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Tiger Talk

May 2012

State Competition? No Problem! By: Caitlyn Wiebold and Mrs. Streff

Future Problem Solvers - State Third Place Team: Melissa Cody, State FPS Director, Elsa Rasmussen-Alternate, Dillon Bourek, Justin Mensik, Caitlyn Wiebold, Ella Endorf

FPS State Bowl Qualifiers. Back row: Michael Mensik, Sean Mullally, Justin Mensik, Zander Gibney Front row: Dillon Bourek, Elsa Rasmussen, Caitlyn Wiebold, Emma Kavan, Ella Endorf

April 21 was a memorable and interesting day of working on a future scene and topic of Trade Barriers. It included a two-hour session and skit presentations. That night the team “Tiger Tribe” with members: Ella Endorf, Justin Mensik, Dillon Bourek, and Caitlyn Wiebold along with alternate Elsa Rasmussen, received a trophy and medals for third place. The other NBE team “Tiger Solvers” made up of Sean Mullally, Michael Mensik, Zander Gibney and Emma Kavan earned a sixth place finish. The Future Problem Solvers (FPS) teams, made up of fifth and sixth graders, represented North Bend Central Elementary at State Bowl in Kearney on April 21, in the junior division. A total of 12 teams from Nebraska Schools competed in the Junior Division at the State Bowl. FPS is an international program that focuses on the development of creative thinking skills. The aim of Future Problem Solving is to develop critical, creative, and futuristic thinkers who have the ability to tackle complex situations. Through FPS, students work to solve a future scene by creating solution for it. The future scene is centered on a topic, set in the future, based on current world problems. According to Caitlyn Wiebold, “FPS is an exciting activity that is very challenging and pushes your limites to make you better. FPS is an awesome activity to be in but it takes preparation and lots of it! I takes dedication, and work and early mornings.”


The Good and the Bad

By: Emerson Peters

This year was very exciting and full of many fun events. Your class may have been making and selling cookies with the school, having class parties or birthday treats. Maybe it was having a Christmas program, Spring program, decorating a canvas or just simply having your favorite meal for lunch. Whatever it was, we all can say we had a fun year full of enjoyment, laughs, smiles, and we all hope next year can be even better.

Some kids had favorite activities this year. Breckin Peters says, “My favorite part of this year was being able to have the Great Cookie Challenge. It was fun to be able to make, sell, and learn how to make great cookies. It was fun because it didn’t even feel like learning, it was fun even though we are learning about money and making a profit.” Kids also may have had some memories of this that were not as fun. Such as having homework,

NBE students learn about Internet Safety

By: Faith Taylor

A special guest, officer Keith Bell from the State Patrol, came to NBE to talk to the fifth and sixth grade classes about cyberbullying. He talked about using popular blogs such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Goggle, Mouseface, and Club Penguin. Sometimes bad things can happen when using the Internet. You can send pictures and bad words on these blogs. Officer Bell told us not to tell everyone what you are doing. Someone could stalk you or if you say that you are not at home they might rob you. He also said that if there is cyberbullying, you should tell your parents or a responsible adult. He also warned kids about who they talk to

long days, testing, and more. But we can’t look at it in a bad way. We all have those thoughts where we think our teachers are giving us test and homework just to make us mad. But they are doing this for our knowledge and to make us smarter. This will help us out later on. That is why we need to thank our teachers for all they do and teaching us what we have learned this year, helping us solve problems, and everything else we know today that we didn’t know last August. WIthout them, none of this would have been possible. Thanks!! on the Internet. You never know who the other person is because he can put a fake picture and he or she might be older than you. If something bad should happen, it is okay to be scared of it and you should call the police first. We also heard about phishing and spam. That means they can get on someone’s email and can ask for mail for money or something else. If you never saw this guy or women it is better to let the police know so they can do control mail that means when someone dress like a mailman and see if he or she is the real person on his or her profile. This is a reminder to think before you post. While Officer Bell gave us a lot of information, he also made the “little tigers” laugh a lot. One more thing he tells the parents: “Be a parent not a friend.” We all had a great time with Keith. We should thank all the cops out there for keeping us safe.

