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this num ber co ver by vanessa rusci

No Nam e Co llective M agazine M issio n Statem ent

Every m o nth w e lo o k fo r artists, FO R O UR M AGAZIN, fo r o ur future co llectives, to m ake them kno w n in the w o rld. Every m o nth, IN 2018, w e dedicate a space to the artists o f o ur # Co llective17, the artists w e selected in 2017 and w ho w ill be pro m o ted and suppo rted by o ur gallery fo r free. Every m o nth w e select O NLY 5 Artists to w ho m w e dedicate m any pages. First o f all, w e are a Visual m agazine, but w e w ant artists feel IT LIKE an art catalo g. W e give visibility to em erging artists but also to pro fessio nals and INSIDE W E tell everything w e o rganize and W E m eet in the co ntem po rary art w o rld! DURING the year w e select artists fo r the next co llective #Co llective2018 W e are lo o king fo r Talents!

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I've always felt the need to express myself, and explore the body since I was a child. I try to understand the relationship between the body and the mind and between the body and the environment. In my work, I try to learn the possibilities and limits of the body. I don't have a precise style or technique, it depends on what I what to see, or explore. I usually work with my body, but for example, now I'm also experimenting with other's body. So I think the only thing in common is always the nude, the body.

It Depends. I usually need a lot of concentration, music, and I have to feel myself deeply. It's not easy to find this kind of self-perception, so I need loneliness and peace.

In Italy, art galleries don't work a lot with photography either with young artists. But now something is changing, and there are more art fairs about young talents and photography. But photography is not recognized as a real form of art from the public. There are many communities, but I'm not in them.

I have very different days in my life, and I love it! But I can tell you about my favorite days! Usually, I wake up very late, like in the afternoon, because I love to work in the night. When I wake up, I have breakfast and after I start the day. I read, take some time to the pc to send and read emails, updating portfolio, website and things like that. After that, I study. To me, the study is looking for art on the internet and books. To confront my art to other I take much time doing this. Searching also for inspiration and writing ideas in my diary. Then I go swimming, or to the gym, and during the evening/night I put some music, relax, concentration and work to realize new projects, this is not a typical day because I also work as a fashion photographer so I have days full or work, shootings, and retouching days. But is the one I surely love the most, and I try to have more and more of days like this.

Yes, if I can I do it, I love traveling! For my exhibitions, for some projects (for example “Places�), and also for exhibitions and museums. I love to see other's art, I think is important to see new things, because you can find other ideas and there is a confrontation. I think it's one of the essential thing of being an artist.

Everywhere! Also in my house. I look at the people, at their bodies, how they move, what they do. But even looking at everyday things, common objects, sometimes it happens that I want to see how they interact with the body. And I try it.

I'm self-taught in photography. I studied drawing.

Yes! I began with paintings! I still love them!

I think they are an amazing way to discover new things, and also to be discovered. Sometimes even better than galleries! You can stay at home and see some artists at the opposite side of the world. It's incredible; you don't need to be there. Of course, there are many things not interesting and not artistic in the web, but it's normal. Anyway, in all of this, you can find great inspirations and great artists also.

I like to experiment with the body. Try to understand his possibilities and limits. In the series “Rolling� I put the camera on the floor and then I started rolling in the floor me too. The camera was shooting every 5 seconds, and the result is that series. http://www.dbartworks.it/rolling.html

Yes, I studied at university art management, and after I began working in an art gallery. It was an excellent experience for me. I saw the real market for art.

Difficult to say, but from the moment I realized this image, I would like to see it every day. In fact I printed it only for me!

Well, if I could choose surely the Moma in New York. I think is one the most beautiful museum I've ever seen in the world! I love it!!!

I always read many books at a time. So when I want something different I can choose. Usually, I read a book about art or philosophy to make me think, one or two novels to distract me.

I love the sculptures of Vittorio D'Ambros, a friend of mine.

Yes, sure!

It's always delicate to talk about fees to artists. As an artist, I can tell that I receive every day many proposals for exhibitions, prizes and other. And most of them require a fee. It's always difficult to understand if they could be real possibilities or not. Usually I think that if a gallery trust my work will not ask money. As you do with the ones, you care and trust.

