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Thani Talk ~ November 2012

Board Information/ Editor’s Desk

November: Joining Hands to Help Others Autumn is a time of thanksgiving in many cultures. It’s a time to celebrate bountiful harvests and for families to come together for reunions. NNR’s annual charity bazaar is therefore aptly timed in November, when our entire community pauses not only to reflect on what we are grateful for, but to join hands in an important fundraiser to benefit those who are in need. This issue of Thani Talk is dedicated to all the volunteers in our community who make time to help others. Among those volunteers are two ladies who deserve special recognition as we gear up for the Nov. 8 NNR Charity Bazaar. Our community is extremely lucky to have Susan Curtis and Carla Zeitune, both of whom are talented, active, and dedicated to helping those in need. Carla has fantastic event organizing skills which she puts to good use in making the NNR Bazaar a success each year. Susan, with a heart of gold, inspires and leads teams of volunteers who visit all the NNR charities. She makes sure the money NNR raises is put to good use. For their dedication of time and energy to help others, Thani Talk is pleased to name them Volunteers of the Month. On the opposite page, Susan and Carla introduce themselves to our readers, and in their articles for the cover story this issue (pages 4-6), they share their passion for their volunteer work. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and happy reading! Liz Lu Co-Editor, Thani Talk

NNR BOARD 2012 Chairperson

Patricia Kenrick

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Juliana Magalhaes

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Birgitta Damgard Alexandra Ries

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NNR Socials

Sarah Glaze

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Marlena Yarbrough

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Newsletter Editor

Liz Lu (Co-editor) Laura Sadowski (Co-editor) Casey Corning (Proof Reader)

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Distribution Coordinator

Heather Powell

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Charity Volunteer Coordinator

Susan Curtis

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Carla Zeitune

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NNR is a not-for-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to serving the Nonthaburi community and supporting local 2charities since 1994. We achieve this by publishing a free monthly newsletter that has a distribution of 1000 copies. We host monthly coffee mornings, an annual charity bazaar and organize monthly tours. There are no membership dues.

Thani Talk ~ November 2012

Tours & Thanks

November 16 Tour: Christmas Factory On November 16, NNR Tours will take you to the Christmas Factory not far from Nichada. There you will find all kinds of Christmas trees and decorations. At this time of the year you can also buy discounted Halloween articles, if there is anything left. Don’t forget to bring cash; credit cards are not accepted. On our way home we will stop for a nice lunch at the River Tree House restaurant by the Chao Praya River. We will try to be back around 2pm. We leave from ISB’s Chevron Theatre at 9 am Friday, November 16. Cost will only be the bus fee, and the final amount depends on how many people join the trip. To sign up, please email Birgitta:

Volunteers of the Month: Susan and Carla I am from Chicago in America, but have lived in Asia 17 of the last 22 years (Thailand twice, Taiwan and South Korea). I have two children who are now both in high school and a husband I adore. I joined the NNR when I arrived in Nichada 5 years ago and have been on the Board for the last 4 years. Early on I got involved with the many orphanages and prison in our area and assigned myself a position on the NNR Board to learn more about our 10 charities and to try to get others to volunteer at them. If you are interested in finding out where you can help, please contact me! Susan Curtis Chair, NNR Charities

I’m Brazilian, and I’m married with 2 adorable kids: Carolina (14) and Rico (16). In 2007 we received an invitation to move to Bangkok. Since then we have been exploring Thailand and Asia. The best part in this new life is to propose a different and singular life to the entire family, and to discover different cultures and things and to offer a special experience for our kids. However, to be out of your country and culture is not always easy… From the time when I arrived in Thailand, I started looking for something special to do. Then, I found great opportunities to help the community, and the NNR was one of them. Since 2010 I have been the NNR Charity Bazaar Chair with pleasure. It is a perfect combination for me, because I can do something I really enjoy (organize events) and at the same time help people in need. Now, I can say that being part of this wonderful team makes me a better person, and I am so happy to be part of this wonderful cause. Carla Zeitune Chair, NNR Charity Bazaar 3

Cover Story: Season of Giving

Thani Talk ~ November 2012

November 8 Bazaar Supports NNR Charities Spotlight on Nonthaburi Reception Home for the Destitute NNR’s Charity Committee was created to help women and children in the Nonthaburi area. We do this by contributing to more than 10 local charities (see page 8 for a list of the charities we support) who work with women and children in need. The NNR charges no membership or subscription fees and only has two sources of income; one is from the small advertisement fees in the Thani Talk newsletter, and the other comes from our annual NNR Bazaar (this year on November 8). Your participation in this fun event directly helps women and children all over the area: the homeless, the disabled, incarcerated women, children with mothers in prisons, and many, many orphans. So please join us on November 8 for a full day of the best vendors you will find in Nichada and do your part to help all our neighbors in need!

Hard Times. Hard Floors.: (Left) At the Nonthaburi Reception Home for the Destitute, an elderly and feeble resident sleeps in her allotted space on the dormitory’s tile floor. (Opposite page, top): More ablebodied homeless women rest in a 2nd floor dormitory. There are not enough beds for the Home’s more than 300 residents. (Opposite page, bottom) : Another elderly resident rests after dinner.

