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Volume LXXVIV  |  Number 3  |  March 2013

The Voice of the Trucking Industry in Pennsylvania

Talkin’ ‘bout My Generation! How to communicate with the iPhone generation

Got a Traffic Ticket? What to do if you receive a citation

PLUS... Let Yourself Go... At the 2013 PMTA Annual Management Conference



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Volume LXXIV  |  Number 3  |  March 2013

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The Voice of the Trucking Industry in Pennsylvania

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James Germak, Chairman of the Board

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Rebecca Summers, First Vice Chairman

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Stephanie Fleetman, Vice Chairman Timmy Nelson, Vice Chairman Matthew Campbell, Vice Chairman John Keagel, Treasurer Gladys Knox, Secretary

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Calvin Ewell, ATA Vice President Calvin Ewell, Immediate Past Chairman Charles Bernier Joseph Butzer Patrick Meehan Scott Pauchnik Robert Renner J. Harold Summers Ron Uriah Paul Yerk PMTA HEADQUARTERS STAFF James W. Runk, President and CEO Heather Clements, Membership Coordinator Doris Fee, Financial Consultant Wendy Palermo, Title and Registration Agent and Member Services Dean Riland, Assistant General Manager Carol Smore, Event Coordinator Kevin Stewart, Safety Director Nancy Wilkes, Communications Director PennTrux editor: Nancy Wilkes ( Published by:

717.238.5751 Sarah DiCello, Publications Manager ( For Advertising Information: Alexis Kierce, Account Manager ( PMTA is an affiliate of the American Trucking Associations Annual PENNTRUX subscription rate for members of PMTA is $8.00; included in dues.

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As the driver shortage increases and current Baby Boomer drivers begin to exit the industry, it’s more important than ever to develop communication styles that match the new generation of employees.




Got a Traffic Ticket?

Let Yourself Go...

When you or a driver for your company receive a traffic citation, it is important to have a plan of action.


Everything you need to know about the 2013 PMTA Annual Management Conference.

Additional Changes To Farm Vehicle Size Limits As of January 1, 2013 many of the size limits and operating restrictions have changed.



Volvo Seeks Safest North American Fleets Volvo Trucks is searching for the safest fleets in North America to recognize them with the annual Volvo Trucks Safety Award.


2013 Fleet Safety Awards Accepting Entries PMTA’s Safety Management Council Fleet Safety Awards recognize the most significant safety accomplishments of motor carriers.


Kevin Stewart Joins PMTA Staff PMTA is pleased to announce a new staff position that will significantly strengthen our education and outreach capabilities.


Transportation Industry Insurance Specialists Over 40 YearsSpecialists of Service Transportation Industry Insurance Over 40 Years of Service Experience That Counts When You Need It OnWhen and Off the Road Experience That Counts You Need It On and Off the Road

���� ���� ���� ���� AMERICAN

Charlie Bernier › Scott Nuelle


Kevin Forbes




888-313-3226 | Charlie Bernier, President 888-313-3226 Charlie Bernier, President 888-313-3226 526802_ECBM.indd 1 526802_ECBM.indd 4 PENNTRUX


4/18/11 2:35:29 PM 4/18/11 2:35:29 PM


MISSION STATEMENT The Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association was organized to promote the common business interests of persons engaged in the motor transportation industry. It is dedicated to effectively representing the concerns of the trucking industry to members, government and regulatory agencies, and the general public. PMTA has further pledged to assist member companies in managing the impact of change in the trucking industry, and to enhance the professional and economic growth of its members. The Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association’s primary functions are as follows: n

 o work with the Legislature T and regulatory agencies to foster, promote and preserve a strong economic climate for trucking in the Commonwealth.


 o partner with the T enforcement agencies to develop and support safety initiatives that protect the motoring public.


 o provide a forum for T continuing education through seminars, workshops and conferences.


 o disseminate positive T industry information to the press promoting the industry.


 o be available to our T members for personal assistance whenever the need arises.

Jim Germak, Jagtrux, Inc. Governor’s Transportation Funding Plan By now, most of you have had time to digest Gov. Tom Corbett’s plan for transportation funding. The governor said the plan was created after carefully weighing all the options identified by the Transportation Funding Advisory Commission (TFAC), of which PMTA President Jim Runk is a member. His plan is to spend $1.8 billion over five years to fix the Commonwealth’s crumbling transportation infrastructure, focusing on modernizing PennDOT and other transportation entities. A bulk of the funding would be generated through lifting the decade-plus-old cap on wholesale gasoline. Full removal of the cap would add 28.5 cents per gallon to the tax paid by wholesalers, and some or all of that could be passed on to consumers. Corbett’s proposal also includes a reduction of the at-the-pump motor fuels tax by one cent next year and another cent the following year to soften the impact. Transportation Secretary Barry Schoch said the state would lose about $55 million to $60 million for each cent reduced. The plan includes spending $1.2 billion on state roads and bridges and another $600 million on public transit, local roads and bridges, Pennsylvania Turnpike expansion projects and multi-modal funding. Key points of the plan are as follows: • Addresses decades of underinvestment. • Decreases the flat tax by nearly 17%. • Modernizes and aligns agencies, business practices and investment strategies. • Ensures that all system users pay their fair share, not just Pennsylvania residents. If you don’t use the system, you don’t pay for it. • Ensures the continued safety of our transportation system, which among other things carries 1.5 million children to school each day. • Enacts long-term legislation, organizational and finance plans to meet current needs and act on future opportunities. • Creates an inflationary financing method, ensuring that Pennsylvania’s transportation infrastructure is adequately funded into the future. In the customer service enhancement category is replacing Pennsylvania’s current annual vehicle registrations with a two-year registration and replacing the current four-year driver’s license with a six-year license. Transition to the new system would begin July 1, 2014. Corbett’s plan would generate $510 million in the first year and $1.8 billion in the fifth and final year. That is short of the $3.5 billion per year in additional funding that a state advisory commission said was necessary to keep up the state’s infrastructure; it is also well below the $2.5 billion in new annual funding recommended by the TFAC. Senate Transportation Chairman John Rafferty said a final plan should match the report’s funding level. He said, “There are two branches involved in this — the Legislature and the Executive. The Legisture’s looking at everything. Everything.” Rafferty will release the Senate’s version very soon. Stay tuned as we continue to follow this. As Corbett said, “Together, I believe that we can find a way to improve our transportation funding system in order to ensure the safety of our citizens who depend on our transportation system every day, improve our economy, make Pennsylvania more attractive place to create or expand a business, and explore all that our great Commonwealth has to offer.”


Got a Traffic Ticket? By Angela N. Rainey, Esq., Marcello & Kivisto, LLC


hen you or a driver for your company receive a traffic citation, it is important to have a plan of action and to be aware of the steps you need to take in order to protect you or your driver’s driving record, CSA score and CDL. Here are some considerations and tips to help you or your driver be better prepared to deal successfully with a traffic citation.

1. Carefully Review the Citation – Different states have different ways of handling a traffic citation. Important information concerning your rights will likely be listed on the traffic citation. For instance, in Pennsylvania you have 10 days to enter your plea and send in either collateral or pay fine and costs. Citations issued in other states may set an automatic hearing date. It is important to make sure you do not miss any court deadlines as it may result in a guilty plea and/or a suspension of your license.

