelson - College of Arts and Sciences A faculty member since 1989, Dan Nelson is a multiple-year recipient of Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, advises Psi Chi, the national honor society in psychology, and chairs the department of Social & Behavioral Sciences at North Central. Dr. Nelson has also held several adjunct professor positions at other Twin Cities schools such as Bethel University and Northwestern College. Dr. Nelson serves on the peer review corps for the Higher Learning Commission, and is a consultant with the American Psychological Association’s Department Consulting Service. Dr. Gordon Anderson (Interim Dean) - College of Missions Audiences are continually challenged and encouraged through the ministry, preaching, and leadership of Dr. Anderson. His speaking style delivers poignant truth with content-based teaching and practical application. His messages are a reflection of his dedication to the truth. In 2010, North Central University celebrated the 15th anniversary of Dr. Gordon Anderson’s presidency. Anderson’s professional experience includes fourteen years of pastoral leadership and more than 28 years as a college professor and administrator.


Above: Dr. Tracy Paino, Dean of the College of Ministry

Dr. Tracy Paino - College of Ministry Dr. Paino is a believer in the value of intentional leadership and relational ministry. After serving as a youth pastor for the first 10 years of his ministry in Indiana and Ohio, Dr. Paino became a church planter and pastor. He has been an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God since 1986 and came to North Central University in 1996 to be the youth ministry specialist. Most recently, he has served as the Executive Chair of the Departments of Church Leadership, chair of the Student Ministries Department, Co-Founder of the Center for Youth and Leadership, and Full Professor. Dr. Glen Menzies - Institute for Biblical & Theological Studies Dr. Menzies served as the department chair of Bible and Theology (2005-2011) and has been part of the North Central University faculty since 1990. He is a member of the North American Patristic Society, the Society for Pentecostal Studies, and Society of Biblical Literature. In 2009, Dr. Menzies was the recipient of the Assemblies of God Delta Alpha Distinguished Educator Award. Dr. Menzies also organized and led North Central University’s “Pentecostal Issues Seminar” (1998-2006) and “The Laboratory,” a forum for discussion of church issues by pastors and professors (2008-Present). Most recently, he has served as the department chair of Bible and Theology, Faculty Marshal, and Full Professor.

OR MORE THAN 80 years, North Central University has believed that a biblical and spiritual foundation is essential to success in any career arena. That’s why our curriculum for all majors includes requirements for Bible and Theology classes. As programming has expanded from the days of North Central Bible Institute, the Department of Bible and Theology continued to serve students across the whole of the University to provide the core Bible classes required as part of each major program. Now, in that same tradition, North Central is pleased to announce the establishment of the Institute for Biblical & Theological Studies, which will not only provide the Biblical Studies and Biblical Languages majors, but will continue to serve students across the University by providing the Bible core requirements for students in the College of Arts & Sciences, the College of Fine Arts, the College of Ministry and the College of Missions.

Program Offerings Bible & Theology Core requirements (all majors) Biblical Studies Biblical Languages

▶ Dr. Glen Menzies, Dean of the Institute for Biblical and Theological Studies.



Director Marc Turnage (right) with President Dr. Gordon Anderson (center) and Dr. Glen Menzies, Dean of the Institute for Biblical and Theological Studies (left).

NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11

North Central partners with Center for Holy Lands Studies Marc Turnage, Director of the Center for Holy Lands Studies, visited campus recently to further develop an exciting new partnership between North Central and the Assemblies of God Center for Holy Lands Studies. Through dynamic trips which provide an immersive educational experience in the lands of the Bible, the A/G Center for Holy Lands Studies seeks to transform the way Christians study and understand the Bible, encouraging people “to study the Law of the Lord and to do it” (Ezra 7:10). By using archaeology, geography, and cultural settings, the Center for Holy Lands Studies provides trips that transform how one reads and interacts with the Bible. Students, educators, ministers, and Christians from all walks of life who want to know and understand the Bible better within its historical and physical setting, can take advantage of the Center’s unparalleled opportunities and resources to encounter their faith in the very places where it began. In response to the desire of Dr. George O. Wood, General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, to provide high school students with the opportunity to “experience the Bible in its geographical, historical, and devotional setting,” the A/G Center for Holy Lands Studies offers The Emmaus Experience trips designed for young people ages 17-20 which provide a rugged, intimate encounter with the land of the Bible. North Central University will offer students participating in The Emmaus Experience: A Journey for Youth through the Center for Holy Lands Studies three (3) academic course credits at North Central University. The tuition and fees for these credits are waived for anyone who is accepted and becomes a full-time student at North Central University. For additional information, contact Dr. Glen Menzies, Dean of the Institute for Biblical & Theological Studies (612)-343-4449, Dr. Tracy Paino, Dean of the College of Ministry (612)-343-4100, or Admissions (800)-289-6222.


