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2015-16 YEAR IN REVIEW This is a publication of the Norfolk Collegiate Communications Office representing highlights of the 2015-16 school year. For more news, events and in-depth stories about Norfolk Collegiate, visit Sara Steil Director of Communications Norfolk Collegiate Communications Office 7336 Granby Street Norfolk, VA 23505 757.282.5308


Photography support provided by Norfolk Collegiate faculty, staff, students and parents. Athletic photography support also provided by Jim Morrison [].

ACADEMICS PAGES 8-23 ADMISSIONS INQUIRIES Schedule a personal tour or consultation with our admissions office by contacting admissions@norfolkcollegiate. org or 757.480.1495. More information is available at admissions. Norfolk Collegiate is a K-12 independent school accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools and AdvancED-SACS.


MISSION STATEMENT Norfolk Collegiate develops critical thinkers, doers and explorers through innovative, engaging instruction in an inclusive and supportive learning community. GUIDING PRINCIPLES We embrace our vision and fulfill our mission according to the following guiding principles: • Providing an excellent, broad-based educational foundation • Supporting students in an inclusive environment • Fostering close partnerships among students, faculty and parents • Grounding students in a strong value system • Engaging our community in lifelong learning


ACCREDITATION STATEMENT Accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement, Norfolk Collegiate admits qualified students without regard to race, color, ethnic background, national origin or religion. DISCLAIMER STATEMENT The philanthropy report recognizes gifts made to the school between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016. Every effort has been made to compile as accurate a report of donors as possible. If you discover an error or omission, please accept our apologies and bring it to our attention.

It was a record-breaking year! Dear Norfolk Collegiate, The 2015-16 school year was a seminal one for our community as we saw the completion of several important milestones that set our school apart from others. In September, we opened our new outdoor athletic complex. Our two, side-by-side, lighted turf fields are the only such complex in Hampton Roads. While our student-athletes have an incredible facility for competition, the entire community also benefits from the expanded space. Having such a facility has made our school the premier destination for community clubs and leagues looking for a first-class practice and competition location. This also was the first year of our participation in the College Board’s AP Capstone™ Program. We were the only independent school in the state to be part of this prestigious program, which expands our ability to challenge our students to perform not only at the highest academic level, but also in progressive, innovative ways. In May, the lower school campus opened our Outdoor Learning Lab, which included chickens, whose eggs will benefit those less fortunate through our partnership with the FoodBank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore, and farm-to-table gardens tended by our students. As a result, each student will learn the value of sustainable gardens and give back to the larger community. Collegiate also hosted a very successful 10-year accreditation visit from the Virginia Association of Independent Schools. By blending that re-accreditation process with an ambitious strategic planning process, we were able to come together as a community to craft a vision for the future. We solicited input from alumni, students, parents and faculty to develop a shared vision that capitalizes on our strengths and commits us to stewarding our school for future generations. We will introduce the strategic plan in the near future, and we know it will excite everyone. These are just the beginning of a long list of accomplishments that we are excited to share with you as we look back on 2015-16. We all know the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so we are pleased to offer this magazine and all of its wonderful images that demonstrate Collegiate’s past year. This is an exciting time to be part of our school, and we all know there are even more exciting programs, projects and opportunities ahead. Sincerely,

Scott G. Kennedy Headmaster



2016-17 Administration Scott G. Kennedy, Headmaster Cleteus Smith, Head of the Lower School Susan Bryant, Interim Head of the Middle School Anne Claud Claywell ’88, Interim Head of the Upper School Carleton F. Bryant III, Director of Finance & Operations Nicole M. Pellegrino, Director of Development Mary Peccie, Director of Admissions Sara Steil, Director of Communications Michael N. Kaplan, Director of College Counseling Alexandra Bartlett, Director of Auxiliary Programs Jon Hall, Director of Athletics Nicole Weyer, Upper School Dean of Students Judy Davis, Director of Curriculum & Instruction Charlene Loope, Director of Instructional Technology & Communication Arts Joseph Collins, Controller Tom Hubert, Facility Manager Bob Roberts, Technology Coordinator

Faculty & Staff Melissa Adams Jeremy Alessi Jill Archer Dr. John Bain Julia Bannister Shannon Bartel Paul Behson Evan Benedict ’04 Ashley Billman Kathleen Boettcher Garrett Booker Laura Booker Cayte Merryman Brown ’08 Jacqueline Burke Kathryn Calzini Jamie Cato Dana Carr Ron Chupik Nelee Connors Paula Barclay Cook Mary Creekmore Anne Curtis Rick Davis

Sarah DeStefano Jodi Dobrinsky ’88 Timothy Duvall Ron Evers David Fisher Claire Fornsel Kathy Frogosa Cathy Francis Rita Frankenberry Aaron Gregory Julieanne Hastings Max Holman Brendan Hoyle Latonya Hunter Ashley James ’94 Michael Johnson Michelle Kellam Taylor Kelly Lonice Kenley Lolita Kraft Randy Ladkau Lauren Langley Emily Lindale ’02

Larry Maddox Lori Martinelli-Riendeau Robyn Maus Mark McElhaney Michelle McNaughton Debbie Meadows Henry Meredith ’11 Socorro Montoya-Mann James Moskowitz Nicole Mottinger Val Del Ortiz Margaret Paul Brenda Pidgeon Melissa Poppert Susie Potter Kate Pringle Michele Purrington Nicole Reese Luke Reilly Amy Robb Matthew Robertson Ian Robinson Jennifer Schero

Sarah Schulte Bev Ridolfi Shore Melissa Silverman Erin Smyth Alexandra Snyder ’91 Paige Solomon Alan Stell Sarah Stradling Catherine Thomson ’94 Dr. Frank Thomson Alice Toy Anh Tran Kenny Tynes Melinda Vooss ’87 Donovan Waefler Ling Wang Jan Weintraub Catherine White ’87 Richard White Kathy Windley Cathy Wright Helen Younce Rebecca Zborowski

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Poised for the future Dear Norfolk Collegiate Community, It has been another remarkable year as we embarked on several momentous adventures. I am honored to have served as your board chairman for the second year, but moreover to share your vested interest in Collegiate’s success as a parent of two students. Thanks to our support as parents and through the Norfolk Collegiate Annual Fund, students kicked off the 2015-16 school year with abundant opportunities to grow, learn and excel! From providing outstanding academic and athletic programs to scholarships, tools for our teachers and a rich community environment, Collegiate ensures our students are receiving a great education and an even greater experience. It is incredible to think that as we began last year, we were anticipating the opening of our new turf fields and lights. Since then, the fields have transformed the athletic and physical education programs at Collegiate. They are utilized by 15 Collegiate teams, as well as the middle and upper school physical education classes and lower school students, who utilize them for camps, clinics and practices. The two fields are bringing the Hampton Roads community together for events, tournaments and competitions. They are a truly visible symbol of our community’s unwavering commitment to the health and wellness for all ages! Thank you to all of you who have committed to this project to ensure the fields will be maintained for future generations. Yet we didn’t stop there. More than flowers have bloomed since the Outdoor Learning Lab’s opening on May 7, 2016. From learning about sustainable agriculture to investigating creepy crawlers, students are expanding their knowledge about the world around them, as well as becoming young philanthropists by donating the fruits (and veggies) of their labor to the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore. The lab has elevated the way we teach at the lower school, while creating unforgettable memories for our youngest students. With 130 veggie plots, five hens, a flower bed and a greenhouse, the Outdoor Learning Lab hosted two new summer camps, and several learning labs were launched before the 2015-16 school year ended! We finished the year with the beginnings of MakerLabs at each campus due to the generosity of Fund-an-Item donors during our “Night at the Races” Annual Auction in May. These spaces will serve as community hubs for innovation for our K-12 learners. With the newly dedicated spaces and their new technology, machinery and furniture, our students will be able to share resources and knowledge with each other, collaborate on projects and learn by doing. This is an exciting time at Norfolk Collegiate. We continue to grow and evolve, and as Scott Kennedy shared in his welcome, we are well poised for the future. Regards,

W. Taylor Franklin ’00 Board of Director Chair


Operating Budget Summary July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016 We appreciate each and every gift, and we thank you for your important role in creating a strong tradition of philanthropy at our school. Thanks to the generosity and support of many individuals and families, Norfolk Collegiate is able to accomplish its mission to educate a diverse body of students to thrive in a college setting and beyond.


Tuition & Fees 91% Fundraising 4% Auxiliary Services: 5%


Instructional 45% General & Administrative 26% Financial Aid 16% Plant 9% Auxiliary Services 2% Fundraising 2%

GIFT SUMMARY July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016 2015-16 Annual Giving Totals Cash Contributions Special Events Total Auction Baker Golf Classic Fall Fair

$492,597 $330,497 $162,100 $110,795 $24,500 $26,005

RINGS OF LIFE PHASE III CAPITAL CAMPAIGN Gifts & Pledges as of June 30, 2016 $15,880,488 Center for the Arts $8,541,166 Endowment $7,339,322 TURF FIELDS & LIGHTS CAPITAL CAMPAIGN Gifts & Pledges as of June 30, 2016 $1,796,757

Mr. W. Taylor Franklin ’00 Chairman Mr. Scott G. Kennedy President & Headmaster Dr. Joseph F. Bouchard Vice-President Mr. Jeffrey S. Creekmore ’89 Treasurer Mr. Robert McFarland Secretary Mr. Mark S. Batzel Mrs. Dawn Bray Mrs. Kate Broderick Ms. Alison Carlsmith Mr. Benjamin G. CottrellV Mr. Robert H. DeFord III Mrs. Jai Essenmacher Mr. Larry Flora Mr. Jamisson S. Fowler Mr. Stephen E. Heretick Mr. Kevin M. Larkin Mrs. Jill H. Layne Mrs. Sunshine Leinbach ’79 Mr. Theodore A. Mathas ’85 Mr. Thomas E. Mathas ’83 Mrs. Carol H. Moore Cmdr. Dusty Rhodes Dr. Barbara M. Sarris Mr. John F. Sawyer ’93 Dr. Camden Wood Selig ’79 Mr. Jeffrey M. Silverman Mr. Brook J. Smith Mrs. Elizabeth S. Smith Dr. Ronald A. Stine Mr. Jeffrey A. Swartz Dr. Scott A. Robertson Mr. James T. Vail ’82 Mrs. Elise Walthall Mrs. Shepelle Watkins White Mr. John P. Wright HONORARY TRUSTEES Mr. Stanley G. Barr Jr. Mr. Gary D. Bonnewell Mr. Henry U. Harris III Mr. William W. King Mr. Frederick V. Martin Mrs. Betsy N. Mason Mr. Richard D. Roberts


It’s the little things, such as seeing animals in person at the zoo and making those connections, that lead to big results for our acorns.


school students were challenged to expand their vocabularies, learn the importance of buying and selling goods and testing their skills in competition, throughout the year. Here is a look at the lower school’s academic highlights:

FORENSICS COMPETITION From poetry to storytelling, our Oaks are on their way to becoming great writers thanks to the lower school’s Forensics Club. In April, 16 fourth- and fifth-grade students participated in a forensics competition at Cape Henry Collegiate, with four bringing home honors for their work. They included: • Malachi Love ’23, third place for boys’ poetry • Nolan Russell ’23, first place for boys’ storytelling • Sarah Bartlett ’22, third place for girls’ poetry • Blaike Hill ’22, second place for boys’ prose


CONTINENTAL MATH LEAGUE COMPETITION Our Oaks made history by not only taking home national honors in the 2015-16 Continental Mathematics League Competition, but also as the only national winner from Virginia to achieve perfect results. This victory marked the fourth year in a row that our fifth-grade students swept the competition by taking home first-place honors. The national math competition merges math concepts with problem solving and reasoning skills by giving students 30 minutes to complete challenging questions while competing against hundreds of students from schools nationwide. Collegiate also had several individual, national winners who received perfect scores in their respective grade levels. They included: • Camille Porter ’24 • Evan Skroch ’24 • Brennan Chatman ’23 • Ellie Frenck ’23 • Jillian Reed ’23 • Nolan Russell ’23 • Mason Thibodeau ’23 • Blair White ’23


SPELLING BEES This year, our third-, fourth- and fifth-grade spelling bees saw more than 65 students who competed in a total of 105 rounds.

pedigree Javiar Love ’25 took the third-grade spelling bee top honors with the word “pedigree.” Kyle Perez ’25 and Evan Wallach ’25 earned second and third place, respectively.

Teacher Melissa Silverman works with first-grade students Caymus Franklin and Maddie Peyton to create a mini habitat during their lab on the playground.

winsome Camille Porter ’24 earned first-place honors during the fourth-grade spelling bee with the word “winsome.” Adam Siebert ’24 placed second and Randolph Williams ’24 placed third.

epoxy Our fifth-grade winners included first-place finisher Olivia Chieco-Tamburino ’23 with the word “epoxy.” George Minton ’23 and Jillian Reed ’23 earned second and third place, respectively.

Third graders create works of art during Native American Day.

NORFOLK PUBLIC LIBRARY BOOK REVIEW CONTEST Several students received top honors in the Friends of the Norfolk Public Library 2016 Book Review Contest, including fourth-grade students who swept their grade-specific category. They were: • Chailea Harvey ’24, first place • Emma McMonagle ’24, second place • Blake Hrisko ’24, third place • Logan Reed ’23, second-place in fifth-grade division




COMPUTER CHALLENGE On May 14, our Oaks competed in the Computer Challenge Internet Scavenger Hunt at Old Dominion University. Among a host of schools from coastal Virginia and beyond, Collegiate was the only independent school to compete. The team—comprised of fifth-grade students Sierra Butler ’23, Eleanor Wallach ’23 and Blair White ’23— placed fourth and received an honorable mention.










Ruth Jones Nichols, CEO of the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore, speaks with students about the importance of their decision to donate a portion of the lab’s harvest and eggs to those in need.

Gardens, hens & a greenhouse Outdoor Learning Lab creates hands-on, philanthropic opportunities for students It started with a passion for learning and blossomed into a newly created, sustainable outdoor classroom. Thanks to the efforts of lower school science teacher Melissa Silverman, the generosity of the Franklin family and the hard work of the students and volunteers, our Oaks were able to bring new life to the courtyard in the form of a new classroom learning environment. Named the Outdoor Learning Lab, the classroom consists of four 4’x 8’ raised vegetable beds, one 12’x 18’ flower bed, a year-round, fully functioning greenhouse and a 12’x 4’ cedar chicken coop, known as The Oak Roost, which is home to five Buff Orpington hens. 10

130 5 HENS







APRIL: To demonstrate the life cycle of hens, students hatched chicks in the science room. They were moved to the roost on May 12.

APRIL: Using the square-foot gardening method, students were able to plant a variety of vegetables in 130 plots in four raised beds.

MAY: A colorful picket fence and plaques with the names of the hens completed the Outdoor Learning Lab.

MAY: Basil, oregano and thyme were just a few of the herbs that students planted in the greenhouse.

APRIL: Rose bushes and cement pads were removed to make room for the gardens, flower beds, greenhouse and hens.

OUTDOOR LEARNING LAB STAGES This experiential learning lab opened on May 12 and was made possible through the generous support of parents Taylor ’00 and Emily Franklin and grandparents Wendell and Martha Franklin. Even before its opening, the space became an area that taught our students about sustainable agriculture, growth life cycles, farming, food production, botany and creepy crawlers. This hands-on classroom allows our students to dig into Mother Earth, expand their curiosity about the world around them and learn ways in which they can become better stewards for our planet.

the classroom. The students are taking ownership of what they are doing out here. They are responsible for their plot and their vegetables; they are taking care of it. They are watching it grow. They are observing it and taking measurements. They are using that information and applying it to what they’ve learned in the classroom.”

The student-driven classroom came to life through the efforts of Silverman and our students, who took the reins and planned and implemented the classroom.

“This is a way of engaging individuals at a younger age, teaching them about all the ways they can give back,” said Ruth Jones Nichols, Foodbank CEO. “They’ll help support the organization’s Foods to Encourage initiative, which focuses on getting more nutritious food out to individuals that are experiencing food insecurity.”

“There’s a movement in learning to do more STEM projects (science, technology, engineering and math),” said Silverman. “This will allow students to get their hands on things that we are learning in WWW.NORFOLKCOLLEGIATE.ORG

With the vegetables and eggs produced, the students have chosen to donate a portion of the harvest and the eggs to the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore.



Innovation abounds as students explore the possibilities from 3-D cardboard virtual reality viewers to creating a set for their Destination Imagination to submitting their work in the regional Elie Wiesel Writing and Visual Arts competition.


school students embarked on several challenging academic adventures this year. From an inaugural Invention Convention to sweeping some of the Friends of the Norfolk Public Library Book Review Contest categories, here are some middle school’s highlights: ELIE WIESEL WINNERS Ten Norfolk Collegiate students took home honors for their entries in the 14th Annual Elie Wiesel Writing and Visual Arts Competition hosted by the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater. The writing and visual arts contest, which honors Elie Wiesel, a Romanian-born Jewish 12

writer and Holocaust survivor, is open to students in public and private schools. • Jesse Mirman ’20 earned first-place honors in the junior poetry division, and Ellie Robertson ’21 earned first place and Ennass Alfahd ’21 earned third-place honors in the junior multimedia division. • Tabitha Thornton ’20, Russell Solomon ’21, Ellie Smith ’21, Alex Thibodeau ’20, Megan Silverman ’19, Elizabeth Hughes ’20 and Anna Winn ’20 were honored with visual arts Judges’ Choice awards for their work. INVENTION CONVENTION Our eighth-grade students stepped into a world of innovative learning, design and construction during THE COLLEGIATE: YEAR IN REVIEW & PHILANTHROPY REPORT


seventh- and eighthgrade students were inducted into the Heath Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society.


students participated in the Robert S. Sargeant Forensics Tournament.


middle school students swept the sixthgrade category of the Friends of the Norfolk Public Library 2016 Book Review Contest. Award recipients included first-place winner Graham Fitzwater, second-place winner Audrey Spurgeon and third-place winner Bennett Short.

the school’s inaugural Invention Convention Feb. 1-5. The weeklong celebration showcased students’ scientific creations, thanks to science teacher Claire Fornsel, who arranged the event and charged students with proposing an idea, writing a development paper about the purpose of their invention and weighing the pros and cons of their creations. The end result was a transformed Explore Room full of gadgets, bright ideas and high collaboration. DESTINATION IMAGINATION Destination Imagination (DI) students participated in the 2016 Destination Imagination Tidewater Regional Tournament on Feb. 20. The Moving Men— comprised of Jordan Familiant ’20, Jimmy Bugg ’20, Michael Harvey ’20, Ryan Williams ’20 and Tyler Huckaby ’20—earned second place in the technological competition and advanced to the state competition on April 9 at Atlee High School in Mechanicsville. DI is a program in which our sixthand seventh-grade students work in teams to complete specific challenges by incorporating science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the arts. Students present their solutions at a local tournament and, if they qualify, at the state and global levels. MODEL UN CONFERENCE Great success came to our students at the Model United Nations (UN) Conference at Tallwood High School on Feb. 26-27. The Model UN Conference is an academic competition in which students expand their knowledge of diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. “Model UN provided our middle school students with an opportunity to debate real-world issues that face the nations of the world and are debated by delegates at the United Nations in New York,” said Garrett Booker, middle school social studies teacher and adviser. • Abe Musselmani ’20 was awarded Best Research and was named the Outstanding Delegate on the NATO crisis team. • Ashton Hall ’21 and Max Swartz ’21 were awarded Best Delegate on the Disarmament and Security Committee. FILM FESTIVAL Eighth-grade students celebrated their video creations from the year during their annual film festival. The films allowed our students to express their understanding of concepts learned in class. This year’s winners included the following eighth-grade students: • “So You’ve Been Kicked out of New Hope” by Andrew Hair ’20, Elliot Baccanarri ’20 and John Livingood ’20 • “The Tempest” by Marah Gordon ’20, Zac Fowler ’20, Arrianna McCavitt ’20 and Mackenzie Woodson ’20 • “Radiant Energy” by Hailey Hux ’20 and Elizabeth Hughes ’20 • “Treaty of Paris” by Andrew Hair ’20, Emily Hastings ’20, Brooke Rogers ’20 and Chapman Holt ’20 • “Dining in a French Café” by Bronte Unrein ’20, Ellie Smith ’20 and Veronica Gross ’20 • “Cell Cycle” by Joshua Stubbs-Yates ’20, Gabe Foleck ’20 and Thomas Walden ’20


Students turn the Harris Courtyard into an outdoor class with Ms. Billman, pledge their fidelity at the annual Honor Code assembly and make a simple operation complex in Mr. Hoyle’s class.


school students saw a year of opportunities from the Theater Production class’s Rube Goldberg challenge to being the first class to delve into the AP CapstoneTM program. Our students proved if they could dream it, they could achieve it. Here are some upper school highlights: BATTLE OF THE BRAINS Collegiate proved to be one of the top academic schools in Virginia, sweeping two matches in the statewide Battle of the Brains competition in the fall. Jobin Chandi ’16, Tanner Hirschfeld ’16, Megan Morford ’16 and Frankie White ’17 made up the team, which was coached by Latin teacher Richard White. Hannah Garcia ’17 and Darden Purrington ’16 served as alternates for the academic quiz bowl team. MODEL UNITED NATIONS Tanner Hirschfeld ’16 received Collegiate’s first Model United Nations (UN) Conference award in nearly seven years with his honorable mention 14

recognition during the 29th Annual William & Mary High School Model UN Conference held Nov. 20-22. Tanner received a verbal commendation for his efforts representing Phillips 66 on the Fortune 500 committee. The Model UN Conference is an academic competition in which students expand their knowledge of diplomacy, international relations and the United Nations. SCRABBLE TOURNAMENT Norfolk Collegiate returned to the Literacy Partnership Scrabble® Tournament in February as reigning champions. Reilly Flynn ’17 and Frankie White ’17 took first-place honors again at this year’s tournament. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Collegiate’s Heath Chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS) inducted 29 new members on April 8. NHS is a national organization that recognizes outstanding sophomores, juniors and seniors who meet academic and service requirements. THE COLLEGIATE: YEAR IN REVIEW & PHILANTHROPY REPORT

NORFOLK PUBLIC LIBRARY BOOK REVIEW CONTEST Each year, the contest receives submissions from public and private school students in grades 4 through 12, as well as home-schooled students. • This year, Carter Woods ’19 placed first in the ninth-grade category; • Thomas Batzel ’17 earned first place for the 11th-grade division; and • Max Golovsky ’18 placed third in the 10th-grade division AP CAPSTONE™ FINISHES INAUGURAL YEAR Norfolk Collegiate’s inaugural group of AP CapstoneTM students successfully completed their first year of the program, with Collegiate the only independent school the state and the only school south of Richmond offering this innovative option. Students in AP Seminar, the first course in the program, completed their portfolios and sat for their AP exam in the spring. The next phase of the AP CapstoneTM program will see about 15 students continue on to AP Research, the second and culminating course in the sequence, which is being taught for the first time in 2016-17. Those students will be candidates for the AP CapstoneTM Diploma or AP Seminar and Research Certificate. OTHER ACCOLADES • Faith Rush ’16 was selected as a 2016 Gates Millennium Scholar. Faith now joins the ranks of outstanding minority students nationwide who receive full tuition, room, board and expenses. Faith plans to study creative writing at Winthrop University. Established in 1996, the program selects 1,000 students from among 53,000 applicants. • Darden Purrington ’16 earned the Gold Award at the beginning of the school year for her work with the Development Team (Dev Team). Darden created and presented at Hatch Norfolk an application to teach team-race sailing. • Our chemistry students attended Physics Fest at Jefferson Lab in Newport News, where they watched a demonstration of the wonders of liquid nitrogen. Later in the year, they made ice cream using a similar method.