2. Consider Where the Violation Occurred – If you received a citation in a state other than the state where you are licensed it is good practice to call an attorney who practices in the state in which you are 6 PENNTRUX

licensed to determine what if any affect a guilty plea and/or a conviction would have on your license in your licensing state. The majority of states are part of a license compact, which requires a state where a driver pleads guilty and/or is convicted to report the plea and/or conviction to the driver’s “home” state, which is the state where they are licensed.

3. Don’t Forget About Your Inspection Report – If your citations are received in connection with an inspection report, do not forget to review and challenge any inappropriate violations contained on your inspection report. The inspection report and traffic citation are separate. Only violations contained on an inspection report will be reflected in your CSA score. A finding of not guilty or the dismissal of a traffic citation will NOT automatically remove a violation from your inspection report. In order to remove an improper violation from your inspection report, which will remove it from your CSA score, you will need to submit a DataQ challenge.

4. Consider Consulting an Attorney – In today’s economy, it may appear more fiscally prudent to represent yourself. However, before you decide to represent yourself consider that typically an initial consultation on a traffic citation will be free and whether there are any special circumstances, i.e. facing a possible suspension, potential points on a license, other unique facts or circumstances, that may be better handled by an attorney.

5. If You Do Consult An Attorney Be Prepared - Have a copy of the traffic citation, inspection report and any supporting documents available for review. Some important preliminary information you should be ready to provide the attorney include; (1) when you received the citation, (2) where you received the citation, (3) the specific vehicle code you were cited with violating, (4) the hearing date if you have received one and (5) the fine amount.

6. A Helpful Officer May Not Be As Helpful As You Think

Pa.C.S.A. 3309(1), which is a no-points violation, however, the violation constitutes a serious traffic offense for a commercial driver.

7. The Defendant Driver is the Client and Not the Company – I actually have not run into this problem, however, it can arise when a company retains an attorney for a driver who receives a traffic citation. While the company is paying the attorney’s bill it is the driver who is the client. As the client, it is the driver who will be ultimately responsible for the fine, costs and/or penalties associated with a conviction and/or guilty plea for a traffic citation. Therefore, the decision on how the case should proceed is the driver’s decision.

8. Keep in Mind Potential Consequences of a Guilty Plea vs. Conviction – If a driver receives a traffic citation in connection with a motor vehicle accident, the driver’s conviction and/or guilty plea may be admissible in a civil case depending on the state.

- Officers who attempt to be helpful during the stop may not be as helpful as you think. For instance, I had a case where an officer thought he was doing a commercial driver a favor by citing him under 75


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Let Yourself

2013 PMTA Annual Management Conference May 16-18, 2013 Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort & Spa Cambridge, Maryland


Relax...just let yourself go, relax... You’ve got yourself tied up in a knot. The cure? Join us May 16-18 for the 2013 PMTA Annual Management Conference at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort & Spa in Cambridge Maryland. Learn something new. Laugh with friends. Get away from the routine. Find a large body of water and breathe deeply. Anything can happen if you let it. So let yourself go to PMTA’s Annual Management Conference. Situated on the banks of the Choptank River, the 400-acre hotel and resort is ideally located for family activities, water sports, and retreats. PMTA is planning a full schedule of educational sessions and social activities at this wonderful Eastern Shore property that takes full advantage of the picturesque landscape. Golf, sailing, fishing, swimming, hiking, and more are available on the resort. The region has more than 1,700 miles of shoreline offering fishing, biking, boating, swimming and canoeing. Historic St. Michaels and Oxford are less than 25 minutes away, and the Naval Academy and Annapolis are about an hour away. There will be plenty of opportunities to learn at this year’s conference. Below is a list of seminars that will be taking place:

Friday • All’s Not Quiet on the National Front

American Trucking Associations’ Chairman Michael Card will give us an update on ATA’s activities and focus and discuss the industry’s challenges.

• Oye Oye – Order in the Court

This isn’t your father’s court case. Through an abbreviated mock trial, McNees Wallace and Nurick attorneys will present on relevant and timely issues to the transportation industry, including hours of service, load securement, drivers’ records, CSA scores, distracted driving, independent contractor issues and general accident and evidentiary issues. After deliberations, the jury will present its verdict.

• News from the West Wing

Mary Phillips, Senior Vice President, Legislative Affairs, for American Trucking Associations will discuss the regulation pipeline and how your opinion matters when shaping legislation.

• A Geo-What??

Here’s how your vehicles can bypass weigh stations and mobile inspection sites. Marc Nichols, director of sales, motor carriers, for Drivewyze, Inc., will describe Drivewyze’s electronic pre-clearance system that uses GPS technology to give commercial vehicles bypass capabilities at weigh stations and mobile inspection sites.

Saturday • Statistics Can Be Fun!

American Transportation Research Institute’s Rebecca Brewster will discuss the latest on ATRI’s research. ATRI conducts some of the most thorough research in the trucking industry, on topics ranging from the EOBR mandate, CSA, seat belt use, the HOS restart, and much more. Learn what facts will impact legislation, regulations, and your business.

• Talkin’ ‘bout My Generation

Laura Stacks of ACS Advertising and TripPak Services, a Xerox Company, will discuss targeting generations of truck drivers in recruiting. In 2013, the way you target a driver to work for your company is very different than it was a few years ago. For a trucking company, it is important to have a diverse plan to attract all generations of drivers. Laura will teach you ways to communicate with potential drivers and to deal with the generational realities.

• Dawning of the Age of Natural Gas

Eve Grenon-Lafontai, Westport Innovations, Inc., will discuss natural gas options. Trucking will probably look back on 2012 as the turning point for the adoption of natural gas as a viable alternative fuel for heavy-duty fleets. She will help debunk some myths, present the facts and give options for carriers of all sizes.

What about that fun we promised you? On Thursday night, we will have a welcome dinner with a nautical theme in the Regatta pavilion. Feast on Maryland crabcakes handmade while you watch and other local foods while listening to a live band. On Friday morning, we offer a unique presentation by event stylist Andrew Zill. As a design director and event stylist, Andrew creates and manages event décor, stage and set designs and elements for national clients including Harpo Publications/O Magazine, Cover Girl, Johns Hopkins Institutions, the Baltimore Ravens and many private and celebrity clients. Andrew also served as an on-camera designer for HGTV’s Curb Appeal and Kid’s Space. He will discuss trends in food and beverage and show you how to create tablescapes even Martha Stewart would envy. Also, golfers can opt to play the River Marsh course on Friday.


Hotel amenities as well as points of interest in the Cambridge area include the following: • Swim in one of three outdoor pools or the indoor pavillion pool

• Brannock Maritime Museum

• Charter fishing and sailing, boat rentals and cruises are available

• James B. Richardson Maritime Museum

• The fitness center, four indoor tennis courts, or miles of scenic walking/jogging trails will keep your fitness schedule on track

• Neild Museum and Herb Gardens

• A world-class spa and salon for pampering

• Taylors Island Wildlife Refuge

• Harriet Tubman Museum and Educational Center

• Blackwater Wildlife Refuge

On Friday afternoon, enjoy a tour of historic St. Michael’s, including the Maritime Museum and wine tasting. We’ll have a bus and tour guide ready. On Friday night, enjoy music and political satire by The Capitol Steps, the Washington based troupe of Congressional staffers turned songwriters. The comedy troupe says it puts the MOCK in democracy, and nothing is sacred. With songs like “If I Tax a Rich Man,” they have been telling it like it is for more than 30 years. Marcello and Kivisto, LLC, are sponsoring The Capitol Steps performance.

