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NBL SPORT is the state-of-the-art world-famous board making facility


About us Our plant in Bielsko-Biała, Poland is one of the most modern board-making facilities in the world. This is a place where high tech and craftsmanship dovetail, where innovation and tradition fuse. Uncompromising kiteboards for World Cup, well-known skis and snowboards brands are manufactured here. Everything here hinges on the proverbial hundredth of a millimetre that makes the difference between a run-of-the-mill products and Nobile Factory made products.

We offer Why NBL Factory? We stress the importance of creating close partnerships with our customers where flexibility and involvement are key words. This approach allows us to find the best and most profitable solution to meet our customers’ needs. „We’re the family company and so is the atmosphere about it. More than 100 people creates the Nobile world. We love what we do. Many of us practice sports actively. In Nobile we all want the products we make to be enjoyed and reputed all over the world, as it has been so far. We work on it on a daily basis” – says Dariusz Rosiak.



We offer for all customers an individual contact with our team of engineers in terms of setting up the entire production process: • Technical development, • Graphic design development, • 3D models of required products, • Production of moulds and cavities in house, • We work with sandwich, semi cap and cap construction for our products.

All cut-in elements are manually worked and pressed on NEW ADJUSTABLE PRESSES, thus reducing the amount of required rocker lines to produce a full range of certain model (savings on set up cost)!

2. RAW MATERIALS • We offer an access to wide range of raw materials available on the market for skis, snowboards and kiteboards production. • We also work with new revolutionary raw materials, such as: balsa cores,flex fiberglass and many others. • We help to develop new, unique raw materials.


What we do?

Our advantages:

We are OEM supplier of customer specified solutions for: skis, snowboards, snowkites, wakeboards and kiteboards.

• Flexibility for 24/7 • Custom solutions for customers. We adapt to your standards. • Technical support at all stages – set up, design, production. • Access to company patented solutions and technologies, such as: APS / AUTOROCKER / SNAKE TRANSITION / TRAPEZIUM SHAPE / W-CONNECTION / KISS. • We support unique logistic needs to individual client’s distribution centres.

• • • •

8,000 m2 of production facilities. We use the best materials. We share a world-patented technology. 130 experts will work for you. We are equipped with a high-level solid machinery

• We offer 7 CNC centers for modern woodmilling sidecuts and vertical shaping into the wood cores down to millimeter precision (skis, snowboards, kiteboards and wakeboards). • Pre-cutting process of fiberglass for each single products (savings on fiberglass scraps). • Aluminum titanium sheets are cut and milled into required lengths and widths. • Fully automated die cutting process into the ski & snowboard bases. • Fully automated edge bending process.

4. ARTWORK WHICH CATCHES THE EYE! • We work with every individual artwork design. • Technology available: screen printing technology, direct digital print on HP LATEX printers. • Fully automated process of screen printing and drying for tops and bases. • Hot stamp, silvering or gilding surface on the board. • Die cutting for base artwork. • Prints on sidewalls and any other area of the final product. • Glossy varnish finish for skis, snowboards and kiteboards!

6. GRINDING We offer a new MONTANA line for a very fine base grinding! The final stage is carried out on MONTANA SHAPHIR PRO with a very fine sport base structure! • Productivity up to 80 pairs of skis, • snowboards or kiteboards per hour, continuous line work at least 8 hours per day, 6 days in a week. • Process technologies available: TwinTip, TipToTail, Rocker, Camber. • Possibility of individual multipoint pressure during grinding in the form of programmable pressure curve (ensures pressure in at least 5 points of product). • Possibility of grinding sidewalls with randomly programmable curve of downforce. • Possibility of tuning edges from the base side made with the HTT disc system at pre-defined angle, which enables edges polishing from underneath at changeable radius along the entire length. • Possibility of making sport structures on running surface with 8-fiels division of ski running surface. • Control software ensures adjusting of grinding parameters for product series or specific model.

7. QUALITY CONTROL Quality control on every stage of production process.

8. PACKAGING AND WAREHOUSING • We offer an individual packaging, including shrink wrap foil. • New warehouse system for tracking down every item.

9. NUMBERING New digitally printed numbering system with many available combinations.

AN INVESTMENT WORTH OF ALMOST 8 MILLION EUR IN ORDER TO MODERNIZE THE WHOLE COMPANY Dear Customer, With great pleasure we would like to inform you that one of the most important stages in NBL Sport corporate development has been already finished. After two years we have completed an investment worth of almost 8 million EUR, in order to modernize the whole company. We are confident that all these changes you can read about in the first edition of our magazine will become acknowledged soon. Thanks to the flexibility of our services, even better quality and the growth of production capabilities, we act more sufficiently. Have a great reading and feel free to cooperate with us! The Board of NBL Sport

Within the completed investment, the production line in our factory has been thoroughly upgraded. Its main elements consist of: • new CNC machines for processing wood, aluminium and plastic, as well as cutting glass and carbon fabrics; • new, numerically controlled pneumatic presses; • new printing department with topquality HP printers and automatized line for screen printing, in order to improve definitely the graphic visualization of your products; • new Fill and Montana machines, including Montana Saphir Pro which enables final processing of bottom faces at the highest world level. • new hot stamp machine, allows additional refinement of the products. Thanks to modernizing a warehouse area, we have also improved the flexibility of our shipping services. We are ready to perform packaging and logistics services in the door-to-door system.

Implemented changes influence an environment beneficially. Both external one – by minimalizing the influence of our production, and internal one – thanks to the improvement of our employees’ working conditions. The whole company has gained extra competences in the form of new, experienced managers who took an active part in developing companies within the automotive business.

Advanced Technology We are open to new technologies and processes which we introduce efficiently and fluently. The high technical level of production is emphasized by our patents which inspired the development of the whole business. We are proud that you can find them only in products leaving NBL Sport plant. By operating flexibly and setting the market standards, we are able not only to fulfil but even outmatch the requirements of our customers.

Thanks to completed investment, we have doubled our production capabilities. At present they amount to 150 thousand products a year.

Care for environment As a result of completed investment, we have minimized the influence of our production on external environment. It is possible thanks to specific actions, which include: • modernization of the boiler-house which introduced sawdust coming mainly from the wood processing in our plant, as the only fuel; • assembly of closed-circuit installation for cleaning tools in the screen printing department; • closed circuit of cooling and heating; • airflow heating with recovery system. • We do not forget about an internal environment as well. The new ventilation system and social rooms have significantly improved the working conditions of our staff.

OFFICE NBL Sport Sp. z o.o., Wapienicka 6, 43-382 Bielsko-Biala Poland

INVOICE DETAILS: NBL Sport Sp. z o.o., Wapienicka 6, 43-382 Bielsko-Biala Poland

E-mail: Business contact: +48 602 575 726

TIN / NIP: PL 5472100289

Nbl Sport /Nobile Factory

Design: Daria Majchrzak / Michał Seredin (PCG)

Main effects of investment

NBL Sport  

NBL SPORT is the state-of-the-art world-famous board making facility

NBL Sport  

NBL SPORT is the state-of-the-art world-famous board making facility