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B2B Equipment Exchange


EnergyBin is an online business community for the world’s PV professionals to collaborate, buy and sell new and used solar equipment, and share market intelligence. Buyers can send RFQs to members to receive multiple quotes. Sellers can position inventory in front of pre-qualified buyers and resell excess PV material. The B2B exchange is a subscription-based service and does not charge transaction fees.

Backsheets & Encapsulants

Balance-of-Systems (BoS)

scale solar plants. Their expanding product line now includes UL 891 switchboards for AC combiners and

string inverter and MV transformer manufacturers at the design level to provide their customers with the


The NSB BLUE+ Battery applies carbon technology for high cycle life and Partial State of Charge (PSOC) performance. Thin plate technology delivers long life and high power output. In addition, the NSB BLUE+ Battery is a UL1989recognized product and is flame retardant to meet UL94VO. It is built in the United States, has a two-year shelf life, and offers fast, efficient recharge. The NorthStar BLUE+ Battery features special plastic components for operation in a wide temperature range. Its product range is 40-210Ah.

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Our diverse line of premium hybrid inverters and accessories are great for any project. Let us power and protect your investment.


As North America’s most diversified steel and steel products company, Nucor is committed to delivering quality, on-time reliability, and sustainability to the renewable energy market. Our Energy Solutions team is your partner in optimizing the design and installation of your next solar and wind projects.

Let’s work together to make your next project a success.

Aplus Energy Co., Ltd.

Plus Energy Co. offers an alternative to glass and laminated solar panels. Aplus corrugated metal BIPV solar panels infuse solar directly with the metal, so the solar module and steel roofing are all-in-one products. These corrugated metal solar panels are lightweight and provide roof strength. They can easily be installed on residential and commercial buildings. A single 81" x 33" corrugated metal solar panel is rated in 300W and these products are UL certified.

Blade Inspection


Not only do Neathlab’s autonomous drones take 15 minutes to collect thousands of high-resolution images across all three blades, its plug-and-play technology empowers wind farms to conduct spot checkups on the fly with off-the-shelf products. The resulting data goes through Nearthlab’s cloud-based analytics platform, where it’s remolded into a treasure trove of O&M insights within a day’s notice.


Bal Seal Engineering

Bal Seal Engineering is a global manufacturer of custom components that drive tomorrow’s technologies. Their Bal Spring canted coil spring manages current with minimal heat rise, efficiently conducting, grounding, and shielding against the harmful effects of EMI. The Bal Contact electrical contacts, which consist of a housing and Bal Spring element, enable reliable power transmission in industrial and medical applications. Their low-friction Bal Seal spring-energized seals improve uptime and reduce maintenance.

Vitro Architectural Glass

Seamlessly integrated into the building structure, the Solarvolt Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) Glass System by Vitro Architectural Glass unveils new possibilities for renewable power generation and design by combining aesthetics, CO2-free power generation, and protection from the elements for commercial buildings. Solarvolt BIPV glass systems can replace traditional façade cladding materials and enhance just about any part of commercial building exterior.


WindCube® lidars Proven. Accurate. Reliable.

Lidar is changing the wind energy industry, and WindCube is leading the way. Companies around the world use WindCube lidars in all phases and types of wind farm projects, onshore and offshore.

They are leading with lidar.

• Improve bankability and project success

• Increase efficiency and operational continuity

• Streamline WRA, PPT and other crucial tasks

• Use with all turbine types and heights


The c3controls product portfolio of 15 million+ configurations provides the OEM with components for all energy management applications including EV, solar, and energy storage systems. Striving for a sustainable future, c3controls is looking forward to introducing DC isolators, DC miniature circuit breakers, UL98 disconnect switches, and a high density shorting terminal block, all to further support and protect the transition to renewable energy. For complete solutions, c3controls operates a UL 508A panel shop. Vertically integrated and based in the USA, c3controls offers supply chain efficiency with a same-day shipping guarantee. All products carry a lifetime warranty.


Battery Energy Storage System (ESS) applications have demanding fuse requirements for the protection of devices downstream. The fault conditions to the converter’s DC input side have very high short circuit current capability and very low inductance of the fault loop, yielding low L/R time constants (3ms or less). Very large currents are obtained very quickly. Devices requiring protection have peak withstand current capabilities that fuses must limit, while coordinating with battery fuses. Careful system analysis is required to provide proper fusing. SIBA’s ESS fuses have been 100% specifically designed and tested for the stringent requirements of (ESS) Energy Storage System applications and have been utilized by large OEM’s globally.

CEJN North America

Quick connect coupling solutions for liquid cooling for energy storage to power electronics in wind turbines and other electrification applications. Specializing in ultra high-pressure hydraulic couplings and hoses used in offshore and land-based wind turbines. Hydraulics and fluid quick connect solutions for thermal management, marine, MRO, and other energy efficient applications.

Socomec, Inc.

INOSYS LBS are high-performance, manually operated load break switches that safely disconnect electrical installations. They support on-load and off-load opening/closing of DC circuits up to 1500Vdc and now up to 1200A. All INOSYS switches are highly efficient with low power losses and feature visible contacts for positive indication of switch position. The INOSYS LBS ESS versions are engineered to withstand high DC short circuit conditions seen in battery ESS applications.


Green Source EPC is the leading provider of engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services for commercial renewable energy projects in North America. Our projects include commercial rooftop solutions, commercial solar carport and canopy solutions, as well as ground mount applications. We work closely with developers and owners from design to installation to produce custom, highly efficient, and state-of-the-art solar installations. With our self-performing capabilities, Green Source EPC can expedite all aspects of a project’s timeline, improving quality and eliminating the need for multiple contractors and suppliers that help reduce cost.

North American Clean Energy 9 GreenSourceEPC.COM
CONTACT US 1 (714) 455 -1281

Ulbrich Solar Technologies

LCR is a high efficiency grooved solar cell interconnect wire that replaces traditional flat ribbon. It increases the efficiency of a solar module by reflecting more light back onto the surface of the cell, steering the reflected light back to the glass/air interface allowing total internal reflection back onto the cell surface. Up to 80% of incoming light that strikes the LCR ribbon is recovered.

Consulting Services

ASSET Engineering

ASSET Engineering is a specialist in power system design and analysis. They provide their clients with decades of experience in MV and HV substation design and EPC, protection, and control systems, and project management services. Their clients include utility companies, independent power producers, and large industrial and institutional power users.

Zhejiang Benyi New Energy Co., Ltd.

The BFS-22 is a device that ensures solar building fire safety and compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC) standards. It is designed and developed to provide module level rapid shutdown functionality, which means that it can quickly and safely disconnect the power output of individual solar modules in the event of an emergency.


Olsson provides planning and design, engineering, field services, and environmental technology.

Westlake Consultants, Inc.

For 20 years, Westlake has been providing civil engineering, land survey, and land use planning services for solar, wind, and battery storage facilities. Services include site development, installation of solar arrays, high-tech manufacturing sites, and solar battery storage facilities. Westlake’s energy team works on due diligence/ feasibility studies, drainage studies, transportation planning assistance, civil site design, permitting assistance, and a full array of surveying services.

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Control System Integrator

Affinity Energy

Affinity Energy is a control system integrator with over 1GW of utility-scale PV solar and BESS projects deployed. They provide custom SCADA, PLC, and EPMS solutions for facilities that seek open, turnkey systems for power management and energy optimization. Their engineers design, build, implement, and support controls, instrumentation, and monitoring systems, for utility-scale PV solar farms and BESS facilities, data centers, medical campus central energy plants, and manufacturing facilities.

Cooling Systems

Marvair and ICE Divisions of Airxcel

Marvair and ICE air conditioners are used to cool electronic and mechanical equipment shelters used in energy storage. Due to the high internal heat load, these shelters require cooling even when outside temperatures are 60°F (15°C) and below. Marvair and ICE air conditioners have the necessary controls and components for operation during these temperatures. Marvair and ICE air conditioners are installed on the exterior of the building, no interior space is required. Two openings in the wall allow for the conditioned (supply) air to be discharged into the building and for the indoor air to return to the air conditioner.

Cyber Security

Iron Spear Information Security, Ltd.

Iron Spear is a Canadian cyber security advisory and management firm specializing in building, operating, and measuring cyber security programs across a variety of industries in both IT and OT environments. They deliver robust and cost effective cyber security services to Canadian and American organizations including measuring the effectiveness of current cyber security programs, assisting with certain components of a program, or building brand new cyber security programs.

Electrical DEHN, Inc.

With over 113 years of global experience, DEHN provides lightning and surge protection for wind turbines, photovoltaic systems, battery storage, and other plants. They provide turnkey solutions, including design, engineering, manufacturing, and implementation of systems.


