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Summer 2013

Summer 2013

THE NEW MEXICO MINISTRY NETWORK Network Pastor/ Executive Director Micheal Dickenson

Assistant Executive Director David Vistine

Help us New Mexico by informing us of ministry successes in your church and community. Send your submission to:

Executive Administrator/ Chief Financial Officer Marcus McClain

New Mexico Ministry Network 6640 Caminito Coors NW Albuquerque, NM 87120 505 899-5399 (phone) 505 899-5859 (fax)



Men’s Ministries Kent Barnard

Royal Ranger’s Bart Garrison

Women’s Ministries Becky Dickenson

Girl’s Ministries Mary Helen Gonzalez

East Central Area Lemuel Perry

Native American Area Carlos Baki

Student Ministries Jeral Dickenson

Champions Ministries Marcus and Sharon McClain

Southeast Area Melvin Suttle

West Central Area Brenton Franks

Northwest Area Randy Joslin

Southwest Area David Crispin


Northeast Area David McCarty


Our 74th Annual Ministry Network Conference truly was one to remember! We are so grateful to everyone who helped to make it all become a reality. As you look through this issue of Link, you’ll see lots of pictures that capture some of those special moments while we were together. We are proud to have our largest class of individuals ordained this year along with a wonderful group of licensed and certified candidates. These credential advancements are certainly being helped along by our New Mexico School of Ministry, which continues to provide opportunities for those on their ministry journey. We are grateful to Dr. Mark Rutland for his ministry to us during this time. We’ve received so many positive comments about the ministry times; and I’m happy to tell you that the audio recordings of the sessions are now available on our website at I encourage you to take advantage of this resource and feel free to

share it with your congregation. Congratulations to Becky Dickenson, who was re-appointed to serve as Women’s Ministries Director for another term. We are also proud of Misty Price and Chris Ball who were selected to represent New Mexico on the General Micheal (Network Pastor) and Becky Dickenson Presbytery this year along (Women’s Director) are recognized for reelection/re-

appointment at Ministry Network Conference.

I count it an resolutions that was approved the titles of each of our incredible honor changed Executive Officers, a change that see take place effective imand privilege to you’ll mediately. Thank you for your exserve you... and I pression of support in electing me for another term to serve you love being a part of in this role. I count it an incredhonor and privilege to serve your lives and ible you and the churches of New Mexico; and I love being a part ministries. of your lives and ministries.

with our Executive Officers. Shawn Amburgey was also chosen to be our nominee as an Under 40 Ordained pastor to serve on the Executive Presbytery. Thanks to everyone who helped us work through all of the business required to bring our Constitution and Bylaws up to date. Because of your diligence and support, our revised Constitution and Bylaws should be available in the next few days. If you were with us for the Conference, you know that one of the


As we reflect on our time together at our Ministry Network Conference and the ministry experiences together, I urge you to consider the impact of those ministries on you and your church going forward. Together, let’s be diligent to apply the teachings to our lives and to truly seek for all God desires to do in our ministries as we open our hearts and passionately seek “Immeasurably More!” Be blessed!

Summer 2013


Summer 2013

COOK CANYON AND NMSOM REPORT EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATOR MARCUS McCLAIN such faithful servants of God investing in the Next Generation. On behalf of the New Mexico Ministry Network, I want to personally express gratitude for those churches, ministers, and laypersons who came Chi Alpha NMSU volunteers at Camp Work Week. to our Camp Work Week As you know, in just a few between May 6-10 to assist our enrollment and advancement as short weeks, close to fifteen huncamp managers, Hal and Shau- well. And there is a place for you dred young people, youth leadna Dickenson, in preparing at NMSOM. ers, and children’s leaders will our camping facilities for the Enrollment is an easy make their way to Cook Canyon process: Simply call our office Camp and Conference Center in at (505) 899-5399 or visit www. Ruidoso for a time of refreshing, to get encouragement, and spiritual started. We have planned this encounter. We call it “Camps.” ministerial credentials process But we could really call it “Lifewith the intent of making it changing encounter with God a quality, cost-effective way to Himself.” And you are a part of continue forward in your callthis powerful experience. ing as a minister of the Gospel. Without the help of the Pastor, please encourage your New Mexico ministers, churches, new camp season. As campstaff, young people, and anyone and individuals giving through ground owners, it is imperawho has God’s calling on his or Partnership, volunteering dur- tive that we stay ahead of the her life in your church to become ing Camp Work Week, offering ever-growing need to keep our a part of NMSOM. It is a prospiritual support through prayer facilities in top form. It might cess that no one will regret. and encouragement, the whole seem like a small task, but it is Lastly, “Thank You” for camp process would not be pos- these kinds of efforts that make your generous gifts at Ministry sible. We are blessed to have a huge difference! Additionally, I would like Network Conference. We met to draw your attention to our our budget through your giving. New Mexico School of Ministry Even more, we gave $6,330.00 (NMSOM). To the glory of God, dollars to our missionaries bewe had the largest class of can- cause of givers like you! Praise didates for ordination in 2013, God! As always, “God Bless You many of whom went through our NMSOM course of study! Our Big!” Licensed and Certified candiPastors and other volunteers at work during dates are experiencing great Camp Work Week.