• Goldsborough Stables (1790)

PMTA is offering tabletop exhibits this year, offering businesses a wonderful opportunity to showcase your services or products to engaged attendees. Benefits of sponsorship include logo display at the conference, signs at sponsored events, company name, address, phone number and contact listed in the conference program book, recognition on PMTA’s website, listing in PennTrux, and designation noted on name badges.

The annual Fleet Safety Luncheon will be on Saturday. Also, Saturday evening is the gala banquet celebrating PMTA’s accomplishments of the year and a look ahead to what to expect from PMTA in 2013.

Additional information is available on our website, including online registration for the conference and online reservations for the Hyatt, a full event schedule, additional details on all events and attractions, sponsorship details, and more. Visit and click on the community calendar, PMTA Headquarter events, or call us with any questions at 717.761.7122.

The premier event of the year, PMTA’s Annual Management Conference provides a great opportunity for one-on-one networking and promoting your business in an educational, fun and relaxing setting. Sponsoring is a great way to strengthen your business relationships.

So, go ahead and relax…let yourself go…and join us May 16-18 for the 2013 PMTA Annual Management Conference at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort & Spa in Cambridge Maryland. We look forward to seeing you there!



NAME (Please print name as it will appear on your badge.)

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Register early for your chance to win an iPAD MINI! Early Bird–3/25 No refunds for cancellations after 4/25.

Please check all events each individual will be attending.

Early Registration: March 25 • Registration Deadline: April 24



o Full Conference — includes Thursday, Friday and Saturday dinners, Friday and Saturday breakfasts, Saturday lunch, receptions, educational sessions, activities o Individual $500 (after 3/25–$525) o Couple $775 (after 3/25–$800) o Children (4–12) $125 (how many) _____ o Thursday Only $200 (after 3/25–$225) o Friday Only $300 (after 3/25–$325)

Number attending _____ Number attending _____

o Saturday Only (includes Fleet Safety Luncheon) $375 (after 3/25–$400) o Fleet Safety Luncheon Only – May 5 – $60 each

Number attending _____

Number attending _____

MEALS Please indicate number attending each so we have an accurate meal count. o Thursday Welcome Dinner – May 16 o Friday Dinner – May 17

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Number attending _____

o Fleet Safety Luncheon – May 18 o Saturday Dinner – May 18

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The first 25 registrants will be entered into a drawing for the iPad Mini.

o Golf – May 17 – $140 each (includes box lunch)

Number attending _____

o St. Michaels historic bus tour – May 17, afternoon – $50

Number attending _____

o Entertaining Design with Andrew Zill – May 17, morning – $20

Number attending _____


Fax or mail registration forms to: Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association (PMTA) 910 Linda Lane, Camp Hill, PA 17011 Fax: 717-761-8434 You can also register online at PMTAs website, Go to the community calendar, PMTA Headquarter events.

Payment Options

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Register for your hotel rooms at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay’s reservations link:

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We have secured a $195 room rate. To receive this special rate, please reserve your room by April 24.

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Exhibit & Sponsor Form LET YOURSELF GO | 2013 PMTA ANNUAL MANAGEMENT CONFERENCE MAY 16–18 • HYATT REGENCY CHESAPEAKE BAY GOLF RESORT & SPA • CAMBRIDGE, MD The premier event of the year, PMTA’s Annual Management Conference provides a great opportunity for one-on-one networking and promoting your business in an educational, fun and relaxing setting. Sponsoring is a great way to strengthen your business relationships. PMTA is offering tabletop exhibits this year, offering businesses a wonderful opportunity to showcase your services or products to engaged attendees. Benefits of sponsorship include logo display at the conference, signs at sponsored events, company name, address, phone number and contact listed in the conference program book, recognition on PMTA’s website, listing in PennTrux, and designation noted on name badges. Thank you for your generous support of PMTA and its services and programs. Platinum: $6,000 • Includes two single registration fees or one couple registration • Prime recognition in conference promotional, on site and recap materials • Exclusive signage at sponsored event • Company representatives introduced at sponsored event • Special recognition on PMTA’s website with link to your website • Platinum sponsor ribbon on name badge • Listing in PennTrux • Add a tabletop display for $500 Gold: $3,000 • Conference registration for ONE company representative • Prime recognition in conference promotional, on site and recap materials • Signage at sponsored event • Listing in PennTrux • Special recognition on PMTA’s website • Gold sponsor ribbon on name badge • Add a tabletop display for $500

Silver: $1,500 • $50 off conference registration for ONE company representative • Recognition in conference promotional, on site and recap materials • Signage at sponsored event • Listing in PennTrux • Listing on PMTA’s website • Silver sponsor ribbon on name badge • Add a tabletop display for $500 Bronze: $800 • Recognition in conference promotional, on site and recap materials • Listing in PennTrux • Listing on PMTA’s website • Bronze sponsor ribbon on name badge • Add a tabletop display for $500 Contributing: $400 • Recognition in conference on site and recap materials • Listing in PennTrux TABLETOP DISPLAYS: $1,000 • Recognition in conference on site and recap materials • Introduction at conference

Tabletop displays — $1,000 • You must register for the conference to have a tabletop display • Display hours are 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday • Location immediately outside meeting room where we will have breakfast buffet and coffee breaks Company Name



o Invoice


Card # Exp. Date CVV# Name On Card Signature Company Contact Address State Zip Phone Fax Email

Logo Information o Providing logo via email or disk (eps files preferred) Email to o I do not have a logo. List the following information:

Please fax to 717-761-8434 or mail to: PMTA • 910 Linda Lane • Camp Hill, PA 17011

Contact o Tabletop display — $1,000

Pledge Amount o Enclosed (checks payable to PMTA)

o Tabletop display with sponsorship — $500

Be Seen. Be Heard. The road to managing safety and compliance is easier than ever. Developed by PITT OHIO, SAFETYBOX helps you put safe, compliant, well-trained drivers on the road.

To advertise in this publication contact Alexis Kierce, Account Manager

SAFETYBOX is safety, compliance and risk management software for the transportation, insurance and warehousing industries.


1-800-366-7488 ext. 6206

Truck, Trailer & equipmenT aucTion april 19Th marieTTa, pa Now Accepting Consignments! Trucks for Sale?

Let Hess Auctioneers turn your excess Trucks, Trailers and Equipment Into CASH!

2013 Consignment Auctions April 19th July 19th September 20th December 13th

Absolute/ Reserve Options PA Auction Co. # AY2025/AH1856/VB1159



Call Us About our Fleet Dispersal/Liquidation Services PENNTRUX 13

On the Cover Talkin’ ‘bout My Generation Communication techniques must adapt to generational differences


ow do you solve a problem like Maria? You know the song, from The Sound of Music. You can substitute the name Josh or Matt or Jennifer. The song goes, “Many a thing you’d often like to tell her. Many a thing she ought to understand. How do make her stay, and listen to what you say? How do you keep a wave upon the sand?” What she would rather do is read a text message or send a tweet instead of having a faceto-face conversation. If you are a Baby Boomer, you grew up with television that went off the air at midnight, and the telephone or mail were how you communicated. Your parents grew up with radio, and you can’t imagine sitting around listening to a story on the radio. Your children are likely in Generation X (born 1960-1980) or Generation Y (born 1981-2000). If you’re part of the later generations, even as you nurse tendonitis in your thumbs, you get frustrated by your elders’ lack of intuitive knowledge about computers and technology. Cross-generational communication is not a new challenge, but it is a surmountable one if you understand the culture and behaviors of each other.