Reliability When It Matters Most

Cutting-Edge Blade Monitoring Technology

Edge-to-Edge Intelligence

Introducing Sensoria™ – the new 24/7/365 blade monitor that helps you maximize blade performance and reliability. Sensoria™ remotely detects, reports, and visualizes blade damages, giving you Edge-to-Edge Intelligence on your blade integrity anytime, anywhere.





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Pittsburgh Electrical Insulation (PEI)

PEI manufactures and converts electrical insulation products and distributes fiberglass and polyimide tapes, mica tapes and sheets, shrink and non-polyester films, silicone rubber tapes, slot liners and wedges, heat-shrinkable products, laminates, resin kits, insulating paint, conductive tapes, foam tapes, slot fillers, specialty coatings, adhesives, epoxy, and greases.

Electrical Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment

The ECR25 Electric compact excavator offers zero exhaust emissions, low noise levels, improved efficiency, and simple maintenance without sacrificing performance. Its batteries provide power for up to eight hours in most common applications. Volvo CE recommends a 240V, Level 2 AC setup for a charge time of about six hours, or an off-board fast charger can be used with a three-phase outlet, bringing it to 80% power within one hour.

Electrical Wire, Cable, & Connectors

Paige Renewable Energy

Paige Renewable Energy has been a provider of wire and cable solutions for over 60 years. Paige offers 35kV, 2kV, 600V PV, hybrid aluminum/wire cables, and more. With expertise in overmolding and redundant North American factories, Paige offers overmolded harnesses, string extenders, and jumpers. All orders can be custom labeled, prefabricated, kitted, and bundled with coordinated shipping and delivery, for a truly plug and play installation.


LS Cable & System USA

LS Cable & System USA has designed a proprietary system which provides clean material handling. LS SureClean Isolator Technology ensures minimum environmental exposure through customized material handling, isolator technology, and a gravity conveyance system to help cables maintain their integrity for a longer life cycle. LS SureClean is certified ISO 5 (Class 100) and is used for all MV products.

Nel Hydrogen

Nel Hydrogen manufacturers Alkaline and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) water electrolysers, producing from 0.27 Nm3 to 19,400 Nm3 of H2 per hour. Units can be grouped together into electrolyser plants for even larger production rates. Electrolysers are used to store excess electricity from renewable resources in the H2 bond. The H2 can then be sold to industry (converting curtailed power to cash), or burned in a turbine or run through a fuel cell to put the stored energy onto the grid during periods of low generation or peak demand. Due to their fast response times the PEM electrolysers are also used by renewable energy plants to balance the power the plant puts onto the grid.



EZ Solar

EZ Solar’s mission is to make solar simple with innovative products that are high-quality, installer-friendly, and cost-effective. They have products for every installation; asphalt/composite shingles, tile roofs, and a universal rail-mounted box that works with any rail. Made from high quality materials, EZ Solar junction boxes are built to last for life, are NEMA 3R rated, tested to UL1741 standards, and come with a 25-year warranty.


Light up the way with STEGO’s LED 025, a compact light with a service life of 60,000 hours and a wide voltage range. With a variety of mounting options (clip, magnet, or screw) and two types of switches (on/off switch or PIR Motion sensor), this light can fit anyone’s needs.

Nordic Fiberglass Inc.

The ND-683054-MG-PA71-X-X is Nordic’s “Workhorse” for three phase 2, 3 and 4 pt. 35kV 600A deadbreak sectionalizing cabinets for wind farm collection systems. Nordic can supply and install up three, 3 or 4 pt. 35kV 600A junctions from various manufacturers with U-straps if requested by the customer. Rust free fiberglass construction and stainless-steel hardware. PA71 mounting plate has six movable above parking stands to park stand-offs or feed throughs. Nordic recommends the optional CSB-6830 cable support bracket system for holding cables in place and cable clamps. 18” or 36” high extensions available for cables requiring a greater cable bending radii.


Trachte provides pre-assembled buildings to keep crucial equipment safe. Trachte buildings are available with extra security features like exterior wall ballistics protection, up to UL 752, Level-8). UL-rated bullet-resistant materials can be added to Trachte’s structural-steel framework while maintaining energy efficiency, thermal performance, and resistance to water intrusions. Trachte also offers hurricane and tornado hardening, fire-resistant construction, and EMP resistance.



We connect solar power for a sustainable world

Your Bankable Partner

Our more than 25 years of experience and impressive track record in connecting complex photovoltaic (PV) systems worldwide enable us to create long-term value. With quality product solutions and services for eBoS (electrical Balance of Systems) applications in PV plants, we make your project reliable and efficient. Individually tailored to your needs, we provide you with everything you need for a successful collaboration as your partner of choice.

The MC4 family of PV connectors are rated up to 1500 V UL, 95 A, and are available for 14 through 6 AWG cable configurations. Visit our website for a complete product portfolio, including in-line fuses UL rated up to 1500 V, to 30 A.

Shop online:


Branch Connector MC4-Evo 2

World’s first dual certified DC 1500 V branch connector

• Plug-and-play: no crimping or torqueing necessary

• Versatility and compact dimensions

• Mating compatibility with original MC4 and MC4-Evo 2 cable connectors

• DC 1500 V according to IEC 62852 and UL 6703

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Energy Management Systems

Nuvation Energy

The nController Energy Management System (nController EMS) is a demand charge management and asset prioritization and control system for energy storage and distributed energy resources operating behind the meter. Whether adding energy storage to a facility for peak shaving, or creating a multi-asset microgrid, this site controller will coordinate the operation of the energy assets. It natively supports a range of power conversion systems and power meters.

Peak Power

Peak Power deploys, operates, and optimizes battery storage, grid-interactive buildings, and electric vehicles using a single software platform for customers and partners to pursue net zero goals, cut operating expenses, and unlock new revenue opportunities. Their technology transforms large commercial buildings and industrial facilities into the cornerstone resources in a decentralized electricity system, and their creative financing approach is designed so their partners make money to be that energy resource.

Schaltbau North America

An international supplier of safety-relevant electromechanical components since 1929, Schaltbau develops and manufactures contactors, plugs, and switching systems with a focus on (DC) Technology. They work across industry applications, including high-voltage battery management systems for electric vehicles, charging stations, and battery test stands. Their DC technology is embedded in their newest production facility, enabling significant contribution to energy savings.


SCHURTER’s FMER SOL single-stage DC filter is designed to limit noise generated on the DC side of the inverter. EMC standards EN 61000-6-3 and EN 55014-1 specify interference limits for non-grid connected conductors such as those going to solar panels.

Energy Monitoring

Carlo Gavazzi, Inc.

Carlo Gavazzi manufactures, promotes, and sells energy and power quality solutions for industrial and commercial applications. Carlo Gavazzi incorporates current technologies in hardware, software, and communications including Edge controllers with full certification for Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

Dynamic Ratings

Dynamic Ratings offers Smart Infrastructure Solutions (SIS) as an agile technology stack that enhances connectivity to grid edge assets for better management. The system is tailored to meet varying security, scalability, and availability requirements and has many options available in architecture and communication technology. This IoT platform can bridge operational technology hardware such as transformer monitors and line sensors with energy business systems such as PI.

BLUETTI EP900 & B500 Experience True Energy Independence Modular Design 10kWh-20kWh Compatible With New & Existing Solar System Sell Electricity Back To Grid (800)200-2980 3610 Placentia Ct, Chino, CA 91710

Phoenix Contact USA

Facility managers and distributed energy resource installations now have real-time, remote access to energy data with Phoenix Contact EMpro. This energy meter offers simple configuration and operation, with no special skills needed to install or use. The EMpro tracks energy parameters such as voltage, current, and power at the device or system level. Data can be communicated locally or transmitted to cloud-based services, creating a streamlined IoT-based energy-monitoring solution.

Energy Storage


Aggreko’s 30kVA and 60kVA batteries are all-in-one solutions that can be easily plugged into an existing power system, providing immediate and cost-efficient energy storage for any number of commercial and industrial applications. The company’s extensive experience in energy storage for various applications, from events to complex applications involving utilities and renewable energy sources, helps customers reduce their carbon footprint and make operations more efficient.

Bioenno Power

Based in Santa Ana, California, Bioenno Power offers lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries for various solar and industrial applications. The company’s “BLF-” series offers a 10-year service life, 1/4 the weight of SLA batteries, and built in circuitry that balances/equalizes cells, protects against overcharging, overdischarge, overcurrent, and overvoltage.

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar’s EP Cube is a flexible, intelligent home energy storage system providing 9.9 - 119.9kWh of energy storage. It uses safe Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries and offers a hybrid inverter with AC and DC inputs. Users log into an app for easy energy control. The EP Cube includes a 10-year warranty for the Smart Gateway and hybrid inverter. The battery warranty is for >80% capacity up to 10-years or 6000 cycles.