One of the many charities that the NNR helps is the Nonthaburi Reception Home for the Destitute, located off Tiwanon Road on “Orphanage Street” (just a five-minutes' drive from Nichada Thani). The home is run by the Thai Bureau of Social Welfare Services, but like many government agencies here, it operates on a very tight budget with a limited staff. Although the home was designed to house and feed up to 250 daily, when I visited there in October with NNR Board member Liz Lu and Nichada newcomer Linda Feltham, a notice board in the main office listed 332 men, women and a handful of children. The residents are mostly elderly disabled men and women with no means of support, and they are often brought to the home by the police after being picked up for vagrancy or begging. A few are refugees from Cambodia who come for a better life in Thailand (often young mothers with their children in tow). Once in the home, the residents are assessed by the staff and assigned to one of five dormitories where they are allowed to stay up to three months before being placed in other appropriate government facilities, deported, or released to family members. It is a never-ending cycle of residents in and out of the home. 4

Cover Story: Continued

Thani Talk ~November 2012

I have been working with the NNR for almost the entire five plus years I have lived in Nichada Thani, but my visit to the Reception Home last month was the first time I had been past the main office doors. As is the case when I visit or volunteer at any of our charities, I was filled with a rush of emotions as we toured the home. Sympathy and sadness mixed with a bit of fear of the unknown, mixed with compassion and love for all those beautiful faces, plus a strong desire for change and a longing to be of some assistance. The women we saw there were lovely and seemed genuinely happy to see new foreign faces in their midst, but I could not help but notice that there did not seem very much for them to do. Three farang women (one, Liz, speaking great Thai) were a bit of distraction in an afternoon of inertia. We were told that the residents who are stronger help with the home's maintenance to keep themselves busy and productive by sweeping and mopping in the mornings after breakfast. One extremely old but spry woman spent our entire visit crouched on the lawn cropping the grassy area by pulling at the weeds and grass with her muddied and ancient, gnarled hands. She seemed perfectly content with the task at hand, and I could tell she was proud of her accomplishment (the grass looked as if it had been cut with a power mower), but I could not help but wish she had a loving family or friends around her to care for her. You may have noticed, but Nichada Thani has a distinct lack of elderly residents. Sure, sometimes you will see the occasional grandmother visiting, but she is invariably healthy and robust. Seeing elderly women, some unable to walk, and all without a supportive family or friends to surround them is heartbreaking. I felt a strong desire to hug everyone I saw, including the overworked staff whose job it is to care for so many with so much need. Many of the residents require adult diapers (something the home is often short of) and need changing up to three times per day. My heart ached for both the elderly and the staff. But I was not without hope that our huge community of healthy, wealthy and wise women could do more to help our older neighbors. So how can YOU help, you ask? Start by attending the NNR Bazaar on November 8. Your entry donation and raffle ticket funds will directly help the Reception Home (along with all our other charities). Next, think about volunteering a few hours per week (or even per month) to help the women in the home. You could push a woman in a wheelchair so she is able to exercise at the work out room in the morning or you could teach a craft or a skill to the more able women or even sing to them. Not a hands-on kind of person? Then think about picking up an extra bottle of Dettol disinfectant, laundry soap or adult diapers the next time you are in the store and give them to Liz Lu or Susan Curtis (our contact information is in the inside front cover of every issue of Thani Talk). Don't have money? Call or write to us and give us your ideas on what else we can do at the Home. Whatever you choose to do to help, the staff and residents at the Reception Home will be grateful beyond measure! Susan Curtis Chair, NNR Charity5

Cover Story: Season of Giving

Thani Talk ~ November 2012

Home for the Destitute: An NNR-supported charity that feeds more than 300 residents per day: (Above): Able-bodied residents line up for dinner. (Right): A staff member stacks dinner trays, which he will take to residents unable to walk to the canteen. Many elderly residents also need to be spoon-fed.

Shop the Bazaar. Support the Needy. Don’t miss the 18th Biggest Annual Fundraiser for the NNR. It will be held on November 8th, at Nichada Thani Club House, from 9am to 4pm. This is my 3rd year organizing the bazaar, and I’m so proud of helping our community. For me, the most important thing about the bazaar is knowing that proceeds from the event go to charity. All groups supported by NNR really need help. Last year we raised more than 400,000 baht. It was extraordinary!!! Each year, my goal is to exceed the sum from the previous year. So, we can help more and more people. Last year we had 62 vendors selling a wide range of unique products. More than 600 customers shopped at the Bazaar knowing that NNR will use proceeds to help those less fortunate in our community. Shoppers also bought raffle tickets for a lucky draw made possible by gifts generously donated by vendors and sponsors. Wonderful prizes were drawn and bottles of prosecco were sold throughout the day, creating an amazing atmosphere. I’d also like to mention the NNR souvenir badges, which were given to customers who spent 1,000 baht or more buying raffle tickets. This year, raffle tickets will be on sale beginning Thursday, November 1st. For more information please contact Patricia Kenrick – (084 559 3674). This year’s Bazaar team is working hard to get everything ready to ensure a wonderful shopping experience for you. I hope all of you can be a part of this amazing cause. On Nov. 8, you will find wonderful prizes and about 70 vendors, including more than 15 new vendors, as well as popular vendors who have been invited back. There will be a great variety of products, such as Thai crafts, fashions for adults and children, jewelry, books, home decorations, kitchen ware, carpets, furniture and much more. So, I’d like to invite all of you and your friends to participate in this wonderful cause, on November 8th. Support the bazaar. Come along and bring your friends. Spend your day here, buying, eating, having fun, SHOPPING TILL YOU DROP, and most important of all, supporting a great community cause: NNR charities. See you there!


