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November 2017

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Des Fleurs Pour Un Roi “Flowers for a King”

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2017-2018 NNR Board Board titles are listed on inside cover, page 2. (Above, lt to rt): Liz Lu, Pascale Kervyn, Kiki O’Connor, Alyson Espinoza Diaz, Mare Harvey, Henrietta Bullinger, Sally Elliot, Chantal Bremner, Susanne Rodrigues, Sandra Wilson, and Cyndy Henry. (Not pictured): Ginny Condra.

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Nov. 2: NNR Charity Bazaar, p.6

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Nov. 3: Loy Krathong Festival, p. 21 Nov. 7: Purple Living Room Project, p.10 Nov. 11: ThaiCraft Fair, p. 17 Nov. 14: NNR Coffee Morning, p. 4 Nov. 15 : NNR Tour, p. 5 Nov. 17-18: Sop Moei Arts Sale, p. 24

Cover photo by Nathalie Jaillet

Nonthaburi Neighborhood Reach November 2017

Des Fleurs Pour Un Roi (Flowers for a King) Cascade of marigolds in honor of HM the late King Rama IX Photo taken at Pak Klong Talad flower market in Bangkok, Thailand

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NNR November Social

November 14th NNR Coffee Morning Ambre Joie Dresses and Sian Seamer Bags Tuesday, November 14, 2017 Our Host: Gillian Adams, 39/214 Soi 5 Nichada Park Please join us at the NNR November coffee morning to view beautiful dresses by Ambre Jolie and stunning clutch bags by Sian Seamer. There will be many styles and sizes to try on! Please bring a small plate of food to share. For more information please contact: Chantal Bremner, NNR Social Coordinator at: or 092-929-1470.

Nonthaburi Neighborhood Reach

Nonthaburi Neighborhood Reach


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November 2017

NNR November Tour

November 15th NNR Tour Museum of Floral Culture

Discover the Depth of Thai Floral Culture

Join us this month on trip to a hidden gem. We will be visiting a 100-year old teak mansion which is set in a large landscaped Thai-meets-Zen-style garden. Housed there is the brainchild of internationally renowned Thai floral artist Sakul Intakul, the Museum of Floral Culture. We have arranged an English speaking guide for our group. He will take us through the house and all its exhibits. The importance of Thai floral culture in daily life as well as some of the spectacular floral arrangements at the palace, big functions and even international events can be admired. The museum also has unique exhibits from India, China, Japan, Laos and Indonesia. After our tour we will be able to enjoy an exquisite mid-morning tea with a choice of Asian deserts or scones on the relaxing porch of the mansion. Susanne Rodrigues and Pascale Kervyn, NNR Tour Coordinators November 2017 Thani

Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2017 Time: 8.45 am to 2.00 pm Where: Meet in front of ISB's Chevron Theater Cost: 650 baht Includes transportation, entrance and guiding fee and Tea with selection of Asian deserts. To sign up: Please email Space is limited to 12 participants

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NNR Charity Bazaar

The Annual NNR Charity Bazaar Thursday November 2nd 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Chaengwattana Community Gifts Home Decor Church

Ornaments Handbags Jewellry Food ...and much more!

All proceeds donated to NNR charities

November 2017

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November 2017

Cover Story: Unique Projects

UNIQUE Projects Our community is blessed with diversity. We are all fortunate to have friends and neighbors with a wide range of interests, passions, and opinions. Getting to know one another enriches our lives and broadens our horizons. It’s one reason why Thani Talk has, in the past, featured cover stories about our Muslim neighbors on Soi Prasert Issaram (online at; April 2014) as well as an overview of more than a dozen places of worship for neighbors of different faiths. (Dec. 2015). For this month’s Thani Talk, I’m pleased to introduce a trio of community projects that reflect the wide spectrum of passions and concerns of our neighbors. The three projects -- launched by neighbors from the United States, Thailand, and Scandinavia -- share the common goal of

bridging gaps. Each project is home-grown here in our Nonthaburi community. Purple Living Room Project is the brainchild of American Jen Whitman, a kindergarten teacher who wants to help fellow citizens find common ground. Soles for Souls was started by Thai high school teenagers who realized many compatriots lack what they take for granted -- shoes. Kids Action For Kids raises money for cleft lip and palate surgeries, and its dedicated supporters continue their commitments even after returning to their home countries. Let’s take a look at the inspiration behind each project. Liz Lu, Editor, Thani Talk

Purple Living Room Project

The Purple Living Room Project will host a launch event in Nichada on Tuesday, November 7th, a year after the 2016 US Presidential election. What IS The Purple Living Room Project? It’s a group that provides American citizens with the tools they need to look for common ground and to share what they’ve found with Congress. The slogan is "Finding common ground, one conversation at time” and it was started by a few of your Nichada neighbors! Last year, after the election, I wanted to channel my volunteer energy toward an organisation dedicated to bridging the political divide in the States. I found many groups focused on creating dialogue and on developing empathy, but I couldn’t find anyone offering a concrete, step-by-step path for finding common ground. I was looking for a way to help people from different parts of the political 10

spectrum take action together. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I called on the help of friends here in Nichada, and we created the Purple Living Room Project. Why the color purple? In the United states, ever since the election in 2000, the media has designated the Democratic Party as blue on election result maps. The Republican party has been represented by the color red. So in a traditional Venn diagram where the two colors overlap, you get purple --- common ground, or points of agreement. The project helps people on opposite ends of the political spectrum find common ground in a fun, non-threatening way. The idea is that two friends/ neighbors/colleagues with different red/blue perspectives come together to cohost casual living room conversations focused on just one issue at a time. These conversations follow a protocol to make sure everyone’s voice is heard equally and there are never more than six participants at a time to make sure the whole process takes less than an hour. The goal is not to debate, but only to find Purple Points, any areas of agreement where blue and red perspectives overlap. Each gathering has three discussion rounds. It starts with a warm-up Personal round where everyone practices the protocol with a fun “get-toknow-you” question. This is followed by the Issue round where the group tries to find at least one or two Purple Points regarding the focus issue.The session then concludes with a Gratitude round, with everyone agreeing on a few things they love about