THE CLASS OF 2016 BY THE NUMBERS Seventy students strong, the Class of 2016 represented the 54th class to graduate from Norfolk Collegiate and finished the school year with great accomplishments. Here are some highlights from the Class of 2016:


college acceptance letters were received.

333 Advanced Placement exams were taken.

53% took 5 or more Advanced Placement exams.

>$3 million in merit-based awards and scholarships were offered to the Class of 2016.


Senior class hits new heights Jefferson Challenge sees 100 percent participaton The Class of 2016 displayed the true spirit of the Jefferson Challenge by reaching 100 percent participation in the Annual Fund. Established in 2002 with help from philanthropist A. Kenneth Scribner Jr., the challenge was designed to promote a spirit of philanthropy among the senior class and encourage our students to begin their legacy of giving back to Collegiate. Traditionally, the program has consisted of fundraisers and seminars, but the Class of 2016 took it one step further. Not only did they encourage the upper school body to reach $1,000 in giving, but they also introduced incentives that included our faculty and staff when specific benchmarks were reached. “We picked faculty members who would be up for the challenge,” said Victor Layne, senior class president. “Additionally, we thought it would be most entertaining if faculty members were given challenges outside of their comfort zone. But more importantly, it showed the outside community that we were capable of making a difference despite our youth.” 16

The Jefferson Challenge began in 2002 after Ken Scribner, a philanthropist, donated 1,001 $2 bills to Norfolk Collegiate in honor of the Class of 2002. It received its name because Thomas Jefferson, who was known for his passion for education, photo appears on the bill.

“Developing habits of philanthropy are valuable life lessons,” said Headmaster Scott Kennedy, who was impressed by our students’ philanthropic goals. “Teaching students the importance of giving back, regardless of the cause, is part of our purpose as a school and makes us a better community.” Upper School Dean of Students Nicole Weyer agreed. “By having creative fundraising goals that are sure to inspire many people to contribute, it puts a playful and inspiring face on supporting Norfolk Collegiate,” she said. By the time graduation rolled around, the senior class had raised more than $3,300 for the school. Part of that money was designated for the Take-aSeat campaign, through which the class purchased a chair in the Hackney Theater to leave a lasting legacy at the school. THE COLLEGIATE: YEAR IN REVIEW & PHILANTHROPY REPORT

CHALLENGE GOALS Senior class officers introduced incentives that included faculty and staff when the following goals were achieved:


Dr. Chuck McCormick, head of the upper school, graciously agreed to have his head shaved when the students hit this goal.

Head of the upper school Dr. Chuck McCormick gets his head shaved by Nick Baker ’16 and Jacob Conn ’16.


Headmaster Scott Kennedy pierced his ear in front of the upper school students.


Ed Beckman ’17 plays the guitar for English teacher Evan Benedict ’04. Benedict was taped to the Scribner Belltower as a reward for the upper school students once they raised $500 for the Annual Fund.

Evan Benedict ’04, upper school English teacher, was taped to the school’s Scribner Belltower.


Once students reached $250, Nicole Weyer, upper school dean of students, donned a banana suit.


Upper School Dean of Students Nicole Weyer donned a banana suit for one day as an incentive for the students to collect $250 for the Annual Fund.




ach year, our seniors are challenged to turn their passions into their senior projects. Each student takes a unique approach—some work toward personal growth while others take on charitable pursuits. These projects take our students beyond the classroom to a creative space of their own imagining. Below are snippets from life of a senior project—and what motivates our students.

JAMES COOPER “Once On This Island” Hurrah Players Choreographer


JOI HARPER Writing an Original Music Composition

“My senior project is a familial continuation. My mother and father did the same show, ‘Once On This Island,’ while they were in high school. It was the first show she got to choreograph the whole show. My father played the same role that I chose to play, Agwé, the God of Water. So the show itself has a very personal meaning to me. I was so happy that I could have that experience of being in charge and having that pre-professional experience of directing and choreographing a show and taking myself outside of my group of peers and really being able to see the show in a whole new light.”

“I felt if I didn’t do this project, no one else was going to do it,” Shahra said. “I thought it would be good to let people know what is going on in society. I like how this conference is student-led and how it provides a judgment-free zone. Everyone who attends the conference, attends for the same reason, and you feel comfortable there.”

“For college I have to compose in order to get into the music composition program. So this project was like practice for the real thing. I’ve been writing for a long time, so I would like to do a masterpiece of my works for my senior project. I started writing songs when I was very little, and I’ve been writing formal pieces for maybe two years. Most of my help has come from Mrs. Wallace. Since she is the music theory teacher, she helps me with the music theory aspect, but I also took a course by myself to perfect my craft. She just helps me edit and go through to see what’s wrong and highlight what’s right.”


“With this project, one thing I learned was time management. You can’t really procrastinate when you’re trying to get things done. I’m hoping that this conference will open my eyes to more and allow me to master the skills I need,” Chad said. JOI HARPER

The Collegiate: 2015-16 Year in Review

GIN YUKUN 100 Days of Bodybuilding “Bodybuilding is two steps. The first is to lose weight, and the second is to tone up,” said Gin. “I don’t feel well when I have a lot of fat on my body. So after running for about 45 minutes, I feel better. I started at 177 pounds, and right now I’m 166 pounds. After running, I do some weight lifting. I want to keep going.”

BAILEY HOLMES-SPENCER & CATHERINE KIM Journalism Conference “We’re passionate about journalism,” said Bailey. “(Catherine) and I hope to purse journalism in college, so this was a great project for us.” “We learned a lot isn’t in our control, like how many people will attend and if we can get the speaker we want to come to the conference,” Catherine said. “It was up to us to control the things that were within our control to create the best conference.”

VICTOR LAYNE, NICOLA BORRELL & EMMA SEGALOFF Operation Smile Rock-a-Thon “For the past two years, I’ve been working on the rock-a-thon for Operation Smile, and I figured why not expand it this year and take it to the next level with two other people,” Victor said. “We learned great organizational skills and how to work with people,” Emma said, “how to organize an event, create an event and how to make everything possible.”

CARTER KENNEDY & ANN BURNS MORRISON Academically adopted students at P. B. Young Sr. Elementary School & Young Terrace Community Center “The students within this area often live in environments that are not conducive to the advancement of their learning,” Ann Burns said. “We wanted to change that.” “I would love it if Collegiate would partner with Young Terrace as a Big Brother, Big Sister program,” Carter said.

HAMOUDI MUSSELMANI Alzheimer’s Awareness


“Out of the neurological disorders that I’ve known, Alzheimer’s has been a big one that’s run through my family,” Hamoudi said. “My great-aunt passed from it and my grandfather is going through the early stages. It has significantly impacted my family. I want to focus more on how the disease itself emotionally, physically and socially affects its patients.”

“The Fisher House is like the Ronald McDonald House, but for veterans. If a veteran is hurt and his family needs to get there right away, the Fisher House steps in,” Kelsey said. “It allows them to feel a level of comfort while going through a hard time. I’ve seen the effects of what happens while they’re deployed overseas, and I wanted to do something to give back.” 9

GraduationRECAP ABOVE: Valedictorian Jobin Chandi speaks during the commencement ceremony. His brother, Mohit, was salutatorian of the Class of 2014. RIGHT: Seniors Shahara Madison, Hongze Lou, Mary Elizabeth Lentz and Carla Leanzo toss their caps into the air at the end of their commencement ceremony.

The Class of 2016 joins together for a class photo on the turf fields. The class was one of the largest classes in the school’s history, with 70 students graduating. 20


On May 27, Norfolk Collegiate graduated its 54th class of students. During the ceremony, the following students were recognized with awards for their efforts while at Collegiate. Those awarded included: Amanda Allen Tignor Award for Industry | Tyler Smith Betty Slabe Award for Excellence in Art | Carla Leanzo Brad Face Award for Excellence in Speech and Communications | Catherine Kim Operation Smile Co-Founder and CEO Dr. William Magee Jr. speaks about the importance of kindness and networking to graduates. Magee delivered the commencement address.

Cameron Keene Award for Personal Integrity | Reid Wilkinson Ernest L. Etheridge Award for Leadership and Character | Jimmy Hurley Felix F. Hardin Award for Scholarship and Character | Kiersten Potter Francesca McCleary Award for Excellence in Foreign Language | Reid Wilkinson Helen M. Walker Award for Outstanding Leadership in the Student Government Association | Jimmy Hurley Henry Jerome Stockard Award for Excellence in Literature| Emma Salecki James C. Wirt Award for Excellence in Calculus | Jobin Chandi Jessica M. Davey Caring Volunteer Award | Joi Harper John Morgan Allen Award for Unselfish Consideration of Others | Hamoudi Musselmani Larry B. Swearingen Award for Athletics | Ari Goldman Sandler Family Award for a Student Who “Most Nearly Lives by the NCS Seal”| James Cooper

Hamoudi Musselmani enjoys the moment while receiving his diploma from Headmaster Scott Kennedy.

Susan A. Minsberg Award for Excellence in Conservation | Gates Breeden Susan S. Mulvey Award for Excellence in Biology | Reid Wilkinson William B. Huckenpoehler Award for Excellence in Statistics | Tanner Hirschfeld Townsend Oast Jr. Memorial Scholarship Award | Savannah Hoover This award is presented to an underclassman. Brian Slattery McCann Memorial Scholarship | Cameron Brown This award is presented to an underclassman. Norfolk Collegiate School Award for Excellence in English | Faith Rush Norfolk Collegiate School Award for Excellence in History | Ann Burns Morrison Norfolk Collegiate School Award for Excellence in Performing Arts | Joi Harper Norfolk Collegiate School Award for Excellence in Science | Ruby Yuan Norfolk Collegiate School Senior of the Year | Jimmy Hurley NCS Acorn Editor’s Award | Catherine Kim NCS Horizons Editor’s Award | Catherine Kim NCS Oak Leaf Editor’s Award | Bailey Holmes Spencer Headmaster’s Award | Victor Layne

Seniors Allison Kesser and Mary Douglas Wilson stop for a photo before processing into the Watt-Baker Gymnasium. WWW.NORFOLKCOLLEGIATE.ORG

Norfolk Collegiate School Salutatorian Award | Ruby Yuan Norfolk Collegiate School Valedictorian Award | Jobin Chandi Juliana Tazewell Porter Memorial Award | Frances Boyer This award is presented to an underclassman. 21

ACADEMICS Throughout the year, Norfolk Collegiate hosted several speakers, including current parents, alumni and professionals in their fields to allow our students increased opportunities to interact with experts. Here are some highlights of the speakers who took time to talk with our students this year.

JASON REDMAN Former Navy SEAL and author Jason Redman spoke to middle school students about encouragement, leadership, perseverance and teamwork as he discussed in his novel, “The Trident,” and the principles that make elite performers. He spoke of six philosophies to live by: overcome, live greatly, love deeply, stay humble, lead always and have no regrets.

DAMION GRANT Former college basketball star Damion Grant spoke to upper school students about resilience and life after basketball. Grant played at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill when they won the 2005 NCAA Tournament Championship; however, an injury ended his career early. “He made me realize that it’s important to know that things don’t always go as planned, and you have to be ready to adjust,” said Kyonze’ Chavis ’16.

DR. ADAM NAYLOR It’s no secret that one has to make mistakes to become better when it comes to a sport. Yet for some, learning to understand and accept that can be challenging. Dr. Adam Naylor, sport psychology coach, addressed this with students and parents when he spoke in the fall. “Errors are only bad when you think too much about it,” he said. “A mistake or a good opponent is positive if we think about it that way.”

GLENN HALL In February, Collegiate hosted Freedom from Chemical Dependency (FCD) Educational Program and Workshops with prevention specialist Glenn Hall. Hall created a safe space for eighthgrade and upper school students to learn and talk about the effects of drug and alcohol use. “Mr. G leaves a mark on everyone he encounters and gives us the information we need in a creative and energetic way to make good choices,” said Reid Wilkinson ’16.

ALLAN WOLF Allan Wolf presented Poetry-Palooza Extravaganza Too Point Ohhh! to lower school students on April 1. An author, poet, performer and educator, Wolf’s mission was to take poetry to the people, and his expressive spirit was a hit with our lower school students.


NORFOLK COLLEGIATE We saw tremendous growth on our social media outlets, and we attribute that to you! Here’s a look back at our most popular posts.


2015-16’S TOP TWEET WAS FROM FEB. 23, 2016, WHEN BASH TOWNES ’16 MADE SCHOOL HISTORY. “Congrats to Bash ’16 who is the first in Collegiate history to score 2,000 points for boys varsity basketball!”




Our top post came on Feb. 27, 2016: “The Oaks win! For the first time in 10 years, the varsity boys basketball team has won the TCIS championship!” Like







“Turf Fields & Lights: Installation Timelapse” was our most viewed video this year!


From learning about friendship and tolerance in “Swamped!” to solving the mystery in “The Uninvited” to hearing Shakespeare reinvented, the Hackney Theater featured offerings for all ages.


lights in the Hackney Theater burned brightly throughout the year as our students, alumni and guest speakers took to the stage. The year kicked off with the Betty M. & William B. Jones Humanities Speaker Series and a partnership with the Virginia Stage Company. From there, the stage was home to many exciting performances. Here are some highlights:


IN THE GALLERY: • Norfolk Collegiate began its second year of the Betty M. & William B. Jones Humanities Speaker Series. This year’s theme, “Politics, Stage & Silver Screen: 400 Years Since Shakespeare,” was a trio of presentations and an art exhibition inspired by the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare. • The first presentation, “Sir Walter Ralegh and Shakespeare’s Cultural and Political Milieu,” THE COLLEGIATE: YEAR IN REVIEW & PHILANTHROPY REPORT

by Dr. Nicholas Popper, investigated how and why Ralegh embraced the roles of soldier, poet, pirate, sailor, courtier, parliamentarian, historian and penitent. The series continued with a special presentation by alumnus David Krohn ’02 on Valentine’s Day, “If Music be the Food of Love, Play on–Songs & Arias Inspired by The Great Bard.” The series concluded with Professor Andrew Quicke, who presented “Shakespeare on the Silver Screen,” in which he discussed some of the memorable moments from Shakespeare in film.

TURF, LIGHTS AND FIELD EXHIBIT Shortly after the grand opening of our turf fields on Sept. 25, introductory photography students began a project titled “Photography & Photoshop I.” Learning to control the focus, aperture settings and shutter speeds on digital cameras, students grew to understand the technical elements of capturing an image to highlight elements of sports and the new athletic complex. Our students’ photography was on display in the exhibit “Turf, Lights and Fields,” a collection of images by Collegiate’s freshmen, sophomores and juniors at the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame and Museum from Jan. 17-March 27. “My photography was inspired through my love of sports,” said Ashby Larkin ’18. “It prompted me to want to show different aspects of sports, not just the athletics being played, but the objects in sports.” ON THE STAGE Throughout the year, students performed in several school plays held in the Hackney Theater and the lower school auditorium. The productions included: • “The Uninvited” • “Joust! A Mighty Medieval Musical” • “Swamped!” • “Hats!” • “Once Upon a Wolf” • “High School Musical” • Middle and upper school band, strings and chorus concerts WWW.NORFOLKCOLLEGIATE.ORG

Our fourth- and fifth-grade students present “Joust! A Mighty Medieval Musical.”

POETRY OUT LOUD COMPETITION Twelve upper school students participated in Collegiate’s inaugural Poetry Out Loud contest on Dec. 3 in the Hackney Theater. The competition is part of a national oratory contest that encourages high school students to learn about poetry through memorization and recitation. Clare Harbin ’19 earned first place with her performance of “She Walks in Beauty” by Lord Byron to advance to the regional competition at the Crispus Attucks Cultural Center. “I love reading and reciting poems,” said Clare. “When Mr. Benedict told me about this, I knew I wanted to try it out and that it would be fun. And it was fun.” PUBLIC RECOGNITION James Cooper ’16 sang his way across the state. With more than 1,700 students auditioning for All-State Chorus, James was selected as a Bass II top delegate with high honors and earned first place at the choral competition in February. James represented Norfolk Collegiate in the All-State Chorus of Virginia in April. It was his second year participating in All-State Chorus, a rare accomplishment for musicians. OFF CAMPUS Many of our students graced the stage outside of school, including: • Lila Spurgeon ’19 in “The Wizard of Oz” • Elizabeth Hughes ’20 in “The Diary of Anne Frank” • James Cooper ’16 in “The Little Mermaid” • Ellie Walden ’22 in “The Tempest” 25

The ARTS ABOVE: Quincy Stewart ’28 gives the thumbs-up during the kindergarten and first-grade musical, “Hats.” RIGHT: Kindergarten and first-grade students teach their audience that it’s not the hat, but what’s underneath that’s special in the musical “Hats.”

Upper school students produced Disney’s “High School Musical” in the Hackney Theater this spring. The three-day event saw near sold-out crowds for all three performances.



Elizabeth Hughes ’20, John Livingood ’20 and Victoria Jones ’20 grace the Hackney Theater stage during the middle school’s production of “Once Upon a Wolf.”

Photography students Ashby Larkin ’18, Tyler Berg ’18, Molly Beegle ’17 and Maxwell Vooss ’19 line up mirrors to create reflections inside of reflections, while also capturing the light and clouds in their photography class.

Guests view the exhibit in the Gallery at the Meredith Center for the Arts during the Betty M. & William B. Jones Humanities Speaker Series. The exhibit featured Shakespearean ephemera from Virginia Stage Company’s past performances, including costumes, props and more. WWW.NORFOLKCOLLEGIATE.ORG

Fourth- and fifth-grade students take a break during rehearsals of “Joust: A Mighty Medieval Musical.”

Brandon Willis ’25, Brady Morring ’25 and Elliot Thomson ’25 pose with each other during the musical “Swamped!”



Our student-athletes dominate not only the classrooms, but also the courts, fields and lanes and have several titles to prove it.


school year, our student-athletes earned three TCIS championship titles, placed 31 athletes on TCIS All-Conference teams, 17 on all-state teams, one individual state champion and 13 percent of our senior class in playing collegiate-level athletics. Here is a look back at some of the highlights from our student-athletes this year:

FALL SPORTS • Our sailing team finished third in the VISAA State Regatta. All-state individual honors were presented to co-ed VISAA skippers Dreugh Phillips ’16, Darden Purrington ’16, Ellie Maus ’18 and Victor Layne ’16; co-ed VISAA crew honors went to Sarah E. Smith ’18, Nick Baker ’16 and Daniel Vail ’17; VISAA women’s team honors: Darden, Ellie, Sarah and Ashley Obermeyer ’18. • Dreugh Phillips also was named TCIS Sailor of the Year. Dreugh, Ellie, Sarah and Nick also earned all-conference individual honors. • Josh Swartz ’17 was selected to the TCIS all-conference soccer first team and Chris Beck ’16 was selected to second team. • Gabrielle Toomy ’19 was selected to the TCIS all-conference tennis second team. • Frances Boyer ’17 was named to the TCIS first team for field hockey. • Collegiate’s field hockey team received the TCIS Sportsmanship Award. • Bailey Jones ’16 was named to the TCIS first team for volleyball. • Chandler Branton ’18 was named to the TCIS all-conference cross country team. 28

15 212 SPORTS




TCIS SAILING CHAMPS Our co-ed varsity sailing team performed at an all-time high and was named first team for multiple conferences and categories, including TCIS and VISAA. “This season has been the best season that this generation of sailors has ever seen,” said Darden Purrington ’16. “There have been tremendous improvements stemming from several years of hard work together, which culminated with a first in the TCIS Fleet Racing Championship, first in VISAA Team Racing State Championship, third in MASSA Team Racing Regional Championship and fourth place in the Atlantic Coast Championship.” TCIS BASKETBALL CHAMPS The winter season was one to remember as our boys varsity basketball team earned Collegiate’s first TCIS Championship in more than 10 years. Bash Townes ’16 was named TCIS Tournament MVP. The trio of Bash, Adam Grant ’16 and Kyonze’ Chavis ’16 took home Collegiate’s Winter Athletic Awards Co-MVP title while Jimmy Hurley ’16 received the OAK Award. “It was an enjoyable season,” said Coach Jim Markey. “I said it at the beginning of the season, the camaraderie inside the locker room was a real strength for the team.” TCIS SOCCER CHAMPS After an undefeated season, our Oaks won the TCIS regular-season title, making it their second state title in three seasons. Their success propelled them to compete in the VISAA state competition where they fell short to St. Catherine’s School. “We won the TCIS regular season, won the TCIS Tournament and finished with a record of 17-1-1,” said Coach Jon Hall. “We had three players earn All-State titles and five players were recognized as All-TCIS, including Cameron Brown ’17, Sarah Smallets ’17, Sarah L. Smith ’18, Molly Beegle ’19 and Ashby Larkin ’18. The best part of the season is how the girls got along and really cared about each other. I think that’s why they were so successful this season.” TCIS SOCCER COACH OF THE YEAR Girls varsity soccer coach and Athletic Director Jon Hall was named TCIS soccer coach of the year.