Carla Zeitune, Chair, NNR Charity Bazaar

NNR Social

Thani Talk ~November 2012

NNR November Social: Bollywood & Brazilian Bash Friday Nov. 9 (5pm—9pm) in Nichada Park


Thani Talk ~ November 2012

Charity Contact Information You can make a difference right here in Nonthaburi. NNR has supported many local charities through the years, but the real support comes from the volunteers who donate their time, energy and love to those less fortunate. Here are some of the charities we support. For more information about how you can be part of this group of volunteers or to volunteer at any of the charities we sponsor, contact: Charity Volunteer Coordinator Susan Curtis at 080 043 2735.

Klong Prem Prison (Men) Lad Yai Prison (Women) Address: Mission:

Baan Feung Faa Address: Mission:



Tiwanon, Soi 1, Pakkret A government orphanage for mentally and/ or physically handicapped children. It houses over 500 children from birth to 10. Volunteers to play with, and stimulate the children, as well as drive children to medical appointments. Also needed are toys, clothes, musical instruments Louise Weavers

Baan Rachawadee (for Boys) Project OGAT Telephone: 02 583 8426 Ext 116 Address: 78/6 Tiwanon, Soi 1, Pakkret Mission: A rehabilitation home for mentally & physically handicapped boys ages 7 - 18. Needs: Money, art supplies, etc.; volunteers to provide compassion & to help with games, music, art & walks Contact: Dorothy Klynstra 085 3204523 Email:

Baan Rachawadee (for Girls) Website: Address: Mission:


Contact: 78/15 Tiwanon, Soi 1, Pakkret Provide residential care and rehabilitation services for mentally handicapped girls whose ages are between 7 - 18 years old. Sports equipment, money, art supplies, etc.; volunteers to provide compassion & to help with games, music, art & walks. Khun Pimban 02 583 6731 Ext 888

Central Welfare & Vocational Training for Women Contact: Website: Telephone: Address: Mission:

Needs: 8

K.Piyada, Deputy Director 02 961 1882 / 02 583 8350 Tiwanon, Soi 1, Pakkret Provide vocational training for disadvantaged women enabling them to earn income to support their families. Money, fabric, computers, clothes, toiletries, personal hygiene products.

Contact: Phone:

33/2 Ngamwongwan, Chatuchak Help with prison visits and to care for terminally ill prisoners. Johara Nour 086 061 6608

Nonthaburi Reception Home for the Destitute Telephone: Address: Mission: Needs: Website: Contact:

02 583 0044 / 02 582 0771 78/12 Moo 1, Tiwanon, Soi 1, Pakkret This organization offers food, shelter, medicine, & training to homeless adults. Adult diapers, Dettol disinfectant, clothes, toiletries & money Liz Lu 086-784-7171

Rainbow House Rehabilitation Center Contact: Website: Telephone: Mission:

K. Chariya Saenwian, Managing Director 02 503 1270 / 081 985-5517 A daycare facility run by Christian Care Foundation for children with disabilities. Caregivers & teachers prepare the children for normal home life & school.

Sang Tawan Children's Home Telephone: Address: Mission:

Needs: Contact:

Khun Tat, Director 02 521-1744, 081 402- 7795 3/710 Phahonyotin Soi 48, Bangkok 10220 A home for abandoned children, providing a permanent residence for 10 children under 9 years. Donations are needed to meet their monthly living expenses. Tiffany Hebard 02 960 3730

Sparrow Home for Babies of Prisoners Telephone: Address: Mission:

Needs: Contact:

K. Noi, Supervisor 02-503-5144/089 685 9974 20/1 Soi 63 Samakee, Pakkret The home is for children of female prisoners waiting to be reunited with their mothers. Volunteers are needed to play, feed & bathe the children. Claudia Stone 02 583 0550

YMCA of Pakkret Contact: Khun Saisom Komalasevin, Exec. Director Telephone: 02 583 0998 Address: 99/19 Chaengwattana, Pakkret


Thank You

Thani Talk ~November 2012

Thank You for October Bossa Nova Evening Nothing could dampen our spirits! Despite it being a Monday, the continuous pouring rain and Maroon 5 playing at Impact, nothing could dampen the spirits of our die-hard Happy Hour Ladies of Nichada! The Monday tennis group found a dry and welcoming haven too! The October 8th gathering at the home of Juliana Magalhaes was a great evening with a friendly atmosphere. Guests relaxed with glasses of wine and a bite to eat whilst enjoying a couple of hours away from the daily grind of homework, dinner time and children. Perfect. A big Thank You to Juliana for hosting NNR’s October Social evening at her beautiful home in Verandah. Sarah Glaze Chair, NNR Socials.


Thank You

Thani Talk ~ November 2012

Khop Khun Maak Kha to Olive’s Restaurant for hosting NNR Girls’ Night Out

A big “Thank You!” to Elena and Siriluck at The Olive restaurant for being such fantastic hosts at our September Girls' Night Out on Thursday, September 27th. Despite the weather we had a good turnout and enjoyed the Happy Hour prices and delicious snacks provided courtesy of our great hosts. It was a friendly atmosphere, and it was lovely to see everyone mixing and meeting new people. Sarah Glaze Chair, NNR Socials


Tour Tales

Thani Talk ~ November 2012

Sharing Adventures in Ayutthaya

Under the leadership of NNR guides Alexandra Ries and Birgitta Damgard, more than a dozen ladies explored the ancient capital Ayuthaya, followed by a lunch by the river.

