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ISSUE 4 2011

Favourite Film: Breakfast at Tiffany’s/Some Like it Hot/Cruel Intentions. I really couldn’t pick between them. Worst Film: Just watched The Tourist – such a disappointment, have no idea how it received Golden Globe nominations. Favourite Actor/Actress: Audrey Hepburn just stole the show in every scene of films such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Sabrina so I have to say her. Actor wise; would have to say Ryan Gosling though everyone loves a bit of Leo Di Caprio right?! Best Film Scene: In Breakfast at Tiffany’s when Holly is reunited with poor Cat (the cat) after throwing the poor thing out of a cab and finally gets together with Fred. Though I have to say, after watching The Goonies again recently; I forgot how funny the scene is where Chunk, hysterically crying, tells his life story to the evil Fratelli’s – had me in stitches! If I could play any character in a film it would be: Katherine in Cruel Intentions. She has no moral compass what-so-ever, and had one of the best movie lines of all time: “Do you think I relish the fact that I have to act like Mary Sunshine 24/7 so I can be considered a lady? I’m the Marcia fucking Brady of the Upper East Side, and sometimes I want to kill myself. So there’s your psychoanalysis, Dr. Freud. Now tell me, are you in ... or are you out?” I would just love to play her character.

have to say that this has so far been the best issue to have made. Who doesn’t love fashion, and who doesn’t love film? The Film Issue of NOIR features various ‘Film Inspired’ sections and features such as our ‘Film & its influence on Fashion’ feature which charts the impact films have had on fashion. We bring you top Hollywood stylists and designers, as well as interviews with film stars such as Mischa Barton, Georgie Henley & Kristen Bell. Our cover girl for this issue is the gorgeous & talented Rachel Bilson who is one of the loveliest & most down-to-earth Hollywood stars. She tells us about life after The OC, her style and what it’s like to film sex scenes. Laura Smith & Gilda Orru both discuss the perils of dating and we bring you all the film info you need to get you through 2011. Our new Beauty Section features the products we have tried & tested for you as well as a Star Style beauty spread and tips from Hollywood makeup artists. So reading this issue should make you red carpet ready just in time for the Oscars at the end of February. Speaking of the Oscars, make sure you check out our illustrated best and worst Oscar dresses feature – truly beautiful. Enjoy, Leanne Milligan Editor in Chief Follow me on Twitter @leefashionista for NOIR updates. 2

2. EDITOR’S LETTER 4. CONTRIBUTORS 7. CALUM BEST Ever wondered what Mr Best gets up to over the festive period? He spills all in this month’s column. 8. THE RULES VS THE GAME Ever wondered why men and women seem to be following two separate rules when it comes to dating? Gilda Orru discusses why men seem to have their own ‘game’ when it comes to dating. 14. FILM & ITS INFLUENCE ON FASHION We chart the films that still to this day inspire the fashion world – and your wardrobe. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Annie Hall…they are all here. 20. JANE SEYMOUR Talks about life as a Hollywood icon 21. STYLE EDITS This issue’s Style Edits sees the Designers and High Street battle in out in true film style, Hollywood, Brit-Pack cool and French Chic all bring you the need-to-buy items to achieve each look, for all budgets! 28. THE LION, THE WITCH … AND GEORGIE HENLEY We talk to Georgie about her roles in the Narnia films and find out more about this future star. 31. HOLLYWOOD STYLE ICONS

Leanne Milligan charts the Hollywood Icons who have influenced fashion – and us – the most. 38. STEAL HER STYLE Sienna Miller = major wardrobe envy. Get her look with these items. 40. NOIR MEETS MISCHA BARTON Leanne Milligan chats to Mischa about films, that DUI and fashion. 44. RED CARPET DESIGNERS We meet two Hollywood red carpet designers who spill all on what it takes to be a designer in the land of the rich and famous. 49. 15 MINUTES HOLLYWOOD DIRECTOR CHRIS LANDON Top Hollywood director Chris Landon chats about directing, his techniques and his first feature film Burning Palms. 51. TOP HOLLYWOOD STYLISTS 57. I’M LOVING… Lisa Wilks is loving faux fur this issue. 58. ON THE STREET…at a Cinema 59. HOT IN 2011 We bring you the hottest acting talent that 2011 has to offer. 66. COVER INTERVIEW: RACHEL BILSON 70. BEST DRESSED UK FILM STARS Lauren & Emma bring you their top 5 best dressed UK film stars.

72. FASHION FILMS Sarah Mallon talks about her favourite fashion films. 74. THE BEST & WORST OF HOLLYWOOD’S MOST GLAMOROUS NIGHT In a beautifully illustrated feature; Laura Grant-Evans rates and slates the Oscar gowns of Hollywood legends. 79. Q&A WITH DJ ZEN FREEMAN Top Hollywood DJ Zen Freeman talks to NOIR about life as the most-requested DJ in town. 81. TOP 10 FILMS OF 2011 83. 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT KRISTEN BELL The Burlesque star gives us the lowdown on what we should know about her. 85. S/S11 TRENDS What will you be wearing this season? 88. MY STYLE WITH… Rising British actress Olivia Grant. 89. BEAUTY SECTION 100. SINGLE GIRL Our resident singleton Laura Smith wonders why boys will be boys. 103. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF… A production company is our focus this issue. Shootback Productions take us through a day in their busy schedule. 104. GIRL ABOUT TOWN Daniela talks Christmas mayhem. 3


ALIX CAREY Favourite Film: Notebook, generally I love action films but The Notebook never fails to make me feel good inside…and of course I cry everytime. Best Actor: Leonardo Di Caprio is a genius actor, he’s the most versatile and believable actor I’ve come across, plus he’s very easy on the eye! Best Actress: The first name that springs to mind is Kate Winslet; I absolutely loved her in Revolutionary Road! Worst film: Snakes on a Plane, almost as bad as Piranha 3D however at least that gave the boys something to watch. Best/Most iconic Film moment/scene: The main battle in Lord of the Rings Twin Towers is amazing. If I could play any Character in a film it would be: Hermione Granger from Harry Potter...geeky perhaps but I’d be a witch I could do anything I wanted!

LAUREN HAWES Favourite Film: Oooh, a difficult one: it’s a toss up between: Green Mile, ET, …. If you hadn’t noticed, I like a good cry! Oh and can’t forget the Twilight Saga Best Actor: Leonardo Di Caprio or Johnny Depp

Best Actor: Robin Williams. He is one of the few actors around who has complete versatility. In one movie, he can have the audience roaring with laughter and in the next; he can leave the audience feeling downright creeped-out - as in One Hour Photo! Best Actress: I’d have to choose Sally Field; she is also completely versatile when it comes to film and TV roles. I admire her sheer rawness as a person too. Worst Film: 2009’s The Box starring Cameron Diaz, James Marsden and Frank Langella. The less said the better. Most Iconic Film Scene: This has to be from another of my favourite films, The Color Purple. After decades of physical and psychological abuse at the hands of the man she was forced to marry as a teen, Celie finally gathers up the courage to tell her husband before walking out: “The jail you planned for me’s the one you’ll rot in. I’m poor, black. I may even be ugly. But, dear God, I’m here. I’m here...” Celie teaches us that, no matter what we go through in life, we should never take for granted the fact that we have at least been given the chance at life. If I could play any character in a film, it would be: Michael Jackson. To play the part of probably the greatest – and the most plagued - entertainer of all time would be amazing for anyone.

Best Actress: Kate Winslet


Worst Film: It has to be something with little or no real story to it. Like… Snakes on a plane? Jeepers Creepers?

Favourite Film: The Royal Tenebaums (at the moment, this changes on a weekly basis)

Best Film Scene: The final scene of the Green Mile, when John Coffey gets executed and he doesn’t want the bag over his head because he doesn’t like the dark. Gets me every time.

Best Actor: Bill Murray is a firm favourite

If I could play any character in a film it would be: Carrie Bradshaw, for the outfits! Or Bella Swan, for the sexy men! Heehee!

GILDA ORRU Favourite Film: many, but today I’ll say 21 Grams, by Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu Best Actor: Sean Penn Best Actress: Naomi Watts Worst Film: Saw, and anything that’s based on sadism Most Iconic Film Scene: It’s when Robin Williams rips the pages off the books in Dead Poets Society. Because knowledge reveals itself when we are able to give it our own insight. Do not read or listen without using your brain. If I could play any character in a film it would be... someone quirky in a film by Tim Burton or Quentin Tarantino.


Favourite Film: I don’t just have the one favourite film, but if I was forced to choose, it would probably be the 1959 Universal Pictures hit Imitation of Life starring the gorgeous Lana Turner.

Best Actress: Audrey Tatou for both iconic appearances and impeccable style. The Chanel No 5 advert is the best advert ever to grace our screens. Worst Film: The worst I’ve seen in recent times was American Pie 5 or was it 6? I’m not sure but I suppose they’re both equally horrendous. Most Iconic Scene: A not very iconic scene in the history of cinema but the first time I saw Ducky in Pretty in Pink lipsynching and dancing around the record shop, I copied it with my friends for months. If I could play any character in a film it would be: Keira Knightley’s character in Atonement, not because I really like the film but because I would get to wear THAT green dress.

HANNAH SHEEN Favourite Film: The September Issue Best Actor: Hugh Grant Best Actress: SJP of course! Worst Film: SiTC2 - it was a complete letdown after the first Sex and the City film.


Most Iconic Film Moment: Definitely in The Hangover, when they found a tiger in their bathroom!

Favourite Film: It would have to be Sex and the City 1 and 2.

If I could play any character in a film it would be: Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby. So excited for this to hit the screens in mid-2011!

Best Actor: Colin Firth in Love Actually

SARAH MALLON Favourite Film: It has to be Mean Girls. It’s been such a classic movie for me throughout my teens and it has to be the most quotable movie ever, no other chick flick comes close to this one. Best Actor: I’m tempted to be true to my teenage years and say Robert Pattinson but actually I love Leonardo Di Caprio, from years back in Titanic and Romeo and Juliet to Inception more recently, he consistently gives an amazing performance in so many different roles. Best Actress: This one is a toss up between Keira Knightley and Rachel McAdams, I admire them both. But Keira Knightley probably more so because of her elegance and style.

Best Actress: Sarah Jessica Parker Worst Film: Stardust Funniest Film Moment: Seeing Jennifer Lopez’s ‘dog on wheels’ in The Back Up Plan was rather funny. If I could play any Character in a film it would be: Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada. LOUISE MILLIGAN Favourite Film: The Hangover/ Young Victoria Best Actor: David Tennant/ Zach Galifianakis Best Actress: Emma Watson/ Natalie Portman Worst Film: Invictus If I could play any character in a film it would be: Alice in Alice and Wonderland

Worst Film: I rarely see a film I don’t like for some reason, but probably Nine because there was so much hype about it being the next Chicago and it ended up being a let down.


Best Film Scene: I considered Dirty Dancing and Moulin Rouge for this but really I think the end of Coco Before Chanel is the most iconic, because it’s the end of her journey, but the beginning of classic style. The filmmakers recreate the classic picture of Chanel and it completes the whole film.

Best Actress: Emma Watson

Favourite Film: Twilight Saga (Duh!) Best Actor: Robert Pattinson Worst Film: The Fog Best Film Quote: “when the lion fell in love with the lamb!” If I could play any character in a film it would be: Bella Swan

DANIELA MOROSINI Favourite Film: Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet or Roman Holiday Best Actor: Joseph Gordon Levitt or Ben Whishaw Best Actress: Rachel McAdams Worst Film: The Invention of Lying Best Film Moment: Holly Golightly’s breakdown and subsequent shouting-at in Breakfast at Tiffany’s If I could play any character in a film it would be: Summer in (500) Days of Summer

HEATHER B Favourite Film: Moulin Rouge for its mesmerizing & exuberant entertainment! Best Actress: Meryl Streep for her ability to play such different characters. Charlize Theron for her performance in Monster as that character couldn’t be more removed from her glamorous self. Julia Roberts... just because I love her! Worst Film: Can’t pin point the worst but just watched, sorry, I mean glazed over while watching The Expendables. That sucks pretty badly! Most Iconic Film Scene: Julia Roberts working the boulevard in Pretty Woman. Her leaning on the car is pretty iconic. If I could play any character in a film it would be: Satine in Moulin Rouge for a bit of glamour and Uma Thurman’s character in Kill Bill to kick some butt!


PAUL DE-GERNIER Favourite Film: Full Metal Jacket Best Actor: Leonardo Di Caprio Best Actress: Natalie Portman Worst Film: Batman and Robin Best Film Quote: “A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.” If I could play any character in a film it would be: Frank Abagnale Jr in Catch Me If You Can LAURA SMITH Favourite Film: Breakfast At Tiffany’s/Spirited Away Best Actor: Morgan Freeman Best Actress: Charlize Theron Worst Film: Sex and the City 2 - massive disappointment! Best Film Moment: End of The Usual Suspects when Kevin Spacey looses his limp ... what a twist! If I could play any character in a film it would be: Trinity in The Matrix, how kick ass was she?! LISA WILKS Favourite Film: I have so many, but Rock n Rolla and Man on Fire have to be two of my favourites. Oh and Toy Story 3! Best Actor: Toby Kebbell in Rock n Rolla was amazing, and he is gorgeous, can’t wait to see him in more films. Best Actress: Sandra Bullock, because she was brilliant in The Blindside, another one of my favourite films. Worst Film: The Hottie and the Nottie – I still can’t believe I watched itall. Best Film Scene: Would have to be in Man on Fire when Dakota Fanning is released from the baddies and Denzel Washington gives his life for her…*tear* If I could play any character in a film it would be: Julia Stiles in 10 Things I hate about you only because she got to kiss Heath Ledger, plus I get told I look like her!?!?

Editor-in-chief Leanne Milligan Art & Design Paul De Gernier Director Contributing Heather B Beauty Editor & Designer Writers & Louise Milligan Contributors Laura Grant-Evans Laura Smith Lisa Wilks Hannah Sheen Charlotte Thwaites Daniela Morosini Lauren Hawes Emma Cudahy Alix Carey


But this year I have come back to Henley where my mom lives. It’s a very peaceful environment and very healthy. Good clean crisp air and home cooking. My mom is a bit of a health nut, which is very fortunate for me as I have in the past not been all that healthy myself! She goes to the extreme when preparing the holiday meals – everything is organic and most is locally sourced from farmers markets. She doesn’t serve a typical English meal. This year we had on Xmas eve sausage and mash and onion gravy, Xmas day roast chicken, ham (which is my favourite) brussel sprouts, and roast potatoes. On boxing day we went to my mom’s lovely neighbours for a taste of the conventional with a table set for thirty and all sorts of ‘unhealthy’ treats. I love coming out here as it’s great down time. I get to hang-out with my white German Shepherd, Cosmo, definitely man’s best friend. I have always loved dog’s and have grown up with them from birth. Since I’ve been here at mom’s I head off every day to collect and chop firewood for the wood burn fireplace - which is when I really feel the hunter/gatherer instinct. I come and spend a bit more than a week and after the first three days of me sharing the cooking and stuffing my face, the next week is spent with my mom training me hard at her gym, ‘Best Body’s’ in Henley and pumping me full of healthy vitamins and elixirs. I love this as it prepares me really well for my return to the hectic London life. For gifts this year I bought my mom a lovely necklace from Stephen Webster and am adding to ‘the pot’ to buy her a dressage horse. She knitted


Happy New Year to all of you Noir readers. I hope everyone had a happy, festive and relaxing holiday period. Christmas for me has always been a small and low key affair, usually just my mom and our dogs. Occasionally we have celebrated with my mom’s extended family; grandma, aunts and uncles and cousins, all together at Lake Tahoe and snowboarding in the mountains - an activity I began at age eleven and has been an enduring passion of mine ever since.

me a lovely cashmere neck wrap that took ages and I’ve spoiled myself with a new motorcycle, a Honda Fury, which I get in February. My new year’s resolution is to lessen my drinking even more so and focus on my health and career, ‘cause the clearer your mind and healthier you are, the more motivated you will be to make things happen. I am very excited about 2011 and am confident it is going to be as fantastic year! I wish all of you readers all the best for the new year! 7

Words by Gilda Orru Illustrations by Gil Elvgren & Ballyhoo calendar (from Alain Piquerez’s collection)

A TEST TO THE RULES OF DATING Every one, at least once in their lives, has been heartbroken. It’s just what happens with love, I guess. After breaking up with Mr Ex, every woman goes through brutal self-analysis. What went wrong? Sometimes the answer significantly changes our approach to relationships. My mum’s hippy attitude guided me to be myself and always fight for love –see Cheryl Cole and tell me how you think that went! Soon, things get confusing and I start wondering, why is it so obvious to my mum –and to Jane Austen and the three Brontё sisters- that the woman should be the one who has to fight for her love? As far as I know, normally Sleeping Beauty 8

sleeps tightly while her Prince Charming fights against dragons and witches for a tiny kiss on her lips! Forget about the whole “being myself” thing. Why be someone that always fails? Forget about free love, and the emancipated freedom of that evening call to the man who does not call you. We are all good at saying that we don’t care if a man does not call us after we slept with him. But we all know that it’s a lie. Forget about heartache; some of us are clearly addicted to it, as if hurting for love was better that hurting from a broken leg! It is the same, it has to be cured! So, I guess The Rules seems to be the cure for me.

WHY THE RULES? I knew about The Rules from another book, and obviously from the bible-series Sex & the City. My girlfriends’ constructive criticism suggests I am a half-rule-girl naturally. Nonetheless, they admit that my choice of men is often the personification of Mr Wrong. Even without saying it, they agree I do a lot wrong. I have to have the book! I just need to be told. I need to be given a scheme to follow, something that probably my mum would have done if she was not too much of a free soul (and obviously single). So I buy it after eagerly devouring the intro in the Amazon lookinside tool. Since reading the first few pages, my attitude to dating is totally new. The first reason for trusting The Rules is that I really hit the bottom. Secondly, like many friends said, I was already a half-rule-girl: I just had to perfect the details, to interpret the bits of the book I felt were too oldfashioned. I had to make them mine, and just like the book suggests, I had to “practice, practice,

practice!” The book guides ladies through all those little things that a woman that plays “hard to get” should do. At first it reminds us of some basics, for instance Rule #1: You are a creature unlike any other. And Rule #2: I should never talk to a man first or ask him to dance. Then it gets to less obvious rules such as “don’t live with a man” or “don’t see him more than once or twice a week”. Throughout the reading, it feels like going back in time a little, to times when all women wanted was a successful marriage and a lovely family. Certainly not the type I fit in. But after a few chapters, I learnt to see the oldfashioned tone a bit as if the mother who never told me these things was actually talking through the pages. After all, don’t we all just dream to be Cinderella? We might be happy with our career, our ambitions, and we are confident with our bodies and our sexuality. Still we all need love! The question is: will The Rules help us to have it all? 9

THE DATING SCENE Starting the “practice, practice, practice!” routine, I become surprisingly successful at getting asked out! When a girl is a Rule girl, she’s confident, radiant, happy. She will attract men, with that flirty look in her eyes! Also rule-girls don’t have too high a standard in looks: they are looking for a charming, well mannered man who is willing to ask them out. As a beginner, some real dating-adventures were coming! I meet Mr Strong at a Valentine’s Day Traffic Light Party. He’s sweet and caring, but he loves hard-rock music so much that he has to take me to a pub full of wedge-wearing Goths on the second date! A bit early to show his real personality, I think. In the pub’s toilets, the girl wearing a Barbie is a slut T-shirt and I both decide that the flooded floor is nothing else but water. After that, my stilettos and I said good bye to Mr too Strong for me! After him, Mr Flamenco bravely picks me up in the middle of the street. He seems to be a passionate, handsome man. On the first date he shows me some steps of his dance and some of his paintings. It might sound weird, but he also gives me some kind of chakra-cleansing massage sitting on a bench in the park and I end up crying! How embarrassing, I think. But he says, as if he makes girls cry every day: “Sometimes tension comes from emotions, so it is normal to cry when it’s gone.” Fascinating! Less impressively, I have to share the price of a kebab for dinner. Nevertheless, I am there, winning look in my eyes, looking forward to hearing from the charming flamenco dancer. After receiving no calls, but only late night texts I have to face that Mr Flamenco and his blue eyes are not up to the chase. I want to text him, but I can’t. I want to call him, but I can’t: Rule #5: Never call him, and rarely return his calls. He asks me what I’m doing one night and I cannot say anything else but that I’m busy. Rule #7: Never accept a Saturday night date after Wednesday! This is the hardest rule. Ok, the rules prevent heart-breaking, and ok, I am in control by doing nothing and expecting nothing. Yet, I feel nostalgic of the fantasy bubble we create when we do call a man and say to ourselves that he’s only a bit shy, instead of admitting that he’s only after a booty call. 10

One day, I talk about my new dating life with my friend Francesco, he seems to be totally unimpressed with the absence of sex from these dating rules. So he goes on saying that for guys dating is all about sex, and how sometimes sleeping around is much more fun. Therefore I should sleep with these guys I go out with instead of trying their resistance on calling, texting and paying the bills. And he says that it’s all about The Game for guys, which is more realistic than The Rules. I nod like a school girl, but then...hang on. Did he just say there is a dating-guide book for guys too?