It might seem like a small task, but it is these kinds of efforts that make a huge difference!


Conference attendees in worship during Thursday Morning’s memorial and communion service.

A special prayer time after Pastor Mike’s sermon of “Immeasurably More” on Tuesday night.

The worship team from Grace Outreach Center (Rio Rancho) leads worship for the Wednesday Night service.

Network Presbytery (from Left with area classification included): Brenton Franks (WC), Carlos Baki (NA), Melvin Suttle (SE), Marcus McClain, Micheal Dickenson, David Vistine, Lemuel Perry (EC), Randy Joslin (NW), David Crispin (SW), and David McCarty (NE).

Award of Merit in Sign Language recipient, Samuel Boyd, ministers during Wednesday night’s service.

Worship leader Mike Vasquez from The Worship Center (Alamogordo) leads worship during Thursday morning’s service.

Award of Merti Recipient, Two Twelve youth group from Copper Pointe (Albuquerque), presents a human video for Tuesday night’s service.

Pastor Mike and Becky pray with Pastor Andres and Wendy Lopez from New Season Family Fellowship (Rio Rancho).

The worship team ministers during the Thursday morning memorial and communion service.

Women from all over the New Mexico Ministry Network join in fellowship at the “Surprise” Women’s Luncheon.

Kyla Barnard of Grace Outreach Center (Rio Rancho) leads in worship during Wednesday night’s service.

Pastor Dereck Owen from First Assembly of God (Tucumcari) receives a plaque from Student Ministries Director Jeral Dickenson recognizing extraordinary giving to STL and BGMC.

Executive Presbyter Randy Joslin prays with Pastor Ward Garrison during the prayer and anointing service on Thursday morning.

Dr. Mark Rutland teaches during the Thursday morning service.

Women’s Director Becky Dickenson and Administrative Assistant Tina Haroldson speak at the Women’s Luncheon.

Assistant Executive Director David Vistine speaks during the Tuesday evening service.

Prayer time during the prayer and anointing service on Thursday morning.

The worship team from The Worship Center (Alamogordo) leads in worship on Thursday morning.

Mandy Woodward, worship leader at Copper Pointe (Albuquerque) leads worship on Tuesday evening’s service.

Denise Raykovics, Administrative Assistant to the Women’s Director, speaks at the “Surprise” Women’s Luncheon.

Women’s Ministries Director Becky Dickenson speaks during the “Surprise” Women’s Luncheon.

Congratulations to the 2013 Newly-Ordained Ministers

Rev. Shawn and Lanessa Amburgey

Rev. Chris and Tiffani Ball

New Beginnings Fellowship, Los Alamos, NM

Faith Assembly of God, Hobbs, NM

Rev. Caleb and Erica Cooper

` and Andrea Gonzalez ` Rev. Nathan

Rev. Jothen and Haley Kinney

Rev. Valentine and Onyekachi Nwachukwu

Assembly of God, Lordsburg, NM

Christian Center Church, Hobbs, NM

Rev. Dale and Jan Reece

Glad Tidings Church, Silver City, NM

First Assembly of God, Las Cruces, NM

Harvest Fellowship Assembly of God, Silver City, NM

Rev. Mark Sena

Life Church, Rio Rancho, NM

Rev. Shawn Amburgey receives his Certificate of Ordination from Network Pastor Micheal Dickenson.

