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Camp Hill newsletter November 2020

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PARADE OF LIGHTS see page 27

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Actions of Council AUGUST

• Approval of the July 8, 2020 Council Meeting Minutes. • Approval of the July 29, 2020 Special Meeting of Council Minutes. • Approval of the advertising to update the Ordinance for two handicap parking permits for 209 S. 15TH Street. • Approval of the payment of checks for July 2020 in the amount of $1,520,591.52. • Approval of the application for payment #5 to Pipe Services Corporation Sanitary and Storm Sewer Cleaning and Inspection Project in the amount of $17,443.37. • Approval of 3 façade grants: Growing in Motion, Halbruner, Hatch and Guise Law Firm, Next Home Realty. • Approval to accept the lowest bid from T.R. Stoner General Contractor in the amount of $101,841.24, conditioned upon receipt of acceptable bonding and insurance documents with an additional $10,000 included in that from the Borough to complete the Challenger Baseball Project. • Approval of the donation from the Borough in the amount of $3,000 for the Conodoguinet Greenway Feasibility Study. • Approval of Section b of the Draft Ordinance. • Approval to advertise an Ordinance change to reflect that a key holder must be present with their guests within the key zones. • Approval of Anna Lentz’s Girl Scout project for a butterfly garden in the area diagonal from the pumping station along the Conodoguinet. • Approval to advertise and move Item a, Part 1 of the Zoning Ordinance to the Borough Planning Commission and the County Planning Commission, stating that any part of an outdoor boarding station or building window used for restaurant drive-through service shall be set back a minimum of 150 feet from a residential zoning district boundary. • Approval to advertise and adjust item #4 of the Zoning Map Change to change the lots that are southeast of the intersection of Cumberland Boulevard and 21st Street that are currently zoned in the Commercial Highway District to be changed to Medium Density

Residential Office District. • Approval to appoint Pat Wright to the Borough Planning Commission. • Approval for a contract with TeamLMI for review of internal Borough operations and identification of any opportunities for improvement in the amount of $2,500.


• Approval of the August 12, 2020 Council Meeting Minutes. • Approval of Nate Ginck’s Eagle Scout Project around the firehouse. • Approval of Gavin Nunn’s Eagle Scout Project for two exercise stations along the Goddard Trail at Siebert Park. • Approve of two handicapped parking permits for 209 S. 15th Street. • Approval of payment of checks for August 2020 in the amount of $1,075,733.69. • Approval of the Police MMO in the amount of: $64,377.00. • Approval of the Non-Uniform MMO in the amount of: $111,488.00. • Approval of the Cash Benefit Pension Plan MMO in the amount of: $20,654.20. • Approval for Contract #1 for Payment #1 in the amount of $142,973.21 to JVI Group, Inc. • Approval for Contract #2, for Payment #2 in the amount of $3,525.22 to D.E. Gemmill, Inc. • Approval to execute the 3-year Maintenance and Emergency Service Contract with Rogele. • Approval of Waiver #1 of the Hoover Elementary Land Development Plan, Section 502 to waive the requirements to provide public improvements within the public right of way at Deanhurst Avenue, including but not limited to providing additional paving and curbing. • Approval of Waiver #2 of the Hoover Elementary Land Development Plan, Section 607 to waive the curbing along 24th Street. • Approval of Waiver #3 of the Hoover Elementary Land Development, Section 402. • Approval of the Camp Hill School District Hoover Land Development Plan with the revision from Public Works of the Macadam sidewalk that goes along 24th Street that will be shown on the final plan.



1 – Daylight Savings ends (Fall back) 3 – Election Day – 7 am to 8 pm 11 – Veterans Day – Offices Closed 11 – Council Meeting – 7 pm 17 – Planning Commission – 6 pm* 22 – Candy Cane Walk – 12 to 4 pm 26 & 27 – Thanksgiving Day Observed Offices Closed 30 – Public Works Department Closed


3 thru 5 – Parade of Lights – Siebert Park – 6 – 9 pm 9 – Council Meeting – 7 pm 10 – Twas the Night Before… 5 – 8pm 15 – Planning Commission – 6 pm* 25 – Christmas – Offices closed


1 – New Year’s Day – Offices closed 5 – Recreation Commission – 6 pm 9 – Holiday Tree Curbside Pick-up 13 – Council Meeting – 7 pm 18 – Martin Luther King Jr Day – Offices closed 19 – Planning Commission – 6 pm*


10 – Council Meeting – 7 pm 15 – Presidents Day – Offices closed 16 – Planning Commission – 6 pm* Note: All public meetings are held via Zoom until further notice. * Meetings are held only as needed

These meetings are held at the Borough of Camp Hill Municipal Offices, 2145 Walnut Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011 and are open to the public. If you are a person with a disability, please note: 48 hours notice is requested for any individual with a disability who needs an accommodation to participate in a borough meeting, program, service, or employment procedure. Individuals wishing to attend these public meetings who require an auxiliary aid service or other accommodations to participate in the meetings please contact the Borough of Camp Hill at (717) 737-3456 or via e-mail: pdennis@camphillborough.com. Residents requiring TDD service should call 1-800-654-5984.

FEBRUARY ISSUE DEADLINE FOR ARTICLES JANUARY 4 Submit to Audrey Logar at alogar@camphillborough.com

CONTACT DIRECTORY Emergency ...........................................911 Mayor – Mark Simpson ............ 737-8596 Police Chief – Stephen Margeson Police Dept (non-emergency).....737-1570 Fire Chief – Mark Simpson EMS Supervisor – Fred Wadlinger Fire Dept (non-emergency) ........737-4623 Ambulance Membership.............737-4623 Camp Hill Borough Office Telephone.................................737-3456 Fax ..........................................730-3961 TDD ..............................1-800-654-5984 Interim Borough Manager Frank Lynch ..............................................ext 1042 Sewer, Trash & Storm Water billing ...........................................ext 1022 Codes Enforcement Officer – Chris Miller ...........................................ext 1014 Codes Enforcement Officer – John Brenner ...........................................ext 1023 Public Works Department ..........ext 1041 Recreation Director – Audrey Logar ...........................................ext 1019 Camp Hill Borough Office Hours Monday–Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Mailing Address: 2145 Walnut Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011 website: camphillborough.com general email: info@camphillborough.com Borough Council Leigh Twiford President Carl Schultz Vice-President Bonnie Bentz, Richard Guerin, Alissa Packer, Erin Vroman, Zach Williard Solicitor – E. Lee Stinnett All council members are accessible by email through the Borough website