DISCOVERING THE GAME After running to the first book-store, I devour the book. If I had even a little doubt about The Rules being a bit of an exaggeration, this book put me on a whole other level. Give seduction to a geek, and he makes science out of it! The Game is brilliant, funny and very explicit on what guys should say and do to attract women. It tells about hypnosis, the importance of shifts of energy, and a lot about men and women’s psychology. Just like The Rules, preventing heartbreaks is the main reason for the creation of the book; opposite to The Rules, the readers’ aim is to have sex with as many women as possible. At a first glance, it looks like the two books separate men and women, rather than offering good solutions for them to meet and find love. But things won’t be clear until someone who feels right asks me out, and especially until Francesco tells me more about his Game!

THE FIRST THREE DATES ARE CRUCIAL Francesco helps me finding out that in The Game, just like in The Rules, the first rule for beginners is to practice as much as they can. After practicing The Game for a certain length of time, he spontaneously does what the author Neil Strauss suggests, without following it literally. He meets Carolina through his friend Julie, and just like The Game would suggest, he doesn’t hit on her at all, but uses some push-pull techniques to make her wonder whether he is interested or not. “I had to take advantage of the fact that she lives so far away and I live very central. So when Julie went away for holidays I invited her to spend the weekend with me and my friends. It was like having our first and second date in a weekend” –a rule-girl would not agree with that one! “And for two nights in a row she stayed in my house, but nothing at all happened between us.” So while I am told not to see a guy more than

once a week, Francesco gets a weekend with the girl -my inner rule-self wouldn’t call that a date! And while he convinces himself to have the girl practically in his hands, here I am, on, looking for the perfect match. The very first guy that virtually winks at me looks good. So I wink back straight away. Not to show off, but many others wink at me after him, so the web-dating life starts off as an ego-boost. After all, a third of the 15 million singles in Britain are looking for love online, so why not be one of them? Mr Chef, my virtual wink-at-first-click, chats me up online and he seems charming, witty and clever. A few days of virtual flirting and he asks me out. The first date goes smoothly. Although The Rules suggest he should come and pick me up, I decide to adapt this rule to London and I agree to meet him half way. After a walk to 11

break the ice, we sit in a pub and sipping red vino we find the conversation just as good as it was online. I am a creature unlike any other, acting all sweet and light. I became good at it, it comes natural. In the middle of a drink I take a glance at the time and decide to end the date. Rule #11: end the date first. He walks me to the station and lightly kisses me good night. I think I like this one. I know I can’t call (I love not to, I do it so well now that I can call myself a PRO) but, what about texting? Texting is an issue ignored by the book, so I make up my own rule: as long as I don’t initiate the texting, I can reply. Texting makes up for not seeing each other much, and helps us getting to know more of one another. The second date is a quick drink after work. He takes me to a winery in West London. The food and wine are amazing, and the conversation is still great. As The Rules teach, I don’t open up too fast, I talk about myself but mysteriously. We talk about our families and jobs, without going through details about past relationships. Dating is not therapy; I entirely agree with the book that certain details about feelings, emotions and experiences from the past should be kept for a while. I am not the type who jumps to thinking about marriage, but the restrictions give me time to observe and understand what I really like of him and stop me from being too passionate. Meanwhile I appear mysterious and interesting, so busy and fully involved with my life. After an ice cream I announce that it’s going to be an early one for me, as I have some papers to work on. He offers to take me home and I let him. He kisses me good night, a little less lightly than the last date. This was a very short date, to make sure that he leaves wanting more of me, not less. Meanwhile, in the poshest area of London, Francesco is having his third date with modellooking Carolina. This time, he invites her for dinner and talks to her. Rather than using false time-constraint like suggested in the book, he uses female psychology to get to know whether she likes him or not. He says to her: “Listen Carolina, I do really like you. But, I don’t want to try something with you until you want to; I wouldn’t try anything even if you slept in my bed a hundred times.” And apparently she comes up with the best answer possible: “Why?” From this 12

moment Francesco is 100 per cent sure that he can kiss her whenever he wants to. Carolina is not as easy as the playboy mansion girls that Neil Strauss takes to his apartment, so I am afraid that Francesco has to wait still another date to sleep with the beauty. However, on the third date there is a lot of kissing and intimacy on his bed: “I did everything to turn her on, but nothing to make her understand I wanted more. So in her head she’s like ‘I want more, but he’s not trying.’ That’s the best way to make her want me more.” I agree with him and I’m a bit envious of all this action. Surely there can be some making up on my third date too! On merit The Rules say that a rule-girl should wait a month or two to have sex. Thinking practically, if I see a man only once a week, on the fourth date it’s pretty much been a month already. “Making him wait will only increase his desire and create more passion when you finally have sex whenever you are ready.” It’s not like I want to have sex with Mr Chef so soon, but even as a rule-girl on the outside, on the inside I am still a fun fearless female: I want kisses, and many. On the third date he takes me to a Sixties looking bar, with sofas and projection lights. We have cocktails and we sit close to each other. We kiss. A lot. I’m not playing games anymore. But I want this boy to want me more. So I guess it’s time to go! We take the train together, where we kiss more, and we say good night on the platform. Kissing.

THE END OF A CYCLE The fourth date of Francesco and Carolina is, according to him “the most perfect date ever”. He invites her and her friends to go and have drinks with him and his friends. Boys who play The Game –or should I call them Pick-up Artists? feel very comfortable in groups, because they can play with getting the attention of the girl by being admired by the other females of the group, but also by being an alpha male with his male friends. At first they have a pre-drink party at Francesco’s place. Even though paying a lot of attention to Carolina, he never makes physical contact with her. During the evening there are drinks and dancing involved, he can see her getting a bit tipsy and still plays it hot and cold. Throughout the evening her body language makes obvious that she wants to kiss him in front of friends or at least to have some kind of body contact. He denies it to her, creating frustration “Most girls who have sex with you on a third date, probably wanted it since the first date. But the best way to make a girl to want to have sex with you is by denying it to her. So she starts buying me drinks while I’m sitting on the couch, while getting very drunk herself. Once at my place I still don’t put a finger on her. She takes her clothes off and she starts making out with me. I say to her ‘Listen, I do understand if you don’t want to.’ If she was still unsure about it, after I say those words she is so sure about it, and we eventually have sex.” He played it well, he got what he wanted. But what happens next? “I loved that she initiated the sex and that turned me on a lot. Still, the morning

after was really bad. Not only had I felt like this could not go any further, but also I wanted her to leave my house immediately. I felt like I was done with her. That was it. And I still feel that she could have made me wait a little bit longer. That would have also made me get to know her better. I felt I never got emotionally close to her, while she did, probably too quickly. I never tried or cared about knowing more about her, because in my head I was still on the first objective of wanting to sleep with her.” He is playing the game, this boy and he does it well. And he blames her for not playing it right! Maybe she forgot about the rules! He eventually agrees –after all that piss-taking of my non-sexual dating life- that if she did do The Rules he would have got to know her. On the other hand, he defends his book by saying that the only girls who actually didn’t agree to meet him on his terms were the ones who were actually not interested – or maybe they got that he was just not that into them anyway! “A girl can be smart enough to understand if a guy is interested. Guys are very open books, if a guy is really interested he will pursue a girl. And if she’s hard to get or she’s doing the rules he’d probably fall for them.” I take it as advice, and actually by keeping doing The Rules, my sweet Mr Chef is still calling and asking me out. The fourth date is still to come, but as for this week I had to say no –as a rule-girl has to do sometimes! Now I have no doubts that this will only make him want me more!

THE MEETING POINT Neil Strauss claims about The Game’s disciples “Though some of the “gurus” may have their issues, 99.9 percent of the guys I met learning this are the nice guys. They are the guys women always say they are looking for, yet at the same time are never attracted to.” Science can create monsters, and you can find pick-up artists who try to hypnotise you in the middle of Oxford Circus in order to kiss you, and try to convince you that that would be romantic – it actually happened to me! None the less, my experiment demonstrated that both men and women are just eager to find the right person without looking so desperate!

Most of the time it’s not about being brave enough to take the first step, but more about fear of rejection. We all are adults and responsible for wanting a little bit of fun, but even a successful guy like Francesco says that guys get bored of the “three dates cycle”. Both books are quite extreme and rules are always made to be broken: people will always date because they are attracted to each other; but if these books help us find the confidence that will get us the girl or the boy of our dreams, they are certainly welcome on our shelves.


The worlds of film and fashion have always been intertwined and one art form has always inspired the other.


Think of fashion designers such as Ralph Lauren, Hubert de Givenchy and Tom Ford who have all styled films. Tom Ford even went on to direct the highly acclaimed A Single Man, showing how linked films and fashion really are. Fashion designers take the inspiration and their muses for their collections from what they see, watch and hear. The films we have featured over the following pages will show you exactly how films such as the recent Twilight and even films back in the 1960s such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired the looks of their generation, but also are still relevant in fashion today.

Twilight “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb” -Edward Cullen-

he obsession with all things Twilight and Robert Pattinson has extended to the catwalks this A/W10 season. The vamp look of the films influenced fashion and makeup trends a-like with pale skin and dark lips leading the beauty trends on the catwalks around the world. It wasn’t just Twilight that designers looked to for their ‘vamp’ inspiration; old-school vampire film looks with long velvet gowns were plentiful in collections. A/W10 shows saw head to toe dark styles; black lace, velvet, jackets in deep maroon, all featuring. Alexander Wang focused on deep red dresses accented in lace – evoking the vampire look

of old– in his A/W10 show. Raybans (a la Edward) and Converse (a la Bella) have all seen a revival in the fashion stakes due to their featuring in the wardrobes of the Twilight cast both on-screen and off-screen.

THE LOOK: • Black lace blouses • Leather skirts and shorts • Velvet accents • Dark lipstick mixed with pale skin

Sex & The City: The Movie “Women come to New York for the two L’s: Labels & Love” -Carrie-

ever has a TV show or film done so much for a shoe as SATC did for Manolo Blahnik. After featuring in the TV series and films, every girl worth her fashion credentials covets a pair along with a little something from Chanel, Halston, and every fashion label worth its name. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda…every girl loves them and their wardrobes and we all have a little bit of one of the characters in us. CARRIE: Want to know how to dress like a New Yorker? Then Google Carrie Bradshaw. The ‘Carrie’ nameplate necklace, high end mixed with vintage look was the essential Carrie style.

THE LOOK: • Pop colour • Mix up your fabrics ladies • Flower corsages • Prom style dresses • A pair of Manolos (obviously!) • HEELS! 15

The second film has also had major influence on the S/S11 shows with the Abu Dhabi look the girls sported showcased at shows such as Jena.Theo with turbans and floaty patterned dresses twirling down the runway.

Clueless SAMANTHA: Her style is a reflection of her maneating and fun-loving ways; figure flattering, block colour – check out the canary yellow and orange red outfit in the film, only Samantha.

“Miss Stoeger, I would just like to say that physical education in this school is a disgrace. I mean, standing in line for forty minutes is hardly aerobically effective. I doubt I’ve worked off the calories in a stick of Carefree gum” -CHER-

THE LOOK: • A slinky LBD • Big stand out jewellery pieces • Block colour skirts and tops • Halternecks CHARLOTTE: Conservative personality = equally conservative dress. Charlotte’s look is classic, polished and feminine.

THE LOOK: • Shift dresses • Monochrome colours • Light, fluffy girly colours • Pearls • An expensive (Chopard if you can) silver watch MIRANDA: The queen of the separates rocks the work wear look in bold patterns and prints.

THE LOOK: • Power dresses and suits • Bold print dresses • Patterned tops • Low heels • Minimal jewellery 16

her Horowitz was the girl who brought us plaid skirts and knee socks in the 1995 film adaption of the Jane Austen classic ‘Emma’. The girls had the valley girlmeets-preppy-meets-grunge look down with classic pieces such as over the knee socks, plaid skirts, preppy blazers, berets and headbands filtering into the wardrobes of every teen in the 90s.

The film’s influence can even be seen inspiring the wardrobes of shows such as Gossip Girl with Blair Waldorf and her minions being the noughties champions of the preppy look.

The Great Gatsby

THE LOOK: • Platform sneakers • Doc Martins • Tiny backpacks • Headbands • Pastel colours • Tartan skirts • Preppy Blazers • Over the knee socks

“That’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool” -Daisy-

Desperately Seeking Susan “Yeah, well, fortunately for everyone, I’m here and I’m thinking” -Susan-

adonna’s super 80s look in Desperately Seeking Susan was in high demand in the 1980s with headbands, leggings, studded boots, jackets, red lips, big hair-dos and lace crop tops becoming a must have for fashion lovers. The film captured the downtown New York City bohemian punk, New Wave and dance culture looks and her look in the film became iconic and even had a rebirth in the late 2000s.

The accessories were a major feature – rubber bracelets, layers of cross necklaces, colourful headbands, Raybans…

THE LOOK: • Bold neon colours • Lots of mesh • Oversized tops and blazers • Studs • Layering • Overload on the accessories

he Great Gatsby is one of those films filled with decadence and hedonism and zapping you right into the roaring 1920s and the age of the flappers. It is the mix of Daisy and Jay’s wardrobes which make the film as influential as it was, and still is, in fashion. Whilst Daisy favoured the relaxed, romantic look during the day, she certainly jazzed it up at night with her glitz and glamorous attire.

Robert Redford’s, Jay, championed the American Ivy League look of silk shirts, dark khakis & tweed, chinos, deck shoes and leather belts all styled by Ralph Lauren himself (who was catapulted to fame post-film). The film won the Oscar for ‘Best Costume’ which just shows how influential the clothing was in the film. A revival of nostalgia for classic American fashion was spawned by the film and continues today.

THE LOOK: • Pastel shades • Flapper dresses • Glitzy dresses • American preppy look 17

Annie Hall “You’ve been seeing a psychiatrist for 15 years. You should have some of this. You’d be off the couch in no time” -Annie Hall-

nnie Hall was a major influence on the fashion world during the late 70s. You think Annie Hall and you think Diane Keaton and her masculine take on the female form. Layering of oversized, mannish blazers over vests, billowy trousers, long skirts and boots, customary tie – all made up the style of Annie (a look created by Diane Keaton herself and her own clothes).

THE LOOK: • Men’s style jackets and shirts • Socks with high heels (yes, blame Annie Hall for this look) • Brogues • Hats • Chinos • Tailored waistcoats

Bonnie & Clyde “This here’s Miss Bonnie Parker. I’m Clyde Barrow. We rob banks” -Clyde Barrow-

Annie helped make the tie a key fashion trend in the 1970s and was enlightened by the feminist movement during the period which saw her mannish look the epitome of the rise in feminism. Annie had a way of ‘wearing’ the clothes by popping a collar up, adding a bowler hat or fringed scarf, and pairing mannish trousers with a classic white shirt, waistcoat and brogues. Style icons today such as Kate Moss & Sienna Miller (who both revived the waistcoat, bowler hat and fringed scarf look) and brogues lover Alexa Chung (think Alexa Chung’s Met Ball, NYC look with the tailored mansuit and braces combo) all still look to the film for fashion inspiration. Want to learn about style? Then watch this film.

he “gun moll look” took off after Bonnie & Clyde was released and saw a resurgence of 30s retro chic and making the beret a hot fashion piece one again. Bonnie & Clyde where the two best dressed crooks of all time in this 1967 classic. Faye Dunaway’s stylish 30s caps, printed scarves, pencil skirts, knitted sweaters, bias-cut dresses and infamous blonde bob cut paired well with Warren Beatty’s classic fedora’s and men’s tailored “gangster” look pieces. This is one look which will never go out of style. 18

THE LOOK: • Fedoras and caps • 30s style bias-cut dresses • Knits • Pencil skirts • Swagger

Breakfast At Tiffany’s “You can always tell what kind of person a man thinks you are by the earrings he gives you” -Holly Golightly-

she sported became the go to outfit in every woman’s wardrobe around the world – both in the 60s, and today.

Audrey’s character Holly Golightly had that sense of old Hollywood glamour about her. Sales of triple-strand pearl necklaces soared as did sleeveless dresses and oversized sunglasses. The look was simple, polished, classic, and glamorous and made Hepburn an icon. Breakfast at Tiffany’s was a cinematic fashion show for the fashion label Givenchy which launched its designer Hubert de Givenchy into the mainstream American market and started a celebrity-designer collaboration, the likes of which we have never seen again. Holly’s look consisted of long black gowns, the iconic beige trench (a big trend A/W10), the classic Chanel bags (oh how I do want one!), which are all still around and “in fashion” today = TIMELESS.

THE LOOK: • Strands of pearls • A LBD (every girl should own one) • A long black gown • A beige trench coat • A classic quilted style handbag

hen Audrey Hepburn ate a Danish pastry while gazing at a Tiffany’s window display; the LBD, up-do hair, pearls and oversized sunglasses look 19

From film to fashion : Jane Seymour and life as a Hollywood icon

By Laura Smith

Despite epitomising the term ‘English Rose’, America is where Jane Seymour chose to make a name for herself in film and television. In 2008, she became the public face of Country Casuals and cites her style icons as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, revealing a keen interest in fashion which remains intertwined with her screen career. With an artistic eye for detail and solid sense of style, the award-winning English actress was an obvious choice to inspire Country Casual’s clothing lines, whose Spring/ Summer 2011 collection focuses on feminine floral prints and maritime inspired pieces that encapsulate the look of St Tropez and tropical glamour. “The line appeals to women of all ages and the cuts complement all figures,” says Jane. “The styles are beautifully made and are current and classic with a twist.” To celebrate her seventh season with CC, Jane has transferred her artistic talents into jewellery design with an exclusive collection of stunning costume jewellery which incorporates semi-precious gemstones, freshwater pearls and crystals to emanate glamour and style. Jane was first propelled to international attention in 1973 via the iconic role of tarot-reading ‘Solitaire’ in Live and Let Die and remains as one of the sexiest Bond girls of all time. “Solitaire was a virgin and I was as close as they could get to that in swinging 70s London!” she reflects. “It was a major opportunity but it was also a role I had to live down if I was going to prove myself as a serious actress.” Yet after being turned down by English producers for looking “too exotic” she crossed the Atlantic to pursue her career and, once her American accent was perfected, a slew of TV and Film roles followed, including Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, War and Remembrance and East of 20

Eden, which won her a Golden Globe. It was her leading role in the long-running 90’s TV series Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman which made her a household name in America and proved an important milestone in her career: “I’ve done a lot of television because I chose to be both a mother and an actress,” she says. “When I took on Dr Quinn I was beyond bankrupt and the role was a gift! I loved the character and the themes we addressed in the show.” Now approaching 60, Jane looks astonishing for her age and attributes her svelte figure and clear complexion to rigorous exercise and a strict healthy eating and beauty regime. To prove that older women can still exude sexappeal on the silver screen, she took on a small yet scenestealing role in 2005’s The Wedding Crashers. Her hilarious turn as a cougar with her sights set on Owen Wilson led to her first nude scene in 20 years, which she surprisingly admits was the reason she accepted the role; “It was hilarious and working with Owen was a dream come true. It was embarrassing but nothing was ever visible to anyone but Owen … and he quickly got over it!” As someone who wouldn’t have the courage (or the body) to do such a thing at 30 years her junior, much respect to you, Mrs Seymour!

Inside this issue: Hollywood Glamour French Chic Britpack Cool Compiled by Leanne Milligan


• Dress. J Maskery

• Dress. Lako Bukia.

Designer Vs High Street

• Shoes. Georgina Goodman.