T h a n i Ta l k

November 2017

Cover Story: Unique Projects

the United States. At the end of the conversation, groups take action by sharing their Purple Points in a joint letter to their representatives in Congress. An important element of the Purple Living Room Project is that these conversations happen between neighbors and friends. The dialogue is grounded in familiarity and trust. From the start, Nichada has always seemed to me like the perfect place to set this project in motion. We all have a common stake in our community here and we’re surrounded by caring neighbors with a lot of empathy and respect for one another. The philosophical differences in the United States run deep but that doesn’t mean that we should give up in frustration. It means we have work to do to find the middle and we need everyone’s voice to move forward together. People are drawn to the Purple Living Room Project for a variety of reasons. Some want to connect with family or friends in a constructive way. Some just want to feel like they are doing something. Whatever might motivate you personally, I hope you’ll join us as we work together to be part of the solution. What might we accomplish if we all focus our collective energy on finding common ground? Let’s find out! So, neighbors, will you join us? Come to the Purple Living Room Project launch event on Tuesday, November 7th from 7-8pm in the Nichada Club Function Room (by the lake, next to former Le Bouchon restaurant, which is moving to Seechaithong) and help us find common ground, one conversation at a time. See you there! Jen Whitman November 2017

Meet Jen Whitman

Founder, Purple Living Room Project

Whitman family (lt. to rt.): Jen, Cordelia, Nat. Hometown: Kirkland, Washington, USA Years in Thailand: Five Years Occupation: Kindergarten Teacher Number of children: One daughter, Cordelia Before Thailand: We’ve been living overseas as a family for 16 years, living in Hong Kong and Bonn, Germany before coming to Bangkok. I tell stories professionally with my husband Nat as “The Whitman Tellers”. Inspiration for Purple Living Room Project: The week after the 2016 US Election all the anger and animosity in the media felt toxic. I drew a sketch of two people talking with a speech bubble in-between saying, “Help Us Heal. HUH.” That’s really what the Purple Living Room Project is all about. Let’s talk to someone we know with a different perspective and say, “Huh, that’s interesting. I hear you. Now, how can we find common ground in order to move forward together?”

T h a n i Ta l k


Cover Story: Unique Projects

Soles for Souls:

Teens Collect Shoes for Kids in Need

Soles for Souls is a wonderful student developed and driven initiative that provides shoes to children who are unable to otherwise afford them. This initiative was the mastermind of Prince Thitacharoenwong, a grade 11 student at ISB. Prince explained that he has always had a passion for shoes, especially sports shoes. He also realized that not all kids can afford shoes, so he wanted to find a way to share his passion for shoes with those less fortunate. Partnership with Classmates: Last year Prince partnered up with two friends, Guy Thampakkul and Tee Monsereenusorn, and together they came up with the idea of doing a shoe drive at ISB to collect gently used shoes which could subsequently be donated to those in need. Prince, Guy and Tee advertised their “Soles for Souls” initiative at ISB and were successful in collecting over 120 pairs of shoes their first year. The boys packed up the shoes and hand delivered them to a group of very grateful students at one of the local schools. As a result of Prince, Guy and Tee’s hard work, students at the school were happily sporting “new” shoes. Even though the first year of Soles for Souls was a huge success, the boys took a critical look at the initiative and tried to figure out how they could further 12

improve it. A couple of the challenges they identified were that not all the kids at the school were able to get shoes either because there were not enough shoes or the shoes weren’t the correct size. Another concern they identified was that the type and condition of the donated shoes varied, so some kids received excellent quality shoes while others received shoes that were older and may not have been an ideal fit. Finding Corporate Sponsors: Their goal for the second year of the initiative was to find some ways to improve and refine the initiative. As a first step, Prince, Guy and Tee approached Nanyang Shoe factory to see if there might be any opportunities to partner to get new shoes for the children. Clearly, Nanyang Shoe factory was extremely impressed with the boys’ initiative, because they agreed to sponsor the programme by selling their factory seconds (shoes with minor defects) to the boys at deep discounted rates. Encouraged by this partnership, the boys continued to look for other sponsors to help with their initiative. Their efforts were successful as they secured financial support to cover the costs of the shoes from Surint Omya Chemicals company’s service fund. Thanks to these two generous companies, things were looking

T h a n i Ta l k

November 2017

Cover Story: Unique Projects very positive for the second year of the Soles for Souls initiative. Inviting NNR Guidance: The next step was to identify beneficiaries of the shoes and to do this, Prince reached out to Becky Hansberry, ISB’s CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) Coordinator who recommended that Prince contact NNR to see if one of the charities that it supports could use shoes. The NNR Charity Coordinators provided Prince, Guy and Tee with several suggestions of orphanages and residential facilities who needed shoes and in the end, Home for Hope was selected. Home for Hope is an orphanage that cares for up to 90 children who either do not have parents or whose parents are unable to care for them. With the help of the NNR Charity Coordinators Mare Harvey and Cyndy Henry, Prince was put in touch with Father Paolo who runs Home for Hope. Soon, plans were underway to supply all the kids with properly fitted brand new shoes. Father Paolo was extremely touched and happy that thanks to the thoughtfulness and hard work by Prince, Guy and Tee all his kids will receive their new shoes by Christmas. Designing Sustainability: Next on the list of projects for the Soles for Souls crew is addressing sustainability of the initiative. They want to ensure that they can continue giving shoes in the future but recognize that they will need further sources of funding to make this happen. As a result, they have come up the idea of producing and selling shoe bags and using the profits of these sales to continue purchasing shoes for those in need. The shoe bags are a smart choice of product as they are practical and marketable for anyone wanting to carry sports or other kinds of shoes or anything else for that matter. The bags will be branded with the Soles for Souls logo and each one will be unique and special as it will have a handprint of one of the kids who received shoes from Soles for Souls. They are hopeful to sell the bags at various ISB school events as well as potentially on line. Prince, Guy and Tee expect to have the first run of bags available by mid December making them a perfect Christmas gift!! It is clear that Prince, Guy and Tee are caring and giving young men, whose generosity will be felt by many kids who will receive their first pair of new shoes they have had in a long time. Cyndy Henry

************ November 2017

T h a n i Ta l k


Cover Story: Unique Projects

Beauty of Long-Term Commitment to a Cause

Former Nichada families continue their work for KAFK, raising funds for surgeries even after returning to home countries