Tax Collector – Diane Neiper ....737-5324


District Justice Court...................761-0583 Camp Hill Post Office .................737-1461 Camp Hill School District ..........901-2400 Camp Hill Pool ............................909-3148 Cleve J Fredricksen Library.........761-3900 Humane Society...........................564-3320 Cumberland County Courthouse Directory .....1-888-697-0371 Elections Bureau ..........................240-6385 County Tax Assessment...............240-6350 Cumberland Co Tax Bureau .......590-7997 County Recycling Authority .......240-6489 State Representative – Greg Rothman ....................975-2235 or 783-2063 State Senator – Mike Regan ....................432-1730 or 787-8524 Attorney General Office Consumer Protection .......1-800-441-2555 Contractor Problems...................772-2425 Penn Waste........................1-866-575-8720 PA American Water ..........1-800-565-7292 PPL/Street Light Problems1-800-342-5775 Chamber of Commerce...............761-0702


• The last week of street sweeping will be the week of October 26th. We will sweep the borough after fall leaf collection has concluded, weather permitting. • Sweeping will take place the day AFTER your regular scheduled trash collection on the second and fourth weeks of the month. • Please Do Not Sweep, Rake or Blow Debris into the street. This will cause damage to the sweeper, increased maintenance costs and cause delays in the sweeping schedule. • Property owners must keep trees at the curb-line trimmed to a minimum of 12 feet above the street so that the sweeper can work close to the curb without damaging the machine. • Please move parked cars and trailers from the street so the operator cannot effectively clean the street.


Located at 422 S. 24th Street • Hours of Operation: Daily, 6 am to 6 pm (for material drop off and pick up) The Compost Facility will close for the season on Monday, December 21st. • Yard waste such as leaves, garden debris, tree limbs, bushes and plants may be dropped at the facility. • Leaves may be left in brown compost bags only-NO PLASTIC BAGS! • Items not accepted include grass, topsoil, sod, tree stumps, bamboo or any form of dimensioned lumber. • Mulch loading service available on Mondays & Fridays ONLY, from 7:30 am to 8:30 am. • The Borough may close the facility at any time due to lack of operational space or material processing. • It is a citable offense to drop materials

at the facility when it is closed. • Residents may place yard waste items curbside. For Camp Hill’s scheduled pick-up dates, go to Pennwaste.com.


• Application available at Borough Office. Mail-in applications also acceptable. Print application from the Borough website; mail completed application with payment to the Borough office at 2145 Walnut Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011. • The cost is $15 for residents and $800 for approved local contractors. Access cards are valid for the calendar year season. Replacement cards are $5. • Do not throw away access card. It will be reused each year upon renewal. • Access cards may NOT be shared with any persons NOT living in your household. • The automated gate and facility is under surveillance to assure only authorized persons and acceptable materials enter the facility. • Please keep your access card in your car. • Please follow the instructions posted on the new signs at the compost facility, drive slowly, and exercise care as you enter and exit the facility. • When exiting site, approach metal arm slowly and it will raise automatically.


• Fall Leaf Collection will end on Friday, December 18 • Your leaf collection day will be the day after your trash collection day! • Leaves may be raked into the street five (5) days prior to your regular scheduled curbside collection schedule. • Leaves should be windrowed along the curb or edge of the roadway. • Leaves prior to the October 19th start


Jeffrey Hanshaw • (717) 554-3378 (mobile) or (717) 732-2261 (home) jeffhanshaw@comcast.net

Those listed are not Borough employees. Listing their services in this newsletter is a courtesy, not an endorsement. Payment for services rendered is between customer and service provider. To be added to future lists, call the Borough Office at (717) 737-3456.


Codes Enforcement date can be brought to the Compost Facility or can remain on your property until the curbside leaf collection begins. • Residents are encouraged to place leaves curbside (in plastic cans or brown recycle bags) during the 1st and 3rd Saturday’s during the months of October and November for Penn Waste to collect. • DO NOT blow or rake grass, sticks or other yard debris in the street at any time. This is a violation under Ordinance § 176-10 regarding the prohibition of creating obstructions on the streets & sidewalks. • DO NOT place branches, grass clippings, rocks or other debris in with leaves. Any foreign objects placed in leaf piles may damage leaf equipment and significantly impact the leafing schedule. • DO NOT leave cars parked along the street the day of your leaf collection. • PLEASE remember that inclement weather will delay the leaf collection schedule. Residents are encouraged to take leaves to the Compost Facility located next to the Public Works Facility at 422 S. 24th Street. Please visit the borough website, select Public Works and then select Compost Faciltiy.


Plowing borough streets after a snow event is a time consuming process. Following a few simple guidelines can make the operator’s job safer and more efficient: • Pay attention to local forecasts as winter weather and road conditions can change very quickly. If it is necessary for you to drive, please do so responsibly. • Minimize driving as much as possible during and immediately after a snow event. The fewer the vehicles on the

roadway allows the roadway to be cleared more quickly and efficiently. • Remove vehicles and trailers from the street prior to a winter event. This will allow the operator to clear the street from edge-to-edge. • Remove basketball hoops from the borough right-of-way. • Please keep a safe operating distance from all vehicles providing winter maintenance. • If you have a mailbox along the roadway, periodically check to ensure that the post and mailbox are in good condition. The post and mailbox must be sturdy enough to withstand snow coming off the plow blade. • Never push, blow or shovel snow into a cleared roadway. • Never attempt to stop or flag down a truck driver while plowing. • Clearing a space along the curb or edge of road before your driveway will reduce the amount of the snow placed in your driveway. • Wait until the street is completely cleared before shoveling the end of your driveway. • Operator’s will often make multiple passes on the same street. • Plow drivers cannot direct snow as it comes off of a plow. Plow blades are fixed to dump snow to the right.