WINTER SPORTS • Bash Townes ’16 became Collegiate’s first boys varsity basketball player to score more than 2,000 points. • All-Conference Awards were given to Adam Grant ’16, Kyonze’ (K.) Chavis ’16 and Bash. • Shahra Madison ’16 was named to the all-conference girls basketball team. • Chris Beck ’16 became a state champion and was named best wrestler in a heavyweight division and wrestler of the year for TCIS. Chad Bullock ’16 and Jacob Roth ’19 placed second and Miles Edmond ’18 finished fourth in the TCIS. • Savannah Hoover ’17, Frances Boyer ’17, Brooke Walthall ’18 and Victoria Hargrove ’20 won the TCIS championship title in the girls 200-medley relay. SPRING SPORTS • Our girls lacrosse, boys tennis and girls soccer teams all qualified for states in their respective tournaments. • Our boys varsity tennis team placed third in the TCIS tournament, and Alex Duvall ’17 won his flight. The team went on to compete in the VISAA state tournament, where they won the quarterfinals and were later named VISAA State Tennis Tournament runners-up. • Cameron Brown ’17 and Sarah L. Smith ’18 were named first team all-tidewater and first team all-VISAA for girls soccer. Sarah was crowned TCIS Tournament MVP, while Cameron was named Defensive MVP and Tidewater Conference Player of the Year. • During the Crew Independent School Championship on the Lafayette River, our mixed varsity four placed first and our varsity boys four, lightweight four and girls varsity four team placed second. • Collegiate’s sailing club earned the championship title at the National Invitational Team Racing Tournament in Minnesota. Sailors included: Sarah Ellen Smith ’10, Dreugh Phillips ’16, Victor Layne ’16, Nick Baker ’16, Daniel Vail ’17, Ellie Maus ’18, Chris Robertson ’19, Parker Purrington ’19, Matthew Wright ’19, Joe Morrison ’16, and Darden Purrington ’16. Anna Flynn ’20 and Hunter Kahler ’17 were there in spirit.


Athletic complex a win for athletes, Collegiate

The boys varsity lacrosse team plays a game under the lights during the spring 2015 season.


inaugural year with our new turf fields saw great successes from our studentathletes and excitement from the Hampton Roads community, as several area teams utilized the facilities for scrimmages and tournaments. From field hockey and lacrosse to soccer and kickball, our athletic complex saw a lot of action, including hosting the TCIS lacrosse final, public school games and multiple club events. Here is a look at how our athletic complex has affected our student-athletes and coaches this year:


Photos courtesy Jim Morrison {}

Frances Boyer ’18 takes the ball from an opponent during a field hockey game in the fall. THE COLLEGIATE: YEAR IN REVIEW & PHILANTHROPY REPORT

QUALITY COMPLEX DRAWS MORE STUDENTS AND SCHOOL SPIRIT “The new turf fields and lights at Collegiate provided the perfect environment for studentathletes to play and for fans to cheer,” said Sarah Smallets ’17, a member of the varsity girls soccer team. “The quality of the fields not only motivated us as players to work hard, but also the student section has grown, emphasizing that it is an equally important component of the game.”

STORMY WEATHER AND WE CAN STILL PLAY TOGETHER “This year, we were the first team to play on the turf fields during the opening ceremony,” said Jordan Dobrinsky ’17, who plays field hockey and lacrosse. “It was cool to get a chance to make history. I’ll always remember being the first team to play on the turf fields even though it was storming. That’s the beauty of the new fields; you can play in any weather. Our fields are so amazing that other schools schedule games to play here.”

The new turf gave us the ultimate home-team advantage. We were undefeated this season because the fields gave us the mentality of, ‘This is our home, and we’re not going down without a fight’ for each game.’ That was our biggest motivation.

Alexis McGurn ’16, Soccer Goalie OLD VS. NEW WITH COACH MERRYMAN ’10 “I remember playing on the old fields, and we literally had some spots filled with sand,” said Bobby Merryman ’10, assistant coach of the boys varsity lacrosse team. “I recall winning the TCIS championship for soccer during my senior year, and we were set to host the state playoff game, but our fields were too small for the state regulation, so we had to play at Old Dominion University. The new turf fields are very nice and a huge benefit to the school. There is less maintenance involved and you don’t have to worry about canceling games due to weather. The playing surface is always the same. Another bonus is the playing lines on the fields. They are lined for soccer (white), field hockey (blue) and boys (black)/girls (red) lacrosse, which gives the fields four different sets of lines. I say this because it gives the athletes special awareness when they are on the fields. You can use the lines as a reference point, which I have found to be very helpful for our athletes.”

A SOURCE OF PRIDE FOR OUR STUDENT-ATHLETES “The new fields brought us together as a school and as a community,” said Blair Hurley ’16, who played field hockey and lacrosse. “During practice we were able play side-by-side and cheer on other teams. The fields helped us to improve our skills and to effectively work as a team because it was a consistent surface. We were all so excited to have played on our new beautiful fields. I think it made us try harder and practice harder. We were very proud to have played on them.”



TURF FIELD & LIGHTS CAMPAIGN All listings reflect gifts received from July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2016. Anonymous David & Lori Baccanari Dr. & Mrs. J. Patrick Baker Stephen Ballard Jr. & Family Kent & Lily Beachy Beazley Foundation Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Bonnewell Joseph F. Bouchard Jerry & Judy Bowman Mrs. Dawn Bray Mr. & Mrs. John Broderick Ms. Alison Mathias Carlsmith Michael S. Castellano ’91 Ms. Beverly A. Causey City of Norfolk Cottrell Contracting Corp. Linda & Claiborne Coupland Jeffrey ’89 & Mary Creekmore Chris Curtis ’07 & Ansley Fraser Curtis ’08 Mr. & Mrs. Bobby DeFord Jai & Richard Essenmacher Edwin S. Webster Foundation The Estate of Peter M. Meredith Sr. & Susan T. Meredith Dr. Russell D. Evett Larry & Amy Flora Mr. & Mrs. R. M. Fortson III Mr. & Mrs. Jamisson S. Fowler Taylor ’00 & Emily Franklin Steve ’86 & Patricia Galiotos The Givens Foundation Kim & Charles Glover Sandra & Howard Gordon Curtis & Mary Hall Hampton Roads Recovery Center Mr. & Mrs. Henry U. Harris III Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Heretick Mr. & Mrs. James J. Izard II Mr. Martin J. Kelly & The Honorable Susan H. Kelly Carroll Lee ’82 & Scott Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. William W. King

Dr. Felix M. Kirven & Dr. Elizabeth Ruth Smith Kevin & Kelly Larkin Jill & Gary Layne Sunshine ’79 & Tyler Leinbach Anna Fortson Logue ’94 Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Mann Betsy & Norman Mason Ted ’85 & Keryn Mathas Robert & Margo McFarland North Shore Construction Mr. Chris Kanter Mr. & Mrs. W. Sheppard Miller III Mr. & Mrs. David E. Moore Greg ’94 & Beth Murphy Paxton Co. Jon ’89 & Tracie Pruden The Rhodes Family John & Neva Roane Scott & Charlene Robertson George & Barbara Sarris John ’93 & Elisabeth Sawyer Mr. A. Kenneth Scribner Jr.* Wood ’79 & Ellen Selig Mr. Darryl A. Shelton & Dr. Karen Shelton Jim ’75 & Elizabeth Smith Dr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Stine Ann P. Stokes Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Swartz Jennifer Toomy & Dan Weckstein TowneBank Foundation Bob Turner Jim ’82 & Mahala Vail E.B. & Elise Walthall Mike & Nancy Ware Jonathan & Shepelle White Drs. Jeffrey & Heather Wentworth Lang & Lucy Williams Mr. & Mrs. Douglas B. Wilson *Deceased







Our student-athletes’ success is due in part to the generosity of our Booster Club donors. In addition to providing essential new equipment, experiences and awards, the Booster Club’s goal is to boost the spirit of fans and players alike. With strong coaches, passionate fans and talented athletes, support from generous donors helps to keep the Oak spirit strong. A strong Booster Club allows us to:


Fund special athletic purchases, such as championship banners, TCIS school banners and plyometric boxes.


Celebrate and recognize teams and athletes who strive for and achieve excellence through our awards ceremonies.


Fund overnight travel for teams competing in state tournaments outside of our area—a benefit rarely offered at schools.

All listings reflect gifts received from July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2016. GO OAKS BRONZE $1,000 & ABOVE Tim & Teri Duvall CIRCLE OF CHAMPIONS $500 to $999 Mr. & Mrs. Louis R. Roth Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Viveiros


COACHES CLUB $250 to $499 Christopher Gross & Diana Blanchard Gross Mr. & Mrs. David C. White

SPORTS FAN $50 to $249 Brad Atkins & Chris Waibel Atkins Ms. Alison M. Carlsmith James & Sheri Casper Jessie Cavolt ’15 Bobby & Leslie DeFord Larry & Amy Flora Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Kiefner Jr. Will & Cecelia King Mrs. Anna Fortson Logue Tom ’83 & Robyn Mathas The Beck Family Jim & Elizabeth Smith Terry & Jeff Tessler Chris & Cindy Wilkinson Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Woodson 33


Passionate, selfless and committed are three words that best describe Collegiate’s head varsity boys basketball Coach Jim Markey. He led our Oaks to the 2016 Tidewater Conference of Independent School (TCIS) championship and afterwards announced he was stepping down from his 20-year tenure. Under his leadership, Collegiate earned 325 wins, three TCIS championship titles and averaged 20 wins per season for the past 16 years. THE EARLY YEARS Markey’s Collegiate journey began in 1996 as the junior varsity basketball coach. He went on to assist with our middle school basketball team and coach our varsity players. While his mark on Collegiate has been tremendous, he credits his success to his team-building concept, establishing co-curricular learning and molding boys into men.

By the time I got to Collegiate, I had only played basketball for a couple of years. I remember a lot of early morning workouts and open gyms on the weekends that helped build confidence. Thank you, Coach Key, for encouraging me to be as great on the court as I was off of it. Thank you for believing in my dream and helping me take the proper steps for my future. Thank you for your time. You will truly be missed.


Keith Wright ’08, NBA D-League Player, Former Harvard University Player and Ivy League Player of the Year Award Recipient

“It’s a we thing and not an I thing,” Markey said. “There 34


Photos courtesy of Jim Morrison {}


have been a number of assistant coaches who have helped along the way. One thing to keep in mind is to understand the mission of the school. In my own words [it means] sound body, sound mind.” He also believes coaching basketball is part of the educational process and not an extra-curricular activity.

“60 percent of the time we spend competing with ourselves, 30 percent of the time we spend learning the skills of this game and 10 percent of the time we spend competing against the opponent,” Markey said. “The opponent is thought of as a partner, someone who can bring out the best in us, which is why I believe wins and losses are an imposter. The opponent is not the enemy; it’s our partner in the process, and you want some good partners to bring the best out of you.”

“While [basketball] is certainly fun, it’s not all fun and games. It’s about the education,” Markey said. “If you want to know what I’m most proud Markey concluded his tenure at of, it’s the amount of learning Collegiate helping to groom Bash that has gone on in the past 20 Townes ’16, Adam Grant ’16 and years. No students were deemed Kyonze’ Chavis ’16, and academically ineligible to play coaching our team to the TCIS basketball or been on academic championship and a run at the probation. I’m most proud of Virginia Independent Schools Photo Jim Morrison {} that. The program is based Athletic Association state title. Boys varsity basketball coach Jim Markey cuts down the net after the team won the on the school’s mission 2016 TCIS Championship title. statement, the TCIS “One of the biggest things that he constitution and understanding taught us when we first got here [Collegiate] is a college-prep institution. We’re here was to not rely on someone else to get the work to prepare students academically for college, and done for you, and what you put in is what you’re that also includes preparing kids athletically if they going to get out,” said Adam, who now plays want to play for college.” Division I basketball at Bryant University. “You have to better yourself so that you can help the “Coach Markey helped me to become a better team progress.” player while at Collegiate,” said Donte’ Hill ’09, a 2009 Clemson University commit who later played “Coach Markey had a huge impact on me as a for Old Dominion University ’13. “He understands basketball player, and an even bigger impact on me the importance of working diligently and genuinely as a person,” Jimmy Hurley ’16 said. “Throughout cared about our well-being.” During Hill’s senior my basketball career, Coach Markey took an year at Collegiate, he averaged 20.3 points, interest in my development as a basketball player. 7.9 rebounds and 6.3 assists and was named TCIS More than anything, I am grateful for the impact Player of the Year. “He [Markey] would get to Coach Markey had on me as a person. I am a better Collegiate at 6 a.m., and we would lift weights and man because of Coach Markey.” work out in the morning and practice in the evening. He made sure we received the attention we needed Markey’s influence surpasses basketball. to get to the next level if we were fortunate enough to get there. He put in the hours needed to make us “I have worked with Jim for the past 20 years,” better as players and individuals.” Headmaster Scott Kennedy said. “Regardless of the team’s record, they grew as individuals and as COMPETE BY THREE teammates. Every day he taught players the skills A major component of the program’s success is of basketball and the importance of committing to Markey’s teaching method of compete by three. It’s a team and of being men of character.” WWW.NORFOLKCOLLEGIATE.ORG


OaksATHLETICS Ashby Larkin ’18 keeps the ball from her opponent during a varsity girls soccer match. The girls clinched the TCIS title and made a run at the VISAA championship.

Chandler Branton ’18 and Miles Edmond ’18 compete at a cross country meet.

Photos courtesy of Jim Morrison {}

Paul Mahoney ’16, center, stops the ball during a boys varsity soccer match as teammate Austin Beale ’17, right, looks on.

Members of the boys tennis team celebrate their second-place finish at the state finals in the spring.



FAR LEFT: Bailey Jones ’16 spikes the ball during one of the girls varsity volleyball matches. LEFT: Carson McMonagle ’17 returns a serve during a girls tennis match.

Nick Selig ’17 and Alex Holt ’17 enjoy a day on the water during a varsity sailing team regatta. Varsity cheerleaders encourage our student-athletes during a basketball game. The cheerleading program grew by leaps and bounds as the team participated in its first competition in more than five years.

Want more athletic news? Follow Jim Morrison’s Oaks in Action blog at WWW.NORFOLKCOLLEGIATE.ORG



Did you know?


Oaks are encouraged to participate and lead in their community. Throughout the year, our students gave when it was unexpected and shared with generous hearts. Here’s a look at some of the community outreach our students have participated in or led:









This group of fifth-grade students met throughout the year to make a positive change in their world through acts of service. Here are some examples of their deeds:















PARENT AMBASSADORS This group of parents helped to organize grade-specific fundraising and

community service events throughout the year. Here are some of their efforts:






$226,874 WAS RAISED








Faculty and staff dedicated a weekend in January to improving their knowledge of Google applications in the classroom at the Google+ iOS Summit. The event drew more than 115 educators from across Virginia.


of the classroom, it was another exciting year for Collegiate students, parents, faculty and staff. The year kicked off with educational consultant Pat Bassett working with the community in preparation for the school’s 10-year accreditation visit. In addition, the school hosted a two-day summit featuring educational experts from Google. Here is a look back at some highlights beyond the classroom:

PAT BASSETT VISIT On Monday, Nov. 9, 2015, educational consultant Pat Bassett presented “Schools of the Future–Big Shifts” to more than 150 educators and parents from Hampton Roads. His presentation, which was hosted by Norfolk Collegiate, delved into his perspectives on major educational trends and how schools should ready themselves to take advantage of them in the future. Bassett’s discussion included shifting the educational paradigm from: • Knowing to doing; • Teacher-centered to student-centered; • Individual to team;

Consumption of information to construction of meaning; • Single sourcing to crowd sourcing; • Showing high-value demonstrations versus high-stakes testing. Bassett, who has more than 45 years of experience in private education, also spent several days at Collegiate helping to guide the administration through the school’s strategic planning process. While at Collegiate, Bassett met with focus groups comprised of parents, alumni, faculty, staff and students, toured our facilities and visited classes in all three divisions. He also worked with the administration and reviewed the results of the surveys that our constituencies completed before his visit. That information was analyzed and sent back to our community to home in on the top initiatives shaping the final version of the strategic plan (please see page 90). GOOGLE SUMMIT The Google+ iOS Summit for Educators, featuring Google Apps for Education, brought more than 115 educators from Virginia to Norfolk Collegiate from Jan. 23-24, 2016. The two-day summit had

participants focus on integrating Google applications to promote student learning within K-12 and higher education institutions by allowing participants to learn how to brainstorm ideas and gather knowledge using iPads® with Google applications. The summit featured Google-certified teachers and innovators, Apple-distinguished educators and Google employees. Participants learned a host of innovative tools across disciplines and grade levels, including Google Tour Builder, Google My Maps and Google Cardboard, a virtual reality tool. “EdTech Team’s Google Summits are deliberately designed to provide participants with real takeaways that can be implemented immediately in their schools and classrooms,” said Charlene Loope, director of instructional technology and communication arts. “From using Google Apps for Education tools to improve workflow on student iPads ® to experimenting with the new virtual reality Google Cardboard viewfinder, everyone walked away with something that they wanted to try with students,” Thanks to the generous donors at the 2015 auction, more than $18,000 was raised to send more than 40 of Collegiate’s faculty and staff to the event. VAIS ACCREDITATION Norfolk Collegiate received full accreditation renewal from the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) after participating in an accreditation self-study and visit. VAIS is the leading accrediting body for Virginia’s independent schools. In conjunction with the development of our new strategic plan, members of the Norfolk Collegiate faculty, staff and board engaged in a thorough process of data gathering, reflection and examination of our programs, processes and facilities relative to the VAIS standards for membership. On March 20-22, a team from VAIS institutions around the commonwealth visited Collegiate to assess the degree to which the school supports our mission and meets the standards for full membership in the VAIS. Chaired by Dr. Terrie Scheckelhoff, head of school at St. Catherine’s in Richmond, the team spent its time immersed in our school’s programs and culture and engaged in discussions with students, faculty, parents, staff, alumni and board members. They visited classes, attended assemblies and ate lunch with students in all three of our divisions. WWW.NORFOLKCOLLEGIATE.ORG

Sixth-grade students Logan Gaskin and Abby McMonagle review their data on their iPad. The students were determining distance and speed traveled their robot travelled using the data collected from PASCO’s motion sensor.


colleges and universities use probeware technology in their chemistry labs. Thanks to a gift from the estate of Mr. Kenneth Scribner, our middle and upper school students have the same technology.

In the classroom, science teachers were able to invigorate their daily lessons, thanks to the addition of PASCO probeware to its inventory. Probeware is sensorbased equipment that provides opportunities for our students to efficiently and quickly collect data and to analyze it using methods similar to those of scientists and engineers. These hands-on experiences also provide our students in science classes from grades six through 12 more time to interpret the graphic results. 41


Students work in teams to strategize and engineer a tower made from Keva Planks that not only would be the highest in the class, but also would withstand a blow from Brendan Hoyle, coordinator of maker education.

Woodshop Reimagined MakerLabs turn curiosities into reality for students With the support of our donors during the 2016 Annual Auction, Norfolk Collegiate’s Fund-AnItem raised $25,050 to create community hubs for innovation and hands-on learning. These spaces, known as MakerLabs, are places where our students, faculty and staff and families can reinvent old ideas with new conceptual frameworks, utilize advancements in thinking and doing, and investigate and construct a hybrid of fine arts, sciences, crafts, industrial technologies, inventions, textiles, digital media, upcycling, STEAM and do-it-yourself concepts. Each division is outfitted with these spaces, each containing a unique set of developmentally appropriate tools and materials to promote flexibility and opportunity. “Students will be connecting the dots in their studies by building things that support their ideas 42

about what they are learning,” said Brendan Hoyle, coordinator of maker education, who heads up the spaces with science teachers Claire Fornsel, Melissa Silverman and information technology integration specialist Kathy Windley. “Each division’s MakerLab has aspects that will be primary focal points, including robotics, coding and basic programming in the lower school; Destination Imagination and related projects in the middle school; and larger team and individual projects in the upper school.” Our labs are labeled one through three with MakerLab 1 at the lower school, MakerLab 2 at the middle school and MakerLab 3 at the upper school. “One thing I like about the labs is that they teach us new tools such as MakeyMakey®, which uses electrical currents to program a keyboard,” Trafton Addison ’17 said. “The space encourages growth in an academic area that a lot of schools don’t offer. It’s nice to see how we are broadening our horizons.”



Students Abby Hecht ’18, Lila Spurgeon ’19, Thomas Chatman ’19 and Kile McNair ’17 work on a project in MakerLab 3.

was raised at the Annual Auction to establish three MakerLabs at Norfolk Collegiate. MakerLabs are places where the analog and the digital meet—a 21st century combination of woodshop, computer lab, fabrication studio and think tank. The MakerLabs at Norfolk Collegiate are innovative learning spaces dedicated to student-driven projects that explore, experiment and engage. Each MakerLab provides tools, expert guidance and freedom to design and make impactful projects that are personally meaningful to each student. They function under the model of inquiry-based learning by allowing students the opportunity to solve problems and to work on projects they identify with and are passionate about exploring. The spaces also allow teachers the opportunity to tailor class lessons and projects to incorporate the MakerLabs. “MakerLab 2 opens lots of experiences for students; there are lots of tools and materials we can use for projects,” Zac Fowler ’22 said.


FUND-AN-ITEM DONORS David & Lori Baccanari Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Bashara Kent & Lily Beachy Mrs. Dawn Bray Thomas & Jackie Burke Christopher & Katrina Butler James & Judy Carraway Michael ’88 & Anne ’88 Claywell Mr. & Mrs. Brian M. Clements Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Clements Chris & Paula Cook Mr. & Mrs. John T. Dalton Jr. Bobby & Leslie DeFord Jai & Richard Essenmacher Jean & Paul Farrell Larry & Amy Flora Claire Fornsel & Ken Reichert Taylor ’00 & Emily Franklin Wendell & Martha Franklin Thomas Q. Gallagher Nick & Dana Garcia Mr. & Mrs. William J. Harrington Burr & Jennifer Henderson Bryan & Charlotte Herndon Steven Hess & Andrea Grady Mr. & Mrs. Creighton D. Holt Pam & Jim Hurley Gary & Barbara Janovetz Michael & Cynthia Jones Jill & Gary Layne Michael & Anne Leanzo Brittany Lee ’04

SAVE THE DATE April 29, 2017 Norfolk Collegiate’s Annual Auction Deborah ’72 & Michael Lindale Michael ’02 & Emily ’02 Lindale Adrienne Link Mr. & Mrs. John C. Lynch Thomas E. ’83 & Robyn Mathas Paul Matthews & Deborah Baynor Mark McElhaney & Alan Boring Scott & Jennifer McMonagle Steve & Michelle McNaughton Chip & Melissa Meador Charles & Catherine Monroe Kate Pringle Chris & Kim Reaghard Frank & Ryan Rhodes Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Rigby Bob Roberts Scott & Charlene Robertson George & Barbara Sarris John ’93 & Elisabeth Sawyer Taylor ’86 & Carrie Short Mr. Jeff Silverman Taylor Construction Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Van Orman



Cleteus Smith, Chris Willson, Michelle McNaughton, Mike Claywell ’88, Vincent Ortiz, Charlene Loope, Colleen Hamlin, Helen Younce, Judy Davis, Maggie Mitchell, Riley Cunningham ’21 and Logan Gaskins ’21 were the first brave participants who entered their chili for the inaugural Chili Cook-Off.