Kids Action for Kids (KAFK), the third Unique Project in this month’s cover story series, highlights a wonderful and admirable trend in volunteering. Specifically, not only are expat volunteers devoting their time to a worthwhile cause during their stay in Thailand, but growing numbers of KAFK volunteers continue their efforts long after moving back to their home countries. That type of dedication to a cause speaks volumes about the volunteers as individuals. Working to fund surgeries to correct cleft lips and palates was not just a temporary expat experience. For many of our former Nichada neighbors, it has become a life-long passion and commitment. Take the case of three former Nichada families who have since moved back to Norway, Denmark and Germany. “What stands out for all of them, is that they have been very loyal KAFK supporters for so many years, and they have been doing their fundraising activities in their home country for a very long time...” said Torgunn Aas Reggestad, Executive Board Director and Secretary of KAFK. “They have really stayed with and focused on the cause.” What’s also unique is that many of the former expats who continue their KAFK work are children. They started out making Christmas crafts to sell at fundraisers in Nichada, and some may have joined surgery trips in Thailand or Myanmar, helping to entertain patients waiting for their operations. All have enjoyed the support of their parents, who equally believe in the value of the life-changing surgeries to correct cleft lips and palates. Let’s meet some of these young and special volunteers. Liz Lu 14


Celine and Robin, and parents Susanne Ramberg Strømsnes and Tor Harald Strømsnes

For five years in a row on their birthdays, Celine and Robin have wished for donations to Kids Action for Kids as their birthday gifts. Growing up, the siblings lived in Bangladesh and Thailand and saw first hand the need for cleft lip and palate surgeries that KAFK helps to fund. Now 11, Robin continues to support the project from half way around the world.

(Above, rt) Robin receives a birthday cash gift which he donates to support cleft lip and palate surgeries.

T h a n i Ta l k

November 2017

Cover Story: Unique Projects Silje and Jonas, who joined a KAFK surgery mission trip to Myanmar with their parents when they were younger, have also raised money through a lottery for family and friends both in Denmark and Norway. They bought Thai souvenirs to use as prizes. They also held a cake sale in Norway at a local supermarket in Sjusjøen.

(Above) Celine, now living in Norway, happily holds envelopes of birthday cash which she donated to KAFK.


Silje and Jonas, and parents Tina and Morten Heiermo

Silje and Jonas have organized several lotteries and cookie sales, both in Denmark and Norway. Silje also recruited friends and classmates to make loads of crafts, sweets, cookies and snacks for two very successful Halloween sales and an Easter sale, all in Copenhagen.

(Above): Jonas, lt, and his sister Silje, rt, deliver the 21,919 baht they raised through a cake sale in Norway to Anders Brekke, former chairman of KAFK.


Dana and Blanca, and parents Nicole and Veit Ostmeier

Dana and Blanca have arranged many lotteries and sales over the years in Germany and France. Each summer they bought gifts, toys and souvenirs in Thailand for this purpose. They also made and sold crafts such as key rings and loom-band bracelets.

(Above) Silje and her friends raised 4,225 Danish Krone (22,155 baht!) at a highly successful Halloween bake sale in Copenhagen to support surgeries. November 2017

T h a n i Ta l k



T h a n i Ta l k

November 2017

Charity News

NNR and ISB Partner for Teacher In-Service Day Enriching the Community. On Friday, September 22, the ISB teachers and staff held an in-service day to help launch their new mission, “Enriching communities through the intellectual, humanitarian and creative thoughts and actions of our learners.” The teachers and staff engaged in different types of activities; direct service, indirect service, or planning for future service. About 40 of those participants got involved with six different NNR charities. Accompanied by an NNR board member, two groups of teachers went to the following charities: SaiLom Project, Thanksgiving Home, Home for Hope, Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities (CCD), Home for the Destitute, and Bumble Bee Free Library (BBFL). The teachers met the NNR contact at each charity, toured the charity, learned about the programs the charities run, and how they might get more involved with each charity. The charities were thrilled and very grateful to have the teachers stop by. They always appreciate any donations they receive, but they always ask for volunteers. Volunteers help them do projects they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do, and volunteers provide moral support by showing they care. NNR board member Sally Elliott said, “My group of teachers were fully engaged, excited to be seeing what opportunities were available, and quite overwhelmed with some of the things they saw and the stories they heard. They were really grateful for the exposure, and all vowed to think hard about future involvement opportunities for themselves, their families, and their students at school.” NNR board member Kiki O’Connor said, “My group of ISB teachers and I had a very pleasant and insightful


day. We were impressed with the enthusiastic, passionate, and cheerful nature of the charity contacts. It was also great to meet some of the delightful and resourceful youth cared for at SaiLom and Thanksgiving home. We all commented that the day was a great introduction to charities within easy reach, providing us with insights and ideas for both personal and student involvement.”

Thanksgiving Home I accompanied a group of 12 enthusiastic volunteers to Thanksgiving Home for a yard clean up and beautification project. We cleared junk, painted a fence, and converted a dirt patch into a beautiful garden space. Our location was Thanksgiving Home’s recentlyopened Development and Learning Centre for Disabled Children, which is a few doors down from their main home and Steak Dek-D Restaurant (our lovely lunch spot). The transformation of the yard was amazing. We worked hard in the heat and then through a thunder storm to get it all finished. The most exciting part was the last 15-20 minutes. The rain was pouring down, with thunder and lightening all around. Our last big load of rocks was late. We were just debating whether to leave. Then the rocks came; 2 cubic metres of larger gravel (a huge pile). We all grabbed whatever we could put gravel into, and got the rocks distributed in about 15-20 minutes. Then we all gave a big cheer. Our group was fabulous! We were all soaked but happy that we could finish. Government Homeless Shelter At the local government homeless shelter,

T h a n i Ta l k

November 2017

Charity News watermelons donated by NNR. Teachers pitched in to help cut the watermelons so that shelter residents could enjoy a treat of fresh fruit during their lunch hour. All in all, it was a wonderful day of volunteer service at the local homeless shelter.

Nonthaburi Reception Home for the Destitute, volunteers Rebecca Armstrong and Liz Lu welcomed 14 ISB teachers to the facility. Rebecca, NNR's main liaison at the shelter, visits the shelter each Thursday with a dedicated team of volunteers. Shelter Director Khun Nan greeted the teachers, thanked NNR and the school for their support, and invited the teachers to start their morning of volunteer service. Some teachers played croquet and other sports or board games with adult residents, while others supervised drawing and craft activities for Cambodian children housed at the shelter.

