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Cesar Ivan Hiraldo


Cesar Iván Hiraldo Rodríguez architect

Address: Fantino Falco st., #57, Alfonso IX building, apt. 2B, Serralles, Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic. Phone: 809-566-1213 Cell: 829-662-9799 ID: 001-1651373-0 Email:


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Education 2001-2008 Architecture, UNIBE (Universidad Iberoamericana) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 1999-2001 Luis Muñoz Rivera School; 11th and 12th grade of High school. 1988-1999 New Horizons bilingual school; primary studies – 10th grade.

Abilities Proficient in the following programs: AutoCAD Cinema 4d Panorama Marker Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Microsoft word Microsoft power point Microsoft excel Languages: Spanish (native) English (native speaking)

Job experience 2007-Current Exclusive designer of the line CONDESA, Designs by Cesar Hiraldo from CONDESA company (woodshop works). 2004-Current Design studio manager, Architect Danilo Rodríguez & associates Co. Project manager: TRACE International Co., (remodeling). Freelance: Designs, 3D rendering, architectural drawings.

© 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo


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This section of the portfolio is dedicated only and exclusively to the projects that were undertaken for subjects during the course of attaining my university degree.


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The second section of the portfolio makes reference to proposals made under contracts with monetary payment.

Contests in which we have participated.

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creativos Note: This portfolio and its content (layouts, renders, writing and art) where made entirely by Cesar Ivan Hiraldo.

Small group of artistic photographs that at some time left their mark in our life, and are members of a larger group of artistic photographic expression.

Some works that have been elaborated to exercise the creativity muscle in other fields of design.

© 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo



The free zone Dajabón was presented for the subject of Design IX, and consisted of an Industrial Zone destined for the manufacturing of textiles that would also have different areas appointed the employees, and contributing with the town, in which the industry would be placed, it would have an area destined to an ephemeral market that would be used by the salesmen of the town. “Camouflage”, was the concept that ruled the aesthetic morphology of the project. As far as the main plan of the complex, the concept is defined by camouflage in a military sense; we can see how the project pretends the wheels of a military tank in its siteplan. As far as the elevations and perspective of the buildings the concept takes another course so that it appears as a “natural camouflage” and the buildings take organic forms present in the surroundings, such as rocks, trees, etc.


© 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo


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Design X LUA-DR (Latin American University of Arts - Dominican Republic)

This piece was done for the last assignment of design class that the university offers, Design X. The project consisted in doing a university of arts, with all the services that an art faculty could offer. It would be located in the town of Jarabacoa, La Vega ,Dominican Republic. The concept used for this project was Organic Architecture. The architectural beings that emerged for this project have a totally organic esthetic that is in direct relation with its surroundings. It is all about taking design to the point where the building’s limits merge with the environment and all looks within the same lot, with the same edges.


Š 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo

Š 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo


THESIS Headquarters for Latin Cinema Festivals

General definition of the project The project is based on giving a location or lodges to the different Latin American film festivals that are done thruout the year, and to the legislations and institutions of the countries that are related directly to the festivals. Furthermore it will house the facilities for the development, production and editing of digital films exclusively.


Š 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo

Š 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo


The design concept parts from a simple visit to the place in which the project would be developed, inspiring a series of forms and generating a number of ideas in our head that were canalized thru the pencil into a series of sketches. We were inspired basically in photographs taken in the place that helped us live and relate a little of the essence of the same. From them we took forms, colors and materials that where then adapted to the design itself.


We wanted the morphology of the complex to be the most iconic as possible; first, because of the character of the project of being the Headquarters, and secondly because the lot therefore requested it, since it is in the shore line. It would not be suitable to make a project that spreaded horizontally throughout the lot, making the users, internal and external, loose the beautiful site that the coastal zone offers, as it happens at the moment in this same site. For that reason if we pay attention to sketches that arose from the beginning (above), they present a vertical being; in which we would then try to concentrate all the activities, so in this way we interrupt in the smallest possible way the surroundings. 11

Š 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo

The forms and lines that we find in these sketches are based directly on the immediate surroundings of the zone, that are the tourist complex of CASA DE CAMPO and the community of EL LIMON. We can see that there is a combination between lines and straight angles and at the same time curves and elliptical forms. The curved and elliptical forms represent what would be the Casa de Campo complex which displaces according its golf courses and has created a curvilinear morphology in the composition of their master plan. And the straight lines placed informally, represent the informality of the majority of the constructions in the community of El Lim贸n, which would be small wooden houses mainly constructed by their same habitants. 漏 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo



Project: Service Center / Parking lot Building Client: Mr. Alfredo Najri Design: Architect Cesar Hiraldo & Architect Hugo Suriel Location: Delta Comercial, coner of Luperon Ave. and Romulo Betancourt Ave., Santo Domingo, DR. Surface: 30,000m2 , content in 4 levels.