Marc Turnage teaching at various historical sites. (Top-Bottom) Students learning atop Avdat, at the Springs in Dan, the Synagogue at Gamla, and finally on the steps leading up to the Temple Mount. Dr. Tracy Paino, Dean of the College Ministry, also accompanied Marc during this trip in May - June of 2011.

Director of Rec & Wellness Jake Smith (left) with Assistant Director Molly Magstadt (right).  Jeff Hathaway Photography

REC & WELLNESS HEALTH & FITNESS-ORIENTED PROGRAMMING IS OFF AND RUNNING ON A MISSION FOR FITNESS The NCU Department of Recreation and Wellness provides excellent sport, fitness and wellness programs that enhance student experience while generating positive and sustainable lifestyle habits.

have been made available to students at Vertical Endeavors – an indoor climbing gym scheduled for a grand opening in November less than 2 miles from campus. Jake Smith, longtime Dean of Residence Life at North Central, has been hired as Director of Recreation & Wellness, and Molly Magstadt has also joined the staff full-time as Assistant Director. Describing the value of both educating students on wellness issues and offering opportunities to help them stay fit, Smith cites Herophilus, the ancient greek doctor: “When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless and intelligence cannot be applied.” The formation of the Recreation and Wellness program is part of NCU’s mission to develop students not only academically and spiritually, but as a whole person. Further information regarding these new opportunities – and other developing news regarding the Recreation & Wellness program can be found on the North Central University website at 27

NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11

This fall, the newly formed Department of Recreation & Wellness is finding its stride as the staff works to expand the scope and improve the quality of programming and activities that will help students stay fit and active. Recreation & Wellness will provide leadership to club level sports teams, intramural sports, and fitness center programming - including fitness and wellness classes. Weekly Pilates and Self-Defense classes are already available to students, and intramural flag football and ultimate Frisbee leagues are also in full swing. In addition to developing program offerings on campus, the R&W team have worked hard to provide resources that will encourage students to get out and participate in opportunities around the Twin Cities that facilitate both fitness and fun. A disc golf challenge including a half-dozen local Intramural Futsol League will courses is currently underway, and discounts return in Spring ‘12.

RISING TO THE CHALLENGE Rams Athletics experienced one of the most successful years in program history in 2010-11. While the jump to NCAA DIII competition made for some growing pains against a new level of opponent, the increased quality of new competition brought out the best in many Rams athletes.

32 Days between NCU officially

receiving NCAA membership and qualifying for the program’s first NCAA Championship Event.

7.52 Runs per game – making Rams softball the 10th highest scoring team in NCAA DIII.

177 Free throws made by

Nathan Roeder, setting a NCU Rams basketball school record.

NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11

1.65 Stolen bases per game

by Elisabeth Trickey, who led NCAA DIII in individual steals per game and was one of three Rams in the overall top five in that stat column. Hannah Gordon (Boise, Idaho/Centennial) was third in NCAA DIII with 1.04 swipes a game while sophomore catcher Kristol Pettygrove (Walworth, Wis./Faith Christian) was fifth with .96 steals a contest. No other school had more than one player in the top 20. 28

115 Bases stolen by the Rams

Softball team in only 25 games during a weather shortened season. In 124 attempts the Rams were only caught 9 times on the year.

14 Wins for Rams Softball to finish with the best final record and the first winning season ever with their 14-11 mark. Accomplished against a full NCAA DIII schedule.

.500 Men’s Tennis winning

percentage in UMAC play. Following their 5-5 conference season, they also had every singles player and doubles team advance out of the opening round at the 2011 UMAC tournament.

4 Basketball players receiving DIII

All-Independents Recognition: Nathan Roeder - 1st Team Levi Kooistra - 2nd Team Andrew Berndt - Honorable Mention Elisabeth Trickey - Honorable Mention

.531 Batting average of

Hannah Gordon, sixth in national batting average.