I would like to thank Elizabeth Rossini, Bronwyn Weale, and Becky Hansberry for inviting the NNR to participate in the project. I would also like to thank our NNR charity contacts – Lydia George, Rebecca Armstrong, Amy Dent, Dorothy Klynstra, Khun Wanchai, Khun Mae Tim, Khun Mai, Father Paolo, and Helen Weir for their time and energy to help us with the event. Mare Harvey

Yet another group of teachers spent their morning at the shelter's Bumble Bee Free Library Reading Corner, where residents were enjoying books and newspapers donated by members of the NNR community. At the Reading Corner, teachers also played Jenga and did jigsaw puzzles with shelter residents. ISB elementary school librarian Nat Whitman entertained adults and children at the shelter with music and story telling. Later, volunteer Amy Dent arrived with a van full of November 2017

T h a n i Ta l k


** Spotlight on Volunteers ** Nicola Anderson 1Step2Step

I am a single woman from England, and I have lived in Thailand for 12 years. I have worked with 1Step2Step for 11 years, and those kids at Ban Feung Fa are my family too. I don’t live in Nichada, but I do attend the Chaengwattana Community Church in Nichada. I work at Ban Feung Fah, a government home for disabled children, Mondays to Fridays from about 8.30 am until 5 pm. I work on a ward of 50 children, and I work more closely with six children because their needs are so complex. The children in my group have cerebral palsy of various levels and types as well as other difficulties related to cerebral palsy. I help them develop in all areas of their ability. For example, physical abilities such as posture control, sitting, standing, walking, and purposeful movement skills. I also work on communication, social and emotional well being, and feeding. I take children on trips and get them doing activities that would not have been an option for them before. I find and create equipment to improve their ability and comfort. I also model good methods and ideas to other staff so they can help the children better. I work with three children at a time. I dress and clean them up and encourage them to help themselves where 20

possible. I rotate the children between working on a skill, playing with a learning and development toy, and using different equipment to work their muscles. I also feed them, teach them to use a trampoline, do sensory work, or take them to a swimming pool. I do whatever is required during the day. By working at Ban Feung Fah, I get a chance to see the children and staff learn how to improve the children’s quality of life. I appreciate the privilege of seeing a new skill mastered or progress made in a long process of gaining a skill. At Ban Feung Fah, we go on trips throughout the year and need people to help assist the children – outings such as going to Disney on Ice, bowling, movies, and visiting the aquarium. We could use help with transportation as well. We could also use help cleaning equipment and toys as well as helping to create toys. We often just need transportation help for buying supplies, so if you could spare your driver that would be great. Some supplies that we often need are baby wipes, disinfectant wipes, coconut oil, bubble solution, diapers, and baby food and milk. I am always happy for prayer support for everything we do. I’m blessed with one volunteer Jessica Butler Renno, a nurse and Nichada resident who has been coming on Monday mornings for the past year. Jessica helps make Mondays a better start to the week. Over the weekend the children are moving less so they are more stiff. Having Jessica’s help on Mondays is so appreciated.

T h a n i Ta l k

Nicola Anderson

November 2017

Nichada Neighborhood Community Fitness & Activities Listings Yoga & Meditation KUNDALINI YOGA


Be the Master of your Mind • Wednesdays & Fridays 7:45-9:15 am All levels are welcome! Yoga for Beginners • Tuesdays 9:30-11:00 am 450 THB per class or 10 classes for 4000 THB *** First class try for free! *** Danicha Condo 39/289 Contact Kerstin 086-372-9750 Visit


A great way to improve your flexibility, core strength and get balance in your life. Breath, Body and Mind. All levels - beginner to advanced. • Tuesdays 3:45-4:45pm - Intermediate • Wednesdays 3:45-4:45pm - Advanced • Thursdays 3:45-4:45pm- Intermediate • Saturdays 9:30-10:30am - Beginner For more information: Contact: 097227-6999


Iyengar Iyengar yoga yoga classes classes at at Regent Regent from from Beginners Beginners to to Advanced Asanas. Advanced Asanas. •• Monday Monday to to Friday Friday 7:50-9:20am. 7:50-9:20am. Contact: 081-285-3050, Contact: 081-285-3050, Juan Juan Bodan, Bodan, Iyengar Iyengar and and Ashtanga yoga certified. For more information Ashtanga yoga certified. For more information about about Juan Juan please please visit visit

POWER VINYASA YOGA Inspired by Baron Baptiste combining elements of classical yoga, Ashtanga, Iynegar and Bikram. This is a powerful asana practice that will help build overall strength in the mind and body. No Air-con. All levels welcome. Monday 9:30 – 10:30 am Tuesday 7:45 -9:00 am Friday 7:45 – 8:45 am, Journey to Power Sequence. Need to have taken 1 Baptiste class before. Contact Kelly: 061 872 7534 FB: kellyporetyoga

Alignment Based Yoga Practice • Mondays 8:45-10:15 am: Restorative Yoga & Meditation, All levels; Evening Yoga 5:30-6:45pm • Wednesdays 7:45-9:15 am: Level I - II • Thursdays 5:00-6:00 pm: Yoga for Teens • Fridays 7:45-9:00am: Beginner I-II Contact Napisa C. Pant, 086-975-7187, FB: yogawithnapisa

MEDITATION COURSES Individual or Group Learn TM (Transcendental Meditation). Relieves stress and anxiety. Improves health, academic, athletic and professional performance. Anyone can learn. Expert instruction by a 35-year teacher of meditation. Contact Ellie:

The Community Fitness and Activities page lists local classes/groups that meet regularly. Some have fees associated with them, while others are free. Please contact each group leader for more information. If you would like to list your group here, please submit your announcement by the 15th of each month to 22

T h a n i Ta l k

November 2017

Exercise Classes and Sports BOLLYWOOD DANCE


Bollywood dance is an exciting and upbeat fusion of Western and Eastern dances with traditional classical Indian dance styles. It’s funky, it’s sexy, it’s fun...and it’s a great workout! If you love to dance – this is for you! Suitable for all levels. Morning Classes: Wednesdays or Thursdays 9:30-10:30am. Afternoon Classes (new!): Tuesdays or Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm All classes held in Nichada Studio above Starbucks. Contact Irit: 086-004-4840

Zumba meets Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Chaengwattana Community Church. • Monday and Friday @ 7:45 • Wednesdays@ 7:30 The cost is a donation basis, and it goes directly to the surrounding community non-profit organizations. If there is a class cancellation or changes to the schedule students can find out via our FaceBook page, Zumba Nichada Thani or Google Group, https://!forum/zumbanichada.