• Dress. Tarvydas. • Dress. Tarvydas. 22

• Necklace. Lara Bohinc

• Charm Bracelet. Accessorize.

e. soriz s e c . Ac lutch C •

• Earrings. House of Fraser

• Pumps. Red Herring @Debenhams

• Dress. Forever Unique

• Dress. Oil.

• Shoes. Dune. • Dress. Marisota. 23

• Dress. Erdem.


• Dress. Jasper Garvida.

• Dress. Jasper Garvida.

• Shoes. Georgina Goodman. • Skirt. Erdem.

Designer Vs High Street • Dress. Lakl Bukia.

• Dress. Alice Palmer.

• Pumps. Red Herring @Debenhams

• Sequin Beret. Accessorize.

Bag .A


• Gloves. A-Wear.

• Dress. ASOs. • Dress. A-Wear

• Hat. ASOS. 25

26 • Dress. Georgia Hardinge.

• Dress. J Maskrey.

• Dress. Alice Palmer.

• Dress. Aqua.

• Knuckle Duster. Katie Rowland.

• Satchel. A-Wear.

• Shoe. Dune.

Designer Vs High Street

lland. ry Ho y Hen . H! b umps • P

. • Shirt Dress. French Connection • Ring. Accessorize.

• Dress. H! by Henry Holland.

• Fedora. Freemans.


The Lion, the Witch and…GEORGIE HENLEY I remember first watching The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe film when it came out and loving Georgie’s portrayal of the young and innocent but brave Lucy Pevensie. I wasn’t the only one who loved her performance, as the numerous awards she won for the role can attest to – UK Kid’s Choice Award, Young Artist Award and a Phoenix Film Critics Award were all in the bag. Not bad for a girl yet to hit 16!


Words by Leanne Milligan Photographs by Alisa Connan

Hi Georgie! How did you become involved in the Narnia films and what made you want to become an actress? It seemed like a real stroke of luck, I was very fortunate to come along for a small audition which my drama teacher organized, I never had any kind of special training. So a casting director came up to Yorkshire where I live and she asked me questions like what book was I reading and what had I had for breakfast that morning, which was surreal because I had no experience of what it would be like. But from then on it was a year and a half process which was so crazy but by the end of it, I had the part. I wanted to be an actress because my sister was so amazing at it and I used to love going to see her in her plays at school.

You have won awards for your previous outings as Lucy Pevensie, how did that feel and how are you finding the success of yourself and the Narnia films? I was so amazed to win awards for playing Lucy because for me it was just like a huge game of Let’s Pretend and to receive something just for doing what you enjoy was great for me. I was so happy for the success of the first film because none of us ever prepared for such a huge fanbase and it was so cool to have people enjoying your performance.

performances so I was happy to have that support.

How does your character change or grow in this film? She definitely goes through some pretty tough issues and it was so great to be playing that. It’s things that every teenage girl goes through and I wanted to make her as relatable as possible so that girls could say; okay that’s how she dealt with it, maybe that’s what I should do. Lucy is such a good character but it is nice to play her when she isn’t so sweet and naive.

Can you relate to Lucy? I can relate to her hugely as most of the emotions she feels are ones that I’ve felt or are still feeling so it was nice to bring that out and almost connect with her.

How have you changed since filming the first two instalments? What have you learned? I’m really interested in what goes on behind the camera now and I love asking about how all the CGI works and the lighting. But what I really love about acting is that I’m learning all the time and I never will have learnt everything which is so exciting.

What can we expect from the third installment? Can you tell us a bit more about the plot? You can expect a mix of the first two films, the best of both I think. There’s action, lots more comedy, a good dose of emotion and most importantly for the story, a huge amount of magic and fantasy. We sail to many amazing places and the sets are incredible. We each meet our own temptation and some of us succumb but not all of us...I’ll keep you guessing!

What is it like to be on a film set? Can you describe your experiences? Being on a film set at any age is an experience and a half but at my age, it’s an eye opener every day. Every day is a surprise and you learn something new which probably sounds very cheesy but it’s true! One day which I’ll never forget is seeing the first Narnian set for the first time. I was blindfolded and handed down from caterers to lighters and then to my director Andrew who told me to do anything I wanted, touch anything I wanted and to go anywhere that felt natural and the camera would follow. Then I took off my blindfold and turned around and every emotion on the screen in that moment in genuine. It was incredible.

In the next instalment The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, you lead the cast for the first time and didn’t work with William and Anna (who play Peter and Susan). How did you adapt to this? I was very sad not to be working with Anna and Will but at the same time I was really excited for a new challenge and taking on a different side to Lucy. We very much work as an ensemble cast and try to bounce off each other in rehearsals about each other’s 29

What do you love and hate about being an actress? I love being able to do what I love for a job. I love the travelling aspect of it, I’ve been places before the age of sixteen that some people never go in their whole lives and I’m so lucky. I love working with other people who have the same passion as me. But I hate being in front of a camera some days when I’m feeling insecure like any teenager would. Sometimes I hate being away from my family and friends but it’s something which is part of what I do and I have to accept that.

When not filming, what do you love to do?

I love being musical and spending time on the guitar or the piano, I really annoy my family because I sing all around the house - much too loudly! I spend tons of time with my friends, going to town, and window shopping and spending too much time in coffee shops. One of my favourite things to do is drag my friends to the cinema and sit for two hours and immerse myself in good films. And I love school, which must sound strange but it’s true. Maybe absence does make the heart grow fonder!

Do you find it difficult to juggle school with filming? How have your friends adapted to your success? I do find it difficult because the last thing you want to do after a ten hour day is do your homework but I’m quite self motivated so I try to get on with it as much as possible. Like I said before, I enjoy it so much and it’s refreshing to be able to switch to something different in the middle of an emotional scene or one of those scenes where you seem to be running down a corridor forever. My friends are great, I don’t really think they’ve ever had to adapt to anything because all they see is me at school in my uniform moaning about our coursework due date. But I understand how it could be weird for them seeing me on a screen.

How would you describe your fashion style? How has your style changed over the years? I’d say my fashion sense is a big mashup of biker, classic, romantic. I think it’s really important to balance out your clothes proportions, as in the right mix of tight and baggy, I definitely prefer baggy! As for my style changing, I loved bright colours when I was younger, the brighter the better. Now I stick to dark colours like black or grey or I wear nudes which I love.

Where do you normally buy your outfits from? I love Urban Outfitters because it’s something different and I love all the colours they use. Topshop are great 30

too because they have something for everyone and I love Zara too.

Do you have any style icons? I have people who I look up to in fashion, I like Alexa Chung and Florence Welch because they dress how I love to dress and I think Kristen Stewart always gets it right on the red carpet.

What actors/directors would you love to work with? I’d really love to work with Johnny Depp because I could learn so much from him and I respect him hugely. I’d also really like to work with Jesse Eisenberg because he’s such an amazing talent and he seems so smart. I think Jason Reitman is a fantastic director so it would be great to work with him.

Where would you like your career to go after Narnia? I’d love to do something the polar opposite to Narnia, something smaller and more focused on acting because I think the best thing you can do as an actor is experience everything.

Spotlight on GEORGIE: Favourite film – The Wizard Of Oz Favourite band - The Strokes Guilty Pleasure – Gossip Girl If I wasn’t an actress I would be - An author or a teacher making music in a garage somewhere. Favourite place to holiday in - Cornwall. See Georgie in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’ out December 9th 2010.


There are many stylish fashionistas who come and go but the Hollywood Starlets in the ensuing pages are ones that will always be remembered for their individual looks; looks and styles that defined their generation and continue to influence famous and civilian folk alike today. You only have to look through the pages of Vogue, on the catwalks or even in your favourite starlets’ wardrobe to see these influences. Whether it’s their clothes, attitude, accessorizes, or they way they wear them, I’m sure you will agree that they truly are the definition of style icons.


ust like the pixie cut is ruling the rooster at the moment courtesy of Rihanna and Emma Watson, so too did the distinctive black helmet like bob with full-on bangs as sported by roaring twenties starlet, Louise Brooks. Louise was one of the original bad girls who drank, smoked and let’s just say, slept around (with Charlie Chaplin no less). This love for living life to the max was exemplified in her fashion choices, pinstripe pants, waist length strands of pearls, the cloche hat, short skirts, ballerina-inspired dresses – think tutu skirts, sailor inspired outfits and of course, the iconic 20s flapper dress! Most known for her role in Beggars of Life and Pandora’s Box, Brooks’ pale and dramatic features

where only enhanced by the silent camera and her ballsy attitude only added to her style and even gave her some swagger. She embodied the spirit of the jazz age and was the signature image for the flapper look. She wasn’t one for being stereotyped however and made some bold choices with her menswear inspired looks which would consist of a pageboy hat and a suit; no mean feat in the 1920s for a woman. Catherine Zeta Jones’ portrayal and look of Roxy in the hit musical film Chicago was right out of Brooks’ style book; helmet hair, check, flapper dresses, check, jazz hands, check, that Brooks’ attitude, check. It is clear that Louise Brooks still inspires women today in the 21st century as she did in the 1920s.

‘I have a gift for enraging people, but if I ever bore you, it will be with a knife’ 32

ow could we ever forget the image on the Breakfast at Tiffany’s poster of Audrey Hepburn in that LBD from Givenchy? One of the most iconic moments in fashion and film history ever! Her style in the film was just impeccable and still relevant today: that Givenchy LBD? It sold for just under a million dollars back in 2006! Her partnership with Hubert de Givenchy was truly a match made in fashion & style heaven. Audrey Hepburn kept it simple and had a very elegant appearance. She loved clean lines and clothes that emphasised her slim, boyish figure. She was not one for the overly sexual seductress look unlike other starlets of her time such as Marilyn Monroe, instead keeping her look minimal and very French Chic. Her signature look consisted of Capri pants, men’s shirts, Breton tops, turtlenecks, and accessorized with a classic handbag, silk scarf, pearls and of course – those oversized sunglasses. Her feet were practically glued to ballet flats which she wore with everything and she loved a smart trenchcoat (think of the beige trenchcoat she wore at the end of Breakfast at Tiffany’s = major lust).

She was the timeless icon of the 50s and 60s with her combination of glamour, grace and sophistication and true effortless look. There wouldn’t be one fashionista today who wouldn’t cite her as one of their fashion heroines with her boyish frame, original look, and even her daring pixie hair cut which is currently a hair trend this A/W. Speaking to US chat show host Barbara Walters in 1989 Audrey had this to say about her style: “My look is attainable. Women can look like Audrey Hepburn by flipping out their hair, buying the large glasses and the little sleeveless dresses”. So there it is right there ladies, style in a nutshell.

‘My look is attainable’


orn in Philadelphia in 1922, Grace Kelly was always one who could pull off the glamorous regal look, which was fitting as she would later go on to marry Prince Rainer of Monaco and become royalty.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor was born in London in 1932 and went on to become one of the greatest Hollywood beauties that has ever graced the silver screen. She was a magnet for publicity – the eight weddings made sure of that – and always kept her poise and, apart from the awful treading in the ‘80s fashion waters, always done it with style. One of Elizabeth Taylor’s greatest passions Grace was famous for wearing white gloves was her jewellery which has seen her amass which earned her the nickname, ‘The Girl in White one of the largest collections in the world over Gloves’. It wouldn’t be the only fashion item she the years which includes the 33.11 carat Krupp would become famous for as the Hermes’ Kelly diamond –a gift from Burton – and the, wait for bag was named after her. Yes Grace Kelly started it…69.42 CARAT $1,100.000 Cartier diamond. the It Bags trend people. And what I hear you 69.42 carats? Diamonds really must be a girl’s ask, made her so stylish in the eyes of her peers best friend. and fans? Well the velvet and silk turban hats, Her on-screen looks in films such as Cat on a white gloves (of course), perfect blonde shiny hair, Hot Tin Roof, Butterfield 8 and even Who’s Afraid satin, chiffon and tulle ballgowns and of course – of Virginia Woolf all show her ability to rock day that white lace wedding dress from her marriage wear and night wear looks the Taylor way. Her to Prince Rainer. white chiffon dress from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was copied by women everywhere. Off-screen, her chic and show-stopping style really came into play and she was admired for her luxe fur coats and crimson lipstick to finish off a glamorous satin dress, off the shoulder top or flouncy skirt she would be sporting – made all the more awe-binding with her luxurious black curls and violet eyes. Her look was simple and sexy but not over the top. Which brings us to our next Hollywood Style Icon…

‘My mother says I didn’t open my eyes for eight days when I was born but when I did, the first thing I saw was an engagement ring. I was hooked’ ooked she was indeed, so hooked in fact that she would go on to be married eight times to seven husbands – twice to Richard Burton. 34

arilyn Monroe was part of the same generation of Hollywood starlets such as Audrey Hepburn but her style was on the complete opposite side of the fashion scales. Whilst Hepburn went for the more classic, minimalistic vibe, Marilyn dressed in a more seductive way and wore outfits which always showed off those amazing curves of hers. Her curvy body (described as “Jell-o on springs” in Some Like it Hot) is what made her stand out amongst the more waif-like 50s and 60s starlets. Marilyn was famous for many iconic things such as; her trademark platinum blonde hair, beauty mark, that skirt-blowing scene in The Seven Year Itch (legendary) and also being the first cover girl for ‘Playboy’ magazine. One of the most iconic dresses she will be remembered for is the rhinestone covered gown she wore as she “serenaded” President JFK with her version of ‘Happy Birthday’. She was the first female ‘sex symbol’ and a woman who will never be forgotten. Marilyn will be remembered as the most iconic blonde bombshell of all time. Her natural beauty was obvious as was her ability to ‘wear’ the clothes and not let them wear her. It was not just her fashion but her hair and makeup style that made her a style icon. Platinum blonde curls, beauty spot and red lips were often her trademark look. Her fashion however could be a little more muted in colour but daring in their shape; tight fitting dresses, glitter, heels, white or shimmering gowns for the red carpet; all in classic muted shades such as cream, black, champagne, chocolate brown and white. Whilst Audrey was famous for her pearls, Marilyn loved her diamonds – well she did sing ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ after all! But behind all the glitter and smiles was another starlet with a dark cloud hanging over her. A few months after singing to JFK, Marilyn died from an overdose and the world lost a little bit of its sparkle that day. But in the words of Elton John’s ‘Candle in the Wind’: “Your candle burned out long before, your legend never will”. 35

ne of the first It Girls, 60s style icon Edie Sedgwick spent her way through her entire heritance in six months and no guessing where all that money went; her unfortunate drug habit and her massive wardrobe. Bob Dylan wrote songs after her, Andy Warhol made her his muse; there was no end to this girl’s inspiring nature and the way she captivated the attention in every room she entered. She starred in several Warhol films where her striking looks and compelling presence were infamous.

she had her “Is it fake or is it real” beauty mark on her face, and the big 60s bouffant hair to match. What was most admirable about her style was her ability to just throw on a big coat or loose fitting men’s shirt over a leotard and tights and she was off. Not many people today never mind back then could pull that look off. And alas we come to the tights. Opaque black tights were an Edie must and she paired them with everything. The tights kept her look edgy yet with an air of sophistication; quite a hard look to achieve. Edie Sedgwick emulated style and individualism. She was the epitome of the swinging 60s with her beatnik style and captivating looks and attitude. Although she may have died at the young age of 28 from an accidental death, Edie left behind a fashion legacy that still lives on today in the likes of style queens Kate Moss and Sienna Miller (who played Edie in a biopic of her life Factory Girl) Her wardrobe staples consisted of striped t-shirts and sweaters, short black miniskirts and dresses, boatneck shirts, hats of all kinds – she was crazy about hats - fur coats and of course the long dangly earrings and heavy black makeup she would finish the ‘Edie’ look off with. It was her makeup and hair that also contributed massively to her style; her eyes would be rimmed with black kohl and false eyelashes, 36

he 1950s and 1960s appear to be the decades which gave us the biggest list of Hollywood style icons; Monroe, Sedgwick, Hepburn (both of them), Kelly, Taylor as well as Marianne Faithful, Jane Birkin, Sophia Loren, who were all from this period as was our final Hollywood style icon Brigitte Bardot. Brigitte had the perfect blend of French chic (just how do they do it), class and sex appeal. She would wear simple classic pieces and found her years as a ballet dancer inspired her wardrobe and influenced her style; black tights, leotards, thick hairbands, tight fitted clothes and ballet flats all made up her main look. Mixing these up with knee socks, knee boots and shorts – Brigitte was a sex kitten in the making.

Her sex kitten look was copied by women on both sides of the Atlantic with her carefree bed hair – bouffant, loose waves, black eyeliner (with the infamous wing at the outer corner) and natural makeup. Bardot wasn’t a fan of heels and would always be found wearing ballet flats or going barefoot and always wore minimal jewellery to finish her look. Her wardrobe was full of bikinis, Capri pants, skinny jeans, striped tops, trenchcoats and sun dresses which would show off her legs which were as long as the Effiel Tower. The term Va-VaVoom was practically coined for her!

‘I absolutely loathe luxury. It is the one thing I cannot stand’ 37




3. 5.


6. 8. 9.

7. 1. Scarf, House of Fraser 2. Leather Bomber, Matalan 3. Bag, Ted Baker 4. Cut-off T-Shirt, Primark 5. Jumper, H! by Henry Holland 6. Dress, ASOS 7. Trousers French Connection 8. Clutch, Mischa Barton Bags 9. Boots, Boohoo


‘Fame is a challenge, but if your heart is really in your work then you can overcome that’



Mischa Barton became a household name following her stint as Marisa on hit US show The OC. Having previously worked in the theatre and in films alongside Bruce Willis (The Sixth Sense) and Julia Roberts (Notting Hill), Mischa was the new breakout star in Hollywood. What should have been the time of her life however descended into chaos as Mischa’s rise to fame coincided with the rise of the paparazzi and blogosphere who would comment daily on her looks, her weight and that DUI. Having been the talk of town for the wrong reasons, it would be easy to just cast Mischa off as just another one of those Hollywood stars who go off the rails, but what people forget is that she has worked her butt off since she was 8; working in Broadway shows, moving into TV and films and now having great success in the fashion industry with her bag collections. She is also only 24 years old so is entitled to have a good time and enjoy herself without the nasty blog comments on her weight. What makes Mischa stand out from other stars that were in the spotlight for the wrong reasons was her ability to admit her mistakes, and ignore the tabloids and instead focusing on her work. Hopefully after this interview our readers will see Mischa for who she really is – a talented actress with an innate sense of style. So Leanne Milligan chats to Mischa about fame, the media, her acting career and of course: fashion!

Hi Mischa! What are you currently up to in your life right now? I’m heading to Pittsburgh to film a movie called The Sibling which I’m hoping to juggle with yet another one which stars Bruce Willis and 50 Cent, so long as the two productions can accommodate the dates.

You began acting at 8 in Broadway productions. Did you enjoy working in theatre and would you do some more theatre work in the future? It was pretty intimidating actually, but it’s where I started and I’d love to re-visit if the right work came my way; particularly one which could take me to the West End.

In 2003 you starred as Marissa Cooper in hit show The OC. Where you surprised by the success of the show? How did you cope with your fame increasing with the role? I had an awesome experience on The O.C, and am grateful for what the show has since afforded me professionally. If anything, I think its success has been a plus; particularly since it became a worldwide phenomenon. 41

What are the highs and lows of are towards improving the lives of underprivileged children worldwide. being an actress? Stardom is different for everyone and it really depends on the person’s attitude. Where they’re at mentally when they get involved and when they become recognized is a huge factor. The Industry will have a lot of influence on their life or at least try to. Fame is a challenge, but if your heart is really in your work then you can overcome that.

The media seem to have a lovehate relationship with you. Do you find it difficult that it gives people preconceived notions of you? Is it difficult to deal with as the readers don’t know the real you, only what is written in the press? I think you either have your head on your shoulders or you don’t. Luckily I am really good at laughing at myself and have a strong sense of humor, and that helps with everything I deal with. I’m also really close to my family and am lucky enough to have friends in lots of cities who for the most part aren’t actors, or have ‘normal’ jobs, which takes my mind off the industry I’m in. It’s so hard in my position to wrap my head around how other people perceive me.

