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????? Name Our Newspaper

November 2011

Extra! Extra! Read All About It

By Bailey Borer North Bend Central Elementary is starting a new newspaper and you will be amazed to see what we have to say in the paper. NBE students are going to have awesome comics and jokes too. Mrs. Gross-Rhode will be the editor along with 12 staff members. We have activities for students who like sports, math, spelling, reading and other things. “I wanted to give students who like to write a chance to participate in something,” said Mrs. Gross-Rhode. Hannah Murray says that she wanted to be on the paper because it’s fun. Staff members are: Kiley Allgood, Bailey Borer, Dillon Bourek, Mackenzie Brabec, Lauren Emanuel, Ella Endorf, Emma Kavan, Hannah Murray, Emerson Peters, Abby Post, Trevor Nelson, and Faith Taylor.

What’s Our Name?

Our newspaper doesn’t have a name so we want all students to help us name our newspaper. We are going to have a “Name the Paper” contest. Right after Thanksgiving, students can enter a name idea in the box in the library. Only one entry per student. The lucky winner will win a Nebraska blanket and the chance to see their idea on the front page of every issue of the newspaper.

Second Graders Meet Authors at Plum Creek

By Mackenzie Brabec The second grade class went to Concordia University in Seward for the Plum Creek Festival in September. They first listened to author and illustrator, Eileen Christelow. Some of the books she has written are “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” and “Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree.” Then they listened to Brian Pinkney who used his drums to tell the story “Max Fo und Two Sticks.” The second graders finished their day by visiting the Rock Museum with obstacle courses, face painting, playing with a parachute, and other kid-friendly activities. “I really enjoyed Plum Creek Mrs. Yount’s and Ms. Bang’s classes take a quick break for a picture before eating lunch Festival,” said Madelyn Gaughen. at the Plum Creek Festival at Concordia College. Page 

KinderPals By Ella Endorf

ROAR-ing at NBE By Lauren Emanuel ROARS! These are sounds one might hear from a tiger at the zoo. However, at NBE (North Bend Elementary) ROARS has a totally different meaning. R -Respect, O - Own your behavior, A - Active learner, R Responsible and S - Safety. That spells ROARS! Teachers are always on the lookout in the hallways for students showing ROARS behavior. One might ask “What is ROARS behavior in the hallway?” ROARS hallway rules are: • Keep your hands and feet to yourself • Stand an arms length behind the person ahead of you • Raise your hand if you have a question or concern • Be aware of your surroundings • Stay in a single-file-line on the right side of the hall (if 3 or more people) If you are caught using ROARS behavior in the hallway, you will be rewarded with a bracelet. Bracelets can be exchanged for tickets. ROARS tickets will enter you for a weekly and a yearly drawing for exciting prizes. Each week a new behavior will be practiced. Thanks to the brainstorming of some our teachers, we now have this fun, motivational way to practice our behaviors. We hope to catch you “ROARSing” in the NBE hallways!

Sixth Grade Bowled Over by Day at the Alley

Every Friday, you can expect lots of smiles from kindergarteners, because that’s the day that they do Kindergatren Buddies! Kindergarten Buddies is when the kindergarteners come down to the sixth grade classrooms, or vice versa. They do lots of art and have tons of fun! Natalie Mullally, one of the kindergarteners particapating, loves drawing with the color purple--even more than puzzles or board games. She likes doing art with her sixth-grade buddy, Hailey Bang. Grace Jones, another participant, also likes art but prefers to color with pink. Art is one of the most popular activities. John Mitchell followed suit. Although he thinks pink and purple are ‘icky’ he still enjoys orange. All of these students are in Mrs. Dorcey’s class. In Mrs. Johnson’s class, Conner Martin is another orange fan. He also says cutting and gluing is a favorite pastime during Kindergarten Buddies. Zach Mullally’s favorite thing to do with his buddy, Mason Witt, is also cutting and gluing, but he was the only person to like green the most. Finally, Sarah Voss, Haley Vanek’s buddy, also loves cutting, gluing, and the color purple.

By Emma Kavan

Forty-three sixth graders were caught skipping school on October 21. They were having fun at the Dodger Bowl, while the rest of the school had their Fall Festival. Some bowlers had a great day including Michael Mensik with a score of 153. Others struggled such as Ella Endorf with a high-score of 14. Colton Mitties had to use crutches and bowled using a special ramp. He didn’t like it because he couldn’t get the ball to go where he wanted it to go. Peter Emanuel said, “I had a lot of fun bowling with my friends!!” All of the sixth graders agreed that bowling Page 

Class News Zach Pospisil, Adam Limbach (back), Kate Peters, and Austin Frana and the rest of the kindergarteners and first graders joined the community to honor our veterans on Veterans’ Day.

