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The Secret is Out: Admissions Numbers Climb

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NCU All-American Third Baseman Juan Martinez

FINE ARTS The journey from good to GREAT TOP TIER Academic recognition continues for NCU

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2010 80 Years


NCU Magazine | Fall 10




This issue of NCU Magazine chronicles some outstanding recent developments at North Central University. Some of the highlights include acceptance as full members in the NCAA (Division III), being named for the first time as a Tier One institution by U.S. News & World Report; and, in a time of uncertainty for institutions of higher education, more students are seeking enrollment at NCU than at any time in our history. We are thrilled by each of these great stories, especially for what they mean to the larger community of students, faculty, alumni and friends who can take great pride in the growing reputation of this institution. Together we have the opportunity to build on our storied history of training and sending academically prepared, Spirit empowered leaders throughout the world. We are excited about the growth in our enrollment; our current students love NCU and are choosing to return in record fashion, with more new students selecting us than at any point in the last decade. To fulfill our mandate for training, we have set a goal to reach an Enrollment of 1300 students by 2013. This strategy will enable us to more effectively identify and prepare the students who are most ready for the unique benefits of a North Central University education. We will continue to see our hallowed halls teem with the life of a wisdom imparted to students and a dynamic and vibrant, Spirit-empowered mentoring process that develops world-class leaders who exhibit unsurpassed character.

NCU Magazine | Fall 10

The bar is set high as we pursue the next leg of North Central’s legacy, relentlessly laboring to improve our academic product, campus experience and post-graduation opportunities. We’re rolling our sleeves up to chase innovative methods that will assist our students in completing their education responsibly and with a game plan to minimize their debt as they fulfill their calling. This is what will allow NCU to be a giant – a small giant – for years to come.

Dr. Gordon Anderson is the sixth president of North Central University. 612.343.4741 •



2010 80 Years









2010 is a record year for admissions.



12 PURE WORSHIP INSTITUTE Partnership with Worship City Ministry brings worship training event to campus.


Worship and Fine Arts ready to take it to another level.


NCU RAMS athletics jumps up to NCAA Division III.




Just + Hope Bike Tour, Summer missions trips make an impact, and more.



Sophomore Juan Martinez, Photo By Jeff Hathaway



NCU Celebrates 80 Years



S.I.F.E. team captures regional championship.




30 ways to reconnect with North Central University

Catch up with current friends and former classmates. 1930

2010 80 Years


NCU Magazine | Fall 10

NCU alumni and faculty at their best

e are proud to celebrate North Central’s 80th Anniversary during the 2010-11 school year. You can celebrate with us by sharing a picture from your time at NCU! To share a picture and see other photos from the past 80 years, visit


THE VP’S CORNER The View From the University Relations Balcony We have the best seat in the house in the office of University Relations. Our view allows us to observe, investigate and broadcast the spectacular events of a very special school. This issue of NCU Magazine contains a tiny glimpse of thousands of great stories that happen every day on our campus and in the lives of our alumni throughout the world. We hope you enjoy this “sip” from the ocean of NCU stories.

NCU Magazine North Central University 910 Elliot Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55404 1.800.289.6222 Administrators President: Dr. Gordon Anderson V.P., Academic Affairs: Dr. Thomas Burkman V.P., Advancement: Dr. Paul Freitag

2010 has been an extraordinary year of accomplishments for both the people of North Central and the university as a whole. The long process of pursuing and receiving acceptance into the NCAA strengthens the value of the entire institution, as does our full membership in the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). Every student that attends NCU now can take pride that the small college they attend walks among the giants.

V.P., Student Development: Mike Nosser

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Editorial Jeff Hathaway, Editor-In-Chief

The task of collecting and producing this magazine falls on the talented shoulders of our Marketing Department. Our new Director, Jeff Hathaway, and his team have rolled up their sleeves and labored to give you the best possible presentation of NCU stories. Here’s a big “shout out” to Jeff, Ryan, Joshua and Adam for a job well done!

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NCU Magazine is mailed free of charge to alumni, donors and friends of North Central University. North Central University is a Christ-centered Pentecostal school with a commitment to academic excellence that prepares students to fulfill biblical models of leadership and ministry throughout the world. Ephesians 4:11-12

NCU Magazine | Fall 10

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NCU Marketing Team (L-R): Adam Schnaare, Jeff Hathaway, Joshua Olson, Ryan Decker



FRESHINK worship leader



JEFF DEYO worship leader

2010 Minnesota Youth Convention ERIC SAMUEL TIMM artist/speaker

JEFF DEYO worship leader


MICHAEL JR. comedian


Class of


1951 1955 1961

ERIC SAMUEL TIMM artist/speaker


21-22 2010

ERIC SAMUEL TIMM artist/speaker

MICHAEL JR. comedian


21-22 2 0 1 0MYC10

Youth Convention on Thursday night with worship leader and NCU faculty member Jeff Deyo and speaker Reggie Dabbs - an NCU alumnus. On Friday afternoon another NCU alumnus, artist Eric Samuel Timm, painted an unforgettable message. Approximately 3,000 students attended this year’s event.



North Central Alumni Association hosted milestone class reunions for 50-, 55- & 60 year alumni. The event included campus tours allowing alumni to see how the campus has expanded and changed, and coincided with the annual Partners for Progress event on Thursday evening. Information about upcoming reunions and other alumni events can be obtained by contacting the Alumni Association at or calling 612.343.4743.

On October 28 & 29, The


NCU Magazine | Fall 10



North Central University was ROCHESTER pleased to host the Overflow MINNESOTA Minnesota Conference October 15-16, 2010. Overflow MN MAYOis CIVIC THOUSANDS OF MINNEan evangelism conference C that E N T E SOTA R TEENS EXPERIENCE provides a fresh motivation to YOUTH CONVENTION R O C H E S T EWITH R AN NCU FLAVOR REIGNITE your passion for M I N N E S O T A Christ, EQUIP you with tools On October 21-22 students that will help you develop and youth leaders gathered your faith-sharing story, and in Rochester, MN to be comAPPLY your faith in practical, pelled by the LOVE of Christ. hands-on ways, giving you Minnesota Student Ministries confidence to share your faith (A/G) kicked off its annual

21-22 2010

without fear. Speakers and workshop presenters included Ed Silvoso, Lisa Bevere, Reggie MAYO CIVIC Dabbs, Don Piper, William Fay, Sheila Raye C E NCharles, T E R and more.






