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Profiles 2010

Profiles 2010 Throughout 2010, photographers, interior stylists, designers, illustrators, artists, and bloggers, answered our profile questions. We had the pleasure to discover humble, down to earth, approachable, and charming personalities – Rising stars and established names alike. This is the overview of talented people whose profiles were featured on NordicDesign in 2010.

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Matilda Lindblom…….…………....1 Emma Fexeus…..….………………3 Paola Suhonen……………………...5 Trine Andersen…………………….7 Andreas Engesvik………………….9 Ditte Isager………………………...11 Saša Antic…….…………………..13 Leena Kisonen…..….………………15 Per Magnus Persson……………........17 Søren Hagen….……………………19 Lotta Agaton………………………21 Susanna Vento……………………..23 Anders Schonnemann………………..25 Dorte Agergaard……………………27 Jarl Fernaeus……………………….29 Therese Sennerholt…………………..31


Matilda Lindblom Matilda Lindblom studied product & furniture design at the reputed Malmsten Centre in Stockholm. She worked in Hong-Kong for Michael Young, among others. Matilda has designed lamps, shelves, tables, chairs, room dividers, as well as the lovely Rabbit box, in collaboration with Sanna Lindström who she met while studying. Together they founded Lindblom Lindström after graduating from Malmsten. Tell us more about the rabbit box. Where did the idea come from? Sanna and I created 7 pieces of furniture for the whole family for HEIRLOOM, and that is when the rabbit box was created. We wanted to create a friend for children to help collecting their favorite toys and things in. It is also a toy and a designed piece of furniture that both children and adults like, something that flirts with everyone and bring a smile on peoples faces, and gives them an AHA feeling. Any special projects at the moment? An outdoor range of furniture and a sofa Best thing about being a designer: To have to possibility to create and build new unique pieces of furniture and things that brings happiness into peoples homes. You, in three words: Happy, considerate and ingenious. What inspires you? Trips, new and old things, furniture, architecture, and nature. How would you describe your style? Modern, Scandinavian, but warm and usable.


“I’m at my most creative when…” After I’ve done a trip somewhere or visit a factory to see the production, I always come up with new ideas after seen the manufacturing process. Best thing(s) about Scandinavia: I love the climate, the four seasons. I love all of them. Favorite designer/architect/artist: Martin Margiela, Jasper Morisson, Aantonio clitterio, Piero Lissoni, CKR, and Nato Fukasawa. Scandinavian tradition(s) you love: I find the craft wood fantastic, but also some dishes that are typical Swedish. I love special feast traditions such as Midsummer. Favorite travel spot: West coast of Sweden in the summer is fantastic. I also like skiing in the Alps and big cities like Hong Kong, New York and Stockholm. You, in five years: Living in a house on the West coast with my family creating more furniture and houses. Any design tips? A distinctive design that dates back over 40 years: the Santa & Cole Cesta midcentury table lamp.





Emma Fexeus While her full name might not ring a bell, Emma Fexeus is THE Emma behind Emmas Designblogg – One of the most popular blog about interior design out there. She started as decorating assistant at a magazine, and needed a place to store all the information about the things she liked. That’s when she created Emmas Designblogg. Five years on and 1367 posts later, her blog sometimes attract over 10 000 visitors a day. From her home in Sweden, she answers some of our questions. How did it all started? I started the blog 5 years ago when I was working as a decorating assistant at a magazine. I got so much information about new and exciting design every day that I needed a place to store it, and felt that a blog would be a good place. The readership grew pretty quickly, and the blog turned into more of a place for me to share inspiration and connect with likeminded people. Any special projects at the moment? I am getting the blog redesigned, and I have no idea of what it is going to look like yet! I have a few ideas in my head, with some new functions and a fresher look. We’ll just have to wait and see what the result will be like… Best thing about being a professional blogger: The best part is that I can manage my own time and work whenever I feel like it and have the time! The next best part is the fact that I get to drool over gorgeous interior photos all day long. You, in three words: Shy, chocolateloving thinker. What inspires you? Anything and everything. I often find inspiration in unexpected places, like the pattern of a spiderweb in the woods, or a color combination seen on an old lady in