You started an extremely successful bag collection. What made you decide to branch into fashion? Are you involved in the whole design process? Any plans to expand into clothes or jewellery? I have been involved in the world of fashion and designers since I was really young. I love the fun you can have experimenting with different styles and exploring new ideas. The goal was to infuse my individual personality, taste, and inspirations to come up with something new and unique; which I truly feel we have. Accessorizing has always been one of my favorite fashion elements as I truly believe that the right detail can make the difference between ho-hum and spectacular.

How would you describe your own personal style? My personal sense of style is quite eclectic. I love to combine high fashion with vintage clothes and accessories to make a unique look. I’m influenced by all sorts of things when it comes to fashion; movies, photography and the countries I travel to all change my style a bit. I’m most comfortable though in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

It must have been really hard dealing with your DUI in public. Does it anger you that so much of your private life is open Do you have any style icons? to everyone? It was an invaluable learning experience and one which I did not and will not take lightly.

You are involved in many charities. Was this a positive way of using your fame and do you enjoy being able to help? If I wasn’t an actress, I’d be an environmentalist or an activist. I care deeply about preserving our planet’s natural resources and working towards peace and equality. Save The Children is an organization I hold dear to my heart. I had the privilege of traveling to Africa as an ambassador and got to see first-hand how invaluable their efforts 42

My Mum has always been a great influence on my style; particularly during the more formative years. She’s Irish, but was raised in London and lived throughout Europe, so had a lot of different influences. She taught me to think about fashion and have fun with it; to make it my own.

Where are your favourite places to shop? Browns, Topshop, Stella McCartney, Chanel, What Goes Around Comes Around. I love to shop and hang out in Harvey Nichols, so much under one roof!

What would be your top fashion and beauty tips you have learned that you can share with our readers? The art of style for me is to be able to combine different looks with jewellery and accessories and make it look good, more importantly, unique to yourself! Things can look great without being expensive when you coordinate the accessories and have great shoes or handbags and jewellery.

If your house was on fire, what one thing would you save? My dogs.

What’s next for Mischa Barton? What would you still like to achieve in life and in your career? I want to stay healthy, happy, and focused on my work.

QUICK FIRE with Mischa Barton: Favourite Film: Say Anything Favourite band: The Band When I’m not working I love to… read, write, and play with my three dogs! My favourite item in my wardrobe is…I’d have to say a vintage-inspired Marc Jacobs dress which I wore to my first Vanity Fair Oscar party Guilty Pleasure: Mashed potatoes

‘My Mum has always been a great influence on my style’


NOIR meets the 2 Hollywood fashion designers that need to be on your radar now. With the likes of Eva Longoria, Emily Blunt, Kirsten Stewart gracing film premieres wearing these 2 designers’ dresses – they encapsulate true Hollywood glamour & style.


Words by Laura Smith

How did you start out in the fashion industry? I’ve had a passion for couture fashion since I was young and studied at the London College of Fashion. I first came into the fashion industry as a buyer for high end boutiques with the ultimate goal of becoming a bridal designer.

How did Enzoani begin as a company and how has it developed in the ensuing five years? The company was started by Mary Nguyen, a very ambitious and dedicated business woman. We had a similar vision and knew that our love for fashion would keep us growing. It all started with one bridal collection and each following year we grew by adding another collection. Now we have three bridal collections, two special occasion lines, a shoe line, and a further line to be released in 2012.

Why did you choose to specialise in bridal wear? There is a certain designer freedom that the bridal industry offers. For many women, their wedding day is what they have dreamt of since childhood and we, as bridal designers, are given the opportunity to bring their fairy tale dream dress to life.

here are certain moments in life when we simply need to look our best; whether we’re walking down the aisle or a red carpet, only the most exquisite and glamorous knockout dress will do! Already a well respected name in the bridal industry, Enzoani is quickly becoming a go to name for Hollywood starlets, including the gorgeous Eva Longoria, who are coveting the labels fierce yet elegant Love Collection of special occasion and evening wear. Kang Chun Lin is the man behind the label, whose exquisite bridal couture and show-stopping gowns have heads turning not only in Hollywood, but across the globe.

Adrienne Franz & Ashley Jones


Can you tell us a bit about your design process? It’s not the traditional design process: I design one dress initially and create a collection around it, with that first gown setting the tone for the entire collection.

Is there a particular place/style that influences you and what do you think makes Enzoani gowns so popular with brides across the world? I live in Taipei and travel throughout Asia, however I studied in London and visit there often, so Enzoani is a combination of these two cultures. I believe it’s become popular because we offer a combination of modern and tradition, by incorporating London’s fashion forward aesthetic with the traditional culture of Asia.

Are there any 2011 trends that brides-to-be should be aware of, and will these be present in your new collection?

In 2008 you branched into special occasion wear with your Love collection. What inspired this move?

The trend is to stay a little traditional but bring a modern twist like a coloured sash or unique detailing. This year many of our gowns are offered with coloured belts, crystal appliqués and fabric manipulation. I wanted the new collection to be traditional but have the option of being modern by adding a belt or a ruche panel.

We felt that timing was right. I’ve always loved ready to wear and our bridal collections were already very popular, so I released the first Love collection with the momentum we had gained. The idea was to create a collection that could offer multiple uses – evening, prom, bridesmaid, mother of the bride. It was very well received because the designs don’t scream bridesmaids and can be worn again at any social occasion.

What would you say makes Enzoani dresses stand out from the crowd?

Eva Longoria

We offer European couture at an affordable price and specialise in a combination of traditional with a unique twist. The fit of the gown and attention to detail has been our focus since the beginning and we strive to make quality products that are not only going to make the bride look amazing but feel comfortable as well.

What inspires you as a designer? I’m deeply inspired by ready to wear designers and have an affinity toward the collections of Alexander McQueen and Dries Van Norton.

How does your design process differ between working on the two lines? For bridal, I begin with one dress and create a collection around that gown, whereas the special occasion and evening collections compliment the bridal lines but are also inspired by ready to wear trends. I love designing both but with Love, I have the opportunity to choose various colours that will best suit the silhouette and idea of the gown.

What famous person would you love to design for, and what style of dress would create for them? At the moment everyone would love to design a gown for Kate Middleton! She’s very well put together and has an effortless aesthetic, so I would love to create a soft gown that shows off her figure but with a strong presence.

What advice would you give to designers trying to progress in the fashion industry?

Garcelle Beauvais

Stay true to your aesthetic and continue to grow. I have grown as a designer since the start of Enzoani in 2005 but have maintained my overall vision of European inspired designs with a pristine fit. The industry is tough and as a designer it is important to stand behind your vision and be confident!

Words by Leanne Milligan

Miley Cyrus

What made you decide to become a designer? I suppose that I was born with that very purpose. It is my way of communicating with the world.

Tell us about how you first started in fashion and how you came to launch your own label. Shortly after graduating from Art School, I had decided to make a rather brave move and started my own label. Deep inside I knew it was my timing and the right choice.

na Soltani is a force to be reckoned with. The Bosnian born designer is inspired by her homeland and independent, strong women who aren’t afraid to take risks. Much like Ina herself, who set up her own label right after graduating. Ina’s celebrity clientele includes Emily Blunt, Kristen Stewart and Eva Longoria; women known for their distinguished take on style. Ina made headlines in the UK when our lovely Cheryl Cole wore one of her designs on the X Factor. If you don’t already know this designer and her Hollywood Glam-Rock inspired collections – you soon will as Ina shows no signs of stopping. Leanne chats to Ina about how the Bosnian War affect Ina and herself as an artist, her work philosophy and what it is like being an LA fashion designer.

You grew up in Bosnia during the Bosnian War. Can you describe your experiences of growing up there at that time? I came to US few months before the Bosnian war broke out, by chance. My whole family stayed in Sarajevo through the entire time. I lived it indirectly. My heart was there, a very big part of me was there. At the time I experienced a great deal of helplessness and pain. My only touch with my dearest ones was “CNN” and “BBC” pretty much. This experience had marked me for life, made me and shaped me as the artist that I am today, and most importantly the human being that lives the moment and is willing to take risks, as you can see I am translating through my designs. 47

Do you think that period has influenced you as a person and also your fashion collections?

Are there any designers or muses who inspire you? Isabel Toledo and Isabella Blow.

That period of my life created a strong signature in everything that I do. It made me realize that nothing in life is to be taken for granted, that a chance to have a dream is already a step in accomplishing it. It had put many things in clear prospective for me, most importantly than anything, the realization that we all have a purpose that we are born with, and that this is simply that very way we communicate with the rest of the world and for me that is my art.

How does living in Los Angeles inspire your designs? Would you ever want to move to other fashion cities such as NY or London?

How would you describe the Ina Soltani woman? The Ina Soltani woman is me. Someone that needs to be heard. Someone that carries a message. Someone that isn’t afraid to take a risk and appreciates all facets, good and bad about herself. And someone that expresses her interstate through her choice of wardrobe, which is an essential, and ever present asset for all of us on daily bases.

What’s your work philosophy? I am a workaholic. Can’t get enough. My work is my sanctuary and I feel fortunate that each day is a new challenge. Fashion evolves, fashion repeats what is important is to fit it and express it in modern language. Cheryl Cole

Marisa Tomei

Your celebrity clientele includes Emily Blunt, Kristen Stewart, Eva Longoria Parker, Fergie, Cheryl Cole… Quite a diverse range of celebrities love wearing your designs. This must be great publicity for you and you must love seeing your designs on such a strong bunch of women? Are any of these the typical girl you look to design for? They all have quite bit in common. They are driven, successful in their own calling, and most importantly a woman with distinguish sense for individual style.

What has been you career highlight so far? A finalist for Rising Star Award by FGI (Fashion Group International). A great honor to be chosen as the designer on an International level.

What has been the biggest challenge in your career so far? It has been many…further you go bigger they get…I would say one that is always present is living up to a work of great legacies and constantly reinventing.

LA is quite multifaceted. Perhaps bit surrealistic, which works in favour for an artist. When it comes to NY and London, I do dream of possessing wings that will transfer me to such places on daily bases. London and NY are my favorite two cities, with such a great energy and cosmopolitan feel. And most importantly centers of world fashion. And, yes, that’s a long-term plan for me.

What was your inspiration for your S/S 11 collection? Rock-star mademoiselle!

How would you describe your own personal fashion sense? Ever evolving. Deeply emotional.

What is the best piece of fashion advice you have ever received? That Fashion and Style are two completely different objectives.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work in the fashion industry? That they will be entering the most painful fairytale, with supernatural sense of gratification.

What does the future hold for you both professionally and personally? Welcoming the feeling of constant surprise, both professionally and personally. Continuing to channel all strong notions through designs, in many different forms and shapes.

By Leanne Milligan

2011 sees the directorial debut of Chris Landon in the highly anticipated Burning Palms starring Zoe Saldana, Lake Bell and half of Hollywood in its cast. Not a stranger to the film industry; Chris was the screenwriter for films such as Another Day in Paradise, Disturbia, and Paranormal Activity 2 & 3, Chris chats about writing, directing and what he does when not working on movies.

Hi Chris! How did you become involved in the film industry? Did your father, Michael [Charles Ingalls in Little House on the Prarie] impact on your decision to work in films?

You have written the screenplays for hit films such as Another Day in Paradise, Disturbia, Paranormal Activity 2. Can you tell us a bit about the writing process?

My dad used to watch horror movies with me when I was a kid. I was an 80’s slasher junkie and he was the only person who could tolerate my trash taste in movies.

My writing process has evolved over the years but a few things remain constant. First, there’s always the germ of the idea. It may come from something personal, or an article, or just the vague notion of a character I want to explore. But once I flesh out the basics, I jump into a very detailed outline. My outlines tend to be almost as long as the final script itself. I may deviate from the outline here and there but I really do use it like a road map. Some writers can just do things off the cuff. This isn’t me. I like to know where my story and my characters are

You have been openly gay for many years now. What impact did “coming out” have on your personal and professional life? Coming out had little to no consequence on my career as a writer/ director. Being gay in Hollywood is about as unique as getting Botox.


going before I commit to the actual script writing process. I have to work in public places. I can’t stand silence. And I can’t really work from home because I will clean, sleep, or waste the entire day playing Angry Birds. At the end of the day, writing is more about discipline than anything else. I need to lock myself up somewhere that is conducive to my own process.

job, ultimately, is to ensure that the actors have the information. That they understand the motivations of their characters and to ensure that they’re in a safe environment. I want my actors to feel free to explore and discover. I love that about the entire filmmaking process. Finding the film beyond the page together, as a unified front, is the most exciting thing for me.

This year sees your feature film directorial debut in Burning Palms. What was it like directing the film? How would you describe yourself as a director?

Can you tell us a bit more about the film? What themes are present?

Burning Palms has an amazing and large ensemble cast including Zoe Saldana, Lake Bell, Paz Vega, and Dylan McDermott just to name a few. My favorite thing about directing is working with the actors. I couldn’t have asked for better actors here. These are challenging roles and each actor met his or her character head on. I really trust my actors. I trust the collaborative nature of the process. My


Burning Palms is a pretty unusual little film. I wanted to create a film that felt like a book of short stories come to life. Anthology is a very underserviced format restricted mostly to horror and sci-fi. This is my Twilight Zone. Though each story is set in a different neighbor in Los Angeles, what ultimately unifies the film is the theme of loneliness. Each character is searching to fill some kind of an emotional void. But what makes the film so funny and sometimes uncomfortable is the fact that these people are going about it all

wrong. I find that to be the common denominator in life: that we all want the best for ourselves and each other but we’re imperfect beings and tend to make really dumb choices. Tragedy and comedy make strange but wonderful bedfellows.

What do you do when not making movies? When I’m not making movies, I’m usually watching them. I am a true, hardcore film junkie. Otherwise I’m reading or hiking with my two dogs. I really want to pick up some hobbies but I tend to be a little ADD when it comes to that stuff.

What are your plans for 2011? 2011 is starting off with a lot of writing. I’m currently writing a couple of movies for Paramount. After that, I hope to jump back into the director’s chair. Burning Palms is released in early 2011.


I’ve taken a look at a range of Hollywood Celebrity Stylists and narrowed them down to just 5 of who I think are the best in Hollywood. Take a look over the next few pages and see what you think. Enjoy!

By Charlotte Thwaites Photo by Alan Light

What’s the biggest challenge when styling a celebrity? I think it’s getting everyone to agree. It’s not just the subject themselves who has to like the clothes but their teams (publicists, agents, managers), boyfriends, mothers, etc. You have to let the subject feel like themselves. The stylist is simply there to round up the clothes, take them through the fitting process, and make sure the celebrity is 100% comfortable with their total look.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I caught up with Shane Cisneros, one of Hollywood’s top Celebrity Stylists. Shane talks about his life, works and his first ever designer item that he bought.

Inspiration comes from everywhere; blogs, magazines, designer look books, my vast library of vintage photography books and people I see on the street. I constantly tear and print every image I like and put them on mood boards in my studio for ideas to pitch to photographers and clients.

Shane, can you tell our readers a little bit about your story and how you got into fashion styling?

What’s the most rewarding part of your work?

I started in New York interning at magazines like Jalouse and Talk, which eventually lead to positions at The Daily & Teen People, at Teen People I was introduced to starlets like Leven Rambin who ask me for styling advice beyond the magazine and we started a working relationship. Teen People closed and I went on to work for Getty Images which was a big break because I was able to style photo shoots under my own name and continue to work with young starlets like Leven, Katrina Bowden, and Alexis Dzenia in my off hours. I decided after Getty to make the leap to L.A. to pursue celebrity styling.

I love being able to make people feel like the best version of them.

As a stylist - how are you using technology in your day-today business practices? What roles do twitter, Facebook and blogging play? I love all of them! I have my own Tumblr, which I highly suggest people visit daily: http://shanecisneros.tumblr. com/ It’s an electronic inspiration board of what I like, wore, and what inspired me that day. Plus, I have daily tunes that are pretty groovy. My Tumblr connects to all my social media: facebook, twitter, so if you are curious, please visit!

How has this technology impacted the way you do business online? How are you or your clients using the iPad for digital content - photos or magazine layouts? I rarely work with models anymore but I was casting at Ford and all the girls showed me their portfolios on iPads. I remember as early as 2005 I was still 52

using Polaroid’s to cast at Teen People! I’m considering getting an iPad to show off my website, www.shanecisneros. com , when I go to meetings. I am a little technology phobic but I need to get with the times.

What’s your funniest story about a project you worked on for a magazine? One job I was working with a male celebrity for a cover shoot and I had been communicating with the photo producer about the needs of the shoot. I thought I had all bases covered for our Diane Arbus late 60’s London theme, which required tons of leather, suede, wools, etc. Turns out he only wears organic cotton and no leathers of any nature; fortunately, he was pretty chic in his vintage clothes so I had him wear his own stuff. All was well.

How do you see your career evolving in the future? You never know what the future may hold, I can only hope that I am the best person I can be that day and that my clients are happy and my roster continues to grow.

What was the first designer item you ever bought? Christian Dior ostrich and leather “poor boy” boots that I still have!

What are your favourite blogs that you follow regularly and what are your favourite sites to shop? I read these blogs daily: website/home.php I’m known as a master deal hunter. Who wants to pay retail? I visit the 70% off section daily: I can’t wait for Mr Porter to launch!

ritt Bardo, one of Hollywood’s top Celebrity Stylists, has emerged as one of the best stylists of our time. With clients such as Kate Hudson and Eva Mendez, she is now also the style expert for Mark Cosmetics. Britt never realised that becoming a stylist to the world of celebrities would be something that she’d ever be involved in. She studied photography in Detroit and a few years later decided that styling was something she wanted to do as a full time career. After moving to New York, a lot of hard work and determination saw her achieve her dreams. She believes that ‘meeting the right people at the right time’ enabled her to achieve her goals. Britt gets her inspiration from many different celebrities including; Helmut Newton, Tim Walker, and Alexander McQueen. However, at the same time she takes inspiration from her music and her travels in New York City. She believes that the building blocks to a great wardrobe are a great pair of jeans, some heels, flats and a classic little black dress (LBD) to name a few. Her signature look would be known as effortless and easy, but it must be accompanied by stunning accessories and most importantly gorgeous shoes. Britt thinks that ‘easy, simple silhouettes’ are great for a timeless chic look. ‘You can never go wrong with black or dark navy blue.’ Her favourite shops to shop in include; Top Shop, Zara, Steve Madden and various vintage stores.

QUICK FACTS Name: Britt Bardo Job Role: Hollywood Celebrity Stylist Celebrities she’s styled include: Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen Eva Mendez Kate Hudson Cameron Diaz Maggie Gyllenhaal 53

QUICK FACTS Name: Nicole Chavez Job Role: Hollywood Celebrity Stylist Celebrities she’s styled include:

hen it comes to fashion, it’s really important to figure out what you want to say about yourself. When people look at you it’s a first impression, so it’s important to have a clear vision about what you want to say about your clothes.” One of the most in demand stylists in Hollywood, Nicole Chavez has styled clients such as Ashlee Simpson and Brittany Snow. Based in Los Angeles she is right in the centre of celebrity stardom. However, Nicole hasn’t always had such a high flying career in fashion; she started off as an intern on a movie set. Through sheer determination and hard work she worked her way to the top. She worked on movies until her break on The O.C; this enabled her to work hand in hand with the cast, and here she met one of her current clients, Rachel Bilson. Rachel was only just getting started with her career at the time Nicole went to the set, so they worked closely together. ‘She was my first client, and from there it just took off.’ Nicole likes to give most of her clients a realistic, fresh faced look. Something that Nicole finds important is to make all of her clients feel like they’ve styled themselves, and to not look too over the top, but more natural and approachable. ‘Bringing personality into your clothes is a major fashion goal.’ She believes that if you wear your clothes with confidence then people will notice you and that is one of the most rewarding parts of her career.


Katherine Heigl Scarlett Johansson Ashlee Simpson Brittany Snow Rachel Bilson Kristen Bell Amy Smart

illiam Baker, stylist to the stars was born in Manchester, before making his career move as a fashion stylist to stars such as Kylie Minogue and Victoria Beckham. Whilst studying Theology at King’s College, London he was working as a sales assistant for Vivienne Westwood. This was his first brush with fashion. He met Kylie Minogue and her photographer Katerina Jebb whilst working for Vivienne Westwood. Not long after meeting Kylie he became her creative director as well as her stylist. William worked with Kylie for 11 years. He worked on various different projects and tours with Kylie including; working with designer, Alan Macdonald for her Fever Tour in 2001, launching the Love Kylie lingerie range with her in 2003 and worked as a director for Kylie’s 2007 documentary White Diamond. Most recently he has worked with her as a creative director for her KylieX2008 tour. He is now the ‘man behind the camera’ for all of Kylie’s video and fashion shoots. In 2007, his career became greater and he made his debut as a theatre director for the West End production Rent. He has also worked with musical acts such as Bjork, Tori Amos, Reef and Jamiroquai for both album covers and music videos. 2009 saw William collaborate with Britney Spears; he worked as her stylist for The Circus Starring Britney Spears tour. William is also a designer; he has launched his own underwear and swimwear label, B Boy.