7 Rams teams currently playing as full members of the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference.


UMAC Scholar Team awards. Men’s Cross Country and Men’s Track & Field each recorded the highest team GPA of any squad in their respective sport within the UMAC.

4 Indoor Track & Field UMAC

Indoor event championships: Catherine Mead -1600m. Alex Farber - long jump & high jump. Men’s Distance Medley relay.

27UMAC Academic AllConference Award winners.

18 UMAC All-Conference Award winners.

From Left to Right: Zach Claussen, Mariah Simonson, Tony Johns, Curtis Ward and Mickal Sayler.

MEN’S GOLF DOMINATES UMAC CHAMPIONSHIP Goodwin Claims Individual Title, Rams Repeat as Team Champions

LADY RAMS TEE OFF INAUGURAL SEASON NCU earned a third place finish in the first tournament in the history of the Women’s Golf program on Sept. 1, 2011, at the UMAC Preview Tournament. Mickal Sayler was the top player for the Rams shooting a 91 (+19) which earned her a seventh place individual finish. Sayler started off the historic first event of NCAA DIII Women’s Golf competition by sinking a 20 foot birdie putt on the very first hole in program history.

For all the latest Rams news, visit 29

NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11

A third straight Upper Midwest Athletic Conference Championship has given the Men’s Golf program a second straight berth in the NCAA DIII Men’s Golf National Championship Tournament. Senior Dean Goodwin led the charge, claiming medalist honors as the individual conference champion. Sophomore Taylor Alvarado (4th), Junior Daniel Johnson (5th), and Sophomore Taylor Murphy (6th) joined Goodwin to complete a dominant team performance, as all 4 earned All-Conference honors. The Rams were the only team with more than two all-conference award winners, and each round added to a lead that eventually became a 46-stroke winning margin. “This is huge for our program to have the chance go down to Nationals for a second time,” said Coach Spencer Hutton. “Last year was a learning experience for us; this time the guys know what to expect and can go into it confident. Our goal is to go down there and play with confidence, play focused. If we have fun and play the best we can, I think the sky’s the limit for this group.” Last year, the Rams posted rounds of 318 and 322 at the national tournament, missing the team cut as only 15 of the 40 teams advanced after the two opening rounds. For Goodwin, the journey to individual medalist honors at the 2011 UMAC Championships began two years ago at the same event, when he finished 3 strokes back after hitting 6 balls out of bounds in two holes. Goodwin took time away from both school and golf in 2010 for personal reasons, and the player and person who claimed

the 2011 UMAC Individual Championship is a testimony to things coming full circle for the Rams. Goodwin’s absence last year meant missing out on participating in the NCAA DIII National Tournament last year – the first such appearance in NCU history. This year, he posted one of the best rounds of his season to turn a 1-stroke deficit into a 1-stroke victory and lead the Rams to a second straight National Tournament bid. “For him to come through in his last year and win it individually is just a great story,” said Hutton. “Dean has worked through a lot of things, both on and off the course, and we’re really happy to see it all pay off for him.” The National Tournament will take place in Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida, on May 15-18, 2012.


Alumni Reception North Central enjoyed a great turnout of alumni and friends at the NCU Alumni Reception during General Council in Phoenix, Arizona, August 1-5, 2011.

NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11

Above: Dr. Gordon Anderson speaking with Nate Ruch and Michael Olson at the NCU Alumni Reception.

Troy Pearson, NCU Alumnus & Executive Director of Enrollment, gives away a new Apple iPad 2 to a lucky winner in the Alumni prize drawing.



MARGO LLOYD: DISTINGUISHED EDUCATOR Dr. Margo Lloyd, Education Professor at North Central University, seen here with members of North Central University’s faculty and staff after receiving the 2011 Distinguished Educator Award at the Assembly of God General Council in Phoenix, AZ.

DR. TRACY PAINO SPEAKS AT GC11 Dr. Tracy Paino, Dean of North Central’s College of Ministry was invited to speak at the General Presbyters’ luncheon about his experience touring Israel with the Center for Holy Lands Studies.