Fall Fair weekend a blast for all Outside of the classroom, Oaks come together as a community throughout the year at several special events aimed at not only raising money for the school, but also as a chance for our community to come together. The first of those events kicked-off in the fall and was met with favorable weather from Mother Nature. Our third annual Fall Fair and Homecoming weekend was held on Oct. 23 and 24 and brought together our community for a weekend of tradition and raised $26,000 in net proceeds. OYSTER ROAST & TASTE OF COLLEGIATE The festivities opened with the Oyster Roast and Taste of Collegiate, with live music from the Hotcakes and food from Your Pie, Guad’s, Azalea Inn, Jimmy Winn’s BBQ and more. FALL FAIR FESTIVITIES Homecoming games commenced on the new turf fields as guests explored the fair’s offerings. With 44

Aya Musselmani ’25, Todd McCormick ’25 and Dusty Rhodes ’25 take a moment from the games for a photo opportunity.

the always popular dunk tank, mechanical Twin Spin ride, grade-level and club activities and seasonal floral sales, attendees also had the chance to check out some of the new additions to the event, including the Farmers’ Market, which featured more than 20 vendors; Touch-a-Truck, where guests had the opportunity to explore special vehicles and machinery; and the Courtyard Chili Cook-Off, with THE COLLEGIATE: YEAR IN REVIEW & PHILANTHROPY REPORT

A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO OUR FALL FAIR SPONSORS PLATINUM Anonymous Cottrell Contracting Corp. The Franklin Johnston Group Jones Printing Service Inc. Mid-Atlantic Coatings Inc. Summit Group of Virginia

GOLD ABOVE: Hunter Flora ’18 and Chandler Branton ’18 take their turn on the Twin Spin ride. LEFT: Volunteers Larry Flora and Nick Garcia cook hot dogs for our hungry Oaks.

12 chili entries. Celebrity Chef Graham Elliot sat on the judges’ panel and awarded the top prize to Vincent Ortiz, whose recipe was featured as soup of the week at each Hampton Roads TASTE location. Thank you to our volunteers who dedicated their time. A special thank you to our committee chairs for their role in making it a success! • Debbie Baynor, T-shirt coordinator • Holly Dalton, prize committee chair • Jai Essenmacher, plant sales committee chair • Stephanie Fowler & Andrea Grady, Farmers’ Market committee co-chairs • Dusty Rhodes, concessions committee chair • Alyssa Russell, lower school games committee chair • Kim Tamburino, Courtyard Chili Cook-Off coordinator • Amy Woodson, Touch-A-Truck coordinator WWW.NORFOLKCOLLEGIATE.ORG

Bay Disposal & Recycling BesTech Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Jason M. Hirschfeld Mr. & Mrs. Gary Janovetz Kirven Orthopedic Group P.C. Mathas Financial Group LLC Morgan’s Specialty Snacks Norfolk Farm Market Special Events Virginia Spring Suspension & Alignment Services LLC Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Viveiros White’s Nursery & Greenhouses Mr. & Mrs. Lang Williams Wolcott Rivers Gates Attorneys At Law Yellow Dog Software

BRONZE Dr. Stelianos A. Bredologos & Mrs. Kelly S. Pedos Chesapeake Bay Steel Inc. Chris Lacey Cleaning Services Inc. John Domena & Diane Maia Jai & Richard Essenmacher Firehouse Subs (NEXCOM) Scott & Carroll Lee ’82 Kennedy Moe’s Southwest Grill Norfolk Speech and Language Services Jacob Roth ’19 Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Scott Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Williams Winn Nursery of Virginia Inc. Neal & Missy Wright



Lori and David Baccanari Jr., Bug and Dr. Thomas Gallagher and Kim and Cmdr. Chris Reaghard enjoy each other’s company before watching the Kentucky Derby livestream at the auction.

Annual auction goes to the derby In May, our community came together for the biggest fundraiser of the year. Sponsors, donors, parents and friends raised more than $110,000 to support our students and community. More than 260 guests were in attendance as we celebrated Collegiate and the Kentucky Derby by streaming the race early that evening. Along with the authentic, themed decor and lush floral arrangements, the middle and upper school gymnasiums were transformed for all to enjoy. This year’s Fund-an-Item set a record for the school, raising $25,520 to support our new MakerLab program. Under the direction of Brendan Hoyle, theater director and coordinator of maker education, the spaces and new technology was available to our students at the start of the 2016-17 school year. A team of 20 dedicated auction volunteers served on the planning committee and included committee chairs Betsy Given, Robyn Mathas, Cindy Jones, Ellen Selig and Melissa Meador. 46

VOLUNTEERS Debbie Baynor Sheena Bellamy Alison Carlsmith Chris Cook Ellen Fitzwater Stephanie Fowler Amy Flora Bobbie Galiotos Betsy Given, Silent Auction Co-Chair Cindy Jones, Decor Co-Chair Jenny Lester Robyn Mathas, Silent Auction Co-Chair Melissa Meador, Lower School Class Donation Coordinator Jennifer McMonagle Ellen Selig, Decor Co-Chair Alyssa Russell Carrie Short Betty Thomas Martha Trapani Sarah Van Orman Elise Walthall



PLATINUM Cottrell Contracting Corp. Jones Printing Service Inc. Summit Group of Virginia


Charleta and Michael Harvey II show off their derby fashions before heading into the auction.

Givens Group Inc. Premier Soccer Equipment Schaubach Companies of Virginia Suntrust Bank The TitleQuest Cos.

SILVER Kirven Orthopedic Group P.C. Kumon Math & Reading Center Mathas Financial Group LLC Mr. & Mrs. Theodore A. Mathas Medical & Surgical Eye Specialists Selden Optometry Special Events Virginia Wolcott Rivers Gates Attorneys-at-Law


Mike and Cindy Jones pose with their daughter Victoria ’21 at the auction. Parents Tera and Vishal Shaw take a moment together before heading into the silent auction portion of the evening.

BesTech Inc. Birsch Industries The Honorable & Mrs. Richard S. Bray Chris Lacey Cleaning Services Inc. Decker, Cardon, Thomas, Weintraub & Neskis, P.C. Mrs. Ruby L. Dowd Dr. & Mrs. Robert G. Gayle Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Given Mr. & Mrs. Gary Janovetz Scott & Carroll Lee ’82 Kennedy Mrs. Margaret H. Magnussen Mr. & Mrs. Steven B. McNaughton Mr. & Mrs. Chip Meador Ms. Susan T. Meredith & Mr. Joseph S. Beck Moe’s Southwest Grill Norfolk Speech & Language Services Dr. Barbara M. Sarris & Dr. George A. Sarris Mr. & Mrs. Robert Williams Mr. & Mrs. Randolph K. Windley Winn Nursery of Virginia Inc. Lauren V. Wolcott CPA P.C.


Mark Batzel takes a swing during the Golf Classic. The annual event was greeted with sunny and clear skies, thanks to Mother Nature.

Golf Classic a swinging success On June 14, more than 100 golfers hit the greens at Bayville Golf Club in support of the annual Golf Classic, which benefits the Dr. John W. Baker Jr. Memorial Scholarship and the Annual Fund. With perfect weather, delicious meals from TASTE and Goodrich Gourmet, and fantastic prizes from TaylorMade Golf, it certainly proved to be a great gathering for alland netted $24,500. The top team of the day included 1994 alumni Bryan Jackson, Mark Grissom, Rick Kiefner III and Kristian Wilson.

THANK YOU Thank you to our volunteers who dedicated their time to this worthy event. A special thank you to our committee for their role in making it a success.



2017 GOLF CLASSIC | Tuesday, June 13, 2017 11:30 a.m. Shotgun Start | Bayville Golf Club


GOLF COMMITTEE Mark Batzel Ralph Chesson III ’91 Rick Kiefner Jr. Bryan Jackson ’94 Katie Kiefner Nonemaker ’96

Jodi Dobrinsky ’88 Amy Flora Casey Harney Tom Hubert Liz Kelso Mark McElhaney Mary Peccie Christie Sykes



FRIENDS OF DR. JOHN W. BAKER Cottrell Contracting Corp. The Givens Foundation Jones Printing Services Inc. SAGE Dining Services Inc. Summit Group of Virginia

LUNCH SPONSOR Class of 1994 graduates Kristian Wilson, Rick Kiefner III, Mark Grissom and Bryan Jackson take home the top prize at the Golf Classic in June.


DINNER SPONSOR Goodrich Gourmet

BEVERAGE CART SPONSORS Kirven Orthopedic Group P.C. Mathas Financial Group LLC Special Events Virginia Mr. & Mrs. John A. Trinder Wheeler Real Estate Investment Trust Wolcott Rivers Gates Attorneys-at-Law


Bryan Herndon, David Corliss, Jimmy Winn and Mark Connors pose for a team photo.

Chris Lacey Cleaning Services Inc. Conrad Brothers of Virginia Inc. EVMS Department of Surgery First Team Auto Group Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Kiefner Jr. Moe’s Southwest Grill Monarch Bank Norfolk Speech and Language Services Drs. Scott & Charlene Robertson Suntrust Bank Tidewater Home Funding LLC Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer PC Waverton Associates


Volunteer and current parent Amy Flora shines on and off of the course, while also helping to keep the “shot” in our golfers’ game.

Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers Hassell & Folkes P.C. Scott & Carroll Lee ’82 Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Steven B. McNaughton Norfolk Plumbing Inc. Old Point National Bank S. L. Nusbaum Insurance Agency Inc. Vail Automotive

DONATIONS & IN-KIND Dixon Golf Inc. Bryan Jackson ’94 of TaylorMade Golf Professional Printing Center Ms. Kim Tamburino


Student LIFE

RIGHT: Bobby Howlett ’19, Jake Georges ’19, Selim Benis ’19 and Trip Walden ’19 hold Ray Domena ’19 while playing in the water during the Freshman Retreat. BELOW: Head of the lower school Cleteus Smith dons a toga as part of the third-grade Greek Olympics.

Students Taylor Dews ‘18, Joi Harper ’16, Madison Harris ’18, James Cooper ’16, Chorus Director Beth Wallace, Darden Purrington ’16, Parker Purrington ’19, Sid Studebaker ’18, Tori Cherry ’17 and Haley Bartel ’18 enjoy a performance of the a cappella group Pentatonix.

Alfahd Ahmed ’24 competes in the hurdles during the lower school’s Field Day. The event is a chance for the students to participate in athletic competitions.

STUDENT EVENTS AT A GLANCE Upper school math teacher Donovan Waefler, left, attempts to block a dunk from Tanner Hirschfeld ’16 during the teachers versus students basketball game.

Throughout the year, students are able to participate in an array of student life opportunities in academics, arts, athletics and extracurricular activities. Here are highlights:


Lower school librarian Mary Creekmore takes a group selfie with her students. The celebration was in honor of their hats. Senior Annie Gao and junior Kile McNair pose during the Pose for Pink Fashion Show. The show was a senior project that benefitted the Susan G. Komen Foundation.


On Aug. 29, more than 300 of our friends and families enjoyed being goofy and eating pancakes in their pajamas at the lower school.

On Jan. 31, lower school students enjoyed the sweet success of their labors. Students filled their ceramic bowls with ice cream and fun.



Middle school students enjoyed three Hangout Nights on campus, which included DJs spinning tunes, pizza, snacks and friends.

The class journeyed to Triple-R-Ranch for team building and leadership activities.



In September, 60 freshmen traveled to Camp Silver Beach for a two-day rite of passage that included team building activities.

The masquerade-themed prom was full of juniors and seniors in beautiful dresses, smart tuxedos and suits, colorful masks and smiles.


Teachers Melissa Silverman, Cathy Francis and Shannon Bartel celebrate with John H. Hackney Jr. after being awarded the Jo Melchor Hackney and John H. Hackney Jr. Memorial Endowment Fund Award.


Oaks shine because our faculty and staff lead by example. Here is a look at some of their numerous professional achievements throughout the year:

2016 HACKNEY AWARD RECIPIENTS This award is presented annually to outstanding faculty members who exemplify excellence in the classroom and influence other teachers. This year the Jo Melchor Hackney and John H. Hackney Jr. Memorial Endowment Fund Award was presented to: • Melissa Silverman, lower school science teacher, who attended the National Science Teachers Association STEM Conference & Expo in Denver over the summer. • Cathy Francis, middle and upper school band teacher, attended the Midwest Clinic: An International Band and Orchestra Conference, in Chicago in December 2016. • Shannon Bartel, upper school French teacher, 52

who attended the Amercian Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Conference in Boston in November 2016. SCHOOL-WIDE HONORS • For the second year in a row, Norfolk Collegiate was voted the Southside Gold Award winner for Best Private School in “Coastal Virginia” magazine’s Best of Readers’ Choice Awards for 2016. • Norfolk Collegiate was voted by “Virginia Living” magazine’s readers as one of the Best Summer Camps in the Eastern Virginia region in the publication’s 2016 Best of Virginia May issue. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Throughout the year, Norfolk Collegiate’s faculty and staff attend professional development sessions across the state and beyond to ensure THE COLLEGIATE: YEAR IN REVIEW & PHILANTHROPY REPORT

they are up to date on the latest teaching practices. Here are highlights from the continuing education opportunities that our faculty and staff attended: • Dr. Chuck McCormick and Jan Weintraub participated in the VAIS Health and Wellness Summit at Collegiate School in Richmond on Nov. 4. • Mary Creekmore attended the Virginia Association of School Librarians Annual Conference in Williamsburg on Nov. 20. • Beth Wallace attended the Virginia Music Educators Association Conference in November. • Cathy White completed a “Creativity and Youth Engagement” course at Thomas Nelson Community College in December. • Ashley James ’94 completed the webinar “Amplify! Digital Teaching and Learning in the K-6 Classroom with Katie Muhtaris and Kristin Ziemke,” based on the book of the same title. • In January, Alan Stell, Loli Marshall, Michele Purrington, Dave Fisher, Dr. Frank Thomson, John Bain, Claire Fornsel and Erin Smyth completed training on the use of PASCO probeware, which was funded by a gift from the estate of Kenneth Scribner, a devoted philanthropist who passed away in 2014. • Brendan Hoyle participated in a series of ongoing online courses, Maker Workshop, sponsored by the School Library Journal’s “Lead the Change” initiative. • Jan Weintraub completed a 16-hour online course, “Mindful Educator Essentials—Mindful Schools K-12 Curriculum Training.” She also presented the session, “Mindful Moments for the Educator” at the Southeastern Association for the Education of Young Children Conference in January. • Cleteus Smith, Lolita Kraft and Nelee Connors attended the VAIS Workshop “Teaching Gifted Learners” in Richmond on Feb. 2. • Judy Davis and Mike Kaplan attended the College Board Southern Regional Forum in Orlando Feb. 11-12.


• •

Michelle McNaughton and Lolita Kraft presented a session entitled “Wonderings and Ponderings: Journaling with Reading” at the Virginia State Reading Association Conference in Norfolk on March 4. Kathy Boettcher attended the Second Annual ADHD Symposium, “The Changing Landscape of ADHD: A New Definition at Chesapeake Bay Academy,” in April. Evan Benedict ’04 attended the CWRA+ Conference on “Designing Performance Tasks” in Charleston, S.C., in April. Claire Fornsel completed the ASCD online course, “Introduction to the Next Generation Science Standards,” in December. She also attended the Digital Citizenship Workshop at WHRO in April. Emily Lindale ’02 attended the Apple Series Workshop “iPad for Early Childhood” in May. Sarah DeStefano received her master of science in Education from George Mason University in May. Nicole Weyer attended the conference, “Initiating Difficult Conversations,” sponsored by the Virginia Diversity Network in Charlottesville. Dr. Chuck McCormick, Cleteus Smith, Mark McElhaney, Julie Hastings, Erin Smyth, Anne Curtis and Garrett Booker attended the VAIS Conference in Richmond. Paige Solomon and Jared Wilson were awarded a $20,000 Library of Congress “Teaching with Primary Sources” research grant to fund their project, “Improving Historical Thinking Skills through SourceBased Instruction.”



Middle school science teacher Claire Fornsel works with students Catherine Sarris and Lucy Bashara during a Lego® Robotics class. Fornsel was awarded a Mathas Professional Development Grant, which she used to research best practices at the two-day Design and Maker Colloquium with our coordinator of maker education Brendan Hoyle.

Mathas Professional Development Grants The Mathas Professional Development Grants was created in 2014 when Ted and Keryn Mathas expanded their annual donation to promote faculty growth in the areas outlined in the school’s Characteristics of Professional Excellence. The Mathas Grants provide funding for professional activities that will increase our faculty’s expertise in current standards and best practices in their disciplines, projectbased learning, technology integration and other identified areas of focus for the school. The grants also support faculty summer projects that will transform a program or area of the curriculum in a significant manner that will be replicated across the wider school community. The first Mathas Professional Development Grants were awarded in the 2014-15 school year. Those honored with the award for the 2015-16 school year included:

CHARACTERISTICS OF PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE... ... guide faculty, staff and administrators in delivering the mission and in a manner supporting the Portrait of a Graduate. • Self-reflective and Student-driven: Reflects on curriculum and pedagogy to best meet student needs • Expert: Possesses subject matter expertise and is a lifelong learner • Passionate and Instructional: Demonstrates a passion for knowledge, subject matter and service that inspires students and peers • High expectations: Sets high expectations, supported by differentiated instruction, to promote and encourage student success • Innovative, Creative, Differentiating: Designs innovative, creative, engaging and differentiated curricula to help all students reach their full potential • Respectful and Responsive: Interacts respectfully with students, parents and peers; responds in a timely, helpful manner to all student work; responds in a timely manner to all student, parent and peer communications; maintains an updated web presence with homework and grades • Open-minded: Considers diverse approaches and perspectives to best meet the needs of their students, parents and peers


The 2015-16 Keryn and Ted Mathas Awards for Professional Excellence were presented at our opening faculty session in August. The recipients were:

MARY CREEKMORE Lower school librarian

LARRY MADDOX Lower school physical education teacher

VAL ORTIZ Middle school counselor



KATHY BOETTCHER Learning Resource Center coordinator

MATTHEW ROBERTSON Middle and upper school librarian

Brendan Hoyle and Claire Fornsel traveled to the Windward School in Los Angeles to research best practices at the two-day Design and Maker Claire Fornsel Colloquium. Upon their return, the two were able to use their findings to prepare detailed goals and objectives for the Norfolk Collegiate maker program (see page 42), as well as search our current curriculum maps Brendan Hoyle to identify entry points for maker space integration. They currently are in the process of working with faculty members in all divisions to develop project-based learning modules that incorporate our new maker spaces. This effort already has advanced a major objective of the Academic Innovation Task Force, while also allowing Hoyle and Fornsel to develop their individual STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) interests, knowledge and skills. Jan Weintraub, Sarah DeStefano and Emily Lindale ’02 traveled to the 20th Annual Character Matters Conference at the University of San Diego and are now developing division- Sarah DeStafano specific goals and objectives for integrating character education across divisions and creating professional development resources and training materials for their peers. This project will Emily Lindale ’02 enhance the work of the Well-Being & Community Task Force while building on these team members’ individual interests in character education and social emotional learning. Jan Weintraub 55


The capital campaign saw significant contributions for the 2015-16 year. The latest capital project, the turf fields and lights, were dedicated on Sept. 25, 2015, just in time for fall sports.

Cumulative Giving: Capital Campaign & Endowment Norfolk Collegiate is proud to honor a distinguished group of individuals whose extraordinary generosity for capital and endowment giving demonstrates a commitment to the traditions of yesterday and the vision for tomorrow. All listings reflect cumulative capital and endowment pledges and gifts of $2,500 and above from all capital campaigns since 1986. Thank you. All listings reflect gifts received from July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2016.

$1,500,000 & ABOVE

Edwin S. Webster Foundation L.M. Sandler & Sons Ed & Jan Reed Sue Faulkner Scribner Denise & John Wright

Lenox & Fran Baker Harrison & Judy Perrine

$250,000 & ABOVE

$2,500,000 & ABOVE Mr. John H. Hackney Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Meredith Jr.

$1,000,000 & ABOVE Mr. Frederick V. Martin Richard ’74 & Shaune Meredith The Roberts Family

$500,000 & ABOVE Beazley Foundation Inc. 56

Ayco Charitable Foundation Taylor ’00 & Emily Franklin Wendell & Martha Franklin Mr. & Mrs. Henry U. Harris III John & Roz Klein Ted ’85 & Keryn Mathas John P. Maynard Family Foundation Meredith Realty Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Stanton

$100,000 & ABOVE Anonymous Kenneth C. & Donna B. Alexander Mr. & Mrs. Stanley G. Barr Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Bonnewell William Calliott Cottrell Contracting Corp. Robert ’74 & Neven Garris Martin & Karen Goldberg Mr. & Mrs. William W. Granger III Dr. & Mrs. George L. B. Grinnan Sr. Steven B. Hall ’81 & Robin Hall Putnam ’81 Hampton Roads Community Foundation Peter & Lesli Henry


Robert ’75 & Melissa Howerin Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Kanter Walter ’73 & Jennifer Kelley Rick & Hays Kiefner Mr. & Mrs. William W. King Kevin & Kelly Larkin Michael & Anne Leanzo Sunshine ’79 & Tyler Leinbach Mr. & Mrs. Harvey L. Lindsay Jr. Anne H. Lockhart & Timothy J. Lockhart Marietta McNeill Morgan & Samuel Tate Morgan Jr. Foundation Betsy & Norman Mason Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Massie Edward & Paula McCann Rexanne D. Metzger Mrs. Ann Nusbaum Wendy & John Parker Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Robison III Leisa & Gary Rosso Robyn Reynolds Sacks ’80 Steven Sandler ’66 Mrs. Madelyn R. Sawyer Jane & Dwight Schaubach Mr. Jeff Silverman Dr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Stine Dr. & Mrs. Vasken Tenekjian Dr. David C. Waters Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Weaver Stephen Wohlgemuth & Holly Puritz Michael & Lydia Woodhouse

$50,000 & ABOVE Anonymous (2) Dale & Keith Bangel Harry Baylor ’79 Betty Bordner ’63 Roger & Rise Faith Dajao Chris & Anne Doyle The Estate of Peter M. Meredith Sr. & Susan T. Meredith Ms. Stefanie Franklin The Givens Foundation J. H. Godwin III & Lauren J. Godwin Sandra & Howard Gordon Mrs. Carolyn B. Hall Mr. & Mrs. William J. Harrington Helen McHardy Walker Memorial Teachers Fund Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Heretick Brick & Louise Hill Page ’81 & Teresa Jett Carroll Lee ’82 & Scott Kennedy Dr. & Mrs. Christopher T. King Tom & Linette Klevan Barbara & Donald Lipskis Paul & Andrea Mahoney WWW.NORFOLKCOLLEGIATE.ORG

The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation Robert & Margo McFarland Meredith Construction Co., Inc Susan Meredith ’78 & Joe Beck Mr. & Mrs. W. Sheppard Miller III Mr. & Mrs. George T. Minton Jr. Will & Claire Moody Dr. Frank Morgan Mrs. Margaret Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. O’Connor Sr. Chuck & Greta Patty Louis F. & Prudence H. Ryan George & Barbara Sarris Shriver and Holland Associates Mr. & Mrs. J. Randolph Stokes Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Swartz TowneBank Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Wolcott Jr.