Dyness Orion series is an all-in-one system with safe performance and flexible capacity. Equipped with an external HM inverter, it helps users to realize power sufficiency.

Crown Battery

Crown Renewable Batteries are an innovative array of responsible battery energy storage products, including their popular 2CRP1200 model which has capacity up to 55.9kWh (48VDC) for best available performance and ROI, is flexible and easy to handle, configure, deployable for new or existing systems and resilient in extreme operating temperatures, and earth-friendly being 99% recyclable. Crown can supply grid-connected with back-up power, off-grid, or custom storage applications.

Dragonfly Energy

Dragonfly Energy offers a full line of LiFePO4 batteries for 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V systems. Designed to provide efficient and safe renewable energy storage for a wide range of industries and applications, including RV, van, marine, industrial, solar systems, off-grid residential and backup, and more. As full system integrators, DragonFly Energy is equipped with technical specialists and the components necessary to build out full lithium power systems.

e-On Batteries, Inc.

Founded in Dallas, Texas in 2015, e-On Batteries provides lithium-based battery energy storage. They design, assemble, and integrate their Smart Battery Energy Storage Systems (SmartBess) software, with a focus on long-term reliability and safety throughout the United States and beyond. Their systems combine a proprietary active balancing Battery Management System (BMS) and UL1973 listed, 9540A tested LiFePo4 modules which can be scaled and networked for applications in behind the meter microgrid, electric vehicle charging, data centers, and in-front of the meter utility-scale energy storage ranging from 9.8kWh residential Genesis units to their 16MWh MegaBlock configurations. e-On works with utilities and government organizations to ensure their products qualify for available incentive programs.

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Fortress Power

The Guardian is the gateway to Fortress Power Batteries. The Guardian is Wi-Fi enabled and connects directly to Fortress Power batteries. The Guardian app will allow monitoring of key battery values such as state of charge, voltage, current, and battery temperature. Remotely install firmware updates, submit support tickets, chat live with support engineers, and securely share installation and monitoring data directly with support engineers, right from the app.


Stationary energy storage specialist HiTHIUM manufactures highly efficient battery storage cabinets and containers based on its LFP battery cells. The company offers its high-performance cells and liquid-cooled modules to other providers for use in their products. HiTHIUM’s 4MWh container, based on its 300Ah cells, has extensive safety features and high energy density. The product achieves a low LCOS through >12,000 cycles, thanks to advances in material and process technologies, along with a max. 2% capacity loss in the first 1000 cycles. The liquid cooling, providing high thermal stability, and multi-stage active fire protection increase the container’s safety. Founded in 2019, HiTHIUM is expanding its production capacity to 70GWh by end of 2023.

LEOCH Battery Corporation

LEOCH 48V LFELI Series, Lithium Iron Phosphate (LIFEPO4) batteries offer exceptional cycling performance of 10,000 cycles @ 50% DOD, 3500 cycles @ 100% DOD, and can be put into parallel for 48VDC, 1600AH capacity. These batteries are equipped with a built-in Battery Management System (BMS) and optional LCD screen for hassle-free maintenance.

FranklinWH Energy Storage Inc.

Franklin Home Power (FHP) is a whole-home energy management system with storage consisting of two components: aGate and aPower. The aGate is an intelligent home energy management center that integrates solar, battery, grid, and generator and manages them. The aPower is a 13kWh AC-coupled battery. It uses extremely safe LFP cells and can stack up to fifteen aPower batteries per aGate.

LG Electronics Energy Storage Systems

Introducing LG Electronics Home 8 residential ESS, a reliable, complete energy generation and storage solution that reduces dependency on the electrical grid, phases out any type of fueled generators, offsets peak shifts, and is environmentally and economically friendly. This is a ready-to-deploy, all-in-one system with PCS + built-in CT Sensor and smart energy box. A 7” touchscreen HMI and Installer Setup Wizard reduces commissioning time. Users can connect 4-units for up to 57.6kWh of total storage. Home 8 ESS provides in-depth system performance and data analysis via EnerVu software and is 9540/9640A fire certified by UL directly, UL1741SA, UL1741SB(TBD), NEMA Type 3R in a 7.5kW AC-coupled design.


Lithium Power, Inc.

ESS-500-48 is a lithium-ion rechargeable NMC battery pack. Designed for telecom UPS and other mission critical applications, the back-up battery comes with built-in safety protections, gas gauge, cell and pack balancing, as well as communication. Various communication protocols are available such as CANBus, SMBus, Bluetooth, and more. Around 60 parameters of battery information can be delivered live or saved in the battery’s history data log. The battery pack is designed to meet UN, UL, and IEC certification requirements.

Lithium Werks

Lithium Werks manufactures high power, safety, and long cycle life LFP Nanophosphate cells and custom battery systems. Robust 3.3Vdc cylindrical cells can be arranged up to systems of 1000Vdc, from kWh to MWh. These power cells provide high-rate UPS (Uninterruptable Power Solution) and large frequency regulation applications to help stabilize the grid performance of solar, wind, and other energy sources.

Windblade Repair Training

LS Energy Solutions

LS Energy Solution’s AiON-ESS all-in-one integrated system is a flexible, modular AC energy storage solution for 1-hour and 2- to 6-hour applications. Both models incorporate LS-ES’s third-generation string inverters, together with Tier-1 batteries in a single, scaleable enclosure, enabling configurations of any size for almost any application. The fully integrated, containerized system reduces upfront capital outlay and saves on-site installation work.

Mango Power

The Mango Power E uses the same, durable LFP battery cells as many EVs. These cells charge fast, last long, and are reliable. Even with up to five years’ continuous use, charging, discharging, and recharging constantly, the Power E’s battery cells will still perform as well as they did when brand new. By Integrating Mango Power ecosystem into a home’s circuit, homeowners are guaranteed power security and grid independence with a seamless, uninterrupted flow of electricity flow of electricity powering lights, refrigerators, computers, and any other essential devices.

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MK Battery

MK Battery introduces the DEKA Duration DD5300, a 48V, 5300Wh battery module utilizing Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology. Tested and validated, and branded with the DEKA name from East Penn Manufacturing Co., this modular design allows for either wall mount or floor mount installation and is stackable up to eight modules high. Stocked in the U.S., the DD5300 is a universal module that has a programmable BMS, Dual usage, for low voltage and high voltage applications. Low voltage; 48V, 5.3kWh to 556.5kWh, high voltage; 200 to 1000V, 21.2kWh to 763kWh. Remote monitoring and firmware updates are just one click away on any smart phone, utilizing a proprietary app.

Paladin Power, Inc.

Paladin Power energy storage system (ESS) is an all-in-one residential battery and hybrid inverter solution that is designed to be on or off grid, low cost, easy to install, and can power all circuits in a home plus EVs. Paladin is an NEM 3.0 solution for solar installers. Scalable inverters to 21KW and stackable batteries from 24KW to 96KW all in the same cabinet without having to add additional equipment or components. Everything, including batteries, inverters, and connections are enclosed in one system making it easy to install. Paladin ESS is SGIP approved in California including UL 1741, ETL, CEC, IEEE 1541, and UL 9540a. Paladin can be used for residential, commercial, EVs, farms, and more. Paladin Power ESS comes with a 20-year warranty and is approved with popular lenders for B2C. It gets better; Paladin has a unique logistics and delivery system that can provide for delivery of the unit to your end user customer when the contractor is ready for installation.

Moment Energy

Moment Energy’s second-life energy storage helps with peak shaving for on-grid, commercial customers, which helps them reduce energy costs. Moment Energy’s solution enables off-grid sites to lower diesel generator use and install solar or wind power systems. It is possible to reduce diesel consumption by up to 40% with Moment Energy’s solution, even without the availability of renewables. Their solutions stack with 48kWh building blocks to accommodate any sizing needs.


Qcells’ Q.HOME CORE is the newest generation energy storage system from Qcells, and it integrates a solar inverter (Q.VOLT) with a modular, scalable battery system (Q.SAVE), and backup interface (Q.HOME Hub). Q.HOME CORE provides a complete energy solution and inclusive 10-year product warranty on all components and customer support from one brand. A flexible, scalable design that enables a wide range of storage capacities to suit a homeowner’s electricity needs; up to 200A whole home backup; standard integrated revenue grade metering; simplified installation and commissioning; compact design and sleek appeal; and integrated PLC rapid shutdown. The Q.HOME CORE pairs well with Qcells modules.

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RCT Power Energy Technology Corporation

The modular, all-in-one home storage units from the German brand RCT Power are efficient battery storage systems. An integrated RCT Power Switch provide energy to important consumers during a power failure. The RCT Power Battery works with particular safe and environmentally friendly LiFePO4 battery cells.