Overflow MN



Bree Williamson US Bank


NCU Magazine | Fall 10

With her NCU degrees in Psychology and Youth Ministry under her belt, Bree Williamson saw her strengths coming out at an unexpected place. Williamson was named US Bank’s “Top Banker” for 2009, out of over 3,000 branches. The corporate spotlight couldn’t have been farther from her mind. “I had to restructure my thinking,” said Bree. “What I’m doing is affecting this world.” What God had started doing in her heart during her undergraduate studies, she was utilizing in an unexpected context. “The Lord wants people who are fully alive,that’s what makes us successful. I’m a dream maker. That’s what I do.”




Eric Samuel Timm No One Underground

MOTIVATIONAL PAINTER He is part artist, part speaker and all passion. And Eric Samuel Timm is taking a message of hope to thousands of students and adults with his live art performances. Pairing dramatic art with a direct message gives Eric the chance to be heard in public school assemblies, corporate events and community programs, as well as music festivals and youth conventions across the country. For Eric, encouraging students to make the most of their potential and live out their calling leads naturally to telling about his experience at NCU. “When I was at the crossroads in my life, I decided to go to NCU for no other reason but to seek His kingdom,” Timm tells his audience. “North Central gave me the base to build upon and the freedom to dream outside the box.” PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF ERIC SAMUEL TIMM


NCU Magazine | Fall 10

MOVE Fostering creativity from his years of experience, Steve Cook is more than just the man behind the sound board. Steve comes to NCU with an extensive, 25-year career in producing and songwriting. Using the lessons learned over the course of that successful career, Steve brings the very best of out his students in an effort to see NCU “become a creative source for new music.” Equipping his students with top notch recording practices, and revealing the secrets of the music business trade, Steve’s heart is to invest into the next generation, not only shaping sound, but also shaping the lives and minds of his students.


McPherson Studios

NCU Magazine | Fall 10






Worship Arts Faculty



NCU Magazine | Fall 10

Only a word from God would cause most people to move from Nashville to Minneapolis in January - and Jeff Deyo was no exception. Still, when the growing passion God had been stirring in Jeff to pour into the next generation of worshippers and worship leaders turned into an opportunity to join the Fine Arts Department at NCU, he was ready to make the move. Jeff now teaches students in the classroom and in the studio as a Worship Arts Specialist, offering a wealth of knowledge from years of experience as a sought after worship leader and successful recording artist.


For 80 years North Central University has quietly and consistently gone about establishing a pattern of increasing excellence. Throughout the history of the institution, NCU has played a significant role in the lives of thousands of alumni who have gone on to impact countless lives as a result. Still, as many of those alumni can confirm, even a few blocks from campus, a conversation about North Central would be likely to lead to some questions. “Where is that exactly?” and “What kind of school is it?”, for example, followed closely by an exclamation, “Wow, I never knew there was a college there!”













NCU Magazine | Fall 10





But if the events of the past few years are any indication, that ‘best kept secret’ status is changing rapidly, as NCU experiences growing momentum in spite of the many challenges affecting colleges and universities across the country. Factors ranging from expanded program offerings and facilities, to the recent restructuring of the recruitment process to meet the changing expectations of high school students who are weighing their college options have led to exciting results which show clearly that the secret is getting out.

2009 2010

The number of students making campus visits at North Central was at an all time high in the recruitment year leading up to the 2010 Fall Semester.

For the 2010 Fall Semester, NCU received more applications and welcomed a larger incoming class of new freshmen than any year in the school’s history.



For the third consecutive year, North Central University has been recognized among America’s Best Colleges and Universities by the U.S. News and World Report. North Central was selected as a ‘Best Baccalaureate College’ (Midwest) in the report’s Best Colleges 2011. Over the three year span that North Central has been acclaimed, it has improved its overall standing each year by at least one tier ranking, debuting in Tier 4 in 2009, improving to Tier 3 in 2010, and jumping up to Tier 1 in the 2011 rankings. “At the time of our first inclusion in these rankings in 2008, we were excited to be mentioned with the top institutions,” said Dr. Gordon Anderson, North Central University’s president. “The fact that our ranking has improved so significantly in such a short time is a direct reflection of our commitment to excellence and to accomplishing our mission of preparing Godly leaders for success in their field of study.” The exclusive rankings, which include more than 1,400 schools nationwide, has grown to be the most comprehensive research tool for students and parents considering higher education opportunities.

ELITE MEMBERSHIP On August 11, 2010 North Central was granted full membership in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). The CCCU’s Board of Directors approved NCU as the organization’s 110th member institution, adding North Central to a prestigious group of Christian colleges and universities privileged with membership in the CCCU. The U.S. Department of Education has record of over 4,000 degree-granting institutions of higher education in the United States. These include 1,600 private, nonprofit campuses, about 900 of which are self-described as “religiously affiliated.” However, only 110 intentionally Christ-centered institutions in the U.S., including North Central, have qualified for membership in the Council for Christian College & Universities.


NCU Magazine | Fall 10

“North Central University is proud to be included among the top Christian colleges across America by being granted full membership in the CCCU,” said Dr. Thomas Burkman, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Academic Dean. “The entire community has worked hard to bring excellence to all areas of our institution. CCCU recognizes that the academic programs and learning experience at North Central now rank among the best in the country.”


Pure Worship Institute Comes to Campus On June 13-18, 2010, North Central University had the pleasure of hosting the first Pure Worship Institute event to take place outside of Worship City Ministries home city of Nashville, TN. Pure Worship Institute (PWI) is a training event developed by Worship City Ministries, an organization founded by Jeff Deyo, a worship leader, recording artist, and original member of SONICFLOOD. Jeff joined the NCU faculty this past January as a Worship Arts Specialist and Associate Professor. Deyo’s vision through PWI is to see every musician, singer, worship leader, and band member understand and willingly embrace God’s higher purpose for them as influencers in His Kingdom by living, playing, and singing as skilled, passionate, humble, Spiritled arrows in His hand. The weeklong, intensive “mini university” targeted high school and college aged individuals with a desire to become professional musicians, singers, songwriters, and technicians.