QUICK FACTS Name: William Baker Job Role: Hollywood Celebrity Stylist Celebrities he’s styled include:

Kylie Minogue All Saints Victoria Beckham Bjork Shirley Manson Tori Amos Reef Jamiroquai Britney Spears 55

QUICK FACTS Name: Rachel Zoe Job Role: Top Hollywood Celebrity Stylist Celebrities she’s styled include:

achel Zoe is one of the most sought after celebrity stylists in the world. The American fashion stylist is best known for her work with celebrities, however she has worked with many other different people including; magazine editors, beauty firms, fashion houses and advertising agencies. She studied Psychology and Sociology at George Washington University, so quite a different area compared to how her career path followed. Surprisingly even though Rachel has worked with numerous high-profile clients she does not have any formal fashion training. She started off as a freelance stylist; this then gave her the opportunity to meet and work with some of the most famous people in the world. During her time as a stylist she has worked with many celebrities such as; Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton and Keira Knightley. After working with Nicole Richie, Rachel became know as the founder of the ‘boho chic’ look. The look consists of loose fitting dresses and shirts with oversized jewellery on a petite frame. Rachel has also officially announced that she will be releasing her very own clothing line, with the intention of turning it into a full lifestyle brand. The line is set to come out the fall of 2011 and Zoe is in the search now for a design team. She intends on wearing the brand herself and it is said to contain accessories, shoes and clothing including; fur vests and maybe home furnishing in the future, depending on the success of her clothing line. 56

Jennifer Garner Paris Hilton Nicole Richie Lindsay Lohan Keira Knightley Demi Moore Liv Tyler Joy Bryant Molly Sims Anne Hathaway Mischa Barton Debra Messing

I’m Loving by Lisa Wilks As the temperatures dropped dramatically this past month, we have been wrapping up as warm as possible, but without committing a crime to fashion. One of the easiest ways for us to do that has been fur – preferably faux fur of course! With a scarf, gloves, hat, boots or more obviously, the coat. Everyone could have their own stamp on fashion with their own faux fur. Faux fur and even fur has been everywhere over the last few months, and almost everyone has taken a shine to the latest trend. Even I went and bought myself a gorgeous faux fur coat which I have barely taken off this winter. I recently visited the stunning fashionable city of Paris wanting to look my best, and I definitely believed this would be one of the easiest and warmest ways to do that. Fur coats and accessories go back in history. When being seen wearing fur, you would instantly be looked upon as wealthy, posh and well mannered. The women would always look their best, with their real fur coats almost touching or even dragging on the floor, and maybe being seen with a real fox’s body, plus head, hanging around their neck – maybe not today thanks! Fashion from the past is coming back into fashion today, and fur has made a big impact on the fashion world. A fur coat is brilliant for a day of shopping, sight-seeing or general usage, but then your coat can keep you warm on a night out as well. Being worn on a blistery winter’s eve while waiting outside a busy bar for your night on the tiles with the girls to begin = Perfect! Other fur accessories I have loved this month have been the hats, gloves and shrugs. The fur hats make you look instantly glam with no effort. The fur gloves have just been so adorable, slightly impractical maybe, but come

on…fashion over function! And the shrug has been a perfect lighter version of a beautiful coat. Almost everyone feels that by wearing fur, you instantly feel glamorous. From seeing the fabulous older women - usually wearing the real deal, sporting an amazing coat, to the younger generation looking attractive and gorgeous in exclusive fur accessories you dream about. Some of the most gorgeous celebrities have been wrapping up in fur over the past few months, after fur being the top trend at the Chanel Fashion Show in Paris for the Spring Summer collection of 2011 this September. Celebrities such as Nicole Richie, Eva Longoria and the Olsen Twins have been seen wearing various fur jackets and accessories. Although surprisingly, according to ‘PETA‘ officials “As far as we know Beyonce hasn’t been seen in fur at all this year”. Which then shows us that not everyone, even a top fashion icon, is a lover of the latest trend. As the winter freeze is slowly disappearing, so will the fur gloves, hats and scarves, but I believe the fur coat will be staying around for a long while yet – well, at least until the summer time. Although, I know my coat will still be hanging in my wardrobe for the next winter freeze, and I believe many of your faux fur accessories will be too.


Who? Amy Marie Flatt Where? Surrey What? Topshop Faux fur coat and hat, H&M snood, socks and Hunter wellies. Why it works? The Russian hat has been a huge hit this AW. Worn in the snow with fashionable wellies is becoming a real craze.

Who? Amelia Sinclair Where? Milton Keynes What? ASOS long line Arran knit cardigan, Topshop jeans, Ugg boots and earmuffs. Why it works? Chunky Arran knits worn casual with jeans and UGGS has been the ultimate dressing down in style look this season.

ON THE STREET WITH NOIR ... at the Cinema By Alix Carey

Who? Hanna Thompson Where? Luton What? H&M stripey top, Jane Norman leather jacket, leggings, New Look tan boots, gold necklace and scarf. Why it works? Adding nautical stripes enhances even the simplest of looks.

Who? Vicky Smith Where? Luton What? ASOS dress, Vintage fur coat from Brick Lane heels and a handbag Why it works? Fur coats were a huge trend for AW10 and it continues to be a stylish must have for 2011. Worn simply with a dress and tights it allows you to make a statement without being loud. Adding heels and a splash of colour gives it that further classy edge. 58

Hi Sam, how did you get into acting? It was what I always wanted to do. After I was done playing baseball at university, I moved to Los Angeles and began pursuing a career in acting.

You recently were cast in the hit TV series Gossip Girl, did you enjoy being a part of it? Gossip Girl was so much fun. I had a blast working on the show. Not only was it great to be a part of something that is a highly visible pop culture phenomenon, but I got to work mostly with the incomparable and wonderful Blake Lively.

What was your first big role and how did you feel when you got the part? My first big role, I guess, was on All My Children, where I spent a year. It was big in the fact that I worked almost every day and really had an opportunity to become quite proficient in the technical side of acting.

Who are your role models in the acting industry? Matt Damon, Paul Newman, Amy Adams. All of these are amazing actors. Amy I love, besides the fact that she’s brilliant, because she toiled a bit in the television world before finally making the most of her chance to break out in a big way in Junebug, and now she’s annually among names in Oscar talk.

I haven’t really crossed over into film yet, but when I get the chance, it would be incredible to do it like Amy did.

Do you have any upcoming projects? Looking for the next thing...

Do you have any hobbies outside acting? I still play baseball. Golf and fishing too.

What have been your career highlights so far? Being a part of something as special and brilliant as Mad Men is a highlight for sure. Working with Marcia Cross on Desperate Housewives was perhaps the most fun I’ve ever had working in television.

What would you still like to achieve in your career in the future? Any actors or directors you would like to work with? I’d like to think my career hasn’t yet gotten off the ground. (That’s not to say I take my successes to this point for granted by any means.) I am an incredibly ambitious person by nature, and I’d like to think I can build on every job I do in order to take the experience(s) and turn them into bigger jobs and better performances.

NOIR introduces the Magnificent 7 stars of the screen to look out for in 2011.

By Louise Milligan Photo by Kevin Abosch

Following stints on hit US shows such as Desperate Housewives, Mad Men and Gossip Girl we decided to chat to Sam about his career so far.

HOT IN 2011


KAY PANABAKER Words by Leanne Milligan Photographs by Eric Scot

You first came to attention in the UK with roles in the films Nancy Drew and Fame. What was it like being a part of such well known films? I only had a small role in Nancy Drew but it was a lot of fun to work with friends of mine. “Fame” was a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun. It was the first project where I had lots of time to develop my character as she goes through all 4 years at high school. There was a little bit of pressure because the original Fame was so wellloved, but I’m really proud of the work I did. I will always be proud of being apart of that film.

Do you enjoy doing the red carpet at premieres? It’s a necessary evil. It’s always fun to get dressed up and go to a party, but it can be stressful. If it’s your own movie premiere, it’s a lot of fun to share your end product with the world and with the people that came, but if you’re just a guest, you’re often talking to complete strangers, and I’m not always good at that. That’s why I always bring a guest to keep me company.

You have starred in many hit American TV shows and are currently playing Daphne Powell in ABC’s No Ordinary Family. Does working with the long schedules on TV sets limit you in film roles? It can. A lot of the big movie stars you see now got their start on TV shows. Also, when it comes down to hiatus, which is the 3-4 month break you have between seasons, the TV show has 60

opened up doors for you. So when No Ordinary Family goes on break, I’ll hopefully do a movie. No set plans yet though.

Do you prefer working in film or television? Each has it’s pros and cons. Television is a steady job and lets you create and grow with your character, although you don’t know where the character will go, sometimes in a direction you don’t agree with. The schedule can be very demanding. Long hours each day and a very fastpaced schedule that doesn’t always allow you the time to spend on scenes that you would like to. Movies are usually more in depth and you know exactly where your character is going. But movies live and die in reviews and box office numbers and you have no control over that. I just pick my projects based on the script and how I feel about it, regardless of the medium.

You have achieved great success and have been working in Hollywood for years now and you are only 20 years old. Do you see yourself falling foul of the young starlet breakdowns we have seen over the past few years? Young Hollywood is a very mixed bag of personalities. Stories are constantly milling around about things that happen behind closed doors. The problem is, there’s a lot of down time when actors aren’t working on a project and if you don’t find something positive and productive to do with that time, you’ll find yourself in trouble. I stay grounded by not hanging out

with those kids and by using my spare time differently from them. I love doing arts and crafts, reading, playing video games. I don’t feel the need to fit in and lose my morals.

What type of roles or films do you normally look for? What type of character would you love to be able to play? I look at the characters. What’s their past, what do they want, and how do they get it. I don’t have any particular goals set as far as just taking everything as it comes. The one thing I do want to do is a period piece. Doesn’t matter what period, just something different looking.

How would you describe your fashion sense? Do you have any style icons? I’m a very casual dresser. I like jeans, sneakers and fun tops in my day to day life. When I go to an event, I love heels and a fun dress. A lot of people like to dress maturely – black, slinky dress. I like to have fun. I almost always wear a Betsey Johnson dress. I always love to see what Rachel Bilson wears – she’s always sophisticated and classy, yet has fun with her fashion.

What projects do you have in the pipeline for 2011? I did an independent called Little Birds that made it into the Sundance Film Festival drama competition. I did another independent, The Lake Effect that will hopefully find distribution soon. Besides working on No Ordinary Family no set plans for the rest of the year. You never do know!

COLIN O’DONOGHUE Words by Leanne Milligan

How did you first get involved in acting? Why did you want to be an actor? My first taste of acting was with my Grandmother. She was a speech and drama teacher. We used to go to classes with her from a young age. I loved it. I stopped when I was about twelve, but then fell into acting when I was about fifteen. I had a couple of friends in youth theatre in my home town. I went to meet them for a coffee when they were rehearsing and someone hadn’t shown up, so they asked me to read in for them. I wasn’t keen on the idea, but they were stuck, so I did and I loved it. I realised that this was a way to express myself like I’d never known before. It felt like the right thing to do.

you’ve had etc. That’s why rehearsals and preparation are so important. I love it. However, I love film acting too. I don’t understand why people need actors to give a preference either way. It’s wonderful to be given the opportunity to do both.

January sees the release of your first lead role in a feature film in The Rite. How did you get the role of Mike? I did a self taping in my best friend’s studio in his back garden. I sent it on not really thinking that people really watched those things, but they did. I was delighted when I got the call saying they wanted me. Couldn’t believe it.

You got to work alongside At 16 you went to London to Anthony Hopkins in the film. perform on the Olivier stage of How was that experience? the Royal National Theatre in Did he give you any advice London. What was it like acting or did you learn anything in Theatre for the first time? from him? We were doing a show in Ireland as part of a competition and got selected to perform for one night only. It was an incredible experience for a group of sixteen year olds from a small town in Ireland to be given the opportunity to perform in the National Theatre in London. I think that was the moment I knew for definite I wanted to act. We won an award which I collected on stage from Anthony Minghella. It was scary though, beforehand, preparing to walk on in front of a sold out audience.

You have appeared in many Theatre productions over the years. Is acting in Theatre something you really enjoy doing? Theatre is an incredible medium. You feed off the energy coming from the audience, which is different every night. Unlike film, which is essentially a one off performance, in theatre your performance can be informed by so many factors like what kind of day

It was a dream come true working alongside Anthony Hopkins. He has always been a hero of mine. He is such a wonderful person, and truly an inspiration to watch performing. He gave me some hints and tips. It’s impossible not to learn something when working with such a talented cast. Especially as this is my first film.

Can you tell us a bit about your character and the film? It’s a supernatural thriller, should we be prepared to jump in our seats? My character is called Michael Kovak. He’s a seminarian who is struggling with his faith. He is sent to Rome to study in an exorcism course. I suppose you’d call him a healthy skeptic. The film is definitely more of a psychological thriller. However, you can definitely expect a few scares.

What have been your career

highs and lows so far? Landing this role has definitely been the high point of my career so far. Getting the opportunity to work with people whose work I’ve admired for years, is incredible. As an actor you can go through extended periods of unemployment. No matter how good you are you just can’t seem to get the part. Those are the low points, but you have to believe that you have something to offer and keep faith in yourself.

What future projects have you got coming up? Are there any actors/directors you would love to work with? I have a movie lined up in the new year, which I’m excited about. Very different from The Rite. There are too many actor/directors I would love to work with to try to name a couple. I just want to do good and different work. If the script is good and the character is good, that’s more than enough for me. The Rite is released 25 February 2011.


Words by Laura Smith Photo by Kevin Abosch

Tell us about Sif and your approach to playing her. I was nervous at first, but then relaxed into the role. As a huge comic book fan this part is a dream come true for me! I did a lot of research and tried my best to stay true to who Sif really is. She’s a strong firecracker of a woman who embodies loyalty, bravery and wit but is also vulnerable, gentle and kind. I added a little bit of a “smart ass” quality to her as well! I love playing strong females and Sif has been my favourite so far.

Sif is a very demanding role, how did you cope with the stunts and training? I trained for about three months prior to shooting, doing stunt work, weight lifting, running and some yoga for flexibility. I loved the physicality of the role and think my background as an athlete helped me quite a bit, [Jaimie was the only girl on her high school wrestling team] especially with the training and being able to take some pretty massive hits. I dislocated a rib and tore my lower back muscle … it wasn’t easy, but damn it was fun!

How did you get on with your leading man, Chris Hemsworth? I loved working with Chris. He embodies all the good qualities in his character, Thor. He’s such a kind person with a heart of gold. He’s very respectful and never complains!

What was Kenneth Branagh like as a director? 62

While most of our British readers may not be familiar with Hollywood’s latest rising starlet, this certainly won’t be the case come spring when Kenneth Branagh’s hotly anticipated Thor hits UK cinemas. In this epic adaptation of the classic Marvel comic, Jaimie Alexander takes on the role of beautiful yet powerful warrior goddess ‘Sif’ alongside Star Trek’s Chris Hemsworth in the title role. The 26-year-old actress from Grapevine, Texas is already known in the US as the “scream queen” who set hearts racing in thrillers Rest Stop and Hallowed Ground. She also gained a cult following after her stint on ABC’s popular sci-fi show Kyle XY and will return to the small screen with a regular spot on hit American series Nurse Jackie later this year. With several high-profile films due for release, Jaimie is certainly looking hot for 2011 and chats about playing the coolest woman in the Marvel universe … Wonderful! He always gave us actors creative freedom. He knows what he wants, covers all the bases and is incredibly intelligent.

You’re known in the US for playing Jessi XX in ABC’s Kyle XY. What drew you to that character? Jessi was a troubled girl with extraordinary supernatural gifts and playing her was sometimes heartbreaking for me, as she didn’t have an easy journey while trying to fit in. I loved her complexities and vulnerability.

Tell us a bit about your next TV role. While I do prefer film, I loved working on Nurse Jackie. I play Tunie, Jackie’s crazy sister in-law. It was a very liberating role for me! She drinks, smokes, curses like a sailor and says whatever is on her mind without any censorship.

And finally, your favourite red carpet look is ... a long, classy gown with simple jewellery and really tall heels.

When I dress up I love to look elegant but tough! Elegant but tough pretty much sums up Jaimie’s portrayal of Sif, which you can witness in Thor this May. She’ll also star in the indie dramedy Loosies in autumn and appears in Ed Zwick’s Love & Other Drugs, out now. Thor is released in May 2011.


For someone who is only 15, Callan McAullife has sure squeezed in a lot over the past few years. After starring in the Rob Reiner directed film Flipped, Callan will next be seen starring alongside Dianna Agron in I am Number 4.

You started your acting career at a very young age. Did you always want to be an actor? How did you get your first role?

industry greats. Do you ever feel intimidated?

Words by Leanne Milligan

I could tell you that I was born to be an actor, and have wanted to be one all my life – that I was acting in the womb – but to be perfectly honest, I never really envisioned being an actor, I’ve always been very into nature and wildlife type stuff, so for a while I pictured myself doing a job that had the suffix “ology” at the end of it: Ornithology, entomology, marine biology, primatology, ethology, ecology… dragonology… the list goes on. Either that or I’d be homeless. But alas, my dreams of being homeless were utterly crushed when I dislocated my kneecap playing sport on the weekend, and needed to find something else to do. I joined an agency, and was immediately sent to a cattle call. After a few horrible auditions, I finally landed a commercial – can’t remember what it was for – but nonetheless the money far exceeded what I had originally expected, and so I continued. Oh and it was somewhat enjoyable too.

Do you find it difficult having to juggle school in Australia with filming abroad? Not really, my school (the Scots College) was extremely supportive, and through many phone calls, e-mails, Skype sessions, and the help of great on-set tutors, we managed to keep up with the majority of the schoolwork.

What do you miss most when on location? Xbox.

You’re only 16 and starring in big productions alongside

“The experienced mountain climber is not intimidated by a mountain – he is inspired by it.”

My dream role? Something challenging, like playing an actor that is horrible at his job. Or an assassin.

What’s your new year’s resolution?

Rob Reiner handpicked you to star in his film Flipped. That must have been an amazing confidence boost?

To play less Xbox.

No more of a confidence boost than if anyone else had picked me. His opinion is no more meaningful than any other directors, but that aside, he is a phenomenal person, so charming, so professional, and very jolly. Much like Santa Clause. It was an incredibly honour to have worked with him, not because of his reputation, but for who he is as a person.

I am Number Four is released on 23rd February.

Will you keep it? No.

You play Sam in I am Number Four. How did you get this role and can you tell us a bit more about the film and your character? I was in Los Angeles preparing for publicity for Flipped, and we thought it an opportune time to get a few rounds of auditions done. One of them was for this movie named I am Number Four. The credits already attached to the film were mind blowing (Spielberg, Bay, Caruso) and so I gave it my best shot. We were in New York a few days later when I got the call, Phone: “You got I am number four!” Me: “Great!!! But what’s it about?” On the plane to Pittsburgh I read the script, and it suddenly struck me what an amazing project I had been lucky enough to fall into.

What would be your dream role? 63

NICO TORTORELLA Words by Laura Smith

Listen up ladies! When it comes to Hollywood hunks, Nico Tortorella is certainly one to look out for in 2011! The 22-year-old actor from Chicago Illinois will star in Scream 4 this April before reuniting with Twelve director Joel Schumacher on the thriller Trespass alongside Nicole Kidman and Nicolas Cage. While he may have started his career as a munchkin, he’s currently rubbing shoulders with Hollywood royalty and we’re pretty sure his upcoming bad boy roles will have all the girls screaming!

What initially attracted you to a career in acting?

What can you tell us about your character Trevor Sheldon?

It’s something I’ve always known was ahead of me. Ever since I played a munchkin in The Wizard of Oz when I was seven, I knew I was destined for entertainment! I guess you could say I just followed the yellow brick road …

Trevor is the guy everybody loves to hate. In the grand scheme of things, he’s just an asshole, but deep down he truly has a big heart and a lot of love.