Shade tree branches must adhere to clearance requirements. Please trim trees so there is a clear line of sight to all street and stop signs according to the following ordinance:

NO ONE SHOULD BE HUNGRY! The Central Pennsylvania Food Bank will be giving food to all qualified Camp Hill residents in need of food assistance at the Christian Life Assembly Church at 2645 Lisburn Rd in Lower Allen Twp. Please stop by between 9 am and 12 noon on the following Tuesdays: November 10th and December 8th. A utility bill from your residence is the only requirement. Please stop by if your family is in need !



The Shade Tree Commission requires trimming of branches from any trees overhanging the sidewalks, streets and highways of the Borough so that the trees shall not obstruct the light from any street light and so that in the center of the street there shall be a clear height of eighteen (18) feet above the surface of the street; from a distance of six feet from the curb a clear height of twelve (12) feet from the surface of the street; and over the sidewalks a clear height of eight (8) feet. More information at Shade Tree Commission at camphillborough.com


Within eight (8) hours after snow or ice has stopped falling, sidewalks must be cleared their entire length with a path no less than three (3) feet wide. The hours between 9 pm and 7 am are not figured into this eight-hour period. It is prohibited for snow, ice and/or liquids to be shoveled, blown, plowed or discharged into the streets or alleys. This is a citable offense. Code violations may be reported to (717) 737-3457 or cmiller@camphillborough.com.


The CHWC would like to thank the community for its support in our first covid-style fundraiser. In October. We hosted a curb-side pickup of homemade lasagna dinners at the Borough Hall. Please keep your eyes and ears open for future similar events, perhaps of homemade soups and/or chili. We work to raise monies to donate to local charities, and we definitely have fun while doing it. If you would like more info about our organization and perhaps would like to join us, please leave us a message on our website: www.chwclub.com. You can also visit our Facebook page.


The donation towards our Memorial Day Home Decorating contest was from Phyllis Mowery not Ann Mowery. We apologize for the error.


The Club’s only goal is to try to preserve /improve Camp Hill’s water, air, land, flora and fauna. We are always looking for new members who share our interests in the environment and to energize our organization. Membership dues are $10 for students and $20 for adults with a maximum of $50 per family. Applications for membership can be picked up in the Recreation Office, calling 7374548, emailing alogar@camphillborough.com or at a CHEC meeting. Depending upon the coronavirus situation, our next business/breakfast meeting will be scheduled for January 2021, 7:30 am at the West Shore Plaza Restaurant. Call us for the exact date and come join us! As we are able, CHEC intends to continue our efforts to recycle at the Siebert Park athletic events and Little League Baseball games. We have adopted Market Street in the Borough and clean it four times a year and also clean litter in other areas of the Borough throughout the warmer weather months. In addition, we help clean out sections of the Conodoguinet Creek during the summer months. We have been asked to reprint the list of things that can be recycled with Penn Waste. We know you want to do the right thing, so here is a list of the only stuff you should put it your recycling containers: • Aluminum & Steel Cans, cleaned out • Plastic Bottles & Jugs, #1, 2, & 5, cleaned out; throw away the caps • Newspaper, clean & dry with no food contact. • Glass Bottles and Jars cleaned out; throw away the lids • Corrugated Cardboard, dry & flattened w/no food contact, e.g. recycle the top of the pizza box; throw away the grease-stained bottom • Milk and Juice Cartons, rinsed out But here’s some good news about recycling: even though Penn Waste was forced to drastically change the list of materials it could accept, we have found a few locations that will accept some materials: Wegman’s will accept most plastic packaging. Giant accepts the grocery bag type plastic. Wegman’s will also accept letter-type paper, e.g. junk mail. Mechanicsburg Middle School, 1750 S. Market St, Mech., has a large dumpster in the parking lot that is for magazines and glossy paper. Computer Ministry, 5 Pleasant View Dr., Mechanicsburg accepts computers and accessories. If you have found additional places to take recyclables, give us a call so we can put that in a future newsletter. Please visit the Borough website for more information on the Environmental Club www.camphillborough.com For additional information or to suggest future program ideas, call Paul Garrett at 717514-3546 or paulgarrett40n@gmail.com

Clubs and Events


As with the entire nation, the Camp Hill Lions Club has been unable to do business as usual. With the exception of a few board meetings in members' yards and Zoom, we are unable to meet. We did, however, provide money to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank and the New Hope Food Bank. We also ran a project from our homes sending cheerful cards to residents of Manor Care in Camp Hill. However, we are now working hard on our upcoming annual Christmas tree sales. The sale beings November 28. Rest assured we will maintain distancing, facial coverings and all other requirements at the time. We have curtailed our selling hours due to lack of manpower. If you are a hearty man, woman, and would like to give us a hand, even if you do not wish to join, we would gladly accept any and all help. Our hours will be Monday through Thursday 2 pm to 7 pm, Friday 2 pm to 8 pm, Saturday 9 am to 8 pm and Sunday noon to 5 pm. We appreciate all the support we have received in the past years and look for the same this year, as this is our main source of income for our charities. And remember we are always looking for new members and will welcome all at the end of this pandemic. Stay safe.


Did you know Girl Scouts was ranked #1 by Parents Magazine for best Virtual After School Program? That’s what we do – pivot with the times to continue to create, encourage and cultivate our young female leaders. We know that virtual will not be forever and many of our leaders are currently doing safe in-person girl experiences in addition to the ones online. Our virtual and in-person programming includes community service, STEAM activities, entrepreneurship through our Fall Fundraiser and Cookie programs and unplugging with camping, hiking and other fun outdoor activities. Troops & leader opportunities are open now! For more information, call or email Dana Little at 717-805-8748 Dana@DanaLittle.com or check out www.gshpa.org.