$25,000 & ABOVE Anonymous (2) Mr. & Mrs. Jon M. Ahern Dr. & Mrs. Pat L. Aulicino Stephen Ballard Jr. & Family Katherine ’80 & Mark Batzel Jean & Harold Bell Frank & Sandy Bond Dr. Marshall S. Bonnie Joseph F. Bouchard Jerry & Judy Bowman Ashlyn ’80 & David Brandt Mr. Neal P. Brodsky Mr. & Mrs. John W. Brown Ms. Dana Carr The Carr Family Chesapeake Bay Wine Classic Foundation City of Norfolk Coca Cola Enterprises Bottling Cos. Dr. & Mrs. Donald Combs Linda & Claiborne Coupland Dr. & Mrs. Richard S. Dailey Mr. & Mrs. William E. Dashiell Mr. & Mrs. Bobby DeFord Dynamic Systems Integration Inc. The Edward E. Ford Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Jamisson S. Fowler Bob & Kim Gayle Robert & Denise Goldwasser Curtis & Mary Hall Dana & Tracy Harding Bryan & Charlotte Herndon Virginia ’81 & John Hitch Jo Kell Inc. Mr. Martin J. Kelly & The Honorable Susan H. Kelly Tom Manser & Maria Urbano

Thomas E. ’83 & Robyn Mathas Mr. & Mrs. Harold C. Mauney Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John C. McLemore Mr. & Mrs. Augustus C. Miller Thomas ’90 & Elizabeth Minton Mr. & Mrs. David E. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Morissette Thomas H. Nicholson III Alan & Susan Nordlinger Mr. William W. Old Mr. & Mrs. Kent P. Porter Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Rashti Mr. & Mrs. David D. Richards Scott & Charlene Robertson Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Rosenblatt Roy Orthodontics Dr. Paul A. Sayegh Melissa Natchus Silverman Brad & Jennifer Smith Drs. Gordon & Kerri Stokes Charles & Barbara Sutelan John & Betty Trinder Drs. Robert Tupper & Karen Locke Richard & Brenda Waters Mr. & Mrs. Howard Webb

$15,000 & ABOVE Anonymous (3) Dr. & Mrs. J. Patrick Baker Michael R. & Jane A. Barclift James ’77 & Vickie Beale Jeff Bennett ’91 Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Berenguer Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Cherry Michael ’88 & Anne ’88 Claywell Mr. & Mrs. David H. Corliss Corporation for Public Broadcasting Jeffrey ’89 & Mary Creekmore Merrill & Dee Dorman Larry & Amy Flora Tasos ’87 & Jennifer Galiotos Mrs. Laurie A. Gellman Dr. Marc H. Glickman & Mrs. Laurie Feldman Mrs. H. Robert Graham Jr. Mr. Nathaniel T. Green II Mr. & Mrs. S. Earl Griffin Mr. George L. Grinnan Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Christopher D. Hale Dr. & Mrs. Charles M. Hecht Leavitt Mrs. Yvonne Hiatt Takis & Linda Karangelen Vassilios & Heather Karangelen Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Keatley Richard ’94 & Megan Kiefner Jill & Gary Layne Mabel Burroughs Tyler Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Mark J. McCarthy 57

CAPITAL CAMPAIGN & ENDOWMENT Meredith Realty Harrington LLC Miller Oil Co. Inc. Elsie M. Mueller Mr. & Mrs. John M. Murray NationsBank Mr. & Mrs. Stephen S. Perry Jr. Frank & Ryan Rhodes Suresh & Lata Rijhwani John ’93 & Elisabeth Sawyer Jim ’75 & Elizabeth Smith Mr. Edward A. Stein Ann P. Stokes Nancy & George H. Tatterson Jr. James & Lin P. Tomlinson Todd & Victoria Townsend Dr. & Mrs. Sabah S. Tumeh Jim ’82 & Mahala Vail Mrs. Patricia C. Whitehurst Mr. & Mrs. Douglas B. Wilson Dan & Judy Wood Neal & Missy Wright

$10,000 & ABOVE Anonymous (4) Stephen B. & Barbara J. Ballard Mike & Michelle Bennett Mrs. Margaret W. Bishop Mr. & Mrs. James H. Blassingham III Mrs. Dawn Bray Dr. & Mrs. Ron Brodsky Patrick & Ann Brogan Joan & Stewart Buckle Mr. & Mrs. William R. Burnette Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Burton Central Fidelity Bank Ron & Julie Childress Beck Mr. & Mrs. James G. Close Jr. Chris & Paula Cook Todd ’86 & Robin Copeland Bob & Cathy Craft Capt. & Mrs. Michael D. Davis USN (Ret.) Mr. & Mrs. Rick Davis Mr. & Mrs. Byron H. Delavan Jr. Randi Reed Dunlap ’05 Mr. Louis C. Eisenberg Reid & Harriet Ervin Frederick Foundation Inc. Caroline King Furr ’88 Dr. & Mrs. Alan Gamsey Mrs. Travis B. Garris Mr. Bruce H. Gilbert Dean ’72 & Ilene Goldman Hampton Roads Recovery Center Mr. Joseph Haskell Dr. & Mrs. Peter S. Heyl Dr. & Mrs. Ted Hughes James Camp Foundation 58

Mr. & Mrs. J. Jerry Kantor Ms. Barbara Kiley King Family Fund Randi ’82 & Bradford Klavan Mr. Robert M. Kralowetz Mr. & Mrs. Ron Kramer Dr. & Mrs. Willette L. LeHew Mr. Dennis T. Lewandowski Dr. & Mrs. Alvin Margolius Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James A. Markey Mr. David Matson Joe & Robyn Maus Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J. McElroy McWaters Family Foundation Mid Atlantic Cardio Thoracic Surgeons Ltd. Greg ’94 & Beth Murphy Dr. & Mrs. William Lyle Oelrich Clint & Jean Oliver William & Norma Overton Mrs. Jane A. Pellegrino Mr. & Mrs. Hiram E. Perkinson Jr. Ms. Beverlee R. Peters Dick & Laura Phillips Mr. & Mrs. William A. Prince Dr. & Mrs. Harry E. Ramsey Jr. Mrs. Juanita B. Reed Dr. & Mrs. Henry M. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Bradley R. Sanford Secretary Sovran Foundation Inc. Wood ’79 & Ellen Selig Mrs. Lois Shriver Simpson Builders Inc. Brook & Martha Smith Mr. Robert L. Stein Dr. & Mrs. Nabil T. Tadros H. Raymond Tahhan & Randa C. Dumet Dr. & Mrs. Paul R. Temple Ben & Anne Vanderberry Doris & Seeman Waranch Dr. & Mrs. Norman P. Weiss Mr. & Mrs. Ben R. Wiley Jr. Lang & Lucy Williams Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Williams Mrs. Corinne L. Wood Mr. Thomas E. Wood Wood Vending Services Mr. & Mrs. William C. Wooldridge Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence E. Zoeller

$5,000 & ABOVE Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. S. B. Adler Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Anderson ARPR Inc. Azalea Inn I Mrs. Martha P. Beale

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. Beck Mr. & Mrs. Jon D. Becker Mr. & Mrs. Philip S. Belkov Mr. Martin Berger Mr. John B. Bernhardt Mr. Bruce T. Bishop Mr. & Mrs. James C. Bishop Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Herbert L. Bondurant III Mr. & Mrs. George H. Brown Mr. Hughes D. Burton Dr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Caplan Drs. Gregg & Karen Clifford Mr. & Mrs. David N. Cohen Conrad Brothers of Virginia Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Copeland Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Craig Neal & Karen Crawford Jeanie ’79 & Billy Daniel Mr. & Mrs. Phil D. Davenport Mr. William B. de la Cruz & Dr. Gloria V. de la Cruz Ted & Molly Dey Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. Drinkwalter Jr. Kevin & Dianne Elliott Col. & Mrs. Edward B. English (Ret.) James & Jamie Farrell Richard & Mary Feckler First Virginia Bank Mr. & Mrs. R. M. Fortson III Mr. & Mrs. Marvin S. Friedberg Steve ’86 & Patricia Galiotos Mrs. Mary Gauthier Harold W. Gehman Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Lew Georges Mr. & Mrs. John S. Georghiou Deric & Wina Giddens Dr. & Mrs. Norman Goldin Mr. & Mrs. Edward Goldman Barbara & Allen Gordon Drs. James & Janet Gordon Mrs. James W. Gray Jr. Christopher Gross & Diana Blanchard Gross Dr. & Mrs. Ronald R. Hallstrom Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Hardee Mr. & Mrs. Marshall P. Harrell Heritage Bank Mr. James R. Herndon Michael & Wendy Holley Mr. & Mrs. James J. Izard II Mr. William C. Jeffries Dr. & Mrs. David H. Johnson The Honorable & Mrs. Jerrauld C. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Bob Jump Mr. & Mrs. William E. Kass Rear Adm. & Mrs. John T.


Kavanaugh USN (Ret.) Mrs. Mary G. Keogh Carolyn & Jim Key Robert King & Sara Morris Mr. & Mrs. William E. King Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Klar Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Laderberg Mr. & Mrs. Herbert W. Laine Mr. & Mrs. Larry C. Land Ms. Vicky Lauder Mrs. Meredith Salb Lauter Mrs. Virginia T. Lawrence Mr. & Mrs. Page G. Lea Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Lee Dr. & Mrs. Charles L. Levy Dr. Donald L. Levy Life Savings Bank Drs. Barry & Louise Lubin Ms. Cornelia S. Magee Dr. Charles G. Maresh Mrs. Irene Mathas Mr. William H. Metzger Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey G. Miller Drs. Harry & Ann Molligan Kevin & Susan Murray Mr. & Mrs. Toshihiro Nagasato Mr. William D. Nipper Norfolk Collegiate Lower School Nancy ’81 & Charles Nusbaum Mr. Gordon E. Parker, Sr. Dr. & Mrs. Reymond G. Pascual Mr. Kenneth Phillips Mr. & Mrs. John F. Plomgren Dr. Drusilla S. Powell & Mr. Robert C. Powell Andy ’80 & Kathy Protogyrou Dr. & Mrs. Soundar Rajan Dr. & Mrs. Mallory Read Jr. Dr. & Mrs. George Rector Jr. James ’83 & Sally Reeve Alan M. Salsbury Mr. & Mrs. Darryl P. Samsell Mr. & Mrs. Leon Sarfan Mrs. Janet Scott Dr. & Mrs. Albert P. Solomon Gerald H. Stein Chris & Kathy Stephanitsis E. Toles Summers ’79 Mr. & Mrs. Hubert E. Swecker Richard & Christie Sykes The Alison J. & Ella W. Parsons Foundation Ms. Robyn J. Thomas Mr. & Mrs. Vincent G. Thomas II Tidewater Battery Co. Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Phillip C. Todd Caroline ’84 & Walter Tonra Mrs. Lucy B. Tyson Drs. Flaviano & Rosalina Uy

Dr. & Mrs. Gregorio C. Uy Dr. & Mrs. Leonard J. Weireter Jr. Dr. Marshall A. Weissberger Drs. Jeffrey & Heather Wentworth Dr. Mervyn J. Wighting Mrs. Sunny Williams Mrs. Anna Kambetsis Wilson Mrs. Peggy M. Zedd Pete & Rosemary Zemanian

$2,500 & ABOVE Anonymous (3) Anne ’82 & Peter Abraham Mr. & Mrs. Samuel D. Adsit III Mr. & Mrs. Tatsuo Ando Dr. & Mrs. Hormoz Azar Mr. Wendell Banyay Mr. & Mrs. Nathan D. Benson Molly Hubard Bilisoly ’80 Mr. & Mrs. John Broderick Mallory Copeland Butler ’85 & Otis E. Butler III Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Carney Dr. & Mrs. Tejwant S. Chandi Mrs. Arlie H. Christian Mr. & Mrs. Geoffry A. Clark Daniel ’80 & Linda Crain Pamela ’92 & Lewis Crenshaw Mr. & Mrs. George H. Curtis IV Debra and Ronald Murphy Family Charitable Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Wayne M. Derkac Mr. & Mrs. Andrew P. Diffenbaugh Jodi ’88 & Andy Dobrinsky Mrs. Barbara Dryer Dr. & Mrs. Darryl F. Feldman Mr. Robert M. Finke & Mrs. Dawn M. Peters Capt. & Mrs. Kevin K. Frank Fulton Bank Paul ’93 & Bobbie Galiotos Janet & Tom Grant Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Greene Dr. & Mrs. William T. Greer Jr. Barbara Hall Mr. & Mrs. William H. Halprin Mrs. Debra F. Hatch Sam & Jane Hedgecock Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Heely Mrs. Mary P. Heilig Mrs. Virginia P. Henderson Ms. Zena L. Herod Dr. & Mrs. George C. Hoffman Mrs. Derrell Hudgins Beth ’84 & Brent Johnson Michael & Cynthia Jones William B. & Betty M. Jones Mrs. Susan L. Jordan Mr. & Mrs. Elliot M. Juren

Dr. & Mrs. George M. Kemp Martha ’77 & Robert Kline Thomas C. Kyrus & Family Lafayette Investors Inc. Mr. & Mrs. John D. Laudenslager Rene, Sharon, Ginny & Kellan Lessard Mr. & Mrs. Errol G. Lewis Sharon ’76 & Thomas Lira Drs. Roberto & Rachelle Luna Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Mann Mr. & Mrs. William J. Marshall Mrs. Monique Martone Charles H. McCoy Jr. A. Keith ’81 & Debra Miller Doug & Jill Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Shurl R. Montgomery Mrs. Sharon H. Moran Mr. & Mrs. George D. Morris Sr. Mrs. Geraldine N. Nicholson David & Melanie O’Dell Drs. David & Karen Oulton Lex & Corrie Park Mr. Tim Parsons Mr. & Mrs. William J. Pidgeon Dr. & Mrs. Earl M. Pollock Jon ’89 & Tracie Pruden Mr. & Mrs. Peter D. Pruden III Dr. Helen Roberts ’81 Hank & Martha Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Martin Rosen Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Roughton Schwab Fund For Charitable Giving Dr. & Mrs. Eric Schwartzman Wayne & Ann Shank Phillip & Sharon Shanker Mr. & Mrs. Fred B. Simpson Mr. & Mrs. S. L. Sparrow Jr. Stephen ’78 & Laura Stackhouse Ann ’78 & Stephen Story Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert H. Sturtevant Dr. Beryl S. Sun & Mr. Joseph Wong Suntrust Bank Drewry Gresham Tatterson ’89 Mr. & Mrs. James E. Tonra Charlie & Jennifer Trapani Mr. & Mrs. John S. Tymoff Dr. William M. Waldrop Mr. & Mrs. Dennis A. Walker Dr. & Mrs. Charles A. Ward Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Weinstein Sally & Joel Weintraub Dr. & Mrs. David W. West The Wheat Foundation Matthew & Valerie White Mr. James A. Whitham Mr. & Mrs. T. Glenn Wilson Mr. Jay H. Zimmerman & Dr. Margaret C. Zimmerman


Students gather in front of the Sue Faulkner Scribner Belltower. The Scribners were longtime contributors to Collegiate’s endowment.

Gifts to Endowment Funds: Investments in the Mission Endowment funds are invested and generate income to support the school’s mission. Many donors choose to pay tribute to friends or loved ones by making a gift to Norfolk Collegiate in their honor or in their memory. We are grateful for those gifts and the people they celebrate, who are now a part of our legacy of giving. These endowments grow over time and provide a portion to be used for grants and scholarships each year. All listings reflect gifts received from July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2016.



The Meredith Family Scholarship Fund was established in 1982 by Peter and Susan Meredith Sr. to provide scholarships for students of middle class families.

This award is presented to a rising junior or senior in memory of Townsend Oast Jr., a 1979 graduate of Norfolk Collegiate. Criteria for this award include outstanding service to school and community and positive attitude and school spirit, all qualities that “T” possessed while a student. The recipient is selected by alumni and classmates of “T” who established the scholarship in his memory in 1988. DONORS Jeff Laibstain ’79 Lawrence Michaels ’79 Mrs. Ann Oast Miller





The Michael D. Tayloe Scholarship Award, established in 1990, is presented to a returning sophomore or junior who has contributed to student life at Norfolk Collegiate, is an “all around” student with average to above average academic standing, is an athlete with a positive attitude, is a role model for other students and is involved in service clubs. DONOR

This scholarship is awarded to a junior or sophomore on the basis of academic merit. Mrs. Grace Haworth gives this award in memory of Perry and Carol Haworth, her son and daughter in-law. Mrs. Haworth is the grandmother of Lorraine Haworth Garrison ’83, Daniel Haworth ’92, Rachel Haworth Welch ’00 and Bethany Haworth ’04.

Meghan Kanter ’10

BRIAN SLATTERY MCCANN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND This scholarship, established in 1994, is presented by the McCann family in memory of Brian McCann, a member of the Class of 1990. The award recognizes a returning Norfolk Collegiate student who exemplifies effort; is dedicated, hardworking and gives 100 percent; and exhibits a quiet nature, good qualities and motivation. It recognizes academic performance, participation in sports and school activities and service to the school and community. DONORS Mr. & Mrs. Pat Cacace Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Gore Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. McCann

STUART WEINTROB MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND Established in 1994 this award is presented by the Weintrob family in memory of Stuart Weintrob, a member of the Class of 1997, to a returning student who exhibits Stuart’s character qualities of courage, positive outlook, friendship and scholarship. DONOR Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Weintrob


LOUISE MUNDY VERMILLION AWARD FUND This scholarship award is presented to a returning Norfolk Collegiate student who demonstrates scholarship and character. Mrs. Vermillion began her career in 1958 at Carolton Oaks and taught math, history and English. She was responsible for establishing the humanities program in 1965. This scholarship is funded from an endowment established by Mr. Roderick A. Mundy in honor of his sister for her commitment and dedication to the teaching profession.

WILLIAM A. AND LUCILLE W. SAWYER SCHOLARSHIP FUND The award was established in 1999 in honor of William A. and Lucille W. Sawyer by their son Frank Sawyer, the husband of retired lower school teacher Madelyn Sawyer. They are the parents of Norfolk Collegiate alumni Jeff ’90 and John ’93. This award recognizes exemplary citizenship, scholarship and athletic participation in a returning junior or senior. Additionally, the fund supports faculty salaries. DONORS Hampton Roads Community Foundation Mrs. Madelyn R. Sawyer


CAPITAL CAMPAIGN & ENDOWMENT Kindergarten teacher Melissa Adams and Adam Musselmani work together using blocks as part of a STEM kit. The kits are rotated between students daily to enhance their STEM skills.

THE A. KENNETH SCRIBNER JR. AND SUE FAULKNER SCRIBNER HEADMASTER’S SEAT OF EXCELLENCE ENDOWMENT The A. Kenneth Scribner Jr. and Sue Faulkner Scribner Headmaster’s Seat of Excellence Endowment, established in May 2005, provides our school the opportunity to reward and recognize Norfolk Collegiate’s “master teachers” who enhance the core of our campus’s intellectual community. It is through this fund that we are able to ensure our students are learning in the most innovative and engaging settings from the most qualified and collaborative faculty members.

LEGACY OF DIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP FUND Dream it. Make it a goal. Achieve it. Twelve members from the Class of 2006 made their philanthropic dreams a reality when they established the Legacy of Diversity Endowment Fund at Norfolk Collegiate through the senior class Jefferson Challenge program to encourage a more diverse student body. This fund provides financial assistance to foster learning, living and growing in a diverse atmosphere. DONORS James Cooper ’16 Bailey Holmes Spencer ’16 Henry Lou ’16 Aaron Shroyer ’10 Ruby Yuan ’16 62

MEREDITH FAMILY MATH CHAIR The Meredith Family Math Chair was established in 2010 by Peter Marshall Meredith Jr., Penelope Harper Meredith and their children, Anne Harper Meredith Lea ’97 and Peter Marshall Meredith III ’02. This endowed fund was created to allow the school to recruit and retain superior faculty. Endowed chairs recognize our most distinguished teachers for their accomplishments and future teaching potential.

RICHARD & SHAUNE MEREDITH WRESTLING ENDOWMENT Richard Meredith ’74 and Shaune Meredith established this endowment fund in 2012 to provide funds to Norfolk Collegiate’s wrestling program to attract, retain and recruit outstanding coaching staff.