Each day of PWI included seminars, workshops, jam sessions, and listening panels led by Deyo, other NCU Fine Arts faculty members, and many other skilled professionals. The Institute works to train the next generation of professional musicians and singers through teaching, modeling, mentoring, and building. It seeks to cultivate in its participants’ hearts an understanding of the enormous responsibility they possess – first as Christians and secondly as those who will influence and shape modern culture through their music and creativity. PWI participants “majored” in one of 5 Focus Tracks. The different tracks

include a Musician Track for instrumentalists, a Singer/Worship Leader Track primarily for vocalists who desire to improve their technique and learn how to get the most from their voice; a Creative Track geared towards those who are interested in arranging, songwriting, and recording; and an Industry Track, intended for students who want to know more about music industry aspects such as management, booking, record companies, and publishing. The general public was also invited to nightly Pure Worship Encounters free of charge. These worship events were led by Deyo, Desperation Band, Brian and Ramey Whalen, and NCU student Nicole Serrano.

NCU Magazine | Fall 10

Deyo Welcomed as Newest Fine Arts Faculty Member


After joining the faculty ranks last spring and spending the semester becoming familiar with his role in the Fine Arts Department, Deyo started his first year in the classroom this fall as the department’s Worship Arts Specialist. Jeff is the founder of Worship City Ministries which exists to help people grow in relationship with God by leading them into his transforming

presence, to better empower them to live Godly lives and reach their world for Christ. Deyo is the voice behind classic worship songs like “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever,” “In the Secret” and “My Refuge,” which he recorded with the original Dove Award-winning group Sonicflood, and released his fourth solo album in 2007

Fine Arts North Central University

Worship Provides a Soundtrack for Life Change Every great story has a soundtrack. Sometimes the impact of a world-class McPherson Recording Studio, has allowed the soundtrack is minimal – a backdrop to the plot, but for North bar to be raised yet again, and Fine Arts at NCU is setting Central students, faculty and staff, Chapel has been the setting its sights on the status of ‘world-class’. for countless life-changing experiences and the soundtrack Reaching ‘the next level’ becomes a greater challenge has been anything but a secondary part of that story. at each progressive step, and as the Fine Arts department In recent years, the North Central soundtrack has looks to the future, the practical reality is that the next step swelled to new heights, as a Fine Arts Department that will require a sizeable investment. For that reason, the Fine welcomed its first eight students thirty years ago has Arts Endowment program has been established, and is the grown into a premier trainfocus of the Partners for Proging ground for some of the ress event this fall. A goal has A goal has been set to raise $1 million most talented young worto invest in reaching that ‘next level’ – been set to raise $1 million to ship leaders, musicians, invest in reaching that ‘next making NCU the premier center for worship singers and songwriters anylevel’ – making NCU the preleaders, musicians, and industry where. mier center for worship leadprofessionals to receive training. In an intentional reflecers, musicians, and industry tion of NCU’s commitment to professionals to receive traindeveloping students who will become leaders both in ing. The funds will help to solidify established programs, vocational ministry and non-ministry vocations, the Fine keep technology current, and give students the opportuArts Department is unique among many university-level nity to learn from and work alongside current leaders in programs in its dual focus, offering outstanding programs the industry. (Turn the page for a full breakdown of the in classical and contemporary music, as well as in worship allocation of funds.) arts. The significance of this investment, however, goes far To look at the Fine Arts Department today, it would beyond the students studying in the department. As the not be hard to imagine a much longer history. From the heart of worship and musical excellence grows stronger, nationally and internationally acclaimed NCU Concert the soundtrack for the entire NCU community continues to Chorale, to year after year of talented incarnations of the be written. Songs of worship from the hearts of Fine Arts student band One Accord, excellence has always been a students and faculty will continue to facilitate moments in non-negotiable expectation. The relatively recent devel- God’s presence that will shape the lives of future pastors, opment of the Mensing Fine Arts Building, including the business leaders, social workers and teachers.


NCU Magazine | Fall 10

Read more Fine Arts Department News on pages 14-15

Fine Arts North Central University



CHAIR OF WORSHIP This endowment provides students with teaching from world-class artists and professors as guest faculty each semester.

$350,000 Endowment


FINE ARTS TECHNOLOGY The Fine Arts Department at North Central University has a state-ofthe-art recording studio and MAC lab. It is with this technology that music students receive priceless hands-on training. This will allow us to keep the technology current.

$300,000 Endowment

MISSIONS Every other year the Chorale members go overseas as part of a way to minister in unique places from government to local churches. This fund will help send the Chorale on ministry outreach with over 50 students participating in ministry.

$200,000 Endowment

NCU Magazine | Fall 10


$150,000 Endowment



This unique mentorship program pairs a North Central student with an inner-city child to teach piano, guitar, drums or vocals while building their confidence and providing a positive role model. This is a unique opportunity to invest in the lives of urban youth.

years ago, Larry Bach could only dream of the potential of the North Central University Fine Arts Department. Starting with only 8 students, the years have seen the Fine Arts Department grow to more than 230 students today, and it has truly established itself as one of the finest places for Christian music education in the country. After building a strong foundation for the program, Larry wanted to cast vision for the future and continue the program’s growth, perhaps even after he was retired. Larry had many conversations with God about the direction the program should take. The program had talented students, award winning faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities. What was next? Larry had a “God moment” in a unique place; walking toward the second tee on the golf course one day, where God impressed upon Larry the need to start an endowment for the Fine Arts program. A Fine Arts Endowment would ensure a dynamic program at North Central University both now and for the future. Starting with a special Christmas recording two years ago, the endowment has grown through many efforts, including the annual NCU Player’s Championship - a golf tournament hosted by Larry Bach each year.

2010 Partners for Progress

Where Heaven & Earth Collide

North Central University’s annual Partners for Progress event will take place at The Historic Depot in Minneapolis on October 28, 2010.

North Central’s partners and friends will gather for a gala celebrating NCU’s past, present, and exciting future. The evening will include dinner and inspirational music by students, faculty and alumni. All of the funds raised at the 2010 event will benefit the Fine Arts Endowment. With a goal of $1 million,

the completion of the endowment fund will allow for the Fine Arts Programs at NCU to reach another level of excellence in music and ministry by providing for equipment and other resources necessary to remain a leader in training world class artists and worshippers. You can be a part of this historic campaign for the $1 million endowment goal. Your tax deductible contribution can be made online or by returning the envelope in this magazine.