Nichada Pool Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:30-8:30am Every swimmer is welcome. Contact Catherine Miller: 06-2001-0000, or Kerstin Wild: 086-372-9750


Weekend bike rides leaving from the back gate at 7am, 50+km on mountain bikes. Contact Chris: Weekday rides leave the back gate at 7:30 a.m. Distance and terrain varies with groups for both road bikes and mountain/hybrid bikes. Contact Henrietta Bullinger:

TENNIS WITH SAGI Certified tennis coach, teaching the Play & Stay method at Nichada tennis court for all ages and levels. Private lessons and groups of up to 4 players. 7 days a week, flexible hours. Tennis is EASY, FUN and HEALTHY. See you on the court! Contact Sagi Luft at 092-271-2110 Email:

November 2017

WORLD ENGLISH Enjoy refining skills in oral English and composition with American, Deborah Dunthorn, BA, MFA, TESL Cert. 30 years international experience coaching academic, professional and other clients of all ages and levels of proficiency. To discuss private or group tuition contact 083-0559785 or

PIANO LESSONS FOR ALL AGES By experienced professional with a Masters from University of Ariz. in Piano Performance. Experience teaching at Westover School in Connecticut. Place: 39/891 Regent Price: 1000 baht per 30 minutes. Contact Info: Tel: 091-878-6283

“Motivation is what gets you started.... Habit is what keeps you going.” Jim Ryun

T h a n i Ta l k


SopMoeiArts Brings the shop to Nichada Thani

17 NOV(Fri) 10:00 to 15:30 18 NOV(Sat) 10:00 to 13:00 at 39/666 Bay View , Henrietta’s House (Along the lake, near N1 N2 & VAPOR)

Special Promotion 20% OFF on BAGS 10% OFF on Striped and Plain SoSopMoeiArts is a non profit project to support self-reliance of Karen people in the Mae Hong Son province



T h a n i Ta l k

November 2017

November 2017

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Community News

6th Grader Joins Thani Talk Distribution Team Recently I received an email from an impressive young man named Deven. Deven had seen our request for Thani Talk delivery volunteers, and he wanted to help. Deven is an ISB sixth grader who loves to ride his bike. He has offered to spend some of his free time delivering Thani Talk. Deven joins the Thani Talk delivery team this month and will be responsible for getting the magazine to businesses within Nichada. NNR genuinely appreciates Deven’s commitment of time and effort. What a great example of finding a way to contribute to the community! Alyson Espinoza Diaz, Thani Talk Distribution Coordinator

Cooperative Retailing Sop Moei Arts, Shaman Boards & Paul’s Antiques Join Hands for Sale Synergy and coopepration can be a win-win for all. Sop Moei Arts, a non-profit that markets ethnic Karen hilltribe handicrafts, usually holds special sales in Nichada at the homes of supporters. For example, Henrietta Bullinger is hosting one at her home on Nov. 17-18. In October, Sop Moei also tried out a new marketing strategy with other retailers, specifically Paul’s Antiuqes from downtown, and Shaman Boards, which sells hoverboards on the second floor of Nichada Plaza. Shaman Boards, owned by Nichada resident Charles Jason Rubin, welcomed additional traffic and offered its shop space. Paul’s Antiques was also happy to support Sop Moei Arts and gain exposure, so it supplied furniture on which to display the handicrafts. Sop Moei Arts, seeking a more central location for its sales, proposed the cooperative retailing project and supplied its collection of baskets, bags, textiles and other home decor goods. “I’m really pleased that we got this opportunty. It’s such a pleasure to work with Shaman Boards,” said Masako Isomura of Sop Moei Arts, adding that Shaman Boards manager Oui Madhanayaka was extremely supportive. “She was so happy to see us selling. If it is helping them to get more attention as well, I’m really happy.” Liz Lu


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November 2017

Community News

Nov. 9: Casual Connection Nichada Thanksgiving Potluck Luncheon On Thursday, Novmeber 9, American Women’s Club’s Casual Connection Nichada invites everyone in the community to join a Thanksgiving Potluck Luncheon at the home of Raye Drury in Nichada Thani. Let’s celebrate American Thanksgiving, a cherished and traditional holiday. Come eat, drink and give thanks! Everyone is welcome. No matter what nationality, how long you have been here or how long you plan to stay, members or non-members alike are invited. For added fun, there will be a contest for best savory and sweet dishes. If at all possible, Raye would really appreciate it if you could RSVP and let her know which dish you might want to bring. She can be reached at grdrury@ Raye’s address is: The Terrace Residence Condominium, 39/1032 Apt. 4A, Nichada Thani. Telephone at the gate is: 02-960-4444. If you have any quesitons please contact Suchada Smith

St. Andrews Drama Club Performs Fudnraiser “Ugly Duckling at Christmas”

On November 28 at 4pm, St. Andrews Samakee International School in Nonthaburi will present “Ugly Duckling at Christmas” as a fundraiser to benefit the children of Thanksgiving Home in Pakkred. The performance will be offered by the school’s Community Drama Club in collaboration with youngsters from Thanksgiving Home. Proceeds will help disadvantaged children with disabilities. The drama club is dedicated to using the power of drama to celebrate diversity. Ticket prices for the charity show are: 500 baht (VIP), 300 baht (regular), and 100 baht (student). St. Anderws is located at 43 Soi Taiwanond in Nonthaburi. To purchase tickets, please contact: 02-952-4003, or 084-427-8277.