the street. But of course my inspiration can also come from photographs, magazines or places I see. How would you describe your style? Clean and rustic, minimal and cozy. I like a white base and contrasts in black, grey and brown. More texture than pattern, even though some stripes or triangles are always nice. Best thing(s) about Scandinavia: The design coming from here, of course! I love the fact that when a new restaurant, café or shop opens here, more often than not it looks great! When you walk the streets in any of the capitals in Scandinavia you see more beautiful than ugly stuff, so you can’t help being inspired and influenced. Favorite designer/architect/artist: It’s got to be the Eames couple. They were so amazingly talented! But if I have to pick someone from Scandinavia I have a very hard time picking just one, because there are so many talented people out there. But some of my favorites are Anna Kraitz, Anna Irinarchos and Front. Best design piece you purchased? I don’t own many designer pieces, but the bird light from Chen-Karlsson is one of my favorites. On your wish list: Eames chairs, a huge farm table, and a new home. Best address-book secret: Oh, since moving to the countryside I very rarely have the opportunity to just walk around in the city to discover all the lovely hidden spots. But the vintage store called Brandstationen on Södermalm in Stockholm is a great place! They always have exactly what you are looking for, and of course some more stuff that just begs to be bought and brought home… Scandinavian tradition(s) you love: I’m not much for traditions really. But I love our “fika” tradition! Swedes can sit for half a day, just sipping coffee and chatting, and no one thinks that is the least bit strange. Favorite travel spot: Amsterdam. I fell in love with the city a few years back, and I would jump on the next plane if I could. To me Amsterdam is the perfect place. It’s full of beauty, freedom and creativity, what else could one asks for? You, in five years: I imagine myself living in a nice apartment close to the city with all of my children, perhaps with a part-time job as a decorator.


Paola Suhonen We’ve been hooked on IVANAhelsinki’s since we featured the brand in March 2010. Rapidly growing, the Finnish fashion label recently presented another uniquely feminine and exciting collection at the latest Copenhagen Fashion Week. Regularly featured in the pages of International Elle and Vogue. The label also gained celebrity fans such as Helena Christensen, Juliette Lewis, Alexa Chung, Peaches Geldof and Beth Ditto. It will be the first Finnish brand to show in the official IMG MB New York Fashion Week calendar, Sept 2010. Art Director/Founder of IVANAhelsinki, Paola Suhonen answered our Profile questions. How did IVANAhelsinki started? Oh, it is such a long story, but to make it short. I wanted to do something that would be my personal art project. start my own, independent, art band… create a platform that could be the frame for different creative works, road trips, films… and yes… the clothing line became THE most well-known IVANAhelsinki project What is your business philosophy/brand? Love first, Live then and the rest will follow. It is in everything. How would you describe your style? Vintage 60´s and 70´s mix with folk twist, Scandinavian purity meets Slavic oddity Favorite material to work with: Everything but not fur/ leather… can be 16mm film, cotton, wool knits… Any special projects at the moment? Finishing my very first feature narrative film that I shot already last summer in Texas, right now I’m on my way from NYC to LA road tripping there, so moving to Hollywood…IVANAhelsinki shows in New York Fashion week in 3 weeks… hmm…few music films to edit, working on an fire alarm project… as well with the


very first magazine dedicated to LOVE….check lovecontemporary… Best thing about being a designer: Being able to create your own universe and live there playing and adventuring… You, in three words: Hurricane, little girl, dark forest What inspires you? Love stories, my own lived life “I’m at my most creative when…”: I have a hangover Best thing(s) about Scandinavia: When living abroad, you start to nostalgize everything… so right now here in the middle of the preeria I would easily answer. everything… but well, it’s simple, well organized place, sea, dark forests, quiet, honest people, change of seasons Favorite designer: No one from fashion genre… I would say that I admire Jack White... he’s so cool and multitalented On your wish list: To travel to Greenland What can’t you live without? Ice-cream right now Scandinavian tradition(s) you love: It’s cliché, but I really miss sauna, rye bread and dark, silent Helsinki Favorite travel spot: Rather arctic than tropic…I love road tripping, this is now my second time in this summer that I’m driving across the North American continent You, in five years: Hopefully as I am now…                      