A HISTORY OF PROGRESS Over the past several years, the annual Partners for Progress event has made possible many improvements and upgrades at NCU. From physical improvements to campus, to facilitating the addition of new faculty members, here is a look at the past five years of progress and improvements this event has made possible. < 2005: Trask Worship Center

FINE ARTS LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE You can now purchase songs and albums for download, learn about upcoming events, and buy tickets for theatrical productions online. Check it out for yourself by visiting us at: WWW.NCUFINEARTS.COM

2006 Orfield Apartment Renovation > < 2007 Liechty Hall Renovation and Children & Family Program



NCU Magazine | Fall 10

2008 & 2009 Renovation of 15th & Chicago property


Months. 7 18 Days.

More than 30 different ways to connect. For more event information visit





Fall Graduation Chapel


Spring Welcome Days

13 - 15


Finals Week

12 - 14 & 19 - 21

Spring 2010 Classes Begin

24 - Jan 2 Fall Production of Into the Woods Happy Holidays! featuring the College Offices Closed NCU Theatre Department


Preview Day (a great time to visit campus with other future students)



Athletic Visit Day (designed specifically for Athletes)

7 - 11

â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Weekâ&#x20AC;?

NCU Magazine | Fall 10


Songs of the Season Dec. 3, 4, 5


Fine Arts Preview Day (designed specifically for Music, Worship, & Theatre Majors)


SAC: Battle of the Floors




ninedays. 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 NCU students spend their spring break on shortterm missions trips.


90th Annual MN District Council May

12 - 14

Relationship Seminar


Finals Week

5 - 13

Spring Break

24 25

NCU Theatre Department Spring Production March 25 - 26

April 1-3


Commencement College Days with Jeff Deyo Eric Samuel Timm & Jeff Kennedy



Summer Session 1 Begins

Preview Day

(a great time to visit campus with other future students)


Twin Cities

95.3 fm

29 Baccalaureate

16 - 18

NCAA D-III Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Golf National Tournament 17

NCU Magazine | Fall 10

Praise FM KNOF broadcasts from the NCU campus at 95.3FM. You can also listen online at

Academic Awards Chapel


NCU Magazine | Fall 10

SEPTEMBER 1, 2010 President Dr. Gordon Anderson announces to the press the much anticipated progress in NCU Rams athletics.


Stepping Up *

After beginning the membership process five years ago, the NCU Rams are ready to compete at a higher level. offer. The average enrollment of NCAA DIII schools is around 2,200 and sports sponsorship requirements are based on an institution’s enrollment. All of North Central’s 14 varsity sports will compete at the Division III level. Full membership in NCAA DIII allows North Central to further relationships with schools of shared philosophy and similar size while allowing North Central to stay true to its distinction as a Christ-centered University. NCU will also maintain its status as a member of the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) Division II. North Central began the membership process in the summer of 2005 and


completed the final year of its provisional status during 2009-10. North Central has advanced the number of its varsity sports programs from six sports in the fall of 1999 to 14 offerings in the fall of 2010. The Rams begin their NCAA membership as an associate member of the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference (UMAC) and the Association of Division III Independents. Beginning in 2010-11 NCU will become fully eligible for participation in NCAA DIII Championships as well as the post-season awards associated with each of the 14 varsity sports in which the Rams participate.


NCU Magazine | Fall 10

The NCU Athletics Department was notified this summer by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) that the program would officially be moved to Division III Active Member Status beginning September 1, 2010. The Department is excited for this final step, which marks the successful completion of the provisional membership process. Division III, the non-scholarship level of the NCAA, represents the largest portion of NCAA membership with a total of 447 institutions. Division III programs emphasize the student athlete’s full immersion in the academic, athletic and other aspects that the member campus has to




Women’s Soccer

entered the 2010 season as the two time defending National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) North Central Region Champions. With a talented blend of returners and newcomers led by 2009 Region MVP, junior defender Bethany Burkman, and All-Region goalkeeper Noelle Stordock the Rams are strong candidates to return to the NCCAA National Championships for the third straight season.

Men’s Soccer is looking to bounce back from some disappointing recent seasons, with a group of returners determined to change the direction of the program. Coach Jake Smith is looking for Senior Caleb Thomas and Captain Zach Claussen to provide the on-field leadership and execution needed to get the team heading in a positive direction after a 3-15-1 campaign in 2009. Smith will be assisted this year by alumni Ryan Wendorf, George Carr, Nate Kemper and Andrew Cameron.

Women’s Cross Country

Coach Bree Williamson returns four of the five fastest runners from the 2009 team that claimed the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) Division II National Invitational Championship. Junior Catherine Mead and sophomore Michelle Hubbell give the Rams an All-Conference 1-2 punch and are also first and second in the NCU All-Time 5K & 6K record books respectively.

Men’s Cross Country must replace four-time NCCAA DII All-Americans, but the runners who have returned are gunning for big things in 2010. Leading the eight returners is senior David Calhoun who ran to a 12th place and All-UMAC performance at the 2009 conference championship. Junior Jeff Winkelman was the third fastest Ram in 2009, and is aiming for a 2010 All-Conference spot after stepping up for a fifth place finish at last season’s NCCAA DII National Championship.

Men’s & Women’s Basketball tipped off their first NCAA D-III campaign with a Midnight Madness on October 15th. The Rams open the 2010-11 season schedule with home games against D-III opponent University of Minnsota-Morris. The women tip off at 5:30pm, followed by the men’s game at 7:30 in the Clark Danielsen Gymnasium.

NCU Magazine | Fall 10

Women’s Volleyball used their home court advantage to shake off a difficult season to date and grab two wins while hosting the NCU Volleyball Invitational October 1 & 2. The Lady Rams defeated Trinity Bible College 3-1 and Faith Baptist Bible College 3-0 on the way to a 2-2 finish in the round-robin tournament.