Rev. Chris Ball receives his Certificate of Ordination from Network Pastor Micheal Dickenson.

Rev. Caleb Cooper receives his Certificate of Ordination from Network Pastor Micheal Dickenson.

’ receives his Certificate of Ordination from ’ Gonzalez Rev. Nathan Network Pastor Micheal Dickenson.

Rev. Jothen Kinney II receives his Certificate of Ordination from Network Pastor Micheal Dickenson.

Rev. Valentine Nwachukwu receives his Certificate of Ordination from Network Pastor Micheal Dickenson.

Rev. Dale Reece receives his Certificate of Ordination from Network Pastor Micheal Dickenson.

Rev. Mark Sena receives his Certificate of Ordination from Network Pastor Micheal Dickenson.

Ordination Candidates receiving the ministry of laying on of hands according to 2 Timothy 1:6.

Ordination Candidates receiving the ministry of laying on of hands according to 2 Timothy 1:6.

Ordination Candidates receiving the ministry of laying on of hands according to 2 Timothy 1:6.

Ordination Candidates receiving the ministry of laying on of hands according to 2 Timothy 1:6.

Congratulations to the 2013 Newly-Licensed Ministers!!! (Not available for pictures: Rev. Michael Dominguez and Rev. Ron Hassett)

Rev. Karl and Stephanie Brotton Bethel Assembly of God, Hobbs, NM

Rev. Eric and Sincerity Montoya Christian Life, Santa Fe, NM

Rev. Solomon and Kathy Sedillo Santa Fe, NM

Rev. David and Sonya Lara

Valley Gospel Tabernacle, Albuquerque, NM

Rev. Alex and Abby Rodriguez

Chi Alpha Directors (NMSU), Las Cruces, NM

Rev. John and Debra Vistine

New Life Assembly of God, Clovis, NM

Summer 2013


The New Mexico Ministry Network is proud to welcome Rev. Dale Reece as the new pastor of Glad Tidings Church in Silver City, NM. Superintendent Micheal Dickenson installs Dale and Jan Reece.

MINISTERIAL CREDENTIALS RECOGNITION Congratulations to the following ministers for receiving their Ministerial Certificate at Ministry Network Conference 2013! Rev. Robert Bradford | Santa Fe | Christian Life Rev. Patricia Dykes | Albuquerque | Harvest Fellowship Rev. Laura Greer | Albuquerque | Copper Pointe Church Rev. Sharon Hassett | Ireland | Missionary In Training Rev. Andre Johnsen | Bernalillo | First Assembly of God Rev. Josiah Koop | Santa Rosa | Living Waters Assembly of God Rev. Darrell Nichols | Bloomfield | Assembly of God Rev. Aaron Perez | Las Cruces | First Assembly of God Rev. Camela Sowers | Las Cruces | Heart for the World Church

IMPORTANT DATE CHANGE: MINISTRY NETWORK CONFERENCE APRIL 1-3, 2014 Because of proximity to Easter in 2014, Ministry Network Conference has been moved to a new date: April 1-3,

2014. Please make the necessary changes on your church calendar to be a part of next year’s special 75th Anniversary of the

New Mexico Ministry Network. You can download a Network calendar at www.nmministry. net/calendar.

CREDENTIAL AND MINISTERIAL CHANGES NEW SENIOR PASTORS: Dale Reece, Silver City Glad Tidings Church Steve Funston, Carson Living Waters AG

TRANSFERRED IN: Jack Bunting (O) from S. California Network Dale Reece (O) from S. California Network


David Sasse (O) from N. California-Nevada District TRANSFERRED OUT: Joe Robinson (O) to West Texas District