Trine Andersen Trine Andersen is the creative mind behind one of our favorite Danish brand: ferm LIVING. The company originates from a graphic design agency in Aarhus that Trine founded in 2005. It started when she was re-decorating her house: “Trine was looking for graphic wallpaper, but just couldn’t find the right pattern – and when she found something interesting, it was way too expensive. Trine thought that other people probably felt the same way, so she decided to take it upon herself to create graphic wallpaper at an affordable price. By February 2006, the very first wallpaper collection hit the streets, and since then things have been going fast!” – ferm LIVING What is your business philosophy? We believe in creating things that we cannot live without ourselves! We believe in great design work, quality and reasonable pricing! We believe that it is essential to be proud of our products and how we work! How would you describe your style? Vintage meets modern. Scandinavian style with a graphic nerve. Favorite material to work with: Paper, cork, cotton Any special projects at the moment? Just busy – it’s fair season. We are going to Maison & Objet in Paris on Wednesday, so there is a lot to prepare. Best thing about being a graphic designer: That you can create things with great visual impact. You, in three words: Creative, stubborn and busy


What inspires you? I get this question all the time… And I think it is very difficult to answer. I like to think of it in this way: Everything inspires me – everything I see and experiences goes though a filter in my brain – some of it is “stored”, and when you put these “stored” impressions together they will end up in a product or an idea some day. I, of course, seeks inspiration on traditional manners when I travel, read magazines and books, source for vintage objects, walk in the nature and through my friends. “I’m at my most creative when…”: I’m driving a long distance in my car alone – it’s calm and quiet and possible to think “deep thoughts” Best thing(s) about Scandinavia: We proudly associate ourselves and our products with Danish values as great design, human respect and focus on quality! Favorite designer: At the moment… Celine Best address-book secret: It’s not really a secret, but don’t miss the fantastic shop merci, 111 boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003 Paris On your wish list: A “plantwall” at our new outdoor space – What can’t you live without? My family. Scandinavian tradition(s) you love: I love a traditional Danish Christmas – especially the four Sundays before Christmas. It’s all about “hygge” and family activities. Favorite travel spot: Tokyo You, in five years: Five years older … and hopefully still happy and full of new ideas and projects.    




Andreas Engesvik In May 2010, we featured Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik and his lawn tables. The idea for his first solo project was developed for the Wallpaper’s project ‘Hand Made in Italy’. We bet we’ll see more of his genius soon (and we can’t wait for it)! Tell us more about your lawn tables/ Where did the idea come from: Missing a place for the drink on the lawn. Any special projects at the moment? Yes – I am very exited – working together with a Finnish giant when it comes to glass. My favorite in Scandinavia. Best thing about being a Designer: Learning new things all the time, being your on boss. You, in three words: Kind, restless and strange! What inspires you? People, places and the stuff that surrounds us. How would you describe your style? I am not sure if I can say anything about this “I’m at my most creative when…”: Structured, happy and under pressure. Best thing(s) about Scandinavia: Clean air, clean water and seasons.


Scandinavian tradition(s) you love: Skiing Favorite travel spot: Hydra, Greece, The Italian Alps and Lusterfjorden in Norway You, in five years: The same situation – but with a studio manager. Best piece of advice: Draw!



Ditte Isager We are huge fans of Ditte Isager. She is incredibly talented, and her “simple Nordic” style is acclaimed worldwide. The Danish photographer’s work was been featured in prestigious magazines, and she counts clients such as DAY Birger & Mikkelsen, Fritz Hansen, Lina Christensen Jewelry, Martha Stewart, Gordon Ramsay and many, many more. Her photographs are filled with beautiful light, shadows and contrasts. We just can’t get enough! Have a look at her website for her latest shots. Where did it all started? In my dad’s dark room in our basement, where I helped him develop our black and white family pictures. I was educated at the Danish technical school of photography and trained at Leif Schiller’s studio in Copenhagen. I went to London for 2 years before I moved to NY in 2007 How would you describe your style? Personal, Simple and Nordic Favorite material to work with: Linen Any special projects at the moment? Very excited about my new book with Rene Redzepi and Noma coming out 5th of October Best thing about being a photographer: Everyday is a new day with a new story. You, in three words: Fearless, curious & open


What inspires you? Light in the Dutch masters, set building and effect from motion pictures. But most of all the beauty of light! “I’m at my most creative when…”: I’m having fun Best thing(s) about Scandinavia: The long light nights in the summer Favorite designer: Poul Kjaerholm Best design piece you purchased? PK80 in natural leather Best address-book secret: Eiffelbar, it is one of the last authentic bars left in Copenhagen, located in my favorite area, Christianhavn. You can hardly see the person sitting next to you because of the heavy smoking in the little room. It has the most amazing window decorating with all kinds of Eiffel towers On your wish list: A vacation in my newly built summer cottage in Copenhagen What can’t you live without? My family & friends Scandinavian tradition(s) you love: Midsummer party with bonfire and songs Favorite travel spot: Costa Rica You, in five years: I hope the same as today.



