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How Live Chat Helps You Run your Online Business in a More Systemic Way? Summary: In this world of automation, vendors as well as purchasers want everything done at their beck and call. This is the reason why, live chat software has become a part and parcel of every e-commerce website. Using this web-based chat application, retailers can run their online businesses in more systematic way than before. The detail of which is given in the article. Body: With the ever-increasing developments in the field of information technology, you can witness innovations and inventions in every field of life, so is the case with online businesses. In this fast-paced world, businesses are running much more systematically than before. Vendors, especially the ones, who are running online businesses, have discovered latest technologies which have transformed everything from customer service to selling. Let us have a brief view of how live chat makes your online business more systematic. Indicate Your Customer Service Hours On a customizable live chat window, you can indicate your customer live support service hours clearly. Suppose if your operators are available, the status is turned ‘Online’; on the other hand, when your service is not available you can set an ‘Offline’ status on your chat button. Proactively Approach Visitors Operators can clearly observe every visitor visiting their website. Live chat enables a chat operator to proactively approach a potential client by sending him a message. The greeting messages are usually pre-designed as ‘Hello! I am Mike. How may I help you today?’ Gather Useful Customers’ Data Online chat software enables operators to have a visitors’ list which has an accurate information about what a particular visitor is looking for, from where has he reached your website and which browser has he used to search for your website. The real-time visitor monitoring feature of live chat software also indicates the number of pages a particular visitor has visited and how much time has he spent on each page. Sound Notifications A live chat application in your website provides sound indications to your chat operators regarding different visitors’ activities through chat button. Sound notifications are useful in a way that these enable operators to get notified about visitors without looking at the chat button window every time. There are basically three kinds of notifications – one indicates new visitors on the site, the other indicates the new chat waiting to be accepted and new incoming messages. Thus, this systematic

approach not only helps operators to multitask; rather they can also provide an online support in a more organized manner. Chat Between the Operators While providing online chat support, visitors have to interact with each other at some instants. Therefore, in operator’s chat window there is another tab other than ‘visitor online tab’ which indicates the availability or unavailability of an operator. This way, seeing the available status of another chat agent, an operator chats with him to take help regarding particular questions or problems, which he finds difficult to solve. Push URL This feature is included in live chat software to make the live support service more affective and helpful for the users. Suppose when a chat agent engages a customer in a live chat conversation, he has to give him detailed information for which he pushes a link. As an operator puts a link in message, the push URL button indicates the option of ‘Send’. The visitor has an option either click that link or cancel it. The live chat app has the ability to watch either the URL sent is on the same site, if it is, it will automatically push the user to that page within five seconds; however, a visitor has the choice either to cancel the redirection or to accept it. This is how, with its amazing features, live support software in UAE and other business hubs enables retailers to run their online businesses in more organized method.

How Live Chat Helps You Run your Online Business in a More Systemic Way?  

In this world of automation, vendors as well as purchasers want everything done at their beck and call.

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