Redflow designs and manufactures long-duration zinc-bromine flow batteries for stationary commercial, industrial, and utility applications. Redflow batteries are modular, scalable, fire-safe, and capable of 100% depth of discharge. The technology offers unique advantages, including a hibernation feature, remote management, a simple recycling path, and sustained energy delivery. Redflow’s energy storage solutions have been in use for more than a decade at more than 250 sites in over 9 countries.

Rolls Battery Engineering

Designed for true drop-in replacement in standard BCI sizing, Rolls new R-Series 12V and 24V LFP lithium models offer a maintenance-free, lightweight flooded, and SLA alternative with fast charge/ discharge capability, built-in BMS with operating protections, 50Ah to 300Ah capacity, up to 4x series and 4x parallel connectivity for 48V system configuration, >6000 cycles @ 80% DoD, and backed by a 3-year full replacement manufacturer warranty.

Shenzhen GSL Energy Co., Ltd.

At the end of 2022, GSL Energy’s 14.34kwh wall mount battery became UL1973 and UL9540A certified, adding to its UL9540 certification. As a manufacturer focusing on LiFePO battery developing and production, GSL Energy uses Tier 1 cell and self-developed GSL patented BMS with high, stable performance. This 14.34kWh wall battery has a 15-year warranty, is built with a DC breaker on the side and touch screen in the front, and the BMS communicates with more than 18 different solar inverter brands.

Sinexcel, Inc.

NEMA3R Cabinet ESS with built-in HVAC/aux power is compatible with most lithium-ion battery systems based on 90-280Ah cells. With the newly released 30kW bi-directional storage inverter, optional 3MPPT DCDC PV charger, and smart transfer switch, it is compatible with flexible power up to 90kW and energy of 140-240KWh, with support up to 135kWp PV input. Smart transfer switch offers automatic and fast switching between grid-tied and off-grid, suitable for commercial and large residential applications.

Sun Xtender Batteries

Sun Xtender batteries are sealed lead acid for maintenance free renewal energy storage, housed in shockproof cases without acid spilling or spray, no watering or electrolyte checks. Sun Xtender’s deep cycle technology has no memory of cycle length and depletion state. Sun Xtender Batteries are 100% recyclable, saving them from landfills.

Univix Power Solutions

Univix Power Solutions, located in Laconia NH, manufactures solutions for every energy storage scenario from residential to commercial. Their regular production products include a full line of batteries from 250ah and up, inverters from 4-12kW in single phase, to 250kW 3 phase. Their BESS product, The Bank, is an easy to install and use, all-in-one solution for residential and small commercial customers. Made in the USA.

EV Charging


EvoCharge, founded in 2009, provides reliable, safe, and cost-effective level 2 charging stations and the EvoReel cable management system for single family, multi-family, workplace, and other commercial spaces. EvoCharge products are fully compatible with all EV and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) sold throughout the United States and Canada.


Noodoe EV OS is a flexible EV charging station operating platform. The operating system delivers a user-centric charging experience for drivers and charging service providers. Noodoe EV OS autonomously runs all charging network operations: 24/7 service delivery, payment processing, and charger management. Real-time automatic monitoring, diagnostics, and recovery deliver a high up time. In addition, add-on microservices provide business-specific solutions.

Fans & Ventilators

Continental Fan Manufacturing, Inc.

Continental Fan is a supplier of fans for nacelle ventilation, GCU (generator control unit) cooling, and tower ventilation. Whether axial fans for high air volumes and low pressures, centrifugal blowers for higher-pressure applications or motorized impellers for ventilating electrical cabinets, Continental Fan has the solution.



Rolls new S-Series 12V & 24V LFP models now offer a number of new features including an integrated screen with visual state-of-charge and voltage

luetooth with dedicated App,

North American Clean Energy 33 ROLLSBATTERY.COM


Ground Covering

Presto Geosystems

GEOWEB Geocells is a 3D confinement system which uses onsite fill, and less fill than geogrids. The GEOWEB Geocell System reduces overall cross section of stone by 70% or more, controls infill by creating a stable driving surface, even over soft ground, and requires minimal maintenance. The GEOWEB System offers inexpensive load support and substantial reduction of maintenance for wind farm access.

Marine Fasteners

Marine Fasteners is a supplier of stainless steel and non-ferrous fasteners, in U.S. and metric threads. They stock a full line of 304 and 316, Magni 565, Delta-Protekt, hot-dip alvanized, and their very own chrome plating line. Stocking well over $24 million worth of fasteners in nationwide locations, with another $4-6 million on order every day, they maintain customer requirements in stock. If not, their sales staff, with over 700 years of combined fastener experience, can supply competitive parts or custom manufacture to meet their customer’s delivery needs.

Floating Solar Platform

Ciel & Terre USA, Inc.

The floating solar system, Hydrelio, enables PV panels to be installed on large water bodies such as reservoirs, quarries, and irrigation ponds. It’s a simple and affordable alternative to ground mounted solar. Hydrelio is particularly suitable for energy and water intensive industries that can’t afford to lose land or water. Wineries, farms, mining, water treatment plants, or irrigation districts are examples of industries benefiting from the synergy this technology creates between sun and water.

Handling | Manufacturing

3D-Micromac AG

microCELL MCS is a solution for laser cutting solar cells into half-, third-, and shingled cells. microCELL TLS is a high throughput laser system, for separating silicon solar cells into half cells. All microCELL systems achieve maximum throughput. Cutting with their ablation-free TLS process guarantees outstanding edge quality. microFLEX PV is a high-precision solution for laser-processing flexible thin-film solar cells on wide tracks - for P1, P2, P3, and P4/PT insulation cuts.

Hoists & Cranes

Harrington Hoists, Inc.

Harrington Hoists, Inc. provides wind energy tower hoists. Harrington provides service, reliability, product features, and services. They offer NER electric chain hoists, high/low lifting speeds, vibration analysis, testing, research, and development. Their Guardian Smart Brake Technology features no failures and a clean warranty record.


Hybrid Solar PV/Thermal + Storage Icarus RT, Inc.

Icarus’ is a B2B solar technology business based on working with EPC contractors as strategic partners to sell and install Icarus Quartet Systems. Quartet is a hybrid Photovoltaic (PV)/Thermal Solar Plus Storage Cogeneration System. Icarus manufactures and sells the primary component (proprietary heat extractor) and specifies other required off the shelf components to developers and/or EPC contractors. Icarus licenses the proprietary control system to the end user.

Integrator | EPC


Ampirical delivers full turn-key EPC renewable-based electrical infrastructure solutions. Ampirical’s solutions include, but are not limited to, electrical energy collection systems (PV and substation), electrical energy storage systems (BESS), and T&D electrical interconnection 13.8kV through 500kV. The Ampirical team’s renewable market experience spans more than 25 years and has delivered domestic as well as international electrical project solutions. Over this same period, the Ampirical team has developed proprietary renewable design solutions that deliver a high system reliable service to price point ratio. Ampirical is an electrical system solution provider with in-house capabilities which includes power systems analysis through installation, physical construction, and test.

Burns & McDonnell

Burns & McDonnell is an integrated EPC for solar and storage projects. They engineer, procure, integrate, and construct solar and storage jobs across North America. They have more than 15GW of solar design, development, and construction and more than 3GWh of battery storage construction.


GOLDBECK SOLAR provides EPC services for large-scale photovoltaic power plants worldwide. Their in-house services and proprietary racking solutions offer quality logistical advantages. They offer self-performed services, customizing energy systems for clients allowing installations even in challenging environments. Operating across North America, they aim to deliver value through value-engineered systems and deep experience deploying high-performing PV plants.

Green Source EPC, LLC

Green Source EPC is a provider of solar energy for commercial developments in North America. Green Source EPC works with customers from design through installation to produce custom efficient solar projects. With its self-performing capabilities, Green Source EPC accelerates the design, engineering, procurement, and construction timelines to improve quality and eliminate multi-sourcing challenges.


Rosendin Electric

Rosendin is leveraging its long standing BESS experience and expertise to provide BESS services in conjunction with its solar and wind utility scale offerings. Their energy storage solutions are tailored to meet the requirements of the customer while maintaining the quality and safety Rosendin has provided since 1919.

Scarlet Solar

SCARLET TiltPort is a single-axis tracker carport which is code compliant and panel agnostic. TiltPort increases the solar panels’ efficiency to produce more and less expensive energy. Designed for scale, modular, and warrantied, TiltPort is installed in hours in public, business, or commercial parking lots and agriculture applications. Several sizes available: from 30kW to 60kW per unit. Waterproof, bifacial, and other options available.