Saša Antic Stylist/Props & Set designer Saša Antic is based in Sweden. He has a unique way to put objects together, and make it look amazing as a whole. He does work for several big clients such as H&M Home, Residence, IKEA, Kosta Boda, and Elle Interior. Have a quick look at his fantastic portfolio, and you’ll understand why he is a much sought-after talent! We are convinced we will see more of him soon. Where did it all started? It all started in my early childhood when I got my own dollhouse. I was obsessed with it. I redecorated it every single day, put up wallpapers, cut out carpets and fantasized about real furniture… When I became a teenager I often redecorated my own room. And today I’m doing it for a living… How would you describe your style ?I think my style is colorful, arty, with a twist and a sense of humor. Favorite material to work with: I love Industrial design, so I have to say wood and steel. Any special projects at the moment? At the moment I’m working on a advertising campaign for one of Sweden’s biggest textile companies. I am also working on a big project for Elle Interior in Sweden, and of course I work with my photo blog: Also, I’m leaving for New York in October and will stay there for a month, so we’ll just have to see what happens there… Best thing about being a stylist/props designer: The best thing about being a stylist and set designer is the variation of projects. I meet a lot of fantastic people in my work and I got to work with amazing photographers. And of course, I have the luxury of finding beautiful, fun props


and furniture everywhere for different shoots. I also get to see beautiful homes and locations. You, in three words: Ambitious, hardworking, funny. What inspires you? I find myself being very inspired by nature. “I’m at my most creative when…”: …the night comes. I work best at night when everyone is asleep. Best thing(s) about Scandinavia: It’s fresh, it’s clean, it got a light to kill for, and it is amazingly beautiful. Favorite designer: Tom Dixon and Josef Frank Best design piece you purchased? I just bought two industrial wooden chairs from France. I don’t really know if they are designer pieces, but I really love them! I also have to say the Offcut Stool Fluoro by Tom Dixon. And some other seriously nice industrial stuff I found in different antique stores and flea markets. Best address-book secret: …is going to stay a secret! On your wish list: At the moment, a car. The new Audi A1. I want it in the color brown. Love it! What can’t you live without? My mother, my niece and my friends. Scandinavian tradition(s) you love: I’m not so much into traditions, but if I have to choose one, I’ll probably say Midsummers eve. Favorite travel spot: Paris, Rome, London and New York. I love big city life. You, in five years: God, this is a tricky question. Hopefully I will still working as a stylist and set designer, but maybe I would commute between Stockholm-New York-Paris and London. And I hope I’m in love!



Leena Kisonen We are very pleased that talented Leena Kisonen answered our Profile questions. Leena is an illustrator and designer at Kauniste, a company making beautiful hand printed tea towels inspired by the Finnish kitchen linens from the 60s’ and 70s’. Leena is currently studying at University of Art and Design Helsinki on her Master’s degree in graphic design. Her edgy paper cutting technique is very characteristic of her designs. Leena’s textiles totally have that Scandinavian feel we love, with a fresh, distinguishable and playful touch. Where did Kauniste started? ?In Helsinki’s old working class neighborhood called Vallila, in 2008. How would you describe your style? Feminine with a clumsy twist Favorite material to work with: Paper & scissors Any special projects at the moment? We are working on our long time dream of offering hand printed meter fabrics. Best thing about being an illustrator/designer: Having the advantage to work with beautiful things. You, in three words: A coffee addict, an aesthete and very nice What inspires you? Might sound a bit boring, but the everyday life is my biggest inspiration, I just try to look at it with fresh eyes. I have a strong visual memory and I often base my work on colors, shapes and details I’ve noticed in my surroundings.