Le Bouchon Moves Back to Seechaithong House

Le Bouchon restaurant, which moved to its lakeside location inside Nichada just over two years ago, has announced it will return to its Seechaithong Village location, beginning November. The Seechaithong house, where Bruno Marchal originally opened his restaurant 8 years ago, can be reached by exiting the back gate near Greenville and turning left. The restaurant is 120 meters from the gate. The Seechaithong location has seating for 60, plus additional room for 12 in its bar area. Le Bouchon’s Mai Tripiyachart wine shop will also relocate back to the Seechaithong venue. For more information, please contact Bruno at:

November 2017

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Highlights: October Social

Running Dinner Highlights The September NNR Running Dinner has come and gone! We had 32 couples join the event this time around. Thank you so much to all our hosts for welcoming everyone into their homes. Thank you to Le Bouchon for hosting our after party. We wish Bruno every success for his future endeavors. Most importantly a final thank you to Alyson and Birgit who joined me on the Running Dinner Planning Team! Chantal Bremner NNR Social Coordinator

(Above, lt. to rt.): Members of the Running Dinner Planning Team - Chantal Bremner, Alyson Espinoza Diaz, and Birgit Sund. Running Dinner was originally introduced in our community by a group of Scandinavian families. After they left Thailand, NNR took over the organizing.


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November 2017

Highlights: October Social

November 2017

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Highlights: October Tour

Highlights: October NNR Tatoo, OTOP, and Orchid Tour other products are hand made from coconuts, and we were able to buy some handmade soaps with different shapes, patterns and colours.

On the October NNR tour, we visited Wat Bang Phra, famous for its application of spiritual tattoos. It was a one-hour bus ride from Nichada Thani to the wat. Before we entered the temple we saw something quite unusual. Instead of buying flowers or giving food, you also buy cigarettes and add them to the usual offerings. On this day the temple was calm, and only one monk was applying tatoos. Though it was early, the line of people waiting was already long. We were able to observe how the monk worked on three people. Downstairs the monk was using a modern tattoo gun rather than the traditional steel needle attached to a bamboo stick. The charge was a mere 25 baht. The designs are very fine, though we were concerned about sterile conditions. It was very interesting that the monk and the person did not exchange a single word. The client just came and sat with his hands together and without saying anything the monk began to tattoo the person. After that, we went upstairs to the VIP Tattoo station where you can get a tattoo of your own choice and at a much higher cost of 3,000 baht. A brand new needle will be used for each customer. We finished our visit by walking through the grounds of this interesting wat. If you are visiting, please be aware that you are entering an active temple, therefore rules apply as to choice of respectful clothing, and photography is not allowed . Our next stop was just on the other side of the river. We visited Coco D, a very small OTOP production site. Friendly staff gave us a small tour and a brief explanation of their soap-making process. All soaps and 32

Our last stop was an Air Orchid Supermarket, an orchid farm run by a nice family. The son of the owner showed us every stage of how they grow their orchids. It starts off with seedlings in a glass bottle and once they grow a bit they move them into a pot then wait until the plant grows into a beautiful flower. The whole process from seedling to a flowering plant takes two years. He gave us a tour and told us about their growing process and how to make the flower a different colour. He also talked a little bit about their family background and the different types of orchids. The company exports orchids at all stages of orchid growth, and it is very beautiful to be able to see so many different kinds of orchids in one place. You can buy orchids there for your garden or house at a much lower price than elsewhere. The orchid farm also has a lovely airconditioned cafe which serves yummy food and coffee. We finished our outing there with a delicious lunch. Thank you to Pascal and Susanne for organising this trip.

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Katarzyna Schneider

November 2017

November 2017

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Grapevine Tips

Heard it Through the Grapevine

This column offers a chance to share all those good finds and tips that are helpful to others. If you have tips to share, please send them to Liz at

What to Do, Where to Go in Case of a Snake Bite Snake sightings in Nichada seem to have increased lately, so Thani Talk would like to list some emergency contact information that may come in handy in the event of another close encounter. Doctors in all local hospital emergency rooms speak some English. All can treat snake bites. Staff of the Bumrungrad Clinic inside Nichada said the clinic does not provide snake bite treatments. However the following local hospitals offer treatment. Nearby private hospitals: Mongkutwattaa General Hospital (02-574-5000) 34/40 Jaengwattana Rd. (12.9 km from Nichada) Nonthavej Hospital (02-596-7888) 30/8 Ngamwongwan Rd. (7.8 km from Nichada) World Medical Center (02-836-9977) 44 M.4 Chaengwattana Road (2.4 km from Nichada) When anyone is bitten by a snake, it is important to describe the snake to emergency staff, because the treatment is different among neurotoxin-producing snakes, hematotoxin-producing snakes and myotoxinproducing snakes. Take a photo of snake if possible. While waiting for medical help, please ensure that the

patient lies down with the wound at a lower elevation than the heart. Keep the person calm and at rest. Victims should remain as still as possible to prevent the venom from spreading. Cover the wound with loose, sterile bandage and see a doctor immediately. Joy Pruksanubal

Halal Eateries on Samakkee Road For a quick bowl of local Halal noodles, and even a plate of Halal salmon and rice, there are two shophouse eateries on Samakkee Road, about 100 meters past Oasis shopping center. Clean, fan-cooled, and reasonably priced, these neighborhood restaurants are convenient places for a quick snack or light meal. “Dishes� serves an eclectic range of light fare, from spicey tom yum noodles to fried cheese balls. It also offers a range of refreshing smoothies. Right next door is an equally casual shop serving Halal noodles with meat balls and boiled eggs. Both shops offer prompt and courteous service. Liz Lu 34

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November 2017

Grapevine Tips

Paper Plus: Convenient Stationary & Gift Shop There is a great little shop in the Seechaitong neighborhood outside Nichada’s back gate near Greenville. The shop is next to CP Market, and it sells a variety of basic stationery supplies and much more. I discovered this little gem shortly after arriving in Nichada and it has been my go-to place for paper goods, tape, ink stamps, plastic poster board, etc. Items are a fraction of the cost of B2S at Central , and you can easily reach the store by golf cart. The owner Ann speaks English well and is always pleasant and helpful. Her line ID, Ann-Noy, made me smile too! Next time you are in the market for anything stationery, give this place a try. Naomi Lapine

The Snowcap Bingsoo -- Korean Dessert Cafe

To enjoy Bingsoo, a refreshing Korean shaved milk dessert, I used to trek to Siam Square downtown. How lucky we are that there is now a shop called The Snowcap Bingsoo right here on Samakkee Road, a short 10-minute drive from Nichada. The Samakkee branch, part of a chain of approximately 10 shops in Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Pattaya, opened about 8 months ago. Because Bingsoo is shaved milk rather than ice, the texture is smoother and silkier than crunchy shaved ice. It's usually topped with fruit, candies, in jeol mi (sticky rice or mochi squares with bean powder), whipped cream, red beans, and even pieces of cheese cake and brownies. November 2017