Summer 2013

INTENTIONAL DISCIPLESHIP ASSISTANT EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR DAVID VISTINE mission to go and make disciples of all nations and be a soul winner and a giver to missions? Remember, if we are doing church and bringing them into the worship service but somehow not challenging them to grow and serve and win others then we are failing the Great I was surprised that after Commission! Winning them to my first article in the link that I Christ is just the first part of the received an email from our AsGreat Commission; making fully sistant General Superintendent devoted followers is the second Alton Garrison about the article part! We must be intentional and some of the work that is being done nationally to strengthen and help the church develop the discipleship arm of the church. It has not been fully revealed but some good things are coming down the road soon for the area of discipleship. Have you, as a Pastor, and realize that they are not goevaluated your discipleship proing to grow unless there is the cess? What are you doing to process of teaching and traindevelop totally devoted following and mentoring going in their ers of Jesus in your congregalives. tion? Discipleship is not only As a pastor we should find for our adults; what are we doa way to disciple and train every ing to develop our children and area of our church. You can’t do our youth to become devoted folit all, but you can raise up leadlowers of Jesus? That is a quesers and train them and release tion I often ask myself and the them to help you see transforstaff at our church. What kind mation in their lives. of a Christian are we producing Just a few weeks ago we through our ministry? Will they decided to do a baptismal serbe Christians that are hungry for vice on a Sunday morning in the Word and be in fellowship our church. Most of our bapwith other believers? Will they tisms are done each month on a get involved and serve or will Wednesday night because of the they just come and soak? Will time constraints in the morning they take serious the Great Com-

What kind of a Christian are we producing through our ministry?

services. We were amazed as we challenged our congregation to follow the Lord in baptism and to be a follower and not just a fan! We had nearly 300 people respond on a Sunday morning and they were baptized. We rejoiced over that and it was an exciting time, but as a pastor, I asked myself why did so many in our church not feel it necessary to be baptized before? We normally baptize about eighty or ninety believers a year but I realized I had not publicly taught on water baptism in a long time. I had failed to challenge our congregation to do what Jesus had commanded us. I challenge you to really look at what you are doing to make disciples and evaluate how you are doing. What changes need to be made? Find one area that you need to focus on and improve it or develop it and then tackle another area. There are more resources available today that ever before to help make disciples and we hope to share many of them with you soon. One website you may want to visit that provides a lot of great training for leaders and material for small group is www. Please check it out and see if it could be a help to you.


Summer 2013


As Assistant Executive Director David Vistine wrote in his article, Las Cruces First Assembly of God experienced the “Immeasurably More” of God’s work in their church Sunday morning, April 14th. This article appeared on the front page of the Las Cruces Sun-News the following day. More than 2,000 Las Crucens gathered Sunday morning at the Las Cruces First Assembly of God to witness and participate in the church’s first-ever mass baptism. Strong gusts of wind didn’t deter around 240 people from the church’s congregation— including several families—from

taking the plunge in around 10 water troughs, swimming pools, and tubs set up at the church, located at 5605 Bataan Memorial West. Staff from the church were on-hand to perform the baptisms. “Baptisms are an outward symbol of an inward change,” said church liaison J.E. Wells. “For us, this is our identity as a church. We can all get together meet the other people from our church. Jesus did this. When he was baptized is when he started his public ministry.” “I feel good. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and this was the perfect opportunity to show my faith,” said Raina Askar-Miranda, after being submerged during the ceremony. “Taking The Plunge,” Las Cruces Sun-News, April 15, 2013.


Women’s Director Becky Dickenson

t a e r t e R h s e r f e R May 30 - June 1, 2013

Download a registration brochure at and register today!! Registration extensions are available by calling 505-899-5399 but hotel reservations must be made immediately!

Network Ministry Conference Women’s Surprise Luncheon The Network Conference Women’s Luncheon was one surprise after another! The lovely boxed-lunch surprise drawings continued until the luncheon ended. Many prizes were given out but the two grand prizes were a I Love Lucy complete DVD collection and a gift of money for Jan Phillips and Martha King. Jan and Martha are missionaries working at Yatahey, New Mexico. They had recently endured several months without running water, due to a break in their water line. Touch The World monies were used to give Jan and Martha a very pleasant surprise indeed! There were plenty of party favors, photo opportunities, and lots of laughter!

New Mexico Ministry Network WOMEN’S CONFERENCE 2013 SEPTEMBER 19-21 TRAMWAY COMMUNITY CHURCH Albuquerque, NM Speaker RENAY WEST For More Information, Visit:

: SES 2, S 1 A

CL tober er 14 G b c N MI 7, O cem

CO ber D UP ptem r 9, &



Se mb ve No

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Classes held the second Saturday of each month from 9:00am-1:30pm. Contact Devonna Cummins at 505-899-5399 or at for more information.

Register online at

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Summer 2013 NEW MEXICO MINISTRY NETWORK 6640 Caminito Coors NW Albuquerque, NM 87120 (505) 899-5399 p. (505) 899-5859 f.

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