“I’m at my most creative when…”: Traveling Best thing(s) about Scandinavia: The whole open-minded way of life and the minimalistic design Favorite designer: The late Swedish illustrator, Olle Eksell. Best design piece you purchased? The HAY Loop bed, it’s perfect in its simplicity. Best ‘secret spot’: Lenin-park in Helsinki for summer picnics. On your wish list: A holiday in Japan, a beautiful home of my own and an Eames rocking chair. What can’t you live without? My loved ones. Scandinavian tradition(s) you love: Eating korvapuusti (cinnamon rolls) and drinking Glögi (a hot, spicy drink with wine) when it’s chilly. Favorite travel spot: Berlin in Germany and Cracow in Poland. You, in five years: Bigger and better.



Per Magnus Persson At the age of 12, Per Magnus Persson from Sweden was fascinated by the work of legendary Henri Cartier Bresson, and that is what inspired him to pursue a career in photography. Today Persson works for several magazines and advertising agencies all over the world, and he also has his own studio. Have a look at his online portfolio: Total eye-candy! Here, he answers our Profile questions with a touch of humor and honesty. Where did it all started? A darkroom in the basement. How would you describe your style? F stop 2.0 Favorite material to work with: Hasselblad Any special projects at the moment? Changing lamp-bulbs in the bathroom Best thing about being a photographer: Meeting all these fantastic people. You, in three words: Happy, hungry, honest What inspires you? Creative people “I’m at my most creative when…”: I am working

Best thing(s) about Scandinavia: Nature Favorite designer: Hmmmm, there are so many… Best design piece you purchased? Powermac Best address-book secret: Keep it in the same place On your wish list: Ockelbo DC 21 1969 – 73 What can’t you live without? My health Scandinavian tradition(s) you love: Singing around the table Favorite travel spot: Bangkok You, in five years: I don’t know….




Søren Hagen With an exceptional patience and precision, self-taught Søren Hagen creates amazing paintings with a photographic dimension, with an impeccable illusion of reality. The Danish painter captures the beauty and tranquility (and loneliness?) of what lays in front of us, be it a commonplace landscape, highways, sheds, car parks, buildings, containers… Søren Hagen was our Artist of the Month last April. Where did it all started? I find it hard to say when it all started. It feels as I have always painted and drew, and it is like I never stopped. Being an artist and expressing myself through painting came slowly to me through the younger years. Just as one can acquire a language. How would you describe your style? Art historians call it Neo-realism art, but I say that the paintings are realistic images that contain traces of surrealism with symbolist tendencies. The paintings are a fictional universe that you cannot find a physical place where the painting is from; the painting is composed of many different sources / locations. Favorite material to work with: It is obviously the work of painting; my paintings are composed of acrylic on canvas. Any special projects at the moment? Besides an exhibition in Holland, I am working currently busy with paintings inspired by a trip to the U.S. east coast. I received last summer a number of scholarships so I could travel over there. The paintings should be on a show at Skive Art Museum in Denmark.


Best thing about being a painter: What should I respond to that? I’m doing exactly what I dreamed of being able to do, and then I can even live by it. You in three words: Industrious, perfectionist and thoughtful. What inspires you? I love watching different movies; movies with character sketches; films that come under your skin; beautiful film about being human in a difficult world. “I’m at my most creative when …”: I travel. Then “all doors and windows are open”. I travel as often as I can, preferably at least 2 months a year. The rest of the year I spend in the studio to work on my paintings. Favorite designer: Fabricius / Kastholm, Kjærholm and obviously Poul Henningsen. On your wish list: Being able to travel around the world with my wife until I become really old. What you can not live without? My wife and my PH cone chandelier. Scandinavian tradition(s) you love: Midsummer Night. Favorite travel spot: There are many, but right now I think of Siwaoasen in the Libyan Desert. You, in five years: I do not know if I can answer that. I am 53 years old and want so much more with my life. I mean, life evolves, and I can and will do nothing but follow.