Prices for a bowl of Bingsoo treat are 89 baht for a basic one with one topping to 349 baht for the deluxe strawberry cheesecake yogurt snow Bingsoo. Extra toppings are 40 baht per serving. Snowcap Bingsoo also serves coffees, teas and smoothies. Then there's what can best be described as comfort food -- thick slices of honey toast with different toppings. Lest you crave for something savory, the menu also includes sausages with Korean sauce. The clean, air-conditioned Cafe offers a nice retreat from open-air shop house eateries. Hours: Open daily, 2 pm to 11 pm. Liz Lu

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Writers & Photographers Wanted

Please join Kelly Poret of Live Yoga & Marla Groves of Eating Enchanted for yoga to benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Class Dates & Times: Monday, November 6 at 9:30am Tuesday, November 7 at 7:45 am & 5:30 pm 300 Thai baht per class or donate more if you like Proceeds go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation Participants will receive a special gift from Marla Groves of Eating Enchanted! Reserve your spot now!


Got a flair for writing? Good with a camera? Good at meeting deadlines? Contact Liz at

November 2017

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Island Daytripper: Koh Kret

No it does not have sandy beaches and no you don’t have to fly to get there. Koh Kret is but a stone’s throw from Nichada and you can cycle or drive to the foot ferry on the nearby Chao Phraya River at Wat Klangkret. The island is car and golf cart free, and if Nichada feels like a quiet oasis away from the city, then this place even more so. Despite having lived in Nichada for three years, though we knew of it, had seen it from the air, as well as from across the other side of the river, where my wife and I regularly bike on weekends, my family had never visited Koh Kret until this past August when friends visited from Washington D.C. Koh Kret sits in one of the many natural ox bow bends of the Chao Phraya and is humanmade, created when a canal was dug some 300 years ago to form an island. To this day a long established community of Mon people, a tribe that flourished in the 6th-10th century AD in Central Thailand, live here. While I am 38

sure many of them and others on the island work on the “mainland”, the economy of the island is also driven by a traditional pottery industry, local cultural sites, family run orchards and flower farms, small educational centers, several wats, a busy weekend market, and a micro brewery. Driving barely 15 minutes on a weekend morning to the Wat Klangkret pier, we parked on the road at the junction of Phumvej and Sukhaprachasan roads. There is plenty of space as Phumvej is a dual carriageway that dead ends at the pier. Then ambling over to the river to pay our ferry fee at a tiny shop, we waited a few minutes for the next boat. Crossing over we followed the locals and found a bike rental place within 100 metres of the ferry. From there we pedaled off and began our self-guided exploration, heading west and then north (to the left with the river behind you then right). The island is only 1x2 km so it’s hard to get lost as there is only one main route, but the local residents

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November 2017

Travel will happily point you along if you do go off course. Koh Kret is supported by various tourist organizations and there are maps and official boards in Thai and English that identify places of interest, including signs on people’s gates indicating their name and what cottage activity they are engaged in or what crops they grow. The pottery industry on the island is historic and well known, many residents produce and sell pottery from their homes – we did stop and visit a local potter in his house. Riding around the island was a quiet and easy way to get another glimpse into local life here in Nonthaburi, though the area around the main Wat Poramai Yikawat was very busy on the weekend.

But it is worth pushing on through this area, not just if you want to visit the Wat and the Inclining Pagoda of Koh Kret situated beautifully at the eastern corner of the island, but also to take in the local market where food, pottery and other familiar Thai handicrafts are available. Another key reason is to complete the circle back to the ferry and bike rental is that Koh Kret is home to a micro brewery, Chit Beer – which conveniently sits between Wat Poramai and the ferry. Chit brews his own IPAs, wheat beers, lagers, ales etc., and also sells a range of other Thai and imported micro beers. We did not eat at Chit’s but they did seem to have some interesting bar food available: buffalo wings, salty chicken, sausages, fries etc.. He also offers wifi. While the island will be quieter on a weekday, Chit is only open on weekends. The riding and rental bikes (no helmets available) are suitable for kids about 12 and up who are stable on a bike; or you could even walk the island or bring your own bikes on the ferry. The whole trip is especially suitable of course for the “big kids” with Chit Beer as a rewarding way to end your tour. So plan a visit, I recommend driving to the Klangkret Pier so you can enjoy some extra good Chit, except of course your designated driver. November 2017

Lakhdeep S. Babra

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November 2017

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Meyung Robson: Vietnamese Refugee to FBI Agent to Thai Entrepreneur FBI, she was hired not as a translator but as the first Vietnamese-American special agent, male or female, in the FBI. Her persistence paid off! Her natural cover as a mother interacting and developing connections in US cities with larger Vietnamese communities allowed her access to information without suspicion. She worked many cases apprehending fugitives and drug dealers, exposing insurance fraud scams and even arresting two on the FBI’s Top 10 most wanted list. In 1999, she jumped at the opportunity for a regional role at the American Embassy in Bangkok, bringing her back to Asia with her son and daughter. It was a busy time personally as a single mom with a demanding job. However, it was a rewarding time for her career, including a chance to return to the homeland she had been forced to flee and to cooperate with the Vietnamese police to help capture criminals and fugitives.