RECRUITMENT EFFORTS A HIT AT NATIONAL FAF Prospective students line up to fill out information cards in the North Central booth at the National Fine Arts Festival during General Council in Phoenix, AZ. NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11


CONNECT Alumni Updates:


Charles Harrison went to be with the Lord on July 16, 2011. He had been battling pancreatic cancer since last fall. He was a fighter! He will be sorely missed by his wife, Patricia, and family and friends.


NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11

Jennifer (Terpstra) Parker, ‘96 (Youth Ministry), currently serves as the Life Group Coordinator at Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines, Iowa. The Parkers welcomed a baby girl in April 2010.


Melissa (Buch) Belgarde, ‘02 (Music), is currently working on both a book and CD project, and has plans to begin traveling as a speaker and singer/worship leader. Robin MacLean, ‘02 (Pastoral Studies), currently the Pastor of English Ministries at Windsor Chinese Alliance Church. Has been working with his church since July 2003. He and his wife have good memories of their time in Minneapolis and at NCU. Rachel (Phillips) Nolt Floyd, ‘02 (Elementary Education), currently lives in Iowa and married Wil Nolt in 2008 and welcomed their son Easton Paul Nolt to the family on March 27, 2010.


Alison (Trower) Weber, ‘03 (Cross Cultural Studies), graduated in June from Bethel Seminary with a Master of Divinity, with concentrations in both Pastoral Care and Global and Contextual Studies.

Alison recently celebrated 4 years of marriage to her husband, Mark, and plans to complete her Clinical Pastoral Education residency at Abbot Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis.


Rachel (Finkenbinder) Marocco, ‘04 (Interdisciplinary Studies - Elementary Education/ Intercultural Studies), has earned her Masters in Cross Cultural Studies from Fuller Seminary. She has traveled to Papua New Guinea and Kenya, Africa, and has served as a leader of International Bible studies. Rachel was married last year to Matthew Marocco, and currently works with preschoolers and is pursuing interests in child development. Caleb, ‘04 (Communications), and Michelle (Beichley) Sieh, ‘04, welcomed their fourth child, Levi Halen, on May 16th. The next morning Michelle was placed into intensive care, and the Siehs

Anissa (Casey) Martin, ‘03 (English: Literature), has been ratified by Faculty of Assemblies of God Theological Seminary as the recipient of the Stanley M. Horton Award. Since 2004, the Bible & Theology Dept. of AGTS has presented this award annually at graduation for excellence in the writing of a paper for the Theological Studies Seminar. 32

would like to thank those in the NCU Community who prayed and believed God for Michelle’s healing and recovery. Cameron, 4; Elly, 3; and Bennett, 1; are very excited to have mommy and little brother home and healthy.


Julia (Heide) Rivard, ‘07 (Elementary Education), and her husband, Paul Rivard, felt called to Duluth, MN after graduation, and moved there not yet knowing why. Shortly thereafter they became the Student Ministries Pastors at The River Church, where they have been serving for about 3 years. The Rivards have a beautiful 1-year old, Hannah, and are expecting a second child in March. “I miss NCU a lot,” said Julia, “but now we

Martin, who received this honor for her paper, Philemon: The Power of Grace, A Commentary on Philemon 8-21, also completed her Master of Arts in Theological Studies. Anissa is pictured with her husband, Joshua, ‘03 (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), who currently serves as North Central’s Director of Admissions.

CONNECT have the privilege of sending students there to experience the life change and life preparation like we did!” Devona Jackson (2007, Interdisciplinary Studies) Is starting her second year both at Hope Academy as a substitute teacher and at College Tutors as a Literacy Specialist. Nathan and Anna Boyer, ‘07 (Intercultural Studies), are currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and serving in the U.S. Army as a Combat Medic. Pursuing a medical degree for later use in missionary work. Kelly Ellenberger, ‘07 (Psychology), lives in Stockholm, WI and completed graduate training in May of 2011 in School Psychology at the Unversity

of Wisconsin-River Falls and was married in August 2011. Heather Vargo, ’07 (Pastoral Studies), is currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is a Master of Social Work student at Saint Catherine University and The University of Saint Thomas in Saint Paul, MN. Received the Student Leadership Award in the Master of Social Work program in May, 2011. The award was for demonstrating outstanding leadership qualities in social work settings, a commitment to social justice, communicating and interacting effectively in groups and acting from a strong self- concept. Completed a social work internship at Highland Park Senior High School in Saint Paul, MN in June 2011. Planning to get married in August, 2012.