2010 1991


NCU Magazine | Fall 10



NCU Magazine | Fall 10

Men’s Golf Wins UMAC Conference Championship Men’s Golf claimed its second straight Upper Midwest Athletic Conference (UMAC) Championship on Saturday, October 2nd by wrapping up the three-day tournament with the best round in NCU history firing a 299. Freshman Ty Liljander earned individual conference medalist honors shooting a three-day even par score of 216 (71-73-72). Coming just 32 days after NCU officially became a full member of the NCAA (D-III), the Rams’ victory also gave them the UMAC’s automatic bid to the NCAA DIII National Tournament - North Central’s first NCAA national championship appearance in any sport. Ty Liljander claimed individual medalist honors after firing a 71-73-72 (216) even par three day score. Taylor Murphy was third overall after shooting a 224 (+8), and Ben Thorson turned in his best scorecard of the year to finish 5th overall. Taylor Alvarado (6th) and Jon-Michael Sherman (13th) rounded out the five-man squad for the tournament.



The NCU Men’s Cross Country Team takes to the course at the Roy Griak Invitational hosted by University of Minnesota on Sept. 25, 2010.

2010 Golf Championship Individual Results 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Ty Liljander Derek Dionne Taylor Murphy Collin Anderson Ben Thorson Taylor Alvarado

North Central Minnesota, Morris North Central Minnesota, Morris North Central North Central

73 76 71 74 79 80

71 73 76 82 82 78

72 74 77 74 73 77

216 223 224 230 234 235

E +7 +8 +14 +18 +19

301 307 299 316 317 313 334 326 322 339 332 330 358 339 351 355 376 362 381 392 390

907 946 982 1001 1048 1093 1163

+43 +82 +118 +137 +184 +229 +299

Team Results 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

North Central Minnesota, Morris Northwestern Martin Luther Bethany Lutheran Presentation Crown


NCU Women’s Soccer Team runs a play off of a corner kick in the Lady Ram’s season opener against Alverno College.

Men’s Baseball Reaches NCCAA World Series The new online home of NCU Athletics


NCU Magazine | Fall 10

Baseball returned home from the 2010 NCCAA World Series with an awareness of just what it’s going to take to reach their goals – and a world of reasons to believe the 2011 season just might be their breakout year. North Central fell twice in closely contested games in their third visit to the NCCAA DII World Series, held in Cincinnati, Ohio. NCU faced off with second seed Manhattan Christian College (Manhattan, Kan.) and fell 7-3 after leading the first four innings. In the elimination bracket NCU led early before falling 4-3 to sixth seed Hillsdale Free Will Baptist School (Moore, Okla.). Manhattan and Hillsdale went on to finish third and fourth respectively in the tournament. North Central was recognized with five NCCAA post season awards including three All-America nominees. Freshman short stop Joe Robinson was named the 2010 NCCAA DII North Central Region MVP and was selected as a first team NCCAA All-American. Freshman third baseman Juan Martinez was also selected as a first team NCCAA All-American after being named the NCU 2010 Amanda Evans Award winner for Freshman leadership. Pitcher

Blake Balaam (Honorable Mention All-American), pitcher Adam Zvanovec (World Series All-Tournament) and Senior outfielder Jed McGuire (NCCAA Scholar-Athlete) rounded out the award recipients. “Our guys proved we can hang with the best teams. They saw how close they are and what it will take for us to get there,” said Head Coach Tim Beasley.


Spiritual Life Days provides lessons from “The Widow” Every year the NCU community sets aside a week for a time of more focused spiritual reflection and growth. The annual event, known as spiritual Life Days, has become a regular part of the rich history of spiritual development programming at NCU. This year’s theme was “The Widow” which was revealed beginning on Monday and developed throughout the following days of the week. Renowned worship leader Kent Henry served as the featured speaker during the week. For over thirty-five years, Henry’s ministry has been totally devoted to worship leading and training. He has led worship on six of Integrity Music’s Hosanna! recordings, including: My

Refuge, The Secret Place, and So Close to You. He has also produced 22 of his own worship recordings, including: Captivated, Bulletproof and The Psalm Series. As Spiritual Life Days kicked off on September 27th, Henry shared from the heart, with messages based on the biblical passages about wid-

ows found in I Kings 17, and Luke 18. These two stories illustrated persistence and faithfulness in spite of the desperation, hardships, and societal challenges that widows faced. The NCU Community was both inspired and

deeply encouraged through the course of the week, which concluded with an extended Chapel service on Thursday, September 30th.

Just+Hope Tour

NCU Magazine | Fall 10

A campaign to end slavery and injustice. The 2010 Just+Hope Tour took a team of adventurous cyclists on a ride of epic proportions, beginning in Seattle, WA on June 16th and concluding in New York City, NY on August 9th. The team cycled up and over the beautiful rocky mountains, across the vast great plains, and through the gritty inner-city streets of the country. But the purpose of the ride was to make a difference in the face of an even bigger challenge: Venture Expeditions is using the Just+Hope Campaign to connect local churches in the U.S. with the Church around the world - especially in areas that are at high risk of slavery and other forms of injustice. On July 18, 2010 the Just+Hope team held an event called Group Ride in the Twin Cities. Group Ride encouraged area residents to come out and bike with the Just+Hope team while also riding for a great cause. A day earlier a few of the riders were invited to talk on air at 95.3 Praise FM to discuss their cause, share some of the stories from the ride, and promote the Group Ride event. Group Ride was a great success that saw many come out and support the cause along with a solid number of individuals who biked from St. Paul to Stillwater. After a short stay in the Twin Cites the Just+Hope team will be continuing their journey to New York, making various stops in cities and communities along the way. As the lead sponsor of the 2010 tour, North Central University


is pleased to contribute to this cause through prayer and financial support. NCU is also proud to see continued involvement and leadership from alumni and current students as they take time out of their summer schedules to participate in this amazing effort. Venture Expeditions is a non-profit organization that sponsors biking and hiking trips to raise funds for worthy causes. Over the past 7 years, Venture has sent out dozens of teams, raising over $700,000 for projects working to free the world of poverty, slavery and injustice. For more information on the Just+Hope Bike Tour and how you can help in the fight to stop slavery, or to learn about the many Venture Expedition bike tours this summer visit:


Photos by David McIver, KNOF

95.3 PraiseFM Exceeds Sharathon Goal

95.3 Praise FM held their semiannual Sharathon fundraisnow has a great foundation to build on as they trust God to meet the er September 28-30, 2010, an event that sets the pace for their remainder of the $450,000 total needed in the coming year. yearly budget. As a relatively new, listener-supported ministry, Many special guests took part in the Sharathon event, including the station depends on generous donamusician Kent Henry, the featured guest tions to continue broadcasting in the Twin for North Central’s annual Spiritual Life Cities. Twice a year the station sets aside Days, and Rich Scherber, the director of three days to ask listeners to be a part Minnesota Teen Challenge. of the mission of reaching the lost and It is not too late to partner with the encouraging believers to live a lifestyle of KNOF/Praise FM team in laying the worship. Teams of volunteers and special foundation for what God is doing in Twin Cities 95.3 fm the Twin Cities through 95.3 FM. If guests manned the phone banks to accept donations and to pray with listeners you desire to be a part of supporting whose lives are touched daily by the station’s programming. this growing ministry, contributions can still be made online This year’s fall goal was $150,000 and by God’s grace the station at, or by calling (612)343-3500. not only met, but exceeded the goal! As a result, the ministry

Minnesota Twins Visit North Central Chapel Twins Players Kevin Slowey, Ben Revere Participate in Chapel Q & A North Central University students were treated with a surprise visit from two Major League Baseball Players on Thursday, September 23, 2010 as part of the ENGAGE programming in Chapel. Minnesota Twins’ Kevin Slowey, and Ben Revere joined NCU students during chapel two days after the team clinched their sixth American League Central Division title in nine years.

Kevin Slowey (pictured left) and Ben Revere with David McIver (pictured below) share their testimonies with students during chapel.


NCU Magazine | Fall 10

In an interview style question and answer session, 95.3 Praise FM Executive Director, David McIver spoke with each player about what it looks like to be a Christian who is also a professional athlete. The two shared candidly and from the heart about their struggles, victories, and how they have grown and learned from God’s faithfulness. Groups of NCU students prayed for each player as Chapel concluded.


Community Outreach & Night to Unite North Central University’s annual service event, Community Outreach Day, took place on September 15, 2010. Community Outreach Day involves NCU students, faculty, and staff, servicing various organizations and projects within the community. Groups consisting of an academic department and a brother/sister floor were sent to different organizations throughout the Twin Cities. The organizations had various projects, according to their needs, for their assigned group to complete. Community Outreach Day also gives an opportunity for NCU students to live out what we teach, preach, and believe. Students, staff and faculty met in the Sanctuary at 9:00AM for a brief send-off, immediately followed by the group’s departure to their assigned organizations where they assisted with service projects from approximately 10:00AM–12:00PM. At 12:30PM all groups returned to Elliot Park for a school-wide picnic. This year, the evening before Community Outreach Day, North Central and NCU SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise), in partnership with several local organizations, facilitated an event titled ‘Night to Unite.’ Night to Unite is a FREE event held in Elliot Park, and included fun activities for Elliot Park residents including games for all ages, free food, fantastic music, hundreds of prizes, and very special guests. Night to Unite was a celebration event for the residents, businesses, organizations, and students who spent time on either September 14 and 15, cleaning and/or beautifying the area around their home or place of operation.

NCU Magazine | Fall 10

Welcome Week Brings Campus Back to Life

Welcome Week, NCU’s student orientation for all incoming students, brought hundreds of new students and their families to campus on Saturday, August 28th. Known on campus as “Super Saturday”, the day is the first opportunity for new students to move into their residence hall rooms and get to know fellow students and resident leadership, while also becoming better acquainted with NCU’s campus life and routine. The events of the week help students become familiar with the North Central campus, and provide many opportunities for them to engage in the North Central community. Each orientation session is designed to equip new students with information that will enhance their time at NCU. Because so much essential information is given during these four days, Welcome Week attendance is


a requirement for all new students. The start of a new academic year is always an exciting time at North Central University. The streets of NCU start to come alive as both new and returning students make their way to the campus. On Tuesday, August 31st, Welcome week concluded with a “Block Party” for the entire NCU community. The event offered food, activities, and time for the staff and faculty to mingle with the student body. In addition to the start of classes, students greatly anticipated the first week of Chapel services. Jeff Deyo and student band One Accord kicked off the first day with an hour of praise and worship, and Dr. Tracy Paino and Dr. Gordon Anderson were featured speakers during the week’s services, setting a tone of expectancy for the year.


NCU SIFE Team Captures Regional Championship

The English Department of North Central University recently released its second edition of the literary journal “The Beard.” The Beard is an annual publication by NCU’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta and includes a variety of writings. The first edition of The Beard was released in the spring of 2009 after generous funding from the NCU English Department and the North Central Student Association.  Approximately 15 students contributed to the journal’s writing, editing, and overall design. Journalism Major Anna Smith, whose poem Midnight Riders is included in the journal, was awarded first prize for her creative nonfiction essay “A Baby Named Morgue” at the Sigma Tau Delta International Convention on March 20, 2010.  Sigma Tau Delta is the largest English Honor Society in the world, with well over 10,000 active student members. Each year the organization holds a convention, and invites any current student member to contribute their scholarly or creative work. Students from all over the world submit their work in a number of different categories. This year NCU had four students accepted to print their work.  The Beard also includes artistic photography from students including those of Youth Development Major Sarah Blesener. Blesener, who visited the country of Haiti twice after the earthquake that shook the island this past January, captured images that provide a glimpse of the impact from this major disaster. To purchase a copy of the recent The Beard, or for more information regarding this publication, please contact the NCU English Department at 612.343.4140 or email