CE+T America

Stabiliti 30C3 is a 3-port bidirectional (AC/DC/DC) converter which easily interconnects to various power sources to offer high performance. Stabiliti 30C3 allows users to configure for peak shaving, energy arbitrage, and microgrid. As PV and batteries are the most expensive part of a complete system installation, Stabiliti 30C3 lowers the total system cost with its internal high frequency galvanic isolation, and almost doubles the life of batteries and PVs by protecting them from grid transients.


The new STORAGE 3Power HV is an INGETEAM storage inverter for 1500V battery systems. This UL1741SBcompliant converter is capable of providing up to 3930kVA. It features NEMA 3 protection for its main cabinet (the power stack), thanks to a hybrid cooling system that combines air and liquid refrigeration. This attribute allows for a greater thermal stability, a lower failure rate, lower OPEX, enhanced generation ratio and a more efficient component usage. Moreover, this inverter features advanced grid support functionalities, such as grid-forming, frequency regulation, black start capability, low voltage ride-through, synthetic inertia, reactive power capability, etc. An innovative control unit performs a more efficient and sophisticated inverter management, thanks to a last-generation digital signal processor.

Samlex America

EVO-4248 Split Phase (SP) Inverter/Charger is an all-in-one inverter, transfer switch, and battery charger. Output 120/240Vac Split Phase or Single Phase 120Vac. Battery connection at 48Vdc and 100A battery charger. 1 AC input for generator or grid. Allows users to power 120Vac appliances like tools, laptops, or a fridge, plus 240Vac appliances like water heaters and stoves. Suitable for off-grid cabin, work sites, remote locations, or emergency back-up power systems. Remote control available and sold separately.


Sunny Boy Smart Energy

The new two-in-one hybrid inverter by SMA.

Modern, modular design.

Lighter and smaller.

Central locking hub simplifies install. Quoting begins in July.


SMA America

The SMA Energy Meter allows for easy viewing of the home’s energy use, making electricity costs and savings more apparent. Available with the new Sunny Boy Smart Energy hybrid inverter, consumption data can be viewed in Sunny Portal or the SMA Energy App to allow for the homeowner to understand and optimize energy usage.


SolarEdge’s Home Hub Inverter presents a centralized solution that manages and coordinates solar production, storage and backup, EV charging, and future smart energy devices. System power and energy capacity are increased through battery and inverter stacking, so when DC coupled with batteries and the SolarEdge backup interface, the solution can back up additional loads or even power the entire home, up to 200A, during grid outages. It also enables higher energy yield since energy that would be lost in an AC-coupled solution can be redirected to a battery. Built-in metering and generator compatible.

Laminator Producer

Robert Bürkle GmbH

In the photovoltaic industry, BÜRKLE has been supplying laminators for over 15 years, including the patented YPSATOR multi-opening laminator. BÜRKLE delivers high-performance and highly efficient lamination technology. In doing so, the YPSATOR convinces with short cycle times, particularly low production area requirements and cost-efficient lamination technology.

Manufacture | Installation Equipment


The Sol-Ark O900-80V offers PV module rapid shutdown device (RSD) and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) power optimization. The O900-80V can attach to every PV module and provide RSD (PV rapid shutdown) required by UL 1741 and NEC 690.12. It will compensate for shaded panel(s) to maintain peak output power. When installed with and receiving a “permission to operate” signal from the TX 12K-A or TX 15K-A Transmitters, O900-80V starts proper operation of the PV system(s).

Consertek USA, Inc.

Consertek is the North American authorized distributor of THIES CLIMA Instruments, as well as distribution of Sabre Product line in Canada. In addition to the tower products, Consertek also designs, manufactures, and supplies high-quality anemometric supports and accessories for instruments. All their supports are CNC fabricated to suit any type of towers and can accommodate all instruments. They also offer data logger enclosure assembly, designed and assembled by their technicians.

North American Clean Energy 41 STAY AHEAD AND STORE. SOLAR ENERGY AT ANY TIME. Power your home during an outage with stored energy. Keep your appliances safe and running. Sustainable clean energy storage with solar power. Find out more:

Kurdex Corporation

Kurdex is a supplier of large area vacuum deposition and etch equipment for R&D, pilot, and high volume manufacturing (HVM). Products include sputtering, evaporation, PECVD, spatial ALD, ARC-CVD and plasma etch tools. Standard and custom systems configured for in-line, cluster, and R2R with full automation. Substrate sizes up to 2300MM rigid or flex, wafers, glass sheets, or roll of flexible materials. They also offer an applications lab for contract coating services, DOE, and technology development.


LUDECAwind systems are intended for installation and continuous maintenance work in the field. EASY-LASER systems are specially configured with functionality and hardware suited for wind turbines. No matter the manufacturer, coupling, or turbine type, they make generator-to-gearbox alignment inside any nacelle easy. EASY-LASER E910/E915 is suitable for measuring flatness and parallelism on tower flanges regardless of diameter, as well as for solving flange deformation and blades problems.


SPD66 Pile Drivers are available globally with high production and efficiency. They offer ergonomic machine controls with remote control available. Able to perform piling, ground screwing, and drilling, and have easy maintenance. The GPS options and in-the-field tracking uses Groma Technology. With GRM-PD-POS, once the machine is in position, it prepares to be loaded with pile/screw, and after loading installation is complete to the assigned height, it advances autonomously to the new pile/screw point.

Stracker Solar

Stracker Solar’s elevated dual-axis solar trackers produce 50% to 70% more power than fixed PV systems of the same size while maintaining full use of the grounds below. The 28-module array sits on top of a 20ft steel pole with a minimum 14ft clearance at all times, making the system suitable for parking lots, commercial operations, farms, and schoolyards. The robust pole can be equipped with LED lot lighting and EV charge stations. The low maintenance design comes with 30-year warranty and is microgrid ready.


Vision Engraving & Routing Systems

Made in the USA since 1983, Vision Engraving & Routing Systems manufactures high-quality, low-maintenance machines for making code-compliant solar tags and plates. Vision’s systems are environmentally friendly and do not emit harmful fumes or require an air filtration system. Choose from small desktop-sized engravers and larger machines that come with easy-to-use Vision engraving software. Make PV tags, plates, labels, solar placards, OSHA-compliant danger and warning signs, metal tags, and more.


Hoymiles Power Electronics, Inc.

Hoymiles 4-in-1 microinverter is a cost-effective modulelevel solar solution, as it can support up to 4 panels at once and maximize PV production. With a maximum DC voltage of 60V, Hoymiles microinverter is a PV Rapid Shutdown Equipment and conforms with NEC-2017, 2020, and CEC-2021 Sec 64-218. It is equipped with reactive power control and meets the standards of IEEE 1547, UL 1741, and CA Rule21.


NEP’s BDM800 is a two PV panel microinverter providing 800WAC and supporting two modules up to 1200WDC. Rule 21 ready and CEC listed. Residential and Commercial 208VAC applications. Shipping today via national distributors.
Increase your PV installation Fluke SMFT-1000 and PV system



LONGi Hi-MO5 features optimized gallium-doped M10 standard silicon wafers (182mm) to produce a P-Type Mono PERC module with low LID, increased attenuation, and power performance well as long-term reliability. Hi-MO 5 adopts “Smart Soldering,” which uses integrated segmented soldering ribbons that maximize light capture and connect cells with reduced gap distance and reduce the tensile stress of the cell.


PowerShingle by Nucor is a solar panel technology with a water-shed design to keep everything below clean and dry. PowerShingle eliminates the need for costly sub-roofing and its bifacial design gathers sunlight from both sides, providing a steady supply of clean, affordable solar energy backed by a 25-year warranty.

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installation productivity with the SMFT-1000 solar PV testing kit for I-V curve tracing system performance analysis.

Panasonic Corporation of North America

Panasonic Eco Systems North America, a Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America, unveiled their new line of all-black compact EverVolt solar modules, developed with performance, accessibility, flexibility, and pleasing aesthetics in mind. The new HK Black Series panels, with half-cut cells and heterojunction technology with gapless connections, offer the most powerful modules in the company’s portfolio. The EverVolt HK Black Series modules have efficiency ratings of up to 22.2%, allowing homeowners to utilize high levels of power production while using less roof space. Homeowners can benefit from greater energy production throughout the day, including on the hottest days in the warmest climates, due to the modules’ temperature coefficient of 0.26%/°C. With low annual degradation rates, the Panasonic panels are expected to provide power output of at least 92% in the 25th year after installation. The EverVolt solar modules are covered under Panasonic’s EverVolt AllGuard All System Warranty when purchased with EverVolt Battery Storage System, which covers solar panels and battery storage when bundled together.

Rayzon Solar Pvt., Ltd.