DAVID CAMPBELL GAYLE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND The David Campbell Gayle Memorial Scholarship Fund reflects David ’09, as it nurtures and supports the academic and athletic talents of selected students at Norfolk Collegiate. A meaningful tribute to his memory, this fund was created by combining all contributions from family and friends who were deeply touched by David’s life. With the blessing of the Gayle family, the combined donations were used to establish a fund THE COLLEGIATE: YEAR IN REVIEW & PHILANTHROPY REPORT

to celebrate and recognize others dedicated to academic and athletic excellence. It is the family’s intent that this fund will continue to grow over time. Established in 2012, the fund will be used to provide scholarships for one or more rising seniors at Norfolk Collegiate who have demonstrated significant academic and athletic achievement. DONORS Brad Atkins & Chris Waibel Atkins Evan Benedict ’04 Mike & Michelle Bennett Gordon & Loukia Borrell Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey M. Brainard Mr. & Mrs. F. Sullivan Callahan Mr. & Mrs. Frederick H. Campbell III Cmdr. & Mrs. Frank Campion Chris & Paula Cook Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers Dr. & Mrs. Fredric Fink Mr. & Mrs. Derek R. Fix Carter Garris ’09 Bob & Kim Gayle Mrs. Anne Scott Higham Ms. Helen T. Hipple Dr. & Mrs. George C. Hoffman Carroll Lee ’82 & Scott Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. William W. King Alex Kopylov ’09 Kramer Management Enterprises Inc. Jill & Gary Layne Chris Lewandowski ’09 Dr. Alfred P. Magness & Dr. Dace Auzins Victoria Martinez ’09 Dr. Chuck C. McCormick Jamie McLemore ’09 Mr. & Mrs. George H. Meier Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Merryman Julius ’76 & Jeanne Miller Nancy ’81 & Charles Nusbaum Ritter Grounds Maintenance Inc. Mr. & Mrs. K. Thomas. Ritter Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Doub David & Marta Smith Martijn Steendam ’09 Gordon Wolcott ’09 Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Wolcott Jr.

THE CAPT. J.J. GEORGE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FOR ACHIEVEMENT IN MATH This scholarship award was established in 2014 by Susan George in memory of her husband and former Norfolk Collegiate teacher Joseph J. George Jr., who passed away in 2011. This scholarship is presented to a rising ninth-grade student who demonstrates a commitment to the study of mathematics. The student must be highly motivated and passionate about mathematics and put his or her best effort into achieving success.

JULIANA TAZEWELL PORTER MEMORIAL AWARD FUND As a tribute to her memory, the Juliana Tazewell Porter Memorial Award was created with the blessing of the Porter family. Thanks to the efforts of her family, friends and especially Dr. Pat Baker, a Collegiate parent of John ’02, Robert ’06 and Sarah ’12, this award will be presented to a highly motivated rising senior each year. Recipients will be inquisitive in nature with the intellectual curiosity to achieve superior academic performance and motivate other students, be well-rounded and participate in athletics, the arts and other school activities. Recipients demonstrate care and compassion for fellow students, be responsible citizens with a commitment to school and community service, be respected by peers and handles themselves with poise. DONORS Dr & Mrs. J. Patrick Baker Robert ’74 & Neven Garris Mr. & Mrs. Henry U. Harris III Sunshine ’79 & Tyler Leinbach Mr. & Mrs. David Moore Mr. & Mrs. William A. Prince

*Thank you to all those who participated in or supported the David Campbell Gayle Lacrosse Tournament.




Oak Heritage Society The Oak Heritage Society was established to recognize our friends who have chosen to include Norfolk Collegiate in their long-term gift planning or to establish permanently endowed funds. Members of the society have made provisions to support Norfolk Collegiate through charitable trusts and annuities, retirement plans, bequests, life-income gifts, gifts of insurance policies or other forms of deferred giving. We acknowledge with gratitude the enduring legacy of these Oak Heritage Society members: Mr. & Mrs. Stewart H. Buckle III Mr. & Mrs. W. Claiborne Coupland Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Garris Jr. Mr. John H. Hackney Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Henry Ms. Toni B. Jones

Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Kiefner Jr. Mr. Frederick V. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Meredith Jr. Mrs. Francesa McCleary Mr. Harrison J. Perrine Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Reed

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Robison III Mr. A. Kenneth Scribner Jr.* Mrs. Nancy Spainhour* Dr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Stine Dr. & Mrs. Vasken Tenekjian *Deceased

Norfolk Collegiate Educational Foundation The Norfolk Collegiate Educational Foundation was established in December 1997 for the sole purpose of providing educational assistance for academically qualified students to receive a quality education through an independent school. The Norfolk Collegiate Educational Foundation is proud to participate in two tax credit programs offered by the Virginia Department of Education: the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) and the Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits (EISTC). In addition, companies and individuals who pay Virginia state income taxes receive a state income tax credit equal to 65 percent of their donation. All listings reflect gifts received from July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016. ABS Technology Mr. Mark Batzel Mr. Edward L. Baynor Ms. Alison Carlsmith Mr. Andrew Castellano ’92 Mr. William Copeland


Mrs. Merle Copeland Mr. Creighton Holt Mr. James G. Hurley Jr. Mr. Howard Jordan Mrs. Diane Maia Mr. William S. Miller

Mr. Powell Peters Mr. Jeff Silverman Transquest Mrs. Lauren Wolcott


Former Librarian Barbara Dryer speaks at The Spainhour Family Library dedication ceremony at the lower school.

Inspiring a love for reading A legacy can start with a simple act of southern hospitality, as was the case for the Spainhour family. On June 15, 2016, the lower school library was dedicated and renamed The Spainhour Family Library in honor of a legacy gift from Nancy and Howard Spainhour. The Spainhour’s relationship with Norfolk Collegiate began in the 1970s when the couple moved into their Larchmont home. Beloved algebra teacher Louise Vermillion lived down the street and welcomed the couple to the neighborhood. Later, former director of development Kay Stine and her husband, Ron, moved into the house next to the Spainhours, and it only seemed natural that they become involved with Norfolk Collegiate. The Stine’s son, Chris, soon began attending Norfolk Collegiate. When his grandparents were unable to attend the annual Grandparents Day, Howard happily accompanied young Chris and a neighboring classmate, Lauren Plomgren, to school. Howard soon became a fixture at the school, becoming an honorary grandfather to all of the children. Howard visited the children each week and read to them in the library. Now-retired librarian Barbara Dyer would send home new WWW.NORFOLKCOLLEGIATE.ORG

books for Howard to “test drive.” If he liked the book, it would make it into his rotation with the students. Yet Dr. Seuss remained his favorite author to read to the young Oaks. In 2009, senior Kelly Manser wrote a children’s book for her senior project, which she dedicated to Howard. “He (Howard Spainhour) made such a difference in our lives by teaching us to love to read,” Kelly said. She recalled his visits to read to her classmates when she was in kindergarten and how at the end of his readings, he would give each student one peanut butter M&M, something that inspired her first published work, “Alf and Melba.” “It took me a while to write it, to think of the right story. It’s very simple, about two prairie dogs who are afraid of a flower,” Kelly said. “Eventually, they decide to conquer their fear and discover that it’s not so bad at all.” Howard’s involvement with Collegiate went on to include a nearly 12-year term on the Board of Trustees, where he served until 2003. Howard passed away in April 2007 and his wife, Nancy, in April 2015. However the legacy they left with our Oaks will endure. 65



POSSIBILITIES THE ANNUAL FUND IS A GIFT OF REAL IMPACT The Annual Fund supports almost every aspect of a Norfolk Collegiate education. It’s a campaign to raise unrestricted gifts to bridge the gap between tuition and the true cost of educating each student. It’s fueled entirely by support from alumni, parents, faculty, staff, friends and students passionate about the value of a Collegiate education. Thank you to our Annual Fund donors who help our program reach new heights. To learn about the opportunities in which you can help make an impact, contact Director of Development Nicole M. Pellegrino at 757.480.2348 or

YOUR IMPACT When your gift is combined with the community’s support, amazing things will happen at Norfolk Collegiate! 66

ATHLETICS $100 will provide workout equipment such as weights for our strength & conditioning program.

TECHNOLOGY $379 will purchase an Apple iPad® Air 2 for a lower school classroom.


ANNUAL FUND VOLUNTEERS ACADEMICS $2,500 will purchase a college-level database for upper school student research.

Norfolk Collegiate would like to thank the volunteers who are the voice explaining why annual giving is important to Norfolk Collegiate. We are most appreciative of their commitment to and support of our annual giving campaign. One way our Annual Fund volunteers help is the phone-a-thon, where they foster positive relationships with alumni, parents and friends of the school. Callers also verify contact information and give updates about what is happening on campus.

PHONE-A-THON VOLUNTEERS THE ARTS $1,300 will purchase the costumes, rights and royalties for a musical production in the Hackney Theater.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT $500 will send a faculty member to a workshop or conference to improve faculty expertise and innovative ideas to the classroom.


Gary Bonnewell Joe Bouchard Dawn Bray Alison Carlsmith Jeff Creekmore ’89 Bobby DeFord Jai Essenmacher Larry Flora Jamisson Fowler Jill Layne Brittany Lee ’04 Sunshine Leinbach ’79 Rob McFarland Scott Robertson Barbara Sarris John Sawyer ’93 Wood Selig ’79 Jeff Silverman Elizabeth Smith Jim Vail ’82 Elise Walthall STAFF Julia Bannister Cayte Brown ’08 Nicole Pellegrino Kate Pringle




Kendall Harper ’20 chats with Will Frankenberry ’20 about a graphic design project the two freshmen are working on in class.

Annual Fund Oak Society Leadership Gifts The Oak Society, the highest leadership giving category, was established to recognize donors who contribute $2,500 or more to the school’s Annual Fund. Each year Oak Society members are invited to attend a Headmaster’s Reception in celebration of their philanthropic leadership. At this event, donors share their passion and appreciation for Norfolk Collegiate and for the Annual Fund, which enhances our students’ experiences. We want our students to have every advantage in meeting the challenges in today’s classrooms. A gift to the Annual Fund gives our students a competitive edge and supports the commitment to educational excellence. In recognition and appreciation of your continued support, we thank you. All listings reflect gifts received from July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2016. FOUNDER’S CIRCLE $10,000 & ABOVE

Ed & Jan Reed Scott & Charlene Robertson

Anonymous Ayco Charitable Foundation Taylor ’00 & Emily Franklin Ted ’85 & Keryn Mathas

CAROLTON OAK’S CIRCLE $2,500 To $4,999

HEADMASTER’S CIRCLE $5,000 To $9,999 Jai & Richard Essenmacher Mr. & Mrs. Jamisson S. Fowler Wendell & Martha Franklin William B. & Betty M. Jones Mrs. Ann Nusbaum WWW.NORFOLKCOLLEGIATE.ORG

Katherine ’80 & Mark Batzel Mike & Michelle Bennett Mrs. Dawn Bray Ms. Alison Mathias Carlsmith Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin G. Cottrell V Jeffrey ’89 & Mary Creekmore Larry & Amy Flora Dr. & Mrs. George L. B. Grinnan Sr. Mr. John H. Hackney Jr.

Hampton Roads Community Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Henry U. Harris III Kevin & Kelly Larkin Michael & Anne Leanzo Sunshine ’79 & Tyler Leinbach Mr. & Mrs. David E. Moore Frank & Ryan Rhodes George & Barbara Sarris Mrs. Madelyn R. Sawyer Mr. Jeff Silverman Dr. & Mrs. Ronald A. Stine Denise & John Wright



Annual Fund Donors Thank you for your generosity! The impact of annual giving on our school budget is vital to maintaining the school’s tradition of excellence. The Annual Fund supports the school’s most important needs and contributes to every part of the school’s operations. All listings reflect gifts received from July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2016. BELL TOWER CLUB $1,000 To $2,499 Capt. & Mrs. Thomas J. Batzel Dr. Yassine Benis & Dr. Ines Noura Benis Mr. & Mrs. Gary D. Bonnewell Joseph F. Bouchard Mr. & Mrs. John Broderick Mr. & Mrs. Carleton F. Bryant III Andrew ’92 & Jennifer Castellano Mr. & Mrs. Brian M. Clements Combined Federal Campaign of South Hampton Roads Bert & Mary Crawford Robert ’74 & Neven Garris Robert ’80 & Betsy ’83 Given Steven & Randi Gordon Hayne Photographers LLC Burr & Jennifer Henderson Clarke Hitch ’07 Mr. & Mrs. Creighton D. Holt Ashley ’94 & Christian James James W. Perkins Memorial Trust Gary & Barbara Janovetz Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Kanter Carroll Lee ’82 & Scott Kennedy Rick & Hays Kiefner Bruce ’87 & Janet Lennon Jones Anne H. Lockhart & Timothy J. Lockhart David & Charlene Loope Mr. & Mrs. John C. Lynch Mrs. Kate Ellis Marshburn Betsy & Norman Mason Edward & Paula McCann Mark & Alan Boring Robert & Margo McFarland Scott & Jennifer McMonagle Charles & Catherine Monroe Thomas H. Nicholson III Mrs. Ann Oast Miller Scott ’83 & Kelli Overton 70

Sharon & Scott Reed Mrs. Margaret B. Richard J. David Rives ’76 Andrew ’92 & Hollie Schaubach Deborah ’86 & Peter Segaloff Alexandra ’91 & Craig Snyder Franklin & Ilene Swartz Taylor Construction Jim ’82 & Mahala Vail Liz Waters Jonathan & Shepelle White Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Weaver Robert & Thomasine Williams Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Wolcott Jr. Ronald & Rita Woods

MIGHTY OAKS CLUB $500 To $999 Dr. & Mrs. J. Patrick Baker Claire ’85 & David Benjack Carl & Ardene Bunch Thomas & Jackie Burke Mr. Steven W. Conn Todd ’86 & Robin Copeland Linda & Claiborne Coupland Mr. & Mrs. Bobby DeFord Dr. & Mrs. Adrian C. Dews Sr. Mr. & Mrs. W. R. Drury Jean & Paul Farrell Marie A. Finch Bob & Kim Gayle Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Gore Mr. & Mrs. R. Bryan Grinnan III Keith Hall ’74 Sara Ann & Lyman Hammond Dale Christopher House ’82 Pam & Jim Hurley Michael & Cynthia Jones Howard & LeAnne Jordan Mr. & Mrs. William W. King John Klinck & Eileen Hofmann Jill & Gary Layne

Michael ’02 & Emily ’02 Lindale Adrienne Link Terry Love Tom Manser & Maria Urbano Dr. Melchor A. Marin & Mrs. Maria Inmaculada Lopez Thomas E. ’83 & Robyn Mathas Don & Minnie Mathias Paul Matthews & Deborah Baynor Dr. Linda N. McCleish Charles H. McCoy Jr. Chip & Melissa Meador Dr. & Mrs. Sunil S. Menawat New York Life Foundation Bob & Mae Obermeyer William & Norma Overton Daniel ’99 & Nicole Pellegrino Mr. & Mrs. William A. Prince Catherine & Tom Quinn Suresh & Lata Rijhwani Bob Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Robison III Jeffrey Sawyer ’90 John ’93 & Elisabeth Sawyer Taylor ’86 & Carrie Short Mr. Jeff Silverman David & Marta Smith Charles & Barbara Sutelan David & May Scott Sutelan Target Jennifer Toomy & Dan Weckstein Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Viveiros E.B. & Elise Walthall Drs. Jeffrey & Heather Wentworth Lang & Lucy Williams Randy & Kathy Windley Neal & Missy Wright Ra & Sotheara Yoeun

Acorn Club $250 To $499 David & Lori Baccanari


Dale & Keith Bangel Kent & Lily Beachy Maria McLemore Behan ’05 Molly Hubard Bilisoly ’80 Mr. & Mrs. Dane U. Blythe Christopher & Katrina Butler Mr. Don Coqayohomuwok Chapman ’72 Susan Selig Classen ’82 Mr. & Mrs. William Hugh Claywell Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Cohen Chris & Paula Cook Cooper Hurley Injury Lawyers Frances Craig Jim & Annette Creekmore Capt. & Mrs. Michael D. Davis USN (Ret.) Mrs. Ruby L. Dowd Randi Reed Dunlap ’05 Tim & Teresa Duvall Claire Fornsel Michael & Laura Gafney Frank & Weini Gao Mr. Nick Garcia Dean ’72 & Ilene Goldman Erik ’84 & Samantha Gordon Sandra & Howard Gordon Christopher Gross & Diana Blanchard Gross Jeff & Wendy Gulley Mr. & Mrs. William J. Harrington Harris Teeter Inc. Bryan & Charlotte Herndon Steven Hess & Andrea Grady Virginia ’81 & John Hitch Franklin T. Holloway ’82 The Hubard Family Trust Mr. & Mrs. Jeffery W. Hux Mrs. Patricia C. Jacobs Carolyn & Jim Key Chris Lewandowski ’09 Xiaodong Li & Ying Zhao Mr. Jay K. Livingood Anna Fortson Logue ’94 Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Mann Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Marcus Bjorn & Loli Marshall Mr. & Mrs. William J. Marshall Kelly Martone ’87 Joe & Robyn Maus Mrs. Patricia T. McMichael Steve & Michelle McNaughton Susan Meredith ’78 & Joe Beck Thomas ’90 & Elizabeth Minton Joe & Nancy Morgan Nancy ’81 & Charles Nusbaum Michael & Susie Potter WWW.NORFOLKCOLLEGIATE.ORG

Mr. & Mrs. Todd Pringle Andy ’80 & Kathy Protogyrou Chris & Kim Reaghard Richard & Jean Gray Rice Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Rigby Kerrie & Louis Roth Joe & Dottie Rowell Leslie & Michael Shroyer Jim ’75 & Elizabeth Smith Mr. & Mrs. J. Randolph Stokes Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Swartz Jeff & Terry Tessler Catherine ’94 & Tyler Thomson Mr. & Mrs. James L. Thomson Jr. Richard & Brenda Waters Joe & Irene Weintrob Matthew & Valerie White Dr. & Mrs. Charlie Williams Mr. & Mrs. Douglas B. Wilson William C. Winn YNot Pizza & Italian Cuisine

SPIRIT CLUB $100 TO $249 Anonymous (2) Eric & Jennifer Adams Alex Aldag ’93 Mrs. Mary Stuart Copeland Alfano ’81 Dr. Biral & Mrs. Amitee B. Amin Brad Atkins & Chris Waibel Atkins Azalea Inn I Taraneh Azar ’85, M.D. John Bain Anne Marshall Baker ’79 Leland & Sheila Baker Tom & Arlene Baragona Mr. & Mrs. Stanley G. Barr Jr. Joan L. Barry Shannon Bartel Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Bashara Oscar & Shannon Bejarano Evan Benedict ’04 Mr. & Mrs. John C. Benedict Lei Lei & Rob Berz Ashley Billman Mrs. Martha Gray Billman Joanna Binford Tina Blackwell Mr. & Mrs. James W. Booth Gordon & Loukia Borrell Paul & Lisa Boutwell Scott & Wesi Boyer Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Breeden III Cayte Merryman Brown ’08 Ann Stuart ’89 & James Bugg Lorraine Punte Bundschuh ’79

Michael ’90 & Cathy Burnette Mallory Copeland Butler ’85 & Otis E. Butler III Brenton Buxton ’80 Pat & Ningie Cacace Mr. & Mrs. F. Sullivan Callahan Phil & Regina Camacho Mr. & Mrs. Frederick H. Campbell III Randall & Mary Lou Carlson Ms. Dana Carr Dr. & Mrs. James H. Carraway Michael S. Castellano ’91 Charles & Linda Catlett Class of 2020 Michael ’88 & Anne ’88 Claywell Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Clements Andy & Jane Cole Joseph Collins Nelee Connors Pamela ’92 & Lewis Crenshaw Mr. & Mrs. George H. Curtis IV Margaret Dalrymple Mr. & Mrs. John T. Dalton Jr. Caroline ’82 & J. P. Darby Rad ’00 & Lindsay Davenport Mr. & Mrs. Rick Davis Jodi ’88 & Andy Dobrinsky Jennifer L. Donohue Cynthia Dowd Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Edmond Mr. & Mrs. James M. Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Eisenman Justin Epstein ’85 Mrs. Charles A. Etheridge Jr. Roger & Joy Eyrolles Mrs. Page Fitchett Mr. & Mrs. Ray T. Fornicola The Frenck Family Caroline King Furr ’88 Paul ’93 & Bobbie Galiotos Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Q. Gallagher Peggy G. Gatje Oleg & Margaret Golovsky Dr. & Mrs. T. Winston Gouldin Woody Granger ’08 Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. Griffin Richard & Mary Lou Grissom Randy ’87 & Ericka Haddadin John & Pam Hair Curtis & Mary Hall Jon & Debbie Hall Tracy Lane Hardee ’68 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B. Harris Jr. Emily Hastings ’20 & Paige Hastings Mrs. Anne Scott Higham Kevin Hirschfeld ’88 Sam Hitch ’12 71

ANNUAL FUND Mrs. Jean Hodges Dr. & Mrs. George C. Hoffman Leo & Mary Ellen Holland Dr. Bernadette J. Holmes Sarah Hoover Tom Hubert Chris Hughes ’04 Mr. Jeff K. Hutson Beth ’84 & Brent Johnson Brad Jones ’89 Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kageleiry Barbara Kaplan Aaron ’98 & Melissa Kass Gregory Keat ’65 Michelle Kellam Elizabeth Kelso Leigh Keogh ’92 Mr. & Mrs. Lee C. Kitchin Calvin & June Koonce Alex Kopylov ’09 Lolita Kraft Kramer Management Enterprises Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Anthony L. Krueger Jeff Laibstain ’79 Monroe & Kristen Lentz Jenny ’92 & Whitney Lester Deborah ’72 & Michael Lindale Mr. Bill Mack William ’85 & Laura Magee Dr. Alfred P. Magness & Dr. Dace Auzins Ms. Michelle Mahoney Michael ’93 & Socorro Mann Rick & Gayle Matthews Joan & Jim Maus Kenneth Reed Mayo ’79 Mary ’80 & Michael McCaffrey Charles ’93 & Kathy McCoy Capt. & Mrs. Richard C. McDaniel Cara Oxenham McElhenie ’96 Charles & Frances McNaughton Mr. & Mrs. George H. Meier Dr. Elizabeth H. Meredith Mr. & Mrs. Steven A. Merryman Hillary Michaels ’82 Larry & Nicole Michelon Jessie Miller ’08 Julius ’76 & Jeanne Miller Katharine Rawles Miller ’10 Jason Mundy Caprice Everton Murphy ’79 Pinar Mutlu Stephenson Dan & Linda O’Brien David & Melanie O’Dell Brad & Kotrina O’Neal Val & Vincent Ortiz 72

Mary Peccie Carter & Lisa Pettrey Stephen & Jessica Peyton Ms. Martee S. Pierson Jon ’89 & Tracie Pruden Dr. George H. M. Rector James Reed Nicole Reese Carolyn Evans Renteria ’82 Philip ’92 & Misty Richard Ritter Grounds Maintenance Inc. Matthew & Georgiana Robertson S. L. Nusbaum Insurance Agency Inc. Alan M. Salsbury Yeugenia Savelyeva Edward & Jacqueline Scott Wood ’79 & Ellen Selig Dr. & Mrs. Julian W. Selig Jr. Bollie McLemore Shiftlett ’07 Bev Shore Aaron Shroyer ’10 Kim & David Siebert The Signorelli Family Melissa Natchus Silverman Eric & Deborah Skroch Karen A. Smallets Brook & Martha Smith Cleteus & Catherine Smith Ms. LaVerne L. Smith Richard & Diane Smith Erin Smyth Geoff & Paige Solomon Michael Spooner Sybil ’91 & Rob Spurgeon Stephen ’78 & Laura Stackhouse Sara Steil Ray & Kathy Symmes Betty S. Thomas