Generation X children were born after the Baby Boomers, shortly before, during or after the general introduction of digital technology. Apple’s personal computer and Microsoft’s operating systems were becoming commonplace. These children grew up with video games, cable television and the Internet. They are sometimes called the MTV Generation. In the preface to “Generation X Goes Global: Mapping a Youth Culture in Motion,” author Christine Hensler, Ed., said Generation X is “a generation whose worldview is based on change, on the need to combat corruption, dictatorships, abuse, and AIDS. They are a generation in search of human dignity and individual freedom and the need for stability, love, tolerance and human rights for all.”

“...It’s more important than ever to develop communication styles that match the employees in order to recruit and retain them.” Laura Stacks-TripPak Services and ACS Advertising

Generation X volunteerism rates in the United States were 29.4% in 2012, the highest rate compared with other generations. To them, change is more the rule than the exception. These people tend to ignore leaders and work for more long-term institutional systematic change through economics, media and consumer actions. Generation Y is also called the Millennials, or Generation Me. They exhibit an increased level of narcissism compared to previous generations. As a response to the technological and economic implications of the World Wide Web, Generation Y has distinctly different behaviors, values and attitudes. They have helicopter parents and a penchant for delaying some rites of adulthood, like moving from home. These children are the first generation to grow up with computers at home. Generation Y is also known as the Trophy Kids, riding the trend in sports and other activities where mere


Continue this discussion at PMTA’s Annual Management Conference. What are you most interested in learning when it comes to communicating with younger generations? What have you found that works? Doesn’t work? Send your questions and comments to Nancy Wilkes,, and we’ll incorporate them into Stacks’ session. participation is enough to merit a trophy. That is definitely an issue in the corporate world. They tend to switch jobs more frequently than Generation X. Compared to earlier generations, they show an increase in neoliberal approach to politics and economics. Barrie Hadfield, CTO of SkyDox, a file sharing and collaboration service, wrote an article for Forbes online called “5 Ways Gen Y is Changing Your Business, Like It or Not.” He said Generation Y workers have brought their own methods of interacting with each other into the workplace, which have since been seamlessly adopted by other employees. “If there is one word to describe Gen Y’s communication habits, it is ‘constant.’ When they are not sleeping, they are finding ways to engage with others. Other employees have followed suit. The last 10 years have also witnessed dissolution of the line between office and home,” he wrote. Companies have embraced this. Research shows that 70% of organizations now encourage teleworking. Gen Y takes pride in being defined in part by the devices they use. They demand they use their own devices for work. Instant messaging, the immediate sensation of 1997, became a social phenomenon, and by 2001 nearly three out of four teenagers were using instant messaging. Its office use has grown with the age of these early adopters. IM platforms are now found in file sharing platforms, company intranets and conference software. Hadfield said the advent of file sharing platforms may end up being the most important

and necessary Gen Y innovation for the office. And then there is Facebook, created by one of Gen Y’s own. Social networks have an enormous impact on businesses. “Personal profiles, activity feeds and status updates are integrated effectively into many business tools,” Hadfield said. Laura Stacks, strategic account manager for TripPak Services and ACS Advertising, provided some tips for communicating with Generation Y. At PMTA’s 2013 Annual Management Conference, she will talk about the importance of recognizing other generations in the workplace don’t necessarily think like we do or like we think they think. She said, “As the driver shortage increases and current Baby Boomer drivers begin to exit the industry, it’s more important than ever to develop communication styles that match the employees in order to recruit and retain them.” Her tips on communicating with Gen Y follow: • Provide them with lots of feedback. They expect it, and if they don’t receive it, they think something is wrong. Build regular times to provide feedback and make attempts in between to offer it up as well. • This is the generation of “everyone gets a trophy.” Whether they won or not, every team member got one. They are used to working in “teams” and prefer to do so. They like to get a lot of opinions from others before making decisions, so build the team you want and pair the Gen Y’s with the right members—maybe more senior members that make the best combination. PENNTRUX 15

On the Cover • They seek flexibility—being able to make choices about their workplace. They are always “on”…online and available, and though they might use after work hours to work, they expect their employers to respect their home time and time off the clock. • Twenty-somethings—the iPhone Generation—would rather send you a text message than sit in a room face-to-face. When interacting with peers and senior clients, this isn’t always appropriate, and you may have to outline preferences on communication with specific groups. What we see as unprofessional and unacceptable does not always line up with their perceptions. • In school, the Generation Y group received very little negative feedback and instead heard, “This is not quite right, you’re almost there.” It is important with this group to frame negative feedback in a positive way. It’s how they respond best. • Offer opportunities for professional development— they want more than just a check. Offer projects and opportunities to provide continuous challenges and keeping them engaged at their highest levels of performance.

• They may be the iPhone generation, but it is important to remember that does not necessarily reflect a fully developed skillset of all software and technology. Be sure to provide complete training on systems as this generation is more likely to be over-confident in how something works and could make incorrect assumptions. At the same time, they are eager to learn and generally quick to train. Hadfield wrote, “The integration of personal mobile devices, consumer applications and social networks in the workplace is now permanent. As Gen Y continues to wield a stronger professional influence, it is inevitable that these tools will do so as well. “We should learn from Gen Y, arguably the most communicatively adept generation in human history, and embrace the huge strides in collaboration brought forth by these new technologies. These innovations have streamlined business communications, while improving efficiencies—the next step is now for organizations to make sure they implemented this technology properly. And those that do have the potential to entirely reinvent and redefine what social business means to their organizations.”

The Time for

E-Logs is


with E-Logs

Prepare for the future of electronic logs with Encompass™, J. J. Keller’s E-Log and compliance solution. Over 1,300 carriers already use Encompass to improve their compliance. You can, too. With 60 years of safety and compliance experience, plus a range of services that audit over 12 million driver logs each year, you can rely on J. J. Keller to make your transition to E-Logs a smooth one.

Business Services

Get the E-Log and compliance solution that’s endorsed by Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association. Find out more about our flexible E-Log options today! 888-473-4638 ext. 2182 PC 101950


J. J. Keller and your State Trucking Association are partners in compliance

SafetyCheck Additional Changes To Farm Vehicle Size Limits Act 209 Of 2012 A

s of January 1, 2013 many of the size limits and operating restrictions have changed for “implements of husbandry.” Note the following changes to the Pennsylvania vehicle code title 75, chapter 49; §4921(b)(2) Any implement of husbandry not exceeding 14 feet 6 inches in width may be driven, hauled or towed without any restriction as to time on highways other than freeways in accordance with the following: (i) (Reserved). (ii) The implement may be driven, hauled or towed within 50 miles of any farm owned or operated by the owner of the implement of husbandry. (iii) The implement may be driven, hauled or towed between: (a) Farms; or (b) A  farm owned or operated by a farmer and a place of business of a mechanic or dealer in implements of husbandry; located not more than 150 miles away for the purpose of buying, selling, trading, loaning and leasing, demonstrating, repairing or servicing the implement of husbandry. (iv) W  hen driven, hauled or towed between sunset and sunrise, the implement of husbandry shall have and operate at least one flashing or revolving yellow light or yellow strobe light, which shall be mounted to provide visibility to vehicles approaching from any direction, 360° visibility, regardless of the method of mounting and hazard signal lamps. (2.1) Any implement of husbandry, exceeding 14 feet 6 inches and not exceeding 16 feet in width, may be driven, hauled or towed between sunrise and sunset on highways other than freeways if the implement of husbandry is covered by financial responsibility under paragraph (2.2)(vi) and is preceded by a pilot vehicle that displays an “oversize load” sign on the front of the vehicle and has continuously activated hazard signal lamps. The implement of husbandry shall have and operate at least one flashing or revolving yellow light or yellow strobe light, which shall be mounted to provide visibility to vehicles approaching from any direction, 360° visibility, regardless of the method of mounting and hazard signal lamps. Implements subject to this paragraph may be driven, hauled or towed: (i) W  ithin 50 miles of any farm owned or operated by the owner of the implement of husbandry. (ii) Between:

(a) Farms; or (b) A  farm owned or operated by a farmer and a place of business of a mechanic or dealer in implements of husbandry; located not more than 150 miles away for the purpose of buying, selling, trading, loaning and leasing, demonstrating, repairing or servicing the implement of husbandry. (2.2) An implement of husbandry exceeding 14 feet 6 inches and not exceeding 16 feet in width may be driven, hauled or towed on highways other than freeways between sunset and sunrise within 25 miles of any farm owned or operated by the owner of the implement of husbandry if all of the following are met: (i) T  he implement of husbandry is equipped with reflective edgemarks or lights to identify the outermost edges of the rear and front of the implement that are visible from the front, the rear and, as is practicable, from each side; (ii) T  he implement of husbandry shall have and operate at least one flashing or revolving yellow light or yellow strobe light, which shall be mounted to provide visibility to vehicles approaching from any direction, 360° visibility, regardless of the method of mounting, and hazard signal lamps; (iii) T  he implement of husbandry is not driven, hauled or towed at a speed greater than 25 miles per hour; (iv) T  he implement of husbandry is driven, hauled or towed by a person who is at least 18 years of age; (v) T  he implement of husbandry is followed by a vehicle that is displaying an “oversize load” sign on the rear of the vehicle and is operating continuously activated hazard signal lamps; and (vi) T  he implement of husbandry is covered by the minimum levels of liability insurance coverage on the vehicle as are required to be maintained under chapter 17 (relating to financial responsibility) by owners of registered motor vehicles. The requirement of this subparagraph shall be met if the minimum amounts of liability insurance coverage for the implement of husbandry have been provided under farm liability insurance coverage maintained generally by the owner. Coverage prescribed under subchapter B of chapter 17 (relating to motor vehicle liability insurance first party benefits) shall not be required to be maintained or provided for the implement of husbandry.


Volvo Seeks Safest North American Fleets for 2013 Volvo Trucks Safety Award V

olvo Trucks is searching for the safest fleets in North America to recognize them with the annual Volvo Trucks Safety Award. For the fifth consecutive year, two fleets with the safest driving records and top safety programs will receive $25,000 to be used toward their safety-related activities. Volvo Trucks will again join Michelin in sponsoring the Volvo Trucks Safety Award, which highlights the importance of highway safety for the trucking industry and the motoring public. “Improving highway safety remains a top priority for Volvo Trucks and the trucking industry,” said Göran Nyberg, president, Volvo Trucks North American Sales & Marketing. “We’re proud to again have an opportunity, along with Michelin, to celebrate the industry’s best and highlight the areas that help make them successful. Safe trucking operations do not occur by chance. Fleets must be in tune with all aspects of their operations, from their safety cultures and programs to equipment selection.”

The Volvo Trucks Safety Award is open to all U.S. and Canadian fleets operating at least five Class 8 units. Fleets must have at least one Volvo tractor in operation to be eligible for the award. Entrants will be ranked by their accident frequency rates. Participating fleets will also be judged on their accident prevention activities. The deadline for entry is July 31, 2013. The winners of the award will be announced during the American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference & Exhibition in October 2013. The two grand prizes will be awarded to the fleets with the best records in two divisions based on annual vehicle miles traveled: less than 20 million miles and more than 20 million miles. Complete rules and entry forms are available at To view previous Safety Award recipients discussing their approaches to fleet safety, visit en-us/fleet_safety_awards/winners.

GREAT WEST’S COLLISION AND REPAIR EXPRESS The Great West C.A.R.E. program. You might wonder SM

why we picked that name. Simple. Care is what we do, and care is what you get with Great West Casualty Company. Let’s say you experience a breakdown or a collision in an unfamiliar area. How do you pick a local repair shop you can trust to do the job quickly, and do it right? That’s where we can help. We have approved lists of quality repair shops and have local adjusters wherever you need assistance. We’ll help you choose the right shop so you can be back on the road in no time. Plus, any time, day or night, you can talk to a real, live person who’ll give you the answers you need. Great West Casualty Company – Because no matter where you are, we’re with you every step of the way.

WE CARE 24/7


TO FIND AN AGENT VISIT GWCCNET.COM AND CLICK ON “FIND AN AGENT” Not available in all states. All policy terms, conditions, definitions, and exclusions apply to this coverage. Please see your agent for exact provisions.


The Difference is Service

800-228-8053 800-228-8053

Safety Awards

2013 Fleet Safety Awards Accepting Entries P

MTA’s Safety Management Council Fleet Safety Awards recognize the most significant safety accomplishments of motor carriers. The awards go to the fleet with the best safety record (lowest number of reportable accidents per million vehicle miles of operation), safety improvement and the overall winners selected from winners in each division. The President’s Trophy is based on a fleet’s safety program and industry safety activities. Any motor carrier that is a member of PMTA may enter. Deadline is April 1, so gather your information and complete the entry form, available at or by calling PMTA, 717.761.7122. The Fleet Safety Awards affords three types of competition: • Safety Record – competition between fleets of similar size, type and scope of operations. Awards are given in each division and mileage class to those fleets with the lowest number of reportable accidents per million vehicle miles of operation. • Safety improvement – a certificate is awarded to each fleet that improves on its record of the preceding year. A division improvement is given to the fleet in each division that has the greatest reduction in its frequency rate.

• PMTA overall winners – awarded to the motor carrier with the most outstanding safety program and record of safety activities. Competition is limited to winners in the Fleet Safety Awards contest. Carriers with the same basic accident potential will be grouped in the same division of the contest. Competition is conducted in the following divisions: General commodities truckload General commodities less than truckload Tank trucks Household goods Heavy haulers Flatbeds Dump trucks Miscellaneous fleets Each contestant must submit an annual report of its mileage and accident experience on the form. The names of fleets receiving first, second and third place awards in the various divisions, subdivisions and mileage classes will be announced at the Fleet Safety Awards luncheon at the 2013 Annual Management Conference on Friday, May 17, at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay, Cambridge, Md. The deadline to submit entries is Monday, April 1. PENNTRUX 19

Kevin Stewart Joins PMTA Staff He brings 33 years of commercial vehicle safety knowledge


MTA is pleased to announce a new staff position that will significantly strengthen our education and outreach capabilities. Kevin Stewart, who was with the Pennsylvania State Police Commercial Vehicle Safety Program for the past 33 years, joined the PMTA staff on Feb. 19 as safety director. Well known and respected by many, he will work closely with Dean Riland, Assistant General Manager, to provide enhanced safety education, training, consultant and technical advice. “I am here to serve PMTA members. I bring my experience and background in training and hope to help members in all areas of commercial motor vehicle safety, from drug and alcohol, safety management practices and maintenance,” Stewart said. He always had an interest in law enforcement and began his career with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in 1980, fresh out of high school. How he got that first job is a tale straight out of Charles Dickens. His father ran the snack bar in the state’s transportation safety building. A friend borrowed money from his father, and he asked him if he could return a favor. His father told him his son needed a job, and the 17-yearold Kevin was hired. “At the time, the roadside enforcement officer position was semi-skilled. There were no formal educational requirements. I was on the job for about a month when someone from human resources called me to confirm my birth date. Since I wouldn’t be 18 for a few more months, she told me to keep quiet about it.” Stewart’s story is a testament to his intelligence and personality. “As I progressed, I always took any training they offered,” he said. From a roadside enforcement officer to a management position involved in the statewide program administration, Stewart moved through the ranks. In 2005, PennDOT’s motor carrier enforcement operation was transferred to the Pennsylvania State Police, Bureau of Patrol, Commercial Vehicle Safety Division, and Stewart became the Division Program Administrator. In addition to many other duties, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Division is responsible for the statewide programmatic oversight of the Commonwealth’s size and weight enforcement,


commercial vehicle inspection program, and education and outreach for industry and the law enforcement community.