On October 12th a group of ladies from the NNR enjoyed a wonderful day exploring the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya. Ayutthaya, the capitol of Thailand until 1767, was destroyed by the Burmese. The capitol was then relocated to Bangkok. Several ladies did the audio tour which was very informative and worthwhile. On the way to the ruins we stopped at The Stone Art and Craft Sandstone Shop where artisans can copy a picture of any art piece you would like to have copied. A few ladies fell in love with showroom pieces and bought them there and then. Luckily the pieces weren't too big and no one had to give up their seat for them! After exploring the ruins it was definitely time for lunch and cold drinks! We enjoyed a delicious Thai lunch at Pae Krung Kao Ayutthaya Floating Restaurant , very authentic with wonderful views of life on the river. Our NNR tour guides, Alexandra and Birgitta, work very hard to make the outings enjoyable for all, often doing a "test run" just to make sure everything will run smoothly. Thank you to them both. Discovering Ayutthaya was definitely a perfect day out , interesting sights and great company! Linda Feltham ******************************************* This was a really nice and enjoyable tour of Ayutthaya. I had been there before when we had family visiting, but I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as the NNR trip. This time I was able to see the places for myself and take a lot of pictures. We had a good amount of time to wander around the ruins and take an audio tour of Maha That and the reclining Buddha. On this trip we also had a side trip to a stone cutter’s shop. We saw all the beautiful works of sandstone, including the Buddha heads, Naga Buddha and a lovely Bodhi Tree in stone. We watched the stone cutter in fascination and admired his amazing precision. It is always nice to see true artists at work! It was great to be in the company of such a diverse and dynamic group of ladies! We had a great time getting to know one another during the trip and lunch. 12 Deborah McReynolds


Restaurant Review: Sukhumvit Area

Thani Talk ~ November 2012

KUPPADELI (NOT A TOWN IN INDIA) Sounds like a place for a deli sandwich doesn't it? It's actually a spin-off of that old hand Kuppa restaurant on Sukhmvit Soi 16, but Kuppadeli differs from its namesake with a breakfast-rich menu served in a relaxed, modern atmosphere. You can order hearty sandwiches, burgers, pastas, salads or even chicken panaeng pie, but they seem to be better-known for their all day breakfasts. A study shows dieters who eat protein and carb-rich breakfasts feel less hungry all day. The research also links a healthy breakfast to long term weight loss and reducing the chance of disease. So, knock yourself out on their eggs benedict, Kuppadeli scrambled eggs with Tasmanian smoked salmon, or caramelised French Toast. Oh, and their desserts are yummy here too. I enjoyed their brownie with ice cream and hot fudge sauce, but their lemon meringue pie looked scrumptious too.

Sunday brunch buffet takes place from 11am-3pm. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available. Children under 10 receive a 50% discount. Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-6pm, Sat-Sun 8am-5pm. Address: 219/1A The Pride, Sukhumvit Soi 21 Telephone: 02 664-2350 14

Dianne Letsch


Thani Talk ~ November 2012

Health and Fitness: Breakfast

Breakfast is Important – Especially for Children and Teens Healthy eating is vital for growing children and teens. A nutritious breakfast contributes to the overall profile that supports optimal growth and development. Eating breakfast restocks the energy stores that have been depleted overnight. If a child's or teen's body is not refueled in the morning, it has to draw fuel from alternate energy stores until lunchtime. The stress hormones required to mobilize these energy reserves may leave the hungry child or teen feeling irritable, tired, and unable to learn or behave well. The more balanced the breakfast, the more balanced the brain function. Breakfast eaters are likely to achieve higher grades, pay closer attention, participate in more class discussions and manage more complex academic problems than breakfast skippers. Breakfast skippers are more likely to show erratic eating patterns throughout the day, eat less nutritious foods and give in to junk-food cravings. Breakfast skippers are deficient in vital nutrients that are not often replenished throughout the rest of the day. Breakfast sets the pattern for nutritious eating throughout the day. When children miss breakfast to save time or cut calories, they set themselves up for erratic bingeing and possibly overeating the rest of the day. In a Hurry? Time invested in breakfast is much more valuable then the few extra minutes of sleep you might get by bypassing the morning meal. Eating a wholesome, nutritious morning meal will probably save time in the long run because recharging the brain and body will increase energy and help you be more efficient throughout the day. Plan breakfast the night before to simplify the morning routine. Trying to Save Calories? Skipping breakfast is more likely to cause weight gain than weight loss. Studies show that overweight and obese children, adolescents, and adults are less likely to eat breakfast than their thinner counterparts. Pick the Right Foods in the Right Combination Getting by on a doughnut or pop tart may actually be worse than skipping breakfast altogether.


Health and Fitness: Continued

Thani Talk ~ November 2012

The most nutritious breakfasts include: • Fiber (whole grains, fruits) • Protein (dairy, meat, fish and poultry, eggs, beans, nuts, and seeds, soy products) Calcium (dairy, soy products, canned fish)

Ideas • nut butter spread on whole wheat bread sprinkled with sesame seeds and raisins & milk • smoothie made with yogurt or milk, fruit and wheat germ • breakfast burrito (made with whole wheat tortilla, egg, cheese, salsa) & fruit • oatmeal (made with milk) with dried fruit and nuts • congee with protein and green vegetables • brown rice with natto (fermented soybeans) and green vegetables * yogurt with granola and fruit

Aimee Cassulo, MPH, RD Sources: 1) Hasz LA and Lamport MA, Breakfast and Adolescent Academic Performance: An Analytical Review of Recent Research. European Journal of Business and Social Sciences, Vol.1, No. 3, pp. 61-79, June 2012. 17 2) Sears W and Sears M, The Family Nutrition Book, 1999.