Www.dbartworks.it www.instagram.com/deborabarnabaartist

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M ARCELLO M AUGERI Bor ni nNapl esi n1966,hel i v esandwor k si nRome. Wi t hanac ademi cbac k gr oundi nEc onomi c s , hebeganhi sar t i s t i cc ar eerbyt eac hi nghi ms el f , t ak i ngamul t i f ac et edandi nf or malr out et o ex pr es s i v ef ul fil l ment .Col l ec t or ,ex pl or erand v i s i onar y ,hedoes n’ tpai nt ,hemak esex per i ment s . Heal l owshi sac t i onst ot r ans f or m hi si ns i ght s i nt owor k s ,t husr ev eal i ngt heemot i v epowerof t hes ubs t anc e.Or i gi nal ,c ommonpl ac eand f or got t enmat er i al sbec omet hepr et ex t st oex pr es s hi ms el f ,s ubs t anc e,i dea,andobj ec tf or mi nga per f ec tc ohes i on.Ac hal l enget oc ons umer i s m, c onv ent i on,r at i onal i t y ,t her ul es .Hi sr udi ment ar y i magest r ans f or mi nt oex pr es s i v epar adi gmswi t h i nfini t epos s i bi l i t i esf orper s onal ar t i c ul at i oni n f unc t i onoft hes pac es ,s i t uat i ons ,ands t at esof mi ndoft hemoment ,i nawayt hati snev ers t at i c , nev erc onc l us i v e,butal way st empor ar y ,uns t abl e, ev ol v i ngov ert i me.

Mar c el l oMauger i I ns t agr am ac c ount ht t ps : / / www. i ns t agr am. c om/ mar c el l omauger i / Saat c hi ar t . c om ht t ps : / / www. s aat c hi ar t . c om/ ac c ount / ar t wor k s / 743312

sam antha passaniti


sam antha passaniti Pas s ani t i Samant hawasbor ni nMont eAr gent ar i o ( I t al y )i n1981, s hewor k sbet weenMont eAr gent ar i oandRome. EDUCATI ON: 2006pai nt i ngc our s eatR. U. F. A.( Romeuni v er s i t yoffine ar t s )i nRome 2011BApai nt i ng( 110/ 110c um l aude) Ac c ademi a Bel l eAr t i di Roma 2013MApai nt i ng( 110/ 110c um l aude)Ac c ademi a Bel l eAr t i Roma 2014-Sens eOFc ommuni t y#11/ /Wor k s hopabout Si t eSpec i ficar t ,edi t edbySi l v i aPet r oni c i ,atGal l er i a Spi az z i ,Veni c e 2015pai nt i ngc our s eatSl adeSc hool ofAr ti nL ondon WORKEXPERI ENCE: 20152016s t udi oas s i s t antatL awr enc eCar r ol l St udi o ( Bol s enaI t al y ) 2011as s i s t antatpai nt i nganddr awi ngs t udi owi t ht he t eac her sPi er l ui gi Ber t oandCos t ant i noBal di noat Ac c ademi adi Bel l eAr t i di Roma. AWARDSANDCOMPETI TI ON: 2016 -wi nneroft hei nt er nat i onal ar t i s t ss c hol ar s hi pf ort he 11t hI nt er nat i onal Enc aus t i cConf er enc e,byTr ur o Cent erf ort hear t satCas t l eHi l l ( Mas s ac hus s et s )USA

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w w .sam anthapassaniti.w eebly.co m

Instagram : sam a_art_studio

alain giro ux

Alain Giro ux Iam amul t i di s c i pl i nar yar t i s tf r om Gat i neau( Canada)andmypr ac t i c ei nc l udespai nt i ng, el ec t r oni cmus i candgr aphi cdes i gn. Ic r eat et hes eabs t r ac t sus i ngmyowns el f t aught t ec hni queus i ngac r y l i c sonc anv as .Iam f as c i nat ed byt hef eel i ngsandemot i onsv i br at i ngi neac hofus andIfindt hatabs t r ac tpai nt i ngsdefineswel l t he s i mpl i c i t yandc ompl ex i t yoft hi si nnerex pl or at i on. Myj our neyc ons i s tofc r eat i ngar twi t hdi f f er entc ol or s t os eehowIf eel per s onal l ywi t heac hpi ec easwel l as t os har et hem wi t hot her sands eehowt heyf eel . I nbot hc as es ,Wec andefini t el yf eel s t r ongc onnec t i ons wi t ht hear tandt r yt ofindwor dst oex pl ai n t heemot i ons .