“I am here to serve PMTA members. I bring my experience and background in training and hope to help members in all areas of commercial motor vehicle safety...” He received his initial certification for inspecting commercial vehicles 33 years ago. For the past 17 years, he has served as an instructor of this training for both the Commonwealth and as an associate staff member for the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s National Training Center. At PMTA, Stewart will help members with management and maintenance problems. “I offer technical expertise if members have questions on things like size and weight,

special hauling permits, and more,” he said. He will keep up with regulations as well. “Through my years of experience with motor carrier safety regulations, I made many contacts with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.” He developed the commercial motor vehicle training for the magisterial district justices as part of their continuing education program. “I hope to be able to stay current and maintain the relationships I have established so PMTA members will benefit from that knowledge,” Stewart said. PMTA plans to enhance its safety training opportunities to do more onsite and regional training events to improve membership services in that area. As Stewart gets to know PMTA members and their needs, he will use their recommendations in developing and broadening PMTA’s training program. The vast majority of phone calls and email to PMTA are safety or compliance related. By having two safety professionals on staff, PMTA will be able to respond more promptly. We welcome your suggestions and recommendations for how we can best use the resources of our safety professionals to help you.

Presents: Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspection and Out-of-service Criteria Awareness Training for safety personnel, equipment managers and mechanics

Thursday March 20, 2013 – 8 am to 12 pm Lester R. Summers, Inc. 40 Garden Spot Road, Ephrata PA Kevin Stewart, PMTA’s new safety director, will lead the training. The class consists of an overview of roadside inspection procedure as conducted by enforcement officers, common violations discovered during roadside inspections, brake system requirements and out-of-service criteria. Cost is $100 for members; each additional person from the same company is $80.

To register, call 717.761.7122 or visit the community calendar on our website, For more information on training in your company or region, call Kevin Stewart at 717.761.7122 ext. 107, or email


President’s Prize Each year, PMTA’s president awards a special prize to the person who has excelled in sponsoring new members during the membership year (May 1, 2012 to April 30, 2013). Recruiting new members for PMTA isn’t difficult. When you are talking to colleagues or clients, mention how you benefit from PMTA membership. PMTA member companies have a greater driver retention rate than non-member companies, a fact that is sure to resonate with any trucking company. On behalf of its members, PMTA communicates daily with the Pennsylvania State Police, DEP, Department of Revenue, PUC, FMCSA and many other agencies that affect your businesses. PMTA can help you stay current on the hot issues and can be your backup system for information on regulations, rules, taxes, drug tests, environmental regulations and much more. If you need more information on how PMTA can benefit a business, contact us at 717.761.7122. Current PMTA members are the best advocates for the association. Everyone in the trucking industry needs to be concerned about your business, the industry, the state and the nation. Join PMTA in the forefront in battling those who propose rules and fees and mandates that would cripple companies and the industry.

The President’s Prize is based on a point system – three points for a new carrier member, two points for a new trade member and one point for a new associate member. The prize is a navy blue blazer with the PMTA keystone logo and two free registrations to PMTA’s Annual Management Conference, excluding meals, hotel and activity costs. Any employee from a PMTA member company may compete for the prize. Only paid-in-full memberships that have the sponsoring member’s name written in the space provided will be recognized. Sponsor’s names cannot be changed once they are submitted to state headquarters. The statistics are current as of February 11, 2013

Sponsor Company ChapterTotal Richard Smith

Richard W. Smith, Inc.

Phila/Del Valley


Kenneth Gray

Dean Transportation, Inc.

Phila/Del Valley


Ken Kametz

Hunter Keystone Peterbilt



Ralph Rodgers

Nittany Oil Company

North Central


Matt Campbell

H.F. Cambell & Son



Rebecca Summers K&B Summers, Inc.



David Schafer

York Container Co.



Lisa Natt

City Delivery Svc. Inc.



Rick Daley

Tri-State Trailer Sales, Inc.



Welcome New Members PMTA takes pleasure in welcoming the following new members who have enrolled in January and salute those who secured them. Any new member not listed with an individual sponsor was secured by State Headquarters or a PMTA chapter. All new members are from Pennsylvania unless otherwise noted. (Chapters are in parenthesis) Gerard Grega Northeast Occupational Medical Alcohol and Drug, LLC (Lehigh), secured by Kenneth Gray

David Schiding Service Tire Truck Centers, York (York/Adams), secured by David Schafer

Allen Kershner Service Tire Truck Centers, York (York/Adams), secured by David Schafer

Timothy Beal Hempt T Brothers, Inc., Camp Hill (South Central)

Frank Gallo East Coast Drier Solutions, Bensalem (Phila/Del Valley) 22 PENNTRUX

Member of the Month Congratulations to David Schafer chosen as PMTA’s February Member of the Month. David is a member of York/Adams Chapter, and we all applaud his efforts. You, too, can be eligible to become Member of the Month. Each month, any member who has recruited a new member will be entered into a drawing, and from that drawing a Member of the Month will be chosen and will receive special recognition in Penntrux and an award from

Chapter/PMTA Activities The Lancaster Chapter is accepting applications for

the 2013 scholarships. For the 2013-2014 academic year, the Committee has authorized awarding four scholarships. The award per individual is $500. Existing employees and family members of existing employees of companies, who are members in good standing of the Lancaster Chapter, are eligible to apply. Scholarship forms are available on PMTA’s website,, or contact Kelly Hawthorne at 717.492.0046 or Applications will be accepted until March 29.

The York/Adams Chapter board of directors is accepting

applications for the 2013 Ronald E. Workman Memorial Scholarship until March 29. It has authorized up to three scholarships between $500 and $2,000 per recipient this year. Family members of employees from companies who are members in good standing of the chapter are eligible for the scholarship. The forms are available at or by contacting Nick Hauck,

Save the date – The 2013 PMTA TruckPAC Sporting

Clays Shoot is Sunday, April 14, at the Carlisle Fish and Game Association in Carlisle. Lunch is at 11:45 am and the shoot begins at 1 pm. Cost is $75 per slot, and it includes lunch. A reshoot is $45. Skeet and wobble will be available at 11 am for $15. There will be six shooters per squad; if you don’t have a full squad, PMTA will place you on a team. Go to to register, or call 717.761.7122. You may also sponsor the event. Station sponsorship is $100; lunch sponsor is $250; awards sponsor is $250. All payments by personal check go directly to the PA TruckPAC fund. Corporate checks help defray the costs. J.J. Keller & Associates recently sent its 2013 Transportation Catalog. If you need compliance and safety supplies, please contact Wendy Palermo at PMTA, 717.761.7122, to order. PMTA members receive discount prices on all J.J. Keller items when you order through PMTA.