Community Bulletin Board

Thani Talk ~ November 2012

The purpose of the Community Bulletin Board is to provide information about local organizations and activities which are available for a fee. If you would like to advertise your business here, please submit your announcement by the 15th of each month to Cost per announcement is 400 baht. Vinyasa Yoga Develop strength, flexibility, balance, focus and awareness coordinating movement and breath. Thursdays 8.15-9.45 am: Clark Hatch Gym above Starbucks. All levels welcome. Contact: Ellie Edelhoff 087-000-2464 or 02-9879677 Email: Sunset Yoga All levels welcome for a session of breath work, stretching, movement, and restorative poses. Tuesdays 5.30– 6:45pm Located at Clark Hatch Gym above Starbucks. Meditation Courses (Individual or group) Learn to meditate-TM style. Relieves stress and anxiety. Improves health, academic, athletic, and professional performance. Easy natural, anyone can learn. Expert instruction by a 30-year teacher of meditation. Contact Ellie Edelhoff for more information., www., Ranger Boot Camp Come join in the "FUN" & "GET FIT" Classes for all fitness levels Days: Monday - Saturday Times: Mornings, Afternoons, and Evenings Contact: Jack at 087-552-6007 Email: Yoga Welcomes Everyone Monday 10:00 am Easy and restorative. Wednesday 7:45 am Level II 9:40 am Prenatal Class Friday 8:45 am Level I @Studio 3rd Fl, equipped with all yoga props By Napisa C. Pant, 12+ years teaching, 400+ hrs of training. 086-975-7187 Email: Bollywood Dance Class Bollywood dance is a fusion of Western dance with traditional classical Indian dance styles. It’s funky, sexy, fun... and it’s a great workout! Classes every Tuesday and Thursday:10am Regent Dance studio, Nichada Thani. Contact: Irit: 086 004 4840 18

****MOVING SALE Teak and rosewood furniture, carpets, CD collection and more. Please send email to Linda Kubota at for photos or check the board by Villa. 081.451.6336 Pilates Group Classes The Pilates method strengthens the pelvic, abdominal and back muscles. It also improves alignment and posture, and increases balance and flexibility. The BOSU and Fit Ball are fun and challenge your core and balance. Class locations vary. Mon: 8:45am Intermed Matwork 4pm Matwork Tues: 7.30am Matwork 4pm Pool Pilates Wed : 7.30am BOSU Pilates 9:00am Pilates Tabata Circuit Training (intermediate) Thurs: 4pm Matwork Fri: 7:30am Pilates on the Swiss ball (intermediate) 9am Prenatal If you prefer a more personal approach, Private Machine Sessions (Reformer, Cadillac, MVe Chair) are available for core strength training & rehabilitation. Traditional Japanese Bodywork & Chi Abdominal Massage, Combine massage with Pilates training to achieve a stronger, balanced body. Relieves stress, headaches, joint problems and many other ailments. Contact: Tiffany 081-860-9593 Suzanne 087-935-2020 Email:, Ashtanga Yoga (evening class) For those who work during the day. Dynamic and fast-paced. Beginners and intermediate. Wednesdays, 6:00-7:00 PM, Regent Gym. Classes begin in October. Contact: Raisa 082-683-5148 (SMS) or email Velvetnotes, Music, Inc Margerie Mullings Adult singing ensemble: Mondays Glee Club 5yrs+: Mondays and Wednesdays Piano/Singing/Guitar/Saxophone/Violin/Ukelele classes: Monday-Friday Telephone: 083 438 5075 Ashtanga, Vinyasa Yoga with Alignment and Techniques of Iyengar Yoga Beginners to Advanced: Everyday Mon-Fri, 8am-9:30am ProClub 2nd Floor. Contact: Juan Bodan 081-285-3050 or visit website


Book Corner: ISB Libraries

Thani Talk ~ November 2012

Need a Book? Check out the ISB Library ISB libraries are a wonderful resource for members of the ISB community: they provide the latest in literature, a plethora of online resources, a place to peruse periodicals, and a host of other services, including the use of laptops and printers. ISB has two libraries: the ES Hub, with materials for students in preK to Grade 5, and the Main Library, which serves students in Grades 6 -12 as well as adult members of our community. Setting up an account in either library is easy; stop by during open hours and chat with a member of library staff at the circulation desk. Availing yourself of our online resources is even easier: simply visit the Main Library or ES Hub blogs for details! Main Library Open Hours Monday – Thursday 7-4:30 Friday 7-3:30

ES Hub Open Hours Monday – Friday 6:30 – 3:30 ES Hub Blog: eshub/ Nat Whitman, ES Librarian

Main Library Blog: Mischele Jamgochian, HS Librarian Alegria Barclay, MS Librarian The Main Library is temporarily housed in MPB1, at the top of the zigzag, while our dynamic new space is being built. The new Main Library is scheduled to open towards the end of the semester! If you are interested, you can follow the build process and view images of the new space on the library blog.

Latest Book Picks from the Librarian Where’d You Go, Bernadette By Maria Semple Bernadette Fox is notorious. To her Microsoft-guru husband, she's a fearlessly opinionated partner; to fellow private-school mothers in Seattle, she's a disgrace; to design mavens, she's a revolutionary architect, and to 15-year-old Bee, she is a best friend and, simply, Mom. Then Bernadette disappears. Half Blood Blues By Esi Edugyan


Esi Edugyan's award-winning second novel restored a bit of the faith I had recently lost in the Man Booker prize. A lyrical, haunting, and unforgettable historical account of one man's journey from Baltimore to the wannabe jazz bars of 1930 Berlin to the streets of Nazi-occupied Paris and back again, fifty years later. This is the perfect read for fans of historical fiction and anyone obsessed with Paris, jazz, or WWII. Mischele Jamgochian ISB Librarian