How have you found the jump from working in TV to films? The pace of television and film is worlds apart. When you’re given a week to knock out an episode, there is not a huge amount of room for creative indulgence. Film on the other hand, has been great as it allows me to delve much deeper into the role.

You play the male lead opposite Emma Roberts in Scream 4, how did you feel when you found out you’d bagged such a major role? When I got the call telling me I was officially part of Scream 4 there was screaming, crying and a lot of swearing. I mean what can I say, it was unf**kingbelievable!

What was the scariest part of the audition process? The waiting game hands down! I’ve always been a very comfortable auditioner, but after five times in the room, from LA to NY, to Wes Craven and the Weinsteins, the waiting was by far the scariest part. At one point they actually told me I was too tall for the role, but somehow I got back in the room for another chance. 64

Scream 4 has a pretty awesome cast, were you nervous when you started filming? How did you all get on? It was one of the best summers of my life! It was like walking into a family who accepted the younger crew with open arms. Yeah, I was nervous, but we had a blast filming this movie. I had worked with both Emma and Rory the previous summer on Joel Schumacher’s Twelve, so it was nice getting that family back together.

What was Wes Craven like to work with as a director? He’s a genius. He has this insane vocabulary that blows your mind, but at the same time he’s a little kid who loves making horror movies!

Are you a horror/slasher movie fan? Not really! I prefer the more psychological thrillers than full-blown slashers but after working on this movie, I definitely have a newfound respect for the genre.

You reunited with Joel Schumacher on Trespass, what can you tell us about your role in this film?

I always seem to play the asshole and Jake is no different. Joel loves casting me as a drug addict womanizer! While that type of role is more of a stretch and more challenging but I would love to play a nice guy one of these days!

What would be your dream role? Elvis ... that would be epic!

What are the best and worst things about being an actor? Best thing is being able to dive into other people. I’ve always gotten high off enveloping another persona … it’s the best drug in the world! The worst thing about being an actor is the assumption that we’re all crazy … I mean yes we are, but isn’t everybody? It just happens to be our job! Nico stars in Wes Craven’s Scream 4 which will hit UK cinemas in April


Words by Laura Smith

Claire Foy first came to our attention in 2008 as the meek and innocent Amy in the BBC drama Little Dorrit. Now, with a number of successful TV roles behind her, 2011 sees her debut feature film appearance alongside Nicholas Cage in the Hollywood thriller Season of the Witch. The British actress tells us about playing such a mysterious and complex character, her leading men and career so far …

You play a girl suspected of witchcraft in Dominic Sena’s Season of the Witch. Tell us a bit about your character.

You’re first big break was the title role in the BBC’s adaptation of Dickens’ Little Dorrit. Did you enjoy playing her?

She plays a central role in the film. She’s surrounded by her male captors, but in the end she has every single one of them by the goolies! She’s out to mess with their minds. It was a brilliant acting opportunity for me and I had a great time playing her!

I loved playing Amy. It was great that the role was adapted from a book, which gave me far more insight into the character than you would usually get. I also got to work with an amazing cast.

What attracted you to the role? She’s such a strong and complex character, who I could do so much with. I really got the opportunity to take risks with this role. Young actors don’t often get the chance to play a character that really drives the action, so it was a massive challenge and brilliant opportunity.

What was Nick Cage like on set? Were you nervous about working with him? We got on very well and he really is lovely to work with and very generous with his time. He’s really good at keeping his energy up and staying motivated. To be honest, I was more nervous about playing my character than anything else!

What relationship do your characters have in the film? They have quite a tempestuous relationship. His character views mine as a worthy adversary, and in him she sees someone intelligent and wracked with guilt who she can manipulate.

How did you get on with Matthew McFayden, Amy’s love interest? Really well! Matthew is the loveliest man in the world, seriously!

Tell us about your character Lady Persephone in the BBC’s new adaptation of Upstairs Downstairs. She’s very different from Amy. She’s a bit of a brat and after all she can get. Weirdly though they have their similarities; both have an innocence about them, but Amy knows more about the world. Persephone has no conscience and is more concerned with parties and socialising, but she does have a heart.

The show’s setting in the late 30’s and your character’s status allowed for some great outfits; what where you favourites? The trousers! I got to wear high waisted trousers paired with brogues, which I absolutely love. They cut a beautiful silhouette and were a nice change from corsets! Our costume designer Amy Roberts was a genius. My favourite

piece was a vintage blue velvet dress she picked up on Portobello Road for twenty quid.

How would you describe your style? I like to look quite androgynous, I love wearing brogues, tailored trousers and clean, simple lines. Sadly, I can’t really afford to buy designer yet but I love to shop in Loft, Cos and Whistles.

What projects do you have coming up? I’m really excited about The Promise; a TV drama for Channel 4 written and directed by Peter Kominsky. It’s about an 18-year-old Londoner who travels to Israel in 2005 and switches between her Grandfather’s experiences there in the 40’s and hers in present day. I’m also shooting Night Watch just now for the BBC. I play Helen, a lesbian … I’ve been really lucky to get so many different and interesting jobs!

Cover Interview


Cover Interview

‘Sex scenes are always a bit awkward, it’s nice to meet before you take off

your clothes’

When NOIR caught up with RACHEL BILSON, we talked The OC, films, sex scenes, fashion, and what it’s like to work in Hollywood. Interview by Leanne Milligan

Born in LA in 1981, Rachel Bilson was always destined for stardom; she had the looks, the showbiz family, the talent and of course that special something that Hollywood stars just seem to have. After making appearances in commercials and US shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and That 70s Show, Rachel shot to stardom in the massively successful show The OC. Her character ‘Summer Roberts’ was only intended to appear in a few episodes but the character – and Rachel

‘Filming the OC was one of the greatest times in my life’

– were such a hit that Rachel become a full-time cast member. I ask her if she was surprised by the success of the show, “Filming the OC was one of the greatest times in my life. You never know with television how successful it’s going to be, but we knew we had a great premise and a great cast. I unfortunately don’t see my other cast members much, but I am very close with the shows creator Josh Schwartz.” Having played such a loved character in such a massive show, it would have been easy for Rachel to have been typecasted and find it difficult to move away from ‘Summer’ and make the transition from TV to film but she did so with relative ease, featuring in her first film role 67

‘I admire so many actors and directors; I love Darren Aronofsky and would love to work with him’ 68

That’s not to say she is completely innocent; having got her rebellious period out in her teens, “I think in my teenage years I got into going out and stuff which got it out of my system” she says in reflection, “By the time I was in my early to mid twenties all I wanted to do was stay home. I hung out with some people that were a little bit of a bad influence early on”. Instead she loves to stay at home and cook and bake for her friends, “It is what I find the most fun and relaxing. Nothing better then cooking for your friends and just hanging out!” she says with excitement. Her relationships on the other hand have always been subject to tabloid gossip; debating on her relationship woes with ex-boyfriend Adam Brody (her OC co-star) and on-off boyfriend Hayden Christensen (Jumper co-star). Rachel does however try to remain silent on rumours of her personal life, which she deserves a lot of respect for, “I think your relationships are the one thing that you should keep private”, she tells me, “It’s for you and your partner to share not the entire world. If you try not to flaunt it and don’t talk about it much it makes it easier to maintain that privacy”. Smart girl!

‘I hate how much attention is put on weight and image. It’s the wrong message to be sending to young girls. I say be happy!’ Much focus in Hollywood nowadays is on body image and age, especially with females and I wonder what Rachel’s stance is on the pressure young actresses are made to feel about their weight and image, “I hate how much attention is put on weight and image. It’s the wrong message to be sending to young girls. I say be happy!” Having been named in various magazines ‘Hot 100’ lists, she clearly has nothing to worry about with her image, “It is very flattering to be on the Hot 100 list, I don’t know if it embarrasses me or makes me feel good”, she says with modesty. Something that does make her feel good however is fashion. I have never read a magazine

Cover Interview

alongside Zach Braff in 2006’s The Last Kiss. “The Last Kiss is probably my favourite work to date,” she says, “I was so excited to have my first film and felt lucky to act with the actors in the film. I loved ‘Kim’ and it was so great to show myself in a different light and as a different character. That’s what acting is all about and that is the fun of it”. The film also featured a raunchy sex scene between her and Zach Braff’s characters and I wondered how difficult she finds it to film those type of scenes, “Sex scenes are always a bit awkward, it’s nice to meet before you take off your clothes”, she laughs, “But it is just part of the job and you get it done and then look back and think ‘I suppose there could be worse things’. You laugh a lot”. Rachel spent her childhood performing in dance groups and talent shows so she clearly always had the acting and performing bug, “I think I always wanted to be a performer to some extent. It was in high school when I really decided I wanted to pursue acting. I loved being in the plays”, she says. She has come a long way from high school plays and talent shows. This year sees the release of her 5th feature film BFF & Baby co-starring Kate Bosworth and Jason Biggs which centres on three roommates trying to deal with one of them having a baby – cue some hilarious scenes. There are many people in Hollywood that Rachel would love to work with in the future, “I admire so many actors and directors; I love Darren Aronofsky and would love to work with him”, she says, “I would love to work with Kate Winslet, Michelle Williams, Larry David or Danny McBride. It’s quite an eclectic mix. Ohhhh and Tina Fey!” Unlike many of her fellow young Hollywood starlets, Rachel has managed to keep her private life private, and is never seen adorning those orange jail jumpsuits, or falling out of nightclubs.

I know the readers, as well as myself, want to get that ‘Rachel look’ so I ask her where she loves to shop, “I like shopping at boutique or vintage stores. I love the store called Opening Ceremony; they carry a lot of my favourite brands. It’s a one-stop shop. I also love Topshop”. She is lucky enough however to get free clothes sent to her, “I am fortunate to receive things sometimes,” she admits. She does find it hard to pick a favourite designer, “ I love many designers, Vanessa Bruno, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Monrow, Phillip Lim, Vena Cava, too many to name”. Has anyone influenced her style? “I have lots of style icons I admire. I love Diana Vreeland. I also think some of my peers have excellent style, I love Ashley Olson’s style and Alexa Chung”, she says. On a last note, I ask her what her best style advice is, “I think the best style advice I have learned is that if you are short like me, nude shoes are great for elongating your legs”. And there we have it; a true Hollywood icon in the making. I suspect that this is one career which is about to go stratospheric.

Cover Interview

that doesn’t mention Rachel in their best dressed list, or who doesn’t rave about her style. Rachel has that innate ability to put together an outfit that just looks effortlessly glam or laid-back cool; magazines and designers alike just love her for it and are clambering to get her in their clothes or achieve her style themselves. I ask her how she would describe her style, “My style is very impulsive; I tend to dress according to my mood”, she tells me, “I can’t plan ahead too much - I have to get dressed in the moment. I do love vintage that is definitely my first love, but I love to mix it with some contemporary designers, like Phillip Lim”. She is also a regular on front rows across the globe, “I love going to fashion shows, it is so amazing to see the looks up close, and I love supporting designers, they are artists”, and she has now also collaborated with DKNY Jeans on the ‘Edie Rose’ collection, “It was so much fun collaborating with DKNY and designing clothes. I absolutely loved it and would definitely consider designing more in the future”, she reveals.


Words by Lauren Hawes & Emma Cudahy

It wouldn’t be The Film Issue without mentioning our stylish, and talented actors that Britain has to offer. So let the countdown commence for the Top 5 Best Dressed British Film Stars …

EMILY BLUNT To start off our countdown we have at number 5 Emily Blunt. Best known for her superbitch role as Emily Charlton in The Devil Wears Prada, and also for her superb portrayal of Queen Victoria in The Young Victoria. One of Blunt’s favourite designer’s is Roksanda Ilincic which has been shown on the red carpet on two separate occasions, both dresses coming from the fall 2009 collection. One event being her latest film Gulliver’s Travels which premiered recently in LA. She often pairs her dresses with a stunning pair of Jimmy Choo’s to complete her look.

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY At the number 4 spot is the English Rose Keira Knightley, who is best known for her roles in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, King Arthur, Pride and Prejudice, and as the face of Chanel. Not only is she seen wearing Chanel in advertisements, she is often spotted on the red carpet wearing an item from their collection. The picture here is a perfect example of how Keira is able to pull off masculine chic in the way only Keira can. Picture By Chloe004

GERARD BUTLER At number 3 is the hunky Scot Gerard Butler from Paisley. He has starred alongside the likes of Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Katherine Heigl and Hilary Swank, who are among the greatest beauties of the decade. He is often spotted on the red carpet wearing Dolce and Gabbana, but let’s face it, we would rather see him wearing less! When recreating his style, stick to traditional suit, shirt and tie, like the image here showing a Dolce and Gabbana suit coming in at £450, or find a similar suit from Next for around £99. Picture by Happy Batatinha

EMMA WATSON At the number 2 spot, is the one and only Emma Watson, who first stole our hearts at the very young age of 9, when she came to our screens as Hermione Granger. She is also known for her simple and elegant fashion sense, and is often seen wearing the likes of Christopher Kane and Chanel. She has modeled for Burberry and collaborated with the designer Alberta Ferretti for an organic clothing collection. If you are an admirer of her style and want to know how she does it, there is just one rule: keep it simple. This is perfectly shown in the image here, however, if Chanel is outwith your budget, why not check out asos. com for this similar style. Picture By UrsulaKm

SIENNA MILLER At the well deserved number 1 spot, is Sienna Miller. She is most famous for her individual style, her love for Matthew Williamson, her perfect blonde locks, her roles in films such as Layer Cake, Alfie, and GI Joe, and of course, her fantastic taste in up and coming magazines. To recreate her look, go for loose blonde curls and a Matthew Williamson inspired dress, if you can’t afford the real thing, like the camouflage mini shift dress costing £5605 she has been spotted in, then we have found an equivalent from Topshop costing only £39. With her fantastic style choices, we have all fallen in love with Sienna Miller and her never ending red carpet wonders. Picture by Kiki Maraschino

By Sarah Mallon

In recent years, a rising topic of interest for film makers is the world of fashion. It’s new link with the celebrity culture means it’s now important to look stylish both on and off screen, and the following films achieve both with great success as the plot lines, characters and enviable clothing take you into another, very stylish world.

The Devil Wears Prada Based on the book of the same title by Lauren Weisberger, this hilarious look at the inner workings of the fashion industry definitely lives up to the hype. The star studded cast includes Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt, and the story follows a budding writer, played by Hathaway, as she tries to break into the complicated and judgemental world of fashion journalism. The author is a former assistant to “American Vogue” editor in chief Anna Wintour, causing speculation that the antagonist of the film Miranda Priestly is based on her, despite Weisberger’s insistence that similarities are minimal. Controversy aside, the insightful storyline and vivid characters make the film entertaining and interesting at the same time. If in any doubt about the plot, see it purely for the fashion aspect. With many designers providing samples to be worn by the actors and an appearance by Valentino it is the most expensively costumed film in history and a source of serious clothes envy for all. 72

The September Issue Seen by many as the real life Devil Wears Prada, this documentary style film by R J Cutler steps into the impeccable pages of “American Vogue”, allowing the audience to witness the journalists and editors who work there. As the title suggests, the film documents the team working on what is widely regarded as the most important issue of the calendar year for any fashion magazine - the September issue. In addition to this, the September 2007 issue which is the focus of the film was the longest in Vogue’s history of over 100 years, making it an important piece of journalism for fashion lovers. In fact, since the film’s release, demand for this particular issue has risen greatly, with copies sold on line for large sums. The film’s main point of interest is editor in chief Anna Wintour and the ways in which her cold personality affects her dealings with the rest of the fashion world. However, the real revelation through the course of the film is the amazing artistic talent of Grace Coddington, the creative director of the magazine. Her wit and humour make the film entertaining; however her skill as a stylist is what truly comes across to the audience as the most worthwhile part of the film. To gain true insight into the work and lives of successful fashion journalists, designers and stylists alike, The September Issue comes an unrivalled first.

Coco Before Chanel As the title suggests, this stunning film looks at the renowned designer Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel’s life before she became famous for her designs. Released in 2009, the film begins with Gabrielle as a young orphan before progressing to the time of her life which dominates most of the film: her struggle to make ends meet as an entertainer and seamstress. The French language of the film makes it authentic and true to the original life of Chanel and the book “Chanel and Her World: Friends, Fashions, and Fames” by Edmonde Charles-Roux on which the film was partially based. The biographical element of the film is its main selling point as the audience witness the development of the art of the one designer who redefined what it meant to be fashionable and stylish. The costume design for the film won it both an Academy Award and a BAFTA, a clear recognition of Chanel’s worthy position amongst the best fashion designers of all time. For the beauty of the clothes and the true insight into the making of this exceptional women and designer, Coco Before Chanel is a must-see for all stylish film fans.


As most of you are sweating off the Christmas pounds in the gym, I have been looking firmly forward into the fashion calendar of 2011. There may be some sadness floating around now we have hung up our Christmas jumpers but fear not, the most glamorous night of the year is just around the corner, The Oscars. As much as I love cinema and all the cracking performances that one is supposed to celebrate on the glitziest of glitzy nights, the only reason I have ever stayed up all night to watch the live streaming of The Oscars is to see

what the starlets of Hollywood are wearing. Throughout the eighty-three years of honouring the stars, there have been some truly memorable outfits that have graced the red carpet (not always for the right reasons, Bjork...ahem). The Academy Awards really showcase the best of high-end fashion from all over the globe, with designers clamouring over each other to get their dresses worn by the actress of the moment. It is with this in mind that I bring you the five best and the five worst Oscar dresses throughout the ages.




5. Keira Knightley 2006 Vera Wang 2006 propelled Keira Knightley into worldwide fame and whilst filming on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean in the Bahamas, Knightley received a call from her mother, telling her she had been nominated for an Oscar for her critically acclaimed performance in the film adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. If she had won the academy award, she would have been the youngest actress ever to win Best Actress, but Reese Witherspoon pipped her to the post. Nevertheless, in the fashion stakes Keira walked away head and shoulders above the rest in a one-shouldered, taffeta Vera Wang dress in a tantalising shade of aubergine. Was this dress paving the way for THAT emerald dress in Knightley’s next box office smash, Atonement? Top marks!

4. Kate Winslet 2002 Ben de Lisi Kate Winslet was a long-established figure on the red carpet by the time she rocked up in this beautiful red Ben de Lisi dress to enjoy her nomination for Best Supporting Actress for Iris. Winslet had always portrayed the beautiful English rose and had perfected this look but it was becoming a little tedious...until she floated to victory in the fashion stakes in this daring red number. The longstanding debate about whether the ladies should wear red on the red carpet still rages but on that night, Kate proved the critics wrong. Absolutely beautiful.

3. Halle Berry 2001 Elie Saab Coming in with another highlight of the 2002 Academy Awards is Halle Berry in Elie Saab. Although probably remembered for her equally memorable acceptance speech for Best Actress, Halle’s dress was as perfect as her performance in Monsters Ball. More than just a win, it was the first time a black woman had been awarded this accolade in the 74 years of the ceremony so it was only fitting that Halle should be the toast of fashion tinseltown as well. On a night where many of the stars were criticised, Halle looked dreamy in the burgundy and dark green dress with the chiffon top discreetly covered in pearls and jewels. This look was individual and striking and hasn’t been matched by Halle since. 75

2. Julia Roberts 2000 Vintage Valentino Now I am not normally a fan of Julia Roberts’ play-it-safe Oscar dresses or hairy armpits on the red carpet, but in 2001 Julia really did have one of those perfect dress, perfect night kind of moments. She scooped the Best Actress award for Erin Brokovich and swanned into the Kodak Theatre, Hollywood in a dress that would make one stop on one’s tracks. The monochrome sweeping gown gave Julia a classic Hollywood glamour that encapsulated the worldwide media and had echoes of the style of my top Oscar dress...