Lotta Agaton Fabulous Lotta Agaton is an interior stylist from Sweden. She can make any interior look interesting. She uses a combination of patterns, texture, shapes and sizes to create intriguing compositions. She knows exactly how to create beautiful, serene space with a lot of character and elegance. Promoted by Agent Bauer, Lotta has collaborated with the most interesting publications and clients in Europe, USA and South America. She started Residence Magazine about ten years ago and worked there for four years as drafting and interior design manager. And since, Lotta has been freelancing and working with many big advertising agencies and newspapers both in Sweden and internationally. Have a look at her blog! Even though it is mostly in Swedish, you can still enjoy the gorgeous pictures! Where did it all started? My father is an architect so I guess it all started back when I grew up. After school I started working for Designers Guild and after that I went working for Residence magazine. I was working as a managing editor and interiors manager for four years before I decided to go freelance. I have been working as a freelancing interior stylist since then; it has been six years now. How would you describe your style? Minimalistic with a twist and a personal mix of things. Favorite material to work with: Natural materials such as wood, concrete, wool, stone, metal. Any special projects at the moment? I am working a lot with Swedish rug company Kasthall at the moment and on a


huge very exciting private project that I hopefully can tell you more about shortly. Best thing about being an interior stylist: I get paid to do what I love the most: create interiors. You, in three words: Happy, multitasking, time optimist. What inspires you? Beautiful things (could be anything from a nice sofa from a designer to a stone or a nice packaging), creative surroundings and people who are true to their dreams and dare to jump to get there. “I’m at my most creative when…”: In the mornings, I wake up really early and then I am at my best and create most of my ideas…after that my brain gets worse and less creative every hour and after 8 pm I don’t even try to get any work done… Best thing(s) about Scandinavia: Safe, clean, beautiful Favorite designer: The Bouroullec brothers Best design piece you purchased? A huge 2-meter vintage metal thing that was used for drying bottles…maybe not a design piece but my best… and my “Frank”sofa from B&B Italia. Best address-book secret: Stays in my address-book. On your wish list: An old Eggchair by Arne Jacobsen in natural leather What can’t you live without? My kids, my boyfriend and a good coffee in the morning Scandinavian tradition(s) you love: I love all traditions. Favorite travel spot: Wherever the sun shines. You, in five years: Five years older



Susanna Vento Interior Stylist & Designer Susanna Vento from Finland has melted our hearts time and time again with her gorgeous styling. She has an inspiring, highly creative and fun personality that totally translates into her work. Her careful selection of accessories and minimalist approach, as well as the delicate details and contrasts featured in her work…we are in awe! She styled this sweet nursery, among others. Have a look at her website for loads of inspiration. Where did it all started? I graduated as an interior designer in 1998. I did my work practice for the leading interior design magazine at that time. After my internship I was offered a work contract and I happily worked for the magazine for almost 10 years. In 2007 I was offered a job at Deko magazine, which I currently work for. How would you describe your style? Modern, purified and Scandinavian style, carried out without too much of seriousness. Personality, spirit and imagination are needed. I like to combine new, old and classics as well as self-made things. In my opinion, interior design requires layers made of colors, materials and styles but most importantly the mix needs to be stylish. Interior design is not serious business. Favorite material to work with: At the moment I am thrilled about wood, splintery raw wood planks, massive planks and plywood; the type of forest cottage materials. I am also inspired by kraft paper and cardboard. Any special projects at the moment? The latest annual fair I’ve taken part into was the biggest Finnish interior design fair organized in Helsinki just a little while ago. I had the chance to design two stands to the fair. I still am really thrilled about that.


Best thing about being a stylist/designer: One can create imaginative and courageous settings/interiors, which aim at startling, inspiring and offering tips for interior design – rocking the safe and dull style. Too often people tend to decorate their houses in a too subtle, uniform and completely impersonal manner. I want to inspire people to decorate, to find their own more spirited style that still can stand time. You, in three words: Creative, funny, mother. What inspires you? When I walk around the city, ambiance inspires me. Stylish spaces, for example a cleverly decorated shop or office, people passing by (fashion), posters, shop window stickers, flyers (graphics) all together portray what is going on. “I’m at my most creative when…”: …at that very moment when I get the assignment. I get most and best ideas right in the beginning when the practical restraints, such as budget/schedule/execution etc., are not blocking creativity. Favorite designer: Naoto Fukasawa (design), Maija Louekari (grafics) Best design piece you purchased? 2 x Bertoia: Diamond-chair. Best address-book secret: Various flea markets and recycling centers. On your wish list: New kitchen and bathroom are coming due to the plumbing renovations in our house. I’d also need a new dust bin (possibly a medium size VIPP), tablecloth with black background, either Frösö Handtryckin Rut or 10Gruppenin Rope as well as Plusminuszero’s white coffee maker. Scandinavian tradition(s) you love: Sauna-bathing at a summer cottage. Nothing beats the atmosphere and the scent that comes from a wood-heated sauna by a lake. After the sauna, campfire sausages and coffee made in a pot. With a full tummy one can go to sleep between mangled, crisp and fresh smelling cotton sheets. Favorite travel spot: Amsterdam. Bold design and skilled designers. Perfectly sized city for walking around and popping by to admire Droog design, Moooi and Frozen Fountain. You, in five years: I hope to be able to still make inspiring interior designs. I would also like to design furniture and try graphic design. Maybe I am a mother of two, too.


