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life aid TRAINING

Confidence is knowing that your.....

… first aiders really can save lives? … new responsibilities for first aid standards have been easily met? … able to prove how much better you are? … customers & staff feel safer with you? … going to score a few extra points in tenders & awards applications?

...Life Aid Trained?

Changes to the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations Recent changes to the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 have given employers a new responsibility for the quality of first aid training. 1.

You must now either use first aid training that is ‘Ofqual regulated’, like Life Aid Training deliver, or set up regulatory processes comparable to Ofquals: regularly cross referencing the ever changing national requirements against your training provider’s capabilities and approach. Surprisingly the Red Cross and St Johns Ambulance have chosen not to be Ofqual regulated.


Your first aid training must now “be appropriate and adequate…” as established through your own “…needs assessment” and through “appropriate due diligence” and your first aiders must “remain competent to perform their role”. But 70% of CPR, (including that delivered by medical professionals), is unsatisfactory (Resuscitation Council UK) and standards among workplace first aiders are a lot poorer. Employers are now responsible for that. Where their first aiders don’t perform well enough and where it can be shown that their training was not “adequate and appropriate” employers could now be vulnerable to legal action.

Life Aid Training specialise in training first aiders to much higher standards, resulting in first aiders who really are confident in their own ability; who really can diagnose conditions and save lives. But we also give written reports on first aider skills, so that, for the first time, you know how good they are; You can prove it to customers, staff, in tender and award applications and in court should you need to. And so that you can address skills shortages and properly manage your first aiders in an emergency. With employers now being held accountable for the standards reached, it is no longer sufficient to “just put staff through a course that no-one ever fails”

If you would like to learn more about how the recent change in legislation or how Life Aid Training can assist you to meet your new duty of care, please contact Bob Campbell.

life aid TRAINING

A ground-breaking new standard in first aid training that •

Gives you lifesavers who really can save lives

Removes risks from your business

Helps you to win crucial points in tender and award applications

Makes you more appealing to your customers

Makes your staff feel valued and cared for

Contributes to the reputation of your company as a caring, responsible and safe

The care given in the 8 minutes before medical help arrives has more impact on survival and the speed of recovery than all of the subsequent medical care that a casualty receives. The skills and confidence of the first aider are paramount and in law you are now responsible for ensuring adequate and appropriate standards. So how confident are you in your first aiders? Really the question should be “How can you have confidence in them when: •

You have no information about any of their skills

All they have is a certificate that no-one ever failed

According to the Resuscitation Council UK 70% of CPR is unsatisfactory, including that delivered by medical professionals. Standards among first aiders are a lot worse”

You need three things from a first aid course: 1.

The ability to diagnose – so you know what you are dealing with


Lifesaving skills


Confidence in your own ability

But no-one remembers the ‘lists of symptoms’ you’re given on courses. Life Aid Training use videos of heart attacks and epileptic fits instead - so you will know what one is if you ever saw it again. CPR standards are so low because you can’t teach to a measured standard, without measurement? That’s why Life Aid Training introduced measurement into CPR – to coach you to excellence and we commonly achieve 80 – 90% perfection score rates over a 3 day course. Life-Aiders know what conditions they’re dealing with, are highly skilled in their treatment and are fully confident in their own abilities We then report on the standards of your first aiders so that you can • •

have confidence in them

address skills shortages

prove it

engage your first aiders more effectively in an emergency


To customers

allow you to select better candidates to be your first aiders


In tender applications


In award applications


To staff




To your board


In court if you need to

We have a passion for raising the standards in saving lives, but we are more focussed on delivering commercial benefits for your business, for your customers and staff.

Why not? Get in touch to find out more? Call us, meet us, e mail us, or look for us at networking events or on LinkedIn? Find out more about what we can do for you or just to find out more about us? Or jump in and try us – book a course You can do that on Eventbrite (there are links to that through our website) or By contacting us directly

Let us help you select better first aiders? The 1 day Emergency First Aid course is now the first day of the 3 day First Aid at Work course. Why not send several staff on the 1 day course and have a look at their reports before choosing who you want to send on the 3 day course. It’s a better way of ensuring that you have better first aiders?

Enjoy better training - for less? Life Aid Training are a premium service who offer generous first time discounts to new customers so that you can find out for yourself how much better we are. Where you enter a three year contract with Life Aid Training you will be afforded generous discounted rates throughout the term of the contract. Please contact Director Bob Campbell for details

Referral rewards? If you are impressed by what we do: refer us to other businesses who would benefit? And we would pay you a 10% commission on their resulting orders within the first year.

Bob Campbell T: 07977 480833

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life aid TRAINING

Confidence is being life aid trained  
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