Rayzon Solar’s production facility of 1.5GW in the state of Gujarat, India was established in 2016. Rayzon Solar is committed to sustainability and has contributed to governmentadministered solar power projects in rooftop and commercial setups. They have also expanded their reach globally with exports to five countries, including the USA and Europe.

REC Group

The REC Alpha Pure-R provides residential rooftop and small commercial projects with power, efficiency, and suitable size. Featuring HJT cells in a compact, patented design, Pure-R delivers power output up to 430Wp and efficiency up to 22.3%. With a low temperature coefficient of -.24%, front load-tested to 7000Pa, and hurricanetested, PURE-R is designed to handle extreme weather. Eligible for REC’s extended ProTrust 25-year warranty. Lead-free and RoHAS compliant.

Contac t Marv air Today fo

RenewSys India Pvt., Ltd.

RenewSys is an integrated manufacturer of solar PV modules (1.75GW) and their key components including encapsulants (3GW), backsheets (4GW), and solar PV cells (130MW). Headquartered in Mumbai, with manufacturing facilities at Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Patalganga.

Solvari Solar

Silfab Solar

Silfab Elite MWT/Back-contact technology with an innovative conductive back sheet and proprietary cell design delivers high performance, durability, and beautiful aesthetics. Manufactured exclusively in the United States.

Solvari SR is an all-in-one solar module that offers a quick install. Simply lift the module to the roof, screw it down, and plug it in. All fasteners, flashing, electronics, and wiring are integrated with the module. Installers appreciate the low labor, overhead, and inventory management costs, as well as the safety of spending less time on the roof. Solvari SR won the DOE’s American Made Solar Prize and the California Energy Commission CalSEED innovation award.

r Pricing & Availability | mar | mar | (404) 403-7771 AW-ESS750H 25,500 BTUh (7.47 kW ) Air Cooled Chiller for Liquid Cooled Batterie s Air Cooled Chiller for Liquid Cooled Batteries Energy Efficient Variable Speed Compressor Precise Battery Temperature Control Ease of Installation and Operation

Off-grid Power Supply

Sunfire Fuel Cells GmbH

Sunfire-Remote fuel cells efficiently generate power for off-grid applications, converting Propane or NG without water or lubricants. They prevent freezing, have over 30% efficiency, and require maintenance every 10,000 hours. Used since 2014 in Europe, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, and Alaska, they excel in alpine environments above 8000 feet. They can be combined with photovoltaics for summer operation savings.

Off-grid Solar

SunWize Power & Battery, LLC

SunWize provides pre-designed and fully customized systems which can be stand-alone or hybrid solar, and are designed to meet any load and site requirements. Their Power Ready Express Systems are ready off-the-shelf and designed for quick fulfillment, making purchasing resilient remote power quick and easy. Additionally, they design and manufacture standard and customized enclosures, solar mounts, and solar panels. These are available as stand-alone products or as part of a complete power system

Morningstar Corporation

In stock and shipping: six all-new Morningstar inverters from 150-2500W, 120 or 23OV output, 12, 24, and 48Vdc input options. Industrial-grade design and build quality, with a low-frequency toroidal transformer for improved sinewave stability. Engineered for system-level integration with Morningstar charge controllers. Full communications features include Bluetooth, RS-485, USB, Ethernet, and MS-CAN. AC hardwire terminal options. Fanless convection cooling for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Vroom Solar

Vroom Solar kits feature solar-direct, multi-load management technology that converts sunlight to usable power with the flip of a switch, no battery or grid needed. Solar-direct technology allows for immediate usable power, produced on-site. Power can be stored in a backup battery for later, like at night, but no battery is required for power production. Their multi-load management technology is inspired by the automatic transmission and alternates through outlets as light-conditions change throughout the day or as the draw on outlets change, like a fully charged battery. Their off-grid solar generator kits include solar modules and patent-pending racking that’s adaptable to box trucks, trailers, and cargo containers, ground mount tubs, or a solar shed kit.


Performance Monitoring

Apogee Instruments

Apogee Class C silicon-cell pyranometers are low-cost, high reliable alternatives to Class-A thermopile pyranometers for performance monitoring at multisized plants, solar prospecting, and weather stations. Apogee pyranometers have been used on thousands of installations for 26 years. Sensor output options include 0 to 350mV, 0 to 2.5V, 0 to 5V, 4 to 20mA, SDI-12, and Modbus. Apogee also offers a low-cost thermopile pyranometer for those wanting higher accuracy under clouds. pyranometer

CAS DataLoggers

The EC-7VAR Power Energy Data Logger is specifically designed to monitor one, two, or three current channels, as well as one, two, or three voltage channels. It allows users to monitor the loading and energy consumption of the installation. The Power Factor recorded is the phase angle between L1 and A1. Amp ranges are selectable from 400 or 3000 Aac. The Electrocorder range uses a constant sampling technique. When the loggers start to record, they sample every channel 16 times per cycle.


emazys provides the Z200 PV Analyzer designed for troubleshooting, diagnostics, and O&M applications. The Z200 does not only detect plant faults and failures, is also pinpoints the exact location of the failure within the array. The Z200 does also detect early signs of degradation and includes fault finding in the testing procedure.

HuksefluxUSA, Inc.

The digital SR30 Secondary Standard pyranometer features an internal maintenance-free heated ventilation system. The circulation of heated air flow between the inner and outer domes suppresses the formation of dew and frost on the pyranometer optic. With < 2.1 Watts max power consumption, SR30 delivers a high level of performance and data availability. Critical sensor data, including irradiance, sensor serial number, and calibration data, are all available via RS485 RTU / Modbus connection. The sealed desiccant cartridge free design with internal ventilation translates into reduced sensor maintenance and cost of ownership.


The HY-OPTIMA 2700 Series uses a solid-state, non-consumable sensor that is configured to operate in process gas streams. The H2scan solid state technology provides a direct hydrogen measurement that is not cross sensitive to other gases. The HY-OPTIMA 2700 Series is suitable for applications where real-time, hydrogen specific measurements can enhance process plant efficiencies, diagnostics and maintenance management.

Omnidian, Inc.

Omnidian provides a purpose-built, AI-powered monitoring technology solution, coupled with solar O&M support. Their asset performance management solution is used by solar developers, installers, and EPCs nationwide. With over 175,000 assets under management, and years of asset data informing their technology, Omnidian is positioned to ensure maximum asset uptime and return on investment.

ONYX Insight

ONYX Insight is a flexible, independent service provider, combining real-world engineering expertise with innovative software and advanced sensing solutions. Their approach to predictive maintenance can minimize downtime, boost profitability, optimize operations, and extend the life of an asset. They work collaboratively at every stage of the asset life-cycle, enabling operators to make informed, future-proof O&M decisions.


Ping Services

eologix sensor technology gmbh and Ping Services have joined forces provide continuous

OPTIMIZE PV PERFORMANCE & EFFICIENCY Transform weather uncertainty into operational confidence

The PVMet™ line of weather stations offers the widest range of customizable options for solar power system monitoring. Multiple configurations and customization of irradiance, temperature, wind, rain and humidity sensors ensures you can meet your project’s needs and budget.

Why Choose a PVMet Weather Station?

 Personalized experience based on your project requirements

 Customizable solutions with a wide range of sensor options

 Pre-Configured stations for quick & easy installation

Transform weather uncertainty into operational confidence with the accuracy and reliability of PVMet.

Request a Quote Today!

Eric Rollins

 System integration via MODBUS RTU and TCP

 SunSpec certified or compliant

 Meets IEC 61724-1 Standard for PV System Performance Monitoring
PVMet 75 PVMet 100 PVMet 150 PVMet 200 PVMet 330 PVMet 500

Sensoria by MISTRAS Group

Sensoria is a 24/7/365 blade monitor that remotely detects and reports damages through an online data portal, taking the guesswork out of wind blade integrity management. Sensoria utilizes acoustic emission (AE) technology to help make wind blades more efficient by maximizing uptime and reducing the need to take blades out of service for inspection. Sensoria enables quick, accurate decisionmaking, and promotes a proactive maintenance strategy so blade damages don’t worsen over time.

Solar-Log North America (Solar Data Systems, Inc.)

Solar-Log provides hardware-agnostic and manufacturerindependent monitoring and control, feed-in management, and energy management. With more than 2300 compatible components (inverters, meters, weather sensors, storage systems), Solar-Log is an energy management system for renewable energies. As a result, users can monitor and manage all of their plants from one single platform and reduce solar plant downtimes with accurate performance data. An enhanced monitoring and management tool for residential, C&I, and largescale fleets. Detailed performance insights avoid lasting negative effects on solar plant returns.