Downtown Camp Hill Association


Diane Krulac owner of Cocoa Creek Chocolates, opened her Camp Hill Borough shop this fall and is located at 18 South 18th Street. The Downtown Camp Hill Association held the ribbon cutting for the Grand Opening on September 14.


On October 5 the Downtown Camp Hill Association held a ribbon cutting for the Grand Opening of Ebersole Insurance, which is owned by Heather Ebersole. Ebersole Insurance is located at 2200 Market Street.

"The Downtown Camp Hill Association supports and strengthens the Downtown Business District using the Main Street approach. A volunteer-driven association, it collaborates with local government and is focused on streetscape revitalization, building a strong enterprise ecosystem, and being a catalyst for economic prosperity and community gathering spaces. The Downtown Camp Hill Association and its board are committed to building a prosperous and diverse busi-


The Watershed Pub held a ribbon cutting for their Grand Opening on October 7. Josh Kesler is the proud owner of the pub and is excited to located at 2129 Market Street.

ness district that supports a walkable and shoppable neighborhood concept, inspires community connections and entrepreneurial potential, and believes a vibrant downtown is the heart and soul of this historic Borough. Please join us during our seasonal events to support the small businesses within our community and encourage the positive growth of a thriving downtown!"





On Tuesday, October 27th, we held our Halloween Costume Event in place of our traditional Halloween Parade. For those who came out for the festivities the children had fun and showed many of us adults their dance moves on Walnut Street. It was fun to watch! We had many fantastic costumes and every year there are some that we have not seen before. A big thank you to Linda Walton and ARC of Cumberland and Perry Counties for their help prior to the event. Special thanks, goes out to the Recreation Commission, Borough Council, Fire & Police Departments, the Key Club at Camp Hill High School and members of the community.

1st – Lola – Dressed as Carole Baskin 2nd – Hercules – Dressed as Hotdog 3rd – Daisy Mai – Dressed as a Pig



1st – Rowan Howard – Inflatable Tube Guy 2nd – Aria & Demetri Dickson – Twin Dinosaurs 3rd – Chase Reich – Covid Protection Guy

1st – Vivian Lazaroneff – Red Riding Hood Werewolf 2nd – Elliot DelGaudio – Jack Skellington 3rd – Joshua Melnichak II – Pirate


1st- Thea Robinson – Statue of Liberty 2nd- Joseph Killeen - Batman 3rd – McKenzie Landrum - Mulan

1st- Ella Lazarcheff – Ice Queen 2nd- Keely and Margot Searforce – Elsa & Olaf 3rd- Nadia Mishkin – Viva La Flower Princess





Mid Penn Bank, L.B. Smith Ford Lincoln, Cocoa Creek Chocolates, Cornerstone Coffeehouse, Pennsylvania Bakery, Holmes Cycling & Fitness, Karns Quality Foods, Giant Food Store, Weis Markets, BJ’s, Patient First, Mission BBQ, Tanya’s Cookie Boutique and Harrisburg Senators.

1st- Eloise Charland – Froot Loops 2nd- Dru McKinney – Dr. Who 3rd – Skyler McKinney - Pirate


1st – Zombie Soccer Players 2nd – The Williard Family – The Toy Story 3rd – The Kern Family – Harry Potter Best Friends

Deacon & Karter Lynch – Garbage Truck and Workers





Recreation Department

A Message From the Director... Happy Fall to Everyone! It is great to see the leaves changing and temperatures getting cooler as least these are two normal things for this time of year. There are lots of you who are using our parks and that is great to see. If we can all remember to take all that we bring into the parks, home that would be helpful, so all can enjoy our wonderful parks. In October, we had our Halloween Costume Event in place of our Parade and Activities Night. We had a lot of great costumes again this year and the creativity was amazing! All winners for costumes are in the newsletter and are posted on our website, www.camphillborough.com. I would like to thank all of the volunteers from the Camp Hill High School, all businesses and clubs that support the Camp Hill Recreation Department. Without all of you these community events would not be possible. Please look for more details in this newsletter. We are excited to offer our NEW event, Parade of Lights for Toys for Tots, in Siebert Park from Dec. 3rd – Dec. 5th. Camp Hill Borough has teamed up with Centric Bank again this year and we have a great event in store for everyone to benefit children in need. All the details can be found in this newsletter and on our website.

There is also information about the Annual Home Decorating Contest. Can’t wait to see how festive everyone gets! We have some great prizes donated by Blooms by Vickrey. Please remember that Camp Hill Recreation programs require pre-registration. All registrations are to be done online and if you need assistance please call the Recreation Office. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas for new programs, please contact the recreation office by phone at 717-737-4548 or by email alogar@camphillborough.com. Also remember to look up us on Facebook and like our page to find out the latest news and reminders. Our page is Camp Hill Parks And Recreation. I am a one person office, so I am not always able to answer my phone when it rings. If I am not available to answer your call, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible (usually within one business day). Thank you,

Audrey J. Logar Recreation Director


Jon Arosell, Dustin Chapman, Acting Superintendent Dr. Patty Sanker, Interim Borough Manager Frank Lynch, William Forrey, Patty Gilroy, Melanie Gurgiolo, David Hershey, Mayor Mark Simpson, Doug Snyder, Council Person Erin Vroman and Paul White



Due to Covid-19, we will not have our traditional Toys for Tots Parade, Tree Lighting and Festivities. Instead Camp Hill Borough and our primary sponsor, Centric Bank, will welcome everyone to join us for a parade of lights through Siebert Park from 6pm – 9pm each evening December 3-5, 2020. Everyone will be driving thru the park entering off North 25th Street to help with social distancing. There will be no walking through the park to see display due to safety concerns. The admission to see the lights is a toy for Toys for Tots. If there are organization, club or businesses that would like to get involved please go to our website: www.camphillborough.com for the guidelines and registration form. Any questions please email Audrey Logar, Recreation Director: alogar@camphillborough.com.