Anders Schonnemann Danish Photographer Anders Schonnemann has a fab portfolio with many pictures of beautiful interiors, yummy food, and inspiring travels. His impressive work is characterized by lovely colors, soft and peaceful composition. Simply gorgeous. Where did it all started? I was educated at The Danish technical school of photography in Copenhagen. After that I worked for Photographer Peter Kam for 3 years before I started my own company. How would you describe your style? Nordic without being cold Favorite material to work with: Wood, linen and zinc – as long as they have beautiful texture Any special projects at the moment? I just finished a 700 pages Nordic cookbook with Claus Meyer – release date 28th of October Best thing about being a photographer: Seeing a lot of beautiful places around the world You, in three words: Industrious, perfectionist, ambitious What inspires you? Life “I’m at my most creative when…”: I’m working with talented people

Best thing(s) about Scandinavia: The light and the long summer nights Favorite designer: Charles and Ray Eames Best design piece you purchased? Wegner rocking chair Best address-book secret: Restaurant La Palomba, Orveito – Umbria On your wish list: A vintage Porsche 911 What can’t you live without? My wife and daughter Scandinavian tradition(s) you love: Advent gifts Favorite travel spot: Italy You, in five years: Enjoying life doing what I love.




Dorte Agergaard We felt hard for Dorte Agergaard’s brilliant work. She creates unusual and surprising textiles with motifs of nature and everyday objects such as shoes, cables, plants, floorboards, etc. We love her playful and modern designs, especially her PURE collection of pillows, bed linen and curtains. So simple and beautiful. We can’t wait to see more of her! Check out her gorgeous home featuring her fabulous textiles! How did it all started? I have a BA in Graphic Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, 2003. In 2007 I graduated as MA of Textile Design, from the Design Colleges in Denmark. Immediately after my graduation, I began designing textiles in my own name DORTE AGERGAARD®. It sounds like a cliché, but my “style” started by a mistake in one of my creative processes. This mistake was so exciting, and it was here I began using images from the reality and uses them as motifs on fabrics. I love working with the combination of photography and the digital printing on textiles, and I like using ordinary things which surround us in everyday life in my designs. What is your business philosophy? My philosophy is to enjoy designing, and to believe in what you are doing, although there is an economic crisis and a market that is far more critical. How would you describe your style? My style is very honest in the sense that it is surely naive but in a serious way. I have a conceptual approach, and therefore my work can be perceived somewhat esoteric, but still playful. I have often tried to go after a certain audience, but strange enough so it is not them who are showing interest in my designs, it is a completely different audience, which positively surprises me.


Favorite material to work with: My favorite tools are a camera, a computer, lots of fabrics, and a digital printer for textiles. Any special projects at the moment? Right now I am facing my first commercial product to be presented to February 2011, a collaboration with a Danish wallpaper and paint manufacturer called FLUGGER / FIONA Best thing about being a designer: The design process can be really intense and almost magical. Sometimes I work very intuitively, and sometimes I am using a system or a concept. You, in three words: Open-minded, sensitive, hard worker What inspires you? What inspire me are obviously those who broke the standards. This may be music, fashion, politics, solutions, places, art or an approach that has not been seen before. “I’m at my most creative when…”: When I can feel a certain energy that opens the mind for a creative process. Best thing(s) about Scandinavia: The best thing about Scandinavia is our minimalism, craftsmanship and functional expression, for me this is a challenge, whether it is to relate to the expression or to break with them. Favorite designer: I’m very excited about what Droog present, both the products and the designers they select for their collections. On your wish list: More time, and more energy. What can’t you live without? My job. Scandinavian tradition(s) you love: I love traditions that bring my family together. Favorite travel spot: I really like places which surprises me. I have just been in Oman, which and I found very appealing. The desert is very fascinating! You, in five years: I would like to be in a place or position where there is joy, love, opportunities, and economy to create.