The York/Adams Chapter March membership meeting

will be Tuesday, March 12, at the Four Points Sheraton, 1650 Toronita Street, York, from 7-11 am. The cost is $20/person and includes breakfast. The topic of the meeting is “Hub Pilot Wheel Roll-offs; Are Your Hub Pilot Wheels Safe and Being Maintained Properly?” Learn proper maintenance, safety precautions and legal consequences and obligations with presentations by Service Tire, Hub Pilot Wheel Roll-offs, David E. Hershey of Colgan & Associates, LLC (your legal obligations and court cases) and John Bumsted of J. Bumsted & Associates, LLC, safety consultant. Please RSVP to Carrie Schweitzer by emailing or calling 717.757.7611, ext. 149, no later than March 1.

The York/Adams Chapter April membership meeting is

Thursday, April 11, at the Four Points Sheraton, 1650 Toronita Street,York from noon to 4 pm. Cost is $25/ person and includes lunch. The meeting’s focus is “CNG and LNG: Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel – Its Benefits for Your Fleet and Environment.” Presentations will be by Bret Hoffmaster from Shipley Energy, Will Freeman from Chesapeake Energy, Tony Bandiero from Philadelphia Clean Cities and Ron McHale from Pocono Peterbilt. RSVP to Carrie Schweitzer by emailing or calling 717.757.7611, ext. 149, no later than April 4.

Last Month’s Answers 1



E 10





N 14






















I T 39






















O 20












E 19



E 29
















40 44





G N 49











R 23





A 12























A 22
















D O M 16





J 26


















the game starts at 7 p.m. The Lancaster Chapter is subsidizing ticket pricing for the first 750 tickets, so the cost is only $20 for adults and $5 for children aged 5-12. Children under age 4 are free. The fun will include face painting, a balloon artist, truck display, bumper boats and a picture booth. Sponsorships are available. The trucking industry faces challenges To register, go to or contact on many levels. In such critical times, Kelly Hawthorne, 717-492-0743, we need to maintain a firm and unified

TruckPAC Recognition

voice. Legislators face thousands of bills

Lehigh Valley Chapter - In June, the PMTA every year, and PMTA’s Political Action Board of Directors approved reactivation of the Committee lobbyists make sure from they Lehigh Valleyand Chapter. Patrick Meehan understand new laws Mack Trucks how is organizing theaffect reactivation our isindustry. and looking for information from PMTA members about what interests them. A kick off You can help maintain and increase meeting is planned shortly after Labor Day. For our politicalcontact visibility and strengthen information, Meehan at 610-351-8771, our positive force in forming policy.

By donating to TruckPAC, you enable

North Central Chapter – The annual picnic us to maintain our high profile and is set for Wednesday, Aug. 8, at Haywood’s on defeat, support and/or alter laws that the Water, 610 Antlers Lane, Williamsport. have anwill impact on your To Dinner be served from 5businesses. p.m. on. Several vendors will display tractors and other PMTA products. contribute to TruckPAC, contact Tickets are $25 per person, and all reservations at 717.761.7122. are firm and must be paid. You must make your reservation by Aug. 1 For reservations/tickets, Platinum ($1000 +) contact Ralph Rodgers at 717-322-6719 or Jay McCormick at 717-220-6148. Calvin E. Ewell

Rebecca Summers

Central Chapter meeting is Thursday Aug, 2, at the Original Italian Pizza, 105 S. Logan Blvd., Gold ($500-$999) Burnham, beginning at 6:30 p.m. Dean Riland, PMTA’s Safety Director Gladys Wright Knox will give updates on topics including new hours-of-service rules for 2013 and medical card certification through Silver ($250-$499) PennDOT. Other discussions will focus on topics and/or speakers members would like to Harold L. Brake see at upcoming Chapter meetings. Please try to think of ($25-$249) what would benefit the chapter, and Bronze have some ideas ready. Several members of the This listChapter includes contributions Central attended a Call on from Harrisburg recently will discuss that trip6,and PMTA Januaryand 1 through February 2013. TruckPAC and its importance. The New Your contributions to TruckPAC allow Chairman of PMTA, Jim Germak of Jagtrux, our association to have a stronger has made one of his immediate goals to boost legislative voice. TruckPAC contributions PMTA membership. We will discuss how our chapter helpto: with that effort to achieve the shouldmay be sent Chairman’s goal. For information, contact Matt PMTA, 910 Linda Lane, Camp Hill, Campbell,

PA 17011.


New Address?


I f you have a new address, phone number or email address, please let PMTA know. We want to make sure you continue to receive news and information that help you as a trucking industry professional. Use this form to notify us of any changes. Old Address _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Name ___________________________________________________ Company ______________________________________ Phone ___________________________________________________ Email __________________________________________ New Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Name ___________________________________________________ Company ______________________________________ Phone ___________________________________________________ Email __________________________________________ Return this form to PMTA, 910 Linda Lane, Camp Hill, PA 17011, or fax to 717.761.8434 24 PENNTRUX

PMTA 2013 Seminar Schedule Recognition of Substance Abuse Training for Supervisors – Presented by PMTA Seminar includes discussion and videos to help in determining reasonable suspicion of alcohol misuse and/or use of controlled substances by employees. The training meets the federal requirements of Part 382.603 – 3 HOURS

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 – 9:00 am – 12:00 pm Tuesday, October 29, 2013 – 9:00 am – 12:00 pm $100 – member $185 – non-member Hours-of-Service Compliance Seminar – Presented by PMTA Seminar includes review of 49 CFR, Part 395, related interpretations and exemptions, along with work projects on familiarization and auditing a driver’s Record of Duty Status (logbook) – 5 HOURS

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm $150 – member $225 – non-member DOT Compliance Seminars – Presented by PMTA Attending this class will better prepare you for compliance to CSA. The seminar will include discussion and overview of state and federal laws and regulations governing the motor carrier industry and commercial motor vehicles e.g. driver qualifications files, commercial driver licenses, hours of service, drug and alcohol tests, etc. Each attendee will also receive the management edition of the current FMCSR Handbook.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Tuesday, April 30, 2013 – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Tuesday, September 17, 2013 – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Tuesday, November 19, 2013 – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm $150 – member $225 – non-member Motor Fleet Accident Investigation – Presented by PMTA Control costs through a complete and thorough vehicle accident investigation. Develop skills in loss prevention, data collection and analysis, as well as techniques and awareness of CSA Crash Basic Indicators and focuses on accident countermeasures and understanding of FMCSA.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 – 9:00 am – 4:30 pm $225 – member $325 – non-member HAZMAT Seminar – Presented by PMTA This hazardous materials training seminar centers on regulatory training. The unique, function specific format provides greater understanding and better retention. The seminar helps fulfill the 49 CFR Part 172 Subpart H for both the initial and recurrent training requirements. This program will also include CSA information.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 – 9:00 am – 4:30 pm $225 – member $325 – non-member Motor Fleet Safety Basics/Managing Motor Fleet Safety Programs – Presented by NATMI This is a comprehensive course on all aspects of fleet safety.

April 2, 2013 – April 6, 2013 – 8:30 am – 5:00 pm October 1 – October 5, 2013 – 8:30 am – 5:00 pm $1475 OSHA General Industry Outreach Training Program – Presented by PMTA and Great West Casualty Company The program is intended to provide instruction on a variety of general industry safety and health standards. This is a 10 hour certificate course. Course completion cards do not expire.