Camp Hill Recreation in partnership with Blooms by Vickrey will be having our Annual Holiday Decorating Contest. The Holiday Home Decoration Contest, includes not only the front door, but windows, lawn and landscaping. Anyone who decorates the front of their home for the holidays is automatically entered. The week of December 14th some of us will be driving around admiring all the homes here in Camp Hill Borough. If you want us to look at your outdoor decorations, just have your lights on outside this week and we will check them out. Winners will be notified by a knock at their door. Be sure to check out the winners posted on our website and drive by their homes and check out their decorations.



Camp Hill Recreation received a $1,072.00 donation from the Harry and Nancy Preis Siebert Park Fund of The Foundation for Enhancing Communities to be used in Siebert Park. Camp Hill Recreation would like to thank Harry and Nancy Preis and The Foundation for Enhancing Communities for the generous donation and we have purchased a bench to go along the relocated Goddard Trail in Siebert Park.


For your convenience, we have ONLINE REGISTRATION available! Of course, you are always welcome to stop by the Borough offices to register in person but you should make an account first so when you come in we can register you. PLEASE NOTE: If you already have an account please don’t create a new account, just login and if you forgot your password, just click forgot password. Be sure to read over the Refund Policy prior to Registering as well. More details can be found on our website


If you are interested in having access to utilize the stadium when it is not being used for an event, you need to stop by the Borough Office and fill out an application. One application per family. To enter the stadium access the Siebert Park Stadium near the Athletic House. Just swipe your card and push on the access gate. It will turn to let one person enter. If you lose your card, you need to notify the Borough immediately, so we can deactivate your card. Replacement cards, are $5.00 each.


Due to Covid-19 circumstances, facility rentals are not available until further notice. Sorry for any inconvenience, information will be available on our website when rentals can resume.


If you have not yet purchased a brick at Siebert Park, there is still time. Bricks will

continue to be sold even though The Lion’s Den is complete to make additions to playgrounds in the borough. If you are interested in purchasing a brick for yourself or a loved one, please contact the Recreation Department at 717-737 - 4548. Forms can be found on a table outside the borough offices.


In 2021 the Camp Hill Recreation Commission will conduct its meetings at 6 PM at the Borough Building of Camp Hill Municipal Office in the conference room, 2145 Walnut Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011, on the following dates: Tuesdays, January 5, April 6, July 6 and October 5, (Dates may be added as needed.)


This volunteer position is a way that you can give back to the community where you live and help make decisions about programs and projects supported by the Recreation Commission. We meet 4 times per year for about an hour and provide recommendations to Borough Council about programs and projects our residents want. There are three openings on the Recreation Commission for the term 2020-2022. If this is something you would be interested in please send a cover letter and resume to the Recreation Office by December 1, 2020.


If you are interested in volunteering for a community event or teaching a class, we are always looking for volunteers and different class ideas. Please email alogar@camphillborough.com if interested.

ADULT CLASSES Due to Covid-19 we are holding some classes outside and some smaller classes indoors. Please look over all information pertaining to the individual program.

BARRE CLASSES (LIVE & ZOOM OPTION) (Instructor: Megan Lesko) Barre is a total body workout consisting of lower and upper body strength training that uses mostly bodyweight, raises your heartrate, and finishes up with core training. Barre is not a dance class; it activates and strengthens the muscles that other workouts may miss. This class is designed


for ALL fitness levels, ages, and bodies, complete with progressions so those new to fitness feel successful their first time and seasoned Barre enthusiasts will always feel challenged. Bring a mat, light weights (1-3 pounds/canned food or 2 water bottles can be substituted), and a small loop band (available for purchase for $3 at class). Sneakers or bare feet. If we are unable to hold class on any given Sunday, we will post class information on the CH Parks and Rec Facebook Page and the Barre Class Instagram Page. There is a waiver that needs to be signed and it is available on our website. Megan will also have blank waivers available at class. Also all participants need to bring along a mask to be worn only if social distancing is not possible. Students will be spread out during the class and a mask doesn’t need to be worn, but can be worn if that is what the participant chooses to do. Port-a-Johns available within the park. Zoom information will be sent to zoom participants via email 8am Sunday morning. If inclement weather all students who were to attend live class will be sent zoom information as well. Sunday: November 1 – December 13 Time: 8:30 am – 9:20 am Location: Bus Parking Lot by Basketball Court in Siebert Park or on zoom Cost: $10 per class and register for each week individually


This class provides a one hour fun class of well-choreographed routines to upbeat music. Hand held weights (max. 6 pounds per hand) and ankle weights (2 ½ pounds per leg) are optional. There will be a waiver to sign at the first class. Temperatures will be taken prior to entering the building for class. Mask will need to be worn into building until you are able to social distance for class. Each student will have their own step that they will sign out for this session. Thursday: January 7 – March 25 Time: 4-5 pm Location: Borough Hall – Enter through center door on garden side of building. Cost: resident $115 / non-resident $120

R e c r e a t i o n DR ep e inotn D ea cr rt em at JACKI’S AEROBIC STEP

Jacki Sorensen's Strong Step(TM) is a low-impact, high energy, maximally effective fitness class that's fun and easy! Using a STEP to increase lower body resistance, the subtly choreographed routines have an athletic style that appeals to anyone interested in getting a head-to-toe workout. Grab your water bottle, and put on your athletic shoes! Must be pre-registered and space is limited. There will be a waiver to sign at the first class. Temperatures will be taken prior to entering the building for class. Mask will need to be worn into building until you are able to social distance for class. Each student will have their own step that they will sign out for this session. Tuesdays: January 5 – March 23 Time: 4-5:00 pm Location: Borough Hall – Enter through center door on garden side of building. Cost: resident $115 / non-resident $120


If you would like to participate in both the Jacki’s Step classes on Tuesdays and Jacki’s Dance classes on Thursday please register for the combination classes on active net. There will be a waiver to sign at the first class. Temperatures will be taken prior to entering the building for class. Mask will need to be worn into building until you are able to social distance for class. Each student will have their own step that they will sign out for this session. Tuesday: Step Jan. 5-March 23 Thursdays: Dance Jan. 7-March 25 Time: 4-5 pm Location: Borough Hall – Enter through center door on garden side of building. Cost: resident $205/ non-resident $215