2009 Report—North Central University 2


BEARD 2009 Report North Central University

The North Central University Literary Journal Volume 2

Spring 2010


NCU Magazine | Fall 10

North Central University’s Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team was named Regional Champion March 22, 2010. NCU SIFE competed in the North Central Region along with other universities from across The Dakotas, Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. NCU SIFE presenters Daniel Bare, Breeanna Martinez, John-Meritte Jones, Joel Balsar, Katie Olson, and Nathan Ragsdale all played significant roles in capturing the university’s first ever regional title. SIFE is a program that provides a diverse network of university students, academic professionals and industry leaders. The mission is to create a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business. Participating students form teams on their university campuses and apply business concepts to develop educational outreach projects that improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. Many donor companies such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and Walgreens come to recruit SIFE students for internships and job Contributors: opportunities. Esther Ruth Baker Kelsey team Bjorkmanconstructs a 24 minute During regionals each SIFE Sarah Blesener presentation of the results ofLarissa theirDohn various projects from the past Jana Mae Floyd year to panels of business leaders. Teams are judged on their Benjamin Klas Joseph Madsen ability to impact their target audience based on the events/projects Justin Ness that they have created. Courtney Pierce David Piery The NCU SIFE team presented the results of their projects/ Emily Sargent Anna Marie events in the form of impact that it Smith had on their audience. One Tyler H. Sevlie of the events, “Project SOS” Joy taught Tuvesonstudents information about credit - credit cards, credit score, etc. The workshop began by testing students’ knowledge of the subject with a quiz before the workshop. They then taught the information, and then measured how much they learned with another quiz at the end by testing the same information. The increase in score was the increase in knowledge about credit, and thus the impact on the audience. NCU SIFE members present President Dr. Gordon Anderson A 2010 publication of Alpha Nu Sigma chapter with their Regional Championship thetrophy during chapel on of Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society March 26, 2010.

English Department Release 2nd Edition of “The Beard”


There’s Really No Excuse for Missing Chapel. If you’re like most of the North Central alumni we hear from, chapel may be one of the things you miss most about your time on campus. But wherever you’ve found your place since you moved on from NCU, you can still get your fill of that wholesome chapel goodness by listening online to sermons from all our speakers. Here’s a few highlights from the first part of the Fall 2010 semester:

9.17.10 9.28.10

Calling All Alumni: Tell Us Your Story! We really value knowing what our alumni are up to, and how you are doing! Please take a minute or two to drop us a line and let us know what God’s doing in your life and where you are while he’s doing it! We’ve made it as easy as possible to quickly tell us your current address, share a quick story or prayer request, and even upload a favorite picture if you would like. It’s as easys as, well, as “1, 2, 3.”

1. Visit & click ‘Alumni & Friends.’

SPEAKER:Dr. Gordon Anderson TITLE: Truth & Consequences


NCU Magazine | Fall 10

SPEAKER: Jeff Deyo TITLE: Reverse Godology


SPEAKER: Kent Henry TITLE: Spiritual Life Days: The Widow

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SPEAKER: Nate Ruch TITLE: Download

To listen to these and many other recent messages from NCU Chapel visit sermons/archive or click on the link (pictured here) located near the bottom of the North Central home page. MP3 files are also available for free download.

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1994 Alumnae Named SW Florida Mother of the Year “You’re either going to love me or hate me for this” might often qualify as famous last words, but when Art VanZanten said them to his wife after nominating her for the Southwest Florida Mother of the Year award, they turned out to be just the beginning. In an online poll by and The News-VanZanten gathered 3,847 votes out of 16,000, among 10 finalists and 80 entries to receive that very award in the spring of 2010. Photo byKinfay Moroti/

Lisa VanZanten relaxes with her husband Art and children Kaatja, 5, left, Annalisse, 8, Eli, 1, and Annika, 2, at their home in south Fort Myers.

Lisa (‘94, Elementary Education) and Art (‘93, Pastoral Studies) are both NCU alumni. (So are all their siblings and their siblings’ spouses, a total of nine.) The VanZantens moved to Southwest Florida in 1997, where Art serves at First Assembly of God as the Director of Fort Myers Masters Commission.

Alumni Updates 1967

Phillip Griepp, ‘67, retired from Barnes Community Church on June 1st, and is planning a move to Alexandria MN.


James Ryan, ‘68, was married to Ila, who passed away on July 13, 2010. Ila was a mail room clerk at NCU in 1967-18. James is now leading a Sunday School class and a Fusion Group on Wednesday nights at Phoenix First Assembly, as well as networking with Relief and Compassion with the International Foursquare.


Sheryl [Anderson] Turner, ‘71, doesn’t let working from home prevent her from being active with children and grandchildren. 40 years after attending NCU, Sheryl has continued to pray for the ministry. Turner is the sister of Sandi Smith, who is the wife of Pastor Mike Smith of Redeeming Love Church in Maplewood, MN.


Bob Schwandt, ‘73, served in the U.S. Air Force before attending North Central. Schwandt spent 18 years in active ministry in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Alberta (Canada), Texas, and Colorado before resigning due to health issues in 1990. Schwandt has been married for 45 years, and has 3 children and 3 grandchildren.


David Stanton, ‘75, is working as a Certified Medicare Specialist providing Insurance to seniors

through Sterling Health Plans. Married 36 years to Candace (Lindstrom) Stanton, the couple have two married daughters and six grandchildren. Retired from the U.S. Navy in 1992 with 16 military Medals and Campaign Ribbons, David received a Master’s Degree from Norwich University, and a Doctorate from International Seminary in Plymouth, FL. and formerly served as Adjunct Faculty at Commonwealth College in Virginia.


Jeff Quiggle, ‘87, continues to attend Grove Christian Center in Maple Grove with his wife Sheila of 25 years, and has worked as a Youth Leader for the past 8 years. He is also the Director of Security for the Sonshine Festival in Willmar, a position he has held for 24 years, working with a an amazing volunteer crew of 150+ each year.

Cheryl Kendricka studied Bible at North Central, and recently completed her Associates Degree


Sherrie [Aman] Hansen, ‘91, is a widowed mother of 4 boys: Sam (16), Michael (14), Justin (7) and Ryan (5). Sherrie is a registered nurse and loves going on medical missions trips when she can. “God is good and has been our strength and fortress!” says Hansen. Sherrie lives in Granger, IN and is actively involved at Calvary A/G in Elkhart, IN.


Stephen Simpson, ‘92, is married and the father of one-year-old twin girls. He is pastoring in Iowa and enjoys listening to chapel services online.


NCU Magazine | Fall 10

Richard Heltemes, ‘70, is currently the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Multi-Tech Products. Heltemes oversees Manufacturing Sales Representatives for the Frederic, WI., corporation that produces a wide variety of plastics, metals, electronics, graphics and textiles.