Sandie ’80 & Stephen Thompson Levi & Susanna Thomson Jeff & Denise Tinkham Craig ’88 & Shelagh Todd Charlie & Jennifer Trapani Tyler Trapani ’09 Bob Turner Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Van Orman Drs. Joshua ’92 & Diane Wallach Scott ’91 & Abigail Weinstein Mr. Alan J. White Richard & Mary White Chris Whitney ’08 Julie Wiley ’88 Chris & Cindy Wilkinson Betty & Jack Williams Mary Wilson ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Woodson Cathy Wright Ruby Yuan ’16 Rebecca Zborowski Karen Kruger Ziselman ’80

BLUE & WHITE CLUB UP TO $99 Anonymous Liesel Abraham ’15 Mrs. Peney Williams Melissa Adams Mr. & Mrs. Carl Adcock Mr. Gregory L. Addison Chris Adsit ’11 Kelsey Alcaraz ’16 Ashlee Aldridge ’04 Byron A. Baker John ’02 & Kate Baker Nick Baker ’16 Robert Baker ’06 Helena Banks ’15


Stephanie ’88 & Randall Banks Julia Bannister Gary Bartel Alexandra Bartlett Anne Bashara ’15 Fred & Jane Bashara Becky Baskins Natalie Batzel ’15 Elizabeth Daman Baum ’96 Elizabeth Ritter Baumer ’79 James ’77 & Vickie Beale Rebecca Stone Beale ’81 Chris Beck ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Dimetrice L. Bellamy Lindsey Belle Emily Bennett ’11 Chris Bianchi ’15 Thomas Bishop ’04 Daniel Blue ’15 Danielle Blue ’08 Rochelle Boatright Kathy Boettcher Laura Boettcher Anne Satchell Boggs ’64 David Bonnewell ’09 Grace Bonnewell ’12 Garrett Booker Nicola Borrell ’16 Aaron Boutwell ’16 Mark Bowman ’03 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey M. Brainard Hallsey Brandt ’12 Lucas Brandt ’16 Lucius ’83 & Lori Breeden Gates Breeden ’16 Russell & Cathy Britt Rachel Brodsky ’15 Milan Brooks ’18 Stas Budagov ’06 Chad Bullock ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Jacob S. Burks Cmdr. & Mrs. Frank Campion William & Amanda Cary James & Sheri Casper Ms. Beverly A. Causey Noah Causey ’15 Jessie Cavolt ’15 Mr. & Mrs. James S. Cazares Gin Chan ’16 Jobin Chandi ’16 Kyonze’ Chavis ’16 Kai Chen ’16 Javon Clark Mr. Michael A. Coakley Elizabeth Collado Baodan Collins ’15 Jacob Conn ’16 WWW.NORFOLKCOLLEGIATE.ORG

Alexandra Cook ’15 Mr. Charles E. Cook John & Nikki Cooke James Cooper ’16 Mary Elizabeth Corliss ’15 Ashley Cota ’13 Alexander Coureas ’16 Daniel ’80 & Linda Crain Garrett Crain ’09 Aubrey Cross ’09 Sophia Dang ’16 Clara Deng ’16 Sarah DeStefano Jordan Dobrinsky ’17 Larry & Judy Dobrinsky Sarah Stine Dougan ’06 Yalaina Dupre’ ’15 Ronald Evers Mrs. Carolyn M. Ewing Peyton Fancher ’15 Dr. & Mrs. Fredric Fink David Fisher Mr. & Mrs. Derek R. Fix Edward & Melody Foster Ronni Markman Foster ’85 David & Cathy Francis Jack Francis ’16 Mr. & Mrs. James W. Frankenberry Kathy Frogosa Megan Frost ’03 Annie Gao ’16 Ms. Vanessa Gardner Carter Garris ’09 John Randolph Edwards Garris ’06 Laura Gayle ’16 Kim & Charles Glover Ari Goldman ’16 Jesse ’96 & Charlene Gordon Anderson Granger ’12 Adam Grant ’16 Randy & Karen Grinnan Laura Klein Grochocki ’04 Clare Harbin Casey Harney Joi Harper ’16 Missy Ungerman Harris ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Harris Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey W. Hastings Eric Hedrick Jessica Hennig Wyatt Hill ’08 Lindsay Himelright Ms. Helen T. Hipple Tanner Hirschfeld ’16 James Hitch ’09 Bailey Holmes Spencer ’16 Carlton & Chari Horton

Brendan & Tara Hoyle Dorothy & Ralph Hughes Taylor Hughes ’05 Latonya Hunter Blair Hurley ’16 Jimmy Hurley ’16 Bailey Jones ’16 Timeri Jordan ’16 Meghan Kanter ’10 Michael Kaplan Karnage Asada Taylor & Michael Kelly Lonice Kenley Carter Kennedy ’16 Layne Kennedy ’13 Morgan Kent ’16 Elizabeth Kerchner Allison Kesser ’16 Marco Khalil ’12 Shaira Khan ’15 Catherine Kim ’16 Keith & Lorrin Kimberly Morgan Kimberly ’16 Rachel Klavan ’15 Christopher Klevan ’08 Mike Klinck ’15 Ashley Koonce Mr. & Mrs. Dmitriy I. Kremenchugskiy Danny Laderberg ’11 Kevin Laderberg ’11 Randy Ladkau Claire Laibstain ’11 Patricia Laibstain ’83 McKenzie Layne ’12 Victor Layne ’16 Carla Leanzo ’16 Brittany Lee ’04 Hunter Lee ’15 Maryliz Lentz ’16 Patty ’81 & Tony Leondaridis Mr. Joseph P. Leporati Carl Levy ’10 Mr. Steven C. Link Jennifer Livingood Henry Lou ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Clay L. Macon Lawrence Maddox Jr. Shahrazad Madison ’16 Evan Maguire ’15 Paul Mahoney ’16 Addolorata Martinelli Riendeau Victoria Martinez ’09 Clair Mason Kollar ’89 Jack Matthews ’16 Zach Mayfield ’10 Alysse Maynard ’10 73

ANNUAL FUND Laura McCarthy ’12 Dr. Chuck C. McCormick Jake McDonald Kali McFarland ’08 Alexis McGurn ’16 Carter Lawrence McKay ’87 Jamie McLemore ’09 Phil & Debbie Meadows Jay & Nancy Mears Henry Meredith ’11 Julie Merryman ’13 Bobby Merryman ’10 Lawrence Michaels ’79 Maggie Mitchell Capt. & Mrs. Thomas P. Moninger Megan Morford ’16 Mrs. Amy Morgan Ann Burns Morrison ’16 Joe Morrison ’16 Michaela Morrow Foster ’16 Nicole Mottinger Mrs. Barbara Z. Murphy Ryan Murray ’08 Hamoudi Musselmani ’16 Joseph W. Myers Elijah Nestor ’16 Katie Kiefner Nonemaker ’96 Erica ’08 & Robert Norfleet Kevin & Autumn O’Brien Leigh Ann Ordonez ’17 Michael Ortiz ’15 Shelby Ortiz ’10 Zoe Papadopoulos ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Vishal Patel Mr. & Mrs. Eric S. Patterson Margaret Paul Mrs. Jane A. Pellegrino Stephen ’91 & Michelle Perry Bailey Pettrey ’16 Jaime Petty Dreugh Phillips ’16 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Pidgeon Pioneer Natural Resources Co. Mr. & Mrs. William R. Poppert Ms. Britt Marie Potter Kiersten Potter ’16 Mrs. Megan Powell Robert Powell ’09 Colleen Prince ’02 Peyton Pritchard ’08 Demetra Protogyrou ’15 Darden Purrington ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Philip P. Purrington III David Qiao Paul Recordon ’02 & Claire Frazier Recordon ’05 Jamie Reed ’16 74

Luke Reilly Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Repass Keisha Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. K. Thomas Ritter Jr. Christian Rodriquez ’15 Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Rosenblum Judit Roth Jack Royal ’06 Faith Rush ’16 Emma Salecki ’16 Julie & Bob Samuel Ryan Samuel ’05 Mr. & Mrs. Stricker C. Sanford IV Virginia Sanford ’15 Nick Sarris ’16 Jennifer Sayegh ’04 Jennifer Schero Lt. Cmdr. & Mrs. L. Richard Schwartz II USN (Ret.) Paul & Patti Seeman Emma Segaloff ’16 Lex Selig ’15 Jordan Sibley ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Doub Tyler Simpson ’08 Katherine Ryan Simpson ’05 Noah Simpson ’15 Anthony & Leigh Skaggs Tyler Smith ’16 Kayla Smith Franklin Spruill Martijn Steendam ’09 Alan Stell Christopher Stine ’01 John ’02 & Krystal Stine Mary Beth Stine ‘08 Emily Stundzyte ’16 Michael Swartz ’10 Hayley Tate ’15

David Thomas ’00 Frank Thomson Kelly Enright Tiblier ’04 Bash Townes ’16 Alice Toy Anh Tran Dr. & Mrs. Edward Trapani Philip Trapani ’15 Matthew Trogdon ’00 Alexandra Turner ’11 David Uy ’89 Christopher & Shelby Vanak Stephenson von Schaaf Heretick ’16 Melinda ’87 & Scott Vooss Zoey Vooss ’16 Donovan Waefler Theodore & Windley Walden Beth Wallace Canaan Wang ’16 Jan Weintraub Whitney Metzger Weireter ’03 Nicole Weyer Catherine ’87 & David White Frankie White ’17 Madison White ’16 Reid Wilkinson ’16 Chris Willson Gregory ’04 & Lauren Willson Jared Wilson Jimmy & Gail (Dinky) Winn Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Woelper Gordon Wolcott ’09 Sarah Wolcott ’07 Ying Xu ’16 Christine Zaitoun ’15 Lawrence Zeno ’88 Yinan Zhao ’16


Our parents make a difference Since Norfolk Collegiate’s founding in 1948, our parents have offered voluntary u financial support to one of the school’s proudest traditions, the Annual Fund. Our parents ts are continuous, strong supporters, and we thank you for your dedication and loving support community. rt of our com The graphics below represent parent giving by class from July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2016. 100%



90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10%












90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30%

80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30%




10% 6











The family of Mackenzie Farrell ’26 gets goofy with her during the lower school’s annual Grandparents & Special Friends Day.

Grandparent Giving We are fortunate to have loyal, active and committed grandparents whose continuing support is a source of pride for the entire school community. Many thanks to our grandparents who generously support the education of their precious grandchildren. Please contact the Development office at 757.480.2348 to update grandparent contact information and ensure that you stay in the loop of all the exciting activities at Norfolk Collegiate! All listings reflect gifts received from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.

Mr. & Mrs. Leland L. Baker Jr. Nick Baker ’16 Ms. Joan L. Barry Lila Spurgeon ’19 Audrey Spurgeon ’22 Capt. & Mrs. Thomas J. Batzel Thomas Batzel ’17 Mr. & Mrs. Lee Baynor Sydney Baynor Matthews ’22 Mr. & Mrs. James W. Booth Matthew Wright ’19 76

The Honorable & Mrs. Richard S. Bray Kaylee Bejarano ’21 Bryan Bejarano ’23

Mr. & Mrs. James Carlson Flynn Dalton ’24

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Breeden III Oliver Gates Breeden ’16 Courts Breeden ’19 Mr. & Mrs. Bob Burk Alex Leporati ’23 Mr. & Mrs. Randall Carlson Sadie McNaughton ’22

Mrs. Esther L. Carpenter Jessica Magee ’21 Jacob Magee ’27 Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Catlett III Clara Murphy ’23 Madeline Murphy ’25 Mr. & Mrs. William H. Claywell Ellie Claywell ’21 William Claywell ’24


Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Cohen Skylar Foster ’21 Porter Foster ’23 Darcy Foster ’23 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Connors Finley Connors ’22 Mary Archer Connors ’24 Mr. & Mrs. Jonas A. Cosner Jr. Ally Symmes ’19 Mr. & Mrs. W. Claiborne Coupland Carter Kennedy ’16

STAY UPDATED Do you want to be updated about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and more? Submit your information online at NorfolkCollegiate. org/GrandparentInfo, and we’ll keep you in the loop.

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Dobrinsky Jordan Dobrinsky ’17 Noah Dobrinsky ’17 Mrs. Ruby L. Dowd Jordan Dowd Laster ’19 Mr. & Mrs. Vincent L. Doyle Madison Doyle ’17 Michael Leo Doyle ’26 Mrs. Charles A. Etheridge Jr. Sarah Philpott ’17 Dr. Russell D. Evett Anna Winn ’19 Mr. & Mrs. Wendell C. Franklin Wendell Caymus Franklin ’27 Zoe’ Papadopoulos ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Henry Frenck Ellie Frenck ’23 Ian Frenck ’26

Mr. & Mrs. James G. Kincaid Travis Cazares ’23 Mr. & Mrs. William W. King Luke Lynch ’23 Mr. & Mrs. Calvin L. Koonce Emersyn Koonce ’26 Mrs. Virginia Lawrence Martha Perry McKay ’19 Ty McKay ’23

Mr. & Mrs. Bert Crawford Blake Cummings ’18 Mr. & Mrs. James S. Creekmore Caroline Creekmore ’22 Ben Creekmore ’24

Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Karangelen Ander Crenshaw ’21 Charlie Crenshaw ’24 Lucy Crenshaw ’28

Dr. & Mrs. George L.B. Grinnan Sr. Thomas Batzel ’17 Mr. & Mrs. R. Bryan Grinnan III Gabby Grinnan ’18 Mr. Victor R. Hernandez Victor Layne ’16 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Hix Carson McMonagle ’18 Abigail McMonagle ’21 Emma McMonagle ’24 Mrs. Jean Hodges Alex Loope ’17 Mr. & Mrs. Leo Holland Elizabeth Hinton ’26 Michael Hinton ’27 Mr. & Mrs. David R. Hornig Dusty Rhodes ’25 Finnbar Rhodes ’28 Mrs. Pat Ipock Carla Leanzo ’16 Gina Leanzo ’20

Dr. & Mrs. Willette L. LeHew Chas LeHew ’20 Lexie LeHew ’22 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lindale Colin Lindale ’28 Mrs. Margaret H. Magnussen Meg Lockhart ’19 Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Mann Elise Mann ’27 Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Marcus Zoey Vooss ’16 Maxwell Vooss ’19 Mrs. Kate Ellis Marshburn Chris Robertson ’19 Ellie Robertson ’21 Mrs. Irene Mathas Mia Mathas ’18 Sophia Mathas ’23 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Mathias Abigail Carlsmith ’22 Julia Carlsmith ’24

Mr. & Mrs. Michael K. Gafney Jackson Burke ’18

Mrs. Patricia C. Jacobs Jessica Magee ’21 Jacob Magee ’27

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Maus Ellie Maus ’18

Mrs. Peggy G. Gatje Zachary Farrell ’23 Mackenzie Farrell ’25

Mr. Edwin H. Jones & Dr. Susan Jones Jordan Reyes ’25

Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. McCoy Jr. Charlotte McCoy ’24 Charlie McCoy ’26

Mrs. Sally S. Glover Ruby Glover ’24

Mrs. Barbara B. Kaplan Kaitlyn Kaplan ’22 Carter Kaplan ’26

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. McMonagle Carson McMonagle ’18 Abigail McMonagle ’21 Emma McMonagle ’24



ANNUAL FUND Mr. & Mrs. Charles McNaughton Sadie McNaughton ’22 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Morgan Will Sawyer ’23 David Sawyer ’26 Mr. & Mrs. Albert S. Morrison III Emersyn Koonce ’26 Mrs. Barbara Z. Murphy Clara Murphy ’23 Madeline Murphy ’25 Mr. & Mrs. Dan O’Brien Mrs. Linda A. O’Brien Kenna O’Brien ’24 Mrs. Virginia D. Pausch Dylan Pausch ’20 Logan Pausch ’23 Chloe Rose Pausch ’24 Ms. Britt Marie Potter Kiersten Potter ’16 Alex Potter ’19 Mr. & Mrs. Randy Ribaudo Ethan Kahler ’28 Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Rice Harrison Thomson ’22 Carter Gray Thomson ’24

Lauren Futrell ’27 smiles big for the camera during the lower school’s annual Grandparents & Special Friends Day. Dr. & Mrs. Julian W. Selig Jr. Nick Selig ’17 Julianna Selig ’22 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Shalibo Emily Skroch ’21 Evan Skroch ’24

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Rice Dahra Reese Rexroad ’26

Dr. & Mrs. Donald Silver Ann Tyler Smith ’16 Sarah Smith ’18

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Rigby Creighton Holt ’17 Chapman Holt ’20

Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Stanton Daniel Vail ’17 Eleanor Lewis ’26

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Roane Caroline Lee Jordan ’22

Dr. & Mrs. Mac A. Stewart Quincy Stewart ’28

Mrs. Jean C. Robinette Gregory Paul Robinette Jr. ’24

Mr. & Mrs. David K. Sutelan Rachel Sutelan ’19

Mrs. Margo E. Sarris Nicholas Sarris ’16 Christopher Sarris ’19 Catherine Sarris ’22

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin A. Swartz Joey Swartz ’17

Mrs. Madelyn R. Sawyer William Sawyer ’23 David Sawyer ’26


Mr. & Mrs. John L. Williams Harrison Williams ’21 Randolph Williams ’24 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Williams Ahmon Reddix ’23 Ayla Reddix ’24 Mr. & Mrs. Franklin C. Williamson Mary Douglas Wilson ’16 Mr. & Mrs. T. Glenn Wilson Mary Douglas Wilson ’16 Mr. William C. Winn Anna Winn ’19 Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Woelper Finley Connors ’21 Mary Archer Connors ’24

Mrs. Betty S. Thomas Sebastian Portillo ’21 Mr. & Mrs. James L. Thomson Jr. Harrison Thomson ’22 Carter Thomson ’24 Elliot Thomson ’25 THE COLLEGIATE: YEAR IN REVIEW & PHILANTHROPY REPORT

PURCHASES MADE POSSIBLE BY THE 2015-16 LIBRARY FUND INCLUDE: Librarian Mary Creekmore works with students in The Spainhour Family Library.

Apple Air 2 iPads for lower school classrooms.

Library Fund The Library Fund received $3,410 from the lower school birthday book program to support the library media center. Dr. & Mrs. Biral S. Amin Mr. & Mrs. Kent Beachy Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Boone Jr. The Honorable & Mrs. Richard S. Bray Dr. Stelianos A. Bredologos & Mrs. Kelly S. Pedos Mr. Anthony L. Burfoot & Dr. Keisha LaShawn Burfoot Lt. Cmdr. Christopher R. Butler & Lt. Cmdr. Katrina M Butler Ms. Alison M. Carlsmith Mr. & Mrs. James Carlson Mr. & Mrs. James S. Cazares Mr. & Mrs. Brian M. Clements Mrs. & Mr. Cornelia W. Connors Ms. Binnie G. Crabtree Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Creekmore Mr. & Mrs. Lewis W. Crenshaw III Mr. & Mrs. Vivin V. Deshpande Mr. & Mrs. Richard Essenmacher Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Farrell Mr. & Mrs. Anthony L. Franco Mr. & Mrs. W. Taylor Franklin Mr. & Mrs. Henry Frenck Mr. & Mrs. Nickolas G. Garcia Mrs. Sally S. Glover Mr. & Mrs. Bert B. Henderson IV Mr. & Mrs. Barry T. Howlett Mrs. Patricia C. Jacobs Mr. & Mrs. Christian James Dr. Susan Jones & Mr. Edwin H. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Richart C. Kahler Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Karangelen Ms. Mary V. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Lindale Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Mann

Dr. Linda N. McCleish Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. McCoy III Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. McMonagle Dr. & Mrs. Joseph S. McMonagle Mr. & Mrs. Frank B. Meador III Mr. Ethan W. Miller Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Albert S. Morrison III Mr. & Mrs. Greg Murphy Dr. & Mrs. Zattam Musselmani Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Newcomb Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Nichols Mr. & Mrs. Dan O’Brien Mr. & Mrs. Ketan M. Patel Mr. & Mrs. Eric S. Patterson Mr. & Mrs. William J. Pidgeon Mr. & Mrs. Earl R. Reyes Cmdr. & Mrs. Frank A. Rhodes IV Mr. & Mrs. Randy Ribaudo Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Rice Mrs. Jean C. Robinette Mr. Jeremy Rodden & Dr. Samantha Rodden Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Rowell Ms. Yeugenia Savelyeva Mr. & Mrs. John F. Sawyer Mrs. Madelyn R. Sawyer Dr. Kim Schock & Mr. Michael Babb Mr. & Mrs. Jason D. Siegrist Ms. Melissa Natchus Silverman Mr. & Mrs. Cleteus D. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Stallings Dr. & Mrs. Mac A. Stewart Cmdr. Gretchen M. Swanson Mr. & Mrs. Tyler Thomson Drs. Joshua & Diane Wallach Mr. & Mrs. Robert Williams

Hardback books for the lower school library, each with a dedication plate honoring the birthday boy or girl.

Subscriptions to online resources and digital books for the library collection, which may be checked out and read online. These include TumbleBooks, an online talking and animated collection that features engaging stories and curricular materials, and BrainPop, which includes animated movies, learning games, interactive quizzes, primary source activities, concept mapping and more. These popular resources can be shown in classrooms on the SMART Boards for an even more exciting literacy activity.


Alumni joined together throughout the year to visit and reminisce at events such as class reunions, the On-The-Road-Reunion tour and more.


graduates recognize that lifelong learning is the key to success. Since leaving the hallways of Norfolk Collegiate, they have accomplished many milestones as distinguished professionals. Here are some of the highlights of our alumni this past year: ON-THE-ROAD REUNIONS Collegiate’s Alumni Relations Coordinator Cayte Brown ’08 visited several colleges during the second On-The-Road Reunion tour. More than 50 alumni


visited and networked during the reunions, which included those at James Madison University, the University of Virginia, the College of William and Mary, Virginia Tech, Washington and Lee University and Virginia Military Institute. Rebecca Zborowski, upper school math teacher, and Mary Peccie, director of admissions, joined Brown during the tour to see how our alumni are enjoying their college experience. Brown resumed the tours this fall with stops in Richmond, Washington, D.C., Atlanta and the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill region.