Get geared up and ready for winter with borough resident and educator Sarah Dressler, as she shares her favorite winter essential oil recipes, blends and DIYs. This class is FREE and open to the public; seating is limited to 15, and pre-registration is required by calling the Recreation Office. So be sure to reserve your seat today! There will be a waiver to sign prior to


start of class. Temperatures will be taken JACKI’S AEROBICtheSTEP prior to entering building for class. All Jacki Sorensen's Strong Step(TM) is a participants will enter through the side low-impact, high energy, maximally effecdoor in garden area. Mask will need to be tive during fitness class. class that's fun and easy! Using worn aDate: STEP to increase January 20 lower body resistance, the subtly choreographed routines have an Time: 6:30-7:30 pm athletic style that appeals to anyone interLocation: Camp Hill Community ested in getting a head-to-toe workout. Room Grab your water bottle, and put on your athletic shoes! Must be pre-registered and VALENTINES SUCCULENT DIFFUSERS space is limited. Have you seen the cute succulents and willhow be atowaiver to sign at just the in first wantThere to learn make your own class. Temperatures will be taken prior time for winter? Join borough resident,to entering the building for simple class. Mask will Sarah Dressler, as she shares ways to need to be worn into building until you make succulent diffusers for your home.are able to social for own class.succulent Each stuParticipants will distance create their dent will have their own step that they will diffuser to take home. The class space is sign out for this session. limited to 15 spaces and pre-registration is Tuesdays: January – March 23Office. required by calling the 5Recreation Time: 4-5:00 pm Cost is $20 each for materials. Pay at class. Location: Enter There will be aBorough waiver toHall sign–prior to start through center door on to of class. Temperatures will be taken prior garden for sideclass. of building. entering the building All particiCost: resident $115 / non-resident pants will enter through the side door$120 in garden area. Mask will need to be worn COMBINATION CLASSES during class. FOR JACKI’S STEP17& DANCE Date: February If you6:30-7:30 would like Time: pm to participate in both the Jacki’s Camp Step classes on Tuesdays and Location: Hill Community Jacki’s Dance classes on Thursday please Room register for the combination classes on active net. ZUMBA There will bePoole) a waiver to sign at the first (Instructor: Tim class. Temperatures will bewill taken prior Information about Zumba be on ourto entering the building for class. Mask will website, when it becomes available. need to be worn into building until you are able to social distance for class. Each student will have their own step that they will signCREATIVE out for this KIDS ARTsession. CLASSES Tuesday: Step 5-March 23 (Instructor: AllisonJan. Juliana) Thursdays: Dance Jan. 25 An opportunity for young 7-March art enthusiasts Time: 4-5 pm who are looking to enhance their artist Location: Hall various – Enterdrawskills. This classBorough will outline through center on garing and painting techniquesdoor as well as den side of building. experimentation with a wide variety of art Cost: Original resident $205/ non-resident $215 materials. artwork will be created


start of class. Temperatures will be taken prior to entering the building for class. All participants willnotenter through A refund will be granted for the any side session or less. ThisMask includes pro-to be door in$50 garden area. willany need gram (one dayclass. programs, camps, or multi worn during session programs) Date: January 20 offered by the Recreation Department. Time: 6:30-7:30 pm For all sessions than $50, a Location: Campgreater Hill Community refund will beRoom granted according to this



VALENTINES DIFFUSERS Refund RequestSUCCULENT Date Amount of Refund

Have you seen the cute succulents and >90 days before program/camp 75% of program cost want to learn how to make your own just in 60-90 daysforbeforewinter? program/camp Join borough 50% of programresident, cost time Sarah Dressler, as she shares simple ways 30-59 days before program/camp 25% of program cost to make succulent diffusers for your home. Less than 30 days before program/camp No refund Participants will create their own succulent diffuser to take The class No refund willhome. be granted for space any is camps after July 1st. and pre-registration is limited to 15 spaces required by calling the Recreation Office. If any program camp is canceled by at theclass. Cost is $20 eachorfor materials. Pay Recreation Department at no fault of There will be a waiver to sign prior the to start participant, a full refund will be granted. of class. Temperatures will be taken prior to entering the building for class. All participrior to will entering building class. Allin pants enterthe through theforside door participants will enter through the side garden area. Mask will need to be worn door in garden during class. area. Mask will need to be wornDate: during class. 17 February Monday: February 1 – February 22 Time: 6:30-7:30 pm Grades: 3 6 Location: Camp Hill Community Time: 6:30 –Room 7:30 pm Location: Community Room Cost: resident $82 / non-resident $88 ZUMBA (Instructor: Tim Poole)

2NDInformation AND 3RD GRADE aboutBASKETBALL Zumba will be on our During when the months of September website, it becomes available. and October some of the 1st – 4th Graders of the Borough have been learning about basketball on Sunday afternoons. A special thank goes out Dustin Chapman for KIDSyou CREATIVE ARTtoCLASSES running these clinics for the kids. (Instructor: Allison Juliana)


An opportunity for young art enthusiasts their artist At this time is no Information skills. This classthere will outline various drawabout Basketball, if that changes ing Youth and painting techniques as wellit as would be available on our website, experimentation with a wide variety of art materials. Original artwork will be created SUMMER CAMPSupon 2021completion. INFORMATION! to take home All supplies Parent’s campininformation are included the cost of for the summer program. 2021 willwear be clothing available that in early February!to Please is appropriate Keep on Space our website get ayour little eye messy! is limitedforto more 10 stuinformation. dents. There will be a waiver to sign prior to start of class. Temperatures will be taken