Deaf Culture Fellowship National Convention The National Deaf Culture Fellowship (NF) Convention of the Assemblies of God was held on the campus of North Central University June 21-25, 2010. NF serves as a resource for indigenous Deaf churches, District affiliated Deaf Churches, and interpreted works throughout the Assemblies of God. Over 300 people attended biannual the convention, including several NCU faculty members who were active participants. Adjunct professor Trung Ha, an American Sign Language instructor, was one of a number from the NCU community to assist with hosting the NF Convention, as was Dr. JoAnn Smith “North Dr. JoAnn Smith, a faculty Central University served member for the Carlstrom Deaf the National Deaf Culture Studies Program was one of the Fellowship tremendously,” 2010 NF Convention speakers. said Smith. “Attendees constantly commented on how much they enjoyed being on campus in such a supportive environment.” North Central University offers Carlstrom Deaf Studies (CDS) as part of their Deaf Studies programs. CDS is the only fully self-contained, degree granting program for the Deaf among Assemblies of God colleges. Its qualified faculty enables deaf students to be trained by pastors and leaders directly from the front lines of ministry. Carlstrom also welcomes non-deaf (hearing) students who wish to prepare to minister and/or work cross-culturally with the deaf.

Alumni Updates 1995 Mary Beth

(Saari) Ross recently moved to Wichita, KS with her husband Jim, and is doing well. Jim is working for Walmart and Mary Beth is once again working part time in health care. The Ross’ have two children, Gabrielle (12) and Ben (3). The Ross’s are believing for God’s provision of an open door to return to vocational ministry.


Chris, ‘98, and Lanette [Renz], ‘99, Puccini live in Tucson, Arizona where they serve as Lead Pastor at Copper Mountain Assembly of God ( The Puccini’s have three children: Juliana (8), Ryan (6) and Chloe (2).


Kimberly Burton, ‘02, is currently teaching in the metro area of Washington,

(Cont.) DC, as well as serving as a Director of Student Ministries at DC Metro Church in Alexandria, VA. Sarah Lee, ‘02, graduated from Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA, in May 2010 with a Master’s Degree in Government with a focus in International Politics. Chrystal [Chin] Tan, ‘02, was married to Rudolph (Rudy) Tan in 2002. The Tan family is blessed with two sons: Josiah, born May 2008 & Noah, born May 2010.


Blake Johnson, ‘03, graduated this spring with a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology from George Mason University. This fall, he plans to begin doctoral studies in Human Development. Blake and his wife Tiffanie live in Virginia.

NCU Magazine | Fall 10

Perry Dissmore (‘93) Breaks Guinness World Record On September 14, 2010 former North Central All-American basketball player Perry Dissmore broke his own world record for most free throws in one hour, making 1,968 baskets. Dissmore, 39, accomplished his feat live on the “Regis and Kelly” show in front of Stuart Claxton from the Guinness Book of World Records. His wife Nicole, and his former basketball coach and North Central athletic director Mark Engle were there to cheer him on. Perry is pastor of Hartford Assembly of God Church in Hartford, Illinois and attended North Central 1989 to 1993. Congratulations from North Central, Perry! 30



Gretchen [Swanson] Fjerkenstad, ‘05, is living in Sioux Falls, SD and pursuing her Master’s degree in School Counseling. Gretchen married Matt Fjerkenstad on 12/20/2008 and the couple is expecting their first baby in early December. James Stambaugh, ‘05, was confirmed into the Episcopal Church on May 10, 2009, and is currently in the discernment process for entering the priesthood. Ryan (‘05) and Stacy [Steen] Decker (‘05) welcomed a son, Kayden Ryan Decker, on August 5, 2010. The Deckers live in Minneapolis, MN and attend River Valley Church in Apple Valley. Stacy is a lead teacher at a Montessori child care center. Ryan is a part of the North Central Marketing Department and serves as a Deacon at River Valley Church.


Stacy [Bevency] Knuth, ‘06, is currently a student in the M.A. Biblical Studies program at Multnomah Seminary in Portland, OR. Stacy and her husband, Dave, have a daughter, Layla, who will be 3 this October.

Nathan Boyer, ‘07, is currently serving as the Youth

Devona Jackson, ‘07, is currently teaching at Berlitz Language Schools in Edina, MN as an English teacher, and has served there since June 2009. She is also a graduate student at Augsburg College seeking her Masters of Education degree in Elementary Education with a Reading Endorsement. Adam Schnaare, ‘07, since graduating has been volunteering with Verve, the youth ministry at Substance Church. In addition to joining the Marketing Department at NCU this spring as the Website Coordinator, Adam also recently launched, producing websites for ministries, businesses, and organizations. Adam lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Stacy [Bergh] Schnaare (‘08).


Benjamin Erlichman, ‘08, is currently pursuing publication of a novel he completed while at NCU and hopes to develop a career that serves to advance the Kingdom of God through the written word. Jared and Megan Massey, ‘08, welcomed a son, Zachary Allen Massey, to their family on September 27, 2009. Zachary was 7 lbs., 6.6 oz. and 19 1/4 inches long.  Jared was ordained

with the Illinois District of the Assemblies of God in May of 2010. They are in their third year of ministry at Warsaw Assembly of God in Warsaw, IL.


Dave Olson, ‘09, accepted the position of student ministries pastor at Inverhills Church in February 2010. Renae Post, ‘09, is currently working as a residential counselor with at-risk youth at a facility called Youth for Tomorrow.


Ruth [Howard] Teeple, ‘10, is taking a general psychology course at her local community college, and is preparing to start a volunteer chaplaincy with seniors at our church. Ruth also facilitates release time with 3rd-6th graders.

Melody Reedy Joins Faculty as IRC Director Meet Melody Reedy, the new director for the Information Resource Center: What were you up to before coming to NCU? I came to North Central from Denver, Colorado. The most important reason I am here has to do with a dream that the Lord gave me 25 years ago to be a librarian at a Christian university. I had been a teacher librarian in the public schools. When I saw the posting for this position at North Central, I decided to pursue my dream wherever it took me, and I am very happy to be part of the NCU family. What is one thing you couldn’t live without? My relationship with God, praise and worship, and giving God the last word of the day. What’s your vision for your role at NCU? To collaborate and work with the professors and staff at NCU, and to make the library a vital part of the university! 31

NCU Magazine | Fall 10


Pastor at Faith Assembly of God, Olivet, MI.

Non-profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Minneapolis, MN Permit No. 1397 Non-profit Org.

910 Elliot Avenue • Minneapolis, MN • 55404 CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED




NCU Magazine - Fall 2010  

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