Ryan Perkins, ‘08 (Youth Ministries/Biblical Studies Certificate), is currently living in Erie, PA and working as a Graphic Designer for an advertising agency and the volunteer media director for The Summit Student Center & Student Ministries at Erie First Assembly of God.


Peter Obermesik, ‘10 (Worship Arts: Recording Arts), and his wife Jessie moved to Des Moines, IA, where he accepted a position as Media Director at First Assembly of God. The couple now have a son, Isaac, who turns 1 this November.


What's Missing Here? Your story! Submit an update online at Tell us where you are, what you're doing, and even upload a picture! You can also take this opportunity to update your address and other contact information with the Alumni Association. We'll look forward to seeing YOU in the next NCU Magazine.

Alumni Representatives: Dave Tims

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Simon Trautmann

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Nathan Scott

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Ron and LaDon Held

Carina Aleckson

Mark & Lauranne Thompson

April Grabanski

South Dakota Minnesota Northern Missouri Wisconsin-Northern Michigan

Ohio Biblical Studies Alumni Business Alumni Group Education Alumni Group

Daniel Berggren

Intercultural Studies Alumni Group

John Goodman

Alumni Association President 33

NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11



CONNECT Venture Expeditions Alumni Updates: Paul Hurckman, ‘96 (Pastoral Studies), recently joined Venture Expeditions as Executive Director. Paul holds a MA in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University. Together with his wife Candace, and their two children, Lola and Justus, the Hurckmans are committed to engage in the story of justice and hope. Ryan Skoog, ‘99 (Christian Studies), is Venture’s co-founder. Ryan earned his MBA from University of Saint Thomas and has founded two companies, Fly for Good and International Volunteer Card, which serve customers such as Harvard University, Invisible Children, and Youth With A Mission. Ryan and his wife, Rachel, have two kids, Colin and Sydney. Aaron Smith, ‘04 (Journalism), founded Venture Expeditions in 2002, and has worked to see Venture become a growing organization with Christian compassion at its center. Aaron has led several cross-country bicycle tours in Europe, Asia, and the US. Together with his wife, Krista, they parent two children, Alaithia and Jotham. Josh Iniguez, ‘08 (ICS: International Relief & Development) is the Tour Director for Venture. While at NCU, Josh biked down the East coast and fell in love with Venture’s vision. Josh went on to lead the first team to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro, and has facilitated over 20 cycling and hiking trips. Josh lives in Minneapolis with his wife Kristina and his two dogs.

NCU/Venture Team at Catalyst: (left to right) Benjamin Skoda, Paul Hurckman, Nate Ruch, Ryan Skoog, Aaron Smith, Christina Kee, Josh Iniguez

PRESENT: HOPE TOUR This fall, Venture Expeditions partnered with Convoy of Hope and Catalyst, widely known for Christian leadership conferences, to organize the Present: Hope cycling tour. The tour is designed to raise $100,000 and promote ongoing relief efforts for tornado victims in both Joplin, MO and Tuscaloosa, AL and has raised about two-thirds of the goal to date. The team of 13 cyclists, which included several North Central Alumni and Rev. Aaron Brown, senior pastor of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Joplin, Mo., bicycled approximately 800 miles over 12 days, visiting tornado-damaged areas in Joplin and Tuscaloosa while sharing their message with churches and bystanders in the communities they visited along the way. The tour started on Sept. 25 and arrived in Atlanta, GA on Oct. 5 at the Catalyst Conference. The team cycled onto the stage at Catalyst to a standing ovation from the approximately 13,000 Christian leaders in attendance. The team also had opportunities to garner support for Joplin through local media outlets as they cycled, and spoke to a national audience on The Weather Channel and CNN’s Headline News Channel upon their arrival in Atlanta. “We’re willing to make a physical sacrifice to try to inspire others to make a financial sacrifice, or a sacrifice of their service or their prayers,” Brown said of the cycling initiative.

NCU Magazine  |  Fall ‘11

Goals and Objectives of the Tour 1. Raise $100,000 for churches to reach out to people affected by tornados in Joplin and Tuscaloosa. 2. Continue to tell the story of people affected by the tornados in these areas. 3. Provide physical, moral and spiritual support for areas recovering from some of the deadliest tornados in US history. 34

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