3RD – 8TH who are GRADE lookingBASKETBALL to enhance

p p d w


O t k t r


a w

to take home upon completion. All supplies S WELLNESS ESSENTIAL OILS areWINTER included in the WITH cost of the program. Get geared up and ready for winter with Please wear clothing that is appropriate to 2 resident educator Sarah getborough a little messy! Spaceand is limited to 10 stuK Dressler, as she shares her favorite winter dents. There will be a waiver to sign prior in essential oil recipes, blends and DIYs. This to start of class. Temperatures will be taken class is FREE and open to the public; seating is limited to 15, and pre-registration is THE BOROUGH DOESN’T ENDORSE OR RECOMMEND ANY CONTRACTOR OR BUSINESS required by calling thePROMOTE, Recreation Office. THE BOROUGH DOESN’T PROMOTE, ENDORSE OR RE ADVERTISED IN THE NEWSLETTER OR IN GENERAL PRACTICE. So be sure to reserve your seat today! ADVERTISED IN THE NEWSLETTER There will be a waiver to sign prior to


20 20

The Lion Foundation 2020-2021 Board Of Directors

Making Things Happen in Camp Hill

Officers Assistant Treasurer Dave Berkebile Secretary Melissa Corbin Assistant Secretary Jen Chaplin

President Lisa Reeves Vice President DJ Healey Treasurer Mike Breon

Board Members Kirsten Jones Carrie Knight Tate Livelsberger Janice Mullin Leslie Sarvis Ken Serafin Vlad Serdar Doug Snyder Rita Steele Ron Tomalis

Aaron Boor Jennifer Branstetter Angela Couloumbis Tina Darchicourt, Superintendent Rep. Jenny Crane, CHEA Representative Vera DiPietro Randy Gale, School Board Representative Chad Gallaher

Emeritus Board William Angino Anna Baldini Michael L. Berney Nancy A. Besch Nancy L. Bigelow H. Leslie Bishop (deceased) John Brosius Paul Bruder Carlyn Chulick Alan Davidson Carrie DeLone, M.D. Margaret Rushong Earley (deceased) Richard Fonte, M.D. The Honorable David Freed, Esq. Betsy Gayner Lucy M. Gnazzo Alison E. A. Goodwin Jeff Haas James R. Hepfer III

Richard E. Jordan III John N. Kennedy, Esq. Connie R. Kindler Brian T. LaBine Robert E. Little, C.P.A J. Scott Massie Charles A. McInnes, RA R. Burke McLemore, Jr., Esq. Howell C. Mette, Esq. Phyllis S. Mowery Theodore W. Mowery Robert L. Myers, D.M.D., M.B.A. Grace M. Pollock (deceased) J. William Royer (deceased) Robert L. Shuster, Esq. John E. Slike, Esq. Henry J. Straub, C.P.A. Susan G. Sutliff Kurt A. Twiford Kevin Williams Peter Wilson

Our Children, Our Community, Our Future

A Note from the Director… Thank you! Your donations, large and small, have enabled us to step up and support Camp Hill students and education during this time of crisis. Since March, we have provided more than $130,000 in grant funding to help connect our students to their classrooms via new technology, and provide safer environments for them when they are on campus. Our work — YOUR work — has made a difference. And we aren’t slowing down. The Lion Foundation will continue to work with our school leadership and teachers to align our support with their needs. I am so proud of our students, families, teachers, administrators, school board representatives and our donors for helping our students return to school in 2020. While it may look very different from the way we returned to school last year, everyone is coming together to develop the best and safest way for our children to learn during a pandemic.

We Are… here for our schools. WE never been more true.


Stay safe,


Robin Jones, Executive Director P.S. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter or go to our website, www.thelionfoundation.org, to learn more about the impact of your donations.

Staff Robin Jones, Executive Director Shari Sponic, Project Manager Julia Hoke, Office Administrator Contact The Lion Foundation for more information or to donate: office@thelionfoundation.org 2627 Chestnut Street, Camp Hill, PA 17011 Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see the impact of your donations!

21 21

YOUR DONATIONS AT WORK! The grants we have awarded since the Spring have helped our schools invest in technology and improve our remote learning abilities. The grants were used to purchase new Chromebooks and carrying cases, as well as the K-12 Schoology classroom learning management system, the K-4 Seesaw Plus online learning program, and the KAMI online document annotation/markup tool for K-12. Your donations were also used to support important academic programs, including the Summer Math Academy at the Camp Hill High School, the Footprint Literacy digital reader program at Hoover Elementary and the K-12 career readiness programming. Thank you for your support! We also received a $13,000 grant from the Renew Cumberland Country Relief Block Grant Program to help support school social distancing initiatives. It has expanded outdoor picnic table seating options at the MS/HS campus, and gone toward the purchase of cafeteria tables for both eating and studying by students at Hoovery Elementary. Thank you Cumberland County Board of Commissioners and Lion Foundation donors for your support in keeping our students and staff safe!



The Lion Foundation would like to thank all those who participated in and sponsored another successful Golf Outing on October 12th at the West Shore Country Club, raising more than $17,800 for Camp Hill schools and children. This year, 124 golfers masked up and practiced social distancing while they enjoyed a day on the golf course. Congratulations to this year’s winners: Scott Christie, George Dimoff, Ralph Klinepeter, and Robert Latham. Thank You 2020 Golf Outing Sponsors! Title Sponsors:

Eagle Sponsors:

Beckley and Madden Creston Environmental /Environmental Equipment + Supply, LLC Halbruner, Hatch & Guise Law Offices of John M. Hyams Equitrans Midstream The Kirchhoff Family Phyllis Mowery Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania

Cart Sponsors: Dilks Properties

FirstLight Home Care and the Twiford Family Heritage Builders, Tate Livelsberger The Kirchhoff Family Mowery Construction The Foundation for Enhancing Communities

Troegs Brewing Company Wilsbach Distributors, Inc.