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w w w .sam w w w .naisso vibe.co m


special guets


M arco M ei i saRomanar t i s twhol i v esandwor k si nBol ogna. Des pi t ehi sonl yr ec entl ov ef orar t ,i npar t i c ul ar f orSt r eetar t ,hi ss el f t aughtar t i s t i cc ar eer s t ar t sonl yi n2017. El abor at i ngt hes t enc i l t ec hni quehehas c r eat edanews t y l ewhi c hmov esf r om St r eetar t , ex t r apol at i ngi tf r om i t sor i gi nal c ont ex tand goi ngt owor konc anv as ,t het r adi t i onal s uppor t ofmoder nar t ,t hati st r ans f or mi ngc anv asi n t ot henewwal l swhi c hhav et hepos s i bi l i t yt o ent ert r adi t i onal ar t i s t i cs i t esandgal l er i es . Hi swor k sgi v eanews emant i ct os ubj ec t st ak en f r om ev er y dayl i f e,t hank st oas t y l i s at i onwhi c h al l owst hear t i s tt oc r eat es y mbol sandi c ons wi t hwhi c ht oex pr es shi sv i s i onofr eal i t yt hank s t ohi sl ex i si nc ont i nuousev ol ut i on. St ar t i ngf r om t hedi gi t al el abor at i onof phot osandi mages ,t hear t i s tc r eat est he di f f er ents t enc i l swor k i ngont hedi f f er entl ay er s anddi f f er entmedi a. INSTAGRAM : M arco m eisprayart





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call 4 ART RESIDENCE: 5-9J ul y2018i nGenev ef ort woar t i s t s Genevei st hec i t yofar t i s t si nSwi t zer l and!Mus eums ,hi s t or i c alpl ac es , r es ear c hc ent er s ,gal l er i esandent i r enei ghbor hoodsf orar t i s t s . Wewantt os t ar twi t hourar t i s tr es i denc esf r om t hi smagni ďŹ c entc i t y. NoNameCol l ec t i veGal l er yi sbas edi nLondon butwehavegoodc onnec t i onsi nt hear twor di nGeneva. Ourpr oj ec ti nvol vest hec r eat i onofa Eur opeanpat hofAr t i s tr es i denc esc ompl et el yf r ee. Wear ever ypr oudt oof f eranar t i s t ' sr es i denc ef ort woar t i s t si n Genevai nMay2018c ompl et el yf r ee.

Pro ject: HOW DOESTHENO NAMEARTRESI DENCEPROJECTGENEVE2018WORK? Weof f era5days t ayi nGeneva ( t r avelexpens es ,meal s ,andl odgi ng,mat er i alt omaket hewor k, ent r yi nt ot womus eums ,t r avelexpens esi nGeneva, not hi ngel s et hati snoti ndi c at edher e) .

Deadl i net or egi s t erMay31s t ,2018

Thewi nner swi l lber eveal edonJune15t h,2018

call 4 ARTISTS

Wear el ooki ngf oryou! A new,butdi f f er ent ,Ar tmagazi ne! Thepr oj ec ti nvol vest hepr omot i onofemer gi ngar t i s t s . Thi syear2017,wehaves el ec t ed17ar t i s t st hatwewi l lpr omot edur i ng2018, f orf r ee,i nouronl i negal l er y,onourwebs i t e,onours oc i alnet wor ks andi nourc i r c l esofc ur at or sandc ol l ec t or saswel lashavi ngt hem par t i c i pat ei nourc ompet i t i onsatvar i ousc ompet i t i onsi nt er nat i onal c ont empor ar yar t . Ourmagazi nei s ,t her ef or e,t hei ns t r umentbot ht os uppor tandr ec r ui tar t i s t s . Ont hi spage,youc ans endyourappl i c at i on. Ourexper t swi l ldec i dewhet hert oadmi tyout ot hes el ec t i onf ort hemagazi ne. I fyouar epr es el ec t ed,youwi l lpar t i c i pat ei nt hes el ec t i onf ort hemagazi ne, andi fadmi t t edyouwi l lal s opar t i c i pat ei nt hes el ec t i onf ort heCol l ec t i ve18, whi c hwi l lbes uppor t edbyusi n2019. Let ' ss t ar tnow! Wear et or el eas i ng2018i s s uesofournew magazi ne. Ours el ec t or sar eal lar texper t sanddealwi t ht al ents c out s . Youc ans endus : Thr eei mages( max3mbeac h) andas hor tt extexpl ai ni ngyours t or yandyourar t wor k( wor dorpdfďŹ l es ) I fyoupas st hepr es el ec t i onyouwi l lbepubl i s hedonours oc i almedi awebs i t e, i nt hes ec onds el ec t i on,youwi l lbec ompet i ngt obepubl i s hedi nourmagazi ne expl ai nwhatt odo. CHECKWEBSI TE!





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