Thani Talk ~ November 2012

LOL! Perfectly-Timed Photos

Google Images


Far Side, Gary Larson




Thani Talk ~ November2012

Cooking Corner:

Fresh Lemon Cake Kristin served this lemon cake at a Welcome Back Coffee gathering. So many people loved it and asked for the recipe. Kristen kindly shares it with us here. 2 1/2 Cups Flour 1 1/2 Cups Sugar 3 teaspoons Baking Powder 1/2 teaspoon Salt 3/4 Cup Orange Juice 3/4 Cup Oil (Vegetable, Sunflower, or Corn work well) 2 teaspoons Lemon Extract 4 Eggs Glaze: 1 1/2 Cups Powdered Sugar 1/2 Cup Fresh Lemon Juice * Combine all of the ingredients for the cake in a large bowl. Mix for a couple of minutes. Pour into a greased and floured tube or bundt pan. Bake at 325 deg. F for about 45 min - 1 hour. Check doneness with toothpick. Remove cake to cooling rack. Mix ingredients for glaze in small bowl. Pierce the cake deeply while in pan with fork every 1/2 inch or so. Spoon or pour glaze over the hot cake in the pan letting it soak into the pierced holes. Let the cake cool about 10 minutes or so before removing the cake from the pan. *When in a pinch, Fresh Lemon Juice can be substituted with bottled lemon juice or even lemonade if need be. Kristen Garret

Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte A quick and affordable way to make the coffee shop favorite at home. • • • •

2-4 Tbsp very strongly brewed coffee 6-8 oz skim milk, very hot 2 Tbsp pumpkin spice syrup (to taste) Whipped cream, optional

Ingredients for pumpkin spice syrup: • 1 1/2 cups water • 1 1/2 cups sugar • 4 cinnamon sticks or 1 Tbsp ground cinnamon • 1/2 tsp ground cloves

• • •

1/2 tsp ground ginger 1 tsp ground nutmeg 3 Tbsp canned pumpkin (If canned pumpkin not available, fresh pumpkin steamed soft works well too.)

1. To make the syrup: Cook sugar and water in a small pot over medium heat until the mixture is completely clear. 2. Whisk in the remaining ingredients and continue to cook for about 5 minutes, stirring frequently. Do not allow mixture to come to a boil. 3. Allow mixture to cool for 10-15 minutes. 4. Strain syrup through cheesecloth or a fine mesh strainer into a large jar or bottle of your choice. 5. Keep syrup in the fridge, it will last a nice long while. 6. To make the latte, combine strong-brewed coffee or espresso with the milk, and stir in pumpkin spice syrup to taste. 7. Top with whipped cream and salted caramel sauce, if desired. (Go ahead. No one is looking.) Adapted from Sugar Crafter via Cook Like a Champion25

Heard It Through The Grapevine

Thani Talk ~ November 2012

Heard It Through the GRAPEVINE This is a column that we hope everyone will appreciate. It’s a chance to share all those good finds and tips so that others can benefit. If you have tips to share, please send them to the editor at

Top Off your Mobile Phone Card At Rex Pharmacy 7-11 and phone shops are not the only places where you can top off the value of your mobile phone sim card. For Nichada area residents, another convenient alternative is to do so at Rex Pharmacy opposite the Villa Supermarket. Simply give the sales clerk your phone number, pay the amount you would like to add, and the clerk will handle the top-off request with the phone company. The added value can be used immediately.

Airport Limousine, Van, Skytrain Service Taking taxis to the airport may not be practical for a family of five or more, or even for a family of three with lots of luggage. What to do? Call for door-to-door limousine or van service. Airport Authority of Thailand (02 134 2323-5 ) offers one-way pickup service to and from the airport. It costs more than regular taxis (approximately B1,200 instead of the B400 taxi fare from Nichada to Suvarnabhumi Airport), but the whole family can ride together instead of in separate taxis, plus there will be plenty of room for all your luggage. Expressway tolls are also included, whereas in a taxi you’ll need to dig around for change to pay for the tolls. If you happen to be downtown, yet another option is to hop on the Skytrain airport rail service at Makkasan station. For 150 baht , the express non-stop service will speed you to Suvarnabhumi in 15 minutes. The City line option with 8 stops takes 27 minutes.


Hesitant about tossing used batteries into the trash? Yup, it’s not so good for the environment. Good news is that you can take them to a battery recycling bin on the ISB campus. The bin is located outside the restrooms near the main cafeteria. Right next to the battery recycler is a another bin for recycling aluminum soda can pull tabs. The collected aluminum tabs will be used for making prosthetic limbs.

Heard It Through The Grapevine

Thani Talk ~ October 2012

Door-to-Door Dry Cleaning Service We found a wonderful dry cleaning service (and laundry) because we “heard it through the grapevine” and by word of mouth, two years ago. We had tried various cleaners, but were most pleased with this one. Pick up and drop off days are Wednesdays and Saturdays (1:00 – 2:00 p.m.). If your dry cleaning gets picked up on Wednesday, it is returned on Saturday. If it is picked up on Saturday, then it is returned on Wednesday. Call them and give them your name and address. Contact information: Ishiiya Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service (Japanese) 02-663-4745, 081-814-3128 Sukhumvit 24/near Ramen Ichiban Rufie Harr