Hole Sponsors:

Alan Rimmer Ball, Murren & Connell, LLC Attorneys-at-Law Dave Berkebile/Ameriprise Financial Bar Sponsors: Nancy & Bruce Bigelow The Healey Group/Donald M. Healey Jr. Ethan & Drew Branstetter Breon & Associates Certified Public Hole in One Sponsors: Accountants Sutliff Volkswagen The Brett Family Other Sponsors: The Bruder Family Classic Drycleaners and Laundromats Building Blocks Therapy Gunn-Mowery, LLC Burns White LLC Harrisburg Country Club Caldwell & Kearns, P.C. Martin's Camp Hill School Board Pizza Boy Brewing Co. Chaplin Properties Trinity Transport Classic Drycleaners & Laundromats

22 22

Consumers Insurance Agency, Inc./John Brosius Dixon Earley, '59 Fetrow Electric Service Company The Freedenberg Family HAAS Printing Company, Inc. Jim & Missy Hepfer KENNEDY PC Law Offices Krevsky Bowser Employment Law The LaBine Family Dana J. Laricks Little, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Homesale Realty Molly McCurdy & Kevin McKeon Burke & Barbara McLemore Merrill Lynch/DePalma Frye & Associates Friends of Nicole Miller MJM Strategies, LLC MKL Orthodontists

Diane & Thomas Neiper Congressman Scott Perry PFM Financial Advisors LLC Friends of Greg Rothman Scaringi Law Setzer Personal Physicians, LLC Sexton Family The Shuster Family John & Loma Slike The Sponic Family Stratis Gayner Plastic Surgery The Foundation for Enhancing Communities Tucker Arensberg, P.C.




Meet one Camp Hill student making a difference: Cassidy Knight, Class of 2024, started making masks in the early months of the pandemic so that medical and emergency personnel had the protective face coverings they needed to do their job. Soon enough, she was making enough masks to sell to friends, neighbors and others, and has donated the proceeds to the Earl Besch Project.

In Memory of Mike Nelson, Sr.

Mary P. Lylo Linda and Laurie Roberts

In Memory of Michael Hillegas, Class of 1954

Elizabeth Hillegas

In Memory of Lily Jordan

Eddy and Sarah Kaplaniak

What inspired you to start making masks, and when did you start? Cassidy: In March, once everything got shut down, I often found myself bored. My aunt had started making masks for people she knew that worked in the medical field, since at the time there was a worry that they were going to run out of masks for essential workers. She helped me figure out what to do, and what supplies worked best. And in about late March, I was making them for my family, friends, and neighbors. How did you learn how to make them? Did you already know how to sew or did you learn during the pandemic? Was the mask-making difficult to execute? Cassidy: Originally, I used a pattern that I just followed the instructions for, but since I’ve made so many now, I don’t need the instructions. A few years ago, I took some sewing classes at JoAnn’s and my mom has occasionally shown me how to sew several different things. So I knew how to sew prior to the pandemic, but I never really did it in my free time. I wouldn’t say it was difficult to execute because so many people wanted masks at that time. It required me to be committed to making the masks that people asked for, and sometimes that was hard if I had many orders.

In Memory of Earl Besch

Nancy Besch Don and Ursala Besch

In Memory of Mary Louise Beckley

Brad and RuthAnn Kohler John and Marni Micek Kenneth and Susan Markley Jack Shepley Kurt and Heather Waldner Jim Herbst Eddy and Sara Kaplaniak Dr. Frederic Sanford Paul and Abby Spotts John and Megan Lesko Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association Joseph Metro Theresa Denison

Mike and Beth Berney David Berkebile and Minke Kooistra Thomas and Diane Neiper Oakleaf Club Of Washington DC Jamie Stetson Robert and Grace Ann Rood Geoffrey and Tammy Shearer Michael and Cynthia Dahl David and Melissa Rhen Theresa Gabuzda Howard and Ann Eissler Tina Hoffman

Tell us about the designs for your masks - do you make types and sizes? Do you If you are interested in donating to memorial funds or try and use different colors and schemes? establishing a memorial fund or other planned gift through Cassidy: The mask design that I use is a more fitted style, so I make different wills, please go to www.thelionfoundation.org under sizes. I have small, medium, large, and I recently added an extra small size for kids. donate/planned gifts for more information or contact Robin Jones at But mostly all of them are custom orders. I make many different colors and pat(717)592-1100 or robin @thelionfoundation.org. terns. Since it is getting closer to the holiday season, I have made some with fall pattern. I plan on making some Christmas ones as well. I wouldn’t say that I try to use different schemes, it’s just colors and patterns that I think people will like. We Earl Besch Project Update ordered iron-ons to make Camp Hill masks that people seem to like, and I have A special thank you to the Earl Besch Project volsome masks aimed towards children with fun patches on them. For example, I have unteers for providing 45 food pantry boxes for famimasks with monsters, owls, pirates, gnomes, and U.S. flags. lies that include 108 children. During the pandemic, How many masks did you end up selling and how did you go about finding custhe number of families in need in Camp Hill has tomers? increased. Pantry boxes contain healthy and nutriCassidy: People started asking if I would make masks for them, and at first I did tious food for our it for free. But I needed to be able to pay for supplies, so I started using my mom’s students and their Facebook page and sewing them for people we know. That ended up being most of families. Families my customers. My parents and I saw people like my aunt donating masks to health may choose to pick care workers, and I wanted to be able to help in some way. So we came up with the up either once or idea to keep sewing for people I know, but then donate half the profits to the Earl twice a month. Besch Project. After a while, I decided to make my own Facebook page specifically We would also like for selling masks. Then I was asked by the Earl Besch Project to do a mask stand to thank the Camp at the Harvest Hop in downtown Camp Hill in September. I sewed 100 masks in Hill Little League advance and sold around 60 just in that one day! Aside from that, I’ve sold over for donating the use 175 other masks. of the Fiala Field House to use as pantry space. This Why did you decide to dedicate the money you raised from selling your masks to allows our volunteers space to prepare the boxes and families easy access for pick up. For more informathe Earl Besch Project? Cassidy: It took me some time to decide where I wanted to donate the money. I tion on this program, please contact Lynette Pertschi at theearlbeschproject@gmail.com. Donations to ended up choosing the Earl Besch Project because it is a local charity that benefits support this program can be made at thelionfoundaCamp Hill students and families, and most of my customers were local, so they tion.org note: Earl Besch Fund. knew what it was. It also seemed like a good choice during the pandemic, since they provide food to those in need in our own community. I have raised about $1,200 for the Earl Besch Project since I started.

23 23






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Camp Hill Borough November 2020 Newsletter  

Camp Hill Borough November 2020 Newsletter