1. Audrey Hepburn 1954 Givenchy After much deliberation, I came to a classic lady who epitomised Hollywood glamour from day one of her career. As opposed to the rest of my top 5, we have to delve a bit further back into Oscar history, to 1954 to be precise. Audrey Hepburn in this fresh, flower-bedecked evening gown best captured the star’s essence at the time: innocent, yet striking and sexy. The dress caught the eye of many because of the way it showed off Hepburn’s delicate shoulders. A much copied look even all these years later. 76


5. Sandra Bullock 2004 Oscar de la Renta In recent years, Sandra Bullock has upped her style-ante on the red carpet and when she accepted her Academy Award last year for The Blind Side, she was glittering in a Marchesa gown. Wind the clock back a few years however, and Sandra showed up to the 76th Academy Awards in a gown reminiscent of Donald Duck. The usual impeccable red carpet designs of Oscar de la Renta suffered a major blip in this particular year and the white pleated dress with maribou feather trim at the knee and hemline, screamed of a rushed, last-minute decision by an inexperienced stylist.

4. Gwyneth Paltrow 2002 Alexander McQueen Now, I’m not one to insult the inexorable talents of the late McQueen and this is no exception. This grungy dress with sheer, ruched top is a far cry from Gwyneth’s usual style and appears to be trying to make a statement to single her out from the usual sweeping gowns present on the red carpet. I admire the attempt to create a stir but the top left little to the imagination and Gwyneth’s ‘assets’ looked as if they were pointing down to the non-existent waist, hidden by the shapeless black skirt. It takes a feisty girl to take on a McQueen creation and this particular lady is a little too tame. This was not the first time that Paltrow had got it inexcusably wrong on the biggest night of the year. Rewind to 1999 when she accepted her Best Actress award in a pink taffeta Ralph Lauren gown that looked as if it had been lifted straight from Barbie’s wardrobe. Gwyneth’s style has now matured into that of a ‘yummy mummy’, so is there hope for a red carpet success yet?

3. Tyra Banks 2000 Vera Wang Tyra Banks is known for her exceptional beauty and striking presence on the catwalk so one would think that she would be dressed to kill for a night at The Oscars. Unfortunately Vera Wang’s lilac satin and taffeta offering failed to impress the critics, or indeed anyone. For a night that the fashion pack spends most of the year preparing for, this was a dismal effort. Even the saffroncoloured diamond worn on her $9million, 82-carat Harry Winston necklace failed to outshine, the cheap sheen of Tyra’s dress. 77

2. Bjork 2001 Marjan Pejoski When Bjork’s tune, ‘I’ve Seen It All’ from Dancer in the Dark was nominated for Best Original Song, nobody, least me, expected her to float down the red carpet in a traditional gown. However, a white swan dress, which had a beak and laid eggs as she glided amongst the stars on the red carpet, was kookier and more outlandish than most people could have imagined. Throughout the last decade, the debate has raged whether Pejoski’s design was a statement of fabulous individualism or just plain mad. I have come down on the side of slightly bonkers and it would seem Bjork herself agrees as she has maintained that the wearing of the dress was a joke. Regardless of making my ‘worst’ list, it still remains the most talked about Oscar dress of all time.

1. Demi Moore 1989 Demi’s own design I thought it would be all a bit too predictable to stick Bjork at the top of the list and Demi’s design in 1989 demonstrates every reason why a starlet should hire a stylist on Tinseltown’s biggest night. I, more than most, am all in favour of experimenting and I know it was the 80s, but black cycling shorts, teamed with a bustier and a metallic skirt that wouldn’t look out of place in a low-budget Shakespeare play? A soul-destroying effort which has meant all these years later, we are still murmuring about Demi for all the wrong reasons. 78

By Leanne Milligan

British born, LA based DJ Zen Freeman plays at some of the hottest gigs around the globe to some of the biggest stars. Having began his career DJ-ing for free in an empty nightclub, Zen is known as the go-to man of choice for Hollywood events such as Elton John’s infamous Oscar Party, Victoria’s Secrets parties, various Film Festivals around the world and is on speed dial for celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Zac Effron, Nicole Richie and Miley Cyrus who want him to DJ at their parties. So I chatted to Zen about life as a DJ.


Hi Zen! How did you first get introduced to the DJ scene? I was always into music and spent a lot of time in clubs (with a fake ID) listening to DJ’s. I was about sixteen when I got a part time job in order to buy turntables and then I really just spent a lot of time at the record shop snapping up all the white labels and bootlegs. Then I was ready to start playing live.

Can you remember the first gig you did? The first job I did was for this shady promoter in the East Midlands of England. He kept wanting me to warm up for his DJ’s and would always nervously offer to pay me the next week but never actually did. Now my first paid gig was for thirty pounds in the biggest club in my hometown of Leicester, I believe it was called Flaming Colossus.

You DJ at some of the hottest events and venues in Hollywood such as Oscar week parties and celebrity events. How did you manage to become involved in these high profile events? I played local hot spots around Hollywood to build a bit of a name and then I was asked by a friend to play a high profile after party for an award show. There were a lot of industry heads, event producers, promoters and agents in attendance. I think my style

suits the atmosphere for these kind of events and so it just snowballed from there.

What is the best DJ event you have done so far? I’d have to say the best DJ event I’ve done so far would probably be Paul Allen’s Cannes Film Festival party on his yacht “The Octopus”.

The worst? Back in the day, DJ-ing in an empty nightclub….for free!

In this next year I’ll be continuing to work with Paul Oakenfold and Perfecto records and I just signed a new deal with Perfecto Vegas for my 2011 residency on Saturday nights at Rain at Palms Casino Resort. I’ll still be remixing and working on my debut album and I have some amazing tour dates, events and film festival bookings coming up this year.


Best party city: London. Song that will get everyone Which celebrity in Hollywood up on the dancefloor: throws the best parties? “My Otherside Remix” by The best party that I’ve played at; Elton Oakenfold featuring Red Hot John. Chili Peppers. To throw the best party in What would you say are the town you need: Good sound best and worst parts of your job? system, good venue, good The best part of my job is when people. someone asks for a really great song. The one person I would The worst part of my job is when someone asks for a really horrific song! love to party with would be: Danny McBride. What songs would you suggest Most memorable party for people to play at their moment ever: First time own party? I ever opened for Paul I’d suggest that you just play the music Oakenfold in front of five you love. thousand people. What’s next for you in 2011?

TOP 10 FILMS RELEASED IN 2011 By Aftab Ali

As the dust settles on what can only be described as a pretty abysmal year in cinema, 2011 brings with it a fresh outlook and the promise of a better selection of must-see films. With horrors to comedies – all the while with great costumes for you to feast your eyes upon – let me guide you through the minefield of buzz and into the most promising films that lie ahead… Water for Elephants Based on the historical novel by Sara Gruen, Water for Elephants tells the story of Jacob Jankowski (Robert Pattinson), a Depressionera veterinary student who is put in charge of caring for a circus menagerie and in the process, falls for the sultry - and married - Marlena (Reese Witherspoon), an equestrian star. With smoldering tuxedos and glam circus garb galore, Water for Elephants promises action, glamour and passion. Set for release in the US in April 2011, a UK release date has yet to be announced. Come on, 20th Century Fox!

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I (November 2011) Yes, folks,Twilight fever will be reaching new heights this year with, like Harry Potter, the final movie being split into two parts. No doubt with the aim being to net in more profits for the filmmakers.Distributor Summit Entertainment has so far let us know that the new found married bliss of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) is cut short when a series of betrayals and misfortunes threatens to destroy their world. After their wedding, Bella and Edward travel to Rio de Janeiro for their honeymoon, where after, Bella soon discovers she is pregnant. During a nearly fatal childbirth, Edward finally fulfills her wish to become immortal. But the arrival of their remarkable daughter, Renesmee, sets in motion a perilous chain of events that pits the Cullens and their allies against the Volturi, the fearsome council of vampire leaders, setting the stage for an all-out battle. The suspenseful and “deeply romantic” Breaking Dawn continues the epic tale of supernatural fantasy and passionate love that has made The Twilight Saga a world wide phenomenon.

Jane Eyre (March 2011) After watching Mia Wasikowska fall down the rabbit hole in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and still manage to look stunning, excitement for director Cary Fukunaga’s adaptation of Charlotte Brontë’s 1847 novel is reaching fever pitch. Get ready for some seriously gorgeous period frocks when Wasikowska morphs into tragic governess Jane Eyre. After a miserable and abusive childhood, Jane Eyre treads into the big world to become a governess. As she lives happily in her new position at Thornfield Hall, she meets the dark and cold master of the house, Edward Rochester (Michael Fassbender). The shy Jane and her employer grow close in friendship and she soon finds herself falling in love with him. Happiness seems to have found Jane at last, but could Rochester’s terrible secret be about to destroy it forever? Find out in March!

Red Riding Hood (March 2011) Fans of the Twilight saga will love this next one. Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke is back with a new horror movie, loosely based on the folk tale, Little Red Riding Hood. Red Riding Hood tells the story of red-caped Valerie (Amanda Seyfried), a beautiful young woman torn between two men. She is in love with a brooding outsider, Peter (newcomer Shiloh Fernandez), even though her parents have arranged for her to marry the wealthy Henry (Max Irons). Unwilling to lose each other, Valerie and Peter are planning to run away together when they learn that Valerie’s older sister has been killed by the werewolf that prowls the dark forest surrounding their village. As the death toll rises with each moon, Valerie begins to suspect that the werewolf could be someone she loves – since the werewolf takes human form by day. As panic grips the town, Valerie discovers that she has a unique connection to the beast. One that inexorably draws them together, making her both suspect...and bait. 81

The Hangover: Part II (May 2011) Not a big fan of the first film myself, there’s no denying that the sequel is gearing up to be another big hit as its predecessor. The production studio, Legendary Pictures, has kept tight-lipped about the film’s plot. But, in a nutshell? Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), Alan (Zach Galifianakis) and Doug (Justin Bartha) travel to Bangkok for Stu’s wedding – where more hilarious drunken antics ensue!

Rabbit Hole (February 2011) Becca and Howie Corbett (Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart) are a happily married couple whose perfect world is forever changed when their young son, Danny (Phoenix List), is killed in a car accident. Painful, moving and often funny, Becca’s experiences lead her to find solace in a mysterious relationship with a troubled young comic-book artist, Jason (Miles Teller) – the teenage driver of the car that killed Danny. Becca’s fixation with Jason pulls her away from memories of Danny, while Howie – immersing himself in the past – seeks refuge in outsiders who offer him something Becca is unable to give. Both adrift, the Corbetts make surprising and dangerous choices as they choose a path that will determine their fate. Sounds like cinema-goers will need to keep their tissues at the ready for this one!

The King’s Speech (January 2011) I’m a sucker for British historical dramas, and so can’t wait to set my eyes on this stylishly produced and rousing period drama. The King’s Speech centres on the man who became King George VI, father to Queen Elizabeth II. After his brother abdicates, George a.k.a. ‘Bertie’ (Colin Firth) reluctantly assumes the throne. Plagued by a dreaded stammer and considered unfit to be king, Bertie engages the help of an unorthodox speech therapist named Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush). Through a set of unexpected techniques, and the power of an unlikely friendship, Bertie is able to find his voice and boldly lead Great Britain through war. 82

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (May 2011) Everyone’s favourite pirate is back in the form of Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) in the fourth installment of the big-budget Pirates of the Caribbean series from Disney. Disney’s press release has so far told us that Captain Jack Sparrow crosses paths with an old flame (Penélope Cruz) and he’s not sure if it’s love or if she’s a ruthless con artist who’s using him to find the fabled Fountain of Youth. When she forces him aboard the ‘Queen Anne’s Revenge’, the ship of the formidable pirate Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard (Ian McShane), Jack finds himself on an unexpected adventure in which he doesn’t know whom to fear more: Blackbeard or the woman from his past! A host of supernatural villains – including mermaids and zombies – make an appearance in part 4.

Black Swan (January 2011) Black Swan follows the story of ballerina Nina (Natalie Portman), whose life, like all those in her profession, is completely consumed with dance. When an artistic director decides to replace prima ballerina Beth MacIntyre (Winona Ryder) for the opening production of their new season, Swan Lake, Nina is his first choice. But Nina has competition: a new dancer, Lily (Mila Kunis), who impresses the director as well. Swan Lake requires a dancer who can play both the White Swan with innocence and grace, and the Black Swan, who represents guile and sensuality. Nina fits the White Swan role perfectly but Lily is the personification of the Black Swan. As the two young dancers expand their rivalry into a twisted friendship, Nina begins to get more in touch with her dark side with a recklessness that threatens to destroy her. Described as having “a nightmarish quality”, Black Swan is already generating Oscar buzz.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part II (July 2011) Having been with us since 2001, the blockbuster Harry Potter series draws to a dramatic close this year, no doubt smashing box-office records in the process. The end begins as Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson) go back to Hogwarts to find and destroy Voldemort’s (Ralph Fiennes) final Horcruxes. But when Voldemort finds out about their mission, the biggest battle begins and life as they know it will never be the same again.


By Leanne Milligan

Having starred in hit films such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, When In Rome and being the voice of Gossip Girl; Kristen Bell is about to set our screens alight in upcoming films such as Burlesque, Movie 43 and the eagerly anticipated Scream 4. I chat to Kristen to find out the ‘gossip’ that we need to know about this rising star. I went to university and studied music and theatre at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York City. Music was a big part of my life from a very young age. I sang in solo and ensemble competitions in school and knew I wanted my profession to include music. Loving music lead me to loving acting. I moved to NYC when I had just turned 18, studied hard at school, and just started auditioning on my own. I booked my first Broadway show my junior year of college. After working in NYC theatre for a few years, when I was 22, I decided to take a chance and move to Los Angeles. I felt like it was now or never. Then lots more auditioning, and slowly booking smaller parts that led to bigger ones.

When I was starting out I wish I knew that “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”- Eleanor Roosevelt

I love to cook. Cooking is meditative for me. I love the challenge of trying new things, and the reward of providing and serving it to my friends and family. I’m also very social, and I’m a big fan of dinner parties and game nights - like running charades or werewolves and villagers. I love hiking in the canyons in Los Angeles. I love starting a TV show on DVD and plopping on the couch to watch it start to finish. 83

I used to find it hard to date in the public eye, when I was actually dating. It’s an extraordinary amount of pressure to have so many people interested in your love life and treat it like a soap opera, and I think that causes a lot of people to act out. Now that I’m engaged, people find it much less interesting because there are really no details to exaggerate! We are just a boring, happy couple.

My favourite indulgence? Food all the way.

support animal rescue and hope that more people choose to get dogs and cats from the pound because they are choosing to save a life.

Burlesque was a crazy, wonderful ride. The character was very much outside my comfort zone, which is why I wanted to play her. It was such an honour to share the screen with Christina on her first movie role, and act alongside legends like Cher and Stanley Tucci.

I looove food. I love good cheeses and chocolates. I try not to plan too much, because Give me a good burratta and a chocolate covered this business ebbs and flows so often. I read a lot of scripts and become obsessed with salted caramel and I’ll be yours forever. playing a new character just about every week. I just want to keep working. I am drawn to classic looks: things that are nautical, equestrian or menswear for day to Burlesque is out in cinemas nationwide now. day and comfort is key. For premieres or press outfits I tend to follow my gut. My style will change a bit based on how I am feeling that day. That is the beauty of fashion! You never have to be just one thing, you can constantly redefine yourself. I very much enjoy dressing up for the red carpet - who wouldn’t! It feels like I’m living every little girls dream getting to wear the most beautiful gowns and call it part of my job.

I’ve learned that there really are no tricks to staying in shape other than a good diet and the right amount of exercise. I like to eat so if I treat myself and become gluttonous during a meal I accept the fact that I will have to do more cardio that week to burn it off. It’s all a balance. I like Pilates because it builds lean muscle, not bulky muscle. I try to work out with friends because working out is always easier with a partner (and you can sneak in some quality girl time). I also love taking supplements, because if your body is not denied the right amount of vitamins and minerals, you won’t have as many uncontrollable cravings.

I stopped eating meat from a very young age because I just didn’t like it. I believe in the humane treatment of all animals, but I am in no way trying to convince everyone to become vegetarian. It’s what works for me and I feel better about my carbon footprint because of it. I believe everyone should know where their food comes from and how it’s made. I wholly 84

WHAT SHOULD I BE WEARING IN 2011? Words by Laura Grant-Evans


As the sun rises on 2011, and drop week on the high street looms, I bring you all the latest trends that are going to be hot this Spring. My frustrations of trawling aimlessly through rails and rails of dead stock in the, what can only be described as pathetic, January sales, have reached boiling point, so I have decided to deal with it by looking ahead to more exciting times. So here, direct from the catwalk, are the trends that are going to rule Europe this Spring.

STYLE TIP: Update 70s cuts with strong, graphic prints and colour blocking to avoid looking dated.


Many designers in A/W 2010 nodded to this burgeoning trend but the 70s is set to explode this year. Ever since Marc Jacobs sent wide-legged pants and maxi dresses floating down his catwalk in a hippy haze, the 70s has been tipped to be a huge influence in 2011. Marc Jacobs’ offering was closely followed by hippy-chic peasant necklines, cinched with cummerband belts at Fendi and Moschino. The Milan catwalk had strong vintage references but fear not, I know that not all of us have the stretchy purse strings required to purchase the likes of Fendi. To pick up this trend, head down to Miss Selfridge for maxi dresses, Topshop for wide-legged chiffon trousers and River Island for those all important accessories. Failing that, hit the second-hand shops and be prepared to bare your teeth to get your hands on those authentic vintage pieces.

Marc Jacobs.

The 70s



Following closely on from this colour blocking trend is one that works well if you are slightly apprehensive of wearing bright colours all over. Camel, tan and nude were the colours of 2010 but they show no signs of leaving the fashion arena if the catwalks of Chloe, Calvin Klein and Burberry are to be believed. Camel is all over the high street but if you want to get your hands on some of the best, check out the new collection at Zara and the Whistles sale who have huge reductions. This neutral palette works brilliantly with one of the aforementioned pop colours as an accessory. Think camel wide-legged trousers with Celine’s red skinny heels: another nod to the return of the disco era.



STYLE TIP: Tanned skin is not essential for this trend. Pale flesh tones look fresh and modern against pale skin.



Brights Bright colour has splashed back onto the catwalk in a big way. Think colbalt blue, neon pink, sunset orange, fluoro yellow on key pieces in the spring wardrobe Prada, Christopher Kane and DVF were the main labels championing this trend. If you’re feeling brave, the real way to work this trend is to take two contrasting colours and wear them on a top and trousers, á la DVF. If you’re feeling less conspicuous, work the colour pop on an accessory as seen on the Prada runway, with a bright orange tote. STYLE TIP: Elegant, simple cuts make these explosive colours glamorous and ladylike; think VB in her own design tangerine shift dress. 86

Stella McCartney

White is the new black. And this is no exaggeration. White dominated the catwalk from sharp tailoring to simple, flowing evening gowns, this is THE colour to be seen in over the next few months. The key to working this trend is to keep everything simple. We saw this trend at its pure best on the Chloe and Peter Pilotto catwalks with fresh, basic cuts that scream sophistication. Stella McCartney worked her usual tailoring magic with sharp white suits and crisp, silk blouses. If you want to work this trend, you need to move away from fussy detailing and move towards a utilitarian feel for those perfect balmy Spring evenings.

Rick Owens


So there are the four hottest trends of S/S’11. Perfectly workable I think and something for everyone. The vintageloving ladies are kept happy with the 70s undertones; those who prefer the classic Parisian chic can step out in camel; those daring girls amongst us can use colour as the boldest statement of all and for those effortless few, work white as your staple colour of the season.

Peter Pilotto


STYLE TIP: Tan accessories and nude heels are the bare minimum additions that you need to finish off the perfect white-out outfit.


Olivia Grant

By Hannah Sheen

NOIR caught up with actress Olivia Grant recently to discuss all things fashion! Read about her style inspirations, favourite designers and wardrobe malfunctions right here... Describe your personal style. Generally its classic with a quirky twist but I’m trying to keep everything quite pared down at the moment as my hair is both bright red and the longest I’ve ever had it.

Does anybody influence what you wear? One of the curses of having a costume designer for a mother is that you learn that when they don’t share your exuberance for more wacky purchases it’s much wiser to just suck it up and take it back.

Favourite designers ? If I want to feel ultra-feminine at a party I love Jenny Packham’s cocktail dresses. Balmain’s strong silhouettes and sequin metallics are also pretty dreamy.

Where do you usually shop? I buy most of my clothes from designer sales, which involves a bit more effort but at least you know you’re buying quality.

What’s your favourite item of clothing you own? I’ve been living in a Black silk playsuit from Jaeger Boutique which I’ve been pairing with black leggings and black 88

suede cowboy boots from a boutique on the King’s Road called R Soles.