Required 2-day attendance Thursday, September 26, 2013 and Friday, September 27, 2013 – 9:00 am – 3:00 pm $225 – member $325 – non-member All seminars are presented at PMTA Headquarters, 910 Linda Lane, Camp Hill, PA 17011 unless otherwise noted For any questions or REGISTRATION FORMS, call PMTA at 717.761.7122 or e-mail Carol at Register online at PENNTRUX 25

PennTrux March Crossword By Myles Mellor Myles Mellor is one of the top crossword writers in the world, publishing more than 100 crosswords and puzzles each month. He has published over 6,000 crosswords in newspapers, magazines, electronic devices and websites in the U.S. and internationally and has Crossword by Myles Mellor published numerous crossword books in Barnes and Noble and Books a Million stores nationwide.





1. State of Wisconsin 5. Big rig with a droopy nose






10 11



10. All night watch 11. Kansas

14 15


12. Paper describing a shipment 14. Overtime, abbr.


17 20







15. Playthings 32




38 41


43 47





49 51

31. Deja ___ 34. Swindle 37. Golden state 38. Median strip 39. Icy and slippery road surface 40. Was first in a convoy 42. ____ City (Detroit) 43. Diesel fuel (2 words) 45. Blues King 48. Golfer's target 50. Good receiver(2 words)

13. North's opposite 16. __ in the cabin 18. Compass direction 20. French the 21. Jacob's twin in the Bible 22. Trucker's rest areas (2 words) 24. Coffee island? 26. Don't ___ the bears! 27. Rejects 28. Card game

51. They didn't arrive (2 words)

32. Victoria's Secret model wear


35. Talk

1. Boston 2. East coast 3. Actress, Mendez 4. Tears apart 5. Purpose 6. San Antonio, Texas 7. Truck's need 8. Class A trucker 9. City ____ 26 PENNTRUX




29. Airline, for short

32. Moving company van



25. Snow (2 words)

30. Direction word



19. Transactions

27. Close




17. Go ahead and transmit (2 words) 23. New York neighbor, abbr.


33. Blue ____ (type of truck) 36. Freight haulers 37. Go up a hill 38. Information 40. Lasting a while 41. _____ rubber 44. __ Rule (rapper) 46. "Riding the ___ with my Sister" show 47. Steelers locale 49. Get moving!


PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR TRUCK ASSOCIATION 910 Linda Lane, Camp Hill, PA 17011-6409 • Phone: 717.761.7122 • 800.382.1373 • Fax: 717.761.8434 •


Application is hereby made for membership in the following Chapter of the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association: Q Central Q Lancaster Q  North Central Q Northeast Q  Phila/Delaware Valley Q  South Central Q  Southwest Q York/Adams Firm Name _____________________________________________________ Date_______________________ Address____________________________________________________________________________________ County____________ City______________________________ State_________ Zip_______________________ Representative’s Name_________________________________ Title____________________________________ Telephone Number ( _______ ) ____________ E-mail_____________________________________________ (print clearly) Fax Number ( _______ ) ____________ Nature of Business ________________________________________

*Total Number of Trucks and/or Power Units (over 10,000 GVW)

Subscriber industry segments Q Arbor/Landscape Management


Q Attorneys/Professional Services

Q  Private Q  For Hire Q  Trade Q  Manufacturer Q  Active Retired Q Associate

Q CDL Schools

_______ Dry Van _______ Refrigerated _______ Flatbed _______ Dump _______ Tank Other__________________________________ (Please specify)

Q Chemicals, Allied Gasses, Fuels, Hazmat Q Communications/Consulting Q Construction & Building Products & Services Q Dump Trucks & Trailers Q Environmental Q Flat Beds Q Food & Beverage

How did you hear about our association? 

Q Insurance & Benefits Q Intermodal/Express Freight/Shipping

ANNUAL DUES SCHEDULE – Effective January 1, 2013

Q Less than Truckload

* Dues for those operating trucks are based on the number of trucks (owned or leased) and operated in, into, out of, or through Pennsylvania.

Q Logistics Q Lumber

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 75.00 *CARRIER (For Hire and/or Private) First truck . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 143.00 Additional members from a company which Each add’l to maximum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26.00 maintain a Primary Membership in PMTA. Maximum . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,980.00 ACTIVE VETERAN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 50.00 MANUFACTURERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 600.00 Any member who has been awarded veteran member status and desires to remain active on local Those manufacturing commodities or equipment chapter boards and/or the state board of directors. (trucks, trailers, tires or other commodities)

Q Paving & Excavating

TRADE MEMBERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 385.00

Q Truck Manufacturing

DUES PAYMENTS ARE DEDUCTIBLE AS BUSINESS EXPENSES ONLY. (The deduction of amounts paid to PMTA as an ordinary and necessary business expense is subject to limitations imposed as a result of PMTA’s lobbying activities. PMTA estimates that 10% of your dues and other payments to the Association are non-deductible.)

Q Repair Shops, Inspections & Towing Q Specialized Hauling Q Storage & Transfer Q Transportation Equipment & Supplies Q Truck Dealerships & Leasing Q Truckload Q Truck Parts Manufacturing Q Waste & Recycling Q Warehouse Distribution Q Other_________________________


PennTrux 2013 Editorial Calendar 2013 EDITORIAL Calendar

Publication Deadlines

Editorial Topics

APR I L Annual Management Conference Dispatchers – the link between drivers and the company MA Y Legal issues – navigating the maze

Interview with Rep. Shuster, chair of House Trans. Committee Hands-free mobile phone solutions

Ad Reservations Due

Ad Materials Due

February 22, 2013

March 1, 2013

March 29, 2013

April 1, 2013

April 26, 2013

May 1, 2013

May 24, 2013

May 31, 2013

June 24, 2013

July 1, 2013

July 26, 2013

August 1, 2013

August 23, 2013

September 2, 2013

September 27, 2013

October 1, 2013

October 25, 2013

November 1, 2013

J U NE Truck Driving Championships Youth Driving Competition JULY Understanding Drug & Alcohol Regulations

What is your succession plan?

E-commerce and logistics strategies

A U G U ST Insurance and the Trucking Industry

Driver health and wellness

SEPTEM B ER National Truck Driving Championships

More productive trucks

O C T O B ER Vehicle collision avoidance technologies

Innovative mobile solutions for competitive advantages

N O V EM B ER Tolling – what it costs and what it generates Year-end rush to order new equipment D E C EM B ER Philanthropic companies

Tire tread design

For Advertising Opportunities: Sarah DiCello or Alexis Kierce Phone: 717.238.5751 1310 Crooked Hill Road, Suite 800 Harrisburg, PA 17110

A sk                      a bout o ur  Stocki  ng F l e e  t  Progra m!                                               CALL TODAY FOR BEST PRICING   800-874-6468 OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE:      Proud Member of

Sentry Insurance:

WITH YOU FOR THE LONG HAUL We understand that trucking isn’t just a business. It’s a way of life. Protecting your truck and keeping it on the road is your number one priority. It’s our number one priority, too. That’s why we offer more coverages – so you can choose what works best for you.

Sentry Insurance Pennsylvania Sales 1-877-832-1835 Property and casualty coverages are underwritten by a member of the Sentry Insurance Group, Stevens Point, WI. For a complete listing of companies, visit Policies, coverages, benefits and discounts are not available in all states. See policy for complete coverage details. 75-590E

550604 07/17/12

PennTrux l Volume LXXVIV l Number 3 l March 2013  

The official publication of the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association.

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