Jarl Fernaeus We featured Jarl Fernaeus’s Candle Sticks a while ago, and we’ve been fans of his work ever since. We especially like his Friendly Office Lamp and his black Redux Chair (featured above). He has a strong portfolio and a vision, which is surely why he is one of Sweden’s most promising designers. We are sure you’ll be hearing his name more and more. For interested manufacturer, here is his email address: Jarl has studied art history, advertising design, design management and product design. He is a designers and art director. He owns JF Stockholm and creates design for his label Paperland. Check out his website to view his portfolio as well as fantastic photographs from Magnus Cramer. Tell us more about Paperland/ Where did the idea come from: It quite hard to get products out on the market via a big producer. The easiest way is to produce the things yourself and sell them. I also like the idea of a collection of things with a specific feel throughout the whole line. A pen and a paper is still the quickest way to visualize an idea to others. The name is a reference to that process. Any special projects at the moment? I currently work with an installation in a big shopping mall, but of course always working on new project for the collection and working on getting the collection more availably. Also have some interests in different product ideas and pattern design from some bigger producers. Best thing about being a Art Director/Designer: I have great use for my background as a graphic designer when I do product design and vice versa. It’s good to have a broad base to stand on and helps when clients have a wider design problem to solve.


You, in three words: I’m quite stubborn… Kind and honest. What inspires you? Everything around me. People, things I read or see. Often I try to limit the inspiration when working on a project, set up a frame to work within. How would you describe your style? It’s quite straightforward and clean I suppose. But as a professional designer I often is required to find the style suitable for that special project. I also like to play around testing different expressions to see what happens. “I’m at my most creative when…”: I am calm and happy. Best thing(s) about Scandinavia: Summer in Skåne and the skerries (skärgården) out side Stockholm. Favourite designer/architect/artist: Enzo Mari, Patricia Urquiola and the Bouroullec brothers. Scandinavian tradition(s) you love: Crayfish parties in August. Favorite travel spot: Would love to visit Ireland and Scotland and play golf there. You, in five years: I will have an eight year old son in 2015. Fantastic. Best piece of advice: Always do your best and be honest and nice.



Therese Sennerholt Therese Sennerholt is a Swedish Art Director who mainly works in advertising. As a side hobby, she started to produce graphic prints we felt hard for! Black & white, simple minimal, and with a touch of humor. We cannot decide on which is our favorite! She created, among others, that much talked about poster “Love is the New Black“, that Stylist Lotta Agaton used in a photo shoot for Swedish Elle Interior. She also came out recently with new designs and postcards featuring her prints! How great!? Have a look at her online shop! Tell us more about you. Where did it all started? I have been working as an art director for quite a while but the prints with quotations started last year when I did three prints for Rädda Barnen’s Designshop and then I forgot all about it until Lotta Agaton started her blog and asked me to do some artwork for her blog in late December 2009 and from there it took off. I did my first real collection in March this year and since then I have made a total of three collections and postcards. Any special projects at the moment? I am working for a Swedish rug company called Kasthall and I am also doing artwork on huge walls for a hotel chain called Scandic Hotels in Stockholm. You, in three words: Impatient, funny and generous. What inspires you? Good design or art in any shape, form or material and people who are honest, humble and true to their heart. How would you describe your style? My style is built on simplicity, contrast, shape and letters.


“I’m at my most creative when…”: I am at my most creative after working out at the gym or when I do not have tons of musts (which is never so I guess I have my creative peak a head of me). Ideas usually pop up when I am doing something else like reading a magazine, traveling somewhere or just watching a movie. Or doing nothing. Best thing(s) about Scandinavia: Great design. Favorite designer/architect/artist: Fabien Baron, Achille Castiglioni, M/M Paris and Tom Dixon. Best design piece(s) you purchased? All my lamps by Achille Castiglioni for Flos. Best address-book secret: I wish I could give this away but I can’t. On your wish list: TAFs kitchen table for Muuto or Tom Dixon’s Slab table and chairs. What can’t you live without? My two wonderful children, Nea and Isaac. Scandinavian tradition(s) you love: I don’t like traditions, if I have to pick one it has to be the Crayfish parties in August. Favorite travel spot: Any big city, I am an ‘urbanist’ – who happens to live in the forest. I like contrasts. You in five years: Painting on canvas.


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