Due to the character of the activities that are going to take place in the building, the design tries to be as light and energetic efficient as possible. The idea to have solid concrete walls was replaced with metal profiles placed horizontally, allowing the passage of natural ventilation and light. The outlines of the building are accentuated with red painted concrete walls.


Š 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo

Š 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo



Project: Conforama Furniture Store Client: Architect Danilo Rodríguez Design: Architect Cesar Hiraldo & Architect Hugo Suriel Location: Corner of 27 de Febrero Ave. with Abraham Lincoln Ave., Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Surface: 3,600 m2 The word “furniture” is without a doubt the essence of the being displayed, trying to give to the building the characteristics of being a great container, that would serve as shelter to the store. The building rises over the street level giving the spectator the sensation that it is floating in the air, and also allowing air and natural light in to the underground parking lot.


© 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo

Š 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo


Rado industries Project: Rado Industries (remodeling) Client: Mr. Julio C. Brito Design: Architect Cesar Ivan Hiraldo Location: Manoguyabo highway km 1 , Santo Domingo, DR. Surface: 1,920 m2 Rado Industries is a company dedicated to the sales of glasses, windows, glass doors, etc‌ A minimalist language prevails in the design of the building. we started buy adding metal profiles placed horizontally throughout the front view, to hide the old building, and in the entrance making emphasis with a majestic glass wall accentuated with a concrete frame painted in an electric blue color. The merchandise departure and work shop areas, are the ones that appear in the smaller pictures. The texture of their walls is defined buy aluzinc sheets painted in red.


Š 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo

Š 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo


CARIB SURF SHOP Project: Carib Surf Shop, Santo Domingo Client: Ms. Josefine Holte Friberg Design: Architect Cesar Ivan Hiraldo Location: not defined Surface: not defined The interior design of this very particular store tries to fuse the form of a sea wave with the esthetics and the materials of skate Park. The imaginary wave rises from the button left side of the store and breaks in the middle of the establishment dividing it in two areas, the surf articles (left side), and the skate articles area (right side). In the right end corner we can appreciated the counter area that leads us to the storage room placed above.


Š 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo

Š 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo



Project: Bavaro Residences Client: Mr. Ramon Tatis Design: Architect Cesar Ivan Hiraldo Location: Bavaro, Punta Cana, Dominican Repoblic Surface: 1,035 m2 , of construction

side view


front view 21

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4 3

7 closet


6 closet

1 5 hall


ground level





1 living 2 dining 3 kitchen 4 service 5 bedroom 6 bathroom 7 master bedroom

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TERRACE Project: Terrace Client: Mr. Ivan Monteo Design: Architect Cesar IvĂĄn Hiraldo Location: Paya, Bani, Dominican Repoblic Surface: 130 m2




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The Project consists in a terrace with wooden rooftops mounted on stilts.All the activities generate around the kitchen located in the center, defined buy a wall covered in stones, and hides behind a wooden door that gives us the option of opening it only if the kitchen is going to be used. The furniture are made of concrete, making them more resistant and longer lasting, making them impossible to be stolen; the cushions of the same are stored in a small closet behind the kitchen. The diner table is totally rustic made with material that can be found in the surroundings.

Š 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo



The project Condesa was born in 2007, when the company CONDESA S.A. hires me to design a kitchen for Mrs. Margarita Feliciano. After completing this first kitchen, the company decides to appoint me exclusive designer of the same, and since then we have come realizing a series of woodshop works under the name “CONDESA, Designs by CESAR HIRALDO”, that include kitchen designs, doors, closets, furniture, among others.

Kitchen Montero Farm 25

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Kitchen Mr. Alfredo Dalmau

Kitchen Torre Hazam

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Kitchen Mr. Arturo Santiago



Project: Inca stand Design: Architect Cesar Ivan Hiraldo Location: not defined Surface: 2.50mx5.0m Materials: structure in rod of 1”, covering of electrically fused meshes, metallic sheet painted in blue, oxidized steel sheets with slogan incrusted.

Inca is a company the produces and distributes construction material. They created the contest, “design the stand of INCA”, which consisted in creating stand with only the materials that they produce. The project first of all comes to break with what a traditional fair stand looks like. We want with our product to capture the attention of the individuals that attends this type of conventions the instant they enter the room, offering them a bold and innovating product that catches their attention and simply wakes up the curiosity to investigate what is being exposed in this unusual stand.


© 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo

Š 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo



We have experimented with photography in a self-taught way, looking to satisfy our curiosity and love for image, space and composition.


Š 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo

Š 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo



Creativity is one the most flexible and versatile abilities that a human being could have. The fact of being a creative person makes you capture, shape and compose innovative ideas in any of the fields of design. Design is the shaped product of creativity. A good architect should be able to work in any field that has to do with the design of a product, it being a house, a piece of furniture, a graphic work, even a book. These are some of pieces we have done in different fields of design.

Description: double sit patio chair.


Š 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo

Description: Digital graphic. Size: 11” X 17” © 2008 portfolio Cesar Hiraldo


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