Fifth Grade

Up in the wonderful world of fifth grade, fifth graders have been learning about traits and studying Kindergarten hard in L to J In science, and writing The Kindergarten class joined a persuasive essay in writing. the first graders to celebrate Third Grade They are also reviewing diviVeterans’ Day at the Veterans’ Park. sion in Math, and having lots of In Science we learned about Each Science class is learning fun learning about the Colonies of how plants drink water and turned first hand about the life cycle of a America, and early settlers. They our flowers two different colors: red mealworm by experimenting with a will be studying the civil war at the and blue. actual mealworm. end of the year in Social Studies. They are also working on - EP 1st Graders Share their combined sentences in grammar Thanksgiving Spirit! and writing personal narratives. Raychel Raymond brought an First graders are celebrating The Christmas play is coming Eastern Cicada killer to school. the spirit of Thanksgiving by shar- up. Good luck third grade! -- FT They are very large and related to ing with others. They have been the wasp. It also looks like a bee. busy creating Thanksgiving books Sixth Grade that they will read to the children Fourth Grade Sixth graders are studying the at Romper Room. These thoughtWestern Hemisphere. They just finful students have also been collectFourth grade science classes ished studying United States and ing food for Thanksgiving baskets. The baskets will be delivered to have combined science and Canada and are now moving into local churches who will distribute Nebraska studies in a project “Our Latin America (Mexico, Carribean them to families in need throughout Handy NE Garden”. Students Islands and soon South America). Students have been working on the community. The first graders observed and recorded each plant’s germination and growth. Learners Persuasive Writing. They learned are hoping these fun activities will make Thanksgiving a little more also decided which Nebraska seeds to think about important topics that they had planted. matter to them and ways to convince special for others. -- LE Fourth graders are also enjoying others of the importance. Some stuSecond Grade learning about the states on the east dents even submitted their work We made hats the “factory Way” coast through our Trucker Buddy, to The Eagle (look for them in the and they will be on a bulletin board Wayne from North Carolina. As newspaper) and to school officials. after Thanksgiving. Everyone had Wayne travels with his semi, he In Science they are studying the a job to do on our assembly line. sends postcards to our class to Solar System. They are constructEach second grade class is making tell about the states he is driving ing scale models (1 cm = 1 million something that we have too much through. The class writes him km) of the size of planets and the of so we will “trade” with the other letters to tell him what we are distance between the planets. class. learning each week. Page 

Scholastic Books Comes to Town

Would you face large crowds and stand in long lines to help your school? That’s what many NBE students and parents did on November 8 when they bought books at the NBE fall Book Fair. A record-breaking crowd led to record-breaking sales. Over $3,000 worth of books were sold in one evening. The success of last year’s book fairs paved the way to a larger book fair this year. Last spring the Scholastic Book Company told Mrs. Gross-Rhode that the book fair sales qualified NBE to upgrade to a “case fair” which brought in many more books. Mrs. GrossRhode also made the decision to expand the book offerings from the usual K-5 books to also add books for junior and senior high school students. Volunteers from the PTA along with the use of scanners helped to speed up the checkingout process. The ability to accept debit and credit cards also made buying books faster and easier. The larger crowds have Mrs. Gross-Rhode thinking about expanding the book fair to a twoday event. “People have shown us that they are willing to come and support our library. I’m worried that long lines may prevent some from being able to take the time to come and buy from us.” Profits from the book fair will be used to buy more books. Some of the new books will be put into Accelerated Reader reward boxes for students who reach ‘AR’ goals to pick out free books. The library will also be buying a new set of encyclopedias (Continued on page 5, Book Fair)