How do you choose your red carpet outfits? I try to make sure a dress has quite a definite shape in its own right as I find those tend to photograph better.

How many pairs of shoes do you own? I’m not wildly into my shoes so not that many; they are almost all suede though. Strangely.

Biggest fashion disaster? My school didn’t have a uniform so I was able to indulge my love for a particular pair of black trousers which I used to wear casually with polo-necks. To Biology. Just for the hell of it.

QUICK FIRE QUESTIONS: London, Paris or New York? I’m secretly in love with NYC but London will always be home. Shoes or handbags? Handbags definitely; the bigger and chunkier the better. Fashion or function? Fashion! High Street or designer? Designer- no contest. Spring/Summer or Autumn/ Winter looks? My skin refuses to tan so I feel much more at home in cashmere than I do a bikini. Sienna Miller or Alexa Chung? Alexa Chung Classic or futuristic? Classic

ONE QUESTION WE’RE ALL DYING TO KNOW THE ANSWER TO: What’s next for Olivia? There’s a couple of things that may come through at the moment so I’m enjoying the Christmas hiatus and waiting to see when I can pack my suitcases again.

• • • •

Hollywood’s Top Secret Makeup Tips with Joanna Schlip NOIR Beauty Hit List: Tried & Tested 15 Minutes with Makeup Artist to the stars Troy Jenson Star Style Beauty Spread

Image courtesy of The Body Shop


TOP SECRET MAKEUP TIPS BY Hollywood Makeup Artist to the stars Joanna Schlip

zer. isturi at mo e r g use a rated, d y h a nd clean d n is i rrhoi k s haemo sure t r e a k p a ne r. in • M use o La Me (only eyes, first I like e t h s t i wr der se on ss un am, u uffine e p r c e c yes, eye redu the e parts n e • To 0 t 1 i h w to they cream ly do ases). n c o e t m o . . n extre rance rops.. appea eye d h s d e e r t can ola d f reste Menth t! You s l n e l i e b w p the • Po ive a d t in hey g ce an Inves ! d but t n ur fa e o i y r f r st tou ur be o con is yo a nd t r s e e l y a nce ur e • Co er yo night. t und i e ay to ons. s d i u t m c o e f fr u imper last If yo hide akeup ype. m t s n p i l sk he your skin t for n the h o g i r r e im is • Pr that ation d n u o f great ee. ten ck a oil-fr brigh t l • Pi e l i g w y il sh are o h! Blu n blus a h t t old tter o ok a is be l g a n . i n ke th io mplex • No us. Ta obvio e’s co n s o i y n w a ro ! red b onger anicu m l l a nd l e w r e , k d c thi define ssics. pear • A to ap od cla o m w e y h l t Hol t for a mus e r a s blond. lashe rling you’re f for i • Cu n eve neath r a e r d a n c u m as tain black lip, s d ways l l o A b • th a go w i tches e to d i c at ma e h d t u r o y ne lip li • If r it. se a wear. u g k ove , n r c e o i l l t l s u f p i r e l appea ly th r lips n app u a o h y t nd make our, a • To in col k s r you


BODY BLISS Naked Body Butter Packaging was nice; product was great for moisturising after shower/ bath. I definitely recommend for people who do not like fragrance as it has virtually no smell. Rating: 3/5

ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Foundation This foundation sat really well on my dry & sensitive skin and did as it says on the box: Stayed in place. If you have dry skin like me, make sure you moisturise and use a primer before using. Rating: 3/5

ORGANIC SURGES Spiced Lily Foaming Bath I loved this smell! It was great for use of bubbles and I felt relaxed straight away. Scores extra points for being organic. Rating: 4/5

THE BEAUTY HIT LIST: Tried & Tested Compiled by Louise Milligan

PER-FEKT Cheek Perfection Gel Comes in a handy dispenser, perfect for tossing in any size bag. I normally stick with powder blushes so I was hesitant about trying a gel formula, but was pleasantly surprised at the natural glow it gave me. TIP- Less is more Rating: 4/5

SOAP & GLORY Wish Upon a Jar Retro packaging on the outside, with the cream being incased in a silver sphere – very cool. To be used over 21 days with the promise of brightened skin and hiding flaws. I found this face cream to be amazing and was left with not only smooth skin, but also literally glowing like diamonds - very ‘Twilight’like. Oh and it smells really good. Rating: 5/5

BURBERRY Sheer Eye Shadow Slate blue Great colour, suits most eye colours. Comes in excellent packaging with a little pouch to hold the case. Great for a subtle shade or layering to create a more dramatic effect Rating: 3/5 91

SMITH’S Rosebud Salve Lipbalms Minted Rose, Strawberry and the original Rosebud Salve; this lipbalm tin is a must-buy! My lips were left feeling soft and yummy with a hint of gloss to them. There’s a reason these lipbalms are coveted by the A-List. Rating: 5/5

BATISTE Brit Dry Shampoo Every girl should have dry shampoo on their beauty table. The Brit version of the Batiste Dry Shampoo comes in a funky Brit flag can and smells amazing. It is great at getting rid of excess grease, giving you messed up hair or use after washing your hair for a better grip and more volume. Rating: 4/5

RIMMEL Lasting Finish Lipstick The first thing I noticed about this lipstick was not only the bold colours but the sweet smell! It smells like cherries and is amazing! Colour lasts for quite long so would be perfect for a night out. Rating: 3/5

Tried & Tested JEMMA KIDD Ultra-volumising Mascara: brown Bright Packaging makes this product hard to miss. The brown colour is perfect for a natural look although lashes did stick together a bit instead of separating. Rating: 3/5


BENEFIT Prrrowl This was the perfect size for a clutch on a night out. The blue mascara coat attracted attention towards my eyes and took my makeup look from day to night. The lip gloss was a nice colour but I didn’t like the feel of it on my lips. Rating: 3/5

No 7 Speed Dry Nail Polish- Beanie The varnish seemed watery so I would suggest two coats for maximum colour. Speed dry was promised and dried in less than 1 minute. Great colours are available that are on trend. Rating: 3/5

MOROCCANOIL Light Oil Treatment I cannot possibly stress how amazing this product is! It left my hair softer, shiner and helped define my curls. Every strand of my hair felt nourished. Rating: 5/5

Tried & Tested RIMMEL Kohl Eye Liner Pencil I was excited on trying this product from its great reviews. It gives an effective definition of the eyes and the pencil makes it quick and easy to apply. Lasted throughout the entire day. Rating: 4/5

ESTEE LAUDER Sensuous Noir Perfume My favourite perfume is the original Sensuous perfume so I was intrigued about how this version (aptly titled NOIR!) smelt. It is more of a night time version of the original with a spicy tone to it. If you like woody, seductive smells then buy this perfume. Rating: 5/5

JO WOOD Tula Eau de Toilette A sweet flirty floral fragrance. Made from 100% natural ingredients so you won’t find any harmful nasty chemicals. Great for during the day and the fragrance lasted all day! Rating: 3/5 93

By Leanne Milligan

Hi Troy! How did you first break into the makeup industry? I originally wanted to be an artist. I drew all my favourite beauties like Farrah Fawcett, Sofia Loren and Raquel Welch. It’s really how I trained myself to contour and highlight a woman’s face.

Do you need a certain talent to be a makeup artist? I think anyone can learn the art of make up, whether on their own face or making up others. But I think what makes a great make up artist is the ability to make good choices. What look is right for the right red carpet even or photo-shoot. For instance: just this morning I had to glam up an actress for a day of press. I wanted to create a beautiful smoky eye, but she had very irritated eyes. So I kept it light. I didn’t want her to have smeared raccoon eyes by the middle of the day. It’s also choices I make everyday that take me out of my comfort zone and apply the newest trends and make them work for my clients.

What products would we always find in your makeup artist bag? • Revlon Colour Stay foundations 94

• • • • • • • • • • •

Dior EyeShadow Palettes Chanel Red Lipsticks Benefit Cream Eye Shadows Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale rich cream Cargo Powder Blush Jouer Cream Highlighters MAC Smolder black eye liner YSL pale Beige Lipsticks Shu Uemera Eyelash Curler Estee Lauder Make up Brushes My Zuca Pro Kits

What would be your top 5 makeup rules? 1. Master a flawless complexion. 2. Get your brows professionally done to get the right shape, then just keep them up yourself. 3. Pat on bright red lip sticks with your finger tips, to make them more wearable. 4. Try new looks. 5. BLEND BLEND BLEND!

You have created looks for the likes of Megan Fox, Rachel Bilson & Paris Hilton. How do you decide what look to go for? They leave it up to me most of the time, so it can be a lot of pressure, But I live for it. I usually have an idea what I am going to do before I get to the job. I think about Trends first,

the event, and what my client is wearing. It’s kind of amazing, but what I originally want to create…my first intuition always works! I trust in my abilities as a make up artist and I think my celebrity clients feel that and trust me and my creative choices.

Which celebrity do you love to work with? I love Kim Kardashian cause she’s such a gorgeous bombshell, and she loves make up, I love Rachel McAdams because she’s so versatile, and she loves trying different looks, and I loved the work I did with the 90’s girl group Envogue. I did everything with them during their fame as the Funky Diva’s. Last I miss making up Farrah Fawcett, she made me laugh and was so fun and sweet to be around. She’s my guardian Angel now.

What have been your career highs and lows so far? High’s have been; finding an team of agents at MMA that promote me as a top make up artist and also a Photographer. For many years I was told I would have to choose one or the other. Today I am working as both and I love it. I have a lot of support and artists need that to thrive and prosper. Low’s? Life as a freelance artist, there’s lot’s of lows, but you learn to roll with the punches.

What would be your advice for someone wanting to become a makeup artist? Be reliable, on time, clean your kit after every booking, have the best products, be talented and creatively prepared for each job, and don’t gossip about anyone or talk sh*t.. Just do your job and be nice.

QUICK FIRE with TROY: Best foundation: Revlon Color Stay The one tool you have to have in your makeup bag is... Foundation Brushes in all sizes The one celebrity whose makeup I would love to do would be… Lady Ga Ga The best advice I have ever received: “I should do this for a living” When I am not working I love to… Cook dinners at my house with friends, I make mean Enchilada’s. 95

There’s no such thing as a Hollywood romance … being single is tough and sometimes Prince Charming is actually a toad! Confessions of our resident singleton, Laura Smith “Being single is tough! I really admire how you always put yourself out there …” my best friend says to me over cocktails. While I have been habitually single for the past 24 years (and it’s only in the past six that I’ve really been bothered about it), my friend was recently married to the guy she’s been with since 15, and known her whole life. They had a beautiful wedding, to which I had to bring my flatmate as my ‘plus one’ because the guy I’d been seeing had just dumped me through what I’ll describe as lack of contact. Four months of dating quickly descended into radio 100

silence and I was left feeling rejected and with a million questions, while he’d just decided he wasn’t ready for a relationship but deemed that information unworthy of sharing. Needless to say, I got wrecked at the reception! But this particular conversation didn’t concern “commitment-phobe Paul” but focused on another pathetic chapter of my dating history (if any of you have just read Gilda’s article and thought, she’s dated more guys in a month than I have in the last year, trust me you’re not alone!). My most recent dating disaster was a guy I’d met in Edinburgh, rather in my home-town of Glasgow where eligible bachelors are definitely thin on the ground. He seemed perfect! Tall, dark, very handsome, smart, funny, mature, and he worked for charity

‘While alarm bells should’ve been ringing, I went straight into hyper-flirt mode.’ … tick, tick, tick! While alarm bells should’ve been ringing, I went straight into hyper-flirt mode. There was no kissing or exchanging of numbers, instead we shared a taxi from the bar where we’d met into the city centre and parted ways, with him promising to find me on Facebook. Then, a few days later, I received a message from him asking me out. Score! So after several flirty texts I set off for Edinburgh, where we shared a lovely bottle of wine, great conversation and an amazing first kiss before he popped me on the last train home. Next week, he’s through in Glasgow for another great date and even better kiss, with another meeting already arranged (by him.) I thought my dating karma was finally coming around, but then … more radio silence! The day of our date came and went without a word from him, and no reply to my few (I have my pride) texts and phone call simply enquiring what the fuck he was playing at. I was devastated, and all those nagging questions began resurfacing. Even though I really liked him, I’d played it fairly cool and he seemed so keen, so why had he suddenly dropped off the face of the earth? Then a week later I got a call from him but when I answered, with my heart in my mouth, I was met with more silence … just breathing at

‘why had he suddenly dropped off the face of the earth?’ the other end. I hung up, called back and got sent straight to voicemail, where the tirade began. That was the last I time I, er, didn’t quite hear from him. It’s only when I’m retelling the whole pathetic saga to my friend, and she asks “Are you sure he didn’t have someone else through there?” that the penny drops. He probably wasn’t single. It all kind of fits and what makes me feel sick is that it was his girlfriend on the other end

of the phone. This may not be the case, but in a situation where I’ll never get the answers I deserve, it’s seems as good a theory as any, and while he was gorgeous, he was also an asshole so I’ve had a lucky escape. In this case, as with many, Prince Charming turned into the toad and I failed to get my Hollywood ending! And the moral of the story? Being single is tough, and we often need some armour and a plan of attack to help us out, which is why I think “The Rules” Gilda test drives are appealing to many, yet while I think the old idioms of “play it cool” and “treat him mean to keep him keen” are important ones to keep in mind, I’ve never been a fan of game playing! For me, the problem with games is that there’s always a winner and a loser and, more importantly, how the hell does it work if you’re both playing by different rules? While Gilda’s aim was to follow the rules to find a boyfriend, her male friend’s aim was to play his game in order to get laid, after which he wanted nothing more to do with the girl he was dating. It’s an odd Catch-22 which is too depressing for me to get my head around. Clearly, when it came to the guy with a girlfriend he was playing a whole different game, in which I was an unwitting pawn. I think in the end Gilda has the right idea; to adapt the rules to suit you, as we all approach dating differently and are looking for different things, but also keep in mind that when you’re game playing with someone whose already a player, the rules will inevitably go out the window! 101

‘Being single is tough, and we often need some armour and a plan of attack to help us out.’ Since this is the Film Issue, when I compare my dating life in 2010 to Gilda’s, mine was definitely a box office flop! For me, there’s no such thing as a Hollywood romance and for the majority of singles, Hollywood Rom-Coms pretty much act as junk food for the soul. Like the popcorn we consume while watching them, these films make us feel good at the time but ultimately they’re empty calories with no nutritional value and once we’ve had our fill, we often end up feeling a bit guilty and depressed. Here, I’m talking such films as He’s Just Not That Into You, The Women, Valentines Day, Confessions of a Shopaholic, How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days and even Bridget Jones. In this genre of film, the main story arc is driven by a woman in search of a guy or moving on from a relationship, while our “heroines” are often portrayed as vacuous morons obsessed with clothes, shoes and the hunt for Mister Right. If we are given smart and successful women, they are often shown as being “incomplete” without a man, and often end up sacrificing something like a great career for that perfect relationship. And when it comes to single women themselves, they’re often seen as pathetic (just think of the overly keen Ginnifer Goodwin checking her phone every five minutes in He’s Just Not That Into You) until they finally end up with the right guy just in time for the film’s finale. It really doesn’t come as a surprise that the majority of script writers in Hollywood are men and that less than 10% of films are written/ directed by women. That’s not to say we don’t see strong female roles, but if we consider 2009’s BAFTA award nominations for Angelina Jolie in Changeling, Meryl Streep for Doubt and Kate Winslet for both The Reader and Revolutionary Road, it seems the only way for a woman to have a complex character on screen is to be depressing, tormented and self-sacrificing. It hasn’t always been this way. In the golden age of Hollywood, talented actresses such as 102

Katharine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn and Bette Davis played characters who were fully formed, as well as being funny and entertaining. For me, the best example is Rosalind Russell’s role as a feisty journalist in His Girl Friday opposite Cary Grant in Howard Hawks’ 1940 hit romantic comedy. But, as the saying goes, ‘they just don’t make them like they used to’, which is a shame since us single girls could do with some good press and a decent pick-me-up (and non-vomit-inducing) chick-flick now and again. Till then, we’ll just have to stick to horror films, cocktails and Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” as single girl therapy, while we continue on our search for Mr Right, kissing toads along the way.

5:14am - Up early? Haven’t slept yet. We’re not due at the location until 12, but I thought I’d stay awake all night playing my favourite game “F*** the shot list, start all over again”. I’m just killing time. 10:10am – Get into the Studio to start moving the gear. I re-re-re check everything and I’m still not sure we have it all. Mars bar for breakfast. 11:34am – While the crew set up I play my favourite game, “is that a pregnant woman or a fat man at the bus stop?”. I brief the band about what we’re doing today. In and out in 3 hours, they look very worried. 11:37am – Fat man. 2:04pm – The guys take a well deserved break while I review footage. I’m really happy with everything we shot.

2:15pm - For the last shot we need 5 flashlights, which mysteriously all don’t work when we’re ready to shoot. 2:20pm - 8 people on the crew, about 20 extras all can’t figure out where to get a torch in this part of town. Luckily Maplin is a short drive away. 2:30pm - All of Maplin’s torches mysteriously aren’t working either. Shit’s getting spooky. 2:34pm - After going through SEVEN different torches, we finally have working models. We hurry back to the location to film the last shot. 3:04pm - All done and in time. We hold a little Viking funeral for

the broken torches as we chuck them in the Clyde. 5:15pm - Back in Studio and we immediately start cutting it together. Here’s where all communication with the world stops. 2:50am - Realize what time it is and set off home, the cat won’t beat/feed itself. Sit down to dinner, Snickers, while reviewing tomorrow’s shotlist. 4:05am - Fall asleep watching Jeremy Kyle. 103


By Daniela Morosini

Every job has it’s little perks. If you work in insurance, you might find a protection plan for your beloved Alsatians suddenly a little more affordable. If you’re a teacher, the inevitable haul come end of term (well, in primary schools anyway). And when you work in fashion, the perks can be anything from a freebie here to a chance to play dress up for free. Picture the scene: it’s a wintery evening, just before Christmas, and Islington is buzzing with last-minute shopping frenzy. One TV-stylist-turned-shop-owner’s boutique is still open for a special late-night shop-a-thon for the overworked fashionista. You have no real reason to be there, but you know said stylist/shop girl so well now that she’s comfortable with you wandering round her shop, undressing the mannequins, donning their designer outfits and doing little to dissuade shoppers who mistake you for a shop assistant. You find a girl trying on a gorgeous mushroom silk ballgown, considering it for a House Of Parliament do (her boyfriend is some kind of MP/Diplomat extraordinaire), and convince her it’s perfect, and wander off to find a vintage faux fur stole to accompany it. Three hours later, the owner is starting the sale early for you so you might be able to afford the dress you’ve been modeling all night. Gulp. I am so sorry, Mr Bank Manger, but Santa said I was good this year. I’ve always been, for someone who arguably makes her way in the world through retail, hideously bad at both Christmas shopping and sale shopping. The form escapes me until the last minute usually, and the latter leaves me cold, scared and feeling slightly violated by the enormous press of people diving at a sale rail with very little markeddown stock on (hey, Urban Outfitters, for it to constitute a sale, more than three items in store need to be reduced. Make with the cheaps, or take down the signs.) I may have managed to significantly whittle down the number of people I had to shop for through the magic of secret santas, but the ever-present difficult people (I’m looking at you, Dad) always remain. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Maybe, just maybe, when I’m older, wiser and more Nigella-like I will somehow get my act together and buy things in August when I see something appropriate, instead of frantically piecing together gift ideas from scribbled post-its and eBay. Maybe I’ll do more of the shopping online. Maybe come January, I’ll have a proper hit list of things I want, including classics, like brogues, rather than the first gauzy mini dress to come wafting my way. But until then, I’ll be just like everyone else – whipped into a mad panic, and thrown headlong into the sea of shoppers that is the retail world come December. I’ll see you there this year. I’ll be clutching a latte and looking distraught. 104


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MagCloud, by HP, lets you turn your ideas, information and images into a beautful glossy print magazine in no time. With MagCloud you can commercially print 1 or 1000 copies to send to customers, friends or even make it available for sale on our website. Simply upload a PDF of your content and MagCloud will take care of the rest, with easy ordering and print management services. So whether you are creating a photography portfolio, fashion magazine, company brochure or a school newsletter, MagCloud will take your publication from PDF to printed magazine with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.