PROFESSIONAL UPDATES • Eric N. Schloss ’87 joined the law offices of Lee Saltzberg in Maryland where he practices personal injury law in the tri-state area. He resides in Baltimore. • Brian Bress ’93 created a piece of artwork for performer Sia while she performed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. To view the performance featuring Bress, visit • Taylor Hughes ’05 graduated from the Eastern Virginia Medical School Physician Assistant program in 2014 and currently resides in Kennebunk, Maine, where she works as a cardiothoracic surgery physican assistant at Maine Medical Center in Portland. • Madison Santos ’11 started dental school at Virginia Commonwealth University. • Virginia Sanford ’15 was awarded the Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) TOP Soccer Buddy of the Year Award. • Wes Host ’10 passed his certified public accountant exam and is working for Deloitte. He graduated from the College of William and Mary with his master’s in accounting in May 2015. • Mark Santana ’02 is employed with the Catalan Water Research Institute in Girona, Spain, as a research engineer. • Daniel Hayes ’08 accepted a position as the assistant technical director for the Oberlin summer opera program in Italy. • Taylor Lain ’11 is working at AnheuserBusch as a quality assurance analyst.

ALUMNI AWARD BREAKFAST Three outstanding alumni were honored during Collegiate’s annual Alumni Awards Breakfast this April. Scott Weinstein ’91 served as the keynote speaker for the event. Those honored included: Andy Protogyrou ’80 received the Distinguished Alumni Award, which is given to a graduate who has distinguished him or herself in a field or endeavor. Protogyrou is an attorney with Protogyrou & Rigney P.L.C. and represented Ward 1 on Norfolk’s City Council from 2010-16. He was commissioned in the U.S. Army Reserve in 1984 and served in the Virginia Army National Guard from 1989-94, as well as having served as a substitute judge in the Norfolk General District and Juvenile Domestic Relations Court from 2006-10. He and his wife, Kathy, have two children, Tony ’12 and Demetra ’15. Scott Weinstein ’91 received the Alumni Service Award, which is given to someone who generously gives his or her talents and energies to benefit Norfolk Collegiate. After graduating from Collegiate, Scott attended the College of William & Mary before transferring to Pratt Institute in 1993 to study film and television production. In 1996, he began interning for Saturday Night Live, where he joined the staff full time after completing his degree. Currently, he is the co-producer for the Weekend Update segment. Juliana Porter ’08 received the Young Alumni Achievement Award posthumously. Porter was a fourth-year student at the University of Virginia Medical School when she passed away suddenly in 2015. While at Norfolk Collegiate, Juliana was the valedictorian of her class and an avid swimmer. After graduation, she attended Davidson College, where she was a competitive swimmer and a Davidson Honor Scholar. Accepting the award on her behalf were her parents, Kent and Ann Bryd Porter. As a tribute to Porter, the Juliana Tazewell Porter Memorial Award was established in her memory by Dr. Pat Baker with the blessing of the Porter family. This year’s recipient was Frances Boyer ’17.


Alumni Giving By Class All listings reflect gifts received from July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2016. CLASS OF 1964 – 50%

CLASS OF 1976 – 5%

Class Of 1980 – 14%

Mrs. Anne Satchell Boggs

Dr. Julius S. Miller Mr. J. David Rives

Mrs. Tracy Lane Hardee

Class Of 1978 – 3%

CLASS OF 1972 -19%

Ms. Susan T. Meredith Mr. Stephen M. Stackhouse

Mrs. Molly Hubard Bilisoly Mr. Brenton H. Buxton Mr. Daniel S. Crain Dr. Robert W. Given Mrs. Mary Park McCaffrey Mr. Andrew A. Protogyrou Mrs. Sandie Baker Thompson Mrs. Dinky Evett Winn Mrs. Karen Kruger Ziselman

Class Of 1979 -14%

CLASS OF 1981 – 9%

CLASS OF 1965 – 9% Mr. Gregory S. Keat

CLASS OF 1977 – 4% Mr. James G. Beale

CLASS OF 1968 -11%

Mr. Donald M. Chapman II Mr. Dean S. Goldman Mrs. Deborah Whitfield Lindale

CLASS OF 1974 -8% Mr. Robert E. Garris Jr. Mr. B. Keith Hall

CLASS OF 1975 – 4% Mr. James L. Smith III


Mrs. Anne Marshall Baker Mrs. Elizabeth Ritter Baumer Mrs. Lorraine Punte Bundschuh Mr. Jeffrey M. Laibstain Mrs. Sunshine Meredith Leinbach Mr. Kenneth R. Mayo Mr. Lawrence E. Michaels Mrs. Caprice Everton Murphy Dr. Camden Wood Selig

Mrs. Mary Stuart Alfano Mrs. Rebecca Stone Beale Mrs. Virginia Clarke Hitch Mrs. Patty Kambitsis Leondaridis Mrs. Nancy Horton Nusbaum

CLASS OF 1982 – 14% Mrs. Susan Selig Classen Mrs. Caroline Roberts Darby Mr. Franklin T. Holloway


Mr. Dale C. House Mrs. Carroll Coupland Kennedy Ms. Hillary R. Michaels Mrs. Carolyn Evans Renteria Lt. Cmdr. L. Richard Schwartz II USN (Ret.) Mr. James T. Vail

CLASS OF 1983 – 8% Mr. Lucius H. Breeden Mrs. Elizabeth Sellers Given Ms. Patricia L. Laibstain Mr. Thomas E. Mathas Mr. Scott Overton

Mr. Brad Jones Mrs. Clair Mason Kollar Mr. Jon E. Pruden Mr. David V. Uy

CLASS OF 2001 – 4%

CLASS OF 1990 – 11%

CLASS OF 2002 – 10%

Mr. Michael B. Burnette Mr. G. Thomas Minton III Mr. Jeffrey Sawyer

Mr. John G. Baker Mrs. Emily Elinsky Lindale Mr. Michael W. Lindale Miss Colleen E. Prince Mr. Paul A. Recordon Mr. John Stine

CLASS OF 1991 – 12%

CLASS OF 1984 – 5%

Lt. Col. Michael S. Castellano Mr. Stephen S. Perry III Mrs. Alexandra Parker Snyder Mrs. Sybil Smith Spurgeon Mr. Scott R. Weinstein

Mr. Erik P. Gordon Mrs. Beth Lederman Johnson

CLASS OF 1992 – 18%

CLASS OF 1985 – 14% Dr. Taraneh Azar Mrs. Claire Kaufman Benjack Mrs. Mallory Copeland Butler The Reverend Justin H. Epstein Ms. Ronni Markman Foster Mr. William E. Magee Mr. Theodore A. Mathas Mrs. Cynthia Fansler Wilkinson

CLASS OF 1986 – 6% Mr. Todd A. Copeland Mrs. Deborah Bernstein Segaloff Mr. Taylor A. Short

Mr. Andrew P. Castellano Mrs. Pamela Karangelen Crenshaw Mr. Leigh C. Keogh Mrs. Jennifer Metzger Lester Mr. Philip E. Richard Mr. Andrew M. Schaubach Joshua A. Wallach Ph.D.

CLASS OF 1993 – 12% Mr. Alex N. Aldag Mr. Paul A. Galiotos Mr. Michael C. Mann Mr. Charles H. Mccoy III Mr. John F. Sawyer

Mr. Randy Haddadin Mr. Bruce Lennon-Jones Ms. Kelly Martone Ms. Virginia Carter Lawrence McKay Mrs. Melinda Marcus Vooss Mrs. Catherine Park White

CLASS OF 1988 – 15% Mrs. Stephanie Littman Banks Mr. Michael G. Claywell Mrs. Anne Fennell Claywell Mrs. Jodi Bress Dobrinsky Mrs. Caroline King Furr Mr. Kevin B. Hirschfeld Mr. Craig Todd Ms. Julie Wiley Mr. Lawrence S. Zeno

CLASS OF 1989 – 17% Mrs. Ann Stuart Bugg Mr. Jeffrey S. Creekmore WWW.NORFOLKCOLLEGIATE.ORG

CLASS OF 2003 – 6% Mr. Mark R. Bowman Miss Megan E. Frost Mrs. Whitney Metzger Weireter

CLASS OF 2004 – 13% Miss Ashlee M. Aldridge Mr. Evan C. Benedict Mr. Frank Thomas Bishop Mrs. Laura Klein Grochocki Mr. Christopher A. Hughes Miss Brittany L. Lee Miss Jennifer E. Sayegh Mrs. Kelly Enright Tiblier Mr. Gregory R. Willson

CLASS OF 2005 -11%

Mrs. Ashley Whitehurst James Mrs. Anna Fortson Logue Mrs. Catherine Todd Thomson

Mrs. Maria McLemore Behan Mrs. Randi Reed Dunlap Mrs. Caroline Ungerman Harris Miss Taylor E. Hughes Mrs. Claire Frazier Recordon Mr. Ryan C. Samuel Miss Katherine R. Simpson

CLASS OF 1996 – 10%

CLASS OF 2006 – 9%

Mrs. Elizabeth Daman Baum Mr. Jesse B. Gordon Ms. Cara Oxenham McElhenie Mrs. Katherine Kiefner Nonemaker

Mr. Robert J. Baker Mr. Anastas Budagov Mrs. Sarah Stine Dougan Mr. John Randolph Edwards Garris Mr. Johnston M. Harris Mr. Jack R. Royal Jr.

CLASS OF 1994 – 5% CLASS OF 1987 – 10%

Mr. Ned Harris Mr. Christopher A. Stine

CLASS OF 1998 – 2% Mr. Aaron Kass

CLASS OF 2007 – 5% CLASS OF 1999 – 2% Mr. Daniel E. Pellegrino

Mr. John Clarke Hitch Mrs. Bollie McLemore Shiftlett Miss Sarah L. Wolcott

CLASS OF 2000 – 9% Mr. Rad C. Davenport Mr. W. Taylor Franklin Mr. David J. Thomas Mr. Matthew J. Trogdon Mr. Brian M. Weireter

CLASS OF 2008 – 18% Miss Danielle M. Blue Mrs. Cayte Merryman Brown Mr. William W. Granger Mr. Clifton Wyatt Hill 83

ALUMNI Mr. Christopher Klevan Miss Katherine A. McFarland Miss Jessie N. Miller Miss Ryan L. Murray Mr. & Mrs. Robert Norfleet Miss Peyton Pritchard Mr. John Tyler Simpson Miss Mary Beth Stine Mr. Christopher L. Whitney

CLASS OF 2009 – 15% Mr. Gary David Bonnewell Jr. Mr. Garrett D. Crain Miss Aubrey M. Cross Miss Carter Elizabeth Garris Mr. James R. Hitch Mr. Alexander Kopylov Mr. Christopher C. Lewandowski Miss Victoria B. S. Martinez Miss Jamie McLemore Mr. Robert C. Powell Jr. Mr. Martijn S. Steendam Mr. Charles Tyler Trapani Mr. Gordon M. Wolcott

CLASS OF 2010 - 11% Miss Meghan T. Kanter Mr. Carl P. Levy Mr. Zachary D. Mayfield Miss Alysse K. Maynard Mr. Robert C. Merryman Miss Katharine Rawles Miller Miss Shelby N. Ortiz Mr. Aaron M. Shroyer Mr. Michael H. Swartz

CLASS OF 2011 – 9% 2nd Lt. Christopher J. Adsit Miss Emily T. Bennett Mr. Danny L. Laderberg Mr. Kevin F. Laderberg Miss Claire A. Laibstain Mr. Henry W. Meredith Miss Alexandra E. Turner

CLASS OF 2012 – 9% Miss Grace E. Bonnewell Miss Ann Hallsey Brandt Mr. Anderson M. Granger Mr. Samuel S. Hitch Mr. Elias M. Khalil Miss McKenzie D. Layne

CLASS OF 2013 – 5% Miss Ashley N. Cota Miss Layne E. Kennedy Miss Julie A. Merryman 84

CLASS OF 2015 – 53% Miss Liesel C. Abraham Miss Helena R. Banks Miss Anne Bashara Miss Natalie E. Batzel Mr. Christopher R. Bianchi Mr. Daniel M. Blue II Miss Rachel A. Brodsky Mr. Noah P. Causey Miss Jessica Cavolt Mr. James Baodan Collins Alexandra B. Cook Miss Mary Elizabeth Corliss Miss Yalaina R. Dupre’ Miss Peyton A. Fancher Miss Shaira Khan Miss Rachel H. Klavan Mr. Julian Michael Klinck Mr. Hunter M. Lee Mr. Evan R. Maguire Mr. Michael H. Ortiz Miss Demetra J. Protogyrou Mr. Christian Rodriquez Miss Virginia R. Sanford Mr. Camden A. Selig Mr. Noah F. Simpson Miss Hayley E. Tate Mr. Philip R. Trapani III Miss Christine J. Zaitoun

Class Of 2016 – 100% Miss Kelsey A. Alcaraz Mr. Nicholas B. Baker Mr. Christopher R. Beck Nicola L. Borrell Mr. Aaron A. Boutwell Mr. Lucas Brandt Mr. Oliver Gates Breeden Chad E. Bullock Mr. Yukun Chan Mr. Jobin S. Chandi Mr. Kyonze’ N. Chavis Mr. Kai Chen Mr. Jacob W. Conn

Mr. James T. L. Cooper Jr. Mr. Harry Alexander Coureas Miss Tianqi Dang Miss Yue Deng Mr. John David Francis Miss Annie Y. Gao Miss Laura H. Gayle Mr. Ari D. Goldman Mr. Adam H. Grant Miss Joi E. Harper Mr. Tanner B. Hirschfeld Miss Bailey A. Holmes Spencer Miss Blair C. Hurley Mr. James G. Hurley III Miss Bailey K. Jones Miss Timeri M. Jordan Miss Ann Carter Kennedy Miss Morgan A. Kent Miss Allison E. Kesser Miss Catherine Kim Miss Morgan B. Kimberly Mr. Victor G. Layne Miss Carla J. Leanzo Miss Mary E. Lentz Mr. Hongze Lou Miss Shahrazad V. A. Madison Mr. Paul W. Mahoney Mr. Jack W. Matthews Miss Alexis M. McGurn Miss Megan M. Morford Miss Ann Burns Morrison Mr. Joseph J. L. Morrison Miss Michaela Morrow Foster Mr. Hamoudi Z. Musselmani Mr. Elijah L. Nestor Miss Zoe L. Papadopoulos Mr. James Bailey Pettrey Mr. Dreugh S. Phillips Miss Kiersten M. Potter Miss Darden Purrington Mr. James Dudley Reed III Miss Faith I. Rush Miss Emmanuela Salecki Mr. Nicholas G. Sarris Miss Emma T. Segaloff Miss Jordan E. Sibley Miss Ann Tyler Smith Mr. Sabastian J. Townes Mr. Stephenson F. von Schaaf - Heretick Miss Zoey M. Vooss Mr. Jianan Wang Miss Madison M. White Mr. Braxton Reid Wilkinson Miss Mary Douglas Wilson Miss Mengying Xu Mr. Ruby Yuan Mr. Yinan Zhao





By making a gift of property—such as a residence, land or rental properties—you avoid capital gains tax and receive a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the property.

Life insurance may provide a charitable deduction and benefit Collegiate. One way to give is to purchase a new policy and make the school the beneficiary. The second is to make a gift of a policy that you no longer need by designating Collegiate the policy’s owner and beneficiary. Please check with your insurance agent.

Your one-time gift is tax-deductible for the current year and can be given by check, credit card or cash.



There are a many ways to give that can be efficient, more beneficial and have greater tax advantages than cash. By utilizing any of the methods described here, you may find that you can give more and save more, which is a valuable combination for everyone.



Including Collegiate in your estate plan involves no loss of capital or income for you and may have benefits for your heirs. Contact your attorney, accountant, tax adviser or insurance agent first.

An alternative to cash is a gift of appreciated property, such as securities. Generally, the full fair market value of gifts of appreciated assets is deductible and taxes on capital gains are often avoided. An account transfer form is available.

PLEDGES You may make a pledge now and spread payments of your gift over time for up to five years.

SAM, SAM, OUR ALUMNUS SAM HITCH ’12 kicked off his summer and his graduation from the University of Virginia with a triathlon across the United States. Traveling from Yorktown to San Francisco, Sam’s goal was to raise $25,000 and awareness for the Lustgarten Foundation, a pancreatic cancer foundation, in addition to attempting to break the Guinness World Record for longest triathlon. Here is a look at his journey...

3,906 miles traveled in 50 days














SAM’S CHECK-INS VIRGINIA Yorktown Mineral Charlottesville Blue Ridge Parkway Mountainview KENTUCKY Berea Sonora Clay ILLINOIS Giant City State Park MISSOURI Farmington Houston Golden City KANSAS Toronto Sterling Scott City COLORADO Fowler Salida Montrose Dolores UTAH Larb Hollow Overlook Cedar City Frisco Wan Wan Summit Garrison NEVADA Osceola Ely Eureka Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest Middlegate Fallon Silver Springs CALIFORNIA Markleeville Carson Pass Plymouth El Dorado Hills Stevenson Bridge Napa Sonoma Novato Ocean Beach




This is the phrase that kept Sam going through each day of his journey.

Pairs of running shoes Sam went through.


Unbelievably, Sam only used one set of bike tires on the biking portion of his quest from Yorktown, Va., to Frisco, Utah!


amount thus far that Sam has raised for the Lustgarten Foundation, which funds research on pancreatic cancer. Sam’s goal was to raise $25,000 for the foundation.

Not only was Nevada the longest state that Sam had to get through, but also he ran through the entire state! It was the hardest state due to the long, grueling days spent running in the intense heat and dry climate. WWW.NORFOLKCOLLEGIATE.ORG

LEARN MORE Read more about Sam’s journey at AND 87

Alumni EVENTS Members of the Class of 1975 strike a pose during their reunion.

Brad McMurran ’94, founder of The Pushers Sketch and Improvisation Comedy Troupe in Norfolk, presents an improvisation class to AP Seminar students to help them prepare for their oral presentations of their research later in the year.

STAY IN TOUCH If you have alumni news that you would like to share, please send it to Cayte Brown ’08 at

Members of the Class of 1992—Pam Crenshaw, Jennifer Lester, Chas Wright ’91 and Leigh Keogh—celebrate their friend Scott Weinstein ‘91 being awarded the Alumni Service Award at the Alumni Awards Breakfast in April.

Members of the Class of 2015 speak with juniors and seniors about their college experience at the annual “I Survived the First Semester of College” event. Pictured are Lex Selig, Gabby Leporati, Noah Simpson, Jack McCaffrey, Annie Bashara and Natalie Batzel. 88


VMI cadets Cody Bennett ’14, Tony Protogyrou ’12, Cabell Thomas ’14 and Jon Beck ’14 catch up with Alumni Relations Coordinator Cayte Brown ’08.

Alumni from several classes gather for the annual Alumni Basketball Game on Dec. 19. The game is an annual tradition, and this year’s participants included John McKendree ’01, Alex Hall ’01, Sara Weintraub ’12, Nick Curtis ’13, James Hitch ’09, Bobby Howlett ’76, Mary Vail ’90, Bobby Merryman ’10, Reed Story ’02, Woody Granger ’08, Chris Klevan ’08 and Cabell Thomas ’14.

MaLisa Bumpus Johnson ’06 gives Bash Townes ’16 the 2,000 point ball to celebrate Bash surpassing Johnson’s school record for the most points scored. Alumni Hannah Coulson ’08 and David Goldberg ‘07 celebrate their graduation from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. Coulson received her doctorate in pharmacology and Goldberg received his doctorate in medicine. WWW.NORFOLKCOLLEGIATE.ORG




the school year, Norfolk Collegiate’s community engaged in a strategic-planning process focused on our collective aspirations for our students and school. This highly inclusive process resulted in a shared vision for the future of Collegiate that is firmly anchored by comprehensive data collection and a commitment to our distinctive and innovative instructional program. The outcome of this work is a set of six strategic imperatives that are organized around themes that emerged as most important to our stakeholders throughout the data-gathering phase of the strategic planning process. They are:

1 2

ACADEMIC INNOVATION Encourage innovative teaching and learning that is informed by current dialogue and research in education.

REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCES Create real-world learning opportunities through collaborative partnerships with organizations and institutions in our local community and beyond.

3 4 5 6

WELL-BEING & COMMUNITY Cultivate a climate of personal integrity and well-being that engenders socially conscious thinking and respectful relationships.

CULTIVATION OF TALENT Attract and develop diverse, exceptionally talented faculty, administrators, and staff committed to the mission and academic initiatives of the school.

LEARNING SPACES Update the campus master plan to reflect the quality and value of our innovative program.

DECADES TO COME Secure a vibrant and financially sustainable future.

WHY VOLUNTEER? As a nonprofit, Norfolk Collegiate relies on the generosity of volunteers to help us meet our goals. It’s also a great way to... • Become involved in the school community; • Build relationships with your children’s teachers and friends’ parents; • Use your talents; • Feel good about giving back.

LIBRARY Lend a hand at the lower school library. Contact librarian Mary Creekmore at mcreekmore@


ART EVENTS Help exhibit student artwork in the hallways or assist in the classroom by contacting lower school art teacher Melinda Vooss at mvooss@norfolk



SUPPORT FOR NORFOLK COLLEGIATE COMES IN MANY FORMS. Whether you’re looking to volunteer in the classroom or to assist with special events, there are many ways to leave your mark. If you would like to talk to someone about additional ways to volunteer, please contact Parent Relations Coordinator Rita Frankenberry at



Lend a hand at the school stores by contacting Jackie Burke at

Lend your talents during our Fall Fair, Annual Auction or Golf Classic by contacting Kate Pringle at

CONCESSIONS Help keep our cheering crowds stay hydrated and full selling concessions during basketball games by contacting Jon Hall at

Norfolk Collegiate 7336 Granby Street Norfolk, VA 23505 Return Service Requested


Profile for Norfolk Collegiate

The Collegiate: 2015-16 Year in Review & Philanthropy Report  

The Collegiate is a combination of Norfolk Collegiate's Annual Philanthropy Report and Year in Review Magazine. It recognizes gifts made to...

The Collegiate: 2015-16 Year in Review & Philanthropy Report  

The Collegiate is a combination of Norfolk Collegiate's Annual Philanthropy Report and Year in Review Magazine. It recognizes gifts made to...