Youth Tackle Football Arrives in North Bend by Trevor Nelson “Set, Hut!!!” “First Down!!!” “Safety!!!” “Touchdown!!!” All of these calls and more could be heard from the North Bend Youth Tackle football games being played on Sundays in August, September, and October. Youth tackle football finally came to North Bend this football season. The start of youth tackle football began after high school football coach Tony Allgood wanted to bring a tackle football league to North Bend. Coach Allgood said, “I wanted our boys to learn the game as far as blocking and tackling. What we’ve been offering did not provide that opportunity.” He also explains, “Several years ago when I was in Grand Island, several area schools played in a league and they were all good.” A survey was sent out early in the year to parents of 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders to see if there was enough public interest to start a youth tackle football league in North Bend. Several kids voted “Yes, I’d like to play tackle football!” We all worked really hard at

practice to learn the following: blocking, tackling, kicking, running, passing, and many plays in a no-huddle offense. It was a lot of work, but we still enjoyed it. The scoreboard may not have reflected on our spirit and heart to keep playing hard and never to give up. Players Jacob and Brock Ray (brothers) both enjoyed the experience of playing in North Bend, since they had both played in a Fremont league the year before. Jacob Ray said, “This season was fun and unique.” Brock said, “It was interesting and different to play in a Youth League in North Bend.” Jacob and Brock both had favorite parts of the football season. Jacob enjoyed, “facing people on other teams.” Brock liked “getting to meet new players and what they knew.” Mr. Allgood finished the interview saying, “I hope that all of our kids have had a good experience and want to play again. Win or lose, it’s about learning to play the game and it’s going to make us better.”

Jacob Ray and Dalton Mueller gang up to tackle a Yutan player.

Thanksgiving--A Time To Celebrate

Halloween trivia

By Abby Post

By Dillon Bourek

Can you believe it? It’s November and that means Thanksgiving is just around the corner. And that means... FOOD! Think of the all the delicious foods you eat on Thanksgiving Day: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pie and food galore. Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving food? Madison Widick, who is in kindergarten does and guess what it is. Turkey! Second grader Chris Lyda said he loves pumpkin pie. We can also think about the history of Thanksgiving, the pilgrims and that first Thanksgiving Day. We should remember how the Wampanoag [Native Americans] taught the pilgrims how to grow their crops to get them through their first year. The pilgrims were so thankful to God for their great harvest that they had a feast. Even 90 of the Wampanog enjoyed the feast with the pilgrims. This is how Thanksgiving Day became and why we celebrate it every year. Most importantly when Thanksgiving Day arrives, you need to remember to give thanks for everything you have, and make sure to spend time with your family.

Most kids like to dress up and trick or treat on Halloween night, but some adults like to get into spirit too! About 120 million Americans get dressed up for this amazing holiday. If you really love candy corn on Halloween, then you will love this fact. More than 35 million pounds of candy corn is made annually. That is about 9 billion pieces. It’s enough to wrap around the moon 21 times if laid out end to end. Does your family decorate your front lawn? Well if you do, you are in the group of 30% of Americans who decorate their beautiful lawns. Can’t wait to see your costumes! Hope you had fun trick-or-treating!!!!

What do you know about Pumpkins? • Pumpkins are a member of the gourd family which includes cucumbers, honeydew melon, cataloupe, watermelon, and zucchini. • Each pumpkin contains about 500 seeds. • U.S. growers produce over 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins per year. That’s more than twice the weight of the Empire State Building. • A pumpkin grown in 2010 weighed 1,810 pounds--as much as a dairy cow or roughly half the weight of a small car. • Pumpkins are low in calories, fat, and sodium and high in fiber. They are good sources of Vitamin A, Vitamin B, potassium, protein and iron.

Book Fair (continued from page 4) with some of the profits. “Even though our students have access to an online encyclopedia, there are still times when using a print encyclopedia is a better choice,” commented Mrs. Gross-Rhode. The next book fair will be in mid-April. That fair will be a “Buy One-Get One Free” book fair where students can get two books for the price of one.

Jokes What do you call a ghost who puts out fires? (A fire frighter) How does a ghost eat a hot dog? (By goblin it.) Why didn’t the skeleton dance? (He didn’t have the guts.) What do you call an annoying vampire? (A pain in the neck) Who is the best dancer at the monster party? (The bogey monster)

** Trivia facts on this page came from “Halloween By the Numbers.” 2011. The History Channel website. Oct 14 2011, 12:44 Page 

Win a Nebraska blanket!

Enter the “Name Our Newspaper” Contest. Entry forms are available in the library. Only one entry person.

Mrs. Lorence hands Abby Johnson the butterfly that she brought to school as a crysalis. It hatched two weeks later. Other first graders watching are Peyton Bruce, Owen Simanek, Makaela Wolfenden, Nate McDonald, Faith Renard and Alisha Hernandez.