Store Discount-Loyalty-Rebate Cards Get discounts or cash back for having membership cards with certain merchants in town. Villa Supermarket: Apply for Villa membership card and with the card, you can enjoy the convenience of never having to carry cash during your morning workout, or at any other time when you shop at the store. Show your card, and you can sign for as little as a single bottle of water, to as much as an entire week’s worth of groceries. If you forget to bring your card, simply give the cashier your card number, although under a new policy, the store now prefers that you show your card. Get Villa cards for each member of your family, and your kids can stop by Villa after school to buy snacks and sign for their purchases too. Be sure to discuss spending guidelines and limits with your child so that there will be no surprises at the end of the month when you settle the bill. Central Department Store The 1-Card: Apply for and use this special card for expatriates, and you’ll receive 5% discounts on certain regular priced items. Even if a sale item is not eligible for the 5% discount, be sure to show your card to the cashier in order to collect points. Points can be redeemed for discount coupons on future purchases. For discounts on purchases in the Central supermarket, you’ll need to get a different Central card called SPOT. The M-Card, offered by The Mall group of stores (Mall Ngamwongwan, Emporium, etc.) This card also entitles you to discounts, including at the Mall’s supermarket, Fresh Home Mart. Tesco Lotus Card: Collect points when you show your Lotus card at the cash register, and you will be mailed coupons that can be spent just like cash on future purchases. Big C Card: Big C also has a member loyalty card. If you forget to bring the card, just give your cashier the telephone number you provided on your card application.


When Life gets Overwhelming Reach Out for Help‌ For 30 years, Carl Janowitz has provided counseling for adults, adolescents and families. Educated and trained in the United States, he also had a private clinic at Bumrungrad Hospital for five years. Now with two locations downtown and also in Pattaya, Carl specializes in clients dealing with life changes, relationship conflict, stress management, school problems, substance abuse and self esteem issues. For a confidential appointment please call 089 680 3503 or


Carl Janowitz Marriage and Family Therapist First Tower Sukhumvit 1/1 (Behind Bumrungrad)

Travel Review: Europe

Thani Talk ~ November 2012

Barging in France – A Holiday from Heaven Reviewing hundreds of photos brings back thousands of memories that cannot be portrayed through photographs alone. While it was more than seven years ago, it remains fresh in all our memories, and still our favorite holiday ever. You too, can barge the canals of France. All you need is a valid driver’s license. Imagine plying tranquil waters at 4 to 6 knots, through beautiful countryside, sipping on wine, without a worry in the world. If this sounds enticing, then I highly recommend a barge trip through the canals of France. A trip that is perfect for families with school aged children, a couple’s trip, or in our case, a 50th wedding anniversary (my parents, of course).

Three generations of ladies and Captain Ryan

Drop an anchor anywhere, and stop for lunch!

Arrive in Paris for a day or two of the usual sight-seeing, and then get out of dodge before your welcome wears thin. Take the earliest high speed train to a canal barge location of your preference. For us, this was the Burgundy region but there are many to choose from. Check them out at We arrived in Tournus via train and departed a few hours later, self-piloted, on the canals of the Burgundy Valley. It took longer to load the bags than it did to get checked out as “El Capitan”. Our 50 foot barge slept eight in four separate berths (and we filled them all). Once on the upper decks, the open air took away any claustrophobia. There was no seasickness, since the river is not rough like the ocean. In general, peace and tranquility prevailed, with a quiet, gentle wind wake on the bow of the boat. A Friday to Friday trip gave us seven nights and almost seven full days on the barge, including 47 locks, bicycling to wineries and along the paths that Caesar built, with morning shopping in farmers markets, and a Stephanie, amongst the grapes and castles! different village to dock in every evening. Our trip took us to Cuisary, Louhans, Chalone Sur Saone, Chagny, St. Leger, Rully, and Verdun Ser-le Doubs. We made the most of the time on the first afternoon, getting through our first locks, on our way to Cuisery where we moored for the night. Leeann and Ryan did the honors cranking open up the two respective sides of the first lock so we could motor in. Then they cranked ‘em closed, the lock filled up, and they cranked open the upriver gates. This opened a week of pleasure and romance in a heavenly country of wine, baguettes, cheese, and … well, you can live a week on just that! While that was the only fully manual lock we experienced, I am sure you can find more if you want. Most are semi-automated to fully automated, and simpler to operate than a smart phone. Barging in France is one holiday I would recommend to anyone and everyone. Next time, a week is not enough …. Maybe a month! Dale Schudel 29

Photo Essay

Thani Talk ~ November 2012

A Day at Wat BuaKwan If you have visitors but don’t have time to take them to the famous Wat Po downtown, do the next best thing: take them to our neighborhood Wat BuaKwan 10 minutes from Nichada. The spacious and busy temple is on the shortcut soi just before the expressway on-ramp near Ngamwongwang Road. Want to make merit? There are cows to feed for merit. Need cash? There is an ATM on the grounds.








Around Nonthaburi and Beyond

Thani Talk ~ November 2012 ACTIVITIES and SERVICES

Impact Arena— New Year Gift 2556 November 30-December 9 Hall 1-5 10:00-21:00 Products and services related to food & beverages, home & living, fashions, electronics, health & beauty, OTOP products.

Nichada Tennis Leagues Tuesday-Intermediate League Mary McCarty— Tuesday Evening 5pm-7pm— Intermediate League Sue Lin — Friday - Intermediate/Advanced League Julie Collins -

Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center (BITEC)—

Bangkok Quilt Group Meets Tuesday mornings in the Nichada area. Open to quilters, stitchers, needlers, knitters and those who are curious. Contact Linda Kubota at or 081.451.6336

Bangkok Furniture and Houseware 2012 December 7- December 16 Sales of furniture and houseware products, health & beauty, jewelry, travel, electronics Jim Thompson Sale 2012 December 7– December 9 Sales of Thai silk products, cotton fabrics and accessories as well as natural & fresh products from Jim Thompson Farm.

