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Live Chat Software’s Features with Respect to Customization Summary: The contemporary live chat software are bundled with a variety of features and one of which is, customization. By adding the customization feature to your live chat software, you can serve a great variety of vendors belonging to different niches. Customizations can be with respect to chat window design, color, logo and much more. The detailed features of live chat software with respect to customization are given in the article. Body The more you explore live chat software, the more likely you are to know about its features. This web-based chat application has seen a number of changes and additions in its features uptill now. In this world of innovation and automation, there is no stop or end for a technology development; this is the major reason that you can find a number of versions of live chat software in the market. Other contributing factors which enticed customers to keep on adding new features in their live chat support included – high customers’ expectations and increasing market competition. Live chat features are incalculable; however, here we are going to discuss its feature with respect to customization. Pre-Designed Chat Window Templates Now all the well reputed live chat software selling companies like Live Admins, offer a variety of pre-designed chat window templates for their customers. Doing this, it becomes easy to facilitate the retailers running different online businesses. Option of Adding your Company Logo Offering a high level of customization, the latest live chat applications facilitate retailers to brand their live chat windows with their company’s logo. Pre-defined chat window templates allow the retailers to add the logo of their own, so it could show maximum compatibility with their websites and businesses. Add a Color of Your Choice The color scheme generator in the contemporary chat applications allow you to choose a color of your choice for your chat window.

Canned Invitations You can easily customize chat invitations which may include greeting invitations. Your chat agents would have an option to add their own names in introductory chat greetings as ‘Hello! I am Steve. How may I help you today’? Easy Customization of Pre and Post Chat Surveys and Offline Messages Most of the live support software in UAE and other business centers, offer pre and post-chat surveys and pre-designed offline messages. The purpose of designing a pre-chat survey is to have a brief customer intro before starting a conversation. This helps live chat operators to provide a more personalized and relevant assistance. On the other hand, a post chat survey is designed to get a feedback on a chat session that has just ended. Additionally, offline messages are sent when a specific online support service is unavailable. In the latest live chat versions, you can customize the pre and post chat surveys and offline messages, according to your own business needs. Easy CRM Integration Customer Relation Management Software’ is a tool that is being increasingly used by the online entrepreneurs to provide a better customer service. Fortunately, vendors can now make their customer service a differentiating factor by integrating it with live chat software. This is how, the latest live chat software versions offer maximum customization with every aspect, so that it can serve the vendors belonging to different niches. On the short note, adding customization feature in your live chat software, is necessary to increase its worth and quality.

Live Chat Software’s Features with Respect to Customization  

The contemporary live chat software are bundled with a variety of features and one of which is, customization

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