Winner will be announced before Christmas

North Bend Elementary Gets New Students

By Emerson Peters Every year each class has a few new students come at a random times during the school year. But this year was a bit different. Our school has received more than 30 new students this year! (Not including the kindergarten class.) The more popular places are Prague, Dodge, and Schuyler. Think about it. When you come to kindergarten, you don’t really have to work to hard to make friends. You talk to everyone and play together. Your parents set up play dates, and the fights you would have would be simple, like who gets the cherry popsicle. When you get older that could be a bit more challenging: moving away from your best friends, meeting new people, and learning Page 

all the rules. So, put yourself in their shoes on the first day at a new school and being more nervous than you ever thought possible. Your heart is pounding so hard you swear there is a humming bird inside your stomach. If you don’t remember what it’s like, don’t think it’s easy. Most of us have lived in North Bend for a while and have been going to school here for a while. I asked Kiley Allgood and Mackenzie Brabec what they think of the new students. Mackenzie said, “I like all the new students, they are really nice and polite.” Kiley said, “It’s nice to get new students to get to know.” Other students have said its a real compliment to have other kids pick North Bend, and fun to see new faces to get to know.

Fall Festival

By Hannah Murray

There were mummies all over North Bend Central Elementary during the Fall Festival. Fall Festival is held right before Halloween and has activities, prizes and snacks. We played Pumpkin relay where we had a broom and a pumpkin and hit it through an obstacle course. Pumpkin bowling is another activity we got to do. Pumpkin bowling is when you have a small pumpkin and you roll the pumpkin and try knocking down the pins.The pins are no ordinary pins. They are ghost pins. Everyone had fun. “I liked the spider web the best,” Amy Murray said. Cody Nelson replied “I actually like all the activities.”

Here’s What We Think... What’s On Ella’s Mind...

Something Worth Saving

Future Problem Solvers (FPS) is a worldwide organization made for students in fourth to twelfth grade that excel at English and Reading, and classroom performance, teamwork, study skills, and leadership. Melissa Cody and Becky Streff have been the coaches for the past two years, since the program started. The members are Kiley Allgood, Dillon Bourek, Justin Mensik, Caitlyn Wiebold, Michael Mensik, Sean Mullaly, Emma Kavan, and me, Ella Endorf. FPS teaches valuable problem-solving methods. You address the problem, and solve it using one of the many problem-solving methods that FPS teaches. It also teaches friendship, leadership, and meeting deadlines with quality work. FPS teaches these skills to future leaders, so that they can succeed in life. As you can see, FPS should stay a part of North Bend Central. In seventh grade, none of the teachers have enough time to coach FPS, or the experience. Since we can’t do FPS in seventh grade, it may limit our problem-solving skills to what we learned in fifth and sixth grade and what we pick up. In the long term, this could greatly affect us along with NBC and even big companies and programs. (NASA, Microsoft, etc.) If you think this doesn’t concern you, you’re wrong. You,

Mac’s Memos:

If The Shoe Fits... Is wearing tennis shoes everyday a good idea? Mrs. Moeller thinks it’s a great idea. So I decided to get up close and ask some very important questions. “Wearing tennis shoes is a good idea because it’s safer at recess and students will always have their tennis shoes for P.E.” Mrs. Moeller explained. “If the rule would get passed, students that didn’t wear their tennis shoes would get a written assignment and won’t get to participate in the activity.” The students also have some opinions on the subject. Ella said, “ I don’t like the idea at all because you can’t wear certain clothes with tennis shoes. To me, shoes express your mood and style that day. I would definitely follow the rule.” Zander and Emily have the same thoughts about tennis shoes. “I like the idea because tennis shoes are really comfy and you won’t have to bring extra shoes. I would follow the rule because I love tennis shoes.” I also have a say right? “I think you should know to wear tennis shoes on P.E. days. I would follow the rule.” So the big question is …....... Are tennis shoes really a good idea to wear everyday?

FPS (continued) a sibling, cousin, niece, nephew or even your own kid may be involved eventually. But, in order to continue this valuable activity, we need a coach with time, expertise, and willingness to help with FPS. If we were to save FPS, many more students will be able to enjoy this remarkable extra-curricular activity in the years to come. Some other future benefits are: one more club on your college application, learning a way to settle disagreements before they even happen, and helping future business people when issues arise. As you see, FPS is the beginning of a tradition worth saving. With its solution-generating problems and leadership (and-teamwork) friendly concept, there’s a lot we can gain from saving FPS. Page 

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