Solarfox displays visualize energy data from renewable energy sources and solar power systems in commercial or public buildings. The display can be connected to almost any PV system and easily managed via the internet, independent of the solar system location. Solarfox is hardwareagnostic, working with numerous brands of inverters and data loggers or monitoring solutions from different vendors. It allows users to visualize multiple installations, even different energy systems like wind turbines.



The Solmetric PV Analyzer I-V Curve Tracer measures the performance of modules and strings up to 1500V and 30A. The new PVA-1500HE is specifically designed to measure strings of high efficiency modules (e.g. >19% efficient HJT, Perc, Mono-Si, etc) up to 30A. The wireless irradiance and temperature sensor captures environmental conditions at the time of the I-V sweep. Sophisticated software instantly determines the performance factor, fill factor, Isc, Voc, Imp, Vmp, Pmax, current ratio, and voltage ratio; and the analysis software produces tables, histograms, and population charts for an entire PV plant. Careful thermal management inside the tool ensures high measurement throughput enabling large systems to be commissioned quickly.

WAGO Corporation

WAGO’s new Edge Devices combine the duality of today’s smart connected world. They provide real time analytics at the edge of the network combined with a high level of determinism for plant floor control. These devices have low latency control with the capability of exchanging contextualized data with Cloud-based service applications. The Edge Controller can run high speed and complex applications using its quad-core processor and Linuxbased real time operating system supporting IIoT protocols such as MQTT, OPC UA, and Sparkplug. Control engineers and software developers can leverage the Edge Computer’s openness to operate their edge of network applications.

North American Clean Energy 53


Rapid Shutdown Systems

Safety Equipment

3S Lift


RSD-Plus is an NEC-2017 and NEC-2020 compliant device. Single and Dual PV module RSD in one device enables low cost, PV level thermal shutdown enables even greater safety protection. Configured DC cables and connectors to match the PV connector brand and lowers AHJ rejection risks. Optional PV data monitoring available.

The 3S Lift Climb Auto System is a single technician laddermounted lift that eliminates the physical and mental strain of climbing. It features safety control switches on both handles and a remote mode for the easy transport of tools. The collapsible footboards make for rapid evacuation in the event of an emergency. The Climb Auto System offers independent Fall Arresters for the operator and the system itself, providing utmost safety. The Climb Auto System can be easily retrofitted to almost any wind turbine, often in 8 hours or less. Because it is mounted to the existing ladder, the installation typically requires no changes to the wind turbine structures. It is CE, UL, ANSI, OSHA certified, and has been installed in over 80,000 towers worldwide. The Climb Auto System is a safe and cost-effective way to ascend a tower and lets technicians keep their minds on the job and not on the climb.


Demand IQ

Demand IQ is a SaaS company that helps residential solar providers lower customer acquisition costs while selling more projects and streamlining their business. Its products, Stella and Hero, are designed to improve lead quality, increase workflow efficiency, and provide homeowners with a transparent, educational solar shopping experience. Demand IQ delivers a customer-centric solar shopping experience that helps future-proof solar businesses and makes going solar more accessible for homeowners.

Ellume Solar, Inc.

Ellume 360 is a device agnostic, integrated solution designed for centralized management of solar power plants with strong emphasis on data visualization, analysis, and performance reporting. Their cloud based secure and scalable infrastructure allows users to manage multiple solar power plants globally from a central location. Their ticketing and asset management module makes it a complete solution for any device monitoring, reporting, analytics for EPC, O&M service providers, IPP, and C&I end users.

ENACT Systems, Inc.

ENACT offers a two-sided software platform for solar and energy storage projects. ENACT ENVISION is used by developers and installers to remotely design complete solar and storage solutions, as well as finalize contracts and track execution.

ENACT ENGAGE is used by end-customers to track financial savings, energy usage, and predict their future outcomes. The platform is used in 23 countries by thousands of users, with over $1.5B of projects annually.



Lyra allows users to quickly and easily create permit-ready residential solar designs and instantly export ready-to-submit permit packages in just a few minutes with 99% AHJ acceptance rate.

Indji Systems

Indji Systems delivers situational awareness solutions focusing on identifying weather hazards that disrupt solar and wind operations. Plan of Day/Week dashboards help users quickly identify rapidly changing weather, allowing them to be more proactive mitigating potential impacts to their operation and employee safety. Asset specific forecasts provide early notice for planning, safety, and asset decisions. Thresholds for lightning, high winds, icing, hail, wildfires, and other environmental hazards can be set to alert users via text or email if those thresholds will be exceeded.

PXiSE Energy Solutions

PXiSE provides next-generation grid control software that unlocks the potential of distributed generation to improve grid reliability and increase renewable energy output, while ensuring system balance and power quality. Its MGC offers management and coordination of a localized group of DERs, the DERMS enables utilities to reach a high penetration of renewable energy assets alongside traditional grid components within network constraints, and the PPC maximizes the efficiency of utility-scale assets.

2023 JULY • 56 2023

Raptor Maps

Raptor Maps is building the operating system for the solar industry, enabling the industry to scale and meet global climate goals. With intelligence for the entire solar industry, their solar lifecycle management platform (Raptor Solar) provides the tools and the system of record that asset owners, managers, O&M, developers, and EPCs need to build, maintain, and expand their solar plants. All solar farms are converted to a geospatially referenced digital twin which creates a centralized and normalized data model for performance data, equipment health and metadata, irradiance data, and more. An API-centric platform with integrations to leading monitoring providers, Raptor Solar can be deployed flexibly and quickly across an entire PV portfolio.


RatedPower’s software, pvDesign, is a cloud-based software for designing and engineering utility-scale photovoltaic plants, which helps development, EPC, and solar engineering firms to reduce LCOE by maximizing energy production and reducing construction costs. Developer teams use pvDesign to quickly prospect plots of land and try out different plant configurations in order to find the best investment opportunities. Teams at EPC companies use pvDesign to cast winning quotes to their offtakers, minimizing PV projects costs. pvDesign can reduce the time solar professionals spend designing PV plants from 4-6 weeks to under 2 minutes.


Energy security is defined as the uninterrupted availability of energy sources at an affordable price. Solar water heating possess unique advantages that directly benefit you, strengthening the energy security that SunEarth and solar water heating bring to the market. Get a quote today.


S CAN TO About the Benefits of Solar Water Heating


TWAICE’s Battery Analytics Platform is a convergence of deep battery knowledge, artificial intelligence (AI), scalable cloud software, and real-life battery data. It creates a single source of truth for how batteries should be effectively developed and operate; simple, low-cost, and high-value. The software is leveraged to successfully mitigate technical risks such as underperformance and malfunctioning as well as to increase availability of storage capacity. From energy storage systems to electric vehicles and more, the Platform offers holistic battery analytics that can be adapted to match customers’ needs.


Whitestar Explorer has 550+ critical attributes for energy companies across four layers; ParcelsHD, CultureHD, WellsHD, and TrueGRID. The data integrity, accuracy, and fidelity can be relied on for major business decisions. Data is derived from authoritative sources and standardized to a nationwide schema, saving time for development, GIS, analytics, and land teams with single scripting nationwide. Streamed updates flow seamlessly into a GIS while other delivery types are also available.

Solar Distributor NEFIN Group

NEFIN’s innovative and sustainable approach offers bespoke carbon neutral technologies and financing solutions to large companies and MNC clients worldwide. As a green independent power producer (IPP), the services include ESG advisory and energy efficiency management, technology deployment with high safety standards and performance for solar energy projects, O&M services, asset management, energy storage systems, project investment, and renewable energy certificates.

FPI/FPO 018 | Filter Fan Plus COOL YOUR ENCLOSURE Tool-free mounting Support range -40 to +158 F Cool air “IN” and/or hot air “OUT”

Solar Mounting SAE Inc.

SAE manufacturers ConduWire, an extruded, conductively coated grounding wire that extends the life of any grounding system by virtually eliminating wire corrosion. ConduWire offers increased lifecycle by reducing electrode corrosion, increased safety by ensuring grounding systems remain functioning for their design life, and eliminating the need to replace grounding over time.

SunBallast USA

SunBallast has developed a cost effective, durable, and intuitive racking for solar on flat roofs and ground mounts. They’ve united racking and ballast in a single construction grade concrete block. It gives the tilt angle as well as enough weight to withstand all kinds of wind, snow, and seismic loads according to the IBC, ASCE, and SEAOC codes. This racking is available in an EW or South facing configuration. All products are made in USA.

eSpire Mini Energy Storage System

Fully Integrated, Pre-configured Turnkey Solution for Large Residential to Light Commerical Applications (2Ph 208/480Vac @ 60Hz)

Built-in Microgrid Controls

Ability to integrate with solar, genset, wind, micro-turbines, utility, or other distributed energy resources.

Adaptive EMS / Fleet Management

Intelligent software to reduce electricity cost, prepare for resiliency, and maximize return on investment.