I ordered delivery from Xuan Mai last year and was thrilled to discover the best Vietnamese food that I had eaten since moving from Ho Chi Minh City in 2015. While speaking with Meyung Robson recently for a Grapevine News blurb about her restaurant Xuan Mai, her rich story unfolded. Born and raised in Vietnam, Meyung escaped with her family and literally the clothes on their backs as the North Vietnamese were closing in on Saigon in 1975. Meyung was 24 when her family arrived in New York. Her limited English was the family’s only communication link to set up their lives in the US. Taking care of her family made her realize the need for Vietnamese translators. Her talent for languages served her well. After becoming an American citizen, she applied for a job with the FBI anticipating the need for Vietnamese translators with the growing numbers of refugees arriving in the US. “I kept calling to check the status of my application…for three and a half years,” recalls Meyung. A month after deciding it was time to start a family and calling to withdraw her application from the 42

After formally retiring from the FBI in 2004, Meyung worked in the private sector until an interesting opportunity arose to open a café on Sukhumvit Road in downtown Bangkok. Meyung and her partner selected Christmas Eve 2005 as the opening day for Xuan Mai. While shopping at the market that day, her partner, the chef, picked up a bag of MSG and would not yield when Meyung stated she wanted the café to be MSG free. Meyung decided on the spot to fire her partner and become the sole chef and owner herself, in order to ensure that food would be prepared to her standards. She wasn’t formally trained as a chef but possesses what she calls a “natural gift for taste”. “When I eat something, I can’t explain it, my brain does an

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November 2017

PEOPLE automatic chemical analysis,” says Meyung, who is very skilled at recreating the tastes from her childhood. Her natural gift for taste, plus her confidence that her homemade meals were the best Vietnamese food to be found in Bangkok, proved a worthy combination.

A restaurant review in The Nation newspaper, with others to follow, vaulted Xuan Mai into the spotlight and helped establish the restaurant as a favorite for tourists, locals, government officials, and dignitaries. There are links to many of the articles and interviews on the restaurant’s website. Oh, the people she has met along her journey! The instability brought about by political protests in 2014 limited access to the streets around Xuan Mai. No doubt, Meyung would have weathered that storm, but she decided it was a good time to close the restaurant. She had been working the long hours that restaurant life demanded, commuting back and forth to her home in Nichada for many years. Meyung took a little time to travel but her restless, creative nature led her to reopen Xuan Mai in Nichada offering specialized catering and delivery service.

From her privileged childhood fractured by war in Vietnam, to refugee, to FBI secret agent, to mother, to business owner and chef, Meyung’s life tells quite a story. She acknowledges, “There has been heartache along the way, for sure, but it’s been so much fun.” She’s currently working on her memoir to record and share these adventures. Meyung is a charming and intelligent lady with a smile that lights up the room in her Nichakorn home which she shares with her four dogs and her parrot, Charlie. She’s very proud of her son and daughter who thrived at ISB and now have successful careers and families in the US, and she’s thrilled to welcome her first grandchild. Just imagine those bedtime stories! Ginny Condra

For menu and delivery orders, call or text 087-077-0605

November 2017

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November 2017

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BWG CHRISTMAS LUNCH 7th December 2017 10.00am - 3.00pm The Chatrium Riverside Hotel Members 1,700 Baht - Guests 2,000 Baht Christmas Lunch with all the trimmings Vegetarian option on request Christmas market from 10am, the perfect place for all your Christmas Shopping Complimentary welcome drink, complimentary red or white wine, on the table (One bottle of each) Pre-order your red, white & sparkling wines with free corkage Fabulous raffle prizes & much more! To reserve your tickets email with your menu choice and wine order. RSVP by 28th November Tickets and wine must be pre-paid, locations to be announced for collection/payment of tickets throughout October and November as well as lunches and coffee mornings. All proceeds will go to BWG supported charities.

November 2017

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Restaurant Review

Flavors -- A Place to Languish on Sunday Afternoon

Ok, I want to let you know right up front, I love Sunday brunch, and Bangkok has no shortage of places where you can indulge in a wide array of buffets...but at what price? Sunday buffets in Bangkok can be quite amazing but also very expensive so we don’t often go. Plus to really enjoy a Sunday buffet you need to have some very specific guidelines. You absolutely need to be very hungry so no big meals the night before. You need to go around 11:30 am and stay until at least 2:30 pm sampling all the various foods in the buffet while lingering over wonderful conversation, snacking and drinking. I believe you need to start with a Mimosa or some such drink to make it feel like a Sunday special brunch. So throw all this out the window – one Sunday my husband and I were downtown doing some shopping for an upcoming hiking trip to Bhutan, and we decided we needed to go out for lunch. I have the Eatigo application on my phone. This free app allows you discounts on all kinds of restaurants all over Bangkok. The discounts range from 10%-50% off. I hadn’t had a chance to use it and friends of mine who use it all the time say it is amazing. I found Flavors at the Renaissance Hotel for 30% off. We didn’t actually know it was a buffet until we first entered and then decided it would be fun to try. November 2017

The buffet was 2200++ baht per person but we had a 30% discount, included was a full lobster each cooked to order. Ken had his stir fried in a black pepper sauce, and I had mine lobster thermidor style, which has cheese and sauce and was very tasty. The buffet is extensive with beautiful cheeses, salads, cold cuts, and a variety of different kinds of smoked salmon, lots of fresh seafood, prime rib, lamb and cooked salmon with a variety of sauces. More lobster, shrimp and langoustine cooked in a variety of Asian and European ways. Pasta cooked-to-order bar, Thai buffet with a variety of dishes including salad (tom sum) and hot curry and stir -fry. There was also charcoal grilled meat, fish and seafood with sauces. There was a beautiful dessert bar with fresh ice cream and toppings and fresh fruit. We stayed and indulged until closing time at 3:00 pm. It was a wonderful meal that lasted for the whole day. I noticed quite a few birthday parties taking place there. At least three different ones, an adult and two children’s parties, so Flavors must be popular with families. You can pay for free flow sparkling wine and beer if you desire. Download the Eatigo application for free and then enjoy places like Flavors’ good food at great discounts.

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Barbara Lewis


Delivery Restaurant


Local Business


Baan Kimchi Korean BBQ/Thai Cuisine


Bamboo Spa


Burger King/Pizza Company


Bank Krungsri


Cafe Kabul (Indian & Afgan)


BeWitch Salon


Cherry’s Cakes


Blue Sky Cafe


KFC & Pizza Hut


Bumrungrad Family Clinic


Clark Hatch Fitness Center


Le Bouchon Food Delivery


Foot Heaven




Hair by Jib


Mr. Enzo’s


Happy Teeth Dental Clinic


New York Diner


Great Massage






Le Studio Hair


Que Pasa


Nichada Customer Relations


Salad Factory


Pandit Carpets








Rex Pharmaplus




Rose Marie Academy


Shawn Carpets


Slider Shack




Vapor Restaurant


Villa Market


Xuan Mai Restaurant




4 Legs Pet Shop Grooming



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November 2017

November 2017

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November 2017