Class News Kindergarten Kindergarteners have bee adding up on Math mountains with tiny tumblers. Kindergarten and 1st grade went to the Rose theater in Omaha and did some bowing in Fremont on the last Friday of the School year.

First Grade The first graders have been busy at the end of the year. What are they doing, you ask? Well they have been making animal books all year long, which they will share with Birchwood Manor residents. They went to Romper Room to entertain the little kids there and teach them some finger plays they have learned. Soon after they went on a trip to Rose Theater and then went bowling in the afternoon. That’s one fun filled day for them! K-4 gets to participate in Field Day on May 14, which everyone is pumped about. Just the next day after, they get to take part in the Beach Party on the last day of school. What fun filled few days first graders have left! (Mackenzie Brabec)

Second Grade The second graders have been studying about government in Social Studies. In Math, they are beginning to work with measuring and working large numbers. They spent time researching different animals and then went to the zoo afterwards. The second graders have just finished their year-end scrapbooks that are a collection of work they have done during the entire year. Third Grade Do you love cookies? If youu do, you’re in luck! Mrs. Fergusen’s class is doing the Great Cookie Challenge with Mrs. Mehaffey. Whan asked about the Challenge, Bethany Wiebold repiled, I think doning the Great Cookie Challenge is really fun, but its also hard and teaches us about market economies. Don’t forget to get a cookie on Tuesday, May 8! Fourth Grade 4G has been on the Oregon Trail. While reading the book Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie, the class made their desks into covered wagons and have been traveling along the trail too. Our chicks hatched on April 30...we were sad to see them go back to the farm. Field trips to National Homestead Monument to see the orginal Homestead Act document in Beatrice and an over night at the Henry Doorly Zoo were recent field trips.

Fifth Grade Up in the wonderful world of fifth grade, the fifth graders are working on “how to” reports in writing, explaining how to do something. They also have been working on how we had a problem and different steps used to solve the problem. In math they are reviewing division and multiplication and finishing up fractions. In science, they are sharing their final thoughts with the class for their science reports and working on science expirements. In social studies, they are learning about the Civil War and people who fought for us along with ABC powerpoints for the Civil War. They also put on a fabulous Spring Program, Joust with the fourth graders and the sixth graders. (Emerson Peters)

Sixth Grade Recently, the sixth grade has been learning about all of the continents on Earth. They are now putting all that knowledge to the test: Everyone has the same material to work with and the student has to make his or her project memorable. Some ways to make a project different that were used was using a poster to show everything or using an imovie. Another way to be unique is to add a quiz, different backrounds, sounds, and different formats.

End of the Year ROARS Prizes

Changes to NBE

Patriotic Essay -- A Winner

Summer Is Here!

By: Lauren Emanuel

By: Ella Endorf

By: Mackenzie Brabec

It’s the end of the school year, it’s hot outside, student’s can’t wait for summer, and the NBE “ROARS” program is ready to hand out the end-of-the-year prizes. Are you too big for your bike or do you need a new beach towel? Don’t go to the store just yet, you might win one in the drawing. Have you seen the cool blow-up animals around the school or the big North Bend Elementary Student Composite picture on the wall? Those are prizes! Wow! Pinatas, books and many other great things will also be given away. GOOD LUCK and be sure to hand in your bracelets so your name will be in the drawing.

Over the past few months there has been a lot of talk about the changes that will be happening to our school. In 2013, our school district will be adding a preschool to the Elementary school, so certain adaptions to the building had to be made. The classes are getting bigger in recent years, so expect to see lots of preschoolers. When asked about it, Dr. Endorf replied, “We’re excited for the beginning of the Tiger Cub Preschool.” Since we’re adding the preschool to NBE and the soon-tobe-sixth graders aren’t moving up with the soon-to-be-seventh graders, some changes had to be made to our school.

The countdown to summer vacation is on. Eight days… seven.. six… five…three…two…one!!! So what are some students doing this summer? Sydney Emanuel is going to go swimming and going to go on vacation. Sydney can’t wait for summer, along with many other people. Haley Vanek is going to ice skate and swim, while Abby Post participates in swim team and softball. Go teams! As for Harley Cave he is going to go swimming, ride four-wheelers, and go to his dad’s house to fish. I’m guessing most students are ready for summer. I just can’t believe how fast this school year went!

In like a lion... Mrs. Grueber’s fourth grade class used iPads and the laptop computers to test the March saying “In like a lion, out like a lamb.” Thirteen other classrooms from around the United States and Canada posted weather information during the month of March. We found that everyone had mild weather during March. During the last week of March, we Skyped with another classroom from Canada. Some students wrote essays describing the view from their front or back door and exchanged them, along with pictures, with the Canadian class.

Russell Raymond walked into his classroom wondering why everyone was smiling. Russell was the only one who didn’t already know that the essay he wrote for the American Legion Auxiliary contest not only was the top essay at NBE but it was judged to be the top essay in the state for the fourth and fifth grade category. The essay on “How Can I Show My Patriotism in My Community” earned Russell a certificate and $25 from the state American Legion Auxiliary.

Julia Knapp and Devin Wright read from the book “On the Same Day in March” during a Skype session with a fourth grade classroom from Regina, Seskatchewan Canada.

Have a fun and safe summer! See you next August!

First graders get a chance to sign the wall in the new city library during moving day.

Book Review: By: Ella Endorf

The Penderwicks During the summer, what do you love to do? The Penderwick sisters, Rosalind, Skye, Jane and Batty and their father rent a guest house at an estate. After an unfortunate encounter Skye had with a boy named Jeffrey, the girls apologize and they all become fast friends. But, soon they learn that Jeffrey’s mother is the horrible Mrs. Tifton, owner of the guest house they are staying in. Throughout the book, the sisters and Jeffrey have many adventures, but then terror strikes........... Mrs. Tifton is getting married to Dexter Dupree, a selfcentered snob that wants to send Jeffrey to military school. Will the Penderwick sisters be able to save the summer and still have tons of fun? Find out in The Penderwicks.

Field Trips Galore!

Fourth graders pose in front of the Nebraska State Capitol on one of their field trips.

The first grade classes spent an fun day at the Rose Theater in Omaha and later went bowling.

Right: Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Dorcey’s Kindergarten class also went to the Rose Theater. Here they have to squeeze to fit on playground equipment.

By: Abby Post The 4th graders at NBE have already been on two field trips and have one left. They have been to two exciting places where you can learn a lot about history and our state. One of the places they visited was Lincoln on March 30. They first went to the state capitol and learned much about Nebraska on their tour. They got to learn about how our state’s legislature (a unicameral) works. After they toured the capitol they drove on over to the Nebraska history museum. They learned a lot about that. They went to Beatrice see the ribbon cutting of the Homestead Monument. They got there just in time to watch and listen and then play a fun game that had to do with how pioneers lived and how life was back in the day. The fourth graders still had another field trip to go to and it was sleeping overnight at the zoo on May 10. The 4th graders were lucky they get to go on so many fun field trips at the end of the year.

Left: Field trips can be both educational and fun. Mrs. Ferguson and Mrs. Mehaffey’s third grade classes are having so much fun on their trip to Morrill Hall in Lincoln that they are completely unaware that they are about to get stepped on by a giant mammoth!

Left: The second grade classes topped off their study of animals with a trip to the Henry Doorley Zoo.

Summer Word Search

August Barbeque Baseball Boat Bonfire Camp Carnival County Fair Fireworks Fish

Fourth Of July Garden Grill Hike Horse July June Lawn Lemonade Memorial Day

Old Settlers Parade Pool Rollerblade Skateboard Softball Suntan Sweet Corn Swimming Vacation

Tiger Talk - 2012 May  

May, 2012.

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