AC and DC Coupling Options

Indoor and outdoor rated lithium iron phosphate solution that can be expanded up to 2 units in parallel.

One Solution For All

Includes includes inverter(s), battery trays, racks, BMS,Microgrid Controller, HVAC, fire suppression, islanding switch, and outdoor rated enclosure.

TerraGen Solar

TerraGen Solar’s signature product line, TGR flat roof system, focuses on lowering total cost while providing a quality product. The system is customizable to any tilt angle or row spacing to optimize the module layout for increased density or increased production at higher tilts. The fully rail-based system reduces the ballast requirements and allows for easy wire management. Pre-assembled components and pre-determined row spacing eliminate the need for on-site measurements.

Solar Thermal Manufacturing & Equipment

Stiebel Eltron, Inc.

Stiebel Eltron SOLKITS thermal solar systems have SRCC OG100 system certification. Each solar closed loop system includes SOL 29 PREMIUM flat plate collector panel(s) and mounting hardware, SB/SBB storage tank with heat exchanger(s), pump station with expansion tank, temperature/pressure gauges, pressure relief and check valves, and controller unit with corresponding sensors. There is a 10-year warranty on Stiebel Eltron solar panels and tanks.


Solarus Smart Energy Solutions designs sustainable systems that utilize nearly 100% of the total usable energy emitted by the sun with proprietary photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) technology that collects electricity and heat energy simultaneously within the same footprint as a traditional PV panel. Their hybrid solar solutions combine two prevailing technologies, photovoltaic and thermal. Their design collects electricity and heat energy from the same installation within the same footprint. By capturing heat, they harness energy typically lost in traditional PVs into maximum energy output. Whether hospitality or healthcare, manufacturing or food & beverage, Solarus provides customized affordable, efficient energy and hot water solutions.


Solar water heating is a viable and effective way to reduce household utility costs. By harnessing the sun’s energy to heat water, households can save money on energy bills and reduce their dependence on traditional heating methods. It’s a sustainable, energy-efficient and eco-friendly option that contributes to a greener future.



Testing & Certification


EPEC Solutions

To meet the unique challenges of the solar industry, EPEC developed an LV switchboard family from the ground up. A family consisting of UL 891 switchboards 400A to 4000A, 480VAC through 800VAC. EPEC’s solar specific features include thermal engineering to eliminate nuisance tripping (standard gloss white paint, oversized bus, utilization of electronic trip MCCBs), direct connection with MV transformers (typically saving over 10k in installation cost), and 800VAC UL certification with molded case circuit breakers.

The Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (ICC-SRCC), a program of ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), is a certifier and standards developer for solar heating and cooling products in North America. Their certifications and listings are designed to help manufacturers comply with regulatory requirements in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean Region. Their unbiased efficiency ratings provide independent measure of the performance of products used by incentive programs and consumers. They certify solar thermal collectors, solar domestic water heaters, solar pool heaters, and solar air heaters, and offer listings for major codes and standards applying to solar heating and cooling products in North America.

Testing Equipment


DEWESoft’s Power Analyzers can continuously acquire raw inputs including analog, digital, CAN, Ethernet, GPS, etc. at up to 15MHz sample rates. These instruments combine the functionality of a portable power analyzer, scope, FFT analyzer, data logger utilizing powerful and easy-to-use software making them a suitable instrument for electrical engineers. Applications include commissioning, troubleshooting, testing batteries, motors, inverters, chargers, power electronics, etc.

Fluke Corporation

The Fluke SMFT-1000 multifunction tester with I-V curve tracing can test that PV systems are performing to their optimal power output. Designed for PV professionals providing installation, commissioning, and maintenance services, the SMFT-1000 provides a complete PV testing solution that conforms to IEC 62446-1 standards.

Tools Greenlee

Greenlee provides cable pulling and fishing tools, knockouts and drivers, power tool accessories, bending, wire and cable termination, testing and measurement, storage and material handling, and general purpose and safety tools.

Solar Tools USA

The Solar Panel Hanger is a multi-tool designed to assist with the staging, leveling, and mounting of solar panels on a roof. This tool provides a method for one to effectively install an array solo. It also increases efficiency for a large crew by allowing installers to each focus on a specific job. Reduce installation time, ensure panels are perfectly aligned, and provide a safe and organized way to stage multiple panels on the roof. Mounts to all major brands of racking. Sold in sets of two.

Slick Tools, LLC

The Mod Spacer Peg is easy to grasp and hard to forget on the roof due to its high-vis color. It can either be used by itself, or installers can attach several Mod Spacer Pegs to any length of ¾’’ EMT. The benefit of this design is that installers can stage multiple panels at once. It sets a ½’’ gap and thanks to its long arm, the Spacer can perch on the side of a panel, freeing up installers’ hands and increasing efficiency

North American Clean Energy


$2,000 CREDIT*

Stahlwille Tools, LLC

Stahlwille Tools offers torque wrenches with no coil-spring design, no need to return to zero after use. These tools can be adjusted without disassembly during calibration. The QuickRelease safety lock secures the insert tools while, at the same time enabling them to be changed quickly and easily and inadvertent release is no longer a risk. Available with multiple choices of inserts, ratchet, crow foot, ring, and specialty options.

Tracking Systems

Energy Storage installations (up to $2,000).

Solargik, Ltd.

Solargik’s versatile, cost-efficient trackers and intelligent control software increase power generation, efficiency, and profitability while reducing overall CAPEX and OPEX. Their configurable tracker helps boost power density on non-traditional terrains that were previously impossible to install; steep slopes, oddly shaped, sites, rooftops, and over crops (Agri-PV).


Contact your distributor or Canadian Solar for more information at

While supplies last. $1,000 credit applies to the first two systems commissioned by a company/dealer. A system is defined as a Smart Gateway and EP Cube inverter/battery unit with a minimum of 9.9 kWh capacity. You must be a Canadian Solar EP Cube Certified Installer to commission the system. The credit will be issued as a credit memo toward the company’s next purchase after verification of the commissioned system. Offer valid on systems commissioned in the USA and Puerto Rico. Promotion cannot be combined with any other offers.

Abaris Training Resources, Inc.

Abaris offers composite windblade repair training for individuals and groups that want to expand their repair capabilities in the wind industry. Currently, Abaris offers both basic and advanced 5-day courses and will soon be certified by GWO and able to provide certification credentials in a 10-day course.

*Now get a $1,000 credit on each of your first 2 EP Cube Home

Tech Wind Services Training Center

Tech Wind Services Training Center is certified to offer GWO BST (Basic Safety Training) Classes. This includes GWO training standards on modules of First Aid, Manual Handling, Fire Awareness, and Working at Heights. Keep technicians up to date on all their training to ensure they work safely on every job to reduce risk of injury from the most common hazards when working on a wind turbine.

Transportation | Logistics

Anderson Trucking Services (ATS)

ATS, a worldwide transportation and project management provider, executes the many logistical elements of multifaceted and often multimodal energy projects. ATS also specializes in the physical transport of the oversized and over-dimensional loads that come with them. Having safely moved more than 215,000 wind components since 2003, ATS currently provides transportation solutions for approximately one-third of North America’s wind projects annually. With 65 years of experience in the transportation industry, ATS is a third generation familyowned company headquartered in St. Cloud, Minnesota.



Asahi/America’s family of thermoplastic valves and actuators are corrosion resistant, light weight and provide high flow-through which saves energy through performance. Their valves offer extended life cycle and are engineered to work with aggressive chemicals.

Wind Installation

Five Star Products, Inc.

XP 230 Epoxy Grout is a revolutionary wind tower bearing plate elimination system. With a compressive strength of 23,000psi (159MPa), it spreads the load between the tower and foundation while creating a full-contact, weathertight connection. Its low exotherm allows monolithic pours up to 18’’ (46cm). Its high early strength of 10,000psi (69MPa) is achieved in 4 hrs at 90°F (32°C) and 8 hrs at 70°F (21°C) which makes it possible to install additional tower sections in as little as one day.

Wind Measurement

FT Technologies

Powered by their Acu-Res Technology, FT ultrasonic wind sensors resonate an acoustic wave inside a narrow cavity, which allows them to design compact wind sensors with a signal-to-noise ratio more than 40dB stronger than other ultrasonic technologies. Extremely small, with no moving parts to degrade or damage, the sensors are rugged, maintenance-free, and deliver over 99.9% data availability, for years on end, even in harsh environments.


Anchored by the suite of WindCube lidars, Vaisala offers a 360° set of global weather and environment solutions for wind and solar. From the WindCube lidar suite to weather sensors, lightning data, and weather forecasts and historical data, they offer solutions to support users throughout the wind and solar farm lifecycle.

North American Clean Energy 67
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