Thaiticketmajor—-www.thaiticketmajor,com Hit Man David Foster and Friends Live in Bangkok 2012 November 5, 2012 8:30pm Impact Arena Sting Back to Bass Concert Live in Bangkok 2012 December 12, 2012 8:30 pm Impact Arena Elton John and His Band Live in Bangkok 2012 December 13, 2012 8:30pm Impact Arena

LEAP: L(earning) E(ducation) A(dvocacy) P(rogram) Parent-run group that serves as a point of contact for parents in need of support, referrals and information concerning their children’s special needs including learning disabilities, developmental delays, sensory integration and autism. LEAP is a support and resource group open to all. For more information contact NEEDeed: Expatriates for Local Communities NEEDeed was established with the goal of offering professionals in the expatriate community an opportunity to utilize their areas of expertise in local nonprofit organizations. NEEDeed offers employed and non employed professionals the opportunity to volunteer their skills and gain experience locally, while providing non-profits with expertise they cannot otherwise afford but need. For further information please visit LIKE NEEDeed on Facebook NeeDeed
 Find it on G+ and LinkedIn

Chaengwattana Community Church Sunday Service- Sundays 9:30am Life Groups- Tuesday and Wednesday evenings Encouraging Women– Wednesdays 9:30 HS House Groups- Sunday 11:30am MS House Groups- Thursdays 6:30pm Contact CCC for more information Catholic Mass in Nonthaburi Our Lady of Mercy Church 69/13 Moo 1, Tiwanon Rd. Ban Mai, Pakkret, Nonthaburi 11120 English Mass: Sundays at 5:15pm Fait Formation (Religious Ed/CCD) Classes in English Just 15 minutes from Nichada Thani Bangkok Community Theater Announces Auditions for the early 2013 production of Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit Auditions held on Sunday November 11, 2012 at 1pm at The British Club on Silom Soi 18. English-speaking men and women of all nationalities (minimum age 18 years) are invited to audition for the 7 roles needed to bring this delightful comedy to the stage. Characters can be played by any nationality and the roles range in size from cameo parts to lead roles. For more details about the show and BCT, please visit For questions and audition registration, please email

CCT - Club Canada Thailand Monthly Coffee Morning and Activities BWG - British Women's Group Monthly Luncheon, Activities, Coffee Mornings. Open to all nationalities. Contact: Sarah Glaze 081-793 0806; ANZWG -Australia and New Zealand Women’s Group Monthly Coffee Mornings, Tours, Newsletter & Activities Contact Sonia Williams at 085-910 5155 American Women’s Club of Thailand Monthly Luncheon, Activities and Coffee Morning Contact: 02-712-3380/1; 37


November Festivals

Thani Talk ~ November 2012

Many cultures give thanks near the time of harvests: China: Mid-Autumn Festival (15th day of the 8th month of Chinese Lunar Calendar, which falls in Sept or Oct. of the Gregorian western calendar. In 2012 , it fell on Sept. 30. In Bangkok, this holiday is widely celebrated, and that’s why you see mooncakes sold during this time of year. Canada: Thanksgiving 2nd Monday of October USA: Thanksgiving 4th Thursday of November Time for family gatherings. Celebrated with turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and more.






Providing high high quality custom tailoring for more for than more 45 Providing quality custom tailoring years, Raja’s Fashions has been featured in Men's Vogue thanLiving, 45 years, Magazine, International Worth Magazine, Esquire, Raja’s Fashions been featured in Men'sGuide, Vogue Fortune, Bangkok has Guide, Lonely Planet, Frommer’s Fodor’s Guide, The Washington Post, Vivre A Bangkok, Magazine, Conde Nast Magazine and many other travel magazines. International Living, Worth Magazine, Esquire, Fortune, Bangkok Guide, Lonely Planet, Frommer’s Guide,






Au Bon Pain


Bamboo Spa Bank of Ayudhya Bumrungrad Family Clinic

02-583-9871 02-582-2669 02-960-4216

Clark Hatch Fitness Center Crystal Holiday Travel Gain Florist Gifted Hands

02-960-4326 / 27 02-960-4469 081-644-0590 02-960-4434

Amporn’s Food (Thai -Formerly Pum’s) 02– 584-4003 BBQ Sandwich King


Bukhara (Afghan/Indian)


Burger King


Food Loft


KFC and Pizza Hut


Le Bouchon Food Delivery McDonald’s Milano’s @ Pro Club

02-962-2850 1711 02-582-1555

Mr. Enzo’s


New York Diner




Olive Restaurant


Pizza Company


Que Pasa




Sharja (Indian, Arab, Thai)




Sudhathai Food Delivery Service


Hair By Jib Happy Teeth Dental Clinic Great Massage ISB

02-960-3783 02-960-3988 02-960-3691 02-963-5800 Nails 089-057-2398 Le Studio Hair 084-022-9928 Nichada Customer Relations 02-960-4300 / 9 #187 Nichada Club Pandit Carpets Panipa Rex Pharmacy Rose Marie Academy Smile Beauty Starbucks Twist Villa Market Wash-N-Dry 4 Legs Pet Shop & Grooming

02-960-4326 / 7 02-381-5850 02-960-3934 02-960-4001 02-960-3663 02-952-4927;081-828-1637 02-967-9686 02-911-6839 02 -584-5444 085-945-4132 02-960-4189



Thani Talk 2012 November  

Nonthburi Neighborhood Reach

Thani Talk 2012 November